Be gentle with yourself. No need to lay self blame.

Deer Meaning and Messages

In general, the Deer symbolism is often a sign not to be too hard on yourself. In other words, you must calm the voice of the self-critic and treat yourself with gentleness and understanding. Thus, the Deer meaning prompts you to be yourself and continue along your path. Moreover, seek out your inner treasures and use them generously to help those around you. This spirit animal also teaches that you must trust that kindness and graciousness will be well received.

Just like the Chimpanzee and the Seahorse, Deer symbolism is a reminder that we cannot push towards change in others. Instead, we gently nudge them in the right direction with love and understanding. Therefore, the deer meaning prompts us to lead by doing and showing the way.

This creature is also a messenger of serenity, can see between shadows and hear unsaid words. Thus, the Deer symbolism teaches us to maintain our innocence and gentleness so that we can share our open-heartedness with others.

Deer Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Cat and the Dog, Deer totem people know how to use the power of gentleness. They do this by touching the hearts and minds of the wounded beings in their lives. Folks with this spirit animal have a propensity to see new innocence and freshness in life everywhere. They also invariably feel the lure of new adventures. These people often have a link to the arts, especially poetry and music.

People with this power animal are also keen observers and can see well in low light. They are also very compassionate, gentle, and loving people. Folks with the Deer totem have nobility of purpose and a pure heartedness that reflects Buddha’s teachings. They also radiate peacefulness that generates a feeling of being safe. Therefore, these people form deep friendships and are truly beloved by all.

Deer Dream Interpretation

In general, a Deer dream symbolizes grace, compassion, gentleness, meekness, and natural beauty. It has feminine qualities and may point to the feminine aspect within yourself. The vision may also represent independence, alertness, and virility. Consider the symbol to be a pun for someone who is “dear” to you. Alternatively, the Deer dream represents vulnerability and naivety. As a result, others may take advantage of you and your gullibility.

If the animal is black, then it means that you are not acknowledging or are rejecting the feminine qualities in you. You may not be in tune with your feminine side.

To dream that you hunt or kill one of these creatures suggests that you are trying to suppress those feminine qualities.

To see a buck in your dream represents alertness, virility, masculine sexuality, and assertiveness. If there are two bucks fighting, then it signifies male aggression. You are trying to dominate or take control over some area of your life. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on a dollar.

176 thoughts on “Deer”

  1. I dreamt I was among a herd of young deer. There was one black doe that came up to me and curled up on my lap to be held and hugged. Any idea what this means?

    1. It could mean something about the gentleness in you recognizing the gentleness and need of someone else. Maybe a child in your life needed your connection about something they were struggling with. It could also have something to do with your inner child reaching out to be comforted. If you experienced a lot of loss when you were younger you may just have been offering yourself some of your peace of mind or if you experienced a lot of loss during covid your mind was just accepting a new gentle ability to let go of things out of your control. Wishing you the best 🙂

  2. Being I’m dealing with my dad being in the hospital.. fighting ..yesterday I woke up opened the window to 1 crow getting a worm N then took off..
    This morning I seen a Doe N buck in my back yard at the wood Line..I took pictures and it seem like they knew It
    . Because they both looked right at me .. and then the Doe walked into the woods toward the water and the buck just stood there looking at me .. then walked the same path as the Doe..

  3. I experienced a deep connection with deer from a very young age. From then on, I constantly see them, and they have never ran in front of my car. Today a deer ran in front of my car, and I know you;’re supposed to just keep going, but I couldn’t. I swerved off of the road and actually lost one of my mirrors. The deer was not hit or harmed in any way. I just want to know if they are trying to tell me something or remind me of something I’m forgetting. Please help if you have any insight of ideas! I love my guids anf I would never want to harm or detatch from them. I’m just do confused.

    1. I don’t know if you ever sorted this out but my assumption is that a situation was arising that was going to make it difficult for you to be gentle. It would likely be life (or your guides) reminding you to stay soft.

  4. After about practically a year, i went to go visit my beloved boyfriend at the cemetery today. And as I was driving towards the gravesite where he was at, I swear I saw a deer pass alongside of the other sites. The deer was literally just hopping around and then I went to look again, and it just disappeared. but before this, I have just been so overwhelmed over his death even though it’s been 3 years and I keep thinking about him…
    And I’m thinking, did I really see a deer?? 🙈😂

    1. I dreamed I was walking in the woods and saw a buck with a snake around his neck, and antlers, it was a medium sized snake, but it looked strong, I was trying to help but I woke up. Now I cant stop seeing the look on the deers face

    1. To see yourself in a more loving way. Be more accepting of who you are. You are beautiful the way you are! Own it!

  5. A few weeks ago I hit a pregnant deer on my way to work and she died. My car was totaled. I can’t stop thinking about this and what it may mean. Please help!

    1. You were exactly where you were supposed to be, and so was she. You are compassionate and empathetic, and I have heard that sensitive humans are gentle doorways to the next world when it comes to the death of a living being. By you being there, she passed into the next world in a more loving and beautiful way than she might have otherwise.
      Spirit gave you the gift of a totaled car. You would possibly feel much worse if you had had no “consequences”, while she lost her life.

      This may or may not be true for you, but it is a possibility. Love to you, and love to all.

  6. over the course of several years i’ve had close encounters with many bucks. some so close i just couldnt figure out why.
    today i woke up to one eating right in my window. staring at me, not giving a shit. even snapped a photo of it.
    so i figure. this must have a spiritual meaning. maybe it’s my animal?

  7. I witnessed a pure back doe with it’s baby that is shear white, I awoke sleeping on the couch , I noticed the light over the garage was one (Motion detection) up here in NewEngland. At the edge of the driveway we have ivy growing, I opened the blind to see that both were nibbling it. All I can say it was striking to see a pure black mother and it’s baby fawn was pure white ..I only wish I had a camera to share

  8. Hello, I love your website and reference it often. Could you perhaps post something about a white deer? I just saw one on an island in the Puget Sound this weekend. Thank you.

    1. It’s not my site, but white usually means purity/innocence/new beginnings. So in my opinion it’s the dear meaning amplified significantly

  9. Margus Palumets

    I was riding my bike to the beach. I came to a crosswalk. Got off my bike to walk across. On the other side a huge brown deer buck appears. He was bigger than a Toyota LandCruiser. I back up to the other side of the road. It looks like the deer is blocking the path and will charge if i continue. Suddenly a car comes with a woman driver and scares the deer off, she signals to me to cross the street. I wake up. Does anyone have any idea what this could mean? Thank you for your time.

  10. I was doing this hypnosis session and apparently my subconscious made me see a deer (male) in a forest. The first time it appeared in front of me, to the right, as I was walking on a path. Stared at me, wasn’t scared, then went back into the woods/forest/vegetation. Then the 2nd time I saw it was up on a hill, on a flatter plane, coming from some bushes. I turned, it was staring at me, but this time I decided to come closer, until I was right in front of it. I stretched my arm and hand, to let it smell me. It did and then it licked my hand. It was never afraid of me. Then it turned around and disappeared into the bushes. What could it mean?

    1. The deer represents the subconscious and your Buddha nature. The licking and lack of fear communicates that the subconscious recognizes the thinking mind. Following your path will lead you to higher planes of consciousness.

  11. I once had an experience with a deer, I never forgot that, neither talked about that encounter with anyone. But maybe you can help me with its symbolism…

    It happened more than 20 years ago.

    I was in primary school, and we were visiting the zoo. I stayed behind, in an area of the zoo that resembled a forest, full of trees. I was going down some stairs, just next to the deer enclosure. The only thing between me and the deers was a net. If I put my fingers inside the net and a deer came close enough, I could touch it. Of course they were all too afraid and just stared at me from a distance.

    I stopped there, looking at the deers, and didn’t notice that all my colleagues went away. Suddenly, one of the deers approached me, but it was not like the others. Half of its skull was showing, the right half I think. I stayed there, not scared, just fascinated, and reached my fingers for it. The skull deer licked them.

    Suddenly, my teacher screamed my name. I looked and went running down to meet the rest of my class.
    I think I tried to look back but I don’t remember if the deer was still there or not.

    Im skeptical of anything spiritual, but this experience never left my mind. Especially because I studied veterinary medicine with a focus on wildlife, and I know for sure that an animal like that would never be alive. It makes no sense!

    Any ideias on what happened 20 years ago?
    I’m really lost on this one. Was it a good or a bad omen?


    1. Siri Nam Khalsa

      Destiny is destiny. The soul and higher consciousness are receptive to experiences the logical mind rejects. Call it a vision, a dream while awake, a future your soul knew you were meant to serve. It was a precognition of your role to come.A ‘Sign’ if you will. When I was small my Moms affirmation was ‘All things are possible’ When our heart opens……

    2. I had dream today,i was in Rocky narrow high flat hill and i saw good looking mystic buck beautiful antlers Run away when he see me and as i was crawling to the hill i look down i saw a group of fawn and deer ,then i crawl again i reach the end the rocky hill i look back someone whispered in my ear “are you coming back” ? Then i wake up ..

    3. marina_oilonpaperblog

      It was your wake up call. We’ve all had many, and sometimes we ignored them. Many times, actually, until one time. 🙂 This might be another wake up call for you, spirit of love and light.

    4. When thought can interpret symbols from the subconscious mindfulness abounds. The skull deer represents both life and death. The licking symbolizes your relationship and comfort as a veterinarian with these natural lifecycles in wildlife (and all life). Symbolic foreshadowing.

