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Shark Meaning and Messages

In general, Shark symbolism is a reminder to you that opportunities in life are abundant. However, you must move forward to create those opportunities. Thus, by exploring the world around you and the emotions within yourself, you will be shown new ways.  Like the Eagle, you will also have abundant opportunities. In other words, the Shark meaning is letting you know that the universe can be so much more significant. All you have to do is stop waiting. This spirit animal insists that you do something. Moreover, do anything to stir up the energy and create motion within yourself.

Alternatively, Shark symbolism can also mean that you have to stop dwelling on your weaknesses. Look at them from a different perspective so that you can find strength in them. Everything that you perceive as weak has its strong point with the Universes’ perfect balance. Thus the Shark meaning is a reminder that you can turn any weakness into one of your strengths.

Occasionally, Shark symbolism arrives in your life to give you a kickstart. They are reminding you that when things are getting complicated, the tough get going. You can handle even the most severe problems and threats.

Shark Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Shark totem are extremely driven and perpetually moving forward. They meet life full-on and prefer to experience everything with undeniable exuberance. Folks with this spirit animal are usually in a constant state of renewal. Thus they often find a fast-moving career that includes lots of travel and is highly predatory. Additionally, like the Arabian Horse and the Dachshund, they love challenges and actively seek them out.

Shark totem people have a unique vision of the world and virtually no concept of death. They are fearless in their choices and are often remorseless in the pursuit of their goals. Consequently, folks with this power animal are often unpredictable. They are also continuously on the go in a frenzy of productivity.

Shark Dream Interpretation

When you have a Shark dream, it can be symbolic of your feelings of anger, hostility, and ferocity. In other words, you are undergoing a long and challenging emotional period. Thus, you may be a psychological threat to yourself and others. Most likely, you are struggling with your individuality and independence concerning your relationships.

Alternatively, a Shark dream can represent someone in your life who is greedy and corrupt. In particular, it indicates that there is someone in your life who goes after whatever he or she wants. Consequently, they also do this without regard for the well being and sensitivity to others. Be aware that this person could also be you.

Similar to a Beagle dream, if this fish is circling something over and over, it indicates that you have an opportunity that you need to exploit. When you see a lot of these creatures circling in a vision, it represents the fact that you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. In other words, you need to allow yourself to experience them before they explode irrationally and instinctively.

22 thoughts on “Shark”

  1. The beggining of my dream was birds eye view over a swarm of sharks and people

    I do relate to the anger and frustration in an emotional period in my relationship but it felt less like I was the one attacked more like I was watching from a far

  2. I’ve never really had a connection with Sharks, but I’ve always held them in a fearful regard for their unpredictable and predatory nature. That and I seem to be Earth and Fire attuned, so dealing with water has always been something that would cause me great anxiety despite no trauma with it. A Couple of years back I had a dream where I had been swimming in peaceful, sunny shallows of maybe 15′-20′, with some sparse patches of greenery beneath me. I swam beneath the surface for the entire dream. And while it looked as if I was in shallows near a shore, I would always look out and see a drop into the dark blue depths along a shallow slope despite swimming in circles. I kept swimming to my right, circling with an immense Great white shark opposite me. We watched each other and I felt as if I needed to keep outpacing this nearly twenty-foot creature. Behind it in the distance was always the blue-black deeps. I was fearful, and awoke from the dream with a gasp. It haunts me on some nights, though the dream has not recurred. Then again, mayhaps it did and I did not recall it as I do not normally dream.

    1. Perhaps as water represents emotion, and the shark represents the predatory instincts of the sea, this might represent a deeper ambition that you are suppressing due to the belief it is selfish. Remember that you do not always take away from others when you focus on your own emotional needs and desires. It is entirely possible to chase after ambitions in an ethical way without having to put others down around you. It might also mean you are suppressing an emotional gut feeling that you have to stand up to someone or a group that is harming you in an unfair way.

  3. I’ve had this dream 2 or 3 times now. A school of sharks circling me. Seems like when I’m worried about something I will have this dream. As terrified of the fact I am about sharks, I wasn’t afraid of them. They seemed to be protecting me. I was more afraid of leaving the circle than I was them encircling me

    1. EspionageCookie

      I get the sense this might mean that you are being protected by a close community, family or close friendships of some kind, that are emotionally strong and brave when it comes to protecting you. Do not be afraid to ask for help and to learn on their services.

  4. Had this intense dream-state experience on the morning of 12/23/2019, couple of days after the winter solstice and a couple of days before the last solar eclipse of the decade.

    I was in what I thought to be an er type setting (the older kind with curtains between beds, at best). I was aware of a number of other women and a male doctor. He proposed doing a procedure on me which I have no clear memory of his explanation although I agreed. I do remember that I was one of few people (women?) who this procedure was appropriate for. My awareness prior to the procedure was essentially that he would place “something” in my body temporarily that would break-up patterns, frequencies etc. that would then be cleared. It didn’t really feel they wanted to do it for my personal well-being.

