Experience is the best teacher of all! Go out and live it!
-Siberian Husky

Husky Meaning and Messages

In this case, Husky symbolism is reminding you that it is not always the destination that is important. In other words, like the Jaguar, Husky meaning teaches you that the journey is more important than actually getting there. Thus, making the right choices now can significantly ease your experience and expedite any conflict and hardship along the way. This spirit animal insists that you use your instincts to guide you. That way, you can always stay centered on your sense of what is home to you.

Alternatively, Husky symbolism reveals to you that you have the inner strength and knowledge to tread lightly through challenging terrain. Therefore you can navigate through anything without leaving destruction in your wake.

Husky Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Husky totem have an outgoing personality. They are also intelligent, instinctual, and gentle. They understand that it is the journey that is important. Folks with this spirit animal totem also know that they can overcome any hardship. All they have to do is use their survival instincts and intuition. They also have an affinity for nature and live with the environment consciously. These people love to recycle, re-use, and re-purpose everything and anything they can get their hands on. Thus, many of these folks are environmentalists and world crusaders. Like the Shark totem, they are also very focused and driven when they are following their purpose.

Husky Dream Interpretation

When you have a Husky dream where the dog is pulling a sled, it signifies the end of a journey, situation, or relationship. In other words, like the Butterfly, you have completed your transformation. To dream of this dog curled up sleeping, symbolizes the knowledge that you have within you. Furthermore, you must use this wisdom to successfully navigate any hardship that the universe may throw at you. To put it in simple words, trust your instincts and intuition.

To dream of being surrounded by these barking dogs, signifies the need to discern your truth. Make sure that you distinguish it from your friends’ truth. Listen to your intuition, because the only journey that is important to you is your own.

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  1. Hey, this is my first time doing anything like this, but it shares some significance, that’s what my boyfriend and I are trying to figure out. OK, here goes… the other day my boyfriend, John, and I was arguing and it was a really super bad argument. Well, we had taken a drive out in the country to talk about what our argument was and it continued to get worse (not physical). So about 45 mins after the agonizing trip, we started heading back into town. Our argument was pretty much over, when we was literally like 5 blocks from town and right as we hit the city limits there was a red truck in front of us. Of course we was in the middle of talking at this point when we both noticed the truck slowed way down and honked as they swerved around something. So confused it stopped us from talking and that’s when we noticed there was 2 Siberian huskies laying in the road and they was decent sized but still young. One was all white with the darker whiter markings and the other was a black one with the exact markings. They both was laying in the road taking up the whole road about the same time we seen them that’s when the truck in front of us was honking at them. They didn’t pay a bit of attention to the truck, but as we got close (which we didn’t honk or anything we was just going to go around them) they turned both their heads, simultaneously, to look at us both. They didn’t move besides their heads to look at us both. They watched us as we slowed down and went around them. They didn’t move just watched us as we went by and in astonishment we watched them too. We thought the one could have been a friend of ours that lived in the area but this one was smaller, younger than our buddy’s dog. And we looked at each other and realized we have never ever seen these two dogs, nor seen anything that even really looked like these two dogs ever in the area and we frequent the area quite a bit, because it’s the side of town we live in. Well last night, John stayed the night with me and we was talking about how strange it was for these dogs to be where they was and the fact they looked right at us, even as we drive by, but never paid the truck in front of us any mind. Today, he had brought those same dogs to my attention and was saying, “you remember those huskies we seen the other day?” And I said, “yeah, and I still can’t wrap my mind around the significance or meaning behind why they was there or why they paid us attention. Why what brought them up?” He said, “I had a dream about those same dogs last night..” He didn’t elaborate or even tell me what the dream was, all he said was he rarely has dreams he remembers and he hadn’t remembered a dream in a long time (which he tells me when he has dreams, because they don’t happen very often. Since we found out I was pregnant though, he’s had a few, but this one with the dogs we had seen previously a few days ago). The dogs didn’t have a collar and they looked healthy, not fat but not real lean either. I was just wondering what your thoughts or anybody’s thought on this. We both feel like there’s some kind of significance behind it, but we can’t figure it out. What’s your thought on this??

