You are being reminded that to wear the crown of true mastership requires dedication, responsibility, and committed development in all things physical as well as the spiritual.

Meaning and Messages

In general, Jay’s symbolism teaches lessons of adaptation to any situation while learning quickly. The highly intelligent spirit of this bird gives us access to memories long forgotten and shows us how to assimilate them into awareness. This bird also demonstrates that risk-taking, seizing opportunities, and discovering new avenues for exploration are what life is all about. In other words, Jay meaning shows you how to use the power of intelligence and courage. He also balances these traits with discreet silence and the utmost patience in timing. This bird teaches you to be bold and curious. In particular, get out there and start investigating and adapting to new situations.

~Blue Jay Symbolism

Similar to the Rat, this species embraces learning, new ideas, and concepts. This bird’s creative intelligence also uncovers the sacred interconnections with all things. Mental growth aids spiritual growth. With this birds’ presence, the energy centers of the head may become activated due to the increase of new spiritual knowledge.

~Steller’s Jay Symbolism

In this case, Steller’s Jay meaning reminds you that it only takes a few words to say what you need to say. Talking just for the sake of speaking leads to others tuning you out. Thus, your input is essential. However, it needs to be clear and concise.

Alternatively, this bird heralds a phase of new spiritual growth. However, you must take care of your physical body to integrate spiritual expansion. Therefore a balanced diet is crucial for you at this time.

Jay Symbolism

Jay Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Jay totem know when to stand tall and be seen and when to lay low and become invisible. They also easily link with the spirit realm without getting lost in it. Folks with this spirit animal totem rarely become flighty or nervous and easily stay grounded. Much like their relative the Crow totem, they rarely miss an opportunity. People with Jay totem are assertive and understand the proper use of power. They have a lot of different knowledge, but it is usually just enough to get by. They also love to dabble in various activities, always testing out new things.

~Family and Wealth

Folks with the Jay totem also form strong family bonds and understand that the family unit does not have to be “mainstream” to be successful. They are also good at working toward future goals, often storing and gathering resources for future use. These people are efficient at managing material wealth and are well suited to careers such as money management and banking. Like the Hippo, they are highly creative and artistic. Jay totem people are intelligent and experienced problem-solvers. Occasionally, overconfidence will alienate folks with the Jay totem from their peers. They can also be a bit of a sensationalist by engaging in the latest and most dramatically scandalous gossip. However, on the other side, they are also great storytellers and love to have an audience.

Sometimes these folks are prone to set things in motion and then abandoning them. They need to make firm choices and then follow through. Correspondingly, they are also super sociable and friendly towards others in an opportunistic way.

Jay Dream Interpretation

To hear these birds cawing without seeing them in your vision means that you must proceed carefully with a new venture. There is danger ahead. When one of these blue colored birds is hiding food in your dream, it is a reminder that you have hidden resources that will see you through this period in your life.

~Blue Jay Dream

To see a Blue Jay in your dream indicates that you are over-confident and being too arrogant. Alternatively, a Blue Jay may be trying to call attention to something which you have overlooked. When you see a flock of Blue Jays, it is a reminder that even though you believe that you are thinking independently, your responses and beliefs are usually those of your peers. Therefore the Blue Jay meaning focuses on the need to separate yourself and your assumptions so that you can find what is right for you.

~Steller’s Jay Symbolism in a Dream

In general, the Steller’s Jay meaning in a dream means that you must pay attention to aspects such as travelling, journeying, and body sensations to gain new insights. Thus, to find your answers, you must temporarily ground yourself with Mother Earth. Like the Bernese Mountain dog, this type of bird in your vision also demonstrates that anything of value, such as spiritual growth and relationships, takes work.   Alternatively, this distant cousin of the raven in your dream signifies a transition into a new phase in your life. The development of this change will be quick and only last a few days. Once you integrate this switch, it will have lifelong benefits.

~Scrub Jay Dream

In this case, the Scrub Jay meaning in your dream is an omen of happiness. In other words, a subtle change in the way you think about yourself and the world will bring great joy to your life.

~Green Jay Symbolism in a Dream

When you have a green bird of this species dream, it is symbolic of the healing of an old wound. The vision represents the successful clearing of past trauma that used to cause you to respond to certain situations fearfully. In other words, you have overcome this response and have found a more healthy way. Thus, you have now defeated a “trigger” from the past.

~Whiskey Jack, Canada or Gray Jay Dream

A Whiskey Jack in your dream symbolizes the need for a change of direction. You may be focused on your goals and have your path all laid out, but another route may be more natural, or more beautiful.

~Eurasian Jay Symbolism in a Dream

When you have an “old world” or Eurasian bird of this species dream, it is a message that you are responding to a situation based on your old world culture and DNA. You need to step back and analyze the trigger. This response is not right, and it is time to change it.

~Siberian and Sichuan Grey Jay Dream

When you dream of a grey bird of this species, it symbolizes indecision. You have been offered a choice and are unsure as to whether or not it is a good fit for you. The vision is letting you know that the option is okay but not necessarily the best fit for you. In this case, Grey Jay’s dream warns you that you may need to make some adjustments or wait for a better offer.

88 thoughts on “Jay”

  1. I saw my first jay ever today. It sat on my work fence and stop a few seconds before flew of I think it awas a corvid Jay. I have no isea what this means but I was excited

    1. About 13 years ago, 2 crows followed me home from a cometary, they were on an empty grave, possibly a demo for sales. Then 2 jays or possibly the same one at 2 times flew in my window, touched my back and flew out. I had been feeding all the creatures from a 4th story window with a roof they could walk on.

