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Moth Meaning and Messages

In this case, Moth symbolism is reminding you to be aware that you could be hiding from yourself. In other words, the Moth meaning is asking you to be mindful of the fact that you are using your emotions to keep yourself protected from others. Like the Armadillo, This spirit animal insists that now is the time that you transform your emotional energy. Do this by moving away from drama and into something closer to your heart. Thus you must have faith in your journey. Moth symbolism also dictates that you must also trust that you will eventually see the light. Even if things seem to be complicated right now, use your heart to guide you.

Moth Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Moth totem are the most optimistic of souls! They can find the silver lining in every crisis, the light in any darkness, and the love in any frustration. Their ability to seek out the positive in any situation makes them a good listener for their peers. They are also great peer counselors, advice-givers, as well as highly sought after as a friend. Folks with the Moth totem are accessible and generous with their attention. They understand the subtleties of the way the universe works around them.

Like Turkey, folks with this spirit animal totem have a gift for attracting what they need in life and have minimal difficulty moving through life changes and transformations. They also find joy in rituals and dance. These people know how to use their intuition and have a great deal of psychic awareness.

Moth Dream Interpretation

When you have a Moth dream, like the Inch Worm, it is generally a notice for you to pay attention to the minor details and take care not to overlook things. It may also be suggesting that some unseen irritation may not surface until it is too late. Alternatively, the Moth dream could symbolize your weaknesses, character flaws, and your current fragile state. Like the multicolored Angelfish dream, it is suggesting that you need to step back and take time to heal before moving forward.

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  1. Last year I was blessed by the presence of female luna moth on my front porch and now this year a beautiful red & tan silk moth was at the entrance of my work (I was the first to spot him/her). What do you think this could mean?

  2. Michelle Smith

    This morning two white moths appeared in my home. We have never had moths in our home before. Please explain to me what this means I’ve found everything from death to presence of a loved ones soul. Please help me understand this more. Thank you.

  3. I have little black moths in my restroom& bedroom. Wasn’t sure what to do I tried leaving them alone but them more & more kept appearing. I started to try to kill them. Not sure if they are trying to tell me something. I have been considering a life changE. Possibly getting divorced.

  4. The weirdest thing happened to me the other night. I couldn’t sleep it was around 1:30 AM and it was completely dark in the room and we don’t have any lights near or around my second story window. I was lying there staring out the window then there was three moths then it got to be around 15. That has never happened since I’ve been there. I’ve heard good things like luck and bad omens as well. They was all medium brown moths. I was just wondering if anyone has any insite if there might be any kind of superstition or saying. Maybe I’m just reading to much into it but it was def out of the ordinary… Thanks. Oh they started to appear after I was done praying if that may have any significance.

  5. Little jail story: So there we all were, maybe 50 people of all races in a single room waiting to see the judge. Out of nowhere, a big moth flies out from under a bench. Huge!! A few of us are all wondering what it was doing there inside such a depressing place. It landed on the wall across the dungeon. Then some dude slaps the moth to the ground. I shout “Oi! leave it alone!!” I rush over to the moth to see if I could save it, thinking I want to release it when I get out. It was hurt and on its back. I picked it up carefully and held it in the palm of my hands. I made a little container for it with a empty plastic cereal bowl and a empty plastic lunch bag. I held it in there for about 6-7 hours. People were astonished someone actually cared enough about the littlest bug, enough to keep it safe and release it. I told people “It doesn’t deserve to be in such an ugly place. It has wings and deserves to fly freely”. When I was finally released, I released the moth. It didn’t wanna leave, but I had to show it it was free to go and live its life. I put the cereal bowl against a tree and watched the moth climb onto the tree. It felt really nice liberating a creature into the world smile emoticon I named it Rene’ Jr.

    What can it mean??

    1. friend of moths

      wonderful story!! you are a compassionate and sensitive person…if it were my experience, the moth was waiting for me (you) to come and free it from that place. i would feel that your freeing the moth is freeing yourself, as well. <3

  6. So a few weeks ago this butterfly landed on my shirt and didnt fly away.. this was the first thing a noticed. Im a truck driver currently and this butterfly was with me for an hour and a half. Didnt fly away until later I was unaware. And now in a past week or more moths have been always around me. In my car in the morning. In my truck on the same day. Almost every day back to back. And I know its not the same one cause I free them later on. And at night I put up my windows. Not sure what to make of this. Guess ill just keep faith on my path and follow the light like the moth

  7. I’ve been seeing moths flitting about quite a bit as of late. While I like to think its the changing seasons and more insects will be out, I’ve had many of them flying close to or landing on me. There are also a few instances leading me to believe the universe is trying to tell me something. However, I’m not sure what…

    Yesterday morning, I carefully moved a moth from a wall inside a Dunkin’ Doughnuts (and away from my boyfriend who has insectophobia) to let it free outside. It wouldn’t get off of my hand, just kept crawling all over, so I had to gently blow it away so it would take off and fly.
    A few hours later, I took my break outside at work and was on the phone with my doctor. A long dead moths corpse fell somewhere from the side of the building I was leaning against, hit me, and tumbled off my shoulder to the ground.
    A few hours after that, I was on my way home and found a larger moth on the ground; flapping its wings and skipping around in a circle.

