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Allow your vulnerability to show today. Let people know that you care.

If Scorpion has scrambled across your path;

You are being asked to remove and cut out those things in your life that no longer serve you. Evaluate your surroundings with a critical eye to releasing old baggage, letting go of objects that are cluttering up your home, and purging the clinging energy of those that are co-dependent to you. Focus on minimizing the enabling of others not to move forward as well as taking your own steps towards death and rebirth. Re-establish your boundaries, make clear decisions about which direction your next few months will take and move on.

If Scorpion is your Animal Totem;

You are a very strong person and have the ability to inspire others. You are passionate in your love affairs and are known as a good lover. You have very strong sexual needs and often enjoy periods of solitariness between your intense and passionate relationships. You have the gift of Psychometry. You tend to use your sense of touch in most things and enjoy textures in your foods. You are protective of your solitude when you need it and will be very defensive of your children – occasionally protecting them where they need to face consequences in order to learn and grow. You are unafraid of allowing yourself to be vulnerable with others. You have a way with words that can often be stinging in their remarks. Your overall charisma will carry you through any conflicts.

If Scorpion has come into your Dream;

The Scorpion is a symbol of death and rebirth. The Dream is letting you know that you need to get rid of the old and make room for something new. Alternatively, the Scorpion can represent a person who is born under the astrological sign for Scorpio.

To see a Scorpion in your dream can also represent a situation which may be painful or hurtful in your waking life. It may be that you are harboring destructive feelings, “stinging” remarks, bitter words and/or negative thoughts that have been expressed by or aimed against you. You may be on a self-destructive and self-defeating path.

To see scorpions floating in water suggest that you need to let go of some pain and learn to accept the situation. You may be going through the three-step process of denial, acceptance, and finally moving on.

Additional Associations for Scorpion…

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21 Responses to Scorpion

  • I had a dream that I was stung 21 times on my right arm and was being rushed to the hospital, I woke just before arriving does the number 21 mean anything in reference to the scorpion?

  • I had a dream where I’m in my bedroom and see a spider that is on the floor with his tangled we’d and a fly attached to him. I then saw a scorpion behind it. As the dream progressed it turned into a bit of a chase and I half nervously but calmly allow the creatures to run over me. By the end the scorpion did attack the spider but then I woke up and said you need to remember this.

  • I had a dream about a scorpion that was larger than my hand and multicolored. I tried to throw a rag over it to be able to step on it without being bit. It kept charging at me and then I was close enough that it bit me. It held on and also had its tail in me. All on my left hand. No pain but very violent. I would love an interpretation.

    • by ancient definitions scorpions/scorpio is strongly associated with sexuality and sexual needs. scorpions are independent, sometimes reclusive, focused and fierce once they have a goal… so a many coloured scorpion five times the average size will NOT be covered. it denies your effort to hide it. colours are powerful: red can be fire, blood, birth and cedar. white can be winter, death, intellect and sweetgrass… not only does it refuse to be hidden but it insists that you see/acknowledge it. it stings you and does not release its hold. the side it stings is key: by first nations/american indian world views the left side represents the spirit, the right side the physical. a spiritual assault may not register physical pain, but to have a stinger inject poison, insight even direct communication from a spirit animal…how could that be anything but violent at least to begin?

      my opinion is that no one should tell you what your dreams mean. people can add pieces and then it may all fall into place for you…while i have ideas, it’s not my place to say. i don’t know you at all. but a recap using my knowledge may reflect your dream differently to you:

      a large rainbow/many coloured scorpion comes to you in a dream. you are aware of the stinger and want to avoid it. you intend to kill the animal. you try to throw a rag over it so you can step on it safely but it eludes the cloth and continues charging you. as it continues charging it got closer and it made contact. it gripped your left hand and buried its stinger in your left hand. you feel turmoil and violence but no body pain which is odd. your hand is (paralyzed?) you are in direct (contact?) with a spirit animal of great power. your thoughts become clear and you realize it is saying what you already knew, that: ________________

      the rest of the understanding can only come from you.

      if this dream were mine and i found myself still questioning i would go into the bush (or a wild space that is special to you) with some tobacco and offer it while asking my question. many of my teachers say you can gain all you need by leaning your back against a tree. i hope my pieces have offered clarification.

