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Vulture Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Vulture symbolism is asking you to be patient with yourself and think things through. Thus like the Cassowary and Goat, you should take your time before making decisions. Furthermore, the spirit animal is letting you know that you must choose paths that support your higher consciousness and your heart. In other words, use all of your resources and combine them with your experiences of the past. This method is the best way to approach the problem from a different angle. Therefore, Vulture meaning is letting you know that you are always free to choose your path, but be flexible while moving forward.

Moreover, Vulture symbolism reminds you to allow yourself to use all of your senses to navigate through this situation for your highest benefit. In other words, call on all your resources to get the job done.

Alternatively, this bird recognizes that you are fiercely protective of those you feel responsible. However, you must understand that knowing when to allow others to sink or swim is essential too. Thus you must recognize the need for higher awareness in all those around you.

Vulture Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Vulture totem know how to use their energy powerfully and efficiently. Like the Rattlesnake totem, they can also see auras and colors around people with their higher vision. Folks with this spirit animal totem know how to use patience as a means to an end. They can quickly go with the flow of those around them and yet are fiercely protective of those for whom they feel responsible. People with this power animal have keen insight into most situations.

Vulture Dream Interpretation

When you have a Vulture dream, it symbolizes purification and insight. Moreover, the vision suggests that your past experiences will provide you with invaluable insight into a current situation or problem. In other words, take the time to learn from your past.

Alternatively, like the Mosquito, this scavenger indicates that you or someone close to you is being opportunistic. In other words, someone is watching you and is waiting for you to take a misstep. It may also be that you feel that someone is taking advantage of you or is using you. Therefore you should consider the metaphor of someone who is a “Vulture.” This bird can also be a symbol of death, doom, or rebirth.

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  1. I had a dream where to 2kids walking (gal n boy)ahead of me suddenly a small tornado started to move towards them then I ran to save the kids as soon as I nearing the kids the tornado vanished and turned into red headed valtures (2birds) and sat on the branches .
    Can you please reply ASAP what it means but when I wake up I don’t felt either uneasy or confused just woken normally like usually

  2. I only just woke up from a dream, where out one of my windows, I could see a large pond, and in it were about a dozen very large human sized vultures, swimming in the deep water, all in different directions and with no trouble at all. I wondered what they were doing swimmimg in deep water. Any thoughts about what it might be suggesting to me?

  3. It’s so crazy how I stumbled across your comment…something told me to read one more comment before I leave the house now I know why. Would really like to hear more.

  4. I am thankful for all of the comments about the vulture. I live near a creek, and right on the main road, and cars speed down the road a lot, and we have lots of Road kills. The first time I did not see the animal and figured it must have been a snake or deer over in the bushes. The vultures were all around the property. I even saw one on the roof o my house. This last time, they were across the street, say about 15 of them, and then I noticed them in my yard, and three or four walked up to my door. When I showed up, they were very nervous and ran away. However, there was one in the corner of the flower bed by the window. Seems like they were following him, and he seemed a little smaller and a little confused. He seemed to look into my window, and as I walked closer and he appeared calm and cool, the rest left, and he slowly moved on back across the yard. IT was nice reading about your experiences, understanding the process of patients, and understanding while listening and paying attention to the signs.

    1. Thomas John swenor

      Thank you for your time and consideration. I had a near death experience my heart stopped and I stopped breathing. I awoke to the doctors telling me that if this medication doesn’t work you’ll have to have surgery this surgery on your brain is so dangerous your chances of liveing or less then ten percent. Two weeks latter I was going in for surgery I told my daughter’s all adults now that I love them and I’m proud of them. I new I wasn’t going to die. But the thought of leaving my kids all alone and I’m only taking myself with me all metereail things ment nothing. I live like a drug addict probably in some people’s eyes a wast of space. I wish I could tell you more because you would not believe me before seeing a katle of turkey vultares I had a vision if I speak the truth people even police run. Please contact me I’ll tell you more. Humbley your friend thomas

    2. I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma terminal cancer 5 years ago on Decenter 5th! I saw your posts and wanted to reach out since I keep seeing Turkey vultures all the time! over 20 at a time! I don’t know if they are turkey buzzards or vultures, but I know that I had a vulture in my garage one day that hissed at me!! Just thought you would be interested!

    3. i love this. i love how i came across this. i’m so into knowing the truth. i’m meditating everyday and working on visualization and on being aware of my higher consciousness. i was gifted. so was my mom shes been thru so much and near death experiences and has so many visions. i love how there’s people like us in this world.

  5. Yesterday, I was waiting on the bus to go to New York and I decided to sit on the grass in a indian styled position.
    While I was waiting, I saw a huge bird circling over me.
    It was really weird because I wasn’t sure if it was a eagle or a vulture.
    I was fascinated by how big the bird was and kept looking at it.

    Lo, and behold, the vulture swoops near me and I immediately get up and say “WTF?” I didn’t think it would’ve done that. I am in pretty good health and was surprised at what it did.

    I looked up and was ready to fight the bird because I wasn’t sure if it thought I was a target or anything.

    about 5 mins later, a black bird comes and just flies towards me and passes my shoulder.

    The only thing I thought was, “Is this bad luck?”
    “Why are these birds going towards me?” What did I do?”

    Its completely bizarre, but seeing that this thread, its relieved me.
    I have come in contact with a very powerful shaman who unlocked my inner potential this year and he has said to me and my group to,
    if animals start approaching you, as long as they don’t attack you then it means you’re not a threat per say, but it means you have a higher than normal vibration and you are in tune with nature.

    I guess I should put that into consideration…

  6. I dreamt that I was walking in the night and two vultures fell in front of me,it was like there wings were broken then started to heal I was scared at first then I chase them away. I’m not sure what it means, I’m really puzzled at the moment

  7. As I turned on a road leading to our home . A Turkey vulture was enjoying some roadkill in the middle of the road. I had to stop my car, because he wasn’t moving. We stared at one another. I waited and watch him eat. Then I approached with my car very slowly and he moved over to let me pass. We were about a foot or less away from one another and I could see this massive bird up close and even feel the energy. Powerful, Intense Focus, but there was also a Grace . He’s not only taking care of his hunger, but he’s doing a service of clearing the roadkill.


    When I encountered Vulture, Tsikari`en:taks, in my new Animal Spirit deck, I was somewhat taken aback. Vulture is not normally seen as in any way a positive sense. Tsikari`en:taks is generally associated with death and decay. In my time in the desert the sight of Vulture in the sky tells you that something has died or is dying. We come to despise and fear Tsikari`en:taks, particularly when we live in the desert, because one day she may be circling down on us. But But Vulture, like Crow and Coyote, is a scavenger. And like all scavengers she is patient, intelligent and absolutely essential to the life in her ecosystem. A visit from Tsikari`en:taks speaks to me today of patience and the wisdom of patience. She also speaks to me of the necessity of change, that all things must pass into something else. Vulture may not be a pretty bird, or one whose presence we are used to greeting with gladness. But in her own way she is majestic, and she is a powerful and important presence. My first reaction to Tsikari`en:taks, was not an imformed or thoughtful one. Perhaps one more lesson in Vulture’s appearance today is to learn to look past the obvious and see the beauty that is always there and in all things.

