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Raven Meaning and Messages

In general, Raven symbolism can often be difficult to discern. However, there are always subtle clues available to you. If Raven announces its presence in a loud and raucous way, he is acting as a messenger. In this case, you must speak up and express yourself. This spirit animal could also be letting you know that you are not listening to the information and guidance that is forthcoming from your guardians. In other words, make sure you listen carefully and if you must, speak up for yourself!

Also, the Raven totem is the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master of bending and folding time and space. Therefore, you are precisely at the right moment at the right time. When you see this corvid on the lamp posts and buildings watching you, know that all things are falling into place for you. Hence, make sure you pay close attention to the people you meet for the next few hours. The Raven symbolism may be there to help you on your journey, provide insight, knowledge, and guidance. There is also an element of reflection with Raven’s meaning. Consequently, this bird is reminding you that the people around you are reflecting at you the things you most have to learn about yourself.

Furthermore, like the Cow, whenever Raven’s meaning appears in your life, fantastic magic is imminent. The Raven symbolism also brings messages of transition, change, and healing because of its ability to cast light into the darkness. When this happens, make sure that you are well-grounded and have faith in your journey. This birds’ magic will guide you through.

Raven Totem, Raven Spirit Animal

Raven totem people, like the Hummingbird, are very playful and creative. You also find comfort in solitude and enjoy your own company. People with the Raven totem also seek stillness and quiet and often prefer it to the constant onslaught of chatter and noise in their daily lives. People with this totem are wise and will bring messages for others. As a result, the spirit world uses you as a bridge to the physical world to bring forth its directives. Hence, you have no fear of the dark or the underworld. You understand that there is a perfect balance between the light and the darkness.

Also, with this bird as your spirit animal, you can use time and synchronicity to your advantage. You merely have to think about being somewhere at a specific time, and somehow, someway you are. At the same time, you remove obstacles, precipitate events, inspire competence, motivate, and make all things possible.

Raven Dream Interpretation

There is usually a profound change of consciousness imminent when a Raven dream occupies your sleep. Hence the message of this dream is to make sure that you watch for the clues and guidance that will enable you to soar to new heights. Also, if this bird is still and silent and looking at you in your dream, he is invoking magic. When this happens, you should pay close attention to the surroundings and prominent colours of the vision for further clues.

If this black corvid is loudly calling at you, he is insisting that you take notice of your surroundings. There is something in your life that you are missing, or you have forgotten a valuable lesson learned. Therefore, it may be an excellent idea for you to do some meditation and introspection. A Raven dream in which the bird is flying playful upside-down loops is telling you to fasten your seatbelt because everything has gone into hyperdrive. Absolute magic is afoot, so make sure that you enjoy the ride.

If this large black bird is attacking you or dive-bombing you in your dream, it is letting you know that the direction you are heading is not really where you want to go with your life. You must step back and re-evaluate before making your next move.

There is usually a profound change of consciousness imminent when Raven dreams occupy your sleep. Keep your mind open to receive and discern all that arrives.

Occasionally a Raven symbolism dream can signify an impending death, which is usually signalled by feeding on carrion or preening of its feathers to show rebirth. Thus, a pure white bird in your Raven dream is a message from Spirit and indicates that you are now on your divine path of light and should keep up the great work.

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  1. Hello! I recently had a dream where I was in a large store (think a big-chain store like a Pet-Co or a Meijer’s) and I believe I was with one of my family members, though I can’t remember who. Either way, I remember as we were in the store I wandered to the pets section and there were birds in the clear-sided cases you might see at a pet store. Except all these were Ravens. Some were unnaturally colored, and I looked at all of them in interest. Most were shown as pairs of the same coloration until I came to one lone bird which looked “normal” and put my hand on the glass. I said something along the lines of “I wish I could take you home, if I had the space.” And remember feeling the strong desire to comfort the bird like one might with an apprehensive new pet, and sadness that the animals were kept in a cage. When I woke I immediately googled if it was legal to own such a bird as a pet (which it isn’t in the USA.) because in the dream I had the distinct feeling I could certainly have taken the Raven home with me.
    None of them made any sound during my dream, but most were looking at me from the side as I passed them in the display case. The lone raven definitely looked at me before and while I spoke, but I’m not sure what it means. Am I just lonely? I have been wanting a pet in my life for some time like a cat, and I absolutely love animals. I just wondered what the symbolism of seeing and wanting to bond with a captive Raven might be trying to tell me.

  2. I had a dream last night. It starts out with me walking by a house or apartment building. I heard a raven and then I heard a baby crying and gasping/choking. I went to the window and saw the baby in distress that’s when a raven squawked and flew away from the babies crib out the window looked at me and then perched itself in a tree. It kept squawking repeatedly. The baby stopped choking and something flew from her mouth. I think it was a baby girl. That’s when the raven seemed upset. The raven flew down from the tree and picked up a stone with its beak. Placed the stone on the ground and put both of its wings together and made a chopping motion at the rock. The rock split into two pieces. The raven picked up one of the broken pieces of rock and flew past me. The raven looked deep into my eyes. A piercing stare. Flew back into the babies room and shoved the rock into her mouth. The baby turned blue and was dying. The raven again flew out of the window but was holding its dead baby and looked at me and stayed perched in the tree. I screamed and woke up the babies parent and helped them get the object out and then the baby cried and then started to breathe. The mother thanked me for walking past her window and alerting them to their baby choking. The raven vanished and my dream ended. What does that dream/nightmare mean? Any insight or help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  3. Hi what does it mean to dream that a raven is living in your home as a pet but also there was a nest outside of the house with three newborn baby ravens. I was watching the nest, the ravens were crying out for their mother. I’ve never dreamt of a raven before I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a baby raven. Very curious about the symbolism of the dream. Thank you

    1. I believe if I had such a dream I’d be focused on the mother returning to. the nestlings. The baby birds may be indicating new abilities that will show up for you, things like increased awareness, being at the right place at the right time.

  4. Hi, just curious to ask about my dream & what it means, I can’t remember if it was a crow or a raven, but it was perched on my shoulder playing with my hair or “grooming” me?

  5. I had a dream a big black raven was staring at me and then flew to my finger as I held it out, the bird stayed there for a good awhile then licked my finger and flew away. As soon as I woke up I knew it was a message but couldn’t figure out exactly what..

  6. I dreamed I was under a trellis draped wiin vines. I heard a bird perch and it was pruning branches, because I could hear the vine branches breaking. Then it flew off but peered down at me looking straight at me in close proximity from above. I then walked into a dimly light kitchen (which didn’t feel like my house) and it was huddled in the corner on top of the refrigerator. What does that mean?

  7. I had a dream a raven fly in the house in the sink with dirty dishes when I went in the kitchen my ex was standing there looking at me I walk by grab a cup of ice left the kitchen he was looking At me then a friend got the bird out with a broom

  8. Annie Wisniewski

    I had two nightmares today, in which my husband found another woman and was leaving me. I sent him a text, telling him, because it made me really sad. He immediately called and tried to reassure me that everything was fine. In the background I heard a bird called that sounded like laughing. My husband told me it was a Raven that was perched just a few feet from him. I believe it was a message but I’m not exactly sure what it meant.
    His father, who passed a few months ago was also in the dream. He said something to me that I can’t remember.

  9. I dreamt last night that a large raven came to my back, wrapped its claws around my shoulders, squeezed me tightly and whispered in my left ear, ”I miss you.” I was surprised I could understand its words. When I awakened, I didn’t feel fear, but instead remembered the raven I had rescued long ago. I was kayaking in Antelope Canyon, and this raven was trapped in a small area near the water. He was able to hop onto the back of my kayak after a large wave from a speeding boat forced him into the water and then to dry land before shaking his feathers to dry. He eventually flew up to meet his companion, but I’ll never forget how he looked at me kindly before flying away. Could it be this raven from 14 years ago coming to my dream?

  10. In my dream a Large Raven was nesting outside my bedroom window. Then he became a man and crawled through my window and left and egg. We talked and later became friends and lovers. At one point the Raven man became paralyzed in a wheelchair and when he came back I kissed him and I was happy. I woke up shortly after. So I’m at a loss…
    My native american zodiac is Raven. I have not dreamed about Ravens in two years when they came to me as my unborn twins that I ended up losing while extremely ill with a autoimmune condition. I do not fear Raven. Just wondering what is the meaning and message this time.

  11. We were staging in a Slovakian graveyard. The battery was told that rules are simple. Listen to what the riders tell us and all will be easy and everything will go good. There was no answer when someone asked what would happen if we didn’t listen. So as we sat around and talked and people took photos in this Slovakian graveyard it started getting dark. The moment the sun was completely down these torches and fires started lighting and appearing on their own. Things started getting eery. I made my way to climb into the truck cause I didn’t trust it. Then a loud sound like a drum made like three beats near the enter ace of the graveyard where a huge and tall engraved gate now stood that wasn’t there before. The gate screeched open with the most terrifying and demonic sound I’ve ever heard. Then people on horseback wearing big black clones and carrying lanterns and sythes rode out and towards us. They had pale faces with black lips and you couldn’t see above their noses. One of them said it a very demonic and ghastly voice, “the rules are simple. If you stay out and do as you’re told then everything will be ok.” Then they all started whispering together saying something in a language I’ve never heard. While I’m sitting in this truck all of the other soldiers turned into a mist. Then my chief and a section mate fazed into the cab of the truck in a mist. The horsemen rode off into the woods while my chief and le looked at me in horror. Then the convoy started moving and we rode into the woods basically following the horsemen. That is when I woke up. I’m in the army not too far away from Ukraine rn. This is the dream I had while I was out training. I also forgot to include that there were definitely ravens flying everywhere calling out loudly. They were diving and some fighting. What could this mean cause it kind of scares me.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get a feeling this may represent the ancestors of those within the Ukraine-Russian conflict going on at the moment, with the horrible war that keeps appearing over and over. I suggest taking their advice. You must be very clairaudient (look up signs of clairaudience which is an auditory version of clairvoyance, which is more visual) if they just tell you their advice directly with you in the military being not so far from the war.

      “The rules are simple. If you stay out and do as you’re told then everything will be ok,” they said. If they said so, then listen. Follow the rules and commands of the military you’re in, and you’ll survive. . . is what I gather. If it sounds insane or sounds doubtful to you, then still, follow their advice as their ancestors say so anyway.

      Good luck, buddy. You’re going to need a lot of it.

  12. I had a dream about a pair of old bolt cutters that had their snippers or beak strapped closed.. nobody could open the strap but when I tried I cut the strap loose and freed the bolt cutters that immediately turned into a raven on the shelf that spoke to me saying set me free outside take me to the meadow and set me free which I did and it flew away.. anyone know what this means?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might mean that you are trying to close down the wisdom in a situation, ignore it and push it aside, but nowadays, your inner wisdom is finally coming out. If you’re trying to warn people of something or encouraging people to be cautious, when many people just want to ignore the real problems of life, it’s a sign that you are learning to speak up now at this point.

  13. I had a dream i was looking at robins and trying to show my son as they were flying close. As i bent down to look at a robin, a raven landed on my shoulder. I wasn’t afraid bit i kept still as i wanted my sons attention to look at the raven. It made me feel special, like the raven trusted me. However it turned soar as very slowly the raven sort of turned towards my eyes and slowly with his beak put pressure on them, as if not to poke them out but to hurt me either way. Anyone have a clue what this could mean?

    1. after reading this post, I remembered a thought that I had written down months ago.
      “If you choose to see what is only in front of you, then you have been blinded.” Not sure what is going on in your life at this time, but my guess is it may be a message that there could be some lies or deceit being directed at you by someone or something you trust.

  14. I had a dream, but can only remember one part of it. The part I remember is a Giant black bird (a Raven?) flew down into my hands as I was doing something. I tried to get it to fly away, to get it off my hands, and finally it did. Does anyone know what this might mean? TIA

    1. EspionageCookie

      There seems to be a huge message incoming for you, but you’ve been ignoring it and avoiding it so far. Is there any person you might have been ignoring lately who wants to offer you a message, an invite or opportunity, but you don’t listen?

  15. When conducting a distance healing I had a spirit raven watching. It had one yellow eye, one white eye. The other symbols with him were a river and a crescent mood (the actual moon on the night was full). I was late setting up the healing so I incorporated a slight temporal shift.
    Any ideas what the two coloured eyed raven means?

    1. EspionageCookie

      The raven in this example represents wisdom. The yellow eye represents the sun or the Divine Masculine and the white eye represents the moon or the Divine Feminine. I just suggest looking up the terms “Divine Feminine,” “Divine Masculine,” “Sacred Feminine,” and “Sacred Masculine.” Read multiple articles, read related books if needed and look for videos on them on YouTube. Then try to balance each of these ideas well.

  16. Any meaning to this real life raven sighting?

    I entered a building that had 4 ravens on the rooftop. Completely spaced apart except 2, 1 of the 2 was poledancing and the other was on guard. The one on guard swooped down after I reached the door, landing no where near me thankfully.

  17. Can anyone interpret my dream for me? It was a very short part I remember vividly. I see the silhouette of a large dog with its back to me sitting and staring out into the twilight. I feel like this is my dog, even though my dog in real life is actually very small. Without a sound, a raven swoops down and lands on my dog’s right shoulder and they both stare at the sky. And then I woke up with a gasp fully awake.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The large dog represents the qualities of loyalty, friendship and protection. If you do not personally know a specific person or animal in a dream, they often represent abstract themes or qualities to the person. The raven coming down on this dog might represent that there is a message from your inner voice when it comes to the themes just mentioned, and that you might be ignoring or avoiding these gut feelings, for all kinds of distractions in other areas of your life.

  18. Okay, Im used to being told by friends and family that when they see a raven in their dreams they sense my presence, but my last vivid dream featured two ravens each with one eye sitting on top of a ledge on a clear sunny day.
    When I noticed they each had one eye they flew away and then the picture refocused like a television glitch and the two birds merged into one and i noticed it had 3 eyes though it looked like a glitch in a video.
    I wasn’t sure how to interpret this as I’m used to being the raven in other people’s lives.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This seems to be the obvious reference to the third eye, of course. Perhaps if you have two contradicting perspectives in your head, or two voices in your head disagreeing on any number of things, try to use your intuition to combine them into a much larger perspective. The answer lies in a balance between both worlds.

  19. i had a dream, in which i’ve just made a friend with a green parrot. i was stroking her head, when suddenly an insect (similar to bumble bee, but all black, not sure) flew into the room, so i run out with the parrot to protect us from being bitten. but then something in my mind i was thinking to not be afraid and observe, so i kept looking at the bumble bee and suddynly i saw a raven, with a green a ribbon. in the dream i felt it’s a message that my guides are with me.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Green parrots in dreams symbolize your childhood, and it represents your childhood traumas that affect you up to now. The bee coming to bite you might represent that being caught up in all kinds of work and business (or busy-bee-ness) has made you lose focus on working with those traumas. The raven with the green ribbon is interesting. If you look up “green ribbon” it shows a lot of articles on mental health awareness.

      This might mean “Do not fear, and observe your early years from a detached viewpoint. Like you are someone else giving advice to yourself, or you’re giving advice to someone with a similar situation. Then ask for whatever answers come up to you first.”

  20. I had this dream where everything was black and white. I was in a house that is not mine, it was big like a mansion in the olden days.
    I heard screaming from my family in this large living room (or family room) and they were screening at a raven in the middle of the room. the raven was loud and it looked like if it was screening at them.
    so I walked to the door and the raven quietly followed me to the front of the house and the middle of the room floor, it flow.
    A couch blocked the door, and the windows were covered and sealed by the blinds.
    when the raven stayed in the middle of the floor, I thought that it was hungry, so I gave it food. when I went to the door, the raven tossed the food next to me so it did not hit me and I said something and I don’t remember.
    then I turn around to see the revan, it had some items that an Indian would wear. like the neckless, the feathers on its head, and something on the beak that looks like if it a bone through the beak.
    then I continued to open the door. once I open the door, it flies out and it came back right after it left as a baby raven, well half the size it was in front of me. then I woke up.
    what does it mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems like since the raven represents transformation, your family might be screaming a the raven in your dream because they are afraid of some kind of major change in your life. The raven must be hidden and locked inside a room because it represents you hiding a need to change your life that you keep a secret from the rest of the world.

      The items provided by the raven, I’m honestly not sure of, but perhaps it simply means you need to get in touch with nature and supporting the environment like the dedication of an Indian. At least, that’s what my gut says.

      When it left free, and left a baby raven back, it might be a sign that the end of an old life is not a destruction of your entire life, but the beginning of a new life to live instead.

  21. On my way to the store this morning I drove past an old cemetery and there perched on an old headstone was a HUGE Raven. A couple hours later I’m back at the lake cabin we are staying at this weekend, I’m relaxing on the porch looking at the lake and I hear these strange sounds. They get louder as to demand my attention, I peek over the railing and on the grass looking up at me is a beautiful black w/blue irredescent

    1. EspionageCookie

      The raven in the old cemetery might be in relation to the symbolism of the Death card in Tarot, which don’t worry, doesn’t mean a literal death. It’s just a metaphor pertaining to ending something major in your life, to make room for something bigger. Both the raven and the death card represent large amounts of change, which might mean that there might be a deeper hope coming through soon built from the ashes of what has fallen before you.

  22. I recently had a dream where I was walking along and heard a noise behind me I turned around and saw Raven on the ground that look like it had a hurt wing I reached out with my right arm and told her that everything will be OK and it looked at me and looked away and then looked at me again and hopped on my arm that’s when I woke up, what could this mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this represents the part of yourself that represents emotional intensity and charisma like the raven, but instead of showing that through as your unique self, that part of you is “injured” like the raven with the hurt wing. Here, you try to reassure that part of yourself, and in that dream, you slowly come to terms, at least a little, when it comes to those insecurities of yourself.

      You might be afraid to be different. Like the raven, to be different transforms other people to be able to be different as well. That’s why it might feel so dangerous. To be who you are, does not just mean people copying you to be better, but also encourages the dangerous act of allowing people the inspiration to be who they are as well.

      You are not a masterpiece to be copied, but simply the messenger that allows people to guide themselves out of the labyrinth, rather than being the damsels/gentlemen in distress.

