Move quickly and fearlessly, adapting your strategy where necessary.

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Opossum symbolism is letting you know that you must lay low and blend into the fabric of your surroundings. This spirit animal message comes to you because things are not entirely what they appear to be at this time. Thus your best course of action is to say nothing and do nothing simply. In other words, Opossum meaning is guiding you to allow yourself space and time to see things for what they are.

Alternatively, Opossum symbolism, like the Tarantula, is letting you know that the universe is working behind the scenes to fulfill your dreams. Therefore, you must be patient and allow things to develop. Moreover, you must also trust that you will know the exact moment to make your move. In other words, Opossum meaning insists that you take a passive stance in all that is happening around you.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Opossum totem are highly intelligent. They prefer to use their brains and their wits as opposed to their physical strength to get what they desire. They understand how to use diversion and strategy in all situations. Folks with the Opossum totem also have a habit of coming out of nowhere to step into success. Furthermore, most people never see this spirit animal coming until it’s far too late, and they have won the game. These people are known as very sensible and down to earth individuals by their peers. They also work well in group situations and tend to rise to the top inconspicuously. Like the Ostrich power animal, they know when to lay low. As career choices go, they make a great magician, strategist, publicist, or stylist.

Dream Interpretation

When you have an Opossum dream, it signifies that a person or situation in your life is deceptive. Thus they are not coming from a place of truth and integrity. (It may even be you!) In other words, things are not what they appear to be. Therefore, you must be on the lookout for hidden agendas, self-deception, deception, misunderstandings, and half-truths.

Alternatively, an Opossum Dream can be a symbol of retreat. You have been “worrying” a problem too aggressively and just need to leave it so that it will resolve itself.

76 thoughts on “Opossum”

  1. Lavonsia Smith

    Good morning!
    I dreamed I was at work. The was a huge nut shell (it looked like a giant walnut) on the floor. When I opened it, there was a possum curled up inside of it.
    It wasn’t an adult…it was a baby, but not a tiny baby. It began to follow me everywhere I went, and it had a beautiful, multi jeweled necklace around it’s neck. The jewels were earth toned. What does this mean?

  2. i Live in the city. yes i have trees in my backyard. i woke up this morning to let my dog out and there was opossum sitting on my chair in the kitchen. just sitting. it was a young one not so much a baby but not an adult. what is the meaning of this??

  3. I had a dream I was outside of my house and my children were upstairs sleeping. My door was opened and 2 orange cats and 1 possum ran in my house. I was terrified because my children were in the house. Does this have any meaning 🤔? Or is my mind having extremely weird dreams?

    1. Opossums are gentle creature that harm no one. Furthermore, they are virtually NEVER RABIES vectors!
      The orange kitties may have just claimed you as their family.

      Sounds like a very good dream to me!

    2. I never really do dream research but this is the oddest thing ever I had almost the exact same dream except without the children I dreamed of an opossum and two cats coming into the house and then a tiger which ate the cats but there was the same combination of the opossum and the cats

  4. I just saw a possum on our porch a little while ago. Although we live in the country this is only the second time I’ve seen one. And this is the first time I’ve been close enough to reach out and touch one, it was only a few feet away, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to scare it away. They certainly are brave, it didn’t run or even move. It just sat there chilling and looking at me. Our little dogs were barking at it and that didn’t scare it away either. And even though it was eating the food we leave for our cat that stays outside, I got the strong feeling that it was also here to deliver a message to me. I looked it up on this site (which is one of my favorite websites btw, keep up the good work) and everything written on this page resonates perfectly. A few minutes ago I peeked out the door to see if it was still there and sure enough it was. It seems very calm and relaxed, I looked into its eyes and sensed a wise and gentle soul. Our cat that stays outside wasn’t afraid of it either, she’s also a wise soul, so I take that as a good sign. What an awesome way to end a good day. (:

  5. I want to see. Lol like you I felt the same way when I came across The meanings now I always look to see what things mean and it’s usually pretty true

  6. I see them from time to time in my back yard but earlier tonight I saw a normal size one walking on the fence and a cat behind him or her …so funny then a cute baby one like 2 hrs ago right when I opened the door that faces the back wooden fence.. starring at me.. and I was like OMG your so cute!! Now I really do believe that’s my spiritual animal… specially because it started happening 2days after I told my no good boyfriend to leave…he betrayed me..so I had no knowledge or idea about them up until now!!! Amazing! The baby one even let me take a picture and I put it on Facebook..but I know the meaning coincidentally applied to my situation…in every way!