    1. Jules- that was perfect. Your observation put into words was absolutely amazing. This has hit home with me and my spirit tremendously. Patience is the key. And in my life’s journey, it seems to be the only “key” I haven’t truly allowed to turn what is locked either inside of me, or that which is locked up away from me. Both are mine to be had, and Vulture is telling me “you have the key, always have, you just turn to fast!” Therefore with every pass I have tried before I have failed, and again, not because of the key, but because of the timing. The lack of patience in not allowing all the pins to drop/engage so that what is locked can then open up. And every time I fail in turning it over and opening this up, I walk away feeling defeated by the momentary outcome, betrayed by my key I work so hard to obtain, and run away in search of another key. It had never crossed my mind that it was the lock, and not my key!
      In the same way that typing in a password fails a person when done in haste, so has been unlocking that which had kept me shackled to everything that holds me down, and back, and away from my purpose, my self, and from love.
      Turn slower.
      Don’t use the key, be the key!
      And all will unlock and open up to me completely.
      Just wow!

    2. I just saw two vouchers on my roof and it frightens me. But after researching and reading posts like these I am fully aware of the positive significance in their very being 🙂

    3. I am on another journey in my parenting life, one that is constantly changing and increases in complexity the older my children get. I have recently traveled with my daughter, son in law, and infant granddaughter from Minnesota to South Florida where they have bought a new home. I am good generally at staying balanced and positive, but have found it near impossible to stay grounded on this trip and seem to have lost my purpose. A few days ago I saw a whole flock of black vultures. I had never seen one before, and I was the only one of the three people in the car that witnessed this sight. I have to admit I was puzzled by the symbolism of the vulture as a spirit animal, but I have many animal guides and I knew the multitude of birds meant something for me. In reading this description and some of the personal accounts it now becomes clear why they are showing up for me. The message to have patience with myself and my process. To trust my intuition, and slow down and give myself time. Also a sign that I am ready to explore mystical realms. Thank you black vulture for showing yourself to me and guiding me through this stage in my journey!

    4. Jules Delorme: Hello. I am always seeing and noticing vultures. For me, they are a profound bird. Because of the connection to life and death, there is no fooling around with reality or truth. They see right through to the heart of things. Deception is impossible around people who have this majestic bird as one of their personal totems. Although they are associated with death, as you say above, death is part of the cycle of life and also is indicative of immense change. So to me, vulture has always been a positive and a deep totem. She or he, carries very powerful medicine, but in order to receive it you have to yourself be clean and pure in your motivation. She lifts you up into the spiritual realms effortlessly if you are ready to go there. Thank you for your post it taught me some things. Sincerely, A.J.

  9. My office building has about 5 offices with large windows overlooking a balcony. My office is one of them. Since this spring, turkey vultures hang out outside my window, sleeping, spreading their wings in the sun, or pecking at my window. I moved offices a couple doors down and they followed me. They don’t do this to anyone else’s window. They disappeared a few weeks ago and now two black headed vultures have showed up and have been hanging outside my window. What does this mean?!

  10. So I have a question I was outside just right now eating on my lunch I work at home and felt that there wasn’t a falcon or hawk feather came to my mind while I was thinking about an love interest and how it’s been 3years of trying to reconcile and I look up and this turkey vulture swooping all around my porch I have never seen one get so low or close it was like right above my head level and I’m 5’4″ And like face to face it danced around me a few times as I able to reallly get q good look at it. Does it mean anything? Something similar happened during the weekend with a hummingbird at like 5:50 am as I was looking at the blue moon we just had this Again thinking about the same love situation it’s been heavily on my mind the past month… And this little Hummingbird guy came outta no where in my face but I was sitting on my driveway tire level of my car it must mean something. Or i am the next bird whisperer haha please let me know your thoughts and interpations thanks

  11. The day after my wedding June 6 2015, I return home to a single vulture standing on the front corner of my house. I have lived in this house since 2007. And never witness this before and have not since that day. I do not live in a rural. I live in the city Ina neighborhood. Not all of trees. A busy street outside the neighborhood. No road kill or potential of roadkill. Our wedding corelates to Matt 6:6-15 the Lords Prayer. I never really thought to much of it. I never told anyone. Now 3 years later, I’m wondering what it meant. Just curious.

    1. Just a reminder that life is about to change. Adapt easily into your role. Don’t try to do everything at once for everyone. Let others rise the occassions in their own lives as you tweak yours. Observe how well order just flows from the overwhelm.

  12. This morning I was outside walking my dog and felt like someone was watching me, not fearful more like someone was coming to visit.

    I looked around and saw a large vulture with two black crows. All of them staring at me. I walked closer and they didn’t move. Their eyes locked on me. I stayed outside with them for quite sometime. I felt a sense of peace? After a while I went back inside. I later came out to get the mail and the crows and the vulture had formed a triangle around my door. All three still watching me and when I was out the crows started to cackle and caw back and forth. The vulture just watched me.

    I have been reading and I wonder if these are my three loved ones watching and protecting me? And from what I wonder? Any advice or interpretation would be appreciated!

  13. Thank you for your fortifying insight on the significance of vultures. My mom expressed regret that crows no longer visit her yard, possibly due to an influx of feral cats. While driving to my sister’s house around Christmas, I saw a big black bird picking at something in the middle of the road. Hoping not to startle it so that my mom could enjoy it, i drove very slowly around it. I glanced at it while passing. Time stood still. It met and held my gaze. It was very bold and stayed it’s ground. Mom asked if it was a crow. I told her no, as it seemed to be wearing a sort of mask. It was a black vulture.

  14. I saw 3 vultures fly towards each other and form a tightening circle and then fly a triquetra, the ancient trinity symbol over a busy intersection in front of me. Why are they doing aerial flying formations? Personally, I have never seen any kind of bird fly a triquetra formation until now.

  15. Another strange occurance with vultures, I’ve seen them for the past month or so. Today I was walking and saw them circling, no carrion in sight. I started walking towards them, however the closer I’d try to walk the father the vultures would be. Afternoon I didn’t focus on them for about a minute they all disappeared. However, with that many its unlikely they’d all land so quickly out of my sight. I’m wondering what seeing them so much could mean for me. They always creep me out somewhat since I am able to see auras and they just seem to disturb that somewhat.

  16. I see vultures around all the time. I honestly have a distaste for them as it’s impossible to feel alone with them around, not just physically. I see auras and what I perceive as lower energies and they always seem to make the ‘lower energies’ I see much to active for my taste. They seem to vanish to me.

  17. A week ago I was in my house and I heard random knocking sounds on my front glass door. I had my front metal door partially open. It was about 1:30 pm. I went to see what the noise was. It knocked about 5-6 times before I got to the door. There was a turkey buzzard standing on my front porch staring at me. We looked at each other and then it turned away and hopped off into the bushes. It turns out that I had a package on my porch so I told my friend that the UPS man sure looked different! Lol! Is there any meaning to this experience?