  12. tara k petersen

    Two days ago I made the hardest decision I’ve ever made up to this point of my life., my 14-year-old dog, bounce, could no longer get herself up with my help (she was a big girl, 110 lbs). I had been helping her get up for months and she was able to go to the bathroom and we went for short walks. But the last 2 weeks of her life she had lost control of her bowls and didn’t know when she needed to potty. Her mind was still sharp and she still hollered, talked, laughed and cried with me like she always had. I prayed she would go peacefully in her sleep, I told her I would be okay and she could go to heaven and run again. I felt she hung on and fought dying because she knew how hard it was going to be on me. So having the vet come and put her to sleep wasn’t an easy phone call to make but I couldn’t stand seeing her in pain. After the vet left, my son and I put her in my car and were taking her out to my daughters, in the country to bury her. On the interstate I saw a huge turtle, at first I thought it was an oversized sugarbeet, but it had its long neck sticking out from its shell as we passed as if it was waving at us. I really didn’t think much of it at the time. After we got the hole dug and had layed her in it and were saying good-bye this 4-foot garter snake came over to us as if it was saying hello and good-bye. He hung out until my daughters’ cat came to see what was going on and then he slithered away. We had just filled the hole up with dirt and I stood up and there were 2 deer that appeared just across the road that had stopped and were looking at us, making sure they had been seen. So now I’m thinking my little girl was still talking to me and she wanted me to hear what she had to say. So I tell my son we need to hurry and get home so I can look up the meaning of my animal totems. We get about 400 yards up the road and I say to my son, look there are 2 antelope and as we are looking at them and I’m really thinking bounce really needed me to tell me something, a badger appears on the side of the road and just watches us drive by but making sure he was noticed. Now I have drove to my daughter’s hundreds of times and only seen deer 1 other time, at night and in the middle of winter. She sees them occasionally but has never seen a badger and has only seen rattlesnakes, never garter snakes. Somehow my little girl knew how to make me feel better and make one of the worst days of my life be one that she made sure that I knew how much she loved me and not to feel bad, it would be okay. I love you bounce!

    1. Thank you so much for this incredible story ! As tears flow some my face reading this – there is a connection so strong with our animals and the love we share for them
      And they for us .

    2. My dear, you are so blessed. I know too well the heartfelt feeling of the day putting Bounce in heaven. When I put my Rambo in heaven I drew a pic of him and had him tattooed on my forearm. He is the last thing I
      see when I go to sleep. Bounce will always be with you and some day you will be joining ed together again at the rainbow bridge
      God bless

  13. When I was about 10 years old, I was walking home from the school bus stop with a group of kids. I, being the quiet one, trailed behind a little. As we reached the top of the hill, a fawn came running out to me and began licking my hand non stop- startling me. It followed me me home and refused to approach anyone else, remaining content at my side. Eventually someone else attempted to go near it and the fawn took off, never to be seen again. At the time, being so young I just assumed it was a chance encounter. But now all these years later, I wonder if there was more meaning behind this event. Why did the fawn choose me. Was this possibly a connection between the animal spirit and myself.

    1. I was just trying to find out the meaning of something, if there is a meaning.
      The frist time my huband and I made love was outside a deer walked up maybe 25 foot away, made a sort noise as to make us aware of its presence. Stood there a moment or so, we all stared at each other, then it walked away.

  14. Once upon a time, about three weeks ago…
    I now live in Kamloops B.C., Canada. My wife and I moved here just under two years ago. Four weeks ago, I was walking my dogs down by the river that runs through the city. The river was frozen over and to make a long story short, my dog ran out on the ice and fell through while she was chasing ducks. I ran out to save her and fell through the ice through the ice myself. We would have died had it not been for three guys that risked their own lives to save ours. Almost drowning in an icy river was very, very, scary. I am forever greatful to these guys. I owe them everything…
    A week later, I was still having bad “Flashbacks” of the worst of the incident. I had nightmares and started to cry in the middle of the day for no reason. I was glad to be alive, but having a hard time of it.
    My wife got home from work late one night and we decided to get Chinese for dinner. I went into town to pick up the food. There is two ways into town, and that night I took the long way as I knew I had some time before the food was ready. This way lead to a four lane freeway up in the hills of Kamloops. It was 8:30 in the evening and as I was driving down this hill I noticed something in the middle of the freeway. It was a deer. So, I slowed down, hitting my break lights my times to alert the four or five other cars beside me and behind me to also stop. People up here are used to deer’s crossing the the road so everybody stopped. It was a female deer. It wasn’t scared of the cars, and it just stood there looking at us. Then the deer came up to my open driver side window and started to put her face into my car. My first reaction was to pet it. It right away, backed off. At this point I noticed all the other cars had passed us and we now the only two on the freeway. Just me in my car and this deer staring at me. I try to shew it away, but it comes back to my window and once again sticks it’s head into my car. The deer was right there. I could feel it’s breath on my sleeve and I could smell her. She just was looking into the car and then she just looked at me right in the eyes. This went on for many seconds. She just stared into my eyes. She wasn’t scared or looking around her, she just was clocking me. I kept checking my mirrors to see if anybody was coming up behind me or ahead of me. Their was no one. It was like the movie “Omaga Man”. We were the only beings on earth. And when I looked back at the deer, she was still staring at me. Never took her eyes off me. This went on for a few long seconds and then she backed off and very slowly crossed over to the other side of the freeway and made her way up the hill and then disappeared into the night.
    I don’t know what this was all about. But this encounter with the deer was the start of my getting over almost dying a week ago. I felt a little better about stuff. It was just really weird that this thing with the deer happened right after this other weird thing with the dog and the river. I am not one to read too much into this stuff, but there was this overwhelming feeling that this men’t something. I tired to forget about it in a way, but kept coming back to it. Don’t know if it means anything, but seams like it did…
    My mother and my Auntie Penny from Winnipeg think there is something to it. But I am open to believe anything at this point.
    Life is strange and it is short. It also full of stuff that we can’t explain.

    So that is my Deer story.
    Your in the Humanities, Steve Kuzak.

    1. Hello cousin Steven…..

      Thank you for sharing that story… that is a spiritual encounter alright…. I spend a great deal of my life with Cree and Dakota and Dene people, and go to sweat lodge ceremonies regularly…. I have learned much about First Nations spirituality and have taken it in as my own….

      That is an amazing gift and a message for sure…. for a reason, you came close to death… and for a reason you were not taken…. and for a reason the deer came to you….

      I don’t know what that reason is…. but a Native elder would probably tell you to make a tobacco offering and pray about it…. ask for guidance to hear the message…

      Thank you again for sharing it. I send you love. Kim

  15. “A pine needle falls in the forest. Eagle sees it. Bear smells it. And Deer hears it.”
    Haundenosaunee Saying
    Oskenón:ton, Deer, was the first animal to appear to me as I began my 3 day Fast and Spirit or Medicine Walk ritual for this year, which makes Oskenón:ton my spirit animal for the coming year. It is odd for me that I do not like being equated with the animals that we know as ‘Prey’ animals. I have always much more easily identified with the predators and scavengers of the world. Having been a fighter, and someone whose life has been largely identified by my capacity for violence, I have created the illusion, even to myself, that I am most like Bear, Wolf or Coyote. Even Horse carries a power that it is hard not to be in awe of. But Deer is unmistakably a prey animal. And, if I am truthful with myself, which is always a struggle, I lived my early life, perhaps all of my life as Prey. I had a drunken father and a mentally ill mother, gangs of kids on the Reserve who would pick on me because of my odd Apserger’s behaviour, and because they did not see me as Indian enough, gangs of kids in the city, at school, who picked on me because I was always dirty and my clothes were old and worn out, and because they saw me as a dirty little Indian. (That’s what we called it then.) I had the impulse when I drew Oskenón:ton, despite all my encounters with her throughout my life, to try for another card. But Oskenón:ton is she who hears. Oskenón:ton is she who pays attention. Oskenón:ton is alive always in the world, because failure to pay attention could cost her her life. That can hold great power. Gandhi, one of my great personal heroes, was Oskenón:ton. He was a Prey animal who changed the world. The capacity to do harm to others makes us feel powerful, but it can prevent true awareness because we convince ourselves that we are in control. He walk the world without humility. Oskenón:ton is never under the illusion that she is in control. She is never guilty of hubris. That is a powerful way to be in the world. I was very good at violence, and at so many things that I do, because I was more aware than many others, because I was Prey. Yet I have never embraced the Oskenón:ton in myself. I have never Oskenón:ton’s great power and wisdom. Perhaps this is the year that I begin to know and understand the power that was given to me because I was Prey. Perhaps this year is the year when I embrace the awareness, the being fully alive in every moment that Oskenón:ton speaks of. Perhaps this is the year when I teach myself to listen, to listen deeply, as only Oskenón:ton, as only Deer can do. Perhaps this is the year when I begin to know that there is great power in being Prey.

    1. Yes, so beautiful, thank you! My heart aches for your younger self. I hope that you have shared this somewhere else as well, somewhere where more people can benefit from your message! I hope that you also share other words that you have written, as you truly have a beautiful message and a wonderful way of conveying it. I am happy to know that you are embracing all of yourself, and stepping into the vulnerable parts that feel really uncomfortable, and recognizing the power in them! I too have struggled with showing my vulnerability. I had a reading months ago where she said she kept seeing antlers on me. I had asked about what classification she saw me as, as she identified as an elemental fairy, and saw these types of things in others as well. I felt disappointed… antlers? Deer energy? I feel a strong, deep sense of purpose, that I am here for big things! How can my energy be as lowly as a mere deer?! (Said my ego) I am generally quite aware and conscious, and yet this still took me in. I mostly ignored and forgot about her vision until today. It was brought back to my attention, and I have been shifting a lot lately, letting go of a lot that doesn’t fit me anymore (mostly ego/identification) and stepping more into my truth. I researched deer spiritual meaning and this is about the 3rd article I came across and I laughed out loud when I learned what the deer represents. Essentially: me. The descriptions are how I would describe myself if I were truly tuning into my pure essence. And I love how you worded that about Ghandi being prey and making a difference. We truly need more prey leaders! We are the ones who will lead in the direction of peace and love. I am completely a deer and now I am 100% at peace and in harmony with that. 😊 Ready to allow my gentleness to open my heart and the hearts of others, and trust that it is safe (and necessary) for me to be vulnerable. And shine my light into the world!

    2. I’ve seen this deer 3 times now. Last night was fantastic, I got to seen2 deer. Such a blessing.

    3. Thank you for your authentic words. I too share a story of “being prey” though i hadnt made the link unti reading your words. Today in church I felt all my fear as a women … prey to potential violence. Tears came and i felt my vulnerability. A lively young student called Libby went missing 3 weeks ago from the next street and is thought to have come to harm. We all feel deep sadness. I dont quite no why i feel comfort from your words but i do. I guess our once gentle childlike innocence and defence less ness is seen as beautiful and pure. I want to hide this part and roar instead. I want to allow dear medicine in … i pulled this card tonight … though it is at times painful to do so. I feel good to share with you forest creatures.

