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Use your ingenuity! This situation calls for adaptability and innovation. Evaluate and choose a course of action.

Monkey Meaning, and Messages

In this case, Monkey symbolism recognizes that playfulness and entertainment are useful for the soul. Therefore, this spirit animal reminds you that these things should be included in your day regularly. These animals have a strong capacity for compassion, understanding, and bonding. All of which is part of our human social makeup as well, and they serve to remind us that our journey on this planet is not a solitary one. When it comes to solving problems, this creature represents how to use your ingenuity and resourcefulness to solve problems.

Alternatively, your Monkey meaning is symbolizing the ability to solve all problems. If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to resolve any issue you come across. Monkey symbolism reminds you to make sure that you are aware of all of the options and all of the ramifications of those options.

Monkey Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Monkey totem have a penchant for practical jokes and good-hearted trickery. Be wise and choose the objects of your tricks carefully. There are a time and place for good humor. Furthermore, this holds for the recipient of your jocularity as well. When this animal is egging you on to pull a good prank, make sure your humor is well-intended, and the brunt of your joke will take your meaning as it’s intended.

Folks with this spirit animal totem are intelligent, intense, and involved. They are excellent motivators and are very good at constructive criticism. People with this totem are also emotionally expressive and are good at releasing their pain. As a result, they tend to live entirely in the moment.

Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Baboons are all distantly related to these tree-dwellers.

Monkey Dream Interpretation

It could mean that flattery is deceiving you in some way. Perhaps you are fooling yourself into thinking that everything is right with the world, when in fact, things are entirely the opposite. If this animal bites you, be careful because something you have said or done is coming back to bite you. You must prepare to unruffle feathers. A Monkey dream also reminds us that we have a sense of community and that this part of our soul that needs nourishment.

Alternatively, you have allowed someone to make a fool out of you. The best course of action is to take back control of the situation.

47 thoughts on “Monkey”

  1. I could you please interpret this dream, had a dream last night that a large black and white rat was in my home another smaller rat appeared and the larger black and white rat ate the other rat, he was about to eat a pet gerbil(which we don’t actually have just in the dream)which was black and white also, but my six year old son hurried and picked it up and saved it , then I went into another room which suddenly looked like my grandmothers living room and the room was full of monkeys what does this dream mean? In the dream I felt upset that the rat ate another rat. I was freaked out that a rat would eat one of its own.

  2. i have had a lot of dreams but the one i had last night was the most scary one…
    it was- i am in my grandma’s house’s veranda and also i wanted to offer a flower to Hanuman (a hindu religion god) but i couldnt offer it well and then there was pack of monkey just a metre or two beside me. i was walking and stepped on the tail of the monkey so the whole pack got enraged and attacked me. they attacked my whole family and especially me. then i got inside my house safely but was still scared of it. my family told me to sleep. and then my real self woke up though i was still scared since it had scared me. is the dream reflecting a good or a bad sign

  3. Last night my mother had a dream I bought a girl home. She told me not to bring her home or into the house. I didn’t listen and did it anyway. When we were Inside we started making out and hugging in front of her. Then I turn into a monkey. When I realize it, i started crying.

    Im currently dating someone I met 6 month ago & outside she outside my culture. We are great. I’ve had some other dreams but never this severe. Is it pertaining her or can it be about someone from my past.

  4. What does a large white dog and two rheus Brown monkeys in the same dream mean one brown monkey and white dog playing with me and one round three of monkey walking away

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since dogs and monkeys are both associated with playfulness, it might suggest that you just need a break from all your responsibilities to relax and play. Perhaps the answers to your problems will come better once you feel refreshed enough from time doing less serious things. Tired people can’t think of solutions or take practical action as much as energized people do after all. So what’s something you always wanted to do, but you’ve been avoiding because it doesn’t seem to be a serious enough matter to try? Perhaps you’ll find some new perspective trying something new.

  5. I dreamt my partner and his siblings whom are my childhood friends were in our house. I looked over to a hill and saw my brown horse with burning monkeys on her back, my horse was running terrified with other brown horses. There were a herd of black and white cows and three quarters of them were on fire.Then I was holding a white rat which was friendly and I was then cuddling it. I remember the rat was wild yet it was crawling over me and happy for me to hold it as if it were domesticated.Then the burning monkeys turned into 2 brown cats, 1 black cat and 1 grey cat which were fighting amongst oneanother and trying to find their way into a hole in a tree.
    My partner is a rat in Chinese astrology and I am an ox. In the dream I pointed to my burning horse and he did not care.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Since monkeys represent intelligence, the burning monkeys turning into the different cats might represent using your intelligence to act in a way a cat would. The fact that they’re burning might represent that you are frightened of exploring the practical intelligence you have in favor of emotion. Monkeys are one of the few animals known to be able to make and handle tools after all, so perhaps you are resistant to the idea that the intellect can offer much insight to the situation you have. Your partner showing disinterest to the burning horse might mean that he doesn’t show much respect to your inability to think with your head in this situation.