  23. Wanted to share that I had a lot of practice with animal messengers, and I thought I was working closely with my guide for good. As it turned out, I was being tricked by a bad spirit. They use these seemingly fun and harmless ways to groom us, to get us on the hook like a molester hands out candy.

    I was a victim of a spiritual attack last year, and I just want to reiterate that Satan is actively working against those who love God. He used my love of God to trick me; when I was in prayer, he spoke my name in a voice that sounded like thunder. He made me think that God had spoken my name. He can imitate voices–even the voice you would expect from God. He imitated the voice of Jesus as well, claiming that he was Jesus. This led down a road of absolute terror, where he would make me feel all kinds of things in my body. I prayed the Lord’s Prayer and simply stated, “Jesus will you help me?” This enabled Jesus to begin the process of extricating the devil from my life. When I prayed these words, I stopped feeling the terror. I believe he needs our invitation and permission to begin his process, and it is a process. Satan does not give up quickly–he disappears for awhile, and comes back when you least expect it. Just remember to ask Jesus for help. Also, go to a psychiatrist; they won’t believe that you are hearing real voices, but the medicine they can prescribe will help. It won’t erase the presence of bad spirits, but at least it will be a little easier to ignore them.

    1. Beth….I think that this may be happening to me! Please help me by providing more info on what I can do to stop this attack. I have been asking Jesus for help.

    2. hi Beth, These spirits are souls who can be saved.

      Ravens seem to be constantly around me, I had a dream last night about a raven trying to deliver a message but the entity chased it away, then an elk appeared, and three cloaked people who were in a snow storm, I invited them into my warm grass land and provided each with a camp fire. They never interacted they were appreciative of being allowed to warm up. I had the thought they were my guardians. I was curious about the animal guide info and it brought me to your message. Thank you for posting this, I have asked Jesus to help me. I pray that you find peace soon.

  24. Ashley Castaneda

    This morning, I dreamt I was on vacation walking down a street. I heard crying noise in the air. I look to a corner when a light post is and I see a raven struggling, she then falls and I tell myself to not to go after her and save her. I last minute run to try to catch her and but it was too late. She died when she hit the ground. She looked beautiful. Her mouth was open and her baby was in side it too. I think the baby was asleep or is. I can’t tell if this is a good omen or something I need to be cautious about.

    1. EspionageCookie

      My gut instinct brings to my mind the quote, “We stand on the shoulders of giants,” which is a metaphor meaning that we can only come this far due to the sacrifices of those before us. Not just personal family and friends, but the entire society’s progress in general. The raven represents the messengers who bring great change, and it feels like you want to save everyone who sacrifice themselves everyday for society, but you can’t. Though at this point, you can still choose to honor their sacrifices by looking after the new generation of change makers and rebels, with the baby raven.

  25. Recently and in the past I have found myself practically surrounded by ravens. At home in the trees, in different cities, in the trees at work, while traveling by car or my bike. What could this mean?! I went for a short drive around my neighborhood while it was snowing and one started yelling in the tree next to me. What am I missing?

    1. i was at a restaurant today and out of no where a raven flies near my table. it kept looking at me and flew away when i left. i figured out its common to see them in other places other than cemeteries so im not as scared ahahaha. its a little weird tho considering the whole idea of birds follows me all throughout my life. { they always fly out near my window. they whistle back to me, AND i own one as a pet.} wonder if it symbolises somthing? one screaming at you could meaan that theyre trying to warn you of somthing {i heard they are supposed to be “messangers”}

  26. I had a dream that someone had a raven , and when I went to Pick him up he croaked at me. Didn’t bite , just croaked in other words didn’t want me to pick him up. And he went on his way. Meaning

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the raven represents major change in life, maybe what you require is not more and more change, but focus in one or a few areas of life instead. You might be scattered into different directions, never following through anything, and perhaps the raven left you because more unfocused change without finishing anything is not what you need.

  27. I dreamed a raven attacked me. The raven and I were at a table my son built for me. Anyway, I stuck my arm into the raven’s mouth to dissuade further attack, and next thing I remember from my dream is that I was looking at a featherless turkey vulture running around the table/my feet. What might be the meaning?

    1. Hello Selah:
      Ravens are known to be shapeshifters and will often use this to get their message across in a way that you will remember it. In this case, the raven is reminding you that you are not powerless! You have to take a moment for yourself, regroup, and take action from a place of personal power. You can do this, and you can get through this! You have the strength to make the changes necessary.
      Silken Raven

  28. I had a raven perch in the rafters of the garden centre where I work for about two weeks. It would call a few times when it first arrived, then it was silent. Anyone could walk underneath it and it wouldn’t move. One afternoon, when I was working up near the front cash, the raven started cawing loudly and when I went to the back where it was to put something away, it stopped and watched me. It flew away then for about half an hour then came back, sat in the same spot and never made a sound. After that, it would perch near me anytime I was in the back but not make any noise, just look at me every now and then. It flew away two days ago and hasn’t come back since. I’m really curious about what this means, if anything.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the quiet raven, representing major transformation, shows that you can only change your life for the better through more reflection, not just action. You may do more and more things without thinking. . . assuming that if you just did enough in action without reflecting on the lessons of certain mistakes, you just end up repeating the cycle because you aren’t able to pause to look within to face the root cause of what is really making you do all this.

      Maybe it’s time to be less constantly “busy,” and time to sit in quiet to figure out what you really want in life, even if that means admitting what you are doing in action is not what you really want.

  29. Hello,
    Ravens have constantly appeared in my thoughts and life the past 2 years through strange coincidences and at perfect times. Last night I had an extremely vivid dream. I won’t go into strong details, but the raven perched himself on my shoulder, guided me out of a crowded party, and came home with me. Raven chased/played with my dog, and started speaking with me, all I recall is asking if it will stay in my backyard when I have to go and it said of course. The most confusing part of the dream was when Raven flew around me and embraced my back, hugging me with its wings. Any help with interpretations would be greatly appreciated.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps leaving the party with the raven means you have to trust your own instincts and opinions for once, rather than what the crowd thinks. With the raven playing with you, it might mean finding yourself through exploration with trying new things and just doing things for the sake of fun itself, not just work. Perhaps you have been trying to find yourself in work, but it is so much easier to find yourself in leisure, because there are no limits to how you can individually express yourself. The raven hugging you might show that you need to practice self love, by allowing you to believe in your own potential.

  30. really long dream story below. If anyone can help me interpret this dream I’d be super appreciative!

    I keep having a reoccurring dream where i’m on this beach with a bunch of those beach umbrellas but no one is there. I look to the right and see this giant sewer pipe thing. Like massive. The dream shifts to me inside of the pipe but it’s been redecorated to be this like museum thing but it’s deathly quiet. Like, one of those stereotypical art museum after closing hours at night scenes. Anyways, I’m wandering before I lightly touch a painting and the dream shifts again. I’m now running through this weird after hours art museum and I always here the same voice yell ‘stop!’ The dream shifts and I’m now in this like, weird helicopter landing pad inside the same pipe. The gates above me are closing an I’m now in 3rd pov. I now have wings???? I’m trying to get my wings to flap hard enough that I can fly out before the ceiling closes. And then the dream ends. what’s weird is a) when I have this dream, I always have it before I wake up and b) I wake up feeling phantom wings?? The wings are white Raven wings The wings behave like long slinky bois and remind me a lot like silk and they drag behind me on the floor almost like a cape while I’m not using them

    1. So, it’s possible that the pipe represents your ‘plumbing’ and this dream may be a warning sign for you to get a check up by your doctor and make sure your arteries and major organs are in good working order. If you consider this as one aspect of your dream, you can probably figure out the symbology of the rest of the dream.
      Generally, when we dream of a house, or some similar enclosure, this represents that our body is trying to tell us something.
      Best wishes.

  31. When I was a little boy a Raven was part of my life ….my best friend. Now, some 40 years later I had a dream about him. He was hugging me wearing a knitted white garment…..holding my hand in his beak. I was crying in my dream ..so sad but happy to see him. I can’t stop thinking about my dream and my long lost friend……..

    1. EspionageCookie

      Well, animals go to Heaven too, not just human beings. Perhaps he was just visiting his old friend from the afterlife, and the white garment shows that he is in a safe angelic environment at this point. That it’s okay. He’s happy.

  32. great post! i have been more focused refining personal growth and catapulting myself out of comfort zones, truly opening myself up to constructive criticism. its all happening for me and the universe seems to be conspiring in my favor…
    i recently moved into an old warehouse dec 3rd in The Bay Area. the first day or so i had that creepy feeling i was being watched and finally caught a huge raven looking at me, once i noticed him he oddly hopped away. since then the same possible raven has been relentlessly thrusting itself at multiple windows for hours. im beyond intrigued not only bc of this ravens strange behavior but the motivation behind the persistence and frequency of these startling visits besides the great symbolism this site offered. curious to hear what people think.

    1. It could be a sorcerer who turned herself/himself into a raven. It’s not fiction for many and there are books and stories about this. It’s widely accepted in some parts of Africa and south America.

  33. So I saw a raven this morning, it’s my birthday and I never expected a raven out in the winter so does anyone know the meaning of this?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Seeing that a birthday is meant to symbolize someone’s day of birth — which is why it’s called your birth-day, it might mean that this shows that you need to celebrate how much you’ve changed to become more mature and better person as you grew up since you were a baby. A raven represents transformation after all.

  34. Recently I took a test on the Internet to determine my “Spirit Animal” just out of curiosity. The results came out as it was the “Crow/Raven”. I live full-time in my RV at a local RV Park and I walk my dog 2 to 3 times per day from 30 minutes to an hour. On three occasions I have come upon a Crow/Raven in different locations in the RV Park, no more than 6 feet above the ground perched in a Pine tree. Amazed that he/she is so close to us (my dog and I) it’s there and begins to like chatter very quietly. It is not actually Cawing or Croaking in full volume, just chattering. My dog hears it, looks up at the bird and starts barking, I tell her to stop fearing she will scare it. I speak to the Crow/Raven, asking “how are you, my friend?” It appears to answer yet I know not what it’s saying….. I’m not sure if it’s the same one each time or not..? Is this normal Crow/Raven behavior..? Does it’s presence at 6 feet perched in a Pine tree have any relevance..? Eager to learn more about this ….

    1. EspionageCookie

      With its gentle chattering, it only seems to be emotionally comforting you of whatever challenge you are going through in life. Perhaps to say, that while the raven represents change, and even if change is for the better, change is definitely hard. The raven there seems to have felt very sad for you, with its affection.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might be connected to the number 4 in numerology. Here is a summary I found online.

      “Numerology number 4 is a sign of smart goals. Set goals that are specific measurable, time-bound, realistic, and achievable. The number 4 bears the vibrational energies of meticulousness.” -thesecretofthetarot

      If it’s biting you, that might mean that your effort to change your life might not be doing well because you have all these dreams but no specific step by step plan of what to do. A dream is just a dream if you have no plan, after all.

  35. Yesterday I looked out the window and saw a largish fluffy black baby bird sitting on the lawn, just hugging it, not moving – except it’s head turned and looked around once. I was afraid it was injured, and hoped it was not – that it’s mother would find it. An hour later I looked and it was gone. We live a small town in the mountains on the west coast, so lots of ravens can be heard in the forest. I am intrigued about some possible meaning. This has never happened before.

    1. ps I looked up photos of baby birds and the baby in our yard was indeed a baby raven – which did look at me, though likely only because my movement at the window caught it’s eye. I’ve seen baby eagles at Tofino, but never a baby raven.

    2. Hi Barbara,

      Perhaps think about what you were thinking just before you saw the baby raven. Or how you felt. Then pair that with what this page says about ravens.

      Or, do you have children of your own? Are you unnecessarily worrying about them? Your raven could be telling you they are okay, or that they may seem lost but are in fact just fine.

      Listen to your instincts or what your Inner Spirit is telling you.

      I hope this helps.

      Danielle Grace

  36. Today, I rode in suv and saw Raven carriage white rose beside me for about 40 yard then sat on the white roses branch. it’s unexplainable how I felt after I saw.

    1. EspionageCookie

      “White has always been a symbol of purity, innocence and in some cases, chastity, and for roses, it is no exception. For that reason, white roses are often given at weddings and other ceremonial occasions like christenings and graduations. However, white roses can also be given as a sign of respect or remembrance.” – FTD blog (Rose color meanings article).

      Perhaps since ravens represent change, perhaps there is someone or more people involved in helping you throughout life that you need to show your appreciation or gratitude to in some way.

  37. Hello,
    I am besieged by ravens! For months now they are all around my house every day, and seemingly everywhere I go. It is so constant it feels like they’re taunting and/or laughing at me. Pushing me to do something… probably to release thinking, habits and situations that no longer serve, or are healthful for me… but I dont know. I do not want to think it is a “bad omen”. I offered some food to the one who was cackling loudly outside my house all morning, and he took it. Hoping if I approach him with respect and seeking to listen/understand, rather than fear and apprehension, his message and direction will be revealed. I do live beside a restaurant, so maybe they’re just here looking for food! But I am seeing and hearing them everywhere…

    1. Hi Alexanda,

      First let me say that ravens are wonderful creatures, not bad omens. They are messengers of wisdom and magic, and there is no need to fear them as totems. The raven is one of my personal totems.

      Second, somewhere on this site they talk about animals acting as totems or messengers “when they’re engaging in either unusual or significant behavior.” For instance, I live in an area where ravens are very common, and I see and hear at least one or two nesting pairs everyday. They’re usually in the trees around my house, but this morning I had one speaking softly on the roof right outside my bedroom window. This one I understood as being a messenger, and the message he brought was very timely. I also had one poop on me from a lamp post once. I took that as a message to go with my original plan instead of the one I had just been thinking about changing to. If your birds are gathering at a food source, that would not be unusual behavior for them. However, if one of them randomly broke away from the group and sat on your porch or car or something without any outside influence or provocation, then that one could be a messenger.

      Third, make sure they are ravens and not crows. Ravens tend to exist and travel in pairs. Crows live in groups. Crows are also alot more noisy in an annoying kind of way, and go on and on with their constant (annoying) chatter back and forth among the group. Raven-speak is more like two people having a normal conversation. They talk back and forth to each other, but it’s usually in short three “caw” (or fewer) bursts, then they’re quiet for a few seconds. Ravens also make weird, guttural rolling sounds, and I wouldn’t classify raven-speak as annoying… even if they’re gathered in a larger group around a carcass or other food source. Also, ravens are much, much bigger than crows. You can do a Google search for identifying the difference between the two.

      Forth, no matter what, if the birds have you thinking about things or thoughts you need to let go of, I’d say that’s a pretty good message. At the time you left your comment we were just coming out of a mercury retrograde, which is always a good time for revevaluting our lives and inner selves, and letting go of things that no longer serve us.

      I hope you were able to figure things out. I’m in the process of revamping my website, but the current sight has some spiritual insights on it if you’re looking for more help or guidance. You can see them at OneTrueWisdom.com/blog

      Many blessings to you,
      Danielle Grace

    2. sharon bromley

      I had the same problem… One day I “Shhhhhhh’d” them really loudly and they all stopped.. I tried again and again and they stopped every time and then in the end, they left.

  38. My dream had many aspects to it but the one that stuck out the most was I was kneeling down helping injured animals when a beautiful raven came up to me and stared at me. He was injured and wet. I put my hand out and he leaned his head into my hand. I began to rub and pet him and talking sweetly to him. He then let me pick him up and I sat completely down cradling this beautiful large Raven and I could see the purple and blue iridescent colors over the black feathers. As I’m talking softly to him and petting him he burrowed his head and body into and under my arms and legs me continue to pet him or more like groom him. Eventually I woke up. The whole time I felt peace and happiness and love while I met the raven and took care of him.

    I would love to know if any of you have an interpretation of this.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Could this be a message of the peace and happiness and love that comes with good self care and self nurturing? Are you needing to attend to your own emotional or spiritual wounds? Are you needing to speak more sweetly to yourself? Or engage in some spiritual or internal “grooming” so to speak?

      I hope these suggestions help to guide you.

      Many blessings,
      Danielle Grace

  39. Hi, I had a dream of either a raven orva crow (larger than actual size) . It perched there then as i walked close it pooped on me(crazy weird I know)….what does this mean( scared)

    1. Hi Pam,

      I would say it’s a message telling you that whatever you were thinking about or doing in the dream (or whatever the dream represents to you) is not the path to go on. I had a raven poop on me in real life, and I understood it to mean to follow my original plan instead of the one I had just been thinking about. And in following my original plan, I ended up meeting some new friends and received some additional messages represented by a few other people that were there too.

      Hope this helps,
      Danielle Grace

  40. I had a raven sitting in my front deck very sick and still he passed away last night and is laying dead facing the front door. What does this mean and why would this huge beautiful bird come to my place to die, is death coming soon for me, bad luck , good luck or something going to happen to someone i know , of all places he could go he landed and passed here :(. I go to court next week , will I win ? Are my children safe , my husband , me. Please advise

  41. Raven, Tsyoka’wehkowa visits me yet again. She is my Spirit Animal for this year, but her, and her close cousin, Tio:ka’we, Crow, have flown close to my heart, and close to my Spirit, for as long as I can remember and perhaps far longer than that. Raven speaks of Ka’shatsténhshera, of Power and of Magic. Not the Magic that we think of today when we think of Magic, but of the Magic of the Spirit that exists in each and every thing that we can see. In our modern world we have become blind to the Spirit that lives in all things, not just in the things that breathe and grow, but in all things, in the rocks and the earth and in even the things that humans create, because we can make nothing that Nature has not given us the materials and the tools to make. All things are alive. All things contain Spirit. Tsyoka’wehkowa sees this and reminds us of this truth. When you live in the world knowing that all things have Spirit it becomes much more difficult to treat even what we once saw as inanimate without regard of care. That is the real Ka’shatsténhshera of this world, the real Magic. That it is alive in ways that we cannot even see or comprehend. Raven, Tsyoka’wehkowa calls out for us to remember this thing that we have always known, but have lost sight of.

