Blackbird Symbolism
Big changes of a profoundly significant nature are happening all around you. Go with the flow.
-Redwing Blackbird

Meaning and Messages

In general, Blackbird symbolism inspires you to reach higher. In other words, when this spirit animal perches into your life, it asks you to strive for excellence in all you do. It also urges you to set bigger goals. Similar to the Owl, Blackbird meaning is likely to appear on your radar when you are becoming too territorial. Thus it says that there’s a need for you to let others into your space.

Additionally, Blackbird meaning represents finding your voice. Simply put, this spirit animal teaches you to form your own personality. It also teaches you to express yourself uniquely. Furthermore, the Blackbird symbolism requires you to speak the truth to those you love, even when it hurts. Finally, in some cases, this spirit animal’s presence is a message for you to appreciate nature.

The Blackbird fiercely fights off anyone who tries to tamper with its nest. Hence, similar to the Killdeer, it represents protecting your family with all you’ve got. Like the Raven, energies associated with this power animal include home, divination, magic, mystery, awareness, transformation, and the occult.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Those with the Blackbird totem are mysterious. You might be in a relationship with these fellows for many years and still know only very little about them. Also, they are excellent observers, meaning they can tell when you are not truthful with them.

Family and home are important to those with this spirit animal. These individuals will not tolerate anyone mistreating their loved ones. Additionally, like the Horse, Blackbird totem people are adventurous. They also have an insatiable hunger for all kinds of knowledge. Plus, these fellows tend to be more active at nighttime.

Individuals under the influence of this spirit animal are highly disciplined. They are also born leaders. These people inspire those around them with their actions and lifestyle. On the downside, they are fond of overanalyzing everything. They might also be domineering.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Blackbird dream, it says that regardless of what you are facing, you must never give in to despair or depression. Thus it encourages you to wear a smile even during the darkest moments of your life. Moreover, like the Parakeet, encountering this creature in your nighttime vision may signify that you are not fully utilizing your potential.

Dreaming of catching a Blackbird signifies that you lack compassion and don’t care if your words or actions hurt the people around you. Sighting this creature in a cage says that you should liberate yourself from the feelings of guilt, regret, and shame. Whatever occurred in the past is in the past. It’s time to let it go and move ahead. This vision also prompts you to make peace with those who may have hurt you. Furthermore, if you see a flock of Blackbirds, it foretells that you will soon enter a time of abundance and prosperity.

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