Praying Mantis

Take time to contemplate your choices before moving forward. Use your intuition to find balance in this situation.
-Praying Mantis

Meaning and Messages

Usually, Praying Mantis symbolism appears when we’ve flooded our lives with so much business, activity, or chaos that we can no longer hear the still small voice within us. Thus the Praying Mantis meaning insists that we take a step back. In other words, like the Stick Bug, some simple meditation would be in order here because we need to quiet the external din that we have created. It is the only way that we can come back to our truth. This spirit animal will always come to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives.

Alternatively, like the Octopus, Praying Mantis symbolism reminds you that you have the power to adapt to any situation, however painful. Take a deep breath and make the adjustments needed. The Praying Mantis meaning insists that you can do this!

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Praying Mantis totem have learned to take their time and live their lives at their silent pace. Furthermore, they never make any movement without careful thought or contemplation. Therefore, like the Penguins, they know exactly where they are going and when they will get there. Even within this calm and serene environment, folks with this spirit animal totem are capable of quick and decisive action when an opportunity presents itself.

Folks with the Praying Mantis totem, like the Angelfish, tend to elevate the consciousness of others. They are gifted psychics that are willing to share their knowledge. They love to teach.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Praying Mantis dream, like the Hyena, understand that your intuition is trying to guide you at this moment. In other words, all the gut reactions and instinctual emotions you have been feeling of late are trying to tell you something about the situation in which you find yourself. Trust your feelings and act appropriately. Retreat, be pounced on, or do the pouncing yourself.

If the insect in your vision is colorful, then the Praying Mantis dream represents your need to be yourself. It’s easy to blend into the background, even if you have a big personality. Be yourself; just find the right place to do it.

211 thoughts on “Praying Mantis”

  1. Just received a package and included was a statue of a praying mantis I did not order. Looked up my Native American Spirit Animal meaning on receiving an unexpected GIFT and it coincided with my recently ordered meditational items. Thank you, Mother Nature. I love co-parenting with you.

  2. I enjoyed the different stories and book recommendation.
    I’ve had several different experiences associated with praying mantis(s)?
    So after many years, I’ve noticed they appear when “a change or shift” of life situations, occurs. Is it a coincidence? Maybe but eh, it’s something to ponder.
    They are unusual creatures that “dance or sway” when approaching them and live in both city and forests. Once I was frightened/shocked it flew in my face at an ATM!
    Recently I dreamt of a dozen? unusual shaped, green, almost cartoon ones standing, staring at me in unison. I’m in a house unknown to me. Meanwhile small, clear, water bubbles (blobs?) are alive and rolling purposely around the floor, I’m chasing them. When I looked up, the praying mantis’ are there. The water part of this dream seems “deja vu” but the Mantis part navigated me here to read these wonderful experiences.
    Thank you.

  3. I looking into a Journey where I’ll be come a surrogate. It feels so right but a little fear. When I was getting off the phone with the surrogate program. I saw something moving on my family’s stacks of pictures. I thought it was an ant. Yes, I was going to squish it but something made me look closer. It was a little baby praying mantis. Oh my goodness, I have never saw anything so little with that much detail. I picked it up and took it outside. Light brown with spots. The sign that I needed to tell me “I’ll be okay with a little luck 🍀!”

  4. I used to have Praying Mantis in the early and mid-90s before I truly began to dedicate 100% to my health, meditation (zen), and a host of issues and let go of multi-tasking. After almost 30 years, I have completed all of this and found a “dead and dried” praying mantis, as I was walking into the grocery store (nourishment). I have completed my journey and the rebirth has commensed.

  5. So I just had the sweetest encounter.
    I finished taking a shower, pull the curtain away and on my towel sits a golden-brownish mantis. I gently brought my finger closer to it and it did this sort od bowing movement I can’t recall ever seeing a mantis doing. It looked as if it bowed to my finger. And then it brought its head right to my finger and started drinking from the leftover water I still had on it! Climbed onto my finger and just refused to get off (not that I had any oroblem with that, beside meaning to go to sleep). I tried taking it out from one window, it refused, tried the other one onto some plant, and only with an encouraging nudge it moved over onto the plant. I left some water next to it and bid it farewell with a lot of gratitude for its visit.
    Then I visit here and find one meaning for a mantis appearing is to find ones own voice when overflooded with things in life, which is sort of what I feel right now in my own life. So precise.
    And still, I’m thinking is there something I’m missing? I wonder if there’s anything else I need to take from this encounter. I guess I’ll find out!

  6. A few minutes ago
    I was going to start getting ready for this Christmas fay ahead, so my boyfriend was going to go get ready at his place(we live in the same complex), so he kissed me bye and left . No even a minute later he came back into my room telling me to come & have a look at something & that it looked pretty awesome. So i followed him to the entrance of my home, & it was a black praying mantis, it didn’t even look real . I want to know if this has meaning. For at the place i stayed before this we often had green mantis’s in our house a lot, like they lived with us. What could it mean that a sudden black mantis was at the entrance of my home?

  7. I opened my front door this morning to find a dead praying mantis right in the path of the door on the ground. It’s been in my head all day that it must mean something.

  8. First I have lived in my house for 10 years now. And I have only seen a praying mantis on 2 occasions! Both when I lost a pet at home.

    Two years ago when my dog passed away due to cancer. my first experience at watching a living creature die. And as I was digging his grave a mantis flew on the shovel.

    THEN today several years since that moment my oldest cat died in my arms this afternoon. And I was sitting outside holding her in the sun… again…a praying mantis just appeared on the ground!! I put him on my shoulder and he stayed for bit and then left. I just find it coincidence that both times death has been associated with the mantis. I work in my yard every year and never see them!!! I thanked god for the serenity sign and peace that the mantis brings.

    1. negative circumstances have happened after every time I’ve seen a praying mantis as well honestly…

  9. I see all kinds of places talking about what it means to see a praying mantis or to dream about a praying mantis, but I can’t find anywhere that someone is having my issue with them. At the beginning of summer, a baby praying mantis flew into my hair. After I freaked out and removed it, it kept trying to fly back into it. Finally, I put it in cage because it would not leave me alone. After a couple of days, I felt guilty and let it go. So that is that – one would think. Then two days ago, I go out late at night to my porch for a smoke and I feel something large fly into my face. Now I am thinking flying waterbug so I freak out, do a headbanging dance, knock it off of me and sit back down. It immediately flys at my face. I can’t see it because our porch light is dim (so as to not attract Junebug) and we go through the freaky dance ritual again. After it flys at me a third time, I get a flashlight to discover it is a praying mantis about 2 inches long. So I catch it, take it in a jar to my husband and figure to myself – hey what are the odds right? This morning I take the kids to the bus, go out on the porch to have my coffee and feel something crawling on my arm. Look down and grrrr it is a praying mantis. Come to find out my husband had let the one I gave him go the night before, so for all I know it is the same one. Rather than seeing if it would continue to perch on me, I gathered it in a box and set the open box in a neighbor’s tree. However, I am starting to be creeped out by this buggy stalker(s). Anyone know why it might insist that It needs to hang out on my person?

    1. Hi Corla. When an animal comes in to your life to call your attention it may do it in the simplest way if you are able to hear and understand. if you are just letting it go but you really need to hear their message they’ll insist… now that just means look at my totem, go with your gut in what i’m trying to tell you. because totems often have different things depending on the webpage. just look at one you resonate with and just REALLY bear that mesdage in mind for the next days

  10. I had a grasshopper in my kitchen sitting on my glass than I saw a praying mantis at my work outside than tonight I cane home from work at 1030 pm and a praying mantis was on my doorknob
    That’s weird . What do u make of it
    My aunt just passed away a couple of weeks ago could it be a sign. Thank you debra

    1. Debra,
      Learn to slow down, pray, and even meditate. Perhaps you need to sharpen your intuition and declutter your mind, so to better return to your solid core. Even taking time out for yourself to mourn (if you were close to your aunt) is needed.

  11. Lived in house in Tx for 2 years, haven’t seen mantis. Last night 4 brown were on my kitchen window outside. 1 green was inside my kitchen on ceiling. Now next morning there are 2 brown & 2 green on window inside. I guess I need to take time to listen to that still small voice.

  12. Yesterday I saw two green praying mantis on the house I first walked by one and didn’t see it, then I walked back and the second one jumped up on the house about a foot away from the first one. They just hung out there and stared at me, while I stared at them. I’ve never seen two at the same time and I rarely see any. I of course wondered if it meant anything like good luck x 2 perhaps. If anyone had any thoughts please tell me. A very stressful period in my life has just ended and my health now needs to recover and I’m starting a fun new business. God bless 💗

    1. There has been a praying mantis on the hood of my car since I left my house this morning and he still there what does this mean

    2. I just had one fly into my house at me whilst I was cleaning up after dinner. It sat on my fridge, looked at me, and then flew back to my bedroom to perch on my door.
      I’m taking it as a blessing.
      God bless🕊️🙏

    3. Please can anyone explain for me. Today when I enter church I was about to sit on my chair. People starting telling me that something is on my head lo and behold . it was Praying manties on my head . please what does it symbolizes

  13. This praying mantis is hanging out with me two days in a row. When I show up for work, he runs over to me and climbs up the side of my chair and just hangs out next to me. I’m afraid he is going to climb on me and startle me while I work and I don’t want to accidentally hurt him, so he is creating some tension for that reason, but he’s also very calming in another sense. There is some intelligence there that I find surprising for some reason. My best friend, a cat, passed away two months ago and I still mourn the loss of him. I feel like this little mantis is somehow trying to comfort me.

  14. I have a beautiful pet prey-mantis. I have had her for about five months. I’ve read lots saying that the female usually dies after laying her ootheca. Well, my little lady mantis has given me six oothecas and is still alive, healthy and active. So I think the theory of the female dying after laying their one or two ootheca is incorrect??? Or is mine just a rare case. I wonder.

  15. I just found a Mantis in the hallway of my office building, transitioning. I brought her to my desk and held her for a while and prayed she would rest. She has slowed down some but I believe the transition is still taking place. I feel so honored to be a part of it but I also feel very sad. She is such a gentle little soul.