      2 moves later, from 2 males and 2 females we now have “1000” babies according to one of the ones that speaks a lot.

      The males say good and bad spirit to identify the person who they now observe. Along the 20 miles of bike path i ride regularly they have nested. My jays would not enter the lands occupied by other jay families, they are extremely particular about breeding and will not mix. Since i started raising them they have set up camps wherever i ride. My family has a specific color blue and a different voice.

      For a couple years i have stopped feeding them daily and have started sporadic feedings of the other animals and birds.

      Now the jays get along with the other jays and again, there is about 1000 of them. The babies seem to stay the same size indefinitely. I cant find any that are inbetween in sizes and they arent a different species as i see them with the parents often.

      The jays will let me know if a person is good or bad when they approach me.

      Female jays tend to hide out in wetlands as a group and the males will explore.

      I have fed jays that carried nuts about 5 miles to a nesting area. They made some long, thin ones that can fly great distances.

      They love planters nuts and if you tell them what they are, they will ask for them.

      The jays and crows now protect everything in their domain if they can and will kill any thing that kills a bird or ground dweller.

      Jays like to make a loud beep at my head and the jay on the other side can tell what my head contains by realizing what the others sound has lost or gained while the sound passes through me. I have done this trick myself with audio equipment.

      Masons and shriners use that technology when questioning people and the jays really dont like them for that. Thats why they will shreik at them from a tree near the jerks home. Again, whatever the persons head filters out can literally played over a speaker. If you have ones that talk, listen to the words they use, bad and sad spirit are difficult to discern and usually thats what they are saying. Good people are rare by jay standards.

  2. I had to quit my job for reasons of conscience. The day I was interviewing for a new job, I looked out the window and four bluejays were feeding in the trees behind my house. I have never seen that happen before and I have lived here over twenty years. Then I got another interview and a job offer for more money than I was earning, at the job I just quit, and the offer came from a guy who reminded me of a guy I believe I knew long ago, in a past life. I have been trying to figure out what it all means and found your site. Thank you.

  3. Good Morning ,Good Afternoon, Good Evening to ALL. I got so excited on 7/22/2020 on my windowsill was a bird chirping the sound was like a eagle very loud never heard that before when i look it was a beautiful Gray Jaybird with tail feathers in vibrate blue color with white dot spot around the blue feather so Beautiful . I took a picture of it and send it to my son. Well today 7/23/2020 at 8:30 am the Gray Jaybird came to my windowsill again chirping like a eagle sound so Beautiful . I feel so honor to witness and see such a beautiful bird made me so happy . wondering where do they originate from?

  4. The last 3 feathers I’ve found have all been blue scrub jay tail feathers. Came to see what they meant, and it fits. The featherefore was a rare-to-my-region burrowing owl feather, left by one in a 10 minute window between scouting a camp site on privately owned land (4.5 square miles) and returning to it with my tent. It was left dead center of my site, sticking up from the freshly tolled soil. It was definitely not there when I first scouted the spot. And their burrow I knew were 100 yards or more far from that location. I’ve yet to search for the meaning, but it wouldn’t surprise me to be similar..

  5. The day after my dad died, I went to a cliff that he and I used to go to when we’d shoot pictures or just go for drives in the country. I was shooting some photos of the cliff when I noticed a blue jay that kept hopping from one stone to another, almost like he was trying to get my attention. I kind of brushed it off as my mind grasping for things in my grief. But at the same time this thing with the blue jay was happening, a bright blue dragonfly kept flying in the frame of my viewfinder, like he was trying to photobomb my shots! It was the most bizarre thing. And when I decided to go ahead and focus on taking pics of this dragonfly, he literally posed for my camera …….? Like stood on a small stone and slowly rotated! And throughout the rest of the time I was there (about 20 mins), everywhere I went, this dragonfly would be close by. By the time I got back in the truck (my dad’s truck), id just accepted that my dad was somehow sending me these creatures. Then, to top it off, I noticed a tiny sweat bee that kept hovering around the drivers side mirror. I thought to myself, a sweat bee? Really? And not only did this sweat bee stay somehow hovering around the mirror the entire 20 minute drive back, but when I got to another spot I wanted to visit by some railroad tracks, the bee followed me from the truck to the tracks. I had to actually start swatting it away! Leave it to my dad to send me a sweat bee. One of his favorite stories to tell eveveryone was the time we went canoeing and out in the middle of the lake a bee started buzzing around my head. Obviously the smartest thing to do in a canoe is to stand up and start swatting at it with an oar. Somehow we escaped without capsizing. As if all of these things weren’t strange enough, on the night he died, it was actually early morning, about 20 mins after, I was standing outside just looking at the stars and I saw a shooting star. That’s easy to call a coincidence I guess. But a year later, within minutes of his time of death, I saw another one. I literally never see shooting stars. It became a joke after so many plans to watch meteor showers ended up falling flat. I’d look at the sky for 30 mins and look away for 10 seconds and that’s when one would shoot across the sky. So that’s my luck with shooting stars. After the second one I am convinced the universe is sending me messages. I never used to be that superstitious really. Or spiritual. But all of the things that happened after my dad died are too hard to ignore (I left out a few others… having to do with coins, lost jewelry showing up out of nowhere, etc). Also my dad was an atheist. Like absolutely did not believe in god or anything paranormal/supernatural. Which makes this whole thing even funnier.

    1. I love that story. I too have had many experiences myself after my mom passed away, however I have always been spiritual and signs are part of my daily life when there is a message that needs to be noted.
      I think this is definitely your dad communicating with you and since he was an atheist then perhaps he is trying to let you know – that in fact there is life after we leave this existence. How wonderful that he cares so much for you that he wants to let you know this.

