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Vulture Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Vulture symbolism is asking you to be patient with yourself and think things through. Thus like the Cassowary and Goat, you should take your time before making decisions. Furthermore, the spirit animal is letting you know that you must choose paths that support your higher consciousness and your heart. In other words, use all of your resources and combine them with your experiences of the past. This method is the best way to approach the problem from a different angle. Therefore, Vulture meaning is letting you know that you are always free to choose your path, but be flexible while moving forward.

Moreover, Vulture symbolism reminds you to allow yourself to use all of your senses to navigate through this situation for your highest benefit. In other words, call on all your resources to get the job done.

Alternatively, this bird recognizes that you are fiercely protective of those you feel responsible. However, you must understand that knowing when to allow others to sink or swim is essential too. Thus you must recognize the need for higher awareness in all those around you.

Vulture Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Vulture totem know how to use their energy powerfully and efficiently. Like the Rattlesnake totem, they can also see auras and colors around people with their higher vision. Folks with this spirit animal totem know how to use patience as a means to an end. They can quickly go with the flow of those around them and yet are fiercely protective of those for whom they feel responsible. People with this power animal have keen insight into most situations.

Vulture Dream Interpretation

When you have a Vulture dream, it symbolizes purification and insight. Moreover, the vision suggests that your past experiences will provide you with invaluable insight into a current situation or problem. In other words, take the time to learn from your past.

Alternatively, like the Mosquito, this scavenger indicates that you or someone close to you is being opportunistic. In other words, someone is watching you and is waiting for you to take a misstep. It may also be that you feel that someone is taking advantage of you or is using you. Therefore you should consider the metaphor of someone who is a “Vulture.” This bird can also be a symbol of death, doom, or rebirth.

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  1. I had a dream where to 2kids walking (gal n boy)ahead of me suddenly a small tornado started to move towards them then I ran to save the kids as soon as I nearing the kids the tornado vanished and turned into red headed valtures (2birds) and sat on the branches .
    Can you please reply ASAP what it means but when I wake up I don’t felt either uneasy or confused just woken normally like usually

  2. I only just woke up from a dream, where out one of my windows, I could see a large pond, and in it were about a dozen very large human sized vultures, swimming in the deep water, all in different directions and with no trouble at all. I wondered what they were doing swimmimg in deep water. Any thoughts about what it might be suggesting to me?

  3. It’s so crazy how I stumbled across your comment…something told me to read one more comment before I leave the house now I know why. Would really like to hear more.

  4. I am thankful for all of the comments about the vulture. I live near a creek, and right on the main road, and cars speed down the road a lot, and we have lots of Road kills. The first time I did not see the animal and figured it must have been a snake or deer over in the bushes. The vultures were all around the property. I even saw one on the roof o my house. This last time, they were across the street, say about 15 of them, and then I noticed them in my yard, and three or four walked up to my door. When I showed up, they were very nervous and ran away. However, there was one in the corner of the flower bed by the window. Seems like they were following him, and he seemed a little smaller and a little confused. He seemed to look into my window, and as I walked closer and he appeared calm and cool, the rest left, and he slowly moved on back across the yard. IT was nice reading about your experiences, understanding the process of patients, and understanding while listening and paying attention to the signs.

    1. Thomas John swenor

      Thank you for your time and consideration. I had a near death experience my heart stopped and I stopped breathing. I awoke to the doctors telling me that if this medication doesn’t work you’ll have to have surgery this surgery on your brain is so dangerous your chances of liveing or less then ten percent. Two weeks latter I was going in for surgery I told my daughter’s all adults now that I love them and I’m proud of them. I new I wasn’t going to die. But the thought of leaving my kids all alone and I’m only taking myself with me all metereail things ment nothing. I live like a drug addict probably in some people’s eyes a wast of space. I wish I could tell you more because you would not believe me before seeing a katle of turkey vultares I had a vision if I speak the truth people even police run. Please contact me I’ll tell you more. Humbley your friend thomas

    2. I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma terminal cancer 5 years ago on Decenter 5th! I saw your posts and wanted to reach out since I keep seeing Turkey vultures all the time! over 20 at a time! I don’t know if they are turkey buzzards or vultures, but I know that I had a vulture in my garage one day that hissed at me!! Just thought you would be interested!

