Polar Bear

Know the things are resolving around you right now. It will only take a little direction from you.
-Polar Bear

Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Polar Bear symbolism is reminding you how enormously strong and full of courage you are. Thus this spirit animal has come to help you stand up to your current challenges in life, no matter how intimidating they are. You will never be overwhelmed. The Polar Bear meaning also reminds you that you can thrive in environments that may be hostile to others.

Alternatively, like the Raven, the Polar Bear symbolism is guiding you between the living world and the spirit world and showing you how to move between them.

Occasionally, Polar Bear meaning foretells that you are about to embark on a powerful spiritual journey. This journey has the potential to awaken all of your clairvoyant senses.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Polar Bear Totem know how to use their power. They are fierce and strong yet playful at the same time. These folks know how to pursue what they want and do it deliberately and powerfully. People with this spirit animal totem are not afraid to show aggressive behavior. However, they use their strength for defensive purposes only rather than bullying their way through things. These folks are great providers, and they enjoy the responsibility of providing for others.

Like the Snail, people with Polar Bear totem are patient and always make steady progress towards their goals. They focus on their chosen path without getting distracted.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Polar Bear dream, it signifies a reawakening within you. This aspect of yourself will defy adversity and reflect a fearlessness of never giving in to your problems. Alternatively, your vision may also indicate a person in your life that you can depend on to do the right thing. You can compromise nothing to negativity. These arctic bears in dreams are considered good omens.

A Polar Bear dream, like Turkey, often signifies an improvement in your circumstances. A wet Bear of this species symbolizes the movement through emotional issues. In other words, you are releasing old emotional baggage, and you are doing it fearlessly.

184 thoughts on “Polar Bear”

  1. I had a dream last night that I was a polar bear. I’m currently almost 20 weeks pregnant. In the dream, I (as a polar bear) had given birth and I was caring for my baby/bear cub. I’ve never dreamt of polar bears before, and I have no conscious attachment to them, so very strange dream!

  2. Wow weird dream. I just dreamt I was at the beach (yes not the usual place for polar bears) playing with a cute baby polar bear that seemed lost, out of nowhere mum polar bear came charging out the water and hit me ferociously, people were around but no one helped. I called an ambo took forever, went home & they came eventually. I was upset cos I had my netball GF that night & a concert the next day lol but my nose back ribs hurt so knee had to be checked over in hospital. Iv just connected with a big Māori guy that iv been wondering about maybe it has something to do with this🤔

  3. I had a dream last night about being in a flight and the plane landed on a run way with a bunch of Rams and 6 polar bears eating 6 rams individually it was peaceful but ended in a scare idk if this dream was good or bad there was blood in the dream with the polar bears eating the rams any idea why I even got this?

  4. I had a dream last night a polar bear was at my bedside. We sniffed each other and then I asked if he was going to eat me, then he ate me whole, and I became the bear.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Have you recently had an awakening in real life? Maybe a radical change in perspective or emotions? I think the bear symbolizes yourself…..just a thought?

    2. I had a dream of a Polar Bear being overprotective when I changed up my routine he got mad & jumped over the fence after trying to get back over it, he was also mad at me for not covering up my scent because it would be easy to hunt me. Thoughts on this??

  5. I dreamed I was in this massive House of exquisite beauty. Every room was of great craftsmanship. There were rooms and and hall’s everyway you turned you could get turned around easily. There was a Great open room with high ceilings and beautiful design. All the trim was so white and carpet was an beautiful off white. I noticed that there was a Polar bear just quietly roaming around the House just sniffing and looking around but not being aggressive. Then suddenly there were people and children everywhere. I told everyone to be cautious because a polar bear was roaming around the house. Then I noticed some German shepherds laying around in the hallways and I thought they were there to protect them. In the back of my mind I knew the polar bear was looking for me. Then the dream shifted and I was looking in a chest type freezer and I noticed it was full to the top with packaged fresh meat that wasn’t frozen yet but cold to the touch. Then the dream shifted again. I was asleep on a sofa in this house covered in a fuzzy blanket and the polar bear had finally found me. I could hear it sniffing as it came closer to me. Then I felt it’s paw as it placed it on my arm and I could feel it’s massive claw’s through the blanket on my arm. I wasn’t really afraid. Then it was sniffing my hand and I could feel it gently take my hand in it’s mouth a I felt it’s teeth gently as it grasped my hand, I remember telling it no at first and then I said it louder a second time and then I said no again with a firm voice. I awoke and before I opened my eyes I could actually feel it touching me. I was asleep on the sofa and I jumped up realizing it was a dream. I woke up my companion in the other room yelling no. It reminded me of a dog I once had and he would gently grab my hand in a loving a playful way. I wake every morning around 2 or 3 am and can’t go back to sleep. This morning I awoke at 2 am with the polar bear on my mind.

  6. I had a dream from 4 am to 5 am around where I saw one big panda sitting in a very clean grassland and two polar bears one behind me and another in front of me approaching me but very in a friendly way as pandas are. I was there to meet my sister son where my sister were there to let her son little one to see him the panda

  7. I dreamt I was climbing out of ice blocks with a polar bear. The polar bear was like my dog, following me and protecting me. We were definitely being chased but I don’t know by who or what.
    Then my colleague the next day told me she had a dream I was being chased by a mountain lion.

  8. In a dream I was standing on a high sand dune overlooking a large enclosed plain. One polar bear showed up and as i went to take a picture suddenly there were hundreds of polar bears coming into the area, frolicking, old and mothers with cubs, some climbing trees. Overwhelming.

  9. I’m not sure what my dream could possibly mean. Can anyone help?
    I had a dream that a dead relative approached me. We went out hiking together among with some other family members, but before we could reach the top, we saw a polar bear (white bear). It was just standing there from afar, watching us. My aunt in the dream said, “stand really still…” and we did. Then they all started running away and told me to come with them, but i didn’t. I was frozen on the spot. I just stared at the polar bear and it stared back at me. All of a sudden, it reared back and lunged at me. It began to chase me, and as I turned around on my heels, i tripped over my own feet and fell into a deep ditch. The dream ends there.

  10. I had a dream where I was in a safe home in a snowy environment and a polar bear climbed over the glass fence and rolled into the snow in the yard, I felt safe then the polar bear roared, and I was impressed with its power, then it walked off then I saw a bunch of them swimming in the water beneath me and then I saw many sharks and crocodiles swimming there but I was safe just looking at all that activity in the deep blue water… I have financial issues and a divorce settlement awaiting to be decided upon which could better my financial situation. What could this dream represent.

  11. I awoke a few minutes ago, after having a nightmare of a huge hungry polar bear chasing me. I had to get through a valley or canyon, and I knew that it was the most dangerous part of the valley where many people have been killed. I knew that the polar bear was very fast, aggressive and he had already killed me once previously. I had barely set foot in the valley before my fear of the polar bear became too much. Somehow I end up in a house in the valley, hoping that I am safe. There is a cold blizzard outdoor, so I can’t see anything through the window.
    But, suddenly I’m face to face with this absolute unit of a polar bear. It’s looking at me through the window, and is just a few feet away. I try to bang kitchen utensils on the counter and I shout, hoping that it will scare it away. It leaves for a second. I don’t know if I succeeded in scaring it away. One moment I consider hiding behind the counter, but I also know that isn’t an option because of a polar bear’s ability to smell prey through layers of snow. A few seconds later its paws and head goes through the roof of the house. I grab a fork and stab it in the face, but it doesn’t seem to care. I know that I’m just a few seconds from dying once again, and then I awake, moments before it kills me a second time.

    Very terrifying dream/nightmare, and I’m not keen on going back to sleep again.

    I have a lot of debt from my student loans and debt from when my bank collapsed during the financial crisis, which caused my business to collapse as well, and file for bankruptcy. A new bank purchased the leftovers of my old bank, and came after me with a much higher number than what the old bank said I owed in business loans.
    We ended up in court and the new banks claims were dismissed. But, I ran out of money and had to settle with the bank. It was an okay settlement, but not great. Now I have to pay my old student loans as well, and combined it’s just too much. I am considering filing for personal bankruptcy, but I worry about the outcome. I think this is the source of my dream. Don’t know why it was a polar bear that chased and killed me, but it was terrifying and I was sweating bullets. A web search brought me here.

    1. EspionageCookie

      From what I sense from my gut, it seems to mean that the polar bear chasing you is a situation you will have to face head on with fearlessness, instead of running away. It seems the solution to your situation also happens to be the riskiest solution, or perhaps only “risky” in the sense of what’s normal in the status quo, rather than what is truly dangerous, at the moment right now. If you are not usually able to assert yourself, than the polar bear is a sign that you have to fight back, not simply for expressing aggression, but simply to defend yourself, as polar bears do. Even if the option to defend yourself seems dangerous, than it is worth knowing that running and running away when it is inevitable you will soon be caught will only be far more dangerous than the latter.

  12. I dreamt I was on a pontoon with a group of friends and we were looking at the water and there was mist around the top and then a massive white polar bear emerged and looked at me. It then swam around behind us and went past some friends in the water and I said it won’t hurt you.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems to be a message to you and your friends saying that you don’t have to be afraid of fearlessness. You might say, “That sounds odd. Why would anyone be afraid of fearlessness?” Because many people believe that if they do not fear enough, worry enough or get anxious enough, more dangers will come. Instead of believing that increased confidence, a healthy ability to deal with change, and an openness to trying new things such as new solutions, will help solve their problems, you and your friends might believe that worrying is what will prevent everything from becoming worse. The truth is, worry by itself does not do anything. The polar bear might be saying that instead of worrying, it is best to take action on the worry instead of just sitting around worrying most of the time, avoiding the situation. Whatever the result, it’s still a lot less anxiety caused by whatever result could come from not doing anything about it.

  13. I had a dream a few nights ago. I don’t usually remember my dreams but this one stirred something within me. I was with my sister and we were looking for food, she had no money and asked to borrow from me. i had money but what i had I was going to give to someone I owed money to. She told me not to worry she would give it back to me soon> days went on and a spirit kept telling me i needed to go, I was waiting for my sister. the spirit became adamant so I fearfully went with not knowing what to expect. we were running and it was up a mountain….it was cold and when we came around a clearing it was beautiful! i walked on and before I knew it, 2 gigantic snow white polar bears I mean they were like sky scraper tall slowly flanking each side of me. I was unsettled at first, but began to have a feeling of security, safe, protection and peace. they were beautiful not sure what this means but I never want to forget it.

    1. EspionageCookie

      From what my gut feeling says, it seems that the two gigantic polar bears represent a feeling that you are being protected against the metaphorical cold winters of your financial life. Whatever problems you are going through right now financially, you’re not alone. For one, there’s your sister with you that you can trust, and for the others, there might be more people you trust that you didn’t mention. If your sister is suggesting something a bit risky financially, it might be worth considering her offer.

  14. Last night I had a dream, I was stuck on an iceberg and I was waiting. Either for someone to rescue me or a polar bear to eat me, which ever came first. But the polar bear seemed closer, I was imagining it crunching my bones between it’s teeth.

