Desert Locust Symbolism
Your words should build others up and not crush their spirit.

Locust Meaning and Messages

First of all, Locust symbolism urges you to overcome self-destructive behaviours. To put it differently, an encounter with this spirit animal is a message for you to stop engaging in any harmful activity to your health and wellbeing. Alternatively, the appearance of this insect could be a sign that your actions are hurting those around you. Thus Locust meaning says that you should learn and practice empathy in your everyday life.

Additionally, like the Racoon Dog, Locust symbolism can represent the need for you to seek greener pastures. If a job, relationship, or someplace isn’t favourable to you, this insect teaches you to cast your fears aside and move on from it.

Furthermore, when this power animal visits you, it says that you should watch the company you keep. If the people in your circle aren’t adding significant value to your life, know that you’d be better off without them. Also, Locusts are symbols of intuition, transformation, health, abundance, fertility, and longevity.

The Locust is closely related to the Grasshopper. So you might want to check that out as well.

Locust Totem, Spirit Animal

Like the Thorny Devil, people with the Locust totem have a huge appetite. These fellows love food and are in their best mood when they eat. While you might find them spending some time away from others, these folks do not lead a reclusive life. Individuals with this spirit animal can do many incredible things on their own. However, they are far more productive when they team up with others.

Locust totem people have a high intuition. They also have a powerful connection to the spirit world. Some individuals born with this totem have musical abilities. Furthermore, those with this power animal don’t stay at a place for long. They are always on the move. On the downside, they bring little or nothing to the table in a relationship and may not be there for their kids. Also, similar to the Termite, these fellows can be very destructive.

Locust Dream Interpretation

When you have a Locust dream, it lets you know that someone is feeding off of you. Thus this spirit animal insists that you must safeguard your personal space and energy. Alternatively, seeing this insect in your sleep tells you that you are on the verge of a monumental transformation.

A dream where you see a swarm of Locusts on the move asks you to prepare for turbulent times. If you envision this insect in your home, it could mean that you have a wasteful spending habit. Furthermore, a vision where you are eating Locusts indicates that you will soon reap the fruits of all your labour.