Red Tail Catfish, Catfish Symbolism, Catfish Meaning, Catfish Totem, Catfish Dream, and Messages
Success is the ability to adapt and go with with the flow. Stop fighting the current and go with it!

Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Catfish symbolism is asking you to make the best of your situation right now. In other words, look at this situation as a gift and find all the spiritual and emotional growth you can find in it. Moreover, this spirit animal’s message insists that you trust your instincts.

Additionally, you must discard what no longer serves you so that you can embrace something new. Look for new things on the horizon that will be of the most benefit to you. In particular, you should embrace this Catfish’s meaning as an opportunity for growth, emotional balance, and prosperity.

Alternatively, the Catfish symbolism has come to let you know that you are now entering a period of emotional learning and self-discovery. It is essential to realize that you must keep an open mind so that you can accept the lesson or lessons as they come. Moreover, the objective is for you to grow emotionally. Only then can you learn to live from a place of unconditional love and acceptance.

This species of fish received its name because of its Cat-like whiskers. Therefore, your Catfish symbolism may be representative of the need for you to develop your clairsentient skills. However, unlike the Cats’ ability to communicate with other realms, this species has a gift for sensing and understanding emotional energies.

Catfish Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Catfish totem animal essence are excellent communicators. They also have an affinity for the written and spoken word. These people know how to make the best of any situation. Folks with the Catfish totem also know how to seize any opportunity that presents itself. They also know how to sift through the emotional waters to keep themselves balanced and grounded. Thus, people with this spirit animal are comfortable with their emotions and know how to express them without laying blame. Nor are they afraid of showing their feelings to those around them. They have a natural gift for prosperity in their life. However, they are perfectly happy with what the universe supplies. In many cases, they have a “come what may” attitude that seems to land them squarely on their feet most of the time.

Also, see Koi and Cat.

Catfish Dream Interpretation

In general, a Catfish dream is a symbol that someone in your waking life is not what they appear to be. For some reason, they are hiding their true self from you as well as their true nature. In other words, their real intentions may not be immediately apparent.

Alternatively, a Catfish dream in which these fish are fighting their way upstream, or holding on tightly to some object as water rushes over them, signifies the dreamers’ inability to trust themselves to let go of their emotions. When you see one of these species of fish on land, then the Catfish meaning is asking you to adapt to your situation and move on to a new place.

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  1. There was an heavy rain and I noticed a lot of big cat fish coming out from the water… scared of cat fish so I told smone to help me catch so I ended up having two with me

    1. I dreamed I was fishing with a girl and a black man with an African accent. We was fishing in a river that was a little muddy looking. I caught a 5 lb yellow catfish. Could not real him in on my rod but pulled him in by the line. The beach was sandy and the black man was impressed with what I caught and how I got the fish to the bank. The girl remained unmoved

  2. My dream; I was in a River and I was seeing many catfish which I mange kill a big one with a panga, second dream after a week or so the same river on the upper part of it, they were many of the cat fish both big ones and small one and I manage to kill some of them with a spear and I was showing someone who was not revealed where the fish’ hide. Help interpret

  3. I dream of seen cat fish on a shallow swamps alive and a cousin came and kill four of it, on the Same place some people came for fishing too and we hid the four cat fish that was killed.

  4. I saw a very big fish, crawled out of a river to a dry land, and it killed a chicken and immediately went back into the water.

  5. I saw 2 catfish pursuing each other in a frightening way. Somebody came and help me to kill the bigger one that looked frightening and I was relieved.

  6. I dream of were I was in a swamp with some people and there are plenty of catfish in the swamp, and I I started killing plenty of them and I was mostly selecting the bigger size ones and we caught plenty of them at the end, what might the dream mean

    1. I had the exact same dream.. But they were all over my livibh room floor and i was killing them at one point because there were alot. They were really colorful and they were growing and they crawl all over the place.

  7. I dreamt that I was fetching water from a well, but as I draw the water up from the well, catfish was following it up, as I drop the drawer to fetch another one, catfish came up with again, several times I draw water up with catfish. Later I had plenty fish I had caught and I was given option to kill some of them but I was so passionate about it that I had to hesitate bf agreeing.

