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Trust your ability to make a wise decision. Compromise will be necessary so search for middle ground.
-Black Jaguar

Jaguar Meaning and Messages

In this case, Black Jaguar symbolism has come into your life to remind you that although things are looking fairly dark at the moment, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In other words, this spirit animal insists that you keep moving in the direction you have been heading and trust your instincts. Thus, this is one of those periods in your life where your faith in yourself is crucial. You may not be able to see the result, but it will soon become apparent that you have done what is right for you. In particular, this is one of those life cycles in which our experiences add to our knowledge. The Black Jaguar meaning is reminding you that it is the journey that matters.

Alternatively, the appearance of Black Jaguar symbolism can herald a period of uncertainty in your life. In particular, a feeling of not knowing which direction to turn or which path to take. Rest assured that no matter which route you choose, it will be the right one for you if you follow your heart. Therefore, this is a time of transition for you, so remember to stay grounded. Thus Jaguar meaning advises you to focus on the things that give you joy, love, and happiness. Then your heart can show you which direction is best for you.

Conversely, Black Jaguar symbolism may also be letting you know that perhaps you need to take cover for the moment. Stay low and under the radar. Let all the confusion and drama dissipate itself without your involvement.

Also see Leopard, Lion, and Tiger as these all share a common ancestor.

Jaguar Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Black Jaguar totem tend to be introverted and avoid large crowds and social activities. They are much happier in small groups or one on one situations. This spirit animal totem also avoids aggression. However, they are willing to stand up for themselves as a last resort. Flying under the radar is something these people do exceptionally well.

Additionally, they love to wait until the very last minute to announce themselves. Black Jaguar totem people use this particular stalk and ambush technique regularly. Consequently, more often than not, the people around them had no idea that they were even interested in the prize. Folks with this power animal’s essence are drawn to the dark and enjoy most activities after sunset. Many of them will find jobs that suit this schedule because their mind is most active in the darkness.

Jaguar Dream Interpretation

When you have a Black Jaguar dream, make sure that you pay attention to your surroundings. For example, there may be danger lurking and enemies at work trying to do you harm. Alternatively, this black panther in a dream can be a warning of a severe illness or health challenge that you will have to work through.

A Black Jaguar dream may also signify that you must pay attention to the events currently surrounding you. There is knowledge available.

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  1. I dreamt that I woke up and my husband and son were gone, there were a lot of lights on in the house, and I felt that my husband (who is actually my ex-husband, and son’s father) had gone off with the wife of a friend. As I ran around the house calling my husband’s name I noticed a black panther through the windows, walking around the neighborhood. When it noticed me, it came into my house. I went up stairs, it followed, I went into a room, turned and closed the door just in time before it could follow further. I became fearful that it would tear the door down. Then I woke up. Help please?

  2. I dreamt I was in the rain forest. I heard a ajaguars babies I followed them…there were humans trying ro get me. I stumbled into the Jaguars lair so to speak. I was initially feeling ok this things gonna kill me! Instead she scooped me up with her babies and held me, protected me as if I was her own. Powerful….I haven’t remembered a dream so vividly and lucidly in a long time. Thoughts?

    1. Perhaps this is something that shows you that ironically, those who protect you are those you would initially distrust, and those who are a threat are those you would initially trust. Of course, we can’t make strict generalizations here, but sometimes, if you have a tendency to distrust the best types of people and to trust the worst types of people, maybe you should consider the opposite conclusions to go against your instincts.

  3. I keep having the same nightmare over and over where I’m in my current home and then I will turn around go up a staircase. We dont have stairs in our home. Everytime I get halfway up the stairs the jaguar will appear and I’ll fall down the stairs. My little brother and sister are there too but in the nightmare it’s like only I can see it.

    1. Well, it seems like going up the stairs represents improving in your life, and the jaguar is the part of you that feels like you do not deserve success, happiness, or love in your life. You might have to examine your behavior to see if you try to sabotage your own improvement in life by worsening your situation on purpose so others won’t like you as much or distance themselves from you, you avoid practical opportunities that would benefit you, or you avoid activities that would make you feel better, all because of a shame or guilt that believes you don’t deserve more. Perhaps search the terms “Toxic shame,” or “Toxic guilt,” online as a place to start with around this. Maybe terms like “Fear of success,” “Fear of intimacy,” or “Fear of failure,” might also come to mind.

  4. I had a dream that black Panther is trying to find me and I am escaping from it and at one point I got caught and I decided to fight with it I was in immense anger and with some power I defeated it and made it as my pet..