  2. I have never had a dream like this. In the dream it was around 3:30 in the morning and I kept waking up in my bed next to my wife. There were various noises around the house so I went to check on my newborn son. While checking on him, my dogs started to freak out and started howling in my living room, so I gave my newborn to my wife and ran downstairs. As I worked my way downstairs, there was dog poop all around the house. Once I made it to my living room, there it was, a large beautiful husky was staring at me through the sliding glass door and I began to star back. Somehow one of my dogs had gotten out, and ran up behind it and they began to play in my backyard. When I freaked out and went to get my dog in, I had separated them and brought my dog in. Once my dog was in, I tried to figure out how he had gotten out with no luck. When I returned to check on the husky, he was sitting on my rug next to my back door in the house. I put him outside, but then I turned around to look back and he was back on the rug. I went up to him and he bugged his head into my hands as my smaller dog was freaking out. I began to pet him and he began to play with me. Finally, my wife had brought my son downstairs to see what was going on and freaked out there was a random dog in our house. The husky walked up to her, licked her and my son, then came back to me. I decided to put the dog outside when I noticed my sliding door had fallen apart and my dogs had gotten out. When I started to try and reassemble the door, the husky sat by me and then walked off. Once the door was complete, I brought my wife, son, and dogs to my room to go to bed. The dream continued to get strange at this point, my friend we’ll call him Sam appeared downstairs holding a gun in my living room. When I walked down cause I heard the clanking of the gun, he stated that he had come over to show me the gun, then proceeded to turn on the tv with the audio all the way up. This had woken up my son in the dream, then the sound of my newborn getting fussy woke me from the dream. There was a lot in this dream, but the husky stood out them most to me and I was curious if there was some symbolism or if he was trying to tell me something.

  3. Nicole Lynn Patti

    11pm Sunday night a huge carmel colored husky was walking on front lawn up to window on leash by owners on street behind it. their flashlight was shining into window and i saw the dog walking right up to the window. what was he trying to tell me.

  4. At 1.30 in the noon, I had this dream. It was windy & I was on a morotbike with a Siberian husky, it was crying and I was hugging him from behind to console, and then I woke up shivering, it was a little cold in the room but not so much, that I should shiver. What does this dream mean ?

  5. So..I was riding my bike on the way home, there was barely any side walk, so I had to bike on the road. Husky runs up to me and I stopped because my concern that it was a dog without a leash and it‘a lost. I stopped and got off my bike and the husky let me pet him and check his collar to see if it had a name or contact number. The collar was blue and had a blue necklace with some kind of crest attach to it. I didn’t know what to do so I tried running with him the opposite direction, he had came from, hope to find his home, but instead he started running around and peeing on everything and I couldn’t get his attention or get it to come back to me. Felt hopeless lol. I walked around a bit aimlessly, and decided to just go back on my bike. As I started to ride, he runs past me and behind a house, I tried to get him, but then he runs to the nearby church and into their backyard. I tried following him, I didn’t want anything bad happening to him, especially with all the cars. But, he disappeared without a trace..

  6. What does it mean to have a dream in a store parking lot I think the store is Walmart. And you’re in the passenger seat of your car and I look over outside of my window and I see a white husky with two men riding bikes and that husky has blue eyes and he’s hit by a silver car almost resembling mine but it’s not me in the passenger seat I don’t know who’s there but the dog was coming towards me. What does that even mean because it woke me up out of my sleep?

  7. I just saw a white siberian husky walking without a leash or owner with a red collar. I tried to get him to come to me, but he stopped and we exchanged eye contact, then he walked away and disappeared. This was not a dream, literally he just vanished. No I am not high and i don’t do drugs. My first thought was he was my spirit animal.

    1. I dream’t of a man telling me that fearless people fight. When he was about to leave his eyes looked like a husky dog. I am trying to understand this as I believe there is great significance in this message…

    2. Elizabeth R. Handy

      I recently saw a gray & white husky with blue eyes standing in my yard. My dog, a boxer, walked over to it but I pulled her away (she was tethered) fearing the dog might hurt her. I put her in the house, then went to look for the husky. There was no trace of it. It makes me wonder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    3. This just happened to me but I want to get my phone! This is the second time however!

  8. i just had a dream i was in the church and then i sit and look down when i look down i see a gray and white Siberian husky dog i patted him and he thought i was feeding him and he chased my left hand then I searched about it and I couldn’t find an answer

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems like when it comes to spirituality, you need to adopt the attitude of a siberian husky dog. Enjoy the journey, not the destination, with your dream taking place in the church. If anything, this is especially true when it comes to spirituality. It is impossible for a mere human being from any of us to comprehend God, the divine, or whatever else supernatural is out there. We may find clues, but likely the journey never ends. Do not seek to know everything that is about the greater picture. Just enjoy the mystery as a fun adventure. You don’t need to know everything on the level of God to have a happy life. You just need to know enough to have a happy enough life. Even happy people have their areas of ignorance. We’re all human after all.

