Heron Symbolism, Heron Meaning, Heron Totem, Heron Dream, and Messages
You know how to take advantage of this situation. Use it for your own benefit if you can do it from your heart.

Heron Meaning and Messages

In this case, Heron symbolism is prompting you to look deeper into aspects of your life. In so doing, it will bring out your innate wisdom and show you how to become more self-reliant. Additionally, like the Black Jaguar, the Heron meaning asks you to ground yourself regularly. Thus this spirit animal teaches that grounding yourself in the earth and your spiritual beliefs will help you discover emotional insights more clearly and more quickly.

Alternatively, Heron symbolism is teaching you how to become comfortable in uncertain situations. Therefore it would be prudent to watch for opportunities so that you can quickly grasp them and move on.

Occasionally, Heron symbolism is asking you to follow your path and not those of your peers. In other words, the Heron meaning is asking you to find unconventional ways to be self-reliant and productive. Therefore this bird suggests that no matter what the task, you can do it and do it well. Find ways to do the things you love in life and allow these things to pay you handsomely.

Heron Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Heron totem love to explore various activities and dimensions of life on Earth. On the surface, this may seem like a form of dabbling, but similar to the Fox totem, they are wonderfully successful at being a traditional ‘Jack of all trades.’

Moreover, this ability enables them to follow their path. Most people will never quite understand the way that they live. On the surface, their lifestyle seems to be unstructured and without stability or security to it. It is, though, just a matter of perspective. There is security underneath it all, for it gives them the ability to do a variety of tasks. If one way does not work, then another will. Discovering alternatives is something Heron totem people seem to know inherently.

Folks with this spirit animal do not seem to need a lot of people in their life. Nor do they feel pressured to keep up with the material world. These people also never compelled to be traditional in their life roles. They stand out in your uniqueness, and they know how to snatch and take advantage of things and events that the average person would leave untouched.

Heron Dream Interpretation

When you have a Heron dream, it represents self-reliance, stability, tactfulness, and careful forethought. In other words, you will achieve a lot of success through your efforts. Alternatively, dreaming of this bird signifies your ability to explore and delve into your subconscious.

When you have a black Heron dream, it is a message that you have been avoiding the opportunities that have been on offer. Thus, like the Hedgehog and Porcupine, you need to set aside your fears of failure, jump into the void, and take action.

If you dream of a bright blue bird of this species, it is a reminder that there are times that you need to connect with others so that you can plan your next steps. Thus you need to communicate your intentions and allow people to give you input. There is a hidden gem there that you will be able to take and develop. An entirely white bird of this type in your dream represents a spiritual connection. In other words, your guides are trying to advise you in some way.

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  1. This morning I went to the shoreline to perform a letting-go ritual as part of my 12-step process. I chose 12 stones and chucked them into the water while saying aloud the 12 things I would like to let go of that no longer serve me. It was a beautiful experience, one that I did with my two kids (1y & 2y) and husband alongside me. Once I was finished, I turned around and started to walk back to the car, pausing to wait for my family, and all of a sudden my entire right side was covered in bird poop. COVERED. After recovering from the initial shock, my first thought was “what kind of bird is that?”. I’m no birdwatcher, so I took a photo and came home to shower.

    What an amazing find to learn that this is the bird that so massively made its presence known at the end of my letting-go ritual! Everything seems to track so well with this symbolism. <3

    1. What incredible confirmation of ‘letting go’! It is supposed to be ‘good luck’ if a bird poops on you, so….

  2. On the evening, before bed, I was listening to a recording about Lightworkers and noticed the time was 22:22, so wrote it down. Next day is the eve of the powerful Summer Solstice 2021. I needed fuel in my car so pulled into a station. I always look away from the pump when I refuel, so never know how much the transaction comes to. I went to pay and it had come to £22:22. As I drove away a huge Heron rose from one side of the road and sailed gracefully across in front of me. I am in a total life transformation right now. Every area of my life has simultaneously transitioned. This information on Heron wisdom has been so helpful, so wanted to pass on my experience in case it helps anyone.

    1. Wow this sounds so beautiful! Congratulations that you are in a place of wonderful transformation! Many blessings to you I loved reading about your experiences!!

    2. This is amazing and has me very curious.

      I have been seeing 222 & 2222 everywhere.

      7 months ago I made the biggest move of my life, selling or donating almost everything I own and moved from the prairies in Canada to incredible Vancouver Island.

      Today while walking, a heron waited gracefully as I approached. When I thought it had finally flown away, it had just moved a few feet and was waiting again.

      Your story of transformation is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Some months ago, I was walking with a friend around the lake – we saw a heron in the water, looking for food! These birds are truly magnificent, even that was just my first and only time seeing one.

  4. I was at work today….cleaning windows…SO comes alot a handsome Grey Heron and lands in the naext doors garden…looks up at me shakes his feathers as Im saying ‘Good Tidings’ so beautiful it was. Then it takes flight again…
    As i am going from window to window.I see it again lands on a roof top.. sits and takes note of my hard work so to say…..to my disbelief I started to feel like I have a meaning in this world.

    1. This was lovely to read 🙂

      You have more meaning than you know and you’re much more powerful than you think.

      If you be true to yourself, March to the beat of your own drum, you’ll always be fulfilled.