    1. I dreamt of a raven biting my toe, playful yet serious what could that mean?

      Dreamed of a raven biting my big toe, almost playfully. It was flying back to and from a tree. Looking at me, getting my attention.

    2. I relate and spiritual realms are difficult and hard to accept by all humans.. The Raven is soecial and powerful and this is not based merely from influence bit but happenings and almost a belief onso called faith in self identity with an eye in the sky the Raven evaluating individuals that know their self identity spirituality and may have a special presence to this world that may be hard to describe in conversation.. its what i or some i have read theough come accept knowing that a small percentage of humans on earth may truly relate to, to this Raven th powerful presence in my life thus far, a spiritual and keeper of life transcending messages in many ways.. absolutely is a magical, mysterious, dark, light, positive,negative,intelligent guidence into a human personal life.. just wow!!

  42. Please help me. I had a dream last night that I was putting dog food out for my dog and several ravens ended up swooping in and eating it. As they did, they let me get close to them and some of them let me touch them. When they left, I wanted them back so I put more dog food out and then returned. I remember seeing them swooping down from their nest to come back. I know this makes no sense, but I believe they were coming into my house for the food and there was just a hole in my wall or an open door or window or something. Its a dream so it isn’t completely realistic obviously. One of the ravens really let me pet him, and he ended up coming into my lap so I could pet him/her more and hand feed it. This raven ended up being my pet, and everything after this part of the dream is a blur. What does this mean?

  43. It’s not one of the animals I dream of more often… but when it happens I do remember clearly.
    Tonight I dreamt I was on a sea shore and I was feeding a flock of ravens with meat. Some where black, some white, some both. I could touch them while they where eating.
    It was a very peaceful scene. I called one of the black/white ravens on my arm, but it then transformed in a person that was wondering why should he rest on my arm XD then the dream changed a bit. Even people was feeding from my bag, not meat but chocolate and it was ok. I really felt amused.

  44. I knew that it would be Tsyoka’wehkowa. I knew that it would be Raven who would come to me on this day. My experience with Tsyoka’wehkowa not long ago, when she flew so close to me while I was climbing that I could feel the air from her wings, told me that Raven and her cousin, Tio:ka’we, Crow are going to be a big part of my life this year. Yesterday I encountered a murder of Crows for the first time ever in the park between my home and the gym and Tio:ka’we, like Coyote has always had a strong place in my heart. Tsyoka’wehkowa in particular speaks of Magic. But Magic need not be a thing of tricks and spells. Magic is all around us. Today we went into the woods, by a river to Smudge and, at the moment we finished the Smudge ceremony a mighty storm blew in. The sky opened and rain poured down on us and a mighty wind blew around us. This was Nature showing us her Magic. This was Nature showing us her Ka’shatsténhshera, her great Power. And that Power was not outside of us. It was not a separate thing than us. We were inside her Magic and her Magic was inside of us. We only become truly lost when we separate ourselves from the Ka’shatsténhshera and the Magic that is part of everything. We do not see the beauty of Nature’s Ka’shatsténhshera if we fear it or if we try to stand against it or to control or shape it. We see the Beauty of all Existence when we allow ourselves to be a part of that Beauty. That is Magic. Tsyoka’wehkowa spreads her mighty wings and encompasses all the worlds. And she invites us to do the same. Tsyoka’wehkowa invites us to feel the Beauty, to feel the Ka’shatsténhshera, to feel the Magic that is all existence. Our bodies are merely part of what we are. And our fears and hesitations are the result of trying to protect that shell, rather than to live as part of it, as it is part of this great Beauty that is Life. Life is Magic. It is an impossibility that is happening with every single breath that you take. All of the things that had to happen to bring you into this place, to enable you to take this breath in this moment are more unlikely than our minds can comprehend. But we can feel it. We can know it when we are our whole selves as part of the whole of existence. Not just body. Not just mind. Not even just spirit or soul. We are everything that is or ever has been and that is the truest and most absolute Magic that we can know. Tsyoka’wehkowa speaks to me today of that Magic, of that Ka’shatsténhshera, and it is more beautiful than words or hands or anything our shells can ever express. We live in Magic. We walk in Beauty. It is not something that we need to seek. It is here. It is us. It is me. It is Raven. It is everything.

  45. Hello , please I need help. Ever since I found out my girl friend was a succubus whom I survived for almost a year, two ravens has visited my home 4 times and I don’t know what to do. Help!!! Despite having so many signs and warnings that I was dating a demon which I ignored or couldn’t interpret, I wouldn’t want to make such mistakes again. I think these ravens are trying to communicate to me. Though I defeated this demon and made mockery of her because she couldn’t break my spirit and made it clear to her that I’m not scared of the dark. Help please.

    1. Don’t mistake Ravens for bad symbols they are
      Good symbols in twos. It means she is changing back to a human because your good magic changes everyone for the better.
      This was an illusion and ravens change illusions for the better. She isn’t a succumbs and never was it was all a bad dream. Ravens are here to lead you to goodness.

    2. Two Ravens, four times. A couple who are nurturing you, and befriending you, helping to protect you. The number 4 re occasions, 4 being a power number also. (2 Ravens x 4 = 8 : infinity symbol.)

  46. Yesterday I went on a journey with a friend, rock hunting in the woods. As she searched for rocks I wandered off and found a cavern area with some relatively easy rocks for free climbing. I used to be a very good climber and caver, but haven’t done it in a while, so I was delighted to find a rock that would be a decent beginner’s free climb. As I reached the top, a gigantic Raven, soared out so close to my head that I could feel the air from it’s wings on my face. I almost fell. But then, as I got my balance back and pulled myself to the top Raven, Tsyoka’wehkowa, circled back close to my head, and I knelt on the rock to pray and to meditate. When I received a sign from Tsyoka’wehkowa earlier this week it felt like it was a sign for someone else. But sometimes signs can be for more than one person and I knew at that moment that Raven was repeating a message to me. I was in awe of Raven’s beauty, size and Ka’shatsténhshera, Power, and I knew, as I meditated that my awe, my message was also for my own Ka’shatsténhshera, my own Power. We can all be afraid of our own personal Power, not just for the reasons that I’ve already mentioned but because our mind, that small part of our understanding of the world, of the universe, cannot envelop all that Ka’shatsténhshera, which seems to contradict our narrow definitions of who and what we are, and what we can be. I cannot grasp my Ka’shatsténhshera, in the same way that I could not grasp the size and majesty of Tsyoka’wehkowa, of Raven. Perhaps that’s why Raven frightens us so, and has become the image of dark things. We confuse that darkness for something terrible because it is beyond the light. But perhaps beyond the light is where our greatest wisdom and our greatest Ka’shatsténhshera lies. Perhaps beyond our words and definitions are where the greatest knowledge lies. My second visit from Tsyoka’wehkowa this week shook me with a profound wonder. Not just of Tsyoka’wehkowa, but of my own Ka’shatsténhshera, my own power.

  47. I had a dream two weeks ago. I woke up in a beautiful home I thought I was in in Beautiful big bedroom on a wooden canopy bed with silk mustard colored sheets I looked up and there wasn’t a lady coming in with a tray carrying tea or coffee I assume s in my dream she was a maid she looked arc me an s smiled said goodbye morning I looked to the left I saw a beautiful large raven on a perch next to my bed cleaning its of very relaxed the feathers were so shinny and dark and beautiful and soft as silk I was in awe I thought to myself and looked at the woman like I said this my bird she smiled and walked away then I thought about my kids that they should all come to my room and see this beautiful bird the night I thought it wasn’t too early in the am they arrested probably sleeping I’ll tell them later then I just kept admiring the bird can someone help me with this dream all I felt was love

  48. Raven, Tsyoka’wehkowa, speaks of Ka’shatsténhshera, Power, particularly personal Ka’shatsténhshera. While we cannot fly in the way that Raven does, we can soar, we can rise above the pettiness that surrounds us and convinces us that it is important. We are more powerful than we know. We are more powerful than we want to know. Because knowing that you have Ka’shatsténhshera, knowing that you can soar like Tsyoka’wehkowa, means that you have no reason to be lying on the ground, feeling sorry for yourself. Knowing that you have a Ka’shatsténhshera, means that you have no excuse for not using that Power when the universe calls for you to use it.

  49. In my dream I was holding a raven by his feet in my hands He was struggling to get away but not in such a way that either one of us was frightened. His beak touched my hand I still held on.. Finally I let him fly away.

  50. I had a dream that I was at my boyfriends house in his kitchen looking out the window. I can see the outside of his living room window from there and there was a large raven about the size of a dog (Labrador for example) outside his living room window looking in, just flapping its wings so it was hovering there. I was aware at the time my boyfriend was in there on the sofa and that I should tell him. The dream seemed to end there. Do you have any idea what this might mean? I hardly ever remember my dreams but this one I can still see it clearly.

  51. Whoever prepared the raven page did a remarkable job. When I came out of a store about a month ago, a raven was on top of the center lamp post and making a lot of racket. I saw a child (age 7 or 8) appearing out of nowhere walking alone in the opposite direction away from the lamp post, and the bird was barking out commands like he owned the whole parking lot! My thoughts shifted to my old neighborhood where I used to live twenty years ago. I read this raven page and thought, you have got to be kidding! A master of synchronicity? Next day in the grocery store, I met some old friends per chance. They called me by another name from the past and praised me for a quality I genuinely thought I lacked. Weird! I would have never connected the bird with the grocery experience if I had not read this page.

    1. Brandon Ralph McCormick

      I’m 15 years old and I started liking raven when I found out he was my sprit animal and totem and the thing I’m wondering about is what does it mean when I here a raven caw and and say it’s name autloud two it and it doesent answer back the rest of the day and I’ve seen him being chased by birds and I’ve seen him fly past the car a lot of times and I here I’m mostly but it’s the same raven what does it mean

    2. Maggie Lewellyn

      Some years ago I had a Vision dream. I always remember every detail of many I have had. I was in a deserted old Monastary type place. I pulled back an old, dirty brocaded curtain and a large Raven was looking out a window and turned to stare at me in the eyes very deeply. I left next day on a camping trip with my best friend to tent camp Vancouver Island. There were many Ravens in our campground and I bought a turquoise rock with an Indian Raven on it. It has been tattooed on my ankle for 9 yrs now. At the time of the dream I had been diagnosed with a bad autoimmune disease. Now many years later I have a big Raven visiting me. I talk to it and it seems to listen. Not a lot of Ravens here, but I feel a strong connection. It will sit on a light post outside my open barroom window at times while I am getting ready. The dream was like none I’ve had with an animal ??

  52. There is a raven on my doorstep right now. It appears to be sick, I see no visible injuries. It’s making an awful sound. I’ve tried giving it water and food, but it is not interested. It’s not flying away and doesn’t try to get away from me. What does this mean and what should I do?

  53. As I was going to sleep I had a vision of raven or crow directly over me. It tilted it’s head as it looked at me & then it opened it’s wings & covered me with them. I normally do not take raven or crows as a bad sign, but been having health issues lately. Anyone have insight on the meaning?

    1. Have you had death in family , or upcoming friends ? This could go both ways , not to freak you out but there’s a sickness close to you and it’s going to do a bit of damage in the upcoming yr . This info comes not from your dream but from my connection with the spirit .. you can take that as a gift that your aware of upcoming passing of some and it gives you time to spend with them ..

  54. Ok I had this dream where this elf girl changes me into a raven… I grow wings and she has made me do her bidding it’s uncomfortable and when I try to run away she manages to transform me anyway… I am 25 and have a job still live with my parents however a lot of stress has come over our house since dad lost his job. I am almost done with my degree but feel a lot of guilt for mistakes I have made in the past… what is this dream telling me? Things will get better? Worse? I have been in a depression because I feel like I have dishonored my family in someway…what is the raven trying to tell me or am I the raven?

    1. From what I can tell your subconscious is telling you you feel trapped and every time you try to leave you get pulled back in. And most times crows mean it time to change or begin again release pass burdens forgive yourself its a beautiful world

  55. Had a dream at being at my son’s baseball game when something called me to walk toward the school, as walked up the hill to the school I seen what looked like a black hair peace I bent over picked it up and through it like a frisbee as I through it it burst into a raven and flew upon the edge of the school and i took another step and looked down and seen another black looking hair peace and did the same with it and it burst into a raven and flew upon the edge of the school.
    One of the ravens was talking to me but I couldn’t hear what was being said, then the raven turned into a black headed woman and to be honest it looked like my mother and she spoke but I couldn’t make anything out. The other raven did something amazing, it burst into what I can only describe as a cosmic ray of light and it blast into the heavens, next I was in the darkness of space and I watched this powerful light blast past me and light up the darkness. I thought in the dream only one thing could be this powerful, it had to be God himself to light up the darkness of space.
    Then to finish up I walked back down to the ball game and as I was greeting a lot of people that I knew a young girl walked to me smiling, she said do you know who I am, I said you seem familiar but I’m not sure, she keep smiling and said you have known me all your life you should at least recognize my voice, but I couldn’t make it out and as she was walking off and got to the bottom of the bleachers she looked at me and smiled again.
    This dream was so powerful to me and soon after this dream my family found out my mother is eat up with cancer, she is still fighting , I also have a very I’ll brother that’s fighting for his life. But my question is this, could the raven that burst into that powerful light be representing that one of them is gonna have a powerful healing that only God himself could give them. My mother started losing her black hair so I’m assuming that that’s what the hair peace that I through like a frisbee represented and I’m thinking the young girl was my mother once she leaves us and my family is trying to except the fact that she’s leaving us but my brother I can’t except, it’s not that we are spring chickens but he’s been sick for 13years and I would really like to think that I’m about to witness a miracle healing from the most powerful thing in our universe. Any thoughts?

    1. I believe you are correct. I believe your dream is telling you to have that faith for them both. And yes I believe the Ravens are saying all is not lost. I am not sure why i felt compelled to comment back, It is in my spirit. Keep going. You must be the conduit in your family the one that bares the blessings of the Lord.

  56. It was night time, I was at some type of gathering. I was walking around and the other people there were familiar but I did not recognize them. I sat down and noticed a thimble sized bell. I picked it up and handed it to a woman sitting near me. She rang it and then a raven flew down and basically took it from her and came to me and was playing with it on the ground. The sound was very distinct- high pitched like a small item like that would sound in the awake world. The raven was playing with it and was “tossing” it towards me. I picked it up and then the raven was in my hand with his/her feet/claws holding on to my wrist, almost digging in. Definitely felt the raven holding on somewhat tight. Then an unknown woman came up to me, put her hands on my face gently and said the a new friend of mine was a beautiful soul and that I was blessed to know her. She disappeared and the raven flew away and dropped the bell and I woke hearing its final ringing. I barely dream. This one was so vivid with sounds and feeling these people and the raven in my hand. Any thoughts?

    1. It’s strange how Crow and Raven are seen as negative images in most cultures. I was brought up with Haudenosaunee beliefs, where Crow and Raven are very sacred and respected beings. In fact we believe that Crow made People. She was up to no good at the time, as she always is. Most First Peoples tribes that I’ve known also hold Crow and Raven sacred because they bring change and they knock the things that we consider known and solid off balance. They are among our favourite story characters as children, because they are mischief makers and remind us that life is play. As totem animals they are messengers are change and magic.

    2. The crow would usually be drawn to metal and shiny objects,..I see this dream as symbolizing an opportunity that Crow is teaching you. I love the story of the bell ringing, which is likely a positive blessing and the gathering would symbolize a support network of people. The key words could be paying attention to future plans, as in working with others in a positive way. Feels like the crow is saying trust your self and move forward and seek an opportunity.

    3. This person is someone new in your life or old that has come back, this person is supposed to help you in life. The Raven in your dream was more than likely holding tight because that’s how you would remember him, and his message to you to listen to someone in your life. Someone that is supposed to get you to the next level. The Raven speaks it knows how to change when God speaks the light and the dark both are balance.

  57. Hi, I’m hoping you can shed some light on my query. A few months back a had a dream and I do not normally dream, not for the last 16 years. In this dream I saw myself in a white nightgown and everything around me was a grey mist, in front of me was a translucent globe of light with mist within it and on the other side was a extremely large raven with red eyes, this raven had to be three times the size of me. We watched each other and then the raven flew up and I heard the wings and “felt” the wind of the wings on me and next I felt the claw of one the legs on my back and looked to my right and saw one of the talons in my right shoulder and felt the other in the back of my left thigh assuming it was one claw and as the raven grabbed me I felt the pull back and the wings across my face with wind. I know I was fighting to break free and I did which in my dream felt like it took a long time but I do not believe it was and I was able to free myself from the grasp of the claw of the raven and I was inside the translucent globe of light where I then saw the raven perch outside and somewhat lean side to side motion repeatedly watching me and then settled in on I guess his/her hunches. There was no blood that I saw, I felt pain and the pulling the raven was taking me away from the globe of light and then the whoosh of the release when I got free. Three times after this dream in approximately a months period, I thought I heard my husband yelled out to me through the night as it was loud and I answered to him as it woke me from sleep when he said he never called my name, I question to if it comes back to this dream. Would appreciate your thoughts and insights on this if you have any.

    1. It seems to be a powerful message of invasion, but also could signify your ability of awareness. Dreams of dark intrusion can be asking you to focus on the light and support of your own insight. The dream may also simply be advising to see how your own fears that have to be seen in order to be free and then to always put your own instinct first. In other words use your intuitive gifts more and always trust you are protected.

  58. For the past 2 years or more ive had 2 ravens around me always no matter where i am. Good or bad i can walk out a door, look out a window, or even in a different state there is always 2 ravens as if they follow me. Always 2 why??

    1. It seems likely they are your totem. Why there are two is something you might need to reflect on. They can be powerful helpers and also warn when we are deluding ourselves (in my experience).

    2. They are always in pairs!
      Find more stillness and listen to your inner self for your higher self to come forward and transform on your spiritual journey!
      Meditation, mindfulness, or finding your own quiet space will help you! Especially within nature, natural surroundings.

  59. What is the significance of the envisioned black raven morphing into a WHITE raven? Visions seen In meditation/prayer?

