Tarantula Symbolism

We all grow from the inside out. Time to shed that old skin!

Tarantula Meaning, and Messages

In this case, tarantula symbolism is asking you to be patient for the moment. In other words, all you are asking for and trying to create in your life is coming to fruition behind the scenes. Therefore, you must step back and allow it all to take hold in a solid foundation. Thus, moving too soon can create instability that will undermine all of your hard work. Tarantula meaning reminds you to trust that you will be given the information and knowledge you need. Moreover, you will be able to make your next move when the time comes.

Alternatively, tarantula symbolism can also be letting you know that positive changes are now taking hold in your life. Therefore now is the time to integrate the spiritual with the physical. Similar to the cat and the salmon messengers, trust your intuition and continue to move forward.

Tarantula Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the tarantula totem, like those who have coral as their power animal, understand the gift of perfect timing. Plus they will often use it to their best advantage. More often than not these folks have a stable home life, trusted friends, few enemies, and many hangers-on.  In spite of this, people with this spirit animal totem prefer to do things on your own. They also understand the proper use of ambush and will purposely wait for the right moment to get what they want. Most people cannot say no to them. They are creative, can think outside the box, and walk their talk.

Tarantula Dream Interpretation

When you have a tarantula dream, it may signify that you have enemies behind doors that you have closed. Thus it is time for you to move on.

If you see a striped spider of this species in your dream is a message that things are not what they seem in your waking life. Like the seagull dream, look at things from a different perspective to get the true picture. Alternatively, to see an extremely hairy spider of this species symbolizes the need to look beneath the surface of things in order to gain understanding. In other words, knowledge is important to the final result you are trying to achieve.


  • I come had a dream that I had 2 of my friends over and all the spiders from all around the world stated chasing us. My 🐈 Molly started attacking them. We got out side. Then we saw a tarantula as big as a sky scrapper. My aunt Pattie’s and uncle Allen’s dog Charlie started barking at it, but then the tarantula ate him then my two friends then me. I have know idea if that dream means if my spirit animal is a tarantula, a German Shepherd, or a calico cat.

  • Hi, I just wanted to know why I keep seeing a Totem tarantula in my bedroom, sometimes in runs on the wall towards me frantically & then other times it’s slow and stops then weaves a web then start walking again, just to let you know this doesn’t scare I find it quite comforting.

  • I had a dream of a tarantula I can’t really remember everything but I do remember is that in my dream I was scared I do remember what the tarantula looks like it was black and gray and hairy what does this mean ?

  • 3 tarantulas showed up in my dream, as pets. For some reason in my dream they were all in the same enclosure. The largest of the tarantulas, being charcoal black devoured the first, smallest tarantula easily, this one was mostly black with brightly colored stripes. The 2nd tarantula was a bit bigger, and quite hairy, also of dark color, it was devoured with some difficulty by the largest of them. Is the largest charcoal tarantula representing myself in any way, and destroying illusions and unburying truths?

  • Hi so recently I have been trying to understand my path spiritually.
    So never in my life have I ever come across a tarantula until yesterday if I have I’ve never paid attention until yesterday? Could this be a message or could it be plain coincidence? Thanks #turantulameanings #spiritual #guidance

    • It is not an coincident.
      When I started my spiritual path I had many of these animals showing in real life.
      Racoon on bathroom window…outside…and super big. Feathers in yard …a lot not just one or two. Every day. Different ones. Different places.
      It is fun and a way of heaven talking to you.
      Open up to it and follow your roots…it is so worth it.

  • I had a dream, I was surrounded by my cousins and brother and they gave me a black tarantula to swallow it. I took it with my hands put together and then brought it to my mouth and tarantula started to climb inside my mouth (tarantula was bigger than my mouth). When I woke up the tarantula was in the end of my mouth and I felt like choking but I let them know I was ok and I could keep going as the tarantula was crawling inside my throat.

  • I have been dreaming about the same tarantula in every house I move to since I was a teen. In my parents house I would dream about one (or more) being in our house. Then when we moved out of state I dreamed about it being in a web around the house and at our next house (we were renters for awhile), and our next house, all the way to our current permanent house. Sometimes I would wake up suddenly and look in the dark on the walls and i could swear I saw a spider on the wall I would jump up and flip the light on searching but never found anything. It has happened so often it has become like a memory for me; like my childhood house I kind of remember it as having a tarantula there when it never did. So I did a google search and came across your website. It would be interesting if the tarantula is my animal totem.