    It was fully black but it’s eyes we’re burning and it laughed at me when I got caught and when I defeated it and I order it to be my pet and demanded it to what I say its eyes where pleasant with smile and I was happy with dream.. I felt immense happiness after the dream..

    1. This seems to be a sign that your weaknesses can be tamed, and used as a good thing when explored in moderation. Of course, I don’t know your weaknesses, but many weaknesses are just strengths in disguise. Someone overly noisy may simply be sociable. Someone overly quiet may just be reflective. Someone who is considered a know it all or too much of a nerd or geek may just be intelligent. Someone who is bossy may just be a good leader. Someone who is considered overly sensitive may just be empathetic. Someone who is considered weird or strange may just be deeply unique and creative. That is, so many positive characteristics are seen as negative when they’re not, but others are biased to see it in flawed ways either through envy or prejudice.

  5. Rachael Leann Brooks

    Last night I had a dream I was sitting in front of a jaguar. His fur was changing colors like a kaleidoscope. He reached his paw out for me to hold, so I held his paw in my palm. He looked deep into my eyes so confidently with eyes full of love and acceptance. He told me my heart was pure and that he could see my innocent heart is full of compassion and love for humanity. My dream experience with this kaleidoscope Jaguar was so profound and beautiful I woke up feeling so secure with a lot of self-love.

    1. The jaguar understands how to navigate the darkness, and so perhaps this is a sign that you will be guided through the darkness in your life, and that you’re not alone.

  6. I had a dream last night that I moved into a new house and my dogs got out (I have two dingoes) and I had to save them, because a black panther was attacking them (I couldn’t see it).

    Somehow they kept getting back out and I was saving a bunch of neighbourhood dogs plus my cat, from the 2 black panthers. One of the dog’s got hurt too.

    It was such a scary vivid dream, any clues? I really need help!

    1. what helps me is thinking about how I felt in the dream — and where do I feel that way in my walking life? do I want to feel more like that or less like that? and what are the steps I can take to make that happen

      also getting into a meditative state and writing the symbol at a top of a page then letting yourself automatic write just whatever comes through

      the answers are within you

  7. The other night I dreamt of my childhood horse. She was elderly and sick, frail. (she is long since passed away). I have not dreamt of her in a long time. I was holding her by her halter in a small mountain town, when I looked down into the valley below, and saw a black panther running. It ran past a group of children, knocking one down on the way. It was running towards town, where I was standing with my horse. I was afraid it would attack my horse and that she would not make it, so I led my horse into a convenience store to protect her. I thought about trying to ride her home but she was so old and and unwell I didn’t think she would make the two mile ride home, so we stood together in the safety of the convenience store. That was the end of the dream. I am not sure what it meant?

    1. It seems like you’re thinking of threats to your own sense of childhood nostalgia and safety. That you are looking for a place to enjoy some semblance of your own nostalgia in past memories, but feel life threatens to take that away from you. But it’s okay to explore your past memories sometimes. Look for old photo albums, old journals, old sentimental items, and other similar things like that to get your memory going if you need to. Feel free to look back at old memories and not be ashamed for enjoying them, because we all look to the past sometimes for some familiarity and comfort. You can never completely go back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep at least a part of it with you.

  8. once i was a little boy about 7 years old I,m 14 yers old now but when i was 7 i went to a zoo there a black jaguar in it and there wer metal bars with spacings in it so a curious kid way back then i fell in the cage of the black jaguar it was a 3foot fall so i didn’t get hurt and the jaguar had cubs and it treated me like one in the cage and if you ask i wanted to pet the jaguar and no it’s not my parents fault when i fell but i disobed them when they told me to stay back but i didn’t listen

    1. Jaguars are actually shy of humans and will avoid them usually. Though they can be dangerous when provoked. Unlike other big cats, jaguars tend to have this neutral reaction to humans. As long as you don’t go out of your way to cause offense to them and ignore them, usually they won’t mind you, but even then, I wouldn’t want to stay too near one.

  9. Omg. When I try to clear my mind Or think about darkness, a lioness and a black jaguar keep coming back.
    What does this mean? Have I found my totem?
    Pls shed some light. I am immensely confused.

    1. Listen to your intuition. If this is what appears to your gut, even if it doesn’t logically make sense to you, then this is probably your totem. Sometimes, the animal you get in your mind is not what you stereotypically associate with yourself, though perhaps there is a suppressed part of yourself you’re not expressing then.

