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Take a breath and balance yourself. Cougar brings you the ability to focus your intentions and strength. Use your powers wisely.

Cougar Meaning and Messages

In general, if Cougar symbolism has entered into your life, then take it as a sign that you have come into your power. Thus, this spirit animal says that it’s time for you to take charge of the situation and show your strength. Moreover, Cougar’s meaning is letting you know that you should leap into all of the opportunities that are now available. Therefore, use the power of your intentions and know precisely where you are going. Cougar symbolism also asks us to balance our power. You can do this by learning to understand when gentleness is needed and when asserting your energy will bring you your goal.

Alternatively, the Cougar symbolism is letting you know that you must use your leadership skills without the ego. In other words, Cougar’s meaning reminds you that you must lead by example rather than forcing others to follow.

Cougar Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Cougar totem are most likely a natural leader. They walk their talk and lead by example. Folks with this spirit animal also know how to set their boundaries. They are also very clear with people if they have crossed them. Everyone can hear them purr when they are happy and satisfied. People with this power animal are a master at camouflage. Cougar totem people are also decisive, impactful, and always capable of taking charge. These people can attack without hesitation, as well as defend themselves when need be.

Folks with this power animal are usually in positions of trust. They are also flexible in achieving the results that they desire. These people are good at balancing power, intention,  and strength, and are often keeping peace in sticky situations.

The Mountain Lion is also closely related to the LynxCheetah, and Jaguar. The favourite prey of the Catamount is the Deer, and the Porcupine, these animals should also be studied if this is your spirit animal.

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A Quick Message from Cougar along with Wolf and a few other Animals

Cougar Dream Interpretation

When you have a Cougar dream, it can mean several things depending on the context of your vision. If the mountain lion is asleep or resting, it could be drawing your attention to the fact that you have strength and elegance. In other words, you are well-respected by your peers. It can also mean that you have reached your goals and that it is time to relax a bit before taking on something new.

One of these big cats on the prowl could be speaking to you of passion and sexuality, or of successfully hunting down your goals to completion. A travelling mountain lion could mean that it is checking it’s perimeter boundaries of its territory. In this case, the message is that you need to make sure that your boundaries are respected. Occasionally, this cat in your dreams can represent female hostility and intensity. Therefore, a Cougar dream may imply danger or a life-threatening situation. Conversely, it can also mean a risk to your social position and well-being. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to your emotions during these dreams because it will give you valuable clues as to the message this cat is trying to bring you.

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  1. I had a dream where my father and I were in a shed at my childhood home. I began to hear my mom aggressively screaming from inside the house and as I did a cougar ran from the house right towards the shed we were in. I pinned it against the wall and as I did it turned into a venemous snake and my dad cut its head off. As the head fell it caused me to look down and notice my dads old baseball glove that we played catch with growing up.

    Context: my parents divorced due to my mom cheating. And when I was younger she would scream a lot. After the divorce I grew closer to my father.

  2. In my dream, a cougar walked into the house, curled up next to me, and purred. I was scared when it came it, but when it purred, I started petting it, marveling at the texture of its fur. All the interpretations I’m finding are about the cougar attacking. But this cougar wanted to be my pet!

  3. As a child, my parents took me to a small animal farm where they had a cougar. I was fascinated by it, and at one point they found me as close as I could get to the exhibit (before there were extra barriers in front of it). They didn’t understand why I got so close, and apparently it scared them. I’ve always been extremely sensitive, and back then I was super shy and was scared easily. But I’ve loved cougars and big cats ever since.
    Fast forward 25 years, and I was going through a horrible time.. I decided to divorce my abusive husband, for mine and my daughter’s sake. I was still trying to be “normal,” so we all took a family trip to that same animal farm. I hadn’t been since I was a kid and had kind of forgot about the cougar situation. They still had a cougar, and I was absolutely drawn to it. Again, I got as close as I could and locked eyes with it. And we just stared at each other.. it was the most overwhelming feeling. Not fear, but a happy understood connection. It gave me goosebumps I couldn’t shake. So much so, that I googled cougars and found this website when I got home. It fit perfectly with everything happening in my life. I was encouraged that I was on the right path, and the guilt of divorce was gone. I was protecting myself and my cub, re-finding my feminine side, and truly becoming the leader of my own life.
    Someone else might say the cougar just wanted a bite of me, which is fair lol. But I believe the cougar was a sign and will forever be one of my spirit animals.

  4. In my dream , i owned a black panther and a cougar, both pets so to speak.I was at my old place of employment and it was surrounded by high brick walls , there were trees inside and outside the walls. The cats were playing in the trees but soon jumped from the trees inside , to the trees outside the walls – so i tried to chase after them to catch them …. i could not keep up and then i woke. Im afraid the meaning is that i have it all- and in an instance – its all gone.

  5. I’ve been having a reoccurring dream
    Of a Cougar batting at me and hissing.
    It does not attack me directly, it just
    Bats at me. Like it’s charging in a way.
    No one else in my dream see it.
    They say there’s nothing there. But I see it
    It’s always at my old home where I’ve been
    Abused mentally, physically, and verbally.
    I can’t seem to get inside to get away from the cat. At first, it was on my back deck.
    Than last night it was on my front porch.
    I’m not sure what this means.
    None of the explanations above answered why I’m having these dreams.

  6. I just woke up from a dream about me in some sort of outside public restroom like at a rest area or park and after I washed my hands I turned around to go towards the door a cougar was sitting there woman walked in passed the cougar with no problem the woman went to use the same stall I was in and as I turned to leave the cougar growled at me and started walking towards me I then started backing into the stall with the woman behind me who was refusing for me to enter it with her however I pushed my way in and the cougar started swiping at my legs I started hitting at it with my shoes that were in my hands it then heard children outside playing and started leaving out so I came out the stall shooing it away children were playing on a bobtailed broken down tractor it then jumped in the middle the children didn’t seem to afraid then teachers and parents came to shoo it away also some how the cougar got hit my a vehicle and seemed dead but then jumped up wounded on its left hind leg and began to run off into the valley. What the heck does that even mean it seemed so real ???

  7. My dream, I was in my parents house visiting when i went to one of the rooms and notice there was a cougar in there just looking at me , not hostile but i freak out and this is not the first time . The second time i see this animal in the same place but this time he is with a grey wolf and a dog all three, looking at me. I dont feel hostility or intention to attack but i freak out again worried about my parents in the house


    Im at a nice but unfamiliar house.Sitting by the pool I It is dusk t A male friend is standing there too like we were smoking a joint but didnt I look towards the house and see a large mountin lion.jump out of the house its on the other side of the pool and comes torwards me.Im thinking should I run but then shes so close.I leaned back as the cat trotted by I noticed it had beautiful human nails I knew it could probably hurt me bad but wasnt afraid collar said something I cant make out.Every thing in this vision is super high resolution almost like eagle vision must be like except for the writing on collar

  9. Last night I had a dream that I went to talk to my boss just outside of the warehouse, instead of another building, there was a wall and some woods. Under the semi truck was a little mountain lion who he said just came up and is friendly. The mountain lion looked at me, the feelings it gave was either scared, empathy, or curious. It posed no threat and was a baby. I felt like it had the ability to hurt me but I knew it didnt want to. I feel like there’s a strong message trying to be said to me, I need help figuring that out. I feel like I may have had this dream years ago before I worked here, but I’m not 100% sure. I am sure that there’s a message for me. Life has been hard and my head is scrambled. That might help. thank you

  10. I walked into a room, And my son, five years old in the dream (twelve is his actual age), was sitting in a bed cuddling and petting two large mountain lions. They looked peaceful, but I felt off. I quickly got my son out of that room and fled. The cougars just laid there. Any suggestions how to interpret this?

    1. He needs his mom and dad to get along, instead of having to caress them both himself as a child.

  11. In my dream I was dreaming a very Bad dream and somehow a cougar was sitting looking at me and I saw a tag that said ” The Red Lion” I don’t know what that means can you help me?

  12. I legit just woke up from this nightmare. Searched frantically on the internet about my dream. This is gonna be long so bear with me and help me figure out what this dream means. So in the dream I’m having a normal night, it’s nearing a time where my grandma goes to sleep but my sister is back home with her boyfriend and there are two others in my room but it’s like it’s her room all over again and then my grandpa (who died 3 years ago is there but he’s in a wheelchair now) are in my dream as well. So it’s nearing the time where we are still watching tv but are getting tired and I notice my cat looking out the window and meowing and I get up and look through the window and then I decide to open the door and she runs out and next thing I know she’s being attacked viciously by a cougar (mountain lion) and she’s fighting it off but also getting hurt badly in the process and she somehow manages to get away and I grab her and it’s still coming after her and I close and lock the door ASAP and I’m telling my grandma and she doesnt believe me and I show her my cat and the blood and tell her we need to kill the cougar and get the cat to the vet and she doesn’t care. Then somehow it’s all ok again and then I’m walking around my house and then I hear scratching at the back door thinking it’s my cat (who scratches at the door to let her through) but this sounds more intense but I think nothing of it and then I hear a crash so I get up and kinda stand behind my chair and then my cat comes running to me and I pick her up and put her in the other room and go to check the sound out and the cougar is trying to get into my house so I’m screaming and pushing the door close and my grandma runs in and finally sees and believes me and she helping me but I thought I needed to get the cat to safety so I run back and grab her and take her to my sisters room and then they don’t believe me and then the 2 other people in the room shout some weird words and everything stops and the house gets lifted up and us and the cougar are all frozen and the girl says something to get it over with but moves her hands as well and didn’t think of anything like as if she was a witch and moving her hands to some weird stuff but then the cougar overpowers it and kills her and then the house drops and it’s back for us but we somehow catch it and it’s in our kitchen and I have a gun that only shoots by my dad and i’s fingerprint and I miss shooting it like 5 times and then I finally shoot it. But this dream was honestly so scary to me that I actually woke up in a sweat. Someone please help me figure out what I just dreamt.