  5. Elizabeth deLange

    I have a strong connection to woodpeckers.
    Recently, I have been struggling emotionally.
    3 weeks ago I spotted a grey heron and an egret. Last week another egret in a river right in the city. Today I was driving home from the beach in an emotional state and spotted 3 grey herons far off in a field. I got out of my car and felt a very strong urge to walk over to them. It was quite a long walk and as a drew closer, naturally they started walking away at a slow pace. I felt compelled to speak with them and they all verbally responded for awhile and finally took flight in unison. I got a beautiful video of them just as the sun was beginning to set. Not quite sure what to make of it.
    So much grace and beauty!

  6. There is a song in Russia about Cranes- taking the spirits of people who have passed on- up to heaven.I do not speak Russian so don’t know the words- I learned this while listening to the beautiful Russian Baritone singer the late Dmetri Hvorostovski =I am so sorry he has passed on.

  7. I noticed that the meaning of Green Herons are not posted. There is a family of them on my property that frequent my pond. They will fly on top of a big maple tree and perch, with the treetops swaying from their weight. When they are up there they stretch their necks to its fullest elongation and their crest comes out. They seem to have a special quality of intuition and perceptiveness. I first observed them a couple of months ago when my beloved cat died and I was going through the grieving process ( which I still am). I feel such a connection to them of love, almost mimicking the connection I had to my cat. Green Herons have an ability to tuck their neck in so they appear shorter. They also fish with bait. They will drop things on the top of the water to attract their prey. They are like fishermen!

    1. jeffrey koutsogianis

      I’ve recently returned after 7 years in Montana, to Universtiy Place..Washington state…I’m living with my son and a beautiful friend…it’s her home.Around 13 years ago she and her amazing husband invited me when I was going through tough times…they brought me in as a son of thier beautiful family…and, now again welcomed me home..my story here is that when I was here last a Blue Heron had a resting place in a for tree…these were sad and difficult times but “my” Blue sat with me generating a comfort in me I didn’t quite understand, for many months untill I moved on…upon my return, I asked Joan if she’d seen “my friend” around….she said she hadn’t…a few days later I saw a Blue heron fly and honking as it did…low and behold a week later as I sat outside “my” Blue landed in the first tree (the same for tree) honked to announce it’s presence, and looked right at me … I knew as it was the same beautiful bird…I was touched to my soul …I immediately looked up Spirit Animal Totems and again was truly I inspired..I now know this beautiful bird is not just a friend but a guide

    2. Cindy-
      Thank you for talking about your experiences
      with the Green Heron. They are also in my life. I find them elusive, shy, easily flushed out even
      before I see them. The past 2 late Springs I have
      had the privilege of seeing fledglings in odd
      locations. The first year it was on the rooftop of
      a nearby apt. complex (before returning to its nest)
      and this year one was on an electrical/phone wire.
      It’s good to know they are reproducing successfully. VERY smart- putting out bait to fish!

    3. Beautiful story and relationship with the birds in your property, feeling comfortable to nest there with the energy of your land and family.

      Today I had an experience with a large grey heron.
      I was walking on a track in the park and happened to look to my right. A few feet from me I noted something. What a lovely statue I thought, wonder when they added it. It turns out it was real . A huge grey heron. I don’t believe they are native to New Jersey! He or she stayed a while , walking as I was walking…and at similar speed. Whiting this out , has given me a bunch to think about.

      Thank you for this forum and for reading!

  8. Today I saw three blue herons at the same time. One was fairly close and seemed to be watching me and walking toward me. Another was facing in my direction but a little further away with the 3rd quite a ways away. This has never happened. What do you think it means?

  9. A river ran 50 yds from my window. A nesting pair of blue herons lived right there and as my life crumbled around me, I would sit and watch them stand in that river for hours waiting for a fish to come by. Their diligence, patience, their devotion to feeding and tending to their babies was so heart warming. My ex husband knew that I loved those herons. Being an abuser, he took his rifle, pointed it out the window and tried to shoot the herons. Fast forward 20 yrs, I had long left him and that town. This last summer I went to my ex husband’s house to pick up something and when I got to the river, there was a majestic heron standing in the same spot his ancestors have stood for who knows how long. I smiled and knew that I was ok. More importantly, I knew the herons were still there. My solace comes not only from seeing them survive and thrive but also that karma, the Universe, will reign over some kind of retribution for such an ugly act.

    1. Absolutely Beautiful, Inspirational and Profound. Karma is what propels us through life. Good people = Good things. When your down and out, it may not seem as though things are going to get better; however, as with the Heron, patience, perseverance and determination will see you through to the brighter side of things. Peace!

  10. What a great website! Thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these posts. I was driving south on I95 this morning with a heavy, melancholy heart and feeling lots of emotions. I caught a white object floating in the sky to my right and then its huge wingspan came into focus and it flew straight across my path headed east. He was a HUGE white Egret and it was so bizarre to see him flying over the freeway. I knew instantly it was a sign, as I had been meditating about my father earlier and also trying to sort through some confusing emotions and thoughts. So I came home to google the symbolism and found your site. Curious what your take is on its meaning.

  11. I see great blue herons seems like daily now sometimes just feet away from me lifting majestically into the air or flying next to me in my car. I see it so often I wonder what is it trying to tell me. What message is it I’m supposed to add to my life? Or maybe its just meant to be a symbol of who I am and to not worry about the things I cannot control? This statement from this page pretty much sums up who I am:

    “You do not seem to need a lot of people in your life, nor do you feel pressured to keep up with the material world, or to be traditional in your life roles. You stand out in your uniqueness, and you know how to snatch and take advantage of things and events that the average person would not even bother with.”