    No idea what any of this means, but if anyone cares to toss an interpretation my way I would truly appreciate it.
    Also, if anyone thinks there’s symbolism between moths and crows showing up a LOT I’d love to hear that as well.

  8. I didn’t dream about a luna moth , 2 months ago my daughter and I found a male and female. I nursed them to health. Then April 7,2015 one let me bring him in and hold him .
    For quite awhile. I put him outside. At 4 am I woke up as usaul . Time of death of my son almost 4 years ago , something said go out there the moth was he let me take him in my room :/) I say he because he carried eggs!
    Let him back out and he flew off. 2 days later
    I found him spread apart at my door. They explode after birth . Then another one yesterday and one today.

    Thank you for your time .

  9. I had a dream my now ex girlfriend and I were in a room and there was a humongous sized white moth in the room overhead that she was trying to swat at. The moth flew by me I wasn’t scared, but it was kind of flying near my face and brushing up against me. Because it was flying around and she was bothered by it I opened the door to let the moth out, and once I opened the door…. the white moth became a white dog…it barked and ran outside. Been stuck on this dream for a week now.

  10. Good evening everyone!

    So just recently I had a moth landed on my shoulders tonight while I was sitting in my garage. But first I want to explain my back story. I’ve been researching and practicing spirituality and higher consciousness. So Im aware of signs that come my way. Okay so lately I’ve been seeing signs of my current life. Signs that made my review my past of early this year. I came to this big realization and looking my life at a different perspective. I’ve been feeling angry at myself of what the decisions and I behavior I have demonstrated. So today I kept seeing signs. How my day started was quite negative but I acknowledged it and turned it positive. Did a few errands and went to go meet up with some friends. Came home and my mom was telling me a story of her dream last night. She told me she got fired from her job and saying how it was done for her and how she got sick. I later went into my room and just reminisce about this past year. I’ve learned of all the things I did that wasn’t in my nature. The things I said, the things Ive done, and the behavior I’ve been demonstrating. Note I’m a good person. I do not do no harm to anybody or anything. But I have not been true to myself. So I decided to step outside for a little and while I was outside. I began to think of the good things I’m going to set myself to do. I suddenly got this drive to strive for the ideas I’m planting in my head. I was in the zone. Then out of nowhere a moth came flying in and landed on my shoulder. I reacted and gently swatted off me. I don’t know what that means or anything about moths but I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me out on this.

    1. Maybe it was encouragement. Maybe it was the universe (or moth spirit) saying you can do it and that they’ll be there for you, like someone putting a hand on your shoulder.

  11. Last night i dreamt that i was in the car. I cant remember why, or where i was going. I had the window rolled down and it was daytime. A beautiful warm sunny day. Suddenly, a moth flew into the car right against my face; near my temple. I could feel the wings fluttering and hear them buzzing, but it seemed stuck. It was flying furiously. I freaked, and begin brushing it off me…but only barely grazed it each time. It seemed unable to fly back out the window, and i couldnt get it off me. I woke up furiously wiping my face where i could still almost feel the wings fluttering. What could this possibly mean?

  12. My best friend recently passed and we went to the site for clue and two butterflies floated by. The next day a giant moth landed on a friends leg in our home and then the next day the same month appeared on another friends door once I got there. Same moth and everything. I left and the moth left as well. I am staying with my friend and the moth reappears two weeks later, same moth and same spot.

  13. I went outside breifly, early morning before getting the household up and ready for thier days whatnots. A single white moth wing slowly floated down and Landed in front of me. Just the wing. Any ideas?
    Thank you kindly,

  14. Alexander Strachan

    Im very surprised from what im reading, Ive always considered myself spirtiual and do Believe in God. This was super bizarre, Tonight My Mother and I began to argue and it got so loud i didnt know what to do, I told her i was taking a walk, I walked to a local bar and sat in a chair out front. Nobody was outside and I overheard an acquaintance from my town while walking out utter “Ive got to go, My Father passed away a couple weeks ago, you know how it is”. Someone in my local meetings passed away a few nights ago from a drug overdose as well. I couldn’t understand why this tiny still white moth caught my attention. I was pist minutes before but this Moth meant something to me. Any idea?

  15. Tonight as I was falling asleep watching tv i dreamed I saw a wingless fat white moth on the tv. I thought I would get a fly swat and kill it but about the time I got the fly swat it flew over to the floor right beside the chair I was sitting in. I was relieved so I could kill it. I hit it once but it was too big to kill so i decided to pick it up with the fly swat and carry it outside. When I picked it up it grew long black legs and started crawling up the fly swat toward my hand. I was frozen in fear and could not move. It got to my hand and I thought it was going to bite me but it did not. At the moment with all of my strength I knocked it off my hand. Then I woke up. I know this means something but do not understand.

