Snake Symbolism, Snake Meaning, Snake Totem, Snake Dream, and Messages
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Snake Meaning

Snake symbolism can mean many different things. These differences are especially true when you consider that it is indigenous to most parts of the world. You can find its mythology in many different cultures. Therefore, in some places, the snake meaning can be entirely dissimilar to that of its neighbors. We have touched on several distinct species with their local interpretations. On this page, we divide snake totem into categories of “common,” “constrictors,” and “venomous.” Traditionally, snake dream interpretation is varied, so you will have to consider other aspects of the dream. It also explores the colors and actions of this intriguing creature.

Snake Symbolism, and Messages

In this case, snake symbolism is letting you know that transformation is now in progress. In other words, you will be shedding old skin and emotions and transforming them into something bigger and better. Thus, similar to the growth and transformation of the Angelfish, snake meaning is letting you know that change is in the wind. It also reminds you that you are at the center of it all as the catalyst. Therefore, to smoothen the process, make sure that your intentions are clear. You must also have clear a clear sense of the direction that you wish to strike out. Moreover, the snake’s meaning is letting you know that these changes are safe. There is no need to fear them.

In some cases, snake symbolism is also reminding you to stay connected to yourself. There is information that you require. Observe both the tiny vibrations in the earth and the warmth and smells of the air and sky. Furthermore, when we learn to connect with our surroundings, we can continue to grow. Thus we can discard the trappings of the past.

Adder Snake Meaning

When the Adder shows up in your life, it is a reminder that you need to be responsible and benevolent when exercising your power. In other words, if you want to earn the respect of others, you must respond to all matters from your heart, even when setting boundaries.

Anaconda Snake Symbolism

In general, when this type of serpent shows up, it is a reminder that you cannot control everything. In other words, you need to let go of the outcome you are seeking and allow it to unfold on its own.


When the Asp makes an appearance in your life, you must be wary of the seeds you sow. Thus, choose your opportunities and words wisely because they may come back to bite you.

Boa Constrictor

If the Boa Constrictor has come into your life, it is letting you know that when you hold onto those you love too tightly, you may suffocate any progress they will make in their life. In other words, like the Bobtail (Old English Sheepdog), be protective, but allow them to make their own mistakes.


In this case, the snake symbolism lets you know that you need to stay alert and ready to strike at unexpected opportunities. When we take advantage of these opportunities, it may seem foolishly impulsive to others. You will be successful if you move swiftly.

Alternatively, this serpent could be letting you know that you are allowing your fears and doubts to get in the way of your success. In other words, you must break free of this hypnotic state so that you can take action where necessary.


When the Copperhead shows up, it means that you need to focus on doing some internal healing. Only then will you be able to move forward with your plans. In some cases, this serpent can also insist that you need to stand your ground. In other words, trust your feelings and intuition and insist on what you know is right.

Corn Snake Symbolism

In general, like the Mountain Goats, the Corn Snake meaning indicates that the way is now open for us to climb to new heights. Furthermore, there will also be plenty of opportunities for you to accomplish this. Thus your current projects will gain traction, and you will be able to move a lot easier.


This particular snake meaning heralds the beginning of a new birth within yourself. For this change to happen, you will have to transform and heal some old wounds and face dark terrors. However, once you have accomplished this, you will enter a new and brighter stage in your life.

Alternatively, you will soon have an opportunity to travel into strange lands and try something new and foreign to you.

Garter Snake Symbolism

When this type of snake meaning shows up, it is an indication that you are now entering a highly creative period in your life. Thus you should be initiating and acting on as many ideas as possible. Do this even if it seems that these actions are premature. The percentages are with you at this time.


For the most part, Milk Snake’s meaning symbolizes an immunity to the poisonous words directed at you by others. In other words, you have learned to ignore these remarks and become less sensitive to them. Thus these types of attacks are now futile and are merely slightly distracting. They will cause no permanent damage.


This type of snake symbolism is a reminder that you are already powerful. However, you need to nurture your power until the appropriate time. In the meantime, you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.

Alternatively, the python snake symbolism is putting you on notice that you need to have regular times to shed your old skin. Also, when you do this, you must take the time to rest, heal, and reflect on the transformations so that you can process them completely.

Rat Snake Symbolism

This type of snake meaning lets you know that you are now entering a period of accelerated growth towards your goals. In other words, you will make progress right now as long as we are assertive with our efforts in attaining our goals. Everything is now within reach.

Alternatively, this serpent is warning you not to trust what you see at the moment. However, you can believe what feels and smells right to you.


In this case, the snake meaning is a reminder that you need to be alert to the warnings of others. Thus you should be respectful of their boundaries and be gentle and courteous towards them as they muddle through. Rattlesnake also reminds us that we should warn others before we strike.

Alternatively, the snake meaning can indicate that there will be an increase in the activities of spirits in our lives. You will be able to sense their presence clearly and much more frequently at this time. Thus, you will also be able to detect energy and see auras. Now is a time when you must trust what you feel and sense, no matter how strange it seems.


When the Viper comes into your life, it is a warning that there is someone in your inner circle of friends and family that you cannot trust. In other words, with this type of snake symbolism, watch for signs of hypocrisy, slander, and maliciousness. Once you spot them, give them a wide berth and refuse to engage in their nasty little games.

Snake Totem (Common), Spirit Animal

People with the snake totem are often finding that they are, like the Beetle totem, going through constant changes in their lives. Luckily, they usually move through smoothly. They also have a natural ability to balance energy. Often people with this spirit animal are gifted healers.

Folks with the snake totem are very charming in social situations. They are also very good at holding other people’s attention. In other words, there is something mysterious about your gaze, your intensity, and your ability to sense what others are thinking or feeling. Along with this charm, there is also confidence and self-assurance that many people find alluring. People with this power animal can slither in and out of the conversation with ease and grace. Moreover, they are flexible and open-minded.

Constrictor Snake Totem (all types)

People with the constrictor type snake totem are powerful and intimidating. However, they do have a gentleness about them that is not readily apparent. They are also quick to take action in pursuit of their goals. Folks with the constrictor snake totem are focused, rely on their instincts, and sense the other worlds. However, they occasionally tend to bite off more than they can chew, but somehow always seem to land on their feet. People with the constrictor snake totem must be careful that they are not overprotective of their friends and loved ones. The last thing you want to do is smother them.

Poisonous Snake Totem (all types)

People with a venomous snake totem, like the Skunk totem, are magnetically charismatic. They communicate very well and will warn others before they strike. Folks with this type of spirit animal move swiftly through transformations. They will also stand their ground when a situation gets tricky. However, they do know when it is appropriate to retreat.

Folks with this snake totem heal from past traumas swiftly and efficiently. They also spend time detoxifying themselves from external forces that cling to their energetic bodies.

Snake Dream Interpretation

In some cases, the snake dream can symbolize temptation and dangerous forbidden sexuality. Thus, to see a snake on your bed suggests that you are feeling overpowered and sexually threatened. In other words, you may be inexperienced, nervous, or just unable to keep up. If you are afraid of the serpent, it signifies your fears of sex, intimacy, or commitment.

To be bitten by one in your snake dream could mean that your hidden fears and worries are coming back to bite you. The vision could also be alerting you to something in your life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced.

Alternatively, your snake dream may also be referring to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can’t be trusted.

When your snake dream reveals only the skin of the animal, then it means you have protection from illnesses.

Occasionally a snake dream in which the serpent is without eyes or head could signify that you are ignoring the danger in a situation. Alternatively, it could also mean that you are going to be blindsided by something.

Intertwined Snakes

If you saw these creatures in large numbers and intertwined in your vision, it reveals inner turmoil and confusion. In other words, you need to spend some time untangling your emotions so that you can get to the bottom of your distress. Like the Dragonfly, things are not what they appear to be on the surface.

Coiled Snake Dream

When you have this dream, it symbolizes the need for you to strike on an opportunity. If the coiled serpent is red, then the possibility must be handled carefully and correctly for it to work. A green coiled snake dream indicates that the opportunity will transcend beyond your expectations. However, it would be best if you acted swiftly.

Ascending Snake Dream

When you have a white snake dream that seems to be drifting upwards, it is a positive symbol. These creatures represent healing, transformation, knowledge, and wisdom. Thus, like the Crow, your vision indicates self-renewal, positive change, and spiritual enlightenment.

Alternatively, a descending snake dream is symbolic of the underworld, and that you may have to journey into your dark side to heal and transform old issues into strengths.

Injured or Dead Snake Dream

In most cases, this is a “heads up” warning that you need to make an effort to move in a positive direction in your life before it’s too late. Moreover, it is also a message that you must stop clinging to your past and using it as an excuse not to progress in life. Everyone can move past their traumas, but it does take effort.

303 thoughts on “Snake”

  1. Recently, I have had two different snake dreams. The first dream was of a snake with two heads. The second dream started with turmoil at my old work place, followed by a bonfire in a large open field on a hillside at night. After the fire burned out, I began to explore the bottom of the field with an electric scooter. As I started back up it started to become daylight. I noticed two cobras, one large and one smaller. I gave them a wide berth steering up and away. Then, I noticed the larger cobra angling up the hill to intercept me! Fortunately, my scooter was able to stay ahead but the cobra refused to give up it’s pursuit. So, I turned around to face the serpent. When we met, the snake was spent and I killed it by slamming it several times with my scooter wheels. The last impact sent the snake flying into the still hot coals from the fire, where it began to smolder. Satisfied it was no longer a threat, I noticed that the fire was built next to it’s nest. I realized that the cobra was probably a mom protecting her home and family. I felt remorse but also relieved that I was not bitten.

    1. Having done some research, and conteplative meditating, I now feel I can interpret my own dreams of two-headed snake and cobra. Two-headed snake represents duality of concepts that run parallel to, but also sometimes oppose one another. This duality is evident in my cobra dream with concepts like; work versus leisure, uphill /downhill, night /day, man versus nature, and survival or destruction. Additionally, two-headed snake also represents indecision that can stop you from achieving your goals. Cobra can symbolize emotional baggage that becomes venomous to one’s psyche. Emotions in themselves are normal but excessive clinging to them can be toxic. So, learning to let go of harmful energy can benefit my path up and forward. By facing cobra, I can leave my negative emotions on the ash heap and face a new day. Having explored the bottom of the field, the only path left is up. The scooter represents a willingness to use tools, technology and innovation to help make my journey easier. Finally, if I can facilitate communication between my subconscious and rational minds, then instead of opposition there can be cooperation. If so, indeed, two heads are better than one.

  2. I had a dream where I was standing next to the mirror on the right side, the mirror turned out to be actually larger than me, and there a snake crawled out of the mirror on the left side and wagged its tail, and then it crawled out to the right side Where the mirror stood, I stood

    1. This seems to represent the two halves of yourself in a mirror, and the snake is inviting you to explore the opposite part of yourself that you would be hesitant in exploring. The snake represents transformation due to the shedding of its skin. People are complicated and contradictory. There are different sides to ourselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean that only one side is real, and every other side is fake, but there are different sides to ourselves that are all real in their own way. Perhaps someone is a friend, a child of a parent, a parent themselves, a person in their career, a person of a certain hobby, a person of a certain belief system, and so on, yet all these roles comprise the same one person. There seems to be one or more roles you might be forgetting in only focusing on one role over all the others alone.

  3. I had a dream sometimes ago where I saw some not too big snakes surrounding what seems to be like my bed. I was about coming to bed to rest when I saw them. I was scared and I woke up.

    In the other dream I was standing in an open space and I saw snakes moving out of where I stand . it seems they were around me(am not really sure) and suddenly they started moving into the bush around that place. Pls what does this dreams mean?

    1. In the first dream, the snakes seem to represent how you simply have so many fears when you try to fall asleep on your bed. They are just symbolic of all that keeps you awake at night. Perhaps it’s time to not only wait until night to deal with all those worries, but to explore talking about them or confronting your fears in the day. Other than that, perhaps it might be time to look at books, websites, podcasts, videos, blogs, and the like that deal with ideas for insomnia or needing to fall asleep, if you have trouble with that.

      In the second dream, it seems that this is representative of your fears not really being as present when in a larger open space. Perhaps if you feel claustrophobic in one cramped area alone, perhaps you’d feel better in the outdoors or even some other larger public space to explore.

  4. Can someone help me interpret my dream. I had a dream last night about a bunch of snake. In my dream I was in a house with a lot of snakes. All different kinds of snakes there was an anaconda in the tub. There was corn snakes in buckets. A boa constrictor in a duffel bag. And ball pythons all over the house. I was trying to to get all the snake out one by one. A ball pythons bit my hand and a baby boa constrictor but my hand also. I wasn’t scared of the snakes at all. When I went to the bedroom there was two babies on the bed with red spots on their body like the chicken pox. When I saw that I ran away afraid then I woke up.

    1. Sounds like you are weeding through things in your life and you are preparing to transition. Lots of work but you are patiently getting through it. The babies symbolize parts of you that you feel you are not ready to face. I can assure you that all is for your benefit and facing them and also plucking that out with make room for a growth that will amaze and please you. Good luck. Be brave.

    2. Hey it sounds like ur unaware of something that you need to be cautious, maybe a relationship that is unhealthy? Maybe you need to confront it and put fears aside.
      Just a thought
      Good luck

    3. It seems these snakes are representative of all the different fears you are encountering in your life. Perhaps you have an issue with anxiety, or constantly worrying about things in life. Perhaps it’s time to look up some mental health resources on anxiety and depression, perhaps? If not in a professional if you can’t afford it, then at least in books, podcasts, videos, blogs, and websites dedicated to mental health that you might find by looking it up. While some fears may be real, they seem exaggerated at this point, and sometimes dreams are not showing the literal situation, but how you emotionally feel about a situation. This here seems to be an example of a dream exaggerating fears to be much worse than they are.

  5. I don’t remember most of my dreams, but two that I do remember involve snakes. A few years ago, I dreamed I had a hatchling burmese python on my wrist, and I was wondering “Why did I buy this? I can’t afford to have a pet right now; if I did, it wouldn’t be a snake; and if I did get a snake, it would be a ball, not a burm.”

    Then, last week, I dreamed I had a whole bunch of snakes; they were all in acrylic boxes like dealers use to take them to shows. Don’t know much about the type, except that they were all dark and small (whether they were small species or just young, I don’t know), and I was wondering how I ended up with them.

    1. I get the sense these are representative of what you would call the smaller worries, anxieties, and questions in life that you dismiss as unimportant in your head. You feel the need to dismiss them, but like a pet, you have to take care of those worries, anxieties, and questions, even if you don’t want to take them seriously. They might be far more significant than you believe, yet you seem willing to deny the importance of the part of you that feels something is off in the situation.

  6. Thank you for sharing your snake knowledge. What does it mean to be gifted with the fangs of a venomous snake in a dream or vision?

    1. Steven Mujamba

      What does it means if the snake physically pass through my legs while I was sitting?

  7. Hi, so I have Snake dreams, who knew? Welp the first of it started maybe not so technically. Magic mushies, and oh wow and their magic potentcy. First experience with the snake life goes as such during the peak experience around midnight goofing around the woods with friends I get super heavy and make the sit down. I feel great, the body feels so comfortable in the dark moon lit woods with all the trees and bed of pine needles. So my brain goes all kaleidoscope and eventually I see all these confetti snakes floating around. Neat little cartoon snakes just wiggling around, oh how cute my brain feels so good! So suddenly though the experience changes from that and the many other things into this single serphent being from what I gather to be a far off existance or whatnot. Humanoid Snake person starts doing all these simple yet intricate hand movements in the air like a form of comminication. This goes on briefly enough but it was very odd. There were no fully coherent forms of expression, at least on the conscious level. It was just pure knowing but there wasn’t anything behind that, no symbols, nothing implied, agreed upon, yet there was something. I thought about it some and never came to much further or even have any more interest in it. I become more interested in spiritual matter if anything and eventually I come to zodiac signs, West and East, beyond, particularly where love is concerned. Being self oriented I study and study and look for the most specific point in hopes of a “true” love. Soooooo being a Rooster, one the best matches apparently is the Snake so I think a lot at face value and am like yep, more research please but I’m basically on board. I move out on my own. Oh wait, one more experience, so driving back home from tripping a different time I see a shadow manifest on one side of the road then slither across. Okay, now living on my own os pretty freeing, but it does need money to fuel that fire. I pick up a second job and huzzah all is well, except my sleep quality. Hard to sleep back then because I had so much energy from working so much and I was tired when I woke up due to also working overnight for my main job. During this time and most of my life I’m rooting around in headspace. I start getting anxiety dreams and one ends up being about snakes, oooo so real to wake up there being all around the room snakes. Highly alarming, I think beauty of snakes but I’m afraid of them, I give them the respect and admiration. My cousin had a bad relation with a snake lady. I’ve been surrounded by bad relations and have had many bad relations and yes also due to my part. I have self trust issues too, not just other people.. And so working on so much self care, reflection, changing constantly I still hope for love. But life goes on, for the best(hopefully). I’ve probably had a number more Snake Snake dreams but my brain doesn’t wanna recall at the moment. Okay by nowish I’m convinced that with all my study that I’m trying to find a Sagitarius Snake lady haha. All the sign just pointing the way I’m following everything and changing myself for it all on whim. Maybe a little dangerous but I dunno wjat else to do and no suggestions please. I ask out of kindness and more so insecurity. One day through overanalyzing and critically thinking I’ve kinda come to the point where it might be in fact best to be alone in that sense, not being with or finding someone. I’ve gone through a lot of burning bridges, ghosting and antisocial behavior just trying to take care of myself throughout difficult times, misperceptions and death of loved ones. Sooo during the previous Mercury Retrograde of all times I’m like okay, time to rid myself of that part of me. No more carnal nature, I don’t need someone, it’s for the best. I’m all focused and stuff like when you wanna delete your f—book and that prompt comes up like “ya sure”? More like yeah right most of the time. So I did something for the first, well because I’ve tried to bring myself to this before many, time(s) I hit yes and let go. I get a message, like a text just then and there poof and at the time my brain with coincidence thinking doesn’t exactly filter out bad things like scams so bear with me. Someone named Leah looking for someone named Li Dawei, okay that’s meme worthy. I have to think properly, that’s no joke haha I tell her no I am not such and she’s like oh “you’re such a gentleman” so blah blah blah goes on and through this time I learn that this beautiful Chinese woman, self made but most importantly super kind and fun to talk to is those two signs I was looking for. The scam filter is kinda pulling back, yes say it. I have bad intuition and bad gut skills, it’s not fun and I have much mistrust. Okay so it gets even better. I get another message in the same style from someone named Aime. So these two messages start the same, hi are you, I’m such and such, we people in China believe in destiny, shows picture. I’m a fool okay, I’m comfortable with that, not here to mash my face in it. I screenshot the convo and send it to Leah and she’s like “wow, what a conincidence” which is funny because the start of it all was in the idea of not believing in coincidence, it’s mentioned lol. So I think about it for almost a day and am like yep it’s a scam, no it’s not, what the heck is going on coins. Btw love hate I Ching oracle. Okay long story short I accept she’s who she is, start talking more and more, she’s into trading, I don’t really care about gains, just wanna be happy so I humor. This is all taking place in WhatsApp and I make a demo account for trading. We practice and make it to a climax in this particular interaction. She breaks character and wants me to pursue this and the dream so and such. I’m like whooooaaa okay, the real red flag that finally makes the others apparent. I research some and find out about WhatsApp scams and just stop talking to her/block/delete. I can’t help nut think this is for the best like a story I saw on Youtube, that’s kinda keeping me going. The Servant and the King, what’s for the best. I hope you find it, because I’m tempted might as well. Anyways the mind needed tending to, trying to let go and such. A night or two ago I get the snake dreams again. The first, a Snake is crossing a dark corridor or path in the woods and motions towards me and my direction like it’s heading my way. Scary with fear it ends. That may have happened again the next night with variation, I don’t know. My last dream was a Snake crawling from the top my pillow as I laying on my stomach, just chilling there. I’m always afraid in these drreams. Yes I’m afraid of commitment, sex, but I most afraid of betrayal. I had betrayed before and I am haunted. I just wanna be free from it all.