  10. I had a dream once, I can’t remember when. If I had known about this place, I would have come immediately. I was in a flat place, like the middle of Kansas someplace. It was foggy, but I could see the stars above me. The lighting was also strange, as if there was a bolt of everlasting lightning making it bright enough to see clearly throughout the entire dream. Out of the mist came a Black Jaguar first, a Lion behind me next, then a Cheetah to my left, Snow Leopard to my right, Tiger at 2 o’clock, and some I don’t know, one at a time, all around me. With each new cat, I turned to acknowledge them with a nod, and they nodded back. Each was of a different species, and they all fixed their eyes on mine. Every eye was hazel, like mine.
    When they were satisfied that they were all there, they roared in the turn they came, joining every voice to the harmony of the others. I felt the urge to join, and when I did, Mom woke me up because she said I was screaming in my sleep. I tend to do that a lot.

    1. I get the impression that you feel you have more of the personality of an ordinary domestic cat, rather than a big wild cat, hence you screamed in your dream due to how afraid you are of that bigger cat self inside you. Though even if you might think of yourself as timid, shy, and cowardly, you might find there is a stronger willed part of yourself that you might not notice. That is, maybe ordinarily for most things, you feel no need to be as ferocious, yet there are specific values, specific causes you’re passionate about, or people you want to protect where that instinct would be awakened to you.

  11. Me and my brother were being chased by this beast or a panther and when we got infront of our home I then turned to face it and got low to the ground where it just ended up being friendly and so I loved on it aka pet it for it showed me love. Breakdown please?

    1. Your Self is telling you to stop running from being your true self and to accept and love who you are. ♡

    2. But What If the dream was real? I was in bed and then suddenly i felt like i had to open My eyes and i was scared…
      The Panther was e side My bed SNF looked snart at me anf he was making angra noised AS he wanted to take me.
      I ran to My parents bed room and said «look look» but Before They turned to look i saw him walk slowly back to My room…..

    3. I literally had almost the EXACT same dream last night. I was with 3 of my very good friends on the road off the lane I live on, when suddenly a grey spotless jaguar began to run right at us. My 3 friends ran away and just as I was about to it was too late and the jaguar was right in front of me. My gut reaction was to pet its stomach because this always brought delight to my pets growing up. Instantaneously the Jaguar was calm and exerted a massive amount love towards me, brushing up its sides against me and following me wherever I went. It then took on the same role it did for you, a loving pet. It followed me back to my home and found its own area to rest in. Truly amazing how I was able to find a dream so paralleled to my own from.

    4. You can trust the people you love and are close to you, even if you’re scared of them. If they’ve always trusted you, you can always trust them too.

  12. In my dream I was home looking out my bedroom window and in the reflection saw myself and the black jaguar beside me. It then turned towards me, I got scared then woke up.

    1. This seems to show that there is a side of you that demands faith that you can succeed if you persevere, though the idea of persevering something is so difficult and stressful to your ears, that the thought scares you too much to take seriously. Instead, there may be a denial that you don’t really have to care that much about it or you don’t really need to change things as a way of avoiding having to persevere in something, and to possibly fail.

  13. I’ve had vivid dreams of Black Panthers. Always scary, but never attacking me. It always feels like more of a challenge for me to lay trust that I wont be hurt. Sometimes they’re scarier than other times, but still don’t hurt me. Then I had a great one where I frolicked & climbed trees & had so much fun with one. He often will have steel blue/grey eyes. Once he had fur that was a deep blue collage of the night sky. In that dream, I was in a contemporary building that was a short lighthouse, surrounded by water. Wild cats are often in my dreams. Lions lately, but always a presence of Panther, too

    1. This seems like the idea that you have to trust the stronger part of yourself inside you, even if you think listening to that part of you will mean you have to take risks in life. There might be a sense of intimidation and hesitancy to listen to that part of you, but it’s there to help you. For many, a lot of people worry too much because they think worry is helpful. Worry is there to protect you, to make you avoid harm, or to motivate you away from danger. Though often even if we have beliefs about worry being something we need, rather than something that inhibits us, we forget that the voice in us that tells us to take necessary risks in life is trying to help us, and not harm us. Though often we misinterpret what these two opposing voices are trying to make us do.