  16. Hello, I have had a recent dream the night of my break up with my partner, it involved myself wiping dozens of little moths from my eyes, i have since tried to research what it means as dreams do interest me and i believe that they all have meaning.
    If there is anyone that can give me insight on what they believe it means would be great.

  17. a Moth A Few Seconds Ago Landed On My Leg Then Arm And Crawled Up My Arm Sitting On My Hand. I Didn’t Move Till It Flew Away. I Didn’t Know What To DO Exactly So I Fled Into My House

  18. When I was hanging out the washing yesterday, a yellow moth tried desperately to get through the windows,but with the netting it couldnt go anywhere. It kept trying and trying. Today, a yellow moth is inside the apartment. It is completly still, just staying on the wall. I definitely think it has some meaning.

    A couple of weeks ago when i was again hanging the washing, a black and yellow butterfly kept fluttering around me. When I was out to take the clothes in it was there again, fluttering. And I would see it through the kitchen window…constantly fluttering.. and theres no flowers right there for it to feed on, so i believe it was a message too..?

  19. I had a dream in which I was in bed feeling weak as if life was being sucked out of me when I looker to my back a big as moth was on my back sucking the blood out of my skin!!!! Super freaky what does that mean?

  20. I had a dream in which my husband and I were at some kind of party at night In a romantic park like setting. outside under the trees we were walking together and he held me from behind, there were brightly colored moths floating above us. He held my wrists from behind me, raised my arms and told me to catch one that it would bring us good luck. Instead I caught 2 (bright blue and bright orange) and felt very relieved and then I woke up.

    1. My dream dictionary states that a moth dream denotes a love affair where the dreamer will experience betrayal. It says this is part of gypsy interpretation. Blue is the color of hope and orange the color of danger

  21. I had a large moth in my room for at least 3 days then 5 days later my cat passed away. I have heard some coloured moths can symbolise death. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the death of my cat but yeah reply what you think 🙁

  22. first of forgive the spelling and grammer. i dont know if my story has a real meaning or was ment to mean anything but this is how it goes. about 4 months ago i opened a small store on a reservation and it was new to me even the reserve haha. im ojibway and i had to move from where i was to a mohawk reserve. well its off topic but it was sort of overwelming for me. a month into the opening of the store i noticed this giant moth laying on my porch it was injured seemed to have hit the store and stunned itself. an employee luaghed at its size and left it at that after he and i had taken a picture. soon after i went inside and found somthing to put the moth on so i could move it out of harms way and i put him in a tree i figured that would be best.. and never thought back till today when an older lady came in and told me a story about a spirit that could be tied to a moth and light. it made me think of this but i never noticed a light nor did i ever question it being a spirit all i know is i never saw it again. and that i found my place amoung the people here and yeah… like a second home or a third lol

  23. My step mother who raised me just past away. She was very much into the lord. We had a conversation about after life. She said there wasn’t one. Are soul goes to god. Well…i’m a care taker for a large complex. Every time i look up or down. There has been a moth. Larger one. It never moves. It just looks at me. While im on a ladder cleaning a ceiling fan it will be on my right. Facing me. I have always had animals follow me. I am a out going person and have been thru a lot. Ive never let it get the best of me. My theory is if I’m having a bad day. Im going to try to make someone. Elses day as wonderful as i can make it!

  24. Hi! Throughout my life I really couldn’t stand moths, and didn’t like spiders. In 2012 I lost my only son, and since then spiders (which he had a phobia about, and hated) and moths have become incredibly beautiful to me. They are where-ever I go, and I rescue them where-ever I can. It feels as if they are trying to tell me something that I don’t get, as they have persisted (and I love their presence). I have a tiger totem that appears when-ever I am sad, as I have dealt with a lot of hurt and anger, which subsides so quickly when the tiger is around. I those moments, (normally in the bath) spiders and moths seem to rush towards me. What am I missing?

    1. Perhaps you are not living up to your full potential ? Sometimes when tragedy strikes our grief becomes the all important thing in our life. It’s as if we are afraid to let go of our grief for fear of forgetting or losing the person all over again. We begin to identify ourselves as a greif stricken person and just stay there – stuck.

    2. I don’t think you’re missing anything. I think it’s just a beautiful gift from your son. Thank goodness you’re open enough to notice and hear.

      If you still really feel like you’re not understanding something, maybe ask them? I’m often so surprised at the answers I receive when I remember to ask.

      Blessings. X

    3. So, so true Kate. That is so typical Vincent. That’s what I missed; that he was sending me beauty and love, and I tried to look too deep. Thanx a lot!

    4. I don’t like either but I saw a moth today and I’m sure it was a sign. I have a psychic ability and just before I saw it I was picking up strong vibes from a spirit at my house. The vibes are telling me not to do something and the moth, I believe was just an added sign to listen to my intuition and stay away from negative and destructive influences. Life is amazing. The more you love it, the more your life starts to love you back. You get what you give. The Law Of Attraction is a law! It can be a gift or a curse, $o use it wisely. Use it to only attract the finest things in life.

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