Frog Symbolism, Frog Meaning, Frog Totem, Frog Dream, and Messages
Are you finding yourself a bit too needy? Focusing on that need will only make things worse for you. Let go, find a new direction and allow it to help you heal.

Frog Meaning and Messages

In general, when Frog symbolism jumps into your life, it indicates that now is a time to find opportunities in transition. In other words, the amphibian has arrived to help you swim quickly through some severe life changes. Similar to the Snake and the Butterfly spirit animals, this creature represents the creative energies of awakening and transformations. The Frog meaning also represents abundance on all levels.

Similar to the Chameleon meaning, Frog symbolism may also signal the need to enhance your intuition and strengthen your connection with the spirit world. Thus, it would be a good idea to follow your instincts and trust your gut feelings on all matters.

Alternatively, Frog symbolism is also symbolic of coming into your power. Furthermore, this is done by purifying the soul, releasing emotional baggage, and coming from a place of personal integrity. Therefore, the Frog meaning reminds you that you should make all of your choices based on what is right for you.

If you come across a tadpole, your message reflects that you are at a very creative and productive stage in your life. Therefore, you should be very careful with your thoughts and intentions because the process is very swift at the moment.

Frog Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Frog totem are great listeners and advice-givers. They understand how to relate to others and always know exactly what to say. Like the Dog totem, folks with this spirit animal totem have genuine empathy towards others. Thus, they will do their best to provide healing for those around them. They do this by helping others to release old negative energy so that they can cleanse and renew their lives.

Folks with the Frog totem also tend to stay close to home where their family is essential to them, especially your parents. They will generally do everything they can to help a family member in need. They will also maintain close and meaningful relationships.

When they have a tadpole as their totem animal, then they are full of untapped resources. These folks are continually in a stage of metamorphosis that never seems to end. These people continuously make and then remake themselves.

Frog Dream Interpretation

Similar to the Rabbit, it the animal in your Frog dream is leaping, it may suggest that you have a lack of commitment in your life. Thus, you are continually jumping from one thing to another.

When you are trying to catch this creature in your vision, it may mean that your life is changing rapidly. Consequently, you are trying to stop or prevent the changes from occurring. If you kill this creature in your Frog dream, it represents negative emotions. In this case, it would be a good idea to release these feelings before they cause you harm.

If you swallow this amphibian in your dream, you are most likely holding back with saying something that needs to be said. Alternatively, you feel that something is preventing you from expressing yourself.

When a tadpole comes visiting in your dream, it represents new beginnings. In other words, you will soon find yourself immersed in new relationships and projects that will abundantly come to fruition.

115 thoughts on “Frog”

  1. Dream last night, Waning Gibbous moon in Libra.

    I was working in a post office and everyone’s address had to change and we had to notify them all of what their new address would be.

    It was apparent that most of the people to receive the notifications were fairly old so it had to be something simple to make sure they remembered.

    The “big plan” was to purchase a bunch of foamy green frogs 🐸 that had their tongues sticking out and we were going to write everyone’s new address on the tongue in white marker and put them in peoples mailboxes. Then they could keep the frog that that told them their new address somewhere they could see it often.

    I vaguely remember there was also a possible new doormat that had the new address too.

    Then of course someone called and woke me up… so thats as far as I got.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    1. Wow I feel that’s somewhat related to my situation , I dreamt of sitting with my love at this concrete structure (concrete over our heads overlooking another area) that had water, a frog swam by and I tried to point it out to him but he didn’t see so I dove in the water and swam alongside it… It was a very peaceful dream. 🤍 I specifically remember looking up at it swimming, now a silhouette as the amber-colored light from beyond the surface reflected in cascades against the gentle waves above.

      Anyways I think we will be moving soon and both dreams could be speaking to that; It’s a full moon in Libra as I write this (Libra moving into Scorpio)!

  2. Hey ☺️ for the past couple of weeks ive been dreaming that i have been holding a tiny tiny orange frog on a pen that i have to keep retrieving out of my hair. It doesn’t leap. It kind of just looks around whilst on the pen then jumps off and disappears. Its as tiny as a sugar ant but i can see every detail on it. Ive been getting different info on what this could mean. Any ideas from you? Tyia☺️

    1. Hi Mika what a beautiful name you have! My humble two cents on your question is I kindly invite you to look up the color orange… Each color represents some thing and vibrates at a particular frequency… And personal sidenote… Too much of a particular color such as yellow or purple for too long can have negative effects… so I’ve learned to switch it up as I feel divinely guided to… for example too much yellow for too long can make a person aggressive… I used to work at a nursing facility and one of our clients had an all yellow room for years and she was the most aggressive patient we had… As far as my personal journey, I used to have purple blackout curtains in my room but then came to a time where I begin to be fearful of pretty much everything… Too much purple for too long (these were not lavender they were deep purple) can cause fear and anxiety. ) Great luck, happiness and respect to you divine being of love and light! 🙂

    2. Tessa 🌲 Rae

      Ooh. I would second reading on some color theory/psychology (wish Mike gave some sources for where to find this info) , especially in regards to what I am about to say…

      In the frog world (and animal kingdom in general) brightly colored = poisonous. I’ve even heard that baby frogs that are brightly colored are actually even MORE toxic because they have the same concentration of venom in a smaller surface area (their body).

      Based on other indicators in your dream (especially the ‘in your hair’ part), it seems like there could be some small thing that you are overlooking in your life that could be toxic.

      You want to get this small thing “out of your hair” as the saying goes but feel somewhat at a loss as to how.

