These circumstances require you to approach them differently than you normally would. It's time to try a different angle

Meaning and Messages

Usually, Fox symbolism is letting you know that the solution to a problem is at hand. Like the Monkey, this animal’s spirit has the ingenuity to solve any problem. However, in this case, the Fox meaning guides you to solitude and silence until you see the way out. Much like the Tiger symbolism, a healthy combination of persistence and patience will strike a balance that will pick apart a problem until it is solved.

Alternatively, the Fox meaning could be emphasizing the difficulty you are having adjusting to a new living condition or job. When sly Fox symbolism crosses your path, it can be a signal to open your eyes. Thus, you can see the situation for what it is, not as you wish it to be. When you find yourself in a position or environment that is trying, allow yourself to be fluid and adaptable. Fox symbolism reminds you that you have all the tools and resources you need to turn money, career, or living difficulties around.

Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Fox as their totem are intensely loyal. Often they are a joy to watch or to be around. They are energetic, outgoing, personable, and very flattering. While not exactly social Butterflies, Fox people can use that sly energy and their keen sense of camouflage to “fit right in.” Folks with this animal totem are also keen observers and skilled at remaining unnoticed. In other words, they blend into their environment and move around unnoticed in any company or group situation.

People with the Fox totem also adapt and portray themselves as whoever they need to be in any given interaction. This affinity for fitting in often means that they are a jack of all trades. Folks with this spirit animal totem will take an interest and educate themselves superficially in a significant number of areas while mastering none. Moreover, this allows them to chat or engage in small talk with ease. However, this does not mean that they are disingenuous. It merely says that they do care and take an active interest in the feelings of those around them.

Folks with this power animal are also very creative problem solvers. They can even seem eccentric because they are quick to think outside of the box. Their swift wit and thinking is a universal tool for them.

Dream Interpretation

Perhaps you need to conceal your thoughts and be more discrete about the current situation you find yourself in. The Fox may also symbolize someone in your waking life who is sly and sneaky. Alternatively, seeing a Fox in your dream indicates a period of isolation or loneliness. It would be best if you took this time to ponder an issue or reflect upon your life. The dream could also be a metaphor for someone who is a “Fox,” as in a foxy lady.

To dream that a Fox is flying into your window means that you need to be careful who you trust. Someone in your waking life is up to no good. If the animal in your dream has weird coloured fur, look up the coat colours in a Dog dream.

250 thoughts on “Fox”

  1. I was sitting but not in any particular place, it wasnt dark or light, when this silver fox with beautiful fur came and sat on my lap and curled up. Right before my alarm woke me I had a sense that the fox and I were about to conversate about something important.

  2. I had a dream that I had gotten a fox cub for a play mate for my dog, who is frequently anxious and sick and getting old (a Maltese). The fox cub was a baby, not even weaned yet and was a red fox but was colored blue on its stomach. My friend kept taking the baby fox and licking its blue stomach to get high, even though I told him it was not good for the puppy. There were all the little fox cubs and they were stuck in the mud. They were in danger because of the blue mark. It was a very stressful dream. I could not rescue them.

    1. The fox represents the reasoning mind. So, a kit symbolizes new thought. The color blue means your loyalty is in one place but your true desire is somewhere else. Your friend may signify subconscious want and his licking is communication to the reasoning mind. Thus, to obtain higher consciousness one must become familiar with mindfulness. In this way you may move forward and no longer be stuck in the mud.

    2. Hello E W, your dream expresses the desire for your Maltese to be happy, whole and youthful. The color blue signals your loyalty but your heart may also yearn for something new. Additionally and alternatively, your friend may symbolize the subconscious mind communicating to your reasoning mind your true feelings. Intuition is the type of knowing that results from communication between the two minds. Staying in the present moment through meditation may help with your dilemma. This will allow you to move on and not be stuck in the mud.

  3. A story that happened to 3 years ago that I didn’t tell anyone about. I am more interested in it’s meaning. A park I often hiked, from no were I spotted a red fox bigger then normal it was just before 12 noon, the fox seen me and started walking towards me in a friendly manner like a dog you new. I started yelling but still the fox kept coming towards me, I grabbed a stick and started yelling and banging the stick and yelling. Finally the fox stopped and slowly s
    Disappeared into the woods. A week later a print of 3 animal foot print appeared on my arm . I don’t know what this means. There is a little native American in my family. I do not know. The print is still on my arm.

  4. i was meditating for the first time and i was visualizing on some past life stuff then i was going to see some important life event when i just saw a Fox running full speed in a muddy forest and after running for like 5 sec she was starting to eat a eagle , in a bit of a gore way , idk what any of that means someone help

    1. For some reason I feel it relates to boundaries in some way. Not laying down strong boundaries with someone or some people and allowing something else that you prioritise to be more important than the maintenance of your boundaries. Like being seen as a good person for example. The fox represents that thing and it devours the eagle which represents boundaries and the ability to be strong. This attitude would also limit full perspective and the eagle also represents the ability to view things clearly.

  5. I had a dream about walking on a tight bumpy path in the woods, and when I reached the end of the path there was a bridge that crosses a stream. But before I could cross the bridge I saw a red fox to my far left, watching me intently while crouching beside a small mound of dirt and grass. The fox wasn’t hiding from me, it was simply watching me with its amber eyes. On the other side of the bridge was a meadow with a beautiful house, but I woke up before I got to cross the bridge. A small detail I remember was a white blaze between its eyes reaching its forehead. That’s all I remember.

  6. Can anyone tell me having a white coulor baby wolf cub in a dream…. Someone has killed his mother and i took the baby cub and i was taking care of it till it become a big wolf…i was so happy in that dream i have a wolf.

    1. EspionageCookie

      If you meant by baby cub as in a baby fox that you took care of and you just got a confused typo there, perhaps this symbolizes a need for the mischief and cleverness of a little kid, akin to a small fox. That perhaps that whatever issue in relationships you have at the moment, what you seem to lack is a lot of childlike humor, for having grown up too much without remembering what it’s like to be young at heart. Perhaps you are being too overly formal or reserved for a relationship or with a group of people to progress in some manner. In other words, perhaps you are hiding a part of yourself that just wants to relax and goof around with others instead, whether with friends or family.

  7. I had a dream about a white fox with blue eyes who was running away from a big grey wolf with five heads and two other evil looking grey wolves with only one head each. A smaller grey wolf was helping the fox hide under a tree and the wolf was protecting him. That was all I could remember but it was pretty weird.

    1. EspionageCookie

      A white fox represents a messenger in spirit. After all, foxes can be associated with wise fun loving teachers, the type that knows how to make a lesson educational but also enjoyable at the same time. If you are feeling like you are lagging in progress when it comes to something due to everything being far too tedious and repetitive, perhaps there is an opportunity around if you look closer to make more progress with a more fun option, if you are open to it.

      For the grey wolf with five heads. “The numerology number 5 is an expression of personal freedom with wit and a sense of adventure. The numerology number 5 is a number that expresses its sense of personal freedom.” – affinitynumerology. This supports the above that perhaps they were not really evil wolves chasing after the fox, but simply a fun game of tag, but because you perceive adventure and going outside your comfort zone as scary, you see them as evil. The 2 other foxes may have something to do with the numerology of the number 2, which is teamwork and relationships involved in this sense of fun.

      The smaller grey wolf. . . I’m not sure? But perhaps this represents you. That you are protecting the fox because you are afraid of greater risk, even if clearly the white fox can look after itself.

  8. Can someone help me out pls. So awhile back I was having a hard time sleeping one night I came inside from doing some yard work and I sat on the end of my bed all of a sudden I hear a growl it started getting louder and louder I kept looking around my room for my dog but nothing then I happen to look at my door and their in the door way was a big red fox growling at me with what looked like blood around it’s mouth when it saw me looking at it, it jumped up at me growling at barking really loud. I am not sure it if was a day dream or an actual dream but when I woke up My heart was beating really fast and I was really scared.

    1. I say shortly after that experience someone really close to you more than likely a very close family member, died or was involved in a tragic accident, that significantly harmed them. With the aggressiveness more than likely a male.

  9. I had a dream last night I was standing in a snow-covered wooded area when I saw a red fox. I walked up to them, they were pretty friendly as I held out my hand to sniff it. After it smelled my hand I pet and scratched behind its ears. Then I woke up. So I’m wondering what does the fox showing up and our interaction means.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the red fox has an association with the root chakra, which is often presented as red.

      “The first chakra is associated with the following functions or behavioral characteristics:
      Security, safety
      Basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, etc.)
      Physicality, physical identity and aspects of self
      Support and foundation for living our lives”

      You might need to adapt with the characteristics of a fox in this area of life.

  10. I dreamt that a guy I was talking to befriended a talking fox. They cuddled under a starry night. I would keep going in and out of a 3rd person and 1st person point of view (so sometimes I was the guy). I told the Fox that I appreciated it for being able to speak English. I asked the fox how it learned? Fox said when it was a pup, it was found at the bottom of an abandoned sinking boat. I forgot the rest of the story but it started solemn and sad.
    But I remember the connection with the fox and I was grateful for its friendship because it’s helped me in my life.

    This was the extent of my dream.
    I have 0 association with any foxes in real life.

    What do you think this means?


    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps the fox learning English from a sad story meant that the darker times of your life allowed you to communicate better. Foxes represent adaptability after all, and perhaps to adapt to changing scenarios in life, you had to change yourself too. That, or if you are not already like this, is a message that if you find a way to better communicate yourself with a deeper clarity, wider vocabulary and persuasive wit, you’ll find what you need. Lots of articles and books online on this topic.

  11. Could someone help interpret? So here is my dream: I travelled to a foreign country, what appeared to be Japan, with my father. (In real life I am married and living with my kids and husband) We we’re staying at some very small home or apartment. We were having hardships. There was a water leak that filled our place and our car broken down. My father appeared to be sick. One day he suddenly says to me you are going to marry “him”. I was very confused who is him? And why would I marry someone when I’m already married?
    I went outside, sunny beautiful day, I stood on the sidewalk in front of the complex of small town homes, that appeared to be in good condition and very nice. A woman on the street answers me, “him” and points. I replied, “who is him?”. She pointed to a very unique appearing Japanese man. He was no very tall, but taller then me, slim, blond hair, light coloured eyes. My thought was, well he’s not gorgeous, but he’s not ugly. I asked the woman “who is he?”. She said a name in Japanese. I did not understand. She said “it means Fox”. So I asked her, “who is he?”. She explained that he is the smartest man alive. He has the ability to calculate, mathematically, outcomes and predict future. She said he’s alway correct.
    I felt this uncomfortable feeling but curiosity at the same time.
    Somehow, it was nighttime now and I was sitting on the roof of the complex. Looking at the moon and thinking of meditating. Suddenly, he was there and he said or asked me something. I don’t remember what it wasn’t clear. I felt very nervous. I did not know or feel that I could trust this person. At the same time I was hoping I could and I was curious.
    He seemed like he was trying to test me. He was watching how I respond to scenarios. At the same time he seemed to be trying to earn my trust.
    We were still on this roof. In the moon light. He pointed down to the ground, in the bushy back of the complex was a mother fox with two pups. She seemed worried and anxious. He told me he’s concerned for her. Her mate and the father of her pups has not been back for two days and nights. I stood back and watched. But I took no action at the time, instead I moved further away from her, so I don’t make her more uncomfortable. I felt that she might not be comfortable with humans watching her, especially considering the circumstances.
    It appeared that I woke up at the place I was staying at with my dad. I felt that I was worried about the momma fox. I was worried that her and pups were hungry. I did not want to disturb her neither. I brought a bag of dog food for her and carefully let it down with a rope from the roof. She and pups ate and I felt happy.
    Suddenly it was nighttime again and I was on the same spot on the roof where I wanted to meditate. The man suddenly appeared and smiled. He said “good news” and pointed to the fox family. The male fox was back. I felt happy. I woke up.

    Very interesting and enjoyable but questionable dream and concerning about my father. I’m not superstitious. I usually try to explain things via science. But this dream was weird. I immediately searched “Japanese fox dream “ and found “Kitsune”. So weird.

    1. I don’t think you are going to marry the japanese man. It does sound like he was testing you. Maybe the foxes represent what it could be like if your husband left you. But as you see the male fox came back, so the family was okay. So, I think your family will be okay too.

    2. Mikaela Kujanson

      Can someone tell me why I saw a fox cross my path, then a bald Eagle, then a coyote crosses my path. All happened within minutes of each other and all in the same morning today. Thanks

  12. Hi, so im entering a new stage of my life of change, and im starting to see someone new.. we have encountered many foxes together… only together.. i never see them otherwise. I also asked for a spirit guide just before hand, any idea? it would be much appreciated


    1. EspionageCookie

      Foxes represent charm, humorous and fun company, so perhaps this is a sign of a very exciting life with someone else. It usually indicates someone very charismatic.

  13. It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. Tsitsho, Fox came to me today and just seemed to demand to be written about. Fox is considered a magical creature, one of the wisest of the tricksters by my Gandmother’s people, the Haundenosaunee. Fox adapts better than any other creature, even Coyote. Unlike other Canids, Tsitsho hunts alone, though she mates for life. In this time of crisis, this time of isolation, Fox reminds us that isolation can be a choice. She nurtures her family, and is faithful to her partner, but goes out alone to hunt. This allows her to keep her distance while she explores and allows her to adapt quickly to any situation. Wise Fox also reminds me that, though my life, like so many others, has been filled with trials, I can adapt and learn if I do not linger on my troubles, but focus on seeing and especially hearing this new world and the new opportunities that this new world presents. Wise Fox, when in doubt, stops and listens. And then she acts. She does not linger any longer than she has to. If the usual does not present itself she finds something to use in the new. Tsitsho is quick and fluid in all situations because she listens so well. This is a good time to listen to Fox, to Tsitsho, and learn from her agile wisdom. This is a good time to know that Tsitsho shows us how to survive, to overcome and to thrive when the world is not what we expect it to be. This is what I have heard from Wise Fox. This is what I have heard from Tsitsho.