    4. Thank you. I feel what you’ve written is true for my own experience as well. It is time for me to move into more listening as well. To face my fears and risk being prey without hurting others. It is the most difficult task to be so vulnerable and risk being struck down. But even as I saw three deer running across my path tonight I know I must join my pack and be brave and courageous and strong for the adventure.

    5. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy for writing something so beautiful and intimate. Our early life is very similar and I too was disappointed when Deer became my animal spirit. It seems like a weak animal, clearly prey.

      However, after reading your powerful statement of truth, perhaps it’s the reason why I’m still alive, because as you’ve stated, “But Oskenón:ton is she who hears. Oskenón:ton is she who pays attention. Oskenón:ton is alive always in the world, because failure to pay attention could cost her her life. That can hold great power. “

      There is something deep in my soul that accepts this as Truth. It gives me the invitation to be still and truly listen to all around me and what lies within, to deeply listen “as only deer can do.”

  16. Some strange stuff has been happening….last Friday i found a dead doe near a stream while exploring the woods, there were no outer injuries and its mouth and eyes were open, then earlier today i found two dead buck in the stream with the same circumstances…the only things i really noticed was that one of the bucks eyes were a strange color of blue, and it had no Iris, and that one of the same bucks antlers were missing, i have a picture. If anyone can tell me what this means that would help alot….because nothing but bad stuff has been happening….i missed my therapy appointment last week and everything his hell…..

    1. Please always tell those kind of situations to your local authorities, even an anonymous email will do.

  17. Tonight, Nov 19, 2018, I was driving with my daughter and her family to the grocery store in preparation for Thanksgiving.

    I saw a couple deer crossing the road, it was dark but I saw their eyes, so I slowed down as I saw that they were out of the road I started driving again.

    Instantly we all heard the unmistakable sound of hooves on the roof.

    I was so upset as I was sure all deer had crossed and I would be so sad if I hurt one. I immediately pulled over, my son in law got out and didn’t see a deer anywhere. The car was fine.

    We all supposed that the deer jumped over my car and that it probably used the roof of the car as a spring board. Those things can JUMP.

    So would there be any significance/meaning to this encounter?


  18. it’s about 9:30 when Im driving over the first Bridge home. I see the silhouette of a doe and I slow down almost and then suddenly it’s gone. This was not a dream i was fully awake. Would anyone have a possible meaning

  19. I dreamt that I came upon an injured deer, perhaps a doe, of normal color, I got down on the ground and sat and held this injured deer, petting her, and as she rolled a bit and turned to look up at me, she had morphed into a coyote, I was taken aback but not scared, nor was it threatening.

    My spirit animal/totum is the deer. Can anyone interpret this, please?

    1. The psyche encompasses both the inner and outer mind. Additionally, the inner mind contains the primal, instinctive, habitual and emotional, while the outer mind contains ego, ethical, intellectual and reasoning. Caring for the wounded deer represents the outer mind recognizing the inner mind and vicea versa. The coyote represents transformation or change and that it takes both inner and outer mind working together for a healthy psyche.

  20. I just came outside in the back of where i work. Within a minute 2 deer came running past me approximately 6 steps away. I know deer os a sign of our loved ones. Does this mean anythin

  21. my dream was, i was in a building and i saw a mother deer with her two babies. I saw them being harassed by teenagers, just because they were being assholes, i burst into tears when i saw this i ran down to help them but cops were called to remove them… just a disclaimer i love plants and nature in general so i will help any plant or animal in need, but this time i couldnt so i went to the station to ask if any of them was hurt one cop said my brother tried to shoot one but narrowly missed. I replied sorry but your brother in a piece of shit and left, then someone next to mme said you know you really can change the hearts of others with your presance, i looked out the window again and i saw mother deer running across a street into the forest and it ended. does anyone know what meaning this could have?

    1. Dear Josh, I just got done doing a guided meditation to meet my spirit animal and three animals showed up the deer, chameleon and tree frog. I got here looking up what the deer meant because I interacted with the deer mainly. I even asked questions and received answers. Anyways, I read your comment and would like to invite you to take your dream literally. Recognize the power there is in thought and meditations by yourself and in a group! Your dream expressed to me that you may be feeling like you just don’t do enough for the innocent and downtrodden, you just don’t make a big enough dent in this 3D realm. Don’t underestimate your mind power, wishful thinking, thoughts of love and harmony sent out to the world. You sound like an Indigo child…a second waver. Some people were sent here from other loving realms to be beacons of love and nothing more! Thought energy does not follow laws of physics and can be sent to all points in space at the same time. You are working with the ethereal fabric on which the patterns for this 3d realm emerge. You sound like you are actually helping out in huge ways already. Just by being you and projecting your true self, the frequency of those people around you will automatically rise to meet your frequency. Hooray for resonance!! So your dream is absolutely true! You absolutely 100% affect those people lucky enough to be around you. Be kind to yourself, and don’t be so hard on yourself silent warrior!! You do much for the good of others…more than you know!!
      Every day I say hello to the Source, connect with the Planet Gaia, send love to all of Creation, and throughout the day I do random acts of kindness and monitor my thoughts. Easy peasy!!

  22. This happened to me a few hours ago and I can’t seem to find anything on it.

    To start off I’ve always had a weird thing with deer, specifically does and fawns. They always walk towards me and I feel like they want to tell me something but I’m never alone when I see them and the other people spook them off. Recently I’ve started feeding a herd of deer nearby, around 6 doe, 4 fawn, and 2 bucks, but haven’t been the last couple days.

    So just a few hours ago I was walking a friend home in the rain and on my way back I decided not to walk next to the patch of woods nearby because it was past 1am and very dark. On my way back I found a crows feather pointing south, I stopped to look at it and got hit by a gust of wind from the East, aka the patch of woods. I looked over and that’s when I saw it, a silhouette of a deer staring at me from the trees, the light of a nearby house lighting it from behind. I felt extremely afraid when I realized it’s legs were unnaturally long, the head was almost 10ft in the air. I ran back afterwards, it felt like I was being called to the woods but the dread was overwhelming. What does this mean????

    1. The same thing just happened to me. Except I was going into a home and the porch collapsed. I was in the setting of the northern part of the country as I am from Ohio originally but have lived in FL for past ten years. I hear the sound of the animal charging towards me through the woods.. Look over and see the monster deer as you described.. But it was running at me and it ran me over. I had to have let out a scream in my sleep as my fiance woke me up to check on me. I’m getting married 11/11/18 and my family is coming from up north.. Wonder if this has anything to do with it.. Any who back to need but wanted to share

  23. I started seeing a male friend. We were outside in a canyon desert surroundings. When we first got there I seen the field in front of me filled with butterflies all different colors. And when we were leaving a bid Buck passed right in front of us. This all seemed amazing to me and I really like this guy. I was just wondering if there is anything to my seeing the butterflies and the deer. Or am I just a dreamer ?

  24. I was lunging my horse in his paddock, preparing to ride. A doe showed up about 50 feet away and just stood there looking at me. Not entirely odd, we are rural and have a lot of deer around. However, this one had a white face and just kept stepping closer to my horse and I. My horse and I were pretty active and I wasn’t governing my voice. I began to notice that the doe was limping on her left foreleg. She kept staring at me and coming right towards the fence. When I would acknowledge her, she would try to lift on her hind legs like she was reaching for sumac, apple, etc. but failed. I received that like she can’t take care of herself. She was so intent on getting my attention and unfazed by any commotion. When I finished with my horse I took some grain to where I last saw her (she stayed right up until I finished working with my horse). I couldn’t find her. I have had bucks show up as spirit animals before in my life, but do not know if there is any spiritual meaning behind this. I can at times communicate with animals, perhaps the doe was truly asking for help. I feel bad I couldn’t find her and will keep looking for her. If anyone knows of a spiritual alternative symbolism to this, please reply.

  25. I was walking early this morning I noticed fresh blood in the street. I turned around to see if there was a dead animal in the yard I was passing. A fawn was laying dead in a bed of small white flowers, her eyes, black and clear, were looking straight at me, she wasn’t breathing.

    I would love to know what symbols this brings up for other people.

  26. Whilst travelling home in the early hours last night upon a motorway doing around 75 mph a deer jumped into our path from the right side and hit the side of the car. Although we didn’t stop, we continued to drive home and call the police as we didn’t have our phone on us. After checking ctv we were informed the deer was dead. Can’t help but think this has some significant meaning, any ideas as to what it could mean, represent.

  27. I saw two doe and they both stared at me and i stared back even in the rain they came close within 10 yards of me then walked behind a small tree and later that night i had a dream i wqs chasing two male adult white tails mixed with a bunch of other brown animals i didnt recognize WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?

    1. it also felt like i was one of them and i was just as fast and energetic as them someone help me out with this

  28. Any idea of the meaning of seeing a deer with three antlers? If I could post a pic here I would. I’ve watch him grow up in my backyard. He’s still has a lot more growing to do. But his antlers are already pretty big.

  29. Yesterday driving home, a deer crossing the road through the forest, I dont drive fast so I stop. The deer walks in the woods, stops, turns around and for 10 seconds we stare in each others eyes. What a beautiful gift and message.

  30. A few weeks ago i dreamed of a house surrounded by the forest, and a doe came into the clearing. She took one look at me before a royal white stag came out and walked towards me. He walked with caution before coming closer. I reached out my hand, and he met me half way so i could caress his muzzle. It then happened (within the same dream that night) the next day. except 2 royal white stags came into the clearing with the female deer. The same greeting occurred. The third day came around, and the EXACT same thing happened, except it were 3 royal white stags that came into the clearing as well as the female deer. I woke from the dream with so much peace.

  31. This morning coming back from an appointment, i hit a deer. I travel this road quite frequently and have never seen a deer. It came out of my blind side and hit it with the front end of the car. I know this means something. There has been a lot of things going on lately. Does anyone have an idea what the meaning could be?