      The fact that you use a pen suggests that some form of expression whether it be as literal as writing out your feelings (for yourself or even possibly towards the party in question to address it if you feel so called) or through some other creative outlet, might help you make sense of and release the “stuff” (thoughts feelings emotions etc) that this particular situation is bringing up within yourself.

      It also doesn’t seem like much other actions are needed, other than acknowledging this small nuisance and expressing it for yourself. Seeing it and expressing is enough for it to dissipate.

      I suggest color psychology for more information on which particular area this situation could be pertaining to.

      In hinduism orange is associated with the sacral chakra, which is the center for sexuality so perhaps it could be related to a romantic / sexual partner (something small about them that is slightly bothering you) or even be related to some thoughts about your own sexuality that have come up.

      Either way, get that thing outta your hair so you can move on in an empowered way 😉🧡

  3. I had a dream that there were little Plumped cream color finches in the yard their wings were cream and black in color . These little birds wouldn’t or couldn’t fly .
    There were frogs all around these little birds hopping all around . Then there was a open door the frogs were going through the door These frogs wanted the birds to go through the door too
    But these birds just stood in the position they were standing in the entire time .
    Can anyone give me any input on their Interpretation on what this could mean ?

    1. I know this is a bit strange for an interpretation but I get this eerie feeling it’s a direct dream about the fact that frogs are an indicator species; like they are going through the door because frogs everywhere in the United States at least, seem to be disappearing, (walking through the door to the other side as in dying) as biodiversity is being overrun on several fronts making it harder for the most sensitive species to survive:

      Finches seem like they could be another indicator species (though I don’t know this for sure) and may be holding on in the sense that they aren’t dying outright, but may be becoming more incapacitated in their health in some way due to some sort of environmental pollutant…

      People are the same way! Some of us people are “indicator species” in the sense that we are very hyper sensitive, and the things that other people don’t even notice have a huge impact on us and we start to die or have health problems.

      I’m this way, and figured out because of experiencing health problems and nearly dying due to GMO sensitivity (a health problem that will not be diagnosed by doctors in the west because it is beyond their area of expertise).

      The fact that you’re having such a dream implies you might be one of these super sensitive people. You might even feel torn between the two paths which is basically what the most sensitive people have as options (either ignore your limits and —in essence— die, or learn to live within your limitations).

      I swear though if you can live within your limits you will be better off in the long run than MOST people. Cannot state this enough, the world needs us sensitive people more than ever in an increasingly desensitized world.

  4. hey had a dream I see frog he was green grey with hair on him but I don’t exactly remember every thing what that means ?.

  5. Sarah Jean Lemming

    Had a Beautiful dream about how my kids were catching frogs and put them in this glass terrarium house I was in with a pool and vines growing with this fungus that was growing and multiplying the frogs. When I stepped in they were excited started jumping everywhere and I was laughing and in awe at the sight of everything. I couldn’t believe this was my home and wanted everyone to see it. Had a bunch of family come over to see this gorgeous house and we all went swimming. I hugged my uncle who was much older and my aunt looked so young. Noticed her hair was just colored to a honey brown and golden blonde it was gorgeous. And when I pulled her hair back behind her ears it was a wig and she morphed into someone completely different. She started to sing and was preforming for a huge crowd and was growing so tall in front of me with huge amazement. Then woke up and cant stop thinking about the jumping frogs in that place.

  6. So I had a dream last night and I met like this tiny little flying tree frog thing and I like picked it up and it let me like play with it and it would like shape shift into different forms kind of but it was like small and playful and like cuddly and it then I realized it could like talk to me but we had to part ways because i couldn’t take it with me and I also couldn’t stay there forever and leave my home. It was like my little spirit guide or something and when I asked it’s name it told me I could call it whatever I wanted. But it made me feel really comforted and loved and happy.

  7. Crazy dream: One-legged frog with a tail and a white butterfly on the end of his tail……..who knows ANYTHING about this??

    1. It seems like since it’s a one legged frog with a tail, it is halfway between a tadpole and a fully adult frog. It’s still transforming, and white butterfly represents spiritual awakening.

  8. This is for a dear and beloved friend, and it’s a day late. Your animal for the year, Frog, Tsikara’tanya’ks, speaks of transformation, purification, the ability to exist in more than one way, and of great, even magical, Strength. Frog’s transformation from a Guppy to a Frog, is a true miracle. It is only through the concepts of Quantum Biology that science can explain how the Guppy can rearrange all of its molecules to become a Frog. It isn’t possible by the rules of standard biology. It is only by incorporating the Quantum Mechanics concept of Quantum Tunneling, whereby a seemingly solid object such as the molecules that make up Collagen can behave as if they were not solid, and transform, quite magically, from being one solid substance to being another very different one. Even Butterfly does not match Frog’s incredible and impossible transformation from what is essentially a fish into an Amphibian creature that can live on both land and water. If Frog can do this, then almost any kind of change we can imagine is far more possible than we think. And Frog also speaks to the ability to live in and be comfortable in more than one world, in more than one kind of being. That in and of itself is a magical quality that very few beings on this planet can match. You may be called on to change in a very radical way this year. And Frog is telling you that you can, no matter how much you may think that you can’t. You may also be called on to live in more than one kind of world, in more than one kind of being this year. And Tsikara’tanya’ks is telling you that you can do that too. Frog is telling you that the impossible is possible. Frog is telling you that there is no difficulty that cannot be overcome, no tribulation that can make Being impossible, even though that may require you to Be in very different ways, in ways that you might think are impossible for you. And, finally, Tsikara’tanya’ks, Frog, speaks of Purification. For it is through Purification, through leaving behind old ways of Being and of Thinking, that you, like Frog, will be able to achieve even the most impossible Transformation. It is through leaving behind, and through the losing of what was that you can Become, a being that lives in more than one world. Frog, Tsikara’tanya’ks, is a powerful and magical being. She is the true master of Alchemy, proof that one thing can literally and completely become another, far more powerful and impossible thing. And Frog, for you comes along with a second sign, Hunter of Strength, which I will tell you about next, because Frog, Tsikara’tanya’ks, is saying to you that you are far stronger than you want to believe. And that you will have to Hunt for that Strength in the year to come in order to Become a Being that seems impossible to you at this moment.