  9. When I lost a very dear spaniel due to old age, I was in deep grief. On Hallowed Eve, end of October, I was cleaning up the house and pruning the yard on a high ladder. When I stepped down off the ladder, I was completely startled by a strange husky dog at my feet! He was all white with one blue eye and the other eye another color! He smiled, almost laughed with joy, acted as if he knew me all his life! I turned to fold up the ladder and when I looked back, he was gone. I searched the bushes and he had completely vanished.

    1. Hello All
      Spirit Guides walk with us through life..
      Some as visitors when a message is brought and they re apoear until it is ‘heard’
      Some our constant guides…BUT it is with our OWN ‘intuition’ that we hear….answer and connect…

  10. I had a dream I was in a house where family was in and out the front door. When all of a sudden a Grey and white husky appeared he ran up to the house and right to me like he knew me while everyone was trying to guess outloud what type of dog it was. I petted him while he jumped up on me excitedly and then all of a sudden his head falls off and its a robot dog. As I was shocked all of a sudden it just started to count down like it was rebooting I then nervously tried to reattach his head before it completely rebooted and then I woke up…but strangely right before this incident I was be prep for some type of medical treatment. To treat my blood clotting condition. Weird!😕

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this represents that you are falsely acting in the happy go lucky appearance of a grey and white husky, when inside, you are just forcing yourself to follow the steps of what is normal like a robot. If this is related to your blood clotting condition, it might mean that you are trying to act happy to not worry others and to refuse help even if you’re sick. Just remember to please take care of yourself.

  11. I was in a semi sleep last night where I saw a husky appear at my front door. I could only see it’s face through the screen. It made me instantly open my eyes.

  12. I dreamt about creating an almost lost medicine for the huskies (not my dogs) present in the place where I was at. The medicine was locked in a cupboard in a worn down, old and dusty caravan. Inside the locked cupboard were several doors to open, each smaller than the previous one, but I was determined to open it and rescue the medicine, and succeeded by not giving up. I was able to save/refill the ampoule, saving the many dogs (by vaccinating). I saw them pulling a sled later, happy and fast (not me in it, I watched them). The caravan was from a happy clown/circus artist, but old. He wasn’t present in the dream, but I just knew. Any thoughts?

  13. I dreamed last night that two beautiful huskies barged into a room to protect me. I was in a closed room with some people interrogating me. One of the huskies was completely white and the other was the common black and white mixed. They barged into the room and sat down front in fornt of me and stopped barking. They faced away from me and stood guard. I hugged them both as they sat there quiet and calm. I could feel how soft their fur was. It made me so happy.

    What does it mean?

  14. A few days ago, a husky ran out into the road and hit my car. He lived, thank god. Beautiful animal but I wonder if it meant anything? Like wake up but to what?

  15. So it was a few nights before i was awoken to find out what my true spirit animal was. I had been feeling like i was utterly lost and without knowing who my spirit animal was i felt devastated. But as a 17 year old girl i realized that feeling lost is part of finding your honest self. That night i decided it was time for me to FIND my true spirit animal. Growing up i always wantee the wolf to be my spirit animal but i knew this was a bais judgement especially because everyone wants a wolf spirit animal. It was the cool one! I knew deep down that i just want to be like everyone else, until that day when i decided i was ready for the earth to reveal my animal guide. I had a long and deep meditation session on my spirit animal, and the animal that came to me was a lightly grey and white, brown eyed, medium sized male husky. After receiving this information i didnt believe, i thought no way something so beautiful and amazing could be mine, no way! I convinced myself that i made it up. That it was all my conscious self telling my subconscious what i wanted to hear. A husky is just like a wolf, i thought i wanted a husky because its the closest thing to a wolf and everyone thought wolves were cool. Right? So i asked the universe to send me my real spirit animal, and guess what happened? A husky showed up on my door step! No lie. It was a big beautiful black and white male husky. He stayed with us for about a week until he escaped, but let me tell you what can be done in a week. We bonded so hard, my life was changed for ever. When ever i was with him the happiest i felt could never be described in words. Id cried to him, id played with him, we danced together. I was inlove! I can explan how amazing that experience was. But at the end of the day i knew he had a home and he had to leave a some point. I will always remember that 3am walk we had together the sun was bearly coming up and the air was chilly and the huskys chain almost got lose and i almost lost him. I felt so much heart break, i held onto him so close after that. I also realized that he was gonna go and i had to let him. 3 days later he left. I was certain that husky was my spirit animal now. Im not gonna lie sometimes i still have my douts, but i cant deny the safety and warm feeling i get when i just see a husky. Not to mention how awesome they are! When u think back to when i was a child the only stuff toy i really wanted really really bad was a little stuffed husky. Huskys have always been in my life protecting me. Its not a wolf but id say it 100 times better.


