Killdeer Symbolism
A life where you only live to impress people is no life at all.

Killdeer Meaning and Messages

In general, Killdeer symbolism says that you must remain focused and not allow anyone or anything to distract you from your dreams or goals. Moreover, when this bird shows up on your radar, it tells you to watch the company you keep. Simply put, Killdeer meaning says that if you keep hanging out with negative people, you will end up like them.

The Killdeer is a precocial bird, meaning it can leave the nest a few days after it hatches. Thus an encounter with this spirit animal is a message for you to find your own way in life and stop waiting for handouts. Alternatively, like the Fire Ant, Killdeer symbolism reminds you to defend your loved ones at all costs. The key to this power animal is to value family above everything.

Furthermore, the Killdeer meaning could be asking you to open yourself up to new experiences and possibilities. To add to that, this spirit animal is a symbol of freedom, new life, and spiritual growth.

Killdeer Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Stork, people who have the Killdeer totem make great parents. These individuals will do anything to safeguard the interest of their kids. They are also excellent partners. Plus, folks with this spirit animal aren’t the type to cave into peer pressure. Instead, they are your typical mavericks and like to do their own thing.

Individuals born under the influence of the Killdeer totem are confident and face life’s challenges with a smile. In addition to that, these fellows can thrive in any circumstance. They are hardworking, creative, and resourceful. They also have a formidable taste for knowledge. On the downside, folks with this power animal tend to be tricksters. They can be highly mischievous fellows, so you must be careful when dealing with them.

Killdeer Dream Interpretation

When you have a Killdeer dream, it lets you know that blessings will flow into your life from the most unlikely of places. Moreover, the Killdeer can represent persistence. Thus sighting this bird in your nighttime vision teaches you to press forward and not give up easily.

If you stumble upon this bird’s nest, it is a message for you to cultivate humility. In other words, this encounter urges you to appreciate even the little you have and to put others first. Also, a dream where you see this creature feigning injury tells you not to fake or force anything in life.

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  1. WOW interesting I was sitting on my porch and out of no where a small killdeer feather came flying towards my way. I was looking at it and wondering what it could mean. Everything this site is so true WOW amazing insight tysvm. Yes I can be very protective of friends and family. Yes I can be a trickster.

  2. I am at a funeral burying an ex military man. The killdeer can be heard and hawks circling as his body is lowered into the ground.

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