    1. Last night I had a dream about polar bears that felt like a movie. I was in some rural place with snow on the ground and roads. All of a sudden I saw people screaming and running down the road. and behind them a huge stampede of polar bears racing down the road and devouring them. I knew I was toast if I didn’t book it. So I ran toward some trees and tried to climb them. I never learned how to climb even the easiest to climb trees as a kid and that was realistic in the dream. I failed several trees that other people were successfully climbing and I finally found a tree that I could get just high enough to be out of danger. From there I sat perched over a gruesome scene of thousands of people being eaten alive by polar bears. Others tried to climb my tree and pull me down so they could find safety. So I climbed higher, finally someone pulled out a weapon (I can’t remember what it was) to force me out of the tree. So I got out of the tree and instead of running down the icy road like everyone, I ran perpendicular through the snow until I reached a city intersection. There I felt safe for some reason idk why, maybe because there were so many cars that the polar bears wouldn’t follow me. But all I knew is I had reached refuge somehow. Then I woke up. Does anyone know what this could mean?

    2. EspionageCookie

      This might mean that right now in your life, you are surrounded by tragedy of all kinds, and polar bears represent the challenges that people are dealing with. You may see other people struggling around you, but you feel that you cannot do anything to help them. A dream often does not mean a literal representation of the danger (in this case, a life or death situation) but is more likely to emphasize how strong your emotions around this are. Considering your unconscious has cooked up such a disturbing image, you might be feeling guilty that you cannot do much to save yourself, especially when others try to target you to steal your sense of safety itself. Perhaps the solution is like what this dream suggests. Perhaps instead of finding a short term path to security by climbing up a tree, you would need to take the risk to go onto the ground where all the danger is to run into the city of security, which represents a much more longer term type of safety. With everyone around you trying to get you from that tree, you might have to end up trying to find an alternative solution to security, even if that means having to potentially face the polar bears of your life.

    3. EspionageCookie

      You might be feeling that you’re drowning now in life, and the iceberg represents how little is keeping you from drowning. The polar bear might represent a general fear of fear. A fear of feeling fear, and so a fear of confronting fear. Though the truth is when you have very little to lose, there is nothing to fear when every other option is much worse when it comes to charging on. Do not seek necessarily a way out of this harsh cold immediately, but a better way to survive through it. If there is no perfect option, sometimes you just have to make the best options you’ve got. Only then later on, can taking certain options allow for more choices of options later on that will be better.

  15. Just last night I had a dream, but the thing is I was both awake and asleep. In my dream for some random odd reason I was either watching an episode of Game of thrones. Really I don’t know why I don’t even watch the show but anyways in that dream it was about the midget character escaping some isolated area where he was deserted by that one lady his sister I believe. He was accompanied by two other guys who happened to escape with him it was like some prison factory. The three where on a small row boat since the prison was located in open water and surrounded by miles of water, soon I hear a Loud trumpet horn, I hear one of the guys tell the short guy “it won’t be long long my lil friend soon you shall once again be with in civilization”. Next thing I know I was on land it was big open field that’s when my dream changed, I lost track of the three I was alone and as I walked ahead following the road I noticed a polar bear idly walking around looking for what I believed was food, after all the polar bear was skinny as if it was starving and just ahead I also saw three grey wolves. I began to slowly walk back hoping I wouldn’t be noticed, but then the polar bear noticed me, it began to charge towards me and again seeing how skinny it was I thought it was coming after me to eat me. So I ran from it I ran and the whole scenery changed next thing I knew I was near the high school I went to as a teen. I looked back and the polar bear was still after me so I continued to run and saw a gap between the bars in the fence of my school so I slipped right through thinking the polar bear wouldn’t be able to come in. But when I turned around the bear went through another way and continued to come after me so I ran again, I was both awake and asleep because in the dream world I’m running and here in the real world I could also see my room and I’m breathing fast panting as if I was really running. I was going to run to the end of another hall way thinking I could put run the bear but it caught up and I quickly slid and made a quick left to go back it almost got me until I went through the same bars and when I turned around the bear couldn’t get through. Before I completely woke up I saw the bear reaching its paw out to me from the bars next thing I know I had completely woke up. I had dreams where there’s animals in them but this one about the polar bear was different it felt different which is why I decided to search for answers and well now here I am telling you the reader my story and encounter with what I believe may be my spirit animal. Moving between the real world and spirit world? I don’t know but I always was spiritually sensitive I always had spiritual encounters like ghosts and stuff. I don’t know what my dream means but if it’s an awakening within myself why do I still feel the same as I always have? Empty.

    1. I just wanted to share that last night I had a dream, I was on the tundra and a starving polar bear came to me, I fed it back to health and saw it restored. It rested beside me and I could feel its weight upon me, I could feel it while I was sleeping. It was sniffing me all over my head. It was comforting. I woke up with the weight next to me, I’ve felt calm, strong, and confident all day. That weight like a warm friend staying with me. I think I have a new companion for my spiritual journey. I just think it’s interesting you had a dream with a polar bear the night before.

    2. Oh my god yes I’ve had multiple dreams exactly like this, where the polar bear does not just show up but he’s chasing after me. Yesterday I had a dream where I was living with this big family and one day the daughters decided to pull a prank on me so they put some stuff in a trunk, not realizing that there was also a polar bear back there (this logic makes no sense but anyway) so when they got the the house (we were staying at) they opened the trunk and backed up the car to where a polar bear had finally woken up. I didn’t see it eat anyone but I heard many screams as I was running away, and now the polar bear was chasing me. I ran through many tiny places and large places trying to change routes to lose the polar bear (and have it worry about someone else except me) but it never worked because every time I looked back the polar bear was there. I woke up sweating (which is not a good feeling) and here I am now.

    3. EspionageCookie

      Usually when fictional characters are involved in a dream, they represent certain themes that you associate of them. If what you mean by midget is Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, then personally to me and a lot of other fans, he represents a type of underdog strength, that is willing to be tough, clever and brave even though he is so small. Considering the polar bear was suddenly chasing you through your high school as a teen, you might be having unresolved trauma of some kind that made you feel like you were being chased so you can be eaten, such as say, bullying by other teens or having no friends back in high school. The setting where your dream takes offers a lot of symbolism after all. You might feel a bit like Tyrion Lannister here, where you feel incredibly short, small and just dwarf like in your life, yet at the same time, there can be a time in a future where you can take on life anyway. So what if you’re smaller? That never stopped Tyrion.

      “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.” – Tyrion, on being a short dwarf.

  16. My dream was at my fathers cabin, my family was there dad walking to the woods with a chainsaw, then when I turned around the cabin, there was a polar bear, it was very white, it seen me so I put my hands up and yelled it ran away, I was only thinking where’s my dog he attacks bears, and then I went around the cabin to make sure it ran off, but it stopped turned around and charged for me, I ran for the cabin door, and it got me, I was holding it off, then my dad jumps in and takes it off me, then I runs for the gun and kills the bear and we are all safe, is it bad it attacked me and I killed it?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Well, it might mean that your dad had a situation where you had to defend yourself through a scary situation, and you’re still having regrets about that if it was the right choice, considering you have doubts if it was the right decision.

      While of course we love animals here, no one is suggesting that animals can’t be literal killing machines sometimes. Of course, it is best to avoid them in the first place so you don’t have to take such drastic means to the animal, but in no way are we living in a dream land where all animals, especially carnivorous ones, are peaceful and incapable of violence. Defending yourself from an already aggressive animal chasing after you, is very different from approaching those animals yourself to hunt them down to almost extinction in some form or another. The truth is many animals kill many other animals, and that includes us. As long as we didn’t really go out our way to provoke the animal as many hunters might do simply for the sake of competition or “being manly,” I don’t see the issue here.

      In the same way, you might be dealing with a situation where you had to defend yourself from something dangerous, or perhaps, someone dangerous, which your father may have intervened in. In some way, this might represent the guilt of figuring out if there was another way you could have defended yourself, but the truth is, worrying about it won’t ever change the past, whatever happened to you. Take your time to move on if you wish, but do not leave with the illusion that you could change the past of what happened anymore.

  17. I would appreciate some thoughts on my dream the other night about being chased by a white polar bear. It went on all night – even getting up and going back to bed didn’t stop the dream. It was terrifying – I knew he was dangerous, didn’t want to play. There was someone else with me that I was trying to protect and we were always just out of the bear’s reach. At one point I clearly remember we were climbing through the rafters of a building, trying to get away, but he kept coming. I’ve never dreamed of a polar bear before and had no thought of one before that dream. Any thoughts??

    1. When you run away from anything that is chasing you it representes your fears. You don’t want to see them. In your dream, if your turn around straight into what you are running away from and face it. You will see what happens! 🙂

    2. She could be pushing you to pursue your true purpose, especially if you may be at a time in your life where you feel you may not be doing what you came here for. If you find yourself unhappy with your life or career. She brings you the message Of strength and courage to pursue what makes you happy.

    3. EspionageCookie

      This might represent that you are running away from the type of positive characteristics a polar bear is associated with. This might mean running away from the polar bear’s symbolic meanings of fearlessness, perseverance, assertiveness, bravery and strength. Since you are scared of the polar bear, you might unconsciously see these characteristics as a sign that you or someone else is a bad person, when in actuality, you don’t have to please everyone or agree with everyone to be a good person.

  18. I had a dream last night that I was sitting on and armchair in the middle of a field. All of a sudden, this polar bear walked up to me and crawled up with me and wrapped around me like he was snuggling with me. I was scared at first but then he was snuggling with me and he made me feel comfortable. Could this mean anything significant?

    1. I had the same dream last night. The polor cub was playing with me i was cuddling it and then it started cuddling me.. I was scared at first cus i could feel his strength. But i trusted and it felt nice. I want to understand.

    2. EspionageCookie

      From what I sense, this might represent a person who is like a polar bear in your life. I just get this gut feeling that this might represent a strong yet compassionate figure in your life that gives you this feeling of security you have in your dream. It might be his or her totem animal, for all we know.

  19. pinky cardinal

    I dreamt i was in the bahammas sitting at the edge of the ocean gently splashing the water i looked towards the ocean i seen a yellow snake coming towards me while a huge polar bear was behind me he then spoke cree to me and told me look the other way which was the left side and the corner of my eye i seen the huge polar bear he was walking towards me then he layed himself spread out his arms and legs and he said look again he said and there was no snake he said to me im gonna protect you u just have to (listen) (pay attention ) this was in the cree lanugage that i could understood (understand) (understanding) he was a old man bear who protected me and then i woke up? now i understand that he is my protector the old man polar bear he turned things around for me and to this day i follow the red road also known as the sweet grass road and i am plains cree.
    this dream was ten years ago and today i reminded of the old man polar bear. we must stay in tuned with mother earth and balance the negative and the positive in order to have balance within our ourselfs to overcome our fears our insticts and to never give up staying focused and using our common sense and building a strong foundation like the root of the tree. it comes from the seed and grows roots then becomes a strong tree which has small medicines around the tree which is our oxygen and our breaths are like the tree always respecting our mother nature and be at peace and harmony and humble and kind and remember our ancestors basic instructions to surviving the world and loving and treating eachother with respect like our sacred tabbacoo always respecting everything and anyone and all living creators the two legged ones and the four legged ones we are all related we are all one we must be in tuned spiritually with all the basics intructions of this world

    1. Jazz playing softly by the moon

      Thank you for your true words of wisdom.
      I agree 100%.
      I had a very interesting night yesterday, a lot of signs within the new people I ve met and the situations I was in. All was shown in a beautiful way of music, filling the minds and the hearts of people. One should never forget there is always hope. Being aware of what around us and respecting mother earth by respecting every one of us from the most enormous to the slightest being, while trying to cherish it and be grateful for the Endless Beauty we have received during this life.
      All the best to you ❤️ &
      All the best to everyone in the world!!
      We have to spread the Good Vibes around us to make people see the beauty of the world with their minds eyes in a reasonable, and thoughtful way.
      Peace 🎶

    2. Jazz playing softly by the moon

      Last night the polar bear was in my dream I think for the first time ever.
      I was in a rush, trying to cope with all the arrangements, while helping my family, somewhere in a foreign country, next to a beach and then I saw him playing and hanging around so close to the beach, in the sea, just walking around.He was very tranquil , pleasant and full of eternal smooth continuity with a glimpse of a smile ensured by the hope he had. I was amazed he came so close as the glacier was far ahead from us behind the sea. I was happy I saw him, then after arranging some other stuff I saw another one,I was concerned if they’re not Hungry, wanted to help them. Then was trying to find them but they were already gone. Even though I don’t have the strongest remincence of this part of my dream, I felt sth very important was shown to me last night and it took me a whole day to finally(by an accident) recall this.
      Thx for all these comments super interesting and beautiful.

