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Abundance is upon you. Don't force it but follow the easiest path which is now apparent.

If Buffalo has come stampeding into your life;

Buffalo is a reminder that you are always provided for and that your attitude towards abundance influences the rest of this planet. It is knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred and when gratitude is expressed to every part of creation. Buffalo symbolism is prayer, gratitude and praise. Praying for the needs of all creatures, for harmony and giving praise for the gifts you have already received.

If Buffalo is your Animal Totem;

You must walk a sacred path, honoring every aspect of life. You will achieve nothing without the aid of the Spiritual Realms and you must be humble enough to ask for assistance and then be grateful for those gifts. A Buffalo totem will seek to help you establish a deep connection to the Earth and it will ask you to help the endangered species of our planet. He will bring you strength of character and an independent spirit. It is the totem of abundance. Do not push or force, but simply follow the easiest path.

If Buffalo has come to your Dreams;

It is a symbol of survival, strength, and power. The dream may also be a caution that you are deviating from your life path and goals. Alternatively, the dream can represent your heritage and your roots. In particular, if you see a white buffalo in your dream, then it means that your desires or wishes will be fulfilled.

To see an injured or killed buffalo, forewarns that you need to carefully think through any new ventures and projects that you are undertaking.

To see a herd of buffalo in your dream signifies tranquility and abundance.

Additional Associations for Buffalo:

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27 Responses to Buffalo

  • In my dream I saw that many people are in any building anda group of buffaloes enter there and went I’m a room one men beat them then they run fast toward me n my brother and they can hit him so I pull my brother towards me to save him
    What’s that mean?

  • I had a dream that a buffalo followed me home and was living in my house it was very friendly and at one stage was in my bath having a bubble bath. Any help on what this means would be very helpful

  • I had a dream that i was in temple that time one buffalo entered into temple and chasing me inside the temple.finally its licking me in my face and went. What is mean..plz any one answer me

  • I dreamt of a cave. All kinds of drawings, the one that stood out most was the buffalo. I saw on the other side of the cave, tons of Native Americans in tiers. Going up or down. That’s all. But very intriguing to say the least.

  • I dreamed of a big horse, the size of the buffalo. And a big buffalo. They were tied together with reins of their bridle’s. They were coming towards me, and they split apart. The horse, i think became my pet, but the buffalo folloed me every where and put his nose in everything i did. I think the last thing i did was open a drawer , and he put his nose in it to see what i was looking for or at, and then i woke up. It was so strong and real.

  • i had a dream where I heard a roaring thunderous something going between my house and the fence. I got out of bed, went to the patio and saw a huge buffalo right beside my patio door. I tried to hide around the door so she wouldn’t see me because I was fearful that if she saw me she would charge through the window and kill me. When I peered around the corner, She seemed pushed back from the glass door so I snuck a look at her. She was pressed against the fence, only one eye looking toward me, frozen like a statue, so much fear in her eye. I knew immediately, that she was more afraid of me than I of her. I woke up.

  • Buffalo Dream 6/10 or 6/11 2015

    I recently had this dream: I am walking down a wooded section of the bike/walking trail in my area, it is night and dark but the clouds have a reddish glow. As I walk I hear a deep grunting sound coming from the trees behind me to my right. I think it might be buck and turn around to face it. Branches start to crack, and suddenly there is a huge dark form, I think now it’s a bear and I’m frozen in place. It steps closer to the trail and I notice the legs are much too thin to be a bear but the body and head are too massive for a buck – I realize it is a buffalo. In an instant it has crossed the trail to me, head lowered to the right of my face – we are almost eye to eye, I feel the rough hair against my cheek, I feel the warmth of his breath. I turn slightly and his eye is staring into mine. At that moment I feel such a sense of peacefulness, no fear. Yet one tear slowly starts rolling down my cheek.
    And then I gasp in awe, and sit up in bed-I feel as if my life just changed/shifted

  • I had a dream of a Herd of buffalo and a baby buffalo in the heard

  • Lots of things were happening in my dream but at the final part of the dream, I heard something snort(growl) not sure make a noise thought it was a cougar. When it turned around it was a water buffalo it seen me and started towards me. Not really frightened but I went towards the trees because I knew it was to large to fit through the trees to get me if that was what it wanted. I look up this slender pine tree thinking I can’t call for help because I don’t have a phone with me, then thinking I will climb this skinny tree and just hang out. Then woke up nothing, weird. I have dreams like these many times a week this is one that will stick with me.

