Black Rhino Symbolism, Rhino Meaning, Rhino Totem, Rhino Dream, and Messages
Take a step back and delve into the deeper more spiritual meanings of your current life situation. Know that you are powerful.

Rhino Meaning and Messages

In this case, Rhino symbolism is letting you know that you need to look more closely at everything around you because things are not what they seem. Do you see lack instead of abundance? Like Turkey, the Rhino meaning insists that you appreciate the expansive bounty that surrounds you. In other words, this spirit animal reminds you to stop and give thanks to the countless miracles occurring in every moment of your life.

Moreover, Rhino symbolism is reminding you to use your spiritual eyes and not your physical eyes. When you do this, you can see the truth and maintain a close connection with “Mother Earth” as you expand your inner knowledge to a whole new level.

Rhino Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Rhino totem are, for the most part, solitary and wise people that choose to spend a great deal of time alone. Like the Cheetah, they enjoy the comfort of their own company and are comfortable with themselves. These folks have a very close relationship with the ancient wisdom of the soul. They also have a lot of knowledge to share about what is real and how to live. For the most part, they are a self-made success and an achievement-seeking powerhouse in their chosen field. Thus being a workaholic is a natural part of who they are.

Rhino Dream Interpretation

When you have a Rhino dream, it suggests that you need to forge ahead toward your goals. In other words, like the Boar, do not take “no” for an answer. Nor should you let any obstacles sidetrack you from your destination.

Alternatively, if the animal is aggressive or charging, make sure that you are not getting carried away with your ideas and intentions. To put it another way, steamrollering your way through things is very self-defeating behaviour. You must discern what is real and what is not.

29 thoughts on “Rhino”

  1. I had a dream last night that there was a group of powerful people that I had just met, and we each had a silver box with a rhino on the lid. It was meant to go in a fire, and as the rhino heats up it comes to life and becomes this fierce, powerful force. We are all supposed to bring ours to life, but when i was young my mother had placed my rhino in a wooden box, which means I could no longer join and put mine in the fire, which would lead to catastrophic events. They all needed to go in the fire to start this Earth saving chain of events, and I couldnt do that with mine. Any ideas on interpretation?

  2. I dreamt with a rhino coming towards me and as it got closer
    Turned into the body of a man with the rhinos head and another man with a bulls head coming towards me not in a threatening way
    Anyone has a idea what it means?

  3. Bhashkar Jyoti Kumar

    It was like i was in a building probably second floor looking the vast field in front of it (building) through my balcony, where two rhinoceros are grazing tall grasses and shrubs amid the paddy field. It was like a family who came from an another district that day and have rented a room on that very building. While they were coming through that vast field with their goods and Materials, the boy of that family aged around 24 started bullying one of the rhinoceros and their hole family supported it. And i was thinking like, is that family lost their mind and or what else could i do with. And then suddenly when that rhinoceros got pissed off, the rhino started pretending agressive and running towards the building slowly chasing the family. And then what i see is that the family came running to the second floor crossing me and my room like they have just won a lottery (like their hearts are in their hands). After them what i see is a rhinoceros just climbed through the staircase to the second floor and crossing all the rooms one by one. Looking all these and can’t even taking a breath i went into my room climbed up in my bed unfolding the blanket and putting it atop of me while pretending to be slept or dead. And then the rhinoceros came into my room didn’t know why, watched me and my bed, pushed me two three times with the horn and seeing me like half-dead left my room giving me a chance to live the life again. Blessed.

  4. Hello, I had a strange dream last night that I was in the jungle and a rhino (pregnant?) was present. It didnt seem to be chasing me, or charging, but I was afraid of it, and so I climbed a skinny tree to hide from it. After it had passed, I was talking to ,my brother about it (whom I rarely talk to – our relationship is very strained), asking his advice and he was helping me devise a plan. We worked together to feel safe from the rhino.
    Can you help me interpret the meaning? I am in a new relationship that is moving fast, but we are deeply in love.

  5. Last night I had very strange dream. I felt frustrated, scared and cornered. Children of my boyfriends family served me a rhino´s head on a silver plate. His horn was damaged. I could see that somebody was trying to scratch his horn right after his death. I felt terrified by cruelty of such act. After a little time the rhino alive and started to chase everybody who was nearby. The only strong memory I have from this dream is my inner feelings, hurt from cruelty of people and I understood after the anger when animal awoke from his death.
    I am personally going through very difficult period being separated from my loved ones in a far distance. If you can explain the symbolism of – rhino´s death – head on silver plate being served – scratch horn – anger. Thank you

    1. Hello. A thought I have is that whenever something is served up on a silver plate-that means it is something important-be it a severed head as in something morivated by revenge or something that shows honor.