    Hi im 17 ur old girl its 3:25am right now just a few minutes ago I had an encounter with a golden and white fured husky so I couldnt sleep I had a slight headache I got my mom’s car keys because she had some pain killers and I went in side the car relaxed a lil bit inside talking to the moon for some guidance about a not I really like and a sat there fir a couple minutes then I got out the car from the sidewalk next to my home I looked to the left and I seen a huge husky standing next to me slowly approching my heart stop for a secound because I am terrified of big dogs my first instinct was to run but I study her behavior and it was calm so I let her approch me and I was less scared I even petted her and then she passed me and when inside my gate drank w from the cats water bowl I quickly thought wow wat a beatiful dog and she must be hungery so I went inside to get the leftovers from my table and gave it to her but she didnt eat it just smelled it and I grsbed the water bowl to refill it and as soon as I returned she dissapeared I looked in the streets in my back yard nothing she just vanish and I should also message the moon was red orange tonight and im a very supersicious person so I would like to know if it means anything

  17. hi my name is Maryam and I had a dream about a white Siberian Husky puppy that I found on the street in my neighborhood where I live is very hot it’s like summer all year round, lost I think, the puppy was chasing a car hat left it behind I think I suddenly turned around and see that a car was going away and the puppy was trying o follow it but it couldn’t even walk right I could tell that the puppy was just learning how to stand on its feet, and I called the puppy towards me, and I picked the puppy up and held it in my arms the puppy was very small i could hold it in the palm of my hand a lot smaller than a real husky puppy .
    can someone tell me what does my dream mean exactly please?

  18. Carolanne de chantal

    I had a dream last night, i owned 3 huskies, 1 black and white ( male ), 1 brown and white ( female) and 1 grey and white (female). The 3 pictures of the siberian on top of the site are pretty close of what the dogs in my dreams looked like. I even remember their names. They were my pets, we were leaving in a big house, i was about to get rubbed but my dogs protected me. My female was more protector than the male. My boyfriend in my dream was out of town and i was alone with the dogs. I dreamed that i was playing with them and the male was sometimes jealous of the other 2. He was a bit possessive. What do you think my dream means?
    I don’t know if the husky is my totem animal. But i know that i always dreamed to have huskies. I’m in love with those dogs…
    Thank you

  19. Hello, I just found your site, and you have hit husky’s on the nose. I have 2 currently but have had 2 others that have pasted on, I don’t know what it is about the breed that calls to me. I have been drawn to them for as long as I can remember. My second husky, Misty, gave her life to protect my son and daughter (7 and 3) against a Mastiff, 4 years ago. I dream of all of my furry children often, but I can never make any sense of them. They’ll be in the yard playing, or in a off the wall dream where I’m at work, one of my husky’s will just walk by a machine ( I’m a machine tech ). Not sure if that makes them my animal spirit or because they are so close to me they aren’t far from my thoughts, like my real children. I know I have 2 animal spirits for a fact, just trying to figure out if I’m blessed with a husky as a third also.
    Thank you so much for your time, and your wonderful website,

  20. Hi my name is Dominique, usually when i have dreams like this I can interpret what the meaning is with the help of my 3x great grandfather but it seems that since he has passed its hard for me to tell what certain dreams mean. 2 nights ago I had a dream of a all white husky that was trying so hard to get my attention. When it finally got my attention I began to follow it and it was so happy that I finally showed it some attention. It started happily trotting down this road and into traffic, before I could save the dog it was hit by a car and I instantly woke up. This dream has been driving me insane for the past few days now. Can anyone come up with anything to explain this dream?

    1. The question I would ask you is what do you think the dream meant to you? It sound as if you are afraid to get attached to something for fear of losing them. The world would be a pretty lonely place if we avoided attachment for fear of loss. I just recently lost my Cody, a white Siberian Husky who suffered with idiopathic epilepsy for 6 out of his 8 years that I had the pleasure and honor to know him. I cherish every moment that we shared together and am so thankful that our paths have crossed. I value the pain of his absence as a measure of the love we shared. Get attached, love and be loved.