  7. Ashley Nicarry

    You guys.. Where do I begin this story.. Let’s start about 8 years ago, I had 2 pet possums. I got them as orphans when their mother was hit in the road. Their names were Pete and Zoey. Well 8 years ago I had just started dancing in a local strip club and began heavily using drugs so I was hardly ever home. My mother took the cage I had Pete and Zoey in and set it outside with the top open to set them free. They were maybe around a year old st this point so I was heartbroken thinking that they’d be lost and not survive in the wild. Fast-forward to today.. I’ve now been sober for 6 solid years come this August 2021. My father passed away in May 2020. I have moved back with my mother since. So one night, I’m in my little brother’s old bedroom and here a noise coming from the corner of the room from my bed. I look down and there’s a MASSIVE possum staring at me from a hole in wall! He slowly backs away and that was my first encounter with this possum. Me, being the animal lover I am, started putting food right next to the hole for the possum who I have named Fred. He started getting too brave and was stealing my snacks from my bed so I boarded the hole up. Fred the Possum chewed a new hole AROUND the board for a new way in. So I put a piece of gate across the entire portion of the wall covering the hole. One night, I walk into my room and there is this stray cat on my bed! Now I’ve seen this stray around the house numerous times but it ALWAYS bolted if I even looked her way. But here she is! Sitting on my bed meowing at me. I sit on the bed with her and she’s soaking up all the love. As I’m sitting with Stranger Danger (the stray cat), I look in the corner of the room where the hole is and I watched Fred put his head downwards and ram the freaking gate out of his way so he can get in! Shortly after, I see my very first WILD RAT. Ever!! It pops out from under my dresser, stares at me and takes off out my apparent Woodland Critter Doggy Door. He does this TWICE!! More time passes, I’m still on my bed petting Stranger Danger the cat, Fred the Possum is stomping around under my bed and Dewayne Johnson the rat is playing peekaboo with me when I see out of the corner of my eye a tiny mouse running from under my night stand, stealing food from my Chihuahuas bowl and bolting back under my night stand!! This went on for HOURS! I just didn’t even know what to do.. But I digress.. So nobody believes my story about Fred the Possum so I try relentlessly for 2 months to get a shot of this beast of a possum! Finally I get him on video.. Last week, I caught him again on video only THIS time he is not scared of me WHATSOEVER! I’m having a full conversation with Fred and he’s just staring at me, unbothered, just a couple of feet away from me.. So I get to thinking, how long do possums live?? Could this be my Pete or Zoey trying to come back home?? So tonight I finally Googled a possums lifespan and was saddened to see that there’s no way Fred is actually one of my babies from 8 years ago.. But instead I come across all of these spiritual meanings behind seeing a possum!! My mind is absolutely BLOWN!! The messages, the meanings.. It all fits perfectly with the situation I am currently in! I just can’t even believe what I’ve learned tonight. And to think, all these months of me trying to keep Fred out and maybe he’s just been trying to tell me something! I have the video if anyone would like to see. It’s pretty wild. This whole thing is wild..

  8. I have two possums visiting recently. One is smaller and almost black, other is large and grey. I try to keep my dog from noticing them. If he does he barks like holy hell and gets in their face. Hes an old lazy sheltie now but my god he comes to life when he sees a possum. The black one is so chill. My viscous sounding old dog doesnt seem to scare him much. Plus he just lumbers off and sneaks away when my dog smells him. Tonight my dog cornered it by the garage and i ran over and yelled at my dog to leave it be. Even after all that my dog wont bite it and the possum just slowly scampers off. My cats are so curious and just watch the thing or follow it into the garage. I leave the back door open in the winter to the separate garage so my cats can have a safe spot if for some reason they get left outside in the cold. Idk if the possums are living in there or just come snack on cat food i occasionally leave out on deck rail. Few years back we had a possum show up but it either froze to death or got hit by car. Was in the ditch in spring. My daughter named it Gregory. I think they all are Gregorys now lol. Anyhow I sure needed to see that possum message you wrote in the first two paragraphs.

  9. I dreamed of a mother possum and three baby possums. We were at my (deceased) mother’s house. We need to relocate them for their safety. The little ones jumped on our legs and clung tightly. We temporarily relocated them to an area near my former work. After a period of time, when their new space was ready, I went back to get them, and they had grown into huge creatures, at least the mama had. I took them to the swanky new home I had arranged for them where they could roam and be happy. They were very happy when I left them, and the mama seemed grateful. Thoughts?