  20. So my experience in finding out a polar bear is my spirit guide/animal is a bit off the wall. When I was 11 years old, I had a horrible lucid dream Ill shorten it.. I ended up waking up and running down the hall, only to see a polar bear outside my window. Far away in the yard, still very large & sleeping soundly. Fast forward to an LSD trip, (joys of being young) near the end of this insightful trip I saw him again on top of a totem pole. He was snarling and something clicked. This was my guide. I rushed to do a Google search, went to this website. This exact page. When it said ‘totem’ my lord that’s when I really felt the power. I never knew how big polar bears were until I searched it after this trip, and it matched up so nicely. He is me, my big protector. I was homeless because of a harsh home life, let me tell you I have lived in hell and made it home. The description is me all the way.

  21. so glad i found this place 🤗 just woke up from a dream … i was the passenger my brother was driving thru a blinding blizzard but i wasn’t afraid + then the road ended i think + in front of us was a female polar bear on her hind legs giving birth. a cub came out + ran around + i could see in her womb six or seven more little cub heads !! mama bear wasn’t aggresive towards us at all + then we drove more + ended up at some diner type place + my ( deceased ) father walked in wearing a western suit + a cowboy hat ( he didn’t dress like that but looked awesome in my dream lol ) + met my best friend + then we sat down in a booth but i had to get up to talk to my coworker who was calling me from the moon !!! yes really transmitting thru a crackly radio thing … bizarre dream staying with me … anyone wanna take a crack at this one for me ?!!!!! X

    1. Cars represent how we get through life. Being a passenger in the car may suggest you are being to passive, allowing your brother to steer you or it could mean that you feel the need to take on his traits to get through life. A blizzard represents a cold time with very little ability to see what is up ahead. The conditions aren’t great, but you feel confident you’ll get through. The diner represents comfort, warmth and nourishment, that is temporary. You have people whose love sees you through. Your father is your hero. Your coworker, on the other hand, is on another planet, communication is difficult and you don’t see eye-to-eye, which is disrupting to your well being.

  22. Hi!

    I had a dream where I was driving snowmobile in the forest. This snowmobile was a certain model which I really wanted as a teenager but we couldnt afford it, but now I had it. At some point I found a polar bear cub, really small. I lifted it from the ground and I hugged it. Then I moved on driving with that snowmobile while keeping this polar bear in my arms at hugging position. I kept driving and few another guys arrived with snowmobiles too. We talked about our snowmobiles for a while then we kept going seperate ways. All the time this tiny polar bear was in my arms and I protected it like a baby, but there was no threat at any point.

  23. I dreamt last night that a girl that i have never met before came up to me and another girl and told us that we need some healing from earth. she invited us back to her house and started to prepare a brew for us. as she was stirring the brew she asked me if i knew what it was and i said the it was ayahuasca. She told us that we needed to it for the healing. the other girl was very nervous we explained what it was and how it helps. When i drank it it was very bitter and nasty. i immediately started hallucinating and saw the three of us giving birth. the girl that gave us the ayahuasca was giving birth to baby that was more of a monster and was eating her vagina on the way out. the second gave birth to a doll. and i gave birth to a polar bear cub. the dream shifted several times and when it did the polar bear would always show up.

  24. I had a dream when I was only 6 or 7. For some reason I still remember it. It was short. I woke up in the dream in my room. I walk to the exit of my room and there is a polar bear. I am scared , so I scream please don’t hurt me. The polar bear says nothing and I’m not scared anymore. I hop on it’s back and we ride away. Then I woke up. That short dream took up the whole night .

  25. I had a dream last night, it was lengthy with different events occurring, I was near some clear waters and where I stood shower showed some animals swimming to go in one direction, like they were following each other, like dolphins, fishes, penguins, fishes etc. It was a LOT, but after they all passed I saw a white animal peeking out, so I went over to him and saw he didn’t move away, so I held both it’s paws after realizing it won’t harm me, and after I pulled him up a little I saw his stomach was a bit stuck between two pieces of stick, he was a bit “fluffy” I then asked my sister to help me pull him out, and he did come out easily and swam away. Then I regretted not taking a picture of him, lol.

  26. Last night I had a very long dream but only a small part had a polar bear. I very seldom dream of this animal so it stood out to me. I was walking along the river in an alternate version of my city’s downtown. I was on a walkway over these docks and a dirty beach when I looked over the side and saw a half dozen full grown polar bears stomping in and out of the water. There were also maybe 3 or so brown bears that were soaked and deformed or malnourished in appearance. Then I heard a man call up to me. Below there were these two farmer looking men in straw hats with a heard of goats and strange animals. Nothing else happened other than I realized the polar bears and brown bears were with them. All the animals had bright yellow eyes except for the polar bears.

  27. I had a very pleasant dream yesterday. I was on a beautiful beach with crystal blue water and gentle waves. I was playing with two grown tigers and a polar bear cub. We were very close to the water, playing and running in the water. Then I heard someone calling me and I suddenly found myself in my childhood living room playing with stuffed tigers and a stuffed polar bear and I had to put them back orderly with the other toys. I am trying to get any meaning from it, so far I got nothing.

  28. I had a strange dream last night, I was on vacation with my family and for some reason I thought it would be smart to steal from the old lady in the hotel room next to us. Afterwards the guilt began to eat me alive so I took her stuff back to her apologizing and crying. She threatened to call the cops multiple times, so I asked if I could clean her house or anything bc she lived alone and it looked messy, she agreed but then things escalated. At first she was just really mean and invited weird, threatening people to her house, she made me dye my hair and kept threatening to turn me in. Then after a while she wouldn’t let me leave, I then discovered she was kidnapping a whole bunch of people and I was one of them. We all had to live in this basement together, I met one girl and we became friends. The old lady found out and took her away to kill her. I was so conflicted I asked another person in the kidnapping room if I could just hug him and it felt so vivid, I even accidentally scratched him with my pinkey nail and apologized. So I ended up doing some bad ass gymnastics to get out and got to this RV bus the two of them were in. The old woman saw me and turned into a polar bear, like how a werewolf would but with a polar bear and I had to kill her. There was a whole fighting sequence and everything. I saved the girl who only had one arm at this point, but said her arm had always been missing and as were walking back to save everyone else all my teeth fall out. Now the only thing I’m wondering about was what was the signifigance of the polar bear?

  29. I was walking away from a busy road & heard a bang. I returned to see a van had hit a large Polar Bear, he was injured & ran off. I was with my best friend (he died in 2011 & used to visit a lot in dreams). He ran after the bear & I was scared that the hurt bear would attack out of self protection so shouted for my friend to come back. He did return. The bear then came across some other people, stood on his hindlegs & licked his wounds, showing no fear or anger.

  30. I had a dream this afternoon that my Greyhound Bella and I were trapped in a commercial bathroom with a Polar Bear…The bear crashed in through the front door and I ran into the single stall at one end of the room, pulling Bella after me…she seemed more interested in making friends and did not appear to sense any danger. Observing through a gap in the door, that the big white bear positioned himself on the opposite end of the room and lay down, I made a break for the main door with my dog in tow. Once outside , I locked the door…and the bear was banging on the door from within as we dialed 911…but , of course, no signal.

  31. I had a dream where there were a handfull of polar bears resting on the top on a beautiful white glacier looking mountain but something happened that made one of the polar bears fall off the cliff and was tumbling down long drops and smashing down the side of the mountain and I’m watching in horror from a distance and when the polar bear bounded off the last jagged cliff side and was falling in pure air I immediately woke up. What does this mean? I have a strong feeling this is a very vivid …something important I need to know.
    Help! Thanks, rachelle.

  32. I dreamt last night that a polar was living in a house with me. It walked around upright, and talked to me in English, but I was always aware that it was a polar bear. Towards the end of the dream it seemed restless, pacing around the house. I thought that he was bored and lonely and I may have to get a female polar bear for a companion to him. I then asked if he wanted a drink of water, and I thought, oh, he can’t drink from a glass because of his snout. So I got a large pot out and filled it with water for him. Over the last year I’ve been asking to meet my spirit guides before sleeping and meditating, could this human like polar bear be a guide? From the meanings above, it sounds like that’s what it could be. I am a very lucid dreamer, aware I am dreaming while in the dream state. I can stop a dream to observe something in it, then continue the dream. I can often go back into and continue a dream for several days. Perhaps this polar bear is my guide. A few nights ago I dreamt about a cheetah, which is odd, because only in the last year have animals started appearing in my dreams.

  33. I had a dream I was holding a white fish with a blue dot and felt compassion for the fish. Then I was told that I would be taking care of a white bear cub. I was very happy and they gave me the white bear cub and i immediately started playing with the white bear cub.

    1. Alex A the Bard

      Here are two explanations:
      1. Simple interpretation:
      One might have two competing loves (ideas, children, lovers, jobs, etc. ). One will love both. One will be tempted to be mostly a ´father’ towards the more exciting ‘bear’, but the ‘fish’ will cause one to grow more emotionally (blue dot). It will be important to watch for feeding fish to bear or allowing bear to eat the fish as bear grows. ‘Bears’ are powerful and will take on a life of their own. ‘Fish’ may be more vulnerable but are also adaptable, thrive amidst others, and bare many rewards (though more subtle).
      My thoughts are that there are two competing things that one loves. There may come a question whether to sacrifice the fish to the bear. However, the fish, although appearing dull, may bring more rewards over the longterm, while the bear cub may bring short term excitement and adventure

      2. Second (somewhat similar) interpretation:
      1. There is a need to venture into more exciting territory / activity (bear), but the fish is about obligations that would be tossed aside in the process
      2. Similar theme, but there is a choice where to venture, with the bear, one must feed it the fish.
      White could be a symbol of purity and innocence and contentment. The blue dot on the fish could mean something emotional attached to the obligation that is pushing one towards the bear.
      What is worth sacrificing for ‘playing’ / ‘moving on’ with the ´bear’?
      Is the ´bear’ a distraction from relationship (person, circumstanc, event) with the ‘fish’?

      My thoughts are that there is something emotionally new in one’s present circumstances that is causing some emotional turmoil and rather than focusing on this ‘blue dot’ one wants to run off to unknown but exciting (and potentially dangerous) pursuits. It is worth noting that grown bears will become unmanageable and one may long for the simplicity of caring for a fish even if the blue dot grows (maybe means accepting emotional upheaval and growth within one’s circumstances).
      Most decisions are neither good nor bad. It is a question of how well one knows oneself and choosing to either maintain oneself or change oneself

  34. Last night I had a dream that a polar bear was in my home trying to attack me and me family…the night before I had a dream about a baby girl and now this…what does this mean?