    1. Very strange experience today. Walking on asphalt behind a Wal-Mart stumbled upon a praying mantis. Greeted, said see ya later and walked on, contemplating the wonder and what it could mean. Read in Africa if it lands on you it’s good luck. I went back to see if I could get it to go on my arm. It was just flattened by a landscaping truck. I felt so bad for him, and my good luck. Pondered again the meaning, as I turned around and saw the biggest grasshopper as bright green as ever facing the same direction as the mantis had been, towards the fields beyond the asphalt. I felt bad all day. I know mantis are calculated and ponder their next move for a long time and now hours later it’s hitting me. Did I witness a miracle of a praying mantis who knew his life was coming to an end and somehow reincarnated itself into a grasshopper!? Wow. There’s a hidden message I feel there somewhere!

    2. I had something similar happen to me almost 5 years ago and I still think about it to this day…I was walking to school, it was my senior year, and I came across the biggest Praying mantis I had ever seen IN MY LIFE! and it was all white! I really wanted to pick it up and move it, I knew it wasn’t safe where it was walking but I also didn’t want to disturb or scare it…so I left it alone and went to school but I thought about it all day and hoped it was gone when I walked back home from school. Unfortunately it was smashed into the cement…except I didn’t see another bug like you had so I instantly related it to the doom of my relationship at the time…and eventually I was right about that. I still wonder what that meant, I hardly see them anymore since then. seeing this post made me feel less bad about that day though so thank you for this!

    3. We had a landscaper trimming back a trumpet vine and there were these little round things on the branches of the trumpet vine that looked like insulation. We didn’t pay much attention to them. Then we found out what they were the sack of praying mantis babies. Then the next thing we saw were large praying mantis that were all over the place. So that summer into fall we noticed the sacks again on the trumpet vine. I picked one off and put it down into an aquarium. Around Easter time there was at least over 100s of babies. Out of all those babies I think 5 lived. We watched them grow. I went to the pet store and got them meal worms to eat and placed a bowl of water and sprayed the sides of the aquarium. After a long summer we got to watch them grow. One of them was at least 4inches long and a bright green. She got to the point where she would eat out of my hand. And every morning I’d check on her and she would be waiting for me to feed her. She would climb all over me. Our friends thought I was nuts. But she was my pet. Sad to say she only lasted that summer and since then we haven’t had any more. This was in central Ohio around 2016. I miss them.

    4. One day, several, maybe 4, years ago, I was riding my bicycle on a new-to-me trail. I was feeling alone but trying to make the best of the day, riding my bike to the beach. While riding, a brown praying mantis landed on my shoulder. It walked down my arm and across the handle bars to the other arm and walked up the other arm. All in all it stayed with me for about a mile. I thought it wanted to go to the beach with me, but I guess it was just hitching a ride for that short distance. I felt accompanied by it. It was my friend for that short time. It was a blessing to me.

    5. I just had an experience with a Praying Mantis at my window. It reminded me of a wonderful book that I read years ago by Laurens Van Der Post called, “A Mantis Carol”. The most beautiful story. Unfortunately, I seen that a hardback copy on Amazon is $71.00 Ugh! But, if you can afford that, and/or, can find a cheaper used book, I highly recommend getting it.
      Best to You. And have a Merry Christmas.

  16. A brown female praying mantis flew in my hair. Because my hair brown. And I freaked out when I touched it thinking it was a spider. But my dad said it was a praying mantis and he put her in a water bottle. He never seen them in a long time. Now I kept her, and named her Queen. She was kind, gentle, caring, and non-threatened. My parents loved her as well. We fed her crickets everyday when she runs out. Or grasshoppers. Then, she got eggs. She laid two eggs. And I am shock because she was guarding them. But something upsetting came too her. We my mom brought big crickets and she dumped them in her cage. We were sleeping until my sister woke me up and saying Queen dead. I looked and sure heck did. The crickets gain up on her. They ate a quarter of her stomach and her third egg sack inside her. My mom felt really bad about it, and she didn’t knew nor I that big crickets can gain up on a praying mantis. My dad killed the crickets out of vengeance. She died in my hands. We bury her in the garden. My dad told me that God probably let you a sigh about Queen or something when she landed on me.

    1. I am very sorry to hear your story about your female praying mantis, so sad, may God bless her tiny heart and comfort you . 🙏🏻

  17. As the cold weather approached here in Canada a praying Mantis was at our kitchen window for about 3 weeks, the day before it hit -2 degrees I wanted to give her/him a prolonged life so I bought a terrarium and gave Jackie an extra 21 days of life this will always be my spirit this mantis brought a sense of peace and calm to my life and I thank her for that It will be a sunny day tomorrow and I will return her to mother earth, I am saddened by the passing but also honored this beautiful insect crawled into my space.

  18. I am so sad. I think a praying mantis on my front step is dead. I hope I didn’t step on him last night when I was leaving the house. He didn’t look smashed so I’m hoping I didn’t step on it. Anyway, still there today and it was hot out and the sun had been there so I gave him some water and misted him gently. He was still alive but not sure now. I know he is sacred in some cultures. Please let me know the proper way to bury him. I am kind of freaked out this happened on my front door step as I do my best to even avoid hurting ants or roaches. I already did what you suggested to someone else; stop seeing it as a bad omen and feel blessed he chose to come here when ill. So I want to do the right thing. Thanks.

    1. The praying mantis died where it knew its life would be honored and taken care of in its death. Beings need to be safe in life and death.

  19. I had a dream last night about a praying mantis. It was really huge and green. In the dream, I was in a room that looked sort of like a break room. I was talking with my sister when I saw it flying around. I swatted it with a book and it landed on a table. However, it got back up and flew to a door behind my sister. It stayed on the door for few seconds staring at me. Then, it spread its huge wings and flew towards me. I put my hand up to keep it from flying in my face and it hit the palm of my hand. I felt it sting me, and it also splattered in my hand. I went to wash my hands in the sink and there was a large sting stuck in the palm of my hand. I pulled it out and showed it to my sister. I can’t remember any more of the dream after that.

  20. So yesterday there was a grey prey mantis out side my store by the door, then later that night it was on top of my car by the antenna of my car, and today during my meeting outside of my company office. A green one flew on my neck….my coworkers and I freaked out. And I accidentally slapped it and threw it towards my boss….. it landed on its legs and just walked away without a care in the world. Does this mean something?

    1. There’s also the fact of my dream, it’s like a none ending cycle of the same event, it starts with my front door opening and ends with me and my ex parting ways, then it happens again, and a again, like in replay, like my own personal hell waiting for me, but the only difference is each time there was a mantis added for exh cycle, one, two , three, and so on….

    2. The Mantis after laying her nest and egg stopped to looked right at me. Mantis die after laying their egg. I wonder what she was trying to tell me/

  21. Roe Couture DeSaro

    Hi, I have has a praying mantis on my front porch popcorn plant for at least a week now. I have read the description and ironically have been doing a ton of work in this area and I am generally not stressed with too much on my plate, I have taken on a new role recently that has me figuring out a new balance in my business.
    I am wondering if because my daughter and I pray a lot on our porch and meditate (at separate times) this is why she is here? I have not dreamt about Praying Mantis’s both I do feel she is here to pray on us. We just moved into this home 2 months ago too. Do you agree with my feelings?

    1. Also another thing just found out today about the pray mantis just saw it today just me but I heard from some one in the house it’s been here for a couple days it’s been getting closer to the house from what I’m getting

  22. I just saved a mantis’ life. I was outside with about 8 cats, trying to get more food into this sick kitten while a mama cat nursed her babies on my lap. Out of nowhere a mantis comes flying and lands on the door behind me. 2 of the cats of course noticed his presence, as I did, and being cats I knew theyd love nothing more than to watch it die. I protected this beautiful full grown mantis for a good 10 minutes or more (not exactly easy from a chair, with a persistent brat for a kitty). Eventually the cats decided to give up, and I moved the kitties into the chair id been sitting on. When i first saw Him, I knew that if I didnt save him, he would die. Even so, I was scared to touch him. A small part of me was squeemish and i was scared that he would freak out if I tried to grab him. But I could see that he had pretty much nowhere to go with that door. When I stood up, I knew I had to carry him to safety, but I also knew that it needed to be His choice that I do so. So, then I waited probably another 5- 10 minutes with my hands underneath the mantis, ready to catch him had he fallen or chosen to walk on me. So I just stood there talking to him, promising that I loved him and would protect him. That he could trust me. He eventually slid off the door onto my hand, and I carried him into the herb garden to safety. I feel so blessed by this encounter and i have an idea of what it could symbolize, but any interpretations or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Namaste! <3

  23. Earlier this week I was in my bedroom awake around 9:30am and I looked over towards my side of my bed and seen a praying mantis on my night I went and got a glass jar and guided it into the jar and I took it down stairs and let it out in a bush.and last nite my husband found another praying mantis on his side of the bed but on the floor and he trapped it between a paper plate and piece of paper and let It go out of our bedroom window we live up stairs and our window doesn’t have a screen on it. I’m just curios as why we both have had these special in counters.
    Thank you for your time

  24. We have a zinnia garden at our house, and a young mantis lived there for a couple of months before the first storm of the season. I haven’t seen it since. There was also a very small one on some fairy duster plants I’m growing, and there was a larger mantis on the zinnias for one day.

    About the mantis that left during the storm. What do you think is the meaning of this?

    I am grateful the mantis was there for as long as it was, and grateful to the zinnias for providing it and all the creatures that live there a home.

    Today as I was sitting looking at the garden, a hummingbird came and looked directly at me for a moment. I realized that I was thinking of the lost mantis, wondering where it was, rather than noticing what was actually there. I came back to the garden and thanked the zinnias for being there and watched them blow in the wind of another approaching storm.

  25. I had a praying mantis on my tire yesterday that I noticed when I was checking the tire pressure. I didn’t bother it and it walked closer to me and watched what I was doing. I shooed him away later since I didn’t want him to get smooshed when I turned the car on and drove off, but thought it was cute having him hang out with me, checking things out. He looked genuinely interested and calm. Thought this was an odd encounter and looked into its animal totem. Thank you mantis for bringing me peace and patience that I have been awfully lacking lately.

    1. What a nice encounter! I love their curiosity & watchfulness. They often sit on my car, as well. Always lovely to see them.