  10. I just had a dream of a returning possum , under my house . A while back I had a possum burrow into my home , he trashed my bathroom . I had a dream afterwards about one and last night that dream came back the cover from under my house was pushed back like it forced its way back under my house . In my dream I couldn’t tell if came out or back in the cover was just opened . And In my dream I just stood there wondering did the old one ever come out or did it break back in.

  11. I had a dream the other night and it ended with an opossum coming after me. It started with being at home with some random family members and one I of my friends dogs. I remember wanting to leave and when I left i came upon the opossum. It didn’t seem like it wanted to kill but it was malicious. it’s was biting on my sleeve. I was running around yelling for help and I couldn’t shake it off. And when I did it bit me in the butt. I couldn’t get it off me and didn’t want my to go find out where this dream was heading so I woke up.

    1. Holy crap… I almost had the exact same dream!!!! I woke up and googled what it meant to have a possum in my dream and I found your post!
      I too, was in my childhood bedroom and there was a possum in my room with me and my dog! It bit me on the butt too, wouldn’t get out of the room, and was chasing me, trying to bite me. I kept asking people for help to remove it.

  12. I’m about to move to a new place where I can work and live- my current situation is not very ideal… but it has allowed me to spend very little money. My mom has been extremely ill and plane tickets to see her in NM as well as time there has left me with limited resources. been seeing shrews in the clouds and in real life for a few months now. I took the shrews to mean that I should stay on course with my goals, and downsize my belongings…I also think I have been trying to expand my business and was thinking about taking that step when I first started seeing them.
    I had a house lined up and a roommate, then heard she wasn’t sure she could commit. My fiancee who I’ve been staying with and who I have been seeing the shrews with, currently lives with a few other people and yesterday we find mold in the bed and decide we definitely have to get out of there. That same night a possum walks up and, not appearing to see us, is munching hard on something for 15 minutes. We both comment that we’ve never seen a possum eat but I’m suspicious it’s a shrew or a snake, because we keep seeing them successively as well. I go look after it finally notices us 10 feet away and flees and it’s a rotten shrew, it’s head severed from it’s body. Any ideas what this means?

  13. So im in my truck at 330 am in a thunderstorm smoking a bowl …kinda going thru some emotional reltionship stuff literaly tonight …lol an a possum walks behind my truck in the rain an up an behind the tree.i am in touch with the universe but i dont ever google omens an i did tonight …this link came up an i read it a im ashamed to say 100 my sperit animal is a gay ass possum ..but every detail of it matchs how i feeln rn bout my relationship an the traits of the possum fits me like a condom…DONT EGNORE SIGNS FROM THE UNIVERSE THERE EVERYWHERE…..THANKS POSSUM…….

    1. Ha ha ha, funny how you stumble on stuff like this when weird shit goes down. My chicken was making all kinds of noise (11:00 at night so pretty unusual) so I went out to investigate. Two of my chickens were in the bushes near their coop (I forgot to check them and close the run tonight). I went over in the taller weeds near where they were and bent to pick one up. An opossum RAN OVER THE TOP OF MY FOOT. I was in a sandal type shoe so I felt it. It just kept running across the field. I’m feeling pretty fortunate that I didn’t step on it. A bite would have been a whole different ballgame. A friendly “excuse me miss I need to get the heck outta here” and it was gone. Wonder what that means 😂