    1. I really enjoyed your story, Becky! That must have been an important package! Heaven is protecting it from burglars.

      Recently, I had the chimney cap replaced. A black vulture appeared in the sky just as the roofers were cleaning up and ready to descend to the ground. The bird dropped altitude and circled more closely to get a better view. Then the vulture circled on after we passed his inspection. The roofers were laughing joyously. Heaven approved the chimney work. Good job!

  18. Found an oppossum roadkill this morning in front of my neighbor’s driveway. A cat walked up, sniffed the carcass and walked away. I called various numbers for pickup and removal. No help. Before noon, five black faced vultures arrived on the scene. They are doing an excellent cleanup of the remains.

    1. Hello:), I have found that this wise bird comes to teach us about ‘processing the past’, makeing good from ill, understanding how the past has lead to ‘today’ and how we might want to change because we are ready to embrace that ‘death’ and embrace the growth and lessons learned ;maybe from past trama, maybe from out moded patterns we have out grown, maybe understanding how past family/ other relationships have shaped our past, maybe times we have made sacrifices that were hard but for our and others good, with gains of wisdom, peace and stenght. The story of how the Vulture went to the sun and became black is very beautiful and teaches so much. Just wanted to share 🙂 Much love and blessings

    2. The unforgettable image is 5 black vultures sitting in my neighbor’s large pine tree after the meal. Pine trees are symbols of longevity, vitality. The birds were resting there in its green branches.

      I am seeing black vultures soaring in the sky everyday since the massive flooding. Saturday, one swooped down low ahead of me over the recycling center just as I was about to enter the parking lot. I guess vultures are big on recycling and renewal.

    3. Thank you for this explanation, it is a comfort to me. I had a dozen or so vultures in a dead tree in my yard this morning, I went to check why my big dog was barking while looking upwards. They did not go until I clapped my hands. My husband passed away 2 years ago and I have been so devastated and heartbroken since. We were married over 50 years. Hopefully this is a sign to me that I have to move on, and instead of still grieving must keep the wonderful memories, but enjoy my life again with my grown children. Thank you again for helping me explain their presence, I was worried that they were a bad omen, but I think it is a good one after all

  19. Everywhere I go, a vulture is flying above me. At first I thought it was just coincidence until I went to an event out of city and a vulture still flew overhead. It’s a bit weird and confusing as in to why it’s following me. Once I actually came to the conclusion it was going to attack or something, thinking I was weak ‘cus … well.. I’m a slow walker and usually have my head down. So I’d walk with my head held high but it still stuck around so that couldn’t of been the reason. I’m very confused as in to why they would follow me but nothing I search up seems to help.

  20. A few minutes ago I went outside to check the mail, and on my way back I saw at least 10 vultures circling over my house. With that many flying around there must have been something big that died nearby. But I also feel there may be an important message. Does anyone have any ideas?

  21. Hello,

    Yesterday I went on a drive to a temple located just outside a major urban area. It’s nestled right in the forest and I went there for a medicine walk to try and gain clarity on which life direction to go next.

    As I was driving, a big turkey vulture took flight from the side of the road exactly as I drove past it. It took like a good 20 seconds of shock to realize what I thought was roadside brush was actually a huge bird and it was parallel to my car’s open windows.

    I’m struck by the question if there is any meaning. I’ve never seen one in my life before. Any thoughts?

  22. As I was reading a book (The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down) outside on my birthday this July, I saw a vulture circling above me. I was just thinking of my father who passed away in 2008. We shared the same birthday, and it really hasn’t been the same without him. I was fearful at first that this was a bad omen to have on your birthday, but hoping it’s not.

  23. 2 days ago, as it was a daydream, I envisioned a huge man sized vulture. It’s head was quite a bit detached but it was still on the top of the body. It’s head was only attached by a very thin piece and the head itself was turned to the left but jutting out from the body. Its body had a straight and stately pose. I have never even dreamt about a bird before let alone a vulture. Could you shed some light on this symbol. Thx, ann

    1. Hello, By any chance have you stood up to family, or other people in your life confidentially? Used your intuition calmly in a situations without fully knowing why but knowing it’s the right choice? Are you in a field of work or volunteering where you help others , especially therapy or other healing vocations where there is trama? Are you processing your own past and ready to embrace a better healthier future for yourself and others? You are being told you have the stenght, and wisdom for these changes, your being blessed and guided, others will be blessed and guided and lead to peace by you as well . Embrace the healing that has already occurred, you may being called to heal/teach others as well in both direct or subtle ways. 🙂 hope this helps, many blessings

    2. Today morning I saw a vulture with a white body in my dream..It was sitting and then it flied and I saw it catching a bird .. surprisingly it was my pet bird ..I’m scared.. as vulture symbolises something bad.. I’m unable to be optimistic about this ..Its so disturbing..I’m concerned about me and my family..I don’t want anything bad to happen .. Plz someone shed some light that what can probably be the meaning of such a dream!! I’m tensed .. ! I lost my father 4 months ago.. I can’t take more pain ..

  24. For the past four weeks, no matter where I am there is a Turkey Vulture. My first encounter was several weeks ago; as I was entering the church parking lot, there was a dead deer, surrounded by maybe 6-8 Turkey Vultures. Directly across from the deer was another huge Turkey Vulture sitting on a roof. The following week I left church, as I got closer to home, a Turkey Vulture ran in almost in front of my car, as I got closer it turn and jump back on the sidewalk. I thought this is so weird. From that day forward there have been Turkey Vultures flying over my head. Whether I’m headed to work, church, or just hanging out with my family I’m starting to recognize these Vultures every where I go.

    1. I have been having the same exact thing. I have been seeing them everywhere whenever I leave the house

    2. Teaya I believe you. I’ve had the same thing going on with me only a little longer than a month. I’ve been hesitant to tell anyone about it at first even question my own sanity as to why I was thinking with anywhere in the world this bird could fly why would he follow me. I eventually told the girl I was dating at the time after a couple weeks just to see what she’d say. Of course she tried to rationalize it by saying there’s no such thing as spirit animals it’s all in my head there’s probably just something dead close by, pretty much made fun of the situation I’m no longer with her needless to say I don’t need negative people and dark Aura around me.. I did tell my sister and also spoke with an elderly Cherokee Indian woman who I ran into completely by accident at a place not far from my home in Kentucky where I was shopping.. she was very nice gave me her time she could tell I was serious when I showed her at least a dozen pictures on my cell phone of the same bird in different places… she told me that particular bird was there to protect me, I asked from what and she told it was there to protect me so I could protect others, whatever the heck that means but told me not to worry.. I shook her hand thanked her for talking to me. as I was walking away she said sir, I’d like to give you something, it’s just a little something to protect you it’s not voodoo or anything evil, she said grinning it’s just a few stones..she pulled small bag out of her purse opened the drawstring said can I say a small blessing.? I said of course, she was whispering something into the bag with her eyes closed, made a few motions with her hand over top of it, then blew into the bag twice then started crying..she put it in my hand squeezed it and told me not to let anyone touch it and not open it, that it would help protect me from what is to come that was 3 weeks ago.. I’m still not sure what’s happening or going to happen but all my senses haven been on point and I’m slowing down to enjoy the smaller things, the simple things in life.. I see things clearer than before and I feel more peace that I thought I could.. I feel like I’m more grounded or bonded with nature or something lol it’s weird but whatever, my bird is still with me everyday..

