Things are speeding up for you right now. Your quick decisions have taken you in the right direction.

Antelope Meaning, and Messages

In general, the focus of the Antelope symbolism is the word action. Therefore, now is the time to act! There is a new path on offer, use your keen eyesight to find the way. In other words, the Antelope meaning reminds you to make your decisions wisely by using your instincts rather than your intellect. Like the Frog, follow your gut feelings and quickly make up your mind. This spirit animal teaches that you can adapt to any situation right now so that you can move forward with your purpose.

Additionally, Antelope symbolism asks us to focus on the love and abundance in our lives. There is far more of it than you believe, so adjust your perception accordingly. To clarify, take note of everything you encounter today and focus the love that is radiating toward you.

Alternatively, the Antelope meaning could represent the need to be watchful of your surroundings. There is something amiss, and you need to tend to it. Like the Tick dream, Antelope symbolism reminds you to take some time and analyze what is happening right now. The clues are there. Use your sense of smell and sight and combine the two to seek out what requires your attention.

Antelope Totem, Spirit Animal

People with this totem are bright and intelligent. Those with Antelope totem, know how to stay centered in the moment. Moreover, like the Spotted Hyena, they enjoy socializing and communicating with others. With an intense curiosity, Antelope spirit animal people are full of questions, questions, and questions. All queries are in search of personal wisdom because nothing is more critical for them. Those with an Antelope totem are prone to being very active with their imaginations. It is essential to be grounded or risk flightiness. Thus, people with this totem should also be careful that they do not sacrifice themselves in the process of trying to please others.

Also, people that have this spirit animal have a highly developed sense of smell—often picking up scents from other realms. Learning to interpret these smells are a high priority for folks with this totem because it is the key to opening their psychic senses. They also have a real knack for avoiding catastrophes because when they sense imminent danger, they pay attention.

Antelope Dream Interpretation

An Antelope dream signifies that a great deal of energy will need to be used to achieve your highest ambitions. Like Heron, you will experience a lot of success because of your dedication to details and hard work. In contrast, the Antelope dream may be advising you to take another approach to the problem before you. There may be a more straightforward, more energy-efficient way.

Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that it is time to flee or retreat from your current situation. If the animal is lying down, it means that you are missing an opportunity. Dreaming of a dead animal that you have lost the moment, and it is no longer available to you.

When you see the tail signaling danger take heed for this is a definite warning to you. The colors of the animal can also give you clues. For instance, a white creature is a sign that you are taking the right action and that you have followed your instincts correctly.

A Quick Message from Antelope

22 thoughts on “Antelope”

  1. Hello… I Saw an antelope which was peacefully grazing around me.on it’s horns, it had some kind of Grass. What could be the meaning?

  2. I saw Antelope in my dream, I try to catch it, but it runs into a trap when i try to catch it on but he eceped.

    Someone help me for the meaning of this Dream please

    1. EspionageCookie

      This seems to indicate that you feel trapped inside a specific situation, and it may feel like there is no way out, but there is actually a way out if you look closer to observe what you are trapped in. Instead of just banging on the walls of the cage, observe everything inside your cage in detail. Maybe pick up a pen or pencil, and just describe the thing you’re trapped by (or multiple things you’re trapped by) until you run out of things to say. Just try to take a note of everything that has happened or is around you, and look for the bigger picture, conclusion or pattern in all of it.

  3. I had a dream of waking up to what felt like a large horde of antelopes running through the bedroom door in a house i have never been in, over my bed and out the window of a second story. after they all jumped out i looked outside to a forest across the street and all of them running into it except for one that was staring at me. it eventually left after the last one passed.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems that the horde of antelopes represented a buzzing intense energy in you to do something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, yet you are suppressing the passion and energy that is within you. Look, it is not childish or immature to be enthusiastic about something. People aren’t meant to act like teenagers who act apathetic to seem “cool” forever. It is healthy and mature to be interested in certain things deeply in life. People who make way too much effort to look “mature” or in what I mean as the teenager’s idea of what is mature, of being completely apathetic or serious all the time, are immature in their own way, to be honest. It’s not as immature as a little kid throwing a tantrum, but it does reek of immaturity from people in their teenage years or young adulthood, maybe.

      People who act excitable for something aren’t stupid, and they aren’t naive just for having interests they are passionate in. It’s better off that people leave you alone if your interests aren’t harming anyone, no matter how “weird” it looks to them.

