Pay attention to the signs you are now receiving! It may be that you need to adjust your course.

Moth Meaning and Messages

In this case, Moth symbolism is reminding you to be aware that you could be hiding from yourself. In other words, the Moth meaning is asking you to be mindful of the fact that you are using your emotions to keep yourself protected from others. Like the Armadillo, This spirit animal insists that now is the time that you transform your emotional energy. Do this by moving away from drama and into something closer to your heart. Thus you must have faith in your journey. Moth symbolism also dictates that you must also trust that you will eventually see the light. Even if things seem to be complicated right now, use your heart to guide you.

Moth Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Moth totem are the most optimistic of souls! They can find the silver lining in every crisis, the light in any darkness, and the love in any frustration. Their ability to seek out the positive in any situation makes them a good listener for their peers. They are also great peer counselors, advice-givers, as well as highly sought after as a friend. Folks with the Moth totem are accessible and generous with their attention. They understand the subtleties of the way the universe works around them.

Like Turkey, folks with this spirit animal totem have a gift for attracting what they need in life and have minimal difficulty moving through life changes and transformations. They also find joy in rituals and dance. These people know how to use their intuition and have a great deal of psychic awareness.

Moth Dream Interpretation

When you have a Moth dream, like the Inch Worm, it is generally a notice for you to pay attention to the minor details and take care not to overlook things. It may also be suggesting that some unseen irritation may not surface until it is too late. Alternatively, the Moth dream could symbolize your weaknesses, character flaws, and your current fragile state. Like the multicolored Angelfish dream, it is suggesting that you need to step back and take time to heal before moving forward.

252 thoughts on “Moth”

  1. I just had like a tunnel vision dream like as if I was looking through some sort of lens. It was of me looking at my front door from the outside and the door was so bright as if it had a spot light on it. My attention was brought towards my door knob which I thought had a couple of moths but turned out to be many moths when they started moving and when that happened I jerked awake. Can anyone tell me what the dream maybe mean.

  2. Hi. Tonight I was sitting by myself in my garage when I noticed this beautiful colour I was drawn to it.. only to find out it was A Rosy Maple Moth….
    What can this mean

  3. Hi! So, my boyfriend has been waking up in the night, randomly, sometimes 2-3 times, string that there is a moth like animal always laying it sitting on me. He says it has light without actually glowing or lighting up the surrounding area. He also says every time I wake up it disappears but just becoming part of the fabric to my blanket, or the pattern on the wall, as if it just blends in. He says it doesn’t feel like it wants to hurt me, but he also says it feels like there is more than just one. He will stare at it and then try to wake me so I can see it to, but the moment I’m awake it disappears. I practice green and white magic and love and light. I cleans the house with sage, Palo Santo wood, roses and rosemary at times to clean out any negative energies. Anyway, we have no idea what this is but it’s happened about a dozen times in the past couple months. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I personally believe in the far but have never tried to have a relationship with them beyond making a fae garden outside. My bf also says he sometimes feels like he wakes up because he’s suppose to protect me or something, even though he doesn’t feel like they want to do harm. It’s very strange and I’m curious if anyone has an idea what this is?

  4. Christina Damian

    A day or two after receiving this message, My son walked up to me with his hands closed and asked me “You want to see a magic trick?” then Proceeded to open his hands and a moth flew out.. He knew nothing of me receiving the Moth as a Totem/Spirit Animal… Beautiful way for the message to be delivered.

  5. I been worried about who I am and what am I supposed to be like, I listened to a song today thinking then after the song was over a black moth came flying around, I got near my fluttering it’s wings which made me think of the time i was thinking in my room when a black bee/bug looking insect that was staring at me like it could see my soul from my eyes then I got scared and tried swiping at it and it didn’t hurt me it just flew over by my window and I just feel bad for letting my peer kill it. What are the moths are trying to tell me?
    I been thinking about Depression, sad and being alone.
    Cany anyone tell me what is the moth the moths are trying to do?

    1. Maybe the moth see’s you looking back at that time. Maybe it’s just there to be with you.
      The regret you didn’t seem to get over could be driving force to become stronger using that fragile piece is your greatest strength.
      Moth’s are fragile yet they can find a way around that.

    2. I know it’s been some time since your experience with the moth. Certain animals are protectors..some are messengers. I don’t what has become of your experience since then but the moth was there for you protecting you. Like a butterfly the moth could bring you new life. Refuse to be depressed..It is a choice you make everyday you wake up. You see all you in this life is this very moment.Teach yourself to be happy and grateful that your aware of this very second. Yesterday is just that and tomorrow is not guarenteed. That moth was there to feel your pain and comfort you somewhat. Be mindful of the creatures that will cross your path because you will know they are there for and reason. Just like how you felt when the month was staring at you with those big eyes you will see and hear the message from the animals. I am a veteran of 17 years in the military and a 2 tour combat vet. The VA have labeled me with severe PTSD from the gulf.i was depressed but it took a glass of water half filled when a doctor asked me one day if that glass was half field or half empty. For peop!e like us that glass has gone half filled every day with a spoonful of hope. When you find your happiness depression will not be an option for you anymore.

  6. Hello, I saw a moth about 20 mins ago on my window while me and my daughter was watching a movie. It was almost like something told me to look and i tell you both our eyes connect and i saw that it notice me and took off a little seconds later. I honesty don’t know what it meant, so if anyone can help me that would so helpful so i can really understand the meaning please.

  7. Wow reading these comments and seeing this post I walked out my front door this morning there is heavy fog that just kind of rolled in, but the thing that struck me is normally embracing my exterior walls of my bedroom the walls are usually laden with millipedes, and earwigs/silverfish but this morning I noticed at least a dozen grey toned moths along with a baby moth, and some greyish brown moths with one solitary black and cream type moth all on the exterior wall which would be above where my bed head rests inside my bedroom (many years ago the same wall had a humongous white ant nest inside it..) I’m not sure if the moths being represented are here for me or a friend and his son who are going through a hard time at the moment and are couch surfing with me and my son. Or whether it’s for me, given where they are located on the outer exterior of my bedroom wall…
    I remember at my grandfathers funeral, he was buried with my grandmother, a monarch butterfly flew up out of the gravesite circled the coffin containing my grandfather, it circled the crowd of mourners paying their respects and then as they lowered the coffin it circled the coffin as it was lowered into the grave site. It was such a significant and poignant moment given for my sons first birthday I purchased and released 12 hibernated Monarch Butterflies (one for every month milestone celebrating my son’s life and growth) we released them and some lingered as their wings dried and flew on people it was such a graceful experience then.. not long after my grandfather passed I would often see dragonflies in my garden hovering by my front window screens..
    Thankyou for this website and thankyou to the people’s comments ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Your grandfather was celebrating rebirth. He had become new and free and happy. He was letting everybody know this freedom. But many might have been in heavy though so they didn’t notice the butterfly. That butterfly was a messenger for you because of your awareness. Practice your awareness everyday and one-day you might hear 5 different birds talking in bird talk or should I say more like gossip and it will amaze you. The butterfly also let you know to start over or you will be starting over. It makes all sense to me now with your newborne.

  8. What does it mean to see a moth with one’s eyes closed fully while awake? I was in bed after waking up with my eyes closed and saw a moth in the blackness of my closed eyes but I can’t find anything on it. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Prakzz🥀🏩💕

      I dont know how to explain this but i see moths everywhere, n not the average number, i see like 5-6 a day everywhere i go,school,home,my dads house, they are always near me, look i do believe in spirituality n all n i do believe that someone is trying to tell me something i did try listening but i just cant figure it out,what does he want me to know,it’s definitely something these encounters with the moths are not normal,its like they present them selves to me, but i cant figure out the message,its gotten to a point where i see dead flies in my house too,n there is a lot of other things too,i know its not a coincidence,i just need help,how do i know what its tryng to tell me?

    2. Hi, I’ve had a similar situation, except mine has been happening since I was little. It only happens in the dark and it started as a catapillar that would shake violently, which would be followed by weird things happening like floorboards creaking, doorknobs moving, a really bad dark feeling, doors opening, and one time sleep paralysis. Recently it’s changed into a butterfly or maybe a moth, I’m not sure. I’m not sure if it’s a warning, a bad omen, something dangerous, or if it’s just my imagination. All I know is, is that it’s very weird, and I haven’t really been able to find any info on it. Have u seen it more than once? And have u found any information on it since posting this?

    3. In response to post of Nov. 12/19. I am just a fellow walker sharing what came to me while I was reading your post. I was guided to share it. I have been working through extreme amounts of trauma from childhood up until recently at age 49. About three years ago my body was trying to tell me that I had been sexually abused as a child but I was not trusting this (my body) because I had no visual/memory recall. I was also receiving many spiritual messages in the form of seeing animal totems like moths, having dreams, seeing sacred numbers, etc. but was doubting due to pervasive trust issues resultant from trauma. I learned about 7 months ago, through a series of events, that my mind had blocked memories of my being raped as a child literally for my survival and were now surfacing so that I could heal them. That I was ready and feeling safe enough in my body, due to all the work I had done healing previous traumas, to now process this “unknown” trauma. In other words my subconscious had been trying to communicate this to my conscious awareness for some time, but I had just been unable to hear and receive it until I was ready. Where all the conditions came together for this opportunity to release the past to create the space for the healthier, unconditional love that I am so deserving of. My part in co-creating was to be open, listen, receptive and to take action from the place of author of my reality rather than “victim”. It took me years to understand that I was brainwashed to be a victim through trauma. The perpetrators of the violence needed and wanted me to be a victim so that they could feed off my power. If I believed I was a “victim” then I believed I was powerless. That very powerlessness was based upon my survival. Meaning that if I tried to fight back or be anything BUT powerless during the acts of violence against me I could die. So in order to live/survive I had to be powerless. The trauma brainwashing caused my brain to be programmed with a virus of fear. Just as a virus causes malfunctioning in a computer so too does fear in our system by overriding our God given birth right of being loving, powerful, sacred beings. Through the extensive trauma I was brainwashed through programming to believe that my very survival was dependent upon my being powerless, undeserving of love and worthwhile only to be used and abused as an object. Perpetually giving my power away in a myriad of ways that I did unconsciously as a adult due to the virus programming, pervasively effecting my entire life and well-being until I recognised the patterns, source of them and enactioned change. In now having this awareness I now have the choice to see that what happened back then “Isn’t my fault.” because it was a viral malfunction in my brain due to fear. However, now that I have this awareness I now have the choice to continue being powerless or change and accept responsibility, not for the trauma itself, but for how I respond to the trauma. I have control over my perception and how I react. That the traumatised little child in me no longer needs to run the show. As an adult I can go back and show that child she is no longer powerless and does not need to constantly live in fear. It is only when I chose to take responsibility for my wellness that I truly take my power back from “victimhood” to author of my new reality. Do I chose to see myself as powerful, worthy and deserving of making the changes necessary to rewire my brain through changing my thought patterns, thus perceptions to create new experiences where I am now “the victor rather than victim”. It starts with awareness and then the choice. It wasn’t until I made the choice to consciously change my relationship with myself to one of being worthy and deserving of empowering myself through taking responsibility for my life, health and general well-being. Things within my control if I so chose to take them but this is impossible from a place of powerlessness. To take my life back I had to claim my responsibility for myself as a adult to heal myself into wholeness and wellness. That no one else could do it for me where I used to expect people to “fix me” because I couldn’t do it myself and didn’t trust myself to do it because I was powerless. I needed to understood they could walk the journey with me by helping, supporting, guiding, but I had to be the one to do the work. That is when true transformation truly started happening for me. My choice to take control of my thoughts, empowered me to choose my future as my thoughts create my reality. I enabled myself by actioning my own healing.

      I am only sharing what I have been spiritually guided to share and I do not claim to be a medium, etc. My hope is that is is helpful in whatever way Spirit means it to be. To me your dream represents your subconscious telling you that you have unresolved trauma or struggling with a disturbing situation with no resolution. Where your body is trying to get you to see so that you can heal from it hence the struggling pupa in the dream and shaking floorboards etc. Somehow you are feeling invisible and suffocated, unable to live your truth and express it freely. You are such a strong energetic being that your subconscious was/is manifesting this in your reality by things moving etc. to “force” you into this awareness. To bring your attention to it in a much more pronounced way. The vision changing to a butterfly represents metamorphosis or transformation of some sort. Perhaps this has or is already happening in some way or a sign that you are on the right track.

      It could even mean you have very potent energetic, psychic gifts that you are NOT using and are being called to use as your soul purpose to heal others and this planet. You are a sacred being – infinitely powerful and here for a purpose to utilise your unique gifts. Are you living it and using them? Are you living soul purpose and completing your soul mission with your gifts? May you be the blessing you are…

  9. I have a dark coloured Moth visit me for the past week. It sits on my side door Window. I have been feeling quite ill lately with my chronic disorder . 🙁 Everytime I see this beautiful creature outside my door I feel much better. Could someone explain why I may be having constant visits ? I am having MRI testing done in a few days to see how badly my Endometriosis has spread this time around.

    1. A moth landed on me and I didn’t realize. About five minutes into the car ride I nudged what I thought was a piece of hay on my leg. It was a moth. He flew to the windshield. I took him after a while and let him crawl on my window and I opened it to see if he’d rather be outside or in the AC (it was a heat wave) he straddled the window and crawled back on my hand and headed back inside so I kept him. After being on my hand for the 25 min car ride I went to take him into home depot with us. He flew into the car (i assume because it was still cooler than outside) I tried to get him but he flew off my hand again so I went inside feeling bad he’d be in the hot car. We get through the doors and there he is on my shoulder lol. I took him on my finger and he stayed the whole half hour trip and flew “away” after we got to the car. Two minutes later I find him in the car near me lol. I nudged him and he instantly flies onto my finger (like every time before), he stays the whole 25 min car ride. I took him into our house to be in the cool AC. hours later he is gone. Off to find more adventures. I finally get to brushing my teeth and go to bed (this is 12 hours later) I look at the mirror and there he is ^_^ I nudged him and he flies onto my finger, I tried to put him on the wall by my bed but he flies away. I was so worried I accidentally hurt him not knowing where he was but sure enough 20 min later I found him on the curtain to the canopy of my bed where he remains atm ^_^

  10. So initially I thought nothing about this but I was driving home from a weekend camping with some of my best friends and a butterfly flew across the highway and hit my windshield dying instantly. Then not even two weeks later I’m driving and a butterfly I almost hit again but this one thankfully dodged the windshield just in time. NOWjust now I’m coming home from the store backing Into what I would describe a very tight parking spot at an apartment complex my windows down and this monstrosity of a moth Flies it to my car out of literally nowhere and hits the right side of my face lands on my seat my dog turns to see what it was and it disappeared this is three times now 3. so I’m so curious to know what this means in my life.

