Quail Symbolism

Nourish your body as well as your soul. Practice self love.

Quail Meaning, Quail Symbolism and Messages

Quail is here to let you know that explosive action is required right now in order to accomplish your goal. You must move now before your opportunity has disappeared or before danger has over takes you. This bird can also be reminding you that you need to nourish your body as well as your soul in order to foster abundance. Taking care of yourself is a high priority right now. Giving to yourself is just as important as giving to others.

Alternatively this bird can also be letting you know that your need to protect yourself and your energy by laying low for a few days. When emotional upheaval and drama comes into your life – the best is to simply disengage and ignore the turbulence. It has nothing to do with you.

Quail Totem, Quail Spirit Animal

You are aware of your surroundings at all times and are usually the first to spot pitfalls and danger. You know how to respond to situations quickly and also how to camouflage yourself if need be. You tend to make socializing a priority in your life and thrive in group projects. You enjoy nurturing and giving, especially with family members. You are a romantic at heart. You also love a meaningful and difficult challenge.

Quail Dreams

To see a Quail in your dream symbolizes lust, love and eroticism. Perhaps it is time to allow yourself to sexually explore new ground. The dream  can also suggest that you will overcome your obstacles and hardships. You will be victorious despite the negativity surrounding you in your life.

Alternatively this bird can represent abundance and good fortune coming your way. To dream of hunting this bird foretells a happy surprise.

Additional Associations for Quail


  • I was texting with a friend about healing meditaion and 2 quail walked past my window. A feeling of abundance.

  • Hi, I’ve resently had a bob white show up in my yard.. and he talks with me everyday. His sits in the yellow bell right outside and he talks… while I whistle back. He’s even ran to me down the side walk. … I feel like he’s here to bring me peace for stress I’ve been dealing with . Is he trying to tell me something?

  • I had a dream of a beautiful quail calling and he finally walked up with no fear all the while singing. Then one of my free range hens walked up and the quail breed the chicken. That is all I remember.

  • i recently had 3 birds which looked like quails beheaded on my doorstep with 3 white rats i have a feeling its black magic, its not the first time dead birds not common in the area have been placed on our property. do you know the significance

      • Hey Violet

        There’s not much the cops can do but the complaint may open the door for you to ask if this is happening anywhere else , if this is only at your place , and happens more then one time , have you noticed anything else going bad for you , if this is a curse put on you you must have a idea of who may want this bad luck or WHATVER has been cast .. If this turns out to be that of a curse PLEASE don’t take it as nothing theses things are real and do work at times ,, so don’t freak out but if things start going funny or bad first thing is to get a local Wiccan to come and or both that and a psychic to come chase down and clear the curse ,, I have a few gifts myself , I will look into your situation and get back to you ,, if I have your permission to focuse in on you I can do what I can .. I will send you my email if your interested ..
        Otherwise set up a camera and catch the asshole(s) doing this ..

    • Could be a stray cat hun if you feed them they feed you lol though some are stingy kitty’s and just leave the heads like mine lol if I’m lucky shell leave the whole squirrel

  • I had a dream that a man I’ve been involved with for the past 6 years was shooting quails that were in his house. When he finished a few were still alive. He missed them. He just told me the dates before that he is experiencing a lot of financial trouble. What does this all means? Was the dream about me or him?

    • The symbols of the dream should help you gain insight into the significance. What do quails represent as you engage with the concept and visuals, the colors of their plumage? As a dream symbol the home often represents the self, in this case it was the home of the man. What does the home represent to you, and why is he inside of it? Do you recall what rooms he was in? Whatvrooms the quails were in? You can look up dream dictionaries for the significance of different rooms and architrctual elements such as stairs. Since in the dream he is in his home, is this about something inside his self? Why was he shooting the quails? Did you get the sense he was murdering something in himself, which the quails respresent, or shooting blindly, or hunting for his nourishment, hunting within himself, seeking prey, etc. What is it that the quails represent he’s missing? How were the quails responding? How many quails were shot and how many did he miss? You can look up the mystical/spiritual meanings of numbers for further information. Ultimately your subconscious could very well trying to tell you something you see inside him, and you may have a quail totem trying to guide you via your dream state. You can ask that the compassionate guides who are working with you help you to understand the dream’s guidance. Good luck working this out! Seems the dream is rich with information for you and as such may continue to reveal things to you for a long time to come, maybe things that don’t even have to do with the man but how your relate to and interact with certain types of people and/or in certain types of ways. Also perhpas check into shamanic dreamwork, something may resonate as to why you had this dream and how it can help you.

  • Last night In my dream there were 3 frogs I was trying to mill or at least push down in a hole filled with water but they were talking to me and big,fat I was very upset didn’t know what to do they would ask me why I wanted to get rid of them that’s about all I remember can anyone please help what does this dream mean I’m to get Baptised this Sunday at a Christian church in waters in a tub by a pastor inside church stage now I’m confused with if I should or not go thru with my baptism.

    • Frogs represent cleansing, as does a “baptism”. Proceed with the religious baptism if your heart desires it. If something is telling u no, go with your instincts. Cleanse yourself without the audience.

  • I attended my brothers, father in law funeral. Nice man. As thwy were removing casket from hurst we heard saw a crow on the top of a huge cross in fron of the Church. singing? What does that means?

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