Scorpion Symbolism, Scorpion Meaning, Scorpion Totem, Scorpion Dream, and Messages
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Scorpion Meaning and Messages

In this case, Scorpion symbolism is asking you to remove and cut out those things in your life that no longer serve you. In other words, this spirit animal insists that you must evaluate your surroundings with a critical eye to releasing old baggage. This “letting go” will include getting rid of objects that are cluttering up your home, as well as purging the clinging energy of those that are co-dependent to you. Hence, the Scorpion meaning also asks you to focus on minimizing the enabling of others not to move forward.

Additionally, Scorpion symbolism reminds you to take your growth steps towards death and rebirth. Thus you should re-establish your boundaries. Moreover, make clear decisions about which direction your next few months go and move on.

Occasionally, Scorpion symbolism arrives to let you know that you can always find light in the darkness. Thus if you positively channel your energy and passions, you will soon be able to sense which directions are appropriate for you. In other words, like the Angelfish, scorpion meaning is reminding you that transformation is inevitable and that it is up to you whether or not it is chaotic or calm.

Scorpion Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Scorpion totem are influential people and can inspire others. They are passionate in their love affairs and are known as good lovers. Folks with this spirit animal totem have compelling sexual needs. However, they often enjoy periods of solitariness between their intense and passionate relationships. Like the Flamingo, they also have the gift of Psychometry. Thus they tend to use their sense of touch in most things and enjoy textures in their foods.

Like the Tiger, people with the Scorpion totem are protective of their solitude when they need it. They will also be very defensive of their children. Occasionally, they will protect their children from situations where they need to face the consequences to learn and grow. These folks are unafraid of allowing themselves to be vulnerable with others. They have a way with words that can often be stinging in their remarks. Furthermore, their overall charisma will carry them through any conflicts.

Scorpion Dream Interpretation

When you have a Scorpion dream, it symbolizes death and rebirth. Thus, like the Parrot, the vision is letting you know that you need to get rid of the old and make room for something new. Alternatively, this insect can represent a person who is born under the astrological sign for Scorpio.

Alternatively, your Scorpion dream can also represent a situation that may be painful or hurtful in your waking life. It may be that you are harboring negative feelings, “stinging” remarks, bitter words, and negative thoughts that have been expressed by or aimed against you. In other words, you may be on a self-destructive and self-defeating path.

When you see these insects floating in the water, it suggests that you need to let go of some pain and learn to accept the situation. In other words, you may be going through the three-step process of denial, acceptance, and finally moving on.

79 thoughts on “Scorpion”

  1. I was pissy for some reason, yelled at my friend saying I didn’t want to go to the mall or something, that I would find a ride home. People near by were laughing or looking at the scene and I said I’d slap the shit out of them. Another friend arrived like a sibling, and asked if I wanted to see a movie I said no. We walked a trial and he said you yelled at me.. I don’t know what I said but I remember they were stumbling I was walking trying to catch them like be careful. I remember a baby or kid was behind but I closed the gate to this path in the park, so they could wait for their mom. Emphasizing I was at a park far from my house which meant I cared for the person a lot and went into a climbing part of the playground after knowingly seeing a scorpion and then realized the whole rim of it and the whole thing itself had plenty of them and I was on the ground and they did seem like they were trickling and I was afraid they were on me while I was trying to get out.

  2. Went to sleep asking the Great Spirit for help to decide the best direction. In the middle of the night my dream came: It was night, the pine forest was dark, there were hummocks of clay and a large house. A giant scorpion was chasing me. I was scared – I mean, it was a massive creature. But it did not attack me. Rather it ran amock.
    It was only this evening while I was mulling over the dream that I recalled I had asked for help. And hey – now it makes sense. The meanings dovetail perfectly: I have come out of a difficult time; I have had a rebirth dream. I have got a lot of stuff that I have had for years that I must discard. I am gifted healer and psychometry is part of my practice. Over all, I am starting a new life; I have a new job, and I am planning and making clear directions for the next few months while I grow into my new life. This really helped. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi.
    After series of prayers in the night, I had a dream that a scorpion 🦂 lingered in the air on top my chest and as soon as I saw it, it fell on my chest and entered into my heart.
    What could this mean please?

