Orca Symbolism, Orca Meaning, Orca Totem, Orca Dream, and Messages
You have the strength and perseverance to stay on course with accomplishing your goals. You will be shown the way!

Orca Meaning and Messages

In this case, Orca symbolism is asking you to get in touch with your inner self through meditation and soul-searching. In other words, this spirit animal implies that all the knowledge you require for yourself is within your soul, and it’s inner guidance. Thus, like the Catfish and Seagull, you must learn to trust your instincts and allow your power to come forth. Therefore, the Orca meaning insists that going inward at this time is the only way in which you will be able to move forward right now. Moreover, Orca symbolism is also letting you know that you need a depth of self-understanding along with a clear intention to attain your current goal.

Orca Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Orca totem are highly intelligent and have exceptional learning abilities. They never make the same mistake twice! Like Jay, this learning capacity, along with their adaptability, enables them to take on the most challenging of assignments and projects in life. Folks with this power animal always know that they will be capable of learning whatever it is they need to. This gift will consistently allow them to succeed with their current goal. They also know how to use their voice to get what they want in life. People with this spirit animal are always closely connected with their inner selves. They know how to stay on track with their life path.

Orca Dream Interpretation

When you have a Killer Whale or Orca dream, it indicates that you need to be more social or more vocal about something. In other words, step up and speak up.

Alternatively, the dream can also symbolize spiritual guidance. Thus, similar to the Sea Turtle dream, the vision is letting you know that you are ready to confront your emotions. It is essential to realize that the best way for you to deal with these emotions is by making the connection between your conscious and subconscious self.

Occasionally, when you dream of a breaching killer whale, it is a message that you have due cause to celebrate. Moreover, you have finished with the problematic inner emotional work for the time being.

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  1. okay so last night I had two dreams both with killer whales/orcas in them. When I woke up it left me confused and a little scared. So if you don’t mind I’d like to share the two dreams I had and maybe someone can help me better understand these dreams. As I’ve looked in my dream book and found nothing on killer whales, then I headed online but different websites are telling me different things.
    Dream one: I was swimming down in the ocean accompanied by a boy. I didn’t recognise him but I felt happy with him. We looked up and saw three killer whales swimming in a circle and we then swam around in a circle below. I remember feeling scared at first but I was overwhelmed with the happy feeling with this boy. These whales didn’t mean me any harm.
    Dream two: I was in the sea again, this time with my mother. We were in a glass cage looking around at the beautiful ocean. My mother was distracted with something I don’t remember what though. I saw one killer whale approaching and tried to get her attention she told me to hold on. So I decided to take a photo of the killer whale so she could look at what I saw later. That is when the killer whale swam really close to the glass cage we were in, I caught it’s eye and we botched looked at each other for a moment. It appeared to be swimming away and then all of a sudden it came back full force hitting the glass cage. It shattered in one place causing the cage to flood with water and sink to the bottom. My mother and I managed to get out of the cage and we began to swim to the surface. There was a feeling of paranoia and fear swimming up past the killer whale. Scared it was going to attack again but it didn’t. We managed to escape and then I woke up. These dreams left me startled and curious.

  2. i had a dream that i was with some people. having fun in the sea. i’ve never seen these group of people before like ever. and we were doing wakeboarding you know? the thing where you have a mini board with a rope tied to a jet ski or boat. we had a jet ski. anyways we were doing tricks & i did about 5 spins in the air before i landed and everyone cheered for me. i started to swim forward and when i looked down i saw the orca (killer whale) under me. i was afraid because i thought it was going to slap me with its tail. for the most part the orca was calm under me and kinda floated passed me. but it being so big made me afraid so i blinked out of my dream as fast as i could.

  3. Dream of whale in my home

    So I took a nap today on the couch (which I never do) I had a dream that I woke up and there was a huge black and white whale on the couch! -I know nothing about whales- in the dream I was trying to figure out how it got my home, I was trying to contact the fire brigade.. then the whale disappeared and I checked my bedroom and it was on my bed.. almost like it was sleeping. Then in the dream I had a random scene of looking down at a motorway, the motorway exploded with water down the middle and a whale came bursting through this and landed on the motorway-then it just ended.This is such a strange dream for me to have can anyone help me make sense of this?