    1. I just get the feeling you just need to stop being overly reliant on things like astrology, new age, or other supernatural ways to make predictions or decisions in your life. Not that there aren’t any value to these things, but these only provide clues, but no exact answers on who you’re supposed to talk to, what you’re supposed to do, or what direction you should be heading to. I get the feeling you might benefit more from looking somewhere for more secular pragmatic or practical grounded advice on fixing your life. You don’t have to stop all this magical stuff, but you can’t just dream about things in your life without doing anything practical to achieve them. You can’t wait for opportunities in life to happen to you. You have to actively go towards them. Maybe these types of things can show you the path, but you have to actually follow the path practically yourself.

  8. I had a dream i was in front of the house, So i heard a strange sound coming from the backyard.. I could not figure what it is until i move closer and saw it was a big green snake trying to crawl inside out kitchen through the roof but the snake was very big and long so it was not easier for it to enter, I decided not to shout so that the snake won’t attack me, So i decided to rush outside to call my dad, As my dad was rushing in to come and kill the snake, the snake started changing back its color into a black snake with different white spots, my dad tried to kill the snake but the snake was faster and rush back into the bush toward the backyard..

    1. I get the sense this seems representative of how you are avoiding something you are supposed to do, but that you feel too anxious and afraid to do yourself. You just happen to want someone to protect you from a problem, perhaps someone like your dad, rather than to actually face the situation from yourself. But sometimes you cannot rely on everyone to protect you from all the problems and dangers in the world sometimes. You have to learn to deal with at least some of those situations yourself. It’s good to ask for help, but you cannot ask for help in every single situation. Some things you’ll have to deal with more independently.

  9. Hello everyone, please, can someone help me with the interpretation of this dream?

    in a dream, I saw a wall gecko behind my window so I was trying to kill it with a stick. after many attempt to try to pierce it with the stick to death, it turned into a tiny black and green snake. a sister of mine climbed to the window with a stick to kill it but where she was standing was dangerous so I asked her to get down since it was risky for her and so, I I quickly run out of the house, came out to kill it but to my amazement, the tiny snake had turned into a big black snake without a head aggressively coming towards me and when it was about to hop or jump very close to me and I woke up.

    1. EspionageCookie

      A black snake means you have to be careful of something in your own life. Perhaps there is some trouble happening within your finances, or your relationships, for example. Likely it’s less a specific area of life, but a specific individual in your life that represents a dangerous black snake, whether it is a family member, a “partner”, or a “friend”. Since your sister is going after this snake, perhaps she is trying to warn you of a particular someone in your life, and to not trust this person.

  10. Nnabuife Kingsley onyinyechi

    I dream of a boa snake today and it jumped down from the fence of our house beside our kitchen where it normally comes to stay all this while in the physical.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Kitchens in dreams are symbols of nourishment, preparation and food, while boa snakes are predators who choke around their food to replenish themselves with a meal. Perhaps this means that you are struggling with your diet, whether this means undereating or overeating, I can’t tell. Though it appears most of your daily worries are connected to your relationship with food.

  11. Today I had a dream where a white snake plunged towards me, making me wake up before it could bite me.
    I had completely forgotten this dream until later today, when I was doing some research for a paper when suddenly this article popped up, making me remember instantly the white snake I saw in my dream.
    Such an interesting article and what an amazing coincidance…

  12. Both the snake, and the moth represent change in some part of their meaning. The moth lead you to the snake that broke free. Perhaps, you have stayed in one place far too long in your life, and moth helped to lead you to how you can become unstuck (flying to the snake in the jar that broke free), and this is a time to make that change really happen.

  13. Interpretation help appreciated:
    Last night there were two baby black snakes in my dream. I don’t remember how they ended up in jars but they were each in small individual jars that were sealed up with hot glue and cork. The dream shifts from here to focus on this otherworldly green moth that I am mesmerized by and follow around. Eventually the moth stops in front of one of the jars and I notice that the snake has begun to wither and is suffocating. I am panicking, upset that I am accidentally harming this snake. The snake though somehow breaks free and I panic that the snake will be angry with me but it just leaves. This is all I remember.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Small black snakes mean psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety or guilt about a mistake, that is eating at you away. Black snakes are often warnings, and this may be a sign of caution for you to gain help and support around your mental health. Two small black snakes in dreams may mean something related to false rumors and gossip around you, that may be adding to this depressed state.

  14. I overslept this morning and woke up to a dream of being at work in a factory, where I do no work, and a small white snake came up to me and I tried to kill it with a stick, but the stick landed flat on top of the stick. The snake turned into the stick, but when I picked it up it started wiggling around. I wrapped it up in a plastic bag and as I went to throw it away, release it, outside I realized there was a small straight slit in the plastic bag. The snake had gotten away. I looked at my left hand and on the palm of my hand there’s two teeny tiny little white holes from where I had been bitten through the plastic bag. There was no pain or blood. As I woke my daughter who is on vacation in Florida called me. She had been stung by a jellyfish and had to be treated in the emergency room. Her foot was swollen twice the size it is supposed to be. Also I have a lot going on with my other daughter who’s doing illegal activity that’s bothering me. Can anyone give me the interpretation of the small white snake that bit me through the bag please?

    1. Robin Lee Holmes

      The only things that popped out for me and I’m NOT in any way a decipherer of dreams:
      two bite marks
      two children
      twice the size
      don’t bite the hand that feeds you
      throw it away or release it (you’ve given your children shelter and have released them surrounded by love (bag), but they’re slipping out and doing their own thing anyway?)
      White? What does white stand for? Purity?
      Dreams are so fascinating. Sending you all love and light!

  15. Hello and Good morning. I have had a dream of a blind black cobra with red markings and someone was holding the snake supposedly baby sitting the snake when all of a sudden it broke free and ran away fast in a random direction. Then it came like it left. It didnt slither. Just shot off then came back into the arms.. Plz tell me what does this means??!!

    1. EspionageCookie

      Hmm, well a cobra represents quickly taking advantage of opportunities so. . . it might mean you are in a situation where you are taking advantage of a current opportunity that will be a success, but as the cobra came back into someone’s arms rather than slithering into progress, you gave up half way from the fear of getting outside your comfort zone. Perhaps it would be helpful to keep in mind that if you want to succeed with an opportunity, you would have to follow through, no matter how scary, difficult or slow it would be.

  16. Hello, can someone help interpret this dream please. It scared the crap out of me just now woke up because of it.

    Me Along with a group of people (whom I can’t recall) are in a big ship. There’s this huge snake that’s following our ship and it keeps coming back to life ( heals itself and comes back to life). We figured it’s a water snake so we’d be safe on land so,
    We want everyone off the ship but the big ship can’t go all the way to the shore so we are afraid if we ask people to go in the water to get to the beach, they won’t survive, someone we manage to cut the snake with our ship and make its head be far away from its body- to increase the time it heals itself and comes back to life. Then i squish it’s body by moving the ship on it and let people come off fast. I managed to get everyone off before it can grow a new head and come back to life. And woke up in the process

    So what does this mean? There’s water, there’s huge snake and there’s coming back to life part.

    1. EspionageCookie

      You moving away with a group of people on a ship reminds me of the Tarot card, “Six of Swords,” which represents moving on from the past. Since the snake represents transformation, perhaps you are leaving a situation in the past that needs to be resolved by confronting it, not running away from it or just passively accepting it. Move on, perhaps, when the situation is solved and you are still struggling with regrets, but if you are struggling with the problem still in the present, it is not something you can just. . . move on from, simply by not thinking about it. It will pop up in your life over and over until you figure it out.

      Perhaps it’s a reminder of not repeating the same mistakes due to fear of confronting something or someone.

  17. I keep seeing vivid images in my mind of white serpents. At first I imagined it devouring me, but at other times I imagine this serpent as my best friend, like a pet. When I took a bath once I saw the snake swimming in the water with me. I am a Christian and when they were praying for me I saw the white snake around my neck, it was very thick, almost like a boa or constrictor.

  18. I know that it’s difficult to help strangers with dream interpretations since there’s so much you don’t know, but if anyone is able to offer me some help with my dream from last night I’ll be grateful. They say we lie to ourselves more than to others, so maybe even hearing someone else’s perspective will help my brain to recognize something it has been lying to itself about.

    I was inside a residential building with several people, but I only really recall about 4 of them. The first was an old boss from my previous job who I did not get along with at all because her personality was incompatible with mine–she was blunt and tactless and I believed her arrogance was unjustified. In my dream I avoided speaking to her. The next was someone I used to be friends with back in high school and no longer keep in touch with. It seemed to be a positive moment in his life and in my dream I feel that I said positive things encouraging him, but I don’t recall what they were. I asked the next person, his mother, if he still liked trading card games and suggested one that I had encountered that he might enjoy. [Awake me finds this odd because I do not enjoy or know of any trading card games and I’m not sure if he ever enjoyed them either. Also, his mother in my dream was not his real mother–I’ve met his real mother and she looks nothing like the person I identified as his mother in my dream. I don’t think I know the person in my dream who was his mother.] The 4th person I recognized was another old high school friend who I kept in touch with for a long time and had a very one-sided falling out with a few years ago–I basically ghosted him when it became apparent to me that whether he realized it or not he didn’t really accept me as a person. In my dream I also avoided him, and exited the building out into a patio of some kind. I was over near some large furniture or other object–it could have been a grill or a piano, I’m not really sure. I felt that someone was approaching me and said something friendly to them, and it turned out to be that 4th person, who also responded in a friendly manner. I didn’t want to talk to him but also didn’t want to be rude, so I acknowledged him. Then I looked over further into the distance away from the residence and instead of being outside it seemed like an underground garage or something. There was some kind of sports car parked, more or less facing me at a slight angle from head-on, and near or on it was a large snake. The snake was a very bright, mustard or lemon-colored yellow with a black underbelly, which is a coloration pattern I’ve been unable to find searching for various species on the internet for the past hour or so. The snake was very large, with a body diameter of at least 4 inches, maybe as much as 6 or 8 inches. I felt like I recognized the kind of snake it was in my dream, but none of the words that came to my mind in the dream turn out to look like the snake did (even colors-aside) in the dream. The head was mostly the same thickness as the body, so no tapering and also no excessive widening like a viper. If anything, it seemed like some kind of python, except it was abundantly clear in the dream that it was also poisonous. The dream ended when I was trying to figure out how to respond to the snake. I felt very threatened in my dream, so it was surprising to come here and learn that snakes can be very positive messengers of change, but I want to make sure I don’t mistake the message and go in the wrong direction with my life.

    Any help?

    1. Hi Melody 🙂
      Your dream is about “communication”. The snake here is symbolizing your ‘tongue’ … I’m not going to go into everything because you seem to have a knack for seeing details, so I will give you some things to think about 😉

      The 4 people are pointing to different aspects in how you communicate & ‘why’. The people in our dreams also (often, not always) symbolize an aspect of our hidden self.
      Location is important, especially if you remember many details … inside=internal and also confining, limiting, restricting.
      Look at the words that you choose to describe your dream, they will give you hints … like ‘underground garage’ … what could an “underground” + “garage” symbolize? Why would the snake choose to appear here? “Sports car” indicates speed & flashiness, BUT it is stored away in an “underground garage” … The coloring of the snake is symbolic, so look for the meanings of the colors. Snakes are about Wisdom & speech “silver tongue” sort of thing … why is yellow on top & black on the “underbelly”? You mention that “none of the words that came to my mind in the dream turn out to look like the snake did” … those words are important in helping you to figure out what the snake is trying to tell you.
      Even a poisonous snake can be tamed or handled and is beneficial in some way … ask yourself ‘why’ you felt threatened, which is another clue to help you understand what you are being asked to see about yourself. Ask yourself how this relates to the people in your dream that you didn’t want to communicate with and why.
      What is it about the “mother” figure that stands out for you? She is there as a guide. The “trading card game” is significant in understanding that this is all a game … ask yourself “why” you chose to use the phrase “trading card” game? Connect it to the various forms of communication & how you choose to interact with or avoid the people in your life.
      This dream is a rare gift of insight into the deeper recesses of your psyche, and you seem very capable of figuring it out. I would guess that you are actually very good at communication, but there is a part of you that you hold back, you are afraid of that part of yourself. You must learn to work with it, to understand it, to be able to ‘charm’ it the way a ‘snake charmer’ works with snakes (the tongue) …
      You have obviously begun your ‘Awakening” process and are trying to uncover & understand the aspects of yourself that are now ready to surface. You are totally capable of ‘speaking your truth’ while exercising control over the tongue.
      Blessings! and please let me know if this helps 🙂

    2. I believe your dream is showing you your inner turmoil with connection to others. Inside of the “residential building” (your own mind) you are faced with several conflicts and characters in your life. 2 from your past and seemingly 2 from your future. The people from your past have damaged your trust of the people in your future. You have been hurt by selfish human nature in others and feel wary of anyone new or trusting new experiences. Your familiarity with the snake indicates that you looked at it very closely even though you were fearful of the poison. Your mind wants to push you into the underground garage (deep subconscious, become recluse) to hide from confrontation, but there you find a bigger confrontation. A large poisonous snake that could strike as fast as a race car. It’s pointing at you, drawing you in to inspect the colors and the ferocity of the unknown. It’s vibrant yellow and tempting but the black underbelly is the unknown. You are scared to move forward with forgiveness and healing in your deepest pain in life. The abandonment of others, the feeling of those voices in your mind that determine how you guard yourself from connection. I think the dream is telling you to let down your guard a bit and begin to trust again. But be careful who you trust, you have learned from the past and know that some people are not worthy of your attention and should be avoided. Some people can be trusted as deeply as a child trusts their mother, and those people will bring true connection into your life. Use you or past to guide your decisions, but also let go of your past pain, it does you no good in the future.

  19. In my dream, a yellowish snake was on the floor. I intentionally stepped on part of it to restrict it’s head movement so it couldn’t bite me. When I stepped off it the snake was smaller but fatter, as if it had swallowed half of itself. There was red where it’s eyes were and I recall thinking about brain damage. I saw bullets and, while thinking of the number 12, I shot it and it exploded. I cried but heard a voice say “You had to do it. It had to happen” I realised it was night and I was in my childhood rear garden. I went inside my childhood home and there was water sprayed everywhere. I got a towel and started to wipe away the water. Can anyone please help me understand the meaning of this dream? Thank you.

    1. Without knowing what’s going on in your life currently, it’s difficult to analyze dreams accurately. However, there were some key parts of your dream that stood out to me.
      First was the yellow snake that you intentionally stepped on. To me, it feels like you are keeping yourself from reaching your true potential. When I think of the color yellow, I tend to connect it to the solar plexus chakra, which is the home of our personal power. A blocked solar plexus chakra usually shows up as low self-esteem, lack of self-discipline, and shaky willpower.
      So intentionally stepping on a yellow snake leads me to feel that you’re stopping yourself from doing something that will help you connect with your authentic self and your personal power. Have you been shrinking yourself to fit in with others’ expectations of you? Not wanting to express your beliefs/opinions for fear of rocking the boat? Feeling like you’re always putting on a mask around others and not being able to be yourself?
      The number 12 and hearing the voice say “You had to do it. It had to happen” feel very much connected to needing to start anew. Destroying who you thought you were and unlearning past conditioning can help you step into who you are meant to be. I’d recommend looking up the number 12 in numerology and seeing if any of its messages resonate with you.
      Water being sprayed everywhere in your childhood home feels like you have a lot of emotions connected to your childhood that you haven’t properly dealt with. You’re starting to (hence wiping the water up with a towel), or at least you’re starting to recognize them, but there are still some things that you need to heal from.
      All in all (again, without knowing what you’re going through in your life right now, it’s difficult to give an accurate analysis), I’d say that you’re at a point in your life where you need to release the guilt, trauma, and hurt of your life so far so you can create space for your authentic self to shine through. It feels like something has recently opened your eyes to a behavior or pattern you didn’t know existed and now you’re trying to figure out how to break free from it.
      I hope that helped at least a little.

    2. I had a dream about a king snake .. in mydream my brothers captured it and i told them to release it because they kill other snakes… what does it mean

  20. I was a green and brown python. The dream was based in a rainforest. I lived with a family of other pythons; most were brown. I found out I was adopted and went to find my real mother. I swam in the lake and found her. She was sleeping in a big nest somewhere. I rubbed myself against her in an attempt to wake her up. She was a huge python with the same colors as me. Green and brown. She woke up and I was like “Hi! You’re my mom, come to my village and live with me!” The dream was based on her for the rest, I had left, she thought about it and finally left to go after me. I saw her swimming towards me.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Pythons represent recognizing that you are already powerful, and perhaps that while this real mother may not be your literal mother, it might represent an unconscious archetype of the “Mother,” as portrayed in various stories. The classic archetype of someone deeply nurturing, inviting and calming, in touch with their feelings and intuition as they look after someone.

      In other words, it might mean that to reveal the potential of strength locked deep inside you, you need to find a place of nurturing. Perhaps with family, friends, a partner, a therapist, a support group, a hobby group, an online forum on a shared problem/interest, some type of exercise/art class, or whatever comes to mind for you. Your “real mother snake,” looking like you, might indicate that you need to look for nurturing in a place where people have experienced the same things you have, but have more wisdom and fair judgment on what to do about it. To look for people who would understand, I mean.

    2. Mine was not a dream but a vision. When I was 13, I’m 73 now. I woke up because of a weight on my chest, yes I could feel it. There was a King Cobra coiled on my chest with it’s head swaying back and forth looking at me. This went on for what seemed like a long time. I just stared at it, and it stared at me. After awhile I decided if it was going to bite me, there was nothing I could do. So I slapped at it, and it disappeared. I sat up in my bed to be sure I was awake and not just dreaming. I’m 100 percent sure it wasn’t a dream, but a vision. I have wondered my whole life what this meant, and why it appeared to me.

  21. Hello, have been having dreamings about snakes for the past 6years in my life at 1st i used to dream of one snake chasing me, sometimes it used to be green and at times back . But now days i dream of 2black cobra snakes running after me to bite me. Anyway you can help me please

    1. I, too, have had similar dreams!

      First it was hundreds of finger-length green snakes chasing me down the sidewalk. I ran. They caught up. I smashed a few with my boots, but they crawled up my legs and bit me all over.

      Last nights dream, a single finger-length snake crawled into my pillow and bit me in the neck. I was terrified, and tried calling for help, but couldn’t. It’s like my voice was paralyzed. In my dream, I kept an air horn next to my bed, so I grabbed it and tried using it- but it was old and dusty, no noise came out. So, I stood up. Looking back at my bed, I saw a neon/lime green cobra chilling on my pillow, right where my head was. It was sleeping, basically. The cobra didn’t take notice or threaten me. Also, there was a neon/lime green salamander- Yes, I know they’re normally green, but this one was “different”, and it was just minding its own business, like the cobra.