    1. Wow, I feel like your comment answered some questions about a dream I had last night.
      I dreamt I was outside and multiple wolves appeared and were going to try to get to me. But then out of nowhere multiple foxes appeared to defend me. I think more foxes than wolves too.
      Maybe we have more help than we think sometimes 🙂

  14. Hello, thank you for this wonderful site!

    I’ve been having health issues the doctors haven’t identified yet. My heart rate jumps to 140 BPM while resting. I feel I have an elephant sitting on my chest sometimes with chest tightness and breathing issues. I’ve been to the ER 5 times now where they do a cardio evaluation and don’t find anything but high heart rate and blood pressure. I’ve been to 2 Primary Care Physicians multiple times, a cardiologist, an endocrinologist (doing blood and urine tests this week), and they’re sending me for a pulmonary function test this week.

    Right before this all started a couple months ago, I saw 3 dead hawks along the road. Last week, a fox has showed up and sits and looks over at me and my house from across the river. We were starring at each other for a long time. Last night, the fox was making noises. I’m wondering if the fox needs help or is serving as a spirit guide and has a message?

  15. Please I need your help, severally mostly in the evenings if I’m outside, baby bat sometimes one or two tend to fly around me, even when I chase them away, it’s like they follow me where I go even when driving during the day they fly past my car. Please what does it mean?

  16. hi! Today I was driving to the library around 6ish and one fox crossed my path. After I left the library around 8:30ish, I like to drive around, so I did so and another fox crossed my path. Then as a drove past the spot where the fox crossed my path, either the same or a different fox crossed my path again from the same direction. What does this mean? Is this good sign or bad? And should I be concerned?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Foxes are associated with a kind of cunning intelligence, and that comes to mind when you were driving to the library. This is not a by the book type of smarts, but more a street smarts type of outlook. Perhaps it’s a sign that you need less just pure memorized facts in your search for knowledge, but a need for creative solutions and practical ideas of what can be done to make things easier. Think a bit outside the box when it comes to intelligence. It may also be a sign that it might be a good idea to explore reading new types of books you don’t usually read.

  17. Jacquelin Johnson

    I was just dropping my husband off at the airport and I took the back roads home. It was about 6:15am and still dark though there was an abnormal amount of traffic on those small roads. I passed a fox on the opposite lane who had just been hit by a car, it looked robe smiling, but I know it was crying out, tail wagging out of control and I know someone in the next line of 10 or so cars coming hit it again in the next 30 seconds. I know I passed that poor fox and saw the last moments of its life. It took the breathe right out of me, I had my daughter in the backseat and cried silently the rest of the way home. It was a traumatic thing to witness for me. It’s only been about 20 min since I got home and I can’t help but think that it means something.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since foxes represent adaptability and an openness to change, perhaps it was a big warning sign of how society has become too stubborn to change with anything new or different. People are stuck in their own problems because no one ever changes anymore. You can’t fix a problem with the same solutions that don’t work out. That might be why the problems are there in the first place. It might be an omen saying that people’s minds have become too closed, and there is little exploration or any bravery when it comes to taking risks anymore, to find a better life for them, and for everyone in general.

      Upon a certain age, people just stop learning anything in life. They assume they know everything already, figured everything out, but education doesn’t just end after high school or college.

  18. Hi, i have problem that need to somebody help me, i cant understand sometimes i see the people around me in animal faces!
    so many times this is happening to me and i dont know why its happen.
    I see my self in Fox many time,in fact Fox is animal that i see more than all and my psychologist cant find true answer for this effect,
    Did some one can help me to know what is this?

    1. You have vision and are being called to understand human nature through the spirit of animals. Many people have animal guides whether they know it or not. You have the opportunity to develop these psychic abilities and support people who are interested in learning what you see. If you wish for it to stop, then you may want to work to close your third eye. Your psychologist doesn’t understand because she is not a shaman or spiritualist.

  19. I live on a farm in the South-West of England, and have been seeing foxes on a regular basis for about six months now, always in the early afternoon when I’m out walking with my dogs, and usually in the same place, on a short stretch of lane which I’ve dubbed “Fox Alley”. On more than one occasion the fox has been sitting with its back to me in the middle of the road, looking back at me over its left shoulder. It will wait until I come to within about 30 yards and then run off down the lane before stopping to look at me again. This goes on for a minute or two, then the fox will duck into a hedge and vanish. I was down there this afternoon in the same spot when I had a sudden feeling I was being watched/followed, and when I turned round there was a fox following me, about 25-30 yards behind me. As soon as it saw me looking at it, it stopped dead and froze for a couple of seconds before turning back up the lane and into a hedge. I always enjoy seeing the foxes, but I’m beginning to wonder if there’s more going on here than I’m currently aware of

    1. Interpretations of the spiritual and totem realm aside, my guess is that fox is straight up curious about you, and is getting to know you. S/he sees you in the same place at about the same time every day, as well! Bet s/he will come closer if your dogs are not present. Lucky you!

  20. I had a dream last night that I was outside of my house besides the garage. Other people were there but I wasn’t sure who they were. Anyway I was outside and I noticed a fox I was calm at first but then the fox was turning into a wolf like one, the eyes were turning yellow. So then I decided I had to run for my life so it wouldn’t kill me. The fox killed a few people. I then was running for my life into my house. I managed to lock both of the locks of the door. Then the fox was trying to get in my house. I didn’t want to leave the door because then I thought that the fox would somehow manage to get the door opened. I somehow managed to have the fox bite me on my left hand. Then I wake up. I had another dream that my left hand got shot three times. I’m wondering why the fox would want to hurt me.

  21. I dreamt that I saw a dog with a couple of baby red foxes. I later saw them next to my bedroom door (opened to the left), in the dark. The dog (head next to the door) was nursing the foxes. I realized it was the foxes because of seeing the tail of the left one in the light and remembering that I had seen them earlier.

  22. i imagined a red fox leaping across the yard where i work on top of a long row of logs i was puzzled looking around over there and kept it to myself thinking i was gone mad it looked so real is there an actual meaning too this

  23. I was just driving(parked now) on a highway when a white fox just leisurely passed infeont of me. I hit the brakes to avoid hitting it since there was a car next to me and I couldn’t swerve but the fox didn’t flinch. It just looked at me and continued on. It was a white fox. I’m in west Texas and I’ve never seen a white fox just hanging around. What’s this mean? Thanks.

  24. Ashley Irene Rumpke

    I am curious and forgive me if I’m wasting time. Mediating it was a few clear images. A white fox with what looked like thin branches trimming it’s face it’s odd I’m aware. Her fur was like snow in the moon. She was laying at the base of a tree then next image inches away from my face just calm. I felt a head against mine but couldn’t see what it was. Then it was all over. Just gone. I was trying to meditate on some emotional pain I’m struggling with. Just asking for peace, forgiveness for my anger and thoughts. Really wasn’t focusing because frankly I feel pretty hopeless. But that fox, the intensity of the images won’t leave my mind. I’m curious of opinions.

  25. I had a dream last night, I was standing on a gravel road with a thick evergreen tree forest on my left side. I felt a moderate digging stinging pain on the back of my left shoulder blade, I turned my head to the left and saw a 5 fingered claw grabbing the skin on my shoulder blade. Then it went away and I looked forward and saw a small dark red fox about 20 feet away. In what seemed to be a playful manner, the fox strafed left to right and then came running at me, just like a little dog or something, and it went by me on the right and I looked behind me to the left to see if it was going to grab onto me just like the claw had done, but instead the fox had disappeared and I woke up. Does anyone have any ideas about this?


    I was walking my little Chihuahua at around 3/4am a few weeks ago (I wasn’t sleeping very well at the time) when I felt something like fly over me, there was a big shadow that came from nowhere and went over me to the end of the car park by my house.

    I continued to walk, and I could feel something watching me, so I turned and about 20ft away from me was the BIGGEST MOST BEAUTIFUL FLUFFY FOX! I have never seen a fox as big as this in the UK, it was almost glowing.

    He was just sat staring at me head on, with it’s bushy tail curled around the front of it, as if it were perfectly relaxed, and somehow it made me feel relaxed, even though I was mesmerized by it.

    He didn’t look once at my little dog (which would probably have been a nice tasty snack for him) but weirder than that, my dog didn’t see him, and she barks at every single LIVING animal and human she sees, it was as if she actually physically couldn’t see him…

    What makes this really strange is that I saw this beautiful fox that looked like it had an aura around it, 3 days after my dad died.

    Now I have read in some places, especially in Chinese folklore that seeing a fox/fox spirit is either a message from the newly departed to let you know that he/she is OK and has moved on to better things, or is the departed person themselves in fox form to give you the same sort of message.

    Do you think thats what it was?

    It gets stranger, when I looked yesterday, to where it slowly walked off to and disappeared on the night I saw it, I found there was nowhere for it to actually go. It was all house and brick walls – no escape.

    I didn’t dream this, it actually happened. I’ve tried talking to people about this but they think I’ve imagined it or dreamt it.

    I am a solitary witch with my own style (Not Pagan or Wiccan) I don’t know if this makes me more susceptible to animals, nature, the universe talking to me,or giving me signs?

    What are your thoughts on this? Please reply! I’ve still not “Dealt” with my dad passing, I think because we were so close I just won’t accept it. I am going to seek counseling, but I really need to know what you think of my experience.

    Thank you
    May you all be blessed 🙂 x

    1. Your father is in a good place spiritually and wants you to know that. He also wants you to understand that he needs you to let go of the sadness associated with his passing. Fox came to ask you to be at peace with this life change. You were not imagining this. It happened but you saw Spirit Fox, not physical fox. This is a common phenomenon that most individuals miss. Your father knew this was needed to get your attention as your grief was glossing over less obvious signs being presented to you. Be at peace.

    2. I think you are totally right – he was giving a happy farewell for now and love you message. In a form you’d understand. It’s beautiful don’t doubt yourself and God bless to you. Namaste

    3. I was reading on how it’s also a sign to like
      Open your eyes more, like Listen In and then tune in those may correlate as well.

      Blessed be

  27. I had a dream where i was visited by 3 white foxes i wasn’t afraid but I do remember thinking i hope they don’t bite because they are wild animals after all. And one seemed to be clinging to me like a child getting a piggy back ride. This is not the first time I’ve been visited by white animals but its the first by a fox. In other dreams ive been visited with a snow owl and another time by a white wolf. Each night i dream something interesting. I know I have a strong connection with animals i have all my life. But this dream with the 3 white foxes have me a little puzzled. Thanks in advance if anyone can help interpret this dream.

  28. Last night I had a very vivid dream of being outside in the woods in the country with my cat nearby when I suddenly heard her trying to get away from something. While I was looking for her a very vivid red fox appeared in my path with a clump of cat fur in it’s mouth. I freaked out and started throwing rocks at the fox and kept missing and it finally walked away. I spent the rest of the dream looking for my cat. It disturbed me so much I woke up and went to my cats bed and checked on her.

  29. My dream wasn’t exactly of a fox, but one of my friends was sort of a hybrid of a person and a fox. My friend was being sacrificed por something and I couldn’t save her. That friend (hybrid) has appeared in two of my recent dreams and I’m not sure what it could mean.

  30. Hey there,
    I’m a proud momma of two little dogs. This is relevant as one of them is a pup and resembles a fox, but in different color. I was dreamng I was holding my pup in my arms, but it was a fox cub! It was very playful and cudly and I was astobished that my puo was really a fox cup. Head over heels with it and wondering how this would be possible.
    This dream wouldn’t seem off if it weren’t that I’ve had this pup from last March already and I have had another dog resembling a fox for 5 years before thus one. Never ever dreamed a fox though! Could you help reading this dream?

  31. I was dreaming that I was playing a game that never existed, then a fox appeared in my room and it was scared or angry at the game. So I turned it off, the fox came up in my bed and lied there. Then when my aunt (which never existed before) walks in the room and the fox is hissing at her, yet it looked like she saw nothing there.She went out of the room, so I look back at the fox and realise that it’s a spiritual guardian. I thought to myself what could it be protecting me from. Couple of hours pass and the fox follows me everywhere I go so I let it on my shoulder.once I go back in the room I check out that game, it was a rated 16 but the worst part was the home screen. It was of a dead lunatic doctor that could control people and beside the doctor was a boy with no soul, eyes and mouth filled with solid black. The fox woke up and started hissing again so I took out the game and put it in a container. Next I’m at a bridge that’s over a lake and I break the disk and then throw the container in the lake. That’s when I woke up. Does anyone know what that means because I’m not sure and I would be really grateful if someone replied with an answer.

    1. Was the fox on your left or right shoulder? Does your aunt do things that would otherwise be looked at as “wrong” or “unjust”?

      I will explain that the “dead lunatic doctor” is very symbolic to our current day world, where technologies that are of no natural remedy to the human existence is used as a means to control the human psyche emotion and desire. In more ways than you know, you had a vision of the guardian spirit reawakening and prtoecting his people from dark forces.

  32. I dreamt I was looking out of a window at night time seeing a fox then it came towards the window trying to get in then there was a black cat helping the fox it managed to open the window and as I shut the window the cat started biting my hand…. can anyone tell me what this means pls thank you

  33. I dreamt I was in a forest chasing an orange fox, I caught it, held it down, and struggled to break its neck, as soon as it snapped i let go, and it jumped up, shook itself off, took a look at me, and bolted.

  34. I have a mamma fox and her babies in my hay loft. Have no idea what this means. But it feels like it’s a message. Thank you for your insight on this site

  35. About a week ago now I had a dream and I have been struggling to understand it since!
    In my dream:
    One red fox was dragging another dead red fox through a snowy Abyss.. I look down and see a blood trail in the snow behind them……..

    Aside from my dream I have had a fox run across the road in front of me twice in the passed 6 months. The most recent time was a week before my dream.
    If anyone may have an explanation I would love to hear from you!
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Marcia nascimento

      I was getting in my car and I saw a dead fox in the middle of the street
      Can anyone tell me what it means please?

  36. I had a dream that my 10 month old son was playing in the snow and a fox and it’s babies came up to him and start playing what could this mean?

    1. I saw 3 different dead foxes not beside each other but on the same highway. Two were on the way to the my destination and one on the opposite side on the way home! I went to the hospital to visit my mom who almost died from incarcerated necrotic stomach. The only other time I really recall even seeing foxes was when I first moved and they were 2 alive and crossed my path, letting me know the sneaky bad things going on around me but I’m lost as to this time!

    2. Just before I woke up this morning, 3 red foxes walked right in front of me. They did not look at me. They were walking one behind the other. Can you tell me what this means?

