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Take note of what is happening around you right now. The clues are all there. You are being shown what you need to see.

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Cat Meaning and Messages

In general, Cat symbolism is all about communication. Their messages generally embrace your ability to communicate with those around you or with the spirit and astral realms. The mystery of the feline and its secretive ways has always been intriguing. Many people believe that these slinky creatures are in constant communication with the spirit world. Thus, they are a bridge between the realm of the unseen and the seen. When the Cat’s meaning comes into your life, someone or something is trying to tell you something. Therefore, you must listen carefully and trust your intuition.

Alternatively, the feline can also be letting you know that you have the power and magic to create anything you want out of your life right now. All you need to do is believe in yourself. Also, it would be best if you trusted that you have all the tools and skills necessary to accomplish what you desire in life. In other words, don’t hesitate! The time to focus on your dreams is now!


When the Angora Cat symbolism shows up, it is a reminder to enjoy the luxury of your surroundings. In other words, appreciate the more beautiful things in life and celebrate the senses.


If the feline that crosses your path is a Tomcat, it may be that you are overindulging yourself. Therefore, it would be prudent for you to step back and reassess your current choices. There may be unseen consequences.

Alley Cat

Conversely, the Alley Cat symbolism represents self-sufficiency. In a word, the message is that you have the inner resources to get ahead under your own steam. In other words, there is no need to rely on others.


The appearance of the Siamese Cat symbolism in your life reminds you that you need to engage with others. To put it differently, standing on the sidelines and watching the world go by does not serve you at this time. Get out there, be active, and participate in life.


The Persian Cat’s meaning is a bit different. This feline signifies the need to spend some time caring for yourself. In other words, take time out of your busy life and focus on yourself.


When a calico crosses your path, it symbolizes that a windfall of abundance and unexpected prosperity is now coming your way. This feline can also indicate a successful project, a new business venture, or a new job offer.


The Bengal Cat meaning reminds us that things are not always what they seem and that what you see is not what you get. In other words, you understand things correctly. However, there is no reason to fear what you are seeing. Furthermore, gentleness and affection are found even in the most ferocious of beings. The Bengal is a cross between the domestic feline and the Asian Leopard.


Although a relatively new breed, the Sphynx has become popular over the last few years. This hairless feline is a reminder of our youthful spirit and body. This pet understands that to stay young, we must be young. Therefore, with that in mind, get out there and have fun. In other words, sing, dance, explore, and above all, be creative.


When a Kitten comes across your path, it is a simple reminder to smile more. Smiling is not only good for you, but it is also contagious. Grinning is also a way of giving to those around you, and the more you give, the more you also receive.

Totem, Spirit Animal

In general, people with this power animal are always extraordinarily psychic and creative people. Often they are independent, unpredictable, and more often than not highly astute in all situations. There is invariably a sense of mystery that surrounds folks with this spirit animal. They are also highly selective in choosing their friends and will rarely cave to peer pressure. Cat totem people determine their way in life but have to be careful not to become too reclusive. Folks with this power animal should also study the Mouse.

Sphynx Cat Totem

If this particular feline is your Cat totem, then there are noticeable differences in the characteristics of these people. Folks with this power animal are very outgoing and enjoy meeting and greeting new people. They are laugh out loud, gregarious, and love to be the center of attention. However, people with this spirit animal also need companionship and don’t do well on their own.

Angora Cat Totem

People with this particular Cat totem are very similar to the Sphynx totem essence, with minor differences. Folks with this totem prefer to be in a leadership role and often act as hosts at any gathering, even if it is not their own. This particular pet almost behaves more like a Dog than a feline.

Bengal Cat Totem

Folks with the Bengal Cat totem can be a little wild in nature. They have a secret longing for adventure, even though they portray a very mundane day-to-day existence. People with this Cat totem will also struggle with their communication skills. These struggles are a direct result of their battle with the Wildcat within. Folks with this power animal should also study the Leopard.

Dream Interpretation

In general, a Cat dream highlights your feminine sexuality, independent spirit, creativity, and power. It is essential to note what this animal is doing and perhaps find ways to emulate what it is trying to show you about yourself. If you fear the feline, it is, in essence, the fear of your power. When you have a kitten in your Cat dream, it signifies the need for you to get in touch with your inner child and allow them time for playfulness.

Black Cat Dream

When you have a black Cat dream, it is symbolic of magic and the use of gratitude and thankfulness for increasing your abundance. Black felines are also about trusting your journey and believing in yourself. They are a guide between the physical and the spiritual. If your black kitty has a white chest and white feet in your vision, it indicates a formal introduction coming your way. This introduction could be to something new, to receive an award, or to someone new.

Orange Cat Meaning

An orange Cat dream symbolizes the arrival of a new passion in life. In detail, this can be in the form of a new hobby, sport, or even a new lover. Moreover, it can also be a renewed passion for your partner.


To dream of a golden leopard-colored feline indicates that you need to nurture your inner adventurist. In other words, you need to find a way to shake yourself out of the complacency of your safe existence. It is time for some excitement in your life.

Dark Brown Cat Symbolism

When you have a dark brown Cat dream, it indicates that you need to stay well-grounded for the next few days. For instance, this will be especially true when you are communicating with difficult people in your life.


A pure white feline is an indication that you will be receiving a message from Spirit. Therefore, you must pay close attention to your dream because the white feline emphasizes its directive and makes it clear to you that you need to pay attention to what is happening in your vision.

Calico Cat Meaning

To have calico or tricolored Cat symbolism in your dream is a message about a change of scenery. It means that your day-to-day routine will now change with the addition of some new projects and new friends. This change will also be unexpected.

Smoky Grey

If you have a smoky grey Cat dream, it is a message that you are on the right track with any changes you are incorporating into your life. The feline is there to reaffirm that you have made the correct decisions.

Tabby Cat Symbolism

The Cat’s meaning of a tabby grey feline in your dream is a message about direction. Therefore, you must also analyze the rest of your vision. In other words, there are choices that you have to make, and the tabby is pointing you to the right one.


In this case, the Cat symbolism of a lavender or violet feline in your dream is a message for you to step back a little bit. You have been overthinking things when the solutions are more fundamental.

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  1. I often have a dream where for some reason something happened and I am unable to go home , and left suddenly and unprepared. My two cats are usually with me , but not contained , and in each dream I am worried about where they are and if they’re safe. They are usually wherever I am, but not always by my side . Often , we are in a strange home (but think abandoned , dark) and there are often other strange cats there , and I worry about the safety of my cats . Last nite was the first time in the dream I realized I also had been unable to feed them .


  2. I had a dream that I woke up and My Godfather’s cats were in My room. I saw the black one first (Kitty), she’s the loving one. When I picked her up and put her out of the room, I noticed the other cats (Left eye & Meanie), and that the window was open. When I reached for Meanie, Kitty came back in through the window. I figured getting them out was hopeless and I woke up. When I came out of the room, kitty greeted Me with a little more affection than usual, and the other 2 just came and sat nearby like they were waiting

  3. I had the strangest dream, I currently have 2 dogs, I’ve had my dogs for a few years but in the past I have always been a cat owner and always black cats. It has been at least 9 years since my last pet cat has passed. So in this dream I am in a place, a living room in someone’s house. I don’t seem to know these people and I’m trying to get myself comfortable. I’m sitting at the end of their couch & we are all having a conversation, I’m starting to relax when all of a sudden the owner’s black cat enters the room (the owner is a girl but I do not know her) she quickly states ” ohh know how did the cat get in here”?? Again she states, “just try not to pet the cat, it can be a little feisty & may scratch or bite”!! With this the cat jumps up on me, then goes to the arm of the couch so now its head is even with my face, the cat then starts to rub his cheek & whiskers against the side of my face purring like crazy & at the same time it has its front legs & paws rite at the top of my right breast doing the kneading thing they do. This goes on for a little bit & the cat is purring & rubbing & kneading like crazy. The owner then said “ohh my the cat has never done that before, people can’t get near it except us”??!! Then the cat jumps down into my lap & does this weird circular motion and the cat still ony lap facing me hangs its butt off my lap & poops all over & down my right leg, omy jeans are covered in cat poop. The cat jumps down & goes wherever, the people in the room are shocked & kinda laughing a little, and it stinks I can smell it. I attempt to try to clean the clumps of poop that are stuck to my pant leg off, but it seems with all my effort & all my complaining I can’t get the poop off. Believe me I tried to clean up but every time I was about to something else grabbed my attention & I would forget for the moment, then the smell would hit me & I would realize ohh yha, gotta clean the cat poop off my leg. I eventually wake up never getting a chance to fix up my pant leg of cat poop. I don’t know, what’s your opinion?

    1. EspionageCookie

      As strange as it is, don’t underestimate how much information you can find on strange dreams because the nature of dreams make almost all dreams very strange. You’d be surprised how common some very weird dreams are, because dreams are just weird like that.

      Anyway, when I searched on dreams about poop, as juvenile as that sounds, I found information on animal poop in your dream. Now you see, poop in general as a dream means financial benefits and financial success. I know that sounds weird, but its like how poop was seen as a great fertilizer to make plants grow throughout history, and growing a seed is also a popular metaphor on growing a career of some kind. Cat poop, as said online, means that you need to hide and defend your spending, which possibly means that you need to save as much as possible for whatever you’re planning to do.

  4. I dreamt this morning of a black kitten dead. I woke up slightly and went back into the dream to try to do CPR to help it. It reached out a paw to me. I don’t know if it still ended up dying or not.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the ending being ambiguous or unknown as to what happened to the black cat is the meaning of the dream itself. It represents the possible life or death of your life’s magic and spirituality along the way. Magic, in the sense of gratitude, appreciation and wonder keeping you feeling like life is magical, not empty, boring and dull, no matter how much you grow up.

      People might fear black cats, but this dates during the time of witch burnings, where they burned innocent women who never did anything wrong simply because they did not follow certain norms as a woman. Perhaps she acts too strong for a woman in that time, or perhaps she acts as a medicine woman with all her supportive herbs, when it was believed then that the field of medicine should only be for men.

      Black cats were believed to be their familiars, and in demonizing the black cat, it also was a representation of society’s desire to remove what the black cat represents. Feminine power, queenly sophistication and feminine royal energy. The idea that women should be leaders, or perhaps even feminine men being good leaders was an absurd idea, so the black cat became good luck due to the belief that women or feminine men in their power were bad luck themselves.

  5. I dreamed of 3 white cats sitting in a triangle under the bed. The room had yellow shag carpet and yellow and white gingham bedspread. The were aloof and would not look at me.
    The “grandma” in the dream (who was not my grandma but said she was) said they were the neighbors cats and wouldn’t leave.
    There was a lot of white cat fur that stirred in the room when I entered, as though they’d been there a long time. As a note, I love cats so this is not a “fear of cats”dream

    1. Idk how to comment so i click reply. I just dreamed of a cat literally just now but not too long coz i smell pups poop and its time to clean hahaha! So in the dream, we were walking in the dark like we always stop for a sec to be safe like somethings coming idk if the cat glows or there’s just light when we walk and its off when we stop and cat lays down. Also there’s a voice who’s guiding us when to walk and when to stop. I’m not sure if its me or someone else all i know is i’m busy/concentrating to see the way we’re going like my sight is in magnifying glass mode. I can only see where the cat steps in left side and nothing else. I remember all of it. What could it be? Lately, i’ve been sleeping so late like til 4am or 6am. Broken sleep cycle. I’m also trying and looking for work from home job but dont have the confidence to do it so I act lazy, do other stuff, busy with pups, and games. I just listed all what im going thru. Hahaha. Maybe one of em is the reason of my dream. Idk. Ps. I dont have a cat. I have 3 huskies (2pups, 1 adult) and 1 senior dog chihuahua Jack Russell.

    2. EspionageCookie

      White cats represent hope in a dream, and since cats in general are a confident feminine symbol, then the grandma in your dream might be less talking about your actual grandma, but simply represents the older woman mentor figure or even an older feminine man mentor figure in your life. This might simply represent that you would require some mentor figure of that kind to find the hope you require in life.

  6. Ok, so I don’t know if anybody on this forum can help but I came here looking for an answer to a dream I had last night (or rather in the dead of night, which would be roughly 4 or 5am this morning). In the dream, I am up stairs in my bedroom and I look outside my bow windows and see cats coming from every direction off the street I live on towards my house. I’m not fearful of them in my dream, but my heart goes out to them as I understand their plight but my hands are tied in my dream. I feel like they were coming to me for protection. Does this make sense to anybody? BTW, in my dream the were all DSH and of all different colors and sizes. At one point, I’m magically teleported to our basement’s back door and I open it to see cats giving birth on the stoop.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this represents how you need to protect the strong feminine in your life, whether it is yourself or other people (whether man or woman, as both can have feminine energies). The cat is such a strong feminine image because they have a feminine sophisticated and flamboyant energy, while at the same time being incredibly convinced you are their pet other than the other way around if you have a cat. They do not suffer from self esteem issues for the most part, and so for them to approach you like this for protection seems to mean that they are being potentially harmed in some way.

  7. I dreamt of a cat walking over my face, I didn’t see the colour of the cat, but when I woke up I thought it was my mom’s ginger cat. Because he use to do that to me, he would always be sleeping on my bed with me.. My Mother would say that Ginger (the cats name) is my cat, because he’s like a well trained dog around me.. What does this dream mean, I dreamt it twice in one week. And I don’t live with my Mom or see Ginger at all..

  8. So I am asking for a little bit of direction/confirmation to an experience..

    Let me preface this by saying I am in no way trained, and very mildly aware of the “supernatural” or metaphysical realm. However, I understand many deeper truths and unseen, underlying laws of the universe. I am very open-minded, and I am rather perceptive when something FEELS deeper than the world we can interact with directly. I feel as if I’m a borderline empath at times, because I can literally feel other emotions that aren’t mine(as well as objects that may/may not have metaphysical value), though I have to focus to get a fix on them, and it doesn’t happen entirely naturally.

    Now, here’s the event:

    Me and a close friend(she’s like a little sister to me despite no relation) were parked outside of the apartment complex I’m staying at after some late night escaping at the beach near me. Admittedly, I’m discussing urban legends at the time involving the Don Cesar hotel, just random comversation I feel ironic but unrelated. Suddenly, my friend who is half listening/half scrolling through her phone jumps and looks outside the car window(dark tint) to find a beautiful black long hair kitty with the brightest and sharpest orange eyes just standing there in the middle of the road, staring at us. Also, it’s pupils are unvarying and rounded despite the sufficient street lighting, and body language are extremely calm, but oddly somehow not uneasily so. No tail flick, no head bob or ear twitch, nothing. She points it out, me being unaware at the time and mid sentence, and I look over to see her seemingly directly staring in my eyes. I get this sudden feeling like I’m being deeply evaluated by it, and I know there’s no logical explination as to how it could lock it’s beautiful eyes to mine due to black window tint. Furthermore, my friend is rather unspiritual and extremely insensitive to the supernatural all together, and her distracted state should have kept her unaware. She was frightened by it, because she “felt it piercing right through her eyes with it’s stare”. Me, loving cats and being able to immediately determine a deeper event was unfolding through the extremely powerful feeling I got when we Iocked eyes, stepped out of the vehicle, and began taking to it. It acknowledged, approached slightly, then sat down for a moment back turned to me, licked it’s paw, looked back towards me, then got up and left.