  6. Yesterday I was sitting outside and a bluejay came Sat in the chair beside me for about 45 minutes then he stood at my front door for about 10 minutes. He let me take pictures of him up close. My son was 27 and died 9 years ago the day before, was this some kind of sign from him.

  7. My cat passed away a week ago from cancer. Both my husband and I are so heart broken over this. She was a very special girl. Although we understand and believe she is in kitty heaven now, we truly miss her. I have been looking for a sign, since then. I often hear that when you have a connection with a loved one, you will immediately see birds or butterflies. This morning I woke up to the most beautiful 2 blue Jays near her headstone. It’s the most amazing feeling and my love for god and these signs he sends us to reassure us everything is ok, continues to amaze me.

    1. It feels almost strange that I ended up here reading pretty much exactly what happened to me. Our beloved cat Jinx died of cancer yesterday and my son and I are heartbroken beyond belief. This morning I was talking to her (spirit) and told her how much I miss and lover her. The same moment a jay turned up looked at me for quite a while and then dug a nut into the ground where our baby Jinx used to sit. I am convinced he came to give me a message from her.

  8. Emily Downs Aka Rip Little Chihuahua Scooter

    My little girl Chihuahua passed may8th18 we had her seance she was 6 weeks old she was 4 1/2 yr old she was my child did not look at her as a dog she was so smart sweet and protective against me n my husband we was mommy n daddy to her. Someone ran her over did not stop!! We are grieving really bad please pray for Us ! Today was my Birthday may 15 18 I woke up and always say hello to my baby that is barried under a ceader tree . their was a blue jay that came out of the woods and looked at me like my little dog ustoo I just knew it was her ! The blue jay was my sperital totem. I told my husband he said the whole 20 + years hr has owned this house and property he has never ever saw a blur bird here ever ! It gave me Chills ! I know it was my baby that came to see me today was the day she passed the same day one week ago n then my Bday falls on the same day. Love the Downs Family…

  9. This has been a very sad Christmas, my heart was broken by a family member that I love deeply.
    On Christmas Eve my husband let our dogs out at around midnight he told me he felt as if there were owls all around the house. Then, today, 12/27/18 I was about to take my dogs for a walk when I heard this tremendous sound of birds, lots of birds, I then looked up at our huge pine trees to see at least 25 blue jays flying and talking around the tops. This filled my heart with joy, with tears in my eyes I thank the Universe for loving me.
    I will cherish this for the rest of my life.

  10. This is so interesting! Yesterday my boyfriend and I went up a mountain, and a stellar’s jay flew from tree to tree in a full circle around us, watching us really quizzically before he flew away. My boyfriend didn’t know I knew he was planning it, but he proposed not five minutes later on the mountain. We both felt it was a sign!
    We are both from different countries and have spent most of our relationship long distance. This marriage is going to be a huge change for the both of us so adaptability, spiritual development, and maturity is key!

  11. The other day I was driving down the road doing about 35 mph and a blue jay flew right into my drivers side window while open! Needless to say it definitely startled me terribly! Has anyone ever heard of this happening to someone before? The blue Jay didn’t die on impact but supposedly had believed to have broken its wing and leg.

  12. I very much appreciated this post. I am a bit confused about the visitations I have been receiving from Blue Jays recently. I can recall seeing them throughout my life, but nothing really specific at the time. As a kid, you see a pretty bird and you are enchanted by it, but nothing else really comes to mind. I’ve seen cardinals, etc, and have a special connection to butterflies. But, within the last 2 months I have had 3 visitations from blue jays. The 1st two times were within two weeks. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, we decided to take some time apart. It was a rough time for me, but even harder for him due to reasons I’d rather not disclose. Well, I was at work, and there are some trees and a fence right outside the window by my desk, and on 2 occasions the bird visited me and perched right on the fence. We looked at each other for about 10-15 seconds or so. The next time I saw a blue jay was when I was in my apartment complex driving home, and I had just glanced to my left and noticed a blue jay perched on another fence with it’s head turned around looking right at me. That time was for a few short seconds and then I had to continue driving. I have read up on it but cannot decipher why I am being visited by a blue jay every so often. If anyone has any information on it I would love to hear your thoughts so I can better understand what I am supposed to learn.

    Thank you.

    1. I believe this is a bird of adaptation for sure. These blue jays are merely being present for you in your time of need. I believe they are a reminder that you have done the best you could, but some things are still out of your control. Just keep moving forward and things will eventually get better! By the way, my girlfriend’s name is Shelby too. I do not know you, but I believe you will find what you need just as I will. 🙂

    2. Shelby –
      The timing to me looks like you’re being encouraged to stay broken up with your boyfriend.
      “finish what you started, you are royalty.”


  13. I’ve lived where I’m at right now for approximately 3 years with my girlfriend, and when we got here from Day 1 a Blue Jay family has always taken nest by our bedroom window. Any other time of my life, this would never happen. Just this morning, I rolled over in bed and saw very slight movement through the blinds. I quickly adjusted my eyes and I saw it was him.

    I want to give a background of my time here. You see, I was in a pretty bad position emotionally around the time of the move and a couple years into it. I was going through a tough time with her parents and family (extremely overbearing and would occasionally steal from her, so I felt obligated to save her from her situation) and my work life wasn’t exactly optimal (I worked for a grocery store upon moving in with her). We had instantaneous clashes over simplistic things.

    Fast forward with a Content Warning, if you don’t like mind altering substance stories, scroll elsewhere.