    Much love.

  11. I have had the same moth flying around my house for days and when j go outside it circles me I’m desperate to know what this could mean

  12. I came here looking for answers to why huge numbers of moths keep landing on me at night. When I go outside within minutes I will have anywheres from 15 to 30 moths of all sorts fluttering around and landing on me. I am just curious to what this could mean or be trying to tell me. I have recently taken on a wiccan lifestyle and am wondering if that is to blame. Please if anyone has any information they feel may be helpful do not hesitate to let me know! I would love some answers.

    1. Hi! I think that this could be because of the Light we emanate, maybe as creatures, they can see that higher vibration light? I have been doing a lot fo soul work these past 2 weeks, all throughout the retrograde really to bring a ton of light into my home and change behaviors that block abundance as I ascend and now I have a huge moth trying desperately to enter my bathroom or kitchen window daily!

    2. That is a great hypothesis! Animals and other things of nature are very aware of the connection we have with our surrounding’s and the vibes we give off when changing our lifestyles to be more positive. They could just be drawn to another version of the light that is bright vibrations!

    3. I’m Wiccan and them landing on you has a few meanings, since your new at Wicca it could mean they are there to protect you or you may have a Ora that attracts them and they feel like your their protector. Hope this helps you in advance our journey blessed be my child.

  13. Kept “eyes to seein” moths this week, felt like I needed a refresher.. felt like posting: when I was a kid, moths were my first experience finding out about death. I had captured two of them, and put them in a habitat. I tried to make it really good for them, but obviously I had jsut imprisoned them. I guess the divine planet saw fit to sacrifice two of them to my learning experience though, because in the morning they were both dead, and I just remember crying very very much. Poor little dudes.

    I was amazed to see that camoflouge is one of its messages; well just yesterday, a kid on the street was catching grasshoppers in a similar fashion… she said she could talk to animals and I’m just like “ohhh really?” (feeling like, I’m sure she does). I asked what her spirit animal was, and she said Chameleon! I asked why, and of course she says “camoflouge”.

  14. There is a white newsbee, looks like a Horse-fly on my front glass door and one was on the back glass door about 2 months ago.
    What does it mean? Good or bad news?

    1. A good sign in my opinion, when I saw the big one the other day outside my window, I felt it could see the “light”. Love ‘n more light to you on your path!

    1. Hey. Recently a butterfly or a moth fly into my mom’s house and land on me. Its a black, and brown with cream brown. Its also has pink and green underneath the big wings. Can anyone tell me. What does that means? I try to find it but no clue on google.

  15. I have being seeing a lot of butterflies in my room but just today I have took notice of moths that sits on the wall above me which looks grey in colour, the other near my door which dark and light brown, what does mean to me…

  16. I see have an owl eyed moth visiting and it’s now 4 days every night. I started seeing this moth when my father passed away 2years ago. After the burial I never saw them again. Then a week ago on the anniversary of his death I started seeing one everyday in my bedroom. What could this mean

    1. I came here looking for information about moths possibly carrying a message from those who have died. My Grandma passed away 2 weeks ago and I also have seen the owl eyed moth! Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    2. This means your dad is offering you love, and the opportunity for a spiritual connection. He is sending you a sign. Read Bill Phillips book, Signs. It just came out.

      Next time you are meditating or relaxed, remember the time you felt the most love from your dad or for your dad. Relieve the memory. Then imagine the love as a glittering white light and send it over him. See him laughing in this picture.

      You can do this simple exercise with everyone you know. It changes you; it changes relationships. Good luck.

    3. I have seen several moths for the past 3 months. Tried to see where they are coming from, but no entry point or closed area. I have seen as many as 4 to 6 in one day, sometimes more. A friend of mine has commented that the universe is trying to speak to me. How do I know??

    4. Amber Weatherby

      Spirit’s can come in many forms from moths, butterflies it’s a way for ur loved one’s to show that they are around don’t be shy to talk to them they’ll talk back in their own way either in dreams or them giving u a sign to follow them in a certen room pay attention hun…

  17. I started meditating for the first time and the next day I see this big orange/red moth with one black spot on the right wing and it’s by my front door. I open and close my door and the moth doesn’t move nor fly. It’s now day 3 and its still there. I do not know what this means. But I have been meditating for 3 days as well. Please help. Thanks

  18. Hi
    This morning a moth flew into my bedroom and continuously flew around and I found it very hard to stop it flying around. It eventually disappeared and I couldn’t help But think it was trying to tell Me something.

    Tonight I was sitting at my computer and the same moth came and landed at my feet. I let it crawl on my finger and I asked what are you trying to tell me. I took it outside and let it crawl on a plant.

    What could this mean?

    1. One way is to sit in a quiet dark room and calm your mind with several slow deep breaths. The think of Moth. Thank it for coming into your life and ask it to share its medicine with you. Whatever you see or feel is moth speaking to you. These are your spiritual senses. Everyone has them. Though not many consciously use them. If you experience nothing do not get discouraged. Thank Moth for the medicine it shared with you. Moth is speaking to you in a way that you cannot see right now. But you can continue to practice developing your spiritual senses. In the manner I described or there are many other paths to the same knowledge. Find what works for you. Namaste.

  19. Hello. Yesterday I was in my room with my fiance and got up from bed and seen a Isabella tiger catepillar. I never seen one before. There has been a lot of different things on going in my life. Parents fighting, work issues and money issues. I was wondering if it’s a good or bad omen?

  20. Could someone please tell me what it means when a Black Moth lands on you?
    Me and my husband were standing in our kitchen at 3am yesterday morning and a Black Moth flew in our window and landed on my foot.
    My husband has been very ill for a long time (he has had 2 heart attacks) and I am wondering if the Black Moth is telling me to be prepared for a death…..perhaps my husband is going to die?
    I have been trying to accept the fact that my husband is not going to live a long life, because apart from his weak heart he has several other serious health problems. I am his carer. I love him very much, but I just have the strangest feeling about this Black Moth…………..

    1. Wow I found your response an hour later because a moth just flew into my room. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s health conditions. Even though we cannot stop death, we can always give as much love as possible, honestly it’s probably nothing we might just be going through a bad time right now. I pray and hope we can all get through this together. I pray that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    2. Hello Nathan and thank you so much for your kind words. You are right… could mean nothing at all.
      However, just lately I have been receiving other signs.
      For example I keep seeing flashes of silvery-white light which I know is a sign of Angelic presence. I believe that I am being prepared Nathan and I am at peace with this. Of course I will be heartbroken to lose my husband but I know that I have given him all my love and care and that is what counts at the end of the day.
      I have said a prayer for you Nathan and I hope all will be well with you. Much love, Laurie, xx

    3. I happened to see your post today.

      May I ask how your husband is now. I hope he has improved.

      A dark brown moth flew in my garage around my car yesterday afternoon. Then last night, or early morning, rather, when I came home, I found it in my house, flying around the locked door of the room of my brother’s elder son. He and his family have moved out just before last Christmas.

      The room used to belong to my late father.

      Then this morning, it was perched at the bottom of the wall just to the right of my bed.

      When I spoke to it, it actually flapped around that area a little.

      It appeared to have died a short while later.

  21. Tonight on my walk two moths came flying in my path very close to me and right now I have a moth sitting right outside my window on the wall. I feel it might be a sign I don’t usually see moths this often.

    I am going through a great deal of change in my life and a lot of things have been extremely difficult lately and still are. It does make me push people away even more than usual, hiding from them like the text calls it and I know deep down that I shouldn’t do that.

    I wouldn’t say i’m an optimistic person though but it’s weird because even though I very easily fall into negative and chaotic thoughts I can still believe things will get better and that the bad times happen for a reason and will bring something good with them. Maybe the moth is my spirit animal or animal totem?

    1. I am also going through A LOT right now. My family is dysfunctional and I wish they could just stay away from me and let me process all that I am going through. Suddenly 4 moths invade the room I am sitting in. I just don’t know. I read somewhere moths can be deceased loved ones showing up for encouragement. I am trusting things will work out. In the meantime if these dysfunctional could just stay away I can sort out my head. Wishing you the best.

    2. I recently went to rescue a dog that was going to be put down. He was a sweet boy and only wanted to play. The next day the shelter went to neuter him Florida law) and killed him in the process. I have been distraught over this. A few days afterwards, I was telling a friend the story in a restaurant, and out of nowhere a Polyphemus moth landed next to me. It stayed with me through lunch, came to my car, came home with me and stayed with me. He flew away for a day after staying with me about 6 hours and he showed up again today when I started crying thinking about Tate ( the dog). I know these moths have a very short life span. Could it be this sweet dog?

    3. About an hour ago I got to hold a rather large light brown eye patterned moth at the gas station I go to around that time to get a drink but the poor thing was flopping around I think he was either hurt or it was because of the wind … Poor little guy 😢
      But I felt bad for him so I put him on the tree on the side of the store so at least he might be able to be ok. But when I read this I just wanted to cry 😭 because I have epilepsy and Lord forbid my ass ever complain again IDK I just get all emotional about that stuff sry. Lol. Yeah had cancer had brain surgery had tailbone surgery and a lymph node removed I just pray the Lord gives me strength and that I dont die seuzure.

  22. can any one clarify plz.

    My beloved wife past away very recently from cancer, but before she died a translucent white with green landed above head while she rested on her bed. I pointed it out to her turned away to grab an empty cup to catch it turned back and it had disappeared it was matter of seconds, looked for the moth but no sign. sadly two days later she left us. Then after returning back from the hospital there was brown moth in the bedroom again I tried ti catch it and as I speak that also disappeared again I search but nothing. can somebody enlighten me why or what the symbolism of this was please. I and my wife love nature and I often drive country roads at night trying to avoid the moths she often told me what are you doing? Rip Love

    1. Dear Mike,

      I think you know what it means. 🙂
      She went to the light, but you can still connect.
      Connecting happens in an instant through multiple realities and through time.
      Im sending you lots of love and I know she is doing the same thing.

  23. I just saw a tiny beautiful white moth with black pinstripes mating and few seconds it’s sitting on my middle finger on the left hand. I really liked it and would love to know what the meaning is. 🙂

  24. Today I was crying on the beach, explaining the situation with my dad to a close friend of mine.Suddenly, a small yellow moth began to circle around us, then it bumped me a couple of times, landed on my arm for a second, then on my hair and again on my arm.For the second it was on my arm I said “aw, cutie”, then it flew off.Its sudden appearance cheered me up, because I find moths fascinating and I draw them/include them in artworks quite often and I’ve never really had such a close encounter with any moth!

  25. I went to visit family with my husband and stayed in my old bedroom. We saw a fairly large black moth flying around when we were going to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to it going inside my ear. I had to go to the emergency room to have it removed. Now we’re home and a even bigger black moth is inside our bedroom. I’m terrified so I closed the door and am contemplating sleeping on the couch. I’ve been googling black moth/moth symbolism all night because I’ve never had this many encounters before. Any thoughts others might have on this is greatly appreciated.

    1. Here’s a link to a site that gives more than one opinion on the black moth.

      From what I can tell there is something wrong with your bedroom and also perhaps with your mind (not saying this in a bad way), but if the moth is trying to crawl in to your ear in the middle of the night, it would be looking for light or attracted to the vibrations of your inner ear. If nothing shows up on a check up/scan then there might be something you need to change about your room spiritually. Salt lamps, amythest/obsidian/tiger eye crystals, sage, holy water/blessings can help purify a room. Also if traumatic things happened in your old room (emotional/mental/physical/spiritual) then the old energy might be shaking you up. Just some ideas to research.

  26. I came into work today and when i open the front door, on the outside window was an Orange Oakworm Moth, Anisota Senatoria. What does that mean?.. Thank you and love love your website!!

    1. For the past three days there has been two moths flying outside of my kitchen windows all day long. Does anyone have any insight?

    2. I am also curious about this and wondered if you found out anything. A few years ago there was a moth outside my house for days – when I went outside it would land on me and acting strangely affectionate (only way to describe it). When I went in it would hover around the closest window to me for hours. Yesterday it started again, same exact behavior but 2 moths this time instead of one – they are outside near the window now and I know if I go out they will be all over me. So strange..

  27. Kimberley Ling

    I was feeling really down today as my husband has been chatting up other girls on his whatsapp he made me feel worthless about myself. He only talks to skinny girls and not curvy girls like I am.

    because I felt so low about myself and feel lost all of a sudden a moth came into my home probably was attracted by the light in my lounge. When I went near it it flew on my hand and just sat there for 5 mins looking directly at me. It wasnt even scared of me at all and all my husband wanted to do was kill it. So I quickly spoke to the moth and told it to save it self and its like it understood me and flew right out the window. It was so adorable so I thought it must be a message from me family up there in the spirit world and I looked it up on here and sent me this lovely message. Thanks to my family for sending me this message and giving me this advice.

    1. Sounds like your husband is your light, and he’s blinding and confusing you. Tell him to watch it! Or you’ll fly away! And he’ll miss out on your amazing beauty!

    2. Darling Goddess…Use your Power Love yourself Respect yourself and dont stay minute longer with a fool that disrespects his marriage vows. Be brave get yourself on a yoga mat and breath into yourself! His behavior reflects on him not you. There is someone out there that will adore and cherish you right now u be the one that does that for yourself!!!

    3. So here goes. When you’re in a relationship that is abusive in any manner the subconscious actually tells us what needs to be done. The fact you spoke those particular words. Fly save yourself. That is your inner self recognizing your desire to be free from this. So listen to it. Namaste love and light. I am a psychic and there are so many hidden meanings to signs given us. Question being. Do you recognize what your soul is telling you.