  4. This summer while digging for gemstones near Jeffrey City, Wyoming, with my partner, we came across a Pronghorn Antelope Buck, laying in the sun, dozing while sitting upright.
    My partner, is kind of a Dr. Doolittle himself. In the past, we have had wild pronghorn antelope sleep outside our truck at night. He even had a few walk up to him while he was smoking a cigarette and try to smell the tobacco smoke. But he has never himself tried to walk up to a wild antelope. He says they are fast and dangerous if frightened.
    I don’t know why I even did this….but something compelled me to do it. I looked out of the corner of my eye to my partner. He said softly, “He’s not afraid. Walk up to him slowly and see how close he’ll let you get to him before he takes off.”
    Knowing he was a wild and not tame animal, I began to walk towards him. I kept to his side so he could see me as I approached him, so he wouldn’t see me as a threat. He let me get within 5 feet of him before he rose to a standing position. He looked at me with his black/brown eyes and all I felt was peace. Then he began to graze on the dry grass, walking and grazing. And then he stopped after about 5 feet and looked back at me, then turned to walk again. He kept stopping and looking back at me. Then he turned and walked back towards me. I stood still, and kept my breathing slow trying to slow down my fast beating heart. I was thinking… what is going on? is this real?
    He stopped within 2 feet of me and kept looking at me. And then he turned and started walking away from me again. I followed him. Everywhere he walked, there was lots of apple green Wyoming Jade on the ground. The stone we had been hunting for. The stone we had been told was impossible to find.
    And in my mind, a voice was saying, “Follow the wisdom of the antelope”.
    And then he kept walking until I couldn’t see him anymore.

    The 2nd day we went rock hunting to that same spot. The antelope was waiting for me. I didn’t need any more rocks, for I had found enough to make jewelry out of, or sell.
    I walked up to him, again, staying off to the side where he could see me, not walking behind him to spook him.
    I stopped within about 10 feet. And looked at my feet. There was a broken horn from another pronghorn buck. It was pretty old and brittle. I looked at the old buck. He looked at me. I picked up the broken horn and started walking back towards my camp. I stopped to look back, and that old buck was still watching me.
    After about a week, we decided it was time to go on down the road.
    We hooked up the truck and trailer and headed back down the dirt road we’d come in on. There was about 30 Pronghorn antelope spread out in little herds along the road. It seemed like they were waiting for us. They stood still as we drove slowly past them. Some of them were almost in the road. They weren’t afraid. It’s like they were family and telling us to travel safe.
    I believe the Antelope is my spirit animal.
    I will never forget what I saw and felt.
    My partner says he won’t either.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Wild animals that may be dangerous who don’t respond aggressively to you in defense or offense do so because they sense that you’re not a threat to them. What exactly is about you that makes them not perceive you as a threat? Well, you know yourself more than I do.

  5. Antelope is another pathfinder. Pathfinders often come into our lives to let us know that there is a place somewhere in our lives where we have lost our ways. Antelope speaks of decisiveness and speed of action, which requires to step out of our own heads, to stop thinking our way and start feeling our way. There is a way of thinking that goes beyond analysis and categorization, which can often slow our actions down and lead to indecision. There is a part of us, a part of our minds that is in touch with things that our rational literal minds cannot know. We cannot flow through life, we cannot be in the zone unless we are listening to that part of ourselves and allowing it to lead us to and through those places that we do not understand. We can be as swift as Antelope and our bodies can flow effortlessly if we just allow ourselves to trust in more than what we already know, what we can name or what we can analyze. This is more than just animal instinct. This is the place of spirit and inspiration, the place of truest creativity. Antelope calls for us to follow the path that brings us to that place. We will know it deeply within ourselves when we find it and we will not hesitate. We will flow swiftly and powerfully and with the joy that can only come from living fully within our own bodies and in the completeness of our world.

  6. I made a meditation a week ago in it was my more-focused meditation. I call my spirit animal and for the first time I saw something: an antelope.
    However… I don’t feel that much connected to that animal.
    I read in another website that this animal teachs self-confidence and to avoid any self-destruction through emmotional vulnerability. To be honest, that is my biggest weakness.
    But still, it’s the first time that I actually know something about this animal. Also, I don’t have any favorite animal and those 3 that I like the most never had appearead to me in any meditation.
    ¿Any recommendation, or information about this?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Different spirit animals may appear, and with repeated practice, you might find the animal that appears the most as your main spirit animal. People are complicated after all, and just one animal representing them isn’t the full nuanced description of their entire personality. Though of course, many animals can guide us over time. Though I get the sense that perhaps you are suppressing a part of you that is more self confident and emotionally vulnerable, but you are unable to do so because you fear what others think. Your true self is the part of you that lives without fear, and is how you would behave if you didn’t have self doubt. You are not your anxiety, not your depression, and not your insecurity. You have anxiety, depression and insecurity, but it is not a part of you. It does not define you. You are the clear blue sky behind the stormy clouds covering you all up.

