Praying Mantis

Allow stillness to feed your creativity. Only in the quiet moments will your ideas gel and take root.
-Praying Mantis

Meaning and Messages

Usually, Praying Mantis symbolism appears when we’ve flooded our lives with so much business, activity, or chaos that we can no longer hear the still small voice within us. Thus the Praying Mantis meaning insists that we take a step back. In other words, like the Stick Bug, some simple meditation would be in order here because we need to quiet the external din that we have created. It is the only way that we can come back to our truth. This spirit animal will always come to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives.

Alternatively, like the Octopus, Praying Mantis symbolism reminds you that you have the power to adapt to any situation, however painful. Take a deep breath and make the adjustments needed. The Praying Mantis meaning insists that you can do this!

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Praying Mantis totem have learned to take their time and live their lives at their silent pace. Furthermore, they never make any movement without careful thought or contemplation. Therefore, like the Penguins, they know exactly where they are going and when they will get there. Even within this calm and serene environment, folks with this spirit animal totem are capable of quick and decisive action when an opportunity presents itself.

Folks with the Praying Mantis totem, like the Angelfish, tend to elevate the consciousness of others. They are gifted psychics that are willing to share their knowledge. They love to teach.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Praying Mantis dream, like the Hyena, understand that your intuition is trying to guide you at this moment. In other words, all the gut reactions and instinctual emotions you have been feeling of late are trying to tell you something about the situation in which you find yourself. Trust your feelings and act appropriately. Retreat, be pounced on, or do the pouncing yourself.

If the insect in your vision is colorful, then the Praying Mantis dream represents your need to be yourself. It’s easy to blend into the background, even if you have a big personality. Be yourself; just find the right place to do it.

210 thoughts on “Praying Mantis”

  1. I enjoyed the different stories and book recommendation.
    I’ve had several different experiences associated with praying mantis(s)?
    So after many years, I’ve noticed they appear when “a change or shift” of life situations, occurs. Is it a coincidence? Maybe but eh, it’s something to ponder.
    They are unusual creatures that “dance or sway” when approaching them and live in both city and forests. Once I was frightened/shocked it flew in my face at an ATM!
    Recently I dreamt of a dozen? unusual shaped, green, almost cartoon ones standing, staring at me in unison. I’m in a house unknown to me. Meanwhile small, clear, water bubbles (blobs?) are alive and rolling purposely around the floor, I’m chasing them. When I looked up, the praying mantis’ are there. The water part of this dream seems “deja vu” but the Mantis part navigated me here to read these wonderful experiences.
    Thank you.

  2. I looking into a Journey where I’ll be come a surrogate. It feels so right but a little fear. When I was getting off the phone with the surrogate program. I saw something moving on my family’s stacks of pictures. I thought it was an ant. Yes, I was going to squish it but something made me look closer. It was a little baby praying mantis. Oh my goodness, I have never saw anything so little with that much detail. I picked it up and took it outside. Light brown with spots. The sign that I needed to tell me “I’ll be okay with a little luck 🍀!”

  3. I used to have Praying Mantis in the early and mid-90s before I truly began to dedicate 100% to my health, meditation (zen), and a host of issues and let go of multi-tasking. After almost 30 years, I have completed all of this and found a “dead and dried” praying mantis, as I was walking into the grocery store (nourishment). I have completed my journey and the rebirth has commensed.

  4. So I just had the sweetest encounter.
    I finished taking a shower, pull the curtain away and on my towel sits a golden-brownish mantis. I gently brought my finger closer to it and it did this sort od bowing movement I can’t recall ever seeing a mantis doing. It looked as if it bowed to my finger. And then it brought its head right to my finger and started drinking from the leftover water I still had on it! Climbed onto my finger and just refused to get off (not that I had any oroblem with that, beside meaning to go to sleep). I tried taking it out from one window, it refused, tried the other one onto some plant, and only with an encouraging nudge it moved over onto the plant. I left some water next to it and bid it farewell with a lot of gratitude for its visit.
    Then I visit here and find one meaning for a mantis appearing is to find ones own voice when overflooded with things in life, which is sort of what I feel right now in my own life. So precise.
    And still, I’m thinking is there something I’m missing? I wonder if there’s anything else I need to take from this encounter. I guess I’ll find out!

