Hippopotamus Symbolism

You are entering a period of satisfaction and contentment in your life. Enjoy!

Hippo Meaning, and Messages

In this case, hippopotamus symbolism is reminding you that if you have become bored with your life, you have the creative power to stir things up and revitalize things. Like the cardinal, you can do this by starting new projects, goals and spiritual connections. In other words, follow the tried and true methods of reaching your goals and focus on the success of your projects. Hippopotamus symbolism also means that you need to take the time to dream your dreams. Thus you can choose the path that will be right for you to achieve them. Hippo meaning also says that you will need to commit to your goals to fulfill them.

Hippo Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the hippo totem have an innate ability to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation. They see and speak the truth. Plus, they will also demand that others respect that truth. Similar to the angelfish totem, folks with this spirit animal are highly intuitive. They also act on their intuition without hesitation or questioning it. These people are practical, balanced and grounded in their lifestyle.

Hippo totem people will often submerge themselves in the creative mechanism without fear of the powerful emotions that surface in this process. They also have a secure connection to the spiritual, artistic and healing realms of water and therefore, like the jay, are highly creative. Often people with this power animal are susceptible to sun-related problems including dehydration. Consequently, they must be careful outdoors.

Hippo Dream Interpretation

A hippo dream can represent an emotional clearing or in some cases emotional turmoil. If it is a baby hippo and you are looking after it, the vision may be an indicating that a big event is occurring in your life, one that will grow and claim much of your time.

Similar to the sleeping dromedary camel, a group of hippopotamuses in your dream suggests that you need to escape from the daily grind and relax.

Alternatively, your hippo dream can often symbolize your hidden strengths and your aggressive nature. In other words, it means that you have more influence and power than you realize. There is also the possibility that it indicates that you are territorial. Is someone is overstepping their boundaries?


  • I’ve been having weird dreams recently,

    Last night/this morning I dreamt that tiny blue hippos were falling from the sky, almost like parachutes but they were landing around us

    All of a sudden they’re being worn by people around me and these people keep stretching them like scarves

    And then I was being hit with tiny blue hippos

    I’m not okay with this dream, please help?

  • I had a dream I was going down some rapids with my family, we knew there would be hippos as we’d heard about it from other people.

    As we’re traveling down I spot a hippo muma in the calm water with two babies, they come down the rabips with us and one of the babies comes right up to me, I really wanted to pet it, they looked cute and calm,

    As we proceeded down the rapids I went ahead of my family meeting them at the bottom while I got a towel.

    (Not a nice detail but I was on my period both in the dream and the waking world)

    If anyone can help me work this one out that would be awesome!

  • I’ve had a terrifying dream. There was this baby hippo assigned to me to take care of. When I tried to pick it up its insides started to ooze out of its head, its belly, and its eyes. I cried because I pitied it then I tried to pick it up again. More ooze came out then the hippo came apart and I saw its insides devoured by three types of parasitical worms. I cried and I cried then I saw some worms creeping towards my feet. I woke up to this and got a headache afterwards.

  • 1/2/2019. This morning I woke up and remembered that I dreamt of Hippos 🦛. There were quite s few but they were twin baby hippos! They were adorable but they were running around in twos. The fact that they were twins and runny around together was interesting. Thank you and Happy New Year 2019 ❤️🥳🎉🍾❤️

  • I dreamed I put my head inside a hippo’s mouth in a ritualistic way, accepting the healing the hippo offered that was full of colours, rich spiritual, sacred atmosphere and a vortex of mystical energy.
    I also went in between the legs of the hippo and it was cozy and like I was being protected and cared for. After looking up healing properties of hippos, I had a second dream where I was with a hippo who had the face of John Goodman the actor and we were talking about something.