  37. Margaret Matthews

    Walked out of my house this morning and all was quiet and peaceful. I was crossing the street and sat in the middle of the road were three foxes in a line behind each other. I stood there for a couple of seconds and they just sat there staring back. I got scared and crossed the street, turned and all 3 where nowhere to be seen. Got on the underground and the lady sat opposite me had a coat, backpack and scarf with a fox on each – Its really bugged me all day…

  38. I had this dream where I was walking down the road and saw a dog. I was always afraid of dogs so I climbed up a vehicle then I saw the dog fade and turn into a fox. I always adore foxes so it made me wonder why in my dream I ran away from the fox.

  39. Thank you for the info however A red or brown fox appeared to me and it just looked at me then it left I did not dream this fox it just appeared like in a vision I was not asleep. More like a meditative state on my bed.

  40. Wow this was so true about me I was shocked to see how accurate is I use to love wolves but I’m in love with foxes and see them often now amazing huh 🙂

  41. Fox, Tsitsho, coming today in conjunction with The Journeyer seems like a message for someone who is closest to my heart. Tsitsho is a most sacred animal to her tribe. They call her Waagosh, and she is a powerful messenger of adaptability and nimbleness. When change comes into your life, Waagosh is your surest guide. She knows how to navigate change and how to Journey where no path has been before. Waagosh does not fear the new and the unknown that you are facing. She will show how to be fast and nimble and supple. Waagosh will teach you how to laugh and to sing and to outsmart even that part of yourself that is afraid. Waagosh dances beside you, dear friend. Know that she is there and that she knows you to be strong and brave and that she can teach you how to walk this new path, how to embrace this new and magnificent Journey.

  42. Hi, I just found this interesting page with all these personal fox stories and thought I would share mine–this just happened to me less than an hour ago: I am having many difficulties in my marriage of 25 years and hard talks with my husband. I am carrying a lot of pain with me right now, and I took a walk in our neighborhood to clear my head. I found my way to the basketball courts and sat down on the court under the hoop, pulled my knees up to my chest, and just started to recite prayers. When I opened my eyes to look around, a red fox came right into the court, right up to me, like maybe two feet away, stopped, sat on its haunches and stared at me. I have never seen a fox up close before and now, under the streetlamps, I was looking directly in the this fox’s dark eyes and it was looking right back. We sat there like that, just looking at each other for what seemed like a couple of minutes. I did not move, I barely breathed, but I held its eyes and broke out all over in chills, like my body knew this was something very important. The fox got up and then moved a little bit to the side of me, stopped, sat on its haunches, tilted its head and stared at me again like it was trying to figure out what it was. I started smelling something, like fox musk maybe? Quickly it got back up and repeated this same series of movements, and, each time it moved, I pivoted my body slowly to keep in eye contact with it. It completed an entire circle around me doing this and then, when it was in front of me again, it turned and started to pad away. It turned back one more time to look at me, and then crossed the street and was gone. I’m not sure what this means, except I felt like I experienced something very special that I am sure I will never forget. It was an I/Thou moment of communion, one that I feel was sacred and important. Whatever happens in my life, that just happened.

  43. Fox, Tsitsho is another trickster animal. She is known to represent cunning and cleverness, most of all adaptability and the ability to shift to suit the needs and circumstances of the world around her. True intelligence comes in that ability to learn and to not be trapped by our own preconceptions or the preconstructed world that we live in. Life is movement. Life is change. Tsitsho knows this and can show us how to remain alive and aware each and every day, and always one step ahead of the change that is coming whether we want it to or not.

  44. Annie Montgomery

    I’ve been seeing fox symbols a lot recently every time I’ve with someone I’m dating. One weekend when we went fishing we were told to be careful because the bushes we were fishing near had foxes. Another time we were eating out the girl I’m dating meant to say box and said fox instead and when I looked up I saw two fake foxes in the bushes in front of a Olive Garden? Then another time she pointed out a cute mug and it was in the shape of a fox. A couple days ago she pointed out a pair of fox Salt and Pepper shakers? I believe there’s a couple of other instances but I can’t remember specifically. All of this has happened in the last couple weeks? Can any one shead light on this please?

  45. I had a dream that a big fat ginger cat was eaten by a fox of some sort, pretty sure it was a fox and it looked at the cat and claimed that it wanted it. The cat knew and didn’t care until the fox bit and pulled it down. It was hurtful to watch since I felt afterwards the cat could of done so many things to not be in that situation. Also I even tried to save the cat, but I was scared of the fox who every time I touched I think the cat hissed and I became afraid. It was very weird because I am usually not afraid of animals..

  46. I had a dream last night that my wife and I were taking a walk while in my grandmother’s neighborhood. As we were walking around a corner a huge animal team past us. I couldn’t tell whether it was a mountain lion or a red fox. After I saw that it was a fox I whispered to her that she needed to run back home. She started to run but seemed like she was moving in slow motion. I urged her on till she picked up speed. I told her not to look back but to just keep running. As I started to run I noticed that the fox was after me but still quite a distance away. When I got back to the house, my wife was trying to climb on top of a cat in a panic instead of going inside the house. I jumped in the car and yelled for her to get inside. She did some type of gymnastic flip and jumped in right before the fox got to her.

  47. Over the past couple of months it seems a fox has moved into some area of the woods behind my house, because every now and again my parents have said they saw it wandering behind our house. I kept hearing about it, and oddly enough never saw it but was trying to make a lot of changes in my life- particularly where the areas of perfectionism and easy frustration are involved. I want to be able to deal with situations and grow and not beat myself up for making mistakes. Yesterday was particularly stressful- probably the most stressful day I’ve had in a long time- and the fox showed up in the backyard last night and I finally saw it for the first time. It looked towards us through the window before going calmly on its way. I have to wonder if I’ve got a guide trying to reach out to me to ask for his help while I’m trying to build myself up as a person.

  48. For 3 of the days I worked this workout of 4, I have seen a fox. Each time while driving home. I since, have been wondering what it may mean. He doesn’t seem afraid, until my car gets extremely close. No, I didn’t hit him, I hve slowed down each time. But, I haven’t even seen a fox in yrs til this week. Well, not that I can recall. I keep wondering what it means?

    1. I have been seeing this fox every night for the past week as I go home. Each night a different time but it would always cross the street the opposite way the next night. If it went across from the right one night, it would go across from the left the next. I keep asking what does this means. Because after the erd night, i ask myself is that really what it was doing and had a second thought maybe I won’t see it again. But every night he crosses “except last night”. It was already on the other side walking along side going in the same direction as me.

  49. Eirdway Umanhay

    I’ve had normal dreams for 7 months, but within them, there are always 5-7 >>winged<< foxes escorting me to it.

    It starts off with darkness then a bright light where the winged foxes fly out of where they slowly walk by my side towards it. And then they escort me towards the darkness after dreaming.

    I have reread the article many times but I was looking for a much more meaningful answer. The foxes where that of pure colors, and all but one are of the same size. The largest of them speaks of a language I thought was Latin because of the words, "Veni mecum" and "Totus est".

    Somehow I can reply fluently when in conversation, but dumb struck when I try to speak on my own. Sometimes I blurt it out in class while thinking about the foxes.

    I am a very trust-worthy person and my friends are always honest with me, even when it might hurt my feelings. My class and school knows me as the person you can tell a secret to and will never break a promise. So I find no evidence that someone is of a negative part in my life. Even my friends know about my dream problem. Most of them think it's based on Japanese mythology, but i have no connections with Japanese other than watching Anime. But that's all!

    I hope this gets a bit of attention and a bit of answers to my questions!

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Veni mecum = I came with
      Totus est = The whole it is

      I think your dreams are auspicious, in that the foxes are guiding you toward expanded awareness of this reality (which is not limited to earthly materialism, and is, rather, All That Is). They are even letting you know they are accompanying you in this greater awareness (“I came with”)!
      Check out the Seth material for more on expanded reality. Lynda Madden Dahl has some good FB groups about Seth, who was an energy that came through Jane Roberts in the ’60s, and is full of wisdom.

  50. So I went to check my mail in the middle of the night and a fox appeared under a street light and just stood there. The whole time I was checking my mail and walked back it was there just staring. My husband was next to me and I pointed it out, as I started saying is that what I think it is it bounced and dissappered. He never saw it.

    What the heck?

    Also there’s really no foxes around where I live.

    1. I don’t view it as helpful to say that your husband is being unfaithful. I merely think the fox is a guide to help you tune into your own powers of adaptability and discernment. Google “fox animal medicine” or “fox totem animal” for more symbolism.

  51. I wonder if anyone can have any input on my dream and tell me how they perceive it. In my dream it was sunset, my little puppy was just eager to go outside to the backyard, as I walked to the door I picked her up and became super calm seeing a little black fox the size of an artic fox look up at me with yellow/brown eyes with a another fox closely behind friendly playing with it. the sunset is now at the end turning dark and there are a group of them huddled and are playing and I just watch and observe and I don’t remember anything after that.

  52. I’ve run into a serious debt this past Jan – may 2017, eveything falling down so quickly, And have had to make a decision to close down my business that I’ve run my whole adult life. I made the announcement today, and immediately saw a healthy red fox just outside my Window. Never seen it before. What does it mean?

    Also five huuuge hares have been my daily companion these past few weeks while I’ve struggled with my future, and the big decision.

  53. Last night I had a dream that a red fox that was big and dominant was flying in the sky with a deformation with wings. It felt very welcoming and I don’t remember but when I think back on it I feel like it was tto save me from fanger I recently made a move and am adapting to a new relationship as well as my environment.

  54. I can usually interpret the meaning of my dreams, but this one has been on my mind all day.

    Last night I drempt that I was living in an old house with my husband and our family (but not our family). it was winter and there was a lot of snow piled up outside. I had a pretty red fox as a pet. It would smile and giggle at me and I would cuddle and hug my fox in front of the fireplace. We were so happy.

    Later in the dream, I was holding on to the front of a city bus as it was going down a snowy road. I has a bunch of red foxes with me (but not my pet fox). I don’t know why but I had to throw the foxes off the bus and return them to their homes in the forest. The fox that I was holding was clinging to me and had an almost human face. His face was so sad and he looked like he was about to cry. My heart was breaking for the foxes and I didn’t want to let them go. Somehow we wouND up back at the old house with my family and my pet fox. I’m not sure what the meaning of my dream could be. I can still see the face of the sad fox and hear the sweet chortle of my pet fox.

  55. I had this dream a day ago now. Most of it not so clear anymore. But I do remember this scene, I saw a fox/ kangaroo in a field running/hopping , I couldn’t tell at first what it was. As I ran after it, once it noticed me, it stopped and looked at me. I then saw it was a fox with legs like a kangaroo, once after I realized this, it started to pose to me, showing off its orange and black stripes very clearly. Dream ends from what I recall.

  56. Last week while I was outside on the front porch. a fox walked on to the front lawn till it was about 20 feet from me, turned to face me, sat down and then acted as if I wasn’t even there. Just looking around in every direction except mine!

  57. I dreamt a gray wolf made its way into my hotel and was hunting people. I made eye contact with the wolf and I knew I was in danger because it caught my scent. Out of nowhere a white fox with bright red eyes jumped out in front of me protectively and somehow communicates with me with its eyes that I need to run to the elevator. initially I was scared of the fox but I realized the fox was guarding me all the way up to my hotel room and then the fox went in my room and sat on my bed and that was it I woke up.

    Is there some significance of a white fox with red eyes guarding you from a gray wolf?

    1. Be careful with red eyes they are not what they seem ,, that was a block sent to stop your message from the wolf ,, you were steered in the wrong direction.. Get close to the wolf next time if you have any control ..

  58. While driving I saw a fox passing by and it crossed the street
    I slowed down and stopped to look at him because I had never seen one before he also stopped and looked at me.
    I just have this weird feeling, it’s like the fox telling me something??

    1. The same thing happened to me this week.. We sat there staring at each other for at least a minute. It was amazing

  59. Hello, just had a dream of meeting a fox playing in the snow and I pet the snow off its fur. Its fur was a beautiful red color and it went back playing in the snow.

  60. Hello!
    I just had a dream about protecting a fox. I was being chased by people who wanted to hurt me. They were some type of farmers and/or hunters that wanted to kill me for protecting the fox. I felt like I had to protect the fox no matter what because it meant so much to me. I had to run through a forest, and I jumped into a swamp, swam across it despite there being many crocodiles in it (which was revealed at the end of the dream). I also reached a body of water which turned into some type of tsunami, throwing me and many other people around like rag dolls. I eventually found asylum from the tsunami, which also killed the hunters, and I was in what appeared to be my mother’s home (it is not her home in real life)…and the backyard of the home was the swamp I was forced to jump into..I went out to reminisce about how I had to run through all of it…and it is when I discovered the water to be filthy and thick. I then saw a crocodile staring at me through the tried to attack me but I managed to get away from it. Once I was inside the house again, I realized the crocodile was trying to attack me because it wanted the fox…it apparently had children with the fox?….then appeared these creatures that were a cross between crocodile and Fox (haha). The fox looked very happy to see her children…but nevertheless… I really don’t know what this dream means. I’ve never had a dream about a fox before.

    Please help me interpret this! I would love to know why i had such a strong urge to protect the fox….is it my love for animals or is it because it is my spirit animal?

    Thank you so much!!

    1. I should also mention that I was carrying the fox in my arms the entire time I was running, trying to protect it.

    2. Hey guys

      Just remember when trying to interpret dreams , the emotion that is or was felt during the dream is almost more important then the dreams contents ..if you don’t put that into consideration you will get the interpretation completely wrong ..

    3. Last night I had a dream about a big red fox he was on a yard standing there looking in the bushes we drove by in a car but I felt I had to hurry up get out their I seen some on ground I said hurry get in the car it’s a fox out there do you know what This dream mean October 10 2018

  61. Hello. I had a dream in which a strange old man was leading me to a park. Upon entering the park I saw some animals dead on the ground, possibly due to getting stuck in the bog. The mud had dried and among various other animals (mostly dogs) was a beautiful white fox which stood dead in a sitting posture. I glanced at it and the man immediately led us to another place. But it was the fox which caught all of my attention.
    Following this dream I immediately dreamt of playing with four dogs , one of which was a rottweiler. Though I’m scared of rottweilers, it came to me and hugged me in such a loving way that I became fond of it.