    My UNEDUCATED OPINION of the event: Despite her being scared, and the overall creepy setting of 2-something in the morning, I couldn’t help but to feel a strong positive energy present promptly after noticing this beautiful cat. As of right now, I can’t seem to draw a conclusion of it’s purpose. Was it attempting communication? If so, what message and why? Was it evaluating or watching over me/her/both of us? If so, for what reasons?

    I notice that not everyone gets a response on here, so I’m hoping that I have described this enough and provided enough information for someone to be able to help me understand this. I don’t know where else to turn or how to find information on something this specific. So if you can’t help me directly, please help me find out where I can find someone who can. I feel that this is something rather important spiritually, and I don’t know enough to interpret such a powerful moment.

    1. I wasn’t sure of how to leave a comment so I just clicked ‘reply’ but I am glad I found this article and the thread. A year ago, March 4th, about 5 in the morning, I suddenly woke up from my sleep and saw a tabby cat sitting in air above my body as though looking down at me. I was still very groggy and sleepy and freaked out and thought my tabby cat, Delilah, was levitating for whatever reason, but when I sat up she was still asleep at the foot of my bed, and the tabby cat sitting above me was gone. A month later, the same day and around the same time- April 4th, around 5 am, the same thing happened. I woke up from sleep and had been sleeping on my side. When I woke up there was a tabby cat sitting on my bed in front of me and she reached out her paw as though to touch my face, and then she was gone. My tabby cat was still sleeping by the foot of my bed. I started thinking it was the spirit of my cousins tabby cat who died some 15 years ago and who my family and I took care of for about a year, but I do not understand why it would be her (since she was not our cat), and since nothing like this has ever happened. I did not see the spirit tabby for a year up until last night. I was in a deep sleep and something jolted me awake at about 6 AM. I looked to the right corner of my room, and I saw that same tabby cat walking slowly towards my bed in the air, but when it saw that I saw it and was awake, it stopped walking, sat on its bum, and disappeared. I don’t know the significance, other than she/he is watching me, or looking over me, for whatever reason. But why? And why did she come to me the same day the same time a month apart, and then did not come until a year later? The first time the cat was above my body, the second she was next to my head and reached her paw towards me, the third she was walking towards me. My mother thinks its Bastet in one of her various cat forms, the Egyptian Goddess, coming to protect me. Any takers?

    2. EspionageCookie

      I say this is simply a good omen for the feminine strength you have in yourself, while your friend may not respect the type of strength femininity has, considering the black cat represents feminine power. There is nothing wrong with a woman being masculine, but there’s nothing wrong if she prefers being feminine or even if a man is feminine either, in a way that is strong. Think of a mama bear who’ll roar at enemies at the volume of a loud stereo, whether she’s an actual mother or simply the type to be the nurturing personality to her friends and family. Think of the type of strength that is gained through charm, intuition and diplomacy in leadership rather than aggression, logic and direct conflict. The truth is, people will follow you more if they like and respect you rather than out of fear. That is the black cat’s wisdom.

  9. I lost my cat almost two months ago. He is tri colored (dark brown, caramel and white) like chocolate, caramel and vanilla 🙂
    This morning I saw him floating above the ground as if he’s ascending in a beam of white light. This wasn’t a dream. I saw this ‘vision’ after I woke up this morning.
    What could it mean?

    1. EspionageCookie

      It might simply mean that he is the light of your life, that offers light to you in dark times.

  10. I have been told from a Balinese Hindu Priest that I am paranormal . Commonly I feel a cat rub against my buttocks when I squat down to just rest. This is becoming a regular occurrence. Can anyone enlighten what this means?

    1. What does it mean when a white baby kitten come to your home I would like to know what it all means everything about a white baby kitten

  11. I have a profound love of cats and have had two females since 1992, but not at the same time. I identify with cats and sometimes feel strongly that I was a cat in a former life. Could it be that the cat is my totem?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Yes. Totems, unsurprisingly, are often the animals you’re most drawn to and like the most.

    2. I had the strangest dream. I was in a house or an apartment that was supposed to my place and there was a cat. I didn’t know who’s cat it was, but it seems like it was living in that house. I was very chill and accepting in my dream. Although, I was confused about that place and the cat, somehow I made myself comfortable and accepted that it was my place and started petting/playing with the cat. The cat has a black face and it looks almost like a Maine coon cat or even a lynx, but its body has leopard spotting. It was somewhat big, so in my dream I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a cool looking cat”. I played with the cat and at times I thought it had bit me, but I checked it was only biting my sleeves or a blanket. At times the cat talked to me telling me it was possessed by a spirit, a man named Chris. And sometimes I saw the cat as a child and it went back and forth. Next thing I remember, my brother, a child (that was also a representation of the cat sometimes) and a man who seemed like my fiancé in real life, were all playing and riding bicycles in the house. I supposedly stepped outside and when I came back in I asked about the cat and they told me it died because one of them accidentally ran over it with a bike. They seemed to not be bothered it. I was very sad. I thought to myself I was fond of that cat. My sister, me and another grown woman were sitting and eating the couch and my sister was saying things she didn’t like about the cat. I was upset and told her perhaps she doesn’t have a good heart. I ended up waking up crying because I cared about the cat.

      Not sure what this dream means, honestly. In real life, I’m going through a self discovery journey. I am wanting to try different career interests. So, maybe it’s my subconscious trying to tell me something relating to that…

  12. I’m in the garage, with a big black dog, ready to take off for when the police break down the door.

    A guy I know, and I, have to leave the house. I’m scared. It’s dark outside with some light coming in. On the floor, I see a black shadow, line, appear in the middle.

    Outside, I see two of the Siamese kittens, about a year old, with some lightly colored of Siamese colorings. The Siamese father is in the middle of them as if watching over them. They look toward me, and their eyes turn white, I take a picture

  13. Recently, three different cats have started visiting my garden daily. I’ve lived here 3 years and never had this before. Does anyone know why this is? Thank you.

  14. I had the oddest dream. I dreamt that I had a white cat with a few black patches. She had a litter of kittens in the garden. The litter of 11 was all white except for a couple with a black patch. The mother cat was hesitant to allow her kittens to nurse from her and her milk supply was not coming in. I kept looking for ways to help her nurse the kittens. I watched her birth all of the kittens. Birth was easy with no bloody mess, it was sort of like the kittens just rolled out fluffy and clean.

  15. I dream about cats all the time but I also have a strange occurrence I took my best off and three it on the floor next my bed then went to toilet toilet came back and my vest was in the shape of a black cat you c as n see ears , face and whiskers. Does this mean anything

  16. I cannot for the life of me figure out this dream- I know I have a sixth sense and can sense spirits and all that good stuff- but this dream doesn’t make sense. Im somewhere I’ve never been before, and there are 2 cats infront of me. A white one and the black one. The white one has grey ears and is super sweet. Cuddly, cute, loving/friendly, and whispers things. The black cat is almost satanic and is trying to kill me. The black one’s jaw gets HUGE like a cobra almost and it’s terrifying. The white cat whispers for me to destroy it with fire to save myself, so… that’s what I do. I light the scary, demonic cat on fire. I don’t know what happened afterwards because I was woken up by my alarm. I don’t understand what it means.!

  17. I don’t know if this means something but this was a great feeling and at the same time a little wierd. I stepped out of the employee entrance at work and saw a black cat with a wierd tail sitting there. We exchanged glances and it started mewing. Slowly it got up and started rubbing it’s body around my feet. I felt like getting him/her home but our accommodation does not allow pets so felt helpless. All the while it kept on mewing and did not leave me a single moment for about 3 minutes. I came down the steps and it followed me half way went back and sat down at its original place where I saw him/her sitting. I wish I could get him/her home and am still have the guilt to have left him/her there. Made sure to inform the security to ensure the cat is not harmed as I know cats in the periphery of the property are not allowed. I felt the cat wanted to be loved and love me the same way. I felt as if we wanted to take care of each other and be happy.. Can’t stop thinking if it’s some sort of message as I have read cats have a strange spiritual significance…

  18. Today as I came to The neighborhood Park I go to regularly, this Orange/ Blondish colored Cat came to the bench where I was sitting just meowing and purring. It belongs to a house across the street from where I was sitting and I’ve seen the cat many times before but it always stayed to itself. The cat was persistent on wanting to be held and would playfully lick and bite. ( non- aggresive) . I grew up with Cats more than Dogs to be honest. One of My ex-friends I referred to as a stray bully cat after we had numerous falling outs. I’m not sure if any of this means anything or if its a message of some sort. Lately in My life I have felt alone and have been struggling financially, battling depression, Family conflict matters, and have been missing loved ones now deceased. I just wonder if the Cat experience is a message or meaning.

    1. Christine Wenborn

      Yes it’s a message animals know when people need love and hugs.. cats are very intuitive and spiritual so could be a loved one or angle showing you are not alone

    2. Yes whyatt it’s a message. Cars are very spiritual and intuitive so it came to you for a reason maybe an angel or loved one wanted you to know you are not alone and you are loved and to keep up the good work.

  19. I was chasing a white persian and a siamese in my dreams then the white persian cat went inside a black and white cat through its anus. Its crazy but I would really wanna understand why. There were also huge frogs around them in my dream. I have 9 cats currently and it says in my dreams that those 2 I was chasing were those I neglect but I dont remember having them. Ever. 🙏🏻Please help

  20. Looks like I’m late to the game, but I sure hope someone can help me. As I am in the very beginning stages of exploring and understanding my spirituality, please bear with me.
    Tonight I attended a reiki circle for the first time at a place very near to where I live. (It probably does not matter, but I had attended one at another location about a year and a half ago, with no extraordinary take-away.) When I walked into the room, I immediately smelled cat. But there were no cats present, and when I inquired about the presence of a cat on the premises, the response was that there is not nor never was. Also, no one else detected the scent. (Note: the entire space has tile floors, so no lingering odors possible.)
    Since any physical explanation is highly unlikely, I considered that perhaps there was a spiritual meaning.
    If anyone has any insight, I would greatly appreciate the share. 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Well. About 5 months ago there are some status wandering around in my neighborhood and I want to adopt one but they seem not to trust humans. Well one day I came home from work and there is this cat, I’ve seen her since it was a kitten and we just sat yards away from each other but it never left. The next day I tried to commit suicide due to many things going on in my life but I lived without a single scratch. Well tonight I’ve seen a black cat with her baby, she never hangs around for anything but for some reason I wanted to cry but instead I held it in and walked into the yard of my house and there she was with her baby, just looking at me. She didn’t leave until I found my keys.

  21. Tonight as i watching tv. I heard a sound outside went to the front curtians to have look. Their was a white cat just sitting on the road in front of my car staring at me. I dont know why i must of being staring at it for 5 mints and it did the same. I felt like this was message for me.

  22. This morning I turned into the kitchen and a black puffy adult cat stopped me in my tracks as it suddenly appeared at my feet and disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. Could someone please help me understand this appearance.

  23. Last night I saw a shadow of a black kitten come in the laundry room and go around the washer. I thought it was my new black kitten. It wasn’t. She was on the bed. I lost 3 cats within the last two months. One was a female black cat. Is this a bad sign for me or what does this mean?

  24. Cats keep following me everywhere i go , and they often come close and just stare at me , it’s been like that for almost a year out of nowhere , i was never a cat person but now i’m kinda fond of them , what could it be? They’re literally everywhere they come close to cuddle or stare at me from a distance straight in the eyes!

  25. I’ve always had a cat come around in my dreams especially around big turning points in my life. I have had 2 cats one male and one female. Their names were and are Humaar and Howler(given to her because she would howl when she was a kitten her real name is Damaris). I don’t see either in my dreams still don’t unless I’m Dream walking. Last night when I fell asleep I saw the same cat I’ve been seeing for several days now. She, the cat, came up to me as per our usual greetings, I went to pet her and it felt like I was touching air which is unusual as she usually feels like a normal cat when we interact. She has black over her right eye and orange over her left eye. A white chest and looks like a tortoise shell. She tried to say something but it was so muffled I couldn’t hear her speak it was like she was speaking from far off and underwater. Can anyone explain the symbolism behind this please?

  26. When I was very young I woke up from sleep surrounded by cats standing still and staring at me. I have a vague memory of one approaching or laying on me? But then I woke up once more and they were no longer there. I remember running out of bed looking for the cats to play with them, but ended up running into my parents in the living room who were also confused when I told them if they saw any cats around the house. What’s creepier is that the first time I woke up the living room lights were on as well, which made me wonder if it really was a dream since I remember falling asleep with the living room lights off. Can anyone explain what this could mean?

  27. I had a dream a couple nights ago that still bothers me throughout the nights dreams ,this lady that I have never seen , keeps coming up to me saying “ The kittens need to be returned today” I have no clue what this means. Every dream I had she was in it. For some reason I just can’t get it out of my mind. Any ideas what it could mean?
    Thank you

  28. I had a beyond vivid dream that I was in a giant ornate house with carved brown and red wooden features everywhere the flames of the lighting cast a warm glow wherever went however everything was shrouded with a thick almost tangible inky darkness at and above eye level. I remember walking past a huge looming stairway as i traversed the lit hallway into a darkened bedroom and using my light, finding two cats contentedly curled up. One woke up and lazily looked up as if expecting me, the other was still asleep. The windows beyond were showing a storm but I felt calm in that room. I walked out without disturbing them and back into the room I was in before. I kept having the feeling like something didn’t want me there, I was very uneasy but I knew I was not going to be harmed (even though I was welcome to be at that house) By the fireplace I see this medium-sized dark brown dog lounging. Immediately on my arrival he jumped up on alert and walked over to the aforementioned stairwell cloaked in that inky darkness and began to growl I couldn’t see anything but I knew the dog was my friend and I knew that something was on the stairway in that darkness that couldn’t come to the light. I woke up then with the residue feelings of anger and fear which has never happened before .