      My sense, and please ignore if this seems off, is that there is irony in this scenario. A rhino represents something strong and primal. Yet the scratches which upset you ate so small.

      It seems to me that there is some hidden emotion, likely rage, that has been severed from consciousness that infuses this dream. Under your deep sorrow about being apart – what else is going on? Has some aspect of yourself been diminished? Good luck and fon’t be afraid to let your emotions be there.

  6. For some reason theres one dream that i had when i was real young that ive never forgotten. I was in this grey landscape of endless mountains and dead trees under a dark cloudy sky, and there where two rhinos there, standing on their hindlegs and dressed in heavy armer, they were huge and angry, and they both beat me repeatedly, kicking and throwing me into the ground so bad that i remember blacking out in the dream. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this..

    1. Jillian Sarkady

      Generally in the many years I have lived, the things which I have considered to be obstacles or negative forces outside of me, have been forces within myself that were in shadow or that I could not consciously acknowledge. Slowly these hidden elements of my being have worked themselves out.

      I say this because it is clear that the rhinos represent something very, very punitive and violent. They beat you so hard in the dream that you blacked out. That is rare.

      My humble opinion is that there is some experience in your youth that was emotionally traumatizing or terribly upsetting for you psychologically. That you internalized this and that there is/was someone close to you that perhaps provoked this internal conflict and kept you from integrating into your personality the “thing” behind the negative forces at play.

      I don’t think that you were old enough to comprehend what happened and therefore the magnitude of the animals, the sort of primalness of it. You seem to have felt the rawness of it. You were unprotected and likely scared.

      I hope that you have penetrated through to the reality of what this represents or at least a bit of it. I had. and still have, repetitive dreams and sometimes it takes decades to understand what it was all about.

    2. To be honest and freaky, I had the same dream except someone was trying to stop the rhino from chasing the people or something and the rhino stomped her to death.

  7. Some time back, when my grandfather was hospitalized, I dreamt of my house being empty (no furniture anywhere except my grandpa’s bed) & the side of the bed where he sleeps was empty as well. I heard noises & went to look outside. There was a strange creature. It was white, tall like an elephant, had a trunk & on it’s forehead was a huge horn like a rhino. It walked & made sounds like a horse. I went outside to look & made eye contact with it. We looked at each other for a long time & strangely, it smiled at me & left. 20 days after having this dream, my grandfather passed away. Even though I’m an atheist, it fealt like I was in the presence of God that time & he was trying to warn me about my grandfather. I accepted it then & knew what was about to come.
    But, a month after my grandfather’s death, I dreamt of this creature again last night & this time, I was scared of it. The dream me thought that it brings message about your loved ones death so I was much horrified upon seeing it & woke up. Later I realized, no one in my family/friends is sick or anything. So how come I saw it again if it signifies death of a loved one? Why am I seeing it again? And why was I scared of it now when earlier it fealt like I was being touched by ‘God’? It fealt good seeing ‘him’ but I’m also scared. Should I be scared?

    1. Ryan Emerson Graves

      God not only brings death, God also brings life. New life can be just as scary as death. Maybe the fear you experienced was more about the uncertainty?

  8. I dreamt of a white rhinoceros who came to me for help. For some reason he had left/escaped Chester Zoo and I knew I had to save him and take him to London Zoo. He let me ride him but the problem was how to get him there. I was finding the journey was not easy and so my worries were placed further for the rhinos health and safety and well-being. I then found out he was injured before I wake there were people around us a dog came to us to help and started licking Jambos wounds.

  9. Hello.. i dreamed of myself being turned into a rhino as a punishment by someone and can only turn back into human form when there is sunshine, which is only a couple of hours per day in the context of the dream. I still remember the feeling of sadness when i was in rhino form.. i wasnt aggressive, and more of contemplating.. i havent heard people talking abt seeing themselves turning into a rhino in their dream before so i m just wondering what your opinion is about this. Thank you for listening 🙂 K

    1. Amazing dream. It recalled me of Saint Barbara. In order to stop her, her father locked her up in a tower but while she was there incarcerated she read a lot and become illuminated. Maybe there is something in your life you see as a prison or a curse and is a blessing in disguise? And if you love your human form so much, what are you going to do with it? What did you miss the most about your human form on the dream? And also.
      ..is there anyone on your woke life that “punishes” you? Because that’s not reasonable or healthy. But you can rise above it and become even more amazing that’s what I see in your dream!