    1. Try seeing all sides of an issue. There are endless ways of doing things and seeing things. Who is “dear” to you? I hope this helps!

  32. “A pine needle falls in the forest. Eagle sees it. Bear smells it. And Deer hears it.”

    Haundenosaunee saying

    Oskenón:ton, Deer is the one who listens. When in doubt Oskenón:ton stops, is still and listens. This has been a theme of my hearing often of late. When I was a boy I knew how to be still and listen. Living in a crowded noisy city can make me forget what it is to be truly still and do nothing else and listen. We feel such an urge, particularly when we’re amongst others, to fill in the silences rather than to learn to live in the silence with each other and listen for what is there in the silence before we listen to the noises that we are all making. Listening, true listening, begins in silence, begins with silence. Begins with being still. Thank you Oskenón:ton, for once again remind me of the truth and the wisdom of this.

  33. I just woke up after dreaming about deer and don’t know what to make of the dream. In the dream I am on a sidewalk. There is busy traffic across the street. A group of 6 deer are trying to cross the street. I watch, because there are so many. Eventually they cross and head right for me. They pass me. All but two. One was a male. He reared up his front legs at me and stopped as the doe behind him stopped and looked at me. He came back angry and I said” what harm have I done you” Then they both transformed into human form and spoke to me. He went on to say how we are nothing but killers and didn’t like us. I said “not all of us are like that. I am not”. He gave me a sour look, transformed back and ran off. The girl, simply said ” I’ve seen you around at the school” Then she transformed and caught up with the other deer. It was so real. But weird. Any thoughts?

  34. I came here after having a few experiences with deer. I have always felt a special attachment to deer, they are my favorite animal. I have assumed that makes the deer my spirit animal… My son passed away 2 years ago, my beautiful, gentle 18 day old baby. His birthday is coming up on the 18th and I miss him so much. A few weeks back I was visiting with family, there was a small child there that was close in age to my son and I was feeling very lost and missing him more than usual. As soon as I got in the car to leave, one of his songs came on the radio, and then as I was driving down the road… A mother deer and her twin babies crossed out in front of me. I stopped and watched them for a bit… then drove away. Not very far down the road another mother and her twin babies crossed in front of me. Chills raced down my spine as I realized my son was with me. I had the same experience a few days ago. I was leaving a class and had just finished telling a friend about a dream I had, in the dream my grandfather who passed came through to visit me but my son would not. I was feeling that same deep sadness. As I pulled out to leave a mother deer and her twin babies watched me from the driveway. And as I pulled out onto the road another mother and her twin babies crossed my path. It really opened my eyes….

    1. I believe your experience was an extremely aural and visual way on your son’s part to reach out to you from the other side. The song was to catch your attention. And immediately after, once he knew you were paying attention, he showed you his love by sending the deer, and her babies. It is extremely rare for a doe to expose herself and her babies to human eyes. Because that is when they are most vulnerable. And they came not just once, but 4 times. Each time you saw them it was your son’s way of reaching out to you. He wants you to know that he loves you. And that he will always be with you. He doesn’t want you to be sad or depressed. But he also understands that sometimes sadness cannot be helped or cured. He wants you to be happy again, and to celebrate the short time he was with you. He also wants you to know that he plans on returning to this plane of existence soon. He is trying to show you that it is okay to see and enjoy the beauty around you, the joy that you have been pushing away. He wants you to show yourself compassion, and forgiveness. And to love yourself and not feel guilty, to enjoy life, laughter, and love and know that it’s okay. I know he passed over at such a tender age, but he is an old soul and knows and understands many things. Which, thankfully, makes it easier for me to “see” and understand what his messages are for you. He loves you SO much, he will be with you one way or another. Keep your heart and mind open and you will begin to see and understand the signs and you will know they are from him. May Peace, Love, and Light Guide Your Way!! Blessed Be.

  35. It was no surprise for me that Oskenón:ton, Deer should speak to me today. After having one of the most positive days that I’ve had in a very long time yesterday, (Those of you who know me, know that I have not had much unencumbered positivity in my life for a while now…) I was walking home across McCowan Park as the sun began to set. The park was full of people. There was a soccer game going on. And across the soccer field a very large Doe came running, stopped on the concrete path dead in front of me. I stopped too. She looked right at me for a moment and then very calmly walked into the marsh and woods at the rear of the park. What made the experience remarkable, aside from the fact that it was happening in a crowded park in the middle of the city, was that no one else seemed to be reacting to her. It was almost as if they couldn’t see her. For a moment I wondered if I was having a waking dream, a vision. But when I walked up to the place that she had gone into the marsh and there were clear prints in the mud and a clear newly created path. Then today I draw this card. I have made many changes in my life of late, including seeking to put myself on a more spiritual and honest path. For the first time in a very long time I do feel that I am on the right path. Oskenón:ton appearing to me in body, and in symbol feels like the clearest message that I have received in many years.

  36. “A pine needle falls in the forest. Eagle sees it. Bear smells it. And Deer hears it.”
    It is interesting that my totem animal today should bring this message. On a completely different posting, I saw myself and others devolve from discussion to argument to deafness. In seeking to be heard on this subject I failed often to hear. How often are we making so much noise in the world that we cannot hear a thing?
    Niawen’kó:wa Tiatén:ro Oskenón:ton
    (Thank you my friend deer)
    I am trying to hear your message.

    1. Hello,
      I had undergone a recent break up with a relationship with this fella for three years. The break up was sudden and he also told me ,which initially he did not tell me, that he was stills married. We are having a follow-up discussion meeting about our relationship. Meanwhile I went for a walk in the healing garden and a deer crossed my path. The deer just stood s still and looked straight at me for about 5 minuets. Then continued his eating so calmly and comfortable to have me there. We continue to be in each other presence in a peaceful mutual existence. It felt like the dear came to me with a message. It was trying to tell me something. I could tell by the eyes, the skinniness, and the little antlers . What was he trying to tell me? I’m not sure. But I know it was sent to me because it appeared out of nowhere.

    2. I experienced something amazing while walking the labyrinth at a local church yesterday. I was standing in the middle of the labyrinth saying to myself that I hope I get to see a deer. I have seen them there before so not that unusual. Funny though, a doe walks out with a fawn right after I finished saying that I want to see a deer. Then another fawn comes out of the woods. I continue to stand there frozen as the mom watches me intently while moves slowly from the woods out into the open space. Then I see 2 more fawns come out from the woods. No other doe follows. I follow her by moving my head. When she is straight in front of me about 50 ft from me (the fawns are further behind her watching me sort of) I start humming to her. Then I turn slowly away from her to begin the maze of the labyrinth. As a begin to do this she walks towards me. I am beginning to get a little nervous. I am still walking it, however she still is walking towards me getting closer. She could take me out easily with 2 leaps. I turn around to walk off of the labyrinth heading back to the car. When I am in the parking lot I look back and she is standing in the middle of the labyrinth looking at me. She turns around to walk back to her fawns. I then begin to walk back to the labyrinth to finish my medication. I was stunned by this interaction. My sense is that she was showing me her assertiveness in protecting her fawns. Then I second guess myself thinking that it may have been something to do with my Dad who passed away in June. I am an animal person deep into my core. I know she sensed I wasn’t going to hurt her. I regret now that I walked away. Maybe I should have stayed and knelt down to her. I don’t know.

  37. Performing my smudge in the rain(no easy thing). I could clearly hear my best friend Roger, who taught me to track and to hunt, and the old ways and tradition, repeating an old Haudenosaunee saying to me: “A pine needle falls in the forest. Eagle sees it. Bear smells it. And Deer hears it.” Considering how the phrase “Listen” keeps resonating for me with different speakers and writers, I know that I am being told something very powerful right now, by my body, by my psyche, by the spirits. I must listen. And listen in the way that a Deer listens. Not for a moment. But for as long as it takes to hear the truth that I fear, that do not want to hear, that it is time for me to hear.
    Niawen’kó:wa Tiatén:ro Oskenón:ton
    Konnorónhkwa Roger

  38. Deer is seen among almost all the tribes as the Finder of Paths. Following immediately on Hawk’s message to listen to my spirit, and one of the worst seizures I’ve ever had, which, after an almost weekly series of series, must have something to do with what feels like an unsettled, unsatisfied psyche, seems like a very clear message that it is time for me to take a hard look at my life and whether or not I am following the right path. More than a little terrifying…

  39. I’m going to explain my story and try to make it short. My daughter recently rehomed their dog of 2 years, which I was very close to. He was getting aggressive with her daughter. I tried taking him but for whatever reason, whether it was meant to be or what, but it didn’t work out. She gave him to a friend and told her friend she could give him back if need be. I would like another chance to keep him, so I’ve been praying they give him back. I’m a writer, a poet, and I was at the library looking out the window by the woods
    at about 2:00 pm during the day and all of a sudden, a female deer came out of the woods and stood and looked at me through the window and then went on it’s way, not back in the woods, but past me , I think towards the front of the library to where a neighborhood was. I’ve never known about spiritual meanings of animals, and for some reason, something just told me to look it up. I’ve been sad about the dog, Cenney, gone and like I said I’ve been praying he will return. Is there any significance with the deer crossing my path with the situation I’m going through? I would really appreciate any insight or opinion from anyone. I’m a person who writes as the direct result of several spiritual experiences over the past 15 years.

    Thanks so much.

    1. What a difficult situation it is, I can see how hard it is. I would chance your focus and pray for the wellbeing of your beloved dog, ask for the best situation for him to manifest. Good luck and blessings!

  40. Pain woke me up and I went out for a smoke, it was about 6am and I went back in, turned around to look out of the cnservatory window, a small roe deer was in the meadow just grazing on grass, we didn’t lock eyes, I just observed as she peacefully went about her grazing, I think she knew I was there as she looked my way a few times, her ears flicking a little but then she just carried on. I left before she did, she was still there. The last time I saw a deer was around ten years ago just before my ex ran out on me. It bolted across the lane I was walking down, it basically flew over from one field to the one on the other side of the road an arms length in front of me. Ten years on and my next partner left recently lol, sensing a pattern here.

