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Eagle is reminding you to stay grounded, even when you are soaring high.

Eagle Meaning and Messages

In most cases, the appearance of Eagle symbolism in your life means that it is time to reconnect with your spiritual path. You must listen to and heed your spiritual directives as well as your heart. In other words, Eagle symbolism reminds you to allow them both to lead the way for you at this time. When you can find yourself in this state of flight, then all the doors will open. Like a beacon – your heart will follow the light. Alternatively, Eagle meaning also brings about powerful connections and messages from the source of creation. Like the Mole and Bush Baby, this spirit animal’s presence brings you closer to your true self. Also, you must now be ready to take advantage of any opportunities that come to you, as they will bear abundant fruit. Moreover, this is a time that will require strength and courage and leadership skills.

Eagle symbolism can also mean that there are opportunities available to you and that you must snatch them up while they last. These opportunities are most likely ones that you have overlooked in the past or have bypassed as impossible. Additionally, the Eagle meaning can also be symbolic of a renewed sense of purpose in your life. As you sift through these new opportunities, your goals will become more apparent to you. Focus on the goals that are closest to your heart.

Eagle Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Eagle totem carry the symbol of air. However, they have strong legs to walk on the earth. Often folks with this birds’ essence live near water or a source of food.  These totem people are very good at balancing in all dimensions and achieving inner growth. Also, as they soar into their spiritual awareness, they can remain well-grounded in reality. These folks love the water and will often use it as a source of purification.

Eagle totem people usually have a force of will and can have warlike tendencies, especially when they wish to get their way with things. They are high functioning, successful, influential, and entirely status-oriented. This spirit animal totem is not easy to master, especially when its strength and will overpowers those around them. Like the Fire Ant and Tapir, it is essential for people with this animal as their totem to recognize that balance in all things is required.

Eagle Dream Interpretation

If this bird is perched and looking at you, the Eagle dream brings a message of self-examination and introspection. In other words, you must meditate and go within to find your answers. Alternatively, one of these birds taking flight may symbolize your ability to rise above your current problems or position. Finally, you need to decide and act.

When the bird in your vision soars above you, it is usually symbolic of your higher consciousness. However, it could also be a communication to you from your higher powers. In this case, you must listen carefully to your intuition.

To have an Eagle dream in which two of these birds are mating means that you have attained the spiritual goal you have been striving for. Your hard work has paid off.

Lastly, if this bird of prey is diving in or consuming a kill, it may warn of imminent danger or ruthlessness. Do not step on others to achieve your goals. Also, take heed that someone in your life may be willing to step on you to reach theirs.

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  1. Dear All
    i have always Admirer Eagle ever since i was 4 yrs old, i love the eagles way. its have being a great guide in my life and its one of the greatest pillar that pulled me up when i couldn’t or wouldn’t stand back up like an eagle i don’t wanna the best in all other birds because im not like other birds i wanna the best of who i am and follow my Dream and reach for the sky and be the king. i don’t wanna fly lower where i am a prisoner of other people i wanna go higher and higher where i am free to be me without being judge or hated by other people, people was jealous of what i got because i work hard to get what they don’t when they saw they bad vibe wasnt work they try to kill me and i gave up until i remember who i am, so i raised to be better and stronger now today people try to keep me down but i always find my way to be the best of myself not for others. i will let the wind carry me to Victory i will not let other to waste my life with on they jealous
    now i writing this because i am doing a video for my project i am research on eagle which impact it have done on people

  2. I dreamed I was walking into my kitchen of my home and at the corner of my eye I can see something very large on my ceiling I looked and it was an eagle wings completely open staring right at me but still continue to just look at me at first glance when seeing it it has scared me but I remained calmed continuing to look. I had forgotten about this dream.
    The next day my daughter who is 11 who has seizures. Her teacher had wrote me saying that a few teachers have noticed odd behavior in my daughter. Cafeteria teachers music teacher my daughter’s teacher had asked has Melanie developed the interest in birds lately. But what they said next is what had me question not only was she developing an interest in birds but walking around with her arms just wide open not doing anything saying anything just continues to keep open arms. The moment that was mentioned I remembered my dream. I don’t know but this dream has definitely got me in question… But again the eagle that I seen in my dream was in my home close to the ceiling very still almost as though it was floating wings completely open looking directly at me. Would really appreciate some feedback will be awesome

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