  14. I’ve always loved cats, they are my familiar and constant guide. For the first time in my life the Black Panther has appeared to me in a dream. It was stalking, on the prowl, and behind two walls of glass. There were curtains on the glass, but on the opposite side. Though I wanted to close the curtains and hide, I was unable to do so I had to witness what would happen. It cornered and attacked a Tiger… a cat from earlier in my life. I knew instinctively that the tiger would lose and I wanted to close the curtains, but I could not. Then the cat and it’s prey were in the room with me and the Tiger had become a person who spoke to the Panther. “You said that my family wouldn’t see.” (her being killed) The Panther replied, “It is necessary.” I woke with questions in my mind, not fear or terror. When I looked up the Jaguar I was stunned…. The description is me.
    Over the past week I have been visited by a lot of totems in my dreams, and in each one they are deadly, attacking, and cause a bit of panic and fear. For instance, The Black Widow. Spider is also one of my power animals, but I have always seen blurry images of them or indistinct characteristics. In this dream the type was distinct and her power undeniable. In that same dream an Eastern Rattlesnake appeared and attacked a dog. I’ve always had dreams of snakes, a creature that usually gives me the shivers and I try to kill them in my dreams, but this one… Is powerful and strong and acted on instinct.
    I feel empowered and stunned, but REAL.

  15. Meditovala som a videla som víziu veľký krásny lev a prišla k nemu čierna puma a útočila naňho.Hryzla ho do hlavy a uši.chcela som aby prestala a prestala a už bol pokoj.nakoniec meditácie prišla prasa mama….prosila som o šťastie a prassaciu energy.viete vysvetliť moju vision? Dakujem

    Google Translate:
    I meditated and I saw the vision of a beautiful lion and a black puma came to him and attacked him. It hurt him in the head and ears. I wanted him to stop and cease and she was quiet. Conversely, meditation came to my mom … I asked for luck and prassaciu energy.will you explain my vision? Well thank you

  16. I sometimes have dreams about animals and I am able to recall very specific details of my dreams. Almost all of the dreams I’ve had about animals either gave me a warning about something that was going to happen or it symbolized something I was going through. I had a dream last night about a black jaguar but when I woke up all I can remember was one part of it. I was standing on a highway and from a distance I saw a black jaguar on top of a white truck and it was staring at me. At first I was afraid and I wanted to run but I had no where to go. But even though the jaguar scared me I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The jaguar at one point looked like it was about to lunge at me but it didn’t. It just stood there and it’s body was tense and it was staring in my eyes very intensely. I didn’t know if it was staring at me bc it was stalking me or ready to attack or if it was trying to tell me something. And the more it stared at me the more I felt empowered and I was ready to fight it. But that’s all I remember from the dream!

    I also had a very vivid dream a couple of nights ago. (Not involving an animal) I am not sure if they are related! But I wanted to tell you this dream first to see is someone can help interpret it. If you want to hear my dream that I had two nights ago I will share that as well to see if maybe there’s a connection!

    1. The cat is your protective guardian.
      The “white truck”
      White denotes unwellness/trouble –
      Truck: symbolises the enormity of the unwellness.
      The cat is your friend/guardian. Be well, you are safe with your protector.

  17. It’s really weird I had a dream e few weeks ago (if I knew this site then I would have come directly) about a jaguar. In my dream I was in an unknown place, inside what seemed a big mansion, I was apparently the guest of the owners of this house. And even though it seemed like I’ve been welcomed nicely by those people (3 persons if I’m not mistaking all older than me) I was feeling kind of unsafe because they felt like completely stranger to me. The atmosphere of the mansion was also really gloomy and obscure I might say and the fact that everything was made in wood made the sensation worst.
    Suddenly while we were still talking casually and that I didn’t even had the chance to sat down a man called someone who seemed like a maid he looked at me and said “We have a surprise for you” at the same moment the maid opened a door behind the said man and suddenly a jaguar bounced out. At this moment all the people in the room disappeared and I was left alone with the animal. I was obviously petrified since I wasn’t expecting that, then it started chasing me and I no choice to start running away in the house even though I didn’t where I was heading. What is weird is that I some point I realised that the jaguar could definitely run faster (not to say that I was getting tired) than me and it still it never caught me, and I understood that maybe it’s aim wasn’t actually to harm me.
    Sadly I never managed to remember about the end of the dream but I know for sur that the animal did not hurt me.
    Was it trying to warn me or help me escape a dangerous situation?