    1. and funny thing … I posted the ? about the Raven just above and then saw a notice for your Tweet about the Wolf. The same thing happened to me with the Wolf prior to the raven (2 years prior) … black, yellow eyed wolf morphed into white wolf … *I* believe I know the significance of these but am curious as to what you would say?

  60. I had the most beautiful dream this morning, I dreamed I was laying down in a tree, resting on a tree branch. A raven appeared on a branch near me and was first looking at me very still. Then it flew-hopped over to me and nestled it’s head next to me and allowed me to pet it. It’s feathers were so soft, we became friends.

  61. I dreamt I was lying down with my wife on our bed. A crow came from the left side, from a door we don’t use, flew above our heads and went to the direction of our window. I woke up before I can see it fly out the window but I had the feeling that it did.
    What can it mean?

  62. I am going through difficult times with my personal life. And today, while driving with my daughter there were four ravens on the road and one flew into my car wheels. I felt my heart break completely part of it was killing the raven and other one is the pain I have been carrying. I was paralyzed and kept on driving. This is not like me at all. Normally I would have stopped no question but just couldn’t.
    What does this mean? I have felt incredible pain and suffering since then.

  63. I work in an animal sanctuary. I was asked to take the raven to be put to sleep. It took me straight to the man I have a crush on. Next day my mum told me, she dreamt about a 1WW soldier standing at an iron gate and by him was the raven. I know I have encountered magic and a message but it is difficult to understand.

  64. gabrielle o'brien

    Today a big beautiful black and blueish raven flew up next to me as I was walking towards a medical building for a doctors appointment. I got really close than as i approached the door it flew up over the building and away. Just wondering on a day like today what does this mean and what purpose does this serve?

  65. Have always been curious for a spiritual translation to this. But I dream that I am a bird very often, and I am always a Raven. From when I first started having these dreams I was able to shape shift into a Raven, try to fly, fail, get frustrated and shape shift back to human form. Years have gone by now, and I have taught myself to fly in my dreams. I don’t think it’s complete lucid dreaming as I don’t really realize what I did until the next morning.
    Anyways, I have gone through so many dreams where I am a Raven, or shape shifted into a Raven, and tried to fly. I taught myself gradually by gliding, and getting higher and faster. Landing on branches still gets me though.
    It’s interesting that I have these recurring dreams for years now. I have always felt I had a strong connection with ravens and spiders always have seem attracted to me as well.
    Any comments?

  66. I had a dream I was in the middle of an abandon street, I was with someone I knew it was so strange because this person WAS me like the opposite of the good me or the past ” me “, and I was admitting stuff to him I had always kept to myself about myself and I wasn’t afraid to tell him, and because I was telling him all of these things I was becoming stronger and taller I became a giant, standing in the middle of this street, then a raven flew down onto a powerline and it was staring at me it instantly I felt incredible fear from it but I flew up to the raven instead and I devoured it as it tried to attack me.
    I devoured fear itself.

    1. Hey Adam

      This dream is strong . It signifies a message that’s being sent to you .. The message is this ..
      There are things in your life that your lets say ashamed of and or there bad things etc ,, point is this you must come to terms with yourself and get these things that are holding you back out and admit to yourself that you’ve done wrong or made mistakes that you can’t forgive yourself for .. The raven is a symbol of negative energies and or death in some cases your eating the raven isn’t so much the point , the point is that as I stated above , the personal growth that can come from forgiveness and coming to terms with oneself will allow you to overcome your negative side and also overcome all the fears and obstacles that are thrown into your life’s path ..
      Hope this helps

  67. I have a dream of thousands of ravens flying in one direction, they are covering the sky. i was lying on my room watching them flying above our house (it’s weird, our house has no roof in my dream). then one raven landed on my right shoulder. what does it mean?

  68. Hi, I had a dream last night where my hair was made of raven feathers (so I had no normal hair but instead long black lax feathers, rooting from my scalp).
    I don’t remember what happened in-between but later in the dream, I had normal hair again but some longer hairs had raven skulls tied to it, like some sort of head finery, the little white skulls hanging at eye level all around my head, gently clinking against each other when I turned my head or as I walked.

    At no moment in my dream was I told that the feathers or the skulls belonged to ravens, but I just knew it, it was the reality of my dream. Actual birds were absent from my dream, which in itself was very banal, neither the plot nor the scenery stood out of the ordinary (I was meeting friends or strangers, they were of course surprised by my new looks, asked questions about it but I treated it as if it wasn’t a big thing, then we went on with mundane conversations).

    If you have any interpretation for this, I’m very interested in reading it, thank you.

    1. You are being led to think about things in a different light so that your consciousness can be expanded and elevated. You have not been taking full advantage of opportunities to do so, thus, the dangling of the raven skulls “right in front of your eyes.” Perhaps part of your hesitancy to move out of the old mold of thinking stems from a reluctance to draw attention to yourself. You don’t want others to think of you as weird. (You “treated it as if it wasn’t a big thing.) But–elephants in the living room!–it is a big thing or it wouldn’t be so “in your face.” Perhaps it would help if you would explore different viewpoints on subjects of interest to you. Try putting your initial reactions to things on the back burner and hold onto new ways of thinking for awhile without judgment. The symbolism suggests that you are indeed an intelligent person who has the capacity to see things from a broad perspective. Good luck in achieving this.


  69. In a recent dream, I was sitting on my front porch playing music singing to 6 or 7 ravens. Each of them had their own distinctive white or blood markings, a couple were bloody however. They just sat around me as I sat and played music, Is there any significant meaning to the markings or something?

  70. Had a dream I picked up a raven to sit on my shoulder but when I went to get him off he clung on and wrapped his wings around my head

  71. I had a dream about a black crow, it was bleeding. someone has hacked off its foot and I looked away because I was too sad about the state of humanity.

  72. I dreamed my aunt rented a house, but there were some conditions to it. One day two young men came to talk to my aunt and were demanding something that they said she agreed to. A lady my aunt knows in real life came to talk to her and the two young men were present. My children and I were sleeping on a that side of the house, and decided to move from there because they were talking. on the other side of the house I discovered that the rooms where bigger and the carpet was color light blue and a cat color cray was lying on the carpet. There where some bicycles and other toys in the room. In the dream I thought it was best for my kids to sleep there. I walk to the window that one that was open, when I saw a white-necked raven flying towards the window that was closed. I made a sh…..sh sound and the raven flew away crossing the window where I was standing at.

    what does my dream means?

  73. Hi there, I’ve recently (last night and today) had a strange encounter with what myself and my friends beleive to be a young adult raven. I realise it wasn’t a dream but I’ve had a strange feeling in my gut since yesterday evening about the whole scenario.
    I’m a dog walker and cycle around town from job to job, as I was getting ready to chain my bike up outside a client’s house I realised the raven was perched on a bench nearby (about 4ft away), I thought it was odd as 1 ravens are not common around here and 2 the previous 2 weeks on a near daily basis i had seen him he was sat in a nearby tree. Although awed by how close I was to the bird I have affectionately named Bran, I carried on with my job and walked the dog. When I returned to collect my bike he had perched himself on the handlbars and would not move until I asked him nicely (I’m assuming it’s a he), at which point he hopped off and ‘walked’ away. I went home and later went to bed, last night I was constantly drifting in and out of slumber, I don’t know what I dreamt about which concerns me as I’m usually very good at remembering my dreams. Woke up this morning and set out on my daily business, when I got round to the clients house for the morning walk and there was no sign of him, so I kept an eye out for him whilst on the walk and I found him round the corner from the clients house in a garden, he seemed a little quiet and his wing tips and tail feathers were covered in frost. I dropped the dog off and went to get my friend who lives nearby, we managed to get him in a towel as although he’s quite sorry he seemed a little week and took him to the pet shop in town that belongs to another friend of mine, where he is currently recouperating in their parrot boarding cage. I apologise for such a long tale but I find the whole situation quite odd and I can’t getrid of this strange feeling in my gut. Id also like to mention that i fully intend to set him free once he is better

    1. Heather,
      Animals are quite well at seeking out kind spirits, or “good” spirits such as yourself. Much as some people associate with dogs. If they are not paranoid, or jealous by nature, of course. Ravens are very intelligent birds. Something may have called the raven to you, or it was observing you and noticed that you are nicer than most humans are. I am a Raven by spirit, and this is precisely what I do myself when meeting new people or looking for help. Some “help” can hurt more than it was intended to often times. When I am making a choice, I (quite literally by sitting across the room or standing at a distance) observe, then react once I know that there won’t be a negative result. Very little times I am wrong as intuition plays part.

      Long story short, this raven likely picked you because of your kindred spirit. Take it as a blessing, not a curse. I know it has been months now, but even if the raven passed, it sounds like it likely passed in comfort.

    2. I was riding down the street a big ole Raven was at the middle of the rode it made my day because it showed out like it knew I was watching beautiful big wings expanded like it own the Sky soaring so claim but yet edgy

  74. I was dreaming that I was in bed and i realized a crow/raven was on my chest and I was scared to death and I don’t scare easy. I was scared to move too much and I tried to wake my girlfriend sleeping next to me but could not speak. I kept trying to speak to wake her for help and finally woke up. I remembered that the night before I had a similar dream of a crow/raven being on me in bed but then moving to the floor next to me on the floor, I was scared in this dream as well. Can anyone give me any insight to what this means please?

  75. This morning I looked out my window and a raven flew up and sat on a cable wire turned around looked at me for a bit and turned around and flew away downwards as I live on the second floor. Is this a good sign ? You see I had a baby three years ago today exactly when the Raven showed up and five days after giving birth I suffered an unexplained severe hemorrhagic stroke that I am still trying to heal from. Even though no vein broke I am the fourth person in the world to have such a stroke. This just seems to much of a coincidence .
    I believe from your page it is to tell me I will get better atleast that’s what I hope but what if it’s to say that death is impending. I don’t remember if it flapped its wings or not , I do remember that it turned around and looked directly at me.

  76. I just had 3 large ravens land in a tree in my backyard. Sat there looking at me for a couple minutes, then flew away together. I’ve not once seen ravens in my yard, nevermind 3 together. What does this mean?

  77. Aloha,
    Thank you in advance for your time and efforts with insight on the experience I had yesterday, 12/1/16.
    I was in my living room, relaxing on my sofa, watching the television., and all of a sudden, I got distracted with a black bird flapping it’s large wings over a cabinet space in my kitchen. I turned to look at it, and was captivated thinking “what is this bird doing flying around in circles in the kitchen”.
    As it’s flying around in circles, it all of a sudden turns into a ball of energy, keeping the color black, so it was like a black ball of moving energy. Then the black ball, as its circling around in a still motion, it turns back to the bird, then the bird flies around in circles, high up in the kitchen cabinets, fluttering it’s wings, and suddenly takes a dive down straight towards the ground and dissappears.
    When all this was hapoening, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was awake, and I don’t do drugs, have never had any kind of hallucinations, even though this was definitely bizarre.
    It never scared me, or I never felt in danger, or had any types of feeling of running out the door, but know I’m left with thoughts of wanting to know why this experience happened to me, and why would this black bird come into my life the way it did.
    As I’m reading the top remarks and experiencesee of other people that have left comments, most of them are “real birds, or in their dreams”, but this is neither.
    Please let me know what you think.
    Thank you for your time and efforts.

    1. You may have seen energy through the bird. I dont really know but you are not going crazy. Figure out how to get to higher self or that kind of thing and ask.

  78. I dreamed about a raven flying in around me with a small brown dog on its back. The raven was so close that I could almost touch it. when I reached out, it circled around and returned to the same spot in front of me. I remember thinking that the little brown dog must belong to someone.

  79. Had a dream of a raven, at first it was flying above me and cawing at me. Like it was pulling me in, then I cawed back to it. I didn’t feel any fear or hesitation, just felt natural. Then he Raven was staring into me with it’s feathers puffed out a bit. Any significance or not really?

    1. and when i meant pulling me in, I meant like my soul was being puled from me. An energy or just feeling of my essence being pulled as I cawed back to the raven

  80. I had a dream in mid October. I opened the door and there was a raven, it walked in, flew up and perched itself on my arm. Next two days the same would happen (dream days. This was just one dream.) On the fourth day he came to the door as a cat, I knew it was him because he wanted to be held. Weirdest thing was, all the tree’s leaves were orange in the dream. The leaves didn’t start changing till November here.
    It was really clear what the dream was telling me a few weeks later in November, one of our oldest cats passed recently.

  81. I love the raven and believe that they are nature’s warning system and they often visit me and I feed them. They are tricksters as well and playful like a kid brother but I love them and feel the are an amazing animal

  82. Hello:-)
    I am Pisces so have tried to seek the answer but couldn’t. I appreciate you helping find the reason and answer. Firstly I am a strong animal activist and Vegan. i love unconditionally all animals even insects lol Thus, the RAVEN that came to me I was not afraid but felt uneasy this is why – a have had in the past vivid dreams where I’ve woken and seen giant black spiders the size of my room…and have overcome this as I found the answer and faced it. I have not had a vivid dream for a year. Yes I have night lights whilst I sleep. A few days ago I awoke because I felt being watched (it could have been me dreaming it but I don’t even recall the dream at all) I my eyes opened and I saw a face of a RAVEN piercing eyes, tuffed feathers between bridge of eyes and beak closed. Then I saw his body it was a RAVEN’S HEAD on a HUMANS BODY a MASCULINE TALL THIN MAN WEARING A BLACK SUIT (PANTS, WAIST COAT AND JACKET) I felt afraid when I saw this. I didn’t feel at ease and was upset as to why an animal would want to cause me harm. He was just standing there (left side of room) 1.5 meters away from me standing still but I was afraid cause the feeling I got was negative and that he may be about to harm me, I looked into his eyes saw anger and spite but I looked back with love and compassion, but confusion. He then vanished. I don’t understand why this happened. I researched illusive dreaming it could have been just a though mixed with waking up whilst still dreaming…but thought I’d ask for your help. Thank you 🙂

    1. It is a form of sleep apnea, where you are fully aware but not fully awake and often unable to move. It can often present like something or someone is watching or pressing down on the bed. It also causes hallucinations of what you are most afraid of. These hallucinations present as you become more frightened of the situation. It can be quite debilitating for people who have trouble sleeping as it often occurs in the first segment of sleeping. It is very common and I’m pretty sure it is called sleep paralysis. The funny thing is the only way to control this is to relax so your natural reaction to send loving thoughts was perfect as chronic sufferers say with the absence of fear the body responds and the image disappears. People say it is incredibly real. Hope this helps ?

  83. I recently saw a small flock of ravens near my local transportation hub here on Long Island. A few were perched close to me, one was just steps away from me and turned its head all the way around like it was curious. And then the weird things was, they were playing with the seagulls nearby…and none of the birds were squawking. Not one sound. I’ve been going through some serious health issues and personal problems. I saw Ravens a few times last year, but never ravens and seagulls at the same time. I’m an Empath and always been spiritual. I believe the ravens and seagulls are a sign that things are about to change for me in a dramatic way…but I’m not entirely certain as.bout th

  84. Hello,

    I have a bit if a story but it has ends with a large raven approaching me in my yard.

    My entire life i have been sensitive to energy. Either coming from interations with live individuals amd being able to read or feel their intentions, or from presents around me that are in the afterlife still lingering in this world. I dont see them but i feel them and talk to them, they don’t talk back i just feel their intentions. Only recently have been able to accept this as a gift or understand that this is not normal. I am still learning about it on my own research.

    I recently started working in Conrad Hilton’s 3rd Hotel built in the 1930’s. I have been feeling a lot of happy or nutral spirits in the hotel and have to say it has been interesting and sometimes fun. But this weekend i ran into my first evil or pissed off spirit. It influenced one of our guests to attempt suicide by alcohol (Spirits) pain pills and a gunshot to the head. Failed. I was in charge observing cleaning and cleaning the room after APD released the room. This is when i felt the “Evil” Spirits presents. I commanded it to be gone and leave us alone. But i dont think i have to power to release it entirely, just protected us while we were in there. Keep in mind this is not the first violent act in this room. Other reports have been recorded and more successful than this one. We cleaned the room and is now occupiable. (Any suggestions on how to release this spirt i am open to)

    With all that being said, two days later on my day off i am doing yard work in my parents front yard and as i look up and go to trash a load of leaves and weeds, a large raven is standing there in my path. We lock eyes, i speak loudly, “What is it?” It caws twice, becomes timid, i repeat myself and it caws again and takes off in the opposite direction it was standing. Flies into the New Mexico Northern skies.

    Now the question, what does this mean?

    I wish i was a believer in coincidences but with my luck it is rarely the case. Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

    I did a quick check with my closest and nobody is injured or dying.

    Thank you for your help.


  85. In my dream, while I mourned over a dead friend, whom I think I murdered, a black raven sat upon my thigh, and I fed it from my hand. It turned into a black snake, and I fed it, too.

  86. So I was hiking in Sedona, AZ for a few hours. When I initially entered the train there were 4 ravens sitting on a stone conversing, but not afraid. I approached who i thought was the leader, nodded my head and began to hike the trail, which was busy but not overcrowded. The whole time I was on the trail, there was life around me (i.e. butterflies, the same couple of dragon flies, slugs, birds) and the ravens. They would cawh and were with me all the way. They would stop when I would stop and move when i would move. I wasn’t sure what this all meant. I was wondering if you have any idea. It have have similar instances before with nature, but this is was a little strange because it involved Ravens and they were with me both on the way out and the way in.

    1. Someone you love most dearly is going to the next life and is gonna be with u at all times the butterfly is the next jerney into the ravens world. Which will guide u into a better life

  87. Had a dream about a Raven, in the dream it flew over me and I thought I’ll have to look up Raven to see what it means. But then I forgot and as the dream continued I saw a huge, seriously a HUGE Raven perched by a medevil looking cage and it had a mouse in its mouth. It just stared at me but it was not frightening, i felt like it was acknowledging me as a friend. Almost tipping his head to me in respect. But he also really wanted me to know something and now when im awake and looked this up it makes perfect sense. Thank you!

  88. I keep my Ravens close always have…….they have long been a comfort to me an have kept me company and told me many things…….my heart broke a few weeks ago when I found a young one hurt beyond my ability to heal. I did what I could to ease its pain thirst and cried when it was taken from its pain. Leave them treats they love nuts and fruits berries and such.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, I’ve been wanting to put out treats for my recent feathered friends but wasn’t sure what would be safe and they would enjoy..