  • I woke up today dreaming that I was in some doctors office and saw Tarantula a huge one come out of a pocket hole of wall than a small one fallowed I screamed for boyfriend to help me 😁lmao he picks it up holding it very well no fear im the one saying be careful it might bite you so he lets it go back on wall because of it size it was havey and fell to ground my son comes in without knowing he stepped on it because I’m telling him to get out I saw it squashed in my sons half of back shoe the other little ones went into hole so I woke up😧😝 so I came here to get a clue to this dream 😮

    • my wife woke me up around 4am we had some prayers after then I went back to sleep along the line in my sleep I had a dream of tarantula spider rush on to me and enter my shoulder

  • Last night I had a dream that I was renting this property with my mom and brother. Out of nowhere all of these tarantulas start coming down from the ceiling from silk threads. One of them was even using its legs like it was a mammal, almost moving its legs together to get down faster. Somehow this vibration started to happen that put the spiders in an immobile state and they were just hanging there, mesmerized by the vibration and not moving.

  • Last night I was dreaming with tarantula the color brown with stripes she crawled to the middle of the floor and her legs turned into 8 baby spider and one was crawling on my dad’s foot ( mind you my dad passed away almost 2 months ago). I push it away off my dads foot . In my dream someone tried to kill it but I push that person foot away so they won’t kill the baby spider , I saw all the baby spadier run back to the mom, they got inside the mother and she turn into some type of bug and flew away but before she did she said to whoever tried kill the baby spider, did you try to kill my babies and flew away. I don’t understand the mean of my dream. In my i wasnt scared or anything. I was amazed cause it turned into a bug and it was flying.. i kept asking my dad what does it mean to dream with spiders.. but i was dreaming .

  • Lastnight I dreamed that several tarantulas appeared in my house all in the same hallway. Spread out and just sitting still. Black and brown. I was trying to avoid stepping on them. I was fascinated by them but uncertain why they were there or where they were coming from. I did bend down to look closely at one and it shrunk into a smaller spider but looked directly at me. That’s about all I can remember. Kindof a strange dream.

  • Hi there! Last night I had a dream of two tarantulas that were moulting. They had been placed into the same cage together, and both began to moult, and one accidentally moved and crushed the other tarantula beneath it. Having had tarantulas before I know how sensitive a time moulting is, and they are very fragile. I cannot find any site that dictates what dreaming of tarantulas moulting means.. Do you have any ideas?

  • Dreamt of 3 beautiful tarantulas. In colors. Not harmful. Still. Fragile. Beautiful. I recall one having some pink. Another blue. A third pretty natural brown. Soft fur but not long fur. The overall feeling of the dream was one of discovery, amazement, appreciation of uniqueness, rarity and value. Not sure what it means. I felt on guard yet also felt there was no reason to be afraid at all.

  • I had a dream last night (Saturday) that a big stripped tarantula was fighting across the room with the big red butterfly inside a nice living room with wood floors. Any thoughts? Xoval

  • Hi my name is vanessa i woke dreaming a dark hairy spider lastnight and i really dont know what it mean in my dream it was crawling to get me but i would run and when it got to me i tryed to killed it and more keeped comeing my way i was freakeing out so bad and now i cant stop seeing the image in my mind and how scary they are my anxiety has reated to it and my frelings i been feeling very bad i can keep myself together can someone tell me what it really means plzs

  • I awoke briefly out of a sound sleep to see a tarantula crawling on my bedroom wall. I closed my eyes for a brief second and it disappeared! That was weird, it must be there to send me a message!

  • 😕 I have woken amidst 2 dreams involving what we call huntsmans (big hairy not harmful) spiders. The first one was in my mouth squashed up, stuck to the roof of my mouth. Once I finally removed it I realised it was a spider. The second one was curled up in my long hair, when I tried to remove it and shake it out of my hand it used it’s web making ability to stay attached to my hand swirling inside the palm of my hand, not letting go. I was unemployed for 6 months and forced to sell my home and relocate an hour away. My new jobs are low in pay and I drive an hour to each of them, in peak hour my drive can be up to 3 hours. I am struggling financially. Recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found the lump early and it has been removed, however I am awaiting test results to see if I would benefit from chemotherapy. In each of my dreams I experienced fear encountering each spider. I am not sure how to interpret my dreams.

  • I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I was walking up my gravel drive and a black tarantula about 6 inches wide walked across my path. I knew immediately it was a totem for me. I have been doing some serious work changing my life and I had just gone through some major anger at my guides for the level of difficulty this gas been. You’re totem has helped me immensely. Thank you!

  • I did a Vision Quest in June. In the temazcal ceremony before I bagan my 4 day 4 night quest, there was a very large trantula above my shoulder on the top of the sweat lodge. During day three, the same tarantula came and sat on my forearm, explained why it came into my life, and was quire informative.

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