Peacock Symbolism, Peacock Meaning, Peacock Totem, Peacock Dream, and Messages
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Peacock Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Peacock symbolism reminds us that nothing, including beauty, should be taken too seriously. Furthermore, this will help you stay centered on what “is” and allow you to be grateful for what you have. Thus, the Peacock meaning reminds you to have a light-hearted approach to all things that come your way. Moreover, this spirit animal teaches us that laughter is the best medicine to keep us healthy and happy.

Alternatively, and similar to the Pheasant, Peacock symbolism could be letting you know that now is the time to acknowledge your dreams and aspirations within yourself. Use this bird’s gifts to bring you confidence, stature, and a sense of accomplishment in everything around you and all your current projects.

Peacock Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Peacock totem always comes from a place of honor and integrity. In other words, they stand up for their beliefs, and they live by them. Just like the Angelfish, they tend flamboyance. Thus, these folks enjoy showing their true colors to all those around them. People with this spirit animal are entirely trustworthy, self-confident, and are good at discerning the truth in all matters. They are always willing to walk their talk. Moreover, they revel in being the center of attention.

Those with this totem often gain recognition for their talents and have the potential to be prominent leaders in their chosen field.

Peacock Dream Interpretation

When you have a Peacock dream, it represents spring, birth, new growth, longevity, and love. Like the Swan, it is a good omen, signaling prestige, success, and contentment in your relationship or career. In some cases, a vision that includes this bird could also signify pride, confidence, and vanity. Hence, you may be showing off too much or are overly arrogant about your success and achievements. Alternatively, this bird may also suggest that many eyes are watching you.

When you dream of a white bird of this species, it is an omen of significant spiritual change in your life. Thus you should pay close attention to this vision so that you can use its clues to help find your way.

33 thoughts on “Peacock”

  1. I dreamt there was a hummingbird in our house- everywhere I went, it was there. Then I realized it was following me. I decided I should catch it and take it outside. Calmly, gently, it let me catch it and after it was in my hands, I saw it was a tiny white peacock.
    On my way outside with the bird to set it free, I saw a single drip stream from the ceiling that had accumulated a 3 foot puddle of water in the carpet in the livingroom. I stepped in it to see how deep it was. It was about 1/2″ deep.
    I yelled out to my mom, “Mom, we better call the landlord!” And I awoke.

    I believe I was the adult I am now, and my mom and I are taking steps to get a place together.

    Thoughts? Much appreciated. ❤❤

  2. Hi and thanks for this great article!
    I wanted to share my dream and hopefully receive a reply helping me to understand its meaning.
    So first, i shall mention that i suffer from a dissociative disorder called depersonalization which is chronic, 24/7, for 5years now. It is a negative altered state of consciousness based on fear and anxiety, an identity disorder also.
    I mention this because it affects heavily my dreams, i’m also dissociated in my dreams and thus my dreams are like “muffled”, many sensory stimulus dont exist like smell, sound is distorted or inexistant, i have memory problems as well so it doesnt help to remember them!

    So the dream is rather short but symbolic:
    I dreams of a peacock, maybe smaller than normal with darker tones.
    It wanted my attention and wanted to come on my shoulder. I feel good about it overall. I don’t know if it came on my shoulder.
    Then i look at its tail and it has become a screen with a dolphin on it (bottleneck); it seems like it is a picture or a poster and not animated but i swear i saw its mouth move and fixing for a while.
    I wanted to communicate with the dolphin in the dream, as i often want but there is always a wall or something preventing me so. But this could be unrelated to my wish, since it is the first time the peacock appears.
    Also this dream differs from other dissociated dreams because it was clearly more creative.
    The dream that followed i only remember that a deer like beast that is charging towards me, then for some reason it becomes a piece of furniture or stairs. Probably unrelated.
    Anyone can help me understand? Thanks.

  3. I saw a double headed peacock..itcws completely fine.Gracefully walkin around with wings and tils open

  4. Hi, i had a dream of walking in to jungle where first i saw neck only then i realised it was a peacock and when i walked forward i saw lots of big sized peacocks( like size of an ostrich) around me….some
    Were sitting in the tree….some Were on the ground…..plz share intererpretation of this dream.

  5. EspionageCookie

    I get the sense that this represents yourself being too insecure to show your true self. There’s a difference between humility and insecurity, between arrogance and confidence. Don’t mistake your insecurity for humility, and your confidence as arrogance. Find a balance.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I sense it has to do with whatever worries you have that keep you awake at night. Whatever it is, approach it with grace and poise, like the confidence of the peacock. As the peacock’s flamboyance suggests, find a way to express your individual style and creativity in whatever you are worrying about.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I sense that it means that you are trying to gather a type of charisma, lightheartedness about life’s problems, and sense of humor that you want with chasing after the peacock. Perhaps it might be best to try to see how you could improve your own social skills, whether from loved ones’ advice, looking for online resources, or in books.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense that this represents yourself being too insecure to show your true self. There’s a difference between humility and insecurity, between arrogance and confidence. Don’t mistake your insecurity for humility, and your confidence as arrogance. Find a balance.

  6. My name is Mayur. It means, ‘peacock.’ I’m an Indian. ‘Mayur’ is a Sanskrit word. And yes, I have the ability to see in past, present and future. I live in all three tenses. Us peacocks are flamboyant, too. “If you got it, flaunt it!” Baby bo………..y!!!!!!!!

  7. A peacock has shown up at our farm and seems to have adopted us. He’s been here for two weeks and seems quite happy. I’m changing focus in my art studio and feel like there’s some sort of connection.