  35. I had a dream that wife and son let into the house 6 white polar bear cubs. (Note I have 2 children)She was at work at
    ANd the bears were getting bigger. They were all fed and sleeping on the couch except one was on the stairs. I was scared in the dream because my daughter was coming down the stairs. My wife was at work. I called my dad to help. He came over and we called animal control.

  36. I have recently been awoken to the fact i am an Empath. Several weeks ago while meditating, i saw a flash of a polar bear rolling around on his back and 2 other visions right after. Just flashes. Since that meditation i have been seeing the polar bear everywhere, On tv, on a billboard, ect. Yesterday i turned around and looked at the tv and there he is again in all his glory on the tv. I just keep seeing them where as before i have not. I have no clue why i am seeing this beautiful creature. I am on a spiritual journey , and learning about myself and being an empath . I feel that i am seeing the polar bears for a reason, i just do not know why . I have also started seeing sequential numbers this week…>1111 , 111 and 333

    1. I could have written this! I’m experiencing the same things… if you get answers, I would love to know!

    2. I could have written this too. I also have been dreamily of polar bears and lions but they are calm, kind and non-threatening. I too am on a Spiritual journey.
      I’m experiencing what you are experiencing.

    3. Sequential numbers is a message. 1111 often means an eminate meeting of your twin flame.

  37. I had a dream where i left with one other person to go out exploring the river. (This dream took place at my childhood place) we were walking along the river when these bears saw us. There was a polar bear and a grizzly bear. The bears started to sprint towards us..we both ran back home. We split up to run back home..well, when i looked back. Fear overcame me while i noticed the polar bear right behind me. I ran around a couple trees and then down a hill to the river. Looked back and did not see the bear. Feeling relieve i started back home. As soon as i get to the small hill close to my house. The polar bear comes out of nowhere and starts to chase me again. I then ran again for my life. I jumped over a barb wired fence. The polar bear tried to claw me while i was jumping over barely missing me. The barb does not even faze the polar bear and continues after me. Still running, i get to a house just down the road. I get inside and the polar bear ferociously tries to get in with all its might. With my chance to escape, i left the house from the opposite end. For some odd reason it knew i had left then started running towards my general direction. I looked back and just started sprinting..i ran to the next closest house but it was empty. I ran around the house outside going around obstacles to try and slow down the bear. With no luck, i ran back to my house as fast as i could. I was getting exhausted, i knew the polar bear was catching up. When i got to my house, i ran up the stairs and opened the door…i woke up to the polar bear about to slash me before i got inside…i been looking for meanings for this but do not know what it could mean.

  38. This is the 2nd polar bear dream i’ve had in the past 12 months and they have been roughly the same. It is a full grown bear that wants to play, and i can feel my self being pulled and rolled around. not aggressively(in the bears eyes), maybe slightly to me but the bear is only playing. the only thing is on both occasions i’ve woken up feeling like my soul was handed to a wrestler to play with for 8hrs then handed back with the world saying now get up.

    1. Had a very similar dream. Only my polar bear wasn’t full grown, more or less my own size. But I did play fight with it, we rolled around, it softly bit me like my dog would in a play fight, I felt somewhat scared because it was still a bear to me but I could feel it was just playing around and not trying to hurt me.
      The polar bear does represent some sort of duality because it can live off the land and in the water. It is adapted to live in very extreme conditions and is a very fierce animal. Maybe something about growing stronger mentally and physically? Learning to cope with the harsh realities of both the physical and spiritual?

  39. Christin Cole-Knack

    My polar bear dream:
    I’m walking by myself headed to meet some people. I’m waking in powdered snow next to a mountain on one side and the artic ocean on the other. Almost as if I’m in Eskimo territory. I’m happy. Kind of skipping along. When I see behind a bend in the mountain a polar bear coming down headed toward the water. He’s kind of meandering down. I instantky freak out. I try not to let it see me. But I start to run. I can hear every foot step I make in the snow as my feet crunch the snow. The bear is chasing me. I have to run up several grades of the snowy mountain to try to get to safety. And right as I almost yell for help, when I feel like he’s too close and he’s going to get me, a woman, not wearing snow clothes but just normal clothes, appears before me. I don’t think I know this woman and can’t remember if her face was worried or calm. But I was relieved to see help. Then I woke up. My body was so hot from the dream.
    Any insight is appreciated. Thank you for your time. christin

  40. Hi, I dreamt I was invited to a party with family and thier friends. Eventually it was time to leave. As we were all leaving there were a family of polar bears. 2cubs were running wild. One ran up to me like it knew who I was. It was very happy to see me. I beleive I pet n hugged it in awe and amazement. Then I started to walk down the steps, and as I got closer to the bottom I realized the mother and father bear were chained to the house. They weren’t doing anything. Just the mother bear keeping a close eye on her cubs. The Cubs kept trying to be playful esp the one I pet n hugged. I tried slowly making my way down the steps again with a friend of mine looking at the mother and father polar bears. They did not do anything. But I was afraid. I didn’t trust them. Knowing mother bears are very protective of thier cubs I was afraid the mother would attack. But she just sat there and watched her cubs running n being playful n cute. I was too afraid to walk pass the chained polar bear mother n father. So I went back in the house. Asked everyone why are those polar bears chained to the house. No one knew who chained them or why. But insisted that they would not attack. Then I couldn’t find my shoes. So I looked for my shoes around the house, found them in the living room. I tried to leave the house again. And as soon as I stepped out the cute lil polar bear cub ran up to me again. I pet her then slowly walked down the steps. But then ran back up in fear. One of my.friends called her father. Eventually we got down the steps and walked passed the chained mother an father polar bear. On the road the Cubs were running happily and soo playful.
    Then I woke up. Can you please tell me what that means? I have been searching for a def but there is none for a family of polar bears . Also for polar bears chained to the house.

  41. I don’t always remember my dreams but on occasion I do… Last night a polar bear appeared in a house I wasn’t familiar nor have any recollection other than to pick someone up (unknown reasons). I remember being in a city and city streets but the bear appears again in another house. There is no threat other than a little initial fear as anyone would have since this is a huge animal with known abilities to harm. I didn’t run just knew that bears weren’t safe. I think we contacted authorities that there was a bear. what do you think? this is my first ever bear dream and enough to want to decide what this would mean. thanks

  42. I’ve been having dreams about polar bears lately.. in the first dream, I woke up from being in a coma and the first thin I do, is rip all the iv’s out and swim across the ocean to save the polar bears. The military was helping me. Then we swam back home with the polar bears. That’s where the first dream ended. In the second dream, I walk outside my home to feed the polar bears I saved and give them some attention. I look all around my yard and there are polar bears everywhere I look.

  43. I had a dream last night that two polar bears suddenly appeared in my house. I was nervous of them and tried to keep my distance but they followed me everywhere. Eventually, even though i thought they would attack me, i let them get close and they wanted me to pet them which i did and they loved it. At one point we went into the garden and I thought they had attacked the neighbours dog. I kept wondering how i was going to explain it to my neighbour but it turned out the dog was fine and was only sleeping. I quite enjoyed the dream, but all the way through i felt slightly confused and nervous even though the bears were friendly. I have never dreamt of Polar bears before even though they are one of my favourite animals. Does anyone have any theories on what this all meant cos I’ve been racking my brain all day and dont have a clue!!

    1. Those would be your spirit animal guides .. Touch represents the bond when it comes to animal guides
      To see a polar bear in your dream signifies a reawakening. Alternatively, the polar bear symbolizes your frigid and cold emotions., seeing that your experience with the Bears was a present one they are giving you the message that they are ready to assist you in spiritual growth and your spiritual path ,, so now would be the time to start delving deeper into your spiritual well being and paying attention to the state of your spirit ..

    2. Thank you for the reply Derek…your comment makes a lot of sense to me. I have a friend that practises spiritual therapy and she is always encouraging me to try. I think now is the time for me to take her up on her offer!

  44. My dream started by picking up people & going to work. I then made a right onto a one way street that went on a bridge over the freeway. I hit traffic & as I slowly crept over the bridge, I took a moment to see the traffic on the freeway below and noticed that traffic was backed up there too. Then realized the entrance onto the freeway would hit after the stopped traffic & the road would be clear. But as i turned my eyes back onto the road I had started veering the car left which startled me. In front of me was a rolling green pasture that helped me cut ahead of the cars waiting to get on the freeway. So I let the car roll down the hill & as i started to get on the freeway, my car turned into a bicycle & the road to sand. I was still in the freeway valley with green hills & a calm blue sky. Ahead of me was tufts of tall grass & large animals, but with white fur. I saw a few polar bears & i think a deer. On my left was a ledge that was up to my head, & that is when i saw the white saber tooth tiger. I started to back up & looked back to where I had gotten on & noticed a handful of people looking at me from the freeway on ramp. As i continued to back up i caught the attention of a polar bear & the saber. I could see the saber in my peripheral on the ledge & then the polar bear juanted almost playfully blocking my access to the ramp. My back was to the ledge with the saber above & the bear in front. I then felt the nibbling of teeth of the saber on my shoulder, which were my husbands hands waking me up.

    1. Hi Ash

      That’s quiet the dream , you can d cipher that into a million pieces but in a real short version ,,
      You need to get back to your roots , leave the caos of life and the life that stands still behind you and get back to nature , perhaps your spirit is wanting some time and your mind needs a break from the grind of life in and around the city type lifestyle ..
      It’s sounding like you may have a lot on your mind and it’s time to stop and smell the flowers sort of speak.
      The significance of white everything is a big message regarding your spiritual well being .. It’s a colour of peace and calmness as well .. It all points to basically d-stressing your self and taking time to enrich,your soul ..

  45. Hi,

    for the second day in a row I am dreaming polar bears.
    In the first dream polar bear appeared as tiny bear who was my pet and I was cuddling him, he wason up on his back. It was a great dream.
    In another dream, I’m in the water near the snow and everything is full of adult polar bears and they are my family .. some of them walk around, some bathe with me .. and I feel as a polar bear. I feel good with them.
    What does that mean?

    Kind regards,

  46. So im driving and i come upon a campsite by the road that is torn apart. There is a person who is being killed by a polar bear. So i use my horn and the bear backs away. I use the car to stay between the person and polar bear. There are other people the bear has already killed. Somehow I throw a corpes at the bear and it begins to maul it, i use the small time gained to get the living person in the car. Thats when the giant polar bear shows up. I gun the car but its a prius and it doesnt take off fast. Somehow We manage to navigate under the big bear and escape the small bear but the big one is on our tail. Ahead is a police road block but when they see what is chasing me they open fire on the beast. Which distracts the bear long enough to get away. Then I awake.

    So… nothing cuddly, nothing cute. It was pure terror.
    What ya got for me.

    1. What relationships are you so afraid to let them “die” that you think you need backup (police). Your understanding of the bear is that he was threatning but he was defending you. Or maybe you just watched too many action movies 🙂

  47. I had a dream that my daughter had earned a specail gift through girl scouts. We thought a zoo we were getting a behind the scenes tour at a zoo. But actually a person came to our house with a polar bear…. for us to keep. It had been mistreated
    In ots life and didn’t trust anybody but me. So I took care of it and we became very close. After awhile, the bear became very attached to me and very protective. It started to get aggressive towards other people and animals and tried to keep me with ot at all times. I started to get nervous and worried so I left and was making phone calls trying to figure out what to do with the bear. Where I could send it/bring it because it was no longer safe to keep ot around my family or even myself. I was working on a plan when my alarm clock woke me up….

