Nothing happens by chance. Every action has an appropriate reaction. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. You reap what you sow.
-Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Meaning and Messages

In this case, Doberman symbolism is asking you if you are defending somebody without knowing the full facts. For example, perhaps the drama of the moment is just drama designed to engage your empathy. In other words, the Doberman meaning is reminding you that you should be asking direct questions that will dig out the truth and facts. Once you have the data, then proceed from there. Moreover, this spirit animal helps you find clarity so that you can detach from fiction and realign with reality.

Alternatively, Doberman symbolism could be reminding you that everything has an opposite. Similar to the meaning of Crow, light must have darkness to exist and be understood. Thus, we have the power to change what we perceive as undesirable thought or reality. In fact, by focusing our thoughts and intentions on our positive choices, we turn the darkness into light.

Doberman Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Doberman totem are a contradiction of temperaments. They are aggressive and fiercely protective of those who are close to them and yet, like the Deer, incredibly compassionate and gentle at the same time. Their loyalty never falters in the face of disagreement and opposition. Occasionally, when challenged, they will get extremely aggressive with their need to maintain their commitments. Folks with this spirit animal totem have a knack for understanding the Universal Law of Polarity. They know precisely how to use this law by focusing their thoughts and intentions in ways that will manifest positive results almost immediately for them. Other people tend to find folks with this power animal a little bit aloof and standoffish. However, when they get to know them, they will seem very different to them.

Doberman Dream Interpretation

When you have a Doberman dream, it symbolizes your ability to make balanced changes in your life. Moreover, you do this by aggressively pursuing your goals and ambitions. If the Dog is acting aggressively in your vision, then it signifies that you have to take care not to hurt others in the pursuit of those dreams. Alternatively, a red Dog of this breed can represent your intentions towards others. In other words, you need to clarify or re-evaluate those intentions.

25 thoughts on “Doberman”

  1. I miss my doberman sooo much.i dream about him all the time.just this morning I dream about me and him playing and I woke up laughing . And then I realized it was a dream so then I went from happy to sad again and as I type this in I started to shed many tears rolling down my cheeks. I guess I’m still hurt that he is gone. Iv been thinking about getting another doberman to help me cope with my emotion of loosing my great dog Kitty. Kitty conde was his name.

  2. I had a dream where me and my friend were in what i believe my mom’s room and i had the door open but instead of the hallway, it looked like it was the front door and for some the outside of the door was like an apartment hallway and right next to the door from inside the room (where i was and my friend were) we have a stand with a TV on and right outside the door there was a doberman just sitting, staring at me with its mouth slowly opening and closing without it making any noises, just staring, then the TV opened and it just showed the same doberman but the TV was flickering, so i got up and for some reason i brought the dog inside and petted it but it kept staring st me menacingly without making any moves, then the TV started going crazy with the dog disappearing from it and when i looked down at the doberman sitting in front of me it stood up and started kind of going crazy and the whole atmosphere in the room got dark as it was about to but then i woke up, what does that mean? Also my friend that i was talking to in my dream kind of disappeared once the weird stuff started happening

  3. I had a dream of 5 miniature pinschers puppies black and white? And one blue pitbull (gray coat) puppie?

    They listened to me and I was there owner every time I called them for a walk inside my house another dog would pop up in the house. So I told my friend so we can search the entire house to see if I am missing more puppies.

    I don’t have any dogs in real life.

    On top of this my mom was remarried and they brought there son.
    She invited a girl who kissed me on the lips when I asked her name I am girl all I did was ask her name and she got the wrong impression and kissed me the whole dream I was trying to tell her what her friend did but was afraid and kept having to walk the dogs I did like 3 times and every time a new puppie showed up.

    My question is why so many puppy miniature pinschers ?

  4. I had a dream that my sheep dog died and the next day I came down stairs and we had already got a new dog it was a red dog he was a big gentle giant like my Rottweiler cross Doberman that passed a few years ago, he was oddly calm for a young dog and the whole dream I just played with him

    1. lost and confused

      I own a Doberman, me and my partner. In this dream, my dog wanted to attack me and I was freaking out that he was gonna bite me. My wife was t stopping it. She kept telling our dog to bite me, laughing and enjoying my suffering. The dog bit my right hand first. I screamed and freaked out so more and she kept taunting me and the dog. He then fully goes for my left hand and this one he creates damage. After this altercation, we argue in an apartment. Then a known lady by my wife comes in and they starts cheating on my face flirting and touching. I lose it, grab a knife and press it against this woman and tell her to get lost. My wife, my grandma and the lady freak out and scream. I don’t know what this dreams in its entirety mean but I’ve been looking for meaning of each element all morning ;( horrible dream

  5. I had a dream where me and my dad were at my school. I was brought down to the section with the younger kids along with a group of my not so close friends. One of them was giving us a demonstration of what to do. She took half a chicken, place it further up so it was hidden in the grass, and then let my dog -who’s a toy poodle- find it. Instead of eating it she threw it back to us. It was then my turn and I remember by dad telling me to get the dogs to do it o had to say their name. I remember him telling me a name starting with D but I forgot it as soon as I stepped onto the grass. I was on an open oval with the chicken being hidden meters away where a few trees where. Then two Doberman where released and I ran towards the trees but didn’t get far. Instead I turned around so I could keep everyone standing around in sight. I kept yelling names at the dogs but I couldn’t think of their actually name. I knew it started with a D but I couldn’t think of it. I knew they were attacking me but I wasn’t afraid, more wanting to get them to find the chicken. The only word I vividly remember telling was ‘Doom Dog’ to which a girl from the crowd mumbled about how that was their German name.