  22. This moring i woke up with surprise.This morning (around 5 )my mom and me was in our old residence (now we change our house in place) we talking about that house doorway modification its facing west. But we said we can add east doorway and east gate when i complete my words(my voice only) then after it comes like magic. (I dont see any construction materials and works) now there is 2doorways lookes like west door is started beginning of the hall and east door is opposite side at end of hall.

    Then a male (clearly not see him in dream but i think he is friend of mine; unknown to real life) and me walking in sandpath. I had a coconut fruit(green) with water in it .. its opened. im ready to drink that. I hear sound of flute in the air.. i hear male voice..behind me. It said, someone put poison in it for you (left side) .. he is also my left side but i dont think its his voice. suddenly a black snake (forearm size) flied towards me like that voice. It turn (back to left side) in front of me slowmotion and elegantly ( Like movies) that coconut fruit flyed to the snake midway of air he open his mouth gently and try to drink that poison not a cocount water. ( i seen his teeth but it looks like beautiful) !!! Then i wo ke up! 🐍

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps it taking place in your old house might indicate that there are still unresolved regrets or emotional traumas from there, even far back into childhood. You might have not fully understand it as a child, but as an adult, perhaps it is better worth looking into.

      The poisoned coconut with the sound of the flute, might mean someone is drawing you into something that might be harmful in some way. If not a partner, friend or family member, possibly a boss, a co-worker or an organization/group you are involved with. The snake saving you from that poison, with the snake representing transformation, might mean that the change you need would be questioning what people around you might be telling you, and to consider that some information are fabricated or filled with lies.

      Be careful who you trust, in other words. My advice is to judge more from someone’s actions than their words. Do they really follow through on their promises, or do they make up excuses that always prolongs their promise for too long? For so long that the promise never gets accomplished, and your situation might have just gotten worse? But the blame is on you, rather than the other person?

      No matter how “obviously right,” something sounds or how familiar a perspective on life is to you, question EVERYTHING.

  23. Hi,
    I’m an ophidiophobic person. Also, I have had encounters with snakes as well as dreams about snakes since childhood. Its like every dream has a snake. But now these dreams are reduced. I have always wondered about having a snake as my spirit animal, as it is the last thing I would even want to see. I have some sort of psychic and intuitive things going on all the time. Sometimes my intuitions are symbolised with snakes and it comes true. Even though I am afraid of seeing it even more than death, even though I can’t even tolerate its picture or ever even imagine to be in a same room with it, I have always felt there is some connection.
    I live in India. Its an encounter with a long golden brown ‘ptyas mucosa’ every time (it is the common one here). Like every 3-4 months it appears at least once mostly slithering in front of me when I am alone, walking home from class. Only once it was inside my house (that was 4 years ago).
    But this time something happened which I can’t understand what the meaning could be. Yesterday I was walking home from college and suddenly I don’t know where it came from. It was slithering right in front of me, I stood there terrified as it went ahead. But after going some distance suddenly it came back towards me and I ran away came home through another way. I was so scared shivering and crying for long, and don’t know why my head aches when I have an encounter or remember one. I had headache the whole night.
    Wonder if anyone could help me with the meaning of what happened yesterday…

    1. That sounds a lot like me and spiders!
      Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been terrified of spiders. Within the past few years, however, I’ve started to be less afraid of them. I can’t say exactly what I did to lessen the fear, because I’ve gone through a lot of deep healing and spiritual growth over the past few years, but it seemed like as soon as I finally understood the message spider was trying to tell me, I stopped seeing them and my fear of them lessened.
      For me, it wasn’t necessarily the traditional message of spider – creativity – because I’ve always been a creative person and that never seemed to stop my fear of spiders or seeing them almost daily no matter where I was.
      The message was more about not letting fear block me from the things I wanted to do. I remember I was coming home one night a couple of years ago and there was a huge spider web spanning the front posts of my porch, literally blocking me from entering my house. And the same thing happened in a meditation I did afterwards. A spiderweb stopped me from going where I wanted to go. So I had to find a different path/way around the web so I could do what I wanted to. I also did a lot of work on my sacral chakra (the chakra that governs creativity). So there were a lot of things I had to do in order to lessen my fear of spiders and finally understand the message they were trying to give me.
      When reflecting on my own experience with spiders, I see a lot of similarities to your experiences with snakes.
      If you meditate, I would recommend intentionally meditating on what message the snake is trying to give you. You can ask your guides/angels/energies you work with to help you decipher it in as safe a way as possible. The key, however, is to not let fear stop you from receiving the message. So if you meditate on a snake and a snake appears, let it show you what it needs to. Focus more on receiving the message than who’s delivering it. And put up any shields/protection you use to make yourself feel as safe and protected as possible. Ask your guides to be with you when you receive the message and to keep you safe and protected. I wish you all the best in your journey to find the truth about your connection to snake energy.

  24. hello – I came home an found a black snake, very healthy tangled up in the sides of my AC unit… the head was trying to continue through to get out. although very terrified of snakes, I felt more compassion thank I can ever remember and just couldn’t leave it there. I checked on it and tried to find help, but no one was around. I coaxed at it with a broom to encourage it to ‘back’ out. It would not. I was able to get the head to stay inside the unit and use a long handled ‘grabber’ to hold onto the middle larger half that was stuck and gently pull it backward while talking to it and encouraging it to back out. It did!! and quickly was gone. There was no cuts or blood, it was unscathed!!! I thanked it for allowing me to assist…but am wondering what this means in my life….

    1. EspionageCookie

      A black snake can represent a deep depression, or a constant feeling of sadness, fear and emptiness in your life. You not fearing this black snake may mean that you are able to show compassion to your own depression and emotions, if not also someone else like this in your life now. It being able to escape might mean there is hope for you to heal emotionally more than you think.

  25. Hi

    Just wondering if I can get more insight to an encounter I keep having with the same snake. Two days ago I was out with my joeys (I care for kangaroo joeys) & not 10 meters away from us birds started swooping a brown snake (Im in Australia). The snake jumped up into the air over & over trying to bite the birds, it jumped about a meter in the air, if I wasn’t so scared it would have been spectacular.. I was scared trying to get joeys in the pouches & back inside. It came towards me, but the birds still swooped it and then it went down the hill so we could go inside.

    Today I go out & there it is again, just outside my back door sunning itself. It stayed still, long enough for me to go get my camera & take a photo before it quickly slithered away. I wasnt scared this time. Then several hours later I went out first, making noise and stamping my feet as I was about to take my joeys out for a bounce. We went out, I do note that a willy wag tail was making a lot of noise in the tree behind us, but far enough away that we were okay if the snake was there. I then gathered joeys to go back inside and there on my path was the snake again about 2 meters away, he looked at me & slithered off.

    So, wow, that is 3 times I have seen the same snake. Am I not getting something? Some shared thoughts would be good.

    Much appreciated. Thank you, Bek oxox

  26. I’d dream a lot of snakes since childhood. Now at 40 years the dreams have reduced but off late have been seeing snakes around my home. A lot. I know it’s also time to clean up the place but a lot of them since we’ve moved here 4 years back.

    1. At the age of 40, this can signify numerous things. Your female energy should note that patience, wisdom, immortality(in a sense), and fertility are things to focus on at this time. Your male energy should note that change is upon you, wisdom and power are important to keep balanced and that focusing on patience will show you things that can bring healing energies into your life. Above all is being in balance with your dual selves/energies. Many similarities between both male and female energies. Hope this helps.

  27. Ive had a dream I don’t understand. I was walking through my dark house . I got to the kitchen, turned on the lights and heard a his, I looked down and saw 2 rattle snakes looking at me, one within inches of me. I was frozen in shock and scared to move but sreaming for help for my husband. I could see my husband in my dream, running through our home trying to get too me. Then the snakes saw him coming and both snakes at the same time grabbed my leg and bite me over and over and I fell too the floor. I can remember seeing the snakes slither away and my husband picking me up. Then I wake up. I have dreamt this a few times now.

    1. Hi Angie,

      I’ll share with you some the of the symbolism I know, and point you to the Divinity Code for the rest. If I were leaving my house in a fire–that’s one book I’d grab!! It’s that helpful!

      Houses–represent our soul/inner-being. I had a similar dream (repeated many times) about dark houses, so no judgment here! Darkness represents evil, and light represents truth, and all things good. It’s one of God’s ways of showing us that we are not walking in the light, and we are in danger if we don’t turn to Him and ask Him what to do.

      Snakes represent satan/devil/demonic. I don’t know your thoughts on God, but John 10:10 tells us that the enemy (Satan) comes only to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus came to give us life, and life abundant. (Abundant in every way–no sickness, no lack financially–always able to pay bills, fulfilment of dreams–for children, family. Etc. Protection from all disaster. God promises that to us in Psalm 91, when we make Him our refuge. He promises us there that NO HARM shall befall us! That takes care of most of life!!! He’s the only one who can protect and save us. No unemployment, and the list could go on forever.)

      Easy way to figure out what is going on in life. It it’s bad–it’s from Satan. He will ALWAYS twist things to try to make it look like it’s from God. It’s not. Anything that is perfectly good, is always from God. 🙂 (Miscarriages–not from God, Illness–not from God, suffering in any form–not from God).

      Your husband represents Jesus. (This is a really cool dream). Jesus gave us His life of his own authority, so that He could save us in EVERY way. Greek word sozo, which means “Salvation” is translated several ways, and has ALL of the following meanings: Eternal Life in Heaven–reunited with all those we loved and lost, Deliverance from all forms of evil, Healing from any form of disease, sickness, pain, etc. (When it comes to death, no one should be sick. We should be strong, healthy and vital, until the day we leave this planet for a much better destination.), protection and ample provision. When we choose to follow Jesus, accepting his payment for our sins, and every bad things we’v ever done, ALL of this can be ours. Tell you how later if you want.

      The fact that he is running to get to you represents how Jesus runs to rescue us. He will not override our will. If we push Him away, He will not force us.

      So, the enemy is always trying to destroy and kill you. That’s true of every human being. His goal is to take us out. Their strikes on your legs would represent that they’re doing as much as they can before the one who has already won complete victory over them over that cross, gets to you, to save you. They are AFRAID of Jesus.

      Your husband picking you up is symbolic of Jesus picking you up. When you have the same dream repeatedly, it is God’s way of indicating that the dream is very important. He doesn’t want the enemy to destroy you. He loves you! He created you. Suffering is NEVER his will for you.

      Even when we’re in a place where we don’t understand the dream, He gives it, and continues to give it, I think for 2 reasons. 1) It’s like a movie you see 10 times. You remember that one well! and 2) He’s giving it to you so that you’ll do what you’ve done. Seek interpretation. Find someone who will help you find Him, so that you can have the life abundant He has already paid for you to have.

      I hope that helps!!! Many Blessings. He adores you.

  28. Just wanted to thank everyone who left their stories and comments here. I manage bluebird nest boxes and monitor wild bird nests as well. This week I had two encounters with large black rat snakes that were attempting to eat baby birds. In both cases, I was able to capture the snake before it got to the nest and move it about a mile away to a new, but similar habitat. It took all my courage to pick up these two large snakes (one was at least six feet long and the other around 5 feet long) and choose not to injure them. I am still pondering the meaning of why these snakes came into my life one after another, two days in a row. As frightened as I was, I am grateful for their appearance, their spiritual significance and their role in nature.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Well, it does sound a bit threatening with the rat snakes trying to eat the baby birds, so it might be a warning. Though don’t be too afraid, warnings means that the future can still be changed if you are extra cautious and does not mean there is a future where you can do nothing about it, then just watch something horrible happen to you possibly.

      Rat snakes, when seen more negatively, can symbolize that you have to be more observant of the details around you. Something may not be how it appears to be. Make an effort to ask, “Why?” more. As in, “Why should I do this?” “Why do I feel this?” “Why am I going after this goal?” “Why did I follow this person’s advice?” “Why did someone tell me this?” “Why did I trust this book/article/video? Should I really just trust it immediately?” “What have I been taught to practice or believe growing up, and why should I believe it?” Questions like that. Snakes seem to be the opposite of naivety when it comes to their warnings, so try not to be gullible. Perhaps it pays to expect the worst at this time, and to prepare for what you can do about it if something bad happens. Perhaps if you could prepare, the warned event will not really end up happening.

  29. I had a dream in which a sequence of events happening. Saw couple o king cobras crawling in front of me. Then the snakes gets harmed and later I see in a room my friends an family and a strang person in the room perform certain rituals and all these snakes I saw before starts entering that room.

    I was sitting on a couch with few other people and suddenly a very big king cobra spreads it’s hood and gaze at me. It bites my right hand and I was feeling numb and the pain was for real. I hear snake talking in humanly voice which resembled one of my friends sound. The snake pulls me away to a different room and I see myself crying and another snake bitting by leg and then I abruptly woke up ..

    1. EspionageCookie

      Being bitten by a snake represents your worries and fears taking control of you. Snakes in general can represent temptation, and this might mean that your fears are stopping you from doing the right thing or doing what will lead you to a better life in the long term. Perhaps there is a career opportunity you do not want to risk, or you know people are in trouble, but while you can do something about it, you say and do nothing from the fear of standing up to others. It might also mean that your different types of relationships (not just romance) might be struggling due to your fears of commitment or strong loyalty when it comes to the fear of staying with someone or some people, especially as they struggle with difficult times. Many people are the type of friend after all, who are happy to hang out usually, but when someone develops a serious problem, they run away from their “friend.”

  30. Hello! I have always been a firm believer that snake dreams are a sign of trouble, however, I would like more insight on the dream I had last night. I had dreamt that I walked out of the front door of a house and immediately a large bright yellow snake quickly grabbed onto my leg. On the other side of me were two dark colored snakes coupling in the grass. I was immediately afraid of the yellow snake but it didn’t seem to want to harm me. It just laid there partial coiled around my ankle.
    In my personal life I’m currently dealing with some changes in my love life. My boyfriend has decided to get his own place (A small apartment upstairs) but still maintain our relationship. This has been really hard for me because I feel this is simply the last step before a break up even though he says that’s not his intention. I’ve also been dealing with jealousy from some work colleagues that have created a tense work environment. I feel like my subconscious is really trying to get my attention on this matter but I’m not sure what. Does anyone have any input??

    1. The snake is telling you to love yourself. Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus chakra and accounts for your liver, stomach and digestive system; therefore it also accounts for your skin and your body’s ability to rid itself of what is toxic for you (both physical toxins, but also emotional toxins).

      in this case, you must ask yourself what someone who loves themselves would do.

      On some level you know that your relationship is not working. This can be seen through the dark colored snakes coupling off to the side.

      There is a certain level or darkness or obscurity in this relationship. Personally i feel a vibe that reminds me of my last relationship; i wanted it to work out and this became a sort of lens that i saw the entire relationship through. It was not a secure relationship and in some ways I was left guessing if I had stronger feelings for him than he had for me.

      I have also been learning to love myself and unfortunately my partner did not respect me the more comfortable I became in my own skin, the more I started to embrace who I am. The relationship ended hurtfully; and I was forced to shed the old skin.

      At the end of it all I wished I had loved myself more. Of all the regrets I had, none of them involved the things I did do to become stronger and more secure within myself. Things around us change. People change; feelings change; seasons change… but despite all this change, there are things within yourself that you will find stay unchanging at large.

      The parts that are unchanging are what you want to nourish. You are in a lifelong relationship with yourself. Others will tell you what you need. The world at large tells us we need things to be happy, successful, etc. But only you know your own heart. <3

      Hope this helps dearie! Stay real. Stay strong. Peace.

  31. Hi,

    I was working late last night on a school survey that I really didn’t want to do since the academic year ends in 5 days anyways and I have much to do before then, when my husband started saying “no, no, you’re not supposed to do that” in a really plaintive voice – not like him – outside while he was watching the dogs do their business. He asked me if a snake should be eating a toad. I told him, let the snake eat the toad, that’s what snakes do. But he replied that the toad was crying for help, and sure enough, when I got out there, the toad, which was about 4 inches broad in the chest, was being slowly devoured by a smallish snake (probably a foot long) who only had it by part of one leg, but the snake couldn’t escape. I heard the toad squeak, and saw it struggle, and so I helped my husband open the snake’s mouth and pry it further open when it hung on; the toad leaped away. I tried to give it Reiki but the toad wouldn’t accept any, so we put it under our deck. I told my husband that it probably won’t survive with its mangled back left leg, but it was hopping just fine. Next day, bright and early, my boss hands me a termination letter. Day before, I came down with this weird rash, appearing similar to one I had when I was in 7th grade, and it’s developing similarly, but the doctor’s NP thinks it’s bed bugs, which doesn’t make sense considering the plastic around our bed mattress, etc., but who knows. He thinks I need to stop teaching and return to law, which I hated. Snake has always been a totem for me, and frog too. I have never feared snakes–always loved them for eating the bad bugs. What does all this mean, do you think?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It reminds me of this common saying in the business world when I hear about career advice. That is, “Eat your frogs.” In other words, do the most difficult tasks in a career first that you want to avoid the most, before moving on to easier tasks. Perhaps you are similar in that you are unable to confront the most difficult tasks when it comes to work, and that’s why you’re failing in that sense. Not just in work, but when it comes to discipline in other areas of your life.

      Snakes are predators and can eat frogs too after all. No different from dogs eating meaty dog food, but it’s scarier with snakes because they have a much scarier appearance than our fluffy canine friends.

  32. First let me start by saying I am terrified of snakes and have never seen them around me. I am a private caregiver and have worked for this family out in the country for two years now. In the past couple of weeks I have seen two snakes. 1 in the den by the couch, I almost grabbed it. I reached for my charging cord and it moved!! It was a snake!! Then today I am sitting outside smoking and one crawls out from behind the trashcan and blocks the door….i got up and moved and he went back under the porch. I also just moved to a new house in the country and found a snake skin on my back porch the other day. I am going thru a really rough time in my life and dealing with an alcoholic ex… this some kind of sign I should be listening too??? I am really confused as to why all of a sudden i am being faced with creatures i am terrified of..

    1. Hi Shawn, maybe Snake is trying to help you face the things in your life that really frighten you. Perhaps now you are in a place where you can begin to face your biggest fears? Snake brings transformation and healing. I believe it is time for these things to manifest in your life. Next time you see Snake, maybe thank him/her for the reminder. <3

  33. I had a dream last night that I spotted a large grey snake with big perfect black diamonds on its back. In my dream I knew this snake to be very venomous and was warning people to stay back. However, a man reached down too close, not paying attention to what I was trying to tell him and the snake bit him on the hand. I notices his hand was missing and I woke up shortly after. I do not recall my dreams usually and yet this one was very clear to me. Hmm.. if only I knew what it meant.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Being bitten by a snake in a dream might mean that fears are consuming you, and since it bit a man, this might represent a man in your life who is too filled with worry or anxiety to make the right decisions in life. A hand being taken away might have to do with the symbolism of a hand, which represents the part of the body that handles the finer details of action. If the legs represent the bigger aspects of action, the hands represent more delicate details in the process. A man in your life, in other words, might be missing a lot of essential details from his panicked rushed decisions because he did not take time to review the small details in his efforts.

  34. I had a very vivid nightmare the other night that had a snake in it, although the snake itself isn’t what scared me as I’m not scared of them. In the dream I was staying in a creepy haunted hotel & was witnessing a crazy psychopath murdering people in this murder device he had. It would crush & mangle their bodies & out of their crushed bodies a large cobra would emerge. Anybody know what this could mean? Night terrors & vivid dreams aren’t unusual for me (I consider myself an empath), but the cobra stood out to me as I hardly dream of snakes. It’s what stood out the most as if that was the main symbol of the dream. I didn’t watch any scary movies the night before or see a snake recently either.

