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Eagle Meaning and Messages

In most cases, the appearance of Eagle symbolism in your life means that it is time to reconnect with your spiritual path. You must listen to and heed your spiritual directives as well as your heart. In other words, Eagle symbolism reminds you to allow them both to lead the way for you at this time. When you can find yourself in this state of flight, then all the doors will open. Like a beacon – your heart will follow the light. Alternatively, Eagle meaning also brings about powerful connections and messages from the source of creation. Like the Mole and Bush Baby, this spirit animal’s presence brings you closer to your true self. Also, you must now be ready to take advantage of any opportunities that come to you, as they will bear abundant fruit. Moreover, this is a time that will require strength and courage and leadership skills.

Eagle symbolism can also mean that there are opportunities available to you and that you must snatch them up while they last. These opportunities are most likely ones that you have overlooked in the past or have bypassed as impossible. Additionally, the Eagle meaning can also be symbolic of a renewed sense of purpose in your life. As you sift through these new opportunities, your goals will become more apparent to you. Focus on the goals that are closest to your heart.

Eagle Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Eagle totem carry the symbol of air. However, they have strong legs to walk on the earth. Often folks with this birds’ essence live near water or a source of food.  These totem people are very good at balancing in all dimensions and achieving inner growth. Also, as they soar into their spiritual awareness, they can remain well-grounded in reality. These folks love the water and will often use it as a source of purification.

Eagle totem people usually have a force of will and can have warlike tendencies, especially when they wish to get their way with things. They are high functioning, successful, influential, and entirely status-oriented. This spirit animal totem is not easy to master, especially when its strength and will overpowers those around them. Like the Fire Ant and Tapir, it is essential for people with this animal as their totem to recognize that balance in all things is required.

Eagle Dream Interpretation

If this bird is perched and looking at you, the Eagle dream brings a message of self-examination and introspection. In other words, you must meditate and go within to find your answers. Alternatively, one of these birds taking flight may symbolize your ability to rise above your current problems or position. Finally, you need to decide and act.

When the bird in your vision soars above you, it is usually symbolic of your higher consciousness. However, it could also be a communication to you from your higher powers. In this case, you must listen carefully to your intuition.

To have an Eagle dream in which two of these birds are mating means that you have attained the spiritual goal you have been striving for. Your hard work has paid off.

Lastly, if this bird of prey is diving in or consuming a kill, it may warn of imminent danger or ruthlessness. Do not step on others to achieve your goals. Also, take heed that someone in your life may be willing to step on you to reach theirs.

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  1. Greetings! On October 27, 2023, I experienced a vivid dream where I saw a gigantic eagle’s leg perched on the edge of a cliff, with its talon gripping a rock near the cliff’s edge. Although I couldn’t see the rest of the eagle’s body, a tremendous, crushing sound drew my attention and stopped me in my stride. I’m curious to understand the significance of this dream, and I believe it holds an important message for me. Would you be able to assist me in deciphering its meaning? I appreciate your help.

    1. Symbolically, the eagle’s leg /talon may represent a firm grip on an important idea or hypothesis. The cliff illustrates that you are at the precipice of discovery. However, because the entire eagle is not visible, your concepts are not complete. The crushing sound may symbolize defeating all adversaries that are in opposition. Alternatively, the sound could also be a crushing defeat if your thesis is based on error. Symbolically speaking, the only way to find out is to release your grip and fly!

  2. I was walking along a stream of water. The water was murky and I saw rats. 2 medium sized dogs swam up and started killing the rats. The dogs were white. I walked upstream and the water was clear and clean. It was a pretty day but one of the dogs got shot. Across the stream a man was standing on his back yard which bordered the stream. He had a rifle and had shot the dog and was now trying to shoot me. He was either drunk or crazy. I quickly started to find a way across the stream so I could kill the man but out of nowhere an eagle swooped down. This bald eagle was the size of a house. It grabbed the man with his talon, piercing the man as he did it. I woke up.

  3. I dreamed I was watching an eagle soaring outside the window I was peering through, I saw mountains, the sky was white. The eagle landed at a fully opened window and perched there, I got a fright but I remember it sat there and looked at me in the eyes, I got scared, i had never encountered being this close to an eagle, I’m from New Zealand and we get hawk bird not eagle. I shut the door, I felt confronted and afraid the bird might attack me. I woke up after that.

  4. Dear All
    i have always Admirer Eagle ever since i was 4 yrs old, i love the eagles way. its have being a great guide in my life and its one of the greatest pillar that pulled me up when i couldn’t or wouldn’t stand back up like an eagle i don’t wanna the best in all other birds because im not like other birds i wanna the best of who i am and follow my Dream and reach for the sky and be the king. i don’t wanna fly lower where i am a prisoner of other people i wanna go higher and higher where i am free to be me without being judge or hated by other people, people was jealous of what i got because i work hard to get what they don’t when they saw they bad vibe wasnt work they try to kill me and i gave up until i remember who i am, so i raised to be better and stronger now today people try to keep me down but i always find my way to be the best of myself not for others. i will let the wind carry me to Victory i will not let other to waste my life with on they jealous
    now i writing this because i am doing a video for my project i am research on eagle which impact it have done on people

    1. Marianna Desroches

      I saw a eagle all white one side view very clear in the sky my life is what you wrote and the stage I’m at now but it was going backwards but it made surroundings calm

  5. I dreamed I was walking into my kitchen of my home and at the corner of my eye I can see something very large on my ceiling I looked and it was an eagle wings completely open staring right at me but still continue to just look at me at first glance when seeing it it has scared me but I remained calmed continuing to look. I had forgotten about this dream.
    The next day my daughter who is 11 who has seizures. Her teacher had wrote me saying that a few teachers have noticed odd behavior in my daughter. Cafeteria teachers music teacher my daughter’s teacher had asked has Melanie developed the interest in birds lately. But what they said next is what had me question not only was she developing an interest in birds but walking around with her arms just wide open not doing anything saying anything just continues to keep open arms. The moment that was mentioned I remembered my dream. I don’t know but this dream has definitely got me in question… But again the eagle that I seen in my dream was in my home close to the ceiling very still almost as though it was floating wings completely open looking directly at me. Would really appreciate some feedback will be awesome

    1. Often, it is the spirit animal that chooses the person. Eagle may sense your vibrations as a call for aid. Additionally, your daughter likely shares your intuitive abilities and is picking up on Eagle ‘s power of freedom. Eagle gives you the ability to soar above your current problems. Two aspects stand out in your dream. First, Eagle’s gaze is telling you to look inward in meditation. Secondly, the wings being spread indicates flight which is equivalent to freedom. Once you find your truth, you must also transform your intuition into action. Your kitchen represents your inner self and is a place where you refuel and get nourishment. Thus, if you listen to Eagle, you may find nourishment for your soul.