  4. Hi i hope you can help me out with this one. I had a dream last nights that I was in my grandmothers house with all my family getting ready for dinner – and I saw a scorpion walking. Kind of scared me a little but I kept getting dressed. My mom grabbed the scorpion and put it on my shoulder smiling saying to not me afraid and that if it stings me it’s just so that I can become immune to its venom or something like that. Long story short the scorpion never bit me or if it did it didn’t hurt and I went on dressing and just saw it walking away on the floor.

  5. Sabina Uupindi

    I had a dream that I was surrounded by my family members in a circle form whereby the dog already appear coming with a half dead scorpion giving it to my father and after it come with scorpion tail to sting me on my leg, and later I grab the scorpion from my father and I kill it with my shoe, what does it eat, but in real life I experience relationship betrayal both lovers and family members but this what does it mean?

  6. I had a dream of a wasp in my house and when i went to the garage to get the bug spray. There was a black scorpion. I thought of killing it but i released it out of my garage with a broom. But i still killed the wasp. What does this dream mean? Thank you so much

  7. Hi, I slept trying to suppress some anger and listening to some spiritual discourse last night.I dreamt seeing a white baby scorpion and me trying to kill it unsuccessfully.I lucid dream sometimes so I woke up after this and tried to look for meaning of this dream but slept again since I din’t find anything specific to killing a baby scorpion.Later the same night,I dreamt that I am telling someone about the dream and the baby scorpion arrives again but it changes colours from white to brown to red.I try killing it again but unsuccessful.

    Can you please tell me what this means? I am so confused.Thanks in advance.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This means that you need to be careful of what you say, for what you say might backfire, making someone even angrier at you that they end up holding a longer grudge, instead of them giving up whatever you want them to stop. Fight battles only you can win, or they might just sting you in the insides of your mouth. Sometimes to win a battle, you must not start a battle at all. An individual around you may be someone you are underestimating, and they can be downright backstabbing as well as obsessive about revenge if you are not careful around them.

  8. I had a dream last night where the scenes changed from snakes on a shelf and one trying to attack me which looked like a alligator snake and my dad trying to kill it, he had sliced it with two knives but somehow stayed alive, i was hanging from a door and the snake tried to jump up towards my legs and i woke up, but once i fell back asleep i was with my family in a living room where i have never seen and all of a sudden i am squishing small spiders coming out from anywhere and then a big scorpion comes crawling, i try to step on the scorpion but I know its too big so that wont work, and so me an my sibling are trying to kill the scorpion and come close but did not succeed so the scorpion gets angry but is on a toy vehicle and the lights turn red, the scorpion is trying to shoot us with something, all i see that it flings something at my sister and she becomes a bit numb and from nowhere some huge man comes and start slapping my sister aggressively and she looks like shes getting the light knocked out of her and she looks at me all numb and dead inside and it haunts me, i try somehow to help but my body becomes numb and i can no longer move

    1. EspionageCookie

      The snakes falling onto you may represent various individuals that have a “poisonous” influence on you, that your dad is trying to get rid of, but he cannot easily do so. The small spiders coming out of nowhere might represent the fears that you have to the individuals mentioned at the start, and you trying to squish all of them is you trying to squish all your fears. The big scorpion in your dream that you are trying to kill represents a major enemy of some kind, who seems to have did a number on your sister’s mental health. It may be this huge man that goes after your sister in this dream, which may be just the person who the scorpion in your dream represents. You try to help your sister, but you feel unable to move because you feel emotionally paralyzed in life since you do not know what to do.