    1. i just had almost tha same dream you had last night being a guest in a mansion with a black jaguar in it thats what brought me here

    2. It’s so weird isn’t it?
      I just came back today not because I was expecting an answer but because this animal appeared again in my dream last night. And I just checked what it could means and it actually makes so much sense this time that it’s nearly terrifying. I’m indeed in a transition phase in my life where I doubt myself and the choices that I have made but I’m given the opportunity to change them now and I don’t know what to do. Still even though the texts above stated that I should stay grounded and keep going my dream wasn’t clear enough on this point so I have doubts. I feel like I have the answer right before me but I can’t seems to decode it but I actually need it so bad especially since it concerns my workplace.

    3. It sounds as if you could be running from a part of yourself. Perhaps a part that scares you or is a bit darker in nature.

  18. In the beginning of my dream it was announced that there were two black jaguars on the loose so be on the look out. The funny thing was, was that I seemed to be the only one who heard the warning. All of a sudden I was in a room with two celebrities getting ready to go out to the club but they didn’t want me to go with them and an inner voice within myself said “you don’t have to hang with celebrities to get noticed. Everyone is a celebrity in their own right, you just have to be confident! So when you get dressed up be confident in yourself and others will stop and stare. Its all about confidence, everyone is a celebrity in their own right.” This phrase would be said many times throughout my dream with me either telling myself or telling someone else. Then I left and was home with my family. My sister decides to leave to go and get some friends she wanted wanted me to come with her but I decided to stayand wait for my male friend (A guy I’ve been casually dating for four months) I warned her of the two jaguar on the loose.when my friend arrived I asked if he saw the jaguar that were on the loose and he said no. I was afraid to go outside and was always looking around for the jaguar. When I finally decided to go out, I saw them they were chasing someone caught them and killed them they seemed to be stalking the neighborhood I was in which was along some railroad tracks they didnt stray away from those tracks. I wasn’t that far away from home when I saw them attack someone again, and then they attacked my sister some how I knew she was dead. I started to run down the street toward an elementary school where parents were dropping off their children. The jaguars spotted me running and started walking along the tracks. As I made it to the school I warned everyone to get inside because the jaguar were coming. As I closed the door to the school I noticed that me one other adult and about 6 children were in a room with no windows, but I could see where they were on the outside of that little room. One was at the door and the other was on the side. Somehow they were starting to come in this room, everyone in the room was calm except me I was scared. Then I woke up and was lead here. The whole time I saw these two jaguar they were side by side and moved as one in all their actions the only time they separated was around that room. I never heard them growl roar or anything they were completely silent. This is the first time I’ve ever dreamed of these animals. Please any feedback would be much appreciated.

  19. So relieved to find this site! I dreamt for the first time about a black jaguar maybe a year ago and it’s been coming in my dreams lately. The first time i remember I wasnt scared of it. It took my arm by its mouth and walked me across the street. Last night’s dream, it was coming out of the water but sitting there in the night time just staring at me. The night looked majestic.

    1. Cats, like dogs and other animals, have guardianship over us. Pay attention to the surrounding warnings and people in those dreams, you will be surprised by what you learn. You have met your protector, your guardian.

  20. It’s been wonderful to find this out as many years now I’ve always seen cats in dreams but never clicked it until recently. I’ve always ran low but very fast paced and thought I was a cheeter when travelling but recently I had a dream of a black animal and it was looking at me while my daughter was on the bed in ththe dream and I knew it was safe but it would explain the shape shifting as didn’t fully reveal its self. Me and my partner have always felt an big footed animal coming to lye on the bottom of our bed but wouldn’t of guessed it to be a panther! I think now that I know this I will be much more respective but even describes me down to the tee with the behaviour, something recently happened and this person as much as I feel that I should justify for what she done I feel that when the time is right that’s when I will bite to stand my ground but like a panther does. I love the messages it means as I am going through a transitional phase at the moment and it’s very hard to see light at the end of the tunnel but knowing what these messages mean I understand more and will try to focus on more positives. Great article and one to always believe in x

  21. I had a dream a black jag was my pet and i had some trust issues whether the jag would inflict harm towards me but i quickly realised i could trust him and he meant me no harm, it brought nothing but peace and calm to my mind. then a man came to kill me and my jag was the first to leap to my defence and i shot the man dead but he killed my jag going down with a gun. i was crying so hard, woke up feeling like a deep pain. what does this mean?

  22. I had a dream that I was eaten by a jaguar, I was scared previous to that then I surrendered and while in her mouth i felt very comfortable and loved.Then I became the jaguar myself.