  89. The other night I had a dream I was sitting out on my back steps with my dad and a raven revealed its self to me and had one lf its feathers hanging from its body. It stood and looked at me then climbed the back steps put the feather in my hair then kissed me on the cheek with its beak.

    That morning my dad was out having his coffee out on the back steps and saw a couple of ravens fly over our home.

  90. Corvis (Latin for Raven, it's a nickname)

    I perfectly embody a raven. Everything I have seen- on other websites, or just know about ravens- is true about me too. Nothing about a raven isn’t true about me. What does this mean?

    1. Corvis,

      It seems that you already know, because if you read your own comment without the last question that’s a powerful and beautiful affirmation. To know one’s nature is a blessing. If you identify yourself with the Raven that in itself is an answer, when you know more about the Raven you know more about yourself. I would keep that connection alive and flowing by learning more about them, by drawing them, whatever comes to mind. These are my thoughts!

  91. Had a dream about a Raven. It was injured and hungry. I fed it some pumpkin seeds and it really liked those, then I fed it some canned fish and it spit it out. Then I was really affectionate with it and helped it to heal. It started sucking something out of me, felt nice but very intimate and I woke up.

  92. I’m happy I found this site…..I have been seeing a raven randomly since I was 6yrs old and I am now 43 when I was younger it scared me ..but now it does not I just seen it a couple of weeks ago outside my window I stared at it for sometime ..it did not move until I left the window ..I turned around and it was gone….I guess I should also mention I see something else.
    Like a little star always after the raven has left…I feel a little nervous telling anyone about this…but hopefully I can find out if this means anything. .thank you

  93. came across this site looking for answers to a dream I recently had. I was caring for a sickly Raven and holding her in my hands, although she was not very happy. She had gorgeous iridescent black/purple feathers despite her sickness. Not sure what this dream meant. I hope it’s nothing ominous.

  94. I’ve been in a rut for years. I lost touch with my roots and stopped practicing. My tarot cards gathered dust and I had yet to check if I had all the runes in a set I was given by someone. I’ve also been trying to decide on a big move out of state. Last week I was working, driving from a facility to another and I started seeing ravens everywhere. I counted at least 6. They were just perched on top of lights or buildings calling out. Strange thing is, it was well over 100 degrees out and I can’t remember every seeing ravens in my area when it got past the mid 90s. I’ve seen a few since then and decided to pick up where I left off in my practice and made a solid decision to move out of state as well as make a solid plan for my future career. It was like all the gears clicked into place and I could see who I was again. Even still, I’m seeing ravens regularly. I feel like there’s something to them spiritually.

    Thanks for the great info 🙂

  95. I am a 60 yr old english man living in the UK with an incureable disease connected to my diabetes
    I just had a dream with a raven in it and it was flying in the house popping cotton baubles above my head near the ceiling as if to play games with my aunt and myself.My aunt and I wanted to get the raven out of the house.We waited for it to land on the kitchen floor and I gently approached it to pick it up.The raven pecked at my hand and wouldnt let go.It was like a sticky strand like chewing gum stuck from my hand to its beak
    I woke up then,not frightened but curious
    I lost my aunt a few years ago and her birthday was 23 rd of June.I lost my Mom about 2 years ago and my sister turned my father against me
    She wants all the inheritance
    I am curious to what this dream means

  96. I had a raven body bump the top of my head twice in a 10 second period. I did not run or duck but walked along my way normally. I thought perhaps it was due to a nest being nearby but had to pass by the same location later to return to my car and found no ravens or any birds at all.

  97. For a while now, I have been making the ravens all leave because of the ducklings that the wild ducks have in the pond here. Today, this Raven poked his head over the workshop roof. He climbed to the top of it. I said, “Hey Raven, you know you shouldn’t be here.” He came closer. So I motioned for him to come closer and said, “Come here.” Finally at the edge of the roof, he flew to just over my head on our deck. He has been watching me with the cat and the dog and so I finally got the camera. He’s still up there now. I talked to him and told him he could stay but to leave the ducks alone.
    I won’t go into detail, but, with coming to the conclusion that I had to silence 2 people in my life (on Facebook and just stay away from them even though they are family), I feel bad, but maybe this is telling me I was right. OR, maybe it’s just a raven that happened to stop by ’cause he was tired. I see it also means death. I hope not.

    1. Your story is awesome. Right now as I type this there are at leat 8 ravens in my yard, a while back as I arrived at work (it was 5am and no one else was there) there were hundreds. Today they make me smile, fell relief and hope. I raise my grandsons, they’re 11 and 13. I have had them since they were 7 months and 2 years old. But their father thinks I should let him have the youngest. We have court coming up and I am fighting him. The boys are my children, how can I give one of them away? Their dad isn’t a good person but he is an expert narcissist and fools many many people. Takes years of knowing him to KNOW him. I will see these ravens a sign from the universe that all will work out.

    2. Have morning and evening prayer with the boys. Set aside a time in the morning and evening when you and the boys can pray. Praying daily at the same time allows you and the boys to create your space within the realm of sacred prayers and accumulate sacred energy that contributes to renewal, healing, and abounding faith. Allow the each boy say his individual prayer. You have a raven community in your yard. The ravens are a form of comfort for you. Use your creativity and try and think of an inexpensive creative project you and the boys could do together. Possibly you could say one prayer in the yard and let the Holy Spirit of God know what you want for the boys and ask for divine intervention on behalf of the boys. Teach the boys the 23 Psalm. It is a prayer that dispels evil.

  98. I had a dream that i was morning the death of my mother in law and we were getting her funeral ready as i was leaving and meeting other family members i always began to cry none stop. And as i walk out side because i need some air i began to pray for her and when i turn around to go back in side. I see a raven hurt he has a broken rib and the other raven is trying to help him and i walk up to the birds i began to try and grab the hurt bird and the bird lets me touch him and he end up being healed and he attacks the person who shot him and i walk in side my house go to my room to go to sleep and i wake up. Fyi my mother in law in real life is not dead.

  99. How well would a female with a Panther (Black Jaguar) Spirit Animal and fire element get along with a male with a Firefly Spirit Animal and wood element 😕 😕 😕 😕 SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ME!!! ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

  100. My name is Alice Howland. I’m 15 years old from England. I’ve always felt something there like something is constantly watching me & for a couple of years now whenever i go out, if I’m in the car or walking. I have this weird attraction without me evening thinking about it, i just suddenly turn my head like something makes me. And i see a big black bird. Sat in a tree or fence, wherever. Its been happening for so long now, its freaking me out. It looks me dead in the eye & doesn’t move. I’ve done my research its not a usual crow. I’ve been in a parking lot in the car once and saw it looking down at me on the top of a lampost, i fumbled for my phone but when i was ready to take a picture it was gone. I know this sounds crazy. But this means something, it feels like something is going to change with me because of this. Any suggestions?

    1. Dear Allison,
      I really don’t know the answer to this but the same thing has been happening to me with vultures, ravens, and the times 9:11 and 11:11. I am really freaked out to. 🙁 😯

    2. Medics refer to it as that, but it’s actually psychic attack. I endured this for many, many years until I eventually proved to myself and the energies, that I knew they have no power over me.

    3. Dear Hailey,

      11:11 is a portal, spiritual awakening number sequence. It relates to Twin Flames.

    4. Hi Alison, this bird may well be your protector andi spirit animal. You sound spiritual and open minded so when it’s around go within yourself and listen to what comes up in you. It clearly is trying to let you know something but the message will be unique to you. It sounds wonderful to me, you’re surrounded by spirit, I would say you have a divine mission in life that they will be assisting you with. Keep the spiritual stuff on the front burner always because if you’re experiencing and are aware of it at this time in your life then it forms the basis of your authentic self and the chosen purpose of this life. Wonderful!!!

    5. Raven may be you totem and they are nature’s warning system and sometimes warn of danger in your path. They do not have to be scary. Try to interact with it or offer it a treat. They will eat almost anything.

  101. Debbie barrett

    I had to put my beloved horse to sleep on wed and I am struggling to cope . I have many many problems ATM to cope with including breakdown of 38 year relationship and him also having cancer .
    My horse who I have owned for 17 years was my sanity and three months ago we moved to a new place that immediately became a sanctuary for us . It was our peace and breathing place .
    On wed a Raven appeared and sat close until my horse left us . Not seen a Raven at this place at all .
    I felt my horse go and now I am in pieces need help to understand and I know the Raven meant something I just don’t understand what . Please help xx

    1. Are you sure it wasn’t a crow? They look very similar and crows show up when there’s either a bad omen or situation that you may be unaware of or when a death is near. In your case it would be the latter.

  102. I came home last night after three days away and found a beautiful black raven dead on the ground in my car port. It had no signs of injury, was perfectly intact, and looked like it had been in perfect health before its death. I was very surprised at how beautiful it was and how many different shades there were in its feathers. It also seemed to be at peace. I spoke to it about its beauty before releasing its body into our rushing brook which I felt was a better, purer option to burial.

    After 23 years, we will be moving back to the United States from Europe in 2 months. Our house just sold, our tickets are purchased, and I am finalizing the details of shipping our belongings. This is a huge change for us that has been challenging, exciting, frightening, and very stressful. We are both happy and sad as we will be gaining a lot, but losing a lot. Going into the “unknown” is very destabilizing.

    I don’t know how to interpret what this raven symbolizes for us, if anything.

    Thank you for your insight!

    1. Actually, the bird was an Alpine chough or yellow-billed chough, is a bird in the crow family, one of only two species in the genus Pyrrhocorax.

  103. Professor Prometheus

    This was not a dream. This actually happened. At 1:00 in the afternoon on April 26, 2016, I was taking a walk. Suddenly a raven descended from the sky and landed softly on my head. He did not hurt me at all. It felt like someone had laid a pillow on my head. He then flew to a nearby roof and perched there beside two other ravens. All three ravens stared at me for a few seconds before flying off together.

    I had already been having strange encounters and dreams about birds for six weeks prior to this.
    But as I said before, this was not a dream.

    Professor Prometheus

    1. Yitzchak Hillman

      This happened to me too.
      The raven flew past me twice and on the third time it landed on my head.
      However, I fell very ill that evening with what turned out to be a kidney stone.
      Three days later, a white dove came to me at my salon at home and stood there for 3 hours not moving evern though I was there.

  104. Last night i had dream in which i was in an unknown place with my mother at my right, i think it might have been a house or a room. It was full of birds small and medium all in their own branches occasionally chirping and just standing there, I wondered if they were sleeping or something, then when I turned my gaze up front i saw perched in an eye level branch a small black raven. I don’t know why but i just smiled and extended my open palm upto the bird and called him to me, the raven saw me and jumped into my hand. I brought him close to my chest and started petting him, i remember his black shiny feathers being so smooth, i looked back at my mom and said something along “look isn’t it cute?” and “pet him so you can feel his soft feathers” to which my mom did. After that i decided to return him to his branch so he could sleep or rest. He hopped from my open falm again and onto the perch and turned to look back at me. After that i kept walking around the place and eventually woke up.

    I read the meaning of the dream but i wasn’t sure exactly what it meant by magic coming or if it means something different. Any help in deciphering it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  105. My dad passed away….a few days later I dreamt that my sister was pulling a baking tray out of a hot oven and it had 6 Ravens on it, lying in 2 rows. Whatever does that mean???????

  106. I cant really tell if the crow or the raven is reaching out to me for 5 months I see both but I cant tell which is which I feel the raven is the one that chose me

  107. what does it mean when two ravens are sitting on the same branch ( in the same pine tree) & looking directly at you
    ( in this case myself)?

    This happened when I was in my twenties….

    By the way, IS a raven a protective animal,when it comes to humans?

  108. I remember when I was about 7 or 8 years old, there was a red-eyed raven staring at me from inside my closet. I still remember it crystal clear. It literally flew over my bed in slow motion before dissipating above me.

  109. I have heard a Raven for the past few nights now, outside my bedroom window, the exact same everynight 3 croaks then a pause. This continues throughout the whole night.

  110. For the past week a Raven has been hanging around. He sits across the street watching my house. He’s been in my yard. He’s hanging all around the border of my property. He’s led me to believe he might have been injured but when he’s encroached upon he flies across the street and sits in the tree. I didn’t think much of it, but through out the days he makes himself present. He’s even drawing the attention of my dog. Is this just coincidence?

    1. Zenara D'Ambrosio

      I just wanted to add to your story that On Sunday, 5/22/2016 I started working in my yard around one. A raven flew in front of me and was on the ground walking around for about 15 min he then proceeded to perch himself on the house next to mine and continue watching me work. Occasionally he would fly away but always come back. I had to go to the store to get soil and upon returning about an hour later the same raven was at my front gate and guided me in to my driveway and continued to then sit on the house next door and watch me. throughout the day I started talking to the raven ( I know it sounds weird) however it seemed appropriate since he was there with me all day. Afterwards, I finished for the evening and retired to the house for a long bath. After I finished a strange event occurred I felt darkness over me and my husband said I asked for a towel and fainted, he ask me questions and said I did not sound like myself and got up to clean the tub I then turn around and walk to the bathroom door and fainted again only this time I left my body and was envisioning a raven guiding me down a path of Native Americans who live in wigwams at the end was my grandmother’s wigwam and I could hear my husband calling me back. but the raven was guiding me to the wigwam in which my grandmother was standing in a younger version of herself before she had children inviting me in the wigwam. My husband’s voice was loud calling my name and it seemed as though I turned back to him and he said I then was moving. But after that this is weird…I started laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes my husband did not know what to do except tell me to rest. It took me the rest of the night and part of the next morning to feel like myself again. I had a feeling of breathing in menthol afterwards for that day and half of 5/23. Please help this is not the first time I have passed out and envisions Native Americans it also occurred at Altun Ha at the Mayan Ruins and when I came back I was left with a visible burn mark on my forehead after the Indian god that is buried ) there (I guess) touch my forehead. They thought they had to get a helicopter to lift me from the ruins. but then I came to and it seem like a small Indian woman snatched a bracelet I had on and beads spilled on top of the ruins. These events leave me with a headache like feeling as though I am breathing in thin air. Please someone help me with this. I know it sounds crazy but I need some direction of these encounters I have had others but I think this is enough for now. PS.. I am not afraid of these visions either 😯

  111. I’ve seen the wolf or atleast its face when i started to meditate a few days ago. the same goes for the raven. although the raven appears to me more often.

    I think the connection to the raven is stronger because the head of the raven turns around sometimes ( to look to you in a different angle it seems to me )

    I couldn’t see the rest of their bodies so i dont really know what it means but these articles here gives me more insight.

    1. to add a addition to this post.

      The Western Jackdaw which is a relative of the raven appears to me commonly in the normal life.

      Last time i walked past by the Jackdaw i started to “speak” and then it flew away after looked to the Jackdaw.

  112. What does it mean when one sees ravens, in flocks., dashing across a moving car and dying? A few survive. Also, in the same dream I saw my whole body had skin infection ( hives) but it got curs by itself. Please advise. Thank you!

  113. Last night I had a weird dream. I was in an apartment I haven’t seen before, but I knew it was mine. As I was getting closer to the window, I had a strange feeling. A raven came and landed there and started looking at me. It was silent, bigger than most raves and had huge eyes. What does this mean? Plus, there are always ravens outside my window. Last year I had one particular (I am sure it was one) raven that was sitting on a branch of a tree outside my window and staring at me. I don’t know why but I feel a connection to these animals and I have thee feeling that all of this has a meaning I am not getting. Or maybe I’m just imagining things…

  114. I had a dream. I was sleeping and I woke up and there was a raven on top of my chest is staring me in the eyes that’s the only thing with Call and for last week there’s been a raven like two houses down from where I live . I don’t know what’s going on I just need to ask what does it mean you know but I have to watch out something to happen bad or what’s going on ❗

  115. I had a dream last night that a Raven was making the sound of a cat to drive this witch insane. She died and then suddenly I was being asked to kill the Raven and bring it to a black demon woman. She is mad it is a female but she starts to eat it and as she does she becomes tiny and enters the cavity of the Raven as she eats its insides. The insides are a white milky substance. The Ravens cavity starts to constrict on the demon who I become and I have to find my way out of the top. When I come out I am reborn as a baby into an Asian family. It was so so strange of a dream but so vivid.

  116. I had a dream last night I was lying on my back being pulled by a friend through tall summer grasses. Then we started seeing “chicken of the forest” mushrooms in the sky, only when they drifted down to us, they weren’t mushrooms at all, but spiral clouds full of dead ravens, bloody and maimed. And the grasses became mountains of dead ravens being eaten by ravens and other carrion birds and a crew was trying to film it.

  117. Is there any particular significance to witnessing a Raven eating the body of a smaller bird? This came to me when some of my premonitions fulfilled themselved one after another in a short period of time, and Im certain there is some greater meaning behind it. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

  118. I am being visited by a Raven since last two to three months.
    In fact there are three of them I believe a family of three. Initially I was afraid but then I gained confidence. They demanded for food initially, Now it has become my habit to feed them I stand up when I hear him and give biscuits or rice or whatever fresh food is available.
    I just had a query which is bugging me since long.
    What is their significance and how do I judge the significance. I have read they are the messengers of another world, what are they trying to teach and what are they trying to tell me…..How to judge / understand that.
    A Raven in Indian Mythology is the associated with Lord Shani, the mentor Lord rides them.
    My qs is very simple for I know that Lord is visiting me…..Is it Good or Bad for at times I feel shaken.
    Can Anyone guide me on the subject please ❓ ❓ ❓ 🙄

  119. A white and black raven came into my dream. They where sitting in my balcony and where deeply in love. The black raven ( man )was a bit larger, strong and beautiful shiny black, so pure. The white raven (female) also pure , smaller and beautiful. Suddenly the white raven got scared of something and try to flew away, but she hits the window of my room and fall back on my balcony. I thought she must be dead , but the black raven hold the white raven in his arms/ wings. Then the white raven came to life, looking a Little bit different. She looks a lot younger and smaller with a few beautiful light brown feathers. Then she spread her wings and it was like a little rising fenix.