  6. A bald eagle swooped down through my back yard this week , coming right up to the window of the room I was sitting in…he was right at eye level and there was a feeling of eye contact before he turned and flew off to the right. I felt a jolt of energy through my body…maybe because it was so very surprising ! Any thoughts ?

  7. For years, I studied animal messengers and I got to be an expert at it. However, I came to realize that I was being tricked by the spirit who I thought was my guide. It was a bad spirit. These bad spirits can easily manipulate animals and they use them as a “grooming” technique to get us interested and rope us in. It’s like they are fishing for us with something that seems harmless and fun.

    I was a victim of a spiritual attack last year, and I just want to reiterate that Satan is actively working against those who love God. He used my love of God to trick me; when I was in prayer, he spoke my name in a voice that sounded like thunder. He made me think that God had spoken my name. He can imitate voices–even the voice you would expect from God. He imitated the voice of Jesus as well, claiming that he was Jesus. This led down a road of absolute terror, where he would make me feel all kinds of things in my body. I prayed the Lord’s Prayer and simply stated, “Jesus will you help me?” This enabled Jesus to begin the process of extricating the devil from my life. When I prayed these words, I stopped feeling the terror. However, Satan does not give up quickly–he disappears for awhile, and comes back when you least expect it. Just remember to ask Jesus for help. Also, go to a psychiatrist; they won’t believe that you are hearing real voices, but the medicine they can prescribe will help. It won’t erase the presence of bad spirits, but at least it will be a little easier to ignore them.

    1. Hi Beth, I applaud you for sharing your story of being deceived by a spiritual entity that was evil. I often try to tell people that they must be on guard for this and that when they are talking to psychics or other sorts of “messengers of the spirit” that they don’t really know who it is that is talking to them or if their intent is good. We do know that Jesus has our best interest at heart always. There really is no need for anything else is there. I’ve experienced those attacks. You are not crazy. I know.

    2. Lexi Lackey Masne

      I’ve also had a spiritual attack before but not like this one, just wanted to say it’s nice to know I’m not alone. A spiritual attack is the worst thing you could call upon someone. And I don’t like to go into too much detail about it but those who have not gone through it will think you’re crazy and it’s not real it’s all your mind playing tricks but it is him that disobeyed Jesus and our god that play tricks on peoples minds and hearts. I send light to you in your present now and future. I hope you gained strength from this and moving forward is the best thing you can do and try to completely erase the negative effects it caused you. Because you are so much more then what happened to you. Stay strong in faith and keep going.

  8. Shannon Citrino

    I had a dream that a bald eagle was showing off all his beautiful feathers to me, almost like I was a female he wanted to impress. He’d spread his wings out wide then curve them up in front of him and turn so I could see the light bounce off all of them. He was truly beautiful.


    Greetings Admin, I got a call from cousin who told me about a dream he had ,where he saw me standing and suddenly a white eagle appeared from the sky and picked some stuff from my leg and dropped them off somewhere, which later appeared to be dead earthworm.
    Please what could be the meaning of such vision?

  10. Eagles will often fly ahead of me while I’m driving. Usually long stretches and will turn in the direction that I turn to continue. They almost always eventually land on a tree ahead of me. Today, one flew ahead and then turned midflight directly towards my car. As I slowed down, it landed in the road in front of my vehicle and then took off over my car. This time, instead of the many pictures I’ve taken as proof, my dad was with me. We are of Cree descent and he is very in touch with earthly symbolism and is convinced it has meaning. Any idea what it could be?

  11. Hi there,
    In one week, i’ll be seeing 3 or 4 times brown colour eagle. Once i saw 2 eagles at same time.
    Please let me know whats the meaning.

    1. I dreamt of an Eagle bringing in a fish for me .
      But before he let go the fish as it fell to the ground.
      But there was people coming after me for the fish, at this time it was it pieces, as I gathered it from the ground.
      I remember I shared with some people.
      I took it to a grocer for the weight , in a bag, , when the grocer told me how much it weighted, I do not remember, I awoke out of my dream.
      What does this means?

  12. hi..a week ago when it was about to rain i noticed an black eagle flying on top of my house.the moment i looked up it fly away…today when i was taking a walk i saw again a black and white eagle flying on top of me,the moment i look up it fly away.so my totem is an eagle..does it have any meaning?

    1. I got married last week in Alaska, during the kiss of the bride a bald eagle screeched from a post near us. Is there a meaning for this, or we just git lucky?

    2. Jocelyn Shelton

      Very cool, I also had an unusual encounter with a bald eagle screeching, only weeks after getting married. Maybe this is symbolic of finally attaining our goals?

    3. I have seen two bald eagles in the past couple of weeks and haven’t seen one ever in my life I’m 18. This is just a bit odd to me and I think there is a deeper meaning

  13. Courtney Stallings

    Hey, I was dreaming I was on a nightime paranormal investigation and during the investigation I hear an eagle cry/call off slightly in the distance. Does anybody know what that means?

    1. Well Barb,
      I am no dream interpreter, or soothsayer, or clairvoyant.
      I think it means you are a nice person, and if there is someone keeping score you have many points, not just with me but certainly with the Golden eagle. the person who hit the Eagle gets NONE.

  14. My name is Michael T. 2 day ago I witnessed something amazing. I n St. Mary’s County n why driving down pass a Amish field when I seen about a 100 bulled Eagles in the field n flying over the field. I would like to know the meaning of that type of sighting with all these bulled Eagles gathered all togather.

  15. A year ago i was taking an on ramp to what think if i remember correctly. Hwy 74 in Sylvia North Carolina.as i was driving onto the ramp the car infront of me hits a Golden eagle. They drove away but something compelled to get out and help it.. it was in the middle of the road and was afraid he may be hit again. Looked to be stunned and had no injures that i saw . I sneak behind it and throw my black jacket over it. Covering it’s vision Carefully pick it up and move it to the grass.. shaking todeath the whole time.i proside to call the sherriff and wild life to come and care for it .. when i returned to the place i set him he was gone . I felt super blessed that day becouse not only did it live to see another day .it didn’t turn on me and eat me up alive .. lol… As a matter of fact it seamed to know i was not going to harm him . I felt like it was some kind of sign for me but i have researched on line and ask many people what it could have ment . But never have gotten a strate answer.. if anyone cant help me understand this it would be great.. thanks in advance

    1. According to Ruth Ammann in “The Enchantment of Gardens,” there is a trinity between us, the wilderness, and the soul gardens we create. The wilderness symbolizes all that is vast, other, and unknown. Our houses are an extension of our bodies. And our soul gardens are planted just outside our doors to allow us to experiment, collect wisdom, and create a profound relationship with otherness. Being familiar with people, animals, trees, and plants in our surroundings contributes decisively to our orientation, security, and rootedness in the world. We learn to look outward and inward simultaneously as the intangible and tangible become one.

  16. As I was starting my meditation I sang “Om” and while doing this, almost at the end, I heard an eagle. I was on a plane. It happened twice.
    I’ve seen eagles in some meditations before but I’ve never experience something like this. It felt so real… Any suggestions?

