Tasmanian Devil

Allow yourself to feel your emotions today. No sense holding onto them when a few tears, or a few good screams will release them. Things will be much clearer for it.
-Tasmanian Devil

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Tasmanian Devil Symbolism may not be far off from what we may perceive from the nostalgic Looney Tunes’ character.  This spirit animal is a reminder that only you have the power to change your situation right now. In other words, the Tasmanian Devil meaning insists that hesitation or procrastination are not options for you right now. Thus, like the Hyena, it’s time to start taking some aggressive action toward your own goals, dreams, and realities.

Alternatively, Tasmanian Devil symbolism teaches that if we are uncomfortable with where we are, it is time for some self-honesty. Therefore, like the Beetle, you need to go inward and take the time to see where you are sabotaging your happiness and prosperity. Moreover, Tasmanian Devil meaning teaches that we can change the hidden irrational fears within yourselves and that you can overcome any perceived obstacle.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Tasmanian Devil totem tend to be very loud in groups. They have an excellent grasp of their power and are unafraid to use it to our advantage. These folks are sensible and are often brutally honest with those around them.  They fiercely protect what is theirs and know when to fight for it.  Like the Bull, they typically stand their ground in all matters.

Folks with the Tasmanian Devil totem can manifest anything they desire. Generally, people with this spirit animal totem are solitary individuals that are shy and prefer to live by themselves.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Tasmanian Devil dream, it signifies that we are not dealing with our anxieties or fears very well. In other words, it’s letting us know that these emotions are not serving us and are keeping us from realizing our personal goals. If this animal is feeding, it symbolizes that we have disconnected from our abundant Universe. Therefore you must make an effort to reconnect.

Like the Badger, a Tasmanian Devil dream insists that you take action today! Face our fear, stand up, and hold our ground!

4 thoughts on “Tasmanian Devil”

  1. I kinda trailed my way into this one out of curiosity yet it’s still highly accurate…
    I started w/h looking at the praying mantis, as I’m still extremely mystified by a recent experience (s) I have had (or possibly even continuing to have?)
    With them.(will continue a little further down)
    As I’m scrolling down through the comments/thoughts on them, I am more and more familiarized and assuered with my own assessment of what the encounter means.
    I accidentally clicked the type of insect they are and I stumbled upon one totem that particularly caught my eye… The Silverfish…. I’m particularly interested in it bc my close friend who passed last year has the last name of Silver..only person who I have lost that I’ve been close to other than my dad…
    Then I see another totem with what I thought looked like an ad or something, that includes not only the Silverfish but the tasmanian devil as well! Which is one of my dad’s favorite cartoon characters!
    (Epiphany 💡💫✨)
    Actually the week my dad passed (I was pretty young) my older sister,her now husband and I alongside my mother, and brother went to fly a kite in his memory… just so conveniently enough the kite had taz on it, the looney toons tasmanian devil as the decorative picture, it’s been like a family told story since he passed that my dad played a joke on us by ripping the kite of the fishing wire we had attached to it as the string to allow more distance and height! (My dad loved to prank and play jokes,and Halloween was his favorite)
    It’s pretty connected the more I wrote/think about this. So bare with me..
    My buddy passed last year on 10.15.20, my dad’s favorite holiday being Halloween, say conveniently they cross paths in the afterlife and are now working together to send me messages ( I’ve always believed that the people that have care for me follow me to ensure my safety and health and happiness after they pass as they come and go as needed by others they cared for just like they did before they passed. )
    I’ve been feeling stuck lately and I’ve been feeling repressed lately bc of some typical life altering occasions…
    Been homeless for close to a year now.. when my buddy passed I lived in my other friends garage, moved in with a boyfriend, then was homeless after losing nearly everything i had when I lived with a person I thought bwas my friend.
    To wrap this up…
    I saw a praying mantis at my neighbor’s house on a door facing my house, immediately I was terrified! I’m not too keen on insects. My neighbor was attempting to teach me about how they’re able to camoflague themselves and before I was able to hear the entirety of the explanation my roommate/fwb is BLOWING me up calling me on my cellphone when I had been out of his sight for more than 5minutes….
    The next encounter was very very scary and I was left I’m disbelief and wonder what it could mean…
    I drawing a memorial tag for my buddy and was at the park nearby my residence.my dogs are with me and they would not stop “crying” and Again, being BLOWN up via cell phone after I think it was 10 minutes that time.. regardless I’m thinking im an adult, your an adult this is unnecessary..
    BOOM! Praying mantis leaped or jumped or landed on me! fairly rough for an insect..caught off guard I shrieked in fear , unsure of what creature just landed so aggressively on me if it were poisonous or something like that.. I’m on the phone with roommate and he’s questioning me and I’m trying to answer his questions, stand-up and get the unidentified thing off of me while putting my pens down;holding both my dogs retractable leashes! Frantically I get a hand free and brush this creature out of my hair .. I turn around to see this light. Brown praying mantis just chilling behind me like .
    What you Gon. Do bout it. ?
    My dogs still whining, roommate still questioning me and I’m just in disbelief about what had happened… My younger dog, kind of an oaf walks right up to the praying mantis and nearly squashed it… I was like OH NO! PLEASE DONT HIRT THE MANTIS! and moved my dog away from it and the mantis stepped forward toward me and put one arm out towards me as I was moving my dog away, I was like. AHHH OVERWHELMED BY TOO MUCH LIFE.
    I walked away from the mantis after I hung up on my roommate who had been demanding i come back or they would burn all my belongings…
    The 3rd encounter was just this last week and a few weeks after the one the jumped on me.
    I’m at the same park,but Its day light now, lots of people here and I’m on an entirely different side. Walking my dogs around the trail and AGAIN, I’m arguing with my roommate, I spot yet again ANOTHER praying mantis!!! This one was green tho.. It was in the middle of the paved trail and my roommate had walked RIGHT Passed the spot I saw it! I am now completely baffled and thrown off by all the encounters I’ve experienced in such a short duration of time after I haven’t been any since I was a little girl and my dad was alive ..
    I’m freaking out and I tell my roommate what I had been experiencing and he dismissed me but I walked up to the mantis and he cocked his head at me and glared I swear! I was like WOAH little guy what have I done to anger you 🥺 and I walked away questioning what I could’ve possibly done to anger the praying mantis…
    Maybe he/she was just a sign to bring me here and finally relate the correlation between the totems and my current life

  2. How timely! Just had a verbal fight and had to take some things out of my chest. Afterwards I was feeling insecure if I should have been quiet but the message says it was good to express my rage. Thank you Tasmanian devil and thank you author of the website. ✌️💞

  3. This is definitely me today. It is how I’ve been feeling inside for a long time. I just have to harness this ability and help take power over my life and my path.

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