    1. Wow! Cool dream. lt seems clear to me that the man was sending these people through a “little death” the snake being the totem for transformation shedding of old skin. The ego death is also called the little death. This could be symbolic of a spiritual teacher or leader putting people through this transformation using their teachings like the device. If you follow any major spiritual teacher or even just try to live the best life you can you will go through tortuous changes many times in your life to get to that new better you. The hotel scene is maybe a cool reference to the Hotel California song and the concept of life and reincarnation “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave”. 🙂 Life is crazy sometimes and even the most beautiful like Jesus or Ghandi can seem quite mad if you shift your perspective a little, I consider myself empathic as well so I am always looking at different perspectives and having nightmares! Hope that helps…

  35. I have bitten by a copperhead snake before, it’s coming up to the five-year anniversary of my initial crisis and call to adventure. I am grateful for that!

  36. I was celebrating my grandmothers birthday today and I stepped out side by myself and was sitting in the lawn chair smoking a cigarette and a flock of bird dropped a dead baby snake at my feet I didn’t really notice the birds just heard their wings, they were flying in a sort of wave pattern and the snake I thought it was a worm until I leaned closer to the ground and saw the mouth was opened and I’m really confused on what this means ??? But I just have a gut feeling that there is something meaningful behind this strange occurance

    1. I couldn’t say for sure but that seems more like a warning. I would re-examine your thoughts and behavior at the time you saw the snake, that is usually where the answer will come from. Being a former smoker I would say look into quitting too. If the snake would have been alive maybe not, but a dead baby anything is not the best sign, smoking can also lower fertility…maybe not your bag but these things come to mind.

  37. I had a strange dream. In a pipe filled with water in some grass there was a green frog and a white and black king snake. They were side by side. Both jumped out yet the snake tried to get away by climbing a wooden fence. The snake was large but severed in the middle. I attempted to chase it down. It got away. I am not afraid of snakes in real life but I felt intimidated by this one. Any suggestions?

    1. EspionageCookie

      A white and black version of the animal often represents the balance of light and dark forces in your life. Perhaps what you require is a balanced view of the potential benefits and consequences between your decisions, without focusing too much on either side. It is not a time to be overly optimistic or overly negative. Just be realistic and observant, like a snake. Perhaps write and/or discuss the pros and cons with others around you, with both your daily and major important decisions. If it was severed in the middle, this might be even more of a sign that you tend to be stuck both in the extremes of being too positive or too negative. Ask yourself, “How would you give this advice to a stranger in a similar situation?” if you need to distance yourself in being objective. Make sure to hear both sides of the story in your decisions as much as possible.

  38. three days earlier i had a dream i was face to face with a snake on my bed. i was cornered and it kept coming at me. in the dream i wasnt scared and i tried to fight it off and then i woke up. it was a weird dream. today i was sleeping on my bed and a snake actually FELL ON ME from the roof while i was sleeping. I am terrified and i cant believe i actually was able to escape O.O

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might represent that you are able to fight back on your worries and poor self esteem in your dream, by fighting back against the snake. Perhaps if a snake actually fell on you from the roof on your bed, it might represent a sign of alert that you are being far too complacent just doing nothing much in your life or being lazy, and that you need to start working harder if you really want a more secure future.

  39. hi,
    Today morning a black snake crawled through my mother chest to left & vanished in jungle in downward direction.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might represent that she has the “heart of a snake,” meaning that this is her animal totem, or spirit animal guide.

  40. “I heard the snake was baffled by his sin

    He shed his scales to find the snake within

    But born again is born without a skin”

    Leonard Cohen
    Snake, Onyare, visits me once again. She speaks of Healing and of Change. Not everything can be Healed. Sometimes the Healing is about accepting that this is your new reality, about accepting the Changes that have become a part of your life. Shedding your skin can leave you raw and vulnerable. But Change does not require your approval or your judgement. It is going to happen with or without you. You are going to Change with or without your consent. You are going to shed your skin whether you want to or not. You will fail and you will sin, whatever that means to your life, whether you choose to or not. Snake vibrates with the earth. She knows the rhythm of life. She knows the cycles of life. Perhaps the truest healing is accepting your past selves for what they were and knowing that the rawness and the pain are inevitable elements of Change and Healing. If you never lose touch with the rhythm of the earth, with the music of the universe, your body may or may not survive, your skin may or may not heal, what is most important about you will survive, what is most elemental about your existence will remain whole and healthy.

    1. That’s very wise. Thank you for sharing that. It fits with what I’m experiencing. Peace and light to you. Rachel

  41. I am almost positive that no one on this earth is a terrified and phobetic of S-things like me ! See I can’t even print it and the fact that I am even on this site is HUGE as I try to deal with my most biggest fear in my life. I went to a medium yesterday and she said that the S-thing is my shadow animal and it is trying to get my attention to do exactly what I am reading on this site- rebirth, shed my old skin, wounds, past and be new again. I have been terrified ever since I remember but they continually appear everywhere I don’t want them too!! So now I am going to try and not be so fearful and talk to them ” thank you – I recognize your message, now go away!” any comments or suggestions…..

    1. Hi, that is an amazing thing that you recognised the signs, thats your sixth sense kicking in. I had 2 dreams with snakes, not terrified of them, can touch them but would not want it as a pet. In my dream the snake represented knowledge, transformation, awareness and healing power; exactly what I am going through these months because it takes time to heal and transform for our greatest good 🙂 For the fear of snakes I could recomend CBT- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which was partof my course back in college. It is a really heplful tool to switch negative feelings of something or someone into more positive or acceptable so the person remains calm at its presence. They don’t have to like them but maybe reach a natural state or higher state, all depends on the person. It all takes time, work and patience 🙂 I have this mug with these words on them “Conquer your fears with confidence. Channel your creativity everyday and stay confident.” This inspires me every day to change my thought pattern and focus on the positive side. Yes it can switch back to negative thought patterns but once we are awareof that we can quickly let it go and switch our thoughts to positive match it with pleasant feelings. I hope it helps. All the best to you and healing

  42. Hi community,

    Last night, sitting working in a bar, looking out of the window I see a python-looking snake, but about 200 cm.

    Anyway, I was on the phone with a business partner (we are a small start-up) talking about a prject we are starting up now, future projects etc.

    – We have at times a difficult relation, but feel somehow dependent on each other. Despite our differences, we both want to make things work, to mutual benefit, but are also concerned if things will work out as well as they have with our first project. Reading about snake “signs”, I wonder what kind of message this is supposed to be.

    I was sitting next to my girlfriend – we have a challenged relationship – but she was too consumed in her work to notice anything.

    Finally, I am in the process of deciding where to move to. I am a digital nomad, and looking at making my next move, either Nepal or Indonesia.

    Would be thrilled to have some thoughts from the forum on this. It was a truly exiting and a bit shocking experience to see this big snake just outside the window, in the rainy street. I was the first to notice.

    Thank you all –

    1. Thinking about snakes all time for about a month den suddenly see one one week later step on one in my compound at night but it does not bite me

  43. I was driving home and when I turned onto my street I came across a large Arizona Diamondback crossing the road heading north. Then a little further ahead is another smaller AZ Diamondback heading north. Then up ahead a little further was another smaller AZ Diamondback rattlesnake heading north. I live in the country but it was very powerful to experience this occurrence. What does it all mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Rattlesnakes can represent a deeper spiritual sensitivity is developing in you. The three rows of rattlesnakes getting smaller and smaller mean that you are developing more and more of a finer focus on the details around you. Perhaps on a psychic level you are developing stronger intuition, if not also just an intellectual eye for detail to figure out things in life. Pay attention to what is going around you, and hone your skill in being deeply observant. You have to often pause to this to observe and analyze what is around you, rather than rushing to action this time by trying to be “busy.”

  44. “I heard the snake was baffled by his sin

    He shed his scales to find the snake within

    But born again is born without a skin”

    Leonard Cohen

    Snake, Onyare, speaks of healing and change. That healing may be more than physical. Spiritual and psychological healing are very much part of my personal journey right now, and change is an essential part of healing. As Leonard Cohen wrote, part of being born again is “born without a skin”. That is a terrifying and painful thing to do. To face the world raw and exposed.

  45. I haven’t remembered a dream in a long time. 2 day a ago I spoke to my best friend of 18 years about something re: a lie I had found out she told me. It was pretty trivial. But we are more soul sisters than friends so the lie was the BIG deal. That night I had a dream (nightmare) so vivid of 3 cobras.
    I was in a room with a woman standing next to me that I couldn’t see but I could feel I knew cause when she said that the snakes would not hurt me when I leaned into them, I trusted her. A cobra came up to me and I was deathly afraid but since I trusted my friend I leaned in. The cobra backed up, reared back wrapped around my wrist and bit my wrist. It didn’t hurt that much and when I looked and my friend she said good you didn’t show fear. Then we went on it happened again and another cobra came at me and this time slid onto my stomach and bit my hip and I realized that she was smirking. I woke up paralyzed in fear as if there was a possibility a snake was on me. Any thoughts?

    1. EspionageCookie

      The snake can represent you fear that your friendship is moving away, because if anything, being “soul sisters,” would mean being more forgiving to each others’ minor mistakes because you’ve already experienced enough loyalty from each other that this is likely nothing major. Even long time friendships can be flawed, and no type of relationship will ever be perfect. People aren’t mind readers, and even if they are, they wouldn’t know about every single memory someone has experienced. There will always be limits in understanding each other, and a slower time period to figure out misunderstandings, but even after 18 years, don’t think you 100% know your friend and your friend 100% understands you. Even just one person is far too complicated and valuable a life to be fully understood in just 18 years.

  46. Snake, Onyare, can speak about healing of body or spirit, which reaches out to me deeply right now, or she can talk of change, that we need to change our skin to be living in the truth. That touches me deeply right now as well. While I was on a Spirit Walk on the Salt River Reserve in Arizona, I fell to the ground on the second day and a very large Rattler crawled across my legs. I don’t know if she was a vision or if she was real, but I was suddenly able to get back to my feet and continue my walk. I was found a few hours later by an Apache walker who gave me shedded snake skin to eat, before I continued on my journey. I don’t know if he was of this world either, since we was dressed in the old Apache way and he spoke no English, yet I seemed to understand him. He had deep knife scars across his chest in the shape of a snake. I had almost forgotten about that walk, and that experience. It was my friend and teacher, Roger who lived on that reserve and who sent me on that journey. I remember. I remember my journey. And I remember you, my friend. And I am finding my way back to Onkwehonwehnéha, the Old Ways.

    1. I saw last night sneak thin in small cabinet in bethroom and I saw and I think not to touch but I put. To covers to him or her and right way im woke up …can you please explain

  47. I had a very vivid dream of seeing a rather large snake laying on the ground a safe distance from me. A little Wren was flying and flitting around it and I became worried for the bird, wondering why it was getting so close to the snake. I could not see the snakes head initially, but after the bird hopped and flitted in the snake so many times (unaware it was a snake), the snake then raised its head and opened its mouth very wide. I could see the bird in the snakes mouth, suspended and about to be devoured.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps it symbolizes that, since the snake represents transformation and the wren represents joy and peace, that if you want your greatest desires, you have to face a lot of difficult struggles, hardships and difficulties if you really want to transform to achieve certain big ambitions. It is okay to go after impossible seeming dreams, but you should not try to go after them with the naïve assumption that everything will be easy and quick to figure out.

  48. I haven’t seen a snake in years. Then I see two in a day. One was a small grass snake. The other a larger snake that I unfortunately ran over in my car. What can it all mean?

  49. Sister snake brings profound personal change and a powerful connection to the earth. She was in my dream last night and has been with me for a while now. Her medicine is change and insight. She is always dangerous, but never to be feared.

  50. I had a dream that I got in my car and as I started driving i noticed a coral snake slide up the door and it stopped right over my head. I was scared but didn’t panic. I pulled the car over and the snake slide away as I got out of the car.

  51. I had a dream where is was in a room and started to walk out. A big black snake stood straight up on the tip of his tail. I was so happy to see it and wanted to go to it, but we had to leave somewhere. Then I woke up.???? Why was I so enlighten by that snake?

  52. I love this site. I’ve been using it for sometime. I always find the interpretations to be valid. Got a question though.

    Today I had to put a beautiful python out of its misery. It had been run over and it’s back was broken and bits of it were lying over the road. I couldn’t drive past it for several reasons. First and foremost, I know this snake. It has lived on my property for years and I’ve had to relocate twice to the back side of my property, as I have a young daughter and a few less chickens. But like I said, we’re buddies, I don’t mind him/her at all. Secondly, I can’t walk past a suffering animal and my morals tell me to finish the job. There was no way it would survive. So my question, what does it mean to kill a snake in waking life, for the greater good? I don’t think it would be bad karma, but I did have to cut off its head, which wasn’t fun. I hope that snake comes back as someone awesome! He/she truly was a dude. About 10 ft long.

  53. I need a help.. If anyone can then please help me from my childhood I have I problem.
    The problem is when I go to bathing I can see a big snake in water
    And it’s comes out of water n sand bisde me while I’m bathing… I know that there is nothing.. Not a snake also but yet I can see it… I tried many time to ignore that imagination but nothing worked
    When I told to my mom she started laughing
    What I sold do for this because that snake in very horrible
    😞😞😞 I’m need of you help.. Please reply to me

    1. Stop fearing yourself. You are who you are. Accept it. Accept who you are and begin to live child. Love yourself.

    2. Yayi is right!! The snake goes through a shedding process as it grows. The shedding occurs because it’s becoming bigger and must shed the skin for regeneration and continued growth. Snake is sending you a message to recognize your growth and shed the old for the new. Remember, as Snake is going through it’s shedding process it is blind as it’s eyes are also skin so be aware of what is around you.

  54. A long time ago my mom told me about a dream she had of a yellow snake and the following day seen my dad (her ex) in a yellow car. Well last night I had a dream of a blue one eyed snake and saw my ex in a blue car! The snake in my dream had bite my friend who was holding my daughter. What could the meaning behind this dream possibly mean?

    1. Dreaming of a snake signifies changes in life. Metaphor for a one-eyed snake is phallic. Do you worry about protecting the innocence of your daughter? What qualities, positive and negative do you regard in your friend? Use those qualities to protect your daughter, and if there are negative qualities then avoid them in your own life to protect her. Children in our dreams can also represent the future. Perhaps you are looking to protect your future from too many changes.

    2. i would say maybe the snake is telling you that the friend holding your child is not to be trusted for some reason.

  55. Sujeetha Ravikumar

    Yesterday in my dream I could feel the snake’s smell in my house and I felt there is a presence of snake in my house. But I did not see the snake. What does this dream represents??. Can you please clear me?

  56. Dear Experts,
    I had a dream last night, a grey color snake on my backbone when I was sitting on my bed then I through it away. It didn’t bite.

    Kindly help me to interpret it.

    Thank you.

    1. I’m no expert, so please take this with a grain of salt. Snakes can mean shedding the past. Perhaps in your waking life, you’ve been advised by the universe to change a perspective that is holding you back. What usually happens is you react in a certain way, the universe may punish you for acting that way by giving you an undesirable outcome, usually in the shape of pain. The fact that the snake was on your back may mean it has something to do with the way you support yourself, i.e. financially, family issues, social or professional situation. The universe may be asking you to change your perspective on these topics. The fact that you through the snake away may mean your missing the opportunity to process a reactive behaviour that isn’t doing yourself any benefit.

      A bit if advice for everyone, including myself. Next time something happens to you that annoys you or gets you angry, causes hatred or fear, or better yet, cause you to treat the situation with aversion, try not to react. Just watch the situation develop. Don’t judge it, just accept it as it happens. When it does happen, understand that it is now in your life and you have the live with it by making changes in yourself to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The universe is constantly testing us to help us evolve. Some who becomes non reactive becomes indestructible. But that does not mean to not take action. It means to not get angry and learn that every moment is new and unique.

      Hope it helps

  57. Okay, I am not going to lie. When I was little, I saw a snake slithering up our front yard. It had a black, yellow and red pattern on it, and I was so totally freaked out and I ran straight home and into the house.

    Also, a couple of neighborhood boys gathered around a snake (I think was dead) lying on the steep driveway of my home, and I decided, out of curiosity, to get a closer look but my mother warned me to stay away from the snake.

    1. Was the red touching the black or the yellow. Because if red touched yellow, you were right to gtfo of there. That was a Coral Snake, a venomous snake that can kill you. If red touched black, then it was a scarlet kingsnake and you were totally fine. Scarlet Kingsnakes mimic Coral Snakes to keep themselves safe from predators

  58. Hello. In my dream last night I saw something covered with black cloth which, looks like a worm and it was moving this was in my childhood house. Then I started shouting at my siblings telling them that they should kill the worm and all of a sudden it came out of the cloth and turned to a big snake with different colors like a cobra and ran towards my direction. Then I woke up.

  59. HI, sometimes when I meditate a snake suddenly appears. I don’t see it physically, but I see it in spirit. One time, a snake as big around as a tire for an 18 wheeler and as long as about 65 feet ‘appeared’ behind my chair. It reached from my butterfly room all the way out into the streets. He was hugh, hugh, hugh. The snakes are usually a rich or muddy brown.
    Any thoughts?

  60. Can anyone help with this dream I had. I had a dream that was quite interesting. The dream reflected A very strange image within it. I saw large snake I believe a rattler snake, That bit me and I think it was in my right arm. As the snake bit me I knew I needed to reach hospital and I tried calling for an air ambulance. I kept believing one was on the way to take me to the hospital. There were different people watching over me but no one was trying to take me to the hospital. I saw the large snake who started talking to me telling me it was part of the brotherhood of the serpent. I was also aware that my arm was sweating something like plasma just up to my biceps and the right arm. I was not afraid. I was also aware that something more was being communicated to me. I was not afraid during this encounter yet it felt as though I was being told something. Or else it could have been that I was being initiated into this brotherhood of the serpent.

  61. Samantha Manning

    Quarter horse for land, sea horse for water, airedale for dog, chicken for bird, mosquito for bug, and now the snake for reptile. Snakes often find themselves in my dreams and I am no stranger to ones (most often non-poisonous ones although I vividly remember walking a trail in California by my mother’s side and getting to hear the rattle of a poisonous rattle snake once) in waking life either. Beautiful black king snakes are not shy about letting themselves be seen in broad day light lying directly across the walking path in the woods that are located near my home. Heck, those non-poisonous big guys are so chill that I remember directly stepping over one and it couldn’t be bothered to do any thing else besides continue to lazily sun bathe. My poor mom was too afraid to go anywhere near it despite the gentle and patient nature the snake clearly possessed. I love snakes just like any other animal. I am only afraid of the ones that are capable of doing real harm, but garter snakes and king snakes are always welcome near my home. :mrgreen: <3

  62. Is it possible that our spirit animal stop guiding and leave? When I was younger I used to dream of snakes a lot and at that time I didn’t know what those dreams meant and I usually killed the snakes in my dream s but after one dream which I saw a lot of snakes were burned I never dreamed of them now I’m afraid it means that they’re no longer guiding me

    1. I don’t think your spirit animal leaves you. Someone I trust in the spirit world said that your animals can change. But chances are, you’ve got a few spirit animals and one animal may be leading the way… I believe this is what is ment by animal totems, a totem poll usually consists of many animals and one base animal. If your interested in finding out what animal is relevant to you now, try this exercise.
      When you’re relaxed and in a quiet place. Ask for help from the divine, universe, God, your angels (whatever you believe in) to cleanse your soul of any negative or confusing energies. Then ask for your spirit animal to come forward and notify of its presence. Over the next few days, take notice of any animals you come into contact with. Take particular notice of any animals doing unusual things like a bird doing a somersault or a lizard falling off the ceiling and landing on your head or a monkey screaming in your ear. This may be a good excuse to go to a zoo. But try not exclude the obvious, like a dog. Also try not to judge an animal. I was dissapointed to discover that my spirit animal was a lizard… Being a man who enjoys construction work. Since I’ve embracced the lizard, I’ve noticed that they talk to me… A lot. Also, a lizard is the great manifestor. It can create anything with a thought. Good luck.