  120. I have a question, I have had many dreams with the raven in it. The 2 i have had most recent was i was next to my garden sun glowing threw the trees a hare was running around like crazy, a barn owl was above screeching in the sky and i was sitting on the ground close to the tree the raven just kinda lifted its head up and looked at me squinting its eyes. I asked why it was looking at me and it stopped. Another one was A blind raven perched on my finger and i was in the middle of a forest and it nuzzled my with the side of its head and its beak against my nose i pet the top of its head and joy filled me. Is there anyone who can interpret the meaning maybe?

  121. I was recently in the backcountry at an ink pots site. A large raven visited me, very closely. I knew it to be a good omen and gave it a little food, and spoke to it for a while. Before I left I thanked it for the visit and bowed deeply. It called out as I was leaving the site, sort of a farewell. The hike back was filled with calm and balance, with many inspiring moments and interactions with nature. The drive back home on a normally treacherous highway was very safe and easy. The raven brought me balance, harmony, reflection and peace. My personal spirit is the rabbit, which I find interesting as both the raven and rabbit can be tricksters.

  122. My brother had a raven sit above his entryway for hours without leaving. He was curious to know if there was any symbolism to this.

  123. I keep seeing a single raven almost everywhere I go it first started on my way home it was in the evening I noticed there was a bald eagle facing the way I came from and 2 trees next to it the raven was facing the way I was going now everywhere i go I seem to notice not far from me there is a single raven either on the telephone lines by my work it leaves after about 5 to ten minutes or in a tree at my house but it seems everywhere I go there is one near me what does this mean I’ve been told it’s bad luck

  124. I dream about a raven landing on my right shoulder. In the dream I and the Raven are both calm and relaxed and then after a moment of the raven being on my shoulder I look deep, intensely, directly and into one of its eyes then after that I wake up. Does anyone know what it means?

    1. I have had a recurring dream of a white raven landing on my left shoulder. In the dream I’m in an unfamiliar clearing in the woods. Deer are all around but they do not fear me. A white raven lands on my left shoulder and lets out a single “caw”. It’s eyes mirror the sun and clouds but when I look up the sky is grey.

  125. Don’t know what a thousand showing up means. They just flew around above me. That was the 1st day. Then the next 9 days it was 200-300. That was a week ago, since then their has only been one hanging out, but staying distant. They weren’t landing for food, maybe they just like my pine trees, cause that’s where they landed and slept at night.

    1. Ravens don’t congregate in groups, but crows do. They look very similay, and crows are quite large. Crows also roost in large groups in the early evening. Crows caw and ravens croak.

    2. Sorry to disappoint you but ravens DO congregate in groups. However, unlike crows, raven groups are much smaller; I have seen groups of 40 or more. And, infrequently, larger gatherings that I call “raven conventions“ that appear to be a time of inter-clan gathering. Living in extended family units, one can usually see the four-plus members that reside in their chosen location — and the numerous closely-related relatives that generally live nearby.
      I live very close to an in-town raven family that usually numbers 7 – 9 members. During winter, when our raven restaurant is open, we have had as many as 23 ravens dining at our “raven restaurant.“ (Unlike crows, ravens stay for the winter and survive prolonged our sub-zero temperatures and annual ten-feet of snow!)

    3. Interesting info! We seem to be having a raven convention downtown in our city this winter …I’ve noticed recently. ..almost daily ,a large group of them circling above different buildings downtown ….the location seems to change daily ….also there was a raven in a tree on my street who seemed to be being harassed by two crows …in response it was “clacking” its beak and the feathers beneath it’s throat were displayed ..it was also making that “flute “type sound

    4. The flock of Ravens is called an unkindness of Ravens. I noticed one at my job and the company across the hall from me went out of business. I’ve seen another one and I think my department will be closing

  126. Last week I was sitting on a mountain and a raven kept hopping around me just a couple feet away behaving very inquisitively and looking for food (oh which I had none) for several minutes. As I left it started calling out very loudly until I was out of sight.
    Then a couple of nights ago I had a dream where I had to walk through a field, and there were hundreds of ravens flying around feeding off dead ravens in the grass. there was a lot of crunching and cawing. As I walked through the live ones all flew or hopped out of my path but otherwise ignored me.
    Any ideas on if this could mean anything?

  127. i have been seeing lots of crows lately and crows flew across my path several times. i have heard this means change but nothing has changed. this upcoming Friday is Friday the 13th and i am still seeing crows. the crow is my spirit animal. what does this mean!!!

    1. Dear brig7,
      As you have clearly stated, tomorrow is Friday the thirteenth. i do believe that this murder of crows may be trying to warn you of something. As you are aware, Friday the thirteenth is a very unlucky day, and can be associated with death and sorrow. These crows may be trying to signal you of some upcoming events. I believe that they are wanting to guide you through your life and through any sorrows (if there is any) and to watch by your side. Take your next steps cautiously! As this sight suggests, listen to your own thoughts, follow your heart. i think tomorrow may be a big change for you, if not-then its the start of one! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      My spirit animal is a black jaguar (panther), she has always been my guardian, I just can’t wait for the new posts on the panther/jaguar!

    2. Your welcome. i hope to chat with you later if you wish. You can talk to me more about spirit animals! 😛 😛 :mrgreen:I (I’m new here!)

  128. I had this weird dream the other night. I saw three ravens hopping around on the ground so I went up to them and all but one flew away. The one that stayed said something I forget what it was after I said how you doin buddy?(in a parrot like voice) I ended up befriending him and having him as a pet. I also remember catching butterflies with him and my friends. Then after doing a bunch of fun things with him I went to say something to him and he was dead. What does this mean?

  129. I just woke up from a amazing dream. I was in front of 3 ravens. Each raven on a different low branch from different trees. One was on my left, another in front of me and another to my right. Similarly as 3 judges from a competition. Each one was looking at me and I was happy. Then I approached all 3 ravens with my arm up as a form of a branch to see if either of them would jump to my arm. Only the left one was brave enough to jump on my arm. I don’t recall seeing the other 2 ravens once the left raven jumped on my arm. I walked away from the place with the raven on my arm and I woke up.

  130. I have been going through a lot of loss lately… My aunt and mom passed and my boyfriend of four years broke up with me.. I hold hope that we will get back together. I asked my guardian angels to please show me a sign of what will happen. Then I had a dream of I want to say 3 ravens perched on my arm eating some kind of tan grain out of my hand… One of them turned and looked at me then they flew away . I wasent afraid in the dream just amazed at what was going on… Can you please help me to understand this dream!

  131. Pls someone help me. Its 6:32 pm and a bunch of ravens came out of nowhere and started screaming and flying around the house. Please could someone tell me why and what’s the meaning of this?

  132. Hi,

    I have been struggling the past few months with a few things and can not seem to get on track, I am taking time to get away for the next day or two and going to Assateague Island to be around nature and the beach to ground, relax, regroup and meditate. However I went to feed my horses and knew I was going to have to refill the water trough today and in the bottom of the almost empty water trough was what I think was a dead raven, instead of a crow. Not sure why he was in there or why he died as there was not enough water that he should have drowned. But I decided to look up the meaning to see if it meant anything to me… So I know you wrote that a dead crow is the shadow of the meaning but was trying to figure out what that actually meant and just figured I would ask what opposite meaning it was? I am trying to renew my life and change the course I am on… I am hoping to see some progress moving forward and things getting better with time… I keep telling myself as I work towards it, it has to get better at some point…

    1. Hello: In this case I believe the Raven came to let you know that you have to stop doubting yourself.You have to simply go ahead and take the leap and have faith in the outcome. Trying only leads to more trying. Emotionally your have not let go. You have the power to reshape your life into your dream life. You can do it – just go for it and things will fall into place.

  133. I can’t find it anywhere in my search…

    Anyone know what the meaning of seeing 2 ravens lurking around my front lawn and near my car and 2 or so more across the street?

  134. I can’t find the meaning of seeing like 4 ravens hanging out in my front lawn and near my car….

    Does anyone know what it means?

  135. Josephine Crabtree

    A few weeks ago as I was leaving my office building a raven flew down and landed at my feet.
    It proceeded to walk (not fly) with me across the parking lot to the bank next door.
    When I came back, it was still there and walked back to me.

  136. Hello, Today I was on a motorcycle with my friend who’s the driver. I sat behind him and as we drove by a busy area, I noticed something with a sharp claws peached on my head and scratched it with its claws and flew away immediately, quickly I raised my head to see what it was and found out I was a Raven Bird. When it flew away I had a slight headache. Kindly let me know what this means as am very confused about the occurrence. Please note this happened physically not in my dreams. hoping to hear from you.

  137. I had this dream where i was walking in the dark it was very dark the sky my environment but calm. I had my phone a lighter and some smokes in my pocket. I came across this (not sure what its really called) like big ramp area that was maybe 2 stories high and the the entrance was around the corner so i decided to just climb and hop over the ramp to avoid walking around the corner to get on. I took out my phone lighter and smokes right before i climbed up and tried to climb with said items in hand. And just before i could get all the way up i lost my grip and fell on my back. And while on my back i tilted my head upward to see a raven approaching me fairly quickly. There was one light up in the direction it was coming from but all i could see was its outline coming at me and i couldn’t move. I thought it was about to start pecking at my head and i was immobilized. And right before it got to me i managed to wake myself up from the dream before I thought it was going to get me. Can anyone explain this?

  138. for the past 2 days one single crow is following me around my home and sitting near me and cawing continuously..
    When i go inside my home it goes somewhere else and when i come out of my home, it comes near me and caws…
    i don’t know what does this mean.?
    please help…

  139. Today, I was sitting on my porch around 5pm when i saw the shadow of a Ravens wing span on the grass. It passed over my yard as i was sitting. Like it was trying to get my attention. And then it flew towards my house again minutes later. It was about 50 feet in the air. I looked up and was like omg it is carrying something in its beak! At that moment the Raven opened its beak which released a large feather. The feather came floating down about 15 feet in front of me. The feather the Raven was carrying appeared to be similar to his own feathers. It was so majestic as the feather swayed back and forth until it landed softly on the grass. What does this mean? Please give some insight. Im clueless.

  140. 3 Weeks ago I had been visited by the Raven, where I live I hardly every see them in fact I did not even know which type of bird it was. That whole day I felt so good, so appreciative so connected if I can use that and the funny thing is I was driving home and I noticed this black bird sitting on the pole on the highway I drive home. I did not know what type of bird it was but it was looking at me. You know when you walk or drive past a stranger and you secretly shout loud in yourself I love you, and you, and you I love you and you. That was my day as I got home in my drive their laid this big I have never seen a big bird like that raven dead in my drive way. My first thought was it must have been the cat but there were no feathers any wear I have use oak trees and palm trees around my house. I was not alarmed I had this knowing that the spirit world was sending me a message although I did not understand I know it had to do with the death of things and the rebirth of new things. Last night I arrived home with my 7 year old running to my car telling me when him and his daddy arrived home they found the same bird, sitting at my doorstep where he pooped twice on my door he would not move when they come closer he walked away to the other side behind the tree and curled him up as I got out of the car I could see he walked fine but it looked like his left wing was injured. But he still seemed calmed and still walked around in the yard. My husband went out and tried taking pictures of him and tried to pick him he would just run away and I said to my husband when he want help he will come to us. I went to my mother when I came back he was gone. I have not idea what it means but I know the Raven is trying to tell me something both these Ravens had white necks are they still Raven’s?

    Love and LIgth :t

  141. I have always had a love for and felt a special connection with crows. This afternoon I returned home to find an injured fledgling on my patio. I picked it up and put it in a sheltered spot until I could find a box and call wildlife rescue to find out how I could help it. When I went back to get the Bird it was gone. I’m heartbroken. What could this mean?

  142. Last week i had a same dream twice about Raven.
    In my first dream i saw a blackbird looking at me. When i looked back i could feel a strong energy of a Raven in this blackbird. In my dream i thought “This Raven made itself small, so i would’t be afraid of it”.
    Then suddenly this bird flew on my head and was fluttering so wild and chaotic on my head. This feeling was so strong and i could hear the sound of the fluttering. This fluttering also felt like an energetic wild blue fire on my head and the sound could also be a crackling fire. In my dream i was a little irritated and thought, go away bird. It felt so real on my head. Even when i was a little awake, i could still hear and feel it on my head. It was gone when i was fully awake.

    My second dream was few days after my first dream. I was lying on an invissible bed, i was in a dark room. From a distance i could hear a Raven calling once. I was lying on my belly and suddely i felt something flying over my head and landing on my left shoulder. And then there was this wild fluttering again. At the same time it also felt like a blue energetic fire. The sound was so loud. This time i was freaked out, because this happened before and i never had one dream twice in one week. Even i was dreaming, my mind was clear. I was afraid now and was thinking what is this, is it positive or negative, should i let this happen or should i expel it. I try to move, but i couldn’t move my body. I notice i was lying in my bed in the same position as in my dream, this mean i was a little bit awake. After a few try i could finally move and woke up pronto. The fluttering/crackeling was gone.

    1. Your animal or energy representation of- most likely your guide is helping to energetically cleanse you. Anything that has blue, white or purplish light and even green depending is there to help our auras and energy fields gets muddled up here on earth and typically we have to wait till death for purification or if we have light bodies capable of transferring and cleansing as you apparently have (these are people who are part of your soul group or family) they can assist you especialy if you have had a more complicated and emotionally trying time on this planet. Did you ntice yourself feeling more energetic? Perhaps not so enotionally, mentally or creatively blocked? Try doing some of your own cleanses with sage and a raven feather to bring in the energy of your animal.

  143. Laurie McKenna

    I had a group of raven’s stuck in a old pen used to be a zoo hear the door was open and they went in they seemed stuck squawking and flying around so I went in to show them the way out all wett out except one this one was in the corner looked like he did not know where to go and I picked him/her up and carried her to the ground outside and put hin/her down the bird looked at me and flew off. Never did it struggle or flutter just let me pick it up and help it out…what does this mean if anything, curious I was so thrilled to help this bird it was beautiful blue black gorgeous big Raven. Today I was visited by a large flock of black bird out at me feeder.

  144. Wondering if anyone had any insight to a dream I had a couple nights ago. It kinda has me freaked out now. I don’t recall any “real dream”. It was more like a flash of time, and in my mind I was awake. I just remember looking down at my left arm/hand and seeing a raven swallowing my hand. It didn’t really freak me out at the time, I just remember thinking “oh wow a raven is swallowing my hand, and thinking what a weird feeling the tongue was. And then in my mind I just remember thinking wow that was a weird dream and rolled over. But when I woke up it felt more real in my mind than what a dream is like (if that makes sense…) Any thoughts???

  145. I put bread down one had some bread walking down the road they were cawing at me this was in Washington state threw the bread down on the ground they came out of the tree to the ground they were eating a seagal flow by the Raven hoped away 3 times then hoped back 3 times

  146. I am a scientist and do not typically pay attention to the mystical as most who propose to understand it don’t. I find my solace in nature and frequently hike and mountain bike and find my peace when alone in mountains. I have marveled at ravens in Moab Utah whose croaking in the red rock canyons sounded like a big bullfrog. I have seen them flying above mountain ridges with raucous calls but haven’t thought much about them otherwise. That is until I had a vivid dream about three weeks ago. In my dream, there were several noisy ravens flying around energetically until a single, large as I am, raven appeared and then there was silence. The large raven stood looking at me with such an overwhelming, powerful intensity that could have been frightening but was not, just astoundingly intense and powerful. The raven didn’t speak, but the message he conveyed to me was clear, ‘You can do this.’ In my dream I would question without words, ‘What?’ The message was not repeated but ever present and seemed to go on for several seconds that seemed like minutes, ‘You can do this.’ I still don’t know what it means, but am honored to have had the dream and the message and look forward to the time I can use the message and know that it has made me stronger and will carry me through when needed. It was so powerful, I am still in awe. 😮

    1. What are you doing currently that you are unsure about? Think about the that and your heart will confirm it via feeling or you will have that gut feeling that that is what it is, encouraging you that you can do it . 😉

  147. Recently I have been doing a lot of spiritual work with myself and thought I was doing pretty good. I have been off work due to surgery so have had an abundance of time. In the last week I have had snakes and turkey vultures cross my path where they should not be, but yesterday was an interesting day. I went to water my flowers and when I came around the corner a raven almost hit me in the head it flew up at me so fast. Then while I was driving I saw 8 on the way to my event and another 4 on the way back. Any insite on this day? Oh I should mention part way threw the day I was given bad financial news that really upset me and makes me worry. I felt spiritualy set way back.

  148. Hi there, i had a strange occurance yesterday and was hoping someone could shed some light on it for me? I have congestive heart failure and yesterday recieved a rejection letter from soc security in the mail. Having two young children i am very concerned on how to provide for them being so ill. I was reading the letter and was
    crying when i read the letter in my jeep with my kids. All of the sudden out of no where, 12 huge ravens started circling my jeep. It was one of the most beautiful things i have ever witnessed, absolutely jaw dropping experience. they were magnificent. i raised an injured crow when i was twelve so i am aware of how amazing and intelligent these animals are. I know it was a spiritual sign of something just not sure what? any input would be appreciated. Thank you so much by the way i live in the desert and have never even seen ravens around here before?

    1. JAMES henry GREGG

      I HAVE ALWAYS FELT AN AFFINITY WITH THESE REMARKABLE BIRDS I 🙂 HAVE THEM VISIT MY WOODLAND GARDEN (small), RAVENS TEND TO CONGREGATE TOGETHER AS A FORM OF MUTUAL PROTECTION, all i can think is that they are watching over you and your family giving hope where there appears to be none, I would think they are saying don’t give up think of the family and all will be resolved, in an unexpected way. I don’t know if this helps but that is what I feel

  149. Last week I had a dream I was floating about the median strip of a local freeway as a raven. It was very vivid and was from the perspective of the bird, but I was also aware of my own body. I could hear the calls clearly like a recording and could recall them just as clearly after I had awoken. My life has featured dramatic circumstances recently and happened on the weekend of an event I wanted to go to, I couldn’t attend because of a fallout with someone I care about regarding manipulative people (whom he accuses me of vilifying because I want nothing to do with them). What could it mean when I dream that I am the Raven?

