Tiger Symbolism

Take the time to direct your intense passion and devotion to yourself for a while. Nurture your own soul.

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Tiger crosses your path

Tiger is reminding you that persistence is what is necessary in order to attain your goals. Be patient, use tried and true methods, repeat them is necessary, use determination to get there. You will succeed – but only through patience.

Alternatively this big cat may be letting you know that you need to do some careful planning and maneuvering to get what you desire. If the task is unpleasant he is reminding your that you do have the strength and willpower to complete the task. Don’t waste your energy with guilty procrastination. Tackle the task at hand.

Tiger Animal Totem

You are a supremely confident individual that is fiercely persistent in attaining your goals. You are strong willed – and once you have made up your mind there is no changing it – however you do take the time to balance all possibilities before deciding. You enjoy quiet and solitude and are keenly observant of everything around you. You physically tend to move with lithe grace and sensuality. You enjoy being independent and rely on having a quiet place to retreat to if things get stressful. You tend to easily blend in or camouflage in social situations. Your natural charisma often draws many others to you.

Tiger Dream Interpretation

To see a Tiger in your dream represents your power and your ability to exert it in various situations. The dream may also indicate that you should be taking on more of a leadership role. To dream of a friendly tiger may represent a belief or situation that erases all your fears or problems. To dream that you are attacked by a tiger refers to the emotions that you have repressed because you were afraid of confronting them. To see a caged tiger in your dream suggests that your repressed feelings are on the verge of surfacing.


  • Hi, I had a dream little while back. In my dream I was in a house (probably brushing my teeth) and I saw 3 tigers (I think white in color but the marks on body are of a cheetah) from my window. I showed those to my mom and suddenly my family ran inside and ti protect themselves and by the time I even realized that I was surrounded by 3 tigers. I was so scared and suddenly started chanting durga maa name (but may be I wasn’t confident I will be protected) joining my hands. To my surprise I saw those tigers went back. Can someone please help me interpret this dream and suggest me the message Goddess tried to give me through this dream? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi my name Ernesto last night I do meditation I saw Bengal Tiger spirit by my side and them spoke to me he said that You are last chosen one after I take my breath I feel energy all my body started to glow I feel strength and my power around me the wind blow at the window I am focus the ki is mean energy that all my energy body recover my body

  • I have never dreamed about tigers until last night. At first, there were many tigers white and golden running in an endless field and that made me feel calm and happy. When I ventured off on my own from a group of family members I encountered a tiger alone. The tiger latched on to my head and we were laying on the ground together while it had its mouth on my head and hair. It’s teeth weren’t in me but I could feel the tension and pulling of my hair. I honestly wasn’t completely scared and I felt like I could kind of trust the tiger. I thought that once it was done laying there with me it would release and go away. So I had a bit of unease in regards to how long I’d have to stay there. A lady came with what I thought was a gun and she somehow handed me a knife. The tiger was asleep at this point. She placed the knife on the arm of the tiger and I could feel the fur as I took it. She said to stab it when she gave me the signal still pointing her gun at the tiger. I was afraid now because I thought the tiger would react badly to me trying to escape. I didnt know where she wanted me to stab it and I didn’t really want to stab it. She stepped closer and soon until I could only see the gun very close to mine and the tigers heads. She said something and then the gun went off three times in very slow motion and without a sound. A pale blue and green light emitted from around the gun when it went off. Nothing came out of the gun either. I saw no bullet ever leave the barrel. Then I felt the tension on my head ease and she told me to run and I left the tiger and the knife behind.

  • i had a dream about a white bengal tiger try to attack me. But it could talk..i was suddenly inside of its enclosure and there was a small hole in its enclosure and i got out but the tiger coudlnt. I asked it if it was going to eat me but it said ‘no theres no point’ seconds later i appeared inside of its enclosure with noone around and i sat down and the tiger had a medium grip wih its teeth on my right shoulder but when i looked at the tiger it would loosen its grip. The dream ended there as i have unfortunately awaken at 5 in the morning 😂

  • Hello!

    After working 15-18 hour days for nights, weeks and months on end, I fell asleep at the wheel of my car several years ago.

    In my sleep, in my dreams, I saw a white bengal tiger with blue eyes, teeth bared, running through the air towards my windshield. I was so scared, I screamed out in my sleep and woke myself up. I had drifted into the oncoming lane of traffic, and was headed straight for two semi trucks driving towards me.