  48. What does it mean when you have a dream with…

    I was with a group of my friends and I don’t really remember what happened but a polar bear appeared, I first i was worried but I quickly realised he was a friend. Then all of a sudden all my friends had animals of their own and we were all being chased by some people who wanted to kill us because of our animals. When the people where near I called to my bear and he became a tattoo on my fingure like a ring and i began to run faster and got ahead of thw people hunting us.
    And dream ended. When it ended i found myself thinking of the polar bear alot. As a friend. As a guide. But that’s what i felt. What does this actually mean? ❓

  49. I had a dream that I was training a baby pilar bear how to come to me. But he was so little he almost looked minature. By the time he learned what I taught him he was normal baby polar bear size. It was winter, but I wasnt cold. It was awesome is all I could think about.
    What does that mean? Its rare I have dreams that I remember

  50. Last night I dreamt I was being hunted by a giant polar bear. I was terrified and an unknown man started to help me. I was told the bear would kill me. He took me from home and I masked my scent on the drive. The bear continued hunting me so four women gave me weapons(including a sickle & dagger) to fight the bear. At the end the bear told me it was a messenger, not here to kill me, it had something to deliver to me. Then I woke.

  51. Last week I had a dream that I was at a public pool and polar bears were swimming with people. They were harmless, playing just like a dog would. Half way through the ‘day’ I decided I wanted to swim with the bears ( my husband did not) I went and changed . Upon returning a bear was on the pool deck and I petted it like a dog and asked it if was ready to swim, it nodded but then grabbed me by the back of my waist band and jumped into the pool. As if I was it’s cub it swam around holding on to me with it’s teeth. I was not hurting, but fearful and the life guards were alarmed. They had everyone get out of the pool while they try to figure out what to do.

  52. Last night I saw a polar bear in my dream twice and would like to know what it means. The first time I saw the polar bear it was on top of a bridge of a hut well anyway it was raining hard and the lighnig and the thunder was unbare ably loud and when I say this hut bridge this pure white polar bear was on top of it and every time the lighnig striked the polar bear let out a roar louder than enyting going on. The second time it was under the bridge hut and once again every time the lighting stoked the bear would let out a roar louder than enyting going on but for some reason it did not scare me. I actualy felt at peace can some one help me interpret this dream in very eager to under stand what it means

    1. Hello:

      This is clearly a very powerful dream. You have a polar bear which is a very strong creature, you have the elements of lightening and thunder.

      To me, much of this dream centers around the polar bear’s sheer resilience in the face of the adversity – the storm. Not only was he not injured by the electricity but he roared back at them each time they struck.

      I think you are being honored by the polar bear with his/her gifting of fearlessness to you and power and strength to deal with fears and some wildness that you feel or think is surrounding you or perhaps even in you. This polar bear is sending a clear message to the stormy energy, the storm itself – I am not broken by you power but as strong and enduring as you.
      There is more I am sure but this I feel comfortable sharing with you. Best of luck with your new protector.

  53. I was in the kitchen at my childhood house making a huge vertical cut down this Polar Bears body as i’d been told i should eat meat (I’m actually a vegan )..The Polar Bear was so calm n passive while i did this,but i was totally distraught when i saw the consequence of putting the knife into him and that he was walking thru the kitchen in such pain and was gonna die..I desperately wished i hadn’t done it – and wondered why i’d done this to such a beautiful creature in the first place

    1. Hi Steve

      This dream is telling you that somthing you have done you have a great regret and it’s cut into your soul , the polar bear was not doing anything and when you cut into it (cutting into your spirit) you caused damage to it. (Your spirit)
      Look over what things you may have done to another that has caused you great regret and pain .. The fact that you were back in your childhood home speaks volumes ,, perhaps this incident was done to a close family member or at a time when you were around old friends..
      Time to reflect my friend ,, good luck hope this helps ..

    2. Thanx so much for that Derek..Yes that makes alot of sense to me..Really apptreciate your time n energy 🙂

  54. I had a dream i was hunting during the winter in the woods but there where polars. 2 polar bears to my left & 2 to my right. Something told me not to shoot them there was a baby polar bear to. I avoided even though they did seem aggressive. I walk around the edges of the water where there was snow trying to get to the other side without getting wet. The water was warm so i went a little why”ll holding onto the edge. Remember seeing rabbits too wanted to cook them for a stew. Buts thats it trying understand what my subconscious mind is trying to tell me.

  55. Last night I dreamt about several animals that were in my backyard as I open the curtains in my dream to look out the back window I saw a polar bear several other animals and a snake I usually never remember my dreams but this time this dream felt so real for some reason I can’t remember all the other animals that were in my dream the only animals that stick out is the polar bear the brown bear and the snake I dreamt that the snake was dead and I called Animal Control and the police for the polar bear and a brown bear the police stated that they couldn’t do anything for me and Animal Control told me that it would take several days for them to come and contain animals I didn’t get to finish my dream the last thing that I remembered was the polar bear rushing in trying to break the sliding door but the glass didn’t break what does this mean I’m so confused

  56. Last night I dreamed that a polar bear guided me to the North Pole and allowed me to ride it through areas with alot of ice. It was calm, gentle, and aware of my struggle. It was only there to help me.

  57. Over the years, many, many times in the middle of the night, I have tuned over in bed, to see a polar bear standing over me, but I have never been afraid, strange ! 😕 😕 😎 😆

    1. Jazz playing softly by the moon

      That’s super sweet Brian.
      I also had this feeling, vibe coming towards the polar bear in my dream last night that he knows me, understands me, and his peace and tranquility was like embracing hope from a beautiful being

  58. So I still don’t fully understand mine. I’ve never had a dream that I really remembered, but this one I did. I had a Polar Bear & he was super sweet. I can see myself hugging him & laying with him, but he had to be in a very large cage because others feared him. I would go in a lot just to lay with him & play with him. I talked to him, but I can’t remember what was said. I just remember him comforting me & telling me nice things. (Yes he spoke, but not often & only to me)

    1. That was beautiful
      Sounds to me that you do not show your inner strength to people. Maybe you are afraid of what it will do?
      I too dreamt of Polar Bears and I was the one a bit scared but in a respectful way. Can’t really remember it now. I’m about to embark on some spiritual healing with my family today so this explanation of my dream males me feel more courageous today.
      Thank you for your message.

  59. So in my dream a polar bear’s skin (head attached like it had just been taxydermed or something) was given to me. I stared at it for a minute or two, confused at first, but then slowly, I felt myself getting calmer. I then picked up the head and started kissing its forehead. Like making out kissing. it was weird.. PLEASE help me. I want to know why I was kissing a dead bear ??

  60. In my dream, I woke up on the grass and there was a polar bear right outside of my house on a chain, he broke off and ran towards me, pinning me down. He growled and opened his jaws and it looked as if he was about to bite me but he started licking me… it was a weird dream.

  61. I had a dream that I WAS a polar bear mother with 2 cubs. I had no human language ability or thought in the dream. Everything was very visual,auditory,tactile and olfactory. My cubs and I were romping and playing in the snow and ice. It was a sunny day with some wind blowing but it was NOT snowing. I could hear and smell the world around us with extreme intensity. I could smell the snow and ice and my cub’s fur and breath. I felt very strong and confident. We were the only bears there. It was a very strange dream. : 🙂

  62. Christina Saluda

    So in my dream I was standing on thin ice and I was freaking out because it was breaking I didn’t know what to do I looked around and I saw it a polar bear it walked up to me and I panicked more then the ice broke and I jumped at the bear and threw my arms around the neck and I was safe the bear took some steps back and it looked like it was angry but I got up and decided to touch it and it growled at me but I put my hand on its nose and it stopped then the dream ended what does this mean ❓

    1. Hi Christina! I’ve been doing some resaerch because of my polar bear dream but from what I hear, it looks like the ice you were standing on represents something in your life that was or still is going out of control and the bear represents someone who will help you get back in control. I hope this helps you. (Though it’s been a few months since you posted this I doubt you remember ?)
      ~ Danielle

  63. I dreamt that me my dog and my boyfriend were swimming in a lake when a polar bear appeared it was playing with my dog till I got in the water and I was holding on to my boy friend it came up to me I tried petting it. And it tried what I thought biting me. I’m not a good swimmer and I yelled help and my boyfriend let me go I then started to drown. When I got my head finally above water I woke up……. What does the polar bear mean in this situation

  64. I had a dream I was being chased by a polar bear. When I finally turned around to confront it. The polar stood on his rear legs and just looked at me. This website has hit hammer on the nail of who I am and helping me to believe in my strength to confront any adversity like I did the polar bear in my dreams.

  65. I had a dream I was walking with a couple of friends when we come up to a small stream. That’s when I see a three white objects coming out of the water. A white polar bear with two white seals. I immediately begin to run and so did my friends. As we are running, I look back and can see and hear them. They are about to catch us. I see a huge utility pole. We immediately begin to climb to the top where they can not reach us. The polar bear often appears in my dreams when something at work is happening. But never with white seals..

  66. My polar bear was clever and scary in my dream. It climbed up to my dream house – a house of screens high on stilts in the forest, and though I tried every way to keep it out of the door, it forced its way in. Then it spun in the air and was preparing to come for me…. I awoke because I was screaming and my boyfriend took me out of the dream saying “stop it.”! When I awoke I wanted to laugh and laugh and laugh…. I keep thinking about it all. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Kind Regards for the New Year! – Karen –

  67. I had a dream it was Christmas and for some reason everyone was buying polar bears for their Christmas celebrations, then at the end of the day they killed them all. I walked past a tree where a polar bear was hung up and had its throat slashed and bled out everywhere it was traumatising. Not sure if that’s a good omen =[

  68. I had a dream that my dad had a polar bear it was biting my hands I tried getting away from it I hid behind a door but it saw me and tried to get me I wasn’t scared of it I just wanted it to stoop biting. Eventually it did my dad got it stopped but I can’t really remember how it felt normal for it to be at my dad’s house like it was a pet. Im sorry I cant remember any other details .

  69. I have a strange dream. I told it to my friend and interpret that I am going to marry this certain person but I’m commenting it anyway. XD My friend and I walk to the butterfly sanctuary of our school but when we reach there its like a zoo. There is a talking bear that hugs me tightly. He asked me,” do you love me?” his voice was gentle and he look so cute. I answered,”OMG, ofcourse I do!” I hug the bear tightly and dare to carry it out of happiness. It feels heavy though it doesnt seem like it.