  150. Hi!

    I wanted to know what the significance of a Raven swooping down and grazing the top of your head means. I had one which swooped down on me and hit me pretty hard on my head while i was watering my plants 😥 😥 I immediately felt a sense of panic and danger and fled to my room. This is the third time something like this has occured to me. The first was a Crow, second a Hawk and third a Raven. Any help on interpreting it would be greatly appreciated!!! 😛

    1. If wise beings such as crows, Ravens and Hawks swooped down and knocked me over the head, I’d take a good look at my life and ask myself what it is I’m neglecting to see. To me, these encounters are crystal clear cases of “HEY, PAY ATTENTION”…

    2. Hey Loba! Thank you so much for replying! It definitely makes sense with what you are saying. Need to introspect. 🙂

  151. I generally have vivid dreams, but usually I am not sure what they signify and I will forget them pretty quickly. Today, in the stage when you’re kind of falling in and out of sleep and semi-conscious, I had a dream/vision of a raven coming to me, wings open. I got on him to ride and the raven didn’t say it, but the phrase that was in my head was “what does this place you’re trying to get to look like?” We flew around for a little while and then I woke up. I’ve been having an emotional and hard few weeks and this raven coming to me meant so much to me. THANK YOU RAVEN!!

  152. This year started off with a lot of endings for me, my relationship broke up in January and my office closed so I was laid off in march. Well shortly before they announced the closure of my office and right after my break up a pair of ravens decided to make our office building their new home. They started flying at and pecking all our windows and would do this every day. After the office closed I started seeing pairs of ravens everywhere! Out driving around, at shopping malls, in my aunts backyard as we were helping her move out, I’ve even thought I’ve heard them calling outside my bedroom window before. I’m wondering whats in storefor me cuz I seems like they are really trying to get my attention.

    1. Dean Morhgenthal

      I lost 3 things in short space of time the most beautiful stroke of luck came after although I did have to work for it and sacrifice lots of things in the process. How are things now compared to April.. My dying Cat Mr Chino who has cancer may have 2 weeks left to live decided to kill a baby Raven on our front doorstep today….. I am personally shitting myself right now! OOh yeah 22 are everywhere

  153. I had an intense experience while out in the country riding horses today. My horse startled and I realized it was a crow/raven flying up onto the edge of haybin about a foot and a half off the ground. The bird was acting unusual & by watching him I realized he was unable to fly. My first thought was he was protecting his nest. But he and also having a hard time with this balance. We tried to give him water and food but wasn’t interested I didn’t hestitste and felt a strong desire to help this animal spirit. I called the local avian rescue and within about a half an hour we had found a dog crate to safely transport him in and I was on the 45 minute drive to the sanctuary. I was quite concerned but very honored to be helping this beautiful, intelligent bird. When I arrived at the sanctuary I lifted the bird out of the car and this beautiful bird had already passed away on the drive to the sanctuary. Tears of sorrow fell as I looked at this beautiful bird limp in the avian rescuer’s arms.

  154. dudley strickland

    My husband had a dream 2 nights ago he woke from this really weird dream. He said that he was asleep and woke up because someone had laid a blanket over him and it was made of raven feathers. He woke up to find himself sleeping outside but this is part of his dream. He has been really sick. I just wonder what this means. Please help. 😯

  155. Christen chisholm

    I was walking to work when I felt something on my shoulder. I look over and see the raven. He was just chill in then flew off.
    That night I had a dream about that raven. He was on a dead tree branch looking at me. It was creepy till I saw the sillowet of a women. The raven started crying out and flew at me.
    I woke up in a cold sweet. Did anyone else have a dream or similar happening.

  156. I am not only a raven lover, Raven is also my birth totem. Having said that, I can’t figure out what the meaning of my dream I had last night means. The part that I remember the most, and quite vividly at that, was a raven decided to sit on my head. Wasn’t pecking at anything or digging his talons too deep, I could feel the feathers and this majestic raven sitting on my head for no apparent reason. What could that allude to?

  157. From a young age I’ve had dreams that come true, and it usually comes true month’s after I had the dream, so I usually forget I had the dream until it happens when I’m awake.
    And I get the same feelings and same sight as the dream.
    But I had this dream it was my birthday and I had a feeling I would die soon.
    Later in that dream I saw a person message me with a raven as their profile picture.
    I don’t know if this means I am going to literally die soon, or if this means that my life is drastically going to change?
    I think it might be drastically changed is because I have been thinking of changing paths just a few days ago, and the person who sent the message was someone trying to sell me an item, and I choose to stopped going after a dream. so the dream is trying to tell me to stop following dreams and make money?
    or it just means I am going to die soon lol……

  158. Alexandra Gaytan

    I was going to buy a chocolate bar at the bookstore while I was waiting for my nigh class to start when a huge raven flew to one of the trees. I happened to see it next to me on the branch just looking at me. I was amazed to see my first raven encounter since I’ve normally seen a lot of crows. I was going to take a picture with my smartphone when it flew away. I’ll never forget that stunning moment of my life.

  159. I keep dreaming of me being an angel with raven wings, flying over unfamiliar land followed by a flock of either ravens or crows, I’m not sure, some insight? Thanks.

    1. I’m a Shaman and can tell you that you are not only traveling in your dreams but your spirit is actally traveling. when you travel with a number of ravens/crows, more than 12 means that you are being a part of the collective knowledge of history of this planet,knowledge of many life times
      could span over thousand and thousands of years. This is a big deal try and remember what you saw and write it down. Keep a journal by your bedside and you may end up discovering something very important for yourself or for mankind. Try and see if you can remember what the land you fly over looks like try and pin point what part of the world you are flying over. If it seems not of this earth then you may be traveling through your shadow self. which means you’ll be working out some darkness that may be holding you back from evolving if that is so let it happen fight the fight if that is what is asked of you. Pray for guidance and it will come. don’t get scared, go through it like Luke Skywalker went though his shadow to face his darkside to defeat Darth Vader,it’s during the lessons with Yoda. Be detached and you will over come. You can feel all of your emotions after the journey but during just let it flow through you. I hope this helps.

  160. So last week I had breakfast and a raven sits across from me and starts cawing. I fed it bread and named it Jack. 😉 Then yesterday walking to the bus I seen one on the street light cawing at me. 😐 When I got off my bus and sat to have lunch I seen two or three near by too. 😕 As i finished eating and started walking home only one of them starts following me and more ravens started following that bird from a distance as if it was follow the leader. 😯 The one bird following was watching me and cawing too. Then as I walked a block away from getting home it stopped and I noticed a man staring at me with creepy eyes. 😯 🙄 My vision had been blurry through that day and I could have been seeing things but his eyes were still scaring me. My eyes were blurry and I felt drowsy and weak but didn’t understand why because I was alright and drank plenty of water and ate too. So I walked faster and when I got home I forgot all about that. 😐 This morning as I’m leaving I soon see two ravens near my house as if they were waiting for me. 😯 😳 😥 What does it mean cause it’s freaking me out that I see them almost everywhere I go and since I started seeing them I’ve been feeling so drained of energy and tired lately. Most times I feel like the one bird following me is actually the same bird since day one. It’s making me crazy and I don’t understand any of it! 😥

    1. In a time based sense, they may have been protecting you. If there really was a guy with creepy eyes, he could have been a predator. also I think it’s important to note what happened immediately before they started following you. Like if they saw you do something. Bury a dead animal, leave them food, etc.
      And if they are traveling in packs, it is a crow you are seeing. They are smaller versions of ravens. Less fluff around the neck. Either or, in the Nordic folklore, they are said to have told secrets. And a few other things.
      I would suggest sitting in a silent, safe place where they see you and thinking to them
      Or talking if you can. Acknowledge in your heart you know they are there, and thank them if they were protecting you. And ask them what they want of you. All you have to do is think it, and in animal will sense it. Hold ppeace and balance in your heart. Sit and think in your heart, I will not harm you, please tell me why you are following me. Why you’ve come. (You can also take it as a sign and ask God or think it in your heart and trust that the answer will come) also, they can sense if there is something wrong with you. If your eyes were blurry, it’d be good to look into your health, see if everything is working as it should.

    2. I was told once you feed a raven they remember your face they are very intelligent birds and maybe they just want to be feed by such a kind person as your self and as far as your energy levels feeling drained ……they could be bringing you a message about your health so take care of your self.

    3. You have symptoms of diabetes, and lyme disease, and who knows what else! Something is wrong. Get checked by a professional. The birds are trying to get your attention.

  161. Everytime I feel sad or lost, I hear and see a raven. I think he’s telling me that it will get better in the long run. I thank you my raven. You’re so beautiful. And you have taken me under your wing. I love you my raven.

  162. Every morning for the past 3 days a raven has been cawing at 8am, yesterday I drove into my drive and two just sat staring at me and didn’t even move, so when I heard the cawing outside this morning I looked out my window and the two ravens where directly opposite from me, they looked at me and then looked up to the sky and continued to stare up into the sky, I walked away from the window and their cawing sounded more like a laugh. I think they were pleased I acknowledged them! I’ve read that ravens are messengers?

  163. diana barrington-scott

    I had a dream of being chosen by a white raven that had ignored the woman he was with and flew down to me. He (she) sat on my chest. I would like to know what a white Raven in a dream means and if it is possible this is my Totem animal.

    Your help is most appreciated

  164. I had a very vivid dream that I was looking at a bed and the covers started moving and I knew there was a rat under the sheets. I pulled the covers back and the rat jumped at me and turned into a huge raven that wrapped its wings around my neck and started choking me. I awoke with a loud gasp and can’t get back to sleep now. Any interpretations to this dream ?

  165. I came home late tonight and saw two Ravens perched on my neighbors house. I’ve never even seen a raven before and was wondering if seeing two had any special significance?

  166. My dog, or should I say best friend was laid to rest this morning. As I was finishing the final parts of his burial, everytime I would start to get upset a raven would land on the tree above me and caw. As I was saying my final farewell for his burial, 2 large flocks of Ravens flew over me…one to the left and shortly after, one to my right. It caught my attention that this might be a sign of something. So here I am. I have heard throughout my time that, a raven can symbolize good and bad. However, I can find no explanation of what flocks mean. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  167. I had an unusually vivid dream about a raven last night. In my dream, the raven was VERY large. About the size of a bald eagle. I noticed him sitting at the top of a tree looking at me silently. Then, he flew straight to me and landed on me, as though he was familiar with me. I was apprehensive about it at first but the raven was very gentle and did not hurt me at all, but was acting aggressively toward some of the other people in my dream while sitting on my shoulders. There was one person, a female that he took a particular distaste towards. Any insight would be helpful.

  168. Ok It was 8 year’s ago for about 2 to 3 weeks….i’m not sure if its was a Raven or Crow but when I sang or wizzled ❓ it cawed back at me……I always had someone to talk to any idea what that was??? 🙂

  169. Are Ravens like crows….Sooooo aren’t they lost soul


    So when ever you see a raven arn’t they like your lost faimly

  170. I with my friend and we were in her church alone and we were being stupid the I heard a loud sound of a door opening and it closed loudly I went to figure out what happened no one was there I checked the halls rooms even the front outside.Then I came back in I walked beside the door that opened and I saw two huge ravens or crows they looked like the size of a toddler and one looked at me and cawed loudly then flew off

  171. My Grandfather passed away 4 weeks ago today. Yesterday, my daughter and I went to the cemetery for the first time since the funeral 3 weeks ago. It was a beautiful Fall day, sun shining, no breeze, no one else around. When we approached the plot marker, I laid my hand upon it, and said a few words aloud to my Grandfather. We then heard a Raven a few times in the distance. We could hear his calls becoming louder and he alit in the top of nearby tree. There he gave one more call and then began to make an almost ‘cooing’ sound. I could see his body expand and contract each time he made the sound. He did this for a minute or two and then away he flew. He flew directly overhead and we could really hear the whoosh of his wings as he passed over and then he began to call again as he disappeared out of sight beyond some trees. Can you please share with me what this means?

  172. Hi 🙂 I just woke up from a weird dream and was hoping to get some guidance on what it might mean… I was in my bedroom and all of a sudden a raven swooped in out of nowhere and caught and killed a rat I didn’t know was there. In my dream I had a black dog and when he saw the raven he started growling like he thought the raven was a threat and he thought he was protecting me. I was afraid my dog was going to attack the raven and was afraid for the raven’s safety but just as my dog was about to attack, the raven transformed into a golden retriever and then my dog no longer saw the raven as a threat. I was relieved and went over to my bedroom window to open it and let the raven fly out, but on my window screen was a type of bee that kinda looked like a hornet but paler in color and without any black markings (but it did have a distinct upside down triangle on its back). I was scared to open the window because of the bee because I’m allergic to bee stings but it looked really docile, maybe even dead, so I opened the window anyway and it stayed put. When the window was open the raven turned back into his raven form and flew up on the sill, with dead rat still in his mouth. Before he left I asked him if I could please touch his beautiful feathers and he generously allowed me to do so before he flew off.

    1. ❓ Could this be an omen? Were you given a message by your psyche, or maybe even a higher power? Have you been receiving a little more? Please tell us if you get this dream again. Also, if the animal it turns into changes, and try to react to the bee. Everything is there for a reason. Hope this helps! 💡

  173. Hello everyone.
    The other day my father stated that he saw a Raven, a Magpie and a Northren flicker sitting on the same branch on the same tree, side by side. I was wondering if this means anything?

  174. I had 6-8 Ravens flying all around and right at my window today. They were diving in and out and seemed to be enjoying the wind. I was shocked how many of them were in sight and how close they were coming to the window I was standing at. I told my daughter and she said she saw Ravens the night before while in a sleep/meditative state.

  175. 1. I dreamt of a raven speaking to me , I could not understand him. He was feeding me, he had food in his mouth it sounds strange, I know but he came to feed me. But was trying to tell me something. 2. after a yoga class, I saw him again flying through a group of people all in various bright colored clothing. He was searching for someone that I should connect to.

    I dont understand anything 🙁

  176. Hello! I am currently in the hospital and feeling very low and hopeless. At the end of my room there is a window that gazes out upon a construction zone. Yesterday, I saw 3 ravens fly pretty close to the window, each at there own time. I had thought that there wouldn’t be much birds or anything because of the loud construction building. I was just wondering if 3 ravens signify something? Thank you so much! Have a great day.

    1. Hello Marie: Pay attention to the Quotation Box at the top of the page when you return here. It will have a message specific to you. The number 3 is symbolic of prayers being answered and help in the form of Spirit arriving.

  177. Hi, For the last 7 days I have had a Crow visit me everyday at times it crows other times it comes and lands on my back verandah. I have fed it.. I love crows but this has been very unusual. I have been asking the crow what message it is bringing me.. Today my beautiful cat has come down ill almost paralysed.. I just want to know what this crow is trying to tell me.. I had not seen the crow yesterday and when I was patting my cat I was asking the universe to heal my cat but have learned over the years to trust what is best for me.. I just went outside again and along came the crow to visit sitting on my fence. I just feel something is the matter and just not sure.. normally I can pick things up rather quickly… Can you enlightening me if you get some kind of message about it..

    1. Hello Patricia: I do have  Crow on this website. Take the time to read it and pay attention to the Quotation Box at the top of the page. The message should be specific to you. You must also remember that to attract what you desire in life you must ask for it. Also pay attention to the health problems of your Cat. They often will take on our issues for us – or reflect that which we need to heal within ourselves.

  178. Today i was walking with my little cousin to the store…and on my way there i seen a raven…it was really big and i never seen one in person before..it walked around like a bird normally would but then it spotted me and looked at me and stared at me for a while then flew away..but when it flew away it was flying so gracefully..like kind-of in slow motion..and it disappeared quickly .. i didnt have a bad feeling its just that i cant stop thinking about it because in the area i live it ..you really dont see any ravens…at all..its weird..what does it all mean?

    1. Hi Kinya: pay close attention to the quotation box when you return here. Your message will be clear.

  179. I had a dream that i was in a spider web. I was not entangled within it, just sitting on the web. A raven was also with me and i think i remember it sqwaking. Then i heard a voice that said “raven will help you laugh”. I cannot remember if it was male or female. And when i looked below me, i saw a dreamcatcher. The dream catcher was in a lower part of the web. I remember the area i was in well. The sky was bright blue. I think there were people with me around the web. Help me to better understand the meaning and symbolism in this dream please.

    1. Hello Maddie: For some reason you have a belief deep with in you that feel that you are not allowed to be completely happy. Happiness for you always seems to come with “strings attached”. You are going to have to go deeply inward to unravel this belief pattern and find a way to allow you personal happiness to emerge fully.

  180. I dreamed that I was in a church in a foreign land but it was kind of open and the flooring was stoned. There was a man up front and said there is a word from God and I got excited and tuned in to see who was bringing forth this word and what God wanted us to know… just then the man stretched out his arm at me and said will you come……I was surprised but I got up without hesitation and began to make my way to the front on the way I was asking God what do you have for me to say. (confused because I had not heard from God and in that moment he gave me a vision these birds were flying about above me….I didn’t feel threatened almost protected like and he revealed to me that they were Ravens…..I woke up at that point

  181. Hi. I had a dream where I was in a house, a flat to be precise, on the 18, 19th floor near the top of the building. I remember these raven people trying to get in. I remember seeing them on the ground below, reappearing behind my doors. I also remember a black, fox like creature who appeared to be a morphed version of one of the ravens, who got in through the crack in the door. I was terrified, I still I am. I have no idea what this means. The fox creature was scratching my legs and it hurt a lot; he had sharp claws. After a while, I wrote him a card. It sniffed around it, almost looking for it as if it were blind, before picking it up in its mouth and leaving. Also, after a while, I received a response that it wasn’t what the fox creature was looking for. It had lost a foot.
    I think there were five raven people in black, hooded cloaks. They looked like humans, only they had a raven’s head. I just remember being so, so scared and then somehow, I was in a classroom. Somebody walked into the classroom and told me not to touch the phone as it would keep the raven people away. So, I haven’t touched my phone in real life, I’m so scared. I was a bit disoriented as I’ve only slept for four hours and this dream occurred during that time. I’m just really scared. I woke up to see the doll and the far side of my bedroom was uncovered. I keep a blanket over her because she makes me nervous. I’m sorry for the sloppy typing, but it’s 3:40 in the morning and I am just so terrified. I’m a little calmer now though. Thanks for listening to me. I have no idea what this dream means or why I even had a dream when I haven’t dreamt in a while. It felt like a nightmare. It felt like I had known about this dream for days, somehow. Anyway, thanks again.