  9. I had a dream on the 11th September 2021
    12:30pm I was hangout with family,near a bug massive creek by a bridge,with a huge water fall in the background,water flowing towards us,I didn’t trust the place,I kept telling my family crocodiles have been found flowing down these streams,as I was explaining the unexpected happened my youngest sister, wonderes off to the creek,next minute I saw her next minute she disappears, we start looking,I was shocked as if I was awake in my dream and i could feel and hear my surroundings,noices in the background,I was shouting sister, sister where are you,then I looked to my right there was a side water way right by the side of the creek hidden, amongst the dirt,there I searched I saw a massive scorpion,the size of a new born baby,I looked its head was under water,some of its body was facing up,there was also another one clatoring around in a hall near by,I took something to grave the scorpion 🦂 from its take ,I know wrong move,Boom it bit me sucked the life out of me in my sleep,I woke up I felt it in my hands,like it was real,I swear this was epic,now I’m worried about my sister,the people she hangs out with could be very toxic and poisonus.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Yes, a scorpion biting you in a dream represents toxic people in your life, though the significant thing to point out is that even if these people are only related to you in the sense that your sister knows them, you’re still being indirectly stung by them simply by being around your sister’s “friends”. Help your sister, yes, but also help yourself in defending yourself from the poison. If you cannot help yourself, you cannot help your sister.

  10. I hard a dream whereby this animal scorpion jump on my left hard and I hold for a while like 2min and I saw this scorpion given birth on my left hard then suddenly i threw the one given birth away and later I threw the little one away because I was scared

    1. EspionageCookie

      Giving birth in a dream often represents the creation of something, or creativity, so a scorpion you are afraid of in a dream giving birth may represent that an enemy of yours is “hatching” some sort of plan to mess with you.

  11. I had a dream with a sliver Scorpion with a brown orb weaver spider on its back at first I thought it was an isopod with long legs also the spider may have been impaled by the scorpions tail.

  12. In the dawn hours…I saw a white scorpion in my dream…and it is morning (India) right now as I am writing this. (07th of June 2021) In the dream…I was searching for something…while talking to my bf sitting on the sofa…a glass box filled with some things was kept in the middle on a square glass table…as I approached to look through the things in that glass box, I saw a white scorpion staring at me with his pincers out. Those pincers were off white in color and big ones. And I yelled…there’s a scorpion in the box…don’t touch!!

    I had a 3 hour long conversation on the 6th of June with my sister about our family issues and I fell asleep while watching a video on YouTube…”how scorpions make money” and I saw it staright in my dream in glistening white color. 🦂😊

  13. So last night I dreamt that I was standing in front of my front door a trash bag half filled with things I didn’t know what they were, so I empty the bag and stuff falls, but most importantly bugs come out as well, some of them are not bad so I let them be, and the rest I kill, but there is this one Scorpio who is getting under my door and into my house and I can’t kill it. Could anyone please explain to me if it means something ?

    1. EspionageCookie

      The trash bag represents the things in your life that make you afraid. The bugs you kill are the bigger worries you struggle with and the others you ignore are the lesser worries you just leave be. The big scorpion that came under your door and into your house represents the one thing that you fear the most. It is likely the thing you think about the most even if most things do not scare you much or are easily handled like the bugs from earlier. It may be that you get criticism for some work or lifestyle you do, and most criticisms do not bother you that much, but one or a few criticisms really get under your skin. Perhaps it is a time to ask why those criticisms get under your nerves especially, and what makes it different from all the other criticisms for it to bother you the most?

  14. Hello there,
    A few days ago my mum woke up on fire, and after seeing the Dr. was diagnosed with scorpion stings—she has TWO lumps, both on the right side of her body, and it happened when she was asleep. It obviously feels very ominous, and I am wondering if you have any insight or intuition on the meaning behind this? Thank you so much.

    1. EspionageCookie

      What I get in terms of intuition that she leaves herself open to attacks and criticism from others, but does little about it. She tries to ignore it, but all it does is make her emotional wounds fester under the surface being unable to do anything about it.