  70. I was having a picnic with my son. A polar bear arrived, sat down beside me and placed his head in my lap. He allowed me to stroke him just as I would have stroked
    a dog. There was no fear only a peaceful quietness and a sense of awe. Any ideas as to the meaning of this? Thank you, 🙂 m 😛 😛

  71. I dreamt about a terrifying polar bear but I was not afraid…..here it goes….
    It started out with myself and my husband walking down to the pier (San Diego area) where some friends were meeting us. I wanted to drink (I don’t drink in reality) and was trying to get everyone to join in, there was like 4 of us. All the sudden, it went from early evening to late night and we were walking home. My house is 5 minutes from the pier so it should have been a short walk, but instead, we ended up on the outer edges of a lake where there were lots of pine trees surrounding the lake. Within the trees, there was a polar bear running around frantically, like it was hunting something and because it was so dark, the white of its fur was very brigh,t and it’s size, intimidating. I began to walk closer to the area of where the bear was. The bearbears charging and began to run around the edges of the trees nearing us closer and closer. It was like the bear couldn’t figure out how to get in..like there was an invisible cage around us….it couldn’t seem to get to us……


  72. My animal has been the bear for a long time although my dreams usually involved being attacked by one. I now realize that my abusive ex was also a bear, a grisly, and this was why he appeared as he did in my dreams. Now I am a single mom with my two youngest children. I had a beautiful dream last night. I was trying to smuggle a mother polar bear and her two cubs on a large ship back to their home. In the dream the bears were so loving, affectionate, and I felt a deep sense of connection and wanting to protect and help them get home. Was the mother me and the cubs my two youngest children? I’ve only recently escaped the previous situation and am rebuilding my life, although it is very challenging and still full of the unknown. I am going to university this fall to become a midwife, actually returning to school after the previous situation forced me to leave. I also am aboriginal but was raised white. Although I’m almost 43 I’ve never felt I had the right to my heritage. I’ve made connections with some in the local community who have encouraged me to self-identify and learn about this important part of me. I hope to practice as an aboriginal midwife when I finish school. Could my dream be a symbol of my returning home to my people and my calling? Insight would be appreciated.

  73. After our mum told my sister and I that our grandfather was a pedophile and molested us, my sister and I were stunned. Mainly, because we were told this story in our late 20’a AND IT WAS only during the time my mum was suing my grandfather over my dead grandmother’s will. What struck me was holy shite mum, why now? WHY now are you telling us this when you had us attend every holiday with this allegedly horrible man for the past 20 years and always praised him for being so wonderful……then it all started to make sense when our mum said, Oh, you two are so damaged and abused that you don’t remember, so “I will pay for a counselor and just remember when the curtain goes up with the counselor you say what happened (even thought we had no recollection apart from what our mum INSISTED happened) and then when “the curtain goes down” you go back to reality. WTF? this was so evil to me. But when I tried to expose this evil manipulative lie I was branded by my mum as “damaged goods” with “repressed memories” That’s when the BEAR dreams started to plague me. Bears pursing me. Bears trying to break into my home and kill me and my family members.

  74. i was In a farm with a lot of wild animals like brown bears and cows and goats and a unique polar bear with beautiful
    Blue eyes. I felt a connection between me and it .

  75. I had a dream last night.

    I was in my garden and I looked over our hedge and saw a polar bear on the lane outside our house, it saw me and jumped in to the garden, walked around then jumped back out, then it came back in again, and walked up to our house, I followed it and then I got closer, it came face to face with me, put its head down in an almost submissive stance and let me stroke it, then it chuffed and breathed a cool air over me.

    Then the dream ended …… Very odd, never had a dream like this before,

  76. Hello, i’m aware of the importance of dreaming about a polar bear. In my dream im climbing an iceberg. Its could and grey and slippery. At one point i look down and notice a polar bear climbing beneath me, and he climes faster than i can. Im trying to outclimb him but its impossible. At one point he is so close that i realize im not escaping. Then his claw is in my ancle and he tries to pull himself up. I get angry and start kicking him with my other foot. So hard that he lets go and tumbles down the mountain. I look at my leg wich is wounded and pull myself up on a ledge and im overwelmed by the fact that i killed this polarbear

  77. Was at a house at first, i left disappointed… for some reason on eay back there, i fell off the path in the truck i was driving. It belonged to a guy i k ow but rarely talk to or see. Anyway, the dip where i fell into was like an caged zoo or… something. No actual cages or barriers between me and animals. Seen a polar bear coming right at me. Through who dream it chased me, or followed me. At first i was afraid, but seemed to be more misunderstood. It was like playing tryin to catch me???? I just kept running

  78. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to this dream,
    so basically me and a school friend were taking a short cut back to my house through some fields behind and for some reason in the dream, the farmer had been keeping a load of polar bears in the field, but they’d torn all the fencing down so they were all clustered around the front, right near the fence we needed to crawl under to get into the woods where my house is. Naturally we were terrified and went very slowly but they were very interested in us (these polar bears were quite dirty in colour, if thats signifigant). In my dream the bears were afraid of water, so we crossed a stream and mini swamp which dettered them a little, but they continued to follow slowly, hanging around in the woods. When we got back home, we told my mum what had gone on and she freaked out, telling us to go back and re-enforce the barbed wire so that the bears would’nt follow us back to the house and eat us, but by this point the bears were already across the river and were waiting patiently for something in the woods outside the houses back. Now the weird bit, I don’t know if any of you have read the book the Northern Lights, bt basically Urik Burnason the ice bear turned up in FULL ARMOUR and started rallying these bears for a full – scale attack. They too, were donned in pretty amazing armour. When the bears did attack the house I pressed myself against the back door to stop them getting in (so I had, super strength?) and told my mum that we could all escape through the front door, she was all “Akoon, it’s useless, these are Polar bears, they’re massive, fast, strong and intelligent, they’d get us” and I was all “mum, I’m holding a hoard of Polar bears off with only my elbow, I’m pretty sure anything is possible in this situation”. Bascically we escaped through next doors garden and ran through the woods. I realise that it seems a pretty boring dream written down, but in my head it was really intense and I woke up terrified of Polar bears.

    1. Awesome dream. You are on a spiritual journey and have yet to realize your own internal strength. Embrace the fears, anxiety, insomnia?, and just let it all go. What ever it is you are going through or will be going through, you will come out stronger. The barriers you’ve so eloquently created in your mind is breaking, falling, and coming down. A new way of thinking and doing things is on the horizon. You’ve prevented change from happening in the past because of fear of change. Embrace your emotions, there is nothing wrong with being a little emotional so long as you don’t let it completely take you over. It is not ‘dirty’ to be an emotional human being. You cannot fend off change from happening. It will happen whether you like it or not. So just trust and embrace it.

  79. I’m hoping for some insight for my dream 🙂
    I was in the water with a big monster of some sort and pulled 3 polar bears out of the water. One mother and two cubs. I looked at them eyes closed waiting for signs of life, then they opened their eyes and I was very happy. That’s it, thanks!

  80. I was walking late for class in my old school. I’ve always had problems there. I was bullied and the teachers were awful. I ended up with really bad anxiety from there. I dream about my school more often than I want because I don’t particularly like it or want to go back. But I dream of it. Anyway, I was walking up to class and there was a polar bear. I quickly walked into one of the schools blocks. It’s like a building with two doors opposite each other where you can walk in and out through both. I went in to hide and possibly for it to go away. One of the other teachers came in the same side. I peaked out the other to see if it left but it came towards is. We were stuck in the building where the polar bear was going back and fore each door, trapping us. If we tried to escape by one door, it would run around and catch us. So we tried ducking to see if it wouldn’t see us but we realised no one was holding the door shut, it could easily open it, so we got back up and held the door while it was stood up with its front paws leaning on the door. It was roaring and roaring at us, looking at us. We were so scared. The teacher tried ringing up a bear specialist. I woke up before anything happened but all I remember was how scared I was with this polar bear, looking me in the eyes roaring. I was holding the door shut and not even a metre away from it killing me if the door wasn’t there. Basically feeling terrified and stuck with no help. I wonder what this means! 🙄

  81. I had a dream last night that I was in a restaurant with my sister’s mom discussing the selling of my deceased fathers house. One that me and my sister will split down the middle.

    Me & my father were very close, he got me through high school as a single parent before dying in my first year of college from cancer.

    In my dream half way through our conversation I began to cry, thinking of my dad. I then took a step outside for some air when I spotted the 1st polar bear. I immediately ran inside & the polar bear immediately ran after me. As the bear chased me through the restaurant I realized there was not one but two bears that had come into the restaurant & were chasing me around the tables (not really harming anyone just chasing me). I eventually ran past a security guard who had a taser but seemed to afraid to use it. I then snatched the taser and shot the 1st bear stopping it but it didnt seem to phase the bear it just stopped and stared at me for awhile. Then the bear seemed to become afraid itself and ran around the restaurant until finally running out a side door with the 2nd bear close behind.

    Someone help me understand please.

    1. The polar bear may have been trying to warn you about an important event approaching in your life. Also, is something bothering you? Or someone? Maybe the polar bear was trying to help you understand the reasoning for it. Hope i could help.

  82. I had a dream last night. I was with my cousin and amidst moutains in a valley I see a large group of large polar bears (light brown colored) are fighting among themselves, but suddenly the fight goes violent and large polar bears start charging into hill top houses and people are being eaten and brown cloud of dust forms in my background, while I am running against the dust to reach to safety, unfortunately in a direction opposite to my house. I wake up

    Again I am back to sleep, dream continued.., I get down to another side of the hill and to a small village where I announce about the incidence to the village head, I observe the village premises in dark and sense the best place for me and my family to rest (yes, my wife and my kid appear from nowhere!). I get them to shelter at a first floor of a concrete house (this is the village heads house). I observe one large light brown polar bear walking towards the village in a silent composed face. I ask the village head to ring the village bell that the bear is entering, by the time I look from another window the bear face is equally calm faced with a kid in hand that it will probably eat. I wake up

    Again I am back to sleep. dream continued.., The complete military arm forces are here with a bunch of army men, choppers and they start taking down each bear one at a time, I go to the top most house of the village and observe the whole act. I am satisfied at the end that all the bears are down large and medium sized arrange in a line.

    What can be the meaning of this dream?

    1. Sofia,
      I too have had a dream of baby polar bears and have been trying to find out what this means. There were about five of them in a type of aquarium tank swimming and looking at the people through the glass, at me in specific. I often have dreams of caged animals and in my dream all kinds Can anyone please shed some light on what this could mean?

  83. Hold steady on the path you have chosen. Keep your focus.
    -Polar Bear

    In my dream, I was swimming through the ocean. I saw a lot of fish, some were freely swimming and some in nets. When I went to the surface, I saw a boat, I also saw a hotel of some sort; the architecture was peculiar to me, it was contemporary.
    I was suddenly on the boat, and came to understand that a polar bear was being held captive for entertainment. I felt I had to set it free.
    Next, I was shown a room, presumably my room (accomodation?), I searched the bureau for important papers. I had stashed them there. I concealed some papers and pushed them deeper to the back of the bureau drawers I had opened. Other papers that I understood to be personal letters I grabbed to keep.
    Then it was time to set the polar bear free. I went to its tank, opened it and used a light (like a small flashlight) to keep its vision handicapped, so that it would not attack me, or runaway. Eventually this tactic failed. I became worried, but the polar bear did not become aggressive. It followed me, as I spoke to it in a soothing tone.
    People began to chase us, they wanted me to return the bear. The bear became anxious, and I chased the bear into my room aboard the boat/ship.
    Inside, I meant to harbor the bear inside of a tank, but the tank was made of crates and all the water meant to fill the tank flooded the room. The polar bear ran out of the room, and into various rooms. I couldnt decide whether to get the documents (or let them sink forever as I wanted them kept secret), or to capture the bear before the crew of the boat did.
    I walked into the hall, closed the door to the room behind me (essentially ‘sinking’ the room and its contents), I found the polar bear, embraced it to reassure it, and led it onto the boat deck. We jumped back into the ocean, escaping the crew. I swam through the ocean, and saw all kinds of sea creatures. It was so beautiful.
    When I came up for air, I recognized the surroundings to be my local river, I was at my favorite swimming spot. I was home. And I woke up.