    2. Hi, everyone, I live in the country in Texas, and we keep dry cat food and water out on our back porch, for any animals that want to come up and eat. . . like a “gift” to the universe to the little hungry animals (like feeding birds in a park). So, we often see oppossums, usually about 11:00 at night, and I KNOW they are bringing me a message. I have read about them before, but I haven’t seemed to really GET their message before. I am struggling with a situation where I have been made to feel so unimportant, so not special, and yet, I know I am kind and I would be a wonderful friend to other ladies. But any time I try to “show” my gifts, whether it be creative endeavors or cooking skills, I end up getting squashed by the other people. Last night we saw a little wounded possum that came to eat, it looked like it had been fighting A LOT, day after day. I have a doctor appt. in a few days, and i have sort of an issue with my doctor, so I want to “show her” that I kNOW some of the things about my health conditions, and she wants to be “the boss”, and yet, I am very protective of my own body, so I have been so stressed about this upcoming doctor visit. So today, I realized, that if I would just “let” the doctor feel like she is the “big deal”, it would go much smoother. I have chosen women doctors for YEARS, thinking they would be more compassionate about certain issues, but it really has backfired. . . so i talked to my husband today, and he said, “just let her explain everything to you (things I already KNOW what to do), and then she can feel good about HERSELF that she got to tell ME something, I already knew about ME. I am struggling with my EGO, I am NOT a smart alec who thinks she knows everything, I swear. But I have had a victim mentality for most of my life, and now I have had to stand up to a doctor, and I have been struggling with intense emotional stress, for 4 months. So maybe possum is telling me, to get over my “ego” and let her THINK she knows everything. Yes, I know, doctors spend YEARS going to school to learn what they do. But I also have a certain “intuition” about what is going on with my own body, and I’m not willing to have certain invasive procedures done, on me, so she can make money off of me. This post may make SOME people ANGRY. But it is REALLY about my very hurt feelings about my life, like, WHEN is it going to be MY turn to “shine”, with the things that I DO know how to do? I don’t WANT to be in competition with the doctor, but the possum is REALLY trying to tell me, to just “lay low” and go with the flow, and just say, “Oh, OK, ” when she starts telling me the stuff about my health condition. so this time, I am going to do it. . to follow what the possum is teaching me–to just lay low, act like nothing’s going on, to protect myself, and yet, then, go on and do what I REALLY believe I should do, in my heart. This is the first time I have ever written on this post, and I felt “inspired” to write this to you all. It’s so hard for me to “let go”, when I have been so emotionally wounded for years. But for my OWN sake, I will let the dr. think she is winning, and then do my own thing. . .thanks for listening guys, Sincerely, Sharon from Texas

    3. Hi Sharon,

      I really resonate with and respect your story! IT is very difficult to share our personal difficulties and vulnerabilities. I just wanted to share that I believe you should not let the doctor win. The message from the opossum IS using your OWN senses to see, what is unseen. And be free from illusions here.

      You are touching on a very crucial point of Superior and Inferior EGOS. Some are fed by feeling bad! Which is the victim mentality! And unconscious acceptance of abuse! By that I mean, we are unkind to ourselves first, and foremost. It is very hard to recognize this. How we have created this internal conflict first and foremost.

      Now the crucial part is, there are Superior egos. Those who “think they NO best” The wisdom is to know the difference. There are bad cops, bad doctors, bad politicians. And they all want to tell us what to do, and make us feel we are Nothing. This might be what you are experiencing with females in your life, a judgement, and a suppression. As a reflection to these original conflicts (most apparent in our society the masculine/feminine divide, among others)

      Now I am sorry if this is not super clear, but I felt very compelled, to make sure you do put this doctor in her place.Or at least attempt to stand up for UR rights. You are not the only one being controlled by the false
      pyramid! False ideology! They may have got a PHD, but it’s partial indoctrination!!! Some escape the dungeons unscathed! Some are prepared for battle! Oy vey! But many do not survive, so please speak for those that can’t! And we will get stronger!!!!!!!!

      THEY NEVER SAW OPPOSSUM cUmmm~ing! ^UP^ from behind.

      make the unconscious conscious. fight deception, in all realms.of the galaxy.
      Tan sexy.
      strategic. MagickLick~ing

  14. I have been getting visited by possums since last summer. The first one appeared at 3 am the morning of my 47th birthday. I caught him & put him back outside. Two more came in during the summer. I presumed they were coming in through a gap between the house and catio because once I blocked it off, I didn’t see any more.

    Now, this year, starting about 2 weeks ago, babies started entering my house through the kitchen. The first one was rather evasive but between me & the cat (who alerted me that he was meandering from the dining room & towards my bedroom), we corralled him into a trash can & out he went. The next one, I heard munching & got to the kitchen just in time to see him slip between the dishwasher & the cabinet wall. I called a wildlife removal company who saw a hole in the sheetrock behind it. He set up little trap there, & a big one out in front of the open crawl space. It took 3 days to catch an adult. Despite seeing tracks in the flour I scattered on the kitchen floor, no babies were trapped. Monday night, I heard noise. I got up just as he was walking out & heading to the back of the house where there is a room. I tossed that room & the dining room, no possum. I put up a bunch of barriers to hopefully keep them confined & went back to bed. The next morning, I found TWO babies huddled under a bag chair, nestled in a corner. One went into the trap without much resistance (I didn’t have a glove so I couldn’t grab him like I had the others). The other headed for the door, which I had propped open. My original plan was to hopefully herd them outside but then I realized they would just come back. I chased him down & managed to catch him. Dropped him in the trap with its sibling. The stupid door still wouldn’t close, despite the fact they were climbing to get out! I finally crushed a mesh trash can over it but since the door was protruding, it wasn’t a total cover. After some thinking, I dumped them in a cat carrier then put them in the city trash bin so they could not escape. The pest control guy finally came & took them hopefully far, far away.