  15. I had a dream i was in a restruant around people i didnt know.. And the people cooking being the counter had very big brown scorpions that were alive sitting on an oven tray… There were multiple live scorpions. I remember picking up a plate and putting a fried dead scorpion on my plate and I remember looking and glancing down at it. I dont ever remember eating it though. But for some reason I was on the other side of the restaurants counter.. Where they cook.. And I looked under the counter on a shelf.. And I pulled it out to look at it.. And there was black beetles that were laying on an oven pan alive.. And there were also big dark brown cockroaches that were laying on the same oven pan alive.. And for some strange reason.. I seen some white flowering stuff that moved.. Im not sure what it was exactly.. But I put the beetles and the cockroaches along with the live flowery moving white stuff.. On my plate.. And I walked out from behind the counter. And i was talking to the person who was cooking.. And I looked down at my plate.. And all the things on it was mixing together on its on.. And it was bubbling up. And it was so weird.. After it bubbled up… This big bag appeared and it was empty.. It was very strange. I remember at some point in my dream.. All the lights were on in the restruant I was walking around in.. Then for some reason.. I was walking and one part of the restruant.. The lights were. Out and it was dark.. But yet there were people eating at a table.. In the dark. I felt surprized. I wonder what thos strange dream means.. When you dream of the if Brown and alive scorpions.. And a scorpion it looked like it was dead and had been fried withbatter on it… Plus to dream of black beetles with pinchers.. And brown cockroaches on an oven tray.. ?? Am i going crazy?? Where did this weird big humongous bag just pop out of the blue? I need to find out what this crazy dream really means..

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems like you trying to eat this very strange mix of animals in this unknown restaurant represents a feeling of intense disgust with your own self, to the point of revulsion, perhaps with the feeling that your appearance is too ugly to you, or that the inside part of you is ugly as well, if not both. This seems to represent a huge bag of insecurities, is what I meant.

  16. I had a dream that I was in bed and this guy that I liked in my dream demanded to have sex with me but because I like him I didn’t think much of it then his friend came into the room and he was telling me that he wanted to join as well. I repeatedly said no and luckily before that even got to happen I got stung by a small white baby scorpion on my foot so I pushed him off of me right away because I tried changing so I can head to the hospital and he acted as if he didn’t care and was taking his sweet time.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems the white scorpion biting you against such a situation represents how innocent people with good intentions are being emotionally manipulated by a bad person (likely an abuser of some kind) to sting you instead. They are well intentioned, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous, so do not see good intentions itself as reason to trust certain people.

  17. I had a long dream about a scorpion almost like a pet scorpion… He went missing at some point in my dream and I was worried and looked for him, when I found him, I fed and gave him water. The interpretations I read of these dreams are about the scorpion attacking or people just seeing it, eating it, etc but my scorpion was big, black and it was by my side at all times, it was not aggressive to me and i was not scared of it either. It was really like my pet scorpion.

  18. I dreamt about a scorpion going under me while I am sitting. When I first see it I am sitting in a chair and it emerges from under me and continues on its way. Then I realize it comes feom behind me, goes up the chair, slides inder me and then comes out from inder me without hurtingvne or itself. It’s like it isn’t aware or isn’t interested in me. Does anyone know what it might mean?

  19. Natalie Portillo

    So in my dream my fiance and I were in our bedroom and hes searching for something next thing I know I see a small blue scorpion walking near hes foot. I get scared and i tell him to move and he doesn’t so I pick up a shoe to kill it and the scorpion stops inches away from my fiance’s foot and my body was tingling some parts going numb and I look down at my thigh and the scorpions singer had stung me hes tail was detached from hes body it was with the stinger and the scorpion was dead after doing that. I was trying to get my fiance’s attention to help me but he wasn’t paying attention. What can that mean?
    I’ve stretched online and it is just bugging not to know what this could mean.

    1. Look at the middle paragraph about a situation in your life that may be painful or hurtful. Does your fiancé take up for you when others are sided against you or saying negative things to you or at your expense? Or does he ignore the remarks to save himself? Or does he ignore you when you are trying to get his attention because he has hurt you or you are hurt from something else?

      If so, you may want to talk with a marriage counselor prior to marrying so that he knows his role as husband to support his wife emotionally, spiritually, mentally. (as is the wife’s role to support her husband too.) without this mutual investment And commitment there will be problems ahead.