    1. I have always felt frog is my spirit creatures
      I also believe owl is.
      I would like to learn more .
      All my relations

  9. Sweet Soul, bless you and your family…. Divine Source is telling you your son is safe and happy. He is youthful and charming. He is still and always will be your prince of a son. God is also saying to you that it is okay to accept the changes and transition from life to death because there is always a rebirth to accept as well. I pray this helps you dear love XOXO

    Necole XO

  10. This weird things happen to me. A same toad keeps coming to my home for the past 7tyms. All those tym i was the only one to notice it none of my family members saw it. One tym i even caught it in a cloth and threw it in a river still it came back to home the next day. Is it a bad sign?

    1. Well, if it’s not a poisonous frog (any frog that is colorful in anyway), I wouldn’t worry about it as long as it’s just your average green frog. You most likely saw an average frog anyway, and a frog like that following you around just means good luck and happiness.

  11. Siyabonga Mnyandu

    Evening, I have a problem that I always see a frog when I’m at work as I am working night shift only, however when I’m at home I don’t see it.
    Then therefore everytime when I see the frog at my work place I start to suspect that something bad may possibly happen and it goes according to my predictions.
    In every moment I come across with this frog I will start to take action, like, praying and declaring against it and I call the name of the Lord then it will pass or jump across or either on other times it just come and look me at the door of my guard room, I will then start to pray using water and pour when it was outside, but now I’m starting to be confused because everytime when this frog appears I suspect something and it does come according to my suspicions what does this means about my life and the relationship between the frog and mylife? Because I thought that there was no good intentions in the appearance of the frog but now my sensation it tells me another thing about the frog as it always makes me to have predictions that comes into manifestation.

    1. If there are always bad things happening in your life, I wouldn’t say a frog caused it. Though if you believe frogs mean bad luck, what you believe will become your reality. After all, the paranormal simply uses our subjective symbols of reality. If you personally see a frog as a bad sign, then divine forces will use that as part of your subjective visual language, just as the divine will likely talk to you in English if you speak English or Spanish if you talk Spanish.

      Besides, animals who warn of danger do not cause the danger. They simply warn you of danger so you would not be in trouble. Do not blame the animal for causing bad events, because all they do is warn of certain events. Please do not think of harming a random frog just trying to warn you of something bad happening, and just try to take action to prevent the bad events rather than sitting to watch it happen without doing anything.

  12. Hi I was just wondering if you could give me some insight. I have had a lot of frogs from small to quite large and all different shades of green living on my verandah for weeks now. It appeared one had been attacked by a snake and was recovering in my dogs water bowl. The frog had lighter green marks where I believe a snake may have bitten him. Over time and a new water bowl the lighter green marks started to vanish and the frog appeared to be healing. He looked pretty sad when I first came across him, and watched him slowly gain weight and heal. After I engaged in a spiritual day I had the most amazing experience. That evening a frog was in the way of shutting the door so a gently picked it up with a damp hand and before I could place it somewhere it jumped up onto my chest, above my heart and onto my left shoulder. This frog wasn’t going anywhere, it sat on my shoulder refused to hop off, so I went about making sandwiches and doing dishes and cleaning up before sitting back on the verandah on my laptop. The frog had cold feet that were crossed and appeared to almost be asleep. Over two hours later I finally managed to move him, not that he really wanted to get off and placed him in a pot plant. Then as I was walking to go inside to bed, a large green frog stopped me in my tracks, when I looked down at him and said goodnight, (always talk to them not sure why) he jumped and walked onto my foot and just sat there. I asked him if he was alright and what I could do to help and he just sat there quite content. I was so ready for bed so I lifted my foot slightly and he decided to eventually move. I found this amazing and would love any feedback about this amazing experience. Thanks in advance cheers Teresa

    1. If a frog likes you after you helped him, then I say this is a general sign of good luck in all areas of life after you did the same to help others in your life. What you have given will return to you.

  13. 12.26.19. A frog fell from ceiling, didnt see where it came from & landed right in front of me in bathroom as I was tweezing my eyebrows! Shocked! But I love frogs. He is pretty big, about 4 inches..put water on him/her/it n slowly coming to senses. Will release him soon into woods. I asked for a sign today and maybe this is it??
    Tampa, Fl

    1. If you love frogs, then yes, the frog itself is a sign. If you ask for a specific sign, even if it’s an extremely specific one, then it might randomly appear if you specifically request for one.

  14. I am currently at work and I always see this brown to gold frog but today I saw it 3 times what so amazing is that I saw it on the other side of the building but when i reached the other part it was next to me again and on the third time it wanted to climb the tree what does it mean?

  15. Andrea Molyneux

    I had a dream where i saw a baby frog i started to take care of the frog and later in the evening i heard its parent calling for it. I took the baby frog out and let it go. It hopped straight to its parent
    And they both hopped off together Before i went to bed i meditated and asked for my spirit guide to show itself. Does this dream have a meaning?

