Tick Symbolism

Do what you want to do, take sensible precautions, and do not let your fears cripple your enjoyment of life

Tick Symbolism

Tick is letting you know that today you have to tread carefully. Make sure that you can stay detached in any and all situations. Above all do not let anyone get under your skin. You may find that people close to you are deliberately trying to provoke a reaction from you. Stay clear and do not engage. Let them deal with their own issues and keep yourself out of it. Engaging will only instigate “drama trauma” and distract you from your own journey.

Alternatively this species of arachnid is letting you know that you have too many people in your life that are draining your energy. It’s time for you to step away and learn to set boundaries. These people just have too many expectations of you. It’s not up to you to fix their stuff.

It is also possible that you have too many expectations of yourself. Rome was not built in a day so the message means to back off some of your projects and focus on the essentials for the moment. Once those are done then you can start to re introduce all of your plans at a rate that you can handle.

Tick Totem, Spirit Animal

If this insect is your animal totem you have the ability to stay in one spot patiently simply waiting for the right opportunity to come by. When this opportunity does happen along, you take quick action and seize the moment. You know exactly when to move to be successful. You know an opportunity when you see it even though you may not understand it. You will take a leap on faith without necessarily knowing where you will land. You trust in positive outcomes.

You also have a gift for getting under other peoples skin when you decide to. Your instinct unerringly will guide you to poke in exactly the right spot to get a rise out of someone.

Tick Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of this insect is a common sign that something which has been slowing draining your energy and happiness in your life. It is up to you to analyze which of these factors are that are affecting you need to be purged. Alternatively this could also symbolize being irritated by some of the people around you. Clear boundaries need to be set and your personal energy needs to be cleared.

To dream of tick inside your body is a message that you may be facing some health problems that you are not aware of. It could also be a symbol of losing your financial resources and finding yourself with the means for basic survival.

To dream of killing these creatures means that you have the power to overcome all of the problems and annoyances surrounding you.

Additional Associations for Tick


  • I just had a dream that my son, my mother and I all were covered in ticks we kept getting them off but then they would get back on us. I’ve been trying to find answers to health issues I’ve had my whole life, but also my son’s father is on child support he lost his job 2 months ago and hasn’t paid since I called court and enforced it now we have q court date. What could my dream mean? I’ve only found answers to if the ticks were on me not if they were also on my son and my mother whom we all live together

  • During my acupunture session, I saw the image of laughing children on a paved hill running down towards me, bouncing a ball.

    Then one tick in the center of a leaf appeared in my consciousness. I didn’t realize the insect was a tick until at least an hour after my acupunture session. I was heading to work and reflecting on the seesion about how I called my ancestors and those of my practitioner, cried from fear, and how it felt like an initiation. I was wondering about why I shared with the practioner these things I experienced in the seesion.

    Then, I remembered the insect and realized that it was a tick.

  • I dreamt last night that the whole house in my street was covered with tick and it was dropping on my body and biting me and others in that dream
    what could this mean?

  • Last night I dreamt I was laying exhausted in bed next to my lover, he was just languidly running his hands through my hair, it was bliss. Then he found a tick on the back left side of my head towards my neck. It was huge and disgusted me. Thankfully he got it off me and killed it! It was such a vivid dream, I’m kinda traumatized by it or rather the feelings of it are long lingering. It’s not pleasant.

  • Last night, I had a dream that I was cut open, deep. Whenever I would open the wound, near my knee, I would see a small black tick deep into my tissue. It also wasn’t normal looking tissue, and I had a long medal bronze piece coming out, as well. I could never take out the tick. (I also fear ticks.) Everytime id open my deep wound, I could never get it out. It was bad.

  • Last night I dreamed that I was sitting on a guys lap that i am assuming was my boyfriend,We was just relaxing but all of a sudden I start looking around and noticed the entire place was covered with ticks, like so many I thought the walls and everything was brown..hundreds of thousands..a few had even gotten on us but they never bit us or anything..then i woke up really sudden
    ..what could that mean???

  • Hello, I’m wondering about this meaning surrounding a tick. I walked on a trail between a meadow and woods. A small brown snake was lying dead across the path, with its head strung up on some grass. I looked up and there was an oak gall directly above it on a dead branch of an oak tree. The oak tree trunk was split in half where two limbs came out and oozing black liquid. Then a black legged tick bit me.
    Of course the practical message is wear bug spray, but all of that is so symbolic that I’m looking for meaning.

    • Hey Shina, I study symbolism that correlated with transformation of Self. The snake is a great symbol of transformation, especially the rise of life force energy within you. Your experience sounds really intense! Like the universe wanted the message to be so loud and clear and obvious, to shock you so you have to reflect. Dead snake=your rising life force energy suddenly stopped – what’s getting in the way of that? Dead bleeding oak=the oak symbolizes ancient, inherent wisdom… you’re rejecting your innate wisdom – why? The tick biting you tied it all together, saying it’s a very small fear that’s paralyzing you from moving forward, a small fear that you’re blowing out of proportion. Take some time to reflect on your fears. Face them and see the truth: no fear is greater than the love and power inside of you.

  • Would little red mites be close enough relatives to ticks to have similar implications? They look just like ticks under magnification but red.

    • Hello Christopher: The mites are a bit of a warning – letting you know that you must look after yourself first and foremost. You are known for your generosity and caring – and a few are taking advantage of it in many small ways. Learn to say no when you need to.
      Silken Raven

  • Did a shamanic drumming and kept out the other side smaller than a blade of grass. I’ve never changed size before. Then I get greeted by this (giant to me) red bug that I could not identify. At end I asked what’s it was and it said red deer tick. Never even considered a tick as a spirit animal before. Interesting

  • Hi…I have woken upone morningto realize I have bed bugs…while of course panicking and getting overwhelmed by the amount of effort this adds to my life, I am trying hard to understand the meaning behind this. Could you help me with some symbolism behind these specific bugs?


  • Last night early morning I had a dream about blood ticks between my toes and fingers I woke up to look at them but was still sleep wasn’t afraid of them. I was cleaning and the dream came back to my mind. Trying to figure out what this all mean.

  • 😯 I live in the country and see these buggers all the time, however, I have never dreamt of one. I recently dreamed of one biting me on the side of my head near my temple, in my hairline. For some reason it stuck w me, I haven’t been able to remember many of my dreams for a while.. anyways…I can’t say that there was an extraction of the tick, but I do recall discovering it and feeling it myself..I was talking w one of my children when I discovered it. So this has me wondering how to apply the meaning of the tick in my dream to my conscious life. Is it in regards to my children, since one of them was present..or is the tick pairing w the other things in my life; I feel that this would be a sign to those rather than my children. Just looking for another’s perspective re: the dream world symbolism.

    • I have a dream seeing my dogs full of ticks on his legs and I was petting them and told them that I was going to give them a bath and kill them

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