  • I dreamed a short dream. I can’t wrap my finger on one bit. Someone brought me a baby hippo aand left me to care for it. I’m not sure if I leashed it or it was already leashed . I remember it kept trying to get to me to play Not aggresive Just Wanting attention and I kept running from it. Then finally someone hooked the leash onto something. I never physically saw my own body in the dream but it was most definitely my eyes I was looking at everything from. Then right before I awoke I checked the oven and the hippo was cooked like burnt completely. I’ve NEVER DREAMED anything close to or like this at all. I really would appreciate feedback

    • I just returned from 3 weeks in Africa. I saw a family of hippo in Hawange NP.
      Last night I dreamt of being in a classic car, 70’s Grand Prix -ish. There were pot holes everywhere so I took a different route. The pot holes where everywhere and one by one turned into hippos.it was literally a sea of hippo. Two of them push me to shore and shape shifted into woman. They had a very direct, loving conversation with me… none of which I can remember.💜

    • Last night I had a dream of finding a tiny hippo,, maybe 5″ long, I carried it across a huge cement wall to release it in the water. When I dropped it in I realized the water might be too cold, it turned blue and sank. I feel like it had died. Very strange dream. What do you think the death of our hippos relates to ?

  • I slept really well for a change. With very few wake ups. Suddenly was faced with a male hippopotamus. I was unsure at 1st if he was a rhinoceros. I felt fear and expected to be mauled. He did sound off and seem to charge towards me. But then he started to playfully champ on my right hand. Was no aggression.

  • I had a dream I was swimming with a group f 6 hippos up stream. I saw that they were bobbing for something and I bobbed and saw that they were eating these beautiful and tasty looking red and yellow tulips. I dived to eat some with them.

  • Thank you very much. This is right on. I am a writer and painter and psychotherapist with Jungian perspectives. Much appreciated.

  • i dremt i was in a park setting and people were scared, they said that in the bushes was a giant pig. but when i looked the bushes it was a baby hippo, it came at me wiggling its ears, i junped so it would not get me. i then woke up on the floor i fell out of bed

  • I dreamed that a herd of hippopotami were traveling with me like it was the land before time. We were searching for special leaves they needed, and we traveled way up the river into the mountains where the oldest and wisest hippo sang a song about life and god and the pursuit of happiness.

  • I had a dream last night about a baby hippo. He was mine & we loved each other. He was tiny, fit in my hand. He was also pure white. Any thoughts?

  • I’ve never seen a hippo in a dream. I just randomly chose to view a video which i don’t usually do on facebook. as i watched the clip, it felt as if i or the hippo read each other’s mind, i.e we would both do the same in the same situation. Right after viewing the clip, i wrote about the video and at the end, something i didn’t expect to do, was done: i wrote, “i am a hippo”. After that, i went to this site and read the hippo page. My Golly, this animal is my spirit animal.

  • In my dream, I was on a pirate ship. I don’t recall if I was a pirate or a captive. I then found myself in the middle of a forested island with plenty of trees but low lying ferns so I could see far in the direction I had come from (I only saw behind me, not ahead). I stumbled across what I considered to be ruins of an old temple, a barely visible stone foundation approximately 20’x30′. Around the foundation were partially visible stone idols- only the very top surfaces were exposed. I only unearthed one by the corner of the temple and it was a hippopotamus approximately 1ft in length. It had no real weight but was definitely stone. I could see a small ravine emanate from the end of the temple as though water used to pour out. Water had scarred the ground leaving stones next to the temple but the ravine gently turned and flowed back toward the direction I had travelled growing over with ferns and eventually disappearing. I felt that I had found something of great value and that those from the ship would be pleased I found it.

  • My early morning dream was a familiar one, and one that I have not had in a very long time…maybe as a child or teenager. I’m almost 60 now. It’s unusual for me to remember my dreams so vividly. This week, has been the exception. Several dreams, vivid dreams are being remembered in great detail. All variations on a theme…a major change might be coming my way. It seems positive in nature. And, it’s welcomed. This morning, maybe about 10 minutes ago I woke up and shared it with my better half. I Googled it and came across this site and thought it would be good to share? I’m having my coffee as I write….

    My dream was about seeing a tiny purple hippo eating grass like on a lawn. It’s about 2 inches long and proportionally as tall. I recall it used to have tiny little trumpet horns for ears, but not this time. This time the ears were normal, but I had recalled this attribute from previous dreams and made note of the difference. When I chase and attempt to capture it, it’s elusive and always gets away. It can jump onto low-hanging tree branches and get away in that manner, too. However, this time, I caught it! I placed it on some kind of a platform about head high relative to me. I thought, I finally got him! There’s no-way this little guy can get away now. As I was leaving to go get a container to put him, I noticed that a tree branch was blowing nearby and close to it. It tried to jump and grab it a couple times, but missed. So I felt confident that I could leave and get the container. Then, it did it again. I forgot it had another unique ability. It could just jump anywhere it wanted and it magically formed a bubble with it inside floating on the wind. Then, I attempted to catch the bubble and surprisingly, multiple beams of light emitted from around the bottom of the bubble, maybe around 10-12 inches long. The light beams looked sort of like how a shooting star or a comet appears, but pointed downward as if it were a rocket ship attempting a landing. Again, I attempted to catch it mid-flight, and it disappeared. Still in a dream state, I contemplated the whole event a little while and woke up refreshed and excited to share my story.