    1. Dear Sandra, you are hearing the sound of your Spirit cry in you! Listen in – tune in and feel the message that you have come to bring forth to your awareness.

  17. I live in a rural place 20 mins outside of a bigger city(500,000 people). We have lots of Red Tailed Hawks, Osprey, Owls and even Blue Heron. A Bald Eagle is a rare sight, but it does happen every now and then. Over the course of a two-week period I have encountered this Bald Eagle three times. The first two times the Bald Eagle swooped about 20 feet in front of my car as I was crossing what we refer to as the High Bridge, which is over a reservoir. The other time it flew along with my car as I was driving through the canyon for a good 30-45 seconds. So impressive and unforgettable.

    I have also had an experience with a Golden Eagle as a kid, maybe 9 or 10. She was circling above my head as I got off the school bus and as she flew towards my house I saw her drop something on our dirt road. I ran over to investigate and it was a dead eaglet that had been dropped right in my path. Not sure what these experiences signify, but truly awe-inspiring.

    1. Jason caldwell

      I was dirtbiking with my good friend the other day up here in northetn british columbia and as i flew by him with my much bigger bike he said a golden eagle came outta the trees and began flying about 2 feet above my head for well over 30 seconds. I was not even aware this massive bird was there let alone appeared to be racing me. Wish my buddy had a go pro at times like that.

  18. Hello, I dreamed that an big creature ,bigger than the eagle came and took me up to the sky.My friend and my sister stared at me while crying.what can the dream be meaning?

    1. I dreamt of an brown eagle standing on the ground looking at me, walking towards me so closely pushing up against me, so i pushed him away. Then we stared at eachother.

  19. Dear All,

    I have been experiencing some Eagle(Golden Eagle) visits recently. I live with my wife in Mumbai, India. Typically, one of them is perched on the railing of our balcony near our bedroom every few days. This has happened 5-6 times in a span of ten days. Once I even had the experience of the eagle looking at me me straight into my eyes from a few few feet away and it felt quite surreal. Another time, I even took pictures of the eagle as it was about to fly away. As if there was a message it wanted to give me… Followed by that, I heard one eagle calling out loudly – almost to attract attention- and made me look out of the bathroom window. As I acknowledged it and said ‘yes thanks I saw you’ it flew away.

    I read about such experiences and the spiritual meaning of eagle visits and in most places I found that it seems to be a good sign… “messenger from heaven, sign of courage and freedom, new beginning, power and success, possibilities, and many other positive things…” so I felt it’s all good and also felt reassured about continuing on my spiritual path… not getting bogged down by my current problems and to hold on to my dreams and aspirations.

    After that, I realized that there are quite a few eagles living near our house(apartment complex)- as it faces a small lake, I see them soaring over the lake and occasionally resting in the balconies of adjoining buildings like ours. So, I felt maybe I am reading too much into it and stopped thinking about the eagle visits. And also, i didn’t notice them perched in our balcony anymore.

    Then a strange thing happened today, while I was putting some clothes to dry, an eagle brushed past my head with its wing! I was a little shocked and instinctively my hand went to the back of my head and I felt there was no injury… and at the same moment I saw it fly ahead in front of me and then take a u turn mid air- as if to show me that it was ‘an eagle’ and fly away…

    So today, I read a lot again and found the same positive things written but nothing so exact about getting touched/brushed by an eagle’s wing while in flight and its meaning and context when seen along with the earlier encounters….

    Please do shed some light if you have any insights…

    Thanks for writing and helping so many people understand such spiritual experiences in a better way!


    1. The Eagles are calling you to take a leap of faith and pursue knowledge, not a religion but knowledge of the truth of all things, i suspect that you to are eagle spirt they are trying to wake you to speak to people and the world. You one day will guide young people to a better future. Many religions one God and one Truth. We are all one

  20. WhitefeatherEagleWoman

    I’m glad I found this site; I’ve been trouble these last few days; one thing after another. The thing is that it isn’t me but people close to me that are affected that I am bombed down about. Yesterday I had an Eagle landed twice nearby my window of my location. I know the Show must still go on – in other words Life goes on…keep going forth. It is a challenge though.

    1. I had been through so many storms in life but this last couples of years has been the most HARDEST hits eagles hawks golden eagle bald eagles they are around all the time in the last four months and on I know it a good sign they are the messenger of God I am a prayer warrior and I KNOW I will need to get into my higher self pretty soon. Because of my touchy situations I am ready to fight my battles and I love watching the eagles hawks and obsevingg tbem tbey are fascinating to watch and along with otber ure spirit animals butterflies bluejays etc.i know they are signs to my problem because everything revealing nicely and I believe in supernatural because of my situations prayers work well have a bless wonderful day

  21. Eagle, À:kwaks, speaks to and of the higher self. We can only begin to soar when we let go of the things that our ego wishes to cling to. Our vision can only be clear when we see without need, desire or petty self-ish emotions like fear. That is the highest form of Medicine. Learning to step outside the heavy self and stepping out into empty space where the greatest Magic and Medicine lives. À:kwaks reminds us that we can fly. The flesh might be grounded but the Spirit and the Heart have always known how to soar. We just have to let go. and we can soar and we can see as À:kwaks, as Eagle, does…

  22. Oddly, this is my first time encountering Eagle, À:kwaks, as a card. I have been fortunate to have had a number of encounters with À:kwaks in the flesh, but this is my first time encountering her as this kind of symbol. I know that Eagle speaks to us of our higher self, of learning to soar above our petty ego centered fixations and see the world as it is, to see ourselves as we truly are. That is no easy thing to do. We weigh ourselves down with things that we think matter, but really don’t and then wonder why we cannot fly like À:kwaks. We cling to pettiness that we convince ourselves is matter and wonder why we are trapped in misery and unhappiness. We bring ourselves lower and lower by fixating on those things that appeal to the ego and the flesh and wonder why we cannot see. The feather of Eagle is valued so greatly because it reminds us that we have to let go in order to fly. Courage is just the willingness to let go of what seems to keep us safe. Vision comes when we are willing to rise above our ego’s petty clinging desires. À:kwaks invites us to soar. But in order to do that we have to have the courage to let go.

  23. I have had a recurring dream of a male energy coming and getting me, taking me in a car to a place he tells me I need to be. I can’t see out the windows until we arrive. The car stops, the door opens and he says you’re home. This is where you belong.
    I get out of the car to see a clearing in the mountains amongst tall green trees. The clearing is full of bald eagles landing, preening; all the while many are continuing to fly in. I walk towards them with great elation. It’s only then that I realize I too am an eagle like them.