    So, is there any significance to this apparent magnetisms
    I have for possums? Or coincidence that they heard I have tasty cat food? I am glad I’m temporarily retired because I think I’d have a nervous breakdown if I had to deal with this & work. They can live all they want in my backyard, I have no desire to eradicate them (well, yesterday after chasing the one I had to restrain myself from being very mean). I just don’t want to share a living space with them.

  15. I found a wounded baby opossum and took it to the humane society. This happend after my sister had been in the ER and ICU this weekend because of her epilepsy. What does this mean?

  16. Daniella Bluuee

    Yesterday I saw an Opossum in the trashcan laying down and chilling. It reminded of me and today in the morning when I was meditation my thoughts came back to the Opossum. What does it mean?

  17. I recently had a dream where i was crawling through a vent with a flashlight. I made a left turn through the vent, and came across an Opossum with four baby Opossum in the pouch. It wasnt aggressive or anything. Just strolling past me as i was going the opposite direction. What does it mean?

    1. It means that there will be unexpected opportunities for you and your entire family, including those already passed on. Most probably it means, that there will be a period of quiet, perhaps solitude but this is a time to really study and watch things that bring inspiration and joy and through this process a new you and new life will appear out of nowhere like a mirage shows up in the desert but you must keep forward and focused on beauty and that which you are called to teach.

  18. As I was leaving my house yesterday morning for work, a dead baby possum was laying directly in my path at the end of my front doorstep. That night, I had a very lucid dream of being inside my home with my front window shattered (glass everywhere) and the curtains in disarray. I looked out the window, and it was daylight with fair weather. However, when I turned back and looked into my home, the place was a wreck as if it had been ransacked by a burglar. With the possum and dream happening within the same 24 hours, I’m convinced I’m being told something. Does anyone have any helpful interpretations? Thanks in advance!

  19. Hi: I am trying to rescue a stray siamese cat and have a beautiful porch and 2 acres of wood in the back. An OPPOSUM always comes around 2 am and eats the food out for the cat. Now, the cat gets fed when I see him, because the Opposum always comes at night. The other day I heard a fight early morning when I put the food out. Next couple of days the cat disappeared then came back with a deep scratch above his eyebrow. Im trying to understand the message nature is trying to offer me, for I always like to listen to animals that show up in my life. I really believe as within so without, everything is a mirror… do you have Any suggestions? I would appreciate it. Thanks so much, Barbara

  20. I had a possum, young one, jump by my feet as I sat in my recliner, It scared me so I screamed, It ran where I do not know. My cat saw it and never acted like it bothered her.

  21. While on my way home are 4 am from a 12 hour shift, I saw a possum in the middle of the road. I swerved to avoid hitting it. After passing, without a bump (like if I were to run over something) I looked in my side mirror and saw nothing behind me. I turned around and drove past several times AGAIN..only to find nothing. Does anyone know what this might mean?

    1. Sounds like you’ve witnessed the natural grace of most animals that will render them invisible all of the time. Sadly, we Humans actually have to work hard, to re-aquire, bring up from the depths of our being, this natural grace; for what should be, for us, a natural reflex.

  22. Last week while working outside, I saw an albino opossum. I thought this was odd, since they do not come out during the day. Then a few days later, coming home after dark, I was walking to my door and there she was, crossing my path. I now feel as if this was a message to not let the concerns of others determine your personal purpose. It is hard enough for me to keep above the constant pull towards a downward spin and when someone throws their fears, concerns, anger and just plane ol’ junk on my to-do list, makes for an unpleasant nights sleep. However, like the opossum, if I allow myself to be free enough to let go and allow the Universe to work on my behalf, understanding that I do not have to be the fastest, strongest or even the smartest person…I will eventually get there.