    This is the 2nd dream like this I’ve had this week. A few days ago it was snakes…non-dangerous snakes like several giant Python-sized Rosa Boa slithering inside an old mountain cabin. They were the kind of snakes I used to play with as a kid. Curiously, as I write this it occurs to me that it’s the same time-frame as I remember having the purple hippo dream. At least, it seems familiar to me? There were a lot of snakes slithering through the cabin. I never felt threatened; I felt safe. Before and after exploring that cabin, I was having a conversation with my anime-looking shadow although I do not remember what was being discussed. Like the tiny purple hippo, my shadow disappeared when I attempted to hold it.

  • I had a dream that my friend had 3 baby hippos and I took one of them and cared for it… I feed it gave it water and threw out the rest of my dreams I held her in my arms like a baby with her head resting on my shoulders until she fell alseep … I remember trying to identity the sex but the hippo emitted a feminine energy so I knew it was a female

  • I had a dream that my friend had 3 baby hippos and I took one of them and cared for it… I feed it gave it water and threw out the rest of my dreams I held her in my arms like a baby with her head resting on my shoulders until it she fell alseep … I remember trying to identity the sex but the hippo emitted a famine energy so I knew it was a female

  • I had a dream that a group of wild hippo is coming from the mountains but most of them fell from the stone and fell to the water. The scary lookinv hippo is coming for me and bit me but after he bit me it suddenly changes to a wild dog. Creepy dream… It seems that i want to across from the other side of stony place from where I stood.

    • Your dream is scarily the same as mine. i was swimming and suddenly this Hippo came for me, i hid in the trees…..everywhere!!! every now ant the he changed into a wild big brown dog. He wanted to eat me……i ran and hid allover. When i woke up, i was soaked in sweat. My heart was beating so fast.

      Thanks for sharing your dream. I thought i was confused with the hippo and dog thing

      Have a nice day

      Lizle van der Westhuizen

  • In my dream I am walking in the African Savannah and a large hippo starts chasing me, it doesn’t catch up to me, but a big, beautifully tusked elephant intervenes and saves me

  • My dream was me going to my cousins house ans she had a baby hipo i was chasing it trying to play with it and i wanted one as a pet is was soo smoll and cute

  • I had a dream the world was in anarchy, some global event led to humanity turning on each other to survive.

    I was with my family and we met a friendly woman who joined our group for survival. She had 2 teenage hippopotamus that were like our trained/protective pet dogs. I swam with them in a large clear lake and they listened when I spoke to them.

  • I had a dream this morning in which I was told that Hippo was my “Totem”. I was not allowed to forget this because it was repeated so I would remember. It seemed to be important. When I woke up I looked it up and your interpretation is amazingly accurate. Right down to the fact that I am a water sign and I do struggle with dehydration when I go out ( I don’t drink before I go out because I don’t want to have to keep running to the bathroom) Thanks.

  • i had a nightmar the other night about a hippo! In my dream i was walking along and had seen this man who resembled a troll with this very burned and hurt hippo. You could tell it was in pure agony, i pleaded with the man to let me please put the poor creature out of its misery, but he insisted that the hippo was his and that he had the right to keep the animal. I argued with him as i watched this poor hippo writhing in pain and couldnt do anything for it. This was a very disturbing and made me sad, and would like to know what this means.

  • I Had Hippo beside me all during today’s meditation: on choosing a new life path after banging my head repeatedly (and inappropriately) against the same brick wall for the past three years. I had myself lulled into such a sense of numbness believing: I’d chosen my course, and I had to stay it. I can’t believe how freeing it is to finally acknowledge my failure as a major learning process, and be moving on; reminded to ‘stir things up’ and Commit to setting new goals. Thanks for this!

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