  63. rrj_rabino hi im romeo what if snake i alway were you are, what is the reason,specially on sleeping? i feel i have big snake in my body over my head

    i can see him specially, how can i know if bad snake or good snake?

  64. I’ve always had a special connection with snakes. Ever since i was a little girl I would go outside and look for and pick up snakes.
    Yesterday, the Spring Equinox, a couple of friends and I were walking a nature path and crossing the path was a newborn snake, still slightly pink that’s how new it was. I wished it luck on its journey as my friend fearfully shooed it into the woods with a branch. What an amazing sign

  65. Hi early in the morning at approx 6am I had a dream that a black snake is blocking my way as that was way through field I thought of moving aside and go but found that whole field has been covered by black snakes in a horizontal line and there is no way to pass. I thought of going back and as soon as turned snakes also started going, tried to take pictures on mobile but camera is not clicking pictures please suggest.

    1. I had a very similar dream two nights ago. In my dream, it was like a beach setting and I remember seeing a palm tree near the beach. There were tons of black snakes swiftly slithering across the sand horizontally, traveling from the left of the beach to the right and they were blocking my path to the water. They did not seem menacing at all. It felt as if they did not mean anyone harm. In fact, it was as if they did not notice me. However, I knew they were very venomous and could possibly bite me if they accidentally bumped into me. I’m doing a lot of spiritual cleansing at this time, as it was the first day of a 5-day energy/spirituality program that I am doing to remove unconscious blocks when I had the dream. I’m definitely dealing with aspects of my shadow self or subconscious right now, so it must be working, haha. What has happened since your dream?

  66. So I yesterday I noticed a water maccissin curled up in the corner outside my job door way. I was the only one who noticed it out of all the workers that have been in and out that door all day. I usually an scared of anything but I wasn’t scared just surprised on how this snake got there out of no where. I even got close to it to take a picture and it did nothing but why was I out of everyone all day to see this snake.

    1. The snake was talking to you and no one else. This happens a lot more then people realise. We’re all trapped in our own world most of the time so it’s any wonder we are still alive really. You’ve probably almost stepped on plenty of snakes in your life time but fate would have it another way. The snake is trying to tell you it’s time to let go of something, or change is imminent. It may be your current job or co workers. It might have had something to do with the thought you had just before you saw the snake. Either way, change us usually good, once you get used to it.

  67. Last Night Before I Fell Asleep , I Started Thinking A lot About My Past & About Things That I Wished I Could Have Changed And I Also Thought About All The Mistakes I Made In The Past . I Usually Hold In All My Emotions But Last Night I Just Couldn’t So I Fell Asleep After Crying & When I Fell Asleep I Dreamed About A Snake That Appeared Out Of Nowere & It Started Following Me Around & At First I Didn’t Mind But Then After A While It Just Wouldn’t Leave Me Alone & I Tried Running Away From It & Hiding From It But No matter What The Snake Would Always End Up Finding Me . What Can My Dream Mean ?

    1. That’s the guilt of past your hanging onto.. You need to find away to forgive yourself but more importantly learn to live in the now .. Make decisions based off what you’ve learned ,, what you will feel good about ,,

    2. I agree with Derek. However, I don’t find it easy to forgive my past. I used to carry a lot of shame and guilt and I still carry some. But instead of forgiveness, try accepting your past first. You got to ask yourself, do you want to be perfect, or human? Part of living is making mistakes, millions of mistakes… MILLIONS! It’s how we learn. A baby is dependant on its parents/carers. For that reason, the child will grow to be like the parent, in all their beauties and faults. You must not blame yourself for your attitudes, personalities, decisions, mistakes. We are all products of conditioning, and it is only when we become adults does the real test begin and from there you implement all that we learnt. Unfortunately, a lot of what we learnt is not conducive to healthy living, so the universe reminds us to reconsider our actions. If you resist the message of the universe, you carry pain, saddness, bad luck etc.

      So, try this. Just accept the events that happened in your life. Don’t judge with good or bad. Just accept. This is part of your conditioning. It is your Karma, your destiny, your life path. If you can be in a place of non-judgement and accept it for what it is… You have just accomplished Hurdle 1. As I recently learnt, from someone who carries a lot of anger, shame, judgement, fear, rage…when we become non-reactive to adversity, we don’t internalize the pain. You have regret because you’re carrying you’re judgement to the event that happened. The judgement is causing you pain, not the event. Your friends, family, peers may make you feel judged for actions, but that’s because the judge themselves for their actions and events in their life. When you brake the chain, you libereate yourself from unhappiness. You know how people say, I’m not going to get angry about this. Well, being quietly angry is as bad as being openly angry. You actually have to not get angry at all. Just observe the situation. Don’t react. Just watch it and remember it. Regret means reaction. Fear means reaction. Addiction means reaction. Craving means reaction. Judgement… Etc. If this doesn’t help, try researching Vipassana.

      Good luck

  68. Hi !

    kindly help me with the detailed meaning of my dream which i had seen today in the morning around 5.30 am to 6.30 am.

    I saw one pure white worm on crawling on floor , when I rush to kill it by my sleeper, it ran away speedly . At the very same time I saw pure white (without any spot ) crawling almost at the same place. I threw my sleeper on it . But nothing happened , it simply came out from the sleeper and it started moving on the floor I saw his face with fully opened big eyes and it seems that he was in anger mood ( you can say “naraz” in Hindi ) but he gone without attacking me back . At the very same time I wake up.

    What does this mean can I know please? Do I have to be cautious in any way
    please help me

  69. Hello and thank you for your site that I came across.
    I’ve been interrupted in life by finally drawing, doodling, at age 52, after remembering always loving to do this in school and as a suppressed artist.
    One day in November 2016 I started drawing in a book I happened to have that was blank for years, and my drawings evolved into Snake drawings, abstract, leading me to create my Rune Cards with Snake patterns on them.
    What does this mean that Snake has appeared on my drawings, filling my 1st sketch book with Snake doodles and patterns?

    1. Hi Lisa

      First off congrats on getting to do what your heart has always desired ,, not a lot of us get that 2nd chance to do somthing that we were meant to do .
      The snakes in your case are telling you that this interruption is a good thing for you and it also signifies positive change . The capabilities of the snake to shed old skin and come out anew is part of its message to you . Creating rune cards with the snake patterns also relates to your inner spirit kinda refreshing itself with your artistic ability ,, freeing a part of yourself to express your abilities ,
      I feel that while you were doodling a lot of that time your mind wandered almost like daydreaming,, that tells me that this action of just doodling allowed your head to empty and not be thinking of all the stresses that were going on in your life prior to getting back to what you love ..
      The abstract part of your art speaks to me as freedom and relaxation to not have to have things a certain way just to enjoy things as they come ..
      Again that’s a nice thing to hear that you got to rewind and do this …

  70. I’ve been having these dreams every day now, since i turned 20. It all ends the same way, where I am unable to move and unable to seek help. Each time the devil is disguised in different ways. Last night I had a dream i was at my old elementary school and it was raining and windy and this lady was trying assemble an Easy up ( or a shade structure ). She was having trouble so I decided to help her but something happened and she got mad. There were many little kids around. Suddenly, she dropped to the floor and started slithering around like a snake. Her eyes became pitch black. She started coming towards me and i remember knowing it was a dream and i began to pray but only this time it wasn’t working. So I started fighting back and attempting to wake up. I remember feeling like I couldn’t move and I was struggling to wake up. In my bed I can feel myself kicking. In the dream the snake person was pushing against my chest and i could not move from my torso up. In my sleep I could feel a pressure against my chest. I finally woke up. But every time I force myself out of a dream like that I am afraid something will happen to my body. It feels like I’m ripping away from something. Sometimes I can hear a static or electric sound other times it feels like I am breaking away ice. I’m afraid these attacks will lead to seizures. Each of my dreams always end in an attack and lately I have been struggling to get out because I am paralyzed.

    1. Hi Sierra
      You are in the middle of a spiritual attack , these dreams are dreams but there is an entity that has been trying to get to you for sometime now, I don’t mean to scare you at all with what I sense here but it can be dangerous to an extent of causeinig health issue and eventually it will start to isolate you if it hasn’t already .
      You need to get a cleansing done and further more see someone that may do a reading for you in person I’m not able to do certain things without being in your presence but I can offer you a path that you can follow to heal and remove the dark energy that has attached itself to you . At this time it doesn’t have enough energy to do anything but come in dreams and try and tire you out and just all around make your life miserable .
      The crackling and ice sounds your hearing I’m familure with and it’s a sign of supernatural happenings .
      I would like to talk more to you if your okay with that I will request that The website admin pass you my email address .
      In the meantime seek out local healers and also a physcic and a Wiccan or white witch .. All these are not needed but it more of a backup for you in case you get some fraud in the first choice ..
      Contact me when you can and the best you can do at the moment is stay positive and do not let fear get a hold .. This will only give more energy to this attachment you acquired …
      You’ll be okay don’t panic , there are tons of people with attachments like this I’ve had and have them currently, I just want you to stop all this before it really starts disrupting your life ..
      Keep your head up Sierra..

  71. I was aware that there are snakes in my room.Usually I am scared by snakes but this time, somehow I was feeling just the curiosity to find them and to try to get them out of my room. I never felt the impulse to kill them. I was walking on the top of the object in the room because the snakes were on the floor. I saw the first one, huge white collapsed on the floor, I felt very sad as I felt that it was dead, part of the skin was next to the body that was still having skin, beautiful. And then it was a dark-green and red one also very large but smaller than the white one, who raised its head, not to attack me but to see me, I felt no fear again but I took a book or an empty box and I tried to hit it but I did not put force to hurt, it more like push it back on the floor. He fell down but I knew it got my intention and I knew that now it will let me alone. I knew it was a third one that I think I never saw and I decided that I will let it leave by itself, as I was not feeling threatened but in a sort of was on the contrary a little bit protected..

  72. Had a dream i was in the house i grew up in and in the kitchen with my late grandmother there was a cobra on the kitchen table it lunged and bit my grandmother on the face and then was spastic all over the place and bit me on my hand and then my younger sister tore its face off. Would love to have some insight .thanx

  73. When I was a kid I was living in a house just me and my mom alone and I was extremely scarred of the place because I never slept well in fact I always had bad nightmares and ended up always sleeping on the couch in the living room well one night I awoke from a bad dream and decided to walk down the hall way to get to my moms room to sleep with her and in the hall way it was so dark I couldn’t see anything but I could hear and sense the presence of snakes all around me rattling like they were everywhere I was so scarred and took some steps back and decided to run and jump over them well I got to my moms room and jumped in her bed and I could here them all around the bed extremely loud and I woke her up telling her the snakes were everywhere but I was the only one that could hear them im 27 yrs old and ive been seeking answers to what happened all those years ago and would like some answers. ive also had a dream of a very large strong white bull with huge horns just standing in a glowing light as if posing for me if you could help me with the meaning of this I would appreciate it very much.

    1. I really hope I can get some help with this. Last night I had a dream of a really uge snake like a python. It had a camuflage skin color. I know this the snake had swolload something and was trying to spit it out. When it finally all came out I realized it was my friend. He was wrapped in this thing sort of like what catapilars are wrapped in before becoming a butterfly. The Python slowly disappeared and my friend was still laying there without movement. He looked lifeless. And then all of a sudden he was a live again, he started moving and transforming into a different creature and stood up. I can’t describe what the creature was but I know it had wings…
      And when I woke up.

    2. My brotha, a lot of us are just now waking up to the truth. I believe, from my study’s of religion as well as Wing-Chun. That there are entities that exist within our world that are represented as serpents. They are depicted as wingless snakes, there are also entities that resemble that of Cranes. Ng Mui, Wing Chun’s master. Was a Buddhist Nun who escaped from a great tragedy when the Ching Dynasty struck the Shaolin temple. Only 5 survived, while escaping Ng Mui encountered a snake and crane fighting. Well the fallen or fallen angels are depicted as flaming serpents. The temple was burned down? Then she saw a Snake fighting a crane? See the relation. Then if you think in terms of scripture, there are only 2 female angels ever mentioned in scripture. Both of wich resemble wings of crane . Yet when we meditate on this closer we come to understand that both are indeed reptiles. It is but two sides. Winged and volatile, and wingless or fixed. Yin/Yang, Positive/Negative. If you are having these dreams than you are destined for great things as well as any one out there. It all comes down to who’s listening. The bull in your dreams. I believe that to represent the Taurus constellation. Telling you that you are either a Pleadian being, or you are in direct contact with pleadian beings and Wingless Reptellian race is trying to intimidate you. You know what’s real, and what isn’t. Because you see it. Pay more attention to your spirit guides. When ever you see an unusual animal cross your path, or and an animal in a pact, see how many there are. It could be a trinity meaning holiness in your life, then see what spirit totem it relates with. Also, pay attention to numerology. If certain numbers continue to reoccur in your life such as 4141 on a building at the time of f 11:11 and its the 2nd day you’ve seen 11:11 or it was mentioned in your life some how through some one saying it, a picture of a clock with it. Just you seeing it repetitively means it was meant for you. Look it up, it usually is a representation of you experiencing angelic numbers and that higher enlightened beings are making direct contact through the universe with you. You may being going through the natural stages of kundalini which is actually in relation to the stages of Alchemy and going through the alchemical process in the body spiritually and physically. Just now while typing this, I just received a txt msg at 10:22, so there being 22 a master number and the number of my numerology in relation to my name as well as the example about 11:11 earlier equals 22 also.

  74. I had a dream that I was in a restaurant with my 2 sons. Our waitess was very kind and nice and worked diligently to serve us properly. Soon after we ordered a man appeared and asked me if i could step in the back for a moment. I followed him into the back where my waitress and another waitress were seated..there was a window in the room that allowed me to see my boys. The man explained they believed a snake was in the building biting people. confused yet curious i asked what makes him think that he showed me my waitess arm that had what he described as a snake bite on it. The bite was filled with puss and had a black crown. The man was confident he could remove the venom from the waitresses & asked if he could check me for bite marks… i looked at my boys who were sitting and playing and i reached out my arms. the man took his hand up my right arm and as he reached my neck he said ma’am there’s a snake coming out your neck and biting you with his fangs….i said huh what then he escorted me to a room by myself and i woke up….in the dream i never saw or felt a bite wiggle or any pain. Any thoughts on what this means..

  75. I had a dream that a snake was being sacrificed. the scene looked like it took before the rome days and we were in a village home on a sacrificial table . and as it was being sacrificed a woman was talking and she was saying how snakes are often sacrificed for the greater good something like that . and as she was talking I was getting flashbacks of how before the time that my dream took place years before that time frame those flashbacks were cut opened dead snakes and how they were sacrificed it kept going back and forth from the flashback and the time zonemy dream took place . what does that mean ? ❓

  76. Hey I saw a dream where two men were forcefully showing me dead snake they usually catch snakes chop them into small pieces and for some reason they were forecefully seelling it to me sort of like they wanted me to eat it

  77. So i was womdering if someone can help me because my story may seem a little weird but im looking for answers. I been having alot of dreams that come true, they are mostly of my ex. But one dream i cant seem to understand. My ex was on his knees crying to another woman and there was two snakes, one was dead n the other one was trying to eat it, then there was lizard n it was chasing smaller lizard n ate it n then i was feeding a sick dog with no eyes n nose.

    1. It seems very indicative of symbols. You ex weeping on his knees at the feet of a woman could symbolize a few things (the senses I’m getting while reading your description): 1. that he fears intimacy/commitment/closeness or distrusts women in general (ie classic Freudian “mommy issues”); 2. that he fears being weaker than the feminine or that he fears embracing some feminine energy within himself; 3. or it could mean that he’s come to realize the power in the Feminine Divine, and he weeps in the glory of it.

      The vision of snake devouring snake could symbolize the depth of this latter change, as my ancestors associated the snake to feminine sexuality and divinity/goddess. Definite primal emotional symbols here in your dream. Snake devouring snake is change. Transmutational change. Either the living eating snake is a positive sign for the devouring and destruction of old and unhealthy ways, or it’s a negative sign that there is still something unhealthy that continues ravaging the good. And the lizard would seem to me to be another symbol for the depth of whatever it is that is looming large in your path forward.

      I’m sorry I didn’t find this sooner, because your dream is quite interesting from a seer’s standpoint 😉 hope this helps a little.

  78. 19 November 2016 Sunday nite I went into my back yard to get the mop, my daughter messed with the juice on the floor, as I took the mop out came in turned around to close kitchen door, the snake was laying right there, my husband killed it, what does it mean. This was no dream.

  79. Hello I am conducting a paranormal investigation in a home tomorrow. A woman was seen in the window while no one was inside. In my dream I was outside of the house and when I looked up I saw a Very long thick snake slithering along the edge of the home then enter into an open air duct on the roof top. Please interpret your feelings or thoughts or meaning. Thank you
    PS 🙁 . Snake was white

  80. Jose Pedro Villablanca

    Today in the day of my birthday (27/10/2016) I had a vivid dream:

    I go in to my mother´s room and there is a Huge White Snake that springs between my feet and races towards the sea. It goes into it. I am very afraid, and believe me gentlemen, I am an active lucid dreamer so Im almost never afraid in a dream. But this was different, this snake has some quality to it (apart from being almost a km long) that scares the shit out of me. My sister walks in the edge of the ocean and I am very afraid for her. The snakes appears a couple of times, very menacing and gentle, and doesnt attack us.

    1. Hello Jose,

      I do dream interpretations, which I’ll take a simple stab at your dream regarding the kilometer long white snake.

      The white snake here can seem to represent an opportunity that you have taken for granted. You’ve had plenty of time to harness it as in its kilometer length, but for one reason or another you’ve been stand offish. As the snake returns back into the origin of whence it came as an opportunity as the great beyond. In this case, it’s the ocean. In regards to your sister standing at the edge of the ocean. You’re intimidated by her own efforts, perhaps she has had better luck in how she’s handled herself?

      The opportunity as the white snake doesn’t attack since it was benign although it looked quite uber. The color white here could have meant a beneficial opportunity that would’ve helped you if you had seized it.

      I hope the dream interpretation was of some help for you, and a belated happy birthday to you.

  81. dreamt of a white snake, which was slightly huge and lengthy, it swam in a flood water chasing my mom ( who passed several years back ) the water was above our knee level and I tried rescuing my mom from the white snake, it swam too fast I tried distracting but it almost reached us, I tried pulling mom but due to the water level we couldn’t increase our speed, wanted to save mom,,

  82. I am unsure if the snake is my animal totem, but I’ve always been attracted to snakes. I’ve never really been really interested but I’ve always felt some connection. I remember having atleast 3 dreams of snake, all connected to the same incident. I remember when I was transitioning to a new school, elementary to junior high, I was nervous because it was such a big change. And the very night before the first day of school, I had a dream of hearing a snake. In my dream I tried looking for it but when I found it, it bit me. Then one night had a dream of a snake actually biting me, but around that time, I was depressed and had many anxieties because I was always bullied at school, so I was so scared. I actually wanted to kill myself at the time. But one day, I realized that I couldn’t die, I have the greatest parents and siblings I could ever ask for, even if my little brother may annoy me sometimes. i still really love him and my sister. So I couldn’t kill myself I had to keep on living.

