Pelican Symbolism, Pelican Meaning, Pelican Totem, Pelican Dream, and Messages
Be Still. Allow the world to flow around you for a change. Let its beauty and grace envelope you. Only in the present can we find this state of grace.

Pelican Meaning and Messages

In this case, Pelican symbolism is reminding you that you need to take some time for yourself so that you can go inward. In other words, this spirit animal is telling you that something in your life is slightly off-kilter and needs to be balanced. Thus the Pelican meaning, like the Killer Whale, also insists that you spend time with family and loved ones as well as yourself. Ultimately, taking this breather will bring things back into focus for yourself.

Alternatively, Pelican symbolism teaches us that we should take it easy occasionally. Like the Manatee, the need to slow down a bit is especially real in the most hectic times of our lives. Thus you should make sure that you make an effort to float through life and float through your emotions. Savouring each moment is essential. Therefore, you must take the time to enjoy what life has to offer in each moment.

Conversely, sometimes it takes a team to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. In other words, do not be afraid to ask for help. Moreover, recruit what you need to get the job done.

Pelican Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Pelican totem are confident and calm individuals. They are also very good at controlled movements such as dance and certain types of sport. Folks with this spirit animal totem, like the Angelfish, easily balance thought and emotions and understand the proper use of abundance. They also enjoy shared journeys and find safety in numbers.

Pelican Dream Interpretation

When you have a Pelican dream, it usually indicates your selflessness and how you put yourself before others. In other words, the vision is affirming that you are always caring for others. However, the dream also asks that you be aware of how you care for yourself.

If you see one of these birds floating on the water, it is a symbol of reflection and balance, going inward and finding stillness. Alternatively, if this bird has a full bill, it is an omen of unexpected abundance coming your way.

25 thoughts on “Pelican”

  1. I was sitting alone on a beach talking to my husbands stepdaughter on my cell phone and a pelican swooped in to the beach several yards down from me. He seemed to make eye contact with me and began walking towards me until he reached me and just stared and stood in front of me for the longest time. Ironically this stepdaughter betrayed me years later. What could all of this mean?

  2. Dennis Simpson

    When I Dreamed Of It I Was Stuck Running To Get Oit Of The Way Of A Boat Trailer Hitch On The Road. The Pelecan Appeared Off The Otherside Of The Road In The Grass Where I Needed To Hike Up The Hill Where It Was Blocking The Way. It Looked Like An Exit Ramp Or Off Ramp I Had To Walk And The Pelecan Was With 2 Other Pelecans Standing There, They Had Very Long Bill’s. When I Waled Up Close To Them I Was Afraid Of Them Attacking Me As I Believed They Were Defensive Creatures, One Of Them Flew Above Me While The Other 2 Looked Like They Were Prepared To Attack. The 2 Pelecans As Soon As I Tried To Shoo Them Away Got Into A Fighting Stance, One Wing Up, The Other Wing Pointed Directly At Me And The Birds Began To Circle Me Like I Was Being Hunted. They Looked Hungry As More Pelecans Began To Appear Overhead Flying Above Me And Some Even Perched On Trees. But The Dream Wasnt About The Pelicans It Was About Getting A Price List Of Rooms At A Motel. When I Arriged To The Motel The Prices Were Cheap, But As Soon As I Checked My Pocket I Didnt Have My Wallet And Then A Family Who Was Having A Wedding For Their Daughter Came And Booked All The Rooms And I Got Stuck Opening The Door With One Of Their Decorations They Brought. One Of The Men Even Thought I Worked There As Soon As I Left The Checkout Desk After Asking For The Prices On Rooms. I Told Him I Did Not Work For The Hotel And Asked Him To Excuse Me That I Was Walking On Foot. And After I Got Done Holding The Door I Realized I Still Had The Decoration In My Hand And Used It To Prop The Door Open. After Being Stuck At That Door, It Seemed Like Forever To Walk Around That Boat On The Trailer Hitch And Remembered I Could Walk Under It.

  3. In my dream I saw a man with a pelican beak for a mouth. The beak was being held shut by hands. Do you have any idea what that means?

  4. My Husband passed away just over a week ago . He was of the Ngarrindjeri Clan . The day before his Funeral I was sitting outside with our Family when I noticed a White Pelican flying in slow circles around us . This continued for almost 5 minutes , the circle getting wider and wider until the Pelican disappeared behind the trees . I felt a quiet peace while the Pelican was flying , and was able to do everything that was necessary to do the following day . I knew this was a sign . What was the significance of my sign ? .

    1. I’m so sorry about your husband’s passing. I feel your sense of peace when you saw the pelican was because your husband was sending a message through the pelican that he was at peace and that you will be ok.I definitely feel animals & birds are messengers. Much Love & Peace to you, Dominica

    2. Thank You Dominica for your comment . I thought it may have been a sign sent to me from my husband , but still had that doubt of coincidence . I will take it as a message from my Ian . He’s at peace now .

  5. I dreamt that four white pelicans and two cats wanted to enter through my windows. They are slidimg windows and they all tried to open it and push it, which they did. The six of them invaded my room. I actually love animals, especially cats, and I was startled at how I kind of didn’t want them to enter (even though at one moment I realized it was raining outside, which was a good reason to let them in on normal circumstances for me). Their attitued was a little calm but hostile also, although I think their attitude might have been influenced by me not wanting them in from the beggining. I’m thinking they could be some suppressed part of myself, wanting to enter the core of my mind (my room) and wanting some attention to be shed on them. I just read that Carl Jung said pelicans might symbolize some new insights that emerged, died, went to the unconscious and came back to arise again… I might relate it to my old dreams of being a musician, an artist in general, to be more in touch with my feminine part, my anima, as I feel might imply the cats.