    3. Hello Jerry,
      I felt very drawn to you and wanted to reach out. Your story stuck out to me. I also have a turkey vulture(s) that follow me. The first few weeks it was always the hawk and now I’ve seen nothing but turkey vultures. They all have different meanings/messages and I believe sometimes it’s just our spirit guides watching over us. I think it’s great you feel like you can slow down in this busy world and appreciate the little things. Continue to reach out and focus your self towards your destined path. You’re doing great and you have very special gifts. Don’t let anyone bring it down!

  25. The other day I was taking my dogs for our morning jog when we heard cawing in the woods. The dogs were obviously interested and wouldn’t stop trying to pull me in to the woods. In a tree were turkey vultures. The biggest was highest in the tree, and was the loudest. It seemed to be a “King/Queen”. It would caw and make noises, then the 3 vultures below it would respond. I thought it was quite a sight to see, as you don’t often see animals communicate like this. A few hours later, I was home and my son called for me to hurry and come outside. There in the tree in our backyard was a huge turkey vulture. It stayed sitting in the tree for a few minutes, looking at us and cawing, then flew to the neighbors house and sat on the edge of the roof watching us for some time. We live in a residential area, with a highway right in front of our house. We have a small wood behind us, but it’s not common to see these birds at all. I feel as if I overheard a secret plan and he was coming to make sure I didn’t tell! lol Do you think there’s any significance/meaning for me to this? Strange to have 2 uncommon experiences with the same animal on the same day.

  26. Michelle Carvalho

    This morning there were 3 birds that I believed were vultures on the sidewalk in front of my house. I went outside & Sat & watched them. They didn’t move..Wasn’t sure what to think so I tried to shoe them away..they didn’t budge & the one spread his wings fully & stayed that way for awhile. I sat down & watched them for awhile before going in. They remained there until I went back inside..just wondering what this meant?? Thank you

  27. Greetings, I would like to know what it means to come in contact with two back vultures always perching at an antenna up near my deck. I’ve been seeing those two like a month ago, and today in the afternoon after taking my dogs there, I saw them again, the two black vultures, I’d presumed they are a couple or maybe not. Nonetheless, I’m going through a difficult time and I am not sure whether this situation has any connection with it or not. Before the first time I spotted them, they were silent, this time, they started making these grunting, yapping sounds, like if they were trying talking to me, even staring at me, and my dogs went like crazy barking to them. The month before, one of them flew away, and then the other one after a while follow it on this majestic, peacefully flight. Today, one of the flew away as well, but I went back home before knowing if the other one flew away too. I’m still puzzled after this second encounter. Any ideas? Thanks a lot, and greetings from Argentina.

  28. Hi. I am going through a difficult situation at work. I have been birthing a project with a smallish group of people. It has recently come to my attention that core members may not be exactly who I thought they were. They don’t seem to actually respect me the way that they pretend to. I have been thinking about possibly walking away, or maybe trying to salvage the situation somehow. I really don’t want to walk away. Ultimately, I know they don’t want me to either. They need my knowledge or, so it would seem. In this group is also a guy who has been flirting heavily with me, but we haven’t gotten together because of his full time job, scheduling differences, and his fear. I have another friend who is not at all involved in this project. He has been wanting to be my boyfriend for a while. We are polar opposites. I was born on 9/21/1974, and he on 3/20/1979. I have put off a relationship with him partly because of this project, and partly because of this other guy. Well, today, as I was driving down the highway, and crossing over a bridge, a vulture flew down toward me from the right. I saw it very clearly. But before it actually crossed my path, it suddenly changed direction and went left. Is this as obvious, plain and simple, as it seems? Is there anything else that you can tell me about this experience? Thank you very much! I really do appreciate it!

    1. Lisa, you are a wooden tiger (Chinese zodiac). Best advice to tiger people is to “Look before you leap”. Think things through carefully without passion. My brother, the wooden horse, married a fire rooster (a phoenix same as Year 2017). It ended in an expensive divorce. Your wood (money & resources) are being used during 2016 and 2017 because they are fire years. You are fueling the fire. You are the log on the fire. The vulture changed direction. Have the flexibility to carefully alter direction if needed.

    2. Lisa, you were traveling on a bridge when you saw the vulture. That is significant. Bridges represent transitions.

    3. Lisa, I had an experience today that freaked me out and has me frightened. Based on what I’m reading here and your story, I feel now that I need to consider things more closely before I assume this is a bad thing.
      Today I was looking for a place to camp and had typed in a store on Google on the way. The directions led me down a road that was paved but had no lines. Ahead of me I began to see large black or brown birds swooping down. I originally thought they were Hawks and knew something dead ahead. I got closer and saw fish heads on the road – many of them -and watched as many as 6-10 vulchers (or hawks) swoop down. Google maps then literally brought me back to the same road I had just been on but took me a different direction after.
      Now, after reading your story, another detail has given me goosebumps…. A detail in your story. Not sure what the significance is but I know it is very significant to both you AND me….. My birthday is March 20th and I was born in 1989…. My entire body currently has goosebumps as I write this and I’m in tears. I am currently on my own sort of quest to find myself and recover from addiction and abusive relationships as well as homelessness and uncertainty. I’ve left the city I was living in and sought refuge in the country and small towns a few hours away. I’ve been getting lots of help here and hope to discover my purpose here and in life.
      I hope my story helps in someway and if you have a response, I will be reading back within a few days to see if you have. Thank you for sharing. May our Creator bless you abundantly. Take care.


  29. Did anybody have any ideas about whether or not the 34 vultures that were in the trees around our house a spiritual message? I would appreciate any ideas.

    1. PTBaker, it is time to cleanup the yard. Remove all dead trees, tree stumps, dead or decayed branches and dead leaves from the yard. Cut back any overgrown plants to help bring in fresh air and sunshine. You are probably busy inside the house, taking care of your husband. Hire someone or get friends and family to help with this huge task. Doing these things (from a feng shui perspective) helps the health and wellbeing of all residents living inside the home.

      Another idea is to hang a six-metal rod (silver or gold) wind chime outside at the northwest corner of your home. This will draw positive energy and help for your husband.

    2. The wind chime tubes should be hollow. A simple one without ornamentation would be best. Some are tuned and make a more pleasant sound.

  30. This morning as I was getting ready to go. I saw two black buzzards on my neighbors roof looking at me. One was standing on top of the other one, flapping his wings. What does this mean?