      Intuition and logic aren’t exactly opposites when your gut tells you to go with the logical decision sometimes. Sometimes they disagree. Other times, they agree. This time, it seems to be the latter.

  6. Last night I had a dream that a friend had a baby monkey and it needed a diaper change and fed. It looked sad and I was upset because it needing tending to so I took it in my arms and took care of it. Usually I can figure my dreams out but this one has me really confused. Help please!

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this represents that you see your friend almost like a baby monkey in some way, with the intelligence, playfulness, and mischief of a monkey. Perhaps you want to take care of your friend a bit like this, and this is the image that is represented in your mind of your friend.

  7. Hi.
    I dreamt of a monkey in my house and i tried locking it up because it was about running.
    After locking it up, i handshaked it and patted its head.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps this represents that you are trying to cage in the playfulness and mischief in your life, in favor of greater responsibilities. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is up to you. You haven’t exactly provided enough details for me to tell, really.

  8. Mary Casey-Smith

    I dreamed of 3 tiny monkeys that were caged and belonged to a man who was feeding these tiny monkeys raw eggs. The monkeys were so tiny and adorable I put my finger on the bottom edge of the cage to see if they were friendly. One of the monkeys came over and placed its tiny little hand on my finger, then lifted its hand to its mouth and then touched my finger as if it was giving me a kiss so I lifted that finger to my mouth and kissed it and touched the mouth of the tiny monkey. A very strange dream because I’ve never dreamed of monkeys nor had ever seen or heard of such tiny little monkeys but after the dream, I searched and discovered the pygmy marmoset, that is what the monkeys in the dream were.

    1. Hi! Sounds like a past life recall if you didn’t recognize the monkey breed in this life, but your unconscious mind/soul were familiar with it.

    2. EspionageCookie

      This might represent the sense of community and community nurturing monkeys have. You might feel a deep connection to your local community or inner social circle, and if not, then it’s a sign to invest reaching out to the community for more local connections. Like how small these monkeys are, sometimes it’s the little interactions, small random acts of kindness and expressions of friendliness in a community that can make you feel right at home.

  9. Okay I have zero clue what this mean but I dreamed of a small grayish monkey with multiple tails that it didnt matter how many it had it kept having more. The monkey was very friendly and playful in my dream we were in a apartment. Please explain what this might mean.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Considering the monkey is known for its practical intelligence, this might symbolize how the monkey is able to adapt to multiple things at once with its multiple tails. Perhaps what it means is that it’s best to try to juggle different tasks at once rather than focus on one specialized task at the moment to survive. Once things are stable enough for each area of your life, only then is it best to focus on only one area of your life. Put a little effort into every area of your life through a wide rather than narrow focus, I mean.

  10. i dreamt, i stood beneath a tree, i was trying picking the fruits. Then i saw 2 monkeys with grey fur. First i thought they were gonna attack me, i fell to the ground. but the opposite, they just approached me and laid their heads on my body. they seemed not wild monkeys, more like pets at that moment. i left them, but they followed me even they had to cross any dangerous path.

    1. EspionageCookie

      I don’t know why I get this feeling to tell you, but that sounds like how Jane Goodall (a famous primatologist or monkey scientist) often interacts with her monkey friends. They don’t attack her, she doesn’t attack them, and they just hang out as friends. There’s even videos of a monkey hugging her as a thank you when she released a monkey into the wild.

      I feel you would be rather interested in learning about her work with monkeys, and helping to preserve them for the environment.

    1. EspionageCookie

      Sounds like you need to find some fun, play and mischief in your own backyard then more. What are some things you can do outdoors near your own home? You can simply look up “things to do outdoors,” or “things to do in nature,” if you don’t know what things you can do for fun outside.

  11. I dreamt that i came back from school with packets of snacks ( but at present i am in college and not a school going student) and suddenly i see that my tuition students are running towards me and i find that 3-4 monkeys are in my house and i got scared of them and try to hide the eating stuff in the bag from them. My parents are soo scared and feeding them with rice so that they dont attack us. plz help me understand the meaning of dis.

    1. EspionageCookie

      It seems like your parents seem to be interpreting certain activities done out of fun as oddly dangerous, even when it’s not. An example may be, for example, is that a parent thinks rock and roll is a dangerous genre of music, but it’s just. . . just music. They seem concerned about your academic future, when you just want to take a break doing normal things young people do sometimes, such as playing video games or watching Netflix.

  12. Please I dreamt ,I was sitting on a tree reading a book, suddenly a monkey ran to me and hugged me,I held it and started petting it,it slept off on my arm,I also fell asleep, suddenly another money came along and snatched my book and ran off,I woke up very worried, please need to know the meaning.

    1. EspionageCookie

      The monkeys in your dream just sound like they’re playing a prank on you. It’s not like they tried to hurt you. You are just being tricked by their practical jokes. Since they represent intelligence, they simply might be saying you might want to try another source of knowledge, insight and learning than just reading books. Perhaps, things like experience, finding teachers, finding other students, documentaries, videos, articles, classes, workshops, newspapers, experiments, writing what you’ve learned, drawing what you’ve learned, painting what you’ve learned, crafting what you’ve learned and so on. Part of learning is having a variety of learning methods after all.