  26. A praying mantis showed up at my wedding reception almost 4 years ago. The photographer got great photos of him observing everything and everyone. It was a joyful day, marking a new beginning for me, later in life, after much heart break. I believe our visitor signified patience, intention and commitment. I am so fortunate to share my life with my husband and have never been so happy….

  27. My husband of 22yrs and i have had a pretty hectic several months. We had to make the decision to put his mom in a nursing home, and we are caring for his big brother who is severely mentally retarded. This decision broke his heart that he had to choose between them. This morning he wakes me up to see a nest of Carolina mantis hatching. He was asking me what that meant. I love your words. Thank you.

  28. Hi A praying Mantis appeared in my bacony do not know from where, i am in a high floor and helped her to get in one of my plants, i gave her water, and had her for 3 days. Today I woke up and saw her dead. I was shocked and am sad.Do not know what happened. Is this a message of tragedy or sth coming in my path? I feel heratbroken. Maybe I did sth wrong or put her in a wrong plant. I put her in my male rude plant.So she could get high in thr sticks. Should I burry her?

    1. When an animal flies, crawls or limps into your life and settles there to die, it is of utmost importance to thank her or him for choosing your space as a safe haven/heaven for their last moments. She was probably ill or something, and its unlikely that you did anything. These creatures are smart, will eat bugs and drink fresh water naturally. Meditate or journey to the creature and see what she has to tell you. This isn’t an ego-insect, it’s much more subtle. Slow down. Trust intuition more. Or you could burn out.
      Good luck! V

  29. I just had a dream where I was sitting in a dry, Rocky desert and I was staying in a hotel with my dad. I had a camera, and was anxious in the dream that a scorpion might sting me. When I got into our ‘hotel’ I noticed there was a beautiful slow, lumbering bug with jewels attached to its back on the floor. I went to get my camera to take a photo, and all of a sudden I noticed a large white mantis also with ornate patterns on it, scuttling fast toward me. It clamped itself on my arm with considerable strength, I tried to remove it with my other hand and it audibly growled at me, crawled into my shirt and buried itself into my chest, and that’s when I woke up. Safe to say I feel pretty strange right now. Any thoughts?

  30. Hi. Last night I dreamt that my 7 year old daughter was chasing a flying praying mantis while I was chasing her…Can anyone give me any insight? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  31. Hello…I had a dream last night of a huge huge praying mantis flying through my bedroom window and landed on my neck. It them started nibbling my neck. I was afraid but couldn’t move or speak. I then semi woke up and went back to sleep. Thankyou for interpreting my dream.
    Cheers Sue

    1. Hi sue

      The mantis is a symbol of a destructive relationship and or your behaviour is devious,, perhaps your conscious is telling you to take a look at someone or something in your life that your handling in the wrong way ..

    2. I had a dream that I was walking with someone I don’t really have feelings for, but we have had a connection in a way. As we were walking we were holding hands and then stopped and started talking to a random person. We were standing in the middle of two trees and I noticed something on the strangers hand a lot of some type of bug. He flipped over his hand andon his palms there were little baby praying mantis. He started to freak out and push them off of his hand. I had one of my hands on a tree we were standing by and I looked at it and I was covered with them on both of my hands! The guy who I was holding hands with had them on his hands too we tried not to panic, but then they started to pinch our hands. He got them off of me and his self and we ran to a clinic. Once in the clinic, we had marks on our hands like little sting red spots and I noticed mine started to blister. (Mind you I just had a incident in real life where I got second degree burns on my wrist.) At the clinic we each checked in and was treated then we walked out of the clinic together. A lot of mixed signals with this dream I would really like some help interpreting it! Thank you *brey

  32. I had a dream that i opened my front door and a giant bug came in , it was on its backso i couldn’t see what kind of bug it was . When i looked up from the bug my sister who i dont speeak to was there , and when i was trying to close the door in her face the bug flipped over and recealed itself as a large prayingmantese . It was about five or six feet tall i tried to shoo it out but when i closed the door it was standing behind it then i woke up .

  33. I dreamed about a praying mantis one appeared in front of me then I saw another one next to it then from no where they all aproached me. I don’t know if they fly but I could see them surrounding me what does that mean. I wasn’t scared but I was like “ohhh””?

  34. Last night I dreamt about 7 praying mantis that were lined up (head to tail, not side by side) neatly along my garage wall spaced about a foot apart, like they were getting ready to make a trek. What does this mean with respect to the examples which were provided? Do I now have 7 times more intuition working for me? Or is there other significance to the dream? Thank you in advance!

  35. Hey I had a dream where me and other people were running away because it was raining insects. We ended up by a cementary in one of the graveyards there was a prying mantis. I picked it up and it pinched the tip of my finger each time. What does the dream mean?

  36. going to goa blog

    Thank you for the wonderful interpretation of the meaning of Praying Mantis. Tonight I was cleaning out my art studio after a long hiatus from creative pursuits following the death of my husband 3 years ago. I feel I am ready now to begin again. I methodically cleaned and cleared in silence (usually I would have music on). As I cleaned and cleared out old materials in preparation for making new art I noticed a tan colored praying mantis had come down my chimney and attached itself to the inside of the fireplace screen. I removed her and carried her outside and placed her on a bush. Then I searched the internet and found the information you provided– I love the synchronicity!

  37. I’ve had a dream where a praying mantis monster of sorts, around a foot long with multiple arms was attacking me. It ran back and forth in the room and started displaying before attacking. I tried to display dominance over it and angered it and it clamped on my leg to bite. I woke up kicking violently.

    What could this mean?

  38. I lost my baby girl 3 and a half years ago and my life changed 180 degrees. I was always a very spiritual person, yoga was a big part of my life, but when she died that all changed. I just couldn’t feel the universe anymore. Lately I have been trying to bring a little bit of the old me into this new me that emerged. Today was a bad day and I had been crying a lot. I told my husband I wasn’t happy in our marriage and was generally feeling really low when I looked at my back door and saw a praying mantis intently watching me. I grabbed my phone and started to take pics of her when all of a sudden my breath started to deepen, evening out. I felt an overwhelming feeling of calmness come over me. She sat with me for over an hour, when I moved she would turn her head towards me… She left after I went upstairs. I think I understand what she was trying to tell me. Patience.

    1. Dear Artemis, I just saw your message about your life and the praying mantis. Have faith in Spirit. Your baby’s Spirit is still very much alive. Write her a message telling her how much you love and miss her. She will receive it in her heart. It will help you to heal.

      Spend time in nature to add peace to your life. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

      I have always loved praying mantises. Some of them are wildly colored and shaped if you check them out on Google Images.

      Take care.

    2. You need to grieve your tremendous loss allow the anger at losing your baby express iitsself.the pain is never going away but time will teach you to cope and be there for your family that is here and that need you.a praying mantis sees in 3d thats amazing they need tthat in order to catch their prey. Use all your senses to move on the path that is your destiny your baby is still with you just in a different way.being humans we suffer in this weak flesh disease and finally death its just. Part of life for us all. Talk to your little one you are heard.peace.

  39. This just happened to me bout 20 minutes ago…watching tv and saw a big flying…realised it was a praying mantis… I didn’t want it to get hurt so I stood up and said “come to me so I can take you outside please” and it actually landed on my arm looking at me and it let me take it outside. Anyone know what it could mean if anything? Thank you in advance 😀

  40. Yesterday, a little baby mantis jumped into my charcoal grill right when I opened the lid. We tried to get it out but the heat overtook it right away and it fell through the rack before we could get it ? anyone have any thoughts?

    1. Almost the same thing happened to me today ! I don’t know if it was a baby, it was nearly 3 inches long,
      but I noticed it walking on my kitchen ceiling, then it flew right past my head and into the flame underneath a pot I had boiling on the stove, almost like it was purposeful to get me to pay attention !
      The meaning I would get out of this, after reading that Praying mantis i symbol of patience and mindfulness and Inner Stillness, is that I HAVEN’T been patient and still but rather I’ve been letting my patience get burned up in busyness, distractions and losing my temper…
      I think it’s a clear message from the Universe that I need to dedicate time to going within, meditating, and connecting with The Calm before going further and making any important decisions.
      I have been neglecting my Inner Life and the Universe gave me a heads up in the form of that Mantis flying through my kitchen,
      which I’ve never had happen before by the way,
      i guess they were really determined to get through to me !

    2. I feel that since they come to you when you need peace and quite in your life maybe it’s trying to tell you that what every you’ve been going thru has been destroyed or it could be showing you the opposite that maybe you may be about to go thru something that going to try and shake you but don’t worry he just took it all on for you and took it the the fire to be burned. So either way your going to be just fine…

  41. I’ve been drawing for a couple years now, and I started noticing that when I’m drawing abstrakt, without any idea, my drawing is always showing praying mantis, I didn’t notice that in beginning.

  42. I had a pre-mantis laying on his back inside my house floor right in front of my back yard sliding glass door as if it was almost dead what dose this mean ??

  43. This is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.

    I was visited by a Mantis just a bit ago. I live on a third floor apartment with dozens of windows around and I’m sitting here working on my computer and I catch her out of the corner of my eye on my window sil. I encounter them not infrequently but more than I think I should and it’s always spontaneous and organic. I’m about to make a huge change in my life while battling a bad anxiety disorder and have been thinking about trying meditation lately. Then this happens. I have spent the last hour researching the Chinese philosophy on what it means and I’ve never EVER put any stock in spirituality in any capacity whatsoever but I cannot logically explain this.

    1. The mantis is a sign to u and u are doing means take time for your self. Leave other stuff off that worry u. U mention the chinese way of life thats spirit leading u the right way to rest take care of u.when i get so much on me i do chinese massage they know about the body and mind.mantis showed up late.late evening for me as well for me to push all other to the side and do me first.
      God favor to u
      Sun water

    2. Joshua, that is awesome. It appears that you are now in the know. I have learned that when I pay close attention to my surroundings, there are spiritual nudges on a regular basis.

    3. I was sitting in my back yard.. I haven’t took the time to pray for peace and giving thanks through singing to God. As I was so deep in my meditation I looked over and seen a praying mantis over 10″ long.. the non-insect almost crawled onto my shoulder. I usually screech and run from creatures that close. Something kept me calm and I slowly walked away from it, of course still in slight fear. I wounder if that was a sign I was being truly heard! 😀

  44. So yesterday i saw a mantis . i got to hold her too. But my brother said he found some chinese legend about finding one at home means someone in the house is pregnant. Anybody know anything abput that? I’ve never seen. Before yesterday.