  29. Where to start, I have always been highly connected to cats: my first cat a young boy would sleep on my bed follow me to school and wait for my return at the gate at home. I could take it camping and would always come back to me on call. After its pass when hit by train i could still feel him jump onmy bed and curl up.
    The next Cat was a ferril 10kg solid muscle lived at least 20 years. My mother brought him home from a hospital? it imeadiately bolted under the bath tub and they spent most of the day trying to get it out, I returned from school and had him purrin g in an hour.
    At present I seem to have cats everywhere but to put some of the less interesting events i will go to the more resent and strange events.
    Returned to my little hut in a gully with trees around and everything beautiful about New Zealand, I went to back deck and this cat I have never seen before or even seen one with its unique characteristics. It was eggshell white with black and grey flecks, its ears looked more forward facing and larger but coned to a point, its face much rounder, as were its eye thats seemed just as pale as its fur, It actually reminded me more like a snow owl, even the way it seemed to stare at me but through me. It was not one bit scared of me or my other worker flying out to the deck, and as we actually sat out there had a couple quiets, it did not break its glear for over an hour towards me,.
    So then it finally just stroll up to the other house. later that night I went up the hill to the main house, to my left was an orange orb (seen Before) floating through the trees, I continued to main house got some water and as heading back i heard what i can only believe was that cat making a varstly distored cat sound. Thought it was just a strange cat and went back to the deck. At this stage I was the only one outside watching the stars when that cat made a very loud horowling sound was curdling sound but something different cant explain. But thats when the Shadows came to visit, 2 very large ones and many little ones thats were running through the tress and long grass trying to unease me i guess as they would never come right up to contact. This carried on for about 20 mins until I made one leave at this moment another orange orb floated further back around some other trees directly behind the two large shadows, and this tima approx 20 mtrs as was through the tree tops.
    The other one however didnt want to budge, one of the boys came out, he didnt really see it but said could sense it. I thoughtthat he might not be good to start seeing it (seen possesion before, mates sister, he also was at mine but inside) So with that thought in mind I just gave it no direct thought or attention. Now this little shack I live in and the main house is in a gully full of trees, so fairly always dark . Anyway no sooner that i gave it no thought and turned to my mate the clouds directly above turned a light pink and the hole property then lite up like daylight, approx 200mtr in daiameter. Stayed like that for about 30 – 40 seconds, and all the little entities and even the large one had just dissapeared.
    we both looked at each other and said :well thats something new”
    went back inside. 40 mins later that same friend needed to be dropped off home, the other friend (brother of at time possed sisiter) came with us 2, It was just after midnight around 1/4 past and i was going the back roads as usuall, coming up to a rail crossing that does not work at night and only works for show steam trains on occasions. Well the lights turned on didnt see any train lights and was thinking weird enough and drove through on the straight for another 3km’s, always looking back , lights stopped and no train. 15 mins later get to mates place he jumps out as we parked in drive way, and i get a caller I D blocked phone call, answered and was just random noises and walking along gravel type noices, I laughed at it and it hung up. This was on hands free so my other mate heard.
    Anyway other weird things happened but this is about this cat, because the next day mid arvo it turned up walked ever so intently slow past the low section of the deck and starred at me the hole time , not even worried about walking into anything for about 3 meters then dissapeared and have not since seen (6weeks) or anyone else has seen or have known about the cat for over 20 years on property.
    But since then I have gone to my mates place where I dropped him off and hes had a little pure white cat with dark eyes and it appears and dissapears, and only does so when I turn up. It looks more like a little artic fox. But was deff, and everytime I thought I should have taken him like i told my mate, the weekend i was going to my brother randomly ran him over.
    So not worried about the other stuff more interested in the two cats.

    Peace and love.
    Oh and if anyone was thinking , I was not under the influence and this sort of thing has been becoming increasingly more regular th past year and a bit.
    im 38 run a company , mentally, spiritually and physically above average.
    So any insight on cats be good thanks again

  30. I have a slightly different question about what I call my cat. It has been with me ever since I could remember. As a child I would sometimes speak to it although we only got our first pet cat when I was 14 years. My mother put it down to me having an imaginary pet and I learned not to speak of it to people. It appears as a flickering blackness that moves in a catlike way and size and if I am upset or extremely anxious it can take on a more solid form I recently saw it to actually have some orange on it after almost dying being hit by a car running the red as I was crossing the road . My sister has seen it once as we were studying with our backs to each other at different tables and it ran behind us. I was shocked when she turned as well having seen the movement- we had a cat at the time and she ran outside where my parents and uncle were sitting at a table and our cat Taylor had been lying on the table the past couple hours and hadn’t moved. She couldn’t believe it. My fiancé saw my cat after 2 years together and I had never said a word to her.we have been married 10 years and she sees it almost as frequently as I do and it seeks to comfort her at times. She was raised very Christian and was spooked at first but has come to see it as a type of guardian and a comfort. All animals have always been attracted to me and I work well with abused horses and rehabilitate them for the SPCA in my spare time. Many people say I have a gift with animals but it’s that I can feel them and what they need and this has always been natural to me. As a small child I was scared by humanoid solid black figures- specifically the one I called the man as he would often act violently to the other two smaller female entities. My fear was so real my dad punched the air in their on suite bathroom fully believing someone had broken in there- that was often where the male entity would pace and I would lie at the foot of my parents bed watching at night to try protect them and my cat spirit would spend the night agitated and dashing in front of me. When we moved when I was 8 there were no spirits or entities in the new house and I became a more relaxed child staying in my own room and bed with the everlasting company of ‘my cat’.when I was 10 my mother went to have her palm read by a psychic that all her friends were raving about. She took me with but I proved a distraction to the psychic as she kept staring at me in the waiting room and as we left she told my mother I had a connection to the spirit world and she had never seen so many animal spirits surrounding and protecting anyone. Anyway sorry for the long story but I have had other supernatural things I have seen and foreseen but I do not really speak of it as you understand people are closed minded and they presume me crazy. I have since learned that the old house where I saw the shadows that scared me had a tragedy where the father used to beat and abuse the wife and child and one night killed them and then himself. I am 31 now and my parents only told me of this as a ‘did you know ‘when we were reminiscing about our old house. They had never told us before and me insisting there was a dangerous man there actually spooked them to move.sorry this was so long but I’ve always wondered about these things and am hoping you have some insight for me?

    1. This is really interesting to me, because I also have a cat that I call “my cat,” and many of my friends have seen it, but it’s almost always only seen in periphery. It’s not always around; it shows up once in a while, sometimes for a brief period in which it will be seen a few times over the course of a few days, and then it won’t be seen for long periods between. I don’t know what prompts it to show up or motivates it to be around, but I like to think it is benevolent and/or protective, so that is how I’m inclined to feel.
      Recently I’ve noticed that are (I don’t know how many or what yet, but I feel like it’s more than one) spirits or at least strong lingering energies in my house, and some seem chaotic and overall kind of just stressful, for lack of a better word. In the past few weeks, something has started knocking things down off of tables or other surfaces, much like a cat does, but I don’t know if it’s the one I mentioned above or something else. I don’t see it when things are being knocked down, and the thing that’s doing it isn’t limited to periphery; it runs around in full view if it wants, but it is almost entirely invisible to me except that sometimes I see it move. My physical cats see it, but generally don’t react to it more than just watching it curiously. I’m hoping to find more information before I cleanse my space, because I don’t want to banish anything that is trying to help me.

  31. Today on my husband’s birthday, our cat was hit by a car. The amazing thing was our black beauty was born on my birthday. I named him Horus because I got him after the 2017 solar eclipse from the Humane Society. That day, Horus had me under his spell. Although I had him only 5 short months, he gave me what I needed. So much joy & 💘 with great communication. As he lay at the hospital taking his final exhalation; I thanked him for allowing me in his life.

  32. I recently went through a difficult transition with a relationship. On a walk this morning with my dog a stray cat was in the tree line. I stopped and was looking in the opposite direction and the cat came up behind me and rubbed against my leg. What is the spirit of the cat trying to communicate with me?

  33. Hi! In my neighbourhood there are always cats but I tend to ignore them. This morning as I was taking out the trash, three of them (a black one, grey one and white/brown one) sat behind me. One of them meowed and for some reason I started talking to them as they were staring me. Then the black one kind of got irritated or afraid and run away and still staring me from a distance. Surely this must be about communication, but not sure what is my take-away here as at the beginning the black cat was asking for attention and then running away from me 🙁 any suggestions?

    1. terry, i would interpret your repeated dream as meaning it is time to allow a new cat into your life, to give a home to a cat in need who needs your love and friendship.

  34. Scared of cats now

    Hi I found a cat in my car yesterday it really scared me I drove a couple of meaters and I looked at my rear view mirror and I saw it sitting on top of the head rest looking at me . It’s was a black and brown car majority black . I screamed but the cat was calm it didnt hiss I left the door open and it just came out out I don’t know if this means anything . But I think I’m scared of cats now

  35. In the last 3 weeks I have seen 5 cats that have been killed on the highway. I this is not usual for me. Wondering what this could represent.

    1. Are you ‘killing’ the voice of communication within? Or ‘running over’ it, ‘knocking it down? Would it be wise to tune in to your spirit energy, calm down, simplify? Are you over-brave, taking risks, running into the road head on, or are you unfulfilled on the path you are on, or on the wrong path, on a path where your guardians and spirit guides cannot reach you?
      Spirit energy needs to talk to you and your path needs to change in small ways, for you to fulfill who you really are. Good luck! You are blessed!

  36. There are a few outdoor cats in my neighborhood, kind of irritates me because my yard area is a bit of a bird haven. Anyway, last weekend I see a totally black cat with bright yellow eyes on my back porch landing. This has never happened here in thirty years. Others out at the hedgerow hunting, yes. But this one I have never seen before.
    The songbirds had an event on my back porch a few days before, foraging whatever insects were left from the summer. Also a first. I shoo’ed the cat away but it didn’t budge. In fact, it moved to come inside the door which was opened just a smidgen.
    I have some serious health issues and when I see black cats, I think of transformation at best and death at less best. Any thoughts on my apparently message bearing visitor?

    1. From my personal real experience a black cat entering my life was such an heavenly suport! He brought joy healing and much needed help in a time of chance. But be aware black cats need their independence!

  37. Hi, So I was in Love with this guy he means everything to me still even though we have been apart for 10 months he called to ask about my kids and I after the hurricanes we were in the path he had moved away. He gave my son who loves cats a kitten that I was highly allergic to my son loved him so much I couldn’t bare to say no. When we made a break because he had a whole secret life he hid from me for 6 yrs he was married my kids called him dad we were that close it destroyed me and at first I tried to still make it work and tried to help him get a divorce and then realized he was still with her so it was over but he was my twin flame from the first time we saw each other it was like I’ve known u my whole life I litteraly could smell things he was smelling across town it was weird I knew him so well and had no idea, but anyways when we broke up the cat ran away my son and I were just devastated and heart broken we searched everywhere offered rewards but never again saw him this night I was wishing things had been different how I wish the time he proposed to me in front of his mom i should have said yes instead of what do u need a peice of paper for i love u u love me why mess it up with moving to fast its only been 6 yrs. I was stupid , but my dog wanted to go outside at 3am never usually does but she just wouldn’t stop fussing at me not barking just making gestures let’s go outside I couldn’t sleep I was thinking about him so much and how I missed this guy and how even after everything he did to me my 3 sons how do u play dad then vanish how do u say u love me so much and just never call me again and then a surprise call 2 weeks ago hi are u guys ok I was worried is everyone ok were the boys upset are we safe then after I said we were fine just lost power for a week so we camped indoors we made some jokes acted like no time had past told me everything he ever told me was the truth he loved me so much he couldnt live without me but he is married to someone he just can’t leave her on the street he doesn’t love her anymore but he made a commitment to take care of her the sick part is I really respect him for that. Then he said I still love u and think of u everyday which tore me inside out I said how could u just never call me or answer ur phone and just left like I was nothing he said I have to go I’m glad my boys and u are safe (they are from my previous marriage that ended from abuse he is not allowed near me or my kids ) so he stepped in and took the roll and loved it. I felt bad for making what seems like the last time I will hear his voice a sore spot. But anyways while I lay hopeless in my bed thinking about him my dog just acting very weird I got up took her outside saw a shooting star then heard a meow my dog went outside with me then ran inside I bent down looking for what meowed and the missing cat jumped in my arms I was so happy he was thin so I ran inside with him got him fresh water and searched my cabinets for tuna and opened it he jumped down and ran to my little sons room it was his cat he snuggled his face then came and ate a can I was so happy knowing he would wake to see his lost companion I still had half a box of litter still in the laundry room I fixed the litter pan in his room and left him food and water with him could it mean something or am I losing my mind am I just hoping it means he will also be reunited with us as well he still haunts my dreams my day dreams I’ve never been so in love with someone I loved him like something I never felt I spent my whole life moving around I’ve never felt like any house was my home even though I own it but where ever I was with him I felt like I was home he felt like all the happiness in the world when he hugged me it was like Angel wings wrapping around me and I was safe and happy and home like nothing could hurt me like I’ve known him my whole life like we’ve lived a whole life before together my youngest felt the same way about him and he said he did for my sons and me does the cat returning from a 10 month adventure just mean he found his way home again and the connection of the guy is nothing? also this cat never liked me it would always run away from me but would let my son carry him around his neck and would sit by the door when School was getting out like he could tell time he knew when he was on his way to the door and then they were inseparable from then till the next day the guy got him from a job sight he found him his tail was damaged my dad had passed away all my boys were very close to my dad it was like it was the needed distraction we needed to get over the davistating accident could it be a sign of something terrible is to happen again. I guess while I’m going insane I will just take this as a gift that my son will have his love again.

    1. Hi Jenny!
      Wow. I was DEFINITELY guided to your comment this morning, as I am on my Twin Flame journey also. Everything is synchronistic – I don’t believe in coincidence. I actually had come to this site for a message from the Monkey since I saw it yesterday a bunch, and while scrolling down I saw Cat and felt the need to click over there. Funnier still, I don’t usually read comments on pages! But I had a strong inclination to read yours and I know why!

      What you describe about your Love is definitely a twin flame. As I read your story I just kept saying, “wow”. And I realize it is important that you know you are NOT insane. I really feel your cat coming home was a sign showing you that although time has been spent apart, reunion IS possible. Love finds its way back. As I’ve been learning about the Twin Flame journey, I just recently read that one of the twins, mainly the divine masculine, is in the process of releasing karmic relationships currently. From what it sounds like, your Love is entwined in such a relationship with his wife.

      Also, the shooting star caught my eye…that is something that has been a key sign for me on my path to reunion with my love. Although I am offering you my wisdom with this journey, your story has blessed my life as well, reminding me that everything is in perfect alignment and when the time is right, we will come together. Forgiveness is a big theme right now for our part as the divine feminine. You made the connection with your cat coming back home, trust it! The biggest thing to remember is that separation is an illusion, we are always together in spirit and the love can never be broken.

      I personally know how hard and challenging and emotional this path is, but I also know those of us facing it wouldn’t be if we were not strong enough to get thru the storms. I am praying for you and your twin! I will hold you in a space of love and light and I hope you are blessed, always! Hang in there…even if no one else around you understands, please know someone does! Love and light to you dear soul 💗

  38. Hello. I was hanging out with my mom and sister… after a while I dropped them off home. As my mom opened the door to get out of the car there was a grey and white cat that was trying to get in my car. My mom was like this cat is trying to get in and I told her to close the door before it did. Does that mean anything?