    4. Moths are so special. Sounds like your husband is not aware of the gem that he has. Some people lack emotional intelligence and live from their ego. Perhaps you should take this beautiful sign and move forward in your life with someone that actually deserves you. I believe in spirits too, interesting how they send us little signs, almost like a hint, a clue to get us to move on in the right direction. Always a path that just feels right.
      Id personally rather be alone than with someone that takes me for granted.❤️ Everyone deserves to be loved. I wish you all the best.

  28. I had a dream that I picked up an empty box and a moth flew out of it. I’m trying to figure out if there is a meaning to this dream. Anyone have any insight?

  29. If someone is afraid of Moths is that means that this person is afraid of emotions? What do you think it could means?

  30. Today I woke up to find a moth on my bedroom wall. I gently caught it and put it outside before one of my cats caught it. I instantly knew it was a message so I read the message above and it was spot on. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you little moth spirit.

  31. Brisbane Pressure Washing

    I was getting some things out of the garage to put into the van for work. I seen a baby moth flying near. Then i seen a few more, before i knew it there was over 50 of them. The never landed on me, most of them where flying above my head and some where pretty close. I stood there just looking at them. They where not there before, and just appeared. I think if i had of stood there all day, they would never have left me.
    I thing there was some meaning to it.
    Lots of baby moths flying round me and nowhere else.

  32. Hi, So I decided to look this up, I was moving from my old house to my new apartment and at my old house I noticed I seen a lot of moth on the day that we were moving . Now I seen different color ones like for example I seen one in my old bedroom it was all white kind of like a pearl color then I seen a really dark colored one like burgundy in the kitchen. I seem like 2 or 3 other ones one was like brown the other one was almost black. What does this mean???

    1. Wow, so fascinating! When I was moving over a year ago, I was finishing re-painting the walls back to their original color and a huge moth was with me in the room for about 24 hours! It was the biggest moth I’d gotten that close to. What have you discovered in its meaning? I am thinking of being a moth for Halloween.

  33. I believe that the moths that come to see you and are souls from past ,, one was my nan ,, I believe it I had a lovely sense of calmness that she was with me to guide me then the moth got wet in the bathroom and died was sad but there is nothing wrong in having a belief sometimes it helps , my nan was superstitious and very spiritual bless her soul xxx

    1. I think you’re right. I put my dads in pen holder on my desk and a moth appeared. It died accidentally soon after I saved it but your post helped me not make a big deal of it.

  34. About a week ago, I had a large moth fly towards me and then land on my arm for a moment before flying circles around me just outside the local pizza shop. I was at work another time when a small white moth crawled out from underneath the cash register and onto the piece of paper I was writing on, he perched himself on my finger and I took him out the back door of the restaurant. Ever since these things happened, moths have been strangely friendly to me.

  35. Today I was at a cookout at my job when a moth came my way. It flew around for a while then seemed to be obsessed with me. It followed me wherever I went and litterally would not stop trying to land on me. It hit my face about three times. I walked away and it came straight towards me. Then me and my friends made a plan to capture by using me to lure it since it was getting annoying. I didn’t mind it much but they were freaking out that it kept coming back. It eventually landed on my shoulder and someone caught it and set it free a little bit down the road so that it wouldn’t come back. Like I said, I didn’t mind that it was so attracted to me because it had happened before with a butterfly but this one would just not let me go. My friends suggest that it’s my perfume or maybe my cotton shirt since they do like that but I don’t know. Usually when you push them away they don’t always come back.

    1. That is strange isn’t it, moths are usually only drawn to light, well maybe consider it a compliment hm. You don’t live in the Netherlands by any chance do you ? Kind greetings

  36. Catherine Comerford

    I was feeling very stressed and a little bit lonely and missing my dear mum who passed years ago. then tonight a beautiful swallow tail moth came from nowhere landed on my shoulder startled me and flew round my kitchen i did manage to get a photo of this beautiful moth.

  37. Today, while walking out to get the mail on a very rainy day, I found a small white moth riding along inside my large yellow umbrella. I shooed it away on the front porch to avoid bringing it into the house with me. I guess it thought the sunniest place to be is inside that big yellow dome. My message says I will soon be receiving good news. I sincerely hope so.

    1. Such a tiny white moth! I almost overlooked this small message. Monday, the 17th, I had a very smooth business transaction with no communication glitches. I allowed serendipity to give back to me. This fair weather Monday was so very kind to me! Someone hidden behind the scene is looking out for me.

      I received two other signs on Sunday, the 16th. A red robin walked across the road in front of my car from right to left as if he was using a bird crosswalk. I felt a little annoyed at the time. Couldn’t he just fly over the road? Immediately afterwards, I turned left and a solid red cardinal flew rapidly, horizontally from right to left in front of my windshield. OK! OK! I get it! The barriers are coming down. I will reach my goal successfully.

  38. Good evenng. I would like to enquire about this June beattle that hust flew into my hair tonght! Lol, it startled me a bit . I looked it up and it is a scarab. It’s a ten striped June beattle. What do you think about that? I often have visitation from big beautiful Moths but noth i ng like this before. Im curious to hear your input.

    N ch gratitude,
    Love and light

  39. Wherever I go, moths always follow me. They land on my arms, legs, head, often 3 at a time within minutes of going outside. They don’t seem to be bothered when I shoo them away and will happily land on my hand, if I put it out. The people around me don’t affect the moths like I do. I don’t think this has anything to do with the soap I use because I have switched and it hasn’t stopped happening. What does this mean?

  40. Too bad I can’t add an image I have a large Polyphemus moth at my front door since my husband and i noticed him this morning we went out for a few hours and he hasn’t moved since. He is still sitting there in the same spot and it’s almost midnight… What does this mean?!

    1. A lovely silk moth, very,very large landed on my blouse and has been hanging out there now for over 6 hours. I’ve named him “Mauthy” I figure he’s about to die or it means something deeply spiritual. Also I believe that it’s my Mom’s spirit as she’s come to me as a bird and dragon fly in the past (within hours of her dying) Today is Mothers day. Mauthy is a beautiful gift

  41. I have a very interesting moth story! I’m recently divorced from a very emotional and mental abusive husband. I was cleaning my daughter’s toy room and I found a spider on the carpet so I placed it in a container and started walking out of the room to let the spider outside. All of the sudden a black moh started flying in front of me. It scared me at first. After putting the spider outside, a captured the moth and let him outside too. I went back to my cleaning. After about 20 minutes, I went to my daughter’s diaper bad and found a pair of folded up socks. When I unfolded the socks from today, guess what came out of the socks. Another moth! The moth flew away. I googled moths and this website came up and I’m shocked that it matches my personality to the tee. I believe the moth is telling me to listen to my heart and it will lead me and my daughter to the right path.

    1. Crazy to read your comment! I got divorced this morning and came home from that and it was raining and a beautiful moth landed on me and stayed long enough for me to get a pic! A friend said it was a sign of peace so I’m looking it up and find this! Interesting…

    2. A man that lives with me (verbally abusive), will not leave leave nor fix my house he has destroyed. I now have violations on my house. One day of work. Losing my storage. Unpaided bills. So many unsavory things going on in my life. I am unhappy in my life. Tonight, a big Candle moth appeared when this man entered my house tonight. I noticed this big brown thing in the corner of my room on the wall. I looked for my jar, so I could catch him and let him free. The man living with me was determine to catch it, so I said,”DON’T KILL HIM, IT’S MY ANCESTOR, AND HE IS OLD!” AS I looked at him in the jar, he looked like wood, and it reminded me of who he was a contractor. I heard the moth say,” He will be accountable.” The man living with me asked the moth to deliver a message of prosperity, but the moth took his time leaving the jar. I wonder what a brown moth mean, if he is just sitting and not flying in your house? I do know one thing I felt he was watching the man in my house.

    3. Similar thing happened to me just a few minutes ago! I was sitting on my bed trying to watch tv, but my thoughts were louder than the tv. I have so much on my mind, and going through so much, yet I never allow my present situations to taint my vision for my future. So while I was thinking of the things that were bothering me, I was also thinking of the things that the Lord has promised me! Then out of no where a baby moth lands on my hand! I’ve never in my life saw a baby moth, so I quickly searched…”what does it mean when you see a baby moth, and you’ve never seen one before” , and this site popped up, and what I read fits me 100%. Then I start to read the comments out of curiosity, and I come across a woman named Sarah… like me, who this has also happened to just only a month ago! All I can say is WOW, and I hear You loud and clear Lord!!! Thank You Jesus for always guiding me, using whoever, and whatever You please to send me a message!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼❤️❤️❤️

  42. It was my 3rd time hanging out with a guy I newly met and I was interested in him. And he showed deep interest in me too. He picked me up from my house to have dinner and a black moth landed on his hat. After dinner, we drove to a dessert place and the moth was still on his hat! For 3 hours plus.
    What does this mean?
    I’m Taoist. Both my grandparents have passed over the years. was it one of my grandparent or was the black moth trying to hint me something?

  43. I experienced an amazing dose of Moth medicine​ today. I found a moth who was struggling to escape from a spider web under the front of an azalea bush. . . I was walking with a sister in Christ and she said what is that.. .is that a bird??? I kneeled down and saw it was a huge Luna moth struggling to be freed of this spider web , the web was destroyed all but one string so I grabbed the string and broke it and the moth was essentially on a leash of the spider web string I was holding and as soon as I got this amazing moth out from under the bush I released and watched in awe of this amazing creature wasting no time to fly away in to tall trees across the street. Earlier today a friend told me about finding a zebra swallowtail butterfly that he moved onto a plant off the ground when he found the butterfly just after coming out with new wings and I felt a deep longing to have that experience to be involved in his lifestyle where a experience like that would manifest. . .and wow this moth experience manifested hours later.

  44. So I’ve had 4 incounters that I can recall invilving big moths. One literally flew onto my wrist at work, this was the biggest and was either black or dark dark brown. My friend freaked me out and said that it was a bad sign and meant death or something negative.
    Another time at the same job, its consessions, one stand was just full of them. About 5 were flying arpund everyone whilw they got food and things ready. That time I had grabbed and released it out of our stand but it flew back in and kept taunting me by going in and out if the stand where my cash register was.
    Another time as a bbig moth trying to fly into my house, but it was having trouble getting in dispite the door being wide open.
    And lastly another big moth showed up at my second job, I also work as a carousel opporator, and it was just chilling on a pole and it was oddly big.
    I don’t know if I’m overthinking these things. Could just be the weather.

  45. I underwent hypnosis today and the image of insect wings kept coming up. It wasn’t until further reflection I realized it was a moth. When my mother passed away almost two years ago this month (today happens to be her birthday, and the same day I did hypnosis) I kept seeing moths. One flew into my car window as I was driving, one flew at me then calmly sat on my knee while I was camping. Is there a relation between moths and mothers? I find it funny that the word moth is in MOTHer too. Is this her trying to contact me or reach out, or am I making the wrong connection?

  46. I have been seeing a cream striped owl moth in three instances , one was dead when I found it, the other alive when I saw it and today the other one seemed to be alive but noticed it was dead. What could it mean

    1. I’ve seen the same Cream Striped Owl Moth at first day dead another day alive & flying another day like frozen I’ve seen it in one place when I come back after 2 hours it’s there. Is any one tell me what it means?

  47. So i tend not to really believe in this stuff all time and by that i mean all the time and treat more like joke i guess but i been going through rough time lately and i was really tired and the teacher saw this and told me to go lie down so i did and i fell asleep to find i had dream of only darkness with black moth just barley being able to see it. i was only able to because of a grey outline to show it off but when i woke everything felt different i dont know why but never really though like this but since then it been more tranquil i think.

  48. Hello guys, let me start by saying I am a Christian but I believe in spirits. In November my daughter’s father (my soul mate) died in a tragic motorcycle accident on my birthday. A few days, maybe a couple of weeks after, there was a moth in my house which I’ve never seen before and it was like attacking me. It got in my hair and and kept trying to fly on me.. I’m pretty sure I killed it..It scared the mess out of me. Since then I’ve been seeing one off and on still and I was like what in the world. Well I have been googling how to know if a deceased loved one is trying to connect with you as I have been mourning and having a hard time with his death. My daughter is 7 it has been very heartbreaking seeing her go through this. I’ve read that if a butterfly or lady bug is hanging around you or if you see stones or feather or something like that in your path that it could be from a deceased loved one. So tonight there is a moth in here so I googled can a moth hanging around be a sign from a loved one and I had no clue that a moth is some kind of sign for the Chinese and other cultures to be a soul I have had a private number call my phone a few times and it’s just silent on the other end before it hangs up so I’m wondering if 1. I am just too eager to have any kind of communication from him. As I am too scared to go to a medium or mess with any of that kind of witch craft or 2 am I losing my mind ?or 3 is it him? I don’t want to ask family or friends because they will just think I’m nuts lol so if anyone has any insure they can help me with I would appreciate it. Thanks

    1. Also, I took a quick test to see what my spiritual animal was and I guess I’m a butterfly. I thought it was strange too

    2. Roberta Ingrato

      As far as i know we all have angels, family around us in our time of need. They are there to show us we are not alone and are supported. Also angels are here to help us we just need to ask. Trust your instinct I know when mine are around either by smell or i will find clues or things will come into my space what i need maybe not at that time but soon when i need it i will realize why i got that … Has that never happened to you ? I suggest a book by Sylvia Browne she help me understand many things … i cant remember the name i can look it up if you keen.

      As for witchcraft a medium is someone who connects with those that have passed i promise it is not evil . I understand and respect you as a Christian but i have learnt a lot from Priest/ Pastors /Rev etc . What is now referred to as “new age” is not it has been around a long time i was shocked at how much Roman Catholics have so much knowledge about angels etc etc.

      I suggest going to Spiritualist Church the service are the same as others except you may have the honour of getting a message from a loved one.

