Turkey Symbolism, Turkey Meaning, Turkey Totem, Turkey Dream, and Messages
You are being given a gift! Embrace and accept it with gratitude.

Turkey Meaning and Messages

In this case, Turkey symbolism is a good omen. Thus it indicates that great gifts are on their way to you. However, you must also understand that this bird, like the Octopus, is always a symbol of sacrifice for renewal. In other words, this spirit animal reminds you that you have to let go of something for new things to arrive. Therefore the Turkey meaning tells you that generosity will open the doors to growth and rebirth.

Alternatively, Turkey symbolism also reminds you that nothing is an endless resource.  Therefore, you must honor and nurture the abundant supplies on offer. Furthermore, you must be sure that you cultivate and care for those renewable resources that benefit your life. Regardless of your circumstances, now is the time to listen to your higher vision. After all, this is the best way to achieve your goals, whether they are spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional.

Turkey Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Turkey totem tend to be the “abundance generator” for their friends, family, and community. In other words, like the Buffalo and the Angelfish, they have a gift for attracting all the bounty of the universe available to them. Plus, they are willing to share. Folks with this spirit animal totem will often take care of the needs of others before they meet their own needs simply because all life is sacred to them.

Additionally, these people easily translate their life experiences into growth and understanding. Moreover, they recognize that what they do for others they also do for themselves.

Turkey Dream Interpretation

When you have a Turkey dream, it may signify an abundant increase in business. Thus, for the farmer, it would symbolize bumper crops for which they will be well-paid. Conversely, this type of vision can also mean that you are being foolish, and therefore not thinking clearly. If you see these birds dressed for the market, it indicates an improvement in your financial affairs.

Alternatively, to dream that you are eating this bird indicates that a joyful occasion is approaching. Thus it may represent a holiday feast. To see these birds flying symbolizes a rapid transition from financial uncertainty to abundance and social position.

To dream that you are hunting or shooting this bird means that you are acquiring your riches dishonestly.

43 thoughts on “Turkey”

    1. Two years ago, my dad died. That is funeral. There was a large Tom turkey. He kept going from visitor visitor family member to family member and puffing himself up, making the most amazing cool noises and then he would thump thump thump. We finally walked him out the gate, and he just kept swaying back-and-forth at the gate, swaying back-and-forth as if he was anxious to be next to us all again. To this day I wonder what the meaning of it is

  1. So I had this weird dream. I was in a high rise building and there was a storm outside. I had my window open and suddenly a turkey flew in. I got scared and tried to shoo it away by hitting it with my bag. The turkey did not go but bit my finger. This further scared me into hitting the bird again. It bit my finger so bad this time, that I woke up.
    I promise I would never do such a thing in my life. I would’ve just ran away.

  2. Dude today I was riding in the backseat of the car and literally in front of the road I see a turkey running and I point at it and I’m like what is that because birds fly they don’t run but it eventually flew over to the side. An then later realized it was a turkey. I was the first one to see it too.

  3. Yesterday I woke to a flock of turkeys outside my bedroom window, just chirping away ( not sure exactly how to describe their unique sound they make). I recognized the sound from my child hood, as my step father would practice his turkey call in the house.

    The most exciting part was when I came outside to count 6 babies with 2 adults, plus the most beautiful all white turkey I’ve ever saw in life (the only white turkey I’ve ever witnessed honestly). So in total 9 turkeys. I was so captivated I had to record the sight on my phone as the photos weren’t doing them justice.

    They hung out in the front yard all morning and afternoon, until they left and came back with another 2 or 3 turkeys, now totaling 11 or 12. It was hard to count as this time my son was outside with me, as he was the one who noticed them through the window, he came yelling ” the turkeys are back mom”. Ever since we accidentally scared them off they’ve been across the street at our neighbors, hanging out in their busy yard and field. I would love to share my video with you all if possible. I look forward to your feedback on this rare sighting of the all white/ albino turkey we’ve been so blessed to cross paths with, as well as the rest of its family.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Albino animals often represent purity, spirituality, a sign of angels being near (look up online “signs of angels”), and peace. You can also look up “albino animal symbolism,” online for example. This might be a good omen that your current decisions are supported by the highest good, and much abundance will be coming your way (as the turkey symbolizes) as a result.

