Leopard Symbolism, Leopard Meaning, Leopard Totem, Leopard Dream, and Messages
You are reminded that whatever is lost is always replaced with that which is greater, stronger and more beneficial.

Leopard Meaning and Messages

In this case, Leopard symbolism is reminding you that there is always a period of rebirth after a period of radical change. Thus this spirit animal is the healer of deep wounds. In other words, Leopard meaning will bring old issues to resolution through the reclaiming of your lost power during the time of the wounding. This big cat is reminding you that you have many resources available to you and that these resources can be physical, mental, psychic, emotional, and spiritual.

Alternatively, similar to the Angelfish, Leopard symbolism is letting you know that you need to accept your spots and use them as your strengths. Therefore, you must stop hiding because of your own perceived weaknesses. In other words, everything you dream of, you have the power and the strength to accomplish. You merely have to believe, have faith, and find the right path. Persistence is the keyword.

Leopard Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Leopard totem, like the Grizzly Bear totem, are patient and persistent in attaining their goals. Thus they tend to plan for all contingencies and can change direction if they need to. They naturally respect others in their environment as well as have a great deal of self-respect. Folks with this spirit animal totem are self-confident, wise, and courageous in the face of adversity. They have a great deal of personal power. Also, they understand the use of intention. These people have a gift for aligning the energy around them into a constant and stable balance.

Leopard Dream Interpretation

When you have a wild Leopard dream, it suggests that you will eventually overcome your current struggles through perseverance. If the big cat is in a cage, then it symbolizes that you will easily defeat the obstacles you are now facing.

Alternatively, like the Wasp, to dream that you kill this particular feline refers to success in your current projects. When you imagine that this animal is attacking you, it indicates that you may be overly confident in your future success. Thus you are underestimating the challenges that you will have to face to succeed.

Alternatively, dreaming of this big cat can also mean that you are who you are and that you can’t change your spots.

51 thoughts on “Leopard”

  1. I dream seeing an old grand mother, sitting facing where I was sitting, she has a coat on her chest , a leapard one, there was a cases o beer, but what surprise me is , I’m about to make an ancestors ritual and everything that I bought was there, and she never say a word to me

  2. I was walking through bushes and I spotted a sleeping leopard, but I didn’t panic, I tried to slowly and carefully walk without waking it, but I stepped on a leaf and I saw the leopards eye open.

    Hoping it would not spot me, I kept walking, but it spotted me and slowly caught up to me, and it told me to stay a while, his claws were not out yet I could imagine the claws being very sharp.

    I woke up feeling fear.

  3. I saw a wild angry leopard attacking people on road but when i came closer to him it was just a mere frustrated lonely person who inturn changed into sweet guy and started liking my company so he started to walk with me

  4. I dreamt it was dark, I called out down a driveway walking to the deadend where the driveway met with a forest , a leopard came out and I put money in its mouth and we parted. I was walking back up the driveway and a doglike creature came from the side , it lunges at me and I went to throw a punch and got my first caught in it’s mouth, I realized it was a dream and punched the wolf down after I found out it’s not real and wasn’t afraid anymore. Then I woke up.

  5. So confused when I had this dream just this night.i was passing through a near by bush I saw an animal on the tree struggling to get down.It looked like a kangaroo in body but on the face with the image of a baby leopard cub .I was so scared that I had to run out of Dreamworld and wake to end the vision

  6. Thanks for making a somewhat explanation but my dream was a little different from this. It started with some of my cousins playing hide and seek trying not to be caught for 24 hours. I decided to hide in a cave and I was attacked by a strange figure in a cave that looked like a big cat with no spots or stripes or mane. That part confuses me a little but in the end it was tearing me apart and killing me. I thought I was dead but I noticed a leopard was watching me. The leopard pounced on the creature and ended up saving my life. I was eventually on the leopards back while the leopard brought me to the safety of a house. I knew the house from reality and all of my extended family was in it serving lunch. They went to take care of me and gave me some food telling me to rest. When I told them that the leopard saved me they were shocked and didn’t want to accept that a leopard saved my life. They were loading guns and trying to scout for it. In worry for the leopard I sat in the bedroom with a sliding glass door open and the creature was back for the kill when all of a sudden the leopard came from under the bed and saved me again. Eventually I brought the leopard back to my house and it became my companion with my dog. Could you send me an e-mail and interpret this for me. It would be very helpful if you don’t mind.