      Good Luck

    3. Please Google what is a moth represents to get your answer because one just flew on me. I would not be afraid to go to a medium because they do not deal with the devil or witchcraft. They may give you answers you seek. Blessings and I’m sorry for your loss 🙁

    4. Even if it’s your husband trying to contact, he will never return to his physical form again, first make peace with this fact and accept the reality that he is gone, or I will rather say, transcended, into the further. His body is gone but his life force, his energy, the karmas, they live on, on a different realm, on a different frequency .. Death due to sudden accident often leaves the souls in confusion, in a state of shock, after leaving their body. At that moment they wonder what happened, why anybody is not able to see me, hear me.. Then slowly they realize that they are dead (mostly guided by ancestor’s spirits or some fellow souls), but this can take time depending upon the level of trauma he experienced during the accident. It is a noted belief among the astral beings that during this period, what hurts them the most is their loved one grieving for them, seeing them cry, because it is nothing they can do about it, they have ascended. And yes, if he trying to contact you he will contact you eventually, no need to go the mediums or chaneller, it will be simply disrupting his after-world processes. He will be always there looking upon you, giving you signs, helping you in the most unexpected way, until of course he chooses to reborn on earth (that is a very long time from now, depending upon his karmic debts).

      Nature tries to contact us in mysterious ways, serendipitous events, dreams, dejavus, signs, repeated occurrences, try paying attention to them, nothing happens without a reason, so like as you described a moth was attacking you, you thought he might be trying to contact you, he may be trying to contact you through a moth but he is not the moth (spirits use subtle ways of communication as they are unable to do it directly or physically). So if he is really trying to communicate with you through this moth, then he has clear message for you, what moth’s represents, ‘upgrade’. Change what your current condition into something better. He wants you to be strong and handle the situation better. He wants you to take control of your life and your daughter’s.

      Change and see if tries to contact you further ..

    5. TY. HEY Hun

      Sorry to hear about your late hubby , if you wish to get some more personal information regarding what your talking about , you can contact me directly and after I focuse in on you I should be able to give you a reading ,, if you give me permission now I will look into it over the next couple days .. If your looking for a sign that he’s trying to make contact in a spiritual form or in that case a moth our loved ones will come to us in many ways m they however normally chose one that is familiar to him and you so that you will know that say that moth keep flying over to his spot ont eh couch and Landing on the remote things like this … Either way please get back to me through email . I then will see heat I can get and reply to you personally but we ask that we post most of these online so others that ,ya be in the same situation can read them and get corage. To ask as well . Of course if the message is very personal we will not post ,, this is only done through me and only after your approval ..
      [email protected]

    6. Kelly Banuelos

      He is definitely trying to contact you YES! The Universe places animals in our paths for a specific reason. It is only when we listen to the subtle signs that we can gain the clarity to understand the messages. Anytime your gut thinks, “was that a sign from him?”–trust it was. Please know he is there with you now more than before. If you have considered a medium already, it would benefit from following through with one so he can clarify some of what he wanted to tell you since he has transitioned already. Blessings to you and your daughter.

  49. I have been seeing moths in my room for a few weeks now and it is every single day, especially at night when I sit down to watch tv. I have been looking into what my spirit animal is for about the same amount of time, but never put the two together until today. I didn’t sleep very well last night and I laid down to take a nap and all of a sudden there was a little moth (they are always small little ones and I cannot tell what color other than not white or light colored) and it just kept flying in a circle. I laid there watching it and I watched it just fly away. I remember all this time thinking to myself it is winter and I can’t believe I have moths. Well, today is when it hit me that it could be my spirit animal, since I keep seeing them EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past few weeks. I didn’t think about it because I was reading about wolves, dogs, otters and birds and so on and never saw anything about a moth at all. So, when I woke up, I looked it up and there is a moth spirit animal. I have been going through huge changes in my life. My dad is a large issue and I just got out of a 9 year relationship with a man I loved more than I have ever loved another, but he lied and cheated with a friend. I have carried burdens of others with me my entire life and have finally learned to carry my own and I have learned not to beat myself up over every mistake I make and I don’t for the mistakes other make anymore either. I am trying to restart my business after fighting cancer for 3 years and am looking for an investor. Just HUGE changes in every part of my life. How does the moth fit in with any or all of this?? Thank you so much for your time!! Oh, I do still feel my ex boyfriend ALL THE TIME. I know when he is thinking of me, I know when he is sad or agitated. I know it is him I am feeling and not myself as I am not sad and I am not upset. I know his soul is here and I sense him around me all the time. I recently blocked him from calling and texting me because I will not take his games anymore and since then his sadness and agitation has increased drastically. I taught him how to treat me like that, because no matter what he did, I stayed and tried to work it out and he knew how much I loved him and that I would keep taking it. Now he knows I have had enough and I left and he is not liking it and I feel every single day.

    1. Roberta Ingrato

      Good Luck i understand and know what you are saying , it time for you to Shine and put into action what you want. Look up about the energies , new moons etc for a little insight if you keen , last year was for closing chapters , working through issues, this year letting go of what longer does not serve and to bring in what you truly want in your Life. Great transformation ahead.

  50. I just have to comment on how truly magical this website is sometimes. Or more, how this website enables me to see the magic of our natural world. I went thru a rough patch with a loved one recently, and I realized that I was just blaming her for my own insecurities; I, in a way, projected my fears and anxieties of my future life onto her. I then came to the conclusion that these are just growing-pains, and that running away from my fears will just keep them fed: Facing them is the only way to do away with them. So then today I saw, on three separate occasions, a very distinct, large and beautiful moth; and when I consulted (like I usually do when something seemingly significant happens) the message really “spoke” to me. I guess all I want to say is thank you to whomever the authors of this page are. It has provided for me valued and timely wisdom numerous times. My hope keeps renewing.

    1. I’d have to agree with the growing pains, I seem to be attracting the moths allot lately and bees too, none of them bother me and I get a little upset when someone just goes a swats it. They aren’t bugging them just being a brute, as it goes for feeling the magic around me I know its always there easy to see it but figuring out how to use the energies in a way useful at times is where pains of growing set in for me. I had better control over my life when I was not meddling with the energy around me. We all have our moments where everything just fits its hard to figure out just was is the perfect action to take when there is so many vibes or paths you can take at one time. I am at the fork in the road AKA the dark night of the soul about to take the new path and its always hard at first but they keep on saying it gets easier I wish that was true right now…..

  51. My mother passed away about 2 months ago. She was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and living in a nursing home. The last few days of her life were spent in her room in her bed. As she was going through the dying process I saw, on four different occasions, a tiny white moth. Each time I saw one I would get rid of it. It struck me as very odd considering it was the dead of winter and cold outside. Plus the windows in her room don’t open. I’m wondering if this was some kind of sign, I never saw them there before. Some people say it was the presence of spirits and death was imminent. Any ideas?

    1. Hey Lorraine. My condolences for your mothers passing. Would like to say, that I personally just witnessed a small white moth myself. I decided to take time tonight while walking into my house, to observe easily 15 different species of moths. I have found that different animals(and different beings) at different times of the day or night mean different things.(all of course, fitting your belief system if you have one) Use the internet, but also go with natural intuition..! If you find yourself seeing similarties, your affirmations were probably right! I have seen the exact same situation as you have, with my grandma in these past weeks. All I can say is, life is more fun when you look for god, as you know, in natural and interesting ways! Love and light always. Good luck

  52. After I have watched the movie about exorcism, and when the exorcist casted the demon away, I bacame a swarm of moths. So last week i saw a moth in our enclosed bathroom. I wandered how it got in the bathroom because, even mosquitoes and other small insects cant get in our bathroom. And this night, i saw anothere moth at my room,, when I turned of the lights, the moth suddenly appeard on my window and scared the **** out ofme, what does this mean?? I caught it and I suddenly flew beneath my foot. This is ***** the crap out of me, help me plssss.

    1. We tend to let our heads take control of things that how do you say that run rampant, watching those movies and all may seem like nothing to most people but ,, I can tell you from my own experience that in some cases it seems like things come right out of the tv and get into our lives for real ,, the power of these things is no joke ,, not to scare you in anyway here but we as people are always being tested and poked by the darker side of things ,, so let’s say that this isn’t just a moth that somehow got into your house that maybe you missed and it was attracted to your heat and it’s flight patterns ended up being under your foot ext , in other words stuff just happen ,,,.and let’s pretend that it’s more then that so we can put your mind at ease .. IF this moth is being taken as a and omen for one it’s because of your mental state from that movie but you have the power to turn it around into just simply helping it out of your house , that act alone of kindness is exactly the thing that creates power and light around us ,, focusing on the neg aside will create more noticeable neg or dark things happening ,, so you should take a look at what you want to do here ,, if your starting to be interested in knowing about the things that most people don’t want to or are feeling like you need to protect yourself then start educating yourself but ONLY ABOUT THE LIGHT AND POSITIVE THINGS ,, a person just starting out IS NOT READY for the dark side of thing you need to learn about the good and protection you can give before you even look at darker things ,, don’t get freaked out by this ,, I can tell you that the symbolism of this moth is at the most sent to just jar you install fear etc,, but that’s only if we let it ,, the real power here is your ability to make it into what you want .. Keep it positive .. The next time anything like that happens focuse on doing good that it was put there to help cuz every creature that’s living is not good or bad they are all gods creatures,, it only our thoughts and ways that make anything living evil negative or as such … Hope this helps ,, we let in what we let in ,, you create positive around you or you can bring neg.. Stay positive..

  53. I had a weird experience with a moth yesterday morning. It happened around 10 AM, I was in bed playing my Nintendo 3DS and noticed a very small moth flying around me. I was weirded out because It’s winter and I’ve never seen a moth during this time of year.
    After getting over the strangeness of seeing a moth during the winter, I felt this feeling of calmness and warmth. He stayed around for a few hours and then just seemed to disappear. I haven’t seen him since.
    I was wondering if someone could tell me what they think this means? I believe that god gives us little experiences like this for a reason, due to past experiences.
    I’m 28 and I’ve been dealing with health issues relating to my back. Due to this I’ve been very depressed since I’m unable to do much right now.
    My oldest cat is also very sick, so my family and have been trying to keep him warm and comfortable.

    1. I had something like that happen to me too. I catch moths in my house and let them go. I had one recently that was the magdalen underwing moth flying around in my parents room. My mom called me to catch it. Its interesting. I never seen one in the winter. It was sure hard to catch. It would’ve been different if there wasn’t cats in the house. I hate that I had to let it go into the cold. I did sit out there in the cold weather once it was caught just letting it clean itself and stuff. Always when I catch them, they like to just sit on my hand or crawl on it. They never like to up and fly off like if I were trying to catch it to let it go. Anyways. I’m wondering what it means to see one in the winter.

      I just know from looking back, I’ve seen alot of butterflies last year and a bit the year before that and even interacted with them by letting them crawl onto me. Theres been alot of change. Recently there has been too. I wonder if the moth is referring to it at all? Maybe its referring to change of sorts?

    2. Hi Lyn
      The moth in your case I’m getting represents unseen irritation , it also is a symbol of your character flaws and weaknesses , now seeing that you had the feeling of warmth and calmness this tells me that the weaknesses and character flaws that are having any significant impact on your life will be coming to an end .. This whole thing put together is good , you were givin a sign that things will get better soon and that little boost of inner peace that you received says that all will be okay .. The fact that it just seemed to vanish or sorts speaks volumes in regards to your current health issues ,, it will all go .. .. The positive attitude get when the warmth and clam came was the gift in itself .. Hope things have gotten better for you and don’t be sad about your cat .. He’s gonna be going to a place with no pain .. I have 3 animals now that are sick like that and it’s tuff but know that they and yours alike will be happy healthy and still hanging around after he passes ,, I sense that you will be able to hear familure noises that you will tie into your oldest cat ,, and it will be his spirit coming around to be with you ,,

  54. I have lived in my home for 6 years now and I have never had a moth about 2 weeks ago I started noticing a few moths flying around and within a week they have multiplied. They are in my entry way of my house and they stay on the ceiling they are only in the entry way though so I was just wondering if there is a meaning behind them as to why they decided to show up lol if anyone knows anything im open for suggestions and ways to get rid of them.

  55. A green moth flew into my house and stayed on the ceiling. This is a first time that a green moth flew into my house and I have seen! Is there a meaning to this?
    Hope someone can enlighten.
    Thank you

  56. Hi

    I have had moths in my room every day for the past 6 months. There is always one but up to 8 or 9. I am finding they are very active in my room day and night. Strangely some just seem to die for no reason, they just seem to suddenly die in perfect shape. I have had more deaths of moths recently. Yesterday a large moth flew straight into my back and tried to communicate. I have had a few fly around me and my face also. Any advice on what this means would be great. Thank you

    1. My sister died in july. Starting in august every day and night a fly was with me for 6 months. On a couple days a month would show up. I had a month in bathroom today. Im sure this is my sisters spirit

    2. Hi Ria

      I need a little more info form you for this one ., but from the biological point perhaps these moths have all been coming to a place they are comfortable , are they mating of anything like that ? How are they getting in , is there a scent or different type of light that’s in your room?
      Are you going through anything right now in life that has to do with weakness or a issue stemming from any character flaws you may have let start some problem ? If you have ever noticed that all of these moths are what seem to be full grown ? Get back with info for me and I’ll try and tune into what may be happening ,, it’s strange but not necessarily a bad thing ‘ let’s get more info and give me a day ..

    3. Okay , it seems that you have visitors , family or friends that have passed on are coming back to be noticed , now this also can be a warning to go with your gut feelings on some decision and to ALWAYS remember that the journey is more important then the end result .
      If the moths have been coming and seem to be getting larger in numbers this is b cause you haven’t noticed what it is that the spirit would like to convey , in your situation I know that you must go see a physcic , I have gifts that allow me to help and these moths are spirit but pending on your houses history too could be for another and yourself , the fact that you have moths flying into your back and such is telling me that at least one or 2 of these moths visiting are in fact spirit ,, in the meantime take a hard look at decisions your making spirit is trying to tell you to be careful and think about the after effects of that decision ,, I wish I could just type everything at one time but I get things when they come not at my choice , so in the meantime you need to focus on the upcoming decisions you will have to make and remember the journey ,, remember who your decisions can effect and think of others while making these decisions .. I will get back at least one more time I’m waiting for any message I can pass on that will help ..