    Soon after, I spoke about it with my mother and things started to go off after that. I was still sad and I still had anxieties but I couldn’t die. Then I had another dream of the snake but it was different because I was the snake in the dream and I was shedding. It was amazing because soon after, when my mom changed my school again I became more happy. Until this very year I’m 13 and I took a really deep interest in philosophy and I’m a gifted artist because of my father. My role models are Siddhartha (Buddha), Lao Tzu, and my Father. My dream is to some day become enlightened, to explore the world while still improving on my artisan path, and to do so expressing myself to the fullest while still following my heart. I also have alot of traits of the snake totem and I actually love change, i don’t fear it, I always accept it and I love it.

    I really love reading and drawing, but everything about the snake totem is incredibly alike to me. I also do respect nature because I am born from the earth and I follow my indigenous beliefs.

    1. I may need to revise that. Typing on my phone can be quite difficult at times, I am not fully aware if it is called “power animal” or “animal totem.” But I still ask for an opinion if so.

    2. I also forgot to state that I am alway changing, may it be emotionally or intellectually, I am always open to change.

    3. I’m going to say something crazy. My son passed away Oct 5th. I saw a snake eating a rat today. Could that be something Spiritual like him trying to give me a message. Sounds weird but someone said it could be his way of tal king to me.

    4. Absolutely it could. There are many ways loved ones “contact” us from beyond this realm. Trust your feelings. If you think it was a message it was. Don’t worry about sharing it with anyone of having anyone “agree” with your interpretation. Prayers for your continued strength during this time. Peace, love and light.

    5. Im hoping you can tell me what this means i had a dream my son was in a playpen and a snake came up and bit him and i grabbed the snake and in return it bit me … But i dreamed of 3 different snakes in the smae dream that all came into his playpen shortly after of which i grabbed all 3 and all 3 bit me particular was black with beige on his back with an almost arrow pointed head. And flat and almost seemed poisoiness but as i looked at my arm where i was bitten theyre were only 1 bite mark. But the fisrt snake was hard to pull off and scary and then the second Nd third were easy. But for some damn reason they were comming out of the fireplace and into his playpen through a hole and. I AM TERRIFIED OF SNAKES

  83. my sister in law keeps seing cotton mouth snakes at her door an 1 live 1 in her bed whats it mean its a poison is snake

  84. Last night, around 3 am in the morning, as the rain poured heavily, I was having a cigarette by the balcony of our house when I saw a huge snake (about 3meters long), with camouflage similar to a reticulated python, come out of the bushes and cross our driveway(from the right side to the left) and climb on to our viny-leafy plant box. It was a 5 minute event and I feel lucky to have witnessed it. :mrgreen:

  85. Hi, I came here because of this assignment and now I’m interested in all of this! I have lately been reflecting my childhood and realized that out of dogs and cats, I have also been ‘visited’ by snakes. Snakes always enter at night nearly almost before or after I brush my teeth. Growing up, I had this fascination for snakes, cats, dogs and foxes, with imaginary friends that all hold traits I associated them with. I mostly was fascinated by snakes and cats. Is it possible for a person to have different spirit animals? I remember learning about snakes being considered friends in my country during the Precolonial times.

  86. Hello my name is Philip from Ghana Accra i live with my wife and two daughters 2 years and one month old girl this evening return back from town with my wife and my daughter the 2 years one my mother in law stay home with the one month old one and i please the bell and and she came to open the gate for me and i drive in and my daughter was asleep so i carry her to the hall put her on the sofa and come out to close the gate and out off the car engine and lock it and went in after changing my address i remember i left my phone charger in the car i came home with so i pick that key to go out to pick the charger as open the main door to step out i saw big black cobra in front of my door looking at me and am looking at it so it run into my car under but i did not move i keep standing looking at it and it come back to my direction and i called my wife to get me stake from the kitchen and there is black big cobra in the compound when i said that it quickly run and get it head under my small house gate and went away honestly am in shock to see such a big cobra in big city estate Regimanuel gary estate i feel there is more then just snake please help me and am in fear and it strange to see such a big snake in my house in gated estate with 24 hours security service

  87. Wow I’ve been going thru a lot of changes in my life recently and as I was driving to my sisters house today a big cottonmouth crossed the road I got out my car and took pictures of it. I really didn’t think much of it then my sister text me later that night and told me I should look up the meaning of the snake crossing my path and oh my god this was spot on to whats going on in my life right now. It’s amazing how things happen like this in life I am soo amazed right now

    1. PLEASE HELP!!!! I take paxil and I quit sugar over three weeks ago and have been feeling very depressed. I decided to go out and photograph birds at the delta and a sea snake(I live on the Black Sea) came so close to me peeked his head out and looked around right at me he didn’t lunge and wasn’t aggressive just curious. I know part of his message was to warn me that there are venomous sea snakes in the area-a friendly warning but I also think it was to remind me that Nature the Spirit of Nature is love and I can continue to look there for it. I have really been feeling awful and I see this as a hopeful sign anything you can add will be greatly appreciated.:)

  88. So I just had awakened from my sleep startled because I dreamt my fiancé, my mom and I were approaching or porch to go inside or porch was surrounded full of gray&black rattlesnakes they all slithered away as we stood their calmly. All but one. While I was going in one direction it was slithering in the other direction when it suddenly stopped popped up to stand at the height of my waist and then bit me. I tried to grab its head before its fangs could bury into my skin but it was like I was paralyzed or to weak to do anything. This is when I then woke up .

  89. Last night I drempt that a snake was chewing the underside of the arch of my foot and then it went inside me and laid eggs. She then wriggled out of my foot. Green snake. Small. I had no fear, felt like a massage.

    What do you make of this? (For me snakes symbolize wisdom but this has me at a loss)

    1. I’m no expert on these things, but it says that Snake is associated with fertility. If you are female, it might mean you are expecting a baby? Just my thoughts

  90. Last night I saw myself in my grandmother’s old house where I used to spend summer vacations. Through a window I saw several black cobras in a puddle of water. All had their heads up. Initially I couldn’t understand what they were as it was quite dark until one of them got out of the water. I also saw my late sister in the dream who committed suicide three years ago, but then I see her a lot usually.
    Things have been difficult in the family for a while, my mother recently had an accident, my brother had a financial loss and I lost several important documents which hinder my travel back home to see my mother.

  91. Ive had multiple dreams of being swallowed whole by snakes but it never feels like a nightmare. In one i willingly fed myself to it. Weird!

  92. I had a dream just before waking that I was in my little herb garden (there are rocks around it and I’m the only one who plants there) when a snake popped out and startled me. It was black, slithered past me on the right hand side with no harm. I woke up suddenly but wasn’t afraid. Any insight? What has been going on is trying to figure out a way out of a situation I feel trapped in. I came up with a solution that made logical sense but I felt sick each time I contemplated moving forward with it. Could it be related to that? Or something else?

  93. I’m not really sure what’s going on. I can’t find anything on this. Please help. A few months ago a dead snake was deliberately placed in my mailbox what does that mean? And now I’m seeing frogs in my apartment I’m on a second story I see and hear them a lot!!!!!!! Help please

  94. Good day ,

    I want to know what is happening to me. I’m not afraid of snake and I’m not afraid to die but I don’t want to die. Lately, I’m having a feeling of snake wrapped around my foot and leg especially when i turned off the lights in my room. I’m having a hard time to sleep because i feel there are snakes around me so i checked my bed and room again and again. I didn’t see real snakes in years and I actually not afraid of them. I’m just uncomfortable because of having a feeling that there are snakes around me. I asked google but i find nothing. Can you please tell me why i am having this feeling and why snakes? I hope you can help me and I really appreciate it. Thank you

    1. There are many things snake can symbolize. In your case it seems to me that you are being warned of people who are around you that do not have your best interest at heart. It is quite likely that you have been picking up on this very thing for some time but are not paying attention to your feelings.

  95. The dream I had last night was so vivid I am now into my day and I can’t shake it. I was walking under a tree and something fell on my back left shoulder. I went to grab it and it was a bright light green snake. It coiled around my left hand and bit my pointer finger. I was frightened and I took my right hand and tried to pinch it’s head to release it. There was some random man that helped me and the snake went to the ground and slithered off. I can’t shake this. Can you please help? Thank you.

    1. Your dream says to me that you are about to go through some significant changes, they have probably already begun seeing as how your post is a few weeks old. The coloring of the snake suggests that is a healing energy, but change for most people can be painful. I would guess that you have a strong intellect and that you are happier when things can be rationally explained ; so the snake would be waking you up to the feeling/sensory and intuitive side of yourself. The man is likely your guide in this process and may very well be an aspect of yourself.

  96. Today While going to office in auto rickshaw, cobra snake passed in front from left to right side. Driver was telling he was not sure If I hit snake, but it moved.
    Please suggest if it is good or bad? if so what is the remedies we have to do?

  97. Hi my stepdad was sleepwalking th other night would of been 3am the next day he drove two hours down to brisbane and returned with a snake what does it spiritually mean

  98. I’ve seen a dead snake in the road for the second time. Please help me I feel like my guides are trying to tell me something I don’t understand. 😐 😥 ❓ ❓

    1. Consider the possibility that you have come to a standstill in your spiritual growth. Perhaps you have allowed yourself to become overly focused on the difficulties of day to day life and have closed yourself down?

  99. My dear sweet aunt recently completed her journey to heaven. She and I shared the fear of snakes. When we were leaving the hospital, we saw a dead snake in the middle of the parking, centered between our 4 cars. This parking lot was under the hospital made of nothing but concrete and blacktop. There was no earthly reason for that snake to be where it was. I am trying to find the meaning of this snake appearing out of nowhere upon my aunt’s completed journey to heaven. Can somebody explain this to me, or am I just crazy thinking that it has any spiritual meaning at all?

  100. I had a dream about 3 snakes. I was squeezing something out of my face that I thought was a blackhead well as I squeezed, it slithered out and fell on the counter. I did the same thing in another part of my face. When I looked down….I noticed it was 2 black snakes on the counter curled up. The third snake came from my chest…I was trying to pull it out but it wouldn’t come and I pulled harder and harder until I finally pulled it free and it was a red snake…it curled up next to the other two and I look down over them in total shock and I woke up. What does this mean?

  101. Holly Schroeder

    I had a dream i was floating in a small boat filled with water. Curled on my stomach was a Beautiful silver snake(i’m scared of snakes) I told the person rowing the boat not to worry-it meant no harm. Then i floated out of the boat and the snake swam off. The whole dream felt peaceful. Now i have a small garter snake in my laundry room-trying to get it to go back outside. Could this mean anything?

    1. Keep in mind, this is just my interpretation. You could feel something different is true, that’s the thing with dreams.

      Water is the symbol of emotion. Your vessel is overflowing and you’re floating away in it. Snake is a teacher, he could be there to help you understand and learn how to deal with emotional overflow. Since he was laying on your stomach, look into the chakra system and what that area represents. And chances are, YOU were the person rowing the boat, as well.
      I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of kundalini, but it is represented by a silver snake, coiled at the base of your spine. Kundalini is the energy of your untapped potential.
      The snake in your laundry room was probably there to remind you to keep in touch.

  102. I had the best nights sleep, got my coffee and was going outside. A black snake fell on my head. It was on top of my back screen door. I thought my husband threw a rubber snake at me. I noticed he wasn’t in the yard & when I looked down it slithered away. I wasn’t scared at the time, but can’t quit thinking about it.

  103. I came home from work last night, (power went out). I’m in the medical field.I went into my bathroom, saw a speckled king snake. I calmly took care of it. It’s been really crazy in my life with work, my daughter, just life in general. What significance could this have?? My wife believes it’s a sign that transformation is ahead. I’ve been praying for that too. Any thoughts would be helpful. I wasn’t scared, I was calm. Thank you. 😐 😐

    1. King snake is good-omen + good-spirit.

      No evil spirit can get king-snake to be its bearer, ttbomk.
      ( Spirits of the Earth, by Bobby Lake-Thom )

      Probably nature communicating to you to kill some potential-whole-life-sickness that is now in embryo stage…

      ( are you setting in place work-life imbalance,
      establishing the basis for a great illness-career later? )

      try switching out tv & switching in
      Richard Freeman yoga dvds &
      Dr. David Frawley’s “Ayurvedic Healing”
      and “Yoga for YOUR Type”…

      It IS significant,
      and you are the one who will have to either know & act suficiently, or pay the life-price for indulging in ignorance,
      same as with any of us.
      ( life is for real! )


  104. I keep having this same dream over and over ,it’s about my dead put bull she died four years ago she’s on a chain in the dream she is skin and bones her eyes are black and she’s growling at me and there are several snakes all curled up together they have white belly’s and dark green on the top side and there are four other snakes around her ,and it is all in my back yard that I had as a kid what could this mean?

  105. I keep having the same snake dream night after night. There are snakes in a house I live in. They are under rugs and a couple on the ceiling. I am making people aware of them, but I don’t get a sense of fear from them. Most I see are green or orange. A man is finding them and killing them. chopping off their heads and bodies. I feel very sad for the snakes in my dreams. I can’t stop having this dream, please tell me what it could mean.

    1. It could mean that there are people in your life or dangerous situations that you are informed about and/or just don’t feel threatened by because you recognize them as they are and you then know how to tread comfortably (because they are in your house and you don’t seem to mind them). You feel sad when the guy kills them maybe because you recognize the loss of people and things in your life that you’ve been so used to and are going to miss. The guy is simply handling the “snakes” how other people may be telling you to do. Are there people or things in your life that people have been telling you to cut off or get rid of?

  106. I often dream of Rattlesnakes. They never threaten me, just let me know they are there. It is the animal that most frequents my dreams. Living in the desert, I often om filled with the smell of the snake, although I rarely cross one. Maybe it is the snake letting me know it is close by watching me. I love my snakes. I know I am protected when they are around. The last time I crossed one, it let me know I was not welcome in the area. I soon found out why. After slowly moving away from the snake, I made a large semi circle around the wash. Inside the wash I noticed a large hive of African hybrid honey bees. That snake kept me from walking into the bees territory. Thank you snake. I love you so much, and cannot wait to visit with you in the dream realm soon.

  107. I had a dream of a dead snake and I was walking home with an enemy and someone I thought was my best friend but funny enough I was not scared in my dream I was running but laughing at the same time but I couldn’t see the snakes head

  108. Hello. I had a dream of a rather fat, yellow jacket wasp, with intention to sting. It broke into my snakes cage and stung it several times. The wasp finally escaped leaving my snake in critical condition. Through out my dream, we’re doing everything we can to save it, in the end, she surivived. I have an ability to sense when I am dreaming and can sometimes control where the dream goes. I can’t seem to find an explanation for the insect attacking my snake. Helpp.

  109. Had a very intense dream filled with snakes last night. I am an aficionado of snakes, and not afraid. This a.m, as my children and I are going down the stairs to our car for school, an enormous black rat snake was twisted around one of the stairs. My son just passed it and said Good a.m. mr. Snake and kept right on going. He will still there upon my return and I took many photos of him close up. We were at peace with each other. I am going through the absolute worst time in my life, and on the verge of homelessness, due to my health disability. What, if anything could the constant appearance of the snake signify in my life?

    1. Im not entirely sure but i believe it is a good sign. I wish you good luck. Your story touched me because i have been homeless with children and it is so hard. I send love your way.

    2. Brandi Jeffries

      Snakes are supposed to symbolize good luck and fortune, I see them frequently when I am out training for my upcoming Ironman.

    3. snakes can be a sign of much protective, raw, natural force-like energy if you are worthy or wise/evolved enough of recognising it. the energy of the elementals and the earth, beyond societal norms or false powers. it’s regenerative, healing, transformative and blessing. I think snake medicine only comes to those who can handle it with respect, it’s a pure healing energy with tremendous stamina and preverance. I think you and your family was honoured by the snake visiting you.

      I had a very vivid dream about a snake, don’t feel like telling about it on this page but it was interesting. around that time I was also sun-bathing ( I live in a cold climate) for real for the first time in a long while, and it was such a strange feeling as if I was literally soaking up healing and blessing energy (apart from the obvious that it generally feels nice to be sunbathing, this was something else) like my body needed it like never before, I almost unconsciously almost fell asleep, I have seldom felt so completely relaxed and warm from the inside to the outside, pulsating with lovely vibrations and tingling caressing sunrays, I felt it was good for me and had to lay there for almost 2 hours and they went by very fast. It was very exhilirating. I am aware this sounds like a regular sunbathing experience and it might just have been that, but I just think it correlates well with snake medicine symbolism on this page, since snakes has to lay in the sun and feed on sunrays to keep their body heat and their body systems intact, in contrast to other animals who produces their own heat. I had a moment like that.

    4. and with that I meant that you cannot always be your own everything, you sometimes have to let go and trust the environment before yourself or something.

  110. Several years ago my husband killed his self. On the day he killed his self i was serching through boxesin my shed. An i came across a snake in rite in front of me where i was serching. Just minutes later i was informed of my husbands death. An just a few days ago i incountered a snake at my front door. An in the same night of my incounter i was informed that my ex husband was killed in a wreck that night. What is the meaning of these incounters on the days of their deaths?

  111. Last week my husband and I saw snake in front of house and we watched him passing and going towards our neigbour’s house so we knocked their door. The man came out with shovel and just killed the snake before we say anything or think anything else. I felt help less and shocked how could he do that in one moment without thinking. I don’t know if snake was poisonous or not or it could be just harmless gopher snake but my heart is not at peace. I love Mother Nature and feel very hurt when any creature gets cruelty. Please help me understand what and why I faced this situation and its. Significance in my life? May lord shiva give the passed alway snake his needed liberation and forgive any one for their non intentional deeds.

    1. Not to worry. It was liberation time for the snake through you and your husband. Pray to the lord and ask for his blessings. If possible help a local animal shelter either by donating time/money.

  112. Hi I had a Dream last night about a big Snake in my backyard in the Garden and my dog stood on It and woke it up and then it moved to near the clothes line near my mums legs she didn’t move then came towards me but in went inside away from it and then it was flat out up over fence into our neighbours house when we looked over there it was in the garden and there was 2 Red belly black snakes in their but they didn’t move then I told the neighbour about the snakes and showed her where they were and the next thing I know is the big one had come back over the fence and was down beside our house and then I woke up so could you tell me what you think this Dream Means please


    1. it could mean that you healed yourself through the venom of the snake you were afraid of- you have integrated the negative associations you have of the snake ( the shadow) and turned it into something positive and healing, the good side of snake medicine 😛

  114. I once dreamt of a green colored Python on a tree near the garage(at my grandfather’s place) being swallowed by a black snake that was even bigger in on swift swoop.

    Can you tell me what the dream meant ?

  115. phillyfoodstar

    Driving on 81 S from philly to s. Carolina. Just getting back on the highway after a short pit stop. Noticed a very large hawk spread it’s wings on the side of the road and take off quickly into flight and then noticed she had a large snake in her talons. I was drving, my husband the passenger and we both watched as she rose from the ground heading directly over us, but then lost her lift and came crashing down into the passengers side of the windshield, dropping the snake and then landing in the left lane on the highway. I could see her in my Sideview mirror. Still standing and shaking it off. Meanwhile, the snake had been lodged between the door frame and passengers mirror but uncertain if it was alive. We drove aways to where we could par and carefully removed the snake. It was injured but alive.