    Had the white tiger not revealed itself in my dreams, I could be dead. I have my own ideas/interpretations, but would love yours!


    • What a wonderful dream! I think the tiger was the Spirit of God saving you. I had a dream about a tiger too. But he was on my bed, standing facing me. He felt very powerful but harmless. He simply asked me “are you ready”? I didn’t know what it meant. I stood staring at him, speechless about his question and not knowing how to answer. I couldn’t fully understand what was being asked of me. And why there was tiger on my bed. So I proceeded to slowly walk pass him, out of a back door. Still stunned at him, his massive power, and his question. I never answered him. I just left out of the door. And then woke up.

  • I saw a wounded tiger looking at me ,he was in the backside of my old house where I have spent my early childhood, he was specifically wounded in one of his leg and was resting his leg on a branch of tree.can you please help me in knowing what does it actually mean? Your help would be truly appreciated☺

  • I spoke to a wonderful Pyschic who told me that there are many big cats in my totem including a lion and a tiger. This was news to me. I always thought my spirit animal was a bear. I’ve never dreamed about big cats, and other than think they’re cool, I’ve never really been drawn to them in particular. My pyschic was way to specific on things that she couldn’t have known not to be legit. Anyone have any insight I’m missing?
    Thanks guys!

    • Hi Jen.
      She could of been picking up ur totem of here now.as we go through stages in life we can have totem animals as temp base. To help us through our lesson. Don’t mean they with us always.
      Maybe that was the case here. Always trust within urself on this.

      Maybe it was her guides showing her animal signs give you messages around those areas. Messages can come in odd ways. And can be confusing not only to client but to reader at times.
      Don’t mean it bad . She maybe not aware of the gift that been shown Seeing it as your guidewhen it just hidden message. That been sent that they understand. in different light. Which is amazing gift to have.
      Normally animals that we drawn to would carry with us through life. I also had animals pop in for while. Just matter of letting it go.or ask for more clear signs before u go sleep see what pops up.
      I’m not full up on animal totodm but just given a different insite. Towards it. As long as u understand message and can take it .and it going help u .that main thing. X

  • I had a dream of 2 baby black tiger, twins.
    I am not pregnant and I do not have kids..
    Like 99% of my dreams I am aware I am dreaming…
    This dream I told myself how cool is this dream, fuck that I’m not going to work I rather sleep and play with them. …Question is ..what does it mean? Really seemed soo real. I played and hold them like babies amd they were soo happy.

  • I had a dream of possibly my animus in form of a joyous teacher last night. After our lesson, I walk a path and there in bamboo forests was a tigeress ready to give a rare birth. She was not hostile. We understood by locking eyes we meant each other no harm. She bowed, and I left her to birth in the peace of solitude. Is this a spirit totem, spirit guide, or a deep correlation of my anima? Any guidance on interrupting this would be greatly appreciated.

  • I did not have any dreams of tigers yet. But for some reasons, I’m really obsessed with wolves, but not tigers. I have been daydreaming of tigers but not dreaming of them. What does this mean?

  • Wow love this site,thankyou so much for the information provided,
    This will probably make me sound like a wacko now but, for weeks now I have been dreaming the same type of things ,but in my dreams I have the ability to communicate with all the elemental guides, but tend to have a stronger connection to the air elemental, im an Aquarius so I’m an air and water sign , I seem to have an ability to heal and channel angels and ascended masters,but there is always a tiger sometimes it travels with me on my travels and other times it doesn’t,we are not weerie with each other it’s strange it’s like we seem to just have a connection, it was ill even sit beside me at times and let me stroke it …
    Is this just an overly active imagination even though I’m dreaming ,or could these be clues to what my life path is meant to be?

  • I had a dream about a lion and a tiger. They were blue and had a glow around them. They were in my house with me and acting like pets. They were not trying to attack me they were being playful.

  • Hi, I recently had a dream of a white tiger acting as a human and was murdering the people in my house whilst he was outside in the trees. I was the last one to survive and I was unable to use the phone as the numbers would double, etc. I don’t know what happened in the end, but I was hurt and ran to the end of the drive and down the road and that is the end. It was a little scary and I’m not sure what it means; if anyone knows could they please help? Thank you!