  23. Last night I had a dream that we had a black panther as a pet. At first I was somewhat afraid of the panther but when looking at it I felt loved and protected. The panther showed some dominance over our dog but would release on command. It was not to hurt but to show it was in charge. The panther was also able to communicate in words with me. Not speak but telepathically I could talk to it. At one point, I let it outside and it jumped on the fence to follow a bird. I was afraid it would run away and be harmed but it came back inside when I called it. It was hungry and I fed it then woke up.

    1. Susan, the black panther is your own inner female self-survival skills. It is your protector just like people own a dog to protect their household.

  24. I had dream and the feelings have stayed with me. I came across a black panther and at first I felt frightened but then I looked into his eyes and felt so much love and that he was part of my soul. The connection was so strong and then the panther was a man but he died and i was beside myself, it felt like part of me was gone.

  25. Hi,
    I had a dream that I found a trapped jaguar underground in a tunnel. I opened the barrier and set out some food for it. Later in my dream the jaguar came to me as a friendly cat. Pressing its head onto my body in a loving manner. I hope this is a good thing.

    1. Sarah, the jaguar is yourself. The underground and tunnel represent the huge expanse (subconscious) below your conscious mind. You walled off this portion of your self for unknown reasons. Now you are getting in touch with these attributes within yourself. Look at the tags under this highly skilled animal. Beautiful.

  26. I had a dream that my brothers ran away from me. Then , as I was looking for them , I came across a large Jaguar. I was kind of scared so I walk a few steps to my side and saw a large lion . Both lion and Jaguar came together and seemed calm with each other’s presence. I’m not sure what this means but hopefully someone can help me understand it.

    1. Your brothers ran away but something more powerful, secure and protective just came into your life. The Power Animals of the Black Jaguar and Lion. These big cat power animals are an awesome combination. Imagine that you already possess the power, strengths and characteristics of these two top predators. You are controlled strength and will power. You have personal charisma. You have the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others. And these are a few of the traits and skills you are getting from the Black Panther. There is no need to fear the future now! Be your Totems. They came for you!

  27. Amazing how my intuition has me look these spirit animals meaning just at the exact time they are needed. In other words, they always apply to my current situation.

    1. You inner guidance is showing you the way to your true personality and personal power. Once you step into the power of the Nine (your nine power totem animals) you will know what true power feels like. How you use your power is up to you. Will you use it for your benefit and the benefit of others, or will you misuse it and create more karma for yourself to work off next time. Choose wisely, my friend.

  28. OMG so I just stumbled onto this website. I closed my eyes and did everything like it said on the previous page that brings you to your animal AND I envisioned a big cat in my mind! It wasn’t a black jaguar but still, how crazy is that.

    1. Not crazy at all. You just told us that you are clairvoyant. You have a natural gift for it. Don’t discount it, but praise yourself. Develope it. It is a great gift that can be of great benefit to you and other people as well. You can do much good with that gift.

  29. sumeiya limbada

    hi all, so i had this dream of being on some sort of open grassy area which were abundant with cats, the domestic sort, amongst which were a number of my pets who had passed on. there was also the distinct presence of two immense and beautiful black jaguars. i was not scared but rather wary of their presence and was more traumatized at what they might do to my beloved pets rather than myself. i remember even picking up my a couple of my babies and reassuring them. they wouldn’t settle though and it bothered me. also saw my mom whom i argued with and my dad whom i ignored, all this being completely out of character for me. somewhere in all this i received the news that my ex husband, with whom i get along very well, had been killed. this also added to my sorrow. i somehow knew though that it was a lie about him dying. all the while the two panthers were there, sort of by my side but not quite. i felt like they had either come to fetch me or guard me but never to harm me. i have recently been very awfully betrayed by a friend whom i loved as a sister. might the dream be connected to the hurt i feel at what has happened? i do no longer feel like i can or should trust her. it is bugging me way more than i initially thought. thank you kindly

    1. What a fantastic dream and I’m so amazed that you could remember so much because it says so much about you and what you’re going through right now. You are right, the black panthers are there to protect you and guard your inner child. It is your inner child that is hurting. In all the instances that you mentioned, it is the inner child that is wounded. The black panthers are there to help you heal her. To have two show up though is amazing. This tells me that it was probably a male and a female. This is so beautiful because the message is that to heal your inner child you must reparent both the mother and father. I’ve done this and it is so fantastic. It works best if you can choose “one” instance with each parent, one at a time, that had ill, long lasting effect on you. Then you replay the scene in your mind but instead of repeating what mommy or daddy dearest said to you, you say what you wanted and needed to hear at the time to give you the love, support, nurturing that you so much deserved to have, in order to give you a sense of security. Do this over and over and over again with each and new episodes every time. Good luck. It’s not that much work to do. Do one everyday and heal the inner wounds. Heal the inner child and you heal you. The inner child is where your creativity and joy of life rest. Love you, love your inner child back to health and strength. Love little SUMEIYA.