  116. I found a young snake, while doing my farm chores, which appeared to be an albino Garter snake. Is there any deeper significance to this other than your general outline on crossing paths with a snake?
    I do not dream of animals, reptiles or birds very often, except when i choose to. I am, however, involved very deeply with many varieties of animals, both domestic and wild, as well as birds and reptiles. How does one know what their “totem” is? For all of the animals that have touched my life, i do see a great deal of synchronicity with myself or others within my circle with your analysis of each animal I have looked at on your list which I deem to be relative to me. Your inspiration and intuition are very accurate! Thank you so much!

  117. I was dreaming of a forest. I was walking through it to nowhere in particular when I felt something crawling on my foot. It was a caterpillar. I was so intrigued that I watched and followed the caterpillar to see where it was going. On the path were more caterpillars either curled like snakes and resting or eating and crawling around. That’s when I noticed baby snakes intermingled with the caterpillars. This scared me because I was afraid they would bite me. I was in flip flops so I hurried down the path only to be met by large pythons of many colors. I tip toed around them but slipped in front of one. I screamed, in fear of being struck but it just looked at me. My dad came first to my aid with a shovel and beheaded the curious snake. Then more people arrived to help. We all took shovels and started killing them. They just laid there and looked at us with curious and sad expressions. I started feeling sick and upset about this. It felt wrong but my dad said it had to be done. Then, in my eyes they looked like sad pit bulls. I’ve always had a thing for pit bulls because they can be sweet and gentle just very misunderstood. And to me it looked like my friends and family were killing pit bulls with shovels. Then I woke up. I don’t understand what this means. I’ve never dreamed of snakes before. Haven’t seen anything about snakes or anything. Another thing I noticed was there were no snake eggs and there were no butterflies. It was like the caterpillars were turning into snakes.. I don’t understand. So confused. What does this mean?

  118. Hi All,
    I had a dream this morning sister-in-law was fighting a snake and it bit her. I got the snake and cut it head of but it kept growing back, so I tried cutting it up in pieces.
    The last thing I remembered was telling my sister-in-law to start a fire to burn it. And then I woke up..What does this mean.

  119. I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant. I was outside in the dream. When I felt pain and so I lied down on the ground to give birth and two snakes came out. I think they were pythons or something. What does this mean? (Weird dream, I know.)

  120. Can you help me? I was praying and I saw a white snake in the ceiling, as if it was paved there and it opened an eye at me. What does that mean. What’s the interpretation of this meaning? 😆 ❓

  121. i had a dream last night that I was in my bathroom and this snake appeared from the drain. as I tried to scare it away it entered my body through my mouth. I knew it was bad so I tried to throw it up in the toilet. but once it came close to coming out it went deeper. I started to feel dizzy and even felt overcome by demonic entities. and so I tried again to throw it up but than I blacked out and woke up. what does this mean?

  122. I saw a king cobra snake a few nights ago, in a dream. I didn’t approach it, I just thought…what the heck? That’s a king cobra!?! And then woke up. Last night, I had another dream. My two youngest boys were at a small hotel, with grass just outside the front door. They were playing and alerted me to a snake and began to run away. I saw a snake in the grass and approached it, when I did, it’s neck flared and I realized it’s a king cobra. It lunged at me and I grabbed it just behind the neck. It squirmed and whipped around. Then fell to the ground. It then lunged at me again, this time I kicks at it and it’s top left fang went into my shoe, just missing my toe. So I was not technically bit. I remember thinking, my kids are safe, but how do I get this angry snake out of my shoe!! I woke up at that point.

    1. There was also a police officer close by, but I couldn’t get his attention, I feel like I couldn’t yell out Lou enough for him to hear me.

  123. My dad recently passed away and I was out of the country. I returned home to be able to attend his funeral. For the last two nights I have dreamt about living in a house with my boyfriend and his best friends live next door, we are surrounded by fields and when I go to leave, I am alone and there are hundreds of rattle snakes sitting upright with their tails rattling and all around the kerb areas are lots of baby red razor snakes. I get the vacuum cleaner out to suck up the baby snakes so I can leave the house, whilst I do this the rattle snakes just watch me……… what does this mean???

  124. Since I was a child, I am dreaming with snakes and very often.
    I want to know why? i am tired dreaming with snake in my whole life !!!

  125. I dreamed one dream but broken into two phases – in the first gypsy women were passing a cobra around and came to me with it last. the cobra was affectionately passing over my had and I could feel the snakes affection for me – in the second part an aunt gave me a blue and red thin snake which I was washing – I wondered if it was alive or hibernating as it was col but seemed alive – I was a little cautious with this one in case it bit me…. would you interpret please? I generally am fascinated by snakes and I handle them without ever having been bitten so far

  126. Hello ! I had a very weird dream – early morning
    I was at some place where the floors were whitish and I was with my little cousins. I personally like snakes and I don’t freak out. But in my dream I see a white snake… That moves around corners and close to us , never attacking (I feel) . I am afraid (maybe for my cousins) and try to hit it.. it keeps escaping. Suddenly a very very large lizard animal comes in and bites it. But the snake doesn’t die… It continues to slither and coil. Everyone else has a little trouble seeing it as it’s on white background.
    That’s it .

  127. last night I had a vivid dream that a bright-green and bright-yellow snake was coming out of the drain in the kitchen. I knew others would be afraid of it. I took something and pushed it back into the drain, telling it that life in the pipes would be better for it. But I knew I didn’t want it loose in the house. I told no one about it.
    Today, as I meditated, I became very aware of my destructive diet and my acidic cravings. I let the snake out of the drain and it jumped down my mouth and throughout my digestive system. I thought it might be healing my malfunctioning system. But, after a while, it coiled and hurt me. Finally it left through my mouth to return to the drain.

  128. Hi All,

    I was on the beach today,eyes closed and listening to music. I had a sense to look up and a fisherman was waving at me, so I took off my headphones and very close to me was a long snake ( black & white stripes), that had emerged from the sea. It turns out that it’s a poisonous one and not often seen, hence the fisherman was scared. I was too! This experience shook me up? Any advice on the meaning of poisonous sea snakes- would be welcomed?



  129. I was bitten yesterday on my run by a non venomous snake. I love the message it is bringing. It is spot on for what is happening in my life. I love when spirit animals appear in my life.

  130. I feel spirit snake around my legs and feet I do not see them I only feel them. Can anyone say what it means as at night it is still with me lying by my feet.

  131. Hi,
    I dreamt that a black snake( with not so prominent skin pattern) are sitting together with my cat. (like nothing to be afraid of)
    I was shouting and calling anxiously to get her away from the snake but she just not moving!
    I keep and shouting and shouts to my brother too for help, he came with an axe , but just stand there blurly/hesitatantly on what to do.
    I took the axe and chopped the snake head off. Check on the snake and even put my hand whole hand in it to search for my cat but cldnt find her huhuuuhu 🙁 😥
    Maybe at the time when Im not looking(while busy shouting) the snake swallowed my cat cause i dint see her. Im not sure/ remember if I see the snake actually swallowed the cat.

    Please help- i felt so disturbed by this. Im so worried bout my cat. 🙁

  132. Hi,i always dream about snakes. Almost every month. Last night i dreamt a long brown skinny snake chasing me as i tried to run away from it. It’s always like that.

  133. In my neighborhood, there was a beheaded snake left to lie in the middle of the road. I was not able to move it myself at the time, but came back to move it to the shaded grass later. After a long walk to reach it, I found it already moved out of harms way. The only thing left for me to do was to move it’s severed head back to where the neck was, and I did.
    But for a world where hitting animals or animal carcasses is a sport, who took the time out of their lives to move it? Who cared enough for the dignity of the creature’s spirit to actually take action that they didn’t need to? I don’t know, but I pray that the Snake’s spirit recognized the good will of that person and will bless them in some way.
    Either way, it is good to know that I am not the only one who cared enough to see what needed to be done.

  134. I had been throwing up for about three weeks straight. It was so bad that it could have been life threatening. It started after I met this guy, and I started seeing serpents everywhere. I would have dreams about absolute monarchies along with assassinations of important people. It was not until April 23, 2015 after weeks of being sick, I semi-awoke to the whisper in my ear stating: let all the many sins done on to you be forgiven. for the first time in my life I was relieved of sickness. I somehow noticed that there was a “s” symbol on my leg where a previous dog attack scar was. I always was a person who read people and was always condemned for it. The problem is I do not know what is going on and I would like to know what happened to me.

  135. I had a dream that my son came running in saying snake snake which I quickly ran too all I saw was a grey long snake which was slithering slowly under the sofa I was stood on I never saw its head just the body and end of it I was just wondering how you would inturperet that?

  136. I’ve been having some visions from my meditations in the last couple of weeks. But the most prominent ones were the snake… a cobra, always appears before me the minute I closed my eyes. It would watch me peacefully about five feet away. I went to a naturally reservation park to do my four miles walk. As I was driving to the park, I’d kept getting vision of the cobra. Once I got to the park, something directs me to a certain path toward a bench that I would never thought of going to nor sit in. But I went anyways and from there, I did my stretches. As I stretched and bent down, I saw a snake skin shed with tan and light brown color. Unconsciously I picked it up, folded it, and placed inside the pocket of my hoodie jacket. As I did my fast walk I kept seeing an image of the this tan and light brown snake that sits itself about five feet tall looking at me from a distance waiting for me to approach it. It kept reappearing itself off and on but always stayed at a distance, about three times. Then finally before I finished up my walk, I was greeted by the same image of the black cobra that was the same height as I am, five feet tall. It kept reappearing for about three to four times while I was driving home. What does this all mean?

  137. i had dream in which the snake is in our home and we tried to feed that but it was a rat then again we saw snake my mother tried to feed that but injured my mother and my fathers sister who came to see us) in their eyes and my father killed the snake. im very much confused and scared plz give me reply about this dream.. 🙁

  138. Leslie Williams

    My dream involved me being in a strange backyard they had a whole lot of swampy area long tureign full of water and idea crossed over one and I heard talking then I’ll begin to hear a rattle which let me know there was a snake nearby but it didn’t take that second until the snake head out of the water and said she’s over here this time I’m thinking there’s more than one ok thanks more than once so then I went ahead and I wanted to backtrack but I couldn’t find myself to go back I had to keep going forward, there were alot of python sized snakes talking to each othrr. The one that bit me was anaconda size I mean if it stood up completely it would be the size of the trunk of a tree then I am when the head moves forward I encountered about for them as I went and I knew that I was going to be a bitch I knew it I just knew I was going to be it and sure enough talk two things of a very big one the one that was talking bit me in my right hand I handed in all day and in the dream I got bit in the hand men that was a great I like a picket fence type gate and I went to I figured if I could just cross the gate to get over the gate I’d be ok I got to the gate and the door opened and I just knew was going to be a snake that was coming through that was going to finish me off fierce light I did not fear so much as I was aware it was my mother she came and opened up the door and it was as if she was oblivious to the fact that I was in a damn full of snakes in a backyard I have never been and my mother was there and she opened up the gate door and I got out and when I turned and I looked back the snake that bit me didn’t have blood on his teeth nothing he was just looking at me but he amazing please help me to tell me what this means thank you

    1. Leslie Williams

      I spoke this to my phone a lot of typos and errors and I would never cuss, sorry for the errors.

  139. okay.. so i was at the beach, one i always visit in my dreams. Same setting, over cast and steep sand slopes where the shore breaks. I was with my mom, her brother, her friend, and friends son. We walked upon a huge snake half rotted in a hole, but the snake was clearly visible from afar so the hole was not deep. My moms friends son walked up to in and was in the hole with it. I walked up to it and i kept thinking i was going to bring it to life. I was quietly staring at it, i turned and walked away and knew i could bring it to life. As i was walking away i heard screams from my mom and her friend, ‘why is the snakes skin coming back! Its moving! My son!!” i turned back for a second and saw the snake bite my moms friends son. I turned back around and we all began to leave the snake. I wanted to tell them it was me but then i would be blamed for killing him. Pls leave your thoughts, i would love to here them.

  140. My mom has been petrified of snakes as long as I can remember, but I never felt that they were particularly scary. Then one day in Brazil I was at my family’s country house. I was standing on top of a short flight of stairs that lead to the house’s entrance, and I was leaning on the doorway. For whatever reason I had the urge to look down, and when I did there was a snake 2 inches from my left foot. It was roughly three feet long, and green (it was a jararacussu). Anyways I leapt down all the stairs in one movement and started screaming “snake”. Sad to say that we killed the snake, but the people I was with and I were very scared. Since that day I have had lots of dreams with snakes, they bite me every time. And one time on a hallucinogen I had a very beautiful vision with a snake, but then it still bit me, and right when it bit me my friend hit my foot, and I actually thought I had died for a second. Anyways, I don’t know if any of this means anything and I just started to look into whether it is my spirit animal an hour ago because I saw one on T.V and had to turn my head away. Also, my mom did something called regression where a doctor puts you into a dream like state and you are supposed to go back and learn about your past lives. Apparently she was told that in one life she was killed by a snake and in another her dad was killed by a snake…. Any help would be appreciated.

  141. About 2 nights ago I had a dream where I was in bed and a huge python-like black snake slowly slithered over my shoulder and onto the left side of my body. It rested on me, calmly, peacefully. At first I didn’t know what was going on and I was nervous about the heavy slithering sensation, but as it moved onto the whole left side of my body I felt that it simply wanted to rest with me, or on me and there was nothing to fear whatsoever. The weight of the snake was visceral and I was happily stuck to my bed, not wanting to disturb it’s peaceful rest stop, and almost feeling like one with the snake. Any interpretations of what this could symbolize?

  142. There was a gathering. My friend, I and a few others were facing the group. Two snakes writhed at full speed into the hall. They were separate but parallel, approaching where we sat, searching the room with their mouths snapping. I was afraid but remained calm as they made their way to me. The snakes stopped when they ‘found’ me, and with one on my right and one on my left side they sniffed from my shoulders to head (as when doggies are saying hello with your hand to their nose) and then the snakes turned away, disappearing. No biting. I cannot figure this dream out … am zero percent a snake person. If there is/are any interpretation(s) for this dream, please let me know. I do not recall any colors in this dream. Thank you.

  143. Hello I’m not sure if this is where I post dreams but I’ve been having very interesting dreams recently. It first started about 2 weeks ago when I had a dream where I was in a desert town being chased by snakes which in my eyes didn’t seem hostile or try to bite me,I ran and jumped on the shoulders of a person I might have know and said I’m sorry I can’t be down there and proceeded to jump off his shoulders to the top of the house. After that all the snakes started to go into the house that I was on too of and the dream ended. The 2nd dream I just had I was running up a metal stairs and a green snake once again none hostile was following me quickly up and down the stairs,as I ran down I look to my left to see a slightly bigger snake that was all white and had think blue lines horizontally across the snake and I woke up. Any ideas of what these dreams could mean? I’ve been thinking all morning.

    1. Hello Jon, it seems that you are afraid of change, and these snakes that are in your dream are trying to tell you its ok to jump and to no fear of the changes that are occuring in your life. it can be anything, self-change, job, relationship, whatever your situation maybe. the all white snake can be someone you feel very close to in your regular life, they are watching you with intent and concern but also being very protective. hope this helps.

  144. Last April I had post operative complications and almost died twice. Was put in a paralyzed drug induced coma and didn’t wake up for two weeks. During that time I had a terrible “dream” that I was being held captive by indians and would be sacrificed. During my cativity, a snake like nurse with one eye was always trying to help me, keep me safe. Snake is also one of my totem animals. I managed to come back to life….taken me 8 months to learn how to breath, swallow, eat, walk…etc but I did it! What significance do you think the “snake nurse” was? Thanks

    1. Lois, Snakes have been known to have healing properties to them. Perhaps the nurse was symbolizing how snakes are used to help
      People from venom with their antivenin and how you were in a coma. (Some snake venom can do that). As for the one eye, it could be translated to psychic powers or a God-like force watching over you. The significance of the snake nurse might have been a divine being trying to help heal your condition. P.S. Snake are known for shedding their skin and “coming back to life.” So when you were revived, you were basically shedding your own skin. Hope you are feeling better and know that you have Divine Beings and Gods of Nature protecting you! Namaste! :mrgreen:

  145. I have recently found out my spirit animal is the snake and I also feel like this animal is very misunderstood as well. Many people fear snakes as death-bringers or evil for some ludicrous reason. My family life isn’t going so smoothly right now as a couple of my family members are criticizing me for being different and put me down constantly just because of my spiritual/practical/emotional views of this planet. They constantly show favoritism to my older siblings because they claim “My siblings are men of God.” I am Pagan and they are Christian so you can see the blatant conflict arising. I don’t want to give any more details, but I feel the Gods gave me the snake as my SA to prove beauty comes in all forms and being different is a blessing. Snakes to me are viewed as evil and disgusting because people can’t see what nature creates truly elegant.
    Snakes are beautiful animals who give their spirits to the people who choose to be different and beautiful in their own way.
    -Melanie, 17

    1. Hello Melanie: People naturally fear what is different, whether it is your beliefs, your way of life, or even the way you express yourself. Know that you are important just the way you are and that you are a gift to us all simply by being yourself. When others have a problem with that – understand that it is their problem – and not yours. You don’t need to change in order to fit their life stories.

    2. Thanks, Silken. I honestly believe Spirit Animals choose the person based on that mortal’s personality. Ex: a Powerful and highly sociable person might be a Wolf, or a person born with advanced wisdom and is practical might be an Owl.
      I have to ask…Are you a snake as well? To me, snakes are the reptilian equivalent of owls. But, that’s just me. Maybe you are a Raven like your username and just looking at different profiles of other Spirit Animals. Anyway, be blessed and use nature as your omniscient guide. Thanks again. 🙂

  146. Hi,
    Right from a young age snakes have always fascinated me ,and always been around throughout my life.Over the last year or so snakes of different colors,and sizes have been rather dominant in dreams,and it has been truly guiding me I have always thought the snake must be important to me and I have to say after reading this I clearly understand what and why the snake has really been a huge part of my life,it is and has been my animal spirit and I can truly embrace its quidance.
    thank you

  147. Hi
    I had a weird dream. I saw a green snake speaking to me.and after some time of a friendly talk, a baby snake which is green in color was passing by and the snake which spoke to me killed it . It was so scary for me and weired that the dream is still over me

  148. I had a weird dream last night. It was about a snake like creature. I am not sure if it was a snake per se, because in the dream it was supposed to change into another creature, sort of like this giant sea turtle with huge spikes on its back. But, I digress. So, in this dream, we find this creature in its snake form. We put it in a fish tank of water because we have the understanding that it is a sea creature and we are going to be near the ocean soon. As we are about to leave, I go to grab the snake out of the tank and it raises up, bears fangs, and then bites me. Then it begins to burrow into my arm. At one point I see the tail emerging from my bicep and the head emerging from my forearm. I don’t know if that is important, but it struck me as odd. So, the snake finally disappears within my body. And, everybody in the dream, I am surrounded by people I don’t know, is freaking out, because they don’t want the creature to reach its final form within me becaus I would surely split apart at the seams. So this person I don’t know takes me to a hospital, where I am sent to this dark room with stone walls, but no bed. And, a man, I guess a doctor, comes in with forceps. He removes the snake, and I get up and leave. That was the end of the dream. What could this mean?