  13. Last night, I had a dream of a cougar checking out the ground around my bird feeder. It was night in my dream as well. I went outside and it looked at me. I saw its eyes were shining bright silver, which seemed to have taken up most of its face. After it looked at me, I ran inside. I then had the courage to go back outside. It was standing 6 feet away from me, then proceeded to walk closer to me. The entire time, it’s eyes were a brilliant silver and we’re huge compared to the rest of its head. Oddly, I miss the cougar of whom I had originally feared.
    However, this big cat seems to follow the spirit animal/totem explanations in this website. I am taking on more of a leadership role, I am management, and in other parts of my life, including my home, I am standing my ground and protecting my rights, home and boundaries in so many ways. I am not backing down and running like I used to when I was younger. I’m facing everything and everyone head on and I keep plowing forward and through it all.

    1. Wow that dream was amazing I am in a similar situation and I saw a live cougar in Naperville Illinois near the corner of Diehl Road and Shore Road on Friday, December 20, 2019 around the 1:00 PM hour

  14. Hi,

    I had a dream that I was going for a hike or journey through nature, different terrains, and I came across various wildlife that intrigued me since I knew it wasn’t common to come across so many different kinds of animals on walks. I wasn’t scared in the dream, even though at one point I was on a rock or hill and there was a cougar/mountain lion below me, which lept up to attack me. I didnt want to hurt it, so I used a wooden stick to seperate the distance between me and the cougar. I used it to shoo the cougar away. Luckily the cougar left me alone after that and neither of us were injured. Then I continued on with my journey. What does this mean?

  15. I dreamed last night of driving on a dark road in a town in early morning and saw a mountain lion to the right of the road in a grassy ditch. Then a second one in the street. It looked at me, almost indecisive as to which way to go and then it followed the other one. It was illuminated in my headlights. Not quite sure what to make of it. I was amazed to see it in a town (instead of woods) and also to see two of them. They appeared to be juveniles…a bit older maybe. Not fully grown.

  16. Might someone have an idea what this dream is about ? Ok I live in a pretty countryside ish area of Florida , there’s a few turns it takes to actually get to my house from the main road.

    My dreams takes place of me walking off from the main road on my way to my house into a dark area that sort of looks like small shacks or buildings, they were sort of eerie looking but looked as if they were decorated for Halloween or something else of that mood. I was pretty fascinated of them for they seemed pretty to me.

    Then all of a sudden a huge mountain lion appears to me in aggression . This wasnt a normal mountain lion , it literally was huge and buff like it went to the gym often. It automatically was trying to attack me but I had my phone and used my flash light as first reaction. It was a very bright light from my phone I don’t kno why it was so bright . But it tried and struggled to get close to me becuz of it . So it fled from around the building. Then the first thing I did was ran toward my house thinking of my family and my dogs for some reason. So I wanted to warn them and get them safe.

    The road I took to get to my house is pretty long and curves like a rainbow, and as I’m running I keep looking back i don’t see the lion but I keep imagining it there and keep running and being terrified . Then I get to my house screaming telling everyone to get inside and get the dogs . Then I look outside through a window and don’t see the lion , but my imagination took over again and I saw the lion and got scared again thinking it was stalking us from outside. I seemed crazy cuz it wasn’t really there I just feared it was actually around.

    All I kno is I was in the house at that point and I don’t really remember what happen after but it’s weird . The lion was definetly real in the beginning when it tried to get me , but after it fled I just kept imagining it being near me which caused me to run in fear . Are there any dream readers who might understand this?

    1. I came by this site in search of info on mountain lions in dreams. I thought I’d give you a response to see if it helps. I’ll first tell you about my dream in short; a mountain lion was in our home and tore it all up and had us living in fear because we had no idea where it was, what it’d do or who/what/where it’d strike. Comparing the two of our dreams and now knowing what a mountain lion loose in a house means (it turns out the new home we just bought in real life has crazy, psycho neighbors that have a large extended family and fellow neighbors who have nothing better to do than to stalk and harass us – leaving us putting up security cameras, not going outside, watching out as much as possible because we need evidence to do anything legally because police officers say it’s civil until they physically harm us) I assume there is something that has happened to you that has kept you in the house and in fear. Like, an event, possibly with someone that looks strong to you. If it’s something that hasn’t happened, then it might be something that does happen. Just know tho, your dream indicates that you’ll be safe after. You might develop PTS but affirm to yourself that you are safe and your dream showed you that any fear you have, however warranted, is not necessary. I don’t want to infer that something scary WILL happen, but if it’s a premonition dream like mine was, BOLO but know you’ll escape and if or when you feel fear after, know that you are safe inside. Don’t let that fear get in the way of you leaving your home in real life!

  17. Every dream I ever had with wild animals has been comforting. They walked with me or visited, but never threatened and I’ve never been afraid. Recently I dreamed of a cougar sleeping with me and my pit-mix. When she woke up, she showed me something was wrong with one of her hind legs. I woke up then.

  18. I had a rather scary dream last night but also one full of shock, pain and anger. It was so intense. So in my dream I found that a cougar had killed my cat, a pure black one, it was going to start eating him when I found them I screamed “No! I’m going to kill you!” And the cougar just looked at me and got up, fear gripped me as I started backing away and it started pacing. For some reason I think it was in a house or a bedroom. I ran away from it and found 2 hunting knives that I associated with being my husbands, then started heading back to the cougar, I was so angry now, there was no fear I just wanted to kill it like it killed my beloved Raven (my cats name). I stuck both knives into its sides and it didn’t die, it was like it didn’t even phase it. Now I had fear again and ran out to find a gun, all I could find was one pellet and one bb gun. I was putting the little ammo in the bb or pellet gun i can’t remember which and tried shooting the cougar but I knew it wouldn’t hurt the huge animal and I ran out of the room not sure what to do, scared and shocked at seeing what I just witnessed. Then all of a sudden these 3 or 4 hunters were there and 1 shot it twice with a 12 gauge shot gun, it took a lot to kill it. But when they brought it back with them they said it wasn’t a cougar it was a tiger but then it changed again and was smaller, to me it looked like a big domesticated orange and white house cat (like my other cat). All of a sudden I felt guilt that they killed it, I wanted to cry. I opened the door to go outside and Raven was right there meowing at me, I felt so overjoyed at seeing him I thought he was still alive but then he disappeared. That’s when I woke up. I am not a hunter, I do have a pellet and bb gun but those are just for fun shooting cans for target practice and I haven’t used those in 2 years. Raven is my favorite cat, he is a mamas boy and has hip dysplasia so I baby him more than my other animals. I do have an orange and white big cat with blue eyes, shes a sweetheart and I have a grey and black cat who is called tigress. I don’t know what the heck the dream was about or why the cougar killed Raven, or who the cougar even was and I don’t know any hunters so no idea why they were in it. Is it saying I have extreme anger issues bottled deep down inside me? Or that I’m a warrior who will fight if I have to? I also don’t understand why or how the cougar changed from a huge cougar that would not die to a small tiger that the hunters were able to shoot to a big house cat that was dead. Someone told me the cougar was a demon with how it shapshifted but my gut says no that’s not it. It was a very intense and dark nightmare. No idea where it came from.

  19. I had a dream last night that a cougar and tiger climbed into my car. I’m sure they wanted to be freed from wherever they were. They were both calm riding in my car. The tiger started to want to swipe the roof of the interior. I didn’t want the tiger to ruin my car or hurt the cougar. I had my wife pull over the vehicle and we released them both. It was more of a busy intersection near a park from what I could tell were we released them. My wife and I are going to be getting divorced and I stood up for my self that morning. I always referred to her as my tiger and and related myself to a lion. Any thoughts on what this could mean.

  20. I just woke up from a dream that was very upsetting. For some reason I had a somewhat tame cougar in my bedroom which I also had cat’s. I also had a house full of people. I went into the bedroom for something to find that the cougar has noticed one of the cats and was about ready to punce. I came to it and talked gentally while I held it. It ended up sort of in my arms like a baby and I could feel the wildness of the needing to attack but it seemed to be trying really hard not to. My boyfriend sent a bunch of people in the room including a woman with a baby who had no care in the world how dangerous the situation was. Niether did he. All of this was making the cougar and I more and more nervous to the point where the cougar turned his attention to me and it grabbed my lip in it’s mouth. As I gently bent my head down to protect my neck my lip slipped out. I pleaded with my boyfriend to get all the people out of the room and then I woke up. I actually woke up very angry with my boyfriend. I may want to break up with him if that helps. I try to talk to him about things but he just thinks I should be glad to be with him and our life. He doesn’t hear me out and is very very obnoxious with his ego it’s ridiculous.