    We had both been smoking weed for some time before moving in together, and our privacy invited this more frequently with a more relaxed opportunity. This would not normally be important for a story but what happened about a year in was, I got a better job and began discovering that my work situation was about to explode with an even higher level of Upset. The management was, in short, undeserving of such a staff. The Director of operations played a big role in making everyone feel lower than low, so to never question his motives or intent. Well, now to come full circle (I mentioned the Weed thing mattering, here it is) one day I decided between us that we would celebrate for no reason and buy a Bong. The THC content ramps up, for those of you who aren’t educated on the matter, and the brain undergoes deeper stages of euphoria. It was maybe a week after, I finally had the guts to take a meaningful consumption using my newly purchased apparatus, only to look back up at the TV airing Foghorn Leghorn and feel a tear run down my face. Why was this nostalgic cartoon making me… cry?

    I was quickly overcome with rushing emotion. I stumbled to my bedroom and propped myself to look into the dresser mirror. Images of all my family members came to me, even friends whom I’d forgotten. I had a very strong sense of that I had forgotten who I was to them, and I had a very profound realization in that moment telling me I was overlooking myself in my life. This motivated me to continue down a very intricate path.

    Soon after, I quickly learned that the electric feeling in my head wasn’t just my thoughts going wild, and I began watching shows and interviews of people who had gotten into accidents and needed metal platelets on their skulls, and how they would complain about feeling an electric current run over the plate. I didn’t stop there and began research on Acupuncture, the Meridian Pathways and Qi Gong. Moving from those studies opened me to further studies of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) a naturally occurring chemical in the brain, located in the Pineal Gland. I learned of the ancients and their very deep knowledge on the gland, and their symbolism through statues holding pine cones and etc. Even the Eye of Horus symbolizes how the middle of the brain looks when you cut it in half.

    I then had a series of dreams. It began with a transparent crystal blue butterfly, flying around me for about 10 seconds in a meadow. Months later I had a dream about a UFO in the sky. Not very long from then, I had 2 more UFO dreams. UFO dreams, I’ve read, are meant to symbolize signs of conscious advancement. This ramped up my care for UFO-logy and pushed me to research anecdotal accounts as well as pull the entire universe into question. In doing this, I found an undying love for astronomy and have probably watched every single documentary Online for it, 3 times over.

    What all of this taught me was, your thoughts govern everything. The Foundation to Creation is Language. To feel it in your heart, you must shape your morale with your powerful imagination. These truths have stabilized my life in ways I never thought possible. And yes, all the while this was happening, a Blue Jay family has been nested outside my home every season it can, and visits promptly every Spring to reclaim it’s post.

    Thank you for making it this long. If any of you have some similar experiences going on, I hope this helps to pave the way for where you might want to place yourself next. Happy Saturday guys, and I hope you all have a safe journey through this crazy thing we call Life.


  14. There is a snow storm just finishing up here.. almost 10 inches have landed and it is still snowing lightly, I’m sighting in my living room with my daughter when I here a big thud, a blue jay crashed into the window I was facing.. I peered out to make sure it was ok and found two blue jays sighting in the tree in front of the window looking right into the house.. went outside to give them some berries and bread and found at least two more of them…during this storm they appear t be the only birds venturing out 😊❤️️

    1. I was going through a very spiritual time in my life and was deciding wether I wanted to be baptized. I was driving one cloudy day, I’m a truck driver, engrossed in thought, and decided to pull behind a gas station because my thoughts about God were too much to continue to drive. I pulled behind a gas station and the moment I stopped a blue jay landed on my mirror and we stared at each other for about 10 seconds before he flew away.

      Once he flew away, and after about 5 minutes, at the very moment that I knew that being babtized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ was clearly what I should do, the clouds burst open and it rained hard for about 2 minutes. When I pulled out if the gas station, the road was dry just outside of the station. I’m not kidding it rained only on the gas station. Also, I had been driving for hours and it had never rained that day, nor did I experience any more rain that day.

      I think that blue jay knew I was about to have a divine moment and wanted to cone check me out. There’s just no way this was coincidence. My faith in Jesus is unshakable.

    2. Wow, praise God! I have just decided to get baptized again. A lot of close friends have questioned me since it’s not my first time. Today I happen to see a Jay and wondered what sign it was trying to show me.
      So because of that I found this article and your comment. You’ve just shown me affirmation from god that I’m doing the right thing. Thank you!

    3. Love this….reason being…I was water baptized a year ago…and it was done by someone very dear to me. Last night I cried out to the Lord and asked him if this is what he ordained that I be baptized by him or was it done in the flesh..( lots more to story) anyway today a blue jay flew right near my window sat there for a few seconds then flew away…then afterwards it rained for the rest of the day. After reading your story is confirmation that my baptism was ordained by the holy spirit. Thank you so much. God bless you.


    4. Thank you for your story. Although I don’t believe you should be smoking weed but I am glad it made you realize you are a worthy person.
      Everyone goes through their own trails and errors. How we come about the foundation in which we want to cocreate is the true result. Mind of matter is indeed apart of a persons personal growth.
      I too have been going through some tough times, still am and yet nature is always telling me to continue to push forward and not backwards. It’s hard but they are definitely a significant reminder that we shouldn’t forget we’re never alone or never heard by heavens/God himself(whom ever you may believe in) I believe we get signs bc we need the power of the Devine itself.
      Thank you for sharing your story. I really appreciate it and hope all will be well for you and your girlfriends’ future and success.