    1. I’ve had a bullfrog spirit helper for 7 years. Whenever we prepare the sweat lodge fire, I can hear him far away. When the sweat is ready, he is so very close. Never fails. I moved a few blocks away, he still comes to the new sweat. Yay!

  16. The last some days I was sawing a frog near my bathroom and yesterday i wiped out the frog…but today night time 3.30 I feel something is on my face and i instantly wiped them and saw this was the same frog….. i copletely feard so plesa help me to know about this incident.

  17. Carmelita garabiles limosnero

    This morning while i still sleeping i wake up bcoz i feel something in my face i saw a frog but i still so sleepy then i try to catch the frog buy he jump in my closeth i try to find but i cant find… what is the meaning

    1. Earlier this week I discovered a small frog underneath my doormat. My entryway is at the top of 10 stairs. I left it for a few days thinking it would leave. It did not. I don’t have water or foliage outside my front door so two days ago, I Collected it in a jar and took it around the corner of my building near some bushes and grass and Let It Go. I returned from spending time with a friend was in labor this morning at 5:30 a.m. And the Frog greeted me outside my front door. Amazing. I guess I now know what my spirit animal is.

    2. Today I was half asleep or so and I’ve could’ve sworn I saw these two tiny frogs on my sisters back but my vision was mad blurry and I remember that I wanted to wipe them off her back,Can someone explain ??

    3. E Guinani found a frog on my doorstep

      I found a frog on my door step this morning. I put it in my garden to protect it from magpies.why should a frog be so far from water. I live in a town.

    4. So I opened my front door this Morning , for the second time . And as I opened the door something fell on my Arm. I screamed because I guess I thought something was trying to kill me lol. Because it felt so weird
      Kinda wet and rubbery.. and it kinda came out of the sky lol . Probably in the gutter above my door. Where i live there is no water and no trees over my house 🤔
      But it stunned him as well. He stood there for a while and I nudged him and he went under my steps

  18. I just randomly had something move from the corner of my peripherals and it looked like an object fell from the ceiling and I went over to the corner of the room where I was looking and there was a baby frog. Sounds crazy as hell but I know what i saw. I found one a few days ago as well and let it go and they both appear similar in appearance. Idk how the hell either of them got inside.

  19. Hi okay so I had. A dream of a frog coming out of my vagina, it was very weird and sorta od flat looking it wasn’t dead, I don’t think it was, I touched it’s eye lids and remember how alive it looked the eyes were open. Ugh I don’t know what the can mean

  20. Hello,

    While sitting down in a quiet cafe i saw a frog staring at me from opposite roof top. I thought i they decorate their roof top with frog statue. Yet when i relook again half of the area covered with leaf and there’s no statue there. I thought i see wrongly but non of those looks like frog to make me see mistakenly. Is there any sign for it?

  21. hiya i had a dream that there was 2 frogs eyes in my arm and when i scratched them my arm opened up and loads of frogs fell out ,do you no what it means

  22. Magugu Ellen Tshabalala

    Im 20 this year and I keep hearing a frog by my bedroom window and nobody else in the house can hear.
    When Im walking around I can hear them croaking.
    What does that mean?

    1. I had a dream that my pregnant friend was attacking me. Kept telling me not to take her baby away. And when I woke up, there was a translucent frog on the wall Infront of me and he moved from one corner to the other corner. Then when I fell back to sleep, the same dream was coming so I took myself out of it and on the wall was a translucent butterfly/moth but it didn’t move. Meaning?

  23. Hi, I have a question I had a dream that my mother who has passed away, gave me a frog in a Jar. This was about a month ago and the frog was very lively and jumping inside the jar to we had to be carful if his escape. I have a feeling mother is trying to tell me something. I know this dream means something. Can you help me try and interpret it please and thanks


    Hello my own case is quite difference, I saw frog in my bedroom very closed to my bed jumping up but immediately I struck it with hammer and it eventually die. Sir/ma my concerns is this how doest it really got to my bedroom? And what was the spiritual interpretation to my life career. Thanks.

  25. Hello to you I had a dream that I was sitting with some friends in a garden and a black bullfrog came from no where and crawl on my right foot I was so scared I jumped out of my sleep kicking my foot. can you interpret that dream for me please?

  26. Tsikara’tanya’ks, Frog, speaks of Purification and Cleansing. This can apply to the body, the mind and the spirit. The Jordan Peterson meme of “Clean your room.” can be taken literally when it applies, but it can also be taken as advice to Clean Up Your Life. Clean Up means getting rid of and letting go of those things that are cluttering and unnecessary. But it can and almost always should be applied to ourselves first. My Grandmother, My Memaire, would often say that “Before you start trying to clean other people’s houses, you should clean your own.”. We clutter up our minds and clog our ability to think clearly with things that we place importance on, which are not actually important. We use terms like need when we mean want. We say that we are starving when we are merely hungry. We decide that things must be done when they are not actually immediate or necessary, which can lead us to ignore those things that are. When you die, and you will die, it won’t matter to you how much money you made, what stuff that you owned, or even if other people liked you or loved you, because you can never be certain of those things. What will matter is what you did. Did your actions do harm to others, to the earth itself, did your actions help or did you take no action at all? If you have done the right things in your Life you will Know that you mattered. Why wait until you are about to die to change that? Why not Clean Up Your Life now so that if you died tomorrow you will know that you lived a good life, to know that you did something rather than playing it safe and never doing anything at all that matters? Tsikara’tanya’ks, Frog can be an invitation to Purify your life, to be good because it is better to be good, not so that you can judge others. Clean your room. Clean your house. Clean your Life. And, like Tsikara’tanya’ks, you can live in many worlds at exactly the same time, because you Live whatever your Life happens to be in the best way that you can.