  24. I did a test that said I had the eagle, after that I felt persecuted by eagles. They are everywhere, if I watch movies there is an eagle with. Same with series books and other things. Before all this I had met a specialist who said that in one of my previous lives I owned a tame eagle and that I was a shaman. I also know that my brother’s name means eagle, I have been afraid of this ever since the test. I become easily emotionally often and can not control myself. I want help to control me and the eagle. This might sound foolish. I’m doing a test that I’m wondering about, it said that my soul has remained on Earth since the early days. It makes me wonder why I only get somebody or something after I die, why I can not get your judgment others will come when they die wherever they come.

  25. I’ve been having a plethora of bad events happen in my life recently. Not normally a spiritual person, I threw caution to the wind and asked god for a sign to let me know a time of peace and happiness is coming. I felt worn downed.
    I took a road trip to my hometown today to help out for a family event. While driving a golden eagle soared right in front of my car and then landed in the median. I thought wow that was strange. At a gas station I googled the symbolism and found this page. What’s funnier, 20 minutes more of driving ANOTHER golden eagle soared in front of my car and landed in the median again! This one even more majestic than the last. God knows o can be a skeptic it seems, he had to give me statically anomalies to show I need to trust myself and my path.

  26. Christina schell

    Two years ago I was dating this beautiful man with a beautiful soul.I came home one day and he took his life and I found him. It was the worst thing, and it’s taken me a good two years to grow into a woman who I love and am proud of. His spirt animal was an eagle and he loved them very much. I got a beautiful traditional eagle tattoo, that makes me smile everyday. Today I was having alittle bit of a down day and went for a walk. I asked the universe for alittle sign, just to know everything is going to be ok. No joke, on my walk home in the city (Vancouver Canada) a beautiful eagle flew down over my head, I mean… SO CLOSE. It flew around a bit and slowly flew off. I stopped in my tracks and sat down on the bench and couldn’t stop smiling. I don’t know what this means or whatever. However, it made my day. <3

  27. I had a dream that I was walking in the mountains. The mountains were home to thousands of very tall trees, in which branches and foliage did not start until 50-60ft. up. When looking up into the trees, I noticed they were riddled with tons of bald eagles, and many of them began taking flight in the blue skies. I smiled and called out to them, trying to make an eagle call with my own voice, to see if I could attract any closer to me. Standing near the edge of a plateau on one of the mountains, suddenly, an eagle flies up from below, calls out, and nearly flies right into me. Being startled, I dodged the eagle, which perhaps was startled itself, as it crash landed into the ground behind me. I get up and walk to it, to make sure it is okay, but it is not moving. As I get closer, it begins to slowly move and get to its feet. Neither of us seem to fear each other. Seeking a beautiful connection to this creature, I kneel to it, pull the sleeve of my right arm to my wrist, bow my head, and offer myself as its perch. The eagle lifted itself and wrapped its talons around my arm and took perch. No pain or blood from its grip. As I rose to my feet, the eagle then raised its head, and seemed to hug my head between the feathers of its neck and chest, as if it were comforting me, or loving me. Almost like it was petting me with its neck and chest. I felt connection and gratitude. Then I awoke.

  28. I had two eagles fly above me and one came and landed on my lap between the person I am currently dating who was also in my dream but he was just a shadow. The other eagle flew off but was close, he wasn’t for me. But this one, landed on my lap and let me pet it. I’m not sure what that means.

  29. Caroline Hébert

    Hello Everyone!!! I saw 3 beautiful Eagles <3 near my home wow!!! Few around, then 1 go to South and 2 go to North… wow beautiful… so 3 there what mean ? help me any lucky or any new message ?

  30. This was right on time and point for me every key hit on important information that I wasn’t sure of but now i’m certain. Thank you!

  31. My next door neighbour had passed away recently and about a day or two after, I got out of home for a walk and saw an eagle sitting on top of the pole in front of me. I’m very much into spirit guides and energetical connections, but I was pretty clueless as to what it means.

  32. Eagles are with me since my childhood, when i even did not know about totems or spirit animals..❤
    I do respect them as a strong spirit guide ??

  33. Tracy Ann Strickland

    I dreamt of two eagles by the river side, on the ground and near were pine trees. They were peaceful and they watched me. The first eagle was big and had blue feathers on the top of his head, bright blue and I felt very drawn to this one….I then look and see the second one this one was normal bald eagle with no specific markings or different colors. I felt that brief moment with the birds was powerful. I do not know what it means but I had dreamt of a Stellar BlueJay two weekends ago. I believe I am in great transitions.

    1. Tracy Ann Strickland

      I meant to add that the blue felt male and the normal one felt female, that was just the feeling when I had seen the birds.

  34. Despite reading about totems a few years ago, my knowledge is very limited. I had a dream a couple of nights ago that made me feel besides myself when I woke up. When I say “besides myself” I don’t mean afraid or anything- I just felt moved. Like just by dreaming something had shifted in me, something had changed(I guess that is kind of scary in itself). Anyway :The dream. I don’t recognise the place & the surroundings where broken down , like the whole world had gone to hell and I’m with a group of people I don’t know , but we’re together in what seems like a game of survival so we’re amiable towards one another. The weird part- is there are extremely large floaty animals that keep “taking” people. I don’t understand how or why but every animal is about the size of a hot air balloon and ids floating in the sky above us. Once in a while a fish of rabbit dives down to take a human(I don’t know whether they get eaten or are just kept somewhere). After a while in the dream I realise I’ve had a few close calls with with an eagle & this 1 time before I wake up the Eagle dives down towards me but takes a person that was in my group and to my surprise this behemoth eagle seems to stand upright to face me to reveal a human body ( while flying it was just a really big eagle but when it flapped it’s wings as it to land or just hover above with out touching the ground it revealed it’s human form):still with majestic wings attached and headdress and in a human hand carried a staff of some sort and pointing towards me saying “You’re next” .At the point I woke up. I’ve been trying not think about it but it’s not a dream you easily forget about especially with the group “you’re next” part. Can anyone please try to give meaning to this? am I gonna die *_*

    1. I had a dream of a bald eagle talking to me I can’t remember what it said to me.I do remember it turned into a human form and gave me direction’s of some sort but I just can’t remember.
      All I know is I saw it in my back yard I went to grab my phone to take a picture and it started to hover over me then started speaking to me.In the dream I was late for work so I get in my car so those the eagle then it turned into a human form of a black man and started to give me directions of some sort.

  35. One day 17 years ago I got in my car and ended up in what most folks call the middle of nowhere. My property is surrounded by dense forest that stretches for miles in endless miles in all directions but one, my backyard, after 1 mile of forest is the Bay of Fundy. It all started 14 years ago when a Bald Eagle flew by me and brushed my left cheek with its right wing while I was walking in the driveway towards the house. Since then it’s been crazy… Bald Eagles have escorted my vehicle on many a drive home matching my speed at my shoulder height, sometimes 1 on each side, I have seen a Dalliance of Eagles, I rescued one. The Atlantic Wildlife Institute where she was taken said she was the largest Eagle they had ever seen and if my dog and I hadn’t found her when we did she would have died that night, 3 times this summer I have happened upon a bald Eagle sharing a meal of roadkill with a Crow and every time I look up into the sky there is at least one flying over head.