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  21. Hey, so today I had a dream in which I went to my sisters washroom and I saw a big scorpion who had skin colour and it tried to come towards me but I shush it and it went under the toilet and then I ran from the bathroom. Can you please tell me what it means?

  22. I had a dream about scorpions that are green so many of them and they were chasing people around including me most people they kill myself and other’s escaped,this scorpions could do anything just too get you in this dream and the a big one jumped out of nowhere and I woke up

  23. I just had a dream that mini black scorpions were coming out of my thumb and I was in a pharmacy trying to figure out what to do for it and someone was saying watch out it’s contagious . All of a sudden I start seeing them crawling around from when there coming out of my thumb.

  24. Hi,
    So I thought it was pretty crazy and the more I think about it the more I feel like it’s a sign of some sort…
    I live in the city. Nothing too country nearby… but a scorpion found it way inside my apartment last night! My cats were trying to attack it.. it was coming near my foot… before my boyfriend said something.
    They’re not very common in the area.. so it was a surprise for both of us… I’ve never seen a wild one before…
    Which makes me feel like it probably was a sign??

    1. By the way the scorpion came to you, it does sound like an omen. Omens can be either good or bad. Your pets alerted you to its presence before it could sting, this is also a clue. How the omen arrived is how the manifestation of its spirit will come into other areas of your life. You were alerted, and that was the good part of the manifestation. Something or someone is coming straight for you, but other influences around you will keep you safe if you listen to warnings. Be ready for drastic changes, be ready for this type of surprise. Because it was in your home, beware of whoever is close to you. You will not see it coming, so listen for clues (warnings).

  25. I dreamt of seeing the tail of a scorpion coming toward me and another female, who was in front of me. It was on a trail / path that slightly curved like a snake. After I saw the whole scorpion, I don’t remember if it stung the female in front of me, or if it stung me (in the chest area?).

  26. Oliviana Pandan Kedu

    Last night I had dreamed of unusual looking big scorpion. It’s body pink in color and it’s legs, pinchers and tail are black. I found it resting on my bed but it assaults me until my old friend come and both of us rips the scorpion to death with bare hands.

  27. Hi yesterday I dreamed that a fly attacking me I don’t like fly so I was defending my self trying to kill the big fly, but after I heat it and I see that the fly is a cat with a tail of scorpion than it pic me in two of my fingers, I have pain than white liquid come out from my finger

  28. I am a scorpio. And just yesterday I made the decision to make some big changes. Going for a better paying job, adding a second job, cutting negative and harmful family members from my life. This morning i go outside for my morning smoke and what do i find? A white, and i mean white, little scorpion chilling on the side of my house. If this isn’t a neon sign that I’m on the right path, i dont know what is .

  29. Gopal Krushna Sahukar

    I have seen some scorpions are on the tree and i got scared and in a sudden my best friend’s father came and takes out those scorpions from there.
    What does it mean

  30. I had a peculiar dream involving two scorpions. Their colour was an iridescent blue and reminded me of a scarab… they were approaching me, one coming from my left and the other my right. I kept backing away from them until finally the one on the left side managed to sting me while I was looking to my right at the other.

  31. I got a black Scorpio in my dream and the description you have given is the apt one.
    Can you please guide me in finding my spirit animal.

  32. I had a dream that me and my friend is after a small red scorpion…It’s is trying to run here and there and finally we killed the scorpion….what does it mean…I dreamt of a black scorpion as well few months back….
    plz help

  33. Yesterday I got stung by a scorpion. I did only do the agrestic mexican first aides, like eating a garlic clove with a glass of milk, and sucking and spitting the blood of the wound for 5-6 times. Still, I could feel the effect of the venom within me: heavy tongue, blurry vision, spaciness… Still today a bit. It happened the first time, after living 35 years in Mexico. It happened in my home, Scorpion sat inside a sweater I wanted to carry from house to the car, he felt the movement and stung me on my right forearm. I know today, the Scorpion has become (one of) my Totem Animal(s). Any wise comment, is WELCOME! <3 Thank You.