  27. I have never seen a frog until today coming home from walking my Timber Wolf. It was just sitting in my path, huge and green. Earlier today I decided to look for another job, ignore negative people and negative things of all and start living my life for my own happiness. Very odd this frog was in my path, I made him hop into the woods for safety.

    What do you think this is telling me ?

  28. FROG – Tsikara’tanya’ks – SPIRIT ANIMAL
    Frog, Tsikara’tanya’ks, speaks of purification, not just of body, but of spirit. We know now how terrible it is to pollute our body with things that are not natural to it, or with excess of the things that we know are good and not enough of the things that we know are bad. We understand that empty calories are bad things for our bodies. But what about empty thoughts? What about the things that we put in our mind and that sink down to our soul? What about all the unnatural and unhealthy things that we feed our spirits, things without substance or things that we know are unhealthy to indulge in on a daily basis? What about all the noise that we expose our minds and spirits to? Frog reminds me that I need to become more aware of these things and take the time to clean out my body and my spirit, and that today is as good a day to do it as any other.

  29. Frog, Tsikara’tanya’ks, is a very powerful symbol of purification among most native tribes, including the Haudenosaunee. I have working very hard at cleansing my body and my spirit of late. Tsikara’tanya’ks has profound meaning for me. Interestingly, a friend has been forwarding Jordan Peterson vids explaining how he came to be associated with Frog, a perfect association, considering the steps he is taking. And it is a sign of who he is that he has taken what many considered an insult and found the positive meaning in the idea. And his message “Tell the truth.” has been resonating in a strong way for me.

  30. Tsikara’tanya’ks, Frog speaks of purification. I’m on a 48 hour spiritual Fast and today is my day of Spirit Walking. Tsikara’tanya’ks seems to be calling for me to clear out all that I have been carrying with me for no good reason in order to make room for today and for tomorrow.

  31. Hi….I will like your kind help….it’s my birthday today….after having a good time with my family…when back home…while I wanted to open my door…from no where a frog jump n hit my face….could is there any good or bad sign….Thanks

    1. This is a wonderful sign! Frog is communicating in such a way that he is literally, in your face! It is a Happy Birthday gift from spirit. 🙂 You now embark on a new journey for the next phase of your life. Congratulations!

    2. Hello,

      It was about 1 am when I noticed there wasn’t a frog on the wall, right next to my window in my bedroom. At first I thought it was something my kids had placed there, but once he started moving I got startled and just watched him. Every where I stood the frog wasn’t staring directly at me on the top of my blinds. What couldn’t this symbolize? Would appreciate your thoughts and insight.

      Thank you!

  32. I had a dream that i have a frog in my hand and suddenly i jumps down, then i rush to catch it and i catch it. It happens multiple times that i catch it and it jumps down and again i cind n catch it.

    What does it signify? Pls reply

  33. Every where I go is see a frog. At work, home, and at fiends house. whenever i go outside to sit on porches or just walk around. I see the same frog over and over. I call him Charming, its a name that suited him for some reason. Days after i moved out of my parents house, my mother called me and told me that Charming was dead on the welcome mat right outside her front door. I went months without seeing him or any frogs, till one night i was at work and saw Charming right by the front. He started showing up again. I thought i was going crazy seeing frogs and charming everywhere i go, but was weirder when my family and friends see them around me all the time to.

  34. I had a stranger tell me that frogs showing up in any form or fashion means Fully Rely On God. I have many frogs hop into my house (I show them out kindly), sit on my doorstep, and chirrup when it’s going to rain. I think of it as a reminder to let go and let God. All is well. I am very pleased and comforted when I see or hear them.

  35. I had a dream i was in a garden with a small pond in the center it was calm and relaxed i saw a good number of frogs in their natural habitat including
    two beautiful red eyed tree frogs. I felt warm and peaceful at the garden filled with turtles and tree frogs.

  36. So earlier today i was taking a nap…all of a sudden a frog comes. outta the corner of my living room i was afraid of it so i told my son to catch which it was a struggle but he ended up getting and it got lose so we decided to open the door and it took off…and thats when i woke up!

  37. My dream was crazy
    I was babysitting someone’s kids I knew and after they left on my coach looking at me was a Huge! yellow/orange and black frog! I was amazed when I stared at him then all of a sudden it started hopping towards me like a giant coming towards me but I closed the front door on him I instantly woke up! What does that mean?

  38. This morning, I dreamt of a frog running (or hopping) after my mom & I. We ran to the room and called my mom to follow then closed the door. The frog was left out but was still madly hopping against the door. The frog seemed so strong since everytime it hops towards the door, the door shake as I block the door from inside the room. The frog almost got through the wooden door, but I held like a cardboard-thick wood and stopped it, so it was left out still trying to get in. I was awakened by this and hit the headboard with my hand/arm (man, it hurts, really!), as if it was the door that I was blocking. When I woke up I started palpitating as if it was real. What does this mean?

  39. I keep having dreams where I always see 3 dead frogs served on a plate to the person next to me in whatever restaurant i go to or if I’m not in a restaurant I find a dead frog somewhere

  40. I had a dream that a very small frog was getting cold and was going to die. So I placed it on me and let it stay to warm up. As it warmed up it got bigger and wouldn’t leave on its own. I even noticed I had some tattoos on my body that look like the same markings of a frog. I loved this frog like I would a pet and I also kept it as a pet.
    I would like to know what this even means as I’ve never had this kind of dream before.