  4. My dream was me and my oldest son climbing out of a small body of water trying to go somewhere, then I noticed he left something in the water. I don’t know what it was but I was upset about it and he went back to get it, I told him he didn’t have to and that’s when the 1st orca appeared behind him. I yelled to warn him and he climbed out, but soon after he jumped back in and swam to the other side of this now small swimming pool sized (maybe 10ft across) body of water. While he did this more orcas suddenly appeared. I told him it was OK and he didn’t have to get it, he looked at me and said “ok” acknowledging he heard me. But he jumped back in and swam as fast as he could back to the side he started on. This is when it seemed one of the orcas tried to grab him as he got out of the water and rolled away from them. I woke up immediately after he escaped.

  5. So.. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of taking one cold shower per day, as I’ve heard they have many benefits related to stress relief and general health/resilience.

    Every. Time. I get under the water I’m assailed by a feeling of dread accompanied by fairly vivid mental images of orca or a group of orcas, usually moving rapidly towards me – it sounds stupid but feels like a waking nightmare. They are always facing me and feel very close. I feel as if I’m completely submerged in the water and I can feel the frigid weight of it above me.

    This irrational fear is intriguing to me. I live in the American Midwest and have never seen an orca or whale, save for a few times in an aquarium setting. The sounds of orca and whales are also rather unsettling to me. I’ve been forcing myself to listen to recordings of these animals, especially at bedtime, in an effort to rid myself of this silly ‘phobia’.

    Googling around for similar experiences, I stumbled across a couple of videos regarding orca symbolism or ‘totems’. There are several associations involving orca that seem to resonate with me – although I don’t consider myself particularly intelligent or quick to learn.

    I guess my question is: can you be afraid of your own totem?

    1. I have a similar experience. Not only have I dreamed of them and been afraid for years… less so now, but even when I would swim in a pool i would feel the orca energy as if I was with them and get so scared.

  6. in real life i dont think about orca’s at all but years ago i had a dream being in the water and an orca appeared right beside with his head up and i put my hand on its head and felt very safe. a friend of mine was there too but she was afraid to come in the water. this week i dreamt i was travelling through amazing beautiful landscapes with people i knew. then we got to a lake and in the distance there were 30 or 40 orcas in- and jumping out of the water and it was breathtaking. i asked to stop the car and we walked up to the orcas and we got very close to them. as we stood on the shore they swam towards us. we were not afraid and they weren’t either. it was very cool to see.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The first with a friendly orca might represent that you are able to get in touch with your inner guidance and trust your heart, while your friend is too scared of being in touch with his/her feelings from not wanting to get near the water. (water symbolizes emotion) It might mean that you are being called to help your friend in this matter.

      The second dream with many orcas might represent a whole group of people speaking up or voicing their opinions on a matter they feel emotionally passionate in, which might include you. In this case, it is encouraged that you keep doing so, and to follow your heart’s concern for a matter even if society pressures you otherwise. It might also mean, if it is not the case there is a group with you, that you need to look for the guidance of a group or some kind of volunteer organization to say what you need to say together. There is strength in numbers, after all.

  7. My dream as I remember (recently) is that I was standing on a beach in my area ( Llandudno – South Africa ) alone. I was looking out at the surfers and swimmers in the water going about their business until I noticed a large group of Orcas that seemingly appeared. At first I thought they were swimming with the people but suddenly everyone in the water came under attacked and were disappearing and being eaten one by one.

    The weirdest thing though was that more people on the beach started jumping into the water as if they didnt even realise what was happening to the others.

    My analysis of this after reading the symbolism behind Orcas is that people need to become self aware of themselves and the problems they face in life otherwise be consumed by their actions and current status of their psyche. Therefore they are they destroying themselves because they are not aware.

    I was standing by on the beach watching all this happen, and I do think I remember asking myself why are the people still going into the water, but I didn’t go towards them and help them out because they one by one disappeared before my eyes.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Hmm, I think your analysis is correct, but this can apply to almost any spirit animal acting aggressively in dreams. It is not specific enough to go into enough detail for the orca in particular in my opinion, so I would like to share how I would interpret it.