    1. Dear Colleen,

      I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have a magnificent creature fly by and touch you on the cheek with his wing!!!

      You have been accepted into their convocation and I wonder if that happens a lot?

      Thank you for being there and taking care of them when they need help.


  36. Last night I had a dream.Not really sure what the beginning of the dream was about,but for one reason or another I stepped outside.
    I looked up and there were thousands of Eagles soaring through the sky.I was in aww of how beautiful they were.Then my focus became glued to 2 particular Eagles soaring ,their feathers shining in the sunlight.The others became distant while these 2 Eagles remained in my sight. Then I woke up.I still can’t get the beauty of these 2 out of my thoughts.

    1. Hello Kyra,

      Yours was a majestic dream peering across the veils. Often Eagles can be considered proto-Earth symbols of the Angels to early man as messengers from above. The throngs of Eagles in a manner you were witnessing the angels as eagles serving humanity. The 2 eagle’s in particular, are your guardian angels having revealed themselves to you directly. The sunlight often is a reference to the holy light of paradise. You can pray to these 2 eagles as angels inquiring what messages they have for you personally to receive. Also, be on the look out for feathers, particularly white ones you notice across your path as you’re walking.

      I hope you found this dream interpretation useful, be blessed!

  37. An eagle appeared low over my house yesterday, he circled the entire house before leaving. I am wondering what interpretations anyone might have for that. I feel it is Omenous.

    1. Seems to me that the eagle was protecting your home and perhaps your Self as well (as in dreams the home or house represents an aspect of the Self). Knowing Spirit and the positivity that it brings in each message, my first instinct is to say go forward in confidence that you are protected and can learn and discover all you need right now “surrounded” by grace and far sight. Namaste and great good luckand blessings to you!

  38. Hello

    I asked for an animal totem to appear to me last week as I am currently in need of some spiritual guidance. I went for a walk today and up above me was a sea eagle. I feel this was the sign I needed.

    Thank you

  39. As of recent times, there has been an eagle (not sure what kind) lurking around my college campus. I hear it calling a lot and when I walked out of my class this morning, it was following me while circling from above. I was kind of scared to be honest, but it was very cool to watch~ I heard another eagle at my mom’s friend’s house, and I saw two eagles calling to each other in a dream I had a few days ago. These birds are trying to tell me something regarding big transitions in my life…probably since I am going into college and that I am looking to grow spiritually. Such a majestic animal 🙂

  40. A Golden Eagle outside my window today. I showed it’s dignity and place without doing anything, Than I noticed there was another, but smaller. I was amazed to see nature at its greatest. I felt today I was blessed and touched by the greatness.

  41. An eagle has been visiting my window since December 2015 to now i.e for 7 months now. I have also been waken up by the sound of the Eagle. It comes an sits in my AC window and looks for me. When im not in the room or sleeping, it calls me and doesn’t go until I take notice of it. Then it stares at me for 1 min and leaves.you’d say I live on a sky scrapper so its common for them to come.but I’ve been living here for 8 years now.. This has never happened. I see them in the sky with food in their mouth, or flying or circling sometimes or i hear their sounds very clearly as if its calling me and trying to say something. Today it came to my window again but with food. It put its food down, said something to me, stared at me, took the food again and flew again.. Its strange that its been happening for a while now.. Please help me..I’m really curious to know what it means?

    1. Merlsun Boanerges

      Holy….*&^/#….seriously wow man. That is awesome. I used to dream frequently of Eagle taking me to a magical place in the mountains when I was a small child. Before I woke Eagle would fly over my house and drop my spirit back into my body…
      Several years back I was in a witch war with someone whose totem was Hawk. I was meditating one morning out in the forest near a stream I heard crashing through thick brush leaves and branches. When I looked up a Hawk came flying out of the brush about 5 feet above my head with an Eagle hot on his tail. My enemy died shot after…

  42. I dreamed of a dead brown eagle on its back and I was laying next to it. A bald eagle was perched 20 feet away. it then came to me and leaned up against me like to comfort me or be comforted. crazy but I did not want to wake up because I felt comforted by the bald eagle. “was late for work”lol

  43. I found out that my totem and spirit animal is the golden eagle… I started to mediate to find out. First of all, I have to admit: I´ve been sure that my spirit animal is the wolf or the husky. I followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7YerdP79X4 where I had to imagine a beautiful landscape. I created a meadow between snowy mountains and a forest, in front of me was the ocean. I had to sit down in a safe spot and call the animal.
    I called again and again and my mind nearly crashed. I tried not to imagine any animal but just to wait for a sign… I was very excited.
    Than, suddenly, something crashed into me ❓ A golden eagle tried to land on my shoulder, but he suprised me too much. I fell my stone and he landed on my chest 😆 I tallked to him… It was awesome. I can´t put this in words…. I even cuddled him. He was so warm and his feathers were so soft. He said that he will stay with me and I´m so happy right now. Honestly, I never believed in spirit animals or something like that. I just tried it because… I don´t know. I had the feeling that I should know myself better. And now I do.
    I hope that everybody can find his/her spirit animal. It was a great experience.

    1. Sry for any grammar mistakes… I´m from germany and my english is not the best 😛 😳

  44. I was at my childhood home. While sittibg otside with famile a huge brown eagle flew over us and landed on the roof. Later he flew away and I told ny sister to take a photo but none came out right. When he flew over ne he looked down and in that second I had a vision of other eagles perched on a log,like a family.

  45. This morning i was graced w a golden eagle perched in a fir tree in our back yard. I am still taken aback by its majesty, its ownership of the entire greenspace and senority. Its spirit or energy was so powerful the whole greenspace nearly stood still. Im still in awe of its beauty and power and wisdom. I cant help but feel its a message for me.

    1. I had an eagle fly over me in New York right after meditating. I can agree with your feelings. Powerful, Majestic, Calm. After months of wondering, I was told by a psychic it was a message for me.

    2. I too looked out my bedroom window while talking to my doctoral advisor, and saw a majestic redish eagle sitting starring at me. When I stood it flew away. I took that as a positive signal. Maybe I would gain some wisdom if I just listened better.

  46. Yesterday I saw three black eagles land in a tree in my yard after circling my house a few times. Is this a death omen?

    1. Gailbeth, psychic medium

      Spirit tells me those eagles represent connection with your higher self: perhaps your spiritual work in the recent past is “coming home to roost.” Expect guidance from your Inner Voice.

  47. We moved into our new home 5 months ago. We got here at the beginning on snow. When the snow cleared I was sitting having tea and a bale eagle landed in the tree next to the window. He stayed there the whole time I was drinking my tea. It was awesome. The next morning when I went to let the dogs out there was a huge golden eagle sitting in the middle of my yard. I had to wait for it to leave to let the dogs out. It was amazing. But seeing 2 eagles in 2 days made me wonder if it was a sign.

