Leopard Symbolism, Leopard Meaning, Leopard Totem, Leopard Dream, and Messages
Old issues are now finding resolution. Allow yourself to feel and find rebirth in the moment.

Leopard Meaning and Messages

In this case, Leopard symbolism is reminding you that there is always a period of rebirth after a period of radical change. Thus this spirit animal is the healer of deep wounds. In other words, Leopard meaning will bring old issues to resolution through the reclaiming of your lost power during the time of the wounding. This big cat is reminding you that you have many resources available to you and that these resources can be physical, mental, psychic, emotional, and spiritual.

Alternatively, similar to the Angelfish, Leopard symbolism is letting you know that you need to accept your spots and use them as your strengths. Therefore, you must stop hiding because of your own perceived weaknesses. In other words, everything you dream of, you have the power and the strength to accomplish. You merely have to believe, have faith, and find the right path. Persistence is the keyword.

Leopard Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Leopard totem, like the Grizzly Bear totem, are patient and persistent in attaining their goals. Thus they tend to plan for all contingencies and can change direction if they need to. They naturally respect others in their environment as well as have a great deal of self-respect. Folks with this spirit animal totem are self-confident, wise, and courageous in the face of adversity. They have a great deal of personal power. Also, they understand the use of intention. These people have a gift for aligning the energy around them into a constant and stable balance.

Leopard Dream Interpretation

When you have a wild Leopard dream, it suggests that you will eventually overcome your current struggles through perseverance. If the big cat is in a cage, then it symbolizes that you will easily defeat the obstacles you are now facing.

Alternatively, like the Wasp, to dream that you kill this particular feline refers to success in your current projects. When you imagine that this animal is attacking you, it indicates that you may be overly confident in your future success. Thus you are underestimating the challenges that you will have to face to succeed.

Alternatively, dreaming of this big cat can also mean that you are who you are and that you can’t change your spots.

57 thoughts on “Leopard”

  1. I had a dream of seeing a leopard, we saw each other, we were outside, it just walked alongside me. What does that mean? I havent seen this dream anywhere in interpretation

    1. I just had a dream that a Leopard came down from a tree and took me down and held me down for sometime, I knew not to move or flinch and just after a time he just let go and walked away!

    2. I have also just had the same type of dream last night we was outside walking around the city.

  2. I dream seeing an old grand mother, sitting facing where I was sitting, she has a coat on her chest , a leapard one, there was a cases o beer, but what surprise me is , I’m about to make an ancestors ritual and everything that I bought was there, and she never say a word to me

  3. I was walking through bushes and I spotted a sleeping leopard, but I didn’t panic, I tried to slowly and carefully walk without waking it, but I stepped on a leaf and I saw the leopards eye open.

    Hoping it would not spot me, I kept walking, but it spotted me and slowly caught up to me, and it told me to stay a while, his claws were not out yet I could imagine the claws being very sharp.

    I woke up feeling fear.

  4. I saw a wild angry leopard attacking people on road but when i came closer to him it was just a mere frustrated lonely person who inturn changed into sweet guy and started liking my company so he started to walk with me

    1. I kinda had the same dream. I was outside at night and the I’m guessing jaguar or leopard was running about kinda chasing people and then it transformed into my boyfriend lol I had to hide it while it was still the jag so people wouldn’t try to kill it then we started hanging out he was always with me. Simple version

  5. I dreamt it was dark, I called out down a driveway walking to the deadend where the driveway met with a forest , a leopard came out and I put money in its mouth and we parted. I was walking back up the driveway and a doglike creature came from the side , it lunges at me and I went to throw a punch and got my first caught in it’s mouth, I realized it was a dream and punched the wolf down after I found out it’s not real and wasn’t afraid anymore. Then I woke up.

