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Take a breath and balance yourself. Cougar brings you the ability to focus your intentions and strength. Use your powers wisely.

Cougar Meaning and Messages

In general, if Cougar symbolism has entered into your life, then take it as a sign that you have come into your power. Thus, this spirit animal says that it’s time for you to take charge of the situation and show your strength. Moreover, Cougar’s meaning is letting you know that you should leap into all of the opportunities that are now available. Therefore, use the power of your intentions and know precisely where you are going. Cougar symbolism also asks us to balance our power. You can do this by learning to understand when gentleness is needed and when asserting your energy will bring you your goal.

Alternatively, the Cougar symbolism is letting you know that you must use your leadership skills without the ego. In other words, Cougar’s meaning reminds you that you must lead by example rather than forcing others to follow.

Cougar Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Cougar totem are most likely a natural leader. They walk their talk and lead by example. Folks with this spirit animal also know how to set their boundaries. They are also very clear with people if they have crossed them. Everyone can hear them purr when they are happy and satisfied. People with this power animal are a master at camouflage. Cougar totem people are also decisive, impactful, and always capable of taking charge. These people can attack without hesitation, as well as defend themselves when need be.

Folks with this power animal are usually in positions of trust. They are also flexible in achieving the results that they desire. These people are good at balancing power, intention,  and strength, and are often keeping peace in sticky situations.

The Mountain Lion is also closely related to the LynxCheetah, and Jaguar. The favourite prey of the Catamount is the Deer, and the Porcupine, these animals should also be studied if this is your spirit animal.

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A Quick Message from Cougar along with Wolf and a few other Animals

Cougar Dream Interpretation

When you have a Cougar dream, it can mean several things depending on the context of your vision. If the mountain lion is asleep or resting, it could be drawing your attention to the fact that you have strength and elegance. In other words, you are well-respected by your peers. It can also mean that you have reached your goals and that it is time to relax a bit before taking on something new.

One of these big cats on the prowl could be speaking to you of passion and sexuality, or of successfully hunting down your goals to completion. A travelling mountain lion could mean that it is checking it’s perimeter boundaries of its territory. In this case, the message is that you need to make sure that your boundaries are respected. Occasionally, this cat in your dreams can represent female hostility and intensity. Therefore, a Cougar dream may imply danger or a life-threatening situation. Conversely, it can also mean a risk to your social position and well-being. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to your emotions during these dreams because it will give you valuable clues as to the message this cat is trying to bring you.

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  1. As a child, my parents took me to a small animal farm where they had a cougar. I was fascinated by it, and at one point they found me as close as I could get to the exhibit (before there were extra barriers in front of it). They didn’t understand why I got so close, and apparently it scared them. I’ve always been extremely sensitive, and back then I was super shy and was scared easily. But I’ve loved cougars and big cats ever since.
    Fast forward 25 years, and I was going through a horrible time.. I decided to divorce my abusive husband, for mine and my daughter’s sake. I was still trying to be “normal,” so we all took a family trip to that same animal farm. I hadn’t been since I was a kid and had kind of forgot about the cougar situation. They still had a cougar, and I was absolutely drawn to it. Again, I got as close as I could and locked eyes with it. And we just stared at each other.. it was the most overwhelming feeling. Not fear, but a happy understood connection. It gave me goosebumps I couldn’t shake. So much so, that I googled cougars and found this website when I got home. It fit perfectly with everything happening in my life. I was encouraged that I was on the right path, and the guilt of divorce was gone. I was protecting myself and my cub, re-finding my feminine side, and truly becoming the leader of my own life.
    Someone else might say the cougar just wanted a bite of me, which is fair lol. But I believe the cougar was a sign and will forever be one of my spirit animals.

  2. In my dream , i owned a black panther and a cougar, both pets so to speak.I was at my old place of employment and it was surrounded by high brick walls , there were trees inside and outside the walls. The cats were playing in the trees but soon jumped from the trees inside , to the trees outside the walls – so i tried to chase after them to catch them …. i could not keep up and then i woke. Im afraid the meaning is that i have it all- and in an instance – its all gone.

  3. I’ve been having a reoccurring dream
    Of a Cougar batting at me and hissing.
    It does not attack me directly, it just
    Bats at me. Like it’s charging in a way.
    No one else in my dream see it.
    They say there’s nothing there. But I see it
    It’s always at my old home where I’ve been
    Abused mentally, physically, and verbally.
    I can’t seem to get inside to get away from the cat. At first, it was on my back deck.
    Than last night it was on my front porch.
    I’m not sure what this means.
    None of the explanations above answered why I’m having these dreams.