    1. It is a great sign. You are shedding your emotional attachments to the physical world. Realizing that all your behaviors are what is holding you from the deep blue skies of your path of your spirit. Now because you do not need the baggage from the physical world you are free to move about your life and be available for the Great Spirit to lead you on true course…true purpose.

    2. I’m in Newport News Va and for the past week I see an eagle don’t know if it’s the same one or if there are two of them . But Anyway the first two times it’s close enough that I can see it above the trees then it takes off into the sky soaring so beautifully. Then I’m over at a car dealership and I see the eagle again I swear it appears to be following me and then same thing take off into the sky and I’m trying to get my phone out to take a picture. I had been telling my friend about it and that time he was there to see for himself it is indeed an eagle. I want to know exactly what this means even on my walk to the store I see the eagle again and it takes off again after a period of time into the sky so very very high just beautiful amazing made me want to cry that day. I just moved back here to Va which is home but will be traveling abroad soon for my job is this some type of sign warning a good thing or what I just don’t know what to think. I know I always get excited feel emotional when I see the eagle never had this happen before and so many times is just amazing. Hoping someone has a good answer for this. I seems as though the eagle is watching me go safely on my daily journeys crazy cause that car dealearship is a good distance from the house but I guess if I was a eagle it’s in the same place???? Hmmmmm

  48. When I was 16 I was sent to this thing for so called bad kids out in a desert in Oregon.we had to hike from dawn till dusk making our own food and pitching our own tents.after about a month of that we went on a solo.the counselors to each of us to a specific spot away from each other and we had to live on our own for a week. I was put next to an abandon cyote den witch had sun bleached bones of cows still in it.on the secound day of my solo a bald eagle appeared on top of an old 1800’s mail pole right infront of my camp.I sat there staring at it for hours it never moved a muscle it just sat there looking at me.it finnaly flew off around twilight and I thought to my self well that was kinda cool.soon after I made my food and went to bed.I woke up the next morning to see that the eagle reappeard.he just sat on the pole watching me. Jokingly I waved at it and said hey mr.eagle and went about my day.I spent most of my days there sitting on the rocks and writing.I’ll tell you there’s nothing more peaceful then sitting on desert rocks on the side of a mountain writing but I’m getting off topic sorry.any way I would periodically turn my head twords that pole and there he still sat with his head turn looking right at me.he was like a statue never moving never looking any where but directly at me.I went back to my tent once twilight set in and again like the night before he left.I went to bed and when I arose the next morning there he was.it was the exact same thing every day untill one morning the counselors woke me up and said hey your solos over were gonna climb these rocks build a camp fire and watch the sun come up for out last day in the desert.so we climbed the rocks and sat up at the fire telling stories up till the sun started rising up it was on of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.at the instant the sky started turning pink we saw an eagle fly straight up from the rocks below into the sky and screech really loud then it flew off.i’ve never experienced anything like that in my life and I don’t know if it even ment anything but I’ll never forget that eagle till the day I die

    1. That was beautiful to read. Everything means something but what you have taken from the experience is so unique to you. What a special experience and a beautiful connection you made. I’m laughing when I read “for so called bad kids”. Being “bad” is probably the best thing you ever did because look at where it lead you. You will never forget that eagle because it is a part of you <3

  49. What if an Eagle was soaring in circles above you…as you are driving…and being chased and dive bombed by 5 crows? 🙂 That I’m ready to soar but will continue to be attacked for wanting to change? But i must persevere? (can you tell I’ve been thinking about this? :))

  50. Eagles have been a very important part of my life for the last four years, the transformation that I’ve been going through. I just recently started dating about 4 months ago, after 4 years of being single. Today, As we said our goodbyes at my front door we kissed and For the first time I told him that I’m falling in love with him. when we finished I looked up in the sky and there was a bald eagle flying overhead. What a beautiful feeling. I have been praying and asking for directions with this relationship. I have never felt more comfortable in anyone’s arms as I do in his. Yes, he has signed a card to me with Love.

  51. Just wondering if anyone would have any insights…a few days ago 3 golden eagles came flying around right in front of my condo, 7th floor, downtown, most unusual. Lots of bald eagles here, see them often, but never have I seen golden eagles here and to have 3 of them flying around right in front of me like that is something! Feel free to share your thoughts!! Thanks!

  52. Hello,

    I wonder if anyone knows the significance of an eagle soaring closely above and slowly. The eagle is one of my power animals, and I also live by a few that nest by a lake. I saw this eagle for a reason as I was coming out of a space I was thinking of renting not far from where I live now. I am not sure if the message was to seize the opportunity, or to stay grounded and wait. I feel the cottage may give me peace and the environment to work on my personal and spiritual goals for this year and beyond… although timing may be a bit off, for it’s availability is about 2 months before my current lease is up. However, I am able to secure this place if it is meant to be… right now the owner is awaiting to hear my decision. Initially, part of my feelings were that this was an opportunity to take, as not very many chances like this is available in my area. I have a hard time seeing clearly in journeys when I am too close to situations… I’m hoping someone may have an initial thought that may spirit speaking through them, or intuition coming forth.

    Thank you,

    1. What is your desire? Go for what you desire. If you can work it out it is meant to be. In looking at what you wrote, one can see what you want. Pay attention to your feelings and make the decision based on what feels peaceful

  53. On the way to my grandfather’s funeral last year, 12/19/15, a bald eagle flew over us just before we reached the cemetery. Bald eagles are pretty rare here. Today, 12/19/15, exactly one year later, a bald eagle flew over us just as we left vacation for home.

  54. First there was one eagle perched on the side wall by my balcony every evening thru the night for the past 6 months. It would stare straight at me. Now there are two. One day this week, one of them flew closely over me hitting its foot on my forehead. I have for a while been living in isolation due to a karmic relationship with someone who it feels is manipulating me because they are so ruthlessly hungry to achieve their ambition. I did not give in, however I lost a lot of time (4yrs) energy and confidence within me. It took a lot out of me to stand my ground with this person. I feel very hurt that I loved this person through a soul connect we shared, yet they tried to take advantage of my emtpiness and my kind heart. I helped him through his darkest time and now he keeps me attached but is very much immersed in his life. I’m now trying to work towards my goals and taking small steps to get back up, but somehow have lost something within me. Do these two eagles have any connection to what’s happening in my life ?

  55. My neighbor have passed, and while waiting for the family car to arrive for the funeral. An Eagle appeared out of no where, and was soaring around the top of her house 4-5 times. Do this have an significant meaning?

  56. for the past few days I v been watching eagles flying around the Hotel am staying at and I love them. I even start to say good morning to them everyday. today I got hit by one of them. was completely not aware that he is near and was smoking from the balcony just to find out I was hit by an eagle after he hit me.
    interestingly the same one keep coming back and fly by me and whistling.. can claim am not scared by his look but at the same time I feel the connection.

    also yesterday a dove landed on my shoulder.. while visiting Taj Mahal in fact inside Taj Mahal it self the dove landed on me..

    what is the messages here experts .. I know for sure spirits are trying to say something but am not sure what it is or how to land the message.

    any advice would be great.