  15. I stopped for a glass of water and looked out my window to find 11 blue Jays in my yard feeding. I have seen the occasional blue jay in my life but never in this quantity at once. I have also seen quite a few cardinals. I love it. 😀

    1. Hi! today I got 11 blue Jays too! I was looking through the window upstairs and I could see the tree in our yard, covered with them! what an amazing moment!!

  16. I was on my porch when I was drinking my coffee..it keeps getting close and I was wondering what that meant..because more started to come..

    1. I consider this a blessing! I believe this article is totally right when it says Jays are patient in timing. They are so beautiful that seeing one up close and personal is lucky. I would interpret his appearance as synchronicity.

  17. I had a dream about a nest of blue jays above me. The mom was feeding them and I could see almost all of the birds in the nest. In my dream I knew I needed to look up what they meant so I just kept watching what they were doing. Any thoughts about that?

  18. I just had a SIGN thrown into my path.
    A BlueJay appeared in my house, literally…when I saw it, it was flying from the west, from the kitchen area… no open doors or windows, and the fireplace was lit with the front covered by a screen. Besides, the fireplace was facing me and the bird flew into the room from the west (kitchen). It was as if it just appeared and flew into my living room where I was relaxing with my coffee. One of my cats, Karma, caught it before I could intervene (I’ve become disabled about a year ago). I had to pry Karma’s mouth open with my hands to get the little bird away from him. It lived for a bit, I’d wrapped it a dry washcloth, but the poor thing’s neck had been broken, and it died within a few minutes. It is now in my “work room” bathing in selenite light and I’ve lit a “manifest miracles” candle.
    I know I have to “return to sender” tonight, by fire. I believe I know what this means, but I feel the need to seek a 2nd opinion…..any thoughts? This was not a dream. I’ve put the poor darling in a “bird cozy” that I’d had no use for in years. It’s there still, bathing in the light of my selenite tower. Tonight I will perform the ritual my GreatGrandma taught me.

  19. Yesterday Nov 6, I was overcome with thoughts and feelings of this life and all that has happened and where there is so much struggle in my life. How I’m not where I want to be at this stage in my life. Thoughts of my family and how much they are hurting and struggling too. Very sad and lonely. And this Blue Jay kept flying around my window. Flying from tree branch to tree branch around the window. It did distract me and made me curious why it kept fluttering back and forth

  20. A beautiful blue jay landed on my chair outside this morning, about a foot away, and stared at me for about 15 seconds. It then hopped over and peered in my coffee cup in which I was holding. I went into the house to grab some trail mix and it was on the roof when I got back. It flew down and tried to land on top of my head. It ate the trail mix right out of my hand for several minutes. This was about an hour before Church. I am still in Awe! My husband took several pictures but I don’t know how to attach them.

  21. I just started gradate school for School Counseling. I have been feeling overwhelmed and afraid that I won’t succeed. Today, a blue jay landed on the air conditioner in my window. We looked at each other, both got startled, and he flew away. I peeked out the window and 2 more flew by. It is rare where I live to see 1 blue jay in the city, let alone 3. With all of the spiritual learning I’ve been doing, I knew this was not a coincidence 🙂

    This article and the jays made me feel like I am doing the right thing, following the right path, and to have trust and patience in myself and the Universe!

    1. I too am going through some challenging and exciting changes in my life at the moment. Sometimes feeling grounded and sometimes not. Seeing this beautiful blue jay outside my window in a flower box, hence that has no flowers. He was feasting on leaves and soil, we looked at each other and it did not deter either one of us. It was my affirmation from God, keep going and sew your seeds.

  22. My anisishinabe name is bluejay woman ….most people who know say this is me to a t….its so weird lol

  23. I was at a pool party and we heard bird noises in the trees above a nest. A blue jay came along another mother birds nest of eggs. The momma bird was a brown bird I don’t know the type. A fight began feathers flying into the pool and the bluejay eventually killed the brown bird and her eggs. I was so mad at the blue jay, sad about this occurance and are having trouble getting it out of my head. I know it’s nature but it was so hard to watch. I want to bed that night and could not sleep thinking about the bluejay as I drifted off before my airline flight the next morning for business. What did it mean?

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about that, it is a pretty harsh world out there. When I see things like that, or an animal killed on the road. I think of the reversed message of that totem. With the blue jay, it could mean that there are some people who need your help that you are ignoring. Messages are coming to you that you don’t see. Skills that you have that are going to waste. A big idea that you aren’t acting upon. Maybe you are scared of something, change possibly? Only you will know the true meaning of this, take some time to introspect. I hope that helped?

  24. Today my mother died. Naturally I was very sad. But then a jay landed on the pump in my yard, right in front of the kitchen window. Never seen a jay this close before. He just sat there, looked here, there, everywhere, at me. And suddenly, all my sadness was gone and I had to laugh.

    1. caledonia truett

      Today is my birthday and i was feeling down and i was leaving my house and a blue jay landed on my front steps and i felt different

    2. I’m so sorry for your loss. My mother passed away 6/18/08. Every time I see blue Jays or cardinals in my yard,I say hi!

    3. Jeannette Edwards

      Since my daughter passed away in September 2016, I have 4-5 Blue Jays come and I feed them. They will at times sit on a branch and look thru the window and let me take pictures. I have learned to know their sound when they are here. My neighbors thank me for feeding them, since there has never been a Blue Jay around prior. They do change your thought and how you feel as soon as you see them.

    4. I read your message and smiled! My son and I buried our precious Pug Lily yesterday afternoon. I brought her home for my son when he was 5, he is now 21. She gave us 16 amazing years! After making myself a cup of coffee this morning I went outside to say good morning to her and a beautiful jay flew from the pine at my sons bedroom window and landed on lilys grave~ Her message was loud and clear! Like you, the sadness dicapated and I laughed out loud!