    I lack the latter part of the statement and maybe that is the part I need to focus on. I am open to suggestions here even as I am 56 this year I’m still searching for answers to questions and what direction I need to take. Thanks in advance and peace and blessings to all.

    1. Find the courage to forgive yourself and begin to do The Great Work and you will be protected from above.

    2. A similar thing happened to me. A blue heron walked along side of me. For several feet. Other people scared it off. But it came to me 5 miles a way.
      I was driving. I saw it by the road. I stopped and it crossed in front of my car. It walked over to my drivers window and stopped and looked right at me . I talked to it for a moment.
      Two weeks later it flew in front of my car on a highway. It landed quickly in a field and turned towards me. I got out and approached it. It walked closer to me.
      Its been two years now and i have to be in nature frequently. I talk to birds frequently now.

    3. The first part also resonates with me. The last part does not. I’ve learned to only take what fits and let go of the rest. I take life moment by moment, greatfully, just allowing the flow, following my sense abilities.
      ….Looking at it again, seeing a different perspective. It’s the language used…’take advantage’ and ‘snatching’. I simply see magic where others may not; where gifts present themselves, sometimes in the most seemingly mundane way (to some;)… from our Divine Nature… All that IS… inside, outside, upside, down. No snatching or grasping necessary. We are, as All Nature Is… Infinite Abundance. And we cannot force or push Nature to do or Be anything it’s not. Just Be You. BeYOUtFully, Sense-sation-all, Nature-ally. (sation means to sow/grow)
      Blessings of Nature’s Infinite WELLth

  12. Last night, I dreamt that I was out by my parents’ barn. I saw a great blue heron flying over, circling. I laid down on the ground and said, “I am the heron”. The heron then flew down, landed on me, and sank into me. Then, I woke up.
    I have a connection with this bird and I see them when I need a reminder from the universe. I take this dream and all encounters with nature with gratitude, acceptance, and love.

  13. As we scattered my sons ashes a heron flew up from under the cliff on which we stood. It gracefully followed the curve of the river till it disappeared behind the forest.
    What does this mean? Anyone?

    1. What a PRECIOUS gift!! Perhaps it was his way of letting you know that there is no need to worry. He is flying free & experiencing PURE BEAUTY!

    2. Beg your pardon, The heron (like all of us) has to survive, and in its life endure what may be considered less than “experiencing pure beauty”, but indeed it is, just as you are experiencing it, and that may be part of its message – at least, that is how it got your attention. You know best what it may be trying to tell you. Good luck, Friend

  14. I was once visited by a majestic white Amazonian Herron with rotating gold spiral on its face approximately 1.5 hrs into an ayahuasca ceremony, i met face to face with this sentient being for a few moments until delving into its third eye which teleported me through a worm home in space and time, lifting the veil of my reality, one of the most insightful and adventurous nights if my existence.

    Whenever I shoot surf photography from a favourite surf break and see the grey Herron, I am reminded of my journey and what lies beneath the outer shell of my vehicle.

    Thanks for the totem info, it makes a lot of sense when I read it.


  15. I just woke up. I had a dream just now, that a blue Heron was diving down towards me. I was in my favorite lake. I was bird watching, and heading towards this little island where some smaller birds were. The Blue Heron kept circling around to Impale me with it’s beak. I retreated from the island, but she kept coming at me through the rest of the dream.
    I read the description of blue Heron in dreams, and i feel encouraged. I have been in a stressful situation which requires a lot of tact. I have been tempted to get distracted, or become full of ego. But now I know to meditate, raise my vibration, and keep going with my quest.

  16. I received blue heron this morning while in meditation asking for an animal guide. The message given to me was this: “We don’t question whether or not we can fly – we just spread our wings and take off.” I believe this was a response to my continual self-doubt and not believing that I will be “good enough” for my spiritual tasks. I searched for more information about blue herons as guides and found this site. The description under “If heron is your animal totem” fits me 100%. Thank you for sharing your wisdom <3

  17. Recently I had a lot of strain in my life, which has put me into some emotional de-stability. I still don’t know if I will recover completely, nor am I sure about the paths I am walking on. This morning however I encountered a Great Egret. While there is a brook nearby it is uncommon to see any kind of heron or egrets, because it’s too shallow and small to provide nutrition, especially in winter. The Great Egret spotted my dog first and attempted to fly off, however once it saw me it stayed still. We had a short eye-contact, then it started to stride calmly away. Without knowing what the heron means in a symbolic way I felt content with myself, at least for a short time. Now I think that maybe the great egret wanted to tell me that I’m alright, and that everything is going to be alright – if one way is a dead-end street there is no shame in taking a detour or another route.

  18. All day at work today, I have been playing peak-a-boo, it seems, with the resident great blue heron. Whenever I spot him, he moves slowly, lankily off into the brush, where he disappears. I have spotted him three times now, and was beginning to think him an omen, as this is a place where I know to be spiritually alive. I have been thinming heavily of moving, and traveling, but had feared for many factors. I think, now, that the spirit of the heron is with me, and thank you for this information.

  19. I am from Fiji.

    I moved into my new place a year ago…

    I have a high window in my room and out the window is the rooftop there are always black herons sitting and resting there.. always making noise (not a bother) and flying off… its been a daily thing more frequent and louder recently… they even made big bangs on the roof! i don’t know how they manage that!

    I always like them visiting.. but at times i get worried if they are a sign of bad omen. . .