  39. I was walk and saw nothing then i turned for maybe 2 seconds because i heard something behind me when i turned around there was a white cat laying in the grass in front of me it just came out of thin air it seems like and it was really friendly with no tags but when i try to pick it up after petting it it jumps out of my arms and laid back down where it was just looking at me begging for more petting i think but i couldn’t do anymore due to having to go to the restroom what does this mean

  40. I just dreamed that a cat was in bed with me and was rubbing up against me. As soon as i realizes it was a cat…i jumped and woke up. What does that mean?

  41. It’s 12:30 am here and I was just dreaming about love and awoke to sounds of moaning meowing that almost sounded like a baby crying and even like a laugh of a toddler outside my window. I looked outside and barely could make out two figures laying down on the middle of the street. I finally saw one cat gracefully get up and slowly waltz away leaving the other.

    I then went back to bed and thought I should check on here what a cat visitor meant, but first I hit the “Get my message” button as per usual and of all animals, the cat popped up!!!! I’m feeling the spirit feels now! Hmmmm I wonder what they are communicating to me? Sounds like love is on my horizon! 💕

    1. I literally just had the same experience after giving someone an oracle angel reading and coming home to jump into my moms bed who I haven’t spoken to in weeks. A song told me to come here and get windows were open and I heard terrible cries of cats fighting so I ran outside and grabbed salt rocks from my salt energy lamp and threw them and yelled to split them up. At first I didn’t realize they were both cats but the black cat was the same cat I saw ten minutes before while driving in the neighborhood, trotted away first and the second cat was orange and brown trotted ten feet behind and disappeared between houses. angels told me to look this up and surely enough it was a message. The black cat was attempting to attempt the orange cat ( I love black cats and identify with them ) and after the black cat left and the orange cat creeped behind. This reflected my attempt to let go of negative habits and the current battle that I am facing with rapid spiritual growth and constant distractions that follow me. It’s 2:28 am and no one else is outside. Powerful.

    2. Courtney Hinrichsen

      Hi! I just woke up out of bed and happened to look outside I love on a big property in the country and have a lot of wild outside cats! I looked outside to find a black cat getting ready to pass my room and it is 3:14 am when this happens lol!

  42. A few weeks ago I had a dream of a black cat that seemed to morph its shape like a psychedelic cartoon with huge neon green eyes. A few days later I saw a pair of eyes like the ones from my dream staring at me through the wire closing the gap between the gate and the patio floor; it was a beautiful, exotic-looking calico I had never seen around the complex before. We locked eyes, and she ran off soon after.
    Its been two weeks and she has adopted my boyfriend and I, comes by multiple times daily for pets and food and interestingly enough, the day after I dream of kittens we notice she is showing signs of pregnancy. I wish I knew what this all meant.

  43. Hi, Before my mother died in 2014 I heard grown multiple times and there were no cat around maybe a ghost or my spirit guide telling me something and heard in the walls cat scratch then in july 13 2017 I heard a cat meow multiple times then my lovely 15 year old cat died in the operation table of a heart attack im really sad and need someone help me to find a answers., What it means all those cat sound please help, thanks.

  44. Hello.

    What does it mean after a break in then the thieves leave a dead black cat on the bed for the owners.


    1. Means they need to upgrade their alarm system.
      What it means–depends on what their EYE sees
      Good luck

    2. That it was not a regular break in but another kind of job maybe a threat, it can be personal or it can be sad people doing that. The karma is on them however. Take measures.

  45. I don’t even like cats so why is this my totem? I wouldn’t harm any animal but I have no interest in cats. Obviously, if I saw one in distress I would try to help (because I’m not heartless) but still… I just don’t feel any connection to them.

    1. Hi Sophie,
      For years I felt the same as you regarding cats. Then, as my curiosity and work with energy and magickal arts increased, as well as boundary-setting and work at reprogramming a number of ingrained family patterns, I began seeing more cats such as during walks, in my backyard, and in my driveway upon getting home. It may be moreso the message of cat, rather than the animal itself that are the link:
      “People with Cat as their totem are always extremely psychic and creative people. Often they are independent, unpredictable and more often than not highly astute in all situations. There is always a sense of mystery that surrounds them. They are also highly selective in choosing their friends and will rarely cave to peer pressure. They choose their own way in life but have to be careful not to become too reclusive.” You might be a bit more magical than ya think!! 😉

  46. Monika Ujjawal

    i lost my black and white male cat two weeks ago. he fell off the window that i forgot to close( i totally blame myself for that). i got him when he was just 15 days old and took care of him like my own. i also have a ginger female cat from the same litter . what i want to convey here is that before it happened i was having this restless feeling that something bad is about to happen, something was always on my mind and at nights i used to get really really scared feeling a very impure and evil presence in my room(no shadow or nothing, just a presence).Also blackie (deceased) use to cry day and night for no particular reason.a few days ago before he died i had this very strange dream that he was filled with these fleas and it was like everywhere on his body started with neck. i didn’t pay heed to that as it meant nothing. after two days he died in a tragic way. he didn’t deserve it. he was the best cat in the world and i was in depression for almost two weeks. right after his death i got a very small stray kitten( that i rescued from a very filthy and poor place) as me and and my ginger cat was depressed. now we both are moving on with the help of this new kitty. but i just wanted to know if you can make something out of this incident as it really creeps me out still.

    1. Michael Mockerman

      Hello, I truly apologize for your cat. As stated above, a cat shows your inner power. Your dream of fleas from the inside out starting at the neck shows me that you have problems in your life expressing who you are, thus the throat, or vocal chakra. The fleas symbolize that you are being eaten from the inside out from this situation. My advice, seek the Father, meditate on your inner imbalance with voice assisted chakra balancing videos on Youtube, and kick aside the things you can’t express, let them go, or you will die from your inner suffering.

    2. I know I could make my own but I read how you responded and wanted your opinion on a dream of mine. In my dream there were 2 Siamese cats. (I have a siamese cat) I let them outside and was installing 2 cat doors that were able to close. The cats ran through the doors when I finished and a wolfs head came in right after them and got stuck (an angry wolf head in each door) I slammed the window sash? Down in the wolf heads so they would die. I ran in to tell my husband and my cat jumped between us and in the creepiest course said “cat don’t like that”. I woke up right after that

    3. Hi, sorry for the loss of your cat, hugs. I wanted to reply to your comment because my experience mirrors yours, only this happened to me this last Friday. My beloved white tabby fell from our first floor balcony, she’d been two years with us and this never had happened before; she was very quiet. She stayed lost until Monday morning, when I found her dead on the corner of my street. I had been waking up extra early to call her and look for her in the quiet dark time, but it was too late.
      I have been a mess these two days. I have a lot of guilt over this and I keep wondering what this means at spiritual level, if this was my fault or if she took a bullet for me here, as it were. This makes me afraid for my other two kitkats and the one I am about to adopt, as soon as she’s ready to come home. Meanwhile I’ll try to grieve out my Cola, she was a wonderful cat, everything one could ask for in a housecat. She did not deserve that end. 🙁

  47. Just last night, a strange black cat stop by. She meow so loud to come in, so I open the screen door for her.. and she jumped in my lap and purred.. She was so beautiflul shiney black all over. I believe that was some good ass luck.. That was strange and I know cat are particular bout people places and things..

  48. Just before my 4 children came home from school yesterday, our cat ran across the road, got hit by a car and died.
    He was a rescue cat we got from a refuge who had been found by rangers and handed into the pound.
    We only had him for 8 months and he was dearly loved by all our family.
    Prior to us adopting him, he had been hit by a car and required surgery to fix his shattered hip.
    Why was he so suddenly taken from us?
    What is the meaning?
    Was it my fault?
    He was a gorgeous black and white cat probably only 2 years old. He would never hurt the kids – even when they “over loved” him picking him up constantly, kissing him, patting him, holding him.
    Now we are all so devastated.

    1. It wasn’t your fault. Consider the cat’s behavior when you knew him, and ask yourself what lessons he gave you. Meditate on your feelings of death, risk, and loss. Death is one of the hardest truths we face. Perhaps he came to help you learn to accept something. Good luck, I’m sorry for your loss. Look at the gifts you gave him while he was alive. They were not meaningless.

    2. Sometimes pets leave this world taking our karma, or what we can call bad luck, with them. Obviously you had taught him compassion by taking him in and caring for him when he first got hit by a car. Now his time has come, so he returned your love by taking with him some misfortune which was directed at you, but which now has passed. Thank him while meditating. Who knows? His spirit might contact you to reveal the actual reason.

  49. I had a dream this morning that my cat Isis that I gave away against my own will, because my boyfriend at that time did not wanted her in the house any more.
    i gave her to a lady who loves cats. I never felt good about that, it has always hunted me. I love animals. in my dream she came home and some women out there were saying to me, are you letting her in,. and I said yes i open the door and Isis came back home with me. I musty specified she must be dead, for I gave her away back in 1991.

    1. ISIS… Are you kidding me?! If you watch the news you would see why they were questioning you letting her in! I don’t know where you live, but I would be cautious about where I travel if I were you. Maybe it is the cats way of trying to save you?!

  50. Forgot to add one more thing to my comment about Mystique also when I leave she will run in one of the bedrooms and she makes it clear she wants to stay in there so I will close the door and even if Noone is home when someone gets home and there is no possible way she could get out but everytime she is out of the room it’s happend to all of us the door is closed and yet everytime she is sleeping peacefully on the main floor she like hudini and most mysterious animal as a family we have ever been in contact with and the strangest thing I have ever experienced what does it all mean please help

    1. That cat has come with a special mission for your 13yr old daughter. She is her guardian. She protecting her or spiritually guiding , maybe she is going thru something emotional or will be in the future and the cat is there to help her surpass this. Cats are healers a astral protectors. That too she always wants to be in is because she is absorbing the negative energy and cleansing the room. That cat is definitely a blessing to your family. All the animals understand her purpose and can see her energy that’s why they let her be. Do some research on the internet there is so much interesting information about cats and their spiritual meanings in our lives. The color of the cat has a very important meaning too, they are all to help with different purposes in life’s journey. Open your mind (not your eyes) and listen with your heart (not your ears) there is a lesson or message…. I am so happy for you all, especially your daughter… You have opened your hearts and home to a very special being… You have been chosen….best wishes

  51. Hi I hope someone can lead some insight into something about three weeks ago my sister came to pick up my daughter when she opened the door to come in a jet black cat ran in the house she is full grown and her fur is like silk she looks like a mini black panther she has gold eyes and is perfectly perfect we have never seen her before not even around the neighbourhood she ran right into the kitchen she has gone to the door to be let outside so we let her out and she never even leaves the front porch as soon as the door opens she runs back in it was like she appeared out of thin air we posted to see if anyone had lost a black cat and nothing no response we have dogs and other cats and they don’t seem to phase her not at all like most new pets for the first couple days they are a bit skidish until they adjust to their new surrounding not her she made herself at home since day one like she has been ours always she is so loving and affectionate and so beautiful my other cats and dogs don’t even mind her which is odd to say the least she loves all of us but loves my 13 year old daughter she sleeps with her but at the same time watches her from afar it’s so weird she is now a part of our family her choice we named her Mystique and she has responded to that name since the very first time we said it. We didn’t want anymore pets at this time but for some reason she is just different like it’s a must we have to keep her we all love her so much but have no idea where she came from just that she is ment to be here and a part of our family their is something so special and unique about her but we have no idea what it is or what it means but we can feel it and sense it has anyone else experienced something similar or can lend an explanation what she represents or what it means or why Thank you

    1. Laurie Lee Mills

      OMG the coat is healthy and the owners must miss her tremendously. Have a heart and find her owner.

    2. A cat came to our door meowing last night around 10:30 pm!! We have a cat, he is 11 years old and I was worried about letting the outside cat in due to some outside sicknesses and diseases they carry plus I was a little worried about flees and other parasites, our cat has been outside twice only in its life, once to the vet and when we moved to our new home, he seems to have no desire to go outside unless we hold him outside. It showed me how quick my 15 year old turns to sympathy and empathy without clearly thinking!! Mind you, if I did not have the cat I have, I would have given it a home, we sat outside with it for abit and my daughter tried to hold it, which it did not seem to like and kept trying to get away,which told me it is not very social. I guess he seen our kitty in the window which attracted it,,,,,I say it because I was not sure if it was male or female.

    3. Yes, I had exactly the same thing and feeling. I had left some bread out over night on the verandah it was too hot with the fire inside. The next morning it was shredded, at a loss as to what would have done it. I was washing the car later that day and out from under the house came a cat. I’m not fond of cats and the destruction they cause to native wildlife so its fate was set, however lucky for the cat we were short on time. I started feeding it judging its ferralness and it was lovely. It took to me like nothing I had felt before, however she wasn’t sure of males. She moved on in in an instant, its like she has been there all the time. I find her behavior similar to a dog. We had her de-sexed there was no microchip so we believe she was dumped. We called her Gypsy because she moved on in and has taken over. She is just lovely and a joy to be around, and is like she has always been here. She makes us laugh she inspects my partners handy work by climbing up on the tractor and laying in the horse float.

    4. Michael Mockerman

      Hello Ness,

      Your daughter’s cat is a true Mystique, or mystery. Touching base here, this spirit has golden eyes, jet black fur, and your other animals have no problem with her. You daughter has seen things she doesn’t express and the cat spirit guards her when she sleeps. Your daughter is blessed. She has been given a diamond in the rough. Mystique is a televan or spirit that has been given by the Father to your daughter. May the light bless you both.

  52. I came out of fish market with my mom younger sis n younger bro and i was leading suddenly a cat came runing on my right leg said mewo n run away.after this incident i was shock plz help me what communication cat want to do

  53. Anhesta Peacock

    Hey there…
    I do have a question…
    My cat gave birth to new kittens… but she dont look after them properly… and rather go outside and feed her big nearly fullgrown kittens which dont need any nurtering. Can any-one please tell me what is the meaning of that ??

    Thanks a lot…

  54. I was walking with four friends at a neighborhood street. A cat suddenly came out from a house started meowing and ran directly to me. I pet the cat and then left. The way back happened exactly the same. Why did the cat choose me? I wasn’t even the nearest person. I was walking in the middle of the group. What could that mean?

  55. Ever since I moved to my new house, 2 months ago, I hear meows randomly. I would say it has happened probably 6 or 7 times. Sometimes is just 1 meow, sometimes 2 in a row. It’s the weirdest thing. We don’t have a cat, never have had a cat. It seems like it’s just there, in the same room and fairly loud. Help!

  56. I see cats everytime i dream leadt 3 or more they aren’t harmful in fact i think their representing my black cats from the past and those i have now but thats how i think

  57. I don’t know what is this? I am seeing cats every time .sometimes it crosses my way and sometimes I can see them here and there. What is that mean. Is there any message or something?? Please help.