  6. So confused when I had this dream just this night.i was passing through a near by bush I saw an animal on the tree struggling to get down.It looked like a kangaroo in body but on the face with the image of a baby leopard cub .I was so scared that I had to run out of Dreamworld and wake to end the vision

  7. Thanks for making a somewhat explanation but my dream was a little different from this. It started with some of my cousins playing hide and seek trying not to be caught for 24 hours. I decided to hide in a cave and I was attacked by a strange figure in a cave that looked like a big cat with no spots or stripes or mane. That part confuses me a little but in the end it was tearing me apart and killing me. I thought I was dead but I noticed a leopard was watching me. The leopard pounced on the creature and ended up saving my life. I was eventually on the leopards back while the leopard brought me to the safety of a house. I knew the house from reality and all of my extended family was in it serving lunch. They went to take care of me and gave me some food telling me to rest. When I told them that the leopard saved me they were shocked and didn’t want to accept that a leopard saved my life. They were loading guns and trying to scout for it. In worry for the leopard I sat in the bedroom with a sliding glass door open and the creature was back for the kill when all of a sudden the leopard came from under the bed and saved me again. Eventually I brought the leopard back to my house and it became my companion with my dog. Could you send me an e-mail and interpret this for me. It would be very helpful if you don’t mind.

    1. This means! If your afraid of something, failures. You should try to hustle, there are peoples around you who will help you till your last breath, it the leopard attacks you , its bad. If the leopard saves you or chases you, but dont attack you, man you dont need to worry! It is a sign of good things of your upcoming journey! Hope you get succeed in your life! Thank you!

    2. Hi Ian, Are you bring yourself and embracing what makes you different from everyone else? Are you standing in your power or retreating within and hiding that beautiful light from the world? It maybe that your dream is trying to tell you that you are hiding yourself true you for fear that others might attack or misunderstand you. Does any of that resonate?

    3. I dream I am on a bus With others we pull up next to a building we exit the bus walk across the street the street into a park As the others Go under a pavilion I choose to walk across the land and from there I look over towards the building and and for a moment feel a bit a fear for there are a male lion his lioness and 2 leopards Where the building once was it is now gone and basically desert I recognize the need for slow intentional movement as I cross over to the others to alert them of these big cats coming our way as I do so the male lion now standing right at my side face-to-face I realize if he wanted to pick me up and carry me away He would have done so already as I realize this his lioness comes and circles around the 2 of us the 2 leopards are at opposite corners I then look over and see what I thought it felt was a dog I’m wondering now if it was a cereal for it is a very fast cat streamline coming directly at us I’m contemplating my feelings is this rescue or is this Why these 4 cats have circled me without intent to harm me and at that moment the the big cats the lions and the leopard’s I don’t see them anymore I feel them but I do not see them as this very very sleek and very very fast spirit animal runs into me and at the moment of impact when it hits me it’s just over and I wake up with a sense of oh and I’ve had this dream for 3 nights

  8. I was dream about riding a bike at dessert country like the land colours of Orange. there some famous people with me riding kinda mount bikes we were sightseeing the mountain, the place looks like africa plus arab dessert no trees at all. while we having fun ride and sightseeing there’s some baby leopard cusp chasing us and one of the baby bite my hand, but I don’t feel anything. Usually my dream can see the future what would happen to me. I really want to know what this really means

  9. I had a beautiful dream. It was on a sophisticated setup. I was not alone. Some people are already in my circle, and also new people. Someone brought two majestic leopards on a futuristic vehicle. Not in a cage, but free. The Leopards were going to perform. For a moment, I felt vulnerable and thought what if one leopard attack me? It can happen. However, it didn’t happen.
    Then the show began right away. One of the leopards began to run over this tubular geometric structure on a fantastic speed. It was evident that it would require extreme precision for the leopard to run on (over ) that structure.
    I knew, or I felt that whoever was in charge of the leopards, he could gather them again after the show. As one of the leopards began running, the pursuit began. Someone was driving a futuristic car. However, it was not in pursuit to catch the leopard, but a planned, intentional vision to keep on eye on the leopard. As if the driver of the car did not want to lose sight of the leopard; lest he might lose it.
    At some point, both the leopard and the car were running parallel at a fantastic speed. I could hear what the man pushed the accelerator to the bottom, trying to keep up with the speed of the leopard. I was not driving the car, and yet I could see both the car and leopard running. The car on the left the leopard on the right. Where was I? I think that I just was there present and aware of the whole thing. Any comments?

