To receive we must give. Co-operation is crucial in order for you to survive.

Mosquito Meaning

In this case, Mosquito symbolism reminds you how unimportant and temporary things are. Especially those things that irritate you. What this spirit animal means is that you can overcome these small things. You can do this by focusing on protecting your creative projects and yourself from those who wish to undermine our goals.

Alternatively, when this insect is a constant pest, then the “Mosquito meaning” insists that you look at your environment at work and at home. In other words, Mosquito symbolism says you need to change something.

Mosquito Totem

People with the Mosquito totem have chosen a somewhat complicated life path, as they tend to float in the realm of high ideals. However, they are always aware of their self-worth and re-evaluate their friends, family, and goals in life. These folks tend to be blunt and easily find fault in others. However, they often recognize that what they see lacking in others is reflected in themselves.

These folks tend to feed off the people around them to feel nourished. Like the Vulture and the Tick, Mosquito spirit animal people are persistent, opportunistic, and unafraid to use others to reach their goals. When they are aware of these traits, it is an opportunity to use these shadow aspects in positive ways. The difficulty is in finding nourishment without impeding the progress of others. The wisest Mosquito totem people learn to disperse their shadow energies uniquely and creatively. They know how to poke just the right spot in their peers for them to grow.

Mosquito Dream Symbolism

When you have a Mosquito dream, it symbolizes that a situation, or a person close to you, has been draining your energy and resources. Like the Box Turtle, you let go of the drama around you and focus on your issues. But, one way or another, you waste your energy on things that will not nourish your growth.

To dream of killing a Mosquito means that you are successfully setting up boundaries and overcoming the obstacles impeding your personal growth. Happiness and good fortune are just around the corner.

8 thoughts on “Mosquito”

  1. Samantha Manning

    Quarter horse for land, sea horse for water, airedale for dog, chicken for bird, and now mosquito for bug. in waking life she is native to the state I was born in and she likes to make her presence known at night. Hee hee! She could very well be a totem animal that has a lesson in store for me. I just wish her bites weren’t so irritating. :/

    1. EspionageCookie

      “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” — Quote by the Dalai Lama.

  2. Remember that mosquito’s bite to feed their young. Their bite is only a small agitation to maintain the survival of their family. It may be a sign your worries about the strain you put on those around you is not fatal, and are not to be worried about, especially when necessary for you to get what you need to ‘survive’.

    1. Also, when a mosquito bites you the best option for recovery is to just leave the spot alone. Scratching and agitating the area only spreads the poison and prolongs the duration of the symptoms.
      In this light the mosquito may be a sign that the best course of action in your current situation is to leave it be or you will just prolong and intensify the discomfort or pain.

    2. Both comments were very helpful – as mosquito lately has been eating me alive! My body overreacts to the poison, and I get huge itchy welts. This is a great site, and your contribution welcome.

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