  41. There was a frog that was killed, but then I somehow managed to bring it back or it was dying but then I saved it. The person who killed it didn’t like that, and so I tried to keep the frog. The frog grew bigger, and it needed a large space to live in. The person that didn’t like the frog said, “I’m sorry, but it’s time for it to go,” and stabbed it with a knife, killing it before I woke up.

  42. what does it mean to feed a bull frog and than it poops on u i have that dream last night i was wondering if anyone can shine a light on this. thank you :mrgreen:

  43. Hello was wondering if u could interpret my dream last nigjt thank you. I gave birth to a beautiful baby, my mum and her mum was there and had very positive feelings aa the baby was abdolutely beautiful then the baby turned into a frog, jumped into.what i believe was a sink with more frogs then i felt so worried as i couldnt find my frog, or the one that had turned into a frog from a baby? I felt sad as i couldnt find the frog? Any ideas thank you

  44. Hello madam… Hope u can interpret my dream a little bit, I have dreamed about a giant green with silver frog, he was chasing me together with my chat bf for 7…my feeling was scared and bit relax bec.he was with me while he was holding my both boobs 🙁 but he left me up just to get away from a guant leaping frog? In mountains or in greenry side of mountains? We hide in a tree but he was still there? I saw hes paws with tongue out? What could be the meaning of this? Since me and this guy was in ups in down long distance relastionship? Thank u…

  45. This bizzare night i have always wondered what it meant?

    Three days before my first/child son was born, it was after 9 pm and as i walked out our place the entire ground from the of the building we lived at was completely covered with tiny frogs and they did not move when we walked to our car. The strange thing is that only our building had the frogs and they kept making their noise all night long and the next morning they disappeared.

    The day my son was born we both almost died and when we left our place with the paramedics it started hailing golf size ice balls.

    I would like to know what is your perception of these events as they occured?

    Thanks! ❓

  46. This bizzare night i have always wondered what it meant?

    Three days before my first/child son was born, it was after 9 pm and as i walked out our place the entire ground from the of the building we lived at was completely covered with tiny frogs and they did not move when we walked to our car. The strange thing is that only our building had the frogs and they kept making their noise all night long and the next morning they disappeared.

    The day my son was born we both almost died and when we left our place with the paramedics it started hailing golf size ice balls.

    I would like to know what is your perception of these events as they occured?


  47. For the last 5 nights in a row, I let my dog out to pee around 10pm. All 5 nights there was a frog at the bottom of my steps. Not moving. At the same time, in the same place. The same frog. Sitting there. I know it had to feel threatened with both me and my dog there, but yet, it did not move.
    What could this mean? I’m very spiritually intact, and have strong vibes and beliefs in what comes my way. But this one has me baffled.

  48. A funny thing happened tonight, a toad crossed both me and my friends paths when we were walking up to our doors. It must be a sign cause that is kind of odd..

  49. In Real Life A Frog Present Sorounded Me…
    Last Night Frog Jumped In My Mouth… I Am Afraid… Anybody Help Me About The Fact… Please…

  50. I dreamt that my was trying to catch a bright small frog. He leaped from the floor onto my bed. But right before I woke up I couldn’t catch him. What does that mean or symbolize.

  51. In the last week and a half I have found on three different occasions a frog in my home. Once in the dining room and twice in the living room. I am afraid of frogs for some reason. Can someone explain what the meaning if any of this. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to keep finding them inside the house. I’m not sure if it is the same one or not.

  52. My husband died almost 7 years ago. I have felt life has been a standstill since then. Whenever I see a frog I think of my husband (maybe because he was awesome at catching frogs). Well within this past month when I go out to walk the dog at night I get greeted by a frog (at least 3 times a week). He is either in the driveway or sitting on my walkway. Tonight he was sitting at my front door (and my late husbands cat was sitting about 2 1/2 feet away). I am trying to figure out if this is a sign I am missing? I see him so often that I am surprise I haven’t stepped on him considering it is dark out. Is this normal for a frog to always be hanging out in front of my house?

  53. What does my dream mean? Last night I dreamt I was breeding with frogs. They grew in numbers so quickly that I had to store them in huge 28lt plactic drums, and store the drums on shelves. One particular frog became so huge, that I said to myself in the dream: “What will I do if it jumps onto me?”

  54. I dreamed of a frog with lips screeching and shooting weirtd painful things out of its mouth, and it really scared me!

    1. The frog is in general a good symbol and a bringer of good fortune. The frog in your dreams has lips, this is telling you that someone who is close to you; perhaps a friend or work colleague, who you trust is not what they seem to be. They are set on undermining you by words, action or deeds; maybe a combination of these things. Watch carefully and look for evidence however small, store it away don’t act on it as you may find a false trail. Patience will help you build your evidence and allow you to act at the right time. This frog is a good omen but it brings a warning to be aware of one with evil intent. Love and Light.

  55. So I have been on a spiritual journey during this time in my life and hoping to find true happiness and peace. I’ve been reading lots of things online to help guide me and I stumbled across an online quiz on how to find your spiritual animal. Website was nonsense (will not list the url) because it just didn’t make sense with its questions and the answer I got was a cat… Furthermore I did not connect with its answer and so I had brushed it off. Went onto another website that gave enough information that lead me to believe that all information made sense. It had mentioned about the spiritual animal picks you and sometimes it will come into your dreams. That same night after meditation, went about my business and decided to sleep right at midnight. All I remember in my dream was a huge frog, looking right at me with its left eye. This was no normal experience I had in my dream, this was a clear, vivid dream that I had of that frog and i remember in my dream it being in the forest of some sort. This frog was not small, it was humongous. I believe that I wanted to know so badly that it actually came that same night I read it! This world is filled with spirits and powers and if we just open up our minds, and I mean become aware and awake, we can truly see the powers it can reveal to us at the right time. Peace and Love to all! Jah Rastafari shall provide the bread, ya’mon!