  41. Awhile ago, I was driving down a backroad and all of a sudden I saw a deer standing on the side of the staring at me, like it was waiting. Then, as I kept driving, there’s a bunny on the side of the road staring and waiting for me. Then a groundhog. I probably saw 6 different animals on the same side of the road, all staring at me like they knew I was coming.

  42. Caryle Bingaman

    I was in the woods….the journey there is unclear; my dream started there. I look to my left and see about 3 deer grazing. I thought to myself oh how beautiful. Then suddenly, two more can out and then there more and so on until I was surrounded by at least 10. Doe and buck. They were very active….some were grazing, a few of the buck were fighting and they just all surrounded me very anxiously. I started to feel scared and tried to walk away and eventually ran but it seems the further I got the more deer came.

  43. I live in a mobile home community and I am surrounded by city. I was sitting in my car with my brother when this what seemed super tall dear stopped in its tracks and looked me right in my eyes. The feeling that I experienced was fear. I don’t understand

    1. You fear the part of you that the dear represents. The feminine part. The gentle part. The intuitive part. You possibly completely have rejected it because of some kind of past trauma, and any time it starts to show up in your life, you immediately get scared and push it away in an attempt to avoid that pain. It is a learned reaction. Try to think about experiences where you were put down or made to be afraid because you expressed this side of yourself. Lots of times these kinds of things happen through our parents or through someone we looked up to and modeled our behavior after.

  44. This morning i had a dream about a buck that was at my kids window, i would run up to the window and wouldn’t run away . It seemed like if i was making it mad because it showed me its teeth like a wolf ready to attack. So i open the window got a stick waved it around it’s mouth so he can bite on it , the only thing i had was a pocket knife that i always carry. So when he bit the stick i got my knife and started to stab it in the neck non stop, i don’t know why i did that but killing it was the safest thing to do at that point. I wish i knew what this dream ment.

  45. Today on my way to work I saw an all white deer. I wouldn’t have believed it was a deer if it weren’t traveling with five others. First a I had to stop my car because a larger deer was standing in the middle of the road and then 4 small deer ran across the road and the last one was all white! I didn’t take action picture because I was in shock but a part of me felt it was to sacred to capture.

    1. It was a metaphor for your life. You identify strongest with the white deer you saw because your role in your group of friends was at that very moment strikingly similar to that white deer’s role in its group. The other deer represented your friends. The leader represented whoever you see as the leader of your friend group.

      Try to think of exactly how you felt when you saw the deer. Think about it deeply. As deeply as you can. Did you look into its eyes? If so, do you recall how it made you feel? What about it specifically was so beautiful or striking to you and why? Dont answer these questions to me, but rather inside yourself when you are calm and alone with yourself.

    2. I never would have really thought about the universe/ spirit guides communicating with us through animals until a small deer ran into my car while I was driving. It was new years eve 12/31/16. I wish I could upload a picture of my car. Bout mid Feb, I stopped by a vending table that usually only sells crystals, but this time, for some reason, had a necklace with two small deer antlers and white star coral in the middle. I bought it and I wear the necklace almost everyday to honor the deer and other spiritual reasons regarding my feminine.

    3. I have deer encounters few times… First – I saw a spirit deer walking past acros the metal fence. This happened early morning right after my full moon meditation. Second – I helped a neighbor’s garden, I open the gate and i don’t know if the deer followed me since i walked around the house i saw this deer jumping looking for way to get out…I go the other way hoping the deer goes out of the gate… minutes later come across this deer again this time the deer was outside right by the fence… we got really close as it move farther into the woods. Third – it’s 7pm but with sun still up i was in my computer and i heard a bang outside as seems something being drop…when i went outside i saw this clay pot pieces on the stairways and then saw the deer running away…

  46. I came across this beautiful creature just minutes ago down a trail I normally walk on. I remember last year I came across two dear in that same trail around this same time of year. I was walking with no other human in sight, and then a deer literally came out of nowhere, ran left into the bushes, and into the nearby lake. I heard the deer making a “splash” and was in awe. I later started walking back at an accelerated pace as I wasn’t sure what would happen next. With that said, seeing the deer made me feel good that things in my life will work out for the better.

  47. Last weekend on a cold Maine morning in the woods in a place strange to me, I stopped on a path to listen to the forest. In a moment, a burst of energy and shaking brush as an animal bolted from my right. Then, after a few steps, a white tailed buck appeared from my right and stood in front of me, just 10 feet away. We gazed at each other for at least 30 seconds. I tilted my head back in acknowledgement and the buck turned with a snort and bolted away in the direction he appeared. I crossed the spot that he stood and made my way down to the water. As I picked my way along the shore and marsh bank, to my left two deer, a buck and doe rushed past along a hidden trail paralleling my path. I worked in silence, no person in view for miles, and returned to home. The experience has not left me, I relive it in my mind as though it was a vision. I am seeking its meaning.

    1. This is incredibly deep. I think the deer is attempting to inspire you to be courageous and take that plunge into the unknown that he and you both know you need to take; onto the hidden trail. Its snort was a soul challenge to follow its lead. That 30 second look was a deep exchange of information. Take up the challenge and if you’re successful, your eyes may meet again and something cooler might even happen.

    2. Hey Tom
      Your encounter was pretty cool. Not always do we have meanings behind everything that happens to us , I’m a sensitive and dream interpreter for 10+ yrs now I can tell you this ,, your encounter was just that ,, BUT the deep feelings that you can’t shake from this is because the deer is one of your spirit guides ,, the recognition from the mind to your waking life if great , if you want more from this type of thing and how to get intouch with your spirit animals etc , let me know .
      I won’t get into the personal stuff on here but with the pains that are on your mind from the not too distant past is relating to your spiritual side , the peace you find while out in the bush is not coincidence, it’s giving you a bit of a kick start . If you don’t already learn how to meditate and focuse and ask your animal (life guide) to come to you ,, give them a space in your meditation to come in a comfortable surrounding , when the deer comes , if you want verification on this being your guide watch how close it comes , any touch allows by the deer is 100% telling you that it’s your guide .. Get back is you need any help ..

    3. For the last couple of weeks while driving a single small deer has been standing in the same spot on the side of the road just looking at me. I wasn’t scared just curious. My husband has also not only seen this small deer but actually hit it the other night. When he went back to check it was gone . I passed by it 2 different times again this evening standing in the same spot. Any ideas on what this may mean?

  48. So today I was walking through a wooded area close to my house where I often go hiking. I have only seen deer there a handful of times. I’m currently going through a rut on my spiritual journey and feel utterly lost. There’s this tree that I often climb because it has a nice view of the surrounding woods. and I once had a deer run right under me while up in the branches. However today I was sitting in the tree asking/praying for guidance or a sign or something. After climbing down from the tree I was thinking about the deer that I previously mentioned. Then suddenly maybe 15 feet away from me almost out of nowhere this male deer came walking by. He didn’t even notice me and I just stood in amazement as he silently disappeared into the brush. Is this the sign I was asking for? And what does it mean?

  49. I had a fawn drop dead in front of me yesterday morning, I checked it for injuries, and she was what appeared to be a very healthy pretty little girl.I have doezons of deer in my yard everyday. They are all very healthy, and I have never seen an ill animal in the (4) years I have lived up here in these mountains…I take this as a sign, and I have on idea what this sign means…

  50. I wanted to know what seeing a large black buck means. I looked out my door this afternoon and running across the road was a large black buck. I couldn’t go looking where it went because I was watching my granddaughter. Just wondering what this meant. Thank you.

  51. So, I’ve had some odd occurrences with the deer that live in the wooded-river area where I regularly go hiking. The last two times that I have been out, I have seen female deer. Not unusual, because I have often seen their tracks by the river. But, each of these last two times, they have not immediately run from me, like they usually do. Instead, one of them (when I came across a small herd of 5-6 of them) stands it’s ground, stares at me and stomps it’s foot at the ground. The first time, with the small herd, that deer actually followed me a little ways to make sure I was leaving it’s area. This last time, tonight, the lone deer I encountered made some sort of sound that almost sounded like the cawing of a bird and stomped it’s foot before deciding to run off. And then, not 10 minutes or so after this, I got stung by a yellow jacket (for the first time in my life! I’d never even been stung by a bee before!) five (5!!) times when I was exploring a fallen tree! Damn those hurt!

    I know that it is mating season for deers, so I imagine that is a factor in their behavior. But, my time in nature has always been very peaceful with any animals that I come across, so to have this happen twice in a row, combined with the yellow jacket’s assault, almost feels like I’m being kicked out, or driven away from, nature. Which kind of breaks my heart a bit, because nature is a sacred place to me, and I always treat it as such.

    Am I reading too much into all of this? Any thoughts?

  52. For about a month now, almost every night going home, I spot a three legged doe on my path. The others run and jump but this doe does not move. Once I had to drive around her as she would not move from the middle of the street. I fear its a bad omen since it is an injured animal, but one with out a willingness to run.

    1. I love your suggestion! It’s the first thing I would do.
      IT guy, it’s a situation to practice, a chance to be gentle, to have compassion and care.
      Hurray for deer 🙂

  53. This morning on my home from town, I saw a buck. I followed it and it was standing with 2 other bucks on a hill, all spaced apart. They stood and watched me. I had my dog in the car and she barked so the deer came closer to me. I have never seen 3 bucks standing together on a hill? What kind of omen is that? It’s like the father, the son and the holy ghost! Strange.

  54. I have been seeing a lot of deer in my path lately when I go bike riding, it could be a coincidence but maybe they are trying to tell me something? I saw a few does (a doe today actually) and a month ago I saw a young buck run across a field. I feel like I see a deer almost every time I go out? Like I said it could be coincidence but the frequency of sightings is odd I guess.

    1. Check this out: I walk my dog every evening up a wooded hill. I’ve seen a young buck maybe ten times in recent months. He comes toward me and my dog–every time. Mostly he moves slowly, eyes fixed on us. Occasionally he’s moved in quicker steps. He’s only now growing antlers, and last night he had a fawn with him! If this sounds like I’m dreaming it, I’m not. It’s exactly as I describe. Has anybody had a similar experience?