    The dream ended their because I was woken by my sisters alarm but I immediately googled the dogs name and came here. I also remember thinking the dogs were German Shepherds at first, as well as the fact that we were showing their ability to sniff out drugs, specifically cocaine.

    I don’t usually remember my dreams but this one was just so vivid. I remember thinking which usually when I do remember them, doesn’t happen. Instead I’m looking back on myself in a third person view like scene. A bit happened in the dream before this but it’s blurred and I can’t remebet majority of it.

  6. i had a dream of and old lady walking down my street with two doberman black dogs with red eyes they were quite but she was coming to us me and my family was at my grama house talking and notice her walking down the road everyone ran and hide but whn i tried to i couldnt move i hit my leg on the chair n was stuck n bout time she stood over me i woke up what does that means

  7. I dreamed that me, my mom and some other people are talking about a dog in a strange outdoor place at night and two Doberman Pinschers were sleeping there too. They were talking about one of those Dobermans but I was afraid of those dogs to hear what are they planning for it. I couldn’t understand what they were talking about but only understand they were planning something bad about one of those dogs. I woke up at the midnight and walked forward and those two Doberman Pinschers woke up too and walked after me. There were many dogs one side of the street and told the two Doberman Pinschers what we were planning for them and one of those two Doberman Pinschers bit me from my ass and I woke up.

  8. Super Random Doberman Pincher Lover

    I have had a few dreams where i owned a doberman pincher and it saved me more than once. Most of them have confused me. Up until now i relised that it wasnt me that was being saved. I was the doberman pincher. The other was my best friend. I have a loual friendship with her too. She was bullied, still is, and i help comfort her and stand up for her. So when those dreams happened, i realized that the dream was telling my to continue being loyal to her and stand up for her for in the future when the time is right, she too, will help me. Do you agree with my theory???

  9. I dreamt of this dog chasing me and some of my friends at night, me and the dog cross paths and I get away safely, after it clearly could have attacked me. After I turn around to see after it passed me it chases one of my friends and they disappear into the night. I later find out she dies. I think this means that as I am chasing my goals and dreams that It will be inevitable to not hurt anyone. What could I have done? Any guidance please?

  10. When I was a child I had dreams of black dogs chasing me almost every night. They were very aggressive and stalked me in my dreams. Once one of them bit me and when I woke up my finger hurt where it had bit me. I was never able to figure out why I just remember being so scared to go to sleep when I was a child I would cry and cry and cry.

  11. I had a dream or kind of I woke up and there was one next to me and I don’t even own one but I blinked like 5 times and it was gon my car was there but the Doberman wasent any more so it must of been a dream but it felt more then a dream.

    1. I woke up in the middle of the night and to my right of the bed were two medium size Doberman’s staring at me. I reached out to touch them and they disappeared. Wasn’t scared but curious if they were real.

  12. I’ve had a dream of a Doberman, I was in a field, the sky was dark and a Doberman came up to me. Being nice I gave it some food or water and it looked me in the eyes and spoke “thank you” it said and turned to leave and I woke up. What does this mean?

  13. I dreamed that 3 Doberman Pinchsers were trying to enter my home threw a locked screen door which had a whole in it. They were trying to unclock the screen and were really aggressive. I was able to hold them back, while at the same time was trying not to hurt them. I managed to close the door and keep them out.

  14. I’ve had a recurring dream for almost two years of a Doberman with a scar on its face. It has been a junk yard dog, a stray, a friends pet and numerous other roles in varied dreams, but the constant is always the scar and that when I make contact with this animal that we are like old friends, he or she is instantly my protector and familiar, regardless of the dream. Interpretations anyone?

    1. Do you have a friend who has been good to you for a long time. A friend who has been through a lot of ups a downs whom you haven’t really taken much time to get to know really well but he/she is there whenever you need him/her?

  15. I am out of balance, I had to put my rust and tan dobe down, she had been ill and old, but I feel so bad about it, like I betrayed her, I couldn’t protect her.
    I heard her bark a couple of days after I buried her, and I have been having dreams of dobe puppies since.
    I wouldn’t mind a puppy, but shouldn’t I wait, or am I being told to go ahead?

  16. Hello Stephanie: Embrace these animals as your guardians and learn as much about them and from them as you can. They will guide you with your decisions and life journey if you ask them to. The reason the animals are fighting is because you are currently at war with yourself. You have choices before you that you know may not be right for you – but are tempted through peer pressure to go that route anyway. Walk your own path and your guardians will be at peace. They were merely trying to bring your attention to the conflict within you.

  17. Stephanie Schultz

    I had a dream tonight about visiting a monastery (this is the 2nd time I have had this dream) but this time was a little different. There were two dogs(and I think they were there the first time but this incident didn’t happen) well one dog was a wolf hybrid (which for some reason had brown spots on it’s chest like a doberman but definitely looked like a wolf hybrid.)Sadly I forget the name of the wolf hybrid but I know he must have had a name? The 2nd animal was a purebred black(like the traditional doberman colors) and he was called Seven I assume that is his name. So I am in the back of this place and it was forest backyard thing going on with a stranger talking watching the wolf hybrid I was a bit nervous of him but I did want to be friends with the mysterious animal, but then Seven showed up and he started to growl and walk up the wolf hybrid and I didn’t want Seven to get killed so I was screaming at him to get away when the mysterious 2nd person I am with gets up and tries to grab him by the collar and then my dream ends, it cuts off to a totally different dream and then I had to wake up for school.

    I want to know if a dog might be my totem animal or or these are my guardians? If they are showing up just now? I have always wondered if I had guardian animals and I always wanted to believe I did….but if these two animals are my guardians why are they fighting?

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