  31. I have a few accounts that have happened right after each other.
    Recently I had been really feeling a little clouded about my direction. You know the proverbial tires spinning in the mud. Many people around me that I grew up with passed within only a few months of each other. My job was stressing me out to the point of physical harm and I KNEW I deserved better. I had so much going on and honestly just cried out to All That Is for help. After a prayer, I felt peaceful…calm…and left it alone. These feelings still lingered though….until one day I was coming from a store run. I live on the second floor of an apt bldg. As I came up the steps into the breezeway I saw what I first thought was a turkey and that was when I came to realize that it was a massive turkey vulture perched on the ledge directly in my line of sight. Mind you there was no carrion nearby. Guys I live in metro Atlanta. We dont see vultures in the city. I froze. I wont lie. It freaked me out as we stared at each other. It was MUCH calmer than I was and in my fear I beheld it’s majesty. It just looked so royal and gave a vibe like “I’m here to see you”. I was too freaked out at the time though. So then it turns to me and spreads it’s 7ft wing span and I bolt for the door. As I went in..I heard it make a weird kind of grunt as it flew off. After my nerves settled from this VERY close encounter…I looked into the meanings and they hit home like a freight train.
    A week later I dreamed of being in a park full of people and saw a group of turkey vultures in the sky. They were not circling but rather flying in a V formation. When they landed, people came up to them and were petting them. They were VERY friendly and I wasnt afraid either. I just remember one coming up to me and it’s vibe was very calming, pleasant…healing.
    A week later (last week) I was riding with my daughter and rode past what I thought were crows but as we rode up closer, two black vultures were there. No carrion here either. They were just standing in the grass. So I’ve had the trifecta over the past three weeks. I know this means something significant. Just wanted share this with you. If you can add anything as far as interpretation and such, I would be most grateful.

  32. Hi, lm todd . About four years ago my mother passed away wfrom cancer. The night of her passing I was at home in bed with the tv on. I felt her presents it was really strong, like she was under my skin. I could feel her smiling. It was comforting. Fell asleep. Woke up the next morning.opening the front door the sky was ulltra blue like her eyes. What a beautiful day l thought. Well I went to the bathroom to take a shower, as soon as I turned on the water I feel to my knees breathing in and out three times. It was like a switch turned on. This incredible energy. Got out of the shower. Went in the bedroom to look for some clothes to where to church for my moms wake. Realizing that I needed some dress shoes . To make the story short . I went to payless shoe store . On the way there when driving down the road , I could see in the horizon , this hafe shaped dome that was over me. This incredible energy field. I wanted to tell the world, but didn’t want people to think I was crazy. I got to the shoe store. I could not hold this feeling in anymore. When I was checking out at the cash register. I told the employer that my mother had just passed away from a battle with ovarian cancer and this incredible energy is over me he said it was fine that he had the same experience when his grandmother passed he said enjoy it. So I drove back home Musta fell asleep I woke up out of a deep sleep thinking that I need to go to my mom’s house to meet my family for the preparation of the funeral well as I’m going down the driveway nobody is there yet so I go and sit on the front porch where I sat with my mother a couple of days ago talking about life and while I was sitting there waiting for my family I saw a big bird in the sky not really thinking much of it as I sat there watching the bird it was like it was Dancing in the Sky I watch that bird for about 8 minutes as I was watching the bird another bird flew in they went in figure eight flying gracefully in the sky I was truly amazed as I was watching One bird flew over the trees and disappeared the other bird danced around in the sky it seemed like forever when the second bird flew over the trees out of my vision an electrical sensation came out of the ground through my feet and went through every bone in my body and left the top of my head like a lightning bolt realize and then that it was my mom’s spirit I did not know what to do I did not know who to tell without my family thinking I was crazy as I sat there on the front porch some of my family members started to drive up the driveway how was I going to tell them what I had just experienced I was never really a talkative person as I sat there some of my family members asked me what I was doing sitting outside I said you’re going to think I’m crazy but I saw these birds in the sky these huge birds dancing in the sky and I told them about the incredible energy that left my body as soon as the birds flew over the trees my cousin Tommy said you were just touched by the Holy Ghost all the rest of my family just stood there and looked at me didn’t have a word to say till this day it’s like I have a third eye on most of everything I’ve always been a spiritual person not too much of a religious person but a spiritual one that experience has open a new door in my life it showed me that there is something much bigger out there

    1. The figure 8 is the symbol of eternity. It has no beginning or end. Yes, there is something much bigger out there. You brushed up against its hem. Peace and comfort to you and your family.

    2. That was a major release of kundalini energy upward, a spiritual awakening. Perception is altered.

    3. No, PTBaker., that is a further comment on Todd’s narrative of his spiritual experience. Todd is describing a major release of his inner kundalini energy, up through his chakras. He has been spiritually awakened. His family describes it as being touched by the Holy Spirit (Christian context). Both of my comments have nothing to do with ptbakers message.

  33. This morning when I went out of the house to feed up, I looked towards my husbands shop, and in the trees closest to the shop there was 28 buzzards, There was 4 in the tree next to our house, and 3 in the trees directly behind the house. Seeing all those buzzards at one time gave me a very uneasy feeling. They allowed me to walk close enough to them to see that they all were facing the house. They just sat there, not being afraid of me at all. Do you think there is a message of some kind there? My husband has a lot of serious medical issues going on, could be bad, we are waiting on tests results from the neurologist right now. He has also had prostate cancer, had surgery for that.

  34. Today I took my daughter and grandkids to my great, great grandfather’s property he and his wife purchased in 1923 in Auburn, AL.
    The property sits on 179 acres that borders Chewacla State Park. The home house is a mile walk into the property and as we approached the property a vulture flew out the window but returned a few minutes later with a second vulture an perched in the tree outside the front entrance watching us as we were heading back to the front entrance.

  35. I must share this storey. My husband of 15 years walked out. Presented divorce papers that would not work for me at all. I hired my own attorney. I was in the shower when my attorney called. Her message was we have a court date, if you want to back out we have to do that ASAP. I had all of the butterflies all over again. I walked out to go to work. I saw, in the historic oak tree that we wed under, at least 40 buzzards in the tree all looking down. I live in the county but don’t usually see any in my yard. The next day I saw a few in other trees and by the third day I did not see any. I followed through with the court date. It went well. It was my daughter that allowed the buzzards were there to tell you to go ahead, it’s OK. We will clean up the mess.

    1. Hi Tana

      That’s hard , I hope things work out best they can ,, I think that the buzzards are a sign of the what seems to people greed and ownership things that are about to show their ugly faces ,, they are a symbol or rebirth as well , serve as a warning that someone is also watching you for the purposes of taking a miss step .. There will be an opportunity for you coming as well take that and run with it ,,it’s positive and will help with closure with all that ..
      All the best

    2. Thank you. That was December 2015. Many lessons learned. My recent birds with words have been a red-tailed hawk and a young bald eagle. I continue to embrace forgiveness. I am well and growing. Thank you

    3. Hi Tana

      I’m getting that the hawk in this case is a sign of insight , the current situation in your life you must keep an eye on , either situation or person(s).
      The eagle represents freedom , courage ,spiritual growth and self renewel , over all things may seem a little bland at the moment but your on a good path ,
      I hope you continue to lift yourself up above everything and live for yourself while not forgetting others that helped ..

  36. yesterday a vulture hits on my head and flying away while i am standing on roof. then i saw 3-4 crows were attack on the vulture. it may be by accident or what is the reason that the vulture fall on my head.
    please reply…………….