  62. Last night i had a dream i was walking home down a road with woods next to it and a cute little fox was walking next to me . I was also talking to him/her . Nothing magor just small talk . It never talked back or anything just looked up at me and kinda smiled . My question though is could this be my power animal?

  63. Hello everyone,
    Lately I’ve been seeing foxes everywhere. In my dreams, when I’m driving, even just out for a walk. Strangely enough it always seems to bee the same one. In not sure if that’s possible considering I’ve seen a few quite a distance from where I’ve seen the others.
    Last night I had a dream about a beautiful red fox with a big scar on her face. She was running from something and looked absolutely terrified. Then she stopped, looked directly at me and said “run” and that was it. The dream ended.



  65. Had a dream that two little cute foxes had gotten in my house. One ran out quickly but the other tried to poop before doing so, so with a broom, I gently moved it out the door. They were cute, but they were foxes so I didn’t want them in my house. I went outside and said to my neighbor, look, the mom in down there not even watching over her kids. A blond woman was down in the playground- they were her kids? Don’t know what that means. However, before they entered my apt, I was holding a rat that was in my apt. I put it in a bag to leg go outside, far somewhere. I wasn’t too scared of the rat, I don’t kill animals, I simply wanted to release it somewhere and that’s when the foxes came in. They were cute. Baby foxes. What does all that mean? 1st time holding a rat and first time seeing baby foxes, they were like dark terra-cotta with white-esh faces.

  66. Good morning everyone, I had a dream that I was in the kitchen cooking and went to throw away some water in the back yard and there was a white dead fox laying there. It was really bigger than the normal size fox. I would like to give you a brief summary about my boyfriend had left me after 3 years with no explanation besides he don’t know what he want, and he don’t want to be in a relationship anymore.
    Then now I’m dreaming about this dead fox. He only been gone 5 days. Can someone please tell me what does my dream means??.
    Thanks in advance.

  67. I was awakened from a very bizzare dream by a long fox cry. It sounded like it was right by the house on one side and moved around to the other side and into the woods as it continued the cry/scream. I looked up fox bark/cry/scream for an audio comparison and that is what awakened me. And there is a grey fox that comes up to the house to eat corn I put out for the birds, squirrel and deer. But this is the first time it has made this noise and that it was loud and long and woke me. The dream I was having was bizzare and complex I think but the fox cry awakening me from it adds significance I think. Please tell me what you think this means. Thank you.

    1. This is hilarious. I had a dream with lots of similar elements in it. There was a forest, and paper mache owls and deer and birds which might have been either holgraphic or real. I was woken up by being bit hard in the right hand by a not very big fox. The bite didn’t exactly hurt, but the fox’s jaw was clamped on decidedly and unrelentingly–made me think of a comparison with a pitbull.

  68. I was riding passenger in a friend’s car last night when I suddenly received an image of an animal darting out in front of us in my mind. Earlier in the night, I’d asked for a sign as to how to proceed in a touchy situation I’m currently in that seems to finally be turning my way. Not minutes after the vision, a gray fox ran out in front of out car.

    Clearly, this was my sign. I came here to read about the significance of foxes and sure enough, I believe I’ve received the message I was looking for.

  69. There are some lovely stories about foxes on this page.

    I found my way here because I’ve physically seen foxes twice in the past four days and I’m entirely unsure how to interpret their presence.
    I’m not having a fun time with life at the moment, and I’m stuck and don’t know what to do with myself, but seeing foxes – twice – is, for whatever reason, reassuring.
    They are lovely creatures and I’ve had a number of experiences in the past with them so there is no question that they have some sort of influence on me. But I’ve yet to interpret what specific message they have. Visiting this site has made me want to meditate on it and I hope I am open to finding some answers before too long.
    Thanks for sharing everyone.

  70. (Fox related dream). So I had a dream that I was preganant. I can’t be sure how I became preganant, but I knew I was. In my dream I was trying desperately to get an ultrasound hoping that I was pregnant, but unable to find clinician willing to do so. I can only imagine, that it’s because I am a 32 year old male. And in my dream I knew that. Eventually I think I was able to get a scan. Now. Somehow I had given birth to 2 foxes. One much old and bigger than the other. I then left them as I thought they had died. In my dream it felt like several days past, but within thoses days, I was scared to go into the room to see the 2 dead foxes. After a while, I plucked up the courage to go in the room only to find them both alive. By that point, the old one had turned into the mother and was feeding the baby fox. I got the old fox some water as see he looked dehydrated. I was then able to bond with the little fox. I x ant remember much more from then, other than the baby fox got older and wanted to be more independent and would not let me hold he/her any longer……

    This to say the least was one of strangest but also very real feeling dream I have had. any ideas wouldn’t go a miss.

  71. I found a dead fox this morning. I thought it was sleeping, curled in ball by tree, then saw ripped neck bloody and gnawed leg. It was still warm and beautiful, so I buried it under leaves and gave blessing

    Any thoughts???. Fox is a guide for me, and occasionally I’ve seen dead ones or found other dead animals. Death is part of my life, this feels different and sacred?


  72. Hi my good friend passed away very recently. On the day I found out I saw a fox. On the day of the funeral I saw a dead fox on the side of the road. The next day I saw another fox a live fox. Can anyone help me to understand the meaning of this? Is this a good sign or a bad sign? A few months ago I had an astrologer read my chart. She mentioned to look out for symbols such as seeing animals and mentioned foxes. Weirdly that week before I had even spoken to her I had seen a fox in my back garden a few times that week. We were both so shocked. But I still dont know if its good or bad.

  73. Jaanai Naala Priest

    So happy to see this description for Fox medicine. It is absolutely what my soul needed for this moment. Thank you for making this available to us!

  74. I had a dream last night that I was driving home from Audrey’s place, my best friend I was meant to see as I knew we had plans for tonight, and on the side of the road the eyes caught the headlights. I saw the head of the animal first and realised quickly it was a Fox with her sharp and precise movements. She then looked at me. The fleeting moment itself seemed like we were staring, paused completely in time. Nothing happened really significantly in the act of it, it was just an aknowledgement. And then she darted into the grass and i drove home and passed out.
    That was a dream last night and just over 30 minutes ago it happened, exactly the same. Down to every minute detail of place and happenings. The weird thing is though, i caught up with a friend group I hadn’t seen in some time and I had to drive one of my mates home. We were chatting so well like old mates when honestly i dont know a clue about him but the basics. I haven’t had quality banter like that in a while. And then I was turning to the corner to his house and he saw an Owl. He asked what’s my spirit animal as he told me a story about how the Owl first appeared to him. And so I threw a couple of random animals in the air but I could tell as could he that nothing stuck.
    I’m home in bed now and google really helps, first page I’ve clicked on and I know. This is me down to every detail and I’m ready and feel it (mind you I’ve never been quite spiritual habitually but I’ve always felt sensitive to it however never acknowledged it). But alas, i am here and grateful for it.

    1. Hello Courtney,

      If I read your comments above you had a repeat dream along similar lines? Both dreams with a roadside encounter with a fox along the route, but in your 2nd dream, you had a passenger a friend you were taking home.

      The passenger in this 2nd dream is also the Fox itself as a doppelganger. The sneaky fox as the trickster tells you his spirit guide is the Owl. But, inadvertently in doing so reveals that he the fox is your spirit guide in the process. The fox in this dream appears twice in this 2nd dream as the roadside encounter whilst your driving and as a passenger in your car. :o)

      I also resonate with the fox as a spirit guide about 85% of the time, the other 15% I vibe with the turtle.

      Be well, Courtney.

  75. Hi,

    I had a dream that some friends gave me fox skin as a gift for goodluck although the fox skin looked like a miniature fox that is as dried as a rabbits foot charm. I have no idea what this means. Can someone please give me an idea on what they think it means.

  76. Hi there,
    Sadly my mum passed away last night from a brain tumour she’s been suffering from for 16 years, I had the honour of holding her hand when she took her final breath. I then took myself to the beach to say my own goodbyes, a place she often took me as a child. As I sat on a groyne, toasting and thanking what she had given me, from birth til now, I noticed what I thought was a small dog, it was dark and around 11.30pm at night but I was the only person on the beach, I then thought nothing more of it. Then 5 minutes later I saw this beautiful fox leap so gracefully right over the groyne about 2 metres away from me, by this time my mouth was wide open in ore. She stopped turned to me then ran off disappearing down the beach. I felt such a feeling of relief and my sadness turned almost into happiness. What struck me as very strange was that when I went over to where she landed, there were no paw prints from were she came and to where she went, there definitely should have been paw prints as I heard her land and the tide was going out, the water was quite a way off. I’m not one for hocus pocus stuff but it was very strange.
    But I will say this; Thank you beautiful fox wherever you are, you gave me light in a dark night full of sadness and loss. 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank you very much for your beautiful post sharing about your Mum and the magical fox on the beach ~ what a precious blessing.
      (My Mum also died of a brain tumour, in May 2013, only 5 months after being diagnosed .. and her birthday is/was 14th November.. )

      Hope you are ok and the signs keep coming to assist you through. I see foxes a lot tho not like yours, tho I had an ongoing experience of a little cd player, that had been in Mum’s room with a nature music+birdsong cd, that I left in it, which would inexplicably start to play ‘by itself’ and usually at times when I was particularly missing her. Strange things do happen!

      Love & Gratitude to Mums, & Foxes (& all the many other Blessings) xx

  77. Hi…I had a dream that all the kids in my life were running around playing in an ipen area in the woods and a fox wandered in and the kids started chasing it. Fix was scared an running around if different directions trying to get away from the kids who eere laughing.I t i ld the kids to stop chasing it because they were scaring it. So Fox ran toward me as I called to it and I reached my hand out to try to guide it to safety and fox bite my left hand. (Iam left handed) But When I checked my hand I realized that it bite me as a warning not hard and was concerned it broke the skin and I would need a rabies shot. But I realized that it could have really bite me but didnt. Your feedback woukd be helpful. I Love your site.

  78. I need help understanding the meaning of something please. I own a large farm in Tennessee where my husband and I raise cattle and horses. My father died in March and on the morning of his death he had been trying to catch a red fox that he saw coming out of his barn with a duck egg in its mouth. Shortly after pursuing the red fox he sat down on his porch at the farm and died of a brain anurisim. After his death I inherited his farm…a short time later I found a red fox dead in the road going to his farm. Yesterday, while bushhogging, my husband found a gray fox, dead, hanging in the forks of a tree. There is a pair of bald eagles that often fly over my farm and I wondered if it could have been dropped by an eagle flying over the trees. The tree is at the edge of a very large stand of woods along our land. It seems so bizarre that the fox was dead hanging in the tree. Can you help me understand this? Is there a deeper meaning related to the foxes that keep coming into my life. I have always had very distinct premonitions that come true…since childhood. I’ve always been told that I was part Cherokee on my fathers side and Inuit on my mothers side. The farm that I own and my father before me, is claimed to have been traveled by the Indians and camped on while traveling the trail of tears. This was the land route leaving Pulaski Tennessee, I live in Mt. Pleasant. Could there be a connection with all of this? I apologize if this seems like rambling….I just feel so compelled to ask.


  79. Last week as I was on my way to a class in Benedictine spirituality and meditation, a bald eagle overflew my car… and as I was driving home from the class (in an urban area) a red fox ran across the road in front of my car. I generally don’t remember my dreams — but I think this symbolism is very hard to miss! The eagle told me to watch, and the fox was what I was to watch for. I’ve always felt an affinity for wolf and raven, but I don’t feel I can ignore this.

  80. Hello my name is carlos, i just had a deep meditation because i was looking for an answer about a relationship i just finished, i love her and ahe loves me but there where some misunderstanding and the relationship ended. I don’t know if i should try to get her back or if ahe has to talk to me first because she sayd things that weren’t okay for my and it hurts a lot but i need to know if she is the one for me. So i had a vision about a happy red FOX jumping and running around but then i realized i was fox and i was lost and i didn’t know where to go so the fox (me) stopped jumping and took a long rest. I want to know what that means THANKS A LOT!!!

    1. Hello Carlos,
      It seems like the fox may be an allegory for the ending of your relationship, happiness, followed by confusion (the misunderstanding), followed by a period of rest (the state you’re in right now.) This may be a time in your life of deep reflection and a need for introspective understanding to allow yourself to slow down and enjoy the small things in life.
      Best wishes!

    1. Hello Ann,
      In my opinion it seems that you may be struggling with feeling stuck, with anxiety regarding some sort of negativity that is soon to come into your life, or has already made itself present. My best advice is to do some meditation, look at your life as a whole and do your best to understand what it is that could be causing you this distress, and remind yourself that you’re never stuck, that you have options to move even when you feel trapped.

  81. Good morning I would like to ask a question I had a dream that I was in the dark wooded area and it was my nephew and my three children and they all boys and they went out in the dark area with Wood trees country settings and came back running to the house and the fox was chasing them and the fox attacked my youngest son and we all was running from the fox the fox was orange and my dream and he was very aggressive in my dream the fox even came in side my house with a evil look on the face I did not understand the dream who does?

    1. Hi there,
      In my opinion it’s saying someone in your life has ill intentions towards your family, but is very good at hiding them. They may be just entering your life, perhaps a new significant other is in the picture. Be wary of manipulators, or people who are slyly working their way into feeling like family. If you have any questions, just reply and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
      Keep a keen eye open and my best wishes for you,

  82. I took a trip from CDA Idaho down to Boise today to tie up loose ends with two old relationshipss, to finalize a divorce and get my things out of a storage shared with an old boyfriend. Its been hard knowing if this was the right timing and I’ve been filled with all kinds of doubts and anxiety, all kinds of crazy things happened today, I had to drive back and forth multiple times to the courthouse to file my divorce the copy machine ate part of my paperwork at the FedEx and just wouldn’t work properly, then my check engine light came on just before leaving so I thought hey transmission fluid right so I stopped to get some and no one had any I stopped at three different gas stations and nothing Noone had any !!! S, frustrated, I got back in my car and the check engine light was now off…. What. The. French toast…… ??? So I called my car guy told him what happened and joked I think the devil is trying to stop me and he replys one Word, “Trust” and I’m like ….. really? And he says “Trust God.” ….. Today all day I’ve been hearing is trust, my devotional was about trust, my daily calendar was trtrust and not being afraid to follow my heart, songs on the radio all day have been trust. So I check my transmission fluid and of course it’s totally fine… I said ok yup gotta just Trust God cause all this is ridiculous. My car guy says the truck is good to just head out and trust God. I head out and about 3/4ths the way down, by this time it’s dark, I was driving along singing/worshiping/praising and suddenly a fox comes out into the road from my right and is completely on the other side to my left safe from me hitting it and it hesitates and turns back and ends up under my back tire………… yeah…… I’ve never hit anything I cried. I’m still sad about it. Idk what it means. I know for sure it has meaning though. This is all just a crazy day.