    Only recently i have come across the law of attraction and it lead me to search for my spirit animal. . . it is tonight i realized that it could be Herons as the characteristics are spot on! very very spot on!

    Cant wait for the morning to see them.. Maybe to have a chat! 😀

    Could be the Heron or Crow… still bit confused.

    Help needed! 😀


  20. I believe the Heron listens to us……once i saw a buetiful heron dowwn the road from me….(i live by a river) and i said ….heyyy come see me come to my place…….and he flew off ….the next morning…..there he was…. right beside my house by the river bank and has been here ever since 2 years later…..

  21. I am in the UK and I believe most of our Herons are Grey Herons- where I live a short walk away are some large ponds which have at least two pair of them living there they often come close to me both walking on the ground, in the actual ponds, and sometimes above me in whichever tree I happen to be passing under if I visit – and also often fly over my head wherever I am going too- then again I have a healthy Crow -friend group too who live close to my home and follow hubby and son wherever they go if I ask them to as well as greeting me when I leave the house

  22. As I was just now walking a path around a protected wetland a large blue heron took off from the ground to the right of the pathway and flew to the left and up across my path! I knew it was a symbol from the universe and this site let me know that indeed the blue heron is my totem animal for I am quite eclectic and private working in spirit much of the time to heal myself and uplift humanity in the process. Thank you so much for this site being here when I needed clarification of the beautiful blue heron who just graced my path quite literally.

  23. I have been approached by Heron three times in the past week, this last time he buzzed me within ten feet and a light bulb popped into my head and I thought maybe he’s trying to tell me something which led me to this site. Amazing, he really is trying to tell me something. The characteristics of Heron as my totem are spot on. I’ve been struggling with my life recently but it makes sense now.

    1. isn’t it wonderful that the Heron would find you? such a powerful connection made! My encounter was at my outdoor lunch table at my office two days in a row; first in flight and then justing standing perfectly still about ten feet away – beyond graceful (from a dancer…)

    2. Yes, even more amazing is that I have seen Heron almost daily, in different areas at different times, he always seems to be with me. It’s very comforting and my life is improving daily.

    3. Steven O Meengs

      For an update, my life continues to improve and heron consistently shows up at times when I need his help. Most recently, I have been very ill and unable to work which made homelessness a very real possibility. I was walking to settle my nerves took a shortcut and was greeted by heron in a spot that a heron wouldn’t be hanging out in. My fears immediately subsided when I saw my old friend. I’m not free from my problems but have managed to keep a roof over my head and be content with my life.

  24. I have found a calling to the NIGHT Heron specifically. I’m in the Pacific NW near the coast and wonder what the specifics are for the night heron versus the regular daytime herons.

    1. I just checked through all the birds, there is nothing for a crane, which is surprising. I would think that the heron symbolism would work for the crane, they are very similar creatures.

  25. 😯 So every once in a great while I see a black crowned night heron, and I the one picture I have of it is in a downtown canal, but it still looks natural, and I like it a lot for a quick snap. I decided to use it as my user image in a new blog I’m working on for personal self improvement, the idea being I’m a jack of all trades and if I can figure it out, maybe I can help others. When I read the line “Jack of all trades” I got chills and knew I was on the right path. Thank you.

  26. i didn’t realize until i just found this site what all of the heron’s stand for in my life. thank you, it is what i needed in my life right now. i have always thought from emotions, now i will be grounded. below link is a beautiful picture of a blue heron i took at lake la quinta ca. he was hanging out across the lake always in my view watching me and me him.

  27. I first saw a picture of a heron in a book a friend of mine had in her living room, I never quite saw an animal so graciously so I picked up the book and found out it was a blue heron and after reading up on the behaviour of the heron I instantly took a liking to it. Two days later I was at a lake with a girl who I felt attracted to in a non-sexual way but I felt a strong magnetism although we never quite got along due to our very stubborn and brash communication, a blue heron flew past and sat on a small island across from us. A week later I again was with this girl, we were talking and I was trying very hard to understand why I was so attracted to her since I felt no connection whatsoever as all of a sudden I spot a picture of a blue heron in a collage of various animal pictures on a wall behind her. Two weeks later (yesterday) I spotted a blue heron flying above the road I was driving on which ran parallel to a lake, it flew in tandem with my car for almost 30 seconds, which made me furrow my brow and shake my head in confusion as I started thinking about the friend out of the blue – as if I had already linked the heron sightings with this person I couldn’t understand but felt drawn to on a existential level. Upon arival at my friends house I started talking to him about the recent heron sightings as suddenly the girl walks into the room, suprise visiting our common friend.
    I told her about the sightings and how I feel inexplicably drawn to her despite our differences and the next morning I gained a friend for life.

    I’d like to thank the heron for bringing this person into my life, thanks to it I keep discovering pieces of myself in this seemingly totally different person and my personal growth has been jumpstarted thanks to it. I’ll never forget this as my first experience of how magical and beautiful life can be if you allow yourself to be transformed when the time is due.

    Love and kisses from Belgium

    1. Thomas that’s a beautiful story. I love the way you paid attention to the way the heron kept appearing (even in the collage) and trusted your intuition that it was showing you something about the person who became your friend. You’re right, life can be magical and beautiful if we start listening to it and allowing ourselves to be grateful for the gifts, the growth and the connection the journey can bring. I can feel the gratitude in you. Keep listening to your life and it will begin to sing to you.

      Thank you for sharing your truth so beautifully. It made me smile.