    1. Hi Deepak, it seems the message of the vulture has been given to you more than once, yet you did not perceive its message. This was no accident, but rather a “wake’ up message……….. time to hear what you need to hear 🙂

    2. Also, I feel the crows (being about change, and usually not for the good) are symbolic of an energy preventing you from hearing your message, and preventing you from moving forward in the direction you are called. xoxox

  37. When my husband and I were married almost 17 years ago, we went to Orlando and California for our honeymoon. In the Orlando resort we stayed at, we walked into our room on the first day and opened the curtains, to let some light in and there sitting on our windows ledge, was a vulture. We were about the 10th floor up and in the middle. We were there 2 weeks and it stayed outside our window the entire time. We could always tell which was our room from the outside because the vulture was there. We tried several times scaring it away, but it wouldn’t move. We even asked the resort if it was a part of the resort or if it’s nest was there or anything and the resort said they had never seen it before and the room cleaners didn’t report it being there when they clened the room before we checked in. The hotel staff even tried scaring it away, but it always came right back. We went to California for the remainder of our honeymoon (we did Orlando Disney and California Disney). We came back to Orlando to head home and the vulture was gone. For curiosity, we went into the hotel and asked when the vulture left and they said the day after we left, it was gone too.

    1. On Sunday two Vultures were seen on top of my roof face to face. This is scary to me any idea of what this might mean?

  38. I saw at least 10 or more vultures along the road ravaging a dead deer along the road. I have seen vultures before but never that many all at once, I felt it was significant.

  39. Nicolette Mavsar

    About a week ago I was driving down a long stretch of road leading towards my house. My mother was driving and a single vulture came out of nowhere and flew directly in front of our car from left to right then was gone. It scared us and my mom had to tap the brakes. She believes it means something, and I agree with her. Any ideas??

    1. I went on a trip to a place in Spain and while I was looking around I saw a tornado of vultures flying then one flew towards me and landed on my head and then one landed at my feet What does it mean

    2. The head represents Higher consciousness, the feet an extension of the root chakra or the physical. Because feet carry us where we need to go, my intuition and experience tell me that this was a sign that it was time to take intuitive and creative thoughts into action to move forward with strength, under your own power, relying on yourself and your own resources, trusting your own Higher Consciousness over the ideas and advice from others.

    3. Blessings. IN magick and metaphysics the left side is usually understood as the subconscious mind, and spiritual intuition. The right side as conscious mind and expression of thoughts and taking action. An animal sign crossing your path from left to right therefore symbolizes that it is time to take ideas and creative solutions into action and do something about a situation.

  40. Hello, thought I’d like to share my dream of a vulture I had two nights ago – the same night my period started, incidentally. I was walking in my old hometown (small town in Eastern Germany where there are no vultures, ever) when I noticed a big grey vulture sitting up on a lamp post. Intrigued, I went over to have a closer look, and it fluttered down onto the street. I got the impression it was a little hurt, the feathers looked ruffled around the tail end, but it flew down. Two men carried the big bird from the street so it wouldn’t get run over, and it put up no resistance. I crouched down in front of it to examine more closely, when it hopped up on my head and made itself comfy! Even thinking about it now, it makes me laugh, as it did in the dream. I handed one of the men my phone to take a picture with the words “if a vulture lands on my head, I NEED photographic proof or no one will believe me!” There was nothing scary about the whole situation, on the contrary, I felt blessed by its choice to sit on me, of all people. And it was a heavy bird ;).
    I’ve read the keywords “business going bust” in other dream-symbol sources, and that’s accurate. The day before the dream, my associate and me decided to not ride the dead horse that is our shop any longer and pack it in as soon as we can. We feel relieved about it, with pangs of nerves and a little guilt, but know we’re eventually freeing ourselves and doing the right thing by it. In fact, we itch to start packing it up. So, thanks to vulture for helping us with the clean-up of the carcass of our dead horse. Much appreciated 🙂 Stevie

  41. had a dream. 3 very long neck vultures fly aggressively to my roof I knew they were up to something cause they wanted forcing their way to meet me. I try to run out before I knew it, their beak were on me and I wake up. Pls what is do meaning? My email is not active. can I get ur reply here pls

  42. I had been up since 12 am distraught and weak from crying over my situation. I had been betrayed for 2 years. I walked outside on my back deck and was just crying. I looked up and saw a vulture in the maple tree. It was all by itself. Then, it flew down and on top on my neighbors work she’d. It was now, maybe 25 feet away from me, watching me. My dog just watched us. She is a guard dog, the minute anything gets in the yard she goes nut. But she just sat their and watch the vulture and myself. I wasn’t sure if a vulture could or would attack a person. I didn’t want to find out. I turned around and opened, walked to the back door, open the door and started to walk inside. I heard it move. I turned around and this time it was maybe 5 feet away from me on the deck railing. It was just looking at me and I was just staring back. I don’t know how long we were like that. It eventually turned a little, looked back at me and flew away.

    1. Hi Jannie

      It’s a sign of new beginnings ,, take the opportunity when it comes to make some changes ,, thus also says that things that happen in your past like what your going through right now will hold valuable insight for the future ..the pain will go it always does ,, hold your head up and be as positive as you can ..
      Go and spend time with closest friends do something fun ,, take your mind off things and those opportunities will arise …

    2. For a few weeks now hundreds of voltures have been circling obove my house mostly as the sun goes down they come really low down as if they are trying to see me or me see them. Is this just them finding a place to roost or could they be here for a spiritual reason?

  43. hi, it’s Friday morning 10 am I woke up.
    I had a terrible dream of group of vultures.
    I the dream I saw, me n my elder sister (we love each other so much) we step into an open ground suddenly while being at home as soon as i close a window while at home (night time) I see ourselves in an open ground.
    we see orange colored huge feathered vulture In the sky. it comes close.
    my sister holds it tries to place it on my head n clicks a picture out of love. she has a habit of taking pictures, and she gets a call on her phone, my grandma who recently expired. granny tells she reached at some place(she was traveling) sister responds saying ‘so soon you reached till there’ I will be hearing these conversations and playing with someone or something, some kind of entertainment. then suddenly some women and a old guy and kids along with some vultures coming towards us.
    we start running( surprisingly no fear while running) then we see many kids also running along with us and some chasing us. then I turn back and see, a huge group of kids attacking my sister ( I was numb, n watching those kids ripping her clothes then accessories so fast like vultures, my mind stops working out of the tragic. I run back n chase away those kids and see my sister almost eaten and almost dead and I see that old man coming to chase away those kids(guilt n pity in his eyes) and then woke in trauma.

    I just want to make sure nothing happens to my sister.

    someone please tell me, what this dream means. please! please 🙁

  44. For the past 2-3 years I have been having “encounters” with turkey vultures. My definition of “encounter” is up close and personal with definite eye contact. My older daughter accused me of being obsessed with turkey vultures, but after the incident on 4-16-16 she no longer does. We were in the front yard of my younger daughter’s home, playing with my grandchildren. I heard “caws” from up the street, then silence. Next thing I see a turkey vulture coming straight down the street toward us. Out of nowhere there are suddenly five turkey vultures circling overhead. At least twice (maybe more, I wasn’t always looking up) a single vulture comes lower and flies over me going from east to west. Just as suddenly, they fly off , all in different directions. Having no knowledge of totem animals or turkey vultures, still I am aware this all has significance. All my other “encounters” have been while I have been driving in my car, as if I chanced upon the vultures. This time they came to me. I found a post about seeing five vultures meant someone died. I was unsettled to say the least. If the vulture that flew lower from east to west was indicating the passage of the sun and the number of times this flight was repeated represented the number of days, then I can tell you their message. Three days later my husband almost died. Tell me I am imagining all this. Tell me I am reading it all wrong. I wondered if this incident were the last “encounter”, but last evening on my drive home from work, a vulture launched itself from the roadside as I approached in my car and flew beside me, making sure we made eye contact. So the vultures will still be part of my life’s journey.