  84. I just woke up from a dream, I was in the sea it was beautiful and calm.
    There was a dolphin, a mother and father polar bear with their cub. They were playful and nice to me. I even pay them and felt safe.
    What does this dream mean?

  85. Hi, I had this dream where i am somewhere in the country there are mountains and it seemed like it was my farm and I had some friends over, what i remember is that i am playing with a beautiful white huge polar bear. This bear has just finished hunting and has blood all over his jaw and is dripping down his teeth i remember seeming it like a zoom in image of the jaw with blood which was a bit scary but the next thing i see is i am petting the bear and praising him for his good hunting and the bear is sitting next to me after his exhausting hunt, it seemed as if the bear was my pet. Here is when my friends ask me if i were not scared of him and i reply not at all in fact i love him.

    Just to give u some perspective i have been dreaming crazy things in the past fortnight, i have seen myself in lying in a grave, giving birth in a grave and even my own funeral and these dreams have made me change my life style and my spiritual journey i think has begun. Do you think the Polar bear dream is related to this and if so what does it signify??

  86. I had a dream where I was a polar bear running through a wintery, snowy forest and a male hunter was chasing me. I would often zoom from first perspective to “god” or third-person aerial perspective. He didn’t catch me. Other people in the dream showed up and were being chased too. Many of them jumped off cliffs to avoid the man but I didn’t.

  87. I had a dream that I was opening a bag of de-icer and in the bag was a dead baby polar baby. What do you think this dream means?

  88. I had dream where I was a worker about to go down some large white pipes with a camera on a sled, but something didn’t feel right. The crew and I waited and then we heard something and I said “Is that a bear?” referring to the noise.
    Sure enough a polar bear began trying to climb out of the pipe but it was vertical and it couldn’t. There were more and they were afraid so I pulled them up and aside, four in total, right before a steam engine train flew out of the pipes.
    The snow I threw them on was the loose snow we had dug up and it melted into slush, which I said was typical. The bears and I had to wade/swim to solid ice, but the bears still had trouble getting out [end dream]
    I don’t know what it means when the meaning of the animal and what the animal is feeling and doing in the dream contradict.

  89. Interesting analyses!

    I had a dream I was at some form of campground, with a friend who sat passively nearby the whole time. We met a man who came up with a pet polar bear, who was on the leash, and about the size of a Golden Retriever. The Bear-Dog was beautifully white, and I was extremely interested in petting it. The man let me play with it, and I approached it in the same way I do most dogs which is by moving in a way that gets them excited, so they jump around, chase, and occasionally play bite— It was great for a couple of minutes, utnil the Bear started playing way too rough. Biting me all over, but not closing it’s jaws, just kind of squeezing and rapidly moving around to bite a different part of me. I couldn’t get it to stop, and the man and my friend seemed to just cary on a conversation while I was being “playmauled”

    Any thoughts on this??

    1. Hello Grawdow: The dream is about decisions you have made in the past that may now come back and “bite” you. You have been dwelling on those decisions and beating yourself up over them. Move on because they no longer serve you. Be true and loyal to yourself. No one is paying attention to the past indiscretions.

    2. Hi Grawdow – If this were my dream, I would ask myself if there is something that I’ve been wanting, seeking or thinking about pursuing, that I have been passive about, and just “camped out” and not giving it my attention or taking action. The part of me that knows the great benefit I would gain from paying attention to this inner feeling is trying to get my attention in a really big way, it’s time for me to listen and acknowledge it.

  90. Hi! (My english is kind of rusty so please “bear” with me) I had a dream in which I found my in some place that laooked like the firs floor (first deck?) of a huge cruise ship, I could a lot of huge columns and the wholw place was cover in snow, the place was very lonely and seemed like new, anyway, Iwas aware that some people where around somewhere in the ship. Suddenly I saw a polar bear cub and I wondered where the mother was because if she saw me around her cub, she´d be very pissed at me, and so tha´s what happened and she started to run towards me, I tried to get as far away as I could from her cub, but he would go wherever I went.

    At some point I saw a stair case behind a glass door, so I crossed the door and ran upstairs, but the bear shattered the glass and kept chasing me but for some reason I had a notion the this animal would find it difficult to catch up with me while running up the stairs (In my dream the bear wasn´t very agile on stairs) and so couls gain somo advantage. I reached the enxt deck and came across some of the people I knew was in the ship, also this deck was full of movie auditoriums (actually the whole ship was full of them). I told these people to run beacuse there was a huge polar bear running wild, but inside of me I hoped this bear deviated its attention from me towards these other people, and it actually happened at some points and I actually saw the bear killing a couple of persons, or later found out it killed some of them.

    Eventually the bear would see me and direct its attention towards me again. Every time the bear took an intrest on me I found my self crossing glass doors and running stairs up and down to gain some distance, the bear kept shattering these doors and chasing me, at some point I was very tired and found someone also tired from the chase and we decided the call an elevator but it took too long so we had to start running again, at some point we splitted up and somehow I knew this person had been killed too.

    Finally I found myself once again on the first floor and came across someone from te ships crew or security perosonel and I told them about what was happening, this person told me they were aware of the event and led out of the ship.

    Very very intense dream.

    Thanks for your time, blessings.

    1. Hello Pedro: This dream symbolizes your confusion with spirituality and growth. You are unsure of which direction you need to go and are afraid of doing others harm. Only you can decide which direction is right for you. Give others the space to go their own direction and trust that what is right for you may not be right for them. Follow what is in your heart and believe in yourself. Also pay attention to what is in the quotation box at the top of the page. The message will be specifically for you.

  91. Silken Raven, I wondered if you could help me.
    I’ve been having some dreams recently, a lot of them about driving in reverse and driving in circles much to do with the control of my life, obstacles in my way and unsure of what I am doing (i think). Last night I had a dream of polar bears. 2 of them, the first time approachingthem one was very friendly to me almost like a friend- by the next day i found myself having to run away from the very same polar bear as it was trying to attack me, as far as I can remember it didn’t manage to go to the extent of actually attacking me. I had to call for help and two zoo keepers made the decision to put the two bears down however only one of them wanted to cause me harm and it was the one that was friendly towards me at the beginning. My little niece in the background was having a go at me for shouting help which resulted in the bears being put to sleep. When the bear which tried to attack me had been injected with whatever it was, he was slowly drifting off but before completelly passing, looked over at me with bright white and black evil eyes. What could this mean? I’m not sure if its related to any of my other recent dreams or if it actually represents violence in real life. I’m so unsure but curious of course! Just wondered if you had any ideas.

    1. Hello Laura: Take a close look at your life right now and see what patterns you are repeating from the past. Find different ways to cope with them so that you can move onto new lessons. You Polar Bear dream was a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

  92. I have never really got to that point were I wanted in life. I recently got in bad company and crashed my car drunk… I dont have any alcohol/drug or psychologic problems…
    i’m 24…
    I just dreamt I followed this polar bear around and we ran from the bad things in life.. Wanted to go somewhere else and try again.
    Why a polarbear showed up I dont know?
    I dont have an earlier criminalrecord and I will definitivly never do anything stupid again.
    I’m soon starting in lawschool btw :b

  93. Hello Silken Raven. Could you shed any light on this dream, it’s not like most of the others as the bear is not peaceful and not a friend, more like an old adversary. 🙁

    I dreamt I was in a village, like in ye olden times. My wife and children are there, my kids say that they are being chased by a bear. I see the big white bear (No connection to a polar bear in the dream, just a bear that is white?)

    I feel they have been antagonizing the bear. I know this bear and have dealt with it before (this is the feeling in the dream but in real life I cannot remember ever dreaming of this bear before). The bear seemed to know me very well and once it saw it was me had little interest in the others in the dream.

    I lead them to the upstairs part of a building, like the upper part of a barn where you have to climb a ladder to get up there. This bear is vicious and wants to kill. I sense it remembers me and has been defeated by me before, but not killed simply defeated and ran away from. I feel no fear of the bear and enjoy taunting it and seeing it get madder and madder.

    I finally close the trap door at the top of the ladder, the bear clawing at it and trying to break through. I lock it but the door is bending and I shove a broom handle down the bears throat, it starts to choke. I’m enjoying seeing this beast fail at killing me. I wake up at that point.

    Throughout the dream I remember the feelings. Like the bear was not a fault, I was because I taunted it. I remember feeling I need to protect my family and enjoyed doing so like I was the hero. The bear could have gotten out of control but I loved keeping it in check, even though it could kill me and my family.

    In real life I actually love animals and would never hurt any animal and certainly would not enjoy taunting one!

    Any ideas?

    Thank you – Paul

    1. Hello Paul: I would suggest that you go inward and see what it is in your life that you need to constantly control. Sometimes the greatest gifts we receive in life come to us spontaneously and with out conditions. Perhaps you have to allow yourself to receive instead of always being the one to give.

    2. Thank you for the reply.
      I don’t think I am a controlling person, and am in fact very easy going….. usually 😛

      Hmmm, I have been trying to re-connect with spirit of late and have been failing at each attempt. Maybe I just need to let go and give control over to them to re-connect?

      Food for thought.

      Again thank you for your interpretation.


  94. 😛 tonight on the verge of sleep, i saw a polar bear racing across the land with a determined fierce look on its face. i was quite startled as i have not thought of polar bears at all.

  95. Hello,
    I have been having dreams of bears ever since I can remember. Last night, I dreamt of the white bear that usually comes to see me and it’s always winter in my dream when she’s there. This dream consisted of us playing in the snow outside my old house where I grew up. We were playing and she seemed so happy, like I was her cub. Whenever she would prance, I would get scared she would hurt me, then the bear would show me that it means no harm by putting her head down making a soft growling noise and letting me pet her, and jump on her. When she would get tired of playing in the snow, she would sit down and watch me carefully like as if she was protecting me from harm. I would look at her every chance I got whilst playing in the snow, then I started to feel worried she was going to turn on me, then I ran inside the house. I watched her from inside and she wasn’t leaving, she was simply looking at me from outside. 🙂

  96. Hello
    I had a dream that I was in my living room laying on my sofa. I was completely out of it. Similar to how you would be if you had taken sleeping pills. I noticed there was this huge polar bear sitting behind me cradling me. This bear was so in love with me and I instantly became afraid and was trying to get away but could not because of the sleeping pills. I could not even speak. The harder I tried to get away the tighter the bears grasp got but I could still feel it’s love. The bear had my hands and my arms were above my head so not only could I not fight because of how I felt I was physically unable to. I finally got enough strength to scream for my cousin to come. I wanted him to shoot the bear. As soon as I screamed it was a soft scream that’s all I could do. I woke up. Can someone please tell me their thoughts on this dream??

    1. Hello Shalanda: The clues in your dream are very clear and the Polar Bear is trying to bring it to your attention that somehow you have developed a fear of accepting love and generosity. This fear is what is keeping you from discovering your true path in life. In order for you to become all that you can be you must learn to accept and receive and be unafraid of commitment.