    2. I knew a guy who people used to call the Deer Whisperer. He worked at a resort in South Carolina and there were several wild deer that would come up to him and sometimes walk around the grounds with him. He would sometimes feed them apples, so that might have something to do with it… But they wouldn’t show themselves to anyone else. It was sorta cool!

  55. Today, I found 2 hind legs from a baby-deer on the property. What does it mean or what is the spiritual significance of it?

  56. Hello everyone, anyone that can help with this dream would be greatly appreciated…

    The only thing I remember about the dream is being awoken (while sleep) to the sound of frogs ribitting. At first I couldn’t find it, then I realized it was coming from my wife’s old black purse. I picked it up and there was a dead frog under it, another one was dying and there was one or more still alive in her purse. As she came in the room and I asked for an explanation, I looked out the window and saw a deer falling off of our neighbor’s house like it slipped on ice and snow.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  57. I have had two white-tailed deer cross my path in close proximity recently. One, in the cemetery where my late wife is interred, and once in the conservation area where we had a memorial park bench installed. These are the only two occasions where I have ever been close enough to white-tailed deer to get good close-up photos.

  58. The coolest thing occurred this morning while my mighty yorkie, Tigger, and I were out for our walk. After entering a path that runs through a small forested area behind our local elementary school, I heard a brief rustle of leaves and moving branches twice: first on one side, then on another. I looked as I kept going but didn’t notice anything in particular until I happened upon some squirrels bustling about over head. I thought they must have been jumping from tree to tree and made the sounds I had heard and, so, put it from mind, mystery solved. Just a bit later Tigger was tending to his business when I caught something out of the corner of eye. I turned, and it was a doe, maybe around 2 years old or so, if I had to guess. It came toward us (Tigger didn’t notice, being blind and all from cataracts) and then halted looking between us and the forest. I said “Hi,” and thought it would take off as has happened to me before several times when I’ve encountered deer, but no, it actually began to follow me!I resumed my walk and it did too! It skirted the edges of the path and the forest and, when I would pick up my pace, so would she!She trotted along just behind us, zig-zagging in and out of the forest and path edge, its hooves going clippity-clap along the pavement. I’ve never seen anything like it. It followed us the whole length of the path. I said goodbye to it before I emerged from the forest and entered the back part of the school yard and the playground, thinking it would return to the forest for sure, but, no, it walked right out on the playground, and, just then, as kids and their teachers started to come out for recess, the deer didn’t run off, but skirted the edge, between sand boxes and forest cover, kids excitedly pointing to her and calling out as they ran toward her. As I rounded a bend in the path, she actually cut corners through the forest and met me out the other side! Anyway, this went on the whole rest of the pathway, which follows the borders of the forest and marks the back perimeter of the schoolyard (probably a good 400 meters long) and continued through a fence opening and out into a residential street, where she walked, pranced, and played about coming close and then dashing up into a yard, before coming back again. It was an absolute blast! I wish I would’ve had a carrot to see if I could’ve fed her.
    I don’t know, we have deer scattered about around this little town and, so, they are used to human presence, but they almost always run off pretty quickly when you come upon them. I wondered if maybe someone had been laying out carrots or something (I hope no one has been baiting them, since there is no hunting allowed within the city limits).
    As I reflect on the encounter, I can’t help but sense that there is some kind of deeper, symbolic/archetypal/spiritual meaning attached to this. I’m glad I found this website, some of the interpretations provided above resonate with me, especially as today, while I was working with some oracle/wisdom cards, I received one that indicated that I would be presented an opportunity to “work more closely with the animal kingdom and to find your own magickal familiar.” Which, I suppose could also indicate an animal totem. I do love nature, but the meaning from this website that most resonates is from the totem entry above: ” Often you have a link to the arts, especially poetry and music.” After a long hiatus I have taken up my music again in a very intense and earnest way. I have been practicing my tail off very intensely for the last week, auditioning for and, now, getting ready (thankfully) for a gig coming up in a couple of weekends.
    Anyway, just wanted to share this with you all, it really blew my mind–in a good way :>)

    1. What an amazing story! Definitely one to cherish, and I agree, it seems to have a deeper meaning and connection. What a beautiful experience. I’ve never been on this site but you took the time to share something so wonderful and rare…I had to acknowledge your post and thank you for some pleasant thoughts. 😉

  59. in my dream today, a part of it kept sortof flashing, like you know how a normal dream will play with no inturruptions like a movie? it just kinda flashed in my head, only really strongly showing the images a few times…
    i was in my house, but unlike how it usually is, no lights were on, it was lateish at night and some blinds were open, letting a lot of moonlight n to light up the place.
    someone was on a cloth, cross-legged, selling a butchered deer, smiling a lot> 😀 they didn’t really look ”happy” though, as you can guess. just kinda..murderous.
    the deer was a doe, and it was just butchered up into big pieces. i remember them trying to hand me a piece, still smiling.
    a bit later, they said something like “i sell you deer lips”, showing the chopped off head, mouth open and such, then showing the ”lips” (or mouth, iunno..) cut off from the head..
    these were the things that i saw more clearly, though it was kinda slightly mentally playing through most of the dreams (since this was going on in multiple dreams i’d had at the same time).
    back in my head, i could imagine the forest the deer was in, though i didn’t imagine it up-front at all really..
    it was like how when you think of an image, it won’t pop up as if you were physically seeing it like a movie. only at the handing me a piece part and the deer lips part did i see it like a movie (in this case, a clip, since they were veeery short.)
    it’s so weird, all my dreams from yesterdey and now have taken place in my moonlit house, i don’t really get it…for help with interpritation, i rarely get to get that kind of lighting. my parents turn the lights on, even when it’s not really dark, which really irritates me, and only when my parents are going to sleep/asleep can i turn all the lights off and open the blinds in our living room. i reaaally enjoy this lighting because i love the moon and it’s light is beautiful 😀
    i feel i should also mentuon the moonlight was coming mainly from the door to our deck, outside, since that’s where i usually let the moonlight in.
    i also felt like i was being controlled at the times of these dreams, if that has anything to do with it..
    so, uh…
    help? 🙁

    1. Dear Kyanite,

      A dream like this is a warning or a lesson. For something to come or something that has. I have had dreams in ways like this but strength can stop them. More in dreams can the earth tell you something as in vision or in strangeness. To understand this dream you must dig deep inside or you must wait till the time is right. As to what you said for the deer and the man or woman only you are able to find the answer. The task will be hard but don’t give up because as long as you do your best with everything you do will you grow and learn. For now keep it in mind and walk through life till the time is right. You will know when it is and you will also understand. It was wonderful to help you in some way.

      From , Anna

    2. Thank you! sorry for late reply, i didn’t get an email when you replied xD;
      this is very helpful, thank you, love! ^^

  60. I often dream of a black doe dieing bleed and the blood makind a little rivlet as it joins a stream that is filled with fish and the blood kills them as it touchs them I see a wolf drink from the bloody water and it colapes dead to the ground and its spirit steps up and walks to the deer and sits by its side dropping its head before howling then as it starts to howl I wake up what does this mean

  61. Once I and my boyfriend and been on a trek. While climbing suddenly a deer ran across us. It was afraid of us and thus ran into another bush. We too were afraid and returned back. After I came home ,one of my friend said its good for couples to spot a deer. Is it true ? Please tell me .. I’m extremely curious to know more about it.

  62. Been working on a gruesome murder within my family that occurred over 100 years ago. I’m researching so publish a book in the still unsolved ax murder of three family members (father, mother, nine-year-old son). I’ve been working on this for more than 15 years, and very recently reopened the research with another family member. Yesterday morning I asked spirit to give me a sign as to who might have committed this crime. The day went well interviewing other family members, and there was enough daylight to visit the location of the murders. On the way my cousin and I stopped at the cemetery, since we had time, to see the graves. The cemetery is enclosed in three-feet high chain link fence, and the family plot containing the victims is enclosed with a three or so feet high iron fence. Noticed a few animal bones in the cemetery, and just outside the iron fence of the victims plot was a deer leg. The bone was clean, except for some hair on the tibia and hoof still intact. Inside the iron fence, on the grave of the nine-year-old’s grave were more bones, they appeared to be the remaining bones of the young deer that died. Strange, these bones were in an oval shape, as if the deer died while in fetal position, on the boy’s grave. Bones appear to be pretty clean – no flesh. Thinking possibly the deer died within the last couple of weeks which, coincidentally, could have been about the time of the anniversary of the murders.

    This morning I figured the deer bones were a sign from spirit, thought I didn’t understand it. So I prayed for an interpretation to solve the mystery. Later today I interviewed more cousins, and learned some new information about the murders that was very specific.

    Interpretations on the deer bones on the grave (that’s within two fences)?

  63. I had a dream that I have rescued a spotted deer fawn from some where, it has hurt its spine area. I am with a friend when I find the injured fawn. I take it in my arms and am rushing to the nearest veterinarian, with the deer still in my arms I can feel him gasping for breath but it was too late by the time we reached the hospital, the deer had died. what does it mean?

  64. So I’m trying to interpret my dream.

    I had a dream that I seen a deer drowning completly under water in a small pond so I jumped on top of the log beside it and threw it on land by its antlers. After the first one I seen/rescued 10 or more. I look up after I’m done and turns out they were all dead to begin with. What does this mean?

    1. First interesting thing is that this took place on the water…clearly your emotional life. You on the log means you have been able to find a bit of stability in your emotional life, certainly enough to stand on and also rescue deer and hurl them to the shore. The male deer, are they men or relationships in your life? Perhaps. Whether they are men in emotional relationships you’ve had or perhaps even bosses or work situations, it seems clear that those situations are well over and that although you now have the ability to pull yourself emotionally together, those situations have been lessons that are gone but leave you stronger to this point.. Perhaps it now a good time to trust your intuition more before you make any commitments to anyone or any situation.

  65. My best friend once saw a white deer emerge from the forest. They watched the deer and the deer was serene and unafraid. Later, after my friend moved houses, a white deer crossed their path once again.
    My friend definitely has the spirit and characteristics of a deer, and I feel this white deer is their spirit guardian. I’m unsure of the significance of the color, though. Can anyone help me understand why the deer is specifically a white deer?