    1. I have the same problem. I dont ever feed the cats. But random cats around my apartment. And out of all the cars in the parking lot they are always under my car or by my car and when i come outside there by my door step. I dont understand what brings there attention to me

    2. Because of lack of food amd nutrients, cats Usually go under your car in the winter time to stay warm and protection.

  58. hi …. I don’t have any cats with me but whenever I go out . out of no where cats come around me and starts playing with me … how much I try to stand back …. they wont leave me … I also don’t have any relation with them … the stray cats just come to me and follow me around …. but still I like them a lot …. I don’t know what’s the meaning of this ??? can someone say me ….

    1. If stray cats come to you and play around with you, they are not stray cats. These cats are taken care by somebody and they arw very close with human. Therefore they like to play with people either for food or entertainment to amuse themselfves.

  59. Doreen Azzopardi

    Hi , my cat swiped me three times tonight slicing one finger. She seemed to be spooked by something , perhaps another cat. But was wondering is there an underlying reason for this spiritually or was it just that I frightened her further? I should have known better not to touch her as she was growling slightly.

    1. its very easy … just try to remember how her eyes where looking … if her eyes were having a black line type that means she was very much pissed out … also cats don’t like when their owners pet them or play with them for a long period of time ….. I hope it was helpful

  60. About 5 months ago a stray cat appeared. I first noticed it to be odd how it would just sit in a specific spot in my driveway and watch my house. Sometimes it would lay down but always the same spot. It would only come around about 2/3 am ish. But then one morning I witnessed it watching my children walk to the bus stop and get on the bus. 2 different buses. Well out of appreciation for what i thought was a thoughtful act I began feeding this stray cat. At first it would follow me, come to me when I called it. But then I got useto the children but not do much. Anywho it would only come around when my girlfriend wasn’t around. I found that odd enough but now its acting strange. It disappears for 3 dsys and returns. It does things to get my attention. Like it climbs on my screen door. It hopped on my girlfriend’s car to see into the kitchen where I was. Then just this afternoon it literally jumped and hit the window of my bedroom. All the attention grabbing acts have happened over the past week. I want to know is this cat trying to warn me and protect me or something else. Im not crazy I just know there’s no such thing as a coincidence EVER. BTW I’m in NC go figure 😒

    1. Today, a kitten is sitting on my walkway of a house we moved into a year ago this month. We live almost ten miles from town, with two neighbors in between (neither of which are missing a cat). It’s been raining steady the past week here, also…all of this, combined with the fact that she looks like a cat or two I’ve seen in my life, had me doing a little personal timeline, and discovering this:
      This marks the third kitten in 5 years to show up at random in January after several days of severe weather…while the previous two were in another state, in a city (so that’s somewhat ordinary) the “coincidental” factors make it hard to ignore. #1 was the January before some serious change in my life. #2 I literally would not have survived myself that year without her company. I’m anxious to see what #3 has in store, because I am on the brink of launching a business in have been planning for almost three years.

    2. its most probably because that cat seems to like you … without yourself remembering maybe you might have helped the cat somehow from something …or maybe it just want to show its gratitude towards you …. or perhaps it got a liking to you and hopes you will take him or her with you as your pet

  61. My cat has a mysterious air about her that shocks me. She seems to trust me with a passion that no other animal has shown me before. My other cat seems to have an air about him as well, but it isn’t as strong. Anyway, Spirit, my cat, makes me wonder if I could communicate with her. I feel like I have communicated with animals before, but I’m not sure if it was just my imagination. Even my mother told me that Spirit seems to be special in a way I don’t yet understand. The really funny thing about Spirit is that she acts human and acts as though she knows me, though she’s been in my house for just a little over a month. Is Spirit my living totem, or am I just crazy?

  62. I have 4 cats of my own, 3 are 7 yrs old and 1 is 15 yrs. I had a dream that I walked in the bedroom and counted 6 cats. Where did the other 2 come from? I also have a German Shepherd.

    1. Was there anything unique about the actions/markings/features of the other two cats? How did they react to you? Where specifically were the cats?

  63. I have 15 black cats, all of them are female, yet I have seen them attack males who try to mate with their friend. I also happen to be lesbian, so what does it mean?are my cats lesbian too? ❓

  64. Today I got home from work and walked in to my bed room. And there was a big black cat sleeping on my bed then it jumped up and went out the Window when it seen me. What does this mean

  65. Odd thing. Since about forever, almost everyday/night a cat crosses my path when I drive. All colored cats. And i live in the desert with very few stray cats around (I’ve only seen one or two). Does that mean anything spiritually?
    This post was wonderful and I enjoyed the comments too. Thanks for that!

  66. So my entire life cats have always surrounded me and been apart of my life and when I was a child I had a black and white cat that was thrown out of my house due to behavioral issues, but that cat never left my side and always slept with me and kept me company as a child. Years later I moved in with my mother and I was taking the trash out one day and a black and white cat approached me and was not at all frightened which if you know strays, they are very untrusting scared animals. I wanted everything in my power to take that cat in with me and something really told me that this was unusual because I had never seen a stray cat around where I lived before. Well years go on and I now live 1000 miles from where I grew up and guess what? A black and white cat was found sleeping on my car one day, I was startled and surprised because again I never really see cats around where I live, even here. And usually when I do see a stray, I never see them again. But of course, this cat sticks around and is very welcoming to me. And maybe you’re thinking “Oh you’re just a cat person” no. Other strays of different colors NEVER approach me. And I know this may be a little far fetched but I am of mixed race, black and white to be exact so I don’t know if it is a sign for me or something. But I have a cat, it is the reason I cant take in these strays, and my cat is FOR SURE connected to the living and dead world, we have had many paranormal instances with my cat so I’m beginning to think that this is all connected. But at first I thought my cat had a crush on this cat, but maybe it could be something spiritual. I dont know, I don’t know much about this stuff and it really only hit me tonight that there may be more to this. I was just searching online for some place to discuss this, and this website came along and seemed to suit me well.

    1. Maybe…

      Explore the situation when the first cat, the one who lived with you, was abandoned, maybe there is Healing in that situation needed for you. It seems Mike it can be an unresolved business.

  67. What’s weird is this just seems to highlight my life at the moment. I’ve been noticing how many cats I’ve been coming across and its acting as a reminder of how clever i am…my intuition and intelligence.

    It feels good to have that kind of reassurance.

  68. I had a dream one night that told me to beware the cat with the moon in its eyes when I woke up I had no idea what the heck it meant but then a night or two after I heard a meow from outside of my window I didn’t check it out from that day on it was happening off and on but i don’t understand why my family has never had a cat.
    A part of me was curious because every few days a cat would wake me up from my sleep and meow over and over and over I wanted to check it out but after my dream and the fact that it was the middle of the night plus to find it i’d most likely have to search through bushes for a cat that appeared after I had a dream warning me to beware . Does anybody know what this means? Should I have checked it out? What do you guys think? Has this happened to anyone else?

    1. That is extremely odd. But it doesn’t necessarily mean “beware of a cat”. It could be warning you about something in your life using the cat as a symbol. I guess it is possible it really is about the cat but I’m not sure why that would be. I could tell you reasons why you could want to be wary of it But I don’t want to pshyc you out. Trust your instinct. If you really feel that you should stay away from the cat I would do So. But maybe if you feel that you need to check it out, I would do that. Just trust your gut.

  69. Each time I go into this particular clubhouse there is a cat there that comes to me and sits or sometimes lay down at my feet. This cat seems friendly though but it comes to only me even when I am sorted with others. Please do you think the cat likes me or is trying to say something more to me as I am a Nigerian and I am someone who doesn’t really show my affection in public.. But for this particular cat to keep coming back to me each time I go there really wows me. Is there something about me or does it just mean the cat is friendly and just likes me. Please reply

    1. It could mean you should lower the walls with your affection. I’m no expert but something tells me the cat could be telling you to open up and show your friendliness. Hope you are haveing a good morning/night.


  70. Yesterday was Halloween for me. I bought a whole bunch of candy because I thought we would get a lot of trick-or-treaters. We ended up instead giving the pizza delivery guy candy. As the night was closing up, a trick-or-treater stopped by, a little girl and her parents. Apparently there was a young black cat hanging out on our porch. When we opened the door to hand out the treats, the cat treated itself and came in the home. It seemed to walk with a purpose inside our house. I was anxious at first because we have already a cat whose known to be unfriendly to other cats but I didn’t hear a peep from her. Suddenly I was asking my husband if we could keep it, when I heard his response I changed it to “can the cat stay the night?” In my head, because our cat didn’t react badly, I wanted her to be able to spend time and play with this cat. I was thinking of how lonely our cat was and how great that she found someone she could tolerate. My husband reacted differently. He was startled that the cat came in and probably reacted negatively (from my perspective) claiming that black cats are bad luck, especially during Halloween night. He promptly, chased after the cat who did little to evade him and when he finally caught it, he dropped it off back on our porch and watched as it walked away. I don’t think that cat was bad luck at all. I went off my instincts on this one and I had a positive reaction to its appearance but my husband didn’t even give the cat a chance because of rumors and superstition. What do you guys think?

    1. I do believe a black cat in an Halloween night is more important and meaningful but definetely in a good way. I believe it was a blessing or protection. Since it’s the night the gates are open and our beloved ancestors can visit, maybe it was the case. You van always write a letter to the cat who appeared and was sent way (dear cat, thank you for your visit, I am sorry how it went, it will be different next time, thank you, best) something like that so the situation is healed 🙂

  71. A stray black cat walked up to me this morning. Walked between my legs then circled me purring and rubbing against my legs. it then stood up put its paws on my dress and looking me in the face started purring. What does this mean as stray cats don’t really go near anyone and I am not really a cat lover

  72. I was trying to go to sleep and my body started to go numb. I then felt the feeling of a cat lying on the back of my neck. I have cats but they’re outside cats and my dogs don’t lay on my neck. Also after that I couldn’t fall back asleep. I don’t know why it happened.

  73. I woke up in the morning today and there was a cat on my bed in my room I looked at it and I was like woah what the heck it looked at me and it just calmly walked out the window it wasn’t freaking out or anything. Oh and it was a pure,black cat and it was really big. It was probably an adult.

    1. Omg this is what happens to my husband and I this midnight morning around 3 am and my husband couldn’t move and I couldn’t sleep 🙁 and we have no pets

  74. Strange… we were driving out of the neighborhood one day and noticed 2 cats sitting next to each other on the side of the road. I told my bf they looked like they were waiting for the bus! We got out, they came right up to me, skinny as can be and both lactating. We found 3 kittens as well, 1 that was at least 8 weeks and belonged to the gray tabby which we found a home for right away and 2 3-4 week old kittens belonging to the siamese. The gray tabby attacked my dog twice, so we found a home for it. We also found a home for the kittens when they were old enough. We still have the siamese and may be keeping her. What’s strange is that she shows up in my meditations every day! At first I saw her with 2 different looking kittens so I thought she might be pregnant again, but now I don’t think so. But, I do find it strange that I keep seeing her in my meditations. I mean AS SOON AS I get into state. This information resonates and is helpful. Thank you.

    1. It sounds as if this cat could be your familiar. Please look it up if you don’t know what it is. I will not try to explain haha I don’t want to give out wrong info or a bad impression on what a familiar is.

  75. Halo.. saya pernah bermimpi mengenai kucing beranak di bawah bantal saya pada saat saya sedang tidur, dan ketika saya mengangkat bantal saya (dalam mimpi) saya mendapatkan sekitar 8 atau 9 anak kucing yang sangat lucu. Apa arti dari mimpi saya? Terimakasih

    Google Translate:
    Hello .. I’ve dreamed about cat litter under my pillow when I was sleeping , and when I raised my pillows ( in a dream ) I get about 8 or 9 kittens are very cute . What is the meaning of my dreams ? Thank you

  76. I’ve always been connected to animals especially to cats. My grandmothers cat and dog killed a sewer rat as it tried to climb in my crib when I was a toddler. It has been five years and 3 weeks since my beloved best mate had passed away and when she passed, she visited me in my dreams and I tried to follow but a large black cat stopped me that was before Gordon tootoosis also visited me in my dreams. He always been a man that I’ve looked up to even as a child despite never met him but had a deep connection with the deceased actor and native American activist. Today, I have nine cats, 8 are the last two generations of my deceased cat that was born feral wild cat but we were strong and happy together but when she died I was incredibly broken. Her great grand babies are my salvation with my two children that keep me going and the ninth cat he chose me and my family and it has been now almost four months since Lil Hermes joined our clan. Wouldn’t change anything as it has complete us more ways than one.

  77. I’ve always loved cats and they almost always are friendly towards me. there are several cats that hang out near my house even though we are in the middle of the woods. one in particular is pretty much completely wild. it won’t let anyone get near it but when i am outside working in the garden it will come close by and i can tell it is being friendly. when i talk to it, it seems to enjoy it(it will do the cat smile where it kind of closes its eyes). also i’ve seen another cat kind of “guard” our house from another random cat (neither was the wild one though). it may have just been 2 random cats fighting for dominance but the guardian cat seemed very protective of our house and would sit in our yard and watch the other cat that was slinking around farther away. i just had a dream about being in an unfamiliar house that was very big and in some of the rooms was an evil presence that made me afraid.. because i sensed that it would somehow attack me when i wasn’t expecting it. but at the end of my dream a very affectionate motherly cat found me and started showering me with affection, which made me feel very happy. i have a cat like it as a pet but this cat in my dream was different.. it seemed very wise and joyful and like it was concerned for me and wanted to help/protect me. in my dream it was a very wonderful feeling when she was with me.

  78. Hello. In the last few years I’ve been seeing sames cats cross the street in front of me while I was driving. I see other cats as well but never crossing the street, only sames cats cross my path. It started about 7 years ago. I’m wondering what the significance of it all is.

  79. The last couple of weeks this grey cat with yellow eyes has been appearing outside my house at night it only comes to me when im by myself its like it goes into a trance and its eyes become fixated on me and it walks towards me without any hesitation and comes with in touching distance then just walks off my girlfriend said she has seen it but as soon as it spots her it runs off and the other night about 2:30am when i was home alone i got this urge to open the lounge room curtain and look out the window and there was the cat sitting there staring directly at me through the window about a metre away then it casually walked off it put chills up my spine ive been around cats most my life im 31 and know cats have different personalities but this cat gives me a weird feeling like nothing ive felt before its like its keeping an eye on me am i looking into this to deeply or is there something to this sorry about the grammar

    1. hi I think its trying to tell you something about your girl friend. do you trust your girlfriend? are you suspecting her of anything funny?

      listen to your instincts.