    1. There is something (opportunity wise) that your missing ,, the vulture will if not already invade your dreams ,, you need to look can on your life since this all started and see what the reoccurring theme is here ,, pay attention to what has just happen or what’s on your mind when these sighting and encounters take place in the future .
      It will click when you get the message ,, it won’t be somthing your wondering if type thing it will be like a light bulb went off,, after that moment you will no longer have these close encounters but perhaps 1 to signify closure ..
      All the best

  45. during a shamanic drumming journey I found myself in the high red rock mountains somewhere. It was at the top , like the eye of the needle and there were about five condors flying in and around this opening. Sometimes they perched awhile and then went back to flying through it as I watched. I can’t seem to make sense of this and I know it is important.

  46. I kind of would like Silken Raven to help, you seem to have some pretty reasonable explanations, and I feel you might have more of an answer for me then what I’ve come up with. SO PLEASE HELP! I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF ASSISTANCE! some of these questions have been plaguing me every day for years! My first name means
    hero, my second name means rebirth, my last name means prophet (obviously) but You can not email me, cuz you just can’t, so please respond. I thought my name meanings might be significant for a raven, because that’s my nickname, and Every morning I wake up to the sound of ravens and they sound beautiful to me, also my celtic animal is a raven, and I feel a deep connection. So please! I have plenty more to say, and really need help. I can put up a pretty good conversation too.

    ~Sincerely Hailey P.

    1. Hailey,

      Google the Healing Path of the Raven and see where it takes you.

      May you be blessed,
      The Ethereal Shaman

    2. Dear CC, 🙂 🙂
      I hope that you would read my earlier posts on the vulture, these 27 vultures really bug me. But they seem to warn me of nearing danger or problems. Not many people respond to my posts though I’ve noticed 😥 😥 . But once, they (the 27 vultures) circled over a the park in our neighborhood. I though maybe it could be alligators, but When I got to the place they were, My bike got stuck in the mud!! This is awkward! Also, when I entered the neighborhood, these THREE vultures were sitting on these two dead trees–mean anything ❓ Also, when I was cleaning off my bike, they sat and watching me, then very slowly, they left. But only one remained. He watched me for the couple hours while I was there. then when I left, he followed me. They (the vultures) also fly over me, watch me in trees and other things. They fly over me, even when I was really little, when I laid in the grass and watched the clouds, three vultures would fly over me, circling above me… angels descending. “How beautiful, I thought. Yet…so chilling….. I have already discovered my spirit animal, it is a black panther (a black jaguar) and I would also like some help with that too. Insight are always appreciated and thanks for the post! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
      -hailey p.
      P.S. Do you know when the PANTHER and JAGUAR spirit animal will come out on this sight ❓ ❓ ❓

    3. Urban.Chic.Hippie.

      It’s great that you’re see the signs and connecting with the Turkey Vulture. You must realize that first and foremost that Spirit/Source/God/ Universe is always watching over you and you’re being guided to the highest good. It’s clear that the Turkey Vulture has come to you as such guidance. I often associate Turkey Vultures as “something has changed.” A panther may be your Spirit Animal, but that doesn’t mean other animals will not come in to life to guide you. What you must first realize is that no one but you will have the clearest answer for what they’re trying to tell you. Therefor, you need to meditate and let the Turkey Vulture come to you in that space and let you know of it’s message. There are lots of guided meditations for communicating with spirit animals on youtube. Lastly, don’t give away your power, you as much as anyone else has the power to communicate with your spirit animals & guides.

  47. :mrgreen: 🙄 ❓ 😛 Hi I was wondering, I’ve been seeing these same 27 vultures flying over my house.
    It all started out when I asked someone a question (can’t name who) and I said to give me a sign of 27 vultures in my back yard the next morning if the answer was yes.
    Well, the next morning, when I went into the kitchen to eat breakfast, I heard squawking. I saw a huge vulture fly across the yard. I ran outside and saw three vultures entering my back yard. Six vultures on the roof peak sitting in a line looking at me.Then I ran into the back yard and saw vultures flying around me, sitting on the roof, on the ground, in the trees, and on the garden fence post. We have a six acre yard and live in the forest, so they were everywhere. My bedroom window faces toward the back yard. So I can see everything. There is a big open space then our whole back yard is surrounded by tons of trees. The vultures squawked loudly, and flew around me. They flew around and into a tall dead, leafless tree. I asked for some of them to follow me around the block. Three of them did, flying over me as I rode my bike. I was scared and amazed. Now I feel like I can sense death and I can predict where a vulture will be. I went around the block another time, and saw a huge animal spine all twisted up. Maybe a deer, horse, cow, or donkey, at least a cattle animal. But recently, I asked another question, and I went outside and saw 27 vultures, flying and diving in a huge flock over the road. I ran to them, and followed them. Is this a coincidence? Now in the car, whenever we are still in the country, A vulture will fly around, and will fly until our car is close, then will pass right over us. This happens so often. I can even call a vulture doing a certain hand sign. Vultures are always near me, and are my symbol of peace. There is a tree, a dead one that whenever we pass it, I check to see if a vulture is in it.
    If so, then I will have a happy day. There is so much more to say, but first I need a response. I also have certain deals with a big white canine animal, A raven missing a feather on it’s right wing that I can call, and these two hawks that follow me, and sit on a telephone pole for months and look at me whenever I look at them. They even fly over my house, and dive, and do acrobatics. Please help. 😯

  48. In a dream, I was seeing three vultures, roughly about the size of a pterodactyl, flying / swooping from right to left. I saw them through a hole / opening. I’m not sure where I was. I was fascinated by them, and was wanting to take a picture of them. I don’t know where they were going.

    1. Many of the traits of the Griffon Vulture are the same as most other vulture species. Their white heads are significant in that they represent communication with the Creator. They are a go between the spirit and the natural world. Their message also has a lot to do with community and group activities. I would suggest that you pay attention to the message in the quotation box and apply spiritual connections and group activities to it. See how that fits with the answers you are seeking.