  10. I had. Recurring dream from years ago. One that had evolved. There was a ‘house’ with a couple. Old man and wife. Who could tell you about your life tarot like. Anyway. Previous dream I’d been there had toast of all things and the old man had told me that there was a green leaped looking over me. Something that was very rare and usually unheard off.

    Fast forward to today and I had a dream about the same place. That had turned into a coffee shop. Same basis. Just upgraded and as I went to explain who I was ( or that if d been there somentime before) hey told me they knew exactly who I was.

    And that I still had the leapord by me. But this time it was explained that they were looking after me? Still green?

    Any ideas

  11. First time ever dreaming of a Leopard
    My son and I were together and one of the two cats came and bit down on my sons arm, so I climbed on the back of it and tried hitting it so it would release, didn’t work, so I stuck my fingers up inside it’s nose and pulled up for what seemed like a while until his arm slipped out of its teeth.
    We were then in our car driving away and it came after us and jumped on the back of the car and tore into the roof, I wasn’t scared, and then it jumped off the car and before I woke up I was mad because it was going to cost so much money to fix, even more so if it rains or snows before the roof is fixed.

    Wondering what the dream was saying to me, if anyone knows please comment.

  12. I had a dream where I lived in a tree and I had 2 spotted cubs that I had to keep safe they where playing and no matter how many times I warned them not to go on the ground they ignored me and continued to run in and out of the tree playing whilst in return I could smell and feel danger nearing the tree so I grabbed my babies put them to the top of the tree and ran off 3 wild pigs by the time I go to my tree these damn cubs where chasing each other in and out of the tree I got so mad I snatched them up and took them to the top again then ran even quicker to chase another wild pig away and the dream was repetitive. I remember thinking when I woke up…. damn even in my sleep as another animal my kids still don’t listen to me 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. Rethabile Mpobane

    I had a dream where I was in a car with some individuals on the left hand side of the road there was a large number of leopards with white and black spots instead of gold they were under water trying to roar at me if not

  14. A leopard snake in my dream. Literally that. It was a leopard snake that can transform into a leopard at will. At first it was a snake and it was caged, but it looked like I was it’s keeper. I let it out into the wild while showing a friend that it can transform. But it attacked me and I was bit. Yet it somehow looked as if it was my pet and I was taming it. Then it turned to a leopard and the same thing happened. I was trying to tame it. It attacked a couple of wild cats when it was outside. Then I put it back in its cage, it turned into a snake a went to sleep. The I was trying to take the poison out of me from when I was bitten. Successful :). Then I woke up.
    Please explain.

  15. Hello, I was in a dream and there was this dog that terrorise people around, my friend and I was in a place like a canal and there was a building with a canopy as it’s door which can be opened easily . behind the house was a bushy part and we saw this dog at first killed by warthog an then (same dog) jumped upon by a leopard, the dog was helpless, as a lover of dog o felt so bad for the dog but was not interested because of her crazy story around. The leopard was searching for quite and uninterrupted space to eat it’s meal and wanted the house which my friend and I was in, leopard went across the roof towards the entrance but I refused to open for it to come in, I noticed she was concerned about other wild over her meal held in her mouth, she pleaded with me and there was a negotiations of I will let you hide here but never you attack me, I let her in and ran out with my friend and I looked back at the leopard she dropped the dog helpless dog and kind appreciated me for the space while she went to close the windows so no one could see her meal. Then I woke up.
    Please help with interpretation.

  16. So, in my dream, i go up to my terrace and there’s a room on my terrace.
    As i open the door of that room, i see a silver/grey leopard with black spots, it is currently looking in the direction opposite to me, and i see that this leopard is looking into the view through the window in front of him.

    Suddenly, the leopard senses that i am there, it just turns his head and gives me a smile like “you are gone dude!” or like “you are my hunt”, i didn’t sense that it was hungry.
    Then i lock the door in a hurry and run towards the terrace entrance, and as soon as i am getting the lock for the terrace door from the inside, i see that the leopard was espaces out of the room and i coming towards me now but i am able to get this lock on the terrace door and run through the staircase into my flat.

    That’s where i get off my sleep and wonder, that i just had a leopard in my dream and what might that suggest!

