Manatee Symbolism

Be adaptable and flexible without losing yourself in the process. Accept life on "life's terms"

If Manatee has made his presence known in your life;

It’s time to slow down and take the time to swim through your emotions. Let your emotions wash over you so that you can feel what is all percolating there. By allowing yourself to feel you are also allowing yourself to move forward and as you move forward you release the old emotional baggage that no longer serves you. This will open up a new wide range of possibilities for you.

Trust is also a big message that Manatee brings forth. Allowing yourself to move forward slowly and deliberately one step at a time will take you to your goals. Trust the path before you and trust your senses in guiding you there.

This creature is also reminding you to use all of your senses including the etheric ones. You will find your answers in the integration your intuition, emotions and physical senses.

If Manatee is your Animal Totem;

You need friends around you to share ideas, but feel uncomfortable in large groups. You are very open, trusting and willing and therefore can be vulnerable. You are easy-going and very trusting. You like to take your time in accomplishing your goals and usually take the slow and steady course with conviction and courage. Often you are able to reduce and almost eliminate any stress in your life.

If Manatee has come into your Dreams;

To see a manatee in your dream represents your passiveness in a situation. You are lacking ambition and drive. Alternatively, it represents someone in your life who is lazy, slow or gentle.

To dream of swimming with with this animal indicates a warm and gentle personality.

Multiple manatees suggest it may be time for some rest and relaxation, and possibly even a trip to a warmer climate. There is also a suggestion of a little sadness.

To dream of a manatee mother and baby advises you to be loving and soft to yourself at this time.

Additional Associations for Manatee:


  • Had a dream a storm had passed and i found a sweet baby manatee washed ashore. I thought perhaps it was dead but i held in to my chest and it started moving…weirdly i had a vision of a full grown manatee in the dream before this…perhaps of its mother. Anyway as i held the baby manatee to my chest i felt myself as its mother and really maternal feelings of protectiveness and caring for it….this is a dream i had after i breakup. In that relationship i learned to be gentle kind and trust as they were kinder to me that anyone had been before but in the end i felt quite alone and let down…i think this is a sign to grow and develop the tender gentle trusting innocent part of myself once again that came about as a result of this relationship…its still there. I think in time ill be able to merge wisdom and calmness with gentle kindness in a harmonious way.

  • i dreamed one was trying to attack me. Must not be positive? Maybe I am attacking or punishing self too much, or others? NOt embracing loving feminine enough ? My sister got mad at me and hung up as I was impatient with her as she is slow and I have to repeat things many times and i get frustrated at times.
    Any feedback as I am open and humbled

  • I’m at Lido Key in Florida and a Manatee came up to me bumping me… Then played around me for about 20 mins… He or she surfaced several times looking at me… Then swam off.. I looked for the symbolism immediately… Thank you for the info!

  • I had a dream last night that I was at a street parade that was along a stree that had access to the ocean. I looked out and saw a manatee gently gliding through the water and “going with the flow”. Streetside, I saw a parade float with a sandwich board that said: “Poland, EUR” and under it said: 10 years. I interpretted that to mean that the manatee set out from far away Poland and took 10 years to get where I was ablt to see it.

    As it happens, I was in a near fatal car crash 10 years ago this July. That crash left me with a TBI, a spinal cord injury, and chronic pain. I think this dream means something to me. ❓

    • Manatees represent softeness gentleness taking things easy. I think the dream is helping you see the beauty in the darkness..maybe you were going too hard too fast on yourself at the time of your crash. Youve learned to be gentler on your body…to slow down? Do you see the silver lining yet?

      • I had multiple manatees walking towards me from water to a dock but i dont know if they were a threat or not but at the time i felt that i had to stand my grounds

  • I had a dream where I was on a really high bridge, looking over the edge, and hundreds of manatees were swimming under it.

  • This helped me a great deal for today. I had a dream that I was sitting near a quiet lake and a manatee swam up to me. It was friendly as could be and wanted some of my lunch so I fed it. It also wanted some loving so I rubbed his nose and belly. It was such a calm and serene dream that I had to look further into its meaning.
    I always refer to this site when it comes to animal dreams.
    Thank you!!

  • thanks for this! i drew the manatee card out of my oracle pack today and this has greater helped me to understand the message the spirits were sending me.
    again thanks!

  • Cool! A Manatee gave me a high 5 underwater a few days ago after rolling over and wanting me to give him a belly rub. It wasn’t a dream though, it really happened. 😛 I always look up totem meanings when I have animal encounters.

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