  • I had a dream about a buffalo but it was on a calendar,the buffalo itself was brown and I was shown 2 numbers on this calender ,”5-8″…nothing else,just the buffalo and those numbers,I don’t understand it,so I hope someone can help me….thank you…oh and this happened on april,24 2015…last night..thank you

  • I had a dream where I was trying to help out one of my childhood idols from self destruction and family loss. When he didn’t heed my warnings I left him to his fate and walked away, then suddenly was riding a buffalo at incredible speed yet with complete control. Afterward I got off the buffalo and seen he was at complete happiness with me and my control over him. My idol returned with a new found view on life and thanked me for my decision to help him. Then I woke up. Does anyone have feed back into this dream?

  • I dreamt that a white buffalo was chasing me. When he came to me he was very gentle fluffy and unharmful; however as he approached me a horse charged after the Buffalo to protect me. what does this mean?

    • Hallo Miss Jones, the white buffalo represents your Inner Higher Self, the horse represents your objective consciousness, your daily awareness. If you follow your intuïtion, coming from your Higher Self, it will lead you to a wonderfull life. It is always difficult to just accept what your intuïtion is pointing out to you, try not to reason about it objectively, just trust your Self and follow thru whit it.


      Thomas Rührup, The Hague, Netherlands.

  • I dreamt that my friend owned a tamed heard of buffalo. They huge but very friendly. He even carried a baby on his chest. BUT when it was time to eat.. We were having buffalo. No, I did not see it being killed. I knew that eating buffalo was a delicacy and I ate being very mindful of the hard work and love my friend put into his heard.

  • My dream entailed watching a parade as if in honor of Native Americans and there were many buffalo in the parade I was watching it from the window of a very old home that I used to live in. It was a powerful sight to me.

    • The Buffalo represents tranquility and abundance beginning to flow into your life. They are also a manifestation or sign of progress of an attained level of Spiritual growth. The recognition of abundance lets you know you are on the right path.

  • I dreamnt i wS running to get around and in front of a heard of buffalo but I noticed there was some wolves chasing the heard. Do I jumped a guard rail to get out of the way but the wolf jumped it too. Then it attacked me & bit my forarm. I slung it off & ran to my truck. Weird?

  • Last night I dreamt I was in someone’s kitchen and I was petting a small (waist high) bison. I woke up, went back to sleep and dreamt it again.

    • I had a reoccurring dream of this small buffalo. as a small child. seeing myself wake up abruptly but still dreaming. I associated that buffalo with the sound of my heart beat in the pillow at night for some years

  • Recently I had a dream where I was riding my bike along the countryside and a herd of buffalo came running toward me, they were too fast for me to get away so I stayed where I was at and some of them went up a hill behind me and one came face to face with me and then ran away. A cougar came out of nowhere and was chasing them lol

  • 😎 😎 dreamed a white buffalo was in our pasture looking at me

  • I had a dream where one red and one white baby buffalo wandered into my back yard. I was awed and an overflowing sense of peace and love filled my heart. I felt so blessed by their presence. A knock came at my front door and it was the police wanting to capture the buffalo. I became fearful for the animals, that the police wanted to cage or kill them. I brought them in my home while blocking the officer from entering my home and denying that I had seen them. It was both an amazingly beautiful dream and at the same time fearful for the beautiful buffalo, which felt like visits from a great spirit.

  • I just dreamt a black bison.The surface of that bison is looks very shiny just like a dolphin,it was on a drain-like small river.I passed the drain and I dropped my right sandal,couldn’t find it.Somehow that bison pooped at the same spot twice,ai dare not go near to get it.That bison like me very much and keeps liking me although I am little nervous,I can’t really remember if there is anyone I saw in dream.

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