  66. 4 deer not one crossed in front of my car yesterday. I was asking for guidance from my guardian angels. Any thoughts on the meaning would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  67. Hi Everyone:

    What a super cool group! I was just wondering if anyone can answer my question. I’m kind of iffy on my interpretations and meanings as I have A LOT of ego to get rid of haha. I did a meditation to connect with my spirit guide/angels. Within this meditation, I was told that my spirit guides would appear. One of them was a deer. Does anyone have the symbolism of what this means for the deer in comparison to just having a dream about a deer? Is a spirit guide/spirit animal the same? Thank you so much for your guys’ input 🙂 xo

    1. From my spiritual teaching I have learned we have a spirit teacher and a spirit guide. We have know both of those people in some past life and they have liberated from this world and come back to be with us. Your spirit teacher may have other students and your guide is just connected
      to you. The animal spirit is an additional guide but does not hold the same connection but certainly can teach if we are open to it.
      Can you really divide the line between a meditation and your dream time? They both bring you to the same place and energies and dreams especially if you can find yourself in your dream you can begin to take control of your life. As we all should do a bit more of this, a gentle
      approach to all our situations in life is a good rule. Keeping a balance between your every day life and your inner self. There is no reason that
      things like intuition be neglected from your work because it brings ideas and working with others an enriching experience.

  68. I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered and communicated with a deer. I walked through the woods once and saw so very many of them. There was one young doe in particular that seemed to be urging me to follow her. She seemed ok with me following their group, however, the others weren’t as sure. Once I got to a certain spot I felt the need to stop following them, that one has something to tell me. I guess the young doe was taking me to meet this one, but then this one told me to go back. She told me to leave. I turned to walk away and as I walked away the group followed me. Stopped when I stopped. Walked when I walked.. I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to stay or go but for sure they were communicating with me. Then.. I sensed from I guess the more nature one, that at that time I was not welcome. That I needed to leave and if I ever come back, come in peace. I think this was accurate because I have been going thru some things in my life lately and I’ve been harboring rage.. Does anyone have anything to share in regards to my experience?

    1. You’ve had a fairly amazing experience in my opinion. The fact you were able to get as far as you did with the deer says so much about you.
      Clearly the deer is your totem and I am guessing you are quite a unique spirit in your human form. It seems very clear that there are many
      messages for you to receive from the deer world and i would suggest you are in a good place when you approach them again. I would be
      thrilled to hear about your next encounter. I will make a guess that they will find you the next time and tell you to come with them.
      Love and Peace

  69. This morning I had a dream that I was standing at the door looking out the window,
    On the other side of the road is a hill with a home and a clearing just below it, as I stood there watching I saw a herd of white deer including fawn running down this hill into the clearing, cross the road…. Run up our hill, at this point my grandson and I are out on porch watching in amazement… Some of them run up behind our home but several come running up the ramp and onto the porch, these also include elk, they aren’t trying to harm us rather nudging us as if wanting fed… The front door is open and there are so many trying to get on the porch that they start flowing into the house…
    What could this mean?
    I was told my spirit name is little fawn. Please help me understand
    Thank you

  70. Woke up at 3am to go to work (cleaning job), i usually go an hour later but I slept early the previous night and couldn’t get back to bed.

    Stepped outside to go to work and saw 5 Adult Deer across the street, maybe 20 feet away, they were headed in a southerly direction nearby the elementary school

    I live in the city, my house is right infront of a elementary school so it was an interesting site to see.

    The issues i’ve been having in my life include being very hard on myself for not making decisions that would get me a girlfriend, been constantly stressing over it. I’d like to think seeing the Deer was that message of its okay, don’t be so hard on yourself.

  71. This mourning I was in the car and my dad was driving and while we were talking I suddenly saw a buck run out in front of us, I nearly had a heart attack because I thought we were going to hit it but it just barely passed in front of us. I was so relieved we didn’t hit it but my dad just looked at me funny and asked what happened. I was completely bewildered by this and shouted “We almost hit a deer!” He asked me if I was on drugs and that he didn’t see any deer and went even further to explain it was impossible for us not to hit a deer if one did run in front of us. We were going 45 mph and we were only two car lengths away from the car ahead of us so it would be impossible for the deer to cross both lanes, dash in between the two cars, and make it safely to the other side. I feel like I’m going crazy but I swear I saw a deer!

  72. After a sacred psychedelic trip, I found myself as a deer. In my human form, I had a really hard time walking because I felt like I had skinny little stilts for legs and kept tripping and nearly falling. Finally though, I learned how to use my “deer legs” and ran across a giant meadow near my home. It was the most amazing feeling to be nearly flying across the meadow and hopping over everything. This was my first symbolism from a deer and it was very powerful.

  73. My friend’s husband passed in February this year and a few days before his passing a deer came up to their window and looked in. The deer looked in the direction to where her husband was sitting. There was over two feet of snow and bushes outside the window where the deer was. The morning he passed a few deer were in their driveway and haven’t been back since. Is this a spirit way the deer came to guide him?

  74. Is my spirit animal a deer? I have dreamt of a deer when I was 9 or 10 I remember it so clearly everything I did it repeated and it kept following me but before I woke up i heard it talk I forgot what it said though, im 17 now and I tried to find my spirit animal through meditation and there was a deer. But I kind of keep second guessing myself so is this my spirit animal or no

  75. Hello,
    This is for my Wife, she is a vivid dreamer, meaning that she remembers her dreams and some times she can tell me about them hours after she has woken up. this dream is one of those.
    What she said was that Two White Baby (fawn) deer came up to her and some one else, (she thinks is me or her best friend, Can’t remember) they were nice and allowing them to touch and play with them, here first thought was where is the mom cause Mother animal(deer in this case) don’t like anyone touching there offspring, the beginning of the dream the mom was no where in site but late the Mother deer came and started charging at the other person not her! She then stepped in front of the Mother and told her to stop that we were friendly.

    I’m looking around the internet to find out what deer means but also I want to know what Baby (fawns) deer mean they are WHITE and I don’t know what the Mother deer color was,
    If any could email me please I’m curious about this dream. Thank you

  76. What does it mean when a white buck follows you in a dream? I’ve had two dreams both with white bucks, in one I see him in the road and I stop to see if he’s ok then he’s in the back seat of my car. In the other he’s in a parking lot nuzzling my hand for carrots, which I feed to him, then he follows me to the door of a building.
    Not sure what it represents and I was wondering.

  77. When I was a kid, my dad used to call me his “little doe”. Now I feel a special thing with this animal, I’m practically sure it’s my spirit animal. Coïncidence?

  78. On may 17,2015 my fiancee passed away on June 20, 2015 i was on my way home around 4am to my amaze i seen 5 to 8 bucks in my neighbor’s yard i stopped made eye contact with them we locked eyes for a few mins they stood there looking at me i left and circled the block came back around they all took off for yhe woods. Mind you that was my old address on June 1, 2015 i moved around the corner into a new place which is about 3 mins from my old address on friday June 26 was my deceased fiancee birthday again around 4am i was pulling in to park in my space there stood 5 deers this has happen within a week of me seeing deers in 2 different places before i could park they took off running. I read on hello grief .org that if someone has passed that it is a sign that they are still with me……Is this true or is there any other meaning? I have never had any connections with a deer someone please reply!!! 😉

    1. Hi Elaine

      Believe it. I have been working with a guy in spirit for a number of years and they definitely show us animals to let us know they are around. Whenever anyone passes into spirit they just lose their bodies, their soul lives on and they’re still there and around you. It’s not like haunting and nothing to be scared of, because they just share the same space we do. We’re just having to live as humans to learn stuff. I am sorry for your loss, and do keep believing because the more you do, the more magic you’ll be shown and this will help you smile again. Much love to you.

      Months ago a psychic told me when a deer lands on my lap to take it in and care for it. When we were driving back from the vet with our cat we saw a deer on the side of hte road which had its legs broken. So we picked it up and put it in the back of the car, sat on my husband’s lap to take it to the vet. Unfortunately it was beyond repair but at least we gave it love and healing before he passed. In the process, he whacked his antler on my husband’s head and he’s now got an antler shaped faint scar – the scar itself is shaped like an antler, so I think he can safely say the deer is his totem! x

    2. Sorry Florida56, I meant this for you, not Elaine! blimey can’t get this right on here!

  79. I was curious if the bones of a deer have a different meaning than of the entirety of the deer, most specifically the teeth. Recently, I had been visiting a friend, who had many deer bones, and while handling the jaw, a tooth that did not previously seem even slightly loose, fell from it. I began to wear it around my neck as a protective charm, and only two days later I was given two deer knee bones as a gift, as the person who had them had no use for them. I gave them to my familiar, who is my wolf/pit bull/shepherd mix. He broke them both in half and buried them in my yard, all of the places corresponding with the compass points. I had never felt any prior connection to the deer, so does this have any particular meaning that anyone can understand?

  80. I’m trying to find my totem through meditation. Upon my first meditation, I am very confused. I was walking through a forest and came across a fox that wanted nothing to do with me and fled in the other direction, I went into a clearing and there was a hawk flying overhead in circles watching me, I walked into a denser part of the forests and a see two deer, a buck and a doe, mating. Again, my first time meditating and I am very confused. ???

    1. Upon reviewing my dream, and looking up pictures of vultures, i’d have to say the so-called hawk of my dream was actually a vulture. I have had a few funny experiences with vultures–one playing tag with me when I was a child and when three playfully attacked my kite, so I’m starting to believe that a vulture may be my totem. But I am still curious about the fox and the two mating deer though.

  81. Last night I saw a dream which made me sad and I couldn’t get off thinking about what does it mean.I was standing behind a tree and suddenly a brown deer appeared( having a green plants and looking at me)It smiled at me which made me follow that deer…sky was clear…I kept following the deer…….What was dream about ?