  34. I had a dream this week of a very large black scorpion. It was actually huge and I saw it run up to me and filled the entire area I could see in my dream. Then it just stood there, like to make sure I saw it. Then I woke up with a start.

    In the past I have had dreams that are very short with single images or symbols and I wake with being startled, that have had significant meaning and importance for me. Like a warning or something that is going to happen. Currently I am looking for work overseas, where my boyfriend (and myself are at the moment) and my boyfriend has started talking about marriage. We are both older and have been married before each of us. I’m mid 30’s, he is early 50’s. What could this dream mean?

    The black scorpion was not threatening me or doing anything, but just stood there and presented itself. it was huge! I wasn’t scared in the dream either. Thanks for any thoughts. Another website I look at frequently said if you dream of a giant black scorpion you will have a big change professionally happening soon that will change your life. Thoughts???

  35. The Stage: I am in Grand Cayman for a innovative personalized immunotherapy treatment. I have done a tremendous amount or personal work around my cancer trying to get all my lessons around it, I have never questioned survival.

    The cottage I am staying in was sprayed for scorpions right before I came. Yesterday I saw one on the floor, it was killed. This morning one was in my bed on my pillow and I got a little prick not a full on sting on my left pointer finger on the top part. I was sleeping and I put my hand up by my pillow and that is when the prick occurred.

    Of course I had to look up its message and medicine. I am posting to get anymore feed back you have to offer.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Cheryl, not being afraid of death may help you on tour cure.scorpions are symbol of death and life and they are both part of the same. Is also curious that Scorpions are one of the animals that carry poison.we may carry poison, diseases, and scary stuff too and be complete, whole and safe. I wish you the best, Rita

  36. I am having problems with the man I’m with. Not too long ago I went to the bathroom and saw a little scorpion crawling in the bath tub.

    1. My husband and I are having problems as well. I was asleep one night and a black scorpion was about to attack me in my sleep.I was screaming like a crazy person with a swollen arm, my husband woke up and killed it.

  37. I had a weird dream where I was standing on top of a giant scorpion. There were 2 small snakes beside me. One looks good and the other looks evil. They both gave me advice on a question, I never even asked. Then the scorpion’s tail stings both of the snakes and I petted the scorpion and the scorpion enjoyed it. What does it mean?

  38. I had a dream with a scorpion that tried to become one with my veins and,also,there were 3 or 4 wizards who told me something about its meaning.Unfortunately,I cannot remember what they said about the scorpion in my dream.Specifically,the scorpion was walking on my left hand and when I tried to release it from my hand it left me something like a tattoo of a scorpion.Suddenly a few ancient symbol tattoos appeared on my left leg and the wizards told me that they are sacred and they will always be there inside my leg.I had many dreams with scorpions.I was never afraid of them in my dreams.Contrariwise,all of the scorpions in my dreams seemed familiar.

  39. Natasha Blackman

    I dreamt two scorpions fighting. Their color stood out to me, they were a translucent yellow – brownish color. There were other scorpions of the same color around, but none were trying to harm me.
    In this dream, I took a broom and was trying to crush the fighting scorpions as well as the others around. All the while, they weren’t harming me.

    Interestingly, my zodiac sign is scorpio. I also have a scorpion trinket which I bought on the 11/11/2011, for $11.00.

    Any insight to my dream would be helpful. Thank you so much.

    1. Dia Washington

      Wow, I literally had a similar dream. In my dream, it was raining. I happened to be walking down the street for some reason with a broom and I saw SO many translucent yellowish scorpions around me. Every time I would look in a different spot, there were more. I tried using the broom to push them away. They were trying to come towards me when I would move away. One almost got close to jumping on me but I woke up before I could see what would happen.

  40. I had a dream that I was stung 21 times on my right arm and was being rushed to the hospital, I woke just before arriving does the number 21 mean anything in reference to the scorpion?