    4. In my case those which have been visiting me are fully grown tiger moths one of which was flying at my utility room window when I was in there doing some washing I’m not sure if it’s relevant but I’ve been doing a lot of letting go rituals, and clearing, organising, and sorting things out from where I’ve allowed them to pile up recently while I have put that before allowing myself to create as I’m an artist

  57. I am creeped out by insects, moths especially since about 2 summers ago we had a ton of them migrating somewhere and happened to be passing my house.
    These always fly at my head, or dive towards my head, and scares the crap out of me. I just don’t like and bugs or insects hanging out on me.
    So today on my lunch break I went to get a coffee as I was ordering my coffee and talking to the Barista a ginormous bird sized moth comes flying in my driver side window right at my head. Which was weird because there wasn’t much room between my window and the drive thru window. So I ducked down fast enough that it landed on my head rest and then flew onto my back ( I think? The barista told me to shake my back around?) then it flew over to my passenger door on the side of the seat and stayed there until I left pulled into a parking stall and started opening all my doors until it flew off, but while opening the passenger door I noticed a little moth that must have just been chillin and riding with me for who knows how long? It flew off as well.
    But the bird moth was really pretty. It was normal grey moth color until its wings expanded then it was a beautiful bright red underneath.

    Could have just been a weird coincidence but thought I would see if it meant anything. ?

  58. Rosarey Cabiguin

    I was watching a video about my homework, and l was feel nervous when l see a green moth in my legs, and until now still nervous, because this is the first time that l seen pirch green moth in my legs. And l was so curious so l take a picture. Then l feel something and curious to know if what is the meaning . What l did is search it and now l feel better, and also the meaning is so likely they same of what l feel. Thanks for this site it was so interesting and helpful:)

  59. I have been plagued by moths for years. I am pretty sure that I have acontinually propegating hive of them living in truck because on a daily basis I see them flying around me, whether in my truck or not.
    A week ago, I went outsidee and my neighbors door, which is directly across from mine, was absolutely covered in moths all around the door and the frame.
    Im buddhist, so I never kill them and only remark on their beauty on the oddness of their constant presence in my life. It doesnt matter where I am or if I am near my truck.. There is always a moth somewhere around me or on me.. Its weird.

    My wife decided that Moths must be my spirit animal, lol

    While I do not buy into any of that nonsense, I decided to look it up just out of curiosity. I will say that for the most part, they nailed my personality, though.

  60. Thanks for telling the symbolism of the moth.

    My husband and I have been going through a tough time right now, basically our newfound marriage has been rocky and arguing everyday about the littlest things emotionally hits us hard. To top it off, he just got a job after being unemployed but he was not approved to live in my apartment, basically he is homeless. Because he can’t live here, I put in a 30 day notice so that we can be together, but we honestly cannot afford to move anywhere realistically.

    Yesterday night a big black moth was in my studio. I was definitely alerted and actually scared of its presence because I don’t really like bugs. The moth stayed for one whole day, and it was peacefully hanging around until i decided to alert my kitten of its presence. When I finally decided to take the moth outside to be free, my kitten caught it and it died. This very day is when there was a major shift in our arguing and things were brought to light. .. It is also the day we realize we have very short time to find a new place, with barely any money with us to afford a new place.

    Thank you for your symbolism and I also believe in signs and that things happen for a reason.

  61. I was driving home the other night and drove through a wall of moths. I am from Canada and it looked like a whiteout (snow storm?. It was amazing, but what could it mean?

  62. Brittany Champane

    So, I was sitting outside with a friend. I all of a sudden realized that there was a huge yellow moth flying around me, and landing on me. I swatted at it but he dodged me, and just kept circling me. I’m not a believer in coincidence. I am a stage 4 synovial sarcoma and stage 4 lung cancer patient. I just today was told my platelets were up enough for me to receive chemo. I’ve been off for a month. My can er is very aggressive, or so they’ve said. I just came back from Ireland. It was any amazing visit. Absolutely loved the families I mt, history I learned, religion I respected, and drinking buddies. I am blessed, and this was just icing on the cake.

  63. Moths seem to definitely be the theme of this month for me. They just keep coming up one way or another. Most recently this morning I went on to the back porch around 2 or so, only to look up and see the biggest gat danged moth I had ever seen in all my life just clung there upside down. I didn’t know moths could get this big. We have stickers of oversized butterflies stuck to the windows so that birds don’t fly into the windows break their heads and die. This moth was the same size as the butterfly stickers which are about bird sized. So I took a bunch of pictures and even a short video of this giant moth before retreating back inside the house to be with my cat. Then I sat down and sent the pictures to everyone I could think of and they all marvelled at the big moth too, asking me if I was okay after such a big moth incident and I said yes I’m fine but that was a really big moth! And they said “yeah I know, Im even showing it to my friends” and then about 30 minutes later they messaged me back and said that their friends thought the moth was really big and then I snapchatted pictures of the big moth to some people and they said “Taylor I’m going to sleep but in the morning I’ll message you about whatever that picture is of” and when they message me and I tell them it’s of a big moth, they’ll probabl be very frightened and worried about how big moths can get and that maybe one day they will have a big moth happen to them too.

  64. Thank you for this. I was enlightened reading this. I just resigned from my job and unemployed now, I am praying so hard daily and asking God for a sign as I am praying for a good opportunity to come. A day after I resigned I am seeing brown little moths (about 2) in the house. The very little one came into the house while we were watching tv and i was surprise that when I entered my bedroom the little thing came in with me. Then yesterday while I was cleaning the terrace, I saw another another moth resting in one of the clothes hanger (a litttle bit bigger than the previous). Alternately, I been encountering little spiders in our room. I am looking forward that these would bring me good luck. 🙂

  65. Was looking for the symbolism of the moth because yesterday a moth landed on Cristiano Ronaldo’s third eye location. The if a moth has flown across your path is curious though.

    1. yes I am so.. curious too…
      . what does it mean….??? ❓
      it definitely is good luck…for Rolando!! 😆
      A supernatural omen symbol … 😆

  66. I have been in a very abusive marriage for years in which my husband doesnt agree with me having a job but complains to me about money. I never get money at all. I prayed in a sense for financial blessing n sat outside moments later. While sitting on the stairs a black moth flew directly at me n fluttered in my forearms (never landed) for a few moments n seemed to disappear (?) immediately after i got a tingly sensation from head to toe. wonder what this could mean? Please help….

    1. For years? LToni… How is this benefiting you? A lot of times we search for a sign…after self nurturance and self care, you will find that the answer lies inside of you.? Do you practice self care?

  67. HI, I came into work and there was a beautiful lunar moth on the window. No one paid attention to it except me and I think it means something but I’m not sure what. Does anyone know what it means or represents? Thank you!

  68. I had an incredible experience with finding a white moth. A few days ago, a friend of mine told me that her nephew’s girlfriend committed suicide. She was really torn up about it. She was not sure if she was ok and if she crossed over because of how she died. I got her a couple of crystals from a lovely shop to help her clear the negativity and ground her energy. On my way to see my friend, I saw a white moth. I’ve never seen one before. I had stop and take a picture to show my friend. She had never seen a white moth either. She asked me what the moth could mean or represent because it was so random. I began looking up symbolism on moths and then it dawned on me. They are attracted to light. That was the message! She crossed over and found the light- she was telling us she was OK.

  69. I had the most incredible experience standing in the moonlight late one night (about 11 p.m.) overlooking the surf at Honolua Bay in Maui, Hawaii.

    First of all, it is a really warm place, so all I was wearing was my smile and a pair of surf shorts. No shirt, no shoes, nobody around for miles, just me, the moon & stars. It was a really still night, no wind, everything was so quiet except the sound of the surf occasionally passing by in the bay below.

    Then it happened, hundreds of moths started to cover my entire body until there wasnt a spot left to cover. My entire body way covered by moths. All the way to my ankles, wrists and neck. In other words they never touched my hands, feet or anything above my chin. I would guess that there must of been at least four to five hundred of them covering me. They never actually landed either. They just fluttered right against my skin, with their feet touching me. It felt really weird, kind of like a little electrical buzzing sensation. This sounds crazy right, but the feeling was increadible. This was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. Kind of like what happened to that guy in that movie Avitar, with just way more moths. After about a minute or two of this I shook my whole body free of them, releasing them into the air to see what would happen. They just flew right back on me. It was a real trip that this was happening to me; I couldn’t believe it. I shook them off two more times and they came right back. So after that, I just stood there for another few minutes. Just as fast as they had appeared they all were done with whatever it was they were doing and flew off. The rest of the night left me with the purest feeling of contentment I have ever felt.

    Now, I feel very connected to moths, although this has never happened again, every time I see a moth I feel a closeness with it. Funny thing is that my mom is deathly afraid of them, they’really always trying to land on her head. She really trips out on them, like they’re trying to get her. She screams and ducks while she is running around the room. It’s hilarious, I get a good laugh every time.



    1. What an amazing sign of your totem and the medicine it brings. I myself just had a moth come into my awareness as I was just going into meditation. Instead of hunting it down like I did with my kitten before I saved it from destruction and used it as medicine. I thought once, that these moths were an infestation when I had a bloom in my last house. Once while I was doing Qi Qong one flew in front of me and instantly as I was about to smash it I cupped my hand and caught it. At that point I became aware of the importance as why they exist. Everything is spirit so that means that is a direct link to the great spirit. Your episode has deep deep meaning and healing. I take it as a favorable sign because I am waiting for my wife and son to come home and be approved by immigration. I have good hope and release of stress that soon we will be together and more proof of how powerful medicine this is to everyone. Pure, sacred, healing and free of charge. No government subsidies on on this medicine and no pill to swallow.

  70. Well, this all may sound weird but here it goes. I have a very strong intuition, meaning I can kind of sence things. For example, my friend has anxiety, and sometimes my stomack will just feel terrible and i immediatly know something is wrong. On several occasions I have found out that at the same time I felt like that she was having a panic attack. Basically, when I feel something in my gut its right. So a while ago I saw two moths. One was white, and the other was black. The white one was on a step on my stairs, and i almost blindly stepped on the stairs but I hesitated. When i looked down I saw that I was very close to stepping on it. Usually the departure of a bug doesn’t matter to me, but there was something about it. I looked closer and put my hand out next to it. It crawled on my hand! Moths have neve done that with me. I sat down with the moth still on my hand and it filled me with this, peace. After sitting there for about twenty minutes looking at it, I set it carfully down on my door window with a perfect ledge. I looked at it one last time and realised next to it was another moth, but this one was black. I went to greet it, hoping that it would do the same as the white moth and crawl on my hand, but quickly it flew up and went to the giant light above my head startleling me, and franticly bashed against it again and again. I do know moths are attracted to the light, but it was unsettling to see for some reason. Now, just last night, I was going downstairs to get a drink of water, and noticed something frantically moving on the floor. From closer inspection, I realised that it was a black moth. It was moving all over the floor trying to escape, and something in my gut didn’t like it at all. I tried to ignore it but I couldn’t. I became crazed. It just kept moving on the floor, charging at me, moving on the floor, charging at me, i even felt it glaze against my skin a couple of times. I probably looked insane, watching and dodging a moth for about 40 minutes. Finally, I took a bowl and trapped it. Somehow it got out and i trapped it again, but this time its wing got caught, which even though the thing was driving me insane i still felt bad about. Without thinking or hesitating I got plastic wrap, quickly put it over the bowl and put a rubber band around it. Then i took a toothpick and poked lots of holes in it. It still never rested. Its like I can still hear the wings flapping around in the bowl. At this point i would let it outside, but I was almost scarred to put it out into the world, almost like this tiny moth would come right back at me. So I just watched it, trying to deside what to do. During this I looked down at the ground and saw something. It was a white moth. A dead, white moth. Do keep in mind that I rarley see moths in this house hold at all, but here they are, two of them, one in a container flapping away never resting, another on the ground dead, filling me with sadness for reasons unknown. I felt so bad for the moth I had trapped, but I couldn’t bring myself to let him out. I put a couple of drops of water through one hole, I wasn’t really sure how to care for a moth. I left it there overnight trying not to think about it, and in the morning, it was gone. No openings in the container, no possible escapes, my mom said she didn’t touch it. I also searched the floor for the white moth, and found a single white wing. This convince me I wasn’t hallucinating, which I don’t know if I’m happy about or not. What does all this mean? Sorry this was so long.

    1. Sol

      That is the most insane and cool moth story, and I am glad you were not afraid to take on the black moth. Fury at the light, lunging at you, and desperately trying to escape usually means you are dealing with some power of darkness. Gentle touch of your hand by white moth is a good and reassuring sign. That you trapped the black moth by its wing and that the white wing was left for you as a token by the white moth, should tell you something. Here, a battle was raging and the two moths disappearing the next day confirms that this was a battle unknown to humans. It is also probably a message for you: resist evil and bad company (you went above and beyond trying to hinder, trap and contain it!) and ally yourself with goodness and righteousness. That you did not kill the black moth shows that you withhold judgement. That you did not kill the white moth shows that you have mercy. That the black moth would try to kill you if it could grow large enough, I do not doubt. That the white moth would defend you with its life if it grew large enough, I also do not doubt. I would venture to guess that God used two little creatures to give you a little glimpse of a battle that you DO NOT WANT TO FIGHT WITHOUT CHRIST.

  71. My cat who was very very special to me died september 2014, I still miss her so much and today a friend brought up my Luna and so of course I started thinking about her and began to tear up a little, i went to the bathroom to wash my face and a little moth landed on my finger, so naturally i took out my phone to get a picture because why not, and i told my friend who said “thats funny, maybe its a sign from luna” and just now i was going through pictures of luna and i found one that looks exactly the same as the one i took with the moth on my finger. i was standing in the bathroom and luna had reached up with her front paws on my leg and i took the picture from the top angle, you can see my hand with white nail polish by my side, luna holding onto my leg looking up at me and the background is the bathroom tiles. and in the moth picture, you could see the same position (even the same nail polish which is funny because i usually wear nude colours but i ran out so i applied white a few weeks ago) except luna wasnt there, and there was a moth on my thumb. if i could post pictures i would show it, so now im just researching moths and hoping someone will tell what i wanna hear hahaha

  72. My uncle died three days ago. Today when we’re were moving belongings, I found a wooly bear caterpillar just as I was about to step on him. He should be frozen solid right now, but he’s up and moving as if winter never hit. He will turn into an Isabella tiger moth, and it’s funny cause he looks like my uncles moostash. I don’t know what to do, so I took him home. I set up a nice tank for him with spinach and herbs in there. I want him to pupate, then I’ll set him free again. I don’t know why, but I saw him, and immediately I was attached.