    5. today i was sitting on the porch just enjoying the beautiful day and a blue jay landed on the railing close enough for me to reach over and touch him – but I didn’t reach out but rather looked at him as he looked at me. He sat there for a minute or so then flew up into the walnut tree in our front yard. I always though blue jays were timid and afraid of people although they seem aggresive at times. My mother passed away recently so it may have been a sign – not sure

  25. I was suddenly aware of birds outside my house making a very odd racket. I don’t know what drew my attention today as I hear them all the time. Two crows were dragging something in the driveway while two Steller jays tried to get it away. I felt compelled to intervene and quickly saw that it was a third jay on the ground, feathers torn loose and close to death. I only had time to move it to a sheltered spot in the tall grass before it took its last breath. The other jays are keeping vigil after finally chasing the crows off. I know its nature, but wow.

    1. Loretta A. Summers (Lori)

      I was n my apartment watching TV & 2 Blue Jays came & purched on my dolly outside my apartment ………..the one flew off & the other stayed , he went from the dolly to my window cill than he was looking at me n my apartment……than he purched on my lawn chair but he was watching me …….I do believe animals can tell us many things ……I believe we all have a lot to learn ………………….. This is June 16, 2016 , my name is Loretta A. Summers the time was at 2:30 pm

  26. One day in my back yard, there were 9 or more Blue Jays!! Was the greatest thing to see! Anyone else experience this?

    1. I had 8 or 9 this morning. I see them in my yard, but today was the first time so many were together right in front of me. They were loud! And seemed to be holding a meeting right in front of me! I went outside to have a closer look. They didn’t even fly away!

  27. Ok I have a blue jay that has been attacking my truck. The grill windshield bumper and even tire rims. Been doing it for awhile. Then one morning I go to my truck and he is in side the window had been left down a little well I hurry and let it down all the way and he flies out. I can see he has been probably over nite cuz their is bird poop everywhere. I can’t help but think is it some kind of msg to get my attention? And if so what? He or she is still hanging around now attacking my trailer. About a month before a woodpecker was doing odd things pecking on an iron lamp in front of my house I would go out to get the paper walk right bye talk to him and he would just keep on drumming away it was odd. I don’t look for these things but it has stuck out too me. Neither have been very afraid of me kinda hanging out. What do you think?

  28. I have been crying for 9 hours. I hit a bluejay with my car earlier. I wasn’t speeding– i was paying full attention. I had a car in front of me, behind me, and one oncoming in the other late. I saw it about 2 seconds before it dove down on the road in front of me– diving for something on the pavement. I slammed on the brakes and swerved, but it was too late. I hit it, and I cannot stop crying. I am a vegetarian, I am someone who doesn’t kill ANYTHING. I remove mice and flies from my house, don’t even kill spiders. It was just so strange. I have my entire yard filled with feeders and feed the jays and 26 other birds in my yard. It feels like I have killed a friend. I don’t know what to do, but this poor creature was just going about his day , finding a treat in the road and now it’s dead souly because of me.

    1. For the past two weeks two Blue Jays decided to visit my garden, it almost seemed like the same ones. Always in pair, not sure what’s the message but the month of April was very difficult for me, close cousin seriously ill, nephew was kill and lots of sadness around me. I can only hope that they came to take all this away and clear the way, any meaning, they visit now everyday, I almost believe it’s they are a couple. Hope it’s Love in the air ❓

    2. When my cousin was on her two weeks begore she passed there was a blues jay that kept coming by her window and would follow me. I looked it up and it means her soul wasnt ready to go.

    3. I read on the other Animal Totem website that when animals are hit and killed like that by someone, its because they are offering their spirit energy to that person. In other words that blue jay wanted to infuse you with their spirit animal qualities. And it said also not to be sad..

    4. Thank you for posting this. A bluejay flew into my car today. Just this morning when I saw a ‘deer crossing’ sign I actually thought how much I didn’t want to hit any animals, not just for safety of car passengers but for the life of the animal.

    5. It was not your fault you hit the blue jay. It was going for something on the road and it was unavoidable. It sounds like you are very caring, and by sharing your experience, many people will think of that jay and watch carefully for wild life as they drive.

    6. So sorry that you are experiencing this sadness. I completely understand as I have accidentally hit and killed other animals (sadly, more than one) with my car. I am happy you are ok and that it was not worse.
      I almost hit a snowy owl once (she flew to a spot on the road right on front of me) and if there had been a car behind me, I would have been killed along with my daughter for stopping suddenly. I am glad this turned out well for all but will be checking behind me before I stop short again, for the children. Again, I am very glad you are ok and I hope my comment helps a little. It’s nice to see the other kind comments too.

    7. Lanie, hi, be grateful to the bluejay and the bird nation, and yourself, for helping you release. The bluejay helped you release, through tears, pent up sadness and pain. Sometimes animals or people come into our life for this reason and this reason alone. It’s not about killing the bluejay, it’s about you releasing, remember this. Remember, we live in our self created hologram, we(our higher spirit), bring into our lives exactly what we need at all times. Dig deeper, cry more and more and more, ask yourself…what am i releasing? and then release and show gratitude to yourself, and the bird nation, for helping you on your journey. Peace, “All”ways. Mark

    8. This is beautiful insight and advice. In All aspects of life. Thank you for sharing this:)

    9. I had to reply because your story was so sad but I wanted to remind you that nothing is by accident so this must have perhaps been a situation that saved the bird from something worse. Also this is a great opportunity to forgive yourself. It was meant to be, release and remember is always a new beginning. Don’t be sad.

