Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer Symbolism

Follow your own internal guidance. No need to follow others in this situation.
-Miniature Schnauzer

If Miniature Schnauzer has come across your path;

You are reminded that in protecting your heart you are stopping the flow of experiences that will help you to heal and grow. In allowing those around you to see more of who you are and to involve yourself more with your peers you can grow on many many levels. It will teach you the art of discernment, how to set boundaries, and how to make choices that are right for your own journey. Hiding from all of these experiences only invites an eventual Cosmic Calamity that will force the issue. Now is your chance to move forward on your own terms. Get out there and risk your heart!

If Miniature Schnauzer is your Animal Totem;

You are highly protective of those around you. You are bold in your decisions and will often act without forethought. This will occasionally get you into trouble – but for the most part will serve you well in matters of your heart. You have an active lifestyle, enjoy being social and are usually well grounded in any situation you find yourself in. You are courageous in the face of darkness and danger. You also have a highly developed sense of intuition. Most likely you have the gift of clairaudience.

If Miniature Schnauzer has come into your dreams;

To see this dog in your dreams is a message that you must stay alert to the “signs and omens” around you. You are being shown what you need to see. You must also listen very carefully for the signs will include auditory direction. Trust what you hear.

Alternatively the Schnauzer may be letting you know that your loyalty is being questioned in some way. Either by yourself or by others. This is a good thing simply because you are in the process of discerning what is exactly right for yourself.

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