  • I had a sexual encounter dream with a bald man (not my husband) & he turned into a scorpion with many tails. I was not stung by him but he seduced me. I am a faithful hardworking wife. So this really is a crazy dream for me. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  • I dream i was in a forest with family and I threw my self of the floor to scare my husband which was walking my way here comes a very black scorpion and stings me 3 times i feelt him walking on my back while my husband next to me telling me relax taking out all the poison after the I got out and was fine what can my dream mean ??????

  • This is the first time I seen a scorpion in my life. I saw a black scorpion crossing the road in front of me and I thought that was the oddest thing.. probably because it’s a first. That was yesterday. And then just now, I woke up seeing a dream/thought of a black scorpion. It was like half dream, half thought because I was already awake but just sleepy like half asleep. It just came to me out of nowhere. It’s definitely something and not nothing. Second opinion please? Thanks.

    • It’s a message for you. Pay attention to these visions, they always have a message/meaning. Only you can interpret the what they really mean first by looking up the symbolical meanings then try to relate it to your current situation. Try to associate the symbolic meaning/message of the scorpion. Try to relate it to your situation in your waking life. It is definitely a message. I get them all the time.

  • I dreamt that I catch a scorpion instead of fish the moment i put it out of water it was dying i put it back it it was swimming again and a dying bee what does it mean?

  • I’ve seen more than 15 scorpions in 3 months all in and around my house

  • Ok so I’m here because for the past two weeks I’ve seen two scorpions. The first time I thought it had bit me but I’m not sure because I’ve never been poisoned, I felt something on my foot and saw it in front of me. I’m not sure if it walked over me for a second or if it’s tail did hit me because it wasn’t on my foot. And today this morning on my way to school there’s was a scorpion right next to the staircase. But apparently it was dead when my dad checked. If you have any idea what this mean please reply

  • A few nights ago I dreamed that I was rescuing my son from an encounter with a scorpion. Then last night as I was drifting off to sleep he called out from his room that there was a scorpion there! My husband and I ran in and found the scorpion that my son had seen. It was such a strange coincidence I had to look up its meaning. My son is in the early stages of puberty and we have been at odds at times. I feel this symbolism is about death and rebirth, moving on from childhood to becoming a teenager. This is not the first time scorpions have visited him. He has even been stung once but it was not enough to injure him. He felt the prick but little or no poison entered his body.

  • Comments on surviving anaphylaxis from scorpion sting without medical intervention?
    Please only serious replies.

    • Am surviving through multiple stings to my lower back about 7 hours ago. Twitching, tingling limbs, trouble swallowing, teeth hurt, dizzy and seeing double. Poison Control says my symptoms are “normal” and the ER was so busy tonight, I decided to come back home and go to bed. Definitely not fun, but surely worthy of some reflection as to meaning. I am 63, and mighty uncomfortable, but don’t anticipate dying tonight. A Woodlands Girl, I am way out of my element in the Sonoran Desert, but this is home for now.

  • My husband found 2 dead yellow scorpios in his old abondend house where he grew up in.
    What could it mean if you come across 2 dead scorpios?

  • I had a spiritual journey recently and saw trillions of scorpions under my skin moving in geometric patterns of flowers… This caused me no harm or distress…. And the whole evening I was saying I need to evaluate things …. Any insight ?:)

    -dazed Drea

  • I have had scorpion falling out of the ceiling near the man hole , what spiritual meaning does it have .

  • Holy cow! I’ve been having dreams about scoprions for a while and I searched up what it might mean out of sheer boredom, and it’s like looking in a mirror! I never expected just a simple thing like that could be my personality in a nutshell.

    • what a wonderful thing isn’t it? You used to ignore traits of yourself and then the revelation comes. One time was wasted and stoned, i cannot truly recall the frist time the word coyote started to call me but that night he has shown himself, not in a dream, but in a vision. Smilimg. When i searched for the coyote i read every single article about it and, indeed, i was watching my self in a mirror. When i found the totem simbol i started laughing as he had my Smile. It’s truly a moment of growth when you put your totem in the daily life, always carry a totem or life is dull!

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