  73. I had a dream my bf started collecting moths and personally I’m scared of them and think their faces are just not appealing. They would start flying around and just everywhere . Every time I saw one I would scream and tell him to get it. What does that mean?

  74. Love this. I’ve had various experiences with moths. Big ones. i’ve had the oportunity to have them climb onto my hand. Just the other day a beautiful gaudy sphinx moth was waiting for me at my front door when I opened it in the morning. 😳

  75. Woke up around 6:30 decided to turn on music videos. Something that I haven’t done in years because evil controls the airwaves. Anyway I took a huge step in my life by leaving my job and enrolled in truck driving. Leaps of faith. As I’m watching these mind Controling videos I can’t help but notice there are moths present in everyone. What does this mean?????

  76. I woke up around 6:30am and I felt something crawling on my arm I lifted the blanket and a white moth flew out. Is that suppose to mean something.

    1. It does mean something! Has someone you loved passed on???? If so that means the white moth is a sign that the person you love is ok and has made it to heaven!

  77. I’m surprised yesterday night when i came home from duty when two moth landed first on my chest then flew & landed on my dresser. At first i didn’t noticed that they are mating until i stared on them. They are in two different colors, one is brown & the other one is white. I’m just curious about what message they want to relay on me as this is the first time i saw a mating moth. Could anyone interpret the exact message these two moth wants to convey on me? Ur ideas & comments are very much welcome. Thank you!

  78. Diane Collett Greenblatt

    Thank you for this website . I love it and refer to your work often when animals cross my path to find the meaning of this experience . JUST now out of nowhere , I saw my cat Cinnamon fly across the room as I was on my laptop typing ( actually on facebook ) and he jumped on top of the fireplace !!! HE does that at times , yet I realized , there was something fluttering , and he was trying to play or catch , which I thought must be a bug , I have been in the house for quite awhile no doors or windows opened for awhile ,so i thought this is odd, I got up from the sofa and pushed the laptop aside and on to the top of the fireplace there is a corner shelft with family pictures and i have candles , and also; soft twinklng lights wrapped around everything and over the inside of the windows too , so when I looked there was this very frightened , fluttering , tanish , soft ,smallish moth , I was asounded it really caught my eye , and I got my cat down from the shelf as he was definitely attempting to catch it , something made me feel so much like I wanted to protect it , it was swirling around , and around in these lights so i ran to the kitchen to get a paper cup , and came back i attempted to catch it in the cup , i did but it flew out, i tried to open the front door and said ..come here mr.moth ,this is the way out , it of course flew all around not towards the door , i could not leave the door al the way open as my cat would get out , so I closed the door and ran back to the kitchen to get antother plastic cup so now i had two , but i could not find the moth , so I sat down on the sofa and started sharing with my friend what happened, i had said prior , be gone for a few minute ,trying to save a moth, and when i went back i said , could not catch it and now cant find it and out of nowhere i saw it just on the side of the fireplace , it looks so peaceful ,it was tanish and small not large , yet something about it grabbed my attention more than ever I had the two plastic cups and I was able to catch it in one and put the other cup over the top , it was really trying to get out , I kept saying please stay in inside , little moth , becuase soon you can fly free , i made it to the door ,with my cat keeping a watchful eye on me ,and the moth,it was like , he was not pleaseed i did this lol , i put the two small cups on the group right in front of my front door (which was still slightly ajar ) and when the two cups hit the ground out ,came the moth , it was like he was looking around , about to say , what happened ,where am i now , I quickly closed the door so he would not return inside and i saw the moth ,fluttering his wings and almost look up at me, truly that was a unique moth expereince i felt like the moth and i were communicating , like he wanted to hang out here , i came back to my laptop and my friend ,was still there in our chat and I said I am so happy I saved the Moth, hes outside and i saved him , caught in inside the two cups and now he is flying free..she said ..YESSS You are a moth savior !!! How cool is that …when I was out for a walk about two hours ago, I was talking to spirit , I said holy spirit , can you please give me some signs , about a atracting , and manifesting a loving romantic relationship ,can you plesae send me messages i can hear or see , so I can understand that , this is on its way and could you do the same for him ,so that when we meet , each other , we will both know that , I am the one for him and he is the one for me to share our lives and that we are divinely guided to do so , can you please holy spirit , send these messages to ensure me ,that this is coming and that when my partner appears to me , that I will know for sure , and he will no for sure AND then this happend just now ..I truly feel this is a important message for me , and I feel validated thru this wonderful moth that came to visit me inside my house tonight , and I feel so wonderful and good that I caught this moth and it lived and i was able to get it outside to fly freeely , yet i was feeling that the moth wanted to stay inside and hang out , just saying that now i am wondering if I will get to see it again , thank you any feedback would be wonderful and I would be thrilled . xo Sending light and love to you and eveyrone on this thread xo and to my moth

  79. Hello! Recently I’ve noticed this little “Flock” of moths in the front yard. This morning I walked out to go have breakfast and they all fluttered around in front of the big living room window. I’ve also noticed the same moths landing on different windows in the house but not necessarily coming inside. Anyone have any idea of what this could mean? It’s been going on for a few days now if not a week and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s noticed it.

  80. I had five in the shower last night, one by one they flew straight for the water, and went down. I’m sure what’s to come will certainly be interesting.
    The message at the top for me today was:

    What has been hidden from you will now be revealed. Pay attention!


    So, pay attention is exactly what I will do. 🙂

  81. OK I have a question. For the last couple of nights. I have come across some moths in my room. To be honest I am not afraid of them but am if I have to go to sleep. Last night my husband killed 2 in our bedroom. Tonight I found 5 new ones. I hAve been in my room all day as we are getting ready to move. What can this mean? I know it means something, I feel it but what??

    1. I had a white one follow me ( on my bonnet ) for about 24 hours … I would go to dinner… Home … back to work and it didn’t fly off. I was soo amazed !!!!

  82. Last night I dreamed that I saw a lot of dead moths lying on the ground. I was picking them up, one by one, so that I could put them away somewhere where no one would tread on them – maybe under a bush in the garden. Somewhere suitable for little moth bodies to lie undisturbed until they become one with the earth again. They were all small light-coloured moths. There was also a baby, which my sister took away. (We are both in our fifties and childless.) I told a friend that was there that my partner and I had chosen not to have children but that I had health problems that would have made conception difficult or impossible anyway. (This is true also.)

    The quote I got at the top of the page was telling me to expect fortune: good news, which could be the healing of a strained relationship, a resolved health issue, a new job, a new financial resource, money etc. If I have a dream of dead moths, does this mean that I am facing the opposite of good fortune?

  83. One evening while in bed we were relaxing and watching tv and from nowhere this black/brown moth with white spots came and started crawling up my arm and flew away and came back to my arm and crawled around again and flew away to some other area of my home not sure –well about an hour later it came back to my arm again and crawled around on my arm again and shoulder and blanket for a minute and back on my arm -this moth did not land on my friend and he was also shocked at how it was going and coming. well then it disappeared and I didn’t see it again until this past Saturday morning– I was making coffee and felt something on my shoulder and sure enough it was the same black/brown moth with white spots just resting quietly on my shoulder and I was able to take a picture of it. Just wondering if anyone has had this type of experience and everyone whom I have showed this picture too has not seen this type of moth in my area… just wanting some kind of insight and direction.

    1. Tonight as I was biking home a moth landed center on my throat right under my chin. It left spore that hurt my nurse are stiff. what does this mean ?,, someone help me.

    2. Tatyana cardenas

      Omg . so a few hours ago i was in the bathroom about to shower until i seen a moth just land by the light then it would fly around looking for an exit it tried leaving from a corner that looked like an exit to it i guess cuz it really was trying to get out from there but then flew back to light i thought about killing it with raid but for some reason i couldnt so i left the light on and closed the door so it wouldnt leave to the room or something while i went back to the kitchen to google about it instead and how to take it out …i went like two times to to check on it for the description and the color and went back to googling then i came across this page and read plenty of peoples experience and wanted to see the moth based on what i read but when i went back the moth was no where to be Found and i mean i closed the door so where could it have gone … Suprised that i couldnt find it so i got back to reading to see if anyone else has lost a moth so here i am and i totally would like to see a pic maybe its the same type of moth 👀😯

    3. I didnt know you had to add the other person’s name kinda thought it would send to the person some how since after their story i pressed reply. I dont usually comment on things i just like to read and get that happy warm feeling and any insight i need from ppl so i dont really know how this works …but i do hope that you get to see my comments kimberly since i did write them for you to be able to get back to me and of course for anyone else with insight or similar situations or who would like to add … Ive looked for that moth and still nothing at this point i dont know what scares me more my major fear for moths or any type of insects or the fact i cant find the damn thing 😷 it cant possibly know im afraid of being around it and landing on me causing me an anxiety attack that goes rock high or could it 🤔

  84. Hi. A couple of nights ago I had a dream in which there was a large moth, about the size of my hand, or bigger. It was beautiful; it was mostly blue and purple, but it seemed to had other colors and it was sort of translucent. My mom was there too and she started doing something with her hand, moving it in circles around the moth and I noticed this was hurting it and so I started yelling at her, saying something like, why would you do that, knowing this would hurt it, but she didn’t seem to have realized she was hurting it, so that made me feel guilty. While this was happening, I went and held the moth in my hand and it felt very heavy and warm; it was still alive but it didn’t seem to be able to fly anymore. That’s as much as I can remember. Then, yesterday my husband went to visit his mom, who is staying with her sister in law and they saw a Luna Moth on the front door. They later noticed there was a second one on the lamp by the front door. Does anyone have any thoughts on what these encounters might mean? Thanks in advance!

  85. Jesse on 16th July 2015 @ 6:12 am

    A beautiful white moth was flying around me at my kitchen this early morning, and briefly hit my left chest and It began swirling around the kitchen area. I was exited and when to my bedroom to alert my wife……………It just vanished suddenly and BTW. it is 11 days after my mother-in-law’s passed away.
    I heard stories of some OMEN , pls. enlighten me with thanks! ❓

  86. I had a rather odd experience today. I went out to my backyard and a moth flew over to me and was following me around and then within 2 minutes there were literally about 15 of them, all over me. Flying on my face, my legs, my neck, everywhere. I’ve been outside for about an hour now and it’s still going on. I have all these moths flying all around me. It’s rather beautiful.

    1. Wow, beautiful story (-: then what happened? Any follow-up to your moth event? P.s. i just landed here at this website becuz i woke up middle of the night with a moth on my hand, and i googled it !

  87. I was sat out the garden the other day and seen a brightly coloured butterfly, with orange pink and purple.. Today I went to walk into the bathroom when I came across a huge moth with a vibrant pink body hints of green in the wings and dashes of more pink.. My nan passed 9 months ago and I’d like to believe their signs from her.. Anyone that can help help?

  88. Something very unusual occurred a few days ago to do with a moth, and I decided I would share it with you.

    I was nominated for an award on the 1st July, so I had to dress up all fancy and attend the ceremony, but not once did I believe I had the potential to win anything. I invited my best friend and my mother to join me for moral support. Much to my shock, I actually won an award for my Web Design capabilities, with my tutor explaining that I had huge potential to take the industry far, and that I could become a very high-end web-designer if I wished. They asked me whether I was considering taking it up as a career. All I said I was, “I’m not sure quite yet, but I might do.” For even though I won an award, had gotten praise and encouragement…a huge part of me does not believe I can get there. I am reluctant, if not afraid, to delve into those foreign waters.

    After the ceremony, it was a lovely hot evening and my best friend invited me to stay over her house to celebrate. I agreed. Little did I know, that something very odd would happen that night:

    I was sitting in my friend’s computer chair, playing a game, when I suddenly felt something rather large softly tap into my head. Naturally, the unexpected sensation caused me to gasp and whip my head up–just in time to see the most beautiful moth I have ever seen! It was huge–bigger than my thumb–and it was actually adorable! But what really struck me was that this huge moth was pure, stunning white, with slightly golden markings, like moonlight. It was soft to the touch, with huge black eyes…and I felt no fear. Which I must add is very peculiar for me; I do not like moths, and tend to freak out when they dart into my face. But this…this felt different. I was literally drawn towards this moth, wanting to hold it, and I felt no unease as I got up close and tried to help it get back outside. All I felt was an odd sense of wonder, excitement and fondness. It was all very odd.

    After catching it in a dry cup, I managed to get it out the window and closed it. The bedroom door was shut, the windows were shut, and even the hallway windows were shut, aka there was no way for it to get back in the house. So imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning, opened the door…

    And found the exact same, pale, large moth staring straight back at me from the opposite wall. How did it get back in? I will never know.

    Not sure if it means anything, but as I said, this event felt different. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Hope you all enjoyed reading this.

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Amazing experience you had… very interesting. 😎

      I was brought to this page today because of over 25+ moths visiting me last night… another very interesting story to tell. 😉

      I have a feeling I am to ask of you for some “web direction” due to the similar notable encounter with our moth-friends, my daughter’s name is as yours… and I need “web” advise. Would you please message me on this FB page?

      I hope you see this note soon and we can “chat” very soon! 😀

      Many thanks,
      ~ MBQ

      Pls message me via this FB page…
      safest way for us to be in contact, I think.

      (Admins of this page… would you pls delete this note after 30 days? TY)

    2. I am terrified… I have a brownish mother following my son. He is 8 years old. I left my husband about 15 days ago for issues we had. His mother has done woodoo in the past to some people but I don’t believe in it, but it has been. A few days, including inside a bank, a bus stop and a classroom, I understand it is summer but that has never happened… I am afraid is it good or bad because is light brown, and it is the same size and color, I don’t even want to kill it because I am afraid! Any help?

  89. Today, I had the pleasure of two moths landing onto my right hand, simultaneously, after landing on my vehicle first. My life as of yet has been unbalanced, yet, with this experience gives me hope for a better tomorrow. These two moths appeared to be mating while on my hand, subsequently flying away, male first, female second. I’m not sure what to grasp from the symbolism, however, I’d like the encounter to represent a new beginning…perhaps. I pray for an optimistic change in my life; it seems that each day presents a struggle, one in which brings strife. I wish for it to cease and for the good of the world to manifest.