    2. That’s so weird, cus last Sunday I had such a strong urge to look out my bedroom window and was taken aback when I saw a grey cat sat really still staring directly up into my window – the cat didn’t flinch when I waved my arms around to distract it and stayed there for about twenty mins staring up at me! Then this eve at 00.16am I had another urge to look outside window completely forgetting about the cat last Sunday and there the cat was again sat in exact same place just staring up at me again – I defo think it’s trying to relive something.
      I googled symbolic meaning for cat and it said guardian of the spirit world – my father in law passed away two weeks Sunday and yesterday was his funeral so is it something to do with him? But then I do have spirits regularly communicate with me so is it related to that?
      It also said that cats in some Ancient Rome Nd ancient Egyptians times are linked to the moon and lunar goddesses and tonight it’s a full moon which is strange that it said that and I see the cat again on a full moon
      What do you think?

  80. Today August 9th I would say around 9:30ish pm I had my Front door open and slightly a cat color gray with black lines with white paws walked in my home walked out as my 1 ur old try to touch him then after 3mins it walked right back in it looks like a kitten still I really don’t K of about cats because I am a dog fan of bullies my husband thought I look cute so he closed the spring door gave him milk and the cats seems like if it was a home kitten may b wrong. All I want to know if anyone can help me what it means when a kitten walks into ur home .. I try googling but I can’t fine my right answer..?

  81. a cat keeps showing up at my door. it came in when i accidentally left the door open, but once i looked at it, it walked out. a few days ago i had left the shed open, the cat came, walked directly into my backyard and inside the shed. this morning it climbed the stairs again to my front door. i don’t get close or give it anything. could this have a meaning behind it

  82. My cat passed away just this last Tuesday and he was an amazing cat. One of a kind. He was very calm reverse meow, Very soft purr. I have never and I know will never meet a cat like him. He liked all animals and was very friendly to all animals big or small. Never jealous slept across the left side of me over my heart at night. If I had a nap during the day he would sleep beside me. Never jumped on counters scratched furniture and when one of my other animals acted up I would yell there name and Foze would come out of no where and defend me by hissing and trying to straighten them up for me.

    So for some reason he passed away to insulin resistance from diabetes. The vet said something else was causing it and we checked everything xray, urine tests, special blood tests etc.. everything was normal but he was just losing weight and dying and there was nothing we could do the insulin wasn’t working. So when he became unresponsive we made the choice. So last night (I live in the country on 20 acres) a kitten just strolled down our driveway. This was my childhood home and in 40 years we have a 1 kitten come our way. 36 years ago. Foze just turned 10 and died way too young. The chances of kitten showing up here are slim to none. I don’t believe it is Foze but my husband thinks He may have been sent here by him. I live off a highway Busy highway down a gravel road a swamp across. I know all my neighbours (for miles in each direction none of which have cats, Barn cats etc…. This little guy had slight ear mites and is super friendly and a little wild. About 4 weeks old.. We also have a huge long driveway. There is no way this would happen. Plus we have a dog that should of ate him but didn’t. He almost came right to our door. We think maybe that Foze in orb form found chose the kitten and got him to follow him here. To maybe say it’s ok that I’m gone and don’t be so sad. We both think Foze wasn’t done on this earth and it was a very different feeling when he left us. We just put our Doberman Jade down in February due to Liver failure. I’m just wondering what people think. I am definitely not ready for a new kitten and I said no more cats, We still have 3 more cat. They were all rescues. I’m torn can something like that really happen? Insight would be very greatful

    1. it is your cat froze that has came back to you , look after him , his meant to be with you reincarnation , his come back to his family like soul mates , kiss him from me xxx all my love michelle

  83. The last 4 years I’ve occasionally seen a black cat that isn’t really here.
    At first I ignored it, as I come from an odd family anyway. Then, one day I am making my bed when my age 6 daughter comes in , she exclaims excitedly, “Kitty Cat!!” And runs around my bed as if she is chasing this cat. Once around the corner of my bed she looks up and says perplexed, “I saw a cat.”

    That made me stop and think…ok… so my vision cat…. is not just in my particular head.

    It’s been 3 years since that particular event. I often go months without seeing the cat.. Maybe even a year and there it is again. I see it out of the corner of my eye, when I look it straight on it is still there. If it walks into another room it vanishes, if it is sitting there locking it’s chest and I blink, it disappears.

    I’ve never been able to correlate any positive or negative life events around its sightings.

    It’s popping round again. For the first time in…well quite some time
    I’ve seen it twice in the last month.
    And recently a new addition…a white fluffy cat.

    I own no cats, as my husband is quite allergic.

    It is odd these sightings and if anyone has any responses or theories behind these sightings of mine I’d appreciate it.

    Please don’t be an arse and give clever but mean intentioned responses.

    Thank you and best regards

    1. This physical world is a hologram; what we see changes as our perspective changes!

      My first thought is that maybe there is someone dear to you who has departed this life, and you are still feeling grief when you think of them. Our loved ones will sometimes show us something that is almost physical reality to get us to open our minds to other possibilities. The message is that even though the physical body is gone, the spirit of the person is still here with you. When you feel happy, relaxed, and allowing, you can feel the realness of their presence.

      I wonder why a cat, or now 2 cats? Are you are missing someone who liked cats? What do you feel when you think of cats in general? That may be the key to this. Are you missing having a cat, since your husband is allergic?

      I think it’s important to know that All is Well! Then these little mysteries are fun to puzzle out. 😉

  84. Winged Starseed

    In my dream, i was in a (very quiet, i was alone) mall, my siblings (particularly my older brother) were somewhere else, but i was alone..except, there were 3 what i was wondering if were crows. they were just hannging out, they were friends, they WERE crows, but they ended up growing long cat-like tails, a very dark grey and not the pure black you’d see on a black cat.
    then, i sat before what was preveously a crow, i asked my older brother (who was now there to tell us it was time to go) if they were cats or crows. he said ”it’s a kitten” and stood before me, a little kitten, having the markings like my older sister’s cat, a tortiseshell, but it’s spots were mainly on it’s back…
    it was a tortiseshell like my older sister’s very old (8 human years) cat, but they were a kitten like..the kitten she had around a month ago(?).
    i’ve been trying to become independent, so far it’s been a mix of not doing that, trying to abandon myself from any support from anyone other than myself and my spirit guides, then trying to get a bit of support from others?…it’s been failing.

  85. Seleka Sargent

    I went to sleep but right before I feel deep asleep I felt something by my feet and walking up towards my face so I open my eyes just a little and I saw not one but 2 cats one was walking over me and rubbing my face I try ed to move a little just to see if the cat will move away ,but it didn’t and the other cat was on my night stand a foot away from my face I close my eyes but when I opened my eyes they were gone so I close my eyes and yet again the same 2 cats. What should I do is this good or bad?

  86. Hi there. Last night, I spoke to my cat for a little bit about if she will be in my dream (I was just doing this just for fun), but then I dreamed about me being her (the cat), peering down at something (can’t remember what it was). What does this mean?

  87. The other night I was driving around and I saw 10 cats at different points in the night. This has happened to me every summer for two years now, what does this mean?

  88. The other night I dreamt I had to go away suddenly and I had to leave behind my cat who died a few months ago and I felt really bad as a person and sad. Last night I went to my moms where my cat died few months ago. I dreamt that one of my old cats were sleeping with me at bottom of my bed by my feet and it felt real.

  89. Oh my goodness!!! I went to a litter of kittens to rescue at least one of them and I got there went into the little space they were being held without water or food and I kneeled down and said “Okay who wants to come home with me ” and right away my cat (now of course) came right up to me and started rubbing his body and meowing in such a sweet voice. Right there I can feel our connection!!! He’s the one who came home with me and he is 6 years old our age, he talks to me, calls me mom, and or Joy. He also lets me know when he is hurt, he says ouch!!! Me and him are inseparable, he suckles on my ear lobes,hugs me while we sleep. So I do believe he is my land spirit guide/totem. Thank you

  90. Hello can any one help me. Today night i saw one black cat in my room when i was sleeping. Its still a mystery how it entered my room because all doors and windows were closed. After that i called my father and he drove her out. Can you please tell me what does it signs to me. Thank you

  91. Hello, could anyone help me interpret a dream I just had. I often have false awakening / sleep paralysis dreams. The dreams are always the same, I wake up in my room on my bed and I can’t move. I never see anything scary like shadows or demons like most people claim to see when they have sleep paralysis, but I do always feel weird like I’m in a world I don’t belong when I wake up in these dreams. Also the dreams always corresponds to the “real” time of day when I’m awake so it feel very real.
    Anyways I live with my mom and due to money we are sharing a room. We have a cat also and her name is Luna. I’ve had Luna appear once in these dreams about 5 years ago and she was sleeping beside me like she usually does. She looked normal nothing was weird or special about her in that dream from 5 years ago, and it didn’t really feel like she was actually there in the dream with me. Flash forward to today while I was taking a nap. I “wake up” and I realize I’m having one of those dreams. I always try to wake myself up by moving my fingers and trying to force my body to move, so that’s what I was doing. I turned over and I saw Luna sitting on my moms bed across from me and she was just staring at me. She had a really faint soft glow on her, it was kind of silver/white. I tried calling her over, because when she’s next to me I feel safe lol, but she wouldn’t move she just kept staring at me. I was able to call out to her with a whisper and move my arm up to motion her over but nothing, she just kept intently staring at me. Since she wouldn’t move I went back to trying to wake myself up from the dream. When I finally woke up Luna was lying on the same spot I saw her in my dream. I’d like to mention I felt completely normal when I woke up. I went to the bathroom and came back to pet my cat, but when I got near her I felt this wave of emotion come over me and started crying. It was so weird! I’ve never had a random emotional outburst like that. I really can’t explain why I cried, it was like there was some energy around my cat. I walked away and immediately calmed down and didn’t feel like crying anymore. These dreams I have I never see spirits or anything it’s just quiet and I’m by myself.
    Does anyone have an idea of what I saw and why I cried when I woke up? Is it that Luna is my guardian and is watching over me? Or am I just weird? 😆

    1. WHITE ~ Pertains to reflecting other energy and protection. It can signal a new energy in the aura, truth, purity, angelic qualities and a healthy individual. If there are flashes or sparkles of white light, angels are near.

      SILVER ~ Pertains to spiritual and physical abundance. A lot of bright silver may mean the money or a spiritual awakening.

    2. Thank you for the info! I forgot to mention that my mom meditates and is into psychic things. I actually woke up from my nap at one point and I could smell sage and then I fell back asleep and had that dream. I told my mom about the dream and she told me she did a cleansing with sage that morning and that the cat was probably influenced by that. My mom has a little shrine in her room where she meditates and she has gems on her bed under the pillow. Based on that I think the white shimmery light I saw around my cat meant she was reflecting my moms energy?? My mom has been a bit stressed lately and has suffered with depression so that’s probably why I cried when I got near my cat. I never really believed in this sort of stuff but it’s awesome to read the symbolism of the auras and make a correlation!

  92. I am not dreaming or seeing cats at my feet but I keep seeing a white cat out of the corner of my eye. I don’t know why, am I going crazy and seeing things, I can not explain the reason. I have been seeing this cat or about a year now. I saw this site and wondered if the was an explanation or this fornominm. Can anyone explain this to me or should I just keep quite about it

    1. Sarah Cunningham

      very strange because last night the same thing happened to me. and when I mentioned seeing a cat in my kitchen to my boyfriend, he said he thought he saw one earlier in the night. i know he wasnt joking, he pointed to the same spot I had seen it before I told him exactly where.

  93. jessica k henderson

    👿 I came home from work last night for lunch and there was a dead cat lying on my doorstep. I live on 10 acres and see a lot of wild cats around. Never seen this cat before. My husband said it’s a bad omen sarcastically. But could it really be? I have a pet cat with 4 kittens in the house and a dog. I feel bad.

    1. You can feel bad all you want, but it is unnecessary. Resistance to what has been and what is can only foster the false self; resistance serves no other purpose. Death reminds us to look within and examine what is truly desired by the heart. My dad died a week ago and it has only strengthened my understanding that this life is meant for us to follow our highest excitement(from a place of true love), and to let go of that which no longer serves the highest good. Look within and you will know that death is not the end, life is eternal love. The cat does not mind death for it already knows this.

  94. I’ve had a dream where a playful young fox came to me, asking it if I wanted to play. Then behind it was a white cat, she had her nose up in the air as if she was snooty. Does this mean my spirit animals came to me?

    I dream of fox, cats, pit bulls, bears, snakes, mice, rat, doberman, hyena, and spiders.

  95. Hi was wondering if someone could help me out.

    Myself and ex partner have been having a few problems and it results in him leaving and moving out for a short period of time.
    In this time I have the usual cats roaming the garden and neighbours cats crossing my path but for the second time now my ex partner has decided to come back and we are trying to work things through and a torture she’ll cat has appeared on my doorstep sleeps over night and keeps reappearing on my doorstep but this only happens when my ex partner come back to. Is there a spiritual meaning for this???

    1. omg….you just perfectly described my ex. this neighbourhood cat would only come around when he was there and trying to work it out. oddly enough, you published this on his birthday, ha! would def. like to know if you ever get a reply!

    2. It is said that this signifies the cat is offering you protection from dark forces as they walk between the physical & spiritual world! They offer protection from psychic attack & from those who wish to harm you physically!

    3. Be careful and look within; is this relationship driven by the ego? The love of source is all inclusive, but that does not mean that we should attach ourselves to people. You can love and walk away. True love does not suddenly turn into anger/hate. True love does not fight, it does not want or demand for true love already has everything within it that we could every want or need. True love does not need a partner, but grows exponentially in the presence of another that understands true love.

  96. I was outside sitting on my driveway lighting a cigar when I looked up & a cat was sitting at my feet. The cat started circling me, & with each rotation it got closer until it was rubbing against me, and then it laid down at my feet.

    Eventually, it got up and walked away. I car drove by & a guy asked me if I saw his dog, etc. The cat came running out of nowhere, stood in front of me and meowed super load at the dude in the car.

    The cat disappeared in the night again, and then I saw it in the grass, in a pounce stance, staring directly towards me.

    It took a running start at me, leaped into the air about a foot away from me and started swatting at something I didn’t see. And it circled me on its back legs, swatting at something I didn’t see.

    Then it laid down next to me, with its back to me.

    Eventually, it moved again and I snuck in the house.

    About 30 minutes later, the cat was at my front door meowing.

    Help? 😯

  97. I was walking near my block (void deck) which is brightly lit. I am very sure there were no cats around. As I walking all of sudden a black cat pounced on my leg from behind. I had no idea why. A few days before this incident, I saw a black shadow in my home. Any idea what this mean?


  98. Every once in a while I take a “cat nap”. Today I did just that and found myself in what looked like a mall. As I and some people I was with were talking outside of one of the stores an old, rough looking orange tom cat, who had quite a terrible injury on his back was walking toward us. Everyone seemed to be appalled by the cat’s presence. As soon as I saw their reaction and noticed that the cat looked tired, like he had a hard life and was injured I called to him. He immediately started walking toward me. I noticed that the people I was with had formed a line of sort, looking at the cat with disdain. As the cat approached me he stopped cautiously and I told him I would not hurt him. I let him enter into the store. I believe I either provided much needed shelter to this cat or healed him. Not sure because I woke up. He did not appear to be malicious, just tired, injured and in search of kindness.