  4. I just woke up from a dream about me in some sort of outside public restroom like at a rest area or park and after I washed my hands I turned around to go towards the door a cougar was sitting there woman walked in passed the cougar with no problem the woman went to use the same stall I was in and as I turned to leave the cougar growled at me and started walking towards me I then started backing into the stall with the woman behind me who was refusing for me to enter it with her however I pushed my way in and the cougar started swiping at my legs I started hitting at it with my shoes that were in my hands it then heard children outside playing and started leaving out so I came out the stall shooing it away children were playing on a bobtailed broken down tractor it then jumped in the middle the children didn’t seem to afraid then teachers and parents came to shoo it away also some how the cougar got hit my a vehicle and seemed dead but then jumped up wounded on its left hind leg and began to run off into the valley. What the heck does that even mean it seemed so real ???

  5. My dream, I was in my parents house visiting when i went to one of the rooms and notice there was a cougar in there just looking at me , not hostile but i freak out and this is not the first time . The second time i see this animal in the same place but this time he is with a grey wolf and a dog all three, looking at me. I dont feel hostility or intention to attack but i freak out again worried about my parents in the house


    Im at a nice but unfamiliar house.Sitting by the pool I It is dusk t A male friend is standing there too like we were smoking a joint but didnt I look towards the house and see a large mountin lion.jump out of the house its on the other side of the pool and comes torwards me.Im thinking should I run but then shes so close.I leaned back as the cat trotted by I noticed it had beautiful human nails I knew it could probably hurt me bad but wasnt afraid collar said something I cant make out.Every thing in this vision is super high resolution almost like eagle vision must be like except for the writing on collar

  7. Last night I had a dream that I went to talk to my boss just outside of the warehouse, instead of another building, there was a wall and some woods. Under the semi truck was a little mountain lion who he said just came up and is friendly. The mountain lion looked at me, the feelings it gave was either scared, empathy, or curious. It posed no threat and was a baby. I felt like it had the ability to hurt me but I knew it didnt want to. I feel like there’s a strong message trying to be said to me, I need help figuring that out. I feel like I may have had this dream years ago before I worked here, but I’m not 100% sure. I am sure that there’s a message for me. Life has been hard and my head is scrambled. That might help. thank you

  8. I walked into a room, And my son, five years old in the dream (twelve is his actual age), was sitting in a bed cuddling and petting two large mountain lions. They looked peaceful, but I felt off. I quickly got my son out of that room and fled. The cougars just laid there. Any suggestions how to interpret this?

    1. He needs his mom and dad to get along, instead of having to caress them both himself as a child.

  9. In my dream I was dreaming a very Bad dream and somehow a cougar was sitting looking at me and I saw a tag that said ” The Red Lion” I don’t know what that means can you help me?

  10. I legit just woke up from this nightmare. Searched frantically on the internet about my dream. This is gonna be long so bear with me and help me figure out what this dream means. So in the dream I’m having a normal night, it’s nearing a time where my grandma goes to sleep but my sister is back home with her boyfriend and there are two others in my room but it’s like it’s her room all over again and then my grandpa (who died 3 years ago is there but he’s in a wheelchair now) are in my dream as well. So it’s nearing the time where we are still watching tv but are getting tired and I notice my cat looking out the window and meowing and I get up and look through the window and then I decide to open the door and she runs out and next thing I know she’s being attacked viciously by a cougar (mountain lion) and she’s fighting it off but also getting hurt badly in the process and she somehow manages to get away and I grab her and it’s still coming after her and I close and lock the door ASAP and I’m telling my grandma and she doesnt believe me and I show her my cat and the blood and tell her we need to kill the cougar and get the cat to the vet and she doesn’t care. Then somehow it’s all ok again and then I’m walking around my house and then I hear scratching at the back door thinking it’s my cat (who scratches at the door to let her through) but this sounds more intense but I think nothing of it and then I hear a crash so I get up and kinda stand behind my chair and then my cat comes running to me and I pick her up and put her in the other room and go to check the sound out and the cougar is trying to get into my house so I’m screaming and pushing the door close and my grandma runs in and finally sees and believes me and she helping me but I thought I needed to get the cat to safety so I run back and grab her and take her to my sisters room and then they don’t believe me and then the 2 other people in the room shout some weird words and everything stops and the house gets lifted up and us and the cougar are all frozen and the girl says something to get it over with but moves her hands as well and didn’t think of anything like as if she was a witch and moving her hands to some weird stuff but then the cougar overpowers it and kills her and then the house drops and it’s back for us but we somehow catch it and it’s in our kitchen and I have a gun that only shoots by my dad and i’s fingerprint and I miss shooting it like 5 times and then I finally shoot it. But this dream was honestly so scary to me that I actually woke up in a sweat. Someone please help me figure out what I just dreamt.

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