  7. Antelope speaks of decisiveness and speed of action. I’m very good at acting quickly and decisively in the more physical aspects of my life, when I’m training, when I was a fighter, in the woods. I trust my instinct and reflexes in these places. But in those places that require emotional courage or organization I am often too slow to act and make a decision. I these places I can too often procrastinate and avoid because I am not comfortable with those aspects of my life. Antelope would almost certainly speaking to me of being as decisive in those places and about working on my avoidance of action in those parts of my life. I will have to think deeply on a specific place today where I need to put into action Antelope’s message.

  8. Antelope
    Not quite sure what to make of this sign today. Once again it does not feel like it is talking to me. It feels like it may be saying that it is time to stop equivocating, that it’s time to act. I sometimes do have issues with putting things off, but this feels like it is speaking to someone else, possibly to the same friend who the signs have been speaking to for the past few days, which may be why I cannot feel any specific connection to its meaning…

  9. I was taking groceries out of my trunk last night and it was dark in my driveway when I suddenly was startled by something that ran past the left side of my car and seemed to be large. There was nothing physical there but yet I knew something on a spirit level had run by me. When I asked an intuitive friend she said she was getting Antelope. So I looked this up and I can see where this would fall into my life right now.

  10. I dreammed of 3 kudus. Two females and one male. They were dead. However, i touched one female and she came to life. Somebody starting yelling at me, touch the other 2. I did and both the remaining female and male came to life. The three of them stayed together, looked at me and then left. What does that mean?

    1. Sounds like an opportunity you may have missed has come back to life again! Act quickly 🙂

  11. I was walking home from somewhere,suddenly an antelope start chasing me ,i run to my family home and the antelope was trying to face me,like someone he loved,i was shouting looking for help to kill the antelope ,before someone could run from outside to my family home,the antelope enter into my family home from the door and he didn’t come out of my family any more..the antelope was in my home before i wake up

    1. UC
      In your case this antelope is symbolic to your need to flee or retreat from a situation that’s showed or soon will. Its also a sign that your high ambitions are fulfilled only at the cost of a very high energy expenditure.
      When it ran into your family home that’s your (sanctuary) the accompanying feeling that it was trying to face you as if you were one that it loved says that this situation that is or will come is family related and will take a lot out of you in order for it to be confronted.
      Now the big question is why do you think you felt like you needed to kill this animal?
      This ties into the message that your subconscious wants to put an end to this situation before it effects the ones that are closest to you .(family)…
      Be careful to watch now your decisions regarding ending this situation does not strike others as such that you don’t care .
      I get the sense that this will revolve around your parents in one way or another but the most energy will be spent on another trying to make them at ease ,, perhaps sibling …

      All the best

  12. I have known since I was a little girl that pronghorn was my totem. I could never explain why I was drawn to pronghorn, outdoors, on television, in pictures, and in research. Their uniqueness (no other animal in the world is like them), their coloration, their intelligence and behavior have all been mesmerizing to me. I often dream of pronghorn, am a doe pronghorn in dreams, or pronghorn appears to me throughout the day, sometimes literally in my back yard or cross the road on my way to work. Only after I see her or him, do I understand what the day holds for me. I love pronghorn!

  13. Also alppi, if the fawn was colored, it might have symbolized you and a new beginning for you, the gazelle was probably trying to protect you as you grow!

    -Hailey Prophet

  14. I saw an antelope running and sheilding me in my dream. I also saw a baby antelope looked almost like a pup. Fawn colored in same dream. I dont understand the meaning

    1. Hello alppi,
      I think the antelope is trying to tell you that it is there for you and is your Spirit animal. I had a dream similar to yours. I am going to summarize it though: in the dream, a young girl (about my age) was standing in front of me at quite a distance. She ordered a golden leopard (Who was standing beside her) to kill me. I was shocked and turned to run, but got the distant feeling that there was an even stronger presence near by and that I shouldn’t run away. Then something caught my eye; a huge black jaguar that had GLOWING purple eyes. she looked at me and time stopped, we had a strong connection with each other, and I knew she was mine. Then she snarled, time unfroze, and the leopard was running at me. Then suddenly the jaguar was upon the leopard and gracefully killed it with one bite at the neck. The girl gasped, and the jaguar roared in my face telling me to run, then I woke up. I named her “Isra” for she traveled at night to see me (can also be pronounced Israa). I saw her in other dreams too. -look up gazelle spirit animal this might help you compare it to yourself! -Hailey Prophet

  15. I AM AMAZED …especially by one telling thing that i envisioned while grounding myself. I WOULD NEVER HAVE IMAGINED THE ANTELOPE. How very awe inspiring!

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