  4. Debbie, it is 99.9999999% rare that a Wild Turkey would be on the ground at night. They are night blind and their nature is roost in trees. They fly up to the trees about 30minutes to an hour before dark. I have been studying turkeys for over 30 years and although I have seen thousands, I have never seen one on the ground in the dark. Nature gave them flight and the ability to roost for the night in trees and it is their only defense against predators that loom in the darkness on the forest floor. They occasionally fly up to the tree limbs during the day (spooked, see a coyote close by, or getting ready for an impending storm) but even that is fairly rare…..Now I am not saying that you didn’t see a turkey trotting under the moonlight, but I would find that rarer than rare. I suspect it was something else. Now if it was still fairly light out and the moon was up early it is possible….

    1. Georgette C Sinclair

      A mama with her 2 babies was knocking on my glass door. I have lived here for 4 yrs.and this is a first.

  5. I was on top of a hill getting ready to get into my car. It was a beautiful full moon night…this was just recently. I was looking at the moon shimmering over the lake when I heard a trotting sound. I wasn’t frightened. I just listened and then I saw something trotting past me. First I thought it was a coyote but realized it was a turkey. I just said “Wow”. I was totally blown away by it. Both the moon, the water and the turkey trotting by, it seemed magical.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Well, Bill (the commenter above) might doubt it was a turkey with it being rare, but rare experiences are not really that unusual when it comes to all kinds of “signs from the universe.” Often the more “rare”, the more there is a genuine magical element to it. You know, if it didn’t just happen a farmer just decided to leave a turkey there for some reason, rather than it being a wild turkey on its own, giving it freedom to go back to the wild. But who knows? Whatever the cause, if you feel something is particularly resonating to you with this turkey then trust it. Besides. I think it is difficult to mistake turkeys for some kind of other bird, being as distinct as they are, so I trust your point of view.

      The water and the moon often symbolizes emotions, with the moon often representing unconscious or hidden emotions. Refer to the Tarot card, “The Moon,” for example. Since the turkey often represents offering something in generosity for something in return, it might mean offering something material that is of emotional importance to you for someone else, if you want to prioritize a certain connection with someone, a group, a charity you like or all of that. There might be deeper emotions why you are attached to certain objects and material resources. . . a part of the past you have trouble with, and only through donating these objects or selling them than donating the cash, for example (and just trashing them if they no longer have a use), can you let go of something that has happened, that still grips you with worry.

      Kind of reminds me of the minimalism trend, such as with speakers such as Marie Kondo, for example. You let go of bad memories and move on somehow by offering items you no longer need or find particularly emotionally important anymore to move on. Some people get a bit too crazy offering things they might even need or have too much sentimental value like a gift given by a passed on loved one, but when balanced, this is a helpful type of practice to look into for those who encounter the turkey.

  6. I had a dream that there was a turkey cooked on a table and I took a leg and pulled off meats to feed 6 small dogs that were jumping up at me and barking, but then I was accused of eating the turkey and chased out of the house by some angry men! I then ran into the arms of a soldier who was with an oriental style king and the king said he would protect and adopt me and then he glowed gold and I woke up. I wonder the meaning of this.

    1. EspionageCookie

      A turkey, in more distressing dreams, tends to remind you that nothing is an endless resource. That perhaps you are making use of a material resource on excessive levels that you do not think of the long term consequences of misusing this balance, whether it is with financial debt or taking care of the nature around you. It seems the 6 small dogs represent those you are trying to help with too much resources, that in the long term, you become lacking of resources on your own, and also have less of a long term ability to gain back these resources regularly. This inevitably makes you unable to serve these dog personalities (perhaps representing friendliness, loyalty, sociability, playfulness and the like) in the long term, if you do not think about the consequences of offering too much of what you have in the short term.

      It seems the angry men seems to represent people who disapprove of your irresponsibility with some type of material resource, and it seems like the soldier and the king represented people who are trying to help you in a practical level, or perhaps you are meant to look for people to mentor you possibly on financial or environmental concerns to provide independently for yourself in the long term.

  7. Thank you for this page. I found it searching because we live in a fairly populated village, and saw FIFTEEN (!!!) wild turkeys just strolling through the neighbourhood this morning.

    1. EspionageCookie

      “Number 15 Meaning
      The numerology number 15 is a family, healing, and harmony number.
      The numerology number 15 is a number of family and harmony, likely to be in the forefront of innovation in the home.
      The number 15 is curious and tends to pursue a specific ideal.”
      –(From the site affinitynumerology)
      “As an overview, the numerology number 15 represents a composition containing the ideas of:
      –(From the site affinitynumerology)
      This seems to indicate with 15 turkeys that your previous sacrifices for your family and/or the local community (such as neighbors, charity events, local competitions, local hobby clubs, local sports/exercise’ clubs or similar local events), has allowed you to gain a lot of abundance in serving these people, which if isn’t present now, is coming soon in the future.