  21. Last year me and my 27 year old son were watching the eclipse.right at the time the sun was covered a vulture ran into a utility pole and got fell to tje ground we all were quite shocked.2 months later my son p ast away in a very shocking way.its been about ten months now but was reminded of the vulture again while watching the news and they were talking about last yrs epic eclipse.was this a sign we missed?

    1. Hello. My best wishes to you. I’m so sorry for your loss. This may sound like a very random advice but I felt like you should start painting or some creative endeavour. Was your son an artist? Or a creative person? There is a creative path in your family follow the lead? Our loved ones guides us and we guide them, it’s a very endearing full of faith and love path. Be well. Love, Rita

  22. I know this is an old page but I’m actually kind of stressed about this dream I have had that a black panther or cougar is chasing and attacking me. It’s happened twice now and it’s always exactly the same dream except this time I was able to run through some door to get away temporarily. But this this thing was vicious. I woke up to my heart racing and breathing heavy. I dont understand what this is about. Especially since its recurring. Please help me understand

  23. I have not been dreaming of cougars but have come across two in the past two months. I have been in my car and they have been in the road right in front of me. Both times they slowly crossed the road then stopped and stared me down for a long while. Do totem animals have to be in your dreams or does it mean something to encounter them in real life?

  24. Hi I am Mutasim Muhammad but if thats to hard say you can call me Sitting Eagle. At the moment I have 3 spirit animals the american bald eagle, gray wolf, and the mountain lion (cougar). A few days ago I was thinking about all the issues that I am having in my life that I can fix then all of a suddenly the wolf and cougar appeared and in my head I heard the wolfs howl. Have you ever been in a situation like this? Would you be able to tell me what that means?

  25. This week I have started having recurring dreams (two so far) where I am visited by a cougar or cougars. There is either a sense of fear or protection and in the dreams. With both dreams I woke abruptly by taking action like yelling out loud or kicking. And when I woke, I was drenched in sweat. I have never had recurring dreams and I have never woken by taking action or woken sweaty like that either. This is a new experience for me.

    The first dream was more protection, I did not feel fear. I was in my chicken coop and a cougar (normal color) enters, I try and scare it off by it comes back. It traps my fingers in its mouth (I don’t remember skin breaking or a real bite). I kick it (and my spouse) which wakes me up and I am drenched in sweat.

    Then last night I was somewhere outside, I cross a field to get something ( I don’t remember what). I am using a small flashlight and shine it on a small house cat, then another house cat, then my light shines on two large cougars right in front of me…they are not normal color, they are both blue-grey. I feel trapped and I feel fear. I yell ‘HELP’, this yell woke me up and again drenched in sweat.

    In light of these recent recurring dreams I am fascinated by this website.

    1. After several months with no recurrent dreams, the mountain lion / cougar dreams are back again. What does it mean?

  26. Ever since I was 5, when one followed me home, I have had almost constant contact with Mountain lions and signs of their presence. I am now almost 21. Regardless of where I have lived, there’s always something. From tearing rabbits out of cages, stalking deer 20ft in front me or being not even a foot away outside my tent wall, to even affecting loved ones nowhere near me. My dreams are random, intense and almost always involve a single, massive tom with brilliant light blue eyes. The blue eyes have me confused, given how they should not have that color as adults. Sometimes we fight, other times we just stare at each other for what feels like eternity. It’s been hard trying to talk to people about this, very few would believe it. I know it’s more than just normal dreams and coincidence. I appreciate and thank you for any insight in advance.

    1. So cool and terrifying at the same time. I grew up in the mountains I often felt the presence of the cat and heard them but never once saw one.
      Anyhow I was wondering about your dream…are you looking at your own self? I’m sure you’ve probably come to that conclusion on your own so I hope I don’t insult you.
      Or maybe you’re looking directly at your Guide.

    2. This is amazing! And incredibly powerful. It sounds like you have a mountain lion as one of your totem/power animals and spirit guides…
      I was terrified of mountain lions for a while when I lived in these mountains where they were ~ I could always feel them around, and esp when I would walk by myself in the forest at night or dusk. And I would have many dreams with them, also sometimes fighting, sometimes just staring at each other or even cuddling. Eventually I realized I had been so afraid of them cuz I was afraid of my own power and true wild self. They were actually my allies and guides, my family ~ which is why I could feel them so strongly but had not yet owned that I had that power within me.
      I had a powerful experience with them when I was camping out under the stars ~ one killed something right across the river from me, heard it all only right across the way, for hours right next to them. That was an initiation and I began to see them as my family.
      Now I have met my actual mountain lion spirit guide through visions and journeys ~ she has bright colored eyes as well and a name she has shared with me. She has been teaching me a lot about myself and guiding me. So when you say you keep seeing a blue eyed one in your dreams, makes me think maybe that is your specific spirit guide. I would try to connect with them in a shamanic journey or maybe make them an offering and say you have the intention of knowing them more (or whatever your intention may be). Super powerful! Blessings on your connecting fellow mountain lion family <3

    3. It’s been a good while since I’ve been here. I’ve determined with time that he’s at least one of my spirit guides.The dreams with him are still as mysterious as before, but I at least understand more now. Also I always see through my eyes during the dreams, as if I’m standing there in the forest clearing in reality. No name ever comes to me for him, he is just Him or He. So much raw power emanates from him, it’s like he tells me everything from his presence and stare. I’ve been feeling the emergence of perhaps another guide alongside him lately, but who knows, the spirit realm is always a mystery.

  27. I had a dream last night a baby cougar loved me and was hugging me and being around me lots because we had not seen each other in awhile. I noticed the cougar waa getting older I had concernthat it would become dangerous the older and bigger it got because ov its natural instinct. I tried leaving but it kept following me. Was smart as i tried to ditch it on a path it couldnt follow but it went another route to meet me were i would end up. It really liked me but i was scared ov it incase it would hurt me.

  28. I have had recurring dreams about Mountain Lion for over 20 years now. Sometimes they come nightly, sometimes just every so often. In some dreams the lion speaks to me (sadly I can never remember what it said!). Once three came to me in a dream – one white, one black and one golden (natural). About ten years ago the lion was in a little playhouse that was on my elementary school playground – it was dying, lying on it’s side, and I was surprise that I was so distraught and crying for it not to die after so many years of terror in my dreams. That dream coincided with the passing of my grandmother I was very close to. After that, I didn’t dream about mountain lions for a long time. Recently they have returned to me, weekly. In my dreams so far I hide from them. The last one I was hiding waiting for the lion to go into the woods, but I couldn’t help peeking to see if it was gone and it locked eyes with me and came racing for me – I ran from it. Except for the time the lion was dying, I have always felt fear in my night time encounters with them. Any insight would be most welcome! Thank you.

    1. Are you afraid your power? Or is there a place in your life in which you are cowering away from standing in your full truth, passions and convictions?
      I went through something similar ~ was literally terrified of mountain lions and constantly afraid of them, or atually of being killed by one. I was very disempowered/hiding and not fully living at the time. Eventually I realized that my fear of the puma was my fear of my own power. As I began my journey of deeper empowerment and owning my truth and courageously stepping forward in my life, the mountain lions turned into my allies. I realized that intense fierce and wild power I was so afraid of is in me. That I have a mountain lion spirit I needed to face and own. Now my mountain lion spirit guide is my teacher and ally and family.
      Perhaps that resonates or helps. If not feel free to let it go!

  29. Cougar, Skentasheskó:wa speaks to me today of living fully and boldly within yourself and within your convictions. Each of us know what we believe to be right and what believe to be wrong. But we learn to obfuscate, first with others and then with even ourselves. We do this because standing tall within ourselves means that we sometimes, perhaps often, offend or are judged by others. We all want to be liked. But the only way to be liked is to live between what what we know to be true and what we know to be false. Lies are a social lubricant. They reduce the friction between us. But they also smother any flame that might live inside of us. Skentasheskó:wa, like all cats, does know how to be false. We cannot live in this human world the way that the Lion of the Mountains lives. Not all the time. But we risk losing sight of that part of ourselves that does not know how to be false. The appearance of Skentasheskó:wa reminds me that we must never lose all contact with our own inner Lion of the Mountains, that we must never completely lose sight of truth, even the truth that may cause us pain or cost us popularity. Skentasheskó:wa reminds me that standing boldly in the truth, even if it is only a rare thing that we do, is what keeps us fully present and alive.