    1. I just looked up our praying friends today cuz one was on the chair on the porch that my sis usually sits in (she was still inside).
      Right inside from where we sit, is my niece’s room…and yes she is pregnant…about 6-7 weeks.
      I found this completely interesting considering she’s the first one I’ve seen this yr and both my sis n niece are in desperate need of quieting from the major chaos and drama surrounding them now as well.
      She was about 2-3 inches long, brown and Neva got spooked when I got closer to watch her. She eventually made her way up to the eaves of the porch.
      We live in a city, but it does have a country feel with all the crickets, frogs, lizards, etc that are more abundant than your normal city setting.

      Good luck in your endeavors

    2. Been a few years since I’ve seen one, I live in the Sonoran desert. It was nice out tonight so I had my windows open and at around midnight I get ambushed in my leather chair while watching an episode of Star Trek ng! I barely caught the movement out of the corner of my eye and as soon as I looked it came running at me lol, it was a beautiful wakeup call to any ego I have left since I jumped up like a little girl and was all spooked til I looked up the meaning in other cultures. I then let it know that I would let him roam my house and hunt crickets if he promised not to jump me again. Ironically, my little girl kitty (1 yr) came home pregnant about a week ago, so I’m gonna say there might be something to that 🙂

    3. Omg just read your comment about some1 being pregnant.
      I was outside at my daughters.when her, her daughter and I were outside when i showed my granddaughter the mantis.
      That was last week, my daughter just found out 2 days ago shes pregnant. Wow!

    4. That is so old bc i just found out less then a week ago im pregant and a few months ago same thing. I saw a mantis and i was pregnant at that times as well but had a mc. I hope that 😀 this pregnancy will stick and i will hv a healthy baby in 9 months.

  45. I just got out of detox for opioid use today is my 2nd day home when I woke up this morning there was a praying mantis on my porch next to where I sit a few hours later I was driving to the store and there was another one on my car windshield I thought wow that’s odd never really seen 2 in one day like that before well later in the evening I went to work and hear is a another one on the door handle just looking at me just like the one on the car earlier so that was 3 in one day staring at me and I have a filling that there is a reason for this but I don’t understand what any help please

    1. Hey, I have just got out of treat ment also, 72 days. Same shit is happening to me, but every time it always come to me when im leaving to go somewhere. I have pictures and date and times, sincerely, sober and confused, with a side order of FREAKED OUT!

    2. Haven’t you guys read the article? 😛 the mantis is here to calm you, encourage meditation, and bring gentle healing. Slow healing. Be patient with yourself. Be calm when you make decisions, especially about where you go and how you travel/what you think about when you travel. Go easy on you. Be quiet on the inside. Be blessed. Everything in its time.

  46. I dreamed that I had 3 pet pet praying mantises. Two were dead and the biggest one was alive. I can’t figure out the meaning. ❓

  47. I just came home from a group grief counseling session, my father passed away two months ago and I went outside to water some of the plants in my backyard when I saw a white praying mantis on our purple flowers on the patio. I’ve never seen a white one before and was wondering what the significance of it was.

    1. Im different..Dad has been gone 3 yeaars to today & now a baby mantis qppears. Sorry for bad text,,light board problem, I found my Dad & performecd CPR to no avail. I always took care of bugs & my furry friends. Im afraid a spider might get him. , but I guess doest want me to worry…..just like my dad…do not worry. Hope you are OK.

    2. I would also love to know the significance of the white mantis. My mom passed 6 days ago and my sister and I were just talking about how she liked praying mantis’ and thought they were good luck. That being said, I very rarely see them around my house and always in shades of green. Until last night, when there was a white one on my front door.

    3. The same thing with me. My dad passed on the 28 for the last 3 days there has been a white one on his door. I wonder what it meens.

    4. Hey y’all,
      My dad died suddenly on Easter Sunday morning 2016 less than 2 weeks after quadruple bypass surgery at the VA Hospital in Richmond, Va. Since July 30th there has been a praying mantis on the front door and then it just moved right inside the house. I live pretty much in the middle of the woods yet I’ve never really seen them in the flowerbed or the yard, especially not in the house. I’m happy that it is here. It does seem to invoke a sense of calm and still contemplation. Welcome home.

  48. MatthewGrindstaff

    I can sit down anywhere outside and I will have multiple praying mantis from baby to adult on me within 15 minutes. What does this mean? I have no fear of them but others around me start freaking out.

  49. I keep having the same dream of rescuing a Praying Mantis from being crushed by a ten year old child, my boss’s son. Its exact every time. Same dream. I am so curious what it represents and why it’s repetitive.

  50. I have a massive phobia of praying mantises… and in my dream it was used against me …I was tied up and they were poured all over me …and I could feel in real life my whole body go paralysed… could someone tell me what this means please

    1. I’m unsure of what it might mean, but that does not sound very pleasant. It also sounds unfortunate. As a keeper of pet praying mantises, they are among the friendliest and most intelligent insects I’ve ever encountered. Another thing that you should know, is that they cannot and will not hurt you. I have had one of mine, in the past, literally sit on my shoulder as I watched t.v. They are very calculated and are a also a natural pest control for your home. I keep mine in terrariums and have several species. Their looks can range from that of a flower (Orchid Mantis) to something out of a weird science fiction film (Ghost Mantis, which look scary, but out of all other species, they are the calmest/nicest) to the typical kind you see. Again, I am unsure why you are so afraid of them, or what your dream means, but I wanted to give you a little knowledge into the world of mantids, to possibly ease your fear of them. To me, they are the gentle, patient good-guy soldiers of the insect world.

  51. I have a card reader I go to who is by far the most amazing ladies I know. She told me I would learn of my spirit animal soon just don’t look for it and it won’t hit me right away.

    So in the last few months I have seen the same Praying Mantis. First outside on my car then on the ground to my front door then in side my home then it was stepped on when out of town I was heart broken actually never understanding why but she was like family my boyfriend even would tell me when she was out on our Buddha statue. Well when we saw she passed I did something I never done before I placed her in the plant soil as if I laid her to rest.

    I use to place her outside on nice days then she would come inside some how at night. I took pictures of her when given the chance. I think about her all the time and I assume it’s a her btw.

    1. First of all, I’m sorry what happened to the praying mantis. That’s an amazing axperience you got to have with it. Praying mantises have been one of my favorite insects since I was little. You say that you assume that it was a her, well, I can tell you for a fact whether it was or not. Was it green? If so, then she was a female, whereas if it was brown then it was a male.

  52. My husband and I were going out and there was a praying mantis right by the door handle on the car. Every time we moved past the bug it would follow us? What does this mean?? 😮

  53. I am between jobs and trying to figure out what kind of work I want to do next. In the mean time my Aunt needed help at the reception desk of her hair salon.
    As you can imagine customers sometimes get ‘hairy’ about what they want and it can be a challenge to make everyone happy no matter the business or work.
    I have been fine in the silo of the reception area, myself.
    I looked out the window today and on the ledge there was a preying mantis on the ledge-IT did not appear to be Alive any longer. Autumn is here and that is to be expected of insects at this time of year.
    So I am working on bringing mindfulness to my days already, but I am not clear how to see the beautiful message of the auspicious preying mantis that has emerged from energy in its body.
    What do you think the death component of this praying mantis would mean?
    Prey Pray pray.
    I will appropriately meditate on this strong message and moment.

    Not sure if it is related but we are not far from the mountain area where deer have been misplaced from their homes due to new construction. A woman came in earlier saying she saw a deer running along the road. This is not far from the mountain, but it is quite urban/suburban. I kept worrying about it since I have seen too many on the roadside and watched a frantic fawn lose her life on a highway during rush hour.
    They are such a gift to see on the roadside, but when I see them I immediately pray for them to go into nature and not jump into the road.

    Few months ago a fawn emerged from dense movie-like fog on a soppy late drive through a woodded mountain and kept its stride directly toward my car. I was driving slowly enough to stop, but it kept running toward me until a last moment when I screamed and instinctually turned off my headlights. I held my breath with clenched eyes as I waited for the thump. To my relief this never happened. It was a message from my guru, who I call ‘Mother’ in Her native language. She revealed to me the answer to a longing in my heart wondering if She/God hears my prayers and knows who I am…. One of the spirit animal totem posts says that a mother deer, even if not visible, always is watching her fawn….

    Anyway… Lots to be open to hearing from the divine as these beings in form appear in this life on Mother Earth.

    Prayers for Peace to all beings.

  54. I just had a dream about encountering a rather large white praying mantis.
    It was at least one foot in length. When it took flight, the edges of it’s wings
    were what I would describe an iridescent rainbow color.
    Not sure what the message was but, I am opting to slow down a bit and go within.
    Thanks for having this website.

  55. I almost never see mantis , but suddently i start to see it everywhere , it start at my friend house , we were feeding spider by trowing insect in theyr net and i spot a little tiny mantis on a leaf , after that i start imagining how cool a super hero mantis could be , imagining he got two scyte and a cool outfit , asassinating corrupt governement ….. then i accidently find a praying mantis thecnique description page (kung fu) … after that i was playing with my friend little girl of 3 year old … she got some card (Magick) i am a kind of guy that try to find spiritual reason on everything so when come card i kinda always do like if its medium card …si i took a random card and it was a magick mantis (something like that) but i continu too took some card and the rest was making all making a sense and it end on a card beetle barrier ….making all insect card unplayable … so with all the card i took it make a little story that fit my own desire …..i want to become a super hero mantis (kickass haha) to kill the system , i need to train and avoid geting caught (dont remember those card but it was something like that) but their is a beetle barrier that block me for mooving …..the damn system XD…

    1. i do had those moment where an animal keep showing to me , it was the fox at start … it seems to stop showing 🙁

    2. Mantua was on my screen door about a week later I sat down outside at my umbrella table and there was one sitting on my table it jumped off and hung around

  56. My daughter had a large praying mantis land on her arm, crawl up her arm and into her hair (she has long dredlocks), and perch on the top of her head. She cupped it in her hands gently and released it (as I have taught her to do with other insects), and it refused to fly away. It crawled back up her arm, up the side of her hairdo and back to the top of her head and perched. She removed it again, gently, and it returned to the top of her head. She’s 11 years old….her first experience with a praying mantis. What on earth? I have heard various interpretations from “when a praying mantis lands on you it means you need to be still and go within and be more meditative” to “when a praying mantis lands on you it is your animal totem and it means you are already peaceful and tranquil” …. any ideas which interpretation makes more sense…for an 11 year old? ?