    1. This means! If your afraid of something, failures. You should try to hustle, there are peoples around you who will help you till your last breath, it the leopard attacks you , its bad. If the leopard saves you or chases you, but dont attack you, man you dont need to worry! It is a sign of good things of your upcoming journey! Hope you get succeed in your life! Thank you!

    2. Hi Ian, Are you bring yourself and embracing what makes you different from everyone else? Are you standing in your power or retreating within and hiding that beautiful light from the world? It maybe that your dream is trying to tell you that you are hiding yourself true you for fear that others might attack or misunderstand you. Does any of that resonate?

  7. I was dream about riding a bike at dessert country like the land colours of Orange. there some famous people with me riding kinda mount bikes we were sightseeing the mountain, the place looks like africa plus arab dessert no trees at all. while we having fun ride and sightseeing there’s some baby leopard cusp chasing us and one of the baby bite my hand, but I don’t feel anything. Usually my dream can see the future what would happen to me. I really want to know what this really means

  8. I had a beautiful dream. It was on a sophisticated setup. I was not alone. Some people are already in my circle, and also new people. Someone brought two majestic leopards on a futuristic vehicle. Not in a cage, but free. The Leopards were going to perform. For a moment, I felt vulnerable and thought what if one leopard attack me? It can happen. However, it didn’t happen.
    Then the show began right away. One of the leopards began to run over this tubular geometric structure on a fantastic speed. It was evident that it would require extreme precision for the leopard to run on (over ) that structure.
    I knew, or I felt that whoever was in charge of the leopards, he could gather them again after the show. As one of the leopards began running, the pursuit began. Someone was driving a futuristic car. However, it was not in pursuit to catch the leopard, but a planned, intentional vision to keep on eye on the leopard. As if the driver of the car did not want to lose sight of the leopard; lest he might lose it.
    At some point, both the leopard and the car were running parallel at a fantastic speed. I could hear what the man pushed the accelerator to the bottom, trying to keep up with the speed of the leopard. I was not driving the car, and yet I could see both the car and leopard running. The car on the left the leopard on the right. Where was I? I think that I just was there present and aware of the whole thing. Any comments?

  9. I had. Recurring dream from years ago. One that had evolved. There was a ‘house’ with a couple. Old man and wife. Who could tell you about your life tarot like. Anyway. Previous dream I’d been there had toast of all things and the old man had told me that there was a green leaped looking over me. Something that was very rare and usually unheard off.

    Fast forward to today and I had a dream about the same place. That had turned into a coffee shop. Same basis. Just upgraded and as I went to explain who I was ( or that if d been there somentime before) hey told me they knew exactly who I was.

    And that I still had the leapord by me. But this time it was explained that they were looking after me? Still green?

    Any ideas

  10. First time ever dreaming of a Leopard
    My son and I were together and one of the two cats came and bit down on my sons arm, so I climbed on the back of it and tried hitting it so it would release, didn’t work, so I stuck my fingers up inside it’s nose and pulled up for what seemed like a while until his arm slipped out of its teeth.
    We were then in our car driving away and it came after us and jumped on the back of the car and tore into the roof, I wasn’t scared, and then it jumped off the car and before I woke up I was mad because it was going to cost so much money to fix, even more so if it rains or snows before the roof is fixed.

    Wondering what the dream was saying to me, if anyone knows please comment.