    1. I saw an opossum over a week ago, maybe two now. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. I saw it at 11:11 pm while walking and s/he came walking out of a nearby bush. We locked eyes 👀 for what seemed like a minute and then it silently retreated back from where it came. I continued on.

      I’d never seen an oppossum in person before. I’d only seen it in books, or sadly stuffed at a natural history museum… I don’t like those places, they’re so creepy. How would we like it if another species did that to us as humans! I don’t like taxidermy. Poor creatures…

  23. In competitive wrestling you are taught very early one that your first attempt at a Takedown, at anything at all, won’t work. Your second one won’t work either is your opponent knows what they’re doing. Your third, fourth and maybe even 10th attempt will probably fail. It is constantly trying, constantly pressuring, each time something different than the last that will lead to victory. Opossum speaks to me of this way of living. Opossum is not the fastest, the strongest or even the most clever. Perhaps that is why we do not hold her in as high esteem as we do so many other animals. But Opossum never stops trying. She is always trying something new. Sometimes that’s all that there is to life. There is always going to be someone stronger than you, faster than you or smarter than you. But if you remain adaptable and determined, you may fail. You may fail again. But you will almost certainly succeed eventually. Open up your mind and allow for more than one possibility and, like Opossum, you need not be the fastest, the strongest or even the smartest. In reality Darwin never did write about survival of the fittest. He wrote about the survival of the most able to adapt.

  24. About two weeks ago my cousin Bobby died. I had not heard the news that he passed when this happened.
    I live in on the second floor in a condo and it was just turning dusk. I went out on my balcony, as I do often. There is a large branch that runs 2 feet in from of my patio.
    I opened the door and there was the sweetest looking possum sitting on the branch. It was beautiful. I hurried back inside to get my camera went back out and took several pictures of it. Flash whatever it did not budge, just sat and stared at me.
    After about an hour I went back inside and after another hour went back out and to my amazement, it was still sitting there staring at me.Then a friend arrived and the possum slowly walked away. Shortly after that the phone rings and I get the news that my cousin had passed. I can’t help but connect the two happening. The possum has not been back and somehow I know it never will.

    1. He was the possum. What a beautiful connection that you experienced. Thank you for sharing. We are all connected. Plants…animals…each other.

    Always have a back up plan. Be agile and ready to deal with surprises and changes. Change is opportunity.
    “If nothing changes, then nothing changes.”
    Vince Gironda

  26. Ok, I work nights, and this morning as I was driving home I saw a possum in the road. It was standing by the edge of the road, its head closer to the edge of the road than its rear, and was facing down the road. It turned, facing the middle of the road, looked at me, turned on around completely facing me, and then walked of the road at an angle toward me. I didn’t think anything of it, there are a lot of possums in my area. However, after traveling about one mile on down the road I saw what looked like the exact same possum, standing the exact same way, and did the exact same thing. It was honestly like replaying a video. I’m really freaked out right now. I’m sure there is some meaning behind this, I just wish I knew what it was.

    1. Sounds more like what’s becoming known as a ‘glitch in the matrix’ or time loop sort of event. You’re not alone.

  27. James Orndorff

    Woke up at like 3:30 this morning to noise in my cabin. Apparently a juvenile or recently seperated youngster opossum decided to come in through my broken screen and pay me a visit. He kept hinself hidden well, enough so that I began to believe that perhaps I had a mouse or rat sneak in. Well was kaying here with the night light on and had just lain back down. When I saw movement in the corner coming out from behind the tent bags. He couldn’t have been but about 2 foot long including his tail. Now, had recently been seeking guidance, as I had lost my job back in october, had trouble getting the part time job I have now, and have been tossing around the idea of trucking for several years now. My question of guidance is that I have several family members whose health has been on the decline, so had asked my deceased grandfather for advice. Well, that night had heard the sound of trees rubbing against the walls, but no trees are close enough to do so. Then same night heard the porch swing chains groaning, though it was not moving. Needless to say was a little freaked as if it were my grandfather, then this would be my first answered request for a visit, but knowing what I know of the occult and bad spirits, I know they tend to answer when a person is being open like I was. So I said, aloud as I grew more apprehensive, “grandpa, if that is you, you are freakin me out.” It stopped rather abruptly.

    Now, two or three weeks later, I have this visit, so I am trying to ascertain if this is an omen and if so what is it trying to tell me.

