Rottweiler Symbolism, Rottweiler Meaning, Rottweiler Totem, Rottweiler Dream, and Messages
Harboring resentment toward your situation will not help you resolve it. It just means that you are stuck where you are. Rethink, re-evaluate and select a new alternative.

Rottweiler Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Rottweiler symbolism is asking you to evaluate and weigh the choices before you. In other words, you have to select an option and commit to it. This spirit animal insists that you must follow through on your decision. Alternatively, the Rottweiler meaning may be reminding you that not all friendships come without agendas. Therefore, you should be carefully discerning what is on offer. Rottweiler symbolism, like the tick, helps you to understand that by being a little more selective with your friendships, you can significantly reduce the drama and the turmoil in your life.

Rottweiler Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Rottweiler totem, tend to adopt a wait and see attitude with most things in their life. Consequently, they never really take anything at face value and always look for a more profound significance in everything that they encounter. Folks with this spirit animal as their totem are also selective with their friendships. Thus they are a natural leader and rule with a firm, no-nonsense approach. They tend to take their time making decisions. However, once they make their decision, they commit to it entirely. Like the Lioness, they are extremely protective and loyal to their family. They will also put themselves at risk for others if the situation warrants it.

Rottweiler Dream Interpretation

When you have a Rottweiler dream, it symbolizes confidence, protection, and like the Elk, courage. If the Rotty is growling, then it indicates that you are experiencing some inner conflict. In other words, there is something that you are afraid to confront. However, you will be able to deal with it.

If there are many different dogs of this breed in your dream, it means that you have several different choices right now. Thus you must be selective in finding the right choice for yourself. If the dog is attacking a human, it means that one of the decisions you have made in the past may come back and bite you.

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  1. Good day
    I had a dream about seeing a Rottweiler, it was so friendly it just came straight to me and started cuddling with me. The strange part was that it found me sitting with my late Lebrador who was 7 years old Girly, we lost her last year January but her spirit is still with us. In the the vision the two were so cheerful with me they were both playing and cuddling with me. What does this vision mean?

    1. I think you saw my boy my Rottweiler I have been missing him terribly and wishing i would dream of him then i came across your posting. If you dream of him again tell him his Mommy loves and misses him. His name is Ranger and he is a strong sweet spirit.

  2. This morning (June 2, 2023) I found myself walking down a hallway with 3 Rottweilers. They were not aggressive. None were barking or threatening in any way. It was just three huge dogs walking down the hall (off their leashes) with me. It seems that they appeared twice. I had a similar dream around Easter 2023 with 3 and one was lunging and barking … in that dream I put my hand in its mouth. So, it seems the same dogs but different behavior.

  3. i had a dream that i was in a room of rottweilers and to my left in the dream was a huge one the size of a horse with a furry robe tied around it’s neck like a superhero. To the right were two regular-sized ones. I was in the back of the room observing them. I would love to know what this means – i am corporately fasting with my church and have been fasting for change in my homelife and i have come to realize that my heart isn’t the heart of my husband or at least his actions have spoken to me that we don’t align in certain areas that are huge. I don’t normally remember my dreams but i had two that i remember and this was one of them.

  4. I’ve always loved rottis they are my favorite breed. I have one now also a Anatolian Shepherd. Last night I dreamed I walked into a building. And two huge rottis came over to me. They started to lick me and the owners in the dream where surprised to see that. I need better understanding with this dream.

  5. I dreamed last night that I was with my fiance and approached by a large, growling rottweiler. It had a metal muzzle on its face- and it was trying to get it off. Eventually the muzzle did come off. The dog was very interested in me, and I kept thinking it was going to attack me. Instead it acted more like a puppy- kind of gnawing at my hand and throwing its weight on me. The whole time I was unsure and afraid that it would turn on me at any moment. I felt very uneasy and afraid.

  6. Flora Dragonheart

    Hi, I had a very wholesome dream of a tiny Rottweiler puppy. I spent the entire dream cuddling it at school. Not sure what I should take from this.

  7. Hi,
    Early morning I dreamed of one black rottweiller loving me so much and he/she was very happy and smiling. What is the meaning of it?

    And few days ago I dreamed of two great Dane dogs (grey color) licking on my face and they both are very happy. What’s the meaning of it?


    1. I dreamed my ex, (who is a very cruel selfish and sadistically abusive person in real life) gave me a Rottweiler puppy. He presented the puppy in his arms and it was wearing a ribbon tied in a bow. It was a gift that he meant as a form of apology.

  8. I dreamt of a Rottie ailing and hidden under a scooter. I was drawn to it becoz of the foul smell it was emanating becoz of not so visible skin issues. I was instantly drawn to help it recover. However, since I was moving n had to reach somewhere.. i was guided to send Reiki to Rott and pray for its highest good. And with heavy heart and faitg in prayer I walked leaving the rottie behind with a strong knowing that it will recover. This dream was very strong especially the rotten smell that drew me to it. Please help me understand this. Thanks

    1. Raven moon tarot

      You are most likely a healer. Possibly an empath .. pay attention to smells and sounds tastes you may be experiencing a type of physcic energy. I research this alot and about dreams etc. It sounds like it. For you to notice a smell that was like an alarm for you to heal. Animals come to us in many ways. Especially being a bit more in tune with certain physcic abilities you can get the message the animals need our help. I dreamt of a rottie last night. I really feel their was one or many in danger. They called to you. 💗 That is a blessing anything we can do to help these poor animals.