  29. Growing up my mother told me an Indian story of a son and a mother and the son lost his father became very mean to the mother and the mother said to the son. if you are not nice to me one day I will turn into a blue jay I will fly away and I will never return he didn’t listen to his mother’s warning and one day she turned into a blue jay he comes home and theres a bluejay on the windowsill he sees her fly away andvhe never sees his mother again. I relate my story to thisvbecause my mother gave me up to foster care and growing up I had a little hatred towards her and I think it was a little too late then because I had said some really mean things to her and she she died a week later I was never able to say I’m sorry I love her I was never able to hug or kiss her I was a thousand miles away from home because of foster care they shipped me out of state and I had made a life there and I had no way of getting to her after her death I started seeing Blue Jays and now I’m back home and I’m able to see my mother’s grave and when I returned home there was 5-6 Blue Jays on the tree next to our porch and then I haven’t seen them again why?

  30. 😥 I have lost 3 loved ones with in a weeks time per to that 3 years ago my family aka my son and his mother left me. I went through a severe depression. After being in rehab for alcohol I still turned to the bottle then I met cheyloe. The most amazing woman on earth. She turned my life around and only brought light into my life. Well she left me and I’m homeless broke tired hungry and having more sever depression than when my son n his mother left and after my uncle grandpa and my man’s best friend (dog) passed away. I’m having thought of suiside. I go to a place to use wifi and ask my mother for help and Cheyloe. They have been ignoring me. I’m at the end I’m done then as I’m sitting here a blue jay literally lands within 3 feet of me looks at me for a good 4 seconds n flies away. I got this overwhelming sensation of relief as if to not follow though with suiside. I have nothing left in my life just a duffle bag full of clothes. If I don’t see another Bluejays make it my pet I don’t know where I’ll be . So blue Jays bring spirit and hope to people that are screaming crying for help. Never ever experienced anything like it. And it’s gone the second he flew away. This may be a cry for help yes ..but how random I’m posting a comment when life is no longer worth living. Any suggestions? 😥

    1. Do NOT give up! You are not here to give up. The people who transitioned from your life, whether by physical death or separation of the relationship, is DIVINE. Now it is time to create a new life–on your OWN. Remember what the Loved Ones taught and showed you about YOURSELF. You are not “homeless” because you are not a victim. You are free and it’s time for YOU to stand in your Power.

    2. Hi there, i just looked out my window and 3 jays were sitting on my fence…i wasnt sure what they were and i hurriedly got my phone out to try and find out…as i was doing this my phone rang and it was my husband telling my his father had passed away 10 mins ago. I lost my parents 3 years ago…one to alcoholism and dad to alzheimers…i know what u mean it felt like a sign. Be strong, dont be a victim. Get help. Its out there but only you can do it. Good luck x

    3. Scott-
      You are being tested. Will you past the test? People who are going through extremely tough times have an opportunity that people with easy lives will ever have to discover powers that are much higher than this existence. Somewhere out there is a person who has been in an even tougher situation than you and overcame it. They found a way out. They want to help you find the way out. Drop your pride and start looking for that person and asking for help. I have found that using the internet to much does not produce the answers. Physically go out into the world and find that person or persons who is waiting right now for you to approach them.

      After you find the way out you will be that person who is there waiting to help someone else. I would spend all my spare time in the library reading books by people who have overcome impossible situations. I would also study books on the subconscious mind. Somehow you are attracting negative situations into your life.

      You have a higher calling to find your way out and help others. Just like the Blue Jay appearing to you so will the clues to your way out. Alcohol blocks your awareness of those clues. It will not happen in a day. The hole you have dug is deep but day by day you will soon feel yourself rising. You can do it. God is on your side. There will be people in the future that will depend on you to show them the way out.

      Good Luck Scott

    4. Edward I. Harper

      Stay strong and recognize the value this comment u posted carries for a complete stranger as myself. Thank u and namaste

    5. My mother passed away a week ago.she loverd natutre.SHE WAS THE MOST AMAZING MOTHER FREIND.THE ABSOLUTE LOVE OF MY LIFE. I was sitting on my porch crying and missing her so much. A blue jay lite in a tree and just sit there for seems like minutes. And it stared at me seems.like monutes. Then went to all 4 trees in front of me. I believe God sent it to comfort me. I will NEVER FORGET THIS EXPERIENCE.

  31. My father passed away 10 days ago. He was married to my mother for 58 years. My mother moved in with me. I have been seeing anywhere from 8 to 15 blue jays at a time in my yard. I am watching them now from my office window. My mother says she hasn’t noticed any at all since my father passed. What is going on? I don’t know what this means, but it is incredible.
    Ronna Kehr

  32. Jacqueline Kennedy

    thank you for your post, I have loved Blue Jays thorough out all my adult life. They have been showing up at my place, my mom said they just started showing up at her place and thinks it is me that has brought them. Five were on my fence eating the other day. I am in awe. My son passed away 3 years ago he was only 29. I believe he has something to do with the birds that visit. 2 Doves were on my bedroom window ledge about a year after he passed. Any insight thank you Jacqueline.

  33. Hi, new to this however I did a saging for positive energy I opened the window to my bedroom and 5 blue jays amongst sparrows landed on my front yard. I thought this must be symbolic of somthing.. Can you sheaf some light??

  34. I was preparing to do a house energy clearing and reading prayers for forgivenesses, guidence and clarity. I looked up and two blue Jays were on the tree outside the window. Rarely do I see them on that bush. Usually cardinals. They stayed for quite a while and flew when I opened the door.