    1. martijnvanhaaster

      Thumbs up .. both pieces are insightful and well written, I would be surprised if writing isn’t something you pursue more often. The theme is right up my alley. I’ve found that I am dealing with emotional flashbacks, as they are called, shame, fear, triggered by a harsh self critical ego, inner critic. I often feel insecure and not up to the task or unable to believe others love or care for me, it’s hard to recieve and I find myself always on the edge of withdrawing. My hope is that the people that matter to me instinctively know that this is the issue, and not that I somehow do not appreciate them, because that can look very much the same. Then I have locked myself inside other shame attacks for making others feel they are being ”ignored” by me. This is a harrowing ordeal and the solution becomes the problem that evokes the same solution .. which pretty much equals an addiction. On the one hand I deeply feel I should be authentic, be myself, on the other hand the debilitating insecurity and self doubt is so strong it often forces me into retreat, which \i feel I cannot explain to others, Is there a way I can strike a balance that works for everyone ? Thanks

    2. I was dreaming that I was waiting to get on to a highway and in was single lanes. Waiting my opportunity and then all of a sudden a cougar came at me and I turned a run, he leaped on me dug his claws in and started to bite into my back and then I we t numb …please help me

    3. Thank you for your remarks about Mountain Lion. I just had a dream of a mother with her two
      yearling cubs..both as big as her! I saw them in the distance in this dream..on mountainside… while I was standing in the street in a town below. When I saw that she had seen me, I ran away back down the street..knowing that running was only going to possibly attract her attention even more. I began yelling…asking my boyfriend(who I am considering breaking off from in real life) to open the doors! I definitely need the courage of Mountain Lion.

  30. Cougar, Skentasheskó:wa, speaks of Conviction and Boldness, of standing strongly in your Convictions and Living fully behind your Words and your Beliefs. Too often we are tentative and hesitant, not because of insecurity or lack of faith in ourselves, but because we are afraid of the consequences of our actions, and because we are even more afraid that if we make a decision then we then cannot claim that we are incapable of action or decision. Once you take action then you have to live with the knowledge that you can take action. It is so much easier to place this responsibility on others, and to hide behind them where we cannot be judged. But allowing others to make decisions for us, and to take action for us, leaves us powerless and forever living outside of our own lives. It takes tremendous courage to live inside your own life fully. And all too often we end up trying to live other people’s lives for them rather than living our own lives. We begin first by being willing to Lead ourselves. Yes, we must then live in our own blame if we fail. But we also get to Live fully in the Appreciation of our Accomplishments when we succeed. Skentasheskó:wa acts quickly because it never occurs to her to wait for someone else to make a Decision. Cougar calls for us to Live our Lives and to stand fully in who we are, not in who we want others to see us as.

  31. Hello,

    I had a dream for the second night about a cougar and a wolf/ves. This is significant for me because I normally do not dream about animals. The first dream there was one wolf present and the second night two wolves were present.

    So here’s my dream: I’m alone in a house, but aware that my family is around somewhere, but they’re distant not actually in the dream and I realize that there’s a wolf in the same room as me and I’m afraid of it, but also somehow know that he’s not there to hurt me. He’s actually quiet and seems somewhat playful, I turn to leave the room and the wolf follows me and upon entering another room there’s a cougar lounging on a peice of flat furniture (not necessarily a bed) and I’m terrified of it and I turn to find another room to go to and the cougar follows me closer than the wolf does. I continue to keep finding different rooms to go to only to find that the cougar is already there. For some reason I’m terrified of the cougar, but also seem know that the cougar won’t hurt me. I’m also scared of the wolf, but same thing I seem to know that it won’t hurt me.

    The second dream is basically the same, but there’s two wolves and they are both almost like companions to me but I’m scared of them. The cougar also seems gentle and won’t do any harm to me, but I’m so terrified of the cougar.

    I normally do not dream about animals and lately before these dreams I haven’t been remembering any of my dreams. Something about these dreams just makes me feel like there’s something of significance.

  32. Dream last night, I was in a long/ large cylinder like cave. An old manager who I always found attractive was hugging me good by, we almost kiss and it was awkward. I start off on my journey. A mountain lion comes up out of nowhere. I start backing up to the wall, it’s coming at me hissing. I find a little nook in the wall and pull my self upagainst it, hoping I would somehow disguise myself. The mountain lion walks past me into its den. I am relived but scared it will come back, I climb up the wall to find a long shelf with cushions. I am so excited to find a place to sleep for the night.

  33. I was not dreaming about cougar/s BUT when I woke up a cougar was leaping towards me. I gasped because i was scared. I stood up after that ant thought on what this means.

  34. I had a dream last night that I was going to pick up some paperwork. I walked away and all of sudden a cougar came charging at me slipped around me then slammed into tree and then came at me. I tried to get it into a headlock and then awaken by my husband because I was crying in my sleep. It took me a minute to understand what was happening. Any ideas?

  35. I had a dream last night that I saw a small rattlesnake caught in the link if a fence unable to get loose then found a dead / wounded young cougar lying in the ground and close by were three dead snakes woven together. Please help me make sense of this!

  36. I’ve occasionally had a dream that involved cougars. Starts off that I see one, and then realize there are more. Last night, I dreamt they were double-sized, laying in my yard, in the night, and one was rolling in the garden. I remember feeling dread — what if they get into the house; I kept debating whether I should get the kids to the attic (which we don’t have). But they never came in – and I seriously woke up thinking I need to call the city to do something about all the mountain lions! Previous dreams involved a zoo, and the cougars or female lions were roaming free — again, I was scared, but they did not attack. And another where I came home late and woke up a cougar as I was getting into the house, and then I could see others waking up and I think they got into the basement.

    Freaking me out! Tonights dream made me realize this wasn’t the first dream of cougars — what in the world ! It is similar to a dream many many years ago where I was walking in the neighborhood and realized it was super quiet — saw no one, but then realized there were gorillas in all the trees.

  37. What does it mean to have a part in your dream when a cougar is walking up to you? I had this dream the other night…

    1. Cougar is getting your attention by walking up to you directly. S/he must have a message for you. I wonder if the cougar isn’t asking you to address some issue with regards to self-doubt or letting others take you over. S/he is showing gentleness and being merciful. Perhaps that merciful quality in the face of great power is asking you also to be gentle and loving of yourself if you are having a difficult time with yourself and your own boundaries or are entangled in some relationship that is hard for you. Cougar is a very strong ally and you would do well to try to let your mind stay open to what might be coming through. Don’t always look for words, but feel the quality of your response to it, it’s energy and most important what it is saying with posture. Always healing.

  38. Last night I had a dream of a panther/mouatin lion transforming into native american women.Then my boyfriend cheated on me with her and when they were both done,she turned back into panther/mouatin lion.of course in my dream he lied of whereabouts and the infedility that took place

    1. Perhaps you need to become the panther/cougar in your love making with your boyfriend. Be the wild-cat. Let that part of you come out in love making. The Native American woman is also that exotic wildness that you dream of. But the fact that you jump to the conclusion that he is committing infidelity suggests that perhaps it’s you that desires that experience or at least the feeling when making love to him that you are someone different, someone powerful, sexy, exotic, someone other than your ordinary self. Perhaps you fear that because you are “ordinary” in love making that he will be unfaithful with you???

  39. I had a cougar run in front of my car when I was coming down the canyon in Utah several months ago. It was all so surreal. I have had deer run in front of my car before and it was so startling, but this was different. Even though it was surprising and unexpected, it felt as if with every pounce, time stood still and I could feel the incredible power of the animal. Every step seemed to ripple out with waves of energy. I was overcome with the experience and felt the energy of the animal for several hours. I was amazed to look at this site and see that a cougar symbolizes power. I loved the fact that it sent me that message so clearly just by being in its full strength and beauty. It made me hope that I could live my purpose clear enough that others would know what I stand for just by being me.

  40. I had a dream last night of a black cougar, it seemed friendly at first, catching my attention. It pulled at my hand in a friendly way, pulling me away from a group of people. I trusted it and let it pull me away. Once away and secluded it started play biting like s cat would, it then started biting my arm harder and harder. I started to panic and realise it was no longer playing, but hurting me. I couldn’t call for any one to help me, I was in panic. I woke up shouting in my sleep. I remember seeing my own cat black cat in my dream, smaller but there. I woke calling my cat. It really bothered me that it hurt me and I was scared. What does all this mean ??

    1. Here’s something to consider. It could be a warning that you are giving something/someone undeserved power over you. Anything from people to negative emotions or false beliefs.

    2. I think Wakka is right. The fact that the cougar is biting you hard is like it is demanding you to wake up to something important and something that is frightening to you. I hope that you find the courage to find out what is frightening you.

      Just finding a fear is a brave thing. And then, to realize that by being fully aware of it, as in the awareness cougar was demanding of you by biting strongly, you can defeat the way in which this fear is ruling you or undermining your own power. Cougar is telling you you can do it.

  41. I had a dream last night that a Mountain Lion was laying at the end of my bed and I was able to grab my daughter (she slept with me last night) and get out the room. I remember feeling afraid that it would pounce at us, then feeling relieved when I was able to leave the room safely. I then called my boss and he came and killed it for me (he goes hunting). He removed it from my room, then at one point my boss just sat in the chair with his rifle looking concerned or bothered. Weird dream…but I wonder what it means. I mean I have been secretly job hunting, but I think my boss may know. I don’t want him to mad at me, but I have been there 5 years doing the same thing…I think its just time for me to move on.