    2. 😛 :mrgreen: Dear Silken Raven,

      I have recently left an important message for you, and am in desperate need of answers , so please send response as quickly as possible and I will be at rest.
      My questions have intensely bothered my for years 😯 , and you might be my last chance. Do hurry. 😥

    3. Dear Silken Raven you might wanna check some of the other totem animals too especially the birds . If you could, Please, Please, PLEASE help me figure out my spirit animal.
      here are some suggestions; cat (leopard or jaguar) reptile (lizard or snake) bird ( raven, crow, owl, vulture, hawk.) possibly a wolf.
      Primal astrology says I’m a tarantula, which totally describes me, but recently I found out that over the years, the stars shift, changing me from a Sagittarius to a Scorpio. Ophiuchus is not included though, early astronomers purposely deleted this western sign due to it’s complicated position
      making it hard to divide the sky evenly, and the fact that it was a real person and did not quite make sense on the zodiac. It also describes me well, but like I said before, Primal Astrology does not include Ophiuchus. I am desperate to find out my spirit animal, I thought you could help. Please do not ask for any personal information such as full name, age, ect. I am using a school computer and I could get into trouble. Also my parents would be mad, and I don’t have a very good reputation. Life’s been complicated and I sure could use some help, it would be very encouraging. :mrgreen:
      -Sincerely hailey p.

    4. Hi Hayley,

      I am not silken raven, obviously. However, I thought that I might respond as you seemed a bit worried. I know (I remember!) that being in the midst of teen years can be confusing, it is certainly a time of great change, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I just wanted to say that from your posts it seems like you already have your answer. You asked for a sign and you got one. Try saying thank you and honor the animals that have shared with you with your gratitude. In my experience different animals come up at different times. It looks like vultures are hanging out during this time of transformation. If I were you I would ask for the vultures help in your meditations and act as if they are your spirit animals for the time being. Go easy on yourself. Practice being grounded and surrounding your self, and others, with light. There is great beauty in feeling mother earth under your feet and the vulture swinging in the sky above you. All love. Xx

  49. My son is 16 years old. For his entire life, vultures have flown over him whenever he is outdoors. He plays baseball and they always are flying overhead even while he’s on the field. There won’t be a single one in sight and as soon as he goes outside to do something, they show up. Sometimes they sit on our barn roof watching for him. This has literally occurred since he was about 2 years old. We’ve always joked with him about it and tell him that his “friends” are here! It’s very strange.

  50. I’ve never seen black vultures anywhere except eating roadkill. But this morning four of these large birds landed on my roof. Two stood up there displaying their impressive wingspans, slowly rotating for all to see. That was amazing & beautiful! The other two walked around in the grass, checking out their reflections in glass patio doors. I looked up their symbolism & found this site. I just took a week off from work & am contemplating making major changes. So their symbolism that encourages me to think things through, considering every angle, is spot on!!

  51. We were on a mail delivery boat tour cruising around Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. We saw various immaculate lawns, gardens, mansions, and expensive homes from the dock view. One yard had close to 30 birds on the lawn and trees. I have never seen so many turkey vultures in one area. I wonder why they were there, and nowhere else. the yard wasn’t very wide., so why not the neighbors as well? I have never seen more than a few riding the thermals, so it was quite an experience. Strong medicine.

  52. I was at college, and a nature center brought over three birds to show the students. A turkey vulture, a hawk, and an owl. The turkey vulture kept looking at me, and then all of a sudden as I was sitting down, I seen it turning its body towards me, opening her wings and lowering her head… All of a sudden she lunged towards my direction..but she had a strap on her ankle so she couldn’t actually go off her post. She got her self together, then stood on the opposite end of the post (even closer to me) opening her wings and standing there on the post. She continued standing their with her wings open. I’m not sure what that all means.

  53. I live in a rural area and have rarely seen turkey vultures around our property until this spring. I’ve noticed a family or group of about five or six that seemed to follow me around. I see them when I’m out working in my yard, walking the dog down the road…I see the group following and circling nearly every time I’m outside! I’ve even noticed them many times if I’m indoors looking out a window, there they are just circling! it just so happens that I am expecting my first baby, could they be representing something about my baby or are they trying to tell me something as a first time mother? Thoughts?

  54. Today is my 33rd birthday. I woke up this morning and walked into the kitchen of my condo, which is on the 16th floor of a big tower in downtown Toronto. I looked outside onto the balcony and was startled by a massive turkey vulture perched on the ledge. I started looking at it closely and was a bit shocked. As I inched closer I could tell that it was aware I was looking at it. I took some photos and just sat there for about 10 minutes watching the huge bird. I was a bit scared and thrilled at the same time. After a while I had to get ready for my day so I went into the other room. When I returned it was gone. It left some furry scraps from its last meal and some droppings behind. I asked the concierge and some other residents of the building, but no one had ever seen a turkey vulture in the city or area, or up on a skyscraper for that matter. Very inspiring and certainly an omen.

  55. I’m starting to see that the vulture is most likely my totem. Not only do I see it in meditation, but I have had a few experiences with them. There was the funny side that I saw to them when three of them attacked my bird kite when I was a kid, but there was a time when I was waiting outside for my parents to come home as I was locked outside. I was reading when a shadow interrupted my reading. I looked up and 10 feet above my head was a turkey vulture. I was afraid so I darted and did a walk-run and it followed me. I did this a few times before I realized it was playing tag with me. I ran around with it constantly 10 feet above my head and when I turned it turned. I put my arms out pretending to fly. After about 15 minutes, the vulture flew away. It is the most magical encounter I have ever had with nature.

  56. I live in an area that vultures aren’t built for so vultures dont really come into my life, crows however do… I did some meditation to find my spirit animal and a vulture appeared, I asked him why there are so many crows around so often and he said that he sent the crows to keep watch over me since he couldn’t.

    1. That’s beautiful. I currently live in an area where I no longer see my turkey vultures but not far from where I work I always see this same raven staring through the window at me from time to time.

  57. I have never really seen turkey vultures before but for the past few years I see them all the time and it seems that they tell me what’s going on with my life at that time. If I see one I have a good day, if I see 2 my days it is a little weird. But if I see five or more someone died. I don’t know how to explain it. But even at my boyfriends grandmothers funeral (i loved that woman) a friend saw a turkey vulture land on the top of the church and watch me walk inside.. I don’t know what this means but that fact that I see them so frequently and they are always right makes me really curious to know. there was even a time where I was talking to someone about how I see turkey vultures. And we looked outside to see one change course turn towards me and fly within 7 feet of the building we were in with its belly to the window. These could all be coincidences is but it has happened way too much for me to believe that coincidence could be the cause.

  58. For most of my life, I have rarely seen turkey vultures. Then this past summer, I woke up to find 3 of them in my driveway. There was one that was obviously the dominant one; it was the one doing all of the the eating at first. The others kept a safe lookout and guarded him while he/she ate. Eventually, the three of them spread out, with one on tope of my house and one on each on the neighboring houses. At this point, I was able to go outside and sit on my back patio while the vulture on my roof looked down at me. There was no sense of fear of aggression… it just watched me. There was this sense that it felt in no way threatened by me, knowing it was so much more powerful than me. After a few minutes, it took off.
    Since then, I see vultures very frequently. There is even a huge pack of them that tend to roost in this one tree that I pass on my way home from work. They fly over my car as I pass them.

  59. Hi Rick who saw a vulture fly over his truck.

    There could be many meanings to what happened, but you rightly surmised that this is unusual behavior for the bird, and something to be noted. I’m glad you’re looking into it.


  60. Today a vulture, like turkey vulture flew up and across the front of my truck. No damage to the truck. not sure what happened to the vulture. No blood or any other parts found anywhere on the truck, i was going 50 miles an hour.

    What does this mean ?

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