  5. A few minutes ago
    I was going to start getting ready for this Christmas fay ahead, so my boyfriend was going to go get ready at his place(we live in the same complex), so he kissed me bye and left . No even a minute later he came back into my room telling me to come & have a look at something & that it looked pretty awesome. So i followed him to the entrance of my home, & it was a black praying mantis, it didn’t even look real . I want to know if this has meaning. For at the place i stayed before this we often had green mantis’s in our house a lot, like they lived with us. What could it mean that a sudden black mantis was at the entrance of my home?

  6. I opened my front door this morning to find a dead praying mantis right in the path of the door on the ground. It’s been in my head all day that it must mean something.

  7. First I have lived in my house for 10 years now. And I have only seen a praying mantis on 2 occasions! Both when I lost a pet at home.

    Two years ago when my dog passed away due to cancer. my first experience at watching a living creature die. And as I was digging his grave a mantis flew on the shovel.

    THEN today several years since that moment my oldest cat died in my arms this afternoon. And I was sitting outside holding her in the sun… again…a praying mantis just appeared on the ground!! I put him on my shoulder and he stayed for bit and then left. I just find it coincidence that both times death has been associated with the mantis. I work in my yard every year and never see them!!! I thanked god for the serenity sign and peace that the mantis brings.

    1. negative circumstances have happened after every time I’ve seen a praying mantis as well honestly…

  8. I see all kinds of places talking about what it means to see a praying mantis or to dream about a praying mantis, but I can’t find anywhere that someone is having my issue with them. At the beginning of summer, a baby praying mantis flew into my hair. After I freaked out and removed it, it kept trying to fly back into it. Finally, I put it in cage because it would not leave me alone. After a couple of days, I felt guilty and let it go. So that is that – one would think. Then two days ago, I go out late at night to my porch for a smoke and I feel something large fly into my face. Now I am thinking flying waterbug so I freak out, do a headbanging dance, knock it off of me and sit back down. It immediately flys at my face. I can’t see it because our porch light is dim (so as to not attract Junebug) and we go through the freaky dance ritual again. After it flys at me a third time, I get a flashlight to discover it is a praying mantis about 2 inches long. So I catch it, take it in a jar to my husband and figure to myself – hey what are the odds right? This morning I take the kids to the bus, go out on the porch to have my coffee and feel something crawling on my arm. Look down and grrrr it is a praying mantis. Come to find out my husband had let the one I gave him go the night before, so for all I know it is the same one. Rather than seeing if it would continue to perch on me, I gathered it in a box and set the open box in a neighbor’s tree. However, I am starting to be creeped out by this buggy stalker(s). Anyone know why it might insist that It needs to hang out on my person?

    1. Hi Corla. When an animal comes in to your life to call your attention it may do it in the simplest way if you are able to hear and understand. if you are just letting it go but you really need to hear their message they’ll insist… now that just means look at my totem, go with your gut in what i’m trying to tell you. because totems often have different things depending on the webpage. just look at one you resonate with and just REALLY bear that mesdage in mind for the next days

  9. I had a grasshopper in my kitchen sitting on my glass than I saw a praying mantis at my work outside than tonight I cane home from work at 1030 pm and a praying mantis was on my doorknob
    That’s weird . What do u make of it
    My aunt just passed away a couple of weeks ago could it be a sign. Thank you debra

    1. Debra,
      Learn to slow down, pray, and even meditate. Perhaps you need to sharpen your intuition and declutter your mind, so to better return to your solid core. Even taking time out for yourself to mourn (if you were close to your aunt) is needed.

  10. Lived in house in Tx for 2 years, haven’t seen mantis. Last night 4 brown were on my kitchen window outside. 1 green was inside my kitchen on ceiling. Now next morning there are 2 brown & 2 green on window inside. I guess I need to take time to listen to that still small voice.

  11. Yesterday I saw two green praying mantis on the house I first walked by one and didn’t see it, then I walked back and the second one jumped up on the house about a foot away from the first one. They just hung out there and stared at me, while I stared at them. I’ve never seen two at the same time and I rarely see any. I of course wondered if it meant anything like good luck x 2 perhaps. If anyone had any thoughts please tell me. A very stressful period in my life has just ended and my health now needs to recover and I’m starting a fun new business. God bless 💗

    1. There has been a praying mantis on the hood of my car since I left my house this morning and he still there what does this mean

    2. I just had one fly into my house at me whilst I was cleaning up after dinner. It sat on my fridge, looked at me, and then flew back to my bedroom to perch on my door.
      I’m taking it as a blessing.
      God bless🕊️🙏

    3. Please can anyone explain for me. Today when I enter church I was about to sit on my chair. People starting telling me that something is on my head lo and behold . it was Praying manties on my head . please what does it symbolizes

  12. This praying mantis is hanging out with me two days in a row. When I show up for work, he runs over to me and climbs up the side of my chair and just hangs out next to me. I’m afraid he is going to climb on me and startle me while I work and I don’t want to accidentally hurt him, so he is creating some tension for that reason, but he’s also very calming in another sense. There is some intelligence there that I find surprising for some reason. My best friend, a cat, passed away two months ago and I still mourn the loss of him. I feel like this little mantis is somehow trying to comfort me.