    1. Your dream is interesting.. I had one as well with leopards in it.. Hoping Someone can interpret your dream I can a bit..

  17. Oh wow, I just lost $305 and was really upset and hopeless as to why bad things happen to me, daily.

    I took a nap, cause I pulled an all nighter, I was so stressed and sleepy. I went to bed angry at myself which made me angry with everybody else knowing that I couldn’t blame anyone but myself for such stupidity.

    I REALLY needed that money because I gave my landlord my word that TODAY, I would have his money. Now I’m going to have to explain to him that I don’t. .

    Long story short, this could’ve been avoided but my job never changed my payment method on time as I requested a week or two before payday.

    Now the money is lost in the banks somehwere.

    Anyway, I was in my room in the dream and my roomate and his friend was home. I told them about this creepy ass Leopard who was terrifying me in my room.

    I trapped it inside my closet and it broke out unexpectedly. It was hiding under sheets on my bed. I also had a dream a while ago, where a Lion did the same thing.

    These dreams are doing nothing but creeping me out. Those animals scare me because they don’t know any better and are incapable of willingly being able to resist temptation to devour me in real life.

    Doesn’t help that in the dream, it’s passive aggressive. I would love to see how the representation of this animal, will help me overcome.

  18. I dreamt that there was a leopard with blue spots. It was as big as about 6 feet and strong. I loved the leopard like my own kitty. Then I came back and the lady put it in had put it in soup. I cried and I wasn’t happy and then the leopard talk to me anyway. I woke up and my eyes hurt a bit but I feel powerful but relaxed and anxious to get things done.

  19. I dreamt I was in a house everywhere I turned there where leopards of different sizes, I open the cupboard and the cubs came out. They were tame but I was very nervous

  20. I have a leopard as my totem, also have a black jaguar(black panther), tiger and leopard as spirit animals. This is so cool, because I always love cats I was a kid. Tiger is also my power animal.

  21. I had a dream where I was lying in bed and there was a frog hopping on the ceiling. I had a dart gun in my hand, so I shot the frog and temporarily put it to sleep. I then left my bed for an unknown amount of time, and when I returned, I realized that it was actually a small leopard cub that was just waking up. I picked it up gently and carried it into my brother’s room, where it immediately began fighting with my dog, a blue heeler. I don’t know if this fighting symbolizes anything, but I would like to know. Thanks.

  22. I really have a jaguar as my Spirit Animal but the closest thing I could find was a black jaguar. Xanthe came to me in a dream that took place in a jungle. A caiman (a crocodilian) was sneaking up behind me. The jaguar started charging at me. I ran as fast as I could because I thought the large feline was attacking me. When I woke up there was a jaguar sitting on the ground next to my bed. I thanked her. Only I could see her. I another dream she told me her name Xanthe. She is always with me and never leaves my side. I know what the dream means.

  23. Me and my family shopping vegetables in a market which placed in Cameron highland (Residential are in hill). Everything is fine. Due to poor like, I was went to out from the market and finding mobile reception. While finding reception I’m across a leopard which sit beside walk way. Im lately only realize that there is a leopard sitting. The leopard sitting there and act very normal(like resting).
    I was very scared and I’m not dare to return back because need to cross the leopard again. I don’t run either bcz worried the leopard will chase me. I was walk straight in the walway like normal. I saw a small house. I go inside the house and i fine the house is empty. I start to close frant the door slowly for my protections. The leopard realise it and start to walk slowly toward me. The door is stuck in half way. The leopard keep waking.
    It was very very fearful situation but somehow I’m manage to close the door before before the leopard reach the door.
    I close the back door of the house as well. The door is not very strong. So i but sofa and block the entrance from inside after close the door. I feel abit safe but the leopard keep rounding the house. The leopard claw both front and back doors and keep roar but its never act aggressive. I call my family to go back to the car and call police and forest rangers for help. Thatz my dream. I never dream about leopard in my life time before. This is tha 1st time. This is the dream i had.

    Can you inteperate it?