    1. It’s possible that your boss senses your restlessness with your job and you give him too much power over you (like come kill the cougar). The cougar is your symbol of freedom of a new life, a new job. The fact that you feared it shows that your greatest fear is being free to roam, free to find a better life for you and your daughter. Your fear is your warning flag of the work you need to do in your life to move forward. The cougar is a great teacher and mentor for you. Become the cougar and you step into your personal power; the power of independence, gentle assertiveness, decisiveness, and the ability to leap at opportunities when they present themselves. Right now you’re too fearful to leap at opportunities or even notice them. It’s probably because you have a daughter to think of too. But you must be the leader, the huntress, the fearless warrior woman. Cougar can show you how! Believe it!

  42. I had such a powerful dream over a year ago. It was so vivid.

    It began as I smoking a cigarette in the backyard of a house. I turned my head to notice a dark outline of a mountain lion which sat on top of the fence of the yard and it just stared at me while wagging its tail. I was so afraid. I turned around, dropped my cigarette and walked into the house without looking back and shut the back door.

    I turned and looked at the windows, only to see that there were mountain lions sitting in the windows, staring at me and wagging their tails. I felt like i was being ambushed and I had no where to go. All of a sudden, the back door flew open, as if a by magic, and the prominant mountain lion, who I first saw, slowing began creeping towards me. It carried an extremely intense gaze directed right into my eyes as slowly tried to back away. This is where the dream ended.

    The night prior, I had taken a bath and was pondering my life goals and was extremely stressed out about what direction my life was going in.

    If anyone has any feed back, I am really interested in your input. Is this one of my spirit guides? It felt like an extremely important presence that demanded my attention. Like it had had enough of my games.

    1. Absolutely, the cougar is one of your power totem animals. It’s just frustrated with you that you don’t recognize that and use it’s power for your good and the benefit of others. This dream is a stunning example of the way animal totems communicate with us. Once again it’s your fear of this animal that signals your greatest challenge right now. Fear of the future; fear of the unknown. If the cougar is your totem in the East (and I suspect it is) then the cougar is there to guide you through your greatest spiritual challenges and guard your path to enlightenment. It is your mentor to help you face your fear and overcome it and step into the power of who you are meant to be. Study to cougar as he was studying you. Become the cougar; shapeshift into the cougar. Be fearless. It is the only way to understand your life goals and be confident of the direction of your life walk. Aho!

  43. I had a dream where I was in some woods with 3 cougars.
    These woods had some kind of paths going somewhere 2-3 of them can’t remember 100%
    And these cats would come out of these paths and it seemed like they were playing with each other but I felt like they aware
    That I am there as well and I felt not scared but not really comfortable either. Finally I saw one coming towards me and I guess I just laid down and the cat just laid on top of me like it was protecting me from something, cat even licked me like I was a cub
    Then it got up and went into wild again
    After some time it came back and did the same thing
    And I felt like safe and protected
    Then i woke up

  44. I dreamed that I was in a tent and an cougar/ mountain lion was prowling around the outside of the tent. It never got in but I could see the sillouette of it walking around the tent. It finally left and went into a river. I went to the river looking for it. What could this mean?

    1. A good dream illustrating the idea that our animal totems will only stalk us waiting for us to recognize them, acknowledge them and invite them into our lives. We were born with nine power animals that have agreed to work with us from birth to death but they can’t help us if we don’t ask them to. These nine totems carry our medicine, our true personality, our abilities, talents and natural skills. Check out The Power of Nine Animal Totem workshop . This is your true personality. You want personal power. Be the Nine. Feel the natural force of nature operating inside you, thru you. You can move energy and mass if you are the Master of the Nine.

  45. I had a dream where i was in a fenced backyard. A cougar was in the backyard and a group of domestic dogs where fighting it off all circled around it. I was trying to get into the house without the cougar spotting me like as if i was going to let the dogs take care of it.

    Im assuming the dogs represented my friends maybe suppressing something but what im not sure.

    Any ideas? Thanks:)

  46. Okay I’m just wondering what this means but I had a dream last night that my friend and I were in this like house and cave and a black panther was stalking us and would sometimes pounce but I always caught it’s mouth before it could bite, it also didn’t have sharp teeth. So sometimes I would struggle to hold its mouth open and at one point a tiger helps me to hold its mouth open so I can run away, well in the end we finally get home and there is a cougar with a black dog sitting outside our house and they let us pet them, and when we went inside they laid down together on our front lawn. What the heck does this mean I’ve literally NEVER had a dream like this. I somewhat looked into it and it said it may mean I have enemies trying to cause negativity in my life? Which I totally believe.

    1. Had a nightmare
      … I was in a house and was sitting on the second story deck when I noticed a mountain lion. This mountain lion was very big, veryyyy big compared to a normal one and started to jump up to the deck and I ran in the house and tried to shut the door but the mountain lion got to it and kept it from closing and entered. I was backing up and trying to fight off this animal and it kept trying to attack me but always missed but I was so scared but it just kept missing me. I ended up leaving the house and going towards a river where there were little children clothed and playing in the river. They seemed unaffected by the terror I felt… Then I woke up.

  47. I don’t know if anyone might have any information to this other that a white cougar being my spirit guide, but, when I was younger my mother told me that for the entire 9 months she was pregnant with me, there was a white cougar that would lay down at the same tree every night and look/stare towards her bedroom window when she was going to bed. It stopped after my mom had me and I’ve always wondered if it had more meaning that a protector/guide.

    1. Hi Jb

      Other then the animal being tied to your family , as it seems that it’s a protector , there’s a lot to be said about a young innocent spirit thats vulnerable,without getting right off the dream topic this cougar was there to protect your spirit , not everything around us is so nice and helpful at times our animal spirit guide will ward off other things that are harmful to us.
      I also get the feeling that that cougar was a mother that lost her baby or could not have one , the mother instinct brought her to your mom ..

  48. I just had a doozie of a dream and I’m hoping someone here can help interpret it. I can’t decide if it was a nightmare or not, but it was not a happy one. I’ll describe it the best I can. If anyone can help me interpret it, I’d really appreciate it.

    It started with my girlfriend and I being on the camping trip that we are currently planning. We were breaking down camp and were getting ready to move on to the next place when a scruffy old man approached us asking for a ride. He said that he was on his way to some sort of Native American festival. My girlfriend and I thought, “Oh cool! We should check that out too!”. As soon as we started the car, the old man pulled a knife and delivered some vague threat. At that moment my girlfriend and I each pulled a knife on him, demanded that he got out of my car, and left him on the side of the road. Though it is not really a part of the rest of the dream, it is significant because it was the only part in which I felt like I was in control. It was also the only part in which my girlfriend and I were together.

    We arrived at this festival and at the front gate we saw a huge line of people waiting to get in. We decided that my girlfriend would park the car and that I would get us a spot in line. As I waited, everyone around me was talking about how excited they were to be there. I entered the gate with a bunch of strangers wondering where my girlfriend was. The crowd swept me further and further from the front entrance and suddenly my excitement turned to anxiety. A big Native American man in traditional clothing told me that I could wait for my girlfriend in this cabin that was surrounded by teepees. This is when things went from being just kinda weird to really bizzare and scary.

    I entered the cabin and the place was completely abandoned. No furniture. Boarded up windows. Random broken home accesories strewn all around on the floor. I felt like there was something watching me. Out of the shadows came a massive blue mountain lion slowly and silently making its way towards me. I panicked. I hopped into a nearby crate hoping that I could hide there. Instead, I fell straight through the floor and down into the basement.

    If you’ve ever been in an old hunting or skiing cabin that had a basement, this looked exactly like that. Moldy, dusty, cobwebs, and once again, random stuff everywhere. There were several doors going out of the room and I started looking around for a way out, but every door I opened either led me to more creepy basement or pitch blackness. Once in a while I would encounter another person. Sometimes they were real life friends, but most of the time they were strangers. All of them were more lost than I was and would offer me no help in finding a way out. Occasionally I would open a door to find that same blue mountain lion sitting stoically in the middle of the room. Each time I saw it, although it was not doing anything to threaten to me, I was overwhelmed by fear and would slam the door and run.

    One point which I remember particularly well is when I entered a room and saw a little girl. She was wearing a white dress that was covered in dirt and was sitting in the corner with a drawing pad. She was surrounded by beautiful drawings which were scattered on the floor around her. I asked if I could sit with her and she said yes. When she looked up at me I realized that she was blind. I asked her how she was able to make such beautiful art without being able to see it. She simply pointed at an old chest across the room. I got up to open it and she started begging me not to, saying that it was “against the rules” and that “he wouldn’t like it”. At this point I was desperate to find a way out of this place so I opened it anyway. Inside were documents and hand written notes as well as old timey family photographs of a man, a woman, and this little girl. I picked up one of the notes and saw that it was addressed to me, but for whatever reason I couldn’t read the handwriting. I looked back to the little girl and looming over her shoulder was that big blue mountain lion. It seemed bigger than ever and was doing a weird combination of growling and purring. This time I was not afraid for myself, but for the little girl. I reached for her and as I did, she reached for the lion. She started scratching it under the chin and the lion’s eyes went from glaring to relaxed. I just stood there watching in awe as the girl told me that there was nothing to fear.