    1. Hi there —

      The mantis entered your space. It didn’t have to land on you in order for you to heed its call. It’s not your daughter.

      It’s a message for you.
      The mantis entered YOUR space.
      YOU were there, too.

      Read the qualities of the “mantis entering your space” and apply it YOUR life. Go within. Meditate. Find quiet in your world. Listen to that still small voice.

      And enrich your daughter’s life with as much ability to create and be creative as possible. . Let her light shine bright. While you rediscover yours by going within.

      Enjoy the journey!
      Rudi Michael

  57. I was in the community hot tub tonight where I live and I saw what looked like a white fairy fly by and fall into the hot tub. I scooped it out and held it in my hands and it turned out to be a very large white praying mantis with big black eyes. As all the water fell off, the mantis started to move and walk up my arm. It was alive. I was afraid it might bite me so I put it down on the cement by the hot tub. The hot tub was full of people and I was getting some looks, as in “she’s strange”. I looked at the mantis and it looked at me. The almost full moon reflected off the mantis’s white body. I watched as the mantis started to walk away and then pause, looking back at me. I mentally told the mantis to keep walking toward the plants as it was in the path of people who could hurt it by stepping on it. It then started to walk away again and then stopped, I mentally repeated my message and it started to walk away again. I turned my head away and the next time I looked for the mantis it had vanished. Any feedback or ideas from anyone on this? I’ve never seen a white praying mantis before. It was very large, almost the size of my hand and I have big hands. I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately.

  58. I had a dream where a praying mantis landed on my head. I got scared and brushed it off, and then I woke up. Can anyone tell what this means?

  59. While outside on the front porch….I observed a small green mantises on the house by the front door.
    I continued writing, and when I looked up again, the little fella was on the arm of my chair….

    He continued up the chair and stopped on the top of the back within inches of my neck.

    I turned around and as I looked him over…..he flew into my beard!…….. it frightened me and I quickly brushed it out.

    It landed unharmed on the table beside me…..cleans itself and disappeared.

  60. Found a albino prey mantes on my window out side was so beautiful but I know it has to mean something never seen white one before

  61. Hi all so something very strange happened, I live in a boarding house, with my own room, and as if they came from no where, very tiny black mantises were in my bedroom, surrounding my door, on the celling, in the closet. Everywhere I looked there was one, I tried to find where they came from but there was not a single trace, any ideas what this could mean?

  62. I had a strange dream in which I told my friend that I was hungry And I wanted to eat. I asked my friend to catch me a praying mantis to eat and he did. In the dream I then proceeded to cut the praying mantis to pieces and it produced unusually a lot of meat. I then started feeling grossed out in the dream and said I would never eat a praying mantis. Then I woke up feeling deeply disturbed because in my waking life I have an irrational fear of praying mantis. I have never been bitten by one or anything but I’m very afraid of them even to look at them in a picture makes my skin crawl Andi feel weird. I have never understood this fear of praying mantis and where it came from. Every once in a while I might have a nightmare about a praying mantis and mind you I’m 29 years old now. Please help

    1. It is very true, this advice- try talking to any member of the animal kingdom in your dreams. Typically people will (in dream) experience the Lil voice in our head asking us things (or we will ask ourselves inaudible questions such as “why is this praying mantis here?”) and find that the animal speak to us telepathically.

      in addition, I’ve had a lifelong fear of crickets- I think it’s due to the impending “doom” of man’s fear of the unknown and in waking life no one knows which way a cricket will jump, but for people like myself, I’d just hope they wouldn’t jump AT me.

      In my waking life, since I was a very young girl, I’ve had 4 animals surround me and make their presence known to me- 1. cats, 2. crickets, 3. spiders, and 4. the praying mantis.

      Try to acknowledge how the Navaho believe– ALL animals are equal (including man as we are a portion of the animal kingdom, as are all insects). When I learned of this I was approximately 32 years old and ever since I have transformed my fears of the insects into curiosities and rather than run, I choose to stand in their presence to force myself to see there is nothing to fear, not even if they come near me –so far not 1 has ever tried to actually jump on me of spiders, crickets and praying mantis.

      Just for the record, I’m not afraid of cats or praying mantis, they’re just familiar creatures to My lifelong story.

    2. The animal (or insect) which you have the greatest irrational fear is known as your shadow animal. It represents qualities of yourself which you deny for whatever reason. Research shadow totem animals and you’ll understand. I just recently came to terms with mine (the snake). And like you, I couldn’t look at a picture of a snake without panicking. It could be just a simple sketch drawing of a snake and I would freak out, somehow believing that picture would come alive and the snake would “get me.”

      I went hiking last weekend and a 5 foot snake crossed my path as soon as I got on the trail. I ran, had a panic attack and was crying in the middle of the woods until a stranger found me and calmed me down. After a while, I continued my hike instead of turning around. I was scared the entire time, but facing that fear led me to fully understand that shadow side of myself.

      I am in no way ready to be around snakes, mind you, but I spent yesterday looking at pictures of them without panicking. It took a long time to get here, but you may eventually do the same with praying mantis.

    3. I find the idea of a shadow animal highly intriguing. For the longest time, when I was younger, I had a deep fear of wolves. I had a recurring nightmare that wolves were running circles around me and I would spin with them in circles to keep them in my line of sight. But they would always get too fast for me to keep up with and just as I’d wake up, they’d be biting the back of my neck. I started to become very interested in dream interpretation and controlling my dreams and spent many years practicing what I learned. Finally, I had the same nightmare again. But at the last minute when the wolf was lunging for my neck, I spun around, grabbed it and broke its neck. Ever since then I’ve never had the nightmare again. And now I have deep respect and love for wolves. As a matter of fact, there’s really no animal I have a fear of any more. I’ve learned a lot about animals over the years and am actually studying to be a vet with an emphasis on rehabilitation for wild animals. I have found that there are lots of lessons to be learned by studying animals and how they interact with each other and the world around them. It’s all very fascinating. I’m going to be researching shadow animals.

    4. Wolves also carry their babies by the neck, i dont think wolf is your shadow animal u might of misinterpreted your dream. I had several recurring wold dreams and was lying on the ground, with a wound at my stmach. At first i thought the wolf wss eating my stomach but realized he was licking my wounds and pulling me to safety not harm.

  63. I dreamt that my friend had caught a praying mantis and she began to scare people with it teasingly. She came to me and I began running, she then stuck it on my shoulder, it then began to crawl into my ear! I woke up with the feathery feeling of ‘wings’ in my ear and a digging sensation. The dream was extremely realistic and I had been wondering about it all day.

    1. Lately been going though a lot on my mind emotional stressed hurt questions I started praying two days a go over just everything going on with me and my boy friend last night said I’m going to keep praying looking for signs of what to do to stay with him we’re we are going if what’s said true our future is together and just everything and today went out side on my back porch saw this huge brownish green pray mantis just sitting on the porch near the railing looking at me . I don’t know if that’s a sigh what’s going on still praying over everything going on but was so neat to see if anyone knows anything or has a idea what may mean let me know

  64. I recently had a dream that a praying mantis was attached to my back. It was a really big one too (perhaps 3-4in. long). Instead of feeling scared, I felt worried that it was going to bite me. I tried to talk my mom into getting it off of me, but she wouldn’t. I carried the praying mantis to a former apartment of mine (where I lived when I was a child), and there I started to spit out what I thought was blood. However, the thing I spit out was round, gold-like, and tasted like a bit of blood. In my dream, I thought to myself “Maybe it’s b/c of the praying mantis on my back.”

    With that, I woke up. I’m not entirely sure what this means. I’m not particularly experiencing a lot of stress either. It’s just really interesting that when I looked this up and found this site, it was connecting the praying mantis to meditation and calmness. I’m a Buddhist and just thought it was so close to one another haha.

  65. ❓ I dreamed that a praying Mantis came out of my eye when I was sleeping at a friends house, it came out of the right corner of the left eye, next morning while i was hanging out in the same room the same praying mantis was crawling around the floor?
    What could this possibly mean, My left side is also my dominant side. 😯

  66. I found a total of 17 (so far) baby preying mantis in my house yesterday. It was a few weeks after a hawk landed on my porch. Both of these occurences were while I was going thru confusing time. please help me make sense of the symbolism of both these

    1. Well from what it seems from this site’s connection to the praying mantis is silence, calmness, and such perhaps those mantises were really a sign for you to calm yourself and to take your time. The symbolism of the hawk landing on your porch could be to be confident in your decision. You said that you were going through confusing times – ultimately, you had to make a clear sense of what was going on in your life. Perhaps the hawk represents a firm hand or confidence from you.

      Even though there could be other explanations, such as the praying mantises were in your house b/c your house provided a warm climate for them to stay in while the outdoors were cold and the hawk just happened to be there – I really believe that there are reasons for nature to appear in our hectic lives and remind us, “Hey, calm down.” When I was going through the loss of my father, I had two turtle doves (I kid you now – and we do have doves around here where I live), and they were just sitting on my veranda – not on the railing but on the floor of it and close to the door. It was comforting because when I was younger, my parents and I always admired those birds because they mate for life and we always said they had such a good relationship with each other lol.

  67. My husband and I were visiting a new school that I might want to switch my 8 year old son to. This would be a big decision and i feel insecure with making the right decision. As we were walking along the sidewalk after a 2 hour meeting I noticed a praying mantis on the side walk just outside the school. The message in the quotation box doesn’t really help me see why this praying mantis came to me or what it is trying to tell me? Can you help? Is it telling that changing schools would be the right decision?

    1. I’ve been seeing Praying Mantis all summer long. I listened to the message. But last weekend ad I was leaving for a weekend away, I saw a HUGE one. I have never seen one this big. When I returned 3 days later he was still there at my front door. Then 2 days later he was dead. I’m wondering what this means. Anyone?