      From Edinburgh

  28. I was having lunch at one of my neighbour’s house and went to cough in her back yard (had cold and cough) and all of a sudden I saw a reef heron that landed on her dock and was there standing for a while and at one point it looked at me and a few minutes later flew over to her son’s yard

  29. There was a blue heron that would visit the pond regularly here. Left a big old dead tree to see him perch on top. Three years ago I went through a divorce to a bad man. Just before it was final, I was standing on the front porch, my border collie on the walkway in front of me, and the heron came swooping down from that tree and pond, straight towards my dog and me, swooping up and over the house at the last minute. My dog even jumped up to try and catch it. It was awesome, inspiring, and felt all would be ok. That was the last time I saw that heron. Since then I’ve been working hard on my place and property, trying to sell it, but things have been much better than before. A couple of weeks ago I decided to pull cattails out of the pond so people could see it. The 2nd day, after I created an opening, I was in the house looking out the window, and saw the giant heron swoop out of the pond from my new opening. He flew right to the walkway at the house, where my dog happened to be standing again, and Trapper tried to jump up to catch it, Again! 3 years later! Now wondering, could it be a sign that all will be ok and I’ll get to move and pursue a new dream? Or, is it a sign that all will be ok if I don’t sell and I can find a way to make things work here? A bit confusing and praying for the answer. A Jack of all trades I am, although many have thought I’ve been a master of some. Which way is it? The event was SO Powerful and still in AWE!!! With God and the heron experience I have to stay open and follow whatever comes up. Perhaps I’ve answered my own question. I’ve always had dreams, followed them, succeeded in so many, but have none here except to survive which I’ve set it up for quite adequately. Must be time to move on…..

    1. I was doing a reading this morning for a client and was double-checking on the traits of heron for the reading when I came across your posting. As a shaman and psychic, what came to me is for you to keep the house and make it work for you. The heron that keeps visiting you is interfacing with your dog “Trapper” so I am looking at the dog bringing in a certain type of energy here in addition to the heron. Dogs are associated with healing and domesticity aka in this case “domestic healing”. Your dog’s name is “Trapper” and he was trying to catch the heron in mid-flight. Does that mean that you are “trapped” in this house. Absolutely not..the energy meaning I get here is that instead of seeing this house as a trap or something to get away from, maybe its time to look at your home from a different perspective and make it work for you. Herons are highly self-reliant creatures. Whenever a heron has crossed my path, it undoubtedly makes way for “tough love” a new kind of self-reliance with any given situation that I am in that if I persevere I will find some great possibility and outcome within what appears to be a strong obstacle. Hope this helps you.
      Blessings, Sierra

  30. damien starmand

    i have had a few animal totems going back to my childhood ,seahorse dragonfly and now blue heron,,check this out chisrtmas 2015 was a real test for my family and my self a lot of signs and trails and tribulations ,divorce ,arrests ,bad health blah blah blah..christmas eve comes so we put our differences aside for the sake of our 4 sons ..and sleep together in our family home to wake up for christmas as a family akward but after a whiskey or 2 ..ok ..we wake up chritsmas morning to a family of magpies on the top deck out side and coming into my bedroom who after 4 years living there had never seen before… i take this as assign family should stay together no matter how scary lol .that day christmas day at lunchtime our house burned down i lost everything…i moved in with my ex and sons to her house it was difficult but i had my sons …i went back to the house months later to see what i could recover and sitting on my bed was the heron i knew this was a sign and am now rebuilding my house selling it and buying a house bus and with the guidance of the heron taking my family to spend the next year “living the dream”and going on an adventure .thank you for this site as everything I’ve read above has re assured me that this choice is what is best .thank you heron .

  31. Walking along the river… I see Herons standing on pilons in the river, and occasionally one will fly overhead.
    This evening, as the sun was setting, I noticed5 beautiful, great blue Herons flying directly overhead …and then a sixth came up just East of them…coming in the same direction. Thank you, but I would imagine that 6 Herons flying across my path, and not wading, may make some difference in interpretation or message??

    1. Maybe you’ll discover an unexpected quality/capacity in you that you were not aware, or maybe a new oportunity behind what you’ve imagined will arrive. You seem to have been very impressed by the last heron, it seems like a beautiful thing may surprise you soon (or has already!).

    2. As a shaman and psychic I regularly use animals in my readings to assist clients in getting a clearer view of what they are seeking. From my experience, a heron flying versus wading brings in the air element, the element of intellect, of discerning, of mind over matter, perhaps using your mind instead of your emotions (emotions aka wading through water) to assess a situation properly. Detach a bit; see things from a different, perhaps “higher” perspective aka air element. 6 is number of healing. Perhaps if you look at things from a different perspective, you will find very strong healing in a situation that you’ve been stuck in.
      Blessings, Sierra

    3. by the way, forgot to mention that the direction East symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth of a strong category.
      Blessings, Sierra

    4. Thank you for sharing so much! I saw one this morning perched on my neighbors garage..and when it took flight it went east (it has the last four times I’ve seen it). Lots to journal about now. Blessed Be.

    5. A great blue heron was perched for a good 20 minutes on the rooftop outside my window…about 15 feet away and at my eye level. In my current healing journey of self discovery and working through some painful memories, I must say that after reading about the meaning of this spirit animal, I feel comforted!!

  32. I know the heron is my spirit animal, I had a magical moment that left me engulfed in a vapor and left me motionless with just me and the heron. Since then a heron has always been with me, guiding me.