  8. I dreamt of a beautiful turkey, it came to me and showed me it had a broken wing and I was frantically looking for a vet to help it.
    What could that mean

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the turkey represents needed generosity, perhaps this represents generosity related to your health or the health matters of loved ones around you, if not both. With yourself, it might mean a need to sacrifice working time for a company to focus on yourself instead and with family/friends, or it might offering more material resources to others in need that you care for more than you are usually comfortable with offering.

  9. I dreamt i saw a turkey tied up on a leash and a man was pulling it into his home. I called 9-1-1 in my dream to report the rough manner and what seemed weird to me. I was calmly talking to the 9-1-1 operator describing the scene and some other things i observed in my dream. Any ideas what that could mean? Thanks!

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the turkey is associated with generosity, it might mean that you or someone else’s generosity is being taken advantaged of, as symbolized by the turkey being on the leash by a man handling it in a rough manner. Perhaps the calmness comes from the hidden part of you that has the confidence to remain calm in handling this scenario. You might have more confidence inside you to handle this than you may have originally perceived.

  10. My grandmother lives in a wooded area suburbs of NJ. There’s a family of turkeys always hanging around in the morning in her backyard. Recently , there’s one turkey that has repeatedly been coming right up to the back door & greeting my grandmother and her cat. He fans out completely and starts talking while my grandmother and her cat stand on the other side of the glass watching (in amazement ). Yesterday the turkey came again , fanning out and talking as usual , but this time he brought with him a glove and left it there @ the back door. How bizarre is this? I feel like there must be a higher meaning , but maybe I’m just reaching haha

    1. You are probably aware that there is an increasing number of these kinds of stories. The animal kingdom has been waiting for us to wake up and acknowledge them and commune with them. This turkey was expressing gratitude to your grandmother for simply allowing them to be there and respecting them. The glove was a “ gift”. The animal kingdom has always had wisdom, and the ability to commune with us. It is US who are finally waking up, not them. God bless your grandmother for her kind heart. Turkey may be her spirit totem.

  11. 6 wild turkeys appeared at my house with the “leader” walking boldly to my glass back door in spite of my large dog barking and growling. I had a moment of eye contact with the “leader”. They walked all around my large property twice then flew over the wall to my neighbor. They came back the next morning and were at my front door stoop. With the “leader” again in front almost to my door.
    I was enchanted and transfixed and deeply moved by the experience.

    1. EspionageCookie

      “The number 6 is the number of domestic happiness, harmony and stability, which is unique from one family to another.” –(From the secretofthetarot site).

      This might mean, as the turkey symbolizes generosity, that home life or family life can be improved from offering generosity to each other. If not in material goods, then in acts of good deeds with emotional nurturing, intellectual information, spiritual guidance, or just the extra help of your physical energy. You might also would like to consider asking more help around the home too.

  12. I’m slowly coming out of a period of un-wellness and depression, but have started walking in the mornings. I live in Florida, on a golf course that has been allowed to slowly go back to nature, and it has become something of a wild-life sanctuary. Today, 6/18/18, happens to be my birthday, and I received a wonderful gift this morning – a mother turkey and 7 babies! What a wonderful birthday gift from the Universe, so grateful to be feeling better and on the road to health. Thank you, Mother Turkey, for your uplifting presence, thank you for sharing your babies with me. Grant that I may find a way to share your goodwill with others today.

    1. Wow… I too am slowly emerging out of a place of darkness and poor health. I too am in FL. I recently moved into a new home and last week when I walked out my front door, I had a Mother Turkey with her 7 babies, sitting in my yard. They have blessed me with their presence every day since. I think we both need to see the meaning of the number 7 as well.
      Happy Belated Birthday and wishing you love, light, and happiness in the year ahead

  13. I was sitting outside having my coffee as I do every morning and this Turkey came out of nowhere it scared me so I got up and went to the front of the house and say down to have my coffee. I was looking in my phone and looked up there was the same turkey. I took a picture and went to the back again. I sat down and the turkey appeared again that is when I asked him what are you trying to tell me? I went in the house and looked it up and realized it was a good thing….smile

  14. Currently I live in the middle of the forest, that I’ve been coming to since I was a little girl. This morning, I was driving to the nearest station which is at least 12 miles away. I’ve had a headache all morning and have been really stressed out lately. I’m in serious need of a mental break. While I’m driving, all of the sudden I see large birds in the middle of the road. Puzzled, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! There was a flock of Turkey’s walking around in the middle of the road. About 12, flew to the side of the road, 1 took his time as I was able to stop before there was a disaster. By the time I was really close to the one, he jumped up and flew to the others. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was awesome and made me excited!! As I carried on down the road, on my way back, the Turkey’s we’re on the side and I stopped and got a picture. Came home and read this!! I love it when things like this happen!!