    As the doctor started, he presented what appeared to be a 5 ft shark. Didn’t see a dorsal fin, but the mouth and teeth were pure white rows of very sharp teeth. I knew that when it was withdrawn the teeth would remain until I expelled them naturally. Well, my body consciousness and ego reacted to the prospect of taking in this huge shark. [The Dr. reprimanded me for panicking, that I had promised to stay calm….]

    After 20 minutes I sort of birthed the shark and I saw it no longer had any teeth. I had a strong sense that this process was not for me personally as much as relating to what some global event that was happening at that “time.”

    Two days after this shamanic experience I was at our family Christmas gathering and stunned myself and several others by intercepting an interaction between parent and child. My protection instinct came in fiercely. I could see and feel that this 13 yo was desperately trying to feel heard and was getting increasingly distressed.

    This is not something I have ever done before and it was totally instinctive. These two experiences are totally connected.

  5. Have sharks dream for the first time. The hammerhead shark was in a surgery operation room to give a birth to baby shark, there’s a male and female surgeon to perform it. The hammerhead shark had gave birth to not a hammerhead type specie. I was holding it right fin (like holding a person right hand), as soon as it give birth, it die, but the baby shark live, I was crying and heartbreaking in my dream. In meanwhile, in real life I can felt my heart hurt a little, and the hammerhead shark keep similing at me and fading away before I’m completely awake from dream.

  6. I’ve had several dreams about a great white shark named Tiburon which is Taino for Shark. In these dreams, he was never attacking me he was always leading towards something or following me. One time I thought I wa as just dream from his point of view but I was actually Tiburon myself. I was swimming through an abyss of my memories and I ended up swimming through a broken window of A giant ship under water and the next thing I know I was in my room but still dreaming and I had shapeshifted back into myself covered in sea water. Then I heard a loud wake up coming from outside the window, it was Tiburon. I told him I was awake and he said no, wake up and see the changes happening around you. The world is changing, and even if it’s in the slightest you must change with it. Never go back to things in the past always go forth to the future, then I just woke up

  7. i dreamed that they were 5 of us on a speed boat eventually the speed boat need to balnace because of the boat speedity! one of the person im with was trying to unblance the boat then he speed up the boat that it cause the boat flipped up and he knows that it full pf shark under! i didnt know it was full of shark or i were on a tank full of shark! .. i was panicking! and trying to reach the nearest pool stair! .. when i saw the shark passed by me i was like loosing my air and keep reaching the pool stair! i woke up i reach the stair! i was so scared!

  8. Last night I dreamed I was swimming in shallow water with a shark. The shark was non-threatening and swam alongside me.

    1. Like 2 or 3 nights ago, I dreamt of being a shark. It was also in shallow waters and there was people around. It felt really fun swiming very fast, I was comfortable. Didn’t feel threatening at all!

    2. My dream was similar but started with an attack upon my body I awoke with spasms in my back quickly fell back to sleep and the shark became friend no longer threat and yet I tried to bite the skin and it was impenetrable

  9. Dante B. Moscare

    I ve had a weird dream about Nanue ..which who i believe it was.the shapeshifting i was swimming in this end part of a beach where there was a cave and the moment i dive in the 3rd time i go all the way to the bottom with a deep breath it felt like i could hold my breath for 20 to 30 mins ….(its a dream lol) anyways im on the bottom of the ocean i see this coral reef blowing out air bubbles i realize its fresh air!!! So i stay longer down there and all of a sudden i look up theres this shark ..huge one too someone dives and gets torn petrifed i dont want the shark to see me so i stay hidden the whole night i stayed under the shark senses me i go deep into the cave where it couldnt reach .it tries itd hardest to get me.
    I turn around and i see all thesr coral reef blowing a lifetime of fresh air..a year i think pass(remember its still a dream)that damn shark ferociously always tried
    S to catch me slippin.i tend to realize now i dont need the air from the coral reefs underwater becomes of a world without holdibg my breath ,i can breath underwater its amazing . that day the ocean is this wierd world of fish people and i see that shark he has long black hair with its nasty razor sharp teeth i. See him he sees me i get out of my spot we go toetotoe im suprised he hasent turn to a shark yet he vigorously slash bite at each other .then i wake up lol this was my dream tho. Hope people sees this!!!!