    1. Wow yes, 21 is an extremely important number. It is the World card in the Tarot, which is the “last” (or first? The graphic depicts a very Venusian woman within a large egg like circle that suggests “zero” or the infinite beginning, not end) card in the cycle. It’s the “ultimate feminine” and imo it’s Yin, the sea of consciousness. It’s enlightenment, once Yang (the Fool, card 0) gets to this luminous “egg” alluded to in 21. The woman is an angel too.

      (Wow it’s 12:12 now which suggests to me I should also tell you…)

      Similarly, there is the “flip”, or 12. Which is 9 apart from 21, and 9 is the number of contemplative wandering and continuance. In the Tarot, 12 is the hanged (upside down) man and I believe it’s where a soul realizes that 21 is their goal. So what about all that?

      I have had good feedback from my guides thinking this way… 1 and then 2 can simply be from unity to duality. Then 21 is from duality back to unity. POWRRFUL numbers, those….And either way, they add to Trinity (the way out of duality).

      I wonder also what is happening in your Scorpio sign in you natal Astrology chart. I think the extremely passionate and transformative power of intuitive/psychic Scorpio is telling you (penetrating, even) that you are starting the almost totally automatic process of (damn it’s 12:21 now, and I didn’t even look at the time once since I mentioned 12:12) enlightenment. So good! That you could keep track of and count so many stings is incredible, 21 was homing in on you for sure. 21 can either be a shell or that the world itsrlf is your home, depending on your state (happy or not).

      That it stung your right arm means your doing (arms/hands=doing) your feelings (right =emotion) is being spoken about or probably transformed. Right is also “giving” amd If I want to send love I do a mudra with my right and animals and insects respond to it. Perhaps you are transforming such that you can GIVE (R hand) the feeling of ASCENSCION(/enlightenment) (21) by your deepest intuitive power (Scorpio/n).

      All the best to you, you lucky soul!! You are clearly much loved and infinite teachings are yours for the taking. Namaste!

  41. I had a dream where I’m in my bedroom and see a spider that is on the floor with his tangled we’d and a fly attached to him. I then saw a scorpion behind it. As the dream progressed it turned into a bit of a chase and I half nervously but calmly allow the creatures to run over me. By the end the scorpion did attack the spider but then I woke up and said you need to remember this.

  42. I had a dream about a scorpion that was larger than my hand and multicolored. I tried to throw a rag over it to be able to step on it without being bit. It kept charging at me and then I was close enough that it bit me. It held on and also had its tail in me. All on my left hand. No pain but very violent. I would love an interpretation.

    1. by ancient definitions scorpions/scorpio is strongly associated with sexuality and sexual needs. scorpions are independent, sometimes reclusive, focused and fierce once they have a goal… so a many coloured scorpion five times the average size will NOT be covered. it denies your effort to hide it. colours are powerful: red can be fire, blood, birth and cedar. white can be winter, death, intellect and sweetgrass… not only does it refuse to be hidden but it insists that you see/acknowledge it. it stings you and does not release its hold. the side it stings is key: by first nations/american indian world views the left side represents the spirit, the right side the physical. a spiritual assault may not register physical pain, but to have a stinger inject poison, insight even direct communication from a spirit animal…how could that be anything but violent at least to begin?

      my opinion is that no one should tell you what your dreams mean. people can add pieces and then it may all fall into place for you…while i have ideas, it’s not my place to say. i don’t know you at all. but a recap using my knowledge may reflect your dream differently to you:

      a large rainbow/many coloured scorpion comes to you in a dream. you are aware of the stinger and want to avoid it. you intend to kill the animal. you try to throw a rag over it so you can step on it safely but it eludes the cloth and continues charging you. as it continues charging it got closer and it made contact. it gripped your left hand and buried its stinger in your left hand. you feel turmoil and violence but no body pain which is odd. your hand is (paralyzed?) you are in direct (contact?) with a spirit animal of great power. your thoughts become clear and you realize it is saying what you already knew, that: ________________

      the rest of the understanding can only come from you.

      if this dream were mine and i found myself still questioning i would go into the bush (or a wild space that is special to you) with some tobacco and offer it while asking my question. many of my teachers say you can gain all you need by leaning your back against a tree. i hope my pieces have offered clarification.