  33. I have been in many struggles throughout my entire life from the pain of losing my parents in their youth, to a brother with cancer, to painfully losing my 18 year marriage, to the breakup of my family losing everything I knew, to unending unemployment. The one constant in my journey has been the Heron. Every time I see one I was wondering how to go beyond my circumstances and it never occurred to me at the time to be a sign other than this solitary majestic bird arching its way across my path. I finally started to study this bird and came to understand its significance in totem lore. As soon as I started to read the significance of the Heron my mouth fell open. There was my struggle spelled out and the things I needed to focus on in my life – grace, solitude, patience, calm and good luck among many others. It gave me a sense of peace and security I never had before. I am also now a student of the Law of Attraction and understanding how the universe really works and to release all my negativity which was blocking my path to accomplishment and this revelation of the Heron fit right into my calling. This all culminated when I was on a lake with friends last week on a pontoon boat. All of a sudden dozens of Herons came to us surrounding the boat flying low across the water darting about. I was in shock and awe because it was rare to see two Herons together let alone an entire flock. I’m smart enough to know that was a huge sign. Since then things are really beginning to manifest in a positive way. Recruiters are coming to me to apply for work instead of the other way around. Opportunities are springing up so fast I can’t keep up. I am a new grandfather as well. The clouds are parting and I can see the light. I am truly blessed and wish that for all!

  34. I live on the Columbia river in Oregon. I have this blue heron that lives in the immediate area. Sometimes when I have to go out to the store at night, it’s THERE, blocking my path ominously. We are face to face, approx, 6-10 feet apart. I’m terrified of it. It’s like some kind of a flying spike. It can put that beak right through someone.

    I have to deal with this creature on a regular basis, sometimes, I have to take a detour. It doesn’t attack, it just stands it’s ground ominously. It’s a very intimidating animal.

    I wish it would just go somewhere else. I don’t like it.

    1. Pete. My feeling is the heron is asking you to look into yourself, to look at your fear. What you are afraid of within yourself is what is blocking your path forwards.

  35. I grew up by the sea in Ireland. There was a large rock out in the water in front of our house. The heron would always stand on the edge of the rock. My mother would point it out to me as a child. I found it so mysterious the way it could remain perfectly still for so long and the fact that it lived so close to us and yet in whole different world out there on its rock. A few months ago I dreamt that I was a dragonfly whizzing and flying down the liffey (that’s the river that flows through Dublin) and I was so fat and quick. Suddenly, I was caught and eaten by a heron (they also live on the river). As I was eaten I felt myself become the heron and then take flight. I felt a surge of awareness and power in becoming the larger animal. After that I had a number of real life experiences with herons that struck me. For example, I was driving in a rural part of Ireland a few days later when two herons suddenly appeared low in the sky and flew right over my car. That has never happened me before. It seemed a strange coincidence at the time. I found my way to this website and feel that the description above is very apt to my personality and life. I’m an engineer by profession and a musician by passion. I feel like the heron was calling me to follow my passion in life more but I have many insecurities about taking this path. Maybe with the help of the heron I will find my way one day. The journey continues. It felt good to share this story. Thanks and peace to all.

    1. Aloha friend, I am writing from the beautiful island of Molokai in Hawaii where I have lived for years now.
      Recently, I experienced a very magical encounter with 3 herons. I was with my sweetheart, sitting on our local pier, after taking a bike ride at sunset. We were enjoying the cool night air when a lone heron landed on a buoy a few hundred feet away. He would perch there for several minutes at a time, then fly up and circle around the harbor right in front of us, then swoop into the water to catch a fish, then
      return to his buoy. A connection between the 3 of us grew..until 2 more herons showed up..and proceeded to do a dance in the air right in front of us..perhaps a mating dance..whatever it was..it was very graceful. Eventually they disappeared, but the lone heron..remained.
      At one point I took out my harmonica and began to play sounds that the atmosphere invoked..after awhile I stopped. THEN, a garage type door several feet behind us, to one of the businesses on the Pier..called the Molokai Ice House opened “mysteriously” and slowly..then next thing we heard was the most beautiful ukulele music being played live by a gentleman..who stepped out of the building a set his chair down to play. He was oblivous to us as we were sitting in the dark. After being serenaded by his amazing solos..we clapped..and then went over to thank him. As it turns out..I also play the ukulele and sing..and offered him a musical thank you. With the moon and stars all out and shining..it was a magical evening indeed. I just wanted to share this story with you to let you know that we are all on this journey of discovery, and learning daily..especially through examples like your story and mine..how the Universe..is always supporting our passion for Life..even when “society” for the most part..does not. LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY TO YOU..Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

    2. Emma Bowen Jones

      I really loved your story. I had a pair of herons appear rising up from the trees around the river Bedalder in Cornwall where I live. My two friends who I was with missed the sighting so I really felt it was for my eyes (and awareness).
      They flew over my house and towards Poets hill….which is a very steep field..
      I have never seen a pair before and was moved to research the meaning…I relate strongly to the qualities of the heron…determination, patience, solitude, wisdom and feel drawn towards increasing these in my life.