  28. I have grown up with opossums always roaming around my yard. I named them all Steve just because it is easier, there are so many. I have grown to really like them and enjoy seeing them at night. This morning on my way out, on the bottom of my front stairs, there was a dead baby. How my dog didn’t find her first when we went out still baffles me, my dog knows where every snake in the yard is the minute she walks outside. This was the first site I found a meaning and tried to ‘lay low’ today. My day was probably one of the most unfortunate days I have had in a very long time, I am not sure what message I may be missing from deceased baby Steve.

  29. Just moved. Caught up on the opossum that came every night around d 11:00 pm. Then for a few nights, he didn’t show up.

    Found him dead run over by a car a few days later.

    He seemed pretty savvy of crossing the road the first time I had spotted him.

    I was sad.

    1. It will be okay, just remember with death comes life. This too should also remind you of their nocturnal ways and strategic approaches to surviving, especially moving about at night in efforts to supply for their family as well. Just remember, not ever get too comfortable in that routine just in case you decide to cross the street, or make a decision, in which the outcome will remain the same. Expect the unexpected therefore, you can use your stealth and divert whatever change you may not see coming. Although, you may take this path every single day. Be aware and stay alert.

  30. nasty ratty looking possum under my house for months. tonight it was up in a tree hissing and snarling at me viciously as i walked by. sorry folks but i cant risk being attacked by a crazy nasty possum. i shot it out of the tree. i feel bad for it but it was acting very agressively and i felt seriously endangered. i’ve apologized to its spirit for having to do that.

  31. So yesterday I was driving on a freeway and my car started to smoke thru the dashboard. It got worse really quickly, I had to get out before it came to a complete, dead stop. Once the totally burned up, burned out car was on the tow truck the driver showed me a charred opossum that had dropped out from under my car. Guess it had been tucked up there the whole time. It passed it’s medicine on to me. Lots to integrate and contemplate.

  32. I awoke to walk my dog this Christmas morning and saw a huge possum waddling down the sidewalk being chased by black cat. I intervened, the cat ran away, the possum got away. I wonder what this means?

    1. Hey 😉 I have a possum in my backyard he walks by my backdoor every night around midnight to eat bugs and seeds that fall of the trees. BTW I think you’re cute and I like your question

  33. So early Halloween morning I woke up to a sudden sharp pain in the head. As I opened my eyes and got oriented to what happened (thought it was one of my cats jumping onto my head) I see a white pointy face. Opossum! In my bed! I am pretty sure it came in the pet door, had a snack and went looking for a cozy place to rest. I must have moved and scared it and it bit me on the forehead. We trapped it in the bedroom and had an animal control guy come extract it. Pretty scary then, very funny now. What’s it mean when your spirit animal bites you on the face??? Must need my attention pretty badly 🙂

    1. THAT would have freaked the ~ everything out of me.
      I saw one on my neighbors porch this evening. I live in Chicago,
      in the city in a busy neighborhood.

      Glad you’re ok, and braver than I am around creatures and critters.

    2. That’s great! It is very traditional for a totem animal to test the shaman to see if they are worthy! Might you be shamanic? Are you being called to acknowledge your abilities? Sounds like you suffered no serious harm, happily, I think it was just marking you! Fix that pet door anyway, lol!

    3. On two occasions in the last two weeks I have felt an animal jump on my bed whil I was half asleep. It happened this morning again. I knew instinctively that it was not a cat. I do not have animals. I saw an opossum in my head. I felt it about my feet. I struggled to scream for help. I finally woke up and forced myself to look at the foot of my bed. There was nothing there. Next time, I will try to not be afraid.

    4. Testing the shaman? How interesting! Many possums have appeared in my path throughout my life, injured or orphaned, & I have always rescued them. (Incidentally, they’ve never been aggressive with me either; the most aggression directed towards me was a slowly dying mother, who only hissed a little initially as a weak/halfhearted show, & not for long, as she very passively allowed me to collect her off of the road & take her home.) The energy expression of opossum seems to be a deeply rooted part of my personality.

  34. We have a re-visiting opossum who frequents our trash bin. I placed the container on its side so the little fellow could be on his way. He ate some old Little Ceasar’s pizza and breadstix.

    This meaning speaks to me. Thanks for posting it.