  24. I dreamt i was going to work and then i saw a lion in the bush walking i dint seem to worry ,itold everyone going back to my room it happened there were many lioness ,cheetah, trying to attack everyone but then we got in the car and drove to the staff rooms,on the way the animal could not let us move so the got in the car we started hitting them with stones,later i find myself in hospital and i was saying i wasnt sick then a leopard appeared ,n i woke up ,at around midnight

  25. I used to have this reoccurring dream as a kid:
    My older brother and I are playing on the concrete steps that hold up the bridge/road near our house. All of a sudden everything turns into an abstract jungle with all kinds of wild exotic cats. A spotted paw (I think it was a jaguar or a leopard) reaches out from a bush and grabs my brother’s shoe. It soon loses interest in my brother and grabs mine. It was rough with my brother but gentle with me. I had that same dream practically EVERY night as a kid. And in the other: I’m trying to escape from a psychiatric ward of a hospital. No one tries to stop me, I just waltz right out. I peek into another room where there is a jaguar or leopard having a grand-mal seizure and nothing the doctors/vets tried would stop them and the jaguar was dying. I think someone is going to notice I’m not in my room in the psych ward and figure petting a jaguar/leopard would be pretty cool and I reach out and pet the jaguar/leopard. I expect to be told to stopped and marched back to my room. Instead, I’m asked to continue and the leopard’s/ jaguar’s seizures stop. I’m told the leopard’s/ jaguar’s name is “Rubicon” and they ask me to take him with me and we can leave the hospital. As we leave, people are throwing confetti for us. I’ve had this dream for YEARS, ever since childhood so I’ve always knew it might supposed to mean something.

  26. Hi good evening.. today morning.between 6 to 9am.i.saw 3.dark baby turtles.nd.one.big. dark.beautiful turtle .. they were moving.on.. one.of.the baby turtle.was coming towards.me.. one big turtle.fell down frm.sofa.and again moved on.. thnen aftr i.saw that.big turtle.was.coming.with me.n.my family (me my husband nd.kids)..the dream was cutr? what does it indicate?

  27. I dreamed I was in a house, of whom I do not know. However everywhere I went in this house, the back porch or the living room their pet being a leopard would always be there, following me or within reach and he seemed to be eyeing me with no ill intent at first, however as the dream progressed I became more and more weary of its presence and became quite nervous that it may attack me. I knew that the more I let the energy of fear exude from me the more aggressive it may become so I held back those feelings hoping that respect for him would lead to respect for me. However, it became more apparent that the animal was becoming agitated and that I must leave the situation. Then my dream changed and I had three kids, one was a tiny baby and I was at a party with a lot of church family but I had lost track of my youngest, I knew that my church family would take care of her but I started to get nervous that she was gone and I had lost her, I actually became quite frantic which is unusual for me as I do not react that way in situations. I finally found her and she, of course, was perfectly safe. /dream.

  28. I was with some other people, I passed first and immediately the other two guys passed on the very same spot, the leopard started charging at them!!!!

  29. i had a dream that i was wearingna leopard skin cloak and i had five leopards standing by me then a large pack of giant wolves approached us the alpha was also human like me but he was wearing a wolf hide cloak he told me that they owned this mountain i replyed with a shrug then like a flash of yellow/orange lighting i attacked him we fought while the wolves and leopards watched wich alpha would prevail then i struck the last blow and with a huge amount of force he flew into a boulder then the wolves bowed to me and slowly shifted into leopards and they joined my pride. i would like to know what this means please and thanks

  30. I dreamt dat there was a baby leopard following… and when i tried to go nearer.. It showed it had delicate white wings and it flew away. I cant find meaning of flying leopard any where. It was flying away very gracefully and peacefully. It didnt harm me. Bt when i saw it it flew away

  31. I dreamt that I was running with the 2 leopards as if the 3 of us were our own pack of which I was the leader. We had a deep profound respect for one another and I felt like I was there protector. As we ran and leaped through and throughout the city I saw a pack of lions on the other side of a long lengthy chain link fence. There was and opening approaching quickly, so, I mentally connected with my pack and told them to move ahead as fast as they could as soon as the opening came up I leapt hight into the air and saw 4 lions watch as if the were stalking. On my way down, one of the leopards leapt up to me and as I wrapped it is my arms and pet it on its stomach I could feel the Lions approach. Now running with the leopards in front of me and the Lions approaching behind me I pounced off of a nearby van to propel and look behind. As I’m doing this I see the alpha lion leap toward me. I turn and begin to punch however as I am doing this I see no aggression in the Lions face or eyes. Relying off pure instinct I awake from my dream to find I have just punched the wall next to my bed with no fear, injury or pain… Just curiosity and lots of it.