  30. I made myself jump yesterday 😂
    I was sorting out stuff in the bathroom & out of the corner of my eye I saw a black panther, when I looked again it was a black pair of trousers underneath the sink pmsl 😂❤💡xxx
    Just read what it said about a black panther & I can relate to what it says 😊

    1. Yes, the black panther is stalking you. That’s one of its best characteristics. It’s telling you that you have this ability as well. You may be the person you holds back in the shadows until the right moment then pounces at what you want. But you must learn how to control it too so you don’t startle people too much. Everyone’s a little jumpy right now. But the panther is inviting you to step into its power. I wouldn’t hesitate if I were you.

  31. This encounter was unick in that apoun aeakenning one morning on the edge of the wassamasaw swomp of South Carolina, I awoke to the sight of a black panther laying on the hood of my red caravan. At first I thought I was seeing things. Went to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. Took a look out side and it was still there, swishing it tail. It stayed there for about 15 minutes. Then the beautifull black panther walked like a goat into the swoop. It was aesome.

    1. Praise be that there are still black panthers in this country. Thank you for that report. And praise be to you who can live so close to nature that a black panther would come to visit you. My.

  32. On 11 November, at 5:00 am, an armistice with Germany was signed in a railroad carriage at Compiègne. At 11 am on 11 November 1918—”the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”—a ceasefire came into effect

  33. The panther has always czlled to me, even before I knew what she all meant. One night in a dream, she told me her name, Meesha. She is always with me, never leaves, and guides me. ❓

  34. I also had a dream of a black panther. I was in a forest and for some reason I was looking at a lion and telling myself that it had to kill the black panther, which the lion finally did. The section on “paying attention to my surroundings” clearly makes sense, as in the dream I could see the black panther and was asking myself over and over where was the lion since I considered the panther a threat. On waking up, I felt quite sorry for the panther as in the past it’s come to me as a totem so not too sure what to make of this dream.

    1. Lion is the roar, being vocal, the black “panther” is a silent and loner. Maybe you would like to be more social and cooperate with the group? One knows how to explore alone and likes other company but in the end prefer itself. The lion needs social attention and cooperation to eat and live. So maybe your subconscious is nudging you to be more social? Maybe you are divided between both.

    2. It could be that you were seeing the death of an old totem and the rise of a new one. Perhaps black panther’s work with you is over and you’re aspiring towards a new totem, the Lion. It’s time to be the Lion. Let it roar.

  35. In a dream recently I was in a semi cartoon and anime looking landscape where I was looking for a parakeet (don’t ask, I don’t know) and I went into one room that I have my algebra class in. I got up onto a desk to see into a large storage area above the ceiling to see a machine of some sorts crash out to my left that nobody noticed, then the version of Cyborg from the original Teen Titans when he had a virus making his body red dropped a box spring on me and nobody noticed still. The scene zoomed out, away from my body, and I saw myself being crushed by the box spring until that version of Robin threw it off and flew out the window to do whatever. When I got up I looked to my side and saw a big black shape with red eyes staring at me before starting towards me very quickly, then I woke up. Any suggestions for this? I think the black creature at the end was this animal, so I’m very confused on it.

    1. Seems like a lot of shadow imagry, meaning the shadow shows us the BIG lessons of life we are here to learn (never easy ones; there will be nashing of teeth). It was interesting that it started with a bird (a wing’d one-parakeet) and ended with a wing’d one-a robin. That is significant because they represent the air element, spirit element, higher consciousness, etc. You are in search of your spiritual self and your spiritual self will rescue you and save you. In the mean time you feel like a no-body that views the world as a being controlled by mechanisms instead of by MIND (a central mind, a loving spiritual energy). You are threatened by this mechanism (the Cyborg) and it is killing you. The only thing that can save you is your personal recognition that you are a spiritual being (the robin), you are an eternal divine being, that everything God is you are too and of course that Mother Earth is a spiritual being as well. The black shape is your shadow. Do not fear it. It is your greatest teacher. Learn well my friend.