    1. Hi Tessa,
      That certainly does sound like a distressing day. Symbolically this could represent an end to your relationships, and moving forward with life unburdened. The act itself is distressing, rough, and often times overwhelming, much like your encounter with the fox. I advise you remain thankful that you can leave the past in the past, knowing that you’ve dealt with things as you needed to.
      I hope you don’t get too torn up about this and that you have better days from here on out,

  83. I’ve had two dreams that had two animals in it. The first was very clear and I remember pretty much everything. (1st dream) I was sitting down outside near an empty parking lot and I was on my phone sitting in silence. This guy had came up to me and asked me some questions, when I had stood up to talk to him he took my phone and started running and I followed him to get my phone back, but as i was doing so I looked to the right and there was a brown baby rabbit looking at me and I think it had a glowing aura around it, is a rabbit my spirit totem? (2nd dream) This dream isn’t as clear as the other so my memory is a bit foggy when trying to remember it so please do try to bare with me lol. I was leaving a house and there was a huge grass field and it was night time, I ran through the field and ran into a lab of some sorts and it was a lab with a extremely huge screen in the lab, the screen had, had animals on it(that I can’t remember ?) and they look as if they were being observed. BUT there was just a silouette of one animal and it was blue, and the people in the lab had seen me and started chasing me, I started running through the same grass field and there was a fox looking at me and while I was running the fox had started running with me, I made it back to the house safe and my family was there as they were when I left. Could it had been the fox that was missing from the screen? Is the fox my spirit totem? And I have seen only two foxes in person in my whole life. But they were in strange places, places that foxes shouldn’t have been. When I was 10 I was on the swings and when I looked behind me there was a fox looking at me, it was so close to me and then it ran into the forest. The second time I was going to the store and there was a fox at the side of the store looking at me and then it ran away.

    1. Hi there,
      If I were to offer any advice I would suggest not worrying so much about what your totem is, as it’s possible to have guides without them being your totem, or they could be both. Those both sound like very powerful experiences. I interpret the first dream as a sign that you are caught up in the moment, and unaware of whats going on. The rabbit in my opinion represents the beginning of a journey for you. This is exacerbated in the second dream, where there is chaos and you end up encountering a fox, and getting away successfully. This appears to represent that you will go through this adversity with cunning and will best thrive when making decisions with your gut. If you really do want to consider finding out if foxes are your totem animal, I would suggest lots of meditation on the subject, with a lot of introspective thought.
      I hope you have a wonderful day,

  84. I have seen foxes cross my path in real life often. I saw one tonight hut this time, I was only able to see his tail. It had a white tip. I have just moved house and got back together with my husband after 7 yrs of separation. The last time I saw a fox was literally just a few days before my husband and I reconciled and started over again. In the past I have dreamt of a fox and shortly afterwards, a big change in my life happened.

    1. Hi Andria,
      I feel that although the fox has signified change in your life in the past, that it may be issuing a warning of sorts, asking you to be on your lookout for unusual secretive or manipulative behavior from your husband (as both of these sightings have happened around the time that a major change in your relationships happened.) If you have any questions feel free to let me know.
      I wish you the best!

  85. I had a dream where a fox and a snake were fighting. Then my friend entered the room and the snake tried to catch her and the fox followed to save her, I didn’t see what happened next, I was scared hiding. What should it mean?

    1. Hi Loa,
      I would check up on your friend to see if they’ve been struggling with any issues interpersonally as of late, or even in her own life. The snake that attacked her could easily be a former friend turned backstabber, or perhaps a sign of an internal struggle mentally. Either way, she has quick wits and adaptability on her side as well as a concerned friend, so she should be fine 🙂
      I hope all goes well!

  86. Joalice Maloney

    I dreamt of a fox who lived in water, a sea fox with green feathers for fur. She wanted me to come help her babies and I was gathering supplies to do so It was a good dream and I was happy to help. The fox moved like a snake. I have a dog that looks like a fox. I had no negative feelings from this dream just thought it was some kind of anime like dream.

  87. I saw a green eyed Fox that was staring at me right in the eyes I’m wondering with this is a meaning of and what sort of message it is or if it is a message at all or just maybe an admirer of my soul can you please tell me I’m very confused and discombobulated and I felt like it was some sort of message from the Divine source of all things and maybe has to do with overcoming fear factors or showing me my self-worth and that I am trustworthy and I am trustworthy 😳

  88. Last night I had a dream that I was with my dog and a fox was in the area. I am not exactly sure where I was but I was outside. I want to say that I feel like we were near a circus but I cannot remember. We were definitely near a building of some sort because we had to maneuver around it when running. Nevertheless, my dog, who is extremely protective, possessive and territorial, went chasing after the fox and I was trying to stop her from hurting the fox. Somehow I ended up getting to the fox and it jumped up and bit me on the hand and wouldn’t let go. I wasn’t bleeding but the bite was painful as the fox had sunk his teeth into my hand. The dream was very vivid and clear. I could remember all of it when I woke up but I just didn’t write it down. The rest of the night, it was pretty hard for me to sleep.

    Two nights ago, I prayed and asked God for guidance, direction and resources because my life is good but a jumble. I know what I want to do with my life, which I am called to do, but it seems like I am doing everything but it. I am pretty overwhelmed I feel. I asked God to guide me in a way that I would understand and be clear that the message was from Him when he does send them. I specifically asked that He would talk to me in a dream and be very clear in his messages, then I dreamed this – which isn’t very clear.

    Now I am looking up dream meanings which are all displaying different meanings. My first thought though is that the fox is my spirit animal. Now that I think of it, I think I have seen a fox almost unnoticed in my dreams from time to time. I never really knew that we had spirit animals until the last year and even still I don’t really understand the true meaning of having one. I can’t help but believe that maybe the fox is my spirit animal but I don’t know. I also don’t understand why I was bitten by it. The different dream explanations all say different things so I don’t know what to believe, if any. They all lead me in different directions – some seem accurate and some don’t but they all say total different things. Nevertheless, I do feel that this message was from God, my guides, my angels… but I have no idea what they are saying to me.

  89. Is it possible to have multiple totem animals? I ask because, I am sure that the Wolf and Raven are my totem animals, but last night a silver fox came into my dream and told me she was my spirit animal. Then she turned into a woman, and we walked through a garden for a little while. She told me her name (I don’t remember it, but I know her name started with a K) and we spoke about my life for a while. Now I read over the description of the fox on this website, and it sounds exactly like me, just like the Wolf and Raven do.

    1. I have said for years that the Wolf and Raven are my totems. One day, I looked in the mirror and had this vision of a red fox. When I looked it up, I found that much of the symbology of he Fox is like a combination of Wolf and Raven symbology.

    2. I feel like i am a fox spirit animal. Im empathetic and want to help…but know that i have to help in my own way without the person knowing my true intentions. I also feel like i am only attracted to wolves and lions. Some hidden agenda there…but also feel a little bit of a bird as my spirit animal also. Because im a dreamer and optimist and healer…but also only select few know how to catch me. The ones that notice my dreams and my slyness to not be captured and hurt. The lions or the wolves if you will. My name is Kasey…

  90. Hi I just had a reading done and the lady told me fox ears but didn’t know spiritual meaning of fox ears , an you shed some light for me pls

  91. I don 🙁 🙁 ‘t know what this means but my spirit animal is a fox is that bad or good??????????

    1. so it was a normal day and i went to bed i slept and i had a nightmare i was homealone I was on my laptop just doing my normal things,in reality my friend and I are werewolf fans so she told me one day she heard wolves howling i was confusedand thought its fake,but in my nightmare i started hearing wolves howl but then i saw red foxes outside making the howling noise it lookedangryor was playing with me .
      I felt this meant something so i googled it but i dontknow should i be worried ???????????????????

  92. I had a red fox cross my path. I went to a reading and was told I was an old soul with many lives. I also was told that I have gifts. This morning I saw the little red fox dead on the side of the road. What does this mean?

    1. The death of the fox is an ending to old ways that no longer serve you. Are you struggling to let go of something or someone? Relationship or addiction? Finding it hard to move on? Or struggling to live up to your life purpose? Fox says it’s time!!!!! This is the end of procrastination and the begging of your new life!!!! Its time to open the gifts you were born with and start putting them to good use!!!!!! But be careful as the dead fox also serves as a warning!!!! There will be a death/ending in one way or another. Your subconscious is talking to you and giving you the choice to make wether this death will be spirituality or literally/physically. Please heed the warnings and trust your instincts. It’s time to move in to higher dimensions in your life. Hope this helps? Many blessings to you and your loved ones xx shalom x

  93. I recently was riding my bike in this area behind my home. It was going to be a development, but the place went bankrupt and now it just sits there empty. Streets and street names, but no homes. Plenty of animals out there.
    So I got very frustrated with my entire situation in life. And I already felt awful. So I went to ride my bike. After a while of riding and crying, I was riding down one of the streets and a fox came out of the tall grass. He ran across the road, looking at me. I stopped, obviously, and just watched him run into the next section of tall grass. I took a moment and just cried a bit. I got home and showered. Later I decided to see if there was meaning to this encounter. After reading, I think it means I need to reevaluate how I’ve been handling my situation. And I’m going to! Thank you for helping me open my eyes.

    And thank you to that fox for helping me understand better.

  94. This wasn’t a dream, but I was walking a labyrinth and reached the center, I stood there in silence and cleared my mind of all things, then after who knows how long, I saw a vision of some butterflies they ended up fading and out of nowhere I see a fox biting into something pale and looking straight at me from bellow.. It’s eyes were a sharp yellow and it looked as if it was in the woods with snow around it. Also I had a feeling it was biting me but at the same time I thought it was handing me something. Does anyone know what that all means?

  95. I had a dream that i kept trying to pet a fox and it couldnt let me touch it but it also would leave my side. Also, a passed loved one was in my dream as well. We didnt speak, all we did was look at each other. I feel like there might have been something behind this, but im not sure what. If anyone could help me.

    1. Wow I had pretty much same dream. I was trying to pet a beautiful fox, but I couldn’t. It was staying with me and was friendly. Almost smiling at me.

    2. I had a similar dream last night where I saw a beautiful silver fox. When I tried to touch it is moved away and there came several other foxes.

  96. I dreamt that a fox jumped on my chest , they’re we’re other baby foxes; my brother and sister we’re also in the dream, I perceived they belonged to my brother

  97. Yufi Ayita Kiya Justice

    I am a witch and I am a pagan and i am trying to find out my spirit animal and I need your guidance could you ask me questions and help me decide what my spirit animal is. I also am trying to be with a name of a goddess and a animal is that okay? I also want to include my witch gem could you help me.

    1. Your loyal friend

      Animal speak by Ted Andrews…. Is a book about finding your animal totems I’m reading it now and it’s revealing alot to me…. You can pick it up pretty cheap right now on the play store

    2. You don’t choose your spirit animal, the spirit animal chooses you. An animal appearing in a powerful dream, or it can be an animal you have always been drawn to. For me it was a dream in which a teenaged Native American boy told me my spirit animal was frog. There was also a hawk in the dream, but I was told specifically that it was frog. At the time I was in college majoring in Native American Studies and was taking a NA spiritualism class. I was wondering what my totem would be and then I had the dream. That was twenty years ago and I remember every second of that dream like it was last night. It was different than my usual dreams, there was something well, spiritual about it. Hope this helps

    3. Hi pinkzilla,
      I was wondering if you might want to give some insight on some occurrences in my life lately given your major. I have been going through some tough terribly unlucky experiences lately up until abut 2 weeks ago. I all of a sudden have seen 5 red foxes in the past 2 weeks. 3 of which were in the same 2 days and different times. I began jowing saying that the fox could be my spirit animal but since I have seen it 2 more times since then I figured it couldn’t be a coincidence. I was hoping maybe you could shed some light on why spirit animals appear and give me some info on your opinion on what you think this might mean.
      Any help would be appreciated.
      Thank you 🙂

    4. Hi,

      Not sure if this will help you, but this is a great book who is interested in spell casting. The book it called The Encyclopedia of 5,000 spells, about 1,234 pages long. It has a section that is just about animals, spells to call a specific spirit guide such as a Fox, to protecting an actual pet. Under each section of the book there are subsets of different spells, but steel in the wheelhouse of the initial tittle. For example under Love Magic: Spells for Ramance, True Love, Seduction, Sex…under each of those love spells, you can target a specific person, or the one who comes to you.

      It has spells from all over the world. Part 1 gives you long run of information & history. Also at the beginning of each section it gives you important info. about that section, & even information between spells. Tells you what tools you need, or feel you need. It has 30 sections of different types of spells. Most people buy books because of love, I’ll admit I looked at that section 1st; however, they are many useful sections. You learn what herbs are for what.

      Since I’m not in a coven, the tarot reader at the shop has helped me in what to buy, or what can I substitute one thing for another. I love foxes, and in time I may create an altar to get a Kitsune (spiritual Japanese fox) to draw a Kitsune as my spiritual guide.

      I know this was a long reply, I just do not know how much your into it. If your are beginning, or have been for years, this is a great book. Even the owner that does tarot readings has this book.

      Good luck.


  98. I have recently been training my pet dogs where to potty in my yard by throwing out leftovers into the areas they shouldn’t go. Apparently I also attracted a brood of Fox. White ones. Last summer, I lost my yard totem toad. But I started having fox arrive. They do scream like women in distress. It scared me the first time. But now I’m considering putting out a dish just for them. It’s so cool.

  99. I’ve seen what I believe to be a black fox in the woods near our home. I’ve seen it twice now butI have never seen a black one before. I think it is raiding the nests of birds in the undergrowth.

  100. I was wondering if anyone has interpretations on hearing fox screams?

    If you’ve ever heard a fox screaming, it’s intense! It almost sounds like a woman screaming for dear life.

    Last night I got home around 2am. I pull up to my house and as I open my car door I hear loud fox screaming in the woods nearby. I’ve never seen fox here, not to say that they’re not present, but I’ve never encountered one nor have I heard their screams here.