    I think that this was the point when I woke up because I don’t remember much else. I know that this is very specific and bizarre, but I’m convinced that this dream means something. Again, any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

    1. First of all wow! I think that the cougar not attacking you is a sign of power. From what I hear, the cougar can represent power. Power that is waiting for you to tame as the little girl did. The many endless doors and people unable to help you because they themselves are lost is a symbol that, that’s how you feel. Your surround by endless friends, or people and you feel emotionally lost and afraid and no one can help. The letter addressed to you might be the cougars way to get your attention and the reason you couldn’t make it out is because the message is the dream. The power is your and it is waiting for you to accept your emotional empowerment. At least that’s what I think.

    2. Hi there :mrgreen: I hope I’m not too late in replying about your dream. What a very interesting dream! I’d like to take a stab at interpreting it, if you don’t mind. Symbolism is tough because there are no definitive answers, and there might be some things that have specific significance to YOU but we don’t know about, if that makes sense. Sorry for the long preface, here’s my try:
      A lot of symbolism points toward the notion of darkness/dark rooms/tunnels etc representing subconsciousness. I think it would be healthy for you to do a little “shadow work” so to speak, and explore what these unexplored areas of your brain are trying to tell you. The little girl being blind but seeing is a really spiritual symbol in my humble opinion. She had sight without sight. She trusted her spiritual path completely, and it worked in her favor. I think it’s very symbolic that she was the one that tamed the blue cougar. Does blue have a certain significance to you ? I can go into the symbolic meaning of blue, but we could go on for ages. Cougars can be terrifying. Have you ever heard one of those suckers ? However, they’re also really fucking beautiful and graceful (from a safe distance 😉 ). maybe some sort of situation that appears terrifying is actually something that would really be of your best interest. I’d have to know more to elaborate, but you did great explaining your dream 😀

  49. I haven’t had a dream about a mountain lion and one has not crossed my path, however, for the past couple of weeks, I have this fear of one attacking. To my knowledge, they are not in my area and I just can’t shake it. Any thoughts?? It is very distracting and to the point when I go outside, I am extremely vigilant and looking around and over my shoulder. Am I crazy? LOL

  50. I dreamt I was walking in a small town from my past and there was a city park. I was walking the outskirts of the park and noticed a couger sitting in a tree in the middle of the park. I started walking backwards and slowly hoping it wouldn’t see me. But he did and he jumped out of his tree and started walking towards me. I decided it would be safer to stand my ground. When he finally came up to me I tried yelling at him to leave, but he leaned in to bite me and we had a very small altercation. I got very angry, more so than being scared. I opened my right hand fully and completely extended my arm out, swing it begind me and gave the couger a hard slap across the face. He turned around and walked away.

  51. I had a dream last night of a cougar licking my face and then laying next to me and sleeping. It was in a house. Not my house .. Do not know where I was.

    1. Hi david,

      Thats so sweet that cougar was licking your face in your dream! I work with cougar in meditation sometimes and have actually run into one IRL once. It was sitting high up on a hill at the entrance of a nature walk trail i was going to go on. Needless to say… I turned around and went back the other way! I love how cougar is territorial but i also get an encouraging vibe from them like “its okay to mark your territory”. Peace

  52. I had this dream awhile back were me and some close friends blew a hole in the side of a bank and took some money everyone gets their cut and runs but as I’m getting my last few box’s I had this cougar like the one from Ricky Bobby I stared it down moving in the opposite direction around the room till I am at the exit and leave it there , waking up …. I had a continuation today of going back for the last box and it was still there as if guarding the box we do the same as before staring each other down not blinking slowly moving around the room till I’m at the box I have the key in lock open the safe and load my bag without taking my eyes of the cougar just watching me til he jumps and I dodge it and we do like before I get to the door and he jumps at me , I drop the bag stepping aside catching it by its neck and ripping the jaw off what could this mean

    1. Hello:

      I am a person with some familiarity with cougar. Can only offer an impression but this is what I feel coming from the dream:

      Cougars are know for their virtue, articulation of leadership or authority and their cunning amongst other things. You and your friends came by some money what you might call an not so kosher way. All of you are feeling greedy about getting the money and of course this is not the greatest of states of minds. Cougar is watching you throughout and interferes with your attempts to take the money in the first dream. In the second time he watches you return to get the bag that you had dropped. He is totally intent upon you as you are upon him.

      So this confrontation between you and Cougar seems to be a comment on Cougar’s part about you thinking you could get away with this. He represents authority here and also virtue and responsibility. And I think he is functioning as a part of your conscience. Although you get away with your scheme, you only succeed by perpetrating real violence against the Cougar who dies.

      Perhaps you are in conflict about something to do with another person and there is clearly a right or wrong position to take in your mind. That would be a literal meaning. Perhaps you are in conflict with a part of yourself about overcoming a sense of being watched and criticized too much. Your overcoming the Cougar is a powerful moment in that regard. It’s not clear to me if in your present circumstances that is a good thing or not. You could be coming into your own power but your use of it seems tainted or taken to the extreme.

      Just reflections from the mirror of spirit. Helpful I am not sure. Ultimately, you must feel the message yourself. I’ve had some dreams that took me years to comprehend what was being presented to me. Good luck.

  53. The had a nightmare about being in my backyard letting my four dogs out to do their nighttime bizz. For some reason I was out in the yard with them. I hear a noise and the dogs start barking (and suddenly I can’t SEE them- this scares me) I turn around and a cougar is right there- in my face looking angry and now I have a broom in my hands and I’m trying to get her (in my dream I thought of it as a ‘her’) off of me. There’s blood and she bites off my left hand’s pinky and other two fingers- leaving just my middle finger and thumb, my left hand is my dominant hand btw- dunno if that means anything. My largest dog then attacks the cougar side and she gets thrown to the side out of my sight, it’s dark and then I hear a gunshot- that’s what wakes me up. The weirdest part is when the cougar’s attacking me I’m not scared, I’m relieved, I am only scared when I couldn’t see my dogs and when the gunshot goes off.

    …if anyone has any insight to this please share.

  54. Yesterday, while I was running an ultra, a large male mountain lion crossed my path maybe four feet in front of me. He was so close that I was startled and of course my heart was beating a million times a minutes. I didn’t see him again though. It seemed as if he was just passing through, but to have a sighting that close is so rare. This past summer I saw a cougar’s glowing eyes watching my friend and I as we walked through the forest. We rushed home. Now I coming to feel that these sightings have some meaning.

    1. I had an encounter with a Florida Panther in late September. I agree. It’s a life changing experience. Terrifying. But yet a call to action.

  55. Hello.! I just woke up from one trippy dream. It started off at work , I was apparently doing everything wrong including going inside the restaurant. I talk to the sous chef and he tells me that the entrance to my station was on the other side. I thank him and as he turns around he pushes the back of his head with his thumb and it was soft like a baby’s head, creepy. I have to pass a gate and once I do, it’s a whole different theme (somehow) it’s an alley I have to cross to get to the door, I see my boss , the chef, and he’s walking to his famliy, whom where on the floor as if having a picnic or a campfire. (The whole time it was night with pretty stars which I can see without looking directly at them). I say hi to the chef as I walk by, his wife starts rambling about a dream or vision she had I was pretty far but heard it as if was next to me. I can remember her talking about how scared she was, about hell coming to earth. She started crying and in the midst of her tears she mentioned that it will all start with fire. And then I somehow feel the need to defend them (me being 20 years old)[and him being my boss and would most likely protect me] I come across this battleaxe with a red aura
    ,once I grab it ,I spot out a black cougar. The feline was damaged and with bursting red eyes. I was somewhat defending my chef and his family from the already hurt feline. I throw the battleaxe at him. And it gets stuck to his belly, he takes off running. No longer having the battleaxe and being a scary alley, I grab a tape recorder for protection, the words the devil I hear and wake up.

    Can someone help me understand what just happened, please, and thank you.

  56. Hello!
    I had a really disturbing dream a couple of nights ago, hope someone can help me understand.
    I was outside an old wooden house when a big puma or cougar arrived I was really scared yet thought it was beautiful, I entered the house and felt safer, looking through the window I couldn’t see it anymore so I went outside again, the puma was in pieces, horrible vision and a huge snake was next to it, I was really scared for my life and sad and disgusted. I woke up feeling bad, but not like a nightmare cause I was in control, able to go in and out the house. Thank you!

  57. Hi everyone,

    At the beginning of summer I had a dream that this gorgeous and majestic feline became my companion. She came and found me when I was hiking alone one day. We went everywhere together and even though we had our home we prefered to travel. She was very mellow, calm, caring and was never aggressive. She was very intelligent and her eyes showed she was very much self aware. We some how were able to communicate her to me mentally and me to her verbally. That’s not the part I am curious about though.

    This feline held all the similar attributes of a Mountain lion yet her coat was glossy like that of a black panther. The biggest shock was that her fur was a blue/grey. In my dream when I went to see what species she was they told me they didn’t know she was one of a kind but in my heart I knew she was part mountain lion for sure.

    Is there any significance to her coat color being unlike any I had ever seen before. I would greatly appreciate a response.