  56. My 15 year old son passed away in may. We buried him the middle of may and i visit his grave 1-2 times a week every since. One thing i have noticed every single time i visit his grave is a frog. The same frog is always by where his head lays… what does this mean? Its been over a month and again when we visit that frog his there. I find that amazing.

    1. Hi, Ive just had a very special encounter with a frog this morning and was looking for an answer and came across this site. My dog died this morning of old age he was 13 and he was my first dog and been with me since I was 16 so it was a big loss. I took him to a nice spot on the hill to bury him and as I was digging his grave a big yellow frog appeared and sat there about a foot from the grave, he stayed there the whole time and never moved. I sat down after just to have a moment and the frog still sat there, I walked away after and it was still there. On the 7th June I also lost a special friend who was my like my idol and a huge influence on my life, Ive read that in celtic folklore the frog is a sign of healing and can only believe that this is what the frog means to me.

    2. Hello Marie,

      My condolences for the passing of your dear son.

      In regards to the Frog at his grave site. Perhaps the “Frog” is indicating that your Prince (ie son) is alright. I’m not recommending that you kiss the frog. Although the mirage of the frog into the prince. Would here parallel to the mirage of death is just that he is I’m sure at peace. It would be the living that would trouble him, if the sadness became destructive in nature. Just be certain you’ll dream of him again and I’m sure you’ll feel his presence always with you.

      Be well.

  57. I was laying in bed and shortly after 12 I noticed a frog jump. He was beside my bed he only jumped once, I didn’t notice him before the jump and there is no way he could have been living in my room. I don’t know how he appeared in my room but I believe it’s a sign. I took him outside and released him. Most frogs try to get away or pee when u plau or grab them. This frog did neither he was calm and allowed me to grab him and set him outside like it was just another day in the park. So calm and relaxed. I’m in a very difficult/dark transitioning period of life at the moment. I can’t seem to get hired, I was recently divorced, I have no one that I can talk to or even relate to in the house that I’m living in. I feel lost but this frog has appeared out of no where and some how given me a sign, or am I looking for a sign, I do not know. Has anyone else experienced this?

    [email protected]

    1. Yes……I have. A friend stayed a nite at my house and the next morning when I woke up, she came to me tellin me that a frog was in my front room on my lamp shade. I thought she was joking but she had actually took a picture of it. I didn’t understand because the lamp it was on was a 6ft tall lamp with a very skinny half a inch pole. So I looked for the frog everywhere even moved furniture around but I could not find it. Now Ive lost my place and im homeless, wife had gone and not came back, and for some odd reason. ……….. I’ve been thinking about that little frog that was on my lamp shade that appeared from no where. If anyone could tell me anything about this. ….I would appreciate it.

    2. Yes, ive had same experience and Im part indian .going through .thought times .went out prayed danced to spirits on guidance of my journey .or what to do .came back in .and have been sitting in my chair all day no way.the frog just appeared .the kids were stumped .and I was to never had that happened .so I took it as a sign .the kids came over to it it wouldn’t let them touch or get around it .but my step daughter who loves frogs grabbed it it jumped out of her hands about 2feet and landed back on my table sit there and never moved even when I got around would shut its eyes like it didnt have a bother when it was around me .they say when animal appears its to guide your way .and frog is very good .you can go through life never get a blessing but if you do the indian spirit trying to guide you.and you half to make that frog your best friend learn it very part of its habitat. 😛

    3. Don’t give up hope…..that is what I would take from that experience. I’m not an expert on frogs…..just pain. I am going thru my own horrible experience right now as well. Just know that you are not alone….I married a psychopath. I thought I married an American Hero who won the Silver Star and was a Marine Sniper etc…..none of that was true. I was 6 months pregnant when both of my parents were killed by a drunk driver in December of 2012. It’s almost like a horrible Hallmark movie. But unfortunately it us happening and this man has stolen so much from me it’s just sad. Anyway….just want you to know that you are not alone. =))

  58. I dreamed that a frog and a lizard were put down my shirt. I am very scared of both. What does this mean?

    1. That’s quite interesting because my dream was very similar. The frog was humongous and his left eye was staring right into me and all I remember was being creeped out because I didn’t know why it appeared in my dream out of no where and then my dream jumped to a different scene. I do believe that dreams are messages and if we write them down every day your dreams can get clearer and make more sense so i do believe that the frog is our totem animal. Blessings my dear.

  59. Twice within in the last week a frog jumped on my windshield as I was driving. They were very different frogs. Fortunately, both times I was able to stop close to grass and trees and make sure neither was hurt. I would have been very upset if one jumped off my vehicle in traffic. This really has me puzzled. I’m retired so I don’t drive every day. Yet I really feel good about this as I have had some challenges recently and maybe things will change.

  60. Something very cute, and unexpected happened to be tonight. I got up at about 3 am, because my dog wanted to go outside. I let him, out and back in. Since I was downstairs, I got myself a late-night (or rather, very early-morning) snack. I sat at my kitchen table, eating when out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. I thought it might be a moth. But, the movement stopped. The creature was still, and sitting on my kitchen floor. A tiny tree frog. I actually watched him for a bit, still a little surprised, but then I walked over, and scooped the fellow up gently in my hands. He wasn’t that afraid of me, and when I walked outside to set him in the grass, he wouldn’t jump out off of me at first. But, of course after a moment, he found his way home in the grass. I went in and washed my hands, and I couldn’t help but feel he was telling me something. It was so bizarre. The door was only open for a few brief seconds while I let my dog inside, so he had to have been fast. And, I found him rather than one of my family members. I just got the idea he had a message. It nice nice to come here, and get an idea of what that message is. Thanks! :mrgreen:

  61. Dream of a bright green, smooth skined front (bull frog size) tree frog like feet…it was jumping toward me and latched on to my finger….Me, NOT being a fan of frogs pulled it off and put it out the door…it had jumped in a bucket full of mud like substance before latching on to my finger…what could this be saying?