  36. Nobody will probably believe me because Im so confused what this blue crane is doing. We love on the intercoastal of Nc about 5p ft from the water. It started when I saw her each day doing her thing so I yelled out HEY BLUE lol call me nuts k. One night im at iur camp fire & I love enya, tropical nature music k. It was late my husband had gone to bed what all of a sudden I see her/him idk directly on a rock only 20 ft from me. She sat there for over 30 min..catching fish and watching me. I was trippn. Every single night I out on my misic and leave my door open and she comes now when I call BLUE! IF im in my room door open she will sqwalk ..what in the world? I haven’t even fed it? I come out and talk to it. Thank God its late at night my neiborhood will think Im a nut. What is this? How is this hapoeninf, what does it mean?

  37. I do alot of fishing, and I see what looks to be the same Heron at the same spot all the time. If fishing isn’t good at that spot I’ll move to one of my other spots, it’s when I noticed another blue heron….could it be the same one following my path?….my other spot is 10mins drive and it didn’t seem frightened by my precence .I was just curious…do they have certain spots they fish.

  38. At 0845 PDT in Friday Harbor, WA a Great Blue Heron landed on my neighbors roof, perched for a minute or two looking across at me less than 35 feet away. I snapped three IPhone pics then the heron flew off in a SE direction. The perch was less than 16 ft above the ground.

    I had just prayed 30 min before this sighting and asked G*d for direction, resolve and protection for our family in these tumultuous times.

  39. Diane Collett Greenblatt

    I always saw herons , and now i keep seeing the same egert, do they carry the same energy or are they different ?I dont see a separate section for the egert . I keep seeing the same egert at a park i go to , to take pixture , to mediate and to hike. Just saw the egert again alone , flew in as i was hiking and it was perched on a rock or something in the water , lookng for clues or messages or signfigance with the egert . Thank you any feedback will be welcomed . Namaste , Diane

  40. I was going through a tough time when i saw a great blue heron for the first time. I was having an emotional breakdown and sat at the park alone at night. It was cold and i was fighting more tears when i saw a great blue heron to my left. Its long slow strides caught my attention. The way it walked was so graceful and dignified that it seemed unreal. I watched it walk into the lake with slow and patient steps. It looked at me and didn’t know what to think. I thought that if this graceful bird can walk with all the patience in the world and with dignity, then so can I. I felt blessed to have seen it.

  41. While playing soccer in my near downtown home , a blue heron surprised us by trying to perch on a tree and the branch wasn’t strong enough for her weight. She flew away so we continued playing. She came back and sat on a pile of tree branches the neighbour has just on our fence line. We watched about 4 feet away while she regurgitated a whole baby salmon. We looked at each other for about 10 minutes and my daughter made some noise and she flew away . I caught the departure on camera and the sound of her grand wings flapping was beautifully powerful. I feel so blessed that she came to visit us.

  42. I left the office in Port Melbourne to go to the office and a white faced, greg/blue heron was above me flying around. I’m so grateful for it’s sign xoxoxo

  43. Tonight when i was headed into work i saw a dead blue heron lying under a tree. I just got out of work and the heron is still there. Not sure how it died exactky but I’m thinking a broken neck. Honestly the body is lying in a beautiful place – across the street from the beach on top of a bed of flowers underneath a eucalyptus tree. Is there anything im supposed to do , or do i just leave the bird in peace?

  44. Yesterday, upon awaking I went into the kitchen to start my day and as I looked out my kitchen window. I saw a Blue Heron in the service road across from my car. Its great, I see wild turkey’s, deer, rabbits & all different types of birds. I live across from a field with a fenced in pond so it attracks lots of wild life. But, there it was standing there for a few minutes and then after flew away….beautiful!!!!! I quickly looked up the totem and what I read was just what I needed to read. Thanks for sharing!!!

  45. This morning a Great Blue Heron flew over my condo here in Sacramento. This is the first time I have ever seen one in the middle of city. Some fifteen years ago living in a very rural area in Northern California’s Sierra Foothills and I was soul-called to practice Shamanism: Cleansing and clearing, realizing, respecting and honoring the Sacred, getting in touch with Nature, journeying and communicating with animals and their Sacred Spirits. Almost daily a Great Blue Heron visited our large pond. Around that time, fires had been burning in the Lake Tahoe region, some 70 miles from my home and animals were migrating. Living on acreage we had a mini farm… ducks, turkeys, chickens, a horse and donkey, dogs, a cat, an iguana, (even fish), all footed pets who were free to roam during daylight. The rooster we had, Hornet, was very ornery, territorial and protective of all the animals. A Lynx-Bobcat came through, killed him and was making off with him. Never in my Life had I seen a Lynx, it was like looking at a UFO! But he had Hornet in his jaws. I scrambled up the hill and confronted the Lynx. He dropped Hornet’s lifeless body, sauntered a few yards away and calmly watched me. I was yelling and screaming at him, even going so far as urinating to mark my territory. He calmly walked away and left. While this was happening, all of my animals had gone into hiding. When Lynx left, I picked up Hornet’s body, cradling him. I walked back down the hill with him in my arms and stood under one of our oak trees crying for the loss of Hornet. (I’m crying now. It was VERY intense!!!) All my animals came to me and their father-brother-soul kin Hornet, surrounding us as I cradled him. I thanked Hornet for coming into our Lives, for his dedicated protection and how he had given his very valuable Life to his family. Looking up, Great Blue Heron was circling directly above us, part of our Family, too. For at least 10 minutes. Time stood still. Circling above us a little higher than the tree top. It was very beautiful, very intense, loving, respectful, honorable and something I will never ever forget. Sacred. We are ALL kin and ALL Animals are an essential part of us. ~Thank you for this website and Thank You for letting me share my experience with Great Blue Heron. Namaste.