    1. Hello — I am not a native american but have had many encounters with spirit and in particular with cougar. How does the color blue/grey make you feel? I have a particular association with that color aspect but won’t share it as it will be different for you. She was showing you something by manifesting in that color — only you can determine what quality she was pointing out to you. just a few ideas — her elusiveness, her ability to be cool and stealth like. Maybe your fear even of the cunning and prowess she holds for you.

      One thing about Cougar is that in the process of showing you your power and how to take your stance it needs to point out to you also where you are weak. It will defend you until you find your understanding of that weakness but only if you respect her aspects of integrity and honesty.

      So in finding the power she is manifesting you have to be willing to admit to where you are not powerful and what inside of you is holding you back. Because anyone who is visited by cougar must have power to draw upon. strength enough to battle their enemies though with courage not cowardly behavior such as sniping, back biting, battling with name calling. When you have the power you will see there is no need for that. . They have no fear really because they have earned their pride and strength. I hope that you find it . . .

    2. Perhaps this specific mountain lion is a specific spirit guides. Our animal spirit guides may look slightly different in the astral/Spirit realms than the animal may look in real life. I know my mountain lion spirit guide has bright colored eyes that a puma in this world would not have. So perhaps this was your spirit guide presenting themself?

  58. My husband and I both had very similar dreams regarding cougars.

    Mine; I was out camping and went to put our 3 dogs in our trailer, the cougar tried to get in my trailer and I fought it off I was begging my dad for help, but he wouldn’t help me, and one of my dogs got picked up and taken by the cougar, I ran after them, but never found either.

    My husband; he was out camping and went to put the dogs in the trailer, my mom opened the trailer and a cougar grabbed one of our other dogs and my husband ran and booted the cougar in the gut.

    We just want to know what this could possible mean???

  59. My dream was weird, it started off on my house is grew up.. I was walking to my house when I seen 3 mountain lions and 2 cougar this 5 cats had green eyes, at first they dint attack me, they waited for me to get inside my house, as I close the door one charged at me with so much light speed and stealth I was able to close my door, but since it was the Metal one I could still see him, he was trying so hard to get through the door. Things got out of hand, I just remember the 1st one I took its eyes out but was still alive, I took me a while what was really go8ng on, I walked out the door and I couldn’t see any cats. Just a trail of blood from the cats eye wholes. After a while l, where the cat blood trail ended cats after cats came out with its same goal to attack me……. my dream it’s long wish to share it all but I need to keep searching this dream meaning.

  60. I dont understand,
    I am South African, but, I have dreamt that I used a big python to strangle a very large alligator to rescue a cougar from the alligator. Afterwards I was scared that if I let my grip go, the freed cougar might attack me because I had the cougar clutched In my arms at this point. I instead it befriended me when I released it. Can you help me on this one please?

    1. I dont know but I had almost the same dream except i trusted the mountain lion like i already knew her. I helped free the mountain lion from the crocodile and we walked side by side to try and get her help. She was weak and bloodied..forgot how it ended..

    2. I’m curious if you are relating to the qualities listed below—if you as the cougar are befriending them—taking the qualities into your life for your current life circumstances….just a thought as I read your dream. Perhaps, this is also a dream for the world….what if we all come into our power, are befriended by courage, have responsibility befriend us too! hmmm. 🙂 Be well!

    3. To make a tiny correction…that’s the Associations, which are listed above these posts…sorry for any confusion. Thanks! 🙂

  61. Any insight into this dream?? I’m walking down a park path close to my home, I notice a mountain lion, for some reason I’m told by my cousins son not to look away and just to back away from the animal. but for whatever reason I turn and try to run…next thing I know the Lion has my head in its mouth as if it has bitten down on my left side of my head/face. Then a male character (looks like seth rogen) nonchalantly walks over and exclaims I have a cougar attached to my head..he takes the animals jaws from around my head…then leads it to a bedroom and closes the door. I am extremely scared and now I’m trying to sneak out of the house without disturbing the room the lion is in. the male character finds me hiding in the room then gives me a machete to help me I’m walking away I’m back at the park and this random dude with pizza walks past me, I turn to tell him to be careful about the lion and he falls into the pit/downstairs…but he’s okay. I then wake up feeling terrified like its been the worst dream ever and I can’t shake how scared I was or the fact the mountain like bit into the left side of my face.

  62. I had a dream about a cougar/mountain lion last night. The cougar was roaming around in the street, noone knew where it came from it was not vicious and did not attack me. It was tuin and malnourished. I picked it up and put it in my truck and the vrought it home to out in a cage in my house. I was searching frantically to try and find something for it to eat in my home but I couldnt. I gave it some water to drink then I woke up.

    1. The malnourished cougar represents an aspect of yourself that you are not nurturing. Only you will be able to determine what this is. Look up the symbolic meanings that cougar has, this will help you in figuring out just what it is that needs feeding within yourself.

  63. The world is in SmackDown mode towards me. I have taken to total sobriety to make sure I’m not contributing anything to negativity. For example I was walking at night legally and run over by a car. I could go on and on with the things that have happened in my life that don’t seem to be the same level as other people’s down and out. Like my deep waters are very deep in this area. It almost seems like the world is testing me to my limit for months and months and even years. I have been in spiritual Zone sort of increased sixth sense beyond my normal “little extra” since being hit by the car. I’m one surgery into a journey of healing requiring two surgeries. The other night as I’m preparing yet another change in life suddenly a scream of animal proportion came to where I was staying and a mountain lion was a few feet away. I had been out wandering the large property two days before where not many people walk and found its tracks. I even took a picture of the track with my hand next to it they are the same size, before the night scream of the animal near, happened to me. Of course I reinjured a nit my arm that had just had surgery when slammimg the car door. The mountain lion so close to me screaming. I’m OK. None the less I wonder about the symbolic meaning and find your page as well as others. Everything about this experience and where I’m at in my life from a totem type perspective totally lines up. I have been in danger unnecessarily and would like for it to stop. I think I will balance my power with calm as best I can at this time. Any advice you have is appreciated or encouragement in this dark time. Sometimes I think there’s almost an evil after me which I need to get above and do everything I can to avoid. Maybe it’s just a long period of trial in my life that will end or calm down in the future. Thanks for reading this I’m not usually open about this kind of thing but this mountain lion did not attack me it definitely checked me out and warned me or screamed without attack I’m stunned. This is real this happened thanks for reading this.

  64. I had a dream last night my friend had a black cougar (jaguar?) she brought to a gathering. I asked her if she was scared of it eating her and I petted it. It was very sweet and gorgeous. She encouraged me to get comfortable with it. The next day, she brought a tan cougar over and dropped it off saying she felt I was ready to babysit it for the day. She expressed confidence that I would do just fine. I was amazed at the beauty and had tremendous respect for it. I took the greatest care possible of it and thought I may even get used to it and walk it around with me as well. I thought you can’t get better protection and/or respect from people than to walk around with a cougar! Then woke up. It was an amazing dream.

  65. For some reason I can’t seem to find someone on here that’s had the same dream as me about a cougar/mountain lion. My first dream I started out walking around the local grocery plaza in the town I live in and almost instantly this cougar comes by and slowly starts walking towards me so I ran away and was able to get away, then I woke up. I feel back asleep and can’t remember much except that it was nighttime and the cougar latched on to my face with its teeth and I instantly woke up. The 3rd one was taken place on this road that looks like somewhere I live around (Maine), and I see the same cougar peeking out of the woods and tries to get up to me all stealthy. At this point I realize I’m probably his prey. And I see the cougar start running from the woods towards me in the road so I turned around and started running and ran into this convenience store and locked the door behind me and my dream ended and I fear falling back asleep. Can anyone give some insight on this?

  66. I’m wondering if my spirit animal is a cougar. I’ve had at least 3 dreams about them and the last one was where I was PETTING the cougar and it was purring! The second dream was where it was protecting me from going outside my house because there were people looking for me in my dream… Could it be my spirit animal?

  67. I dreamed I ws standing just to the left and behind a crouched cougar that was eating head lettuce on my south facing deck, in an instant the cougar was on me with its left claw sunk int my lower throat and upper chest. I trapped it close to my body with my arms realizing that this was a bad situation and likely to become worse and recall looking left and right to see if there was a solution of getting away, just like that I awoke, what the hell was that – i recall it intensely and believe there is a strong message here.

  68. I’ve seen a cougar when I was feeling really anxious and my arm was going numb and everything in my world wasn’t making sense. I was driving back from the hospital when I saw a cougar in my headlights going through the garbage at my apartment complex and it ran away as I drove to get through. I’ve also had a dream where I was protecting a very large (about up to my chest) and damaged (like a zombie) cougar, about the same time I had problems with my mother, which I suspect might be female hostility because my mother is really intense and was particularly intense that day. I don’t know what the first one might mean except maybe that I’ve achieved my goals, but I haven’t achieved ANYTHING! I was just having the worst day of my life that day, so I don’t know what I could have possibly achieved, unless it means something else….

    1. Could the cougar be my spirit animal? I am NOT a natural leader, do not have confidence or strength, power, responsibility… just about all the traits I don’t have, in fact I am the complete OPPOSITE of a cougar. What’s the opposite of a cougar?