    2. . I lose my brother almost 2 months ago. I hard time with it .
      I was looking out the door, it was just hanging there.
      I went outside ,and spoke to it. Maybe it’s a spirit of my brother or even my mom.
      All I know it made me feel, so much better and in time it’s going to be fine.

  68. November 11m 2014
    This morning when I awake and walked around the inside of my home. I drew the drapery back. In my dining room on the outside window there was an insect green looking at the inside of my home. At first I did not know what insect this was. I walked out to bring the garbage cans in and I went closer to this insect.. As I washed my trash cans out, my inner voice spoke to me and said this is a praying mathis. I did something very foolish, I took the hose and washed it down from the window. My inner spirit bugged me so badly until I found where he had landed and told him that I was so sorry. The praying mathis begin to move again and I left ❗ him. All day today my inner spirit told me to go online and look up Praying Mathis. Here I am. God is so awesome and He sents his little angels as insects to give us a message if we only follow through. I have been under so much stress and not having what I need to make it through the day. But God is telling me to remain calm and have peace about the situation. Thanks ❓

  69. 😀 today leaving work a woman outside was looking at something I said wat are you looking at she said a praying mantis I went over an looked at him an took a few pictures he had a bug he caught but wen i looked at the close up he was looking rite at me / or the camera !! Not sure if he was meant for the other lady or me

  70. I am on a silent retreat and was walking an outdoor labyrinth. At the centre of the labyrinth there is a pile of wood and stones and on top of this pile was a praying mantis. The message here is dead-on for me.

  71. 🙂 on oct. 10 out on my back porch I saw a praying mantis now I have lost my job filed for unemployment and down to our last PENNY.
    The past couple weeks I been doing a lot of meditation and now this morning I found a praying mantis on my front door. I felt a sense of peace and looked this up and found you. 💡

    1. Linda, I too recently lost my job and have filed for unemployment. The last few weeks have been stressful to say the least. The other day as I was leaving my apartment I went to open the screen door to exit and noticed a praying mantis sitting right above the handle. I didnt really think anything of it at first except for the fact it was the biggest mantis I had ever seen. A few days passed and it was still there. I began to worry for it because I knew it probably wasnt eating or drinking anything. But the way she had stayed there for days almost made me feel like she was there for a reason. Like she almost refused to leave. It too brought me a sense of peace which also led me to this webpage and it made me feel even better. I put her on the tree that sits outside my window. I hope she stays 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    2. Hi Linda, thank you for sharing I have a similar story I just experienced. I too just recently lost my job and filed for unemployment. The last few weeks have been stressful to say the least. The other day as I was leaving my apartment I noticed a praying mantis sitting right above the handle of our screen door. At first I didn’t really think anything of it other than the fact that is was the biggest mantis I had ever seen. I went on my way expecting it to be gone when I returned. Nope she was still there and had stayed there for almost three days before I moved her over to a tree sitting outside my living room window. When I noticed she wasnt leaving it gave me the feeling that she was there for a reason. It seemed like she was almost guarding my house and made me feel at peace… Anyway it gave me a reason to do a little research on them and I found you guys and it couldnt have made me feel any better. I hope she stays in the tree outside. 🙂

  72. okay so on October 13th after a it was raining all day. I was getting into my car (in my drive way) to go to work and notice a something on the hood(after i started the car and turned my headlights
    on). At first i thought it may be a grass hopper. but wasnt sure. so it stayed on the hood the whole time while i was driving and even on the hood when i got to my job. I got out and took pics (i though it was interesting that this insect stayed on the hood of my car the whole time). After looking at the pics i realized this was a “Praying Mathis”. This is very interesting. Does this mean anything? I felt a weird presence perhaps a feeling of things finally turning around for me for the better or maybe a sense of a love one (who is no longer here)showing some kind of guidance or sign so to speak. Please explain anyone. Thanks

    1. Hello Donna3: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page – the message changes from person to person and will be specific to you.. Follow the message you receive and explore it further.

  73. All summer I have seen praying mantis. In my garden, on my back glass door, in my bedroom. One was on my windshield wipers all the way home from work. What could they be trying to tell me??

    1. Hello Amy: When your repeatedly see an animal totem you should pay attention to all of their medicine. Adopt them as a current teacher and try to understand the full meaning of what they have to teach. Accepting them in this way will help to make things much clearer for you. Also pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page – the message changes from person to person and will be specific to you.

  74. I went to a friend’s mother’s funeral today. When I came home I found a brown/green huge praying mantis on my front steps. I heard they bring good luck. Any thoughts? 😛

    1. Hi Corrine: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page – the message changes from person to person and will be specific to you.

  75. It was raining today so left work early. found a medium size prying mantis at my door facing the doorbell button ( like if ready to knock the door). It surprise me, because i was reading an hour ago about the benefits of Tibetan praying wheel by Garchen Rinpoche, but not sure if buying one $$ expensive. This month is my birth day and I have not decide if going to see Garchen Rinpoche at Arizona next month, or go to Peru to try Ayawaska, or go to try Peyote to see if i can find a path.
    3 years ago I was unemployed in despair and a Big Green Mantis sat between my door and my window for about 3 weeks! but I can’t tell it bring me any money or good luck, but I love that animal anyway and have not idea what it show up now, for good , bad or what but I love that Mantis.

  76. I never looked up what a praying mantis represented, but I felt a great spiritual connection. I was creating my own meanings, but tonight I was getting home from work and grocery shopping unloading the car and the was a brilliant aqua mantis. It was beautiful. I unloaded the groceries and was going to move my car and the mantis went under my car, I backed up VERY slowly thinking it would of course move since I backed up so slowly. When I got out to check I cried out NOOOOO! I ran over and killed this georgous creature. My heart sunk and I am upset with myself for not moving it. What significance do you make of this murder.
    I am heart broken.

    1. Hello Moni: In this case the Praying Mantis is letting you know that you are failing to clearly communicate something that has been on your mind for sometime. It’s time to get it off your chest and let the other person know how you feel and how it affects you.

  77. I was sitting on my porch talking to my daughter in the phone she just had a baby. My daughter sent me a text and asked me to call her. While talking a rabbit shows up siting there listening to me than here flys a a big green praying mantis lands right beside me. Not sure the types of medicine these animals were trying to give me today. 😛

    1. Hi Michelle: Pay attention to the messages in the quotation boxes of both Rabbit and Praying Mantis and combine the two. It will be clear to you what their message is as a whole.

  78. I just came in from putting a letter in the mailbox and noticed a large praying mantis on the side of my house. I too have had many changes in my life over the last 8 months in particular. I was just wondering if it was a “sign”? ❓

    1. Hi Donna: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page when you return here. The message will be specifically for you and will be very clear.

  79. What would you say it means if the preying mantis landed on my hand? I opened up a door this morning and it landed right on my hand. It was crazy.

    1. Hello Annie: In order to illuminate resolution to your current dilemma go inwards and use meditation. Look for what’s in your heart and take the time to explore your feelings. Only then will you see what your next move is. Be patient – the answer is there.

  80. In my dream i was in my room when a friend of my came in and asked to see some of my papers (drawings and pictures) because he liked them. We were looking for them when i noticed something behind us in the curtain, i thought it was a spider and it scared me, but we got a closer look and it was a praying mantis, it was pink, white and mint green, like a flower. I could hear it whispering but just barely, me and my friend spendt a long tine looking at it and saying it was beautiful, then we kept talking to each other and the mantis was still in the curtain.i think itvwas really weird to notice something at the background in a dream, and getting a closer look felt really special. What does it mean ?? ❓

  81. Twessy Johnson, on september 24, 2014 7:40 pm I was leaving my salon and as I turn the ignition on in the car the light shined on the outside of the building and appeared a insect in the form of a grasshopper I got out the car walked over to it and it was a praying Mathis what would be the reason for that it just stayed there even when i shined the lights on it

  82. As I went to my car this morning to go to college, I noticed a brown Praying Mantis on my drivers side window. It stayed on the window all the way to school. After spending an entire day in school (8:30-3:30) I came back to my car to go home, and the insect was still on my car, on the hood. What does this mean?

    1. Hello Jeffrey: The color brown is symbolic of the earth, and staying grounded. Anchor yourself in the present and pay attention to what your message is in the quotation box at the top of the page.

  83. Last year on my birthday I found a green praying mantis on the screen door leading out to my backyard. It stayed there for a long time. I researched it last year and undertand the meaning of that one. But today on my birthday, I found a dead brown praying mantis on the driveway in front of my house. Does anybody know what the meaning of this one might be?

    1. If your Praying Mantis is dead – consider that the message you receive is in it’s shadow form. In other words exactly opposite the message in the quotation box when you return to this page.

  84. After reading the description of the Praying Mantis as well as reading the above post. I too am going though a tough time. Contemplating ending my dysfunctional marriage. Over the past several months things have been extremely chaotic & out of sync.. Especially within myself. several weeks ago i got a prompt to clean out my basement and throw away everything in there that has me attached to past trauma, sorrow and sadness.; especially old journals… I decided to get the grill out and burn all of the papers I found, holding nothing back.. When I got to the journals I kept second guessing myself, however I knew this was right for me to do. As the fire began to flare up and then dwindle down, I put on a “special” song. As I did the tears fell and “PEACE” came. I sat outside and felt a peace I’d never felt before.. Though I had peace, i still questioned burning the journals. My husband got my attention and said “Look over there” He pointed to a table behind me & there was a HUGE brown Praying Mantis. Something in me knew it was a sign that Everything was going to be OK…. For whatever reason, I looked to see what the symbolism was and I found I related to the symbolism Especially the inner reflection…..

    I was satisfied with it, except the decision about the relationship with my husband was still not satisfied The following day I headed out to the doctor for a follow up on a sinus procedure. The healing of my sinus was a success. In a funny way, I dreaded coming home because I felt my husbands condescension about me getting healthy again and a deep sense that he does not really care for me or really have my best interest.. When I got home, he left. About 5 minutes after he left, I was sitting on the porch and I saw something out the corner of my eye like there was something on my shoulder. I turned to look and less than an arms length was a different Praying Mantis. 2 in less than 24 hours. when my husband returned home it was late and he had on a clean change of clothes (he said he went to work & he was dirty so he changed before he came home” Needless to say the decision that I was struggling with was answered.

