Sometimes, it is worth more to listen than to speak.

Serval Meaning and Messages

In this case, like the Dingo, Serval symbolism lets you know that the body language of those around you tells a lot. In other words, this spirit animal says that you shouldn’t just pay attention to what people say. But that you should also take notice of the nonverbal cues they send. Moreover, Serval meaning teaches you to be independent-minded. Thus it insists that you must learn to make up your own mind rather than follow the crowd.

Additionally, Like the Whale and the Spider, Serval symbolism is a message for you to listen to your intuition. If you find yourself at a crossroads and don’t know what to do, this spirit animal is likely to show up in your life. And when it does, it brings the message that says, “trust your gut.” Also, this feline can represent the need for you to listen to your emotions. Put differently, it lets you know that every feeling you experience has an important message it’s trying to communicate to you.

Furthermore, when a Serval makes an appearance in your life, it could mean that there’s a need for you to build your self-confidence. The Serval also represents the challenges of motherhood. So if you are a mother and this creature visits you, it says that you should never get demotivated.

Serval Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Serval totem are loners. Unlike the Locust, they perform best when they work alone. Those with this spirit animal aren’t so good at communicating, but they are great listeners. They are also keen observers. Nothing goes by without them taking notice of it. Plus, they are human lie detectors.

Moreover, these fellows are patient with themselves and others. They are kind-hearted and, like the Centipede, make excellent parents. Folks with this power animal will go out of their way to ensure those they love are comfortable and lack nothing. Furthermore, Serval totem people are brilliant, independent, hardworking, and honest. These individuals crave solitude above all other things. So it’s unlikely to hear or see them getting into conflict with anyone. On the downside, they have a habit of jumping to conclusions quickly.

Serval Dream Interpretation

When you have a Serval dream, it lets you know that no matter how challenging life gets, you mustn’t lose faith or throw in the towel. Thus it brings the message of patience and perseverance.  Encountering this animal in your sleep could also be asking you to stop trying to carry everybody’s burden.

If you sight a group of Servals hunting together, which is highly unusual, it says that you will achieve your goals by collaborating with others who share in your vision. A dream where you notice this creature coming out of hiding urges you to reveal your authentic self to people. In other words, it says that you should stop hiding who you are from others.

2 thoughts on “Serval”

  1. Ths is an animal that I had not heard of before until now …
    My dream consisted of a shape shifting animal, it started as a snake (I only saw the tail) but as I ran to the door to see which direction it went I saw that it had flattened itself and changed into a crocodile and it was still flattened but looking for a safe place to hide. Once hidden behind the chairs it had puffed back up to its normal size .
    It had then crawled out from behind the couch only to have already changed into either a leopard or Ocelot…this one was of adolescent age, it wasn’t a threatening presence but once aware of its surroundings it ignored others except for me, in which it held my hand in its mouth (EXTREMELY POWERFUL btw) it broke the skins but it wasn’t severe. It then ran off. As I turned to go to the lounge room another playful cat , much younger, which I believe may have been the ocelot came and played round like a kitten would…….
    Can some one please tell me why I’ve got a shape shifting animal consisting of 3 top predators in my dream…
    BTW… it had a little bit to do with work

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