Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil Symbolism

Allow yourself to feel your emotions today. No sense holding onto them when a few tears, or a few good screams will release them. Things will be much clearer for it.
-Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil Symbolism

Tasmanian Devil Symbolism may not be far off from what we may perceive from the nostalgic Looney Tunes’ character.  This beast is reminding us that only we have the power to change our personal situation right now. Hesitation or procrastination are not options for right now. It’s time to start taking some aggressive action toward our own personal goals, dreams and realities.

Alternatively if we are uncomfortable with where we are, it is time for some self honesty. Go inward and take the time to see where we are sabotaging our happiness and prosperity. Know that we have the abilities to change the hidden irrational fears within us and that we can overcome any perceived obstacle.

Tasmanian Devil Totem

As the Tasmanian Devil for a totem we tend to be a very loud in groups. We have a very good grasp of of our own personal power and are unafraid to use it to our advantage. We are a sensible type of person and are often brutally honest with those around us.  We fiercely protect what is ours and know when to fight for it.  Like the devil, typically stand our ground in all matters.

Tasmanian Devil Dream Symbolism

If this creature has come spinning through our dreams it could signify that we are not dealing with our anxieties or fears very well in our waking life. It’s letting us know that these emotions are not serving us and are keeping us from realizing our own personal goals. If this animal is feeding it may be reminding us that we are connected to the abundant bounty that our universe provides.

Like the Tasmanian Devil ( or the Badger if you would like to read about another animal), take action today! Face our fear stand up and hold our ground!

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  • How timely! Just had a verbal fight and had to take some things out of my chest. Afterwards I was feeling insecure if I should have been quiet but the message says it was good to express my rage. Thank you Tasmanian devil and thank you author of the website. ✌️💞

  • This is definitely me today. It is how I’ve been feeling inside for a long time. I just have to harness this ability and help take power over my life and my path.

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