  9. This morning I dreamt I looked out of a window & seen someone had open our front gate to our yard so I looked at my husband I walked out to go close the gate and there was a Rottweiler and another dog that I couldn’t really see as I was trying to close the gate the Rottweiler was barking at me viciously like it wanted to attack me. I turned around and start yelling at my husband to let our pitbull out. When our dog got next to me he just stood there looking at the dog.

  10. I had a dream just a few minutes ago, that i was outside with my sister, and there were, not 1, but 3 huge Rottweilers. When i decided to go inside, the dogs started barking. My sister then went over to tell the guy to keep the dogs inside. They started chasing her and biting her. I tried to throw rocks and stuff at them but they wouldn’t stop.

  11. hello, I had a dream about a rottweiler this morning. This is a type of dog that I would never dream about owning. I don’t have any pets but if I were to get a dog it would be a small one. Anyways in the dream the dog was with me, very quiet, just being in my presence. There was a part of my dream when I was looking for him, looking all around my house, but he was hiding underneath the sofa bed. Lol. It was definitely a weird dream.

  12. I dreamed of having a rottweiler on a red leash, I was shown past dreams in different segments and they were past dreams where I felt afraid. But with the rottweiler either beside me or in front of me (depending on which dream we were visiting) I felt safe, protected and strong. With the rottweiler there, my past dreams we visited had a different ending, a positive one. It was an amazing dream experience.

  13. I dreamt that a Rottweiler leaned its head against my stomach and then looked up at me with a gentle expression. In the dream I felt safe and warm and very loved. Very comforting.

  14. I dreamt about adopting a Rottweiler. I always wanted to adopt a dog, but Rottweiler doesn’t cross my mind at all (I like Corgi, but I really don’t mind any kind. But due to my living place, I can’t keep any). I went to sleep the other day thinking about the choices that I should take with regards to my current job (to resign or not) and suddenly it was so clear in my dream about adopting a Rottweiler, and I’m so happy having him. Does that mean Rottweiler is the one for me to adopt in the future? Thanks!

  15. Hi … So last night I dreamed about a rottie with a jackrussel but the rottie was vesios and it bited me on my hand it also tried to chew off my hand …. After he bited me I went to get some meat at the store and threw it to him he growled at me, he took the meat and I jumped the fence, it wasn’t even a split second I was over the fence the jackrussel came to me and he allowed me to pet him but as I look up the rottie was behind the jackrussel and growling at me, as I stood up from the ground where I was kneeling the rottie jumped on me and bited my face and tried to pull me apart I screamed and tried to fight the dog luckely my fiance came, picked me up and walked away the rottie did not do anything to him I just cryed and cryed in his arms ……. Can someone plz tell me what that means

    1. Hi hunni!

      Sounds to me, based on ur dream, that ur tormented about something..

      That there’s something u want that uve maybe tied a little for, but haven’t given up on yet.. and that u have a pal that will always be there for u, no matter what..

      But it also kinda feels like… and here’s where I’ll get a little crazy….. feels like ur not sure about this fiance, altho u know he’s/she’s a safe choice who will always take care of u… feels like u want more adventure and risk and challenge but that u don’t wanna give up on a good thing.. which I totally understand.

      Good luck hunni!! Xo

  16. Hello.
    I had a dream with a huge mighty Rottweiler. I can feel his power and was really careful not to anger him…however he was allowing me to post him even under his chin. He pushed up against me it was great. What’s your opinion on this.

    1. On the 25th . A large Rottweiler came to my door and waited on the porch for two days and on the third day the pound came and got him he was not my dog and I do not know what it means he was very large very calming he pushed up against me and he allowed me to pet him. I was not scared although He would block me as I tried to get into my house and he would also want to come in my house with me but i would not let him.

  17. 😳 I recently just lost my puppy. He ingested Flea Treatment and passed away. I had vivid nightmares that my other dogs teeth fell out, but I also had a dream that I had a very sweet Rottweiler as a pet. He was a dog that nobody wanted. They all deemed him to be a “bad dog” a “pit bull” and nobody wanted him on the streets. He was not allowed outside, he was not allowed to play with anyone else’s dogs. But he was so sweet. I’m crying right now because I can remember feeling this distinct feeling of “I know what people that own dogs that nobody wants feel like now” and then the dream was over.

  18. I had a dream there was a mini rottie no bigger then a soft ball that drowned. I picked it up and gave it CPR kinda it started breathing and awoke. It was fine after . in the dream everything was flooding and I was trying tomwescape with my family. What could the dog symbolize in his sence.

  19. 😛 my wolfy is a great dog to me and protects me in spirit, He will not allow those that does not need to enter into my realm.. I know its meant …

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