  8. I had a dream not quite long in a swampy area where rain just fell, on my way home o saw a stream of water with big catfishes. Then I felt something moving in my left hand, when I took a look at my palm I saw catfishes ready to come from within my palm. All I did was to press the palm from behind like making an impression and they all started swimming out of my hand. I didn’t allow them to drop in the stream so as not to mix with the big ones so I made them fall on the wet ground so I could get mine. Pls help with the meaning

  9. I just awoke from a dream featuring catfish. I knew it had a meaning so I came to this site for answers, and I found them. In the dream I was at a lake with some companions, one was my dad but I don’t know who the others were. I was standing by the shore and I saw many catfish swimming in the water. One of them came up to me and ‘hugged’ my foot with its body. I reached down to feel its skin. Then I walked away to a nearby house and the catfish followed me, which I thought was strange. I looked at it and the catfish had turned into a seal with the head of a puppy, and it was nodding. After that I woke up.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps with the catfish represents making the best of the situation, and in your dream, somehow it being able to walk on land, may symbolize that you have some ideas that seem impossible in your situation to adapt to it, but will actually work out better than you might believe it will. Make a list of your impossible ideas, and even if you can only work on it in a small way or a less effective modified version, try to at least try doing it anyway. Better to try and fail, than never try and fail that way after all.

    2. Dear, this is an indication of a ministerial calling over your life. Jesus said to Peter the fisherman, come follow me an I will make you fishers of men. And you know what becomes of Peter in the Bible.

  10. I dreamt I was in a river. Three catfish sweet up to my front. One of them jump out towards me and I cought it with my bare hands. Took to the land but before I got there the other two were on the floor. I called my cousin to help me kill them who then use his Cutlass on them gentle.

    1. EspionageCookie

      In the catfishes just offering themselves to you, this might represent how there are just opportunities in front of you that you can take, but that you avoid out of lack of confidence or a belief that you do not deserve these opportunities. Your cousin in your dream might give you a clue in imitating him somehow to receive those opportunities well, or that you have to literally ask him for advice in this situation, maybe both.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the catfish means making best use of your limited resources, this might point to a more specific interpretation in making more use of the natural resources around you in nature. This might mean relaxing in nature, or using nature in unconventional ways, such as making wooden crafts of some kind, farming your own food in the garden if you lack financial security around this or looking at different types of natural herbs for treatment. (note : this should only be a supporting treatment in the face of a serious condition.) You might also use natural spaces as more of a place to exercise, a place to gain creative inspiration or a place to spice up some passion in romance, for example.

  11. Excellent genius

    A friend dreamt of his father washing her head with a catfish.this is strange .she called me for explanation but it’s deep for me.knidly help out sir.

  12. I dreamt of me catching different types of fish hidden under the stones in a shallow water. Some were dead,but i caught two big catfish. Then called some villagers to teach them on how to set traps to get more fish. They were surprise that there are fish in such a shallow water

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the catfish represents making the best use of limited resources, this might represent your friend’s father having to make use of the knowledge he already has to get through certain problems in life. He might be seeking to learn new skills to work through something, but if you think creatively enough, the solution can come with the current use of your skills used in a different way. That, or the clues to the answers he seeks might already be in his head, and his questions can be answered simply by looking through different clues like a detective to analyze for the answers.

  13. I dreamt fighting with someone and she turned into a cat fish but still I was struggling her until she became helpless..

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the catfish represents emotional learning and self discovery, this might show that this person you are in conflict with is mellowing out enough that she’s calming down in a way that you no longer have to have so many different conflicts. If this does not represent the present, it might represent the near future between you two.

  14. My dream was, i am in the river with the cat fish playing, i suddendly came out, the catfish tried to follow despite i try avoiding it, but following

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since the catfish represents discarding something old to try something new in life, perhaps this represents that you are trying to abandon new options without exploring them deeply enough or long enough, and so the catfish follows you along as you try to swim away to try to help you further.

  15. Understood… But find it hard to link it to seeing my late mum going to purchase catfish which was killed and cleaned for her, and the seller discerning the right day and time to cook the fish for it to turn out well for eating.

  16. Your explanation is quite explicit and enlighening. In real life, i’m just venturing into catfish business financed by my uncle as a join venture. We are only at the planning stage, but today i dreamt about catfish in an abandoned pond without being fed for long. Not far from it i just completed the construction of my own ponds and yet to be stocked. As i was looking at this old pond, fresh water started flowing into it, then i saw beautiful catfish swimming out of the pond, moving towards my feet, even as i move my feet away they kept coming.

  17. sincerely! i have just been tongue of expression. this interpretation, was clear so much that every piece of my dream as at 13th of March this year, captured every principal word used.
    thanks, for your ability.

  18. Cool stuff, what about when the catfish is in Indian healing pools and glowing in golden light but not disturbing the waters around it as well as much larger than other catfish surrouding it… I myself was simply sitting at the waters edge observing it. Im 100 percent baffled by this one.

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