      Water represents emotion, and the orca represents being in touch in one’s own inner emotions. Framed negatively in this fairly violent scene with this killer whales, it might represent people being consumed by their own emotional aggressive impulses in a way that harms them or destroys their life. Others coming by seem compelled to do the same by their example. Some people are not in touch with their emotions at all and the orca may serve as a symbol to reflect on their own inner emotions, but for people who are too aware of their emotions without taking time to consider others’ emotions or analyzing the long term logical consequences of a short term decision (if not both) , the orca may have a different meaning in this circumstance.

  8. I have had orcas in my dreams quite a number of times…. This last dream was quite short. I was standing on the short of an inlet to the ocean. It was quite narrow and deep. A small girl was was swimming there. She looked ok but I thought if she had to get out in a hurry I would imagine it would be hard. Then suddenly out of no where, a large but young orca came from the ocean into the narrow channel and before I could think about it I grabbed the child and pulled her out of the water just as the orca practically flew past inches away. I really don’t know if the orca was after the child or speeding somewhere else but it looked like it would have been the end of the child. The orca was magnificent looking… but the only thing on my mind was grabbing the child… who was in the water one minute… then a split second later I had grabbed her upwards out of the water. Thank you.

    1. EspionageCookie

      This seems to represent that you are resisting trusting your own inner emotions and unique differences if the small girl represents your younger self, or the more innocent vulnerable part of you. If you do not sense that this little girl represents you, it might symbolize someone else in your life, perhaps someone who is literally a small girl, or the vulnerable side of an older woman, on which case you are not trusting her own opinions for herself enough.

  9. Corrie Griffith

    I went on a walk with my uncle and then we ended up swimming. the water felt like it had a casing on top that had “holes” in it that allowed me to touch with actual water underneath…After messing around with some of the holes and feeling the actual, water, I decided to go in. My uncle raised me and is an exceptional swimmer, me, not so much, but I wasn’t afraid and followed him. As we were swimming, I believe he was on the phone (using earbuds). That’s when an orca appeared not only next to us, but nudged me the same way a cat does when it wants affection. After that event, I dove under to look around and that’s when I saw more orcas, octopuses and some large jellyfish that stood straight up, that didn’t move.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might represent that you need to “dive into” your own emotions, and explore the motivations behind them, the external triggers causing them, or the wants/needs that your emotions are calling you to go for, as the orca represents inner reflection. You might want to explore meditation, journaling, reading, reflecting while on a walk/in nature or other similar introspective activities. What you need may not be from the outside world, but inside you. Even if the solution is not inside you, perhaps it is only through this way that you can identify what the problem is inside you emotionally in the first place, if you want to explain it enough for others to understand you enough to help. Only you can understand your own emotions after all, even if only others can give you suggestions on what to do with them, and without that understanding to explain to others, others cannot help you. In other words, only you can develop full self awareness.

  10. I just woke up from a dream where i was approaching our shore, (i live on an island in the adriatic, so we never saw any orcas here) and i saw a big tail emerging, first i thought its a dolphin but as i ran towards it i saw its an orca, i thought it was feeding on fish, but the waters were too shallow… I started filming and i saw a mother orca with two baby orcas willingly getting stranded and such saaad eyes…wanted to die…
    I immediately started calling the services and woke up…
    It was really a sad feeling…

    1. EspionageCookie

      Orcas often represent inner emotions, and perhaps these baby orcas willingly getting stranded outside the water on the beach (water represents emotion) might mean pushing your emotions aside too much to get certain work done, but eventually, you would have to confront the emotions inside you. With the mother orca, it might represent something related to motherly nurturing, whether as a literal parent, or nurturing figure as a friend, counselor or teacher of some kind.

      Perhaps you are in denial of certain feelings of sadness within you, but ignoring them will only make them worse in the long run.