    I’m familiar with spiritual fox meanings as far as crossing paths with them or dreaming of them but what about if they scream to you at a distance?

    I’d love to read your interpretations!

  101. I was standing in the kitchen with my mom looking out the window and I saw two foxes a red one standing my the fence and a black and silver one laying down beside it. When I called my mom over to come look the red fox ran off through the fence and the black fox got up stared at me for 4-5 mins then ran off following the red fox.

  102. I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find a Dream Interpretation for the type of dream I had. Super frustrating. I hope that someone can help or interpret this.

    —-I Had a Dream that I Was a Fox—-
    I was a beige/off-white color and I had multiple tails like a Kitsune.
    I take personal interest in the myth lore of the Kitsune so I am familiar with their ability to be very wise, tricky and take many forms. I was super happy/flattered that I would dream of actually being one.
    Anyway, so I was a Kitsune in the form of a human and I was in a multi-story shopping mall. I was young woman about the age I am now but looked nothing like me and was not even of my nationality. I’m mixed w/dark curly hair. She was European w/light fair hair (close to the color of my fur as a fox now that I think of it).
    I was talking to this Gentleman (physically attractive and around his 40’s maybe. Did not have the best attitude though, seemed kind of boastful) and I was pretty much intentionally beguiling him like it was a sport for me when for some reason I suddenly felt I had to leave. I made up an excuse, said bye, and turned the corner out of sight and for seemingly irrational reasons beyond my understanding, I turned back into my fox form, multiple tails and all, and started running away.
    I ran down the stairs of the mall, people saw me and though I was concerned about that, my main objective was not to be seen by the Gentleman I was toying with because I felt that he would somehow know it was me even though I was in a different form and I didn’t want to … ruin my facade?? for fear I would need/want to use it later.
    I got away in the end but just barely. It’s not like he was chasing me. After I said bye to him he was just minding his own business.. I just felt like I needed to hurry if I didn’t want him to accidentally see me and for some “dream-logic” reason, he was in most of the areas that I fled to in order to escape his view so it was super tricky and unnerving.
    When that part of the dream ended, I was still in the mall but I’d gotten out of sight. Something strange happened to start turning people into Zombies. I had a couple of close, frightening encounters and became afraid I would get infected so gave myself wings and flew above the chaos for a moment before I realize that I, being a Kitsune, had the power to turn into something useful. Not exactly sure what I turned into but I could still fly (not well), and I was helping to get the Zombies under control.
    The Gentleman was no where to be seen. I was not looking for him or concerned about him but I realize now, looking back on the dream, that he no longer existed in the mall during the Zombie situation.

    That’s the best I can remember it. If anyone knows anything about what it means to dream of BEING A FOX then please let me know!!!! Thank you.

    Also, hope you enjoyed reading about my dream. Hearing and reading about other people’s dreams brings me much entertainment and wonder.

    1. It seems we share the aspect of actually being foxes in our dreams. For me it is recurring thing in my dreams for me to be a humanoid fox wondering around with little purpose in various abandoned places. I’d interpret being a fox in your dreams would be to embody thier usual aspect or purpose in some way.

    2. Sounds as though your dream might be telling you to use your fox strrengths (intuition, ability to get people to trust you, ability to see the patterns or the whole of a situation and know what action is needed) to help others, or for some greater good, rather than to get.personal power with individuals, through psychological seduction, especially if not really interested in that individual. Hope this helps.

  103. I had a dream about a fox. I was in a place I think was my home and I opened the front door to see a red box looking at me. I was scared of the fox gazing at me at the doorway and I could not help, but give it eye contact because of it’s beautiful golden eyes. At that moment, the fox got sad and I felt horrible and hugged it. After that, I let it in my house when I seen a dog on my sidewalk. I walked over to the dog and kicked it and walked back into the house and the fox was gone. That was the end of my strange dream.

  104. Today I was upset with my husband and was driving to town. A red fox ran out on the edge of the road then turned around and ran off. A few minutes later and a few miles down the road I came upon a red fox laying dead in the road. Does this signify anything?

  105. I am in a difficult situation living with my ex totally separate problem is I am in love with this man this morning while looking out the window at work a beautiful red fox made a appearance in front of me and disappeared across the snow into the bush what does seeing this fox mean? 🙂

  106. I had a small dream about me siting under a tree. Then a fox came out from a hole under the tree, sat next to me, and stared at me for a few seconds. Then it lowered it’s head as if it was sad. Maybe it’s because I keep on thinking that the snake is my totem animal, and the fox is sad about it because the fox may be my true totem animal. The fox’s associations are quite simular to me.

  107. In my dream i was standing outside on my front porch and a beautiful black and silver fox walked up the sidewalk, looked at me and shook his head yes then turned and walked away. I wish i knew what this meant. Any help would be appreciated

  108. Bridget Childers

    I prayed for a spirit of discernment for a while now, I had the pastor of my church pray and over me for that too.. I saw a fox this morning to my road I live on about a mile from my house. Then upon my returning home, hours later, the fox showed up in my yard! It is definitely the same beautiful fox.. It’s so strange, it was like it was trying to show me something , like which way to go..I’m so thankful and feel blessed that it came to me,, again.. PTL

  109. I had an old Brazilian Capoeira master come to me, and say: Be like a fox, the fox is quick, wise and cunning. The fox will give you all you need.
    And then I woke up, and started researching. Turns out he was right!

  110. I had a dream where i was in the backyard as a kid with my ( Father ? ) just looking around then i saw a bright orange fox with a white tail tip by somthing that looks like a front of a house but with the roof and part of the walls missing …. then i scream out ” A FOX ! ” the dream was kind of blurry but i went over and pick up the fox without the fox running away ether even when it looks like its scared the dream then switch to us feeding the fox where there is 1 now seems to be 2. ( i forget if we fed them anything we had or if they found food but we didn’t mind ) the dream then for no reason switch to me opening gifts wrapped ( Was it my birthday ? ) but if there was anything inside i don’t remember. But i remember the dream making me feel happy …

  111. Beautiful red foxes appear in my dreams often. They seem to be getting into closer contact with each dream. I’ve never seen one in person, which makes me wonder why they appear in my dreams so often. I feel no threat in any of the dreams when the foxes are present. I just feel wonder and hope- curiousness as well. I am aware of certain beliefs describing them as tricksters and a bad omen, but I have no feeling of the sort when they appear almost every week while I sleep.

  112. What does seeing a white fox in a dream mean ? And seeing a dead red fox get killed by a person who reminds you of a person that passed away ?

  113. I dreamt I was outside my house n heard a fox cub calling, I mimicked its call and it almost approached me until it’s mother stepped into the way (which wasn’t visible prior) and shoed it away from me, on occasion I’d see this little white fox n her cub and on one day I saw the mother running along the street dodging humans who were somehow unable to see them and the cub desperately trying to keep up, they disappear and a short time later I hear my mother (who hates animals) speaking of a weird thing with big eyes peering from under a van, I look over and knew exactly what it was, grabbing the cat tray, food n spoon I head out n by the time I get to it the van has somehow disappeared and the poor lil mite with her big beautiful eyes is sat there, almost in complete shock, even as I open the tin of cat food she doesn’t budge, then as I pour it in the bowl its almost like the smell drifted to her and made her snap out of a daydream. She slowly walks over and eats and I stroke her furr, so soft like I’m running my fingers through clouds, I decide I will look after her as I wonder how I could find her mother and whether reuniting them will be safe… As I think this the little cub looks at me with those beautiful eyes and I wake.

  114. Nothing is more calming than seeing my spirit animal finally reveal herself to me in my dreams. Last night I had mine and my fiance’s come visit me, though the meaning in of itself is one I am still pondering. By most definitions, seeing a fox in one’s dream has a negative meaning, but upon seeing them I felt no threat. As a matter of fact I felt rather calm. In my dream I was in a bedroom of near total darkness with only a little moonlight coming in through, what I would assume, to be a small window but very high window behind me as I physically did not look to see. I was sitting on a bed with the white fox, my spirit animal, on my lap petting her side while the other fox, a blackish silver fox who is my fiance’s spirit animal, was dashing around the room playfully in the darker parts. Sadly there was no further progression of the dream as I was woken up due to my phone.

  115. Dreamed I saw a fox moving along a tree line at the far end of a field, every now and then coming into the field, I think but not sure that he was being chased by a dog again not positive they could of being playing. Away from the dream, I often see a Robin red breast in the strangest of places outside the gym, on my car wing mirror, out the back of my house, often on walks with my dog, maybe I want this to mean something is there anything to this ???


  116. I had a dream about foxes just the other night. It was a very weird dream, as most of mine are, but I don’t recall ever dreaming of foxes before… Anyways, in the dream I was helping my folks move out of our old house… In the dream, the house was very dilapidated. At one point I was laying on the ground (taking a break I think) and I lifted up this large leafy branch that was beside me and underneath were about 6 foxes. Right away they began to play with me and each other and then lead me into the house and upstairs. I sat on the couch and they all surrounded me… I felt like they were trying to protect me but I don’t know from what. Other than the house having an eerie and sad feel to it, I didn’t feel any danger in this dream.

  117. I have had a few more encounters with my fox friends. I was driving home around 1:30 am when I spotted a young fox running ahead of me on my left side. The road to my home curves to the left then a straight away for 3 to 4 hundred feet then to the right. Starting back at the point where I first laid eyes on the fox the clear path would have been to go right or left to avoid human contact or certainly straight across the left hand turn. Instead the fox ran as fast as it could along the same direction I was, almost toying with me, no highly likely that it was toying with me. He or she ran to the first left then the straight a way and was lost after the right hand turn. This encounter was very friendly and seemingly playful I saw nor did I feel any ill or bad will on or towards anyone. Any ideas here what is going on?

  118. I had a dream last night with two foxes. They were both a really bright orange. I don’t remember where one came from, but it was sleeping by a fire and for just had this knowing feeling that it was my friend. And the other one came from the woods and I offered it to get warm by the fire. It came over and then next thing you know, the other Fox was behind me doing this high pitched noise with a growl. And I stepped in between for them to stop. And I’m not sure why, but I had this “I know this is right” thought that both foxes were of the same gender. It was rather strange, my setting was at my old home. The home I had so many problems with and the people that still live in it. And I had another person in there and it was a girl I met in high school that I got along with once, but then didn’t years later. There were many parts into my dreams last night, but they all combined into one. Like there was a wolf at one point sitting by the fire sleeping, a gray one and it looked at me, it wasn’t like a glare or anything harsh, just looking to see it was me. Then a black male puppy that seemed to be very happy to see me. I’m more lost than ever lol I normally don’t dream of animals either. Anyone have an idea maybe?

  119. I have security cams, one faces the street. From that cam, all summer long I saw this fox passing down the road and then back up the road. It seems to me that it was around the same time, close to midnight. I mean it was like every night that I would go to my shop I would see that fox to and fro. Also many many nights I would hear owls, one night there were 2 high in the trees in my front yard having a conversation, in owl hooting. These two animals seem to have revealed themselves to me, I believe they are trying to have me follow them and are becoming me animal spirit guides. I would love to have some analysis about this really exciting occurances.

  120. had a dream last night that a fox was caught by two other foxes hunting it. the captured fox screamed so horribly, and then a mother fox ran past with a cub in her mouth. she paused for a moment to growl at the hunters, but backed down and ran away with only the one cub. the captured fox was her child, who screamed and screamed for its mother while being ripped apart by the other two foxes. the sound was so horrible.

  121. As a child I had frequent dreams about foxes. They would talk to me or ask me to follow them. As an adult they often follow me in my awake life. My aunt who was very dear to me used to protect foxes on her land in Maine and had several run ins with trappers.

  122. I had a dream , as night that I was I a house and there was a fox and there where people around but my old man wasn’t there for some reason, the fox seemed all cute at 1st then it seemed like it felt back into a corner, then it bite my wrist several times…people around that i didn’t even notice who they where or if I eve know them seemed like they where to scared to help or something. …then I kept asking where my old man was at and went looking for him but couldn’t find him???????

    1. I very often have dreams of not being able to find my husband too and it’s usually in times of need… I’ll search and search and rarely do I ever find him… When I try to call him my phone always acts funny and won’t let me… and whenever I come across another phone, it won’t work either. I’m very curious to know what this means. In my waking life, my husband is always there for me. ❓

    2. Much as a dream of being unable to defend ones self stems from a subconscious fear you may be inadequate or in someway unprepared for a threat, I believe their is a similarity. Its not that you believe your husband won’t be there for you but an underlying fear that a situation or threat may occur and he will not be with you, or reachable. The threat or situation may not necessarily be of a violent nature but still subconsciously your soul fears you won’t have your partner in this time of adversity. I regret not seeing this site and post sooner. The fox will come as a guide, but sometimes as a warning, something is a skew… Look not to your husband, if you know him to be true, loyal, or reliant but to an outside factor. Perhaps a person in you or your partners life who is not who they seem, or a situation. The adversity may not be something against you but your partner thereby limiting hials ability to be there. Remain vigilant, pray and be open to further guidance. This applies to both posts. Thank you for your time, hope to have helped.

  123. My mum and I was just driving back home when, on our journey, we saw three foxes, one crossed the road, and the other two were both walking on the sides near the woods. I couldn’t help but think that maybe someone is sending us a sign?
    I read the message “The solution to a problem is at hand. The Fox spirit is the grand problem solver. She will guide you to solitude and silence until the way out is shown. A healthy combination of persistence and patience will strike a balance that picks apart a problem until it is solved.” I feel like it can relate to me as I am currently looking for a new job, but I feel there is probably something else that needs to be told, maybe a message to my mum as well?

  124. My name is Amelia and I’m nine I fell like my spirit animal is a fox because every dream I have is about a fox talking to me we where best friends it seemed then I was in a beautiful castle and saw two girl and two boys one of the girls had a panda the other girl had a leopard one of the boys had a falcon and the other a wolf. Then I was in a forest with them going some where. What does it mean I’m going nuts every ay I hear a sound of a fox (female).

    1. Amelia,

      Sounds like your energy is connecting with some very close friends. They may be friends from a past life long ago or this one (I do believe in birth and rebirth) and maybe even both. The other animals you see with the people are most likely their spirit guides just like the fox is yours.

      when you hear the sound of a female fox, do you get the feeling its your guide or some other fox?