  35. Barabra Ridrigiez

    😕 Hi gm lazt night i saw a opassum walking up to my front door and stood there for 60 seconds and then walk back out to the back second floor exit i saw it through my survilliance camera never had i saw one specially here my apt is in the secon floor what does that mean ? Can anyone help me

  36. Hello,
    I would like to tell you what happened to me last night. Now I have seen many possums in passing and usually just watch them go along their way. However, last night was something way different. I took and offering outside to give to the earth in exchange for allowing me to harvest some of the tree to make my own mortar and pestle and a few other things. I spoke to the tree and explained what I needed. I then began to saw it. I heard something wrestle around the area but my flashlight revealed nothing. The next thing I know I looked to my right and there is an opossum right next to my face . Not even a foot away. It did not hiss or growl. It simply stood there and looked me dead in the eye. I said hello and walked inside. My husband came to help then gave up and went back inside. When this happened the possum came back yet again. What is the meaning behind this encounter?

  37. Allison Bragdon

    About a week ago I dreamed that I rescued a baby possum that was all alone, and adopted it, even though my friends and family couldn’t understand why. Then last night, I was sitting on my front porch and a small possum came around the corner of the hedge. That was a first view of one since we moved to Texas from Virginia. It was only a couple of feet away from me. Any thoughts on any sort of significance to this otherwise totally random experience?

  38. Talia A Huntley

    I saw a possum, it jumped out of a dumpster, I turned around it was just standing there starring at me. Never had that happen. What does that mean

  39. Had a dream that I saw an opossum walking around in a construction site and it let me pick it up, it had babies in the pouch and I was walking around with it carrying it like a baby trying to find a safe place for it and found some trees, laid it down and it dissappeared. Does this mean anything?

  40. Merlsun Boanerges

    Was on my way to work the yesterday morning and saw an Opossum on the top of a 6′ chain link fence located on the center median of a 4 lane secondary road. It was about 4 AM with little to no traffic, but gets very busy most of the day. First I took photos and a video, then because I was concerned it may be stuck I tried to get it down. But I could see it was not stuck and was holding on with its hands and monkey like feet and even it’s tail wrapped around the wire. It bared it’s teeth to me so I left it there. I was concerned it would be hit by a car so I went back to see but it was gone and no carcass anywhere in site. I know what the message was but just wanted to share this. Blessings all… Merlsun

  41. Almost every night a possum comes and walks up and down on my roof. I find it unsettling. How can I ask it to move off the property please. Jel

  42. barbara slaine

    Two possums walked across a path we were walking on completely at ease. One stopped to go to the bathroom. They looked at us and carried on.
    What is the meaning do you think?

  43. Hello,
    Last night I dreamt that my estranged friends sister and I were at the lake with friends, jumping from cliffs into the water. It was great fun, and a happy dream. Suddenly she found a tiny orphaned baby opposum, and it was a helpless suckling. I took it into my care, I had it in my pocket, and I was making my way back up a hiking trail when I saw a mother opposum and another baby with it. I tried to give her the baby back and she became agrees dive and hissed, continuing in her abandonment. So I became its mother. I went and got formula and a tiny bottle to nurse it with.

    1. The best place for you to find what you are looking for in images is through this website: http://search.creativecommons.org/. Do a search for Opossum there and make sure that you check the appropriate boxes for what you need. Most of Our images do come from the Creative Commons – however we are upgrading to purchased images so Not all of our photos are still available.

    1. The best place for you to find what you are looking for in images is through this website: http://search.creativecommons.org/. Do a search for Opossum there and make sure that you check the appropriate boxes for what you need. Most of Our images do come from the Creative Commons – however we are upgrading to purchased images so Not all of our photos are still available.

    1. The best place for you to find what you are looking for in images is through this website: http://search.creativecommons.org/. Do a search for Opossum there and make sure that you check the appropriate boxes for what you need. Most of Our images do come from the Creative Commons – however we are upgrading to purchased images so Not all of our photos are still available.

    1. The best place for you to find what you are looking for in images is through this website: http://search.creativecommons.org/. Do a search for Opossum there and make sure that you check the appropriate boxes for what you need. Most of Our images do come from the Creative Commons – however we are upgrading to purchased images so Not all of our photos are still available.

  44. thank you! a Possum had been snuggled in a crawl space for months, with nosie, etc I place moth balls under the house where he passed
    I also thought there a rat(s) too laid rat bait. Yesterday 8/21/2015 possum dead in my back yard. This morning I offer Tobacco to the Four Winds
    and pourder some Sage. The flies have engulf Him. I used a shovel to move him a He’s now between the fence, BUT your information has been extremely
    helpful. Thank You!!!

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