    Today, I sat down and finished journeling my heart only I could not come up with a true resolution as to how to leave without causing anymore conflict or instability for our 5 year old daughter. I had just penned the words, “I am “certain” of this one thing. That when the door opens for me to provide for my household, myself & this little girl. I WILL NOT BETRAY my self or my daughter… The funds may be limited for a little while but with Gods help I’ll be OK” Less than an hour after I penned that, the Praying Mantis from yesterday paid another visit. This time she crawled from on spot over to my cactus plant and crawled up one side & down the other side and just sat still…. The resolution for me was “Things might seem a little sticky and uncofortable right now but I WILL LIVE & I WILL MAKE IT……

  85. 😆 Thanks to all who have corresponded with their experiences of that wonderful creature, the Praying Mantis. I’ve had one around me for the last couple of weeks–here and there–in my garden area, on the pavement next to me, on my steps. What a fine little guy! And, of course, I have been going through some personal spiritual chaos–self doubt, anxiety, discontent, ruminations on what my “next step” might be. I do believe this Mantis is sending me a message to stay calm, be in tune with myself and trust.

  86. I had a Mantis on the roof of my car today and it stayed there while I drove around town, went to the gym for an hour until I got home and is still there. Does that mean anything?

  87. I have a lot going on right now within my personal self. I saw a praying mantis yesterday when I went to work, just sitting on the window, almost watching me. This morning I was cleaning up my backyard “space” and found two praying mantis in my way of finishing up a minor task. Any ideas why I would see three in less then 24 hours? This happened to me a few years ago, seeing three of them in less then 24 hours. Suggestions, insight???

  88. ➡ eek:
    I am currently going trough a very tough situation. My ex is a drug addict and I left him in march. We do have a beautiful daughter together and have been fighting over custody issues. Since March he has cleaned up his drug abuse. But He has done devious things to try and ruin my life. I’m in a new relationship and this is causing him a lot of jealousy. I went to an angel reader who was very good and gave me wonderful insights. She told me to stand my ground over the issues at hand. There are so many changes. Changes that will lead to peace but getting there is the hurdle. So I saw this wonderful creature tonight to remind me to take one step at a time!

  89. I witness a praying mantis this morning on my windows on the outside screen. I don’t know what it mean although I feel very connected with it.. Any insight please..

    1. had to put my dog to sleep sept first. loved her so so much, took care of her always, making sure of that everything was ok. made non meaning mistake with medication that may have cut her time here a little short. i have alot of guilt and pain, i never thought the her death would hit me so hard, besides feeling so guilty…………i was so heartbroken and in disarray.
      sept 11, i was weeding the front , and a praying mantis came out of nowhere and on my hand. i knew right away this was a sign from my beloved sweetpea . i took the mantis to the yard where she is buried and put the mantis on her grave and prayed. i feel sweetpea wants to tell me that it is ok, that she wants to give me peace, and she knows i loved her…..

    2. Hello Pasconail: Pay attention to the message in the quotation box when you return to this page. It will give you insight to the message brought to you by your Praying Mantis.

  90. Hello, a couple months ago i encountered a smaller mantis. It was just sitting on my shoulder. Me being scared of most insects immediately jumped up in a panic and it fgot flipped off of me. Thought he was gone. No about 15 mins later i look down and he is sitting on my chair. I grabbed a big stick and carefully let it crawl on, but it darted at me and i flipped out. But got him on to a stump we use around the fire pit and watched it for a while. It would only try to rush at me. Not my bf or kids. Never thought anything of it. Well, since. Have saw what i believe is the same one a few times out by my fire pit. Basically the same experience. But last night i was out there while my bf was cooking dinner and reached down to grab the charger to plug in my music and I see him. And then he flew at my arm. I go inside because i had never seen a mantis fly before. So I was intrigued. Well I go back out to scope out the situation and find out where it landed. I am looking My over the chair she. I decided it had gone else where. I Stand up and it is on the back of my chair. It looks away and takes off away from me towards the neighbors garage. Not gonna lie as soon as it took off from the chair I ran towards my garage. When all of a sudden it switches directions and flies into my garage and is headed straight for me and lands on my arm. I flip out and shake it off and head inside. But i wàs terrified. You could see the terror on my face. Ok, now after ive told about my experiences, here’s a little insight into my life. Ive been battling an opiate addiction for almost 5 years and have been sober from everything except for weed now exactly 100 days. I just counted it and now im super excited and proud of myself. But during the height of my addiction i got in quite a bit of trouble with the law. I spent a lot of time in jail and prison. I am currently on probation. And have continued to smoke weed and now i have violated for missing a couple drops. And decided to just go on the run Monday. So im pretty sure I have a warrant. But I had that experience last night which has me curious. So I stumble across this site. Which gave me some insight. But I still dont understand why it felt like he was attacking me. And is truly out for me. Last night really scared me. Now I feel like I am going to be terrified of them. And they are amazing creatures. Do you think i may have done something to provoke it? But it was after me since the first night. :/

    1. If I may reply. I think it’s possible that you may not be listening. It’s getting more forceful and “slapping you in the face”, metaphorically speaking, to wake you up. It’s symbol is of stillness and peace. Take time to contemplate your choices before moving forward.

  91. Hi… Most amazing thing….this morning after dropping the kids off at school I Saw a beautiful large green praying mantis next to the gas pump where I was getting gas. It was just so unusual. I took a couple of pics and went into the mini mart for coffee. He just brought such a happy uplifting mood to my day. It was very surprising. 🙂

  92. My son & daughter in law got pregnant , got married, & have a beautiful daughter. They are going thru very difficult financial Times besides the usual stress of newlyweds & New parenting. They came to spend a weekend with us & got into a Bad argument with each other while here. We were quite upset but acted like nothing happened while they retreated to finish their argument but the rest of the night you could feel the stress. We all went to sleep. About 4 am the baby woke up & as they went to pick her up from the crib they saw a 5 inch praying Mantis on the netting of her crib. My daughter in law freaked but my son carefully took it outside to release it & when he came in he found your website & read that GOD sends these special creatures during stressful times & they should reflect on the BIG PICTURE being the reasons they fell in LOVE & had this Blessed gift of a child. Needless to say they both cried & hugged each other KNOWING THAT GOD SENT THEM THAT MESSAGE! For them to share that StoRY at separate times with me..shows how important your website is helping so many people who forget about DEVINE INTERVENTION. Thank you so much!

  93. The other morning I was on my way to work and had about 5 more minutes to go and I just happened to look over at my passenger side visor and there was a praying mantis hanging off. Of course I freaked out as I am not fond of insects and hoped it stayed there as I drove to work and not caused an accident.
    See the night before I had had a real breakdown. I have been under a lot of stress for the last couple of following a car accident and a fractured foot that refuses to heal. Medical bills, etc have caused much stress. My husband comes home the other night wanting to move and we argue and I just have a stressful meltdown that night to the point I feel hopeless and helpless. The next morning the praying mantis shows up. I found this site, I am not sure if anything does it mean anything???

    1. Hello Anissa: Sometimes the animals and insects show up in order to guide us to certain places that can help us. We are all here to grow spiritually and emotionally and coming to this site is a great place to begin to learn more about yourself. You can work through all of your emotional issues with the help of this website by using the random animal generator and paying attention to your messages in the quotation box.

      On a medical note. the emotional issues that are usually involved with foot injuries are very interesting. Right foot injuries represent deep conflicts over how to get life and love support over relationship issues and over commitment concerns. The left foot has it’s root in being handicapped over vulnerability issues, unwillingness to receive support, and refusal to allow yourself to be taken care of by the Universe and other people. Heal these emotional issues and you will find that your foot will heal extraordinarily quickly.

    2. I cannot believe I have stumbled upon this site, this blog and this specific post. Wow. I have been seeing several praying mantis in various colors around my property for weeks. Its unusual for me to see them but I’ve only been in this home for 14 months so I thought maybe that’s just how this property is–lively with these critters. Yesterday, sitting on the couch I hear a crackle above my head, the window is open and the screen is exposed above me, and a praying mantis just landed on it straight over my head, scared me to pieces. Amazing creatures. Stayed there above me for about a half hour. Today, I’m in center city Philadelphia, an urban city, underground, on a subway. Don’t you know I’m by the doors to exit in West Philly and I see above my head over the doors a praying mantis???! Everyone couldn’t believe it. In addition, I have been dealing with excruciating bilateral foot pain since March. I had an appointment today with Rothman Institute specialists for podiatry that I waited weeks for. Nothing seems to help this pain. I have been dealing with so so many issues for so long, both emotionally with miscarriages, weight issues, autoimmune diagnosis, etc and just keep chugging along trying to just live my life, but these damn feet! I think, now seeing this post, maybe these creatures are telling me I need to just slow down and mediate, and fix some underlying issue sin my life–things docs cannot really fix. I’m just blown away I have seen this tonight while just googling praying mantis. Thanks so much!

    3. Thank you!

      This morning as I am getting ready to leave for work and my husband is getting ready to leave for the doctor he sees another praying mantis in our kitchen close to my head.

      This week has been nothing but stress financially and work related. My husband has pneumonia which has gotten worse and that is why he went back to the doctor. I maybe getting something similar as I have been running a fever, aching, and can barely stay awake some. Not to mentioned exhausted from the boot and foot. I just found out one of my employees had to go on bed rest as of Friday afternoon so that leaves me very short at work. I already work 3 jobs trying to help my finances but something did not match up. Stress and hopeless is my middle name and there it was another praying mantis??

  94. I was on my way to work this morning & as I’m parked I hear something in my back seat. I turn around to see this huge praying mantis hanging onto my backseat. I never realized that they are bringing you a message & I’m constantly stressed from the loss of my mom & dad. Just life all together . I now feel peace come over me. I really believe they are a message from God.

  95. I’ve lived in Colorado for many years (since 91) and have never seen a Praying Mantis. However, this morning as I’m getting ready for work, I look out my bedroom window to see a Praying Mantis looking in at me. Had the fan on, and facing outward all night, so they had to hold on pretty tightly. Had such a feeling of calmness and peace come over me.