  125. Today a red fox ran towards me. Directly at me. We locked eyes and it turned and ran the other way… this isn’t my first encounter with a fox. There are some things going on in my life that might point to why I was visited by this fox, but I can’t let it go. It’s been haunting me all day. I am an empath so I’m reading way into this. Any insight would be helpful as I am not sure exactly what to think.

    1. Absolutely fascinating. There was a red fox passing my way as i was on the phone conversing with a female friend last night. I know there are no mistakes in this life and believe this had a Spiritual connection. I am right there in the midst of transition with employment and a possible geographical relocation. I watched the fox just sit and contemplate and was totally engrossed by the moment at dusk. Absolute surrender. Completely centered. There was no fear. I’ll move forward with the Spirit.

    2. Yes, the fox was here last night and it screamed at me. I know it was a fox because I GOOGLED the sound it made. I am so Thankful for positive connections. I just hope I didn’t startle my fox away for good. I like knowing that wildlife and I can share this earth.

    3. Red fox. Was walking on path coming at Angel my dog and me. It eyed us too and then ran behind trailer near my cabin. Another time we were going the same direction when a red fox ran across path behind trailer. Other day Angel barked indoors from watching the window, laying on bed. I went outside to see what it was with Angel. I saw the rad fox in front of us going up the small cliff. The other day I saw a red fox on the side of road. I don’t usually see foxes but within a month I have seen four or five? Angel never chased it.

  126. i dreamt I was walking with my daughter on the outskirts of the city along a riverbank.
    The water was partially frozen still and it was a shiny marbled brown and beige.
    My daughter was running on it and jumping onto large boulders.
    I was frightened for her. She was happy go lucky. I was at peace all accept my fear for her.
    It was cloudy on the city side but ther was sun on the outskirts.
    She shouted out and pointed, “mom, what’s that?”
    I knew it was the reserve and we were near a school, it was colourful with painted tepees and artwork on the building and I was at peace and happy. I told her what it was.
    Suddenly I looked down and there was a baby white fox, it was startled too but not threatening.
    I called out to my daughter to be careful to not step on it.
    We started to walk away to leave it at peace and as we walked away the mother white fox appeared and looked at us not threatening but almost at a side glance.
    Then they both scurried away along the ice.
    I’m now worried for my daughter and slightly for myself and people’s intentions … But who?
    Thank you in advance.

  127. I had the most exhilarating dream the other night…It has been weeks, even months now, that I haven’t been able to properly remember my own dreams. But just the other night, something inside me stirred up…I was alone at the house I lived in as a child, it was overcast outside and the sun was going down. There was a large black dog that was trying to get my attention by clawing at our fence when I had noticed it was injured and bleeding. But it seemed almost scared of wanting my help, as if it couldn’t fully trust me…And that was when this fox had appeared…We had a shed outside but it was old and not maintained well, this fox had walked it’s way out ever so gracefully and looked me dead in the eyes. It seemed sympathetic as it started walking towards me and I just couldn’t move myself to see what was wrong with the other dog, and once the fox had reached me, it almost felt like I was drawn to it, I crouched down and let it observe me when it abruptly licked my face and I fell to the floor…Waking up…I’m still not sure what to think of this, but I’m trying my hardest to try and have this same dream. I’ve made an origami fox with a message on it invoking it into my dreams hoping to have it again by burning it and keeping the ashes close to my head as I sleep tonight…Here goes nothing…

  128. Last night I had the most stunning dream, I cannot recall all of the details but I was wandering. In a moment of loneliness I took a glass jar and inside of it created two foxes out of earth and fire, these animals became my companions and traveled with me where ever I went (it should be noted the animals were flesh and blood.) The animals grew to be incredibly large, the size of large dogs (think husky or wolf size) I felt whole, I felt at peace. For some reason I can’t recall I had to travel on a journey alone and leave my companions behind in the care of those I considered family. All I can truly remember before I woke up was being furious, and profoundly heart broken that my companions were not to be found when I returned. I was screaming: “Where are they?!” when I startled awake.

    Any thoughts about it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I think that it was your spirit animal and the other one might be your twin if you have one.mabey you are remembering the past.

  129. Hi! i just woke up and i dreamt about a fox so i wanted to see what it meant. this was all I remembered: I was walking through a corridor. (outside) there was a woman in front of me. Suddenly, i saw a cute baby fox with a bushy tail. I wanted to go to it but then the fox attacked the woman! however, I still was not scared. It then became my pet after that.

  130. Yesterday on St. Patricks Day, 3-17-15 a fox came up to my window at work. The fox looked me straight in the eye. He then sat for a minute then went off. A couple of weeks before, a wounded deer came up to window at work. I just got divorced about a year ago, being in a long term marriage. I struggling with being single. I also have to move out of my rented house by the end of april. I am struggling whether to buy this house or not. What do you think these visits from animals mean? I also read something about a fox as being a celtic realm and it came on St. Patricks day!!!

  131. Juliet Agecoutay

    I woke up in the morning at around 6 am to 7 am and I opened my living room drapes (normal) then I Realized that there was a very beautiful white fox staring right at me in the middle of the yard, I felt a sense of something watching but didn’t realize regarding there was snow all over then I watched it as it watched me (eye in eye’s) then it felt at least a minute or so I hears someone getting up it was my younger sister I tried to quietly tell her to come here fast by the time I looked at it (I was sitting in the windows ledge) It Was Trotting Down Our Gravel Road Road Out Of sight……. I Still Wonder If Anyone I Live With Believes me. Please tell me its something good to much bad has happened

  132. 😉 Hi, i dreamt a really bad dream with a fox in it last night. The fox attacked me so u managed to lock it out on our porch. Where it sat looking at me, baring it’s teeth and screaming. I am terrified of foxes now, what does the dream mean? 😥

  133. It keeps showing up!

    I reaaaalllllly want some light shed on this. I never really believed in spirit animals before, seemed a bit too, “mind sees what it wants to see” for me. However today something clicked and I’m in total awe at the synchronicity of foxes in my life. I’m a satirist by trade and when I look back, at every turning point in my life that lead me to that point, sure enough a fox was there. When I was in kindergarten I went on a school camping trip (my mum was a teacher, hence why I was there so young). I saw a fox out the window of the bus and my mother explained to me that foxes were an introduced species. They were a huge environmental problem. I hadn’t previously known this, but it was at that moment I realised that I am very sensitive to environmental issues. I had this sudden, irresistible urge that I still remember vividly, at 5 years old to write, direct and perform in a play about the impact of foxes on our continent. It was hugely successful at school (from a kindergartener’s perspective anyway) teachers and much cooler for me, kids in year 6 were patting me on the back, telling me how entertaining it was. Also that they learned something watching it. It was the first time I ever felt like I was naturally good at something. There was more sightings in between and I won’t bore you with all of them.

    One that I think might be important is that I remember my father telling me that when he lived in the country, he used to shoot foxes as part of a government pest control program. I was in year 6 at the time and I remember this weighing heavily on my mind. It seemed hardly fair that they were culled. After all, they were introduced. They didn’t have a say in the matter but at the same time I could see that they were a devastating force on native creatures already under immense pressure. At the same time Britain was considering a ban on hunting foxes and I was on an excursion to our capital where I discovered another natural talent. I was very knowledgable and interested in politics. I knew a great deal more about politicians, their ideologies and the political system at large than any of my class mates, to the point that both the guide to the old and new parliament said they’d never had a student more interested in the tour before.

    Fast forward to 2 years ago. I was interning at various radio stations and none of them were working out. It felt wrong being in all of them. I hated going but at that point I had been trying to get work in a station for over 5 years. Mostly because of these two hosts for a comedy show I loved on, wait for it, FOX FM. In my spare time, as I had just finished university and had no job I started making youtube videos. This felt much better. I really enjoyed the process but at that point no one was watching. I had only recently started, only a few months in and one day while I was writing a script for a video, feeling really annoyed that no one was watching I walked into the kitchen to begin filming and a fox had snuck its way in through the veranda door. I live in the middle of the largest city in the country so believe me when I say, I don’t know anyone who lives even 2 hours away from me whose even SEEN one let alone one trot into their house. I don’t know if this happens to everyone else, but every time I’ve ever seen a fox they’ve stared at me for what seems like 30 seconds but I’m sure it’s only a couple and then they dart off. I then set up the shot feeling much better about it all and a month or so later, I made my break through video. It was a political satire. The two things I’d felt most adept at in my life had combined and I am now being payed to do it. At every major step of the way it seems a fox was there in one form or another, and tonight, while I was sitting with my girlfriend on our favourite spot, this secluded bay not many people know about for valentines day, a fox emerged from the bushes. Naturally I was the one to spot it and again it looked at me for what seemed like 30 seconds but it was only a few and then it darted away. I’m not even sure what I want from anyone. I guess most people will say, “seems like you already know what it means”, and you’re right I sort of do. I just, I dunno it all hit me today that this is, an incredibly significant creature in my life and was wondering if anyone else had some perspectives on what they think it means when I see a fox? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this huge message!

  134. I have had multiple fox encounters over the course of my life. I never thought about it much, until recently. Several years ago I was “visited” by a fox at about noon on an over cast day. He was sitting silently watching me garden and startled me as I turned the corner of the shed. When he saw me he sat there just looking at me for a few moments before nonchalantly turning and walking back into the brush. Then recently I noticed that the name “Todd” has been appearing in my life since I was a child. Dolls names, road signs, neighbors. I wondered if it was significant so I looked up the meaning of the name Todd and it means fox! Is the fox my spirit animal? Can spirit animals communicate in this way?

  135. ❓ I have been searching for my spirit animal/spirit guide, but haven’t recalled dreams for about a month. Today I had the most vivid dream, and this is the part I do not understand. I heard a noise which was somewhat scary, a crying, so I go to search it out and call the police on my cell phone. On my way there, the lady of the house (I am staying in some apartment of her families at the time), follows me. She finds the silky fox first and pets it, although its head is nearly sliced off, while the police tell me to watch out for rabies. I warn her. Later, while in her house, we find out that some maintenance man has horribly mutilated her (although she looks great) hoping that it would be seen as road kill. I am told to just be gentle with her (the fox) as her head hasn’t set completely yet, but she’s doing well. I just cannot figure out what this means in my life, although I recently have been taken advantage of by someone as I am a very trusting person. Thank you for any help or guidance.

  136. I drove to walmart with my son as Im leaving the parking lotin ny car I notice a fox cross infront me and go by the patches of snow I manage to move next to it in my car, snapped a pic . Then he looked at me . I’ve been battling post concussion syndrome for a year . Could this be a good sign ?

  137. Does anyone know where I might find a relaxing nature sound CD with fox cries, barks, etc.? I’d like to listen to them while I sleep or relax. Thanks so much.

    1. I had a dream of a dog last night with a child, the dog then appeared to be a red fox, and the fox and I had a loving relationship. There was trust. I hugged this fox as the fox looked up at me and then as i went down to give it another cuddle the fox licked my face, all this felt so real. His tongue was warm on my cheek, although looking back in my waking state strangely this makes me feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic, yet i remember i felt it to be a sweet pet bond in my dream.

    2. foxes by nature are fiercely loyal known to often mate for life, they are also protective . perhaps this has something to do with your conceerns? try to think about current relationships, or the sort of relationship you have been seeking. ask yourself are you ready for it, is it really what you want, is it what you need, can you trust the person you are with/wanting to be with, could you be with them without compromising/losing yourself too much? maybe you will find an answer there.

  138. Thank you so much for this, it was really insightful.
    I don’t normally comment on any digital fact this is my first time. I feel like i have to show my gratitude.
    I am a novice to the spiritual world.. first stages of the awakening I guess. I normally read up on something only once i have experienced it so I know it wasn’t my brain forking out some thing ive read before or trying to force fit a situation or manipulate my visions
    I was walking in my neighborhood with a friend today when we saw a fox. this is completely out of place as there are no stray animals in dubai except cats .. No stray animals at all.
    and here was a fox just out of nowhere in a place it cannot be. I have been asking my spirit guide to connect with me for the past few days. I cant believe it has happened.
    on reaching home, i checked my facebook account and the first picture a friend posted was a repost of the National geographic animal of the day .. which off course was a fox. There is no such thing as a coincidence. I am grateful.

  139. I have recently fallen out very badly with the father of my daughter, not sure whether to let him have contact (there are issues as to why I wouldnt). Part of me feels its the ‘right’ thing to let them have that relationship but the intelligent part thinks no, it wouldnt be healthy. Hadnt heard from this man in a fortnight, then got an email pleading with me – no apologies of course – and right at that moment a fox walks in front of me almost tripping me up (I really shouldnt walk and read!!). Fox has been my spirit animal before but had recently changed, I cant help but feel this is a sign tho. Just trying to work it out.

  140. Hi. Iv been struggling with a work and life balance and trying to figure if I should find a new job closer to home. Usually the owl I relate as my spirit animal and yesterday I was asking for guidance and asking for a sign. Today I was coming back from the shop at 2pm and I saw a fox dart across the road and stand in a small field. I’m feeling this is a sign. Just not sure what it means. I have so much to figure out in my life. Anyways anyone’s input would be greatly appreciated!

  141. I was going to visit the ashes of my beloved friend David Shannon spread in a magical location only his daughter and my wife know about. Before I headed out I looked up and saw a black fox coming from direction where his ashes where spread, I have never seen such a beautiful fox before. I have signs every time I vist but this was a very special treat. What does this rare animal mean. Thank you PHD

  142. Hi my name is Samantha.

    I had my first Lenormand reading last night. A certain card with a fox on it kept coming up.

    Then whilst driving home with my friend we saw a fox run across the road and then it stood staring at us from the other side.

    Then earlier this morning whilst I was on my way to college (adult learner) I came around the corner and I was shocked to see a fox dead in front of me on the path. I don’t know how but I knew it was the same fox from the night before. Yes it was sad but I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and I got very emotional. It felt like a bond had been broken or as if a family member had died, the sorrow was so intense. As I don’t see foxes often and taking in to account everything I had a strong feeling that this was a sign but I don’t know what.

    Since this has happened I cant get it out of my mind, I feel like something is niggling at me.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could get back to me and hopefully give me some explanation for this, so I can maybe understand what it all means.