    Most of the dream interpretations are pretty negative and at my core I do not perceive this to be the case for this instance. *** Any idea what this could possibly mean? Thanks!! Ann

    1. Hello Ann. This is the exact story of my Rufus. My wife was coming home from town one night and a big orange tomcat approached her group and called out. He was despised by the group ,but he talked to my wife. She went to leave and he cried out again . She picked him up and brought him home and he was a mess, matted dirty and stinky. I saw him and he was beautiful. We gave him a bath and he became a very special part of our family. He demonstrated love and thankfulness every moment. Sadly he got very sick and died after three months. We miss him so much. He was grateful for every moment he was with us. This was one of those life moments that was so special it hard to describe and he will always be remembered. There is no such thing as just a cat. My Rufus was special . So what does your dream mean- it means you saw the real need and that there was something special there. It means that there are needs every where and you can see where other people can’t or choose not to.

    2. Thank you for providing Rufus with a few months of peace and love! A book “The Cat who cried for Help” by Dr. Nicholas Dodman is a wonderful book. Rufus “knew” you would help and could be trusted. I have been a rescue foster for many years. I had a cat (orange tom actually) show up outside my home. He seemed friendly but when I turned to go inside to grab a kennel to retrieve him as he had no collar and no id and looked “stray” he jumped at me and grabbed the back of my calf with his teeth. (just a scratch no blood) and hung around my leg with his paws. I thought “good Lord I was just petting you and you attack me from behind whats with that?” The group I volunteer with spays/neuters and rescues anti social and feral so I plopped a can of food inside a kennel and in he went. He allowed me to pet him through the door and purred and seemed pretty sweet and happy. I decided not to foster him myself from the incident of him coming after me like that. The main foster volunteer explained my situation after she got a chance to look at him. He had a pretty bad access on one of his paws. He was in pain. He knew I could help (would help) and he thought I was leaving so he grabbed my leg the only way he could to get me to stop. Changed my perception of the situation/incident. Now I understand. Tom got a nice home. Most folks would have just shooed him away. I almost did even with all of my experience with rescue his behavior alarmed me. He taught me to look harder at each situation before making a judgement call. He had a reason and was trying to communicate and could “feel” I would listen. I have a 3 legged cat in my lap as I type this. They seem to find me. 🙂

  99. Hello,

    I was wondering if I could get some input on a dream I just had.
    “I was at my grandmother’s house, when an old cat appeared, he was sweet but while being held kept wanting to get down and show me something. As I went to let him out, My dog was sitting on the deck while a large, hissing rat was trying to come up the stairs. The cat would not let me go outside to go towards the it, instead the cat pounced onto it, squishing it into a flat bloody mess.”
    Any input would be great! I dream all the time and remember nearly all of my dreams in great detail. However, this one had me perplexed. Thank you!!

    1. Interesting dream Chris, here’s my take for what it’s worth ( aware this dream was a while ago now). Your grandmother’s house = feminine wisdom, the wisdom of the crone, or a direct message form your matrilineal line. I feel this dream is asking you to access a deeper intuition about a situation that may have been transpiring in your life at that time. The dog, who is usually a guardian was on the porch, or the threshold but was not able to attack the rat, perhaps because he/she did not sense the danger. The cat however did sense the danger and wanted to protect you while at the same time showing how to deal with a cunning predator… by accessing a deeper intuition. My sense is that whatever the situation or threat it was not able to be dealt with through rational means and required a more instinctual awareness. Was there someone in or around your life at that time whom you came to suspect may have had ulterior motives or was trying to take something from you in an under- handed way? You don’t say if you are male or female, I feel this would also add a dimension to your dream. The cat may also have represented your grandmother who is alerting you to a need to protect something, perhaps inheritance or a family secret? I would hazard a guess that money may have been involved. Or, alternatively feminine honor.

  100. Louie our cat had finished eating and so i let him out. Maybe like 30min later i sat down on the couch and was on my phone when i see him (or what looked just like him) walk by towards my room. I said “Louie come here!” And he purred/meowed back but had already gone into the bedroom. I put my phone down, got up and went in the bedroom to look for him, calling n calling his name but didnt hear or see him anymore. I checked the other room too, the closets, beds, nothing. At that moment i realized wtf am i calling/looking for him for? I had already put him outside remember? So i go open the door by the kitchen and Louie’s at the door, he meows as soon as he see’s me. And now all i’m saying is what the heck is really going on? ? Cats are magical i suppose..or i could be loosing my mind. Lol 😆

  101. Hi Everyone, this morning I found a black and white cat in the spare room of my house. It came in through the window during the night and made itself at home in my house. It was very friendly towards me and I let it stay there, I just kept the door closed because I have dogs who are not cat friendly.
    I immediately thought that this cat must be bringing me a message, I just don’t know what? Any ideas??

    1. The kitty is asking you for a home. My wife had a beautiful boy kitty come to her in a parking lot and asked for a home and a family. It was the best thing we ever did. Hold the kitty and introduce the kitty to the dogs and ask them not to hurt the baby. All the best.

  102. today is march 28 , 2016.
    My big orange cat died last night and now there is a big hole in my heart. I miss him so much. I found him as a stray and he came into my house and was very polite and grateful. he could be a role model for all humanity. I am soo sad.

    1. I don’t post online but I saw your post and it touched my heart. It was written so beautifully yet simple. I too have an orange cat, he’s 14 and he’s my soulmate kitty. I understand your pain. I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m also happy for you that you got to experience the orange cat magic. Sending positive energy for your healing.

  103. I had a dream of an orange color tabby cat ran into my house and in the basement when i opened the door. I didnt run after it but it looked at me once down the stairs although i didnt pursue going after it. What could that mean?

  104. I’ve always had an unusual connection with cats . When I walk around my neighborhood there’s several cats that walk up to me and just follow me . But one day a few weeks ago I was standing by a window and I noticed a cat watching me from a distance so I opened the door and it walked right in it was very loving to me I eventually put him back outside. Today has just been a depressing day , i can’t talk to my boyfriend at all and I’ve been getting weird vibes . It’s hard to explain but I’ve been waking up at 3:09 am every night . Anyways I’ve been in my room all day and I asked for signs and I felt lonely then the same cat from a few weeks ago was standing outside my window meowing I let him in and he loved on me and my pet bunny and then left what does this mean ?

    1. This morning I was woken up by my mother, my mother told me while I was in bed, she was in the kitchen making coffee and heard crying. She then went to the window and saw a white beautiful cat crying right at the window trying to come in. Even I heard the crying, so I picked up my cat, she may be pregnant, and walked towards the kitchen to the crying. ( I thought this may be the daddy ) however, my mother stopped me halfway by saying it could be a bad spirit trying to come in. Then I stopped, took my cat and went to bed. But, as soon as my mother said that the crying stopped and the cat seemed to have gone away. Also my cat is a very curious one, and she loves to meet new friends However she didn’t one go to the crying, she ignored it as if she couldn’t hear it.

  105. For the past two nights, I dreamt I was shooing a white kind of multicolored cat from curling up with my daughter and I while we slept. It acted like a pet. Like really peaceful sleeping with her above her head. Every night for the past two night the same thing. Can you help

  106. Well, what does it mean if two cats, come to your backyard, and begin mating just outside your window (i mean mere feet from where I am inside) at 1 AM the day of/after (technically) Valentines?

    1. And this wasn’t a dream. I had to shoo them away just minutes ago. (Its 1:16 AM) as I write this. lol I’m set for a job interview this week after searching desperately for years to change my fate. Hope it isn’t bad luck. 🙁

  107. I saw an image of a cat when i woke up just now(11:00pm).the color of the cat is grey and sitting and looking at somewhere away from 1st i saw the cat w/its whole image but afterwards its just a head left for maybe 15secs then its gone.
    What is that mean?thanks.

  108. The young kitten isn’t a threat. Tone will have a reason to be a fearless leader. As for the older cat, Tone senses some health concerns. The older one is calm for a reason.

  109. timothyjay richard

    a cat entered my home after i opened my door cause i thought i herd scratching from it what do you think this means and the cats color was grey with black stipes

    1. This cat choose you! It’s okay to get aquatinted. Observe his/her actions and enjoy! Cats rarely choose, they usually go about their business. Some great times are ahead for you!

    2. Hi Apriel, it sounds as if you are very knowledgable when interpretation cats. This is a the third time a ginger cat is sitting outside my lounge door on my balcony. I am very intuitive, however I do not know what this means. Any idea?

      Thank you,


    1. Pay attention to your intuition! You are very intuitive and naturally incline to turn any situation into a success story! You have pure awareness. Your subconscious, inner man (soul)is in touch with your spirit guide.

    2. I dreamt I was riding a huge tame polar bear who was very friendly to me last night. There were about 4 cats comfortably riding also but I shoo’ed them away because I couldn’t bring 4 cats home since I already have a house full of loving animals. I was disappointed that I had to shoo them away. I rode this bear for a long time, I’m people’s houses and on the road outside. He was taking me home. What does all this mean?

  110. 😀 i dreamed i was riding somewhere roundtrip and along the way saw a kitten picked up a kitten that was lost and put him in the car and petted him. i already have a black main coon male toona. Their was also as striped cat that was laying on the seat an older cat in the car with me. When i got home the little one went on the couch and slept. But tone got up saw the older cat and started fighting it. i got a towel and hitting them to separate saying stop it tone , tone got mad at me and grabbed my shoulders with nails and bit me, like to say why you bring this cat in here, i hit him with the towel. and he sat under me. He llicked where he got bit . but no meows. the other cat i told my brother who all of sudden appeared in the dream about to go out the door, i told him to take the other cat and he said, oh toona can get use to him in time. i said no put him in the hallway until this dies down,went back in the room the cat was just sitting there. i left it alone and toona came and sat back under me.

  111. A black male and tortie kitten end up on my doorstep. I have an orange tabby 2 years old. He gets along with the black, but can’t stand the tortie. Going on the 2nd month now. I feel like they were sent from a bad energy. It’s like my tabby is protecting me and wants me to get rid of them. Is this nonsense?

  112. I’ve seen in real life a cat a day so to speak. Not anywhere specific but anywhere I go I’m sure to have a cat cross my path. They range from colors: black, white, grey, etc. Recently, a white cat appeared dead in front of my job? Is there a meaning behind all this?

  113. DearSilken Raven,
    I had an odd experience this morning and was looking up anything I could find to explain it and came across this site. I was waiting for a cab outside my apartment and a black cat came running towards me – started rubbing against my legs and looking at me meowing – it was like she was asking for something so I gave her some food but she wasn’t interested and just kept walking through my legs and looking at me. A few seconds later a black crow scared her a little and went and sat right by where I have initially been standing. Once the cab came I let but I could see her folloing me for a little while.

    Can you tell me what this could mean?

    1. I just had black cat do that to me on a walk.It even wrapped his paws around my ankle. I can’t have cats where I live.

  114. Carolina Camarillo

    My mother saw a cat on her legs when she woke up. The cat was looking at my mom. My mom thought it was our cat but when the cat turned towards the window, she realized it wasn’t our cat. When she tried to move, it was gone. Our cat was asleep on another room. Anyone know the meaning of this?

  115. Can someone please help? I saw a black cat with a bird in his mouth. One in the morning before work then one on my way home from work. Could it be just survival and he was hungry or more symbolism to it? Twice in one day with a bird in his mouth seems like more to me. Please provide insights. Thank you

  116. I am not really fond of cats but for some reason one cat took a liking to me. 🙄 He seems to know exactly when I would come home from work and he would stroll up and starts to rub up against my legs. It’s weird but I think I can hear him telepathically what he is thinking. I never fed him so that that is not what he is after. He just shows up when I am usually sad or lonely and stay for alittle bit then leaves. Most cats won’t let you hold them for long but he allows me to hold him like a baby and he would purr and knead my skin. 😆 After I feel better he goes on his merry ways. I haven’t seen the cat in a few months since the owner moved. The other day I was thinking that I missed him. And tonight at midnight he showed up at my door. He has traveled a great distance to see me. 😀

  117. ❓ Today I was driving in to get my car serviced (routine maintenance) and on the way there a black cat crossed the road, left to right. Now I’m not superstitious in the least and my concern was for the cat — it’s the week before halloween and I know that can be a bad time for black cats.

    I went and had breakfast (too big and fatty, quite frankly) and about an hour and a half later, drove the 7 miles back home — we live in a rural area — and two more cats crossed my path. One orange, and I think the other was grey. All left to right.

    What do you think they’re trying to tell me? I’m highly allergic to cats by the way, but I don’t dislike them. Is it just that its a cold sunny morning and they are out and about looking for mice and such? What’s with all the kittehs? I haven’t seen a cat in almost a year and three in one day.. hmmm.

    1. Hello Carol: Cats are all about communication. Your left side is your emotional or creative side. Your right side is you action or “doing” side. You obviously need to tell someone how you feel about something and be honest about it.

  118. Hello! I had a weird dream tonight. in my dream the world was attacked by an big monster. In my dream I was cat (people in my dream called me cat too) and with this ability I was able to survive the attack while most places and building where destroyed. Is the Cat my animal totem? I’m confused because I’ve always felt a deep connection with Tigers and when I look back I see that the Tiger was many times in my childhood and so I thought that the Tiger was my lifelong animal totem (the attributes of the Tiger fits my character very well too). I’m confused now and hope for a reply 🙂

  119. I dreamt that my husbands sister in law posted us a tiered package when we opened it up there were various things but about the middle layer a fluffy cat came out (it may be worth noting I prefer shorthaired cats I don’t know) I was worried it would get on with our own cat & was a tad annoyed she hadn’t asked us first – the cats got on though & then we started noticing kittens of the same colour and type of the cat (sort of browny orange) then we got a couple of black & white kittens & they were all romping over the house. then I woke up but still felt that twinge of annoyance we should’ve been asked but quite liked the cats.

  120. Being a vivid dreamer is both my blessing and my curse. When it’s good, it’s really good, when its bad its terrifying and sometimes i’m just laying on my pillow staring at my ceiling feeling confused. Last night i had a 3 part dreaming session.

    Part 1: I was working at a department store and a man was stealing my actual real life clothes.

    Part 2: I had posted several adds to find my younger siblings who were adopted when i was younger.. This is something I have honestly thought about doing for quite some time, but knowing that most of my brothers and sisters are still under age has prevented me. Well, that and the nagging thoughts that perhaps they are better off in their new life with better families. ANYWAY, in my dream the oldest of my younger siblings responded to my add and we were reunited.

    Part 3: It was night time and I was alone. I looked and looked and no one was there. I sat on a park bench, feeling oh soo lost and alone when a beautiful black cat with wizened golden eyes approached me. Those eyes seemed to look into my soul. Then she hopped right onto my lap. Her purr comforted me as I pet her silky black fur untill I awoke this morning.