    1. Hi Grace: There are many components to this dream… The number 18 is the number of faith. You have to trust yourself before you can trust others. The number 19 is about connecting with your life path. In other words it’s time to get busy manifesting your real purpose here in life. Stop putting it off. The shape shifting Raven is a symbol of the parts of yourself that you have kept hidden. You have undiscovered talents hidden within you that you are afraid to explore. The number 5 is symbolic of change and the need to make several changes in your life. The over all fear and fearfulness in your dream is representative of your own personal fear of change.
      When you put it all together the Raven is telling you that you must explore your fears in order to heal them. It is the only way for you to grow and embrace the changes that are most certainly coming your way. The best way is to work hard on yourself – otherwise Spirit will create what I call the “cosmic boot” – and force those changes upon you.

  182. Had a dream about me sitting down at a table talking to a person. And every time the person spoke the Raven on top of my shoulder would act out…… need some help.????

    1. Hello Lazaro: The Raven is letting you know that instead of repeating things that you have been told are truth you must take the time to form your own beliefs and opinions. What is true for others is not necessarily right for you. This is essential to following your own path in life.

  183. I’ve been dreaming for about 10 years about this person. Sometimes he looks normal, sometimes he has black wings and sometimes he turns into this big black raven-like bird. I have very vivid dreams and he’d often show up when something horrible is about to happen to help me and wake me up. Sometimes I have lucid dreams and I was able to summon him, but not anymore, he doesn’t show up, and in one of my last lucid dreams I was told he will never visit again. Haven’t dreamed of him in a year now.. I would appreciate very much any thoughts or advice you have..

    1. Hello me: You no longer need this Spirit in your life. You have fully integrated what he has to teach. Embrace the gifts he has bestowed on you and move on. There is a new Totem for you in the wings.

    2. I’m trying, but I can’t get him out of my mind, it seems too forced.. It’s too long and complicated story (and somewhat private) to be told here.. 🙁 Thank you so much for taking your time to reply and for your help, I appreciate it a lot! You are doing an amazing job!

  184. I dreamt I was talking to someone in my house..it may have been my boyfriend. I pointed to a large cage in my room with 2 huge ravines or crow in it. They were just hanging out in it. I think I mentioned that they were my “pets”

  185. For Silken Raven …
    I lost my beloved father in late July. He was a guy of great integrity, vigor and curiosity for life. He lived wide and did many things up until his death of cancer at 84. He was musical, had a servant’s heart in his community and on. Anyway …
    As my dad lay in hospice days before his passing, we asked him what bird he was going to return as (it’s a family tradition). My dad quickly, insistently said, “Raven!” We laughed and I asked him if he wanted to reconsider, not appreciating until now the mighty raven. My dad insisted. “Raven!” Since his passing, I have come across raven on boxes, browsing through CDs, mentions in the book “Wild” regarding corvidology. It doesn’t seem like coincidence. To know that raven’s symbolize renewal and light from darkness warms my soul. I fully believe my dad is living in beauty and love with my Lord. It gives me great peace. But this raven connection has hit me, too. Would love your thoughts, and thank you!

    1. Hello Timm: Occasionally when people we love pass they choose to become one of our guardians. Allow yourself to connect with the Raven totem and adopt it as one of your Spirit Guides. I am certain you will find that this will open a whole new world of experience for you. Trust the process.

  186. Hello,

    I dreamed about one Raven first who was communicating with me, looking straight into my eyes, he was so loving and I felt only love toward him. Then he came back, flying fast and landing right before me and handed me a love letter. Later, other three Ravens joined, all as STRONG and BEAUTIFUL, their feathers shining with an incredible iridescent black color. i remember feeling backed up. I don’t remember what the letter said, I just know who it was from. Later on the dream continued in another direction and all of a sudden I remember looking for them and- this is weird- and I opened the door to the bathroom and my Raven (the one who kept looking straight into my eyes) was there. So I extended my arm so it could jump on it…and he did. These Ravens were majestic, more beautiful than I have ever seen them…

    Any thoughts?

    1. Hello June: The Ravens are symbolic of an expansion of your intuition. Trust you gut instincts with any decisions that come your way in the near future. Do not simply decide to do the “right thing” but follow your hearts instincts and decide what is best for you yourself.

  187. hello i had a bizarre dream. i was walking to my car and raven landed in front of me and dropped a briefcase he was carrying on my feet. he did not give it to me directly. he just dropped it and left. i picked it up and got in my car. i was about to open the briefcase to see what was inside when i woke up. can you please explain ?

    1. Hello Victor: The Raven in your dream is letting you know that you are receiving a gift. Pay attention and make sure you fulling integrate the knowledge (AHA moment) when you receive it.

  188. A company that I have worked with for 10 years is going to transition to new ownership. The original owners that bought the company 10 years ago promised me great things and so even though it was very stressful the first year, I had in my mind all the great things I would get as they promised. Now ten years later, they said that they sold the company but one of them slipped when I asked if they still have a vested interest in it and she motioned yes. In other words she will still get profit but is a silent retired partner. I in the other hand have not had a raise in 8 years, they promished a hugh bonous for the first time a few months ago when our company was going to be reviewed by government officials. On my own, I worked on my days off without pay for of course I wanted on my part to make sure all of my work was complete and correct. This went on for months. Well when the time came, we passed our survey. I was so happy. However, when we asked about our bonous, the owners stated that there was no extra money to be given out. We were all tricked again. I cant tell you the deep deep deep anger I harbored in my heart and soul to a point I developed high blood pressure at the same time. Even my doctor was sincerely concerned for in the 20 plus years I have been with him, by blood pressure always ranged 90/60 or the highest 110/60. After this incident, my blood pressure shot up and was staying at 170/100. As much as I hated it , and have never been on any prescription medication, I for the first time in my life had to be put on high blood pressure medication. All this while the owners drive Lexus’s, have several properties, several homes and can send their kids out of stated to the college of their choice. Me with the same car for 9 years and it on its last string and my shelling out $600 to $700 a month in credit cards for repairs. My husband finally drew out of his works retirement plan to get me a reliable car. Now with these new owners aquiring the company, I feel another 10 years will be the same. I have no benefits from this company,. If I walk out, honest to God, I only walk out with my last check. nothing else. So on a Saturday morning on my day off and just only 2 weeks away from the new transition I was feeling especially low and hopeless and that I am just going to be defeated again. My husband was still alseep and I woke up to do an early errand. The city that I am so familiar with that I live in, I was making wrong turns for no reason, even repeat wrong turns when trying to get back on track. My mind was so consumed with this up comming bad vibe and more stress from this company. Well, to now get to my experience, when I drove back to my drive way, I heard a lot of Ravens calling out. It continued and it sound like a lot of them. I entered my home and went to my deck and saw this eucalyptus tree in front of my house literally full of Ravens calling out. As this was happening, I saw more Ravens from far away flying and landing on that same tree. I right away knew this was a Positive sign. It made its presence known. After a couple of minutes, the Ravens all flew in the same direction close to me and then away. I only saw one Raven left on the tree alone. It was there still. After a few minutes, it too then flew away along with another Raven that was hidden in the tree. I really felt that this was some kind of sign that everything will be alright.
    ****Please tell me your thought of this and meaning. I will very much appreciate your Wisdom. Thank you :mrgreen:

    1. Hello Linda: The story you are telling is about betrayal, broken promises and disappointment. In this case the Raven is letting you know that what is happening in your life is a reflection of your thoughts. You must analyze the way you think about your job and how you think about money in general. To help you with that I recommend the book or DVD called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Changing the way you think about your reality is key to transforming your life into something rich and fulfilling.

  189. Hi-this was not a dream. My daughter and I were arriving home in the rockies with my mother, aunt, cousin and my mothers friend. When we drove up to the house there were 50+ ravens in view, many on the log fence, many on the ground, some flying, some on the dirt road. When we pulled into the driveway some flew up from the grass and bushes, many were in the aspen trees in the front yard and on the grass. We all wondered what kind of sign this may be. It was a very special and spiritual occurrence for all of us. Thanks,RB

    1. Hello RB: Large groups of Ravens are heralding large magical transformations in your life. They reflect the magic of your recent decisions to move forward in new directions. Big changes are imminent.

  190. On my way home yesterday from a friend’s, taking a back under used road- I saw two Ravens on the ground. I marveled at their glistening black beauty, but became completely mesmired when they took flight, in and out of the trees before landing. I stopped to get a photo, then they flew off- further up the road another seemed to almost glide/guide me forth then it too landed in a tree, but I could not detect where it landed- I just smiled and was thankful for the occurrence. (I knew after seeing the third one- I was meant to see them and there was more to just encountering the Ravens…I take very seriously when anything causes a heightened awareness in my senses.)
    Last night I dreamed that I had parked a black Mustang car in a parking lot- when I came out from the shop, it was gone…in the dream it had been stolen. I wept and wept, I would not be able to replace this car. Later in my dream, I was looking over some kind of manuscript, when my late son came up behind me and I felt so at ease- as I turned around to see even though I felt it was him, he simply kind of lifted off and up and morphed into a Raven. Upon awakening, I’m still a bit overcome by this dream. (My son’s car was a red Mustang that I gave to his little brother after my son Beau’s tragic passing, years ago.) I weep a bit when I think of this dream, but not in a sad way. Do you feel that this was my son letting me know he is well, and onto greater purposes or perhaps I’m just wishful thinking. I can’t help but wonder, thank you.

    1. Hello Terry: Trust your own instincts with this. You have already answered your own question here. 😀

    2. Ahhh…still, it is comforting to have you validate my feelings on this deep occurrence. Thank you very much…makes my day.

  191. A healer just told me that the crow is my major animal influence at this time of my life. But in reading the raven’s qualities, I identify more with him, particularly his loner happy to be by himself mentality. From what I’ve been reading, crows are much more social. I’m not completely anti-social, but very selective. Anyway, I’m deciding what type of pendant I should get. Crow or raven?
    Maybe both. I guess I just answered my question. Any comments? Thank you. Peace & blessings.

    1. Hello Gil: Trust your own instincts as to your animal influences. Crows and Ravens can be very difficult to distinguish between each other physically – it is their mannerisms and social behaviors that separate them.

  192. I will preface the dream by saying that I live near the mountains and have a pair of ravens as neighbor. In the Winter time, I leave food out for them to eat whenever they come over. They land on the roof and start talking. This past Spring, Three raven chicks made their way to my roof, one at a time over a period of a few days. I fed them every day, several times a day, as they were hungry. This lasted for a few weeks until they left. They come back from time to time, and will likely leave the territory Fall to find a territory of their own. Then, the parents will let me know they want a treat when Winter comes. I’ve been giving treats to the parents for a good 15 years. Sometimes, they will do loop or barrels high above my head, accompanied by Raven talks.

    Anyways, a few days ago, I dreamt that I was walking on a gravel road in the woods. I looked up and saw 3 ravens. They flew above me for a while and drifted out of sight. At that moment, a bigger/longer raven appeared, but it was bright blue in color. I admired it for a while as it plumage was so beautiful and different. Somehow, it was time to go. I looked down and noticed that I was now sitting on a bicycle. I was lucid at this point, as I often become lucid in my dreams. I was a bit taken aback, but started pedaling. The blue raven was following me up in the sky, and I looked up at it and where I was going. Then, I woke up. I thought it was a great dream. Thank you for your website.

    1. I have also dreamt of a large blue iridescent raven. It was sitting in an apple tree in my mothers yard. I looked into its eyes and was drawn in, to huge black pupil that seemed to hold the universe inside. It flew off into the sky and morphed into a dragonfly.

  193. For almost six months I’ve had the same dream plaguing me.

    It begins the same way every time: I’m flying, if one could call it that, I think it more of gliding, through the sky. It’s the breaking of dawn when I land on the near by bank of a barely moving river and I look into the water and I see myself, but not myself-self, but an almost bastardized version of myself. If I had to explain it I would say it looked like a harpy: my body is nude, but covered in feathers and my hands are talon-like, while under my arms are almost gaudy wings going from my wrist until my underarm.
    In the dream I pause, every time, and begin to cry until a sound across the river pulls my from my horrified reverie. When my eyes finally raise from my reflection to the other side, I see an abnormally large raven staring back at me. (Mind that the river is several meters across, if I had to guess.) We stare at each other fore several moments, before it calls out to me. I try to reply, but my voice won’t work, it feels as if my face is slowly pealing away and I can almost feel the bile rising from my gut, burning my throat. My talon-like hand raises to my face to try to find the explanation for the unpleasant feeling, but all I find is soft skin beneath my appendage.
    I seem to have no control of my emotions as they turn from bewilderment to almost anger: I don’t know what is going on and I hate not having control of a situation, my temper rises with ever breath I take. From my spot on the river bank I can see the dark bird preen and almost seem smug at my anger, this, of course, only makes the anger worse. I stand from where I was crouching and take a step into the water of the river.

    And then I always wake up.
    The dream is quite frankly freaking me out, as I’ve said before, I’ve had this one every time I sleep for nearly six months. I’ve tried to do my own research into it, but I’ve never been a particularly spiritual person, so I’ve had trouble understanding the majority of it.
    I hope you can help me!

    (Also, sorry if my grammar/spelling is off, English isn’t my first language. c: Thank you!)

    1. Hi Maria: There is a lot of symbology in this dream – however your emotions are real. I believe that on an emotional level you are very unhappy with who you have become – or who you believe you have become in real life. In order to release yourself from this dream you will have to go deep inside yourself and discover those parts of yourself that you feel are unsatisfactory and require help or healing. The Raven is there to help you with your transformation. He is the shape shifter and knows that you can become whoever you choose to be – simply by loving each and every part of yourself. Look into your hidden emotions.

  194. My daughter was scared by this dream about an hour ago (5am): she was sitting on the toilet in a stall and I was outside. A raven flew in and handed her the toilet paper (!), but it wouldn’t go away. In the dream I said to her “Be careful, they suck blood.” Then she woke up and called for me.

    My daughter’s first day of college is today. She is nervous. She has dyslexia and there are certain challenges regarding getting around as she gets disorientated. However, she is well prepared. She has worked hard for this opportunity.

    Is the dream a good sign? Thank you for your answer.

    1. Hi Sophia: The dream is simply a reflection of her fears about not being able to set proper boundaries with others. She knows that she occasionally allows others to use her and wants to make sure that this does not happen in college. Tell her to stay focused on her dreams. This will help to fade all her fears.

  195. My mother passed away 3 days ago, and today two large ravens sat on a tree branch in mine and mothers favorite tree..What if anything does this signify?
    As a young girl, I remember my mother always rescuing injured black birds that she nurtured back to health then set them free, however I rarely see Ravens now so I’m curious if this is just a coincidence or does it mean something

    1. Hi Joanne: The Ravens have come to let you know that something special is about to happen. Trust your instincts and follow through.

    2. As Raven is the messenger between the living and the dead, I would say they are bringing you a message from your mother. The third day after death is significant in Tibetan Buddhism–I believe it is the day that the “spirit/soul” fully leaves the body behind.

  196. I have been surrounded by crows/ravens most of my life. Never thought that it meant anything. Then a little while back, took a test to see what my totem animal was and it said the raven/crow. Still (because I must be completely blind to all signs) I didn’t clue in. Then one day I was starting to wonder about it and read up on it. Like most people, I thought this meant something bad (death). As I had many crows visit me in the recent months, and considering learning of my aunt’s recent discovery of lung cancer around the same time, I got scared. One day I was sitting quietly in my living room, and a few crows flew by the window several times. I got up to go see, and there is a tiny roof ledge outside my window. This huge raven was just standing there quietly. I looked at it, it looked back at me, cocked its head sideways a few times and slowly walked away around the corner. I did not feel fear. I felt calmness. I read somewhere that the crow signifies “you help dying people transition between the two worlds”. Is this true? And is this why I have been present when 3 of my family members passed and took their last breath? It says here that it also means change and transition. I haven’t worked since February…but have been offered a position and waiting for clearance. I wonder if this means it’s coming. Too many things going on at the same time and confusing me as to what the message is!

    1. Hi Josie: When crows show up in the way that you describe it usually means that what you have been trying to manifest in your life has come to fruition. The Raven is letting you know that you have the ability to change your reality simply by changing the way you think about it.
      Because both of these birds are also closely related to you by being your totem animals I would say that you have the ability to live an absolutely synchronistic life. This means that if you think you will meet someone, or need to see an opportunity, or even discover a truth – you will manifest this almost instantly and the answers will appear.

    2. My dad passed recently and I want to get a tattoo to symbolise this and I’m drawn to ravens I’ve looked into this and I’m puzzled of how many I need to have to commiserate his death

  197. 😕 Woke up feeling weird I dream I was at my old grandma house full of crows was there they than start flying all around attacking me but not touching till I grab a blanket and made them disappear and catch some of them than woke up ,I’m now feeling different today 😈

    1. Hi Jean: Crows are all about the Law of attraction. I would say that you have made a huge shift in your own personal growth and the Crows are letting you know this.

  198. I dreamt that it was night time, I looked up to see 3 huge ravens. An out of proportion size wingspan flying above.
    One flew down to me, I was lying in a puddle in the street, it became normal in it’s size and it huddled into me as if it was afraid. I pulled it into me telling it that it was ok while it looked so sad and lost.
    What does this mean ?

    1. Hi Lisa: First of all the number three is a symbol of help arriving – and in your case ‘in a big way”. The water although not a large amount is a symbol of your emotions and the fact that you were lying in it reflects that you are holding onto something emotionally that you need to let go of. The Ravens’ sad and lost expression are symbolic of the same. The overall message would be to allow yourself to feel your emotions, they may surprise you with what comes up.

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