  32. In my dream the leopard was like a house pet. The connection I felt with the leopard was like how I felt about a friend. There was a strong bond and I loved the animal and the animal loved me. In my dream I truly felt the love from the leopard. ?

    1. I did dream that I got a leopard as a house pet but was to scared to touch it that it will bite me. I also felt the love and peace of the leopard. I really want to know what my dream means?

    2. I also dreamed of a snow leopard as a house pet as to which I payed with and hugged and felt a very strong loving bond to

  33. I dreamed about two leopards in a deep blue sea . The tie (the thing I can’t go a day without..)of my hair fell in the ocean and came the two leopards fighting over that tie. I tried not to look at them and walked but when I looked back, I saw them out of the water on the gutter looking at me and then I woke up. I found it weird because they’re no in the jungle, they’re in the water; swimming. All my life, I have never dreamed of them. I wonder what’s that suppose to mean. I hope someone can give me their point of view. I will appreciate it very much because dreams are valuable for me. Thank you!

  34. Malgas Frans Mpho

    The significance of omens is to enlighten the sub-conscious to a more observant Degree whereby you are with the apt to analyse the importance portrayed within your surrounding environment, for surely the communicative power of the universe is manifested with logic that applies to the cognitive sense of him who is enlightened, for surely the cosmic forces of illumination also compliments the terrestrial forces in an unbreakable co-existence that enables the grand-design to be evident by virtue of the creative abilities of the Grand-Architect of the universe, time is reflective yet perpetual within accurate motions that co-ordinate the celestial movements to tranquil and Euphoric movements, Africa is a blessed place whereby all creatures are of origin by virtue that the world is given harmony at the never-ending dominions of the divines who discovered and obscured until the appointed time so to manifest the inevitable within destiny, for mortals are unlike the creatures of the wild that prove the cycle of life in the supremacy of power in accordance to the authority of the dominant and the lesser being the submissive within the struggle for power yet order is maintained by the appointed forces that enables the governance of the universe to be not distorted, in more accentuated terms I would say that dreams are 3 spaces of mediums of consciousness whereby the entire body mechanisms is in cosmic alignment that enforces the power of destiny whilst the body recuperates from the daily activities, yet they are of paramount importance for it is when that you are with the apt to construe your environment ,the past, present and future are integrated time sequences of existence within the grand-design yet demarcated by reason that the four pathways decide the ultimate destination that is embarked, for those that are your spirit guide may appear in the form of birds or other animals depending on your will-power and the inherent intentions that prove nobility to the guiding pathways of constructive importance, for those who think well omened thoughts and channel their minds to levels of balance to the psyche it is when all things are revealed to you and the third eye is given power of vigilance and holistic activity to enable him who is worthy of prophesy to be exalted to those degrees of consciousness,777.

  35. I had two weird dreams about a leopard one he was coming out of a tree towards me like he was going to attack but i stepped toward him an some how tamed him . The other dream i was setting on a cliff looking over vast valley with the leopard. Laying beside me and i was petting him like we were ment to be together and i was the only one he trusted

  36. Hi, I had a very weird dream this night. I dreamt that there was a zoo woman that was taking animals around so they and people could get used to them and I went randomly into this somebody house that I don’t know who it was and there was a spotted leopard (adult) and a armadillo and something I don’t remember now. The leopard got a taken for me and we played and hugged for sometime, he was very sweet, submissive, we are sad to get apart in the end of the visit and I went to visit him more times. The armadillo was scared of me and pooped (maybe of nervousness) when I was trying to taken into my arms.
    Then I was into a zoo another day and it was snowing, suddenly a bear appeared out of nowhere behind some bushes, very angry with a mean face, a grizzly bear, I saw it first and told people and everybody started running seeing the bear was in berserk running mode. I ran too but the bear approached me and a man that were near each other but in opposite sides. I got cold blooded and I took me big jacket and throw into the bear face, making him not see and dazed it a little and I run a little and found the door of exit. Then I got into safe area.
    What could this dream mean?