  • I’ve been trying to search for the specific meaning of my dream but I can’t find it exactly. In my dream, I was with a few friends in a forest when I suddenly saw a tiger in the trees (maybe 15 feet away), I don’t believe anyone else who was with me saw it (or at least they weren’t paying attention to it) but I approached it like I do a cat, I sort of bowed my head gently and slowly blinked at the tiger, and it mimicked my gestures, communicating that there was no threat between us. I remember knowing it was a potentially scary situation but I approached it without fear and with confidence, so I’m sure the meaning has something to do with that. Just wanted to see if anyone had some insight I might not be thinking of! Thanks 🙂

  • Hi. I am little confused of what I dreamt but at the same time very, very calm and focused. I was in a barn, a big cozy typical barn in a foreign country with one very friendly big white tiger. I though felt like home. The tiger had a small blurish yellow stripe/spot on his neck and I remember that I focused on it for a moment. I found it strange that he, so white with black stripes had a yellow spot there. I didn’t think too much about it after that. The tiger followed me around the barn and people who I didn’t see but felt and entered the barn didn’t have any problems with it. The tiger behaved like a big cat, rubbed up against me all the time.
    At some moment the tiger was playing very friendly with a sheep, like an australian sheep with a long muzzle and a lot of wool.

    I woke up feeling really relieved without knowing about what, very calm and little focused as the tiger was so friendly playing with the sheep in this barn which is not in my country of origin-style in Iceland. I have never seen it before. And it felt like summer though here in Iceland its like typical autumn.

    All the best to you and hope you’ll have time to read this.

    • …few things 🙂
      I have never seen an australian sheep or a tiger 🙂
      The people that came in were very few, one of them being was my partner in life.

      Thank you

  • I was thinking about family and especially my new born baby girl Q’orianka while driving my semi. I started to sing and felt a warm embrace. I recorded it with my phone and saw a golden large cat tiger, lion or puma next to my me. Clearly seen in the video.

  • 😎 I dreamt of a tiny tiger whose tail was stuck in a roadside pothole and a car was about to thrash it off So I ran to him and rescued his wounded tail gently took him home and gave first aid. what does this indicate?

    • Hi Kiran! Maybe that you are rescuing your own independence in your awake life? What an amazing Dream! If he was tiny can it mean that you’ll have to nurture and take care of the qualities of the tiger in yourself for a while? Until they are completely part of your nature.

  • I dreamed that I have a tiger pet and a chicken. This chicken gave birth but not in the form of egg. It already in the form of baby chick but this tiger eats the baby chicks which I do not want to happen so I warn my pet tiger but since because of their instinct the tiger keeps eating. What does my dream means?

  • My dream tiger was in a house I needed to enter. He attacked me, first my right elbow then right ankle before I got free. There was no damage to flesh or bone what was strongest was my fear? Am I only afraid ofy feelings of a challenge and not the actual manifesting of my actions to face them?

  • I had a dream I was playing with baby tigers and although I was anxious they’d turn on me as they approached me I remained still and continued to stroke them as one climbed onto my lap, one stretched and stood with its paws on my shoulder whilst the other walked around me in a predatory stance.

  • I once dreamed of a white bengal tiger we were flying thru the heavens or in the heavens and I walked by the tiger. I was naturally scared but the tiger moved out of the way and let me pass it didnt growl or snarl and then it bowed its head to me. It was so beautiful and had the most piercing eyes that was the most amazing dream Ive ever had.

  • I’ve had a dream about fighting two tigers in waist deep water defeating them with a sword then dragging them to land is there any meaning to that

  • Hi there.
    Soon after my dad died last year I was staying in his and mums house which is in the country, in my dream I was out the back with a tiger, who was friendly and freely pacing around around near the window of the room I was staying in, I was hankered down and stroking his side I could see only my hand and lower arm I wasnt visable,. The tiger was friendly and I felt protective of the house ( which has seen many troubles) I know iv probley answered my own question..that its a protective dream im just wondering have I missed anything. Il also add that I have a poster of a tiger in my Flat where dad used to visit and iv always thought they were so stunning. Thank you for your time xx