  36. So I am writing a book with a focal point being people who are strongly connected to their spirit animals and from those connections gain supernatural abilities. The panther/black jaguar is one of those spirits focused on in my book, but iam having trouble thinking of powers to give to this particular spirit. IF anyone sees this, could you please take a moment to reply to this comment with a list of up to 3 powers that you think would be best suited for someone whose spirit animal is the black jaguar/panther? Thank you!

    1. I’ve done some research on this and apparently generally the black panther’s powers are shapeshifting, clairaudience and claircognizance, among other very powerful traits

    2. It d have super sight, super hearing even of the thoughts, and the ability to heal and ease people minds

    3. You’ve probably got all you need but the black panther is my power animal in the South direction. It seems to hold back more than other totems waiting in the shadows for me to call it. These are some of the personality traits that I have become because I have embraced the black panther as my power totem animal spirit guide.
      • I am able to sense the feelings, energies and intent of other individuals
      • I am fearless of the unknown
      • I have the ability to track the unfamiliar territory found on the journey of self-discovery
      • I can embrace the unknown and flow with the mystery that is unfolding in my life.
      • I am the one who leaps empty handed into the void with implicit trust going deeper into my own self-discovery and healing process.
      Love to read your book sometime. Good luck!

  37. Hello… I have recently had a dream where I was living with my fiance and our child in what looked like an apartment/house and from what seemed like nowhere, a black panther walked into view. On our patio, which was gated, laid my fiancé, sleeping. And so, the panther walked over to her and laid down on the other side of the gate, mirroring her position. I was freaking out, and this panther placed a paw up on the gate and pushed it into the ground, where I had proceeded to jump on it because I was afraid that it was not only going to get my fiancé, but my baby son as well, who was sleeping on his crib down the hall. I fought this panther and no matter how much strength I had to keeping it back, it fought me all the way to my son’s room. I grew angrier and more scared, as did the panther. I don’t know what to make of this dream, though it is still rather emotional for me to replay in my head.

    1. Thanks for sharing your dream! I had a dream that might offer another perspective. In it there were two panthers in front of my home – one was tawny and I was not afraid of it. One was black and I was so afraid of it, ashamed even, that I tried not to let it see me, though it was looking at me, and I went into the grocery store next door instead. I felt the tawny one was masculine energy, and the black one feminine energy, and that I was avoiding my own feminine energy at the time – it is 11:11 pm by the way as i write this 🙂 When I read YOUR dream, and apply this perspective…is there a feminine energy that is scaring you wtih regard to your son and fiancee? Maybe it is a part of you that you are fighting. Why were you scared of the panther? Was it really dangerous? It doesn’t have to be, just because it’s a panther. Just like sometimes snakes can be harmful and sometimes healing. Sometimes we can be terrified in dreams, but it is because it represents a part of us that we don’t have to be scared of, but just to embrace or come to understand. Some things to ponder…. 🙂 Best wishes. Rachel.

    2. Beautiful response! I also had a dream about a black panther/jaguar. I was afraid of it even though it wasn’t doing anything to me. I’ve had random dreams of: a lion, a fawn/deer, snake biting me, a spider, a pack of dogs, and a dancing/friendly bull. I believe paying attention to the animal and symbolism it represents is a quality you possess or need to strengthen and that these are actually different versions of you showing up that have to be integrated as one whole. We are all one. Love and peace.

    3. Douglass Williams

      Enjoyed reading your response regarding black jaguars. I’ve dreamt of a black leopard on two occasions. The second time, it was my friend,
      and spoke to me. You mentioned 11:11. I’m interested in what you may know about this number. I’ve been studying it for many years.


    4. Once again, your fear is your greatest messenger. Why do you fear the black panther. The black panther is who you are! To have a panther fight you like that is a great honor. It shows you how far the panther will go to get your attention. You fear because you have no personal power and until you step into your own power you will be unhappy and your child will grow up afraid as well also without personal power. You must embrace the black panther as your teacher, your mentor. These are some of the lessons the panther is here to teach you.
      • Reclaiming your Power
      • Healing the Inner Child
      • Understanding death
      • Acknowledging your own Power
      Apparently this is a really critical time for you to use your panther medicine otherwise the panther would not fight you, he/she would only stalk you.
      Be not afraid of your own power. Learn to use it wisely through discipline. Let die the things that take your power away from you and step into the power of your totem animals.

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