  37. Hi,
    I am quite shaken up after having this dream,it started in my backyard where my dogs were barking,so I went outside to see what they were barking at and there was 1 spotted leopard and 1 black panther and my youngest came out and I said,”back up slowly and get back inside,”
    As my son went back in my dog went to go attack but that is when all of a sudden I ended up in the front yard and I saw people in my neighborhood outside,screaming,running,and those 2 same cats were in front of me,and this is where it gets crazy,God said to me in my head remember who you are,you are my child,then I get powers ,I start throwing people back in there homes and locking the doors ,so they won’t come back out…Now mind you ..I am doing all this with my mind…then it’s me and the leopard and the panther…and I wake up…I was so scared….it’s 3:00a.m and I can’t sleep now…please can someone let me know,what all this means….thank you

  38. 😐
    Well. My dream was a whirlwind of emotions.

    I forget how my dream initially started (which is usually how it goes) but I’m in my childhood home where my parents currently lIve. All of a sudden there is a leopard in our backyard. My dog is there as well. Before I know it it’s attacking my dog. I went outside to save him, get the leopard off but it was to late… 🙁 my dog hsd passed away.

    I was heartbroken. But for some reason in my dream, if we called a certain number (I think it was the redial button) it would revert back time for a brief moment. So me and my dad got all excited and he called the number. Much to our surprise, it worked! Roscoe was playing out back all happily. 🙂

    But then things turned sour again as we noticed the leopars was in our house this time. So my dad, being the brave guy he is and still feeling resentment towards the leopard for killing our dog in another time line and went in to kill it. He told me and my mother to stay back but it was getting to the point where he wouldnt win. I couldn’t bare to watch so I made a bold choice to go in and help him. So I grabbed one of the knives he knocked over and stabbed the leopard in the throat. He bit me quite a bit but I saved my dad. I still felt terrible killing the poor animal where I know it’s just their instincts to attack.

    Anyways. I woke up to my dog running in from a walk. I gave him the longest hug ever. it’s amazing the emotions you can carry on from a dream.

    I hope this dream doesn’t make me a bad persoN. If anything it shows that I would fight for those whom I love.

    Just felt like sharing. ThanK you.

  39. In my dream the leopard was an old cub I’d became friends with, and hadn’t saw him or her in years…at first sitting waiting for it to smell me and hopefully recognize me I was a little nervous, after recognizing me we started hugging, playing, rolling in the grass together and play wrestling. I loved it and missed it. A stranger walked by and the leopard ran towards him and hopped on him as if to attack. I ran to the leopard calming it down and recalling our training the leopard didn’t leave a scar but only pounced on this person. I led the leopard back to our area and we continued to play.

  40. Thank you!

    My Dream i found a wounded leopard cub lying on the grass outside my house to the left. i approached with concern for the cub – the mother leopard approacjhed as i carefully picked up her cub , then wrapped the small cub in my jumper.

    I took the cub to the Vet, cub was stiched up [had had its throat cut] plus other wounds. Took cub and mother leopard home, later the cub became distress as the stiches were too tight across its throat…with mum leopard at my side [me feeling fear] i removed the stitches and cub was the contented.

    i have a natural gift for wild animals or wild looking animals in real life, but have always wanted to know what my totem abnimal is…How do i do this, ? Birds and cats appear v ofeten when am in deep thought alone outside.

    Kind Regards.

    1. Patcha That is beautiful. It seems that you already communicate with your power animals. What Shamans do is to retrieve a power animal that wants to come back to you and was with you when you were young. I think you have many. If you want to know which one you need at this moment, ask a shaman.

      Good luck .

  41. Hey there I find this extremely helpful I think that I am having trouble with physics and other subjects in grade 11 and math a bit and I am willing to become a vet and need to pass these subjects is it true that I might succeed ? Plz answer if the dream might have to do with that?

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