  13. I have a beautiful pet prey-mantis. I have had her for about five months. I’ve read lots saying that the female usually dies after laying her ootheca. Well, my little lady mantis has given me six oothecas and is still alive, healthy and active. So I think the theory of the female dying after laying their one or two ootheca is incorrect??? Or is mine just a rare case. I wonder.

  14. I just found a Mantis in the hallway of my office building, transitioning. I brought her to my desk and held her for a while and prayed she would rest. She has slowed down some but I believe the transition is still taking place. I feel so honored to be a part of it but I also feel very sad. She is such a gentle little soul.

    1. Very strange experience today. Walking on asphalt behind a Wal-Mart stumbled upon a praying mantis. Greeted, said see ya later and walked on, contemplating the wonder and what it could mean. Read in Africa if it lands on you it’s good luck. I went back to see if I could get it to go on my arm. It was just flattened by a landscaping truck. I felt so bad for him, and my good luck. Pondered again the meaning, as I turned around and saw the biggest grasshopper as bright green as ever facing the same direction as the mantis had been, towards the fields beyond the asphalt. I felt bad all day. I know mantis are calculated and ponder their next move for a long time and now hours later it’s hitting me. Did I witness a miracle of a praying mantis who knew his life was coming to an end and somehow reincarnated itself into a grasshopper!? Wow. There’s a hidden message I feel there somewhere!

    2. I had something similar happen to me almost 5 years ago and I still think about it to this day…I was walking to school, it was my senior year, and I came across the biggest Praying mantis I had ever seen IN MY LIFE! and it was all white! I really wanted to pick it up and move it, I knew it wasn’t safe where it was walking but I also didn’t want to disturb or scare it…so I left it alone and went to school but I thought about it all day and hoped it was gone when I walked back home from school. Unfortunately it was smashed into the cement…except I didn’t see another bug like you had so I instantly related it to the doom of my relationship at the time…and eventually I was right about that. I still wonder what that meant, I hardly see them anymore since then. seeing this post made me feel less bad about that day though so thank you for this!

    3. We had a landscaper trimming back a trumpet vine and there were these little round things on the branches of the trumpet vine that looked like insulation. We didn’t pay much attention to them. Then we found out what they were the sack of praying mantis babies. Then the next thing we saw were large praying mantis that were all over the place. So that summer into fall we noticed the sacks again on the trumpet vine. I picked one off and put it down into an aquarium. Around Easter time there was at least over 100s of babies. Out of all those babies I think 5 lived. We watched them grow. I went to the pet store and got them meal worms to eat and placed a bowl of water and sprayed the sides of the aquarium. After a long summer we got to watch them grow. One of them was at least 4inches long and a bright green. She got to the point where she would eat out of my hand. And every morning I’d check on her and she would be waiting for me to feed her. She would climb all over me. Our friends thought I was nuts. But she was my pet. Sad to say she only lasted that summer and since then we haven’t had any more. This was in central Ohio around 2016. I miss them.

    4. One day, several, maybe 4, years ago, I was riding my bicycle on a new-to-me trail. I was feeling alone but trying to make the best of the day, riding my bike to the beach. While riding, a brown praying mantis landed on my shoulder. It walked down my arm and across the handle bars to the other arm and walked up the other arm. All in all it stayed with me for about a mile. I thought it wanted to go to the beach with me, but I guess it was just hitching a ride for that short distance. I felt accompanied by it. It was my friend for that short time. It was a blessing to me.

    5. I just had an experience with a Praying Mantis at my window. It reminded me of a wonderful book that I read years ago by Laurens Van Der Post called, “A Mantis Carol”. The most beautiful story. Unfortunately, I seen that a hardback copy on Amazon is $71.00 Ugh! But, if you can afford that, and/or, can find a cheaper used book, I highly recommend getting it.
      Best to You. And have a Merry Christmas.

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