  46. I live in a basement apartment in long island, ny
    Today a heron perched just outside my door
    As my cat lazed upon the wall
    Im not sure what it was that made me go to the door
    But there he was, his mate alught upon the fence across the drive
    I immediately greeted him with good day brother and offered them a drink as it is very hot
    Just another in a long chain of lifetime spiritual experiences
    I am truly blessed

  47. Has anyone here encountered a yellow crowned heron? They have gotten so close to me, they stand like 3 feet away from me and we just stared at each other. it didnt fly away or anything. i could have reached out and touched it thats how close I was to it. But I dont know what it is trying to tell me. Im going to keep doing some research though.

  48. nicholas grabski

    Hi..i am constantly coming across a heron during taking my dogs for a walk..not always in same park..we take the dogs to different parks..i also have come across a single heron during kayaking trips again different locations..im sure this is an animal spirit

  49. I recently had an experience that will forever change my perspective: I was attending a week long workshop on Waldorf early childhood education (exploring pedagogy alongside spiritual and inner development of humans). We were out hiking when I spotted a Red Tailed Hawk and pointed it out to the teacher whom I was walking alongside. She told me that hawks always remind her of the Heron; they represent polarities in the bird world. She stopped and looked at me and asked, “Have you ever seen a Great Blue Heron?” I was suddenly brought back to a time in my life 9 months ago when I was separating from my partner of 5 years, leaving my job at a restaurant, about to graduate from college, and entering into student teaching at the local public school (a place that serves many well, but is not suited for my being). I told my teacher about the Great Blue Heron that came to visit me at this time and lived in the pond right outside my house in front of the bus stop for several weeks. Every morning, he would be there, in exactly the same spot. I would hang out with him before the bus came and just observe his stillness and serenity. She looked at me and said, “Hmm, I wonder why that animal spirit came to you in that place and time. I wonder what he was telling you.” She smiled and left it at that. I later researched the Heron animal spirit and came to realize he was bringing me strength and wisdom to survive in the cold, harsh world that is public education, while reminding me to stay grounded and balanced in my daily and spiritual life through the life transitions I was encountering. Still, today, I survive and thrive in a variety of environments, and have to remind myself to take time to ground and balance myself through yoga, meditation, and time spent outdoors in the garden and forest. The Great Blue Heron spirit gives me strength and wisdom to do just that.

    1. It is so interesting that I just read your post because Monday morning when I went out to the mailbox to get the newspaper, I looked up and a Great Blue Heron was drifting by. It is rare to spot them in my area, so today I finally had the chance to look up this significance. Monday morning, the morning I spotted the bird, I started my K-12 Principal Certification after 27 years as a high school English teacher, and although I love the program and am gaining invaluable insights with this first class this summer, I am also overwhelmed and wondering how I will be able to survive this program in the fall when I go back into the classroom. It was so nice to read a connection to the public school system as the very first comment posted. Thank you.

  50. Hi! I have seen three blue herons in the past two weeks. The first one rose up from a stream that I was walking by, then followed me down the road and swooped right in front of me and a special needs client I was working with. So Cool!

  51. Big Blue Heron flew up from the south fork of the Sacramento River near Mount Shasta and landed on a branch over the river … Clearly to be seen by us laying in our tent with the door open … West to East, North to South, the Great Spirit gifts us all with this sacred task to serve and protect Her!! In Good Health , AHO !!!

  52. I saw a beautiful blue heron today at low tide along the water’s edge 🙂 Feeling very blessed and happy! Thank you for your wonderful message about blue heron…I love your wisdom and it is so right on 🙂 Sending joy!

  53. …just had my first encounter with this beautiful bird; couldn’t be more accurate with the symbolism.
    I was sitting at the table on my computer and I spotted him out the window, in among the trees, on the forest floor. (quite an odd place to see one for starters…)
    All of a sudden he stopped in his tracks and he looked up at me from a distance, he then abruptly flew up an landed on my balcony. He landed there with intention and stayed looking at me. A few minutes later he flew to a near by gum tree and perched, just silently watching.
    Such a magical moment and so out of the ordinary!

  54. I never really paid a lot of attention to herons in the past….. I live in a high desert, not a lot of water. Oddly enough now I just “know” when one is flying over and over the last few months I see one every few days. Figured I’d check to see if maybe there is a message for me there.

  55. Today I had a great blue heron swoop 5 feet in front of me at a stop sign and sat beside my car on the side of Car. very special and interesting encounter

  56. I live in florida but several blocks from the water, we have many trees around our house , because its a dry lot we never see white herons aroung the house. I dreamt of yearning to see one in our yard, and said to my son as we stood on our deck (in my dream) maybe if I put a fish on the rail one will come ,he laughed at me and I woke up, anyway the next day as we were coming home from running errand we puled up to our gate and my husband said look a white heron, how unusual. well I was stunned!! he said whats wrong and I told him of the dream… it was just so awesome

  57. :eek:Had it’s energy come to me today to guide me in my life journey! Thanks for sharing this information and insight to assist others.

  58. a heron took my chips yesterday… I did not mind that so much, but then it took my handbag and flew into a nearby tree over the riverbank I was having lunch at. not the romantic result I had anticipated… nauty bearded freak bird!

  59. A friend of mines passed away 5 years ago at the funeral there was a gray heron every time I see one now I say hello and I see my friend

  60. Awesome.. thank you . when i do healings animals and birds always come up so i am very grateful to be able to share with clients what it means. 😛

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