  11. I had a dream where I lived in a tree and I had 2 spotted cubs that I had to keep safe they where playing and no matter how many times I warned them not to go on the ground they ignored me and continued to run in and out of the tree playing whilst in return I could smell and feel danger nearing the tree so I grabbed my babies put them to the top of the tree and ran off 3 wild pigs by the time I go to my tree these damn cubs where chasing each other in and out of the tree I got so mad I snatched them up and took them to the top again then ran even quicker to chase another wild pig away and the dream was repetitive. I remember thinking when I woke up…. damn even in my sleep as another animal my kids still don’t listen to me 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. Rethabile Mpobane

    I had a dream where I was in a car with some individuals on the left hand side of the road there was a large number of leopards with white and black spots instead of gold they were under water trying to roar at me if not

  13. A leopard snake in my dream. Literally that. It was a leopard snake that can transform into a leopard at will. At first it was a snake and it was caged, but it looked like I was it’s keeper. I let it out into the wild while showing a friend that it can transform. But it attacked me and I was bit. Yet it somehow looked as if it was my pet and I was taming it. Then it turned to a leopard and the same thing happened. I was trying to tame it. It attacked a couple of wild cats when it was outside. Then I put it back in its cage, it turned into a snake a went to sleep. The I was trying to take the poison out of me from when I was bitten. Successful :). Then I woke up.
    Please explain.

  14. Hello, I was in a dream and there was this dog that terrorise people around, my friend and I was in a place like a canal and there was a building with a canopy as it’s door which can be opened easily . behind the house was a bushy part and we saw this dog at first killed by warthog an then (same dog) jumped upon by a leopard, the dog was helpless, as a lover of dog o felt so bad for the dog but was not interested because of her crazy story around. The leopard was searching for quite and uninterrupted space to eat it’s meal and wanted the house which my friend and I was in, leopard went across the roof towards the entrance but I refused to open for it to come in, I noticed she was concerned about other wild over her meal held in her mouth, she pleaded with me and there was a negotiations of I will let you hide here but never you attack me, I let her in and ran out with my friend and I looked back at the leopard she dropped the dog helpless dog and kind appreciated me for the space while she went to close the windows so no one could see her meal. Then I woke up.
    Please help with interpretation.

  15. So, in my dream, i go up to my terrace and there’s a room on my terrace.
    As i open the door of that room, i see a silver/grey leopard with black spots, it is currently looking in the direction opposite to me, and i see that this leopard is looking into the view through the window in front of him.

    Suddenly, the leopard senses that i am there, it just turns his head and gives me a smile like “you are gone dude!” or like “you are my hunt”, i didn’t sense that it was hungry.
    Then i lock the door in a hurry and run towards the terrace entrance, and as soon as i am getting the lock for the terrace door from the inside, i see that the leopard was espaces out of the room and i coming towards me now but i am able to get this lock on the terrace door and run through the staircase into my flat.

    That’s where i get off my sleep and wonder, that i just had a leopard in my dream and what might that suggest!

    1. Your dream is interesting.. I had one as well with leopards in it.. Hoping Someone can interpret your dream I can a bit..

  16. Oh wow, I just lost $305 and was really upset and hopeless as to why bad things happen to me, daily.

    I took a nap, cause I pulled an all nighter, I was so stressed and sleepy. I went to bed angry at myself which made me angry with everybody else knowing that I couldn’t blame anyone but myself for such stupidity.

    I REALLY needed that money because I gave my landlord my word that TODAY, I would have his money. Now I’m going to have to explain to him that I don’t. .

    Long story short, this could’ve been avoided but my job never changed my payment method on time as I requested a week or two before payday.

    Now the money is lost in the banks somehwere.

    Anyway, I was in my room in the dream and my roomate and his friend was home. I told them about this creepy ass Leopard who was terrifying me in my room.

    I trapped it inside my closet and it broke out unexpectedly. It was hiding under sheets on my bed. I also had a dream a while ago, where a Lion did the same thing.

    These dreams are doing nothing but creeping me out. Those animals scare me because they don’t know any better and are incapable of willingly being able to resist temptation to devour me in real life.

    Doesn’t help that in the dream, it’s passive aggressive. I would love to see how the representation of this animal, will help me overcome.

  17. I dreamt that there was a leopard with blue spots. It was as big as about 6 feet and strong. I loved the leopard like my own kitty. Then I came back and the lady put it in had put it in soup. I cried and I wasn’t happy and then the leopard talk to me anyway. I woke up and my eyes hurt a bit but I feel powerful but relaxed and anxious to get things done.

  18. I dreamt I was in a house everywhere I turned there where leopards of different sizes, I open the cupboard and the cubs came out. They were tame but I was very nervous

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