  8. i had a peacock dream this year. everyone was sick,hardly any food for anyone. i traveled by foot to the mid west from the east coast. there was a new lake i saw size of a football field near Missouri, i think or in. then i saw something black arise out of the water i was kinda scared started to run. then i stopped. it spreed its feathers and i saw the big black peacock. people died,but some survived the sickness was gone. the sun arosed,but it started to snow in the east. the east was going to freeze. so everyone was headed west

  9. Hazelyn Etinoff

    I saw 3 peacocks in real life very recently. Two had their feathers displayed and the other did not and was off by itself. My sister was driving and noticed them in a yard and reversed back to show them to my other sister and my niece. My mom recently passed away so I am not sure if this was some sort of sign from her.

  10. When I got in my car and looked down there was a very small but very noticeable, feather with the light reflecting green of a peacock! I live on eastern Canada😒…this is not common.
    Curious to see what this will be leading to

  11. ladynuitastarte

    2 peackoks appeared in my garden i wonder the esoteric meaning, now they are living with me,thanks

  12. When I was in India, I had just finished my yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh and went up to the old sanitorium to do a sunset meditation and listen to the chanting by the river. As I entered the gates, I took a few photos as it is completely taken over by nature now, and just as I turned around I saw a peacock perched on top of the gates I had just entered. As soon as I spotted him, he flew off and into the surrounding forest. This was not in a dream, but in real life, and I didn’t even know peacocks could fly, so you can imagine my surprise. Any ideas on what this could mean to see a flying peacock? Appreciate your input!

    1. Be open to supprises and the beauty all around you. Where once you thought you were limited. Open your wings and fly forbid you are free to do so now. Trust in the beauty of life to clear blockages where you once saw walls. Much love namaste

    2. I love what you said. I have had quite a few different spirit animal experiences and I enjoy hearing about others as well. Feel free to email me anytime

  13. A few months ago I had a dream about a peacock hatching and flying in the sky toward the sun; my late father, grandmother, and kindergarten teacher where all in the dream; all three of these people made a huge impact in my life. Nonetheless in the dream, I was cleaning the yard of the house I grew up in as a child (I was a child in the dream) and I noticed some large eggs in the garage; my father warned my not to mess with them, but to let the sun shine on them and watch what happens… As soon as he said that the sun burst through the cracks of the garage and one of the eggs hatched, revealing a very vibrant, beautiful, royal blue peacock; the peacock soared and flyed directly toward the sun. I was in awe staring at the peacock as it made it first flight in the sky, I remember saying Oh my god as I stared at the peacock.

    I wonder what this dream meant?

  14. I was driving to work and there was a peacock on someone’s front lawn!! I could not stop the car but I slowed to a crawl, sure that what I was seeing was a statue or blow up toy. However, the peacock turned his head and looked at me. It was REAL! I am flabbergasted by this. I live in a suburb of New Haven, CT and peacocks are not seen in this area. I have been researching what this sighting might mean. Thanks for the information.

    1. Nancy, do you live in Michigan now? I’ve been told a very similar story and her name is Nancy also. Wow!

    2. My name is Nancy and today I saw two peacocks (a pair) when I was coming out of the storage units. They actually slowed me down on my exit and I just had to wait for them to move out of the way…. they were so beautiful…. they were just “calling” to each other. 😉

  15. In my dream I touched a rock shaped like the Sun rising over the horizon. It changed into a peacock that was the Divine Mothers love. It churned and churned in my arms radiating love. She then showed me an anchient calligraphic depiction of her as the bird with the triumphant warrior king beside. In this she says that with her, we become better to ourselves, to each other and the natural environment. We are blessed.

  16. My heritage is Blackfoot and plains on my mothers side. My father was more in touch with his Indian side. after three devastating losses in my family in one month, three peacocks appeared on my road on my way to the second cherished family members funeral. Among these losses was my father. They hung around for days and in the trees around the property line. I knew the bear was a spirit animal of mine and after this happened I knew I was given a gift of three beautiful peacocks. Shortly after their departure dragonflies appeared above my yard and I hadn’t seen them float around my woods in quite some time. I haven’t seen the peacocks return this year, just the dragonflies. The neighborhood bear had also departed no longer filmed on my cameras. I think there for me to give me the strength I needed for my family as well as myself.

  17. I was intrigued by the peacock when seeing feathers spread around my boxing teacher today and I wasn’t sure exactly what it mean at first but I knew it signified be true to yourself. Now knowing I was on the right path for the peacocks meaning has made all joyous.

  18. I never knew that white peacock exsist. Until i had a dream of a beautiful white peacock who step out of a pool and stood at the side of it. Her tail looked like a trail of a weddingdress. When i woke up, i searched for the meaning and saw a lot of picture of this beautiful animal. They are soooo beautiful !!!!

  19. Love your descriptions. Lately animals are drawn to me. A peacock literally walked in front of my path my slow driving car at the Palais des Nations where I work for the UN your description made total sense to me. And I think peacock could be a totem for me. Can I have more than one spirit guide or totem? I’d like to mention a visiting grasshopper that came to me and would not leave me sat on my hand for half an hour. Grasshoppers message to Go for it gives me the confidence to go through with my plan to create love joy and connection among 100 UN staff next week. With laughter and standing out and shining brilliantly so that they follow my lead. Your work has impact. Thank you. Sophia

  20. I’ve been in Sun City in Johannesburg, South Africa and a Peacock ate pieces of bread out of my hand and every morning after that he came looking threw the glass door for me….. very special!

  21. christine laferiere

    :mrgreen: The peacock has presented it’s image numerously…since my mother died/but I did have an older friend in sri lanka???

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