Koi Symbolism, Koi Meaning, Koi Totem, Koi Dream, and Messages
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Koi Meaning and Messages

In this case, Koi symbolism is a sign of good luck and prosperity. Thus, like the Eagle, this spirit animal teaches that you should look for new opportunities and take advantage of them. However, the Koi meaning can also prompt you to revitalize old projects that have gone unfinished.

Alternatively, like the Orca, Koi symbolism brings you the opportunity for transformation through meditation and altered states of mind. It is the gift of fantasy and dreams that come true. In other words, now is an excellent time to have faith and dream big!

Moreover, a black fish of this species is said to bring about change in your life circumstances. When it is a gold-colored fish, it represents gold, wealth, and prosperity. Comparatively, the platinum-colored carp is the fulfillment of wealth in the form of success in business. A white bodied fish with a red mark on its head encourages advancement in career. Lastly, a white fish with red markings around the mouth is said to inspire long-lasting and loving relationships.

Koi Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Koi totem have a gift for creating wealth in their life. Thus it seems that everything they do creates prosperity all around them. Folks with this spirit animal totem are always transforming one thing or another into gold. They know how to stay calm in the face of adversity. Furthermore, these people also know when it’s time to retreat and meditate to facilitate transformation.

Koi Dream Interpretation

When you have a Koi dream, it indicates that you need to put aside your pride and ego and not let it get in the way of friendships and relationships. Alternatively, this species of carp is symbolic of patience, perseverance, determination, ambition, tenacity, courage, and success. Thus like the Quail dream, the fish serves as a reminder that you can and will overcome life’s obstacles and adversities.

When you see or keep a pond filled with these fish in your dreams, it represents love, affection, and friendship.

30 thoughts on “Koi”

  1. I woke up distinctly remembering just this part of my dream – I was standing in front of a cute little pond, I was with someone might have been my husband and I saw the beautiful coy fish. My husband encouraged me to put my hand in the water and feel them nibble at my skin. I said they felt like little kisses. Then he said put your feet in. I was scared but I did it and I was laughing at the feeling of the coy swimming around my feet and what felt like their lips puckering at my skin. The coy were beautiful red white and big.

  2. Micheal Sachse

    I dreamt I was standing on a cliff or something in Ice Land or New Zealand and I was looking down at the water (the ocean) with my best friend. The water was so clear and blue. But apart from the beauty of the clean clear water, I saw gigantic koi fish all around in the water, different colors. Swimming in harmony. There were black ones, white ones with red spots on them and white with gold/yellow spots. The biggest one was white with red spots which kind of swam towards us.
    On the surface where we were standing, there we random fish (almost looked plastic) jumping out from the water all the way up on to the cliff and we tried to push or throw them back down into the water, I got awoken by a snail like animal which gave me a fright when it landed on my leg. Haha
    Not sure how this dream interprets to the above information about koi in a dream.

  3. I dreamt that there were three glass containers filled with water and different coloured koi fish one gold looking the other I can remember was white with red on it.. they were swimming around I feared one would fall out as the seemed like really large koi fish, eventually the gold one went flying out it was huge I brought it to the sink and filled it with water and put it in there and eventually put it back in the glass looking tank containers but it survived.

  4. Last night I dreamed I was getting ready to swim in a natural water feature. I was surprised there were a bunch of orange and white marbled koi fish swimming right near the edge of this pond or lake, and I carefully stepped into the water with them, so they were swimming all around my legs and then me…
    I only remember bits and pieces about my dream but I felt comfortable and loved the whole time; not anxious at all (I’m quite anxious and worry a lot in real life). I’m trying to improve my financial situation as I’ve been struggling the last year… I hope, this is a good omen! 🙂

  5. 12 PM in the afternoon. I fell asleep while leaning my head on the table I was working on.
    Before I was awaken by my mom’s voice calling me, I saw something in my dream.

    I dreamt of gold fishes in different colors. They were swimming in a small pond with flowing water, similar to a fountain but just situated on a grassy piece of a lot, almost at the edge of the ocean.

    Suddenly, rain came pouring in and in a split second or with a blink of an eye, the pond’s water overflowed. The water in the ocean came rising too, until both waters – the pond water and the ocean water finally meets and all the gold fishes were swimming along with the current, in all directions. And the place just got flooded with water full of koi fishes.

  6. kristina Martindale

    I dreamed I had koi fish attached to my body but tgey were living inside me on my hand my left hand i held my left hand up andl looked at tgem they were mostly black and white the black one we saved and bought back to life and there was one red and white one. I had never dreamed of koi before thry made me realise my importance to this world and my purpose here thank you dear koi.