  69. I had a dream last night in which I was walking through the woods, and a Cougar leapt on me from behind (I was clothed) and proceeded to have sex with me.

    Obviously I was pretty shaken up when I woke. But I wasn’t scared during the dream, nor did it seem odd to me at the time. Any ideas what this could mean?

  70. Last night, I had a vivid dream about a mountain lion/cougar. I was in the backside of my house looking outside my windows and I saw this huge mountain lion/cougar walking in my backyard coming to my backdoor. The cat was massive/thick and all I could think about was my dogs that were also outside. It was dark and I ran to the backdoor. I opened it and my dogs (a pitbull terrier and a Rottweiller) ran into the house with their tails tucked. They did not bark at the cat or made any noise. The lion slowly was walking towards me and he looked at me straight in my eyes. I was terrified and closed the door immediately. That’s when I woke up scared. I was really shocked that this cat in my dreams was bigger than my dogs and they did not make any noise at all.
    What does this mean?

    1. I had almost thar exact same dream the same time you did. I have had a few more variations of the dream since then.

    2. Julianna,

      Did you ever figure out what this dream meant? I am also having the same dream that Erica described.

      Thank you …

    3. Erica

      This is your shadow animal guide ,, they come to us with the fear in place , as we are not getting a message , they will keep coming in dreams and will always be accompanied by fear as to get you to notice the message your missing , did you have a dream or message from your waking life that you may have overlooked ?

  71. When I was younger, I had a dream that this juvenile couger was walking beside me. I wasn’t too sure where I was going, nor did the large feline. I felt at peace with it walking with me, and when I was too tired to walk on my own, the large feline would let me rest on it’s back and it would keep walking towards where we were going to. I still don’t know what it mean, but I felt at peace with it next to me.

  72. In the past several months I’ve had dreams with mountain lions or cougars. Last night I dreamed that I was walking around outside and looked into a small barn where I saw a nest of eggs. Curiously, I went in and heard a loud hissing sound. There was a cougar in there and I backed out cautiously. I thought of all the right things to do like never run, back out, make yourself big and make noise. I started doing this because the animal seemed to be getting closer to me and I was frightened. I ended up in a wrestling match with it and had it’s mouth (teeth) being held in my hands. I was crying out for help at this point. There were people around me. Suddenly the cougar became a baby. Everyone was like wow, that was bizarre. They were all saying how cute the baby was and all but I kept telling them not to trust it. I came closer to check it out and the baby/cougar scratched/slashed out at me. What does this mean? The dreams I’ve had before of cougars were such that I wasn’t harmed or afraid.

  73. I had a dream just last night. I dreamed I lived in a mobile home park, it started to get dark, I was walking around the neighborhood, then I had seen a lion looking thing, hunting a small animal, I ran and jumped on someone’s porch, I was so scared, I went away from that area and kept seeming to wind up near a cougar every time I thought I got away. Possibility more than one? But I was so scared when I seen them I just wanted to get away, I called the police, the police didn’t believe me, I told them what I saw, I didn’t know the name of the animal so I described it to the officer, he then told me it was a cougar, I begged him to look around, when he did there wasn’t any cougar to be found, the officer just ran really fast like the vampires on twilight, and held me smiling while running. I felt something. Then after he left, balls of fire started falling from the sky, I was crying very much thinking it was the end of the world. ( I woke up and looked up” cougar” on image search on Google, sure enough it was the same animal I had seen in my dream, I didn’t know the name of it until the officer had told me in my dream.)

  74. Kailleen Ferguson

    I recently had a dream about kneeing in my back yard, which is right on the South Canadian river in Oklahoma. I was looking at a stone that appeared to be a memorial stone with a dogwood flower as its only marking. I suddenly felt something breathing on my neck and I slowly turned around! It was a huge mountain lion and I instantly looked down at the ground and froze. The lion came up to me and began to sniff me all over and then it started to rub it’s neck and body upon me. I tried to stand once to run away, but it very gently put its giant paw upon me and pushed me back down. Then lastly it sprayed me and the stone before it turned and loped off into the woods. I woke up immediately then and wrote down what I saw. I felt like the cougar chose me for some reason. I have some experience with spirit walking and I wondered if the cougar will walk with me on my spirit travels.

  75. Had a dream where i had a very little cat, and there was a very big cougar. Strangely enough I didn’t fear the cougar at all, all I thought about was to protect the little cat from that cougar. Always thinking the cougar may want to hurt the cat. The cougar respected me very well and so it was no problem for me, if I want to he stayed away. So I dreamed of different situations where I protected the cat from the cougar, always garbing the cat and let it stay with me. In one situation the cougar even bit me in the hand, but gentle, didn’t hurt me.
    What does this mean?

    1. The spirit simply wants to know weath you have a multi gifted body from other sports

  76. alison Joy Webster/Dunford

    I dreamed that I was in the front yard of my house. It was night time. There were friends in the house ,like a gathering of friends and family. As I got to the door, two cougars attacked. A mother and her adolescent male cub. I screamed for help. No one seemed to hear me. I grabbed them both by the neck in a hold like a wrestler. The cougars were under my control. I banged on the door for help. No one came. I had to fight them on my own bare-handed.The only way to survive was not to let go. By the time someone realized that I needed help, it was too late. I had strangled them both and the danger was over. What does this mean? Is it bad to kill an animal like this even if only in a dream?

  77. Had this dream. Was looking out a window from an apartment building and there are wooded areas around the city surroundings . A what looked to be cougar ran into wooded area all I heard was screams like it was real plain as day scream. Watched a man and two others come out of wooded area running and panicking. Than a warning went out on radio or television saying city on lock down stay inside. Than first a cougar came up to our window wasn’t trying to get in was just laying there staring at me. I wasn’t scared in the dream but was worried for my family sake. It finally left thinking everything was settled than came a lion trying to get in but never did .. than I woke up .. plz somebody explain this ?

  78. My animal totem is the cougar, we seem to be drawn to each other. A spiritualist commented on being able to see the creature walking with me as if protecting me and guiding me.

    1. Its trying to tell you something but you wont listen! The spirit is now angry at you! Try to get it to calm its rage.

  79. Last night I dreamed that a full grown cougar entered my house, proceeded to walk around casually and making itself at home on my couch. What does this mean. This was a very vivid dream so I think it is a sign.

  80. I have been having dreams of a cougar and ravens in my dreams but can’t find a reason to have both in my dreams, the raven is always pruning it’s feathers and the cougar is walking around, if someone can help me figure this out i would like it, I’m have some realateship problem and health is it something to do with that, I was told since I was young the raven was my spirit animal but of late the cougar and raven r both making them self known to me, I need some help plz 😕

    1. This is rare 😀 you have the ability to choose to fly with the raven or hunt with the cougar 😉

    2. I also have the crow and the cougar/puma. The crow always cautions me of impending danger. The puma . The eyes are seen in front of mine in unlit areas or the dark. And I resort to feeling and sensing my way 🙄

  81. For the past two nights I have dreamt of being bitten by a cougar. I actually woke up grawling trying to get it to leave me alone. I love big cats, so this dream is a little confusing to me.

  82. I have encountered a cougar the past three times I have ventured into the mountains on my own. Each time, we both make eye contact but it decides not to attack me. I figured it to be rare to see a cougar in the wild once in your lifetime, but I’ve seen one the past three times like I said and I am beginning to thing this is some sort of sign.

    1. Yeah like it’s hunting you!! I live in the mountains and you see a predator more than once your being studied and hunted.. that’s your sign ❗

  83. I dreamt of a cougar, mountian lion last week. It peered out of darkness just its face. It looked at me, stared. It was like i was looking at myself. Then it smiled knowingly and backed into the darkness again. I was not afraid. My great, great grandmorher was a medicine woman with a bear totem. I have always had really good reflexes and would pretend to be a ninja as a child while sneaking around. Most people at work fear me but i am not mean. Youre blog is interesting and informative , thank you!

    1. I do Archaeology, I have done a few sites but the one that I am doing now is special. You see I grew up there and I grew up under a legend of Spanish Gold in the hills.
      We moved off that place in 1976, I am now in my 50’s.
      I went back a couple of years ago , Feeling old, Sick and unwanted , Old Army Recon, Sgt out to pasture. I was looking for a fossil pit that I used to visit as a child, but then I became ill. I sat upon a rock, I had to get out of there as it is very secluded, snakey and rocky, it physical getting in and out and you dont want to get sick there. I felt compelled to take a trail that I had never taken before. I was shown may things, as if I were being led by the hand. I was amazed! I left that place but have been back there a few times taking pictures of some pretty awesome things. In my last batch of pictures I captured what I believe to be a spirit animal , A cougar glaring straight at me as if it were posing for the shot. It doesnt scare me, I have never felt threatened. I always feel warm and welcome , I cant explain it nor do I know why it appeared.
      P.S. this no joke. I have the picture.
      Also I am an Otter.

  84. I was meditating with a candle lit this evening and in the glass candle holder the flame was flickering fast. When I looked at it, the flame through the glass looked like the face of a cougar with one of the eyes full of flame. It was like gold shining right at me. I was not scared, but asked the cougar what is the message it had for me. It led me here. Thank you for my message Cougar. Peace 😀

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