  43. I had a sexual encounter dream with a bald man (not my husband) & he turned into a scorpion with many tails. I was not stung by him but he seduced me. I am a faithful hardworking wife. So this really is a crazy dream for me. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  44. I dream i was in a forest with family and I threw my self of the floor to scare my husband which was walking my way here comes a very black scorpion and stings me 3 times i feelt him walking on my back while my husband next to me telling me relax taking out all the poison after the I got out and was fine what can my dream mean ??????

  45. This is the first time I seen a scorpion in my life. I saw a black scorpion crossing the road in front of me and I thought that was the oddest thing.. probably because it’s a first. That was yesterday. And then just now, I woke up seeing a dream/thought of a black scorpion. It was like half dream, half thought because I was already awake but just sleepy like half asleep. It just came to me out of nowhere. It’s definitely something and not nothing. Second opinion please? Thanks.

    1. It’s a message for you. Pay attention to these visions, they always have a message/meaning. Only you can interpret the what they really mean first by looking up the symbolical meanings then try to relate it to your current situation. Try to associate the symbolic meaning/message of the scorpion. Try to relate it to your situation in your waking life. It is definitely a message. I get them all the time.

  46. I dreamt that I catch a scorpion instead of fish the moment i put it out of water it was dying i put it back it it was swimming again and a dying bee what does it mean?

  47. Ok so I’m here because for the past two weeks I’ve seen two scorpions. The first time I thought it had bit me but I’m not sure because I’ve never been poisoned, I felt something on my foot and saw it in front of me. I’m not sure if it walked over me for a second or if it’s tail did hit me because it wasn’t on my foot. And today this morning on my way to school there’s was a scorpion right next to the staircase. But apparently it was dead when my dad checked. If you have any idea what this mean please reply

  48. A few nights ago I dreamed that I was rescuing my son from an encounter with a scorpion. Then last night as I was drifting off to sleep he called out from his room that there was a scorpion there! My husband and I ran in and found the scorpion that my son had seen. It was such a strange coincidence I had to look up its meaning. My son is in the early stages of puberty and we have been at odds at times. I feel this symbolism is about death and rebirth, moving on from childhood to becoming a teenager. This is not the first time scorpions have visited him. He has even been stung once but it was not enough to injure him. He felt the prick but little or no poison entered his body.

  49. Comments on surviving anaphylaxis from scorpion sting without medical intervention?
    Please only serious replies.

    1. Am surviving through multiple stings to my lower back about 7 hours ago. Twitching, tingling limbs, trouble swallowing, teeth hurt, dizzy and seeing double. Poison Control says my symptoms are “normal” and the ER was so busy tonight, I decided to come back home and go to bed. Definitely not fun, but surely worthy of some reflection as to meaning. I am 63, and mighty uncomfortable, but don’t anticipate dying tonight. A Woodlands Girl, I am way out of my element in the Sonoran Desert, but this is home for now.

  50. My husband found 2 dead yellow scorpios in his old abondend house where he grew up in.
    What could it mean if you come across 2 dead scorpios?

  51. I had a spiritual journey recently and saw trillions of scorpions under my skin moving in geometric patterns of flowers… This caused me no harm or distress…. And the whole evening I was saying I need to evaluate things …. Any insight ?:)

    -dazed Drea

  52. Holy cow! I’ve been having dreams about scoprions for a while and I searched up what it might mean out of sheer boredom, and it’s like looking in a mirror! I never expected just a simple thing like that could be my personality in a nutshell.

    1. what a wonderful thing isn’t it? You used to ignore traits of yourself and then the revelation comes. One time was wasted and stoned, i cannot truly recall the frist time the word coyote started to call me but that night he has shown himself, not in a dream, but in a vision. Smilimg. When i searched for the coyote i read every single article about it and, indeed, i was watching my self in a mirror. When i found the totem simbol i started laughing as he had my Smile. It’s truly a moment of growth when you put your totem in the daily life, always carry a totem or life is dull!

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