  57. Just watched a pair of bald eagles fly overhead in morning. Was I just in their path and looked up at the right time? Or am I being told something?

  58. yesterday on thanksgiving i was on the beach reading an entire chapter of profound prayers one by one in order to ask for the improvement of a challenging life changing situation . i had two pomegranates in my lap and my hand was on them i was going to offer them to the ocean at sunset. as i was done, after quite some time, one never knows when it is done until it is done … i looked up … and an eagle was sitting looking at me at literally an arms length . it was as if time stopped . for an extended moment . then the giant bird took off into the air . i have no idea how long it was there with me . was it the energy of the words or the intention that drew the bird in so close … or was there something i should have understood from this gracious gesture .

    there were no other people around only far into the distance there were seagulls though . they seemed to be distant witnesses .

    do eagles sit in the close vicinity of humans at all … i was and still am overcome with gratitude for the honor yet i know little of what it may mean . if there are signs we receive this would appear to be one ?

    anyone more knowledgable in this field …


    aloha *

    1. Dear phaedrana,
      I personally think that the eagle may be your spirit animal. I had an experience similar to this, except it was a dream. I met my spirit animal-a panther with glowing purple eyes, through a Spirit calling (Spirit calling is just a dream after you meditate or just think about finding your spirit animal a lot) but my animal saved me from an attacker, she (the panther) looked me in the eye and we had a short connection with each other….just as if time had stopped……..then she snarled-time unfroze, and she gracefully, yet effortlessly, killed the attacker’s animal (a golden leopard with lavender-pink eyes) with a single bite between the skull and the ear. The girl gasped, and the panther (black jaguar actually) turned to me, roared at me warning me to run and GET OUT! So this eagle could be your spirit animal or an animal totem. Yet, it could be just another of your possibly million animal connections (I have a ton of them). I advise you to research.
      God bless!

    2. The pomegranate symbolizes favor. God was reminding you just how important you are. DON’T question this season follow your heart.

  59. Alrite, so, I had a dream about An eagle and it didn’t frighten me but in the dream the eagle was flying then it was flying towards me at a really fast speed and I flinched back, thinking I was going to get knocked down, but I was surprised that right before it almost touched me it started to soar high into the sky again, right over the house I lived in. Can someone please give me spiritual advice to what this dream means?

  60. Dear brig7,
    you seem to have a connection with birds (so do I !) but crows are masters of illusion and it could be a crow. Also if your western sign or any other sign such as moon or rising is a Scorpio- read my statement about your western sign going back one because of the earth’s movement on the posts below to haley, then maybe it is suggesting that your Scorpio is evolving into the eagle phase. Your life could be changing! Also the eagle could be a messenger animal telling you to follow your spiritual path and your heart. Maybe you are going through a dark time now (remember that a change is in possibility) so things will get better! Or maybe a hard change is coming into your life and that you will need to live with hope so be careful! Also it could symbolize that you have gone astray from the world and need to get back on the path, or you need to venture out onto a new path and try new things.The eagle symbolizes loyalty, leadership, responsibility, healing and strength. So you decide! :mrgreen: -Hailey P.

    1. Ooohhh! Tough one brig7 😕 😕
      I’m not so sure, let me have some time to figure this out. Right now I’m working on some important homework, so try looking up some things especially eagle totems on Spirit Animals and Animal Totems. I’ll catch up on you later! Remember to try to meditate on what it means to yourself and how it affected you and your thought on seeing it! 😀 😀

  61. An eagle came to me in my dream. He was perched on a bush at the corner of my house just staring at me but friendly and tame. I walked up to him and said “Eagle!”. Then he said ” No. Hawk” in a mans voice, like he was saying that he was a hawk in an eagles body. Then I put my arm out for him to perch on
    He was heavy and big but he still climbed onto my arm. Then, while still loking at me, I heard a sweet womans voice say something and he flew away. But I did not watch him fly. Is he saying that I have spiritual sight? Since the Eagle is bird that travels through realms and the hawk has hawk vision?

    1. Dear haley, 😛 😛
      i believe that this eagle in your dream was not exactly a eagle but a hawk. I think that maybe the eagle was a dream messenger telling you that the hawk was your spirit animal, or maybe even one of your signs on the zodiac. I have animal connections too; hawks, lizards, ravens, vultures, cats, falcons, owls, and other animals. The animals that I have connections with are all on my zodiac. So check all of your astrology charts, whether it be Native American, Western (western signs go backwards now since the stars have moved ex. if you were a Sagittarius, you are now a Scorpio, if you were a Pisces you are now an Aquarius ect.) Eastern sign (chinese zodiac),
      Mayan, Celtic or Vedic. But I had a dream (which you can read about on Jaguar once it is posted) of a jaguar saving me from a leopard. The jaguar was black with glowing purple eyes. We seemed to have a connection, some how I knew she was mine (even being the first time seeing her). At first I thought she was a leopard, but in another dream, she appeared with some other animals on a path in the forest(my brothers spirit animals) and when I saw her I heard a random untoned voice say “JAGUAR” . So i realized that this was my spirit animal and my main element was fire, my little brother’s animal was a white and silver male wolf with blue gray eyes, his element is water, a huge moose crossed the path and I could tell it was both male and my older brother’s, his element was earth (all element predictions per person true to zodiac- amazing!). I knew this was my animal spirit for I had been searching for it for a long time, and it seemed to fit and bring back old memories of connections with certain animals; komodo dragons, jaguars, lions, and reptiles (at the zoo). But the jaguar stuck most, we stared at each other as my grandmother draged me away until I could no longer see HER in through the crowd. i had promised to get her out of the cage, and this left a mark. I knew this was my animal, I named her “Isra” for she traveled on a path at night to visit me and traveled to meet me in my dreams at night. The birds of the Heavens taught me to accept myself. So look at the sky and watch the birds above, because they will help guide you to your destiny! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: -Hailey Prophet

  62. I dreamt of an eagle standing next to me, fiercely looking my way. The eagle then took off into flight, it turned around flying backwards kinda like hovering high above me still fiercely looking my way. Then it swooped down around me in a circle with a scroll clinched in its talons. And I woke up.

  63. This morning I had a dream of eagles. They were flying overhead and in and out of the trees. I was in an open field on a dirt lane wth a friend when an eagle came down and landed on my head. It flew off then I had one land on my left shoulder. When it perched on my shoulder, it felt like a tamed bird. All the while this is happening, I’m yelling to my friend to take a picture, but she never sees it and is slow to react and the eagle flies off. Searching for some clarity! Help 🙂

  64. I was training to get ready for basics and an eagle flew not 15 feet above me. I know it probably thought I was food and left when i saw it but do u think it could be something? maybe about the military?