  82. I had a dream last night about a dear trying desperately to get into the location I was. I woke up thinking how weird it was, and then forgot about it. An hour later I was driving along and saw a dead deer on the side of the road and suddenly remembered the dream. Which is why I’m here now. 🙂

  83. Okay so I had this really weird and confusing dream last night that kind of freaked me out. In my dream I was walking around a huge hole (almost like a fire pit except deeper) and inside there was a white and light brown deer hanging upside down, dead. Then I started running around the hole trying to get to it and another one appeared dead like the last. Then I kept running around and around and another deer appeared dead like the last two. I saw one more dear appear that was close to death but not dead yet so I stopped running and some how got to it and saved it. But then it transformed into a human so I’m really confused. I feel like this dream has some sort of important significance but I don’t know what it’s trying to tell me. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a deer in my dreams.

    If you have any insight on this please HELP me understand what my dream means. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. I just woke up from the strangest dream. I was playing in the snow with one of my puppies then realized it was a beautiful baby deer. We began sliding down a steep road and I hugged it to me to protect it, when I looked up a huge full grown deer was watching. He came running towards us and I thought he would hurt me, but he didn’t, somehow he was making sure we made it down OK. I heard voices and noticed a group of men laughing getting ready to shoot him, I began screaming and telling to not do it, I had his child, he wasn’t hurting me. The huge deer git so close to me I was able to touch him and pet him! Finally the guys understand he wasn’t gonna hurt me and they stop trying to shoot him. I felt like I saved his life and the baby’s too. My dream continued on to get weird without the deer, but I can still feel his fur in my hands even after being awake. Any thoughts on this? Literally, never dreamt about deer before.

  84. I had a very interesting experience last night. To preface, I’ve never had this experience before and I love about a block from the woods but back to a busy road so not sure why this buck was near my window. I heard something outside my bedroom window last night. It was banging on our house and then I heard grunting. My husband went outside to see what it was and it was a huge buck outside my window. My husband ran back in, we opened my blinds and he was staring at me. We tried playing music and shining a light to get him to move (initially I was worried about him trying to get in my window). He didn’t flinch so I said I was calling the police. He left right after I said that and was gone the entire time the police officer was her. Roughly 5 minutes after the officer left, he came right back to my window. I could sense him and he was very calm. We feel asleep and I woke up throighout the night and knew he was right there. When I woke the next morning, I heard his antlers on my screen and he was resting his head on my window ledge. My husband tried to play the siren again to get him to leave but he wouldn’t. My husband left the room, I got down at eye level with him, locked eyes, and spoke softly to him. I told him I apprecaited him staying by me last night but he had to go back to the woods to stay safe. I didn’t want him to get hurt. He left right after that conversation and has been gone the rest of the day. What can I make of this? My husband and I have two beautiful fighters but have been praying for a son, could this be a sign?

    1. So sorry for all the grammar/spelling mistakes on that post! I couldn’t read everything on my phone and it kept guessing words wrong.

    2. Hi Sarah, it has been some months now since your experience with the deer at your window.. has anything come to pass that you could link to the visit? I am very intrigued -Jammie

  85. I have always had a deep connection with deer. Ever since I was a child I have come into contact with deer on at least a monthly basis. They constaly appear to me whenever I am alone, the interaction is always gentle and quiet. The most recent encounter was when I was unloading my car from a trip and a single doe appeared not 10ft away. We looked at each other for a good fifteen minutes before she melted back into the forest. Any advice about these encounters?

  86. since the fall of 2014… I have had a doe & two fawns in my yard it is now Feb. 2015. And they are there every evening! Meanings anyone? The Deer is my spirit animal….

  87. 8 years ago i became pregnant. I was given an immediate sense that the child in me was a boy. He was weak. I knew he would struggle in life. He would need special schooling and he would be inclined to the arts. I named him within a week of knowing Ivan Azriel. At 13 weeks my child died inside of me. The hospital sent me home to pass my baby. 7 hours later i passed my child. I fell asleep and was told to by a voice to find a tin of sweet william and burry my child in the woods. I am a gardner but i know plants by scientific names. I found a tin in my mother in laws kitchen the next morning designed with various dianthus flowers. I looked up sweet william and sure enough it was the same. And a sign of gallantry or bravery. My husband and me buried our son in sweet william deep in the woods. Most strange was that when we finished covering his grave with dirt we looked up to see a deer 12 feet away had been watching us. We stood and thanked the deer and he left.

  88. I had a dream the other night about deer. I was standing in an open field and there was a forest line not too far away. A distance away from me was a huge herd of deer running off and leaping into the forest. There was one deer that stood there just staring at me while the rest of the herd kept leaping on. There was this golden sparkly energy around the deer and a voice said, and this is not the exact words I’m just paraphrasing because I can’t remember exactly what was said, “You can take as much energy from the deer as you want they have unlimited energy source.” And that’s when I woke up. What does my dream mean? Is the deer my animal spirit guide? What else was my dream telling me?

  89. last night I had a dream that I was sitting in the deer stand and there was a doe and then another walked out. I was watching them and I look across the field and see 2 more does just jumping and what not. It was very peaceful

  90. For the past 5 or so years, I have always seen a deer on the side of the road on my way home, especially late at night. It is always on the same road (close to my home) and on the same spot in the road. One night it stood in front of my car and stared at me, not moving, no matter how close I got to it. Tonight I had two cross my path, and again had to stop for them too. This has been happening too often for me to look past it and nudge it off as a coincidence. They always have antlers too.

  91. This morning as I was opening my window shade, I locked eyes with a large buck in my tiny backyard space. It was breath taking to say the least. I was hoping it was a sign of some significance. Any thoughts?

  92. Today I was on my way to a induction for a job and I saw 3 deer walking together up a grassy hill in the near distance. I have sometimes seen deer before but never as many as 3 there. I didn’t see any significance until we reached the venue and besides the venue name the road or drive way was called Deer park. Surely thats a good sign right? 🙂

  93. I just saw two good sized bucks with large antlers walking across the street in front of me and then pausing before going through a hedge in someones front yard. A beautiful and peaceful sight.
    Just wondering what you think the reference would be.

  94. I had a dream where tigers where jumping the fences of my backyard. I was amazed at the site but noticed a young tiger was unable to make the jump and was left behind. I went outside, regardless of the fear I felt and thought the baby tiger to jump not knowing it’s mother was watching. After so, I went inside unharmed. A few minutes later I hear another noise but to my surprise, this time it was a young fawn. There was a baby deer outside my sliding glass door. I let it in, knowing there was tigers outside. Only, this time when I was ready to take it outside, there was a tiger there. I’m not sure if it was the mother or young tiger but it did not leave. No matter how much time passed it seemed to want the deer. Knowing the baby deer’s fate, I kept it safe inside till I awoke. This dream is not like any other, I woke up and still feel like there is significance behind it yet, I unsure of what it might be. Can you help explain? I

    1. Hi..I the tigers represent two strong females..the backyard..things you do not want to acknowledge or face…the fawn..represents innocence.. The fence… A barrier. Difficulty in yourself. It is either something which bars your progress or expression, or is used as a protection from things outside yourself, or from things getting at you. If you are sitting on the fence, it shows you attempting to avoid decision or action.

      In many dreams a fence or wall also suggests social barriers, the attitudes and feelings people express to keep others at a distance, to keep a separation between those of different social, religious or economic class. This sort of fence may also depict tension or conflict, as was expressed by the Berlin wall between two opposing powers.

      The fence often depicts our sense of social barriers, class barriers, or the attitudes we use to segregate the sexes, races or classes in work, opportunity or relationship. It can represent the need for privacy; territorial feelings; the social rules we use to give each other respect, or the de-fences we erect to ward off what we fear as danger of hurt.

      Also our boundaries or fears in relationship or society which might prevent us daring to express ourselves or be creative. The door..A boundary; the difference between one feeling state and another, such as depression and feeling motivated. A barrier to change or growth or the passing from inside oneself to exterior life. The feelings or attitudes, such as aloofness, we use to shut others out of our life to remain independent or private and being open or inviting. A sense of leaving an environment or relationship – or escape. A door can be an entering into a new work or relationship situation; entrance to a new life style, or a new phase of one’s life. Or conversely, an exit from one situation into another…..I hope this helps I took two of the symbols fromt ony crisps website.. to save time

  95. This morning before dawn as I began my morning ritual of walking a sacred circle outside a deer snorted in the dark and bounded off to the north. Any thoughts on this?

  96. I had never heard of spirit animals and didn’t know anything about them when I met this guy and I had this strong impression of a deer: he somehow just reminded me of a majestic, peaceful deer, and I had never really associated people with animals before him. I got to know him a little bit and he was very kind, soft spoken and the most empathetic person I had ever seen, ever: he felt people’s problems more than they did, really a lot of sympathy for others. Reading this, he has exactly all of these traits. He even plays an instrument and sings well. I only much later found out the deer was his favorite animal and he kept a very pretty (artistic, not necessarily realistic) painting of one in his room.

    1. This is how all human beings should be, what a beautiful sounding gentle-deer-man. My main spirit is an illuminated white doe. I have owl and horse next. Have you had any journeys or experiences whereby you identify with any animals? xxx

  97. Last fall, I was at my house when I heard the sounds of clattering sticks and heavy breathing. I looked out the window and saw 2 eight point bucks with antlers intertwined, pushing against each other and shaking their heads. The 2 bucks seemed equally matched as one pushed the other back for a bit, and then the other would dig in and push the first around. Their hooves and antlers churned up the ground as they struggled. Sometimes they rested for a minute or so to catch their breath, then it started again. At one point their antlers locked and they struggled to separate themselves – they seemed to be working together at this point. After they separated, they paused and came back together again each trying to gain advantage over the other. After about 10-15 minutes of this, they separated and left. I was both amazed and grateful for the experience, but have often wondered since then why I was invited to witness this event. It doesn’t seem that it occurred by accident.

    1. Hello Kathy: This significant event in your life is also representative of the internal struggle you have constantly with your own will power. Only when you come to full unconditional love and acceptance for yourself will this internal struggle cease and leave you.

    1. Hello Carla: A Fawn is the “Light.” They are the manifestation of spiritual inspiration in action. To see a Fawn is to know that new spiritual truths will soon be revealed to you. They are faithful, graceful, upright and affectionate and represent the nurturing support of the Universe. In the shadow form they seek favor through subservience, flattery and pandering. They refuse to own their power.

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