  • Hello spirit animals.com!, I have a question: For the last several years, I have had frequent and recurring dreams about gryphons. (Usually I can transform into one in my dream.) Why is this? Now when I was younger (about 10 or so), I liked to dream that me and my friends could turn into animals; I was able to turn into a half- (Siberian ?) tiger, half-golden eagle gryphon, and my friends could turn into a cougar and Pegasus (I think). I don’t remember all the details because it’s been awhile. Why is this dream recurring even when I’m not thinking about gryphons? Does it mean something? Thank you for reading! 😀 – T’awna ( Tee-on-a) M. 😛

  • Thank you for the detailed information. I generally have tigers in my dreams. Initially I didn’t pay much heed to it believing it could be because of my habit of reading books. But I lately I have this feeling it is not just books and thoughts. Dreams of tigers started 6 years back. I would dgeam of being chased by a tiger. Then it shifted to random places full of tigers (and lions also at times.) Once i dreamt of a tiger or more precisely liger as my pet. N it absolutely loved me. Recently i dreamt of myself in bushes and a lion comes out of it. It attacks me but I am not afraid. I am bleeding and there comes a tiger from my back. Both the big cats are face to face with me in centre. Need help please. Always same kind of dreams and that too very frequently is now disturbing. Few days back only I got to know about animal totem. So I am no sure if tiger is my animal totem.

  • While attending Jr. College and raising my teenage daughter I had a dream that I was hanging on the side of a cliff with no where to go up or down nor side to side. A white tiger appeared at my side, I placed my hand on the tiger, then we we’re standing together on the top of the cliff looking out over everything, and I knew I was going to be ‘Ok’.

  • A wonderful creature, the encarnation of the courage and will power , thats true, the most powerful reasons this animal is muy favorite is the influence of this animal in the martial arts samurai, shaolin kung fu warriors, also a great example of courage to karate fighters, and the rest of martial arts, in traditional kung fu the tiger is one of the 5 animals styles and represents the strength, powerful attacks, simple form to fight and this style is so direct, made for defeating the enemies fast and simple, the other reason is muy favorite is because for me, means the awesome beauty of rare uncommon things, the fact that the unknown extraordinary beautiful things, living creatures animals, and humans always existed and now exists, breaking the predjuices of ordinary common square head people

    things always

  • Well, I know that my spirit animal is some sort of big cat. I’ve narrowed it down to 2: Mountain Lion or Tiger. I’ve always been one to doubt, so I’ve taken into consideration that I’ve had 3 dreams about mountain lions but I’m basically surrounded by tigers. Both sides of my family are Clemson fans (don’t judge please). Also, I know that my spirit animal a predatory animal. Also, when I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend who I thought was a white shepherd-like dog. Recently however, I’ve been doubting that too! Anyway, I really need some help! I’m drawn to mountain lions, but they can’t be white like my imaginary friend was. What do you think? Thanks!

  • 😛 Good morning. Can you have more than one totem? I looked up my totem and it stated that I am a wolf, but I see tigers, and I have a tiger striped Mane Coon Cat that is always near me, knows when I am sad and worried. None of my other cats are like this. Am I a cat as well?

    • Well, it’s all up to you and your gut feeling on who’s your totem animal. For me, recently, my totems and spirit animals have shifted a bit. I’ve been an owl for a bit, but after some mediation, I found a lot of other animals that I connect with. The fox connected to me the most, but recently, the tiger has been around me. Granted, I never seen any of the animals mentioned, but it’s up to you in finding who’s your true spirit animals, or in your question, wether you’re a cat or not. And it’s possible to have more than one totem rolling into your life. 🙂

  • i don’t know if this means anything but as far as I can remember I’ve always seen tigers somewhere in my life circuses ,carnivals,bush gardens places that have tigers
    but I’ve notice that I’ve never seen any other big predator animal no matter what no bear, lions, ect but I could always find a tiger and know what kind it is now I didn’t pay it much attention tell last don’t time I went to bush gardens and went to the tigers area and instead of the tiger (Bengal ) walking up to anyone she walks up to me and looks me in eyes (staring). I don’t know what that means ?can you help

  • Hi there! Ok, so one night, I had a dream about my papa’s neighbor’s cat coming towards me and he was all bloody and “mauled” I guess you could say… So in this dream, after I saw the cat, I ran to my papas front porch and told them what had happened but they just kept staring beside me! When I looked down, there was a big cat sitting next to me. I thought it was a cougar but I couldn’t really see it that well and it just looked sad, but it didn’t look guilty. Then it disappeared! I looked up and there was a wolf pack and they looked evil and they had blood on them. I knew it had to be the (domestic) cats blood. When I woke up, I realized that the big cat had protected the smaller cat and protected me from the wolves. Also, I’ve always loved big cats. Especially the ones that can roar. I just don’t know which one is my spirit animal… Thanks!

  • Last night I dreamed that there was a young tiger in a cage, and that I freed it, and it stayed with me, and I protected it from the man who wanted to keep it in the cage. I guess this means I’m protecting my budding power from those who want me to repress it?

  • Hi,a few years a ago i went to a zoo and i straight went to the tigers section,the zoo that i went to you were allowed to go close to the animal’s cage so i did go close but i put my arm in the tiger’s cage. The tiger’s name was sultan. Sultan came close to my habd and rubbed himself against my hand. The gaurd saw what i did and ran towards me to pull me away but Sultan roar so loud the lion next to him bowed his head and sat. I felt a strong connection with him and every week i would visit him but a year later he die 😥 but i was not only good with the tigers but i was good with all of the felines species. That night that he die i dreamt that i was in a forest and a tiger was walking towards me but not any tiger but Sultan. I ran towards hime and giving him all the love. I sat on him and we walked through the forest and i saw no sign of animals than we reached a mountain like structure when i looked below a i saw all the animals kneeling Sultan came close to me and sat. I heard a voice in my head but no any voice but Sultan’s voice he said we can rule, join me mistriss, join us before i could reply i woke up i grabbed a pen and paper and wrote my dream down. Every day since that night i felt like i wasn’t alone,in the corner of my eye i would see Sultan i would feel like i was protected. Please do tell me what it means cause it has been 5 years and no other animal has come into my dreams.

  • hi, so im wondering if the tiger is my spirit animal. I was thinking that it might be, and before I went to bed last night I said “spirit animal I welcome you into my dreams” and then I dreamt that I was walking around my school with a tiger called char and when I called it it came up to me and let me pet it. do you think that the tiger is my spirit animal or that I dreamt of a tiger because I had been thinking about them the day before? I would appreciate some advice 🙂

    • Kayla,
      Sounds like you found one of your spirit animals…They often come through thoughts and dreams. Your tiger sounds like he is offering himself to you as help along your path. 😀 Spirit animals change periodically from one to another so don’t be surprised if you encounter more than one. Erin

  • Recently I’ve begun to be more into totem and spirit animals. I actually though the bat was my totem, as I’ve always loved them and been drawn to them. Even going to a cavern recently with my family. I started reading about bat totems, it made sense for me and I emersed myself into learning about them more. But then I remembered something that happened to me awhile back. I was at a family get together and some relative confronted me about something, passively attacking me verbally. I did something I normally wouldn’t, and stood up for myself. As I did that I got an immediate image of a tiger growling and preparing to attack. There was no thought to it. It just appeared in my head as I was telling her off. It was an amazing,, almost out of body experience. I quickly dismissed it believing that *everyone thinks their totem is something like a tiger” and went on focusing on bats. Then today I took a nap, and dreamt I was in my childhood home. I was looking for something and saw a bunch of toy and stuffed animal tigers. In the dream I looked at them and knew they weren’t toys, they were totems. I said aloud, “I thought my totem was a bat”. I wasn’t even thinking about tigers or that incident before falling asleep. Now I’m wondering if I can have more than one or if I’m being an idiot lol and not accepting Tiger as my spirit animal. Rabbits are an animal I’ve had dreams about and have literally shown up on my door step. Is it possible to have many? How do I know which is which?

    • Hello Katherine. It is very possible to have more that one totem. I have three. A wolf, Tiger, and a Lion. At one point I use to believe that I only had a wolf until I had a weird thing happen to me. When a group of “Friends” betrayed me, I confronted them. Just to talk, nothing more and nothing less. Well, it turned to be a verbal assault from the five of them. When all I wanted was to talk. Well for some reason I had an out of body experience there. I was on a grassland-like plain. A tiger and a lion both confronted me there. When I returned to my body from the experience, there of them was on the ground with broken jaws and the other two were scared. So I did some research in to the lion and tiger guides. Both of them for me represent the aggressive power of my darker side which came out that day. My wolf on the other hand as always been with me.

  • Hi,

    I feel an increasing connection to Tigers, its been gradual since around May 2014. I always appreciated tigers for the formidable and captivating beings they are however I never paid attention to them like this. I haven’t seen them in dreams but I feel a presence of a tiger when I feel scared. Once whilst having difficulty sleeping I ATTEMPTED to meditate to clear my mind but was feeling scared and I could picture this Tiger leaning over my side and showing off its ferociousness towards something. It felt like it was protecting me. I have thought that maybe my mind is just making these things up just because I think they’re amazing! But if that were the case I would have felt strongly for them or payed attention to them like I do now right, no? There has to be a reason as to why I feel a presence of one so I’m now starting to seek answers as my intuition is telling me its something more than them just being my favourite animal now all of a sudden….

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hello, recently I had a dream about a tiger. I don’t remember the details since it was a few days ago, but I do know that I wasn’t scared. And it wasn’t coming after me. I was mostly observing it. It was odd to dream of it because I normally have repetitive dreams about bears, and know they are my spirit animal. When I woke up from the tiger dream I knew they are trying to guide me somehow.

  • I had two previous dreams of the tiger, i don’t remember much of the first one but the second one was interesting. I don’t know what to make of it; in my room there was two baby tigers and I wanted to take care of them but the mom tiger didn’t want me near them. Next thing I knew the mom tiger was chasing me out of my very own home and I was afraid of it and I was upset that I couldn’t take control and lost to the tiger. I never thought much of the tiger being my possibly animal.

  • I had a dream of two full grown tigers in my bed room. They didn’t try to harm me but I wanted them to leave. One would walk on my bed and as i was trying to kinda lead them out the room its like they didn’t want to leave. I was trying to throw things out of the bedroom door to get their attention for them to run out but it took more then one attempt. I don’t remember fearing them in the dream however I kept in mind that is they decided to attack they could and they could harm me if they chose to so i was careful not to make sudden moves. What does this mean? ??

  • I see a dream about tiger wandering around in my house or office . Though he dosent try ti harm in any way just roam abut. Also dese days wen i look a imagea if tiger i get some emotinal feeling can u help mme in understanding these. Have to mention u abut particular dream which have seen thrice . The tiger wanted me to help him out to set him free.

    • Hello mugdha: You’ve been selling yourself short for years and it’s time to realize that you yourself are a leader among your peers. You have the power to lead through example, courage and simply by being yourself. It’s long time that you walk your own path.

  • I was meditating one morning while listening to a soft melow tune. I wrote down the event after because its the first time iv experienced it. I remember I was in the forest, & there was something running through the bushes ahead of me. I followed and ended up on a empty beach where I encountered a tiger & one of my friends that passed away 4 months ago. They were walking towards me & both stopped, then the tiger came close to me and gazed into my eyes for about 30 seconds, I remember the tiger was dark orange with with cherry red eyes & had gold streaks through them. The tiger then turned around & started walking away with my friend.. They fadded away in seconds! Can you please tell me what that means? It felt so good to see my friend again it felt real!

    • Hello Larry J: Your friends was letting you know that they were just fine. The Tiger was letting you know that you have a path to follow – and that you need to stay on it. Adopt the wisdom of the tiger and find out as much as you can about him – because he will be with you for a while. Trust the knowledge you gain from Tiger.

  • I’ve been seeing white tigers recently and then someone told me they saw my animal totem around me- a white tiger. Is there any significance to this- is there a difference in meaning because of the color?

    • Hi Donna: A white Tiger is much the same as the regular tiger but with emphasis on the spiritual components of this totem. Take care with any message or lesson this totem brings for you and look for the spiritual highest growth that you can accomplish through the message or lesson.

  • I’ve had dreams occasionally of a tiger killing me, even though this is one of my totems. I wonder if being killed is the same as the symbolism of being attacked.

    • Hello Jen D. The symbolism of attack and actually being killed are slightly different. Being killed by a Tiger is symbolic of the emotions of guilt and anger literally eating you up inside. Take the time to resolve these emotions – as these are the most dangerous to your spiritual well being and can easily manifest themselves in your physical body as a form of cancer.

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