  97. Hello Silken,
    I had a dream last night about polar bears. I very frequently have dreams about brown bears and I am always in tremendous fear they are going to kill me or hurt me. I never want to hurt or kill them I just always trying to get away from them to safety. The fear is overwhelming but last night I dreamed of white bears. My mom is approaching her transition time in real life and in the dream I am angry with my sister for not taking proper care of my mother and now in the dream she is not protecting her (my mother) from the bears. I step into the picture and protect my mom, get her to safety. Now I’m facing the bears head on . . . my sister and I are somewhere outside at night where my mom and her were staying and the white bears go to my sister who is not afraid they sniff her and move toward me. I am petrified but try to be as calm as possible and refrain my fear. One sniffs me I have my back toward him and then he walks away.
    The dream is over. Why am I so afraid of Bear? They are communicating so strongly and frequently in my dreams. I know there is a very important message they trying to convey.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Debbie: It is not that you fear the Polar Bears – what you are afraid of is their message and the fact that they are letting you know that there are certain things in your life that you have to change. There is also the fear of change itself. These Polar Bears that come to you in your dreams are helping you to challenge your fears, process them and move through them one small step at a time. Trust the process and embrace the gift these lovely creatures are bringing you. Know that with each dream another fear has been overcome.

  98. I dreamt that a polar bear was licking my fingers. The bear said it tasted sweet, and I remember that I ate honey last meal. I was pulling my hands towards me since I didn’t thrust the bear. What I wanted to be a gun to shoot it was just a camera. After a while I didn’t feel much discomfort at all. Suddenly I woke up and thought it was both strange and exciting!

  99. I had a dream that i transformed into a polar bear. i had this horrible feeling for some reason and i knew i had to break into the back of this house. When i did there were two polar bear cubs that i had to save. The back of the house looked like an unclean version of the polar bears den at the zoo. So i jumped in the water and swam across the pools and saved these two cubs from the house. After i took the cubs out they disappeard and i turned back into myself…

  100. I had a dream that I was wheelchair bound human (as in real life) but could change into a polar bear or it was within me. The other people in the world except a few hunted polar Bears. I found out all the other polar bears were dead, so I was alone. I cried for my kin. I was holding a note with my frustration of not being able to walk, wondering when my miracle would occur. My best friend took me outside gave me a hug and the left me with strangers. The strangers needed a car to drive them so I was just along for the ride. Then I woke up. Any ideas what being able to change into a polar bear might mean? Or why the others were dead?

    1. Hello Zeenah: Your dream is a reflection of your emotions in your waking life. All of the feelings you describe are based in your personal reality. Sometimes letting go and simply living in the moment will give you all the guidance you need. Every element in your dream had something to do with an external emotion – in other words an attachment to something not in your immediate surroundings. Polar Bears are all about strength in the face of adversity – in order for a miracle to occur you have to come back to the present and be in the moment. Emotional introspection is the key to your miracle as well as your life path.

  101. In my dream the polar bear was my companion, he was on a leash….we ran through the streets and wide highways to our destination. He was very strong, ran fast, and had a strong will. We kept pace together.. I was aware that I also cared for him, yet he was a free spirit. At one stage we came across a wild horse, running alone, toward us through the traffic. I had to be very strong to control the strength of the bear, to avoid oncoming cars and people.
    We finally stopped, I had to go to the bank, I tied his leash to a post and asked him to stay until my return, as I would my beloved dog. We then continued our journey, to where I don’t know, yet I feel we had a mission.

    Blessings and thank you

  102. Hi! i had a dream that a polar bear was like my pet/friend and i was cuddling him! and my sister was terrified and i was telling her too that it was okay and he was harmless. I have lots of dreams, remember them all but ive never had one about a polar bear! 🙂

  103. I had a dream that I killed a polar bear. In the dream he was my friend but turned on me and started to attack. I stabbed it in the head and several times in the beLly till it stopped breathing. I didn’t feel fear in the dream, I felt a sense of relief as if I was doing it a favor by killing it. Then my sister in law came home and she asked to use the bathroom but the polar near was dead in the bedroom with the bathroom. I told her to use it and I said be careful, there’s something sad in there. When she came out she said “what happened?!” And all I said was “it was time.” Them my husband saw it and asked the same thing and I replied “it was time”. That was the end of my dream. Any insight?

    1. Hello Heather: In this case I believe the polar bear represents your co-dependency with others. It is an omen of the changes that you are currently striving to make in your life right now by taking steps to make decisions that are right for you rather than what others desire of you. You are also beginning to make discernments in your belief systems, rather than simply believing what others tell you to believe.

  104. Hello,
    What about a dream where the polar bear is aimlessly walking around and then runs specifically to your door to kill? It was more of a nightmare. It clawed at the door while roaring to get in and eat us. I was beyond frightened. I brought my family into the living room so it couldn’t see or smell us. While mother tried dialing for help, though, my father (an awful man in real life-they’re divorced) showed up outside. The polar bear was gone-dead. For once, he acted like the good guy……but if polar bears are supposed to be good….?

    1. Hello Victoria: The dream is significant in that it is showing you that you have a fear within you of change. You are afraid to do the things you know you must do in order to grow and move forward. The polar bear was showing you that the worst part of any fear is the actual emotions of fear itself. Once you move through it – you wonder what the heck you were afraid of in the first place. Use the Polar Bears energy to help you through this.

  105. I had a dream last night that I was walking in these trails in the woods with a polar bear. I was able to call it over like a pet and the polar bear was completely harmless. I felt safe and I felt like we were friends. I have been told before that I have a bear spirit guide and I often have the traits of the bear when it comes to being protective, being loving and being brave. I am a student so I just moved for school and my parents sold their house so there is a lot of change happening. I was stressed yesterday because I have no job currently and realized I need some form of income fast! When I woke up this morning I knew that seeing the polar bear was its way of telling me something.

    1. The Polar Bear is letting you know that you have to trust in your own abilities to manifest your desires. Something you have done has born fruit.

  106. I had a dream where I as standing by an ocean and it seemed like it was about to storm but then a polar bear emerged from the waves and I went over and dried him off and then climbed on his back. I don’t remember much more of the dream except for a little snip of it later on but I was no longer riding a polar bear, but it was a grizzly bear instead! It felt so real but I don’t know what this means… I really feel like a bear is my spirit animal but I don’t know if it’s a polar bear or a grizzly bear, though I think I feel slightly more connected to a grizzly bear, but it could be either and the dream just makes it so much more confusing. If anyone could help, I would definitely appreciate it!

    1. Hello Olivia: In this case I would suggest that you take the Polar Bears message in the early part of your dream and consider it as a good omen. The Grizzly appearing later in the dream is letting you know that you have a belief or opinion about yourself that you need to explore. Somehow your thoughts and emotions are negatively affecting the things you truly desire to create in your life. Explore these thoughts and make the appropriate changes. The Polar Bear is saying that this will make a significant impact on your life.

  107. I often used to dream of bears (and still do in fact) that would give me advice and play with me, dance, teach, let me ride on their backs, etc. However, those dreams were almost exclusively about brown (grizzly?) bears. I recently had a dream that I was leading a frightened and lost child home through the woods, when we spotted a brown bear just a few yards away. I carefully guided us away from it, giving it a wide berth to be respectful, only to run directly into a large white spirit bear. I knew it was a good omen and high honor, so I bowed to the white bear quickly, and continued on home to reunite the child with it’s family. In my dream, I knew that the white (polar?) bear was there to protect me on my journey through the woods, and to alert me to fact that I was dreaming and in need of bear spirit’s wisdom.

  108. I rarely remember my dreams, but this one was so strange and “vivid” that I wrote it down: I was driving is some sort of vehicle with some strange people I didn’t know. I remember feeling afraid or anxious about them. Creatures kept jumping out at me. The road was very curvy and it was snowing. There were huge drifts all around us. We came to a corner and had to stop because there was a huge puddle in the road. I looked down at the puddle and a huge white polar bear was swimming in the water. It was so graceful. He was doing somersaults for me and then gave me a big splash of water. Then I looked to my right and saw another polar bear playing and swimming in the puddle. He also playfully splashed at me. I knew they were friendly and would protect me. I wasn’t afraid of them

    Then I was in my bedroom, but it was partly outside. I was talking with some people when the first polar bear that I saw jumped out of the water and onto my bed. He started eating something then curled up at the bottom of my bed like a dog would do. He showed me his large teeth, but again I was not afraid. Then he put his head down and took a nap. I remember thinking that he must be hungry. The people that I was talking with were scared of the bear, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, but was there to protect me.

    1. Hello Zelda: What a wonderful dream! I believe that this posts paragraph about Polar Bears in dreams is very close to what the dream means. The water aspect of the dream would indicate emotional clarity in your upcoming decisions.

  109. lil miss sunshine

    In my dream i was interacting with a polar bear like it was my friend and then it turned on me and became aggressive,i remained calm, but then the guy i am currently head over heels for came to my rescue and basically saved me from the polar bear. even though i wasn’t scared i felt like he was my hero.

    whats your take on this. for the first time i have been very curious about a meaning behind a dream, and i have done a lot of reading, but i am still not quite sure what this could mean 🙂

    1. Hello lil miss sunshine: This dream is simply letting you know that you can count on your friend to always do the right thing.

  110. Ah! I just woke up from a batch of night terrors followed by a nightmare watching a polar bear and its 4 babies attack my family and friends. I was mostly watching on the side but hid under a car with my family last minute before someone got a shotgun. Killed them, but one of the babies came back to life so they had to shoot it again!!
    (I was reading my tarot before bed and got the Great Bear/judgement card in response to asking what my dreams lately want to tell me so it’s possible it was just a direct reflection of that).

  111. I had a dream about 2 bears white n brown and they were my friends and they were protective about me and also very friendly with me. Everybody was trying to find them and kill them
    But the bears
    found me and I hid them in my apartment. But than someone found them.. And they wanted to kill them but I stood Infront of the man who was with the gun and told him not to shoot because they are my friends and if you will hurt me they will kill you n I will never let you kill them they are innocent creatures. But he shot n the bullet didn’t hit me but the brown bear which was on the right side n white bear was on the left side
    It started snowing n everything was covered with snow. I ran towards the brown bear which got shot n cried because I was so hurt I couldn’t save it
    In the end only white bear was with me.

    1. Hi Nisha:
      The message in this dream is about transition and change. It’s letting you know that if you do not embrace the constant change around you that other forces will take action and the changes will be forced on you.

  112. I dream of my polar bear at times. Mostly we are happy and growing together. I usually take on the role of care giver for my bear. But in my most recent dream we were together, locked in a cabin. He is still an adolescent but he is dirty; scared, and timid. I don’t know if I couldn’t or wouldn’t help him, but all I could do was hold his head and cry. Ever since the dream months ago I am sad and feel completely off and it’s bothered me ever since.

    1. Hi Lisa: I believe you are being distracted by “What might have been”. Somehow in your waking life you are hanging on to the idea that your future is held by something or someone else. You are unconsciously grieving. You need to let go and move on so that your Polar Bear can come back to you whole.

  113. Cecilio Sallaust

    In my dream I was sleeping and woke up to the presence of a polar bear in my room, when I got up it followed me calmly but in panic I got a knife to protect myself from it but it remained calm. Then I tried to cut through the window to run away and it just stood there and watched me the entire time till I woke up.

    1. Hi Cecilio:
      My instinct tells me that the Polar Bear is letting you know that you have to stop running away from yourself. You have untapped gifts that need to be acknowledged and acted upon. Go for it!

  114. I had a dream about a polar bear last night. He was fully grown and he was my pet….I looked after the best I could but knew deep down he wanted to be free…He swan in my tub and I took him for walks but it wasn’t enough I saw the sadness in his eyes..So I set him free in the snow y mountains he looked back at me then walked off into the distance..I felt so sad but happy he was free…

    1. Hi Kim: The dream seems to be symbolic of your ability to let things go so that bigger and better things can come your way.

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