  6. I dreamt my boyfriend and I were on a night walk in a damp city, when we came across a full billed pelican attempting to scoop up a humanoid figure curled up in a ball. I chased it away but just as I did another full billed pelican swooped down and landed to chase me off. They were huge! My boyfriend and I sort of scared-laughed it off and quickly walked away. Then I woke up.

  7. I had a All white Pelican or Stork fly right past my windshield I just knew I wasn’t going to hit it, felt the most beautiful feeling. It looked like it came up from a creek with its bill full and flew right past my windshield while I was driving to work. Anybody might know the symbol or sign here? Thanks 🤗

    1. 3 pelicans just hovered for about 7 circles above my house earlier today… pelicans are rare where I live!

  8. Hey, 1st of all love this!!
    I would like to ask a question? I had a dream that a pelican stooped me and my boyfriend from having sex. Could you share some light on what that means please?
    Thank you 😊

  9. A seagull flies into a casting fisherman line, gets tangled flopping in water. 4 pelicans flew over landed around seagull calming it down. Distress calls over 50 seagulls fly in circles above their own. Geese move away from shoreline. I lay down tobacco as I walked over to the shore line. Pelicans slowing guided gull to me. I placed my hands close to gull not actually touching it. Untangled the bird then placed all my love and light into birds body. The told it to fly. It flew away perfect formation. All three species returned just sitting in the water stirring at me silently. Now what does that mean?

  10. Pelican- Spirit Animal
    Yet one more animal that my ancestors definitely would have encountered, and yet I can’t seem to find a Mohawk word for Pelican. Anyone out there who knows, please let me know. Pelican represents letting go of judgement. That’s a hard thing to do. Its so easy to judge others because it requires no deep thinking and it releases us from any responsibility for our own actions. If others are to blame for the problems in the world, then we are not. If others are wrong, then we are right. If there is such a thing as the Other, then we have someone to blame. But in judging others we are always judging some part of ourselves. And in creating the Other, we are separating some part of ourselves from ourselves. It is only in letting go of those judgements, in accepting every part of ourselves, that we can rise above those things as limitations. If we contain everything, even those things that we do not like, and we do, then we are far larger than the small and petty things that our judgements turn us into.
    “Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then, I contradict myself.
    I am large.
    I contain multitudes.”
    Walt Whitman

    1. Thank you Jules Delorme. Pelican has made its self noticeable to me today and I have learned to take notice. Your comments hit right to the heart of the matter for me.
      My gratitude to the creator for you and pelican.

  11. I dreamt I was in California (I live in Maine). I was there with an older woman. She took off for a bike ride. We were at the coast. I walked/ran naked down to the water which was filled with pelicans. The water was shallow but I laid down in it among the other swimmers and birds. A woman in the water asked me about my friend. I said she’d gone for a bike ride. “Naked?!” she asked, surprised. I said, “No, she isn’t naked, but I am. I didn’t think anyone here would mind.”

    1. Thats really strange. I have just come on here because I had a dream that pelicans were able to roam free through my back door whenever they wanted. We had a ladder and equipment in the way for me and my daughter to climb over to get in but they could just walk right through it. I was trying to clean and they kept being quite antagonistic or just irritated with me so I couldnt hoover. So I locked them out of these clear double doors. They then started to peck at the glass to come in and then the oldest biggest male pelican called old man came and was really pecking. And staring at me. There was about 6 of them. All really angry I locked them out. Then my daughter and this other figure kept saying to me I was upsetting the balance of the natural order of things. They kept saying it, but I was quite flipant and felt that If they were being a pain I had every right to shut them out. How strange that you also dreamt about pelicans trying to come through your door!

  12. Ive been seeing pelicans in my dreams, and around me quite often lately. I live a couple hundred miles inland but every year I go to the coast to the beach, I don’t usually see them around the condo I stay at or at the part of the beach I go to. Another weird thing is I was feeding some laughing gull, and a pelican walked up behind me. We stared at each other and he mocked some of my movements. After awhile we both turned around, I ran in a different direction and he flew off in the other. I’ve been having a feeling that my spirit animal has changed (spirit animals change when there’s been a change to your life).

  13. had 3 white pelicans circling near my backyard recently. we’re 100 miles from the ocean and don’t see too many pelicans, was quite a sight

  14. I dreamed i was by the water, it was cold, i saw the pelican in the corner of my eye, it got closer to me. I was talking but couldn’t because it kept bitting at me, like nagging me, telling me to watch out for hawk 😮

  15. I dreamt that two dead pelicans with a slime covering them and perhaps skinned (sorry for the graphic description) were by a burn pile

  16. I was recently in Florida and took my son deep-sea fishing as we were riding out on the Atlantic ocean I felt something hit me between my eyes it was brown pelican poop that hit me square between the eyes making it look like I had a unibrow ….. We laughed and laughed and then minutes later a seagull decided to poop on my right thigh and shoulder …. So white poop splatter on my right side and brown splatter unibrow on my face…. What are the odds??? Better yet …. What is the meaning? Message? Very curious to know if anyone could clarify for me! Thank you!

    1. Robert orback

      Most likely they were affirming that you were grounded and in the right place. Think of it as a blessing in disguise “unibrow”.

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