  90. Athalia Rosalita

    I saw a brown moth in my room and it is seldom to have moth in my home. My boyfriend died last June 7,2015 and I saw a Brown MOTH last June 21,2015 in my clothes. As a christian I never believed “Superstition” but I just want to asked if what is the meaning to saw a BROWN MOTH in my room..
    Thank you!

    1. This is all too much right now…A very close friend of mine passed yesterday. They found his body in his garage and so far no details,but,the messed up part about it is that…the moth started to come back around this passed Monday…on Monday it flew right into my chest as if it were on a kamikaze mission with my spirit…it crashed to the ground….fluttered it’s wings ..then took off. I knew immediately what this meant. I have been experiencing this my whole life but it was fifteen years ago when I finally put it all together…when the moth visited me again the following day,the encounter wasn’t as violent,it just calmly landed on my right shoulder…sat there for a few second and then flew off again….it was conformation..clear as day….only thing to do at that point was to wait and see who it’s gonna be this time…..Good bless my good friend Jeff and his entire family. I know that if I’m this messed up about it….I can only imagine how his family is feeling about his passing…this is so sad

  91. The other day i found a beautiful moth (white lined sphinx) in my garden. It brought me weird feelings bc i had noticed that nature has been a lot more loud and clear to me lately. That night i had a dream of an old boyfriend who had passed away. It was a lucid dream like he was visiting me. Ive had these dreams before with other people that have passed. I woke up feeling guilty and heart broken. Pretty much the whole next day i felt sad. A moth has been crossing my path every day since. Its been approx 4 days. Could this be something sending me messages?

    1. that’s really interesting! your comment is the first one that i read and i also have a boyfriend that passed away in 2008 (i was 16 and he had just turned 18) a long time ago i was interested in moths but years later when that boyfriend died i got a memorial tattoo for him and didn’t know what to put between his birth and death dates. i ended up choosing a moth because the day when i found out he passed i was at a liquor store sitting in the car and in the middle of the rainy yet bright sunny daytime this beautiful moth crawled out of this crack in the dash that looked too small for it to even fit through and it started crawling on me as i was crying. i was in shock still from the news and for some reason i started to talked to it as if it were my boyfriend. when i was done talking i said goodbye and thought of it as releasing his spirit and it flew away through the window into the bright sky. sorry i don’t really have an answer to your question but your comment really interested me. also, i found it really interesting because years later a friend that didn’t know i had a moth tattoo was standing on a porch with me and happened to mention that in some culture (i forgot what culture) they believe that when you die you become a moth before you cross over. i have been really wanting to learn more about moths lately because i feel like a lot of times when i sit on my porch by myself and i’m feeling lonely moths come up to me and either sit on me or crawl around on me. sometimes i’m so surprised at how long they’ll stay on me (even when i’m moving) that i’ve taken pictures. i’m not sure of the correlation but i do think moths are very nurturing and spiritual creatures

  92. I have been try’n to decide if i should stay with the man i am with or try’n get back with my ex-husband who is incarerated until 2016 (i know it would take some work) but my heart is telling me yes , i must leave the man i am with and do this. I prayed last night for god to pls give me some kind of sign as to which choice to make. When i woke up this morning there was 17 total moths at my door, on scrren, around frame of screen,on light above screen and to the right of door . They stayed there all day it is now 4:57 pm. But the thing is i had a dream last night that my ex husband was in and myself and another woman asked him for a date and he said no, i am going back with my ex- wife. and then waking up to the moths, can u pls help me as to know if that should be my choice to go and make that transformation in my life and regain the joy we used to share.

    1. I would work on you and self love while your husband is in jail. I would let go of the other man and all men for a while. This is the best way. Look up Jennifer Kass, her podcasts are something that will help you. Moths are creatures who transform. Then they love. You must only deal with yourself, you cannot worry so much about relationships.

  93. Last year I was blessed by the presence of female luna moth on my front porch and now this year a beautiful red & tan silk moth was at the entrance of my work (I was the first to spot him/her). What do you think this could mean?

  94. Michelle Smith

    This morning two white moths appeared in my home. We have never had moths in our home before. Please explain to me what this means I’ve found everything from death to presence of a loved ones soul. Please help me understand this more. Thank you.

  95. I have little black moths in my restroom& bedroom. Wasn’t sure what to do I tried leaving them alone but them more & more kept appearing. I started to try to kill them. Not sure if they are trying to tell me something. I have been considering a life changE. Possibly getting divorced.

  96. The weirdest thing happened to me the other night. I couldn’t sleep it was around 1:30 AM and it was completely dark in the room and we don’t have any lights near or around my second story window. I was lying there staring out the window then there was three moths then it got to be around 15. That has never happened since I’ve been there. I’ve heard good things like luck and bad omens as well. They was all medium brown moths. I was just wondering if anyone has any insite if there might be any kind of superstition or saying. Maybe I’m just reading to much into it but it was def out of the ordinary… Thanks. Oh they started to appear after I was done praying if that may have any significance.

  97. Little jail story: So there we all were, maybe 50 people of all races in a single room waiting to see the judge. Out of nowhere, a big moth flies out from under a bench. Huge!! A few of us are all wondering what it was doing there inside such a depressing place. It landed on the wall across the dungeon. Then some dude slaps the moth to the ground. I shout “Oi! leave it alone!!” I rush over to the moth to see if I could save it, thinking I want to release it when I get out. It was hurt and on its back. I picked it up carefully and held it in the palm of my hands. I made a little container for it with a empty plastic cereal bowl and a empty plastic lunch bag. I held it in there for about 6-7 hours. People were astonished someone actually cared enough about the littlest bug, enough to keep it safe and release it. I told people “It doesn’t deserve to be in such an ugly place. It has wings and deserves to fly freely”. When I was finally released, I released the moth. It didn’t wanna leave, but I had to show it it was free to go and live its life. I put the cereal bowl against a tree and watched the moth climb onto the tree. It felt really nice liberating a creature into the world smile emoticon I named it Rene’ Jr.

    What can it mean??

    1. friend of moths

      wonderful story!! you are a compassionate and sensitive person…if it were my experience, the moth was waiting for me (you) to come and free it from that place. i would feel that your freeing the moth is freeing yourself, as well. <3

  98. So a few weeks ago this butterfly landed on my shirt and didnt fly away.. this was the first thing a noticed. Im a truck driver currently and this butterfly was with me for an hour and a half. Didnt fly away until later I was unaware. And now in a past week or more moths have been always around me. In my car in the morning. In my truck on the same day. Almost every day back to back. And I know its not the same one cause I free them later on. And at night I put up my windows. Not sure what to make of this. Guess ill just keep faith on my path and follow the light like the moth

  99. I’ve been seeing moths flitting about quite a bit as of late. While I like to think its the changing seasons and more insects will be out, I’ve had many of them flying close to or landing on me. There are also a few instances leading me to believe the universe is trying to tell me something. However, I’m not sure what…

    Yesterday morning, I carefully moved a moth from a wall inside a Dunkin’ Doughnuts (and away from my boyfriend who has insectophobia) to let it free outside. It wouldn’t get off of my hand, just kept crawling all over, so I had to gently blow it away so it would take off and fly.
    A few hours later, I took my break outside at work and was on the phone with my doctor. A long dead moths corpse fell somewhere from the side of the building I was leaning against, hit me, and tumbled off my shoulder to the ground.
    A few hours after that, I was on my way home and found a larger moth on the ground; flapping its wings and skipping around in a circle.

    No idea what any of this means, but if anyone cares to toss an interpretation my way I would truly appreciate it.
    Also, if anyone thinks there’s symbolism between moths and crows showing up a LOT I’d love to hear that as well.

  100. I didn’t dream about a luna moth , 2 months ago my daughter and I found a male and female. I nursed them to health. Then April 7,2015 one let me bring him in and hold him .
    For quite awhile. I put him outside. At 4 am I woke up as usaul . Time of death of my son almost 4 years ago , something said go out there the moth was he let me take him in my room :/) I say he because he carried eggs!
    Let him back out and he flew off. 2 days later
    I found him spread apart at my door. They explode after birth . Then another one yesterday and one today.

    Thank you for your time .

  101. I had a dream my now ex girlfriend and I were in a room and there was a humongous sized white moth in the room overhead that she was trying to swat at. The moth flew by me I wasn’t scared, but it was kind of flying near my face and brushing up against me. Because it was flying around and she was bothered by it I opened the door to let the moth out, and once I opened the door…. the white moth became a white dog…it barked and ran outside. Been stuck on this dream for a week now.

  102. Good evening everyone!

    So just recently I had a moth landed on my shoulders tonight while I was sitting in my garage. But first I want to explain my back story. I’ve been researching and practicing spirituality and higher consciousness. So Im aware of signs that come my way. Okay so lately I’ve been seeing signs of my current life. Signs that made my review my past of early this year. I came to this big realization and looking my life at a different perspective. I’ve been feeling angry at myself of what the decisions and I behavior I have demonstrated. So today I kept seeing signs. How my day started was quite negative but I acknowledged it and turned it positive. Did a few errands and went to go meet up with some friends. Came home and my mom was telling me a story of her dream last night. She told me she got fired from her job and saying how it was done for her and how she got sick. I later went into my room and just reminisce about this past year. I’ve learned of all the things I did that wasn’t in my nature. The things I said, the things Ive done, and the behavior I’ve been demonstrating. Note I’m a good person. I do not do no harm to anybody or anything. But I have not been true to myself. So I decided to step outside for a little and while I was outside. I began to think of the good things I’m going to set myself to do. I suddenly got this drive to strive for the ideas I’m planting in my head. I was in the zone. Then out of nowhere a moth came flying in and landed on my shoulder. I reacted and gently swatted off me. I don’t know what that means or anything about moths but I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me out on this.

    1. Maybe it was encouragement. Maybe it was the universe (or moth spirit) saying you can do it and that they’ll be there for you, like someone putting a hand on your shoulder.

  103. Last night i dreamt that i was in the car. I cant remember why, or where i was going. I had the window rolled down and it was daytime. A beautiful warm sunny day. Suddenly, a moth flew into the car right against my face; near my temple. I could feel the wings fluttering and hear them buzzing, but it seemed stuck. It was flying furiously. I freaked, and begin brushing it off me…but only barely grazed it each time. It seemed unable to fly back out the window, and i couldnt get it off me. I woke up furiously wiping my face where i could still almost feel the wings fluttering. What could this possibly mean?

  104. My best friend recently passed and we went to the site for clue and two butterflies floated by. The next day a giant moth landed on a friends leg in our home and then the next day the same month appeared on another friends door once I got there. Same moth and everything. I left and the moth left as well. I am staying with my friend and the moth reappears two weeks later, same moth and same spot.

  105. I went outside breifly, early morning before getting the household up and ready for thier days whatnots. A single white moth wing slowly floated down and Landed in front of me. Just the wing. Any ideas?
    Thank you kindly,

  106. Alexander Strachan

    Im very surprised from what im reading, Ive always considered myself spirtiual and do Believe in God. This was super bizarre, Tonight My Mother and I began to argue and it got so loud i didnt know what to do, I told her i was taking a walk, I walked to a local bar and sat in a chair out front. Nobody was outside and I overheard an acquaintance from my town while walking out utter “Ive got to go, My Father passed away a couple weeks ago, you know how it is”. Someone in my local meetings passed away a few nights ago from a drug overdose as well. I couldn’t understand why this tiny still white moth caught my attention. I was pist minutes before but this Moth meant something to me. Any idea?

  107. Tonight as I was falling asleep watching tv i dreamed I saw a wingless fat white moth on the tv. I thought I would get a fly swat and kill it but about the time I got the fly swat it flew over to the floor right beside the chair I was sitting in. I was relieved so I could kill it. I hit it once but it was too big to kill so i decided to pick it up with the fly swat and carry it outside. When I picked it up it grew long black legs and started crawling up the fly swat toward my hand. I was frozen in fear and could not move. It got to my hand and I thought it was going to bite me but it did not. At the moment with all of my strength I knocked it off my hand. Then I woke up. I know this means something but do not understand.

  108. Hello, I have had a recent dream the night of my break up with my partner, it involved myself wiping dozens of little moths from my eyes, i have since tried to research what it means as dreams do interest me and i believe that they all have meaning.
    If there is anyone that can give me insight on what they believe it means would be great.

  109. a Moth A Few Seconds Ago Landed On My Leg Then Arm And Crawled Up My Arm Sitting On My Hand. I Didn’t Move Till It Flew Away. I Didn’t Know What To DO Exactly So I Fled Into My House

  110. When I was hanging out the washing yesterday, a yellow moth tried desperately to get through the windows,but with the netting it couldnt go anywhere. It kept trying and trying. Today, a yellow moth is inside the apartment. It is completly still, just staying on the wall. I definitely think it has some meaning.

    A couple of weeks ago when i was again hanging the washing, a black and yellow butterfly kept fluttering around me. When I was out to take the clothes in it was there again, fluttering. And I would see it through the kitchen window…constantly fluttering.. and theres no flowers right there for it to feed on, so i believe it was a message too..?

  111. I had a dream in which I was in bed feeling weak as if life was being sucked out of me when I looker to my back a big as moth was on my back sucking the blood out of my skin!!!! Super freaky what does that mean?

  112. I had a dream in which my husband and I were at some kind of party at night In a romantic park like setting. outside under the trees we were walking together and he held me from behind, there were brightly colored moths floating above us. He held my wrists from behind me, raised my arms and told me to catch one that it would bring us good luck. Instead I caught 2 (bright blue and bright orange) and felt very relieved and then I woke up.