    1. This past August my family and I moved into a new place as l moved in l noticed a praying mantis sitting on a pieces of my furniture, Everytime we moved him away he would come right back, the morning after l completely moved in I notice the next day he was back again this time, on my stairwell leading to my apartment. He would not move. Yesterday which happen to be Oct 1 st I leave for work and he’s back… but this time he was on my doorright next to my door knob as I opened my door to go out and lock it. I have never encountered a situation like this before so I don’t know what to do at this point can you help me analyze this? Thanks

  96. We have had a Praying mantis living in our kitchen for 4 days now, she shows up in the craziest places. I feel that she is with us right now because we are going through some stressful times and I need to slow down and start concentrating on my psychic abilities more and stop worrying about 3d things. I am an Empath and me and my fiance are Twin Flames.

  97. 🙂 🙂 My husband and I were at the gas station this morning and with all the frustration with money and bills coming at is left and right! As he was pumping the gas he says to me get out of the car and come here, I get and see this big bug on the sign and I said what in the world is that. He didn’t know so I ask another guy who was pumping gas on the other side of us what was it and he said oh that is a Praying Mantis and at that moment I saw the hands on the praying motion! I got back in the car and look up what the spiritual meaning to seeing a Praying Mantis and immediately I felt peace come over me! Knowing that the reason why we could not find peace while we were sleeping is that God is trying to speak to us and we are so frustrated with life that we can not hear him! Well this more after I got out of the shower even before seeing the Praying Mantis I began to pray and make decrees to God! I will still away this weekend to get more peace and calmness so that he can speak to me.

  98. My husband passed away on August 17. He was in Hospice. I miss him terribly. We were only married 6 years and found ourselves later in life when I was 53 and he was 61. So it’s 9:30 pm last evening and I have to admit I’m a little jumpy these days so I came down to bed and heard a galump upstairs. (We live on the water so living space is upstairs, bedrooms down) Figuring it was the cat I went upstairs and she was jumping at bugs (or so I thought ) at the screen door off the sun room. Well I started to close the slider but she was staring and staring up at the top of the screen. There in the dark, climbing up the frame was a praying mantis. It stopped and looked straight at me and did not move. So we talked for a minute or I guess I talked but what is going on? A praying mantis at night? And I went upstairs to investigate the noise and my kitty is the one who alerted me to the mantis. She loved her daddy. Seeing the Praying Mantis was strangely calming. I immediately googled praying mantis and found your site. It helped me sleep last night.

  99. 😛 💡 🙄
    I asked my older son to help his younger brother capture insects for his science project that is due next week. After catching a butterfly, a Beatle, and a unknown insect they saw a praying mantis sitting next to the air condition unit outside. They were able to capture the mantis, as it actually hopped into the container. To make a long story short, I wasn’t aware of a praying mantis nor did I know that it was a spiritual creature. My older son enlightened me and we have now decided to get a cage and keep the mantis for my younger son as a pet. We haven’t been seeing eye to eye with my older son and we actually learn that he has been breaking our house rules after only being back home 2 months. On Friday he and I had a huge blow up about the decisions that he has been making over the past 2 years. I truly believe the appreance of this praying mantis today is a sign from God! After finding this site and reading through some if the comments I feel an inner peace within my gutt. Your thoughts? Does this happen often?

    1. Hello Monica: All creatures are spiritual in some way. Even rocks have an energy that is a connection of some sort. We as humans cannot even begin to realize the reality of our our universe. But we can certainly try! 🙂 I am tickled that you were able to find peace with the Praying Mantis’s message – it means that this sight is doing it’s job by helping others find answers for themselves. A message that is coming through loud and clear for you right now is to be patient with your older son. Think of the things that you went through at his age and the conflicts you had to overcome. He will get through it! You did 🙂

  100. Hi there. I actually encountered a pretty big sized praying mantis on the water hose my son and niece were playing with today running in the sprinkler. When I approached it I thought it was so beautiful. It looked right at me and jumped off the hose and was following me and would go everywhere I went. It was seriously following me. I was so surprised and thought why me? Why is this beautiful creature following me? What does this mean?

    1. Hi Sheila: Praying Mantis was simply making sure that you got the message he was trying to give you. Pay special attention to the quotation box at the top of the article. It should resonate with where you are with your life right now. Persistence in Nature can also meant that the energy of the Praying Mantis will be with you for a while becoming one of your totems or simply to help you through this phase of your life.

  101. I have always believed the Praying Mantis was somehow spiritual but not quite how. I haven’t seen one in many years. For the last month and a half I’ve had 2 living at my back door. They started out tiny babies and are now quite large. I lost my dad almost 2 years ago and he was extremely important to me. I’ve been stressed, hurt, and lost lately over so many different things in my life. Could it be they are here to tell me something? The quote at the top hit home when I read it. Almost calming to read.

    1. Hi Angie: The quotation box can actually give you a different message each time you visit the page. Every animal on this website has at least five different messages to bring forth to the user.

  102. Hi there. I recently had a dream that I was looking at a place to rent and in what would by my room i was cleaning and saw a praying Mantis. I called my friend to come in and get it out She came out holding exactly 12 of them. What would this mean.

    1. Hi Paige: You need to have faith that Spirit is speaking to you through your repetitive thoughts, ideas, and insights. These will guide you to improve something in your life . Use positive affirmations to lead the way.

  103. Wow, I had never seen a praying mantis until today. Truly a creature worthy of the reverence it receives. I bought a plant yesterday on clearance and he must have been hanging out there, today I was just enjoying the plant when he appeared on my arm. Spent the afternoon at happy hour trying to focus on the successes I’ve had lately and forget the minor struggles that sting and burn with no consideration of the passage of time, past and present. I recently gave up what I had spent three years building with sweat and tears, to move across the country to help a friend to realize his dedicated aspirations and have encountered resistances from more difficult and unexpected places than I would have thought possible. Thank you Praying Mantis for your appearance, you may stay as long as you like, I hope you will be a good influence on me.

  104. I have a praying mantis on my front door right at this moment. I’ve had them frequently over many years. Hard to say for sure. This one is medium sized and a very pretty shade of green. Allowed me to take multiple pictures of her up close with my iPad and didn’t run away or hide. I am contemplating resigning from my job very soon. It’s weighing heavy on me. And, my father is terminally ill and that is weighing heavy on me. I feel like my family who’ve passed away send these praying mantis to me.

    1. Hi Lisa: Your Praying Mantis is a messenger bringing you love and assurance. This is a difficult time for you, but like all things they inevitably move forward to their conclusions – giving us the time and space to be there for ourselves again. Pay special attention to the message that comes up in the quotation box for you.

  105. There was a praying mantis on the key pad that I use every morning to enter my office parking space. I carefully tried to enter the code without disturbing him, and he nicely moved to the side of the key pad. After I parked I went back to him and gently moved him to a nearly bush because I didn’t want someone else coming behind me to be frightened by him and potentially harm him. This morning he was actually on the back door that I use to enter my office (there are 3 back doors that you can use to enter our space – it was interesting that he was on my door). He was reaching is little praying hands out to me instead of having them in the normal “praying” position. When I opened the door he hopped down to the ground. I felt very happy to see him again this morning. I think they are very special insects.

    1. Hi Susan: All too often we don’t give credit to the Animals and Insects for being fully developed sentient beings. It always amazes me when they come forward in the way they sometimes do and risk everything to simply reach out to us.

  106. I’m a few days away from being 9 months pregnant and there’s been a praying mantis hanging on my window for a couple days now. This past weekend I did do a lot of stressing and business handling for my baby shower, also I’ve been worrying a lot about if I should quit my job and work on finding my creative self again while doing something freelance or return back to my regular retail job six weeks after giving birth. Does this praying mantis randomly popping up mean anything? I live in Indiana so I’ve never seen one, didn’t even know we had them here.

    1. Hi TaQuila: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page when you return here. The message will be clear.

  107. Hello. I have been having quite a few dreams involving Mantises recently and have been very confused. My most memorable one started with deadly snakes and spiders and I began to feel very scared and just before a dream-spider could get me, my dream changed and I was in the middle of nowhere with Praying Mantises raining from they sky. I have had many more dreams with them, but this one seemed the most important for some reason. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tiffany: The raining of Praying Mantis’s is letting you know that you have spiritual help available to you at all times. All you have to do is trust your intuition.

  108. Hi there
    Yesterday I was thinking about Praying Mantis’s and wondered where they could be found. Just a random thought in the day.
    Today I went on board my ship and there was a “blonde” coloured Mantis. I have lived on the island all my life and have never seen or heard of them being here.
    What say ye?

    1. Hi Nathan: Praying Mantis can change color to blend in with their surroundings, I would say the blonde color suggests a stronger spiritual message – or an emphasis on the message that was coming to you. Pay attention to the message that comes up in the quotation box at the top of this page or any of our other animal pages. They should be fairly specific to you.

  109. I was at work when the teen girls were finishing lunch outside. One of the girls screamed BC she almost touched a bug when she sat near the plants. I looked over and saw the praying mantis on the plant. I told the girls to leave it alone BC they are very cool creatures. I have also never seen one so I was excited. Once the girls went inside, I took a picture of it. Its probably one of the best looking picture and I felt a moment of strong calmness. It was a rainy unusual day in phoenix, AZ. 😎

  110. I have 4 praying mantis’s on my balcony. It started with one little guy and I have NO idea where the other ones came from but now I have 4. they have been there for almost 2 weeks now. One of them looks to have molted and is now huge. I’ve seen maybe 3 praying mantis’ my entire life, i’m 47. and in the course of a few days 4 of them just took up residence with me. I find it a strange ‘coincidence’. Any idea what this might mean if anything?

    1. Hi Bea: The Praying Mantis’ are letting you know that you have to slow down and be still for a while. You’ve been trying to run away from your intuition on some matter and are ignoring some obvious signs that could avert trouble ahead.

  111. ❓ i found a praying mantis while am watering my plants, very unusual since i often encounter just a grasshopper when i was young.

    1. Hi Angelita: This one is telling you to pay attention to your thoughts. You have a reoccuring idea that will serve you well in the future – but you maust take action on it now.

    1. Hi Kristen: This one was telling you to hang on and be patient. What you are looking for will soon arrive.

  112. I have a lot of praying mantis babies in my guest room this morning. Literally like 50-100… What would this mean? Does supermoon have an effect on this? We have been trying for a while for a baby.

    1. Hi Sonia: In this case your many Mantis babies are letting you know that you need to be patient. Stop trying so hard and all things will fall into place.

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