  10. I had a dream last night I was in a field with large trees. I was playing on the tree limbs while a rhino was watching me below. I interacted with it a bit but never touched it, it seemed like it was playing with me. I don’t think there is a connection but browsing the net I came across a story that the last white male rhino died today and I’ve never had a dream of one before so I found it odd.

    1. The exact same thing happened to me. I forgot I even dreamt about the Rhino last night until I saw a post about the last white one dying. I was in a field with it and looking each other in the eyes. I didn’t feel fear but a kind of sadness and knowledge of how powerful the creature was.

      As I’ve never dreamed of a Rhino before I looked it up and came across your post. You having the same experience as me is even more strange.

    2. I too had a rhino in my dream too last night. And then also saw the story about the last rhino that died today 😮

  11. My dream was about me taking matters into my own hands, taking revenge on people who took me for granted the people there looked mutated (doing normal things) and some possessed (standing in front of walls or into nothing, speaking but without actions) nobody had eyes either. But the animals did.
    After I did that I was running away from that place and there where sickly horses running in distrust. Then I noticed a rhino charging almost hitting me, ( I think they where attacking the rhino). but i managed to dodge it. I keep on running away then i black out then awaken running even faster than I could. And higher-up. ( I wasn’t sure if I some how got on top of the rhino or not). But glancing back from where I was fleeing I noticed the rhino was gone but the horses where still there ,but in calm grazing. With the destruction I left in flames. In this dream I was able to speak and decide my own actions.

  12. Interpretation thoughts? I had a dream where I was standing next to this girl that said, “If they wanted you they would invite you.” I looked up and there was a stuffed Rhino head on the wall. All I could think was, “hey I want that Rhino if they don’t.” Then I woke up…🤔😕

  13. i dreamt a rhino was trapped within a tight circular border made of rocks and it was trying to break out by smashing onto it several times. it could barely take a few steps back and hit again, i was just standing on high ground staring at it smash from afar

  14. My partner keeps dreaming he is a rhino and that he is running over people. It’s happened three nights in a row.

  15. I was just dreaming about rhino floating around the sky, fly one on one with this type of angel. (He has wings and somehow riding a horse haha). It was beautiful because even in my dream I realize that this is a sign my spirit guide trying to show me. Very beautiful and serene feeling, there’s no fear vibrating from them also. 🙂

  16. An elephant is on free run in a residential locality immediately followed by rhinoceros in dream. A silky brown shining German Shepherd big dog jumps of a chariot. Inculding me people run helter skelter. This is my dream..can anyone interpret?

  17. I had a heard of rhinoceros in my dream including myself as one of them 2 nights in a row. I am taking it as a sign from a higher power. We were all playing in our somewhat natural habitat. I felt very much so at peace with these dreams. I have been studying totem animals and, I asked a little while ago for my spirit animal to present themselves and I think this was my sign.

  18. Rebecca R Garcia

    I saw the rhino in the night sky shaped by gleaming stars in my dream. Not sure what it means but even in my dream I knew it was significant.

  19. Thanks, love the info.
    Did a Ceremony in a lineage Im studying called Journey to the Underworld to find my Power Animal. There are 17 in my class, and the teacher has been doing this for 2 decades. My Power animal was the Rhino and so was the guy next to me. The teacher has never had a Rhino as someones Power Animal, and we both did and were next to each other.

  20. The other night I had a dream that has stayed with me. I was in the kitchen at my grandmother’s house (who passed away several years ago) and a black bear came to the back carport and started tearing things up and seemed to be making his way toward the house and me. My boss’ German Shepherd jumped in and saved us by fighting the black bear. It really looked like he was going to be mangled, but at the end, he was well and fine. Then, I was in a field. There was a rhinoceros who appeared to be angry and I thought he would charge. I was trying to find a hiding place (in the open field). Before the rhino could charge, it turned into an elephant, who also seemed angry and I thought would charge, but then the elephant turned into 2 elephants that were passive. I still haven’t completely deciphered it. Good info on this site though – thanks!

  21. This is so weird! Someone brought these cards into work and I didn’t even know why the staff were picking a card. Once I read the one I chose outloud it all clicked. Maybe this is the universes way of saying I am what I am.

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