  15. I lost my keys to my apartment building, door, mailbox, and gym in the frigid MN snow on a blustery dark night. I live in an apartment building in a large city on a very busy street so the fear was that anyone else could find them. It would be extremely expensive to replace everything that would need to be replaced for the safety of everyone in the building.
    I prayed. I meditated. I envisioned those keys in the palm of my right hand. I searched, shoveled, used a metal detector, got family members involved to help look.
    For seven days…. no success.
    Then, on Valentine’s Day, I went out our front lobby, and there in our small patch of grass and bushes separating the busy street from the front door, was a turkey. A colorful wild turkey had some how made its way into the heart of the city and was gobbling around the front yard like it owned the place.
    It was surreal. A feeling of abundance and gratefulness came over me. And somehow, I knew it would be a magical day.
    I borrowed a rake from dad. I went to the exact spot I’d seen the Turkey and began scraping the rake through the snow and ice.
    Within three minutes…. I mean less than five scrapes of the rake tongs… there were my keys.

    1. Hi! I had the weirdest dream in the morning: I saw red Turkey legs sticking out of my belly. I was worried but at the same time I thought: – “Well, I knew I was right that my stomach pain and weight gain wasn’t imaginary. I knew I had something in my belly.” I told my man that I had been right. When I looked down at my belly again the stomach had opened up and the turkey could walk out..!
      I told my man: – “Ok, you need to take me to the hospital (to sow the hole in the stomach). Hurry, hurry! (but still there was a calmness to the situation and that this was kind of normal). !

  16. I recently had a dream n it was exactly like a clone of wat u just said u saw n your yard tat is so crazy n weird . Wow ,I just thought I should share tat with u have a blessed day.

  17. I saw two turkey Spirits on the way back home after our thanksgiving dinner from Catholic Church year end gathering feast. I don’t what it means hopefully is a blessing.

  18. For the past month or so , while driving into work . A wild turkey has been appearing on a 4 lane highway where I drive. Today it was in my lane and i had to slow down and move around her /him.

    Fish and game warden was on the side of the busy highway

    Since I have seen this sign , I looked up what it meant. So I am not going to take it for granted.

  19. I meditated earlier in the day and asked for my spirit animal. 3 hrs later I left to visit my mother in a town in CT…..no forest..only homes tight together. In the parking lot a wild turkey greeted me at my car and we stared at each other for a moment. It was that point I realized this was my spirit animal.

  20. I looked out and saw a bush t urkey fly over the fence and walk around the gaeden(which is actually green ground cover)
    another turkey joined and th two walked around for awhile then flew up and sat together on another fence for a period of time.
    I have lived here since 2009 and ha e never seen this.It was a pleasant surprise..and for me a spiritual moment.

  21. 😛 Walked outside earlier to find 6 wild turkeys on my roof and a 7th one on my deck seemly acting as a look out. I was amazed as this has never happened at this house even though there is ample wild life around. We usually get geese, rabbits and deer coming into our yard. This has to be symbolic of something.

    1. Recently a flock of turkeys 2 adults & 13 chicks have been visiting and walking around my yard
      Today is the 3rd time this summer they have done this I love to see them all walking together

  22. The number 7 represents spirituality. Turkey is give away. Giving of your life to serve a higher purpose. I would say the experience was simple about letting everyone one he achieved what he was to accomplish in his life for the love of his loved ones.

  23. I lost one of my best friends in the last week. He was a healer — a general surgeon — and a Renaissance man: humble, a deep love of knowledge, his family, his community. He and his wife were stewards of the land they lived on to: beekeepers, gardeners, lovers of nature. This morning while reflecting on the blessing of Eric in my life, seven wild turkeys hopped a fence and are now eating in our backyard. It’s very moving. I’d love to hear your take on this beauty happening.

  24. I live in urban Overland Park Kansas, and walked out to find a Turkey on the front walkway of my suburban apartment. I never have been aware of a turkey around. We do have wildlife as a golf course is across the way.

    My family is very spiritual in our Native American Heritage and my spirit animal is Hawk.

    Any thoughts…

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