    It’s a funny coincidence that in my youth my friends used to call me cat woman. But the sad thing is that im very very alergic to cats. Can someone’s spirit animal be something that they are alergic to in the wordly plane?

    1. Of course your spirit animal can be one you’re allergic to. It’s a guidance for you. You need to translate the messages the animal symbolises.

  121. I had this strange dream i was walking to the kitchen i looked outside in my back yard before i let my dog go outside. Well before i did i saw a cat with a broken paw an. The cat look like its been ran over i went to the kitchen to get a small can of can cat food i opened it went outside to place it for the cat too eat so i could capture an rescue and take care of it But as soon as i opened the sliding door it was raining the cat disappear but you could still hear it meowing an as soon as i closed the door an step back the cat had appeared from no where again.. an just starred at me an then began to eat then one of my old cats that ran off havent seen in years popped up what exactly does this mean ..

  122. Tortoiseshellcat

    Good evening dear Silken Raven.
    Last night, when i was dreaming, i saw a Tortoise shell cat it was quite big in the forest, forest was from my childhood i was watching it from the window i assume at first, and the view closened to it’s really bif eyes, the face was bit strange looking maby or so i remember. after i watched it eyes for a bit it came playing fully to come closer and it jumped on to a top of sliced tree, then the view changed and i asked my granny that does she see her, and she replied that no she is at sleep so how she can see it? what you get out of this?

    Thank you alot. i watched some dream mood earlier but i would love to hear your opinions on this 🙂

  123. I Was Dreaming of a Purple cat that come unto me… In that dreams it seems like the cat know me and never leave me… That beautiful always on my side and never leave me once…

  124. Cinnamon Jenkins

    I felt a vibe outside my door. I opened my door I see a cat on my porch. I said come in. She came in ran threw my house a played on my bed. I gave her food water, she drank little water and my room. She came to sit next to me on my couch. I played in my bed. I charged my phone because it’s dieing. Every time this cat came within 1 foot my poo phone would stop Charing. The cat keep rubbing her face on my phone hard. So I played my phone on my bed and she played on my phone. So now me and cat are laying in my bed about to go to sleep. I just opened my front door and the cat heard people walking down the stairs, and the cat ran under my bed. So earlier opened the front door to see if she wanted to leave. And the cat walk out the door about 3 feet and came back in my house. She’s laying on my leg as we sleep tonight. Why did she come to me. Why is she so comfortable.

  125. Our beloved Kitty passed 3 nights before and her sister was in a trance at the top of the stairs couldn’t get her attention as she stared down stairs.. not even shaking the treat bottle would stop her gaze.. I know in my heart she was communicating with her passed sister it was beautiful.. though it freaked me out at first, it was a treasure..

  126. 😕 My spirit kitty died 18 years ago. I know it’s my beloved cat that was my boyfriend’s. When we broke up I poured all my love into him. He was my link to my boyfriend’s spirit. My heart shattered after our breakup. My cat came to me at first after my husband died suddenly in a car accident. Then when someone I knew died he would come. Every time he came it was just before falling asleep. He followed his same routine. Plop with jump on the bottom of the bed. I could fee him walk on the bed with his 4 paws. Then recently he out of the blue he started visiting when I was awakening. I was well aware of him and had some sleep paralysis. But more like I was scared and excited @ the same time. The only time I was feeling the visit was too much is the morning he nuzzled his head into my hand and. I wanted to look but I felt my heart pounding. He continues to visit in clusters of awakening. I tell him thank you in my thoughts. I believe he is happy to have found me and is here to give me pure purr! Love And Hope.

  127. I’ve always been creeped out by cats. I always say cats have a mind of their own, they think for themselves and that gives me chills. Unlike a dog you can never fully train a cat or get them to do exactly what you want of them. We had this cat named Kovoo when I was a small child and at that time I was deathly afraid of all animals. But this cat was extra creepy. Almost acted as if he were a human trapped in an animal’s body. Very defiant, extremely mean and aggressive. From this point onward cats never have been an animal I like, it just seems like they gravitate toward me. Maybe I’m just paranoid but my roommate’s cat will sit in the doorway and just watch me. Anytime I go somewhere in the house he follows me and keeps a distance away. It gives me the bageebees.. It’s like a mix of annoyance, and that fear factor. What could this possibly mean?

  128. Sooo many years ago i had this dream that i was on my grandmother house i was on the back yard then there was this cat rubbing against my legs in kinda was running away from it not by fear but sorta like annoyed and then the cat started making circles around my legs and then i turned into the cat …i always wanted to know what the dream had to say to me…

  129. i dreamt being in an isolated island surrounded with sea, we were locked up and on the next building i hear voices, screaming and it seemed they were being tortured and as i looked around it felt like i was one of the prisoners there and probably will be tortured next while wandering around, the guards went somewhere and the two big cats appeared they are colored black and white, the white one remained at the gate it looked like it’s guarding it while the black one came to me, i thought it will going to hurt so me i crossed my arms to protect myself but i was surprised it carried me and i was being thrown at the sea, i don’t know if it wanted to help me, let me escape, after i was being thrown at the sea i woke up. what does it mean?

  130. I dream about cats all the time, but this recent dream I had was magical. I was living in an old shack, out in the country. A few cats approached me. The cats could speak. “Hello, Sophie. My name is Fluffy.” one of the cats said. This cat was muscular, and looked like he was sort of the leader of all the cats. “Wanna go hunting?” He suddenly asked. I bobbed my head up and down, in awe. The cats lead me to a beautiful forest, with tall trees, and a waterfall running into a riverbank. I crouched down, and watched. The cats were quiet, and patient. I hear a muffled sound coming from the bushes. One of the cats pounced, like a bolt of lightning, escaping with a bird. As I looked around, all of the cats started catching various types of prey. Birds, mice voles, fish. It seemed like these friendly cats were basically showing me their way of life. Cats leaned over, and groomed each other’s fur, obviously possesing a strong bond. And finally, all the cats turned to look at me, practically telling me to follow them. They lead me to a dome-shaped building that looked abandoned. We walked inside. It was extremely dusty, and I started coughing like crazy. “Do you know what this is?” Fluffy muttered, as if it was some sort of secret. “The humans built a science museum here, and destroyed our home.” He looked at me with sad eyes. “I- I’m so sorry!” I stuttered. He looked at me again, but this time with a spark of hope. “There are two types of humans. Cruel, and kind. You are very kind to us. It’s not your fault. Besides, we found a new home.” All of the cats looked at me with friendly, kind eyes. And then I woke up.

    1. You could make a story about that dream! It reminds me very much of a cat book series called warriors by erin hunter. Of course, there were some differences, but it still reminded me of it! Your dream is so awesome!

  131. I had this black cat called fear any way one night I dreamed fear came in throw the door I
    picked him up and gave him a hug and I noted his tale was around his neak
    and so I grabed it and his tale came off his tale was in my hands but to my surprise fear was ok
    I felt as throw he was giving me his tail and their where no bad feeling in the dream But I did feel as throw something happened to him
    Not sure Y MY cat Fear was giving me his tail

  132. Lately I have been trying to do some soul-searching, and the best window into myself I can get is through my dreams. I’m too troubled in my waking life to be able to do it then.

    Bear with me, as these are connected and I would very much like some help.

    I had a dream about a stone tower that rose from the sea as part of a ritual. I was in an underwater house, staring at the tower and trying to figure out what it was all about. I found out that the window I was looking through was blocked by a screen that showed a fake tower, and I could see the real one from another window.

    The dream immediately after this one had a black cat in it who seemed to be a friend, or my spirit guide. At the beginning it weaved between my feet while I was at a huge party, one that gave me a bad feeling….sick, maybe. It left before me. I went out into a dark, swampy area filled with torches and shabby buildings with moving contraptions all made of wood. The feeling was rather good, like I was exploring and making some kind of progress. The black cat appeared again, ran to me and waited for me to pick it up. I carried it a while after that, until we came to a shabby wooden wheel, with carrying baskets like a ferris wheel. it gave access to three places, a high wooden deck, a black door, and a stone tower with a huge hole in it.

    I noticed the tower was dripping wet, and had the same greenish tint as the tower that rose from the sea. The cat asked me to place it in one of the baskets on the wheel. I watched it, and it got off inside the stone tower. It turned, sat, and stared at me from inside.

    I know I’m being told something, and I have a feeling I know what it is…but I am still confused. If anyone can give their perspective on all this, I would very much appreciate it.

    1. The first dream you had shows that you are in a deeply emotional state. And you have deceived yourself into believing that you are rising above it, emerging from it…. then you realize it is a deception and look the other way for the real answer. It is still out of your reach, but you can see it is possible.
      The second dream you had depicts maybe some social anxiety, you are uncomfortable at the party, but the cat has befriended you… showing you you have the option to leave this place, it is within your power to change the situation. Being explorative, and curious are cat traits and as you follow the cat outside, you are feeling different, better, now you are exploring yourself, seeing what you may have neglected lately that you actually like about yourself. When the cat requests to be carried, it may be showing you that you can still move forward on your journey while carrying / caring for others. The basket wheel and the three levels: you can carry on to the old deck level — maybe a level where you are comfortable, you have been here before, you have spent a lot of time here, the black door — the unknown, what is behind that door is a new start, but you are closing out the old ways, the stone tower that has risen from the water — you are acknowledging your struggles, and working through your emotions, to a place where you can be strong and protected, it has history, but it still stands tall. The cat shows that you intuitively know this is where your goal should be and you have the power to achieve this goal.
      Do not put yourself in uncomfortable situations to please others. Let yourself be you, it seems like you haven’t been yourself for a while, everything is “rusty”, “broken down”. Take the time to explore your emotions, understand and accept them, you will find, you like you. Know that you have the power to change your life for the better.
      Of course these are my thoughts only and I do not have your full account of all the emotions you felt at each part… or how you feel about my interpretation. I hope this helps!

    2. I believe the dreams may be in the struggle to know good from evil. We desire to chose God and turn from that which tempts us away from God’s light. Being underwater is a feeling of powerlessness, immersion and lack of control of your surroundings. Feelings of confusion, what is real and what’s not and the inability to see clearly. You see a tower rise to the heavens, out of the water and wonder if this is where you should go, is it good, is it real? The window with the fake tower, or illusion, adds to either the definite validation that the other tower is real, but also in all the confusion. is it safe? The water is the world with all the varied info trying to influence you this way and that with illusions and lies, drowning you in the fake reality it creates. The tower is a way out of the illusion, clarity, rising above the chaos and seeing clearly what is real. The false window is a symbol reminding you of false profits, illusions and pretend answers and allies that are not real, and will only trick you…not help you.
      The party shows a real world situation where your surrounded by lies and people who do not care about you or what is best for you (pretty much every day life for everyone on Earth) and another parallel to the water. The cat led you a path away from the lies and danger into a safe space on the outside. What could be seen as scary ( unknown woods) was actually safe. This is telling you to trust your instincts and not be afraid of the unknown. You are safe and will be protected. The water wheel showed you that the water, or turmoil that is life’s challenges and troubles, can be transformed and made non threatening when viewed a different way. In making it smaller, manageable, it can actually be a tool or asset of use for you. Meaning that yes there are evils everywhere and you are surrounded by things and people trying to drown you, but if use your power and break down the overwhelming challenge into something you can manage, you won’t be controlled and overtaken by the whole.
      The three choices are the deck- what appears to be a safe bet. It is familiar and you can see it, touch it, you know it is real. A black hole which is the negative space that is easy to fall into if you are not aware and actively choosing not to, and the tower. The tower is unknown and a little intimidating, but it has risen above the water, it is still wet which confirms to you it is the same one you saw earlier and is the path of good/ safety/ rise above the confusion of the world/ closer to Gog/ light and truth. The cat is affirming this for you by guiding you, showing you the correct path and waiting for you to join. It is spirit’s way of letting you know they are always with you either being held or walking along side or watching, they love you and they are there to guide you. You have a choice to fall into the dark, live among the confusion and influence, or rise above it and see clearly. I believe it is about having faith, walking your path and believing in yourself and trusting in God’s love.

    3. Wow Jenner, I don’t know who’s dream you are interpeting but it’s universal and such a message from Holy Spirit, or simply spirit. I kept being drawn to read your post and now I see why. Thank You Jennifer
      I was drawn to this site to read about dreams with kittens. In reading many of the dreams, I believe many of the kitty’s our ourselves, versions of us, blocking us or guiding, getting our attention however it can. Animals are guides from God, not to be feared in your “waking” life. I get a lot of guidance through animals thats how Im reminded of consistent Holy Love. Love IS.

  133. I keep having dreams with kittens in them. In one it was a black and white single kitten that I picked up because it was cold. In another there are a bunch of ginger and white kittens playing around, that my friend and Aunt pet, and talk about keeping instead of giving away. I know I have also seen kittens in other dreams as well, but never full grown cats. What could that be about?

  134. There is a stray cat that comes to my house everyday. I have been feeding this cat for over a year but it has never let me actually touch it. The way it looks at me though is as if it knows me. I can’t figure out how or what she means though.

  135. silentlamb_silentnomore

    I dreamed of not one cat but 4, and they were kittens being born and needing help. I have a cat also, of the tabby and white variety. It’s the first time and animal has come to me in dreams. I’m wondering about the significance of the 4 kittens. Blessed Be xx

  136. During meditation I saw a cat walk up to me. It was just the one cat (surrounded by darkness) slowly walking towards me.. Any idea what it could mean?

  137. I dreamt of sick white (or light colored at least) cats, (whose fur was dropping in different patches of their body), and they were everywhere inside my old home, where I grew up.. meowing at me and staring from under tables asunder sofas under beds…. I could only see their shiny eyes staring at me from the dark hiding spot. I took them outside one by one by holding them from the neck where mom cats hold their kittens from.. Only to find out that at first they kept going back inside… and hiding at the same spots and stared meowing at me. In the end they were all out and I woke up. Weird dream.
    I always dream of cats one way or another, this is the very first time I dream of sick cats.. weird!
    What does it mean???

    1. Hello Yiota: Cats are all about communication and I believe this dream is letting you know that you are not being true to yourself with your communications to others. Are you agreeing to things that do not sit well with you? Are you pretending to be something that you are not? Be yourself and speak your own truth from your own heart.

  138. When one of my favorite Cats Twix died I had a dream of Cat Heaven which was a big beautiful meadow full of Cats I started running around on all fours with them. It seems frequently in my dreams I’m running on all fours or flying like a bird…Guess some part of me really wants to be an Animal

  139. Why do I see a cat’s face in crystals? This doesn’t happen just once in a while…most of my crystals have it, and sometimes, I see it when I look at pics of crystals….surely, this is an omen or something right?

    1. Hello Violet: Cats are all about communication on all levels. Perhaps you are meant to expand some of the knowledge available about the vibrational levels of crystals and share that wisdom.

    2. i lost my cat.i cant find my dreams.when door open she runs in stay at my place.hope it comes true.i sure miss her.

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