Skunk Symbolism, Skunk Meaning, Skunk Totem, Skunk Dream, and Messages
Tread lightly and do no harm. Approach the problem from a passive direction and everything will simply come together.

Skunk Meaning and Messages

In this case, Skunk symbolism presents you with the perfect opportunity to become more confident in your interactions with others. In other words, this spirit animal asks you to meet life’s challenges with a calm and peaceful heart. Also, you have the respect that you require to get to where you wish to be. Thus the Skunk meaning implies that walking your talk is the only way to set the example for others. In this way, like the dog, you will also respect yourself and your own beliefs.

Alternatively, Skunk symbolism may be letting you know that you do have the courage and willpower to raise a stink to make right something that is wrong. In other words, justice needs to prevail at this time. Just remember that you do not need to “spray” to be compelling. Your reputation precedes you. Just stand your ground calmly and with confidence.

Skunk Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Skunk totem are the ultimate pacifist, always preferring to avoid conflict and turmoil. They walk a fine line between being a people “pleaser” and balancing your self-respect. Folks with this spirit animal always maintain a “do no harm” attitude. They also know how to be assertive without ego. People with this power animal, like the poisonous snake,  know how to attract others and are very charismatic. They have a good understanding of energy and how to use energy flows to get what they want. These folks also understand the use of aromatherapy.

Skunk Dream Interpretation

When you have a Skunk dream, it is an indication that you have been driving people away or turning them off in some way. But, conversely, like the red angelfish dream, it could also mean that you are suppressing your anger and are on the verge of exploding. Thus you are not expressing your true feelings even though you disagree with a decision.

Alternatively, to smell this creature in your dream is a symbol of fear. In other words, you may be threatening to someone in your waking life. Occasionally, the vision may indicate that it is time to confront your repressed anger.

48 thoughts on “Skunk”

  1. When I went back to sleep, at 5 a.m. this morning, there appear a skunk near myself and associates. They wanted to chase the skunk away. I didn’t. I told them to leave the skunk alone or else it will spray. When the skunk came back, she had a bunch of baby skunks with her.

  2. Skunks are good family creatures, and find alternate means instead of violence to solve aggression toward themselves. So represent solid, nurturing, calm, positive, ways of being in the world.

  3. i just had a dream. was in a field of green plants in a squatting position to relieve myself was reaching for leaves to wipe myself off when i brought my hand up in it was a baby skunk we both looked into each others eyes for a minute or 2 then i looked down to return the animal back in the field and notice the mother and 4 other baby skunks, the one I returned to he bush joined the others, the mother gathered it and led it to a hole and she began to step on its back pressing it further in the ground. strange dream anyone can help me understand this one?

  4. A friend of mine had a video of a skunk they saw on a walk on their social media, and I told my friend that in the last few years I have rescued two skunks that were in trouble while I was on walks. One was trapped under a fence. I was walking my dog and noticed it at 8 AM. Since they are nocturnal, I was surprised to see it out in the daylight. I live in Los Angeles. My dog didn’t notice so I walked back home with him, and then I grabbed a towel so I could keep its tail from spraying me, and I freed it. About a year later, at 5:30 AM I left my house to ride my bike, and a skunk was in the middle of the street running into the curb, with a yoplait yogurt container stuck on his head so it couldn’t see. Went back home got a towel, and I was able to remove the container. It almost wouldn’t come off and I thought I would have to go home and get a scissors. And then of course three days later my dog got sprayed by a skunk. But telling this to my friend, they said maybe a skunk is my spirit animal. I never would’ve considered that, but then I read this, and it pretty much fits me to a T. So I guess the skunk is my spirit animal. I have always thought they were pretty cute, but why do they have to be so stinky?!
    At the very least it’s an interesting coincidence

  5. Hi I’ve stayed in my apartment for a year in a half Never really seen a skunk maybe twice if that… now for the past month I see them every other day and I’m so scared of them if I’m on my way to work and see one I’ll call
    Off I’m that scared of getting sprayed, what does this mean why am I so afraid more so terrified ? Some one please help me

    1. Just like our furry friend, you have what it takes to protect yourself . . . keep calm and carry on

      Walk softly and carry a big stink!

      Vancouver is full of skunks 😅

  6. I had a dream about an albino skunk last night. It was running in a circuit in my house. Dream-me watched it and wondered how to help it find its way out of the house. Meanings?

  7. So I’ve now been spiritual for around 5 years, I haven’t lasted in a relationship over 2 years every time I go for walks with any boyfriend I’ve dated skunks have come across our paths, different animals seem to come along at different times of my life but does anyone know why a skunk comes along every time I’m with a boyfriend walking is there a meaning to this?

  8. This literally just happened a few moments ago. So I started looking things up to see what it means. I’m up in the mountains right now on top of one of the tallest in this area. This happened at around 7:30pm. I’m up here praying to God, asking him about a current situation that I’m in.
    Now I believe God will communicate with us anyway he wants to and Something like this has never happened to me before. But I have a feeling he was trying to tell me something, I’m just not sure what or how to interpret it.
    I’m walking back and forth on top of this mountain praying. When I turned around, about 30 yards away. There is this Skunk, just standing there on all 4s just looking at me. We just looked at eatchother for a few moments and then it turned around and jogged off. I say jogged because it wasn’t walking but it wasn’t running in panic either. Though, it didn’t seem scared. I called out “peace” to put that kind of energy in the air so it knew I wasn’t there to harm him. Then… I got this feeling God was trying to tell me something but I really have no idea what.
    Would anyone happen to have any ideas to what he may of been saying?
    Thank you for your time and help.

    1. Zach, I think it really depends on your personal situation and what you were praying on. After reading about the meaning of the skunk as spirit animal, I would say just use your intuition and answer for yourself, what do you think it means? Trust in your own inner voice to guide you in the meaning. You can also try to write about what you think it means and the answer might come through that way. Hope that helps and that your prayers are answered. Peace!

  9. Another Full Moon and another Skunk messenger. Must break through fear of getting “sprayed” and look that Priestess in the eye!

  10. One night I was driving home and I saw a skunk in the road. I tried to to avoid hitting it entirely. When I hit it the skunk did not spray or I did not smell it. This is the first time I have experienced this usually you can smell them a mile a way or when they have been hit.

  11. I got off a coaching call/ life is at an interesting turning point/ Maybe even stand still of my own doing!
    Decided to go vacuum out the car and took a wrong turn. Ended up seeing a skunk Walking around in circles. Its 1pm. 118 as I type. I watched it for a bit / It seems confused/ alone/ literally walking in circles! I can relate! After googling it- it’s evident he is infected with rabies. I called animal control.
    The question is/ what kind of message do I take from this/ the synchronicity of my wrong turn and my stumbling upon him. The totem seems to be of higher values and qualities- yet mine is walking around in circles! Future for this one does not seem so high! Either dead by moving vehicle/ or put to rest with a needle.

    Look forward to a reply! Much Aloha!

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