  10. Sharks have always been in my field of awareness. As a child I was desperately afraid of them, even when I was in a plastic outdoor tub pool. Can you imagine that? Well things have changed and the challenge which I think is well spoken of by most of others’ replies has caught me and I feel strengthened in my ability to discern danger in its many levels and subtleties. However, though the shark is seemingly so aggressive I too think that is a wake up call — I do not find myself being more aggressive but certainly more assertive for sure. And also, stronger in my determination. That is an attribute not mentioned much. Sharks are ancient creatures and have a mode of being that is definitely awake in a primal way. They are wanderers I think, protectors in one’s mind, teach one about people turning on you and how to protect oneself from that, and for me a great inspiration. I hope that this is helpful for someone out there.

    1. I also want to say to pay attention to the workaholic nature of sharks; it is hard to work with because that is our nature but in fact we have to be careful to find some balance. Otherwise, we tend to burn out and also become bitter in a strange way.

  11. Some sharks live to be 400 years old. They are predominantly cartilagenous. This is the most regenerative animal. They routinely lose their teeth, just to make room for fresh ones. Always FORWARD! Lose some skin and blood on the way, shucks, just make more! A shark came to me to tell me the secret of hyperextended longevity…it said “eat ALL of me, I would do the same to you.”

  12. Reasons given to explain the symbolic meaning of the shark in dreams, seem quite logical. Perhaps a few of the many dreams I’ve had with the creature can be so categorized.
    However ; I’d like to share insights allowed by shark medicine if you will, that I alone seem to decipher from my own interactive dreams that include the shark.
    Certainly emotional waters, no other dream has ever provided instant intense and heightened awareness as those I’ve had with a shark visit. My sharks were next to me above me below me somewhere very near but threatening was only inferred, that primal knowing of danger . It wasn’t my companion, it wasn’t my enemy. It did get my attention.
    I have accepted shark medicine as a symbol used by those who love me and are frustrated to communicate, so they get my attention , asking me , do I want to sink or swim sometimes, to remind me where I come from, that I am loved. That I am my own worst enemy and possibly acting foolhardy, and many were servings of humble pie, as well as challenges, not to be too big in my swimsuit, I’m too passive and need to take action, To swim or be eaten. Metaphorically speaking. Also, the shark asked directly as a gentleman drinking a martini with the minute you walked in the joint playing in the background, a very vivid dream , fascinating detail. If I wanted to join, was I ready?
    Perhaps my view of growing up or how I perceived what it took to be one. Lol. Shark medicine asks you to pay attention and to take action. Perhaps any creature that surfaces in dreams that creates stress or anxiety, is that person’s clan saying hey man, listen up! Watch out or what the heck are you doing? If the shark shadows your waters , I suggest a long reflection about whatever it is so important, your attention has to be yanked by surfacing the shark.
    I am in no way educated or qualified, just sharing my primal knowing, thank you for sharing yours.

  13. Winged Starseed

    whoa, this is accurate 😀
    in my dream, i was with a group of people who i’d considered my family (though i knew none of them), we were all animals, on a small island with lots of water, we went in hte water to hunt but there was a shark, one of them took their baby (who was a puffin, tried to look for that on your site but didn’t see anything) closer, so they wouldn’t get eaten, we were all trying to protect ourselves…
    i’ll also look for polar bear, cause one of the people in said group was one 😀
    over the past few days, i’ve had to get too close for comfort with my family, they’re all like ”awww babies!!” (cause i have a baby niece), but they just see her as a toy. they made her cry just to see what would happen and they all laughed.
    So, as you can guess, i’ve been getting angry a LOT. i don’t know well how to handle my anger, so i imagine attacking them, i can’t attack them, i end up attacking myself, mentally or otherwise…though i always get hurt when i am this angry.
    i STRONGLY do not want to have anything to do with my family anymore, and that’ll be easy, just show who i am and they won’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, what”s holding me back is fear an instincts. i pretend to fit in, every time i’m around them, though i REALLY REALLY don’t want to, when i try not to, i can’t find myself, i don’t know what I would act like or what I would say…
    …well, simply saying, this is accurate, thank you very much!! xD;;

  14. I first saw a great white while meditating when I was 11. I kept seeing them as I got older. They weren’t always great whites, but rarely were they hammerhead or blacktips. When I was 17 stress finally actually caught up to me and my life seemed to halt, I even stopped meditating. I went back to it to try and refresh myself and I saw the shark again. This time it bit me and I immediately opened my eyes. I didn’t feel scared, hurt, or anything like that but I felt disappointed with myself.

  15. I’ve had recurring dreams about alligators and sharks for just about as long as I can remember. I always wondered what these dreams meant.

  16. I have a very intuitive 3 year old nephew name Rune who had nightmares about alligators for a while we went to the store together and he picked out a toy one i bought it for him and he slept with it and the nightmares went away but just recently he started up with sharks instead. Reading this makes a lot of sense espeicaly since he is going through some emotional struggles missing his dad who happends to be very selfish.

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