    1. I just saw four bluejays in the honeysuckle bush outside my kitchen window, it’s usually cardinals and chickadees, I rarely see a Jay, let alone four. So I Googled “bluejay totem” and wound up at this website.

  35. There has been a stellar Jay that has landed in the tree across the street four times now in a week. The last two times I was talking about my Mom’s estate settlement. Not sure of the connection. I have three things in my life that are oppressing me and my family and has for years, my health, my daughters head injury and my Mom’s estate. I feel as if there is a connection. I am sure it is the same bird. It is winter here at 8000 ft in Colorado.

  36. I’ve been living in the same house for 12 years and never seen a blue Jay. My ex and I was having sex last week and two blue jays flew on my window seal and was watching us at least for two minutes. We were looking and them and they was looking at us. The window was open and was close enough we could practically touch them. It was weird experience, like they was trying to communicate. Then later in the week I was at work and seen two t more jays in a tree. What does this mean? Should we get back together?

  37. hi, I started natural treatment with my dog today. He has a cardiovascular illness. We met with a gentleman who can help him through energy. On our way home, a Blue Jay cross our car. What is the meaning

  38. This morning I was participating in a online class to further my energy healing private practice and a Blue Jay was trying to balance himself on a Christmas Tree branch outside my window just talking a mile a minute for approximately two minutes. I know he was trying to communicate, but not sure if it was in regards to my class or something else. He was staring right at me while communicating so I am sure there is a message.

  39. I saw two blue jays playing in the grass today as I finished my morning meditation. I was just thinking about how I needed to think positively, from the heart and not the head, about a challenging romantic situation that has been worrying me at times because I have a tendency to want to control things rather than let them happen but in this case patience and confidence seem to be what are needed. What is blue jay adding or reinforcing please?

    1. Hello Marc: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page – the messages change and will be specific to you. The number 2 is about having faith and courage. Your dreams are manifesting, even though you cannot see them yet.

  40. I had a stella blue came today when getting coffee then it meet me and my friend at next place we he was getting sugar packets out of basket so i bought him a cookie.He had no fear was very amusing and busy. I never experienced this what was his message?The insight was very informative but many version.

  41. i’m not really sure how to tell if the jay is my animal totem, but here’s something i’ve never really taken into consideration as possibly important before. i remember being a child, probably 5-6, my brother and i could literally walk around and catch blue jays, and didn’t have to chase them. it just happened. i wonder what or if that means anything.

    1. Hello Austin: You obviously have an affinity for Jays. Explore the idea of adopting this wonderful bird as one of your life animal totems. See where the wisdom of the Jay can take you in life.

    2. I was about to leave my home out in beautiful northern California county, when I kept getting messages not to leave. I stopped and meditated silently while listening to nature and asking my spirit guides what they were trying to tell me. I first saw a random wild turkey, then two beautiful blue jays followed. What could this mean?? I read the innovation about what the blue jays messaged could be, but I was still curious as to what your own interpretations of this could have been?? Thank you so much.

      much blessings to you!!

  42. Hello Eric,

    I do dream interpretations in my bag of talents.

    Allow me to take a crack at your symbolic dream with the blue jay, the hawk, and the leaf.

    Like any Blue Jay your dashing about through life minding your business and paying very little mind to anything else. Although your focused on your needs including the spiritual such as life’s growth. The Hawk enters the picture now as a bird of prey. However the hawk appears to be the bully, but is actually doing you a solid. Helping you out by cracking open a buried gift or passion. What looks like he’s trashing the Blue Jay he’s actually helping to release its inner splendor. Hawks aren’t subtle creatures like a butterfly. The hawk goes to town on the Blue Jay because its time to release its splendor was yesterday. The hawk no longer has any patience.

    Now the Blue jay is all vulnerable and frightened feeling exposed and raw in its current form. The hawk forced the Blue Jay to grow up and bring forward its gift. The hawk performed some “Tough Love”. Here The Blue Jay takes a Swan dive as a “Leap of Faith”. The beautiful truth is the Blue Jay didn’t crash to Earth like a sack of potatoes. It gracefully transitioned back to terra firma to start over on solid ground.

    What appears like death is merely a rebirth into another phase of living.

    I hope that dream interpretation helped.

    Kind Regards, Ivan / Atrayo.

    1. An interesting side note: jays often mimic other bird calls. I often hear the steller’s jays in my yard miming the hawks that fly overhead. It seems to reinforce your interpretation in my mind.

  43. My dream went like this:

    There the Blue Jay sits
    Upon a branch
    Hoping for life’s answers
    Waiting for some chance

    When it’s not too long
    Before fate arrives
    As an infamous Hawk
    With steely gray eyes

    Now pinned against
    A willow branch
    By awesome talons
    Which tear and trench

    Reducing his back
    To a hollow shell
    Making life miserable
    So that nothing is well

    He drags himself
    To highest branch
    A last ditch effort
    One final chance

    To show his God
    He kept the faith
    Fought the good fight
    Finished the race.

    With chest stuck out
    And head held high
    Wings outstretched
    And a final goodbye

    The Blue Jay launches
    Into midair
    Falling to the ground
    Without further a care.

    note: The blue jay fell to the ground in my dream like a leaf falls slowly gently rocking.

    1. A Blue Jay landed on top of my feeder a few minutes ago and tweeted a very low call that didn’t sound like something from an assertive Blue Jay,
      so I looked up BJ symbolism and picked your website of the 10 offered.

      Your poem is stunning, so eloquently written. Thank you, Eric, for sharing!

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