    Thank You


    1. Hi Samantha. My name is Brandon and I have been reading lenormand cards for over 14 years. The fox is a creature of charm, and is a chameleon in any situation they’re in. In lenormand readings, the fox typically represents work, however when I see this card in a reading, i feel it means “getting what you want.” The fox always gets what he wants no matter if he has to be tricky, cunning, playful, or outsmarting someone. I am also cherokee Indian and my family feels seeing a fox is good luck, and that they bring a message. i think the fox came to you that night for a reason my friend. With you seeing him dead on the side of the road the next day, to me I would think that the fox is telling you to “blossom”, find your way, don’t be scared to be yourself, and maybe even stick up for yourself a little more 🙂 maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I felt when I read your post. Maybe you should light a white candle in honor of the fox, and say a little something about him and how he has impacted your life when you light it. I hope this helps!! I feel this was an amazing message that came to you, and even though the fox has passed on, he will always be with you watching over you!! Good luck Samantha!


    2. Samantha,

      I believe the dead fox was a sign that must be taken in conjunction with the fact that you saw him (I feel very strongly it was not…could not be…a female) BEFORE HE DIED while crossing the road. That he should stare at you and not take fright and seek to hide would seem to indicate he was not afraid of the road nor the automobiles nor the people within them. Whatever event banished this creature’s famously elusive instinctual nature, it certainly reads plainly that banishment of fear does not necessarily mean the banishment of the origin of that fear.

      As an avid naturalist, I have spent many hours studying the trails of foxes in their native habitat. On the occasions before I learned better, I have tracked foxes to their den, and there studied their dooryard tracks and spoor only to have effectively frightened the animal so much with my presence that the next day I found the den abandoned, a fact which I confirmed with two weeks worth of returning to it daily.

      What I mean to say is, the nature of the animal you encountered seemed to have been overcome, and it is well known that a beings nature is only ever overcome by intellectual process or spiritual enlightenment. Since the fox was struck by a passing auto, seeming to exhibit no caution that would indicate a heightened intellect, it therefore seems most likely its nature was overcome by a spiritual occurrence.

      Ask yourself did you stop to watch the fox because he stopped to watch you or was it the other way around. Remember, that when you go through a change in life, freedom increases your exposure to danger and courage gives you no protection, but only allows you to wield the strength of your nature combined with your spiritual forces.

      My people say that a fox never dies bravely because he does not know of his danger to face it, but he lives bravely to overcome his nature and go where the danger lies.

    3. This is only a gut reaction, intuitive thought, and please know I have nothing to back this up, but if you still want an opinion?:

      Was the reading was more harsh than you wanted, and less satisfying than you wished? Have you been channeling most of your chi, or energy, attention, emotion into a situation that not enough people support you in? (Really reaching, I would say a man you consider a diamond in the rough.)

      If so, I would say this fox gave its life to tell you for all of your wonderfulness and gifts, (research fox totem) there are SOME things that are not meant to be, no matter how much you work, love, pray, etc.

      And don’t feel SAD for the fox, but rather RESPECTFUL AND GRATEFUL, as I do believe this is your spirit totem, and spirit does not die.

      I hope this helps you. Again, it is just a gut reaction, but I did not feel inclined to answer any others. Blessings to you.

  143. George Apostolatos

    Hi i write from Greece,yesterday us i was return from a great mushroom seminar with my girlfriend ,next to the road i see dead fox really beautifull i mean no traumatize but ofcource sadly dead ,propably from a car the night before!!!
    So i decide to take with me ,the first thought it was to burrit in the ground when i return to the ailant i live!!!
    To be ownest us i am now to do it about i will like to know if is ok or is really bad ,i mean energetic-shaman way if i take out the skin of her or just the tail,to remaind me about her, the other way i was thinking is to put her in the sea,so the fish will eat the dead body and i can have the beauty of her …
    …..believe i do love and respect all formes of life…and i find her extremely beautifull ofcource…!!!

    I will like pls to answer me what is the best to do according the shamanic way , if is a vadalism to the beautifull animal…and so on…
    If i cut the tail of ,before i burried her , or if i take off her skin….
    WhAt is the best to do?
    Thank u very much

    Ps: us i do meditation i was thinking that may her beautifull skin i can sit on to meditate and conect with this beautifull Nature Animal!!!

    Pls could u explaine me quick is possimple …..
    All The Best to U

    George – Localito

    1. Hi George. I have been a healer for most of my life, and I have to say I think it is perfectly fine that you keep the skin and the tail, or just one or the other. However, if you did do this, I hope that you paid homage to the fox someone how. If you didn’t, all you have to do is light a candle, say something about the animal and thank them for the gift they have left. Also say that you are honoring the animal by keeping a part of them with you, and his spirit will live on through you (you can say whatever you want, this is only a suggestion). Once a large great horned owl left me a beautiful feather. I picked it up, and as I walked through the woods I found the body of a dead owl. I took the feather home and thought nothing more about it. For the next month I had nightmares every night. And atleast 3 nights a week I dreamed that I saw these people shooting the owl out of the tree and they were torturing it. I told a fellow healer and he recommended lighting a candle and saying what I wrote above. I did it, and immediately I felt connected to that owl. No more nightmares or bad dreams. I actually have his feather hanging on my bed, and from time to time I see an owl pass by house, or hoot in the woods 🙂 Fox medicine is a special gift, and you must be a pretty special person to have this animal come into you’re life.

    2. I would be curious for interpretation on my encounter with the Fox – btw, I have Cherokee indian ancestry but only like 5% cherokee blood. 😀

      I had no idea my spirit animal was a fox until the day after I saw a fox on 1-5 near Los Banos while my husband and I were driving from Patterson back home in the Bay Area. I was the only one that saw him on the hillside and he was looking, it seemed, right at me. The next day, I went to a psychic workshop on learning how to meet your spirit guides. Towards the end of the workshp, we discussed how animal spirits can be your guides and I suggested that the fox was mine and I happened to be sitting next to a psychic who confirmed with her spirit guides that mine is indeed a fox. This happened sometime in 2013-2014

      Moving forward, last night, 1/14/2015, I was laying in bed and started getting images popping up in my head. The 1st was the face of the fox, the 2nd was a soldier carrying a gun and was dressed in a green uniform and the last was a fallen angel. My interpretation was that I’m dealing with spiritual warfare or it’s upon us. I’m curious to know how others would interpret this????

  144. I rarely dream, but this dream as others that I remember seem to have some meaning that I am very curious to know the right answer.

    So basically I am on a hot spring afternoon day, in a green field with some barley or some sort of that kind of visual cereal, I feel the hot wind and in peace. I see a house far away made of wood and stone. Then suddenly I see a fox looking at me. She looks surprised to see me there and at the same time interested in knowing more who I am. Then I go towards her and I start petting her on the head and fur, I touch the fluffy tail. Her color is yellow brown, with some stripes of white and dark brown. She seems ok with me and leave. I was not afraid and felt happy.

    But when I woke up it seems that it is awkward the dream…

    1. I live in a rural area so not unusual to see a fox although the last time I saw one was some months ago. I am known to be quick thinking and creative but theses days I am a little tired. Am looking for guidance I am worried about someone’s future a younger person but afraid to overstep the mark in guiding them. I like the idea of the fox its a beautiful animal, shy yet clever. A lot of what was said in the paragraph make sense to me.

  145. How do I post a pic I took a photo in the dark on Halloween and behind me it looks like a fox is in the corner just looking at me then it is gone would love to know what you think or if you think it’s a different animal

  146. I have a beautiful dream where I am living in the Far North where the night is always dark and the moon is full and high. Its really beautiful. I’m an arctic fox and living in a full borrow of my family. Its the most amazing and warm, and beautiful, stunning dream. It makes me feel peaceful and protected. Its always up North and I’m always completely white.

  147. I see a fox moments before something happens to me, not just little things like big things. I’m not sure if the Fox is a warning or a harbinger of what happens soon to follow me sighting it but so far I take it as a warning and take my fox as a friend. I would like to converse with people who have had similar experiences e mail me at [email protected]

    in the last ten days I sow the fox two times and I’ve never seen it before.
    I live in Milan, Italy, and is especially rare meet a fox.
    Very strange is, this has happened when I was always with the same friend.
    Simply: I sow him two time in the last ten days, and we sow the fox two times. I always see it first

    1. It seems from this and other reading that the fox can sometimes be a sign to pay attention to people or situations in your life that might not be what they seem on the surface. Fox could be a positive sign or a warning but either way seems to say “pay extra close attention” Hope this helps. These quotes are from the above reading
      “The solution to a problem is at hand. The Fox spirit is the grand problem solver.”
      “The fox may also symbolize someone in your waking life who is sly and sneaky.”

  149. I saw a fox passing by the grave of my mother, really close and quickly, like magic. That day was 1 year anniversary of her death.

  150. jonnathon turner

    this happened a few months ago and this still sits in my heart as i have now seen this as a sign in my life,
    i finnish work at 11pm monday to fridays, and while i wait i sit outside my work waiting for my wife for at least 30 minutes,
    around 11:26pm one night a fox appeared out of no where, i have never came across this fox before NEVER! or in my whole life time, i froze as i have heard bad stories about these creatures, bt as always the the bloke i am to all animals i see in the wild, i try to feed them, so i pulled out some chicken, apples, protein powder haha anything i had on me…, i was first affraid of the fox as the fox was scared of me at first looked like the fox was trying to read me and to see is i was a threat or somthing because it kept its distance, as i placed food in a line and i stepped back to watch what it done, the fox came closer sniffing the food… ate the chicken, licked up the protein powder but didnt like the apple ha ha, and after that it licked its lips and looked up at me and slowly stepped closer, both of us wernt to sure of each other by the looks of things, it then took off down the road until the next night,

    This happened for 3 weeks every night, the best thing is that we created a bond every night and it came to a point where the fox would come to me at 11:20- 11:26pm every night without fail and it would sit in front of me and accept me and my food and then take off down the road, i still kept my distance in case it did bite me and catch something i Do not want, but also i wanted to just pat the fox and say thank you for making the feel safe and warm while i wait for my wife to come…. after 3 weeks i never saw this fox again… there was a fox about few metre’s up the road during the day..and it had been runned down by the looks of it a truck may have taken its life…. i wanted to go and scrap it up and place it in the fields, but i didnt, does this make me less then a man?… should i have paid the respect as the fox had gave me the respect??…

    from this experience i had never encountered before the fox still lies in my heart.. i still look around whilst i wait at night hoping it wasnt my fox… but what does this all mean?
    did the fox cross my path because the fox was looking through new teritory for food.. or was it a sign for me and all the bullshit i go through and went through in my life the fox had showed me that its a lot worse out there…?

    thank you

    1. Hello JT: Embrace your fox as an Animal Totem and teacher. Learn as much as you can about Fox and integrate the wisdom and teaching of Fox in your day to day life. The message is clear hear that this is one of you “Life Teachers”

    2. Hi Jonnathon. What a kind man u r. What a wonderful invitation & experience uv been given. Dont beat urself up over things u cannot fix. Hold the beauty of ur experience n ur heart and remain grateful. Burying the fox or carrying its body to the fields wud not hav changed anything that had already happened to it. Ur view of the death was likely the fox’s way of explaining why he/she cud no longer make the appointment w/u while u waited on ur wife (Thank u, by the way, for being such a good person to wait on ur wife like that. So kind). Keep ur spirit friendship w/the fox. I’v no doubt he/she wud b grateful. U can now meet n spirit together, perhaps n the same field. Congratulations for receiving such a precious gift.

  151. I saw a dream, where I saw a beautiful furry fox. First I was little scared of it but then I hugged it very long, it was gentle and warm. It was meaningful.

  152. Had a dream in which a lovely and elegant Chinese lady exits my neighbors house. She has two foxes, black and brown on either side of her and another one around her neck like a stole. She then turns ard and walks away with the foxes following her.

  153. On april the 9th I had a lucid dream I was I at my family’s farm and I had a fox tail and a woman surrouned in white and golden light appred in front of me and I asked her who is she and why do I have a fox tail and she said think what does a tail do and I said a tail helps a animal stay balanced and she said thats rigjt and then dissappred and since then I have had more dreans with voices from no where and fox has appered many times to me since then could fox be my spirit totem any advice or help would be great thank you very much

    1. Hello Walter: The fox has come to you to help you find balance in resolving the current problems you are dealing with. Whenever you see Fox – return to this page and pay attention to the quotation box. The message will be specific to you.

  154. Hello last night I was sleeping I was in a dark room that had fog all around a white fox come out of the dark and started to talk to me saying that the time is coming then It started to ran In a circle then a black fox come and then they made a yin and yang sign then they both said that I need to prepare for what is to come and this is the third time this has happened but now when I go out side I always see a fox sitting in the bush watching me

    1. Hello Yasmin: I suspect that whatever Drama that is currently presenting itself to you in your life right now need to be resolved through compromise and decisions made that are balanced for both parties. It’s not a competition for you to win. Your Fox in the bush is reminding you that “A healthy combination of persistence and patience will strike a balance that picks apart a problem until it is solved.”

  155. A red fox appeared when I entered a meditative state while getting a reiki treatment. In the meditation I found myself in what I thought was a cave – then I looked up and saw it was actually an inactive volcano. As I was looking up, a red fox popped its head in the opening and looked down at me. Then the volcano became active and I found myself outside and the fox was there. I approached it and it ran away from me then stopped just out of reach – every time I got close to it, it ran away and then stopped, as if it wanted me to chase it. The fox has appeared a couple times since when I’m meditating – always seeming to want me to chase it but never letting me catch up. Any ideas on what this means is appreciated. Thank you for any insight you may provide!

    1. Hello Mary: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page. It will have the message from Fox that is specific to you. You may also choose to adopt the philosophy of the Fox animal totem as your guidance in the months to come. It will help you achieve your goals. Also the Volcano in your dream is a symbol of your inability to control your emotions – as if you are ready to burst. I suspect the Fox is leading you away from the eruption and trying to let you know that there are better ways to deal with your feelings.

  156. I have a fox that has started aproching me at night for bout 3 weeks now an will come wid in 1 meter as of today iv read about its spiritual side an seems to make a lot of sence but has not appeared in my dreems does any one have any more information on this subject?????

    1. Hello Ryan: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page. It will have the message from Fox that is specific to you. You may also choose to adopt the philosophy of the Fox animal totem as your guidance in the months to come. It will help you achieve your goals.

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