  62. This was not a dream …. last night as a lay there in my bed it was between 11:30 pm and midnight i was watching TV and laying on my side , i heard a croaking sound like a frog it croaked loudly twice , i turned and looked on the side of the bed and saw nothing, as i turned on the light on the nighstand i checked around and still saw nothing, i went back to bed and continued to watch TV . I fell asleep like usual. This morning when i got up i noticed the clock radio on my nightstand was one hour back … what could be the explanation for this? I usually say my prayers everynight and include both of my parents who have passed and also include a special friend of mine that has recently passed due to cancer .. but i know he disliked frogs . Is it possible that maybe it was a sign of his spirit croaking ? please respond

  63. I have found 2 dried up frog inside my house shriveled up like its been like that for years the first time I found it I threw it away in the trash can and my son threw out the trash right then and there. The second time I found a frog which look like as if it was the first frog. Is there something I need to know about finding the right up frogs do they mean something am I supposed to be worried because I do not have frogs I have never seen frogs the only frogs that I have seen are those to which look exactly alike. It kind of freaked me out because the first time I found one it was right next to my kitchen stove and I sweep and mop every day so I don’t know how it got there the second time I found one it was on the floor on my husband side of the bed.

  64. i saw a bird like frog in my dream which was trying to fly or jump on to my face right from front side, i was a little scared and startled and trying to throw it away, what could the dream signify?

  65. hi all,

    i love reading and learning from this website !

    as others have mentioned, and asked: what if we see frogs in real life ?

    today was the second time ive come across a dead, seemingly dried out frog body.

    the first time the poor frog body was right outside of our main door, right on the welcome mat.

    i inmediately knew it was odd.

    today while out for a walk, there was another right there on the driveway.

    both were dried out sort of hollow looking ?

    if someone could share some insight about this it would be very appreciated .

    may god protect us all with his love and light .


  67. I dream went to visit my family back home. n we went shopping and then we started walking downtown and we were. Closed to the corner of the street and and all of a sudden i can see a white beautiful white rabbit and so i went to buy it he gave me food and a cage for it and my brother just said out loud “look at those three huge frogs on his bed ” and i only seen two… and we left the store with the rabbit and my brother had a bike n put the rabbit in front on the bike and he rode off with the bike with the Rabbit in front of the bike.. and i was so happy . I don’t understand my dream. .

  68. wow just found your awesome site…last night a tree frog and bright white moth together peered in down at myself and my lil boy, doxie …while we grieved in bed over the loss of Chels, my lil ones sister doxie…we both felt comforted by their spiritual visits

  69. Irwin Quagmire Wart

    I am a frog so, of course, I LOVE your website. My personal assistant, who happens to be human, knew that I “hopped” into her life for a reason. And your beautiful explanation of what frogs mean, has proved to her that I am much more than an adorable face! Thank you so much. Namaste.

  70. It explains the meaning of frogs in our dreams, but what about frogs in real life? I have a frog that hangs out at my door. He is there when I leave to go somewhere and waiting at the door when I get home. But I rarely see him when I’m not going anywhere. Can someone enlighten me as to what this could mean, if anything? Thanks. ❓ 🙄 😐

  71. Love your site. I am an intuitive medium and when I’m teaching others to develop their intuition I am constantly reminding them to seek guidance from animal messengers. This is one of my favorite sites. Thx again!

  72. I had a dream where My father brought home two frogs (like the size of chickens) for me to cook. When I cut open the frogs, there were small developed frogs inside? What does this dream mean exactly?

  73. Thank You, for allowing us to leave a comment. Today I was watching my March Oracle, reading. I fell asleep in the process. while I was sleeping. I experienced the Frog. It just appeared and I woke up. All I can remember is the Frog jumping and I woke up. Researching Frogs

  74. On my mother’s birthday every year forever, A frog or two would show up for the whole day and hang about. It was like clock work every year. We would wake up in the morning and there would be a frog sitting on the stoup looking up at her. Ha! Ha! Very endearing.

  75. I dreamed that I was outside near my herb bed and I saw alot of really tiny frogs and then 2 larger ones coming out from under the stones around the herb bed.

  76. I need help was leaving my compaionion an as i was walking to burn some clothes a frog appeared from no where with no eyes hoping slowly

  77. What does it mean when a frog jumps out of no were in your livingroom the same day you find a small lizard dead in your back yard

  78. I had a dream where a large green frog flipped entirely over in a circle. It then proceeded to lead me through a stream in a forest. The movement of the frog flipping over in a circle seemed very important but I do not understand it.

  79. Ok I had a dream of a angry frog leaping at me.. I was able to feel its anger. It stop and I try to focus on it trying to release it anger. Befor that I was on a deck it was fall type with leafs 2 garden snakes past me. I turn around and the frog started jumping at me with anger.

    1. What do frogs mean to you? It might help to come up with a list of words you associate with frogs and to think about where frogs have appeared in your life. It may help to also think of what snakes mean to you. Keep in mind that snakes eat frogs. What are you angry about or what angry people have you encountered? If the frog could talk, what would it tell you?

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