    1. You will be going through some changes, a big transformation and long lasting love is on its way to you dear Kristina!

  7. Last night, I had a dream where I was meditating in the middle of the ocean and suddenly three white- and red-marked gold koi. One, which was all white with a gold splotch on its forehead swam over to me, and touched its forehead against mine. When it touched me I woke up. Explanation?

  8. I had a Dream where I was in a Japanese event with friends. It was a performance where a guy was dressed as a girl, a guy, and a girl. They where dancing and when in ended, an old man came out and a long tank rose from the ground mechanically. The old man wanted to give thanks and its inspiration from the koi fish he had. The koi fish was flosting and was a bright see through golden as if it was a hologram. It flosted around and stopped at me since I was at the end of the tank and my friend was next to me. The koi fish and I stared at each other before it kissed my nose was swammed away to the old man. I blushed at still kept eye contact with it. The man had said “It seems as of our inspiration has made an audience blush” everyone had clapped and began to leave except me and my friend who was talking about what happened. I began to draw when hands covered my eyes. It revealed to be one of the performers, the guy dressed up as a girl, and said he had something to show me. Covering my eyes, he walked me to the entrance. When I uncovered my eyes, it was a wall with small tanks, one koi fish in each tank, that reached the ceiling. The performer smiled and said I can come here any time if I wanted. With me in awe, I said yes. And I woke up.

  9. My boyfriend had a dream about koi fish..there were 6, and they were dead I believe , and he saw two that were still alive but on their side and he scooped them up aND they were about drive …he said they were white. And maybe some color, we need to find out the best meaning…anyway anyone can help?

  10. Had the most vivid dream – something large surfacing out of the ocean, and to my surprise it was a beautiful Koi fish. It was huge as a whale if not larger. I don’t know what is larger an aircraft carrier or whale, it was just huge. I was multi-color beautiful, red, white, I think even purple, but maybe purple doesn’t exist on live Koi fish? I felt in awe of this beautiful fish. I was around the other side of board walk and stood next to a stranger looking at the ocean. I could see that the ocean was much higher, and you couldn’t see the boardwalk or jetty where the Koi fish was. Then the ocean swelled, and a huge wall of water was rising. It wasn’t threatening, but the wall of water rose even higher and became like a beautiful display. It rose up and showed all types of beautiful textures and tones of ocean water – it was absolutely magnificent. End of the dream, my husband & I were biking, on my way to some destination. Feeling free and breezy. I was going in for surgery, but no fear and all was comfy, have no clue what the surgery was going to be for? Then I woke up.

    1. I had a dream last night about giant Koi fish in the ocean one was black and one was red and white. There was three tall Pedal stools above the ocean. And I was standing on one. Someone who was with me told me to jump in and swim with them. But I was too afraid and moved away. Were you able to interpret your dream ?

  11. I had these three pale yellow koi fish healthy ones surviving in my house moving around even with out water amidst the furniture along walls asking for food

  12. I had a dream of many dead or dying koi fish. I had a few very big and beautiful carp and they were already dead–all big and bloated. I was very upset. I had left them unattended and my mom had put them in storage in plastic grocery bags in the attic with only a little water. Their water was very dirty. I had came back to give them more water but it was already too late. They had died suffering from heat and no water.
    I usually have been dreaming about fish tanks full of beautiful healthy fish over the last year or so. So this was a big change.

  13. Had a dream with Koi fish this mornin. I was in a strange other world that was going to sink into it’s ocean. I was upset about it and tried to change the currents, levelling out the waters to no avail. The dream characters decided they would save me by summoning a giant white and orange-red koi fish that swam me to an island where an even larger silver Koi fish would take me into it’s mouth and keep me save from the flooding. Not exactly sure how to interpret that :T

  14. I dreamed about an orange koi fish flying and fighting agaisnt catfishes in the big pond, the fish was successfully traveled to another small pond. What is the meaning of that dream?

  15. I had a dream of big white koi appearing (platinum) while I was swimming in the ocean. And it kept swimming with me. And touch my feet and kissed my feet. I was also in peace and harmony while the fish swam next to me. It did this maneuvers appearing and swimming in harmony with me few times.
    Can you tell me the meaning of the dream please.
    Thank you

  16. I had a dream of a small hole in the ground. As I inspected this hole I saw water running under the ground. I saw myself playing in the water like a child would. Then I noticed a what looked like a fin on a fish. Naturally I wanted to see if I was right so I poked and dug out some dirt and a couple rocks and I saw a multi colored coi fish. It saw me turned and swam back under the ground. Then it came back but now there were two. One multi colored and one solid gold. I can’t stop thinking about this dream. What is the message I’m supposed to get from it?