  65. This morning I had a dream that I witnessed a golden eagle being attached by a lesser or more inferior bird. It was on the ledge of the window of the the house I was in. I felt so afraid as I watched this inferior bird peck at the head of the golden eagle continuously and killing it. The golden eagle was super large and seemed as though it could have won the battle but some how the smaller bird who was inferior defeated the large golden eagle. My dreams most of the time have meaning, this one has beat me that I do not understand. Thanks

    1. I wonder if this dream is indicating to you something about losing part of your power, unable to defend yourself against some opposition that is more aggressive. It seems the eagle was being too passive, which horrified you. I am assuming, based on your reaction, that you identified with the eagle and thus your subconscious is revealing to you some fear/insecurity you must face to re-find your center of power. Oddly enough, you may recognize this subconsciously in the slip of tongue when you wrote, “this one has beat me”. It is also symbolic that the eagle was on a window, either needing to come in or go out (?) The window thus seems to be a barrier to the freedom or support you need. Animal conflict dreams seem to indicate a battle of forces within yourself, probably more so than a battle with another person or event etc. (though that is a possibility too, or its both). However, since you have dreamt of an eagle I would take heart, summon your courage, ask for some clarity and face your challenge head on, as an eagle would.

  66. Last nigh I dreamt I was working in a high mountainous area renting cottages to people and I was also living in one. I was taking a “guest” (could hear the guests voice but didn’t see him) to his cottage and noticed a huge shadow flying over us. The guest was frightened as he saw the eagle and asked if we could take shelter until he felt safe. I didn’t know why he was making such a fuss as I explained that the eagles live in the area and there and nothing to be concerned about. My cottage was closer so we went into it so as to calm this man down. As I was talking there was a tapping noise on my window and as I looked out an enormous eagle flew up to the window cracking it on the lower left hand side with his talon. He was looking right at me and then flew off. Just then I heard another noise on the lower level of the cottage and I took off running towards it to check it out. There was a small animal standing upright just looking as me with a curious smile and a rabbit was sitting next to it. I could hear the “guest” mention that the eagle was flying to his “house” and then I found myself outside looking on the other shore high up on the mountain was a wooden gray building with numbers on it I didn’t take note of. I was too much intrigued that the eagle entered through the doorway of this building and shut the door behind him. It felt in the dream that the eagle had a message for me. I didn’t feel afraid of the encounter, but was a bit shocked, curious, and intrigued by it all. Could not find out what the other animal that appeared as I couldn’t locate a picture of it. This is a wonderful site. Thanks for letting me share my dream with you. Blessings

  67. I had a dream of three eagles one came down and brought me a light i held itnin my to hands then i wokenup i would like to know what it means

  68. Dorothy Newkirk

    While I was battling cancer, Bald Eagle came to me in a dream. I was outside of my home with a Native American young man. We were watching the eagle make circles over the house. For some reason I put out my arm and invited the eagle to land on it. He did and looked into my eyes for a while. Then he took to the skies again. I am approaching my fifth year of being cancer free. I believe the eagle came to help me battle cancer with his strength. A Cherokee shaman friend of ours told me that was no dream but a vision and a very powerful one. He says that Eagle is Creator’s messenger and I received an important message that day—do not lose Hope, cancer will NOT win.

    1. Thank you for your post, it encourages me. I just spent a few days at a family camp we are often invited to share time together at. The first afternoon my daughter calls to me to come quickly outside. Circling low is a bald eagle, literally over the house, and once over the end of the house I sleep in with my husband. I can see its white head feathers. While not cancer, I am quite sick, have recently received some very bad news and am facing treatment at considerable risk. My daughter’s husband’s mother, the matriarch and owner of the camp tells me they have never seen eagle at the camp before in many many years. I immediately felt spoken to and am slowly beginning to understand eagle’s message. Thank you.

  69. James Vesterfelt

    In 1970 I climbed Thunder Mountain, a sacred mountain in the Humboldt Range of North Central Nevada. I inched my way along a narrow ledge on a sheer cliff face to a cave. I entered and, with a rope, descended about 15 feet to the dirt bottom and picked up a pair of coyote mandibles. I climbed back up and exited. Just outside I picked up a tail feather and looked up to see Eagle about 10 feet directly overhead flying tight circles and speaking in eagle talk. I was a member of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society and understood that I was being offered Eagle Medicine. I accepted.

  70. Eagles are with me when i even did not know about totem or spirit animals.. Perfect spirit guide 🙂

  71. patti shropshire

    About 2 weeks ago an eagle was circling above my home. As always, I watch and admire the eagle’s in our area. This time it was different. Ive been going through some major changes and an up coming surgery. Along with not being happy at my job. I feel strongly that the eagle I was gazing at, spoke to me, guiding me toward what I truly have passion for. Opening my own business relating to animal photography, pet retail. After my surgery I will begin pursuing this goal. I will never forget and will always appreciate what happened 2 weeks, life changing in such positive way.

    1. I really appreciate what you wrote I have been so worried and this story makes me feel as if I drifted from god because of all the thing that I have been through I am 34 yrs old and in 2013 I had open heart surgery on the recovery table I stroked I had to have a cranium done (brain bleed ) was the largest St Joes main in Lexington KY and the brain bleed was the largest the hospital ever seen and it is a very well known hospital.. When I awoke I couldn’t Talk or walk and was paralyzed on my entire right side …. I could only speak to him through my heart ..He answered all my prayer … I can talk again and walk and write…Lately I have had so much going on Lately.. I believe the eagle soaring around my house was speaking good things over my house and reminding me that its going to be okay GOD is in control we don’t feel his presence because we drift from him …..

  72. I just heard some eagles calling , I went to the window and saw 2 in the tree by my house . I said out loud I hear you calling , but can’t understand .They stopped calling .I have also been visited by 3 crows/ravens as well , what can this mean ??

    1. Theresa Hi! please do forward the responses to this if you got any…I’m experiencing the same thing and I really got no clue what do the bird reporting… Its been 3 days now… On my first day it did in the middle of the night and the past 2 days the Bird (which I think it’s an Eagle,cause I’m scared of watching it on my window) had been my waking up alarm… Thank you in advanced

  73. I have dreams where an eagle wont leave me alone. It sits on my lap if im outside. If im in a building it sits on the roof of the buildiing. When im driving it flys fallows my car. What does this mean

  74. Pratyusha_EagleKite

    Eagle is a great totem and spiritual teacher.. When i feel lonely then Its his love which holds me, its his faith which keeps me, its his honesty which captivates me & its him whose presence enables me to challenge the world when the world asks me “Do u hv any Protector?”.. Dis shows his reliability. And i know that they will never fofeit it.. He is silent guardian & watchful protector.

  75. Sieglinde EagleWomen

    Eagle has been with for many Years before I knew about totems and guides. He has always kept me through difficult times and caused me to sore above the lower realms of confusion and what ever else was going on. 😉

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