  21. I was looking up pictures on Pinterest for my future dog which is a Siberian husky all white.. I pinned a few pics so I can have it as my visual board.. Well, a few days after that I went to the beach for a walk and my mother calls me telling me that a huge dog just ran up inside our house. That it he was so friendly and beautiful.. They managed to take him out to the front door but he didn’t want to leave.. When I went home come to find out that it’s a Siberian husky.. Not all white but gray and white.. Huge and beautiful.. He is so friendly and social.. He acts like he’s known us forever and he feels so comfortable at our home.. We took him to a vet to find out if he has a chip in case his owners are looking for him.. Apparently he does have owners.. We called and left a message.. Until then he’s with us.. But I feel so attached to him.. It hurts to let him go.. Also, I find funny his name is Cairo.. Like the city in Egypt.. And Ive been obsseseed with all Egypt ancient stories since I was a little girl..
    I believe everything happens for a reason.. But I thought this was too crazy weird.. What do you think is the meaning of this?

  22. 🙂 A few nights ago I had a dream that a husky puppy approached me out of no where with bright gold eyes and pure white and light tan color. he was so beautiful and so sweet he just curled into my hands. I named him Golden within my dream and he stayed with me. Although my dream related to reality where i’m staying doesn’t allow pets but i couldn’t let him go. I usually can interpret my dreams but I would love some help on this one.

  23. I live in New Orleans. As everyone knows, its incredibly hot and humid here…..totally not the right weather to own such a dog. Yet, today when I was outside my house, I saw someone walking a grey and white Siberian husky whose name was Avatar (which basically means a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth). Moreover, he had heterochromia (one red and one silver eye). I have never seen him before in this neighbourhood. He not only didn’t bark at me, but came up to me and let me pet him. Then he jumped on me as if giving me a hug and started licking me all over the face. He did that twice, the second time was when he was going away. While I was talking to his owner, he quietly sat at my feet, giving no indication that he was impatient to return to his walk. It felt wonderful. I was wondering if the universe was trying to send me a message through him. Was this a sign? I am not very good at reading signs since my inherent skepticism seems to take over and I doubt myself. If someone could explain it to me, that would be great. Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hello Meghna: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page. The message will be specific to you.

  24. HI my name is Justin and I wanted to know my spirit animal so I went on YouTube to learn. I meditation and saw this image of a dog or wolf coming closer but then my family came in and stop me. Couple of days I had a dream of a husky coming to me and I took him back home. As I took him in my room I started petting him and wanted to name him but he stopped me and looked at me with his eyes and said My name is Tim. I said to him thats a nice name tim and petted him acting like it was fine with a animal talking. Then I woke up. Days after that I try to contact him in meditating but didn’t work. He kept ending up in some part of different dreams I had. One dream he was in a glass box stuck I ran to try to save him but I woke up. I had more dreams but with different animals for the past couple week like a couple of cougars went up to me to protect me and I could somehow control them. A week later I took a online test to find your spirit animal and I honestly answered it the best I could it said I was a wolf. I’m now confessed thinking now it was a husky or wolf or maybe the other animals got into dreams. I don’t know what my animal spirit or animal spirits are and what even happened to Tim??

  25. I’ve been walking for 5 years to and from the school every day to drop off my kids today a huge husky followed me to and from the school to my house it was friendly or it would have attacked me what could this mean

  26. Hi, my daughter has a husky, Tessa who I sometimes dog-sit for. We’ve grown very close. During one visit around 6am I awoke in bed and saw a Husky “Spirit” lying beside me in bed! It was posed sitting down with head up-in a perfect “Husky” shape. I thought it was my daughter’s dog but then I went to go a pet her, but my hand went right through the image then it simply disappeared. Startled, I jumped up to look for Tessa and found her quietly sleeping in another room.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Do you know what this could mean?
    I also wanted to add that when my daughter returned she was very upset and angry over something I had moved in her home – which now I understand that it was wrong for me to have done that. Perhaps the husky spirit was trying to warn me…
    Just thought I’d share this with you.
    Sincerely, Tamera

    1. Hi Tamera: Your Husky spirit was letting you know that the time has come for you to live your own dreams. This can be achieved by going inwards and following the small things that bring passion to your life – that do not involve your children. Letting go is a very difficult thing – but you have many things that you still need to accomplish for yourself and the time is now available for you to explore those avenues. Start by doing one small thing a day that is just for you. See where it takes you.

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