    1. My dream dictionary states that a moth dream denotes a love affair where the dreamer will experience betrayal. It says this is part of gypsy interpretation. Blue is the color of hope and orange the color of danger

  113. I had a large moth in my room for at least 3 days then 5 days later my cat passed away. I have heard some coloured moths can symbolise death. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the death of my cat but yeah reply what you think 🙁

  114. first of forgive the spelling and grammer. i dont know if my story has a real meaning or was ment to mean anything but this is how it goes. about 4 months ago i opened a small store on a reservation and it was new to me even the reserve haha. im ojibway and i had to move from where i was to a mohawk reserve. well its off topic but it was sort of overwelming for me. a month into the opening of the store i noticed this giant moth laying on my porch it was injured seemed to have hit the store and stunned itself. an employee luaghed at its size and left it at that after he and i had taken a picture. soon after i went inside and found somthing to put the moth on so i could move it out of harms way and i put him in a tree i figured that would be best.. and never thought back till today when an older lady came in and told me a story about a spirit that could be tied to a moth and light. it made me think of this but i never noticed a light nor did i ever question it being a spirit all i know is i never saw it again. and that i found my place amoung the people here and yeah… like a second home or a third lol

  115. My step mother who raised me just past away. She was very much into the lord. We had a conversation about after life. She said there wasn’t one. Are soul goes to god. Well…i’m a care taker for a large complex. Every time i look up or down. There has been a moth. Larger one. It never moves. It just looks at me. While im on a ladder cleaning a ceiling fan it will be on my right. Facing me. I have always had animals follow me. I am a out going person and have been thru a lot. Ive never let it get the best of me. My theory is if I’m having a bad day. Im going to try to make someone. Elses day as wonderful as i can make it!

  116. Hi! Throughout my life I really couldn’t stand moths, and didn’t like spiders. In 2012 I lost my only son, and since then spiders (which he had a phobia about, and hated) and moths have become incredibly beautiful to me. They are where-ever I go, and I rescue them where-ever I can. It feels as if they are trying to tell me something that I don’t get, as they have persisted (and I love their presence). I have a tiger totem that appears when-ever I am sad, as I have dealt with a lot of hurt and anger, which subsides so quickly when the tiger is around. I those moments, (normally in the bath) spiders and moths seem to rush towards me. What am I missing?

    1. Perhaps you are not living up to your full potential ? Sometimes when tragedy strikes our grief becomes the all important thing in our life. It’s as if we are afraid to let go of our grief for fear of forgetting or losing the person all over again. We begin to identify ourselves as a greif stricken person and just stay there – stuck.

    2. I don’t think you’re missing anything. I think it’s just a beautiful gift from your son. Thank goodness you’re open enough to notice and hear.

      If you still really feel like you’re not understanding something, maybe ask them? I’m often so surprised at the answers I receive when I remember to ask.

      Blessings. X

    3. So, so true Kate. That is so typical Vincent. That’s what I missed; that he was sending me beauty and love, and I tried to look too deep. Thanx a lot!

    4. I don’t like either but I saw a moth today and I’m sure it was a sign. I have a psychic ability and just before I saw it I was picking up strong vibes from a spirit at my house. The vibes are telling me not to do something and the moth, I believe was just an added sign to listen to my intuition and stay away from negative and destructive influences. Life is amazing. The more you love it, the more your life starts to love you back. You get what you give. The Law Of Attraction is a law! It can be a gift or a curse, $o use it wisely. Use it to only attract the finest things in life.

  117. As I got off the train and was walking up the stairs I saw a moth on the step as I walked further another moth was on the floor but the most beautiful moth one I have never come across before … What could this mean?

  118. Hi , ok well my husband and i are on our honeymoon and we were coming back to our room and there was a giant brown moth over the key pad to our door . We left several hours again and then. Noticed the moth in the window of our room . i have no clue how it got in the balcony door is open now and it wont fly out . What is going on with this moth ????

  119. As I was letting my dogs out I saw a big brown moth on the porch. I am having gastric surgery in a few days and I am wondering if the moth is trying to tell me something. Transformation maybe?

    1. Hello Cyndi: The Moth is letting you know that there is more to healing than simple surgery. The fact that you are having gastric surgery tells me that you have to have a good look at the way you digest the events around you. There are some aspects of your life that are just hard to swallow. To fully heal you must heal those aspects as well.

  120. Hello there. My name is Jennifer and a huge moth hung around my apartment door for days. When I first saw it, I was startled but then I got so happy..I even talked to the Moth saying, “Hey Dad”!. I lost my Father in 2012 and ever since then I just associated him with butterflies and beautiful moths. I can go on and on about how things in my life right now aren’t so easy or what I want it to be but I would just like to know what you think. Thanks!

    1. Hello Jennifer: Your Moth is letting you know that you must embrace who you are right now and in this moment. You are unique and special – in spite of what others say and of what you believe yourself to be. Love yourself. Your father is always with you.

  121. I had a moth fly by me on a field watching my bf football game, thought no big deal. That was yesterday afternoon. We get home one is inside the house and flies right in front of me. This morning when I get to work there is one inside my car with me. What does this mean or could mean?

    1. Hello Mireya: Please pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page when you next return to the site. There are at least 5 different messages and your guides will see to it that you get the appropriate one. Also if you need a little more direction – use the Random button just above the quotation box and see what the next quotation box says. This sight is designed to give you answers but make sure that you ask for the answers.

  122. on Friday night at my nieces 18th birthday a brown moth kept flying around me and landed on my head a few times, my friend had noticed and wondered why it was flying only around me. any ideas?

    1. Hello Leni: Pay special attention to the quotation box at the top of the page. The message will be specific to you. Also take note that the color of the Moth has to do with the earth, grounding and being honest with yourself.

  123. Tonight I was drawing a bath and there’s always moths in our shower but this one wouldn’t leave and when I got in it landed on my stomach I had to shoo it out and after my bath another bigger moth flew in my hair right by my ear and wouldn’t get out of my hair I to shake it out moths have never caught my attention like this what could it mean?

    1. Hello Nicole: Pay attention to the quotation box when you return to this page and make sure you follow through on the message.

  124. I was on a teleconference for women who are ready to step into their greatness. As I was contemplating asking a question (that I felt I already knew the answer to) about how do I know when I’m where I’m supposed to be or if I should be doing more, a moth flew to its usual spot outside my kitchen window. It was moving upward as if it was telling me that I was moving right along. This same moth has visited me on 3 other occasions- usually at the same window in the kitchen and once in my master bathroom. I love how God uses his creations to communicate with us.

  125. Hi I saw a white moth outside my door today as I was leaving my house. I’m wondering if this is warning me of sickness or death of a loved one? Please help, I’m kinda worried !

    1. Hello Eileen: Moth is a little more personal than that. The message is that you need to get to know yourself a little better. Take the time to explore and focus on yourself for a while instead of believing everything others have to say about you. Once you do this you will begin to discover the unique and beautiful light that shines within.

  126. Wow, this is very interesting. Last night, my boyfriend and I were leaving the new house we’re moving into to go run an stand. I saw the most enormous moth sitting on the mailbox just before I closed the front door. Is it a sign of transformation into this new house and chapter together?

    1. Hello Frankie: next time you come to this page – pay attention to the message in the quotation box. This will be the message that Moth had for you.

  127. I’ve been looking up symbolism for moths for a long, long time. I’m constantly surrounded by them-At home, at work, everywhere! I’m not just surrounded by them but they frequently just land on me and hang out for long periods of time. My friends have even started to referring to me as the Moth Queen. I’ve got one on me right now and he’s been there for a good ten minutes so far. I know people really dislike moths but I feel really strongly connected to them ;u;

  128. I had been seeing this pretty orange moth with what looked to be white flowers on it. Almost everyday, so decided to look and see how about it as a totem and as I scrolled down I noticed a picture of the very same moth a Bella Moth. I conclude that I was brought here for a reason!

  129. ❓ For almost 2 weeks now I have been seeing moths everywhere around me. Even this week and the end of last week I have them in my car…everyday! I’ve been asking myself if I am being patient enough in my relationship or too patient. Could this be a sign?

    1. Hello Rachel: The moths are letting you know that you are important too. You need to be able to address your feeling, and expectations within any relationship. If the one you are hoping to form a lasting relationship with is unable to share on those terms then you should perhaps honor yourself by finding someone who can be there for you as well. You must be willing to recieve as well as give. Relationships go two ways.

  130. Well i’ve been praying and becoming more spiritually aware and stronger. I’m currently separated from my wife and I had a lot of changing to do within myself. I have changed and i’m continuing on my journey to be a better man. Lately I’ve been seeing certain signs and animals. I’ve been seeing a whole bunch of butterflies. 2 were yellow, a black one and an orange and black one. I seen a dove flying in the middle of the sky stationary and even seen 3 bats last night while I was sitting outside yesterday. I seen a moth and right before I went to bed I seen a fly that was buzzing so loud that I couldn’t ignore it. I’m not too sure what they all mean to my life but I always feel peace inside when I see them.

  131. A few months a go I had been depressed and angry with things and people beyond my control. I usually am a very hopeful person but I felt so exhausted with loving so hard and trying so hard to be optimistic when I was surrounded with people who couldn’t empathise with each other. One day my family was fighting so I went outside to get away. I was jumping on the trampoline and I don’t really know why but I threw a stone at the tree next to me and a little white and brown speckled moth landed on the trampoline floor. I was certain that the moth was dead and I suddenly felt so incredibly sad and I started to cry. I stroked the wings of the moth and his body and it didn’t move at all. I then used a leaf to nudge the moth into my palm, I didn’t really know what I was going to do but it felt really important. As I balanced the moth on my hand I stood up and watched, to my surprise, the moth fly away into the distance. I was quite taken a back as I had assumed the moth was dead, but also as the moth had flown so much higher than I had ever seen before. Recently I have been feeling a lot better and happier. I sometimes encounter moths trying to get through windows and I always try to open windows to let them through. Do you think that the moth could be my animal totem? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello Hattie: Different animals will appear with their energy to help you through different periods of your life (animal messengers). Some animals you will feel an affinity for throughout your life (totem). If you feel you have a life long affinity toward the moth then yes – this is your animal totem. Regardless of whether the Moth is your Totem or messenger make sure you pay attention to the quotation box for your message.

  132. Hi Had to work today on a Sunday my daughter an I have discovered a moth on my window screen that is right next to my entrance door of my home. I am going through a big crisis right now and was wondering if this how I am being told all will be just fine. Please tell.

    1. Hi Gladys: When land on any of these spirit animal pages pay special attention to the quotation box as the message will be specific to you. When I came to this page to answer your comment this is what was in the quotation box “An issue that has been bothering you is being healed behind the scenes. The solution is ingenious, creative and a happy surprise for you.
      -Moth” Let go of trying to resolve and control the outcome and the whole thing will resolve itself.

  133. Hello, I visited a botanical garden the other day and had a beautiful experience of hundreds of moths flyng all around. this morning, I walked down the steps of the apartment, and right at the bottom directly in my path is a pretty bis fuzzy moth, red body. I didn’t want him to get hurt, so I put my hand next to him and he crawled on to it. I checked him out, took a couple pics, and put him on a tree off the ground. this is approximately 9:15 AM.

    any thoughts…?

    1. Hello Jennifer: You are hiding some hidden talents within yourself. You need to explore the things that currently interest you in order to bring them to the surface.

  134. Hello
    A strange thing happened to me a few days ago that has left me wondering. My lady friend (love interest) had a silly argument over a trivial matter. She is Vietnemese. She called me the next day and said we have to talk. I met her and she said that a man came to her in her dreams the previous evening and was angry that she talked to me so harshly during the argument. When she explained to him that she said what she said because she loves me so much and only wants good to happen. She told him other things that she is scared about me (health wise) He then began to cry. He then said Do you know who I am? She replied NO. He said I am Stans Dad.

    When I took her back to her place after our talk. When I went into the kitchen there was a white moth near the fridge on the wall. I tried to catch the moth to free it outside. It went behind the fridge so I sat down at the table about ten feet away. My Girlfriend said Do you know who that was it was your father. Then suddenly the white moth flew slowly straight to me and landed on the table leg and allowed me to pick it up. I then freed the moth outside. I am very taken back about this and wonder what you might have to say.

    1. Hi Stan: Your lady friend is right. That was your father trying to reach out from the other side and the Moth confirmed it. You should listen to your lady friend with regards to your health issues and follow through on them.

  135. Hey there.
    The Moth has appeared me in a vision where i was transforming…
    it was white with a sort of white power all over it…what it could it mean?

    1. Hi Laura: The vision was letting you know that you are changing and transforming in a positive way.

  136. Moths are around my house a lot. We except them a lot around us as a sign of enlightenment. Earlier this week a moth ran directly into my eye. I am curious of any opinions. Please and thank you

    1. Hi Evelyn: There is something in your life that you have to look at from the other persons point of view. You need to be accepting of their beliefs in this matter as there is no right or wrong. It just is.

  137. Hello. <3
    I had an orange and black moth land on me while reading on the front porch the other day. The next day, several tiny black moths were flying over my head in the shower. The very next day, I find out I'm pregnant. 🙂
    Then again, I just stepped into the shower to see a beautiful brown moth on the ceiling.
    What particular message might they be bringing me?

    1. Hi Shannon: The answer is simple. Moth’s are attracted to the light. Pregnancy is magical.

  138. I am going through a terribly painful phase in my relationship. Another sleepless night. And then, just now, this morning, around 5 am, just as the light is beginning to bring the night to an end, I looked over and there was a slightly shiny, taupe-y coloured moth sitting quietly with its wings folded on the Kleenex on my bedside table. I knew it must be a sign, but of what exactly? I picked up the Kleenex very carefully and went downstairs and let the moth out the front door; it didn’t budge or try to fly away until I shook it gently off.the Kleenex outside and set it free. What does this mean, the appearance of the moth, at just this moment in this quiet, still way, please?

    1. Hi Luna: The moth is letting you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For every new beginning there is an end to an “old” new beginning. Follow the lead of the Angels and try to move forward with love, acceptance and forgiveness for all involved.

  139. Hi Jude: The Moths are trying to let you know that you have to stop doubting yourself. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. You can live your own dreams!

  140. I know I have a leopard and a preying mantis as totems. That being said this past week day or night the moths are all over me. Fluttering their wings in my hair till my head tingles and fluttering their wings around my neck. I just sit still and allow it trying to listen.

    The description given if the moth enters my life is me to a t! Just can’t figure the why or significance to it.

  141. Hello, a moth has flown in my path 3x in the last three weeks. Randomly on the street or having dinner in restaurants. What might that be or mean?

    1. Moth can have several different messages. Come back to this page and pay close attention to the message in the quotation box at the top of the page. There are at least five different messages that can appear here from Moth. The message that comes up for you in particular will send you in the right direction.

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