    1. I see this dream as a blessing and view the snake as one of your power animals. Reaching into you in such a manner as to get your attention. It would only be natural if you currently do not follow this path for those around you to not understand. Once you have made the nessacary transofmations and shed the life that was not meant for you, you may awaken to not know those you have surrounded yourself with and a change in friends will be iminant. When you discover the cave inside you ( ironically where several species of snakes dwell) it is there you will find your ultimate power.

  149. I dream about a lot of rattlesnakes behind me as I was walking down the road headed over a friends house, and the snakes followed me in the house they were black and grey what does this mean ❗

    1. They are trying to give you a meesge. Visualize turning around and asking them what is is they have to say or tell you.

  150. Hello, Please i saw small brown snake in my room last night, and i wonder what does that signify but i eventually killed the snake. please help. 👿 ❗

  151. Hello,
    I was just reading about spirit animals, going through things confident that mine was a wolf but I’ve been seeing a few things saying that your spirit animal is one that you see often and that you tend to dream about. I never considered a snake as my spirit animal becaue even the word “snake” made me flinch in fear. I would literally wake up with bruises all over myself from hitting any fold in my sheets and if I moved my legs it didn’t matter if I felt it or not I thought it was a giant snake trying to eat me. The fear that the boogie monster was in my closet or under my bed was nothing compared to being horrified it was a basilisk. Since I was a kid I actively avoided snakes as much as I could but somehow without fail I would see a picture of one or read a book that mentioned them, even seeing them in tv shows that would normally have nothing to do with them, now that I’m older instead of snakes popping up in my dreams I stumble upon them at least once a week during walks with my cat and dog. No matter what I do or how hard I try the snake has always seemed to manifest itself into my now nearly everyday life I’m curious if this means that the snake is actually my spirit totum. Sorry that this is a bit long, I’m just very curious if all this was a way that it was trying to communicate to me but I never had the guts to listen.

  152. One day last week(in Texas) I was cooking and a girl comes over and says there was a snake blocking the end of the side walk to my boyfriends house… I felt uneasy about this all day. At the end of the week I went to visit family in Arkansas. During the visit someone yells at me that a snake has slithered on the co create and coiled inside the wheel of my bmw… My family members all commented that it’s odd for a snake to come on concrete parking area and it’s someone in my midst that mean me no good. Then I went to sleep that night and dreamed of hiding in an abandoned building with others and there were violent animals there fighting (opossums maybe). I’m just really uneasy about it all and confused.

    1. Hello Nurse87: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page when you return to it. It will have a message that is specifically for you and help you identify the message Snake is trying to send you. You can look up Opossums in dreams here as Opossum is one of our listed animals.

  153. Hello!
    I just had an awfully violent dream and I was wondering if you could help me decode any messages?
    So in my dream I’m walking in a forest. As I am walking, a wolf comes up. He is a beautiful colour of light gray.
    Moments after, his head comes clean off of his body and falls to the ground.
    The animal responsible for this murder is a large, Leopard. Possibly an Amur Leopard.
    The leopard steps over the wolfs’ body and comes towards me, baring its fangs but not growling.
    All of the sudden it lurches out and attacks me, ripping the flesh in my arm and covering me in my own blood.
    Then the he stopped (I sensed it was male). The only reason why I wasn’t dead is because a giraffe came up to me and frightened the Leopard away. Shortly after, the giraffe was closely followed by a large grizzly bear.
    They sat right beside me, watching over me in a way. I felt a great amount of uneasiness with them. I moved ever-so-slightly and the bear growled at me. I felt alone and scared.
    That all changed when a small, thin snake came up (looked like a garter snake). It came up and chased away the Bear and the Giraffe. Even the Leopard came back, and the snake chased it away by biting at its paws.
    I felt relieved.
    The snake came to me and slithered up onto my chest. (I was laying on the ground, unable to get up because of my injuries). My mouth was propped open slightly and the snake went into it. It was like I had swallowed it.

    I’m unsure, but the snake may have come out of my mouth. I really wanted it too, so I wasn’t swallowing it. I believe I had imagined it did, but in my dream it hadn’t. It was sort of like a vision because I was still conscious in this dream/day dream and was thinking too while it was going on. I had purposely tried to meditate in a way to find messages from spirit animals. I’m really puzzled by this…

    I’m so sorry for the long message 🙁

    1. Hi Noelle! Your dream sounds to me like a dismemberment dream. It’s a common enough event in the shamanic practice. Do you know who your power animal is (you don’t need to say who)? I ask because it sounds like wolf walking up to you and then his head falling off seems to me like a spirit guide leaving your side. Then a spirit (leopard) came and ripped off your flesh, then two more spirits (giraffe and bear) came and you said it seemed like they were watching over you in a way. Bear is known for protection (who would mess with a mother bear?). It sounds like the two of them were waiting for a new spirit to enter your life. Keeping you company while you were waiting. Then along comes snake and scares them away, even leopard when he returned. The feeling of relief would probably be that snake has entered your life to share something with you. The slithering into your mouth is symbolic of snake giving you his power.

    2. Thank you so much Canig for your interpretation! This now makes a lot of sense to me. I have found 3 power animals so far, but I’m a bit unsure if Snake is going to be a new one. I’ll have to meditate soon. I just want to thank you so much for helping me, it means a lot. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    3. ( I also forgot to mention that I have had numerous snake encounters over the past couple of weeks. I have seen everything from dismembered bodies of snakes on the ground to wild and tamed snakes in my hands to watching TV about them. Could this contribute to the dream? Thank you so much!!)

  154. Good day!
    I dreamed of a super healthy leg-sized greyish black snake coiled at first and probably sensing my presence,it started to move towards me smoothly.I can’t move and I can’t talk even though I wanted to shout for help.I just closed my eyes ready for the bite.
    Then suddenly my father appeared and killed the snake.It didn’t struggle for its survival.
    It is my first time of dreaming a snake.

  155. Hi,

    I just had a dream about a group of snakes that were in a room of sorts (don’t remember all the details exactly) and they seemed to be rattle snakes for they were shaking their tails slowly at first and then more quickly as the dream progressed. I noticed I could only see theirs tails but there were at least 5 or more in the room and they seemed to be circled up shaking their rattle tails in unison. also in this dream was a spider on a window. any ideas what this could all mean?

    thank you so much for taking the time to read about my dream! look forward to your response

    1. Hi Lana: I suspect this dream is a message that you are procrastinating on the exploration of your creativity. Somehow you feel blocked or unable to move forward with it. The dream is saying to go ahead and get it done – you will be surprised at the changes that this will bring you.

  156. Hello! The other day I found a snake sprawled across my driveway. He looked alive and healthy and I was relieved. I picked him up and carried him in to the forest behind my house. The odd thing is that he didn’t bite me once when I was handling him. After I let him loose in the wilderness, I found out he was a very rare snake and had only been seen 40 times in the province I live in! A couple days later, I found a dead snake on a beach. I buried it. Yesterday I came across two more dead snakes and buried them both. I was just wondering if this means anything? Thank you so much! Have a great day!

    1. Hello Lily: The rare Snake is symbolic of a very rare opportunity for a specific type of growth within you. You have known it;s there for a long time but have kept it hidden out of fear of its power. You need to transform that fear and embrace your psychic gifts. Allow them to resurface and share them with the world. The three dead snakes are symbolic of how fearful you are of this transformation within you. Trust that the right mentor and teacher is there for you.

    2. Hello Silken Raven.

      Thank you so much for responding to my question. I can totally relate to what you had said. I am going through a tough time and I am very, very afraid to let something go in fear that I will change. And it’s something pretty bad. I just want to thank you so much. I shall try to embrace it and resolve the problem, although it’s going to be very difficult.

      Have a good day.

  157. I have had two dreams I can remember of snakes. I dreamt that I was accusing my ex in public of all the bad things he was lying about (he made a show to make himself seem good when he hurt people around him a lot by lying to them and had a dangerous temper). Then I dreamt I went behind a weird altar and cut off a snake’s head and its blood was on my hands. I read in a dream dictionary that seeing a snake’s blood on your hands represents defeating your enemy.
    I had another dream that I had a huge beautiful yellow snake around my shoulders like a pet. He sprang from my shoulders and chased my dog (who I love most of all in my life), trying to eat her, but I caught him and stopped him in a bag before he could hurt her. I don’t know what this means.
    I like the snake symbolism a lot, the duality of it, how it poisons people and can mean danger or it can mean wisdom and how it’s venom can be used constructively and it symbolizes healing and rebirth.

    1. Hello Brenda: The yellow snake is representative of your happiness. You seem to be somewhat fearful of losing the things in life that make you happy. Perhaps you should explore why you believe your own happiness is so tenuous.

  158. I just woke up from a terrifying dream… To start off everything about this dream has to do with my past, my old middle school, my old co works, my old campers, and people I use to be close with but aren’t any more. And then towards the end of the dream I was walking towards my hotel room and I looked up and notice my cousin was there (old best friend) like I do when I see her now I ignored her and kept walking but she starts to chase me so to avoid confrontation I walked faster to my room. When I get to the door there isn’t a snake but as soon as I open the door I notice the top portion of the snake is cut up and is on the threshold of the door. So I run into the room and notice that the snake body was cut up into several other pieces that laid across the room. I start to panic and yell and all of a sudden the snake starts talking and coming closer to me and as its doing this the head is getting bigger and bigger.

    1. Hello Court: It seems to me that this dream is about healing and transforming old relationships that are caught up in pain, hatred and misunderstanding into something more positive. You seem to be avoiding emotional growth and maturity in the way you deal with others. Let go of the Dramas in situations and start to look at things from a different perspective. Only then can you understand why these things are so painful to you. Often what we perceive outwardly is only the the sum total of what we believe about ourselves. look for reflections so that you can heel them for yourself.

  159. my dream last night was just after going to bed. I saw a clear cylinder glass half full of water. coiled inside the water was a green snake he was pulling himself from the glass as the dream began only his head was out of the glass but as i watched the snake completly pulsed from the glass then the vision ended. does the color of the snake matter? i have dreamed of snakes before but it was a cobra. also what does the glass of water mean?

    1. Hello Laura: I would suggest that the green in the snake is representative of healing, the water in the glass – emotions. So in essence the dream is about emotional healing and transformation.

    2. thank you so much i just could not put it together. may your path be bright and your heart know no darkness

  160. Hello, I just woke up from a nightmare about snakes! There were multiple snakes, of multiple sizes all around my room. There was a smalll black and red one inside of my bird’s cage, it bit the bird. After I got him out, another huge snake bit him and swallowed him. I went downstairs screaming, and there was a man who looked like a reptile and he was chewing. After I told the man how much the bird meant to me, I went back to my room. The bird was laying on the floor with hollowed eyes and was having a seizure (from the poison I assume) and the snakes were gone. It was actually pretty gruesome and terrifying.
    What could something like this mean?

    1. Hello Fearess: I believe the message in this dream is that you must learn to integrate and transform your disappointments into something more positive. By dwelling on your pain you are simply producing more pain and resentment. Find the silver lining in all of your lessons and you will transform yourself and create more magic in your life.

  161. I dreamnt of a rattle snake last night . It just appearedwwhere i was. I wasn’t scared, it showed its open mouth at first then just slithered around, and i watched it.

  162. What does it mean to have a young thin snake blocking my path when I go out to walk to make some big decisions in my life? I feel like the Spirit has been telling me to make a big leap/change, but I am not completely sure it is the right way. I seem to have to choose between fulfillment as an individual, and having love/family in my life. Any thoughts? Stay or go?

    1. Hello Toro: The key words in what you have written above are the words “blocking my path” The Snake is letting you know that what you believe is a roadblock needs to be looked at from a different angle so that you can resolve it. Follow your heart and do what is right for you.

  163. Good day im just bother i always dream about snake ,but this time its different my dad died last year and i dream of him he is holdind a snake w red head,in front of my mum and i keep telling him in my dream put it away ,and he closer to me and the snake jump in head and thats the time i wake up,whats amazed me is the snake is red head…..
    Thank you for have time reading this….

    1. hello Portia: This dream is about transmuting anger and frustration into something positive. When you use these emotions to make positive changes within yourself you can move forward in absolute leaps and bounds.

  164. I often dream of snakes … I associate them with the divine feminine, and misunderstood goddess power. However, there is an innate fear to them.

    Lately, I have had an intense struggle … where it seems I have to choose between facing fears (and letting go, grieving some intense losses) and moving ahead, or giving up altogether. Grandiose stuff … like choosing between a huge life-fulfillment (why I’m here on this planet, now), or dying (my body has been seemingly falling apart).

    I mentioned to my partner that I sensed that it feels like a snake is lurking, waiting for me … I heard something, looked out the door, and saw a bull snake immediately outside my doorstep. The timing was uncanny.

    Any sense of this?

    1. Hello Dena: The message of Snake at this time is to stop fighting and battling everything in your path. Embrace your life as it is now so that any struggles you have can dissipate and take care of themselves. Only with surrender can you move forward at this time.

  165. Hi there!
    In the beginning of the year I was walking with my children on a dirt road and a very colourful snake; red and black and maybe orange (probably poisonous, from what we heard) crossed the road right in front of us. My 8 yo daughter saw it first.
    Then last week I was walking on a cobblestone road in a park and almost stepped on a snake (light green and yellow) which was trying to also cross. A very un-wild, civilized park where nobosy I know had ever seen a snake before. It coiled up and faced me in an attack posture, and we looked at each other briefly, until I recovered my senses and called for help. People gathered and said it was a poisonous snake.
    Then I remembered the one last 😯 January and wondered- is there a signal, a message, a meaning for me? It hasn’t been an easy past 2 years, by the way.
    Thanks for your insight.

    1. Hello Maria: Pay special attention to the messages in the quotation box of Snake. They change with each visit and will be appropriate to the occasion. Snake is symbolic of change and transformation and it appearance usually heralds the end of one phase of your life and the beginning of a new phase. The phases can be subtle or as tumultuous as a move ac cross country.

  166. In my dream… someone was scaredly pointing at a rattlesnake in midst of a school cafeteria or a center… I looked around and saw my dog (who is missing since Aug 13th) and I ran to meet Zab. I held Zab in my arms and when Zab opened her mouth, there was a rattlesnake coming out. I was petrified as I don’t want rattlesnake to hurt my dog, I pointed out with my index finger to allow the rattlesnake to bite onto and I pulled the snake out of Zab. The snake continued onto the bite on my finger and I cut off this snake’s head… it went limp and then I realized the poison was in my index finger. I went ahead and carved a deep portion of my index finger to the point where it became disfigured. During that process, in my mind – there was nothing that could take Zab away from me even when a poison could hurt me. I instantaneously woke up.

    What does this dream try to tell me?

    1. Hello Mary Ann: In this case I believe that your dog is representing your loyalty to yourself. Whatever situation you are involved in right now you should remain loyal to yourself. Do not sacrifice your own integrity in order to help someone else. The rattlesnake is warning you that someone is trying to manipulate you.

  167. I have been seeing or right word would be hallucinating snake for past two weeks. Its not a dream. Somehow I keep having this feeling that the snake is around and leaves me scary and weird feeling all together. No I am not on drugs. So could you please tell me why I keep feeling like that.

    1. Hello Kacy: You’ve been procrastinating over a decision you know you have to make. You are afraid of the consequences of this decision but know in your heart it is the right move. The snake is simply reflecting and allowing you to feel your own uneasiness and fear of these changes. Once you decide you won’t have time anymore for those fearful emotions because it will set off a whirlwind of activity toward reaching your goal.

  168. Hello all,

    I had a dream this morning that as I was laying in bed, I stared up at my ceiling. I saw a beautiful big pink spider with red accents weaving and sitting in a large web. I beca scared because I felt something slithering up my body and caressed my face. It was a snake. It didn’t bite or attack in any way, but I was still afraid that it might because of how a lot of people say to be aware of them because they might bite.

    1. Hello cherrybc: I would suggest that your dream is warning you that you are repeating a pattern from your past. Often in life we get the same lessons over and over again until we learn to respond to the lesson from our hearts, rather than fear, anger and vindictiveness. The Spider in this dream is letting you know that you have the power to transform your lesson. Find alternative ways to resolve your current dilemma.

  169. Thank you for the info provided. I saw a dream last night where one of my neighbour sitting in a park and holding a snake. She told me I am not afraid of the snake. I didn’t see the head only the body. I was not afraid at all of the snake but only thought in my mind great she is not afraid at all.
    What does this mean can I know please? Do I have to be cautious in any way.

    1. Hello Suji: The Snake in your dream is letting you know that there will be a friend who is fairly close to you that will trigger some sort of emotional transformation for you. Embrace the changes.

  170. And I forgot to mention that a water moccasin got into my building ( a building I am transforming into a school) from the courtyard.
    And the next day, my brother-in-law wanted my shoe size so that he could buy me some moccasin boots (okay, that was reeaally freaky) 😉 😀 🙄

    1. Hello Norma: How amazing the energy of our Animal friends can be! Your Snakes are all about the transformations you are currently accomplishing. Water Moccasin has the added element of emotional transition. You are growing in leaps and bounds and your Reptilian friends are there to help you.!

  171. Thank you for this information. I have a book called Animal Wise that I usually consult, but I wanted to hear/read a little more. I am in the midst of a very major undertaking in my life, and it has been fraught with setbacks. I re-“stumbled” upon videos of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham and much of what was being said resonated with me. Then, one day, I came across info where Abraham was accused of being of the Reptilian race. That morning, the reptile references began and did not stop. Two hours later, my pastor spoke at length about the area of the brain considered to be reptilian – that same day I spoke with him about my current situation and truly felt like I was shedding skin. The next day, I “stumbled” upon an article about a tribe from Africa who believed they were from the Reptilian race; I went into the store and at the checkout counter was a pamphlet with snakes on the cover; I couldn’t sleep for snakes on my mind – the references were so many I decided there had to be a message. Even today, I read an article about a family whose house was overtaken by snakes. Thank you again for providing this information; it is quite apropos at this time in my life.

  172. I had a strange dream of a snake eating a pickle. I wasn’t afraid of the snake but I thought it was very odd. I been trying to interpret but I’m not finding anything that really resonates…. The last time I dreamed of a snake my life transformed although the transformation wasn’t a smooth easy ride it was well worth it because I’m a much better person. So now that I’m seeing a snake again I’m like oh my its time to hold on to your seat belt you’re about to take a ride but the eating of the pickle is confusing me.

    1. Hello Jade: I suspect that the Snake dream is certainly heralding in a new transformation. This one I suspect will have a lot to do with your sexuality. Part of the human growth process is coming to terms with our sexuality on all levels – the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. For women this usually becomes significant in the pre-menopausal stages of our lives during which we usually attempt to get comfortable with our sexual fantasies.

      Silken Raven

  173. This info on snake medicine really helped me clarify and become more aware of the changes that are currently happening in my life and how to best embrace them. I have been reading about animal totems for many years now. The way you explain snake medicine is very much appreciated, it is easy to understand and utilize. The information is authentic, intriguing and practical. Blessings and Gratitude!

    1. Thanks… it’s always good to hear that this website is helping others find their way.

    2. Thank you for your reply Silken Raven. Yes, my cat had found a gardner snake a few weeks ago and was sitting by it, enjoying its company. It was beautiful for me to see them together, but I am sure the snake was not as pleased! The cat didn’t harm it and eventually the snake slithered away. The cat lead me to the snake medicine. A blessed experience. Animals are amazing.

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