    1. I just dreamt of a monkey on my bed licking my last finger. Please folks what does this mean.

  13. I had a dream at 6 to 6:35 am that outside my house their is a small, little brown monkey sitting, it seems helpless. I went up him took him up my arms, start pampered & take him to my house feed them & finally decide to let them free out, the same place where I took him. But he is start making faces of innocence, poor, helpless, he hold my legs tightly & don’t letting me off.

  14. Monkey, Katsi’nónhtaks, (Yes, I could find a Mohawk word for Monkey, but not Badger. Don’t ask me why that would be so…) speaks to me of play and creativity, something we forget goes hand in hand. Play is how we learn. But as adults we tend to become petrified in place by our unwillingness to make fools of ourselves, something that all true play requires you to do. All intelligent animals are also extremely playful. (Including Badger and Wolverine, by the way) We should remember that as we face obstacles in life. Katsi’nónhtaks, reminds me of that as I go back out into the world after a difficult time.

  15. I dream that i visited a male friend.i dnt knw who he is i cant see his face in my dream.then His pet baby monkey hugged me and it seems the baby monkey wont let go and is so happy to see me. Everywhere i go,this baby monkey wants to tag along and keeps on hugging me.I tried to gently push him away frm me but he wont let go. So i push the monkey away abit harder, but he bit my thumb.i got scared so i kinda push it away frn me and run outside.

  16. When I awoke at 4am this morning I observed a small monkey playfully cavorting on the ceiling of my bedroom. He didn’t seem bothered by me. But it was scary to me to have him in my room. So I asked him to leave and he moved to a corner of the ceiling and faded away. This is not the first time I’ve observed playful figures in my room. I promise I was fully awake.

  17. I had two dreams with monkeys in them and I am not sure if it is my spirit animal or not. The first dream I had I was in my backyard but I could sort of fly it was like I was on the moon. There were many monkeys and I’m pretty sure i hit one of them and then they all started to attack me. Now that I think about this dream I think that I was about to do something later that would affect me because my next dream(which was exactly a day after the first dream)my friend had a monkey and we played with it and held it. I don’t remember if I did something wrong and fixed it then but to me it seems like it once I think about it. But then I still don’t know what my spirit animal is and will wait for it to come to me when it thinks I am ready. 😀

  18. Madhumita Biswas

    I saw a dream where i saw monkey as well a dog.both of loved me. Mi key was paying respect and the dog itself camping walking to me and clinged to me as a small child. Happily and sensors bite in neck which didn’t hurt me at all and then slept off. It was one of my most unusual dream where there were one more dog but all were good to me. I personally also love dogs and this dream remind me of my dog.

  19. I saw a huge monkey writing on my back and while wroting it said either die or become a monkey. Canyou tell me what does it mean??


  21. On vacation I held a spider monkey on beach in The Dominican Rep. He licked me a few times then when trainer pulled his leash he bit my wrist. Shortly after the trainer placed him on my shoulder and took photos! He crawled under my hair and munched on it. Luckily all seems fine.

  22. If monkey is your spirit guide, what is the relationship to apes? I found a monkey on a spirit quest guided by a shaman, but lately when I journey to a forest location I have been seeing distressed orangutan young, who I have the impression are orphaned. The last time I found so upsetting I have been avoiding returning. I looked in their eyes and felt all their pain, which was horrible. Then they would run off and vanish in the forest. I should have followed, but prior to that I only encountered some sort of elvish jungle people there, so I was surprised by the experience.

  23. Hi I had a dream that my boyfriend was cheating on me and I found out and he said that he didn’t really like in the first place. Then I went home to find a monkey sleeping on my window sill outside in my back garden so I tickled it and it started laughing and jumped on to my arm and wouldn’t let go and everytime someone wanted to touch it it wanted to bite them but it only liked me. There was also a shed in the garden with a lion in it and it was rawing can you tell me what this means?

    1. Sounds like they were there to help you to me. The monkey came to you, but the lion was contained. The monkey is probably a guide, the lion is a power available to you. Most likely the monkey holds the key to you accessing this power. If you can find him again, i would ask the monkey if he can help you. It’s also possible the lion is some sort of sentry and the shed represents some portal, in which case you would need permission from the lion to pass through. Again, I suspect the monkey could help you with that.

    2. Spirit animals are there to help you. The monkey came to remind you you are worthy of love, and that love is playful. I would seek out the monkey if I were you.

  24. I want to know what it means to dream about a small blue spider that looked like a monkey there where a few of them on the wall of a house at night time and they all started to jump toward me and I got scared and woke up

  25. I had a reiki session and she saw monkeys playing around me while I was relaxed on the bed …does anyone have an idea the meaning of this …as I would love to understand the meaning behind there presence

    1. What does it mean to you, could be that those were the guides drawn to you. Or that it’s your animal spirit. I once associated a lions tail pluming out of a customer. It was surreal.

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