    3. i love this. i love how i came across this. i’m so into knowing the truth. i’m meditating everyday and working on visualization and on being aware of my higher consciousness. i was gifted. so was my mom shes been thru so much and near death experiences and has so many visions. i love how there’s people like us in this world.

  5. Yesterday, I was waiting on the bus to go to New York and I decided to sit on the grass in a indian styled position.
    While I was waiting, I saw a huge bird circling over me.
    It was really weird because I wasn’t sure if it was a eagle or a vulture.
    I was fascinated by how big the bird was and kept looking at it.

    Lo, and behold, the vulture swoops near me and I immediately get up and say “WTF?” I didn’t think it would’ve done that. I am in pretty good health and was surprised at what it did.

    I looked up and was ready to fight the bird because I wasn’t sure if it thought I was a target or anything.

    about 5 mins later, a black bird comes and just flies towards me and passes my shoulder.

    The only thing I thought was, “Is this bad luck?”
    “Why are these birds going towards me?” What did I do?”

    Its completely bizarre, but seeing that this thread, its relieved me.
    I have come in contact with a very powerful shaman who unlocked my inner potential this year and he has said to me and my group to,
    if animals start approaching you, as long as they don’t attack you then it means you’re not a threat per say, but it means you have a higher than normal vibration and you are in tune with nature.

    I guess I should put that into consideration…

  6. I dreamt that I was walking in the night and two vultures fell in front of me,it was like there wings were broken then started to heal I was scared at first then I chase them away. I’m not sure what it means, I’m really puzzled at the moment

  7. As I turned on a road leading to our home . A Turkey vulture was enjoying some roadkill in the middle of the road. I had to stop my car, because he wasn’t moving. We stared at one another. I waited and watch him eat. Then I approached with my car very slowly and he moved over to let me pass. We were about a foot or less away from one another and I could see this massive bird up close and even feel the energy. Powerful, Intense Focus, but there was also a Grace . He’s not only taking care of his hunger, but he’s doing a service of clearing the roadkill.


    When I encountered Vulture, Tsikari`en:taks, in my new Animal Spirit deck, I was somewhat taken aback. Vulture is not normally seen as in any way a positive sense. Tsikari`en:taks is generally associated with death and decay. In my time in the desert the sight of Vulture in the sky tells you that something has died or is dying. We come to despise and fear Tsikari`en:taks, particularly when we live in the desert, because one day she may be circling down on us. But But Vulture, like Crow and Coyote, is a scavenger. And like all scavengers she is patient, intelligent and absolutely essential to the life in her ecosystem. A visit from Tsikari`en:taks speaks to me today of patience and the wisdom of patience. She also speaks to me of the necessity of change, that all things must pass into something else. Vulture may not be a pretty bird, or one whose presence we are used to greeting with gladness. But in her own way she is majestic, and she is a powerful and important presence. My first reaction to Tsikari`en:taks, was not an imformed or thoughtful one. Perhaps one more lesson in Vulture’s appearance today is to learn to look past the obvious and see the beauty that is always there and in all things.

    1. Jules- that was perfect. Your observation put into words was absolutely amazing. This has hit home with me and my spirit tremendously. Patience is the key. And in my life’s journey, it seems to be the only “key” I haven’t truly allowed to turn what is locked either inside of me, or that which is locked up away from me. Both are mine to be had, and Vulture is telling me “you have the key, always have, you just turn to fast!” Therefore with every pass I have tried before I have failed, and again, not because of the key, but because of the timing. The lack of patience in not allowing all the pins to drop/engage so that what is locked can then open up. And every time I fail in turning it over and opening this up, I walk away feeling defeated by the momentary outcome, betrayed by my key I work so hard to obtain, and run away in search of another key. It had never crossed my mind that it was the lock, and not my key!
      In the same way that typing in a password fails a person when done in haste, so has been unlocking that which had kept me shackled to everything that holds me down, and back, and away from my purpose, my self, and from love.
      Turn slower.
      Don’t use the key, be the key!
      And all will unlock and open up to me completely.
      Just wow!