  11. Regenia Cheshire

    I had a dream where a tiger jumped up on my bed (top bunk) trying to scratch me and a lion came in ran it off, growled at me to stay there and left, then it switches to I’m in shark infested waters and a dolphin comes up and leads me away from them, then switches I’m in a cage underwater with some kid and there’s an orca there and the man in the boat is trying to lure him from us but it keeps getting close to me and lets me pet it and I’m not scared. It leads me to the bank and I wake up. All 3?saved me?? I don’t know what I’m doing to be needing saved??

    1. The tiger jumping from a lower position I think something from the depths agressively trying to reach you. The Lion can be seen as a heavenly or solar symbol, but does seem to have it’s own force in making sure you stay put. So your there in your inner bubble, now shark infestes waters, or outer world. A dolphin or gentle way leads you from the hard or excessively domineering world. Maybe then when you’re in the cage with the kid could represent being trapped with a vurnerable inherent natural in which is prone to influence etc. The Orca now being your middle way leads you to the beach or coming back to your true inner nature.

  12. Sorry about the long story.
    For the past three years I have had an increase in orca fascination, anything about orcas would grab my attention. Then the fascination died down a bit and in that time I started dreaming about orcas. Those that I can remember have always puzzled me until something in life happened to sort of explain the dream, as if the dreams were a type of warning or guide for things that were to come.

    For example, before I found out that a family member had cancer and that another member had to go for heart surgery, I was constantly dreaming about orcas helping and supporting an injured member of their pod and sometimes I would be a part of the pod that would be helping the injured/sick/deformed member. When family passed away the dreams would be about orcas that go off on their own, or they get stranded.

    Then I would be dreaming about orcas that are always out of my reach, like I’d be watching them from shore or from docks, or even from my bedroom window. That’s when I started applying for work and when I found the right place for me I had a dream about a superpod and about orcas in celebration at the bountiful fish in front of them.

    I sort of accepted that when I orca dreams started I would prepare myself for something that was bound to happen in life. for the last few months the dreams slowed down, or would be few and far between. My fascination with orcas is still strong but the dreams are now maybe once a week, and they haven’t been warnings.

    Why was I not warned about a loved one that passed away, why was I not warned about people around me getting sick?
    I don’t understand anymore. Can someone help me?
    Again sorry about the long story.

    1. Not sure how to leave my own comment, I’ve had numerous orca dreams for maybe the past year or 2. Usually I’m in the water feeling scared, but they don’t end up harming me & there was nothing to be scared about. My last one was last night, I was holding onto my dad cuddling scared on some sort of boat with a glass window, my 2 nearly 3 year old daughter was also with us, watching a pack of orcas coming towards us under the water about to go under the boat. I remember feeling scared that something was going to happen, especially feeling scared for my daughter but again nothing happened.

    2. Firstly, no need to apologize for the stories you share. If someone cannot take to reading someone else’s story, for whatever reason, they can just move along their merry way to another story.
      Life happens without any warnings. The best anyone can do is to be as internally prepared as humanly possible. Find and keep your center and you will be much better prepared for whatever life sends your way.
      As far as dreaming of orca is concerned, dreams do not just come while you sleep. You also dream while you’re awake, living out your dream. There’s no real distinction between waking dream and sleeping dreams. Just as we’re not always aware that we’re dreaming during sleep, we’re also not always aware when we are living a dream in our waking state.
      It may very well be that, as you do center yourself, you will become better aware of dreaming while in waking state.

  13. I dreamt o took in a baby orca and looked after it until someone found out and the orca grew and grew and the house filled with water it became the room of water in the dream I was trapped I can still feel the way I was trapped in the room. The killer whales had grown and grown and weren’t happy they wanted to break free they were going to swim and spin the room until it broke. One of many killer whale dreams. Thankyou

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since orcas represent inner emotions, perhaps the orcas trying to break free in frustration mean that you are stifling your inner representation of who you are, and who your unique personality is. It might be in smaller ways such as denying your favorite music, favorite food, favorite hobbies, favorite clothing, favorite colors, favorite movies, favorite books and the like or it can be more major, like the way you speak/act around others, the job you want, or the spiritual/political beliefs you have that are different from others. Either way, you are blocking who you truly are by trying to fit in with society or whatever your family made you do when you were growing up.

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