  17. I had a rather interesting dream this morning…I was standing in the middle of a clear pond and was feeding koi fish that were large in size and of different/multiple colours (I remember orange, white, black and shimmery like). As I continued to feed them anf they were swimming all around me. All of a sudden there was a merman which swam to the surface of the pond..I immediately started calling the name of Jesu Christ as it turned its face towards me. The more I called Jesus’ name the more the merman started suffocating and was turning blue in colour indicating loss of air. I eventually chased it away with the persistent calling of my Saviour’s name and as I walked in my path I started coming across silver coins (R5 and %2 which are larger coins here in South Africa) which I picked up along the path and woke up.

  18. Hi,
    I have a big pond where I have lots of Koi’s. Today in my dream early morning one of the Koi with orange and silver appeared and said he is my luck and he loves me so much. When he appeared he was 20 times bigger than what he was in my pond. When I got up I went to see him and was shocked to see him next to the water pump so I quickly switch off he pump and went to see if he is hurt. That’s when I was shocked to see that he just died and the pump pulled him in. I am not sure if he came in my dream to tell me something or what is that and why he came in my dream? I am very sad and he was with me from baby till 3 years now.

  19. My dream was trying to cross a shallow pond by climbing up on a makeshift wooden stand in the middle of it. However, I couldn’t reach the other side. So, although I was hesitant, I climbed down and stepped into the water that is just below my knee deep. As soon as I stepped into the pond, a group of koi fish swam fast towards me and they just surrounded me. Their colors are gold orange, some are white with red spots, some are yellow. When I was about to start walking towards the dry land, I saw a number of people walking into the pond as well, some of them are towards me and some are walking in a different direction. What does that mean?

  20. I had a dreamed that the koi fish flying next to me at that time I was on d bed and I wonder next to me is a fish pond clear water but not enough..so I guess the reason why they keep jumping because of luck of water in the pond. Then after that I put back all the koi fish inside the pond.

  21. I was sick the night before sleeping all day the next praying and praying for God to take this off me the night dreamed my sickness peaked i called out for my Bible even though I was to weaken to read or speak much I clutched my Bible passing out asleep I woke up in a dream on the back of a giant white kio fish we were not in water but in a state of peace serenity swimming in suspended atmosphere no hunger no pain no need of breath and presence of God was strongly felt words unspoken but heard to relax and trust in me iam the great iam and I am with you and yours from here to eternity this peaceful giant whit kio fish with unspoken words assured me that I was being healedthis sickness was being taken from me I remember the size of the white giant kio fish taking up a third of the depth of the ocean but ocean was a atmosphere rather than cold frigid water was amazed by the size of this giant white kio for laid upon as it’s face was turned to me while God blessed me with health and much more this is the first dream I have dreamed of this device giant white kio fish and presence of God so profound…July 3 2016i woke up much healthier my pastor prayed for me that morning before Church and before service was over I was completely healed from this illness that canon me so quickly….

  22. Had a vision of a black koi recently , animals that appear in visions or dreams and real life are messengers. Thank You. Peace (:

  23. About a month ago I was walking with a guy friend i recently met, we were walking around a lake and a (koi)white with orange spots appeared and as we walked around the koi would follow..all of this happened around 3 or 4 in morning..I was pretty shocked and so was he..were about the same age but we were very much happy with the koi being there..i need to know what the meaning of the koi following us was all about please and thank you.

  24. Thank You, Last week my husband past away, on the seventh night I had a dream that a fish tank contain Orange Koi fish had broken and I was trying to save them. I Picked up three one had a religious symbol tagged to its fin. I walked around with them loosing for a tank to place them in, I kept saying that they were Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I found a tank, but woke up and I don’t
    know if I saved them.

    1. Hi Roseann,

      I’m so sorry to hear that your husband passed away, so recently too. I just wanted to let you know, I read your sharing about your koi fish dream and wanted to say koi is a lovely symbol. If you want to heal the dream you can visualise the koi fish in a lovely pool, so you can send koi-medicine to your husband in spirit this way. Best to do it when you are about to go to bed, then you might dream about them some more. Bright blessings to you and to your husband for his onward spirit-journey.

      Be well and gentle with yourself, Laura xx

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