    2. I just saw two vouchers on my roof and it frightens me. But after researching and reading posts like these I am fully aware of the positive significance in their very being 🙂

    3. I am on another journey in my parenting life, one that is constantly changing and increases in complexity the older my children get. I have recently traveled with my daughter, son in law, and infant granddaughter from Minnesota to South Florida where they have bought a new home. I am good generally at staying balanced and positive, but have found it near impossible to stay grounded on this trip and seem to have lost my purpose. A few days ago I saw a whole flock of black vultures. I had never seen one before, and I was the only one of the three people in the car that witnessed this sight. I have to admit I was puzzled by the symbolism of the vulture as a spirit animal, but I have many animal guides and I knew the multitude of birds meant something for me. In reading this description and some of the personal accounts it now becomes clear why they are showing up for me. The message to have patience with myself and my process. To trust my intuition, and slow down and give myself time. Also a sign that I am ready to explore mystical realms. Thank you black vulture for showing yourself to me and guiding me through this stage in my journey!

    4. Jules Delorme: Hello. I am always seeing and noticing vultures. For me, they are a profound bird. Because of the connection to life and death, there is no fooling around with reality or truth. They see right through to the heart of things. Deception is impossible around people who have this majestic bird as one of their personal totems. Although they are associated with death, as you say above, death is part of the cycle of life and also is indicative of immense change. So to me, vulture has always been a positive and a deep totem. She or he, carries very powerful medicine, but in order to receive it you have to yourself be clean and pure in your motivation. She lifts you up into the spiritual realms effortlessly if you are ready to go there. Thank you for your post it taught me some things. Sincerely, A.J.

  9. My office building has about 5 offices with large windows overlooking a balcony. My office is one of them. Since this spring, turkey vultures hang out outside my window, sleeping, spreading their wings in the sun, or pecking at my window. I moved offices a couple doors down and they followed me. They don’t do this to anyone else’s window. They disappeared a few weeks ago and now two black headed vultures have showed up and have been hanging outside my window. What does this mean?!

  10. So I have a question I was outside just right now eating on my lunch I work at home and felt that there wasn’t a falcon or hawk feather came to my mind while I was thinking about an love interest and how it’s been 3years of trying to reconcile and I look up and this turkey vulture swooping all around my porch I have never seen one get so low or close it was like right above my head level and I’m 5’4″ And like face to face it danced around me a few times as I able to reallly get q good look at it. Does it mean anything? Something similar happened during the weekend with a hummingbird at like 5:50 am as I was looking at the blue moon we just had this Again thinking about the same love situation it’s been heavily on my mind the past month… And this little Hummingbird guy came outta no where in my face but I was sitting on my driveway tire level of my car it must mean something. Or i am the next bird whisperer haha please let me know your thoughts and interpations thanks

  11. The day after my wedding June 6 2015, I return home to a single vulture standing on the front corner of my house. I have lived in this house since 2007. And never witness this before and have not since that day. I do not live in a rural. I live in the city Ina neighborhood. Not all of trees. A busy street outside the neighborhood. No road kill or potential of roadkill. Our wedding corelates to Matt 6:6-15 the Lords Prayer. I never really thought to much of it. I never told anyone. Now 3 years later, I’m wondering what it meant. Just curious.

    1. Just a reminder that life is about to change. Adapt easily into your role. Don’t try to do everything at once for everyone. Let others rise the occassions in their own lives as you tweak yours. Observe how well order just flows from the overwhelm.

  12. This morning I was outside walking my dog and felt like someone was watching me, not fearful more like someone was coming to visit.

    I looked around and saw a large vulture with two black crows. All of them staring at me. I walked closer and they didn’t move. Their eyes locked on me. I stayed outside with them for quite sometime. I felt a sense of peace? After a while I went back inside. I later came out to get the mail and the crows and the vulture had formed a triangle around my door. All three still watching me and when I was out the crows started to cackle and caw back and forth. The vulture just watched me.

    I have been reading and I wonder if these are my three loved ones watching and protecting me? And from what I wonder? Any advice or interpretation would be appreciated!

  13. Thank you for your fortifying insight on the significance of vultures. My mom expressed regret that crows no longer visit her yard, possibly due to an influx of feral cats. While driving to my sister’s house around Christmas, I saw a big black bird picking at something in the middle of the road. Hoping not to startle it so that my mom could enjoy it, i drove very slowly around it. I glanced at it while passing. Time stood still. It met and held my gaze. It was very bold and stayed it’s ground. Mom asked if it was a crow. I told her no, as it seemed to be wearing a sort of mask. It was a black vulture.

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