Flamingo Symbolism, Flamingo Meaning, Flamingo Totem, Flamingo Dream, and Messages
Love and happiness are yours for the accepting. Open your heart and allow yourself to believe it is possible.

Flamingo Meaning and Messages

In this case, Flamingo symbolism is reminding you to get in touch with your emotions. It is a good idea to allow yourself to feel so that you can process your feelings. Furthermore, this spirit animal will enable you to grow through releasing issues. In other words, if you bottle things up, you will find yourself reacting rather than acting appropriately. Therefore, the Flamingo meaning dictates that you must allow yourself to release your feelings so that you can come into balance again.

Alternatively, like the Prairie Dog, Flamingo symbolism may be letting you know that it is time for you to get out and socialize. Therefore it is time to have some fun in your life. Moreover, socializing will help let go of stressful situations and come to terms with changes in your life. Correspondingly, this bird also brings new ideas and options that will come to you while immersing yourself in the company of others. It will also allow you to find balance and gratitude for what you have. It will give you a greater appreciation of those around you.

Conversely, Flamingo symbolism may indicate that you are blending in a bit too well right now. In other words, you need to allow yourself to be different and to think for yourself. Thus, the Flamingo meaning prompts you to maintain your individuality within the crowds.

Flamingo Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Flamingo totem know how to use their hearts to find the right solutions to their problems. They also find comfort in group situations. Therefore, folks with this spirit animal know how to maintain their individuality within large groups and enjoy being around people. Similar to the Peacock totem person, these people are often flirtatious and flamboyant in the way they dress.

Moreover, they know how to balance a busy lifestyle and often find themselves in a supportive role when someone is having relationship problems. They also know how to help them heal and move on. People with this power animal enjoy playing with psychometry and, like the Scorpion, have a gift for this practice.  Their decisions in life usually come from the heart.

People with Flamingo totem are also highly inspirational to others. They are colorful orators and zealous leaders within their communities. These folks also maintain harmony and coherence between time, space, and dimensions.

Flamingo Dream Interpretation

Somewhat similar to the Ant, when you have a Flamingo dream, it symbolizes your sense of community and cooperation. In other words, if you focus on working together toward a common goal, you will be successful. A dream of this type may also indicate that new experiences and situations have now come into your life. Alternatively, it could also mean that you are overly concerned with your physical appearance and have failed to love yourself as you are.

Additionally, a Flamingo dream may also represent decisions from the heart. Therefore,  be open to the things that are most sacred to you by finding what is nourishing and healing to the soul.

16 thoughts on “Flamingo”

  1. Hey I had a dream that a flamingo was attacking me and my family but before it attacked us it used to take a nap behind my small brothers bed …what’s the meaning of a flamingo attacking you ??

  2. I’m going to home with my mother and saw a huge beautiful 3 storey colorful building/home with colorful big windows

    and I become curious and exited to know who design/construct/made this building and have an idea of doing different colors, what’s the idea behind it.

    And I asked someone who made this? After that some unknown uncle coming out this building and started teaching me the architectural things of this building but in a different language that

    I don’t understand but aware of this language. He teaching with with writing on a copy with pen and saying in different language and also translate to my language that a spoke to make understand what he’s teaching.

    After that a went to my house garden and saw 1 dark pink color flamingo standing there and I surprised to saw that.

    What’s the meaning of this dream, can you please tell me?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems that the fabulously confident flamingo is no longer feeling as confident anymore, and is struggling to feel like its usual self. This may represent you or someone you know. Someone who is usually loud, expressive and the life of the party is suddenly very quiet, depressed and upset.

  3. my friend dreamed that she was visiting me on my office door she saw a big picture of big pink falmengo. and another smaller picture allover she asked me why I put it I said for good luck ..then she saw 2 girls and there brother
    erm as they where a kids of my brother they was at work place then my brother that she never knew came to take the kids back he was also asking about the falmengo pictures ..and she said my brother was bold hair too much white his name was abdullah. I have for real life a brother but doesn’t look like that and his name not abdulla
    in real I’m a doctor and the friend is my patient
    can tell me what’s this dreams about

    1. EspionageCookie

      A flamingo at your office door might represent that you need to tap into your expressiveness, creativity and charisma in a work setting. This is especially so in creative fields, but even in practical office jobs, there is a way of using strong social skills to make changes. If there is an office conflict or if nearly everyone on your team is unmotivated, it is less of a technical problem and more of a people problem in that you have to find a way to socially change the workplace environment to be able to get along with each other better so they can work together more fully. What you might want to do is to inspire people in a workplace, not just command or teach people certain ideas.

  4. Hi I had a dream of a flamngio bird being tied on small boat and taken sailing on the sea while i was walking with a friend on the shore side. What should this signify ?

    1. EspionageCookie

      This might signify that you feel unable to express the weird, fun loving and quirky part of you in fear of being different. It is not necessarily a bad thing to be weird, and people look down on differences because they fear change. They are stuck in their routines, and no longer want to adventure into anything even slightly new.

  5. Love your website. 😀 A friend had been seeing pictures of Flamingo’s everywhere, including my top. Thank you.

  6. Ever since I saw the lax and starting doing research on spiritual totems I have been blessed like never before. I have since then made a hit record and have been very healthy and wealthy. I thank this website so much. I have also shared this website to my peers. I love the power that this website gives me. My life is beautiful and I have millions fans I am thankful for.

  7. I love the information that you shared. I have loved flamingos since I was a kid and as an adult I have started to collect them and associate myself with my flamingo love. Thank you so much. 😀

    1. I have published two children’s books about a fictional character Dorie and her sisters Maddie and Destiny. They are flamingos. The names of the books….Dorie’s New Hat and Dorie’s Day at the Beach.

  8. Cleveland Proutt

    :mrgreen: I like your incite. You are very gifted. I would like to know what the spirit tells you concerning me. My birthday 11/09/74. I am against electronic harassment an i am x military. I dreamed of s pink flamingo. But I know that is not my totem. What is my totem animal? An what will my wife look like.? What is her personality an how will